Wisdom Wednesdays: A Terrible Case of Mistaken Friend for Acquaintance

“The greatest gift you can give to another was to believe in them.” – Anonymous

Image credit fully goes to YunaB-Rabbit on deviantart.com

This brief yet concise blog post is here for me to remember that I’ve decided to set firm and clear boundaries in my life. Underlined hyperlink text is here to help me express how tired I am of allowing this to continue as long as it has.


When my business had its Twitter feed I remarked once that for the last two decades of my life I’ve not had friends. I have had superficial relationships commonly referred to as acquaintances. Superficial because they’re shallow with very little depth to them.

The last quality over quantity relationship I had albeit was never perfect because as I became an adult I saw how there were dysfunctions hidden inside of this relationship was when I was spending four years in high school.

From that moment on my life has been a series of very trite as I call them experiences built upon a societal need to play Chutes/Snakes and Ladders. This used to be called social climbing, and I always found it childish or snobbish as well as did not want to ever participate in the ritual. If we think of Kabbalah what we have is a Tree of Life and the Qliphoth/Tree of Death living side by side.

Carl Jung referred to this as the tree whose roots can’t reach heaven if they don’t first reach down to hell. I’m kind of sick of the version of Chutes/Snakes and Ladders that is inverted as well as twisted like a bad trip on LSD with those who play the game incorrectly.

Really the proper way to play the game is to recognize its similarity with Rosh Hashanah. Concentrate on the height or depth of spiritual meaning in your life. Life does not offer a sure thing and certainly it promises nothing except uncertainty. The only way you can walk away from your existence successfully is to finish well.

Therefore the entire purpose of your existence is that you learn from it. It is also meant to be a pivotal educational resource in that when you see another sliding down a chute/snake rather than climbing a ladder you were meant to provide them with genuine support rather than ignore, beat them down, or belittle them further.

This does resonate for me being that I just had my birthday or Solar Return thereby it is truly a new beginning and year for me. Yesterday after I published my blog post something transpired in my evening that has been long coming for months. I finally had an extreme ah-ha light bulb moment of recognition.

One that I’ve been told when I say it this usually triggers most everyone around me, but being triggered is also meant to help you get honest with self/other and rectify your mistakes in life. The old phrase was get your house in order or get right with God/Goddess.

In this game I’ve found that most of these people have been a class of narcissistic or megalomaniac types suffering from a dog eat dog limited belief system towards achieving success. To my dismay my Twitter feed blew up in a small form of virality where people all over the world began commenting that they felt the same way in fact also stating that social media with the advent of the inernet or cell phone technology by and large were partly to blame.

That we were noticing that technology has severed our ability to really relate correctly to one another breeding some very negative, unhealthy, and deconstructive dis-ease. A sort of devolution not evolution of the human species permitting a new Kali Yuga or Dark Age to enter.

Have you ever felt this way? Do you ever notice that supposed friends and family often blow you off with various excuses from I don’t have time for you, I was only joking/joshing, or some other brush off they will give you? Some will even not realize they’ve said one thing while behave counter to their verbalism. Actions always speak a bit louder than our words.

They practice a wishy washy I can’t set boundaries world view where they might even ignore that they basically told you to eff off because they don’t care about you while then trying to pull you in to rescue them when they need help. In my book this is exactly what I said above a strong case of narcissism and megalomania.

If someone said the above to you how would you feel and honestly would you tolerate this behavior or would you start cleaning people out who are not actually benefiting your life path or higher self?

Me personally it’s inspiring me to look also for better employment usually. This also has much to do with me wanting to reach a point where I can avoid certain people, places, and things until I can rightfully gain independence from what does not work because instead it’s like an aseembly line is broken.

I’d also state this is a type of person who believes others are their emotional, verbal, physical, and psychological waste basket for them to dump into. It’s a dance that we’re all performing while not seeing the damage we do to self or other.

I’m not going to put much else in here other than to publish the etymological value showing the difference between friendship and acquaintance while referring everyone to an anime/manga I grew up with which describes how I feel at present.

“Tears are words that need to be written.” – Paulo Coelho

I feel as if I’m Chi in the Chobits series, but especially as if I’m living out the book series A City With No People! If you’re going to be two faced, stab me in my back, treat me as if I were worthless, or any other form of impure co-existence do us all a favor don’t apply for the job as friend or acquaintance in my narrative.

I’m done, and I’ve had enough. I’d rather be single and solitary than with the wrong person in life. If you can’t understand what that means the problem is you for not stepping up your game when you’re choosing to co-exist with me.

You either want to be a friend or you don’t. You either want to form bonds or you don’t. Stop wearing a mask and playing a fake role in my destiny because I can see through your lies and deceit! I don’t think people are very conscious of what they’re saying/doing as they go about life. Those who admit it later sometimes give disingenuous apologies or prefer not to integrate their shadow.

I’ve reached 43 and frankly I really do not want to keep dealing with attracting these kinds of people into my existence anymore. I believe I deserve(d) a lot better, and if I’m seen as wrong for that then maybe people as in humanity as a whole should stop settling in life for less than they’re rightfully worth through low self esteem or limited thinking.

You don’t deserve now, in the past, or in the future to live with dis-ease from those who want to use or abuse you. Anyone out there who teaches you otherwise is also not the type of person you should continue associating with.

A City With No People:

Find the full written series at this Wiki while I’m enclosing for you a video I found for as long as it remains free/online.

The etymological definition of friendship is good will while friend is specifically loving another referring to them as if they were a relative or kinsman/kinswoman.

Friendship and friend are directly taken from the Sanksrit प्रिय which in fact is synonymous with dear, favorite, sweetheart, beloved, fond of, and wanted.

Acquaintance is none of the above whatsoever which is why I’ve made it a point today to teach you the differences so that you might grow up and mature a little.

Acquaintance is the etymological definition of one with whom you have basic familiarity taken during occasional intercourse/interaction often of an extremely brief nature. There is no close connection in this form of relationship whatsoever. Most of this type of relating is nothing more than base habitual and sometimes it fosters only contempt between two or more people/persons.

Which one would you prefer to have? A quality friendship or a disenfranchised acquaintanceship? As for me I presently have no friends, but I have millions of acquaintances. I’m content going solo now and like Chi I’m hoping/looking for something more fulfilling.

Have a wizened Wednesday wherever you are! And yes, I’m sorry for often being a bit blunt or harsh with my words, but when you’re made sick of something trending in your journey to wholeness you might pick up a broom and sweep it out.

What brought this on was the blog post about toxic positivity mentioning that when someone keeps telling you to just be happy they’re writing you off, telling you to repress rather than develop a healthy process of integrating your negative emotions, and that they flat out don’t know how to handle shadow work.

Just because someone has a bad day does not mean they should shove it down because eventually that pressure cooker will erupt like a time ticking bomb somewhere taking out them and millions of other innocent victims.

This is called misaligned or misdirected rage, anger, violence, and other vices. Someone is caught in the crossfire of ricocheting bullets and most people never developed an ability to have enough patience to connect these dots left wondering why others around them now fear, dislike, or cut them off.

We used to do this all the time on social media, and I still do it in life. It was once a friends list cleaning. It’s about time only this time it’s a makeover of acquaintances as well! It is time to makeover one’s soul and say no more! ✂️❤️‍🩹

Teach Me Tuesdays: Water You Doing?

“The only way to pay for a sandcastle is with the use of sand dollars.” – Unknown

Adapting myself to what comes next because day to day I’m no longer really sure what to even expect. Doing my best each day to not be the sandless hourglass that causes everyone to waste time.

You know what I’m about to say. Underlined hyperlink text is a way to climb high and scale the terrain for a different view. There are a few hidden in image captions. They’re scattered to encourage you to “grow” in understanding and learning.


I think I’ve established a pattern I will begin sticking to with my blog post publishing. I’m going to retain Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday by doing some slight re-arranging. For my regular blog followers they would recognize that I began with the following before I began working my part time cosmetology job.

Monday would focus on manifestation, Tuesday would focus on something I wanted to teach, Wednesday would be a topic that offered wisdom, Thursday was my day to pull tarot or practice divination, Friday was my day to share quotes, Saturday was my day to do a bit of introspection through self examination, and Sunday I was working my way through the various zodiac systems.

I’m instead going to merge these to tri-weekly writings by rotating or combining these. This should look like Saturday and Monday merging into one, Tuesday coalescing with Wednesday and Thursday, and Wednesday incorporating itself with Friday and Sunday in some manner or fashion. It depends on how much time I find myself with or the willingness to get in here and commit as I’ve said.

There may be a bit of a rotation on Wednesday to still work through the various zodiacs, but I think I’ll be able to better manage this as it’s on my days off until I sort out full time employment or if I happen to add another day at my part time gig. Really I’m struggling to assess how not to flare my neuropathy or re-injure myself with recognizing how my health has been recently much less families’.

Full time I was really gauging something in reception or administrative, but I’m also struggling with the fields these position open in because I’m not educated in certain arenas nor do I want to go back to school after a degree and cosmetology license. Sorry, but I’ve done enough in my book at 43.

I already maintain continuing education just to renew my cosmetology license every two years as it is. Yesterday morning I woke up to finding my first two silver as in grey hairs on my head and this morning I was greeted in my garden to a meowing silver tabby boy cat in the Yin Yang. I’m also supposed to make the time to color my hair, but have not gotten there yet.

A Framesi rep gave me a sample of their new hair color that heals the cuticle/shaft after being damaged which should make me a chocolate brunette one day when I get around to it. I have not colored my hair in years nor flat ironed it.

I’ve embraced my natural color and curls instead. It was a day to play with hair dye and hair swatches instead of work on freight at least until lunch. Then we had to get busy on actually working.

This hair color is in between semi and demi permanent so it lasts a minimum of 20 washes slowly fading away. This was for a contest at work trying to get us to sell and win a $50 gift card. I work less than others so we’ll see.

I sold eight tubes the other day before the contest began though. We’re supposed to sell ten to win. I also sold hair gel to a customer now that I’m becoming more familiar with the actual product line.

Back to this furry critter in the garden this morning who walked straight to me when I stepped out to water the garden asking for me to rub his ears, face, and body before proceeding to rub all over my legs, play in the flowers, and roll in the dirt. He also would not let me turn the water hose and spray wand on until I finished paying him attention.

I’ve managed a clogged shower drain in the last day or two, laundry, a few meals for myself, grocery shopping, and trying to get rid of this UTI while improving my IBS. It’s been an adventure and today I pulled from my Hermetic Tarot the Fortitude card. Within this frame of thought I’ve pulled up a Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha chart for the asteroid Strong (22622) as this would have been the Strength card.

I wish I had more exciting news to share, but I’m on coast right now literally as I said taking it one day at a time again. By the time I’m returning to my part time gig I’m generally less willing to hop online composing and more focused on finalizing other tasks so that I have nothing to worry about until I’m back to my days off.

Well the only other news is my confusion around everyone painting their houses to sell them. One thought that immediately leaped out was structural damage, moisture getting trapped (mold) in limestone/brick, and then the environmental concern over volatile organic compounds.

Originally a discussion with my mom I made note that perhaps this is a fad like shag carpet which to me looks as if some cat coughed up hairballs all over the floor of a house, but I digress it’s horrible to clean and dirt/germs get literally ground into the fibers. Eww!

I just don’t understand what people are doing some days. In fact I sometimes think I’m surrounded by those belonging in a lunatic asylum pun intended on the Moon notwithstanding tarot interpretations. Our neighbor has sold their house and it was painted white on white covering their limestone.

I won’t even get into my realization that many are selling to investment firms. I made the joke that if a brick house needs to breathe is this not the same logic as us all wearing face coverings.

It is like the houses are energetically behaving as if they were sick and dis-eased. For a Master level Reiki practitioner this symbolism does not really look too positive at all. It speaks silent volumes of our mental, emotional, and psychological beliefs.

Why does this matter? In my estimation if an entire neighborhood of suburbanites all sold to investment firms it’s like asking for an entire section to then be flipped to something else with current eminent domain laws which don’t protect those not selling their homes.

This means investment firms can pay you less and evict you more or less so that they can build whatever the bleep they want to build. People who wish to retire in their paid for homes don’t always want to be random uprooted least of all in the current economic/housing crisis afoot!

I forgot this requires someone to think beyond self and of other. Actions have consequences! I’m probably summing this up a little less correctly hence the link to the actual Texas laws above. Point is do you want your paid for house to become an eviction notice even if you pay your homeowner taxes. Probably not! If you’re not looking to sell this is a bad recipe.

Overall it’s your “Would you be mine Mr. Rogers neighbor” not understanding how their actions have a ripple effect that is then left for others to deal with. Selfishness amongst other things when you put yourself so far beyond other including not caring about the next homeowner, environment, or future pets that may live in that structure.

I have not used this style astrology chart in a bit of time so I felt it would be good to explore this way once more. Mostly I’m struggling with motivation right now as well as when you’re health takes a decline you find yourself sleeping more. Or rather I do I assume so that my body will heal better rather than being taxed or stressed.

“Karmic debt collectors are so persistent. They never leave you a loan.” – Unknown

Fortitude is a good message for it is also aligned with Leo while we finish our Lionsgate. We can assess this via the glyph for Leo above the five petal rose. The female figure represents mastery of our lower inclinations by our higher self. We can see her feet firmly planted upon Earth while controlling the lion in a similar manner to our soul holding our passions in check. In her right hand is a flaming cup showing complete ease and self possession.

Fortitude is etymologically defined as mental and emotional endurance which enables courage in the face of adversity. Unlike strength which is otherwise etymologically defined as a quality or degree of being strong which requires force, power, and potency we see here that through fortitude we are successful not just by physicality.

Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart for Asteroid Strong

Sitting upon the Anaretic Degree of my 7th House of Libra at 29° trine Saturn and Uranus, biquintile Mars, and conjunct Moon would best be described as looking precisely like this. Take note that this asteroid in this chart is displayed with my Sun.

This chart is primarily a piece of electional, speculative, and horary astrology to discern harmonics. Really these are sensitive positions within a chart that may be activated by transit, but that which is promised by our Sun sign in any chart is often fulfilled wholly.

Relationships are not rapid fire for anyone with this position. Rather when Divine timing or as many phrase it “the timing is right” what is meant to be yours is given to you. There is excellent focus here on putting in effort to achieve success at any endeavor undertaken.

One may not always come out in first place, but they will also not be afraid to try. Libra is ruled by Venus seen as a representation of love and beauty, but in the 7th House of Libra there is more focus on healthy relationships that focus upon quality, merit, and measurable results.

Do friendships add value or support your resources? Are your co-workers succeeding or failing? Is there an increase in your wealth (how far the almighty dollar stretches) or are you being dragged further into debt due to the negative behaviors of others with regards to their poor management of monetary resources?

I’m chucking this question at the American national debt to productivity ratios amongst other factors I’ve eluded to by taking a look at the 1920s and remembering my ancestors. I’m also chucking this question at most people who buy on debt or live beyond their means on debt. Usury, amortization, and debt slavery.

This degree is where relating to self in terms of our physical body or energies requires radical action and revolution towards change. The status quo will no longer suffice. Innovative articulation usually allows one with this placement to source astute and cunning solutions that help for any circumstance they encounter. Life as we know it is just not all sunshine and rainbows.

This is the person who operates from the mama bear temperament who delights in taking care of self and their loved ones. Overly empathetic we usually easily attract to ourselves children, animals, and anyone who likes a softer touch in life.

Shopping, eating, enjoying artwork, dressing ourselves in a particular way, and other Venusian qualities help keep us balanced while we work hard to learn that our charms whatever they may be should not be used to manipulate others.

“Why did the picture go to jail? Cause it was framed!” – Unknown

There’s a tremendous ability here to look beyond the surface while penetrating the obvious to find new meanings and insights. What is taken for granted by others is explored more thoroughly to come up with startling new revelations.

However, will others relate to what is discovered. Some may yet others could scoff at or feel threatened or not understand what is being offered. Continue seeking regardless of the external reactions of others.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Servants giving a woman a bath.” The chart holder knows how to take care of others by helping them unfetter themselves of whatever is negative, confusing, or burdening.

Always seeking the deeper meaning of everything. Just as through careful analysis any spiritual text will reveal its deeper meanings it is through a process of purification that the female of this symbol who is in fact the Divine Feminine aspect of God which the Kabbalah refers to as the Shekinah is cleansed of whatever is not her true self.

Remain always willing to re-considering anything in the hopes of finding a new perspective on situations or revealing new truths. Work with guardian angel Damabiah and daimon Andrealphus.

Daimon Andrealphus connects with the Three of Pentacles, Moon, Gemini, and Passion Flower/Fruit. Associated with the Peacock this daimon is wonderful for astrological chart casting/interpretation alongside astronomy.

Andrealphus connects one to to that which is unseen, helps you to balance your impulsive urges with proper conduct to achieve your goals, and assists you with coping with harsh judgments, lack of compassion, anger, or other forms of abuse.

Here one learns to set clear boundaries through unbiased discernment and independent determination by relying upon their intuition. Sometimes one is advised that they should ensure they take the middle road between being overly emotional, critical, and such or tuning in long enough to see have they in fact become completely unsympathetic to another.

As there is no fixed star for this degree we can instead work with Prehnite. Here one should accentuate precision, understanding, and positive awareness to reactivate the ascension process communicating evolutionary as well as critical information.

Focus your energies into remaining objective yet forgiving for this is the degree of one who is gifted with organizational skills, ambition, and the ability to succeed. The affirmation is I trust my spirit and will while fostering strong connections.


Servants giving a woman a bath.

Instinctively drawn to be where everything is happening in order to give and receive invaluable energies, feelings, and messages. The outstanding destiny of one who contacts the source of greater cycles and movements. You have your finger on the pulse of epochal change. Offering freely what you have gathered along your journey and equally welcoming lavish gifts from others.

The budding impulse is toward the new kind of community. Toward sisterhood and brotherhood unlimited. Sparkling awareness of the cutting edge of evolution and of being somebody on the spot. The convergence of worlds to open a space for the radical unknown to come through, to heal, to transform, and to make a huge difference.

Have an encouraging week, and I will see you again within a few days! I considered sharing garden photos, but I’m going to hold off for now rather than overload everyone. Instead I’ve opted for SWAK (sealed with a kiss; keep it simple stupid).

I did find that there is another synchronicity here which is insightful as I keep building up my knowledge on the prescribed pharmaceuticals which have created havoc in the lives of my mother and I as well as countless others. Knowledge is power! If I’d known I would not have taken gabapentin, tramadol, or cipro.

I tried my hardest to rescue mom from levaquin while we cared for her with pneumonia in January 2022. I don’t think I worked fast enough and fighting  to be heard was a personal hell on Earth as many seem incapable of grasping what this “system” of Maya, illusion, and dis-ease is really all about.

Believe me I’m well aware of the lengths to which many will go to protect the control mechanism that keeps most in their own personal Gehenna. These people are not ignorant. On the contrary they know what they’re doing and they perhaps don’t care.🥰

“The twice stabbed ladybug is black and has two big red spots.” – Unknown

Manifestation Mondays: Challenged By…

“Why did the lion eat the lamp? He wanted a light lunch.” – Unknown

This was not the intended way I expected my post to go for the Lionsgate, however, it appears the Universe/Cosmos had another plan in motion that it wanted my blog readers and myself to discover. Gain some additional wisdom by following the underlined hyperlink text to what I’m excavating today.


I just realized that today was the Lionsgate, and I intended to publish a blog post for this. However, it’s a bit of a combination here because while I’m covering this event I’ve actually included another topic altogether. Pictured above is the Turkish Lionsgate in Hattusa. This was the capital of the Hittites signifying their Near East superpower.

Six gates allowed people to enter the interior of the city. Often the Lionsgate was guarded by those controlling the movement of people to/from the capital being closed at night and sealed until morning.

These two lions were carved into huge blocks of rock with open paws and eyes as a protective function to scare away evil spirits from the city. In the past the eyes were lined with various decorative materials.

If I had to sum up the August 8, 2022 Lionsgate I would state that this is when our DNA is activated bringing us higher consciousness and we begin to cleanse/detox ourselves for better energy reception.

Sirius, as our spiritual Sun, once signified the flooding of Egypt and prosperity. Some believe this correlates to the Sphinx as a representation of the Leo/Virgo axis. Really there are many esoteric theories about the Sphinx. Probably too many to include here.

Hittites does have a correlation etymologically with terror, fear, fire, and a censer which implies burning perfume or incense. If we think of summer and the heat I can definitely see the symbolism of a lion via Leo with terror, fear, and the element of fire as a Solar/Sun representation.

The Dogon tribes as well as the Babylonians paid their respects to this star recognizing that our Sun nourishes our spiritual life bringing us to higher dimensions. This is a time to set intentions for new beginnings.

It’s an ideal time to begin healing our Third Eye and Heart chakras. Your guardian angels and spiritual guides are likely to visit you during these times through dreams and visions.

At this present now moment the focus is on peace, freedom, creativity, truth, and finding our higher life purpose. If you’re wondering how one becomes a vibrational match to the Lionsgate it only takes desire.

Whatever you seek to achieve you simply need to desire and seek it out. This will be a great time to activate your chakras, recharge your mind, body, and spirit, and reveal your highest truth.

As I was saying I’m being challenged by prices in grocery stores for food because last time on my detox diet nothing cost what it does today. I did, however, manage some new grains with trying to go gluten free attempting to add to my already established quinoa/rice varieties.

I brought home some corn grits, millet, pho rice noodles, and turmeric couscous which is not gluten free. The millet is already a keeper which I tried for lunch as soon as I got it home with vegetable broth and seasonings as a side; it did not require much to actually taste good!

Why corn grits? Native Americans offered the first settlers bowls of Rockahominie which was a dish consisting of ground up corn grain cooked to a creamy texture. It is believed this corn mixture kept many of the settlers alive during cold winters.

I don’t cook with couscous all that often so I am hoping that it won’t be too bad for me to eat it on some occasions since I’m not really celiac, but I am trying to reduce my intake of gluten nonetheless. The turmeric was something that made this stand out to me though. Years ago I was making my own golden milk that was lactose free.

I wanted amaranth again because I used it before as breakfast with cinnamon and fruit, but the cost for a small bag was not selling it on me at present. Again seemed like highway robbery! I’m trading in romaine for spinach because romaine is not agreeing with me at all.

Even grown in my garden we no longer get along and it is fighting me. Is there reasonably priced granola somewhere that is not loaded with some form of corn syrup or sugar? The goal here is a variety of grains that I’m trying to branch into that are not standard white flours or gluten loaded.

Instead I’ve been eating way too much of the breakfast bars, pretzel sticks, chips, and other items that while organic or vegetarian/vegan are not really whole food or actually by most accounts I’m learning healthy at all when you break it down. You’re told or taught it’s healthy by the company that desires to sell it to you.

What set this off was tomatoes of all things. It began as reflux and has turned into a full blown food intolerance of the most unbearable kind. I’m now officially avoiding anything tomato as if my life depended upon it the same way I avoid avacado for the very same reason.

I’ll be so incredibly sick after that it’s never worth the risk! I was completely fine with tomatoes when I was younger, but now at 43 they are the death of me. And the symptoms of the intolerance seem to be getting progressively worse now the more I consume the item. I should consider the substitute recommended in the link above, but I might research it a bit more before I make a commitment.

A lot of my meals are definitely already more vegetarian and vegan because the prices for meat or fish is flat absurd to me. $20-30 for fresh reliably sourced quality fish at a counter. At a farmer’s market for grass fed or correctly raised meats it’s equally as steep. Why even go there?!

Sorry, just no! That is half a tank of gas already with the cost of living and you expect me to pay that for one meal. Give me a break! I don’t know about my blog entries on Weimar or the Great Depression era with hyperinflation, but this is guano crazy to put it less offensive and crude!

“Don’t chalk it till you’ve tried it.” – Unknown

Hell, I’m not sure what or how this compares to anything during WW II era and inflation or supply/demand issues with rations. I just remember spending an unusual amount of time in middle and high school on these areas of history with courses I took on economics.

Not sure anyone gets taught these lessons today. Although my complaints also triggered my step father looking online for bulk purchases of grains we could vacuum seal instead which then caused some complaints from mom. I see so many smarmy apps and concepts now for supposedly making purchases cheaper or some other concept.

But then it’s all a conversion to me of more debt based usury or amortization that I’m finding is a form of bait/switch. We’re constantly trading up, but I’m always wondering is the grass greener or am I getting scammed the way my iPhone will ring with the “scam likely” message.

It could be worse I suppose most of my purchases were only around the $5 margin, but that still adds up quite fast as you begin to go along trying to get more for your money which no longer stretches as far as it did.

From the prices for that and what it is doing to my biome I’m going to start converting to this unless I can somewhow manage random turkey, chicken, or pork on some occasions. Tuna is one fish I had been eating still, but really I limit that because well let’s face it we then deal with mercury in our fish.

Beyond that I’ve hung around trout or mackerel mostly. I’ve not even touched on the environmental costs of factory farms and animal husbandry being taught to many today as something we all need to be much more conscious of. Just because you have purchasing power does not equate to the need to act from willful or other forms of ignorance.

Harsh probably, but I also think practices many stick to are habitual and ingrained. Change is not easy, most fear it, and others will kick and scream before they consider it an option available to them. It’s funny to witness because I think it really also stems from an ego getting deflated at the audacity that someone would come at them this way.

I watched this all over social media when diet came into discussion. How defensive some got when confronted with anything of opposition to their way being the only right and proper way. Sort of a if you deviate you’re the Devil.

A lot of seafood I was removing from my diet; I don’t like salmon at all. I never was much of a meat eater to begin with. As a child I was not eating deli meats or anything when I was meal prepping for myself. Meat only comes in when parents are influencing my food choices or we’re together.

But these prices are going to make me learn what I can stretch and just how far. Instead I was primarily buying fresh or frozen vegetables and all fresh fruit. Then there are the nuts that I’m keeping in my diet. Breakfasts are not easy. I’m trying to avoid processed foods because almost all of them have been cooked with my triggers for IBS and chronic UTI.

Breakfast I would really like to know what in the blazes is with all the added corn syrups and sugars. No wonder we have obesity and diabetes on the rise. It’s literally going to make a chef out of me to now start eating not just organic or vegetarian/vegan, but to avoid all the flat out garbage I find companies add to most meals in ready prep that is not fresh, raw, or just whole food out of some ridiculous concept of convenience.

And while my blog readers think I sound insane the problem with all the added corn syrups, sugars, and oils is that these cumulatively add for each meal or snack each day compounded by then weekly, monthly, and yearly ingestion. No one is doing the math on this at all. Cognitive dissonance?!

Do the math and ask yourself exactly how is this moderation or healthy? I have not even touched salt when added to foods and the thyroid, kidneys, or other organs like perhaps our liver which have to process the waste production of what is put into the human body/biome. And I know I’ve heard the forever arguments about how important meat is by thousands upon thousands of advocates.

Or are some of these people in it because these industries still need to make a profit? One less customer cuts into their margins and if more people convert away from the dairy, beef, poultry, seafood, or other carnivore only industries that might mean problems for those who work in those fields.

Ok, yes I get it by seeing the bigger picture. That should not be the defining factor for dietary choices either because it may also become personal.

When I worked for Instacart these industries were always coming up with ways to promote themselves. You better believe the dairy and beef industries started pandering to clients trying to convert anyone under the Sun to their wares. Even though many using the service might have been tossing that advert in the trash who were not meat eaters or had lactose intolerance.

I’m finding most think moderation is already practiced, but when I literally add up the meals which incorporate certain triggers or other variables by the day, week, month, and year I don’t see as much moderation after all especially if someone is not exploring alternatives and has a limited pantry they can afford or believe that they like.

By this I mean those that don’t try new foods or are more taste selective because nitpicky is probably a bit harsh although I do sometimes use this as a description. With IBS and chronic UTI I’m also finding that there is the issues of FODMAP as well as fiber one must begin to actually start watching more carefully.

Speaking of I probably should have looked to see if kiwis were available and forgot. Perhaps next time…

I stood in the grocery store today realizing I honestly wanted to cry because most of everything I’ve eaten was no longer healthy when you really wake up to the reality of what is on offer if you’re trying to avoid cooking in the kitchen for yourself on a tight schedule.

I am reconsidering my vegan protein shakes and smoothies also. We’ll begin here and then I’ll continue tackling my work/life balance and seeking full time employment. I can only drink so much water and herbal tea after all with cutting coffee or caffeine out now cold turkey.

Harder still is the fact that when I go to where I work everyone else is on a fast food eating out diet that I can’t fathom. First of all consider how much money you’re spending to eat out five days a week for every lunch and/or breakfast. Imagine if you could how much money if you were not doing this could go to something else desirable in your life.

And add to this the cost for food delivery services if you use them. Every expense adds up and what everyone should consider is are you spending wisely or just throwing money around impulsively and unwisely. I can feel and tell that my co-workers find my habits or eating as well as diet strange.

I’m always bringing my lunch and only once did I have to bring my breakfast in on the run one day. Now I’m going to be worse to be around because with these changes I won’t want anyone buying me lunches or breakfasts. Because I want to exercise control over what I’m consuming so that I’m not constantly unhealthy. A moot point with some who can’t understand this; health is actually your wealth in more ways than one!

But really if you were not always eating your meals out while at work what could you do with that money when it is saved? Think about what that money could actually have bought you instead if you’d packed a lunch to bring with you to school, work, or as we’ve done when we travel. I can think of many ways I could have otherwise spent that money if I’d done my own meal prep.

My health is coming first while I work part time and navigate this sea of nutrition 101. I honestly don’t want my foods processed I guess now that I’m realizing you have zero control really over what you’re ingesting. You’re literally resting on the fact that this also depends upon if companies are truthful in labeling or transparent. Ultimately how do we know this.

We’re taking someone at their word with sometimes no real proof of the quality we are receiving when we give power away allowing others to be in positions of power/control, Essentially you are relinquishing all responsibility and personal power to another which I’m not sure how that translates for sovereignty or self reliance. I fail to understand why we’re allowing ourselves to be so controlled which were topics I spoke of initially at my first blog post.

Ultimately most of humanity needs to take back rightful power over their lives because cradle to grave as I’ve said we’re at the whims and dictates of corporations, family, religions, and other dictates. And what I find on the home front is that trying to assert boundaries is just not actually easy because as long as you’re under another’s roof you might have to make accommodations to them or it seems to be that there is a lot of friction that begins to sometimes occur.

I don’t even want arguments to be honest. I just need to force my own self to formally commit to sticking with these changes. Others simply lack the means to even get to where I am at because I know most are working more than one job just to live at survival mode for self and family.

No one would like me stating that the excuse is that they have no choice, but honestly some adversity in life comes at us not of our own choosing. We did not really ask for it, but it sure shows up to get our attention. So instead I’m going to begin meal prep in advance making more so that I can either freeze or set it aside within the refrigerator and make meals later from whatever I can do as combinations.

I’m also avoiding all fast food and eating out for now until I determine what most of my food intolerances or allergies really are beyond lactose and gluten because I’m trying to assess inflammation now post foot injuries and with neuropathy. I did not ask for this. I don’t ask the Universe/Cosmos to bequeath me with allergies, intolerances, or other haphazards with my gastrointestinal system. Guano happens!

Of course there was that funny checkout conversation where I’d decided I wanted to add a parsnip to one of my meals. I only needed one given the size, but the cashier was like “What is this?”

In the meantime my next project is redesigning a schedule for writing here. No more seven day schedule as I won’t be keeping that routine up. I need to reduce as I’ve said to about a two to three day routine. I just need to then determine what focus do I want for each day. Maybe I can re-design the topics I rotate around and still manage to fit most of it into some sort of functional method within time constraints. I don’t know yet, but I’ll be coming up with a solution this week.

Necessity and Requirements Arabic Part/Lot

I decided today with my theme over yesterday and today being that of feeling as if something is amiss to run another Arabic Part/Lot. This time we’re looking at Necessity and Requirements through the formula Ascendant plus 3rd House minus Mars. We would be discovering what lies in my 7th House of Aries at 2°.

I actually kind of get where this is going. I’ve been constantly seeing that question do you need to be right or do you want to be happy. The problem I have with this is that my happiness is directly tied with my waking up everyday feeling secure as well as healthy because that is part of a balanced Root chakra. I won’t feel grounded without those needs being met.

It’s also because my mom’s nurse that we hired to help out twice a week indicated that I maybe should have considered becoming a lawyer instead. All this did was remind me of my time in college when a criminal attorney and federal probation officer wanted to recommend me for such work and further education as two instructors I was taking courses from.

Even my psychology instructor was trying to nudge me into that field whereas I was content to be behind the scenes in administrative functions within that field. Ironic is it not that Aries rules the 1st House to do with the as I described yesterday dharma, life’s purpose, and self. Yet within the 7th House we’re in contact with partnerships taken with others be they romantic, business, or creative pursuits.

Yesterday I stated that solitude is vital to me. This confirms such a truth for these two energies are at conflict. Aries within a 7th House would teach self as well as other that without breath in the relationship I would make a terrible partner. We need distance or else it’s just going to become ugly with a lot of confrontation, argumentativeness, and strife.

7th House asks you exactly how much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice for another. Unlike the 1st House dealing with dharma the 7th House is a Kama house of desires. Therefore, if we looked further into the 7th House we would realize this is where family commitments show up which do not align with achieving one’s personal ambitions.

Within the 7th House we also find the diseases of urinary tract, bladder, appendicitis, lower abdomen, prostate, and our sexual anatomy. Can we say bingo!

I actually charted asteroid Kama during Valentines Day of 2022! Another synchronicity perhaps. Hinduism encourages us to fulfill Kama or our desires in harmony with our dharma. This is the secret to the happiness of self as well as other.

Further discovery of this degree turns up the following. The chart holder knows how to access all that is hidden. The question is do they want to go there or are they truly ready to make the needed sacrifices to do this which requires that they let go of their fears.

The chart holder needs to give themselves time and be patient. If they self criticize or attempt to push themselves too hard it will only generate an inner rebellion that will slow them down.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Old stone steps descending into darkness.” Here is an invitation to explore what is dark, deep, and hidden. This degree has a craving to look into what has been lost or buried with a persistent urge to visit those parts of the self which have been lost/denied.

How do I explore this? Will I be safe exploring it? I feel like I don’t know where I’m going, but I know I’ve got to go there. Work with guardian angel Jeliel and daimon Agares.

“A pigment of your imagination.” – Unknown

Daimon Agares connects us with the Three of Wands, Venus, Carnation, and Aries. This daimon specializes in communication with one’s subconscious and unconscious. Often employed in shadow work Agares helps one become skillful in the study of languages/dialects and finances. I’ve read that some also benefit from working with this daimon to learn computer languages such as those utilized with web design.

This then makes sense when I upgraded my WordPress, and was informed I should take advantage of the free domain they offer at present to shorten my URL. The problem is that domain won’t be free after the first year which only incurs more cost to me overall since my astrology business is established upon it’s own domain.

As much as this person expressed that my current URL detracts from search engine indexing while reading about working with Agares I noticed another esotericist stating that both Google and Bing overall suck at indexing. This means my complaints regarding online processes with the internet compared to what it was in the 90s when I began being a content creator might have some validity after all.

Again does anyone look at the etymology for the two words to gain context; artificial intelligence is what I call “fake, false, or pseudo” intelligence. Sorry! I will consider this at a later date because I’m really not sure I want to have multiple domains that I’m having to pay for after my first year online. That seems to me to be utterly counterproductive and just not the correct way to finance my business in terms of expenses.

If you asked me today’s internet operates as a method of censorship and thought control reminiscent of Orwellian logic circa 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. It’s a tightly controlled system now for better or worse. It depends entirely on where you want to install the “controlling” mechanism as to who benefits.

Some of the changes are good, but some are not very positive rather they become limitations and don’t readily allow for experimentation or thinking out of boxes.

Stationed at Deneb Kaitos in Cetus the Whale we find this degree. Arabs knew this fixed star as Al Difdi al Thani or the Second Frog while the Chinese instead chose to name this Too Sze Kung or Superintendent of Earthworks.

Some astrologers believe this fixed star allows one to flex their muscles releasing their strength, willpower, and determination to triumph over troublesome situations. It describes those who are leading with compassion and who take journeys of self discovery into unfamiliar shores.

It’s advised one should work with Kyanite to fire up their optimism and self confidence. Focus upon a message of social acceptance that allows freedom while letting others know that your role in life carries more authority than they acknowledge. The affirmation is when times of stress arrive in our lives we need to draw upon our inner comedian to look at the funny side.

Have an awesome Monday! As always I’m a work in progress as is the business/website if I determine to stick with it. Maybe I should inquire of WordPress why it is that my host does not allow for me to drop the “wordpress.com” in my website.

Probably something again to do with the free versus paid for accounts, but then I’m worried my progress won’t even convert correctly and that I’ll simply lose prior blog posts. Something I’m unwilling to deal with at present.

Otherwise I’m going to be spending a bit of time in the kitchen over the next few days trying to get meals prepped for when I return to my part time comsetology job to make it easier on me as the week wanes down. Be well! For the Lionsgate consider that August 8, 2022 also relates to numerology for messages.

It’s a great time to balance inner Divine Masculine/Feminine as well. Ask yourself what exactly does wealth and prosperity really look like or mean to you? Can you actually define it subjectively as well as objectively?

There is also some significant aspects with gematria and the number 88, but I won’t leave them here. It requires people to be truthfully awake and aware of the Maya, illusion, and lies all around them controlling their subconscious and unconscious at present from which they need to actually re-program. Many are unwitting tools of the “system.” Lionsgate is really about you becoming your authentic self not a puppet. 🐉🌎🦁

PS: I have repeatedly talked about medications I was prescribed including gabapentin, tramadol, and cipro. My mom had levaquin. Today we figured it out! This is all linked to being floxxed as I have been speaking about.

As someone who worked in medical malpractice law administrative function I spend a lot of time being aware of the corruption and ignorance in the allopathic care system. I never thought I would be a living victim with rage against the entire industry or pharmaceuticals, but here I am. And yes I am really pissed off!

I also forgot to mention that I purchased potato gnocchi. Tonight I am working on a soup using this with rainbow carrots, celery, red bell pepper, and spinach as well as seasonings and fresh basil.

I’m beginning with the article on supplements because I began here when gabapentin and tramadol wrecked my life as well as my neuropathy started. It was then that I first knew I had deficiencies. I urge everyone to get educated before you sign your life away to any allopathic practitioner.

I need to work on cubing vegetables a little bit more, but overall the soup tasted good actually. I have enough left over for another meal.

Self Examination Saturdays: Looking Within and Seeking Guidance

“If you are going to a desert, make sure your pack has a thirst-aid kit.” – Anonymous

It’s time for a bit of exploration and hopefully the underlined hyperlink text will help you learn about the solutions I’m discovering today.


I am considering for my own well being reducing my blog posts to only twice or thrice a week. I’ve also been experiencing a lot of burn out recently with my life in general doing the part time 9-5 grind plus everyday responsibilities while finding I am not having much enjoyment in my free time if I manage to find any.

I believe it would be best to take some serious stock in life as to if I’m keeping my astrology business or moving on because I’m not yet seeing any benefit beyond what it did for me personally as growth.

Beyond that I’m finding that I don’t see any benefit to the current lifestyle I have in this decade at present wanting some significant changes at home and by reducing my time online or with any iPhone video games. I have already tried removing and had succeeded in this arena with television.

Ironically this also stems from too much time spent around family and not enough time to really go do things solo which I miss having that quality time for myself as well.

Unlike a large chunk of society I value solitude very highly and if I’m giving all my time to others I become incredibly miserable or just incredibly worn out. My health and stress levels suffer from the lifestyle others I believe have sometimes expected of me in careers, education, and elsewhere.

I keep re-iterating this to family that I’m actually quite different from most people I know in how I want to approach life realizing that at 43 I’m not happy some days nor do I feel correctly fulfilled living the life of someone else who is just not me. Behind my gratitude and positive posts there is someone realizing she’s still missing something she has not identified beyond needing a disconnect from certain constants she deals with right now.

If I described it I’d say I feel constrained by others like I’m imprisoned and lock downs or other restrictions manifested this more-so into my consciousness where I’ve felt oppressed now for quite some time by current ways that everyone else adopts to exist within. I am not happy holed up in a house never getting out.

Again how anyone can do work from home, stay at home parenting, or home schooling is just beyond me. You need a life outside of family and house or to me it is insanity.

Like I’m suffocating and on life support some days. Even trying to make diet changes for me can feel like I’m just battling because I’ve got some authoritative figure structuring this too be that family or friends who think they know better. I’ve expressed this in so many ways that I just feel unbelievably like independence in my life is lost to fit into a family or societal mold.

Enough that most days I want to scream and have shoved this down so long it’s about to explode into rage soon. And if I want to make dietary changes time spent here also needs to go into time I want to get into the kitchen rather than write blog posts for extended hours each day. Composition, research, and proofreading take a lot of effort. The balance between work, life, fun, and other factors is not how I want it at all.

I’m also tired of everyone saying they have good intentions behind the controls I feel placed upon me. I really don’t think the people I’ve expressed this to fully understand how agitated I am inside by what I’m feeling and tired of suppressing or repressing for them to be happy against my own ability to thrive.

It has not helped that the administrative jobs pool for the last two to three weeks has not really shown anything I’m interested in applying for with full time work. The industries posting are not what I want to nor could move into because they would require me to have an education that I don’t have.

Maybe family and others enjoy routines and structure. I feel literally like it’s a giant stifle on exploration or creativity or even freedom. I don’t know, but it feels like living in a rut or as if I’m in the movie Groundhog Day and it’s not exactly motivating me other than to want to scream “I can’t take it no more.”

I’m also health-wise under the weather which amplifies my angst again. None of which is easy because family also wants time to be spent working in the house on certain projects so I need to assess a good schedule for myself. Which is why I will probably reduce my time writing to make the self care time I desire.

Deep Reflection Arabic Part/Lot

I am going to end today’s brief entry with a look at the Arabic Part/Lot for Deep Reflection using the formula Ascendant plus Moon minus Saturn just to inquire as to what it might show or teach at present. This appears to be located in the 1st House of Libra at 13° which is the place where the focus is on our life trajectory, what we reach for in life, and the most important place to unlock our life purpose.

Libra is a Venus ruled sign, but the first house is ruled by Aries particularly in Vedic schools signifying dharma. The first goal of life is dharma and this house rules our head specifically as a body part.

This is a great symbol. As a child family would wonder why I’d disappear into public restrooms and get lost. I was always playing with the soap/water making bubble blowers of my own two hands. I had this perfected to an art so I did not need to buy a bubble blowing kit because my own two hands were the plastic ring/handle tool. I just needed quality liquid soap with good old fashioned water.

I could be occupied as a child this way for quite some time. The 1st House is one way to find some answers to the questions who am I, what do I want, and what is my dharma or life’s purpose.

Something else to discover is what it is that you’re actually passionate about because most of us are not doing what makes us come alive and simply go through the motions existing on auto pilot which I think I’ve seen most of my friends/family do leaving Earth not always the happiest.

We also get clues when we start discovering our unique talents or special gifts. Journaling is a good way to clue into these answers as well particularly once you realize what you’re grateful for. The below is how this degree expresses itself further.

Did you know that bubbles may have a spiritual meaning because I did not? So that is why I enjoyed bubbles as a child. Maybe I should go blow some more! 😂

The chart holder attempts to communicate something very definite though they may not know exactly what it is. Even if they do it may not be capable of being summed up in a few words. If they keep trying to say what’s in their mind they will find over time that what they wish to say will come forth from them with increasing clarity. It’s a manner of enjoying the effort without trying too hard.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Men and women in white towels in a steam bath talking and sweating profusely.” When one has cleared out everything superficial in their life it has the same healing effect as the people clearing their bodies of impurities by sweating and talking profusely to clear their minds.

This degree has a beautiful way of being at once diplomatic, a Libra quality, while yet direct, clear, open, and fresh. It imbues the Libran charm with the freshness and vitality of Aries. We might call this degree “healing through sharing.” Work with guardian angel Vehuel and daimon Crocell.

Daimon Crocell corresponds to the Five of Wands, Venus, Wood Betony, and Leo. Working with this daimon will help soften angry feelings allowing one to warm the cold hearted by teaching that anger is not to be feared, but is a tool that alerts us to the need to make necessary and important changes in our lives. Crocell assists in helping others stand in your shoes understanding your situation better.

Crocell takes any argument and turns it upside down in an effort to teach others how to be less quick to judge who have not been through similar life experiences. This daimon is also helpful for students needing to soak up information like a sponge, an athlete needing to step up their game, or enhancing your ability to perform at peak capacity either physically or mentally.

Sitting upon Algorab in the right wing of Corvus the Raven is where we find this degree. This is connected with the Hasta nakshatra which you may be interested in watching this video or learning more from the following details I am enclosing. Often this fixed star is associated with the merchant and business aspects in life having influence over sales, art/sculpture, learning, and medicine.

“When the adventurer found three different places with water in the desert, he said, “Well, well, well.” – Anonymous

Try spending some time with Strawberry Quartz to become inspired to live a magical life focused upon captivating others with a playful, spontaneous, and creative side. The affirmation is I am living an enchanted life daily.

Have a spectacular Saturday! 💖🤗

I’m really wanting to go back on my detox diet almost permanent. Water and practically no more meat, but there is a struggle in this for support or not upsetting family. Will see what transpires. I feel better today removing meat and coffee/tea again though.

It only speaks for itself when others try to remove that which they find is making them unhappy or sick. You have to experience the changes on all levels because there is no other way for another to ever see the change as beneficial. It’s about making a choice in life, and saying I want to stick this out.

But, then I was reading that the truth is most don’t realize they’re even actually dehydrated. I think most humans are completely used to unhealthy lifestyles. They can’t even recognize it because they’ve been taught incorrectly or they have picked up negative habits for so long they can’t identify that they need to make changes to find health, happiness, and to re-define what wealth is to them.

Many just won’t answer the call or heed the warnings. I think they take it as a personal affront even or find it too bothersome to accommodate. And I get it because maybe yes it actually does throw in a monkey wrench.

For me though I’m learning meat and certain diets like dairy or gluten are capable of proliferating way too much negative as well as extremely harmful bacteria in my gut flora which is causing me digestive distress such as IBS and other issues like recurrent uterine tract infections.

And I’ve had absolutely enough because I can’t stay on antibiotics either every other month. Cipro already did damage and Macrobid also has risks for my pulmonary system that could be devastating. I don’t need more toxicity from pharmaceuticals.

So I do not want to hear someone tell me otherwise when I am receiving messages that my body is in distress which I need to listen to. Believe it or not the gut biome is your immune system! From this symbol what I gather is that the arguments don’t stop till everyone’s egos calm down and people relinquish some control over others. I need someone to understand why I’m at my wits ends.

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Empyrean Impulses

“Sometimes all we need is a fresh start.” – Anonymous

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to digest the meal I’m leaving below for you via underlined hyperlink text. Best wishes!


What to nurture during your cocooning stage?

Your cocoon phase is a period of time within the darkness where changes take place essential to connecting you with your most authentic self. Inner work begins to happen alongside the shedding of people, places, or objects you think are important yet they belong to your previous unauthentic self. They can’t proceed with you along the remainder of this very personal journey.

Algiz offers you protection operating from the archetype of a spiritual warrior at this moment in time. Displaying a sign of defense magic through a splayed hand, swan in flight, or the horns of an elk as well as the branches of a tree. The concept given here is that of protectors and life givers who took to flight by the means of swan feathers providing one with victory.

Further correspondences relate to the elk sedge which grows in marshy regions flourishing in the water element yet capable of wounding anyone who attempts to grasp it. The Goths of previous eras related Algiz to a protective grove dedicated to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine or even Divine twins joined at the head.

Nurturing your relationship to the ancestral as well as the Divine realms will allow you to connect with or communicate with the Universal/Cosmic wells of past, present, and future from which pours forth luck and life force.

This rune reminds one to listen carefully to their guardian angel(s) for guidance. Pay particular accordance to your birth guardian angel who accompanies you throughout the entirety of your incarnation. Mine personally happens to be Nith-haiah.

Algiz has been also correlated with the Icelandic Rune Poem where it can be described as Earth’s increase and humanity’s pleasure. These runes should not be utilized for negative associations with racial ideology as they have direct correlation to phonetics and the alphabet which has come to us from Phoenician, classical Greek, Etruscan, Latin, and Gothic scripts.

What is protecting you during this vulnerable time?

Raido asks that you develop unity consciousness instead of operating via separation consciousness. In the Cosmic tree of Yggdrasil we find Ygg/Odin symbolizing a profound understanding of the meaning of life only obtainable by those who adventure through the nine worlds bravely and courageously.

When we leave the comfort zone of staying at home to be with family/friends for support we also begin to live for others losing our abilities to be independent and discern the right direction or true North of our inner compass.

This rune presents itself to teach you that there are new life paths opening before you. Pause to give thanks for the help of parents or other elders and friends whom have helped you learn the ropes of living better thus far.

Know that your shadow is growing within by everything society does not accept of you which you have chosen to repress. Now you must remember all that you have forgotten embarking on a transition from one evolutionary phase unto another. Have faith that any problems you presently face will be solved soon. Achievement is on the horizon.

When will you know you’re ready to re-emerge?

Uruz assists one with displaying their strength and bravery by asking one to employ the totemic energies of the ox. When we have learned to dominate our ego accepting our weaknesses or limitations by recognizing that Uruz reflects aspects of our subconscious and unconscious. The survival instinct generates fear complexes and is known as the fight or flight response. Are you capable of rest and digest?

This rune asks if you have the will to dominate this blind force rather than allow it to oppress you. We all have natural drives and lower instincts that must be kept in check. Can you calm your ghosts when you face them? An example found in the the story of Mithra depicts the killing of a primordial bull which allowed for the Universe/Cosmos to be ordered rather than remain in chaos.

This rune is here to illustrate that one must be responsible when they operate from a position of power utilizing intelligence, right action, and understanding that you are an effective leader only when you respect the wishes/needs of others rather than subjugate them. If you’ve allowed calmness to become blind fury then you’re not operating from your higher self.

What will release you?

Kenaz tells one that it’s time to share their vision with the world by becoming a soul alchemist. This rune implies that one should have the knowledge of mythology or lore well understood, be deeply connected with Universal/Cosmic consciousness, and work with their rich ancestral cultural heritage to create their artistry.

Dis-ease is caused within the physical human body when one improperly harnesses the kundalini. As a symbol of the torch bearer or light bearer Kenaz speaks to feminine occult knowledge particularly midwifery. Misuse the kundalini and you will get burned!

Concerned with origins, underlying cause and effect, and the health of the human psyche one should be dedicated to truth seeking and knowledge. Once you have deconstructed the illusions, beliefs, and habits they can shape themselves anew. This deep form of alchemy lets us become whatever we will which is hopefully a better version of our true selves.

What brings order to the chaos?

Berkana’s feminine fertility and energy announces new ways of thinking, the start of a business, and the merger of opposites into wholeness. Ascetism is not the path to enlightenment when this rune appears before us. You’re asked to nourish and protect while making peace with self. When one has reconnected to the soul of the world, Mother Earth, and the Divine Feminine they become the bearer of abundance.

The basis of all life is an intelligent principle known as the Anima Mundi who brings forth minerals, plants, animals, and everything else in creation. In our long forgotten past it was women who operated with supremacy cultivating/growing plants, domesticating animals, and birthing the new into our lives.

Work with the Birch tree representing a herbal medicine which benefits the metabolism moving out what is old in our body cleansing us while acting as an anti-diuretic and anti-rheumatic. You’re entering a period full of energy, motivation, and are capable of embarking on new professional, sentimental, and spiritual paths. Reflect and clarify your goals.

Have a stellar Thursday and be well! I’ll see you in a few days once my schedule calms back down. 💗

The progress on our sweet potatoes along with our basil which you may not be able to tell the difference between. Two of the smaller photos the leave patterns are different.
I had turned the entire bed of beans into compost. But guess what life is co-existing with death. The beans are returning so there will be yet more purple, yellow, and green soon no doubt!
Much of today’s photos were a chance to test the new iPhone 13 camera features. I’m still attempting to get used to the manner with which it operates. More tomatoes on the vine with the garlic chives, 15 in total, preparing to flower for the year which usually brings the honey bees every year.
Colorful array of flowers still attracting the bees and hummingbirds. We have a few sunflowers which invite birds as well looking to consume their seeds. I made sure not to harvest all of them leaving seeds for nature as well.
I’m really unsure of when to try harvesting the peanuts the squirrels planted in our carrot and wildflower beds after being fed by neighbors.

Teach Me Tuesdays: Should I Try Out Forensic Astrology?

“I joined a new therapy group for loneliness. Nobody turned up.” – Unknown

There are days where I’m completely stumped for inspiration. Then there are days that something shows up at random piquing my interest to set off on a journey of exploration. Today was the latter! Dig up some suspicious intimations with the provided underlined hyperlink text.


I’ve really never dabbled in this arena, but I stumbled today upon an article expressing views I could rightly get around when it explained that unlike most in traditional schools of exoteric/esoteric astrology we need to interpret asteroids, dwarf planets, centaurs, etc. in our charts because they are the blind spots we’re ignoring.

Imagine if you will when you learn or teach someone for the first time how to drive a vehicle. You’re about to parallel park or make a lane change or even a three point turn, but you never look in your mirrors. Get back to me on how well you think this will work in preventing a car accident or vehicular damage.

The science of astrology has many avenues we can take for education be that tight orbs, aspect patterns, transits, and so forth. Many are stuck within cliche format astrology which I spent months after rejection in the online communities soap box ranting about here at my blog when I also closed my business Twitter account.

I’ve continued to write/compose, but it propelled me back into part time 9-5 employment and seeking full time employment in abject disgust with cold readings and a desire to almost not want to fight for something I’m passionate about. It was not an “I can’t do it” attitude that I had, but the attitude of others taking such a stance that made me abjectly repulsed by their limiting beliefs.

To merge the physical and astral realms someone suggested we look to the asteroid Seeberg (8130) as a trigger which condenses on Earth in the 3D. There are correlations here to “Earthing” as discussed Saturday, placements of Saturn, Pluto, and Black Moon Lilith, and finally one’s ability to process data so that we properly see the tree in the forest.

This asteroid came into discovery in February of 1976 which I’ve found a theme here again when I mentioned the Phantasm franchise because it was created in 1979 the year I was born. The name of this asteroid originating from one P. Brosche in the former Seeberg Observatory now known as the Gotha Observatory of the town of Gotha. This observatory was visited in 1801 by Goethe.

Being that ancestral family immigrated as I’ve said from Germany/Denmark with a variety of Ashkenazi, Anglo Saxon, Norse, and minor Ethiopian Jewish/Middle Eastern genetics I’m not inherently sure if I’d want to visit the region or not. I previously explored another location such as this in my blog for astrological purposes realizing I’d prefer to never visit the locale now or in a future incarnation. Thanks very much!

I assume family immigrated to the United States for a valid reason. Probably something here to do with that theme of not living in the past and choosing to remain in the present or future timelines after all it seems the website requires the Wayback Machine; trying to not laugh.

Or maybe it is my lack of appeal when it comes to the divine rule/right of kings/queens because I’m not watching Game of Thrones as others do because I don’t like Netflix and chill.

Certainly not after my two medical leave of absences for the foot fractures/ligament surgeries I sustained and being on home lockdown during them non weight bearing where I had life experiences that for me personally forced me to endure circumstances with chronic pain, pharmaceutical and medical systems I was displeased with, and other unpleasant entanglements that caused a form of trauma I’ve been working to heal.

“What runs but never gets out of breath? A river!” – Unknown

I am a different kind of Leo who uses much of this the way as I’ve said working up to Master level Reiki implored that we should first heal ourselves before distance healing or taking clients in our business. I’ve consistently stated I use my ancestors as examples for my business astrology sample reports and myself rather than abuse relationships with clients by disclosing their personal information or prying into the lives of celebrities without their consent.

And doing my own shadow work is a way to properly heal my subconscious/unconscious as well as try to show that this is not always about self absorption, narcissism, or ego contrary to popular methodology. Everything begins with us if we want change in society through the sphere of influence we actually have to exert any sense of control or self rule in our lives.

But as usual I digress this observatory was in fact important as a center for astronomy where the first European meeting of astronomers began in 1798. The asteroid Seeberg thereby given this his or her story honors a 200th Anniversary of this conference.

For regular followers of my blog I chose this asteroid due to it’s proximal association to the mystical or spiritual importance of the truest sense of the word “liberation” where one’s love for life and creation strongly aspected gives one a superhuman depth of mind that is the basis of deeply psycho-metaphyiscal insights which others may not have.

When someone presents as operating from a higher consciousness being sensitive to recreating unfolding spiritual structures through psychological pressure by detecting veiled or occulted mental psycho-energetic vibrations their or other’s environment comes to a subjective as well as objective outlook of a particular time/place.

They begin to transcend the rat race and postmodernism of current societies offering to the world at large angelic encouragement, psychic understanding, esoteric breakthroughs, and clairvoyant talents.

Seeberg in forensic astrology shows where karmic predestination gravitates to the Eros function of one’s psyche rather than that of Thanatos. It has also been associated with magnetization or attraction and space travel observed from a position on Earth.

Persona Chart for Asteroid Seeberg

While I have made personal notation of this asteroid within my natal chart I am choosing for my readers to look upon the Persona chart for answers today. This chart should be one’s best friend because it is a tool which brings into focus the facets of our being through archetypal energies present within not just our psyche, but within our very soul signature.

If what you seek is intimate (in to me see) knowledge of self/other this is the best method for discernment. We would find by looking upon this interpretation that this asteroid is within my 2nd House of Aquarius at 19° harboring some interesting symbolism.

What do we know about the elements of fire and water? As I’ve said about Vedic rather than Western parlance this might be gandanta which can occur in the Leonine Magha nakshatra I’ve referenced.

A knot or difficult ending which we must unravel and reconcile for as the individual with these potent placements they deal with inner struggles and traumatic events in their personal relationships. We know that fire boils water and that water extinguishes a fire.

Here maximum spiritual development occurs. Fire in the South evokes passion, inspiration, intuition, creativity, and protection yet water in the West evokes fertility, wealth, strength, and wisdom. Even the Kozminsky interpretation of this degree has striking correspondences as seen below.

19° Aquarius: Setting Sun shining on a waterfall giving it the appearance of golden water.

Denotes one who has a graceful method of expressing his/her thoughts and who will reach their place when life’s midway has passed. They will accomplish much and his/her words will ring so that many will stop to listen. Their actions harmonize with their beliefs and their soul is serene. It is a symbol of Proclaiming.

“Feeling gourd-geous.” – Unknown

Our 2nd House is all about value and possessions. How do you earn or handle finances and take care of that which is yours? What sense of security do you have in your life? When we look upon a 2nd House Aquarius chart placement we see that one knows the importance of money, enjoys having it, but uses it as a tool to free themselves.

We refuse to sell our souls preferring multiple sources of income/employment going through the ups as well as downs of having abundance and then poverty riding the roller coaster of incarnation.

This makes sense to me as I have just been going through a glow up with my birthday and recent employment. We’ve managed to get the brakes done on my vehicle, upgraded my iPhone 8 Red to an iPhone 13 Alpine Green, and I’m still seeking or making considerations for how I might expand this online business or if I should adventure instead into full time employment putting this on the back burner.

At home the garden has been quite successful this year for the food was abundant allowing for us to share with others as well we’ve been able to care for nature including the fact that I’ve now noticed our zinnias are an attraction for a total of two hummingbirds as well as we’ve had several other pollinators from bees to wasps to butterflies as I’ve previously mentioned.

Some have taken photos of our garden as inspiration wanting to take up the same because many of us realize there has been a lot of speculation surrounding sourcing issues in recent times from a variety of factors be that human or climate engineered famines/weather crisis or just the simple fact that some legitimately could live in grocery deserts.

Succeeding at this organically has been a boost to my confidence because I believed in the past that no “I could not do it.” Now I’ve had family friends ask me for advice and asistance when they set up their own gardens referencing that I as I’ve said have not one, but two green thumbs.

In the Persona chart this asteroid is sesquiquadrate Moon, opposing Mercury and Jupiter, square Uranus, sextile Neptune, and trine Pluto. This placement forces us to look at the Divine Feminine and inner child for healing ensuring that we are responsive, receptive, reflective, and instinctual. Our brain is struck by lightning so we can draw insights quickly communicating the gems we discover with equally fast response times.

While our ideas are often resisted we unjam traffic congestion by bringing newfound opportunities to those who desire change. Our dream life and imagination are experimental opting for reforming and free thinking approaches to science, art, and psychology. Our eccentricities and individuality can make us harsh resisters of anything restraining or oppressing human rights causing us to call out any form of prejudice, injustice, or abuse of power.

So much is always bubbling up within us, but our karma and our structure keeps it down. The fantasies of the past and the future remove us from the present. This degree, though, is good at returning back to the present with a jolt and finding there the energy that is waiting to come forth which then works like flowing water to wear away resistance to the force of evolution.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Loud crushing noises as a glacier moves.” Evolution is the strongest force within the Universe, and when met with resistance can be slowed down, but never stopped. This degree is highly sensitive to forward movement feeling it happen even if only very minutely in the most stuck and entrenched situations.

It is an encourager of movement supporting all that is evolutionary doing this often in the most subtle and hidden of ways. For those in hopeless situations it often unwittingly plays the role of a hidden angel. Work with guardian angel Lecabel and daimon Foras.

“One gardener asks the other, “botany new plants?”” – Unknown

Daimon Foras connects us to the Eight of Pentacles, Mercury, Lemons, and Virgo. Do you have a problem that is difficult to resolve, but you’re struggling with finding clarity? This daimon will help you with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding by teaching you the value of self introspection.

Foras helps us to develop a healthy outlook when upkeeping our physical body by protecting us from emotional disturbances giving us a clearer mind that operates from a place of stability.

There is no fixed star for this degree, however, it is advised to work with Larvikite remembering the vital importance to look inwards and find our own love for ourselves rather than looking for something that is not there outside of ourselves.

Only you can give to yourself because those that lack for themselves are placed within a culture of survival rather than bonding. Focus on how letting go of the past allows for you to make a fresh start for yourself that blesses you with a happiness which is powerful and freeing.

You see when you know who you are, where you come from, and what you want you climb to a new level of personal power that allows you to represent yourself as one who moves beyond old wounds. It is then that you can go enjoy a well deserved break.

You can’t do anything with dead relationships especially if you’re dealing with those who emotionally or psychologically hurt others. Some are morally, spiritually, and ethically bankrupt thus you won’t find a shred of human decency in them.

Leos are magnanimous and Aquarians are humanitarians. The morning of the Leo New Moon was reminiscent of the total eclipse in 2017 where I missed work because I experienced extreme nausea, light headedness, dehydration, and a severe migraine.

When I looked around me all I saw was pastel paint splatters around me of pinks, yellows, and blues feeling as if I could pass out unconscious at any moment. The entire day was as draining for me energetically as was the 2017 eclipse. Both times I remained depleted and feeling utterly run down.

I was so ill on the Leo New Moon that I hope this won’t repeat on the Lionsgate because I sent a group text despite it angering certain team mates at my part time cosmetology job. I could not even write out the message relying upon microphone to not create absurdity through voice recognition.

It once wrote “clean Xbox” for Kleenex box making me wonder about our supposedly ingenious artificial intelligence yet again. Fake intelligence indeed! Context is everything and most of us don’t want the above going out in what may sometimes be important correspondence we wish to send.

Always care for yourself first and foremost. After all you can’t give to others until your own cup is full. Have an investigative Tuesday full of insightful potentials. 🦉💡

Manifestation Mondays: Answering Your Calling With Grace

“I lost my mood ring, and I don’t know how to feel about it!” – Anonymous

The treasure hunt asks what archetype are you embodying today? Perhaps the underlined hyperlink text will help you feed off what lies ahead. I said yesterday that some of what I’ve shared/read I don’t always completely agree with.

External knowledge is not exactly the same as that which lies within. Furthermore one has to dig through the opinions or limiting beliefs of self versus other.

“Looking inside is a process of self exploration. It’s the foundation of our true self.”

  • Carl Jung


I noticed that the first PDF I had linked to in my Self Examination Saturdays blog post had a theme of vocation running through it quite a lot referencing our comparative ouroboros of Rahu/Ketu or North/South Lunar Nodes.

Today then I saw that this matched the images of my great grandmother’s high school yearbook from the Leo New Moon. Graduating from a vocational class stuck with me from the program tucked inside and enclosed in the images I shared.

As I began to piece this jigsaw together further it dawned upon me pun intended that I should seek out the Arabic Part/Lot for Vocation and Status for further clues. The title being a compensatory link to the Hero’s Journey where one is asked to asnwer the call which could be any form of a call to action statement as they may come in a variety of forms/functions more than once during a person’s incarnation on Earth.

What I discovered in this investigation is that it’s an ideal match! To locate the Arabic Part/Lot for Vocation and Status we need to employ the following formula for answers which takes the Midheaven adds it to the Moon and then deducts the Sun.

Vocation and Status Arabic Part/Lot

As we look at the above we can see that we’re focusing upon the 9th House of Gemini at 11° which in Sabian parlance is an important glimpse into what consciousness wants me to notice right now. Ruled by Jupiter through Sagittarius we find the 9th House to be located at the pinnacle of the heavens during one’s debut into the Universe/Cosmos.

This abode of philosophy and greater wisdom is expansive governing growth, travel, and the communication of ideas based upon our unique level of comprehension. But then I began to think of the Gemini glyph and I was even more bowled over because it looks like an eleven as well so upon this degree I could not help other than to recognize the signalling of the 11:11 portal as well as the general association with twins.

A placement within Gemini is where new concepts are learned quickly as well as enthusiastically then synthesized and shared through communication with others. Like the before mentioned concepts of Monad to Dyad it is in Gemini that one begins to delve into duality for through these relationships knower and known give rise to a third called knowledge or gnosis.

Gemini is polar opposite to Jupiter ruled Sagittarius being Mercurial. Creation mythology often uses these principals to hide within them the concepts of unity/wholeness as the ideal.

Architecture would depict this as pillars and doorways between realms, but anyone who has regularly followed me knows that this is a gateway to the realms of our pitru or ancestors often mentioned more avidly for those like myself born into Magha nakshatra. We see this featured upon the High Priestess tarot card where human heart and mind connect or conjoin heaven with Earth.

Then again it also reminds me of the Phantasm horror movie franchise which I believe was a display of multiverse ideas and quantum physics. Albeit some prefer to state it is poorly or too speedily written plot holes that make for a series of rubbish sequels. I grew up in my youth a bit of a horror movie buff who has pulled away from many of the more modern Hollywood and other television arenas finding that I enjoy my time spent elsewhere now.

“Why was the caterpillar always on social media? Because it wanted to become a social butterfly.” – Anonymous

Gemini calls forth our shamanistic talents from wherever we have repressed or ignored them often asking one to take upon them the role of psychopomp/trickster. At the crossroads one bridges conscious and unconscious worlds. The Age or Aeon of Gemini around 6500 BC was rife with double headed or twin goddess motifs.

At some point when this all is compiled together from myriad cultural appropriation we sit staring doggedly at the hero twins often expressed as a Yin Yang, vesica piscis, and sacred marriage.

All opposites integrated should have us realizing that this twin soul is within us often healed only when we’ve actually gotten upon the central pillar of the Tree of Life through contact with our higher or true self. Many then describe this as the actual point of alchemy and transcendence.

However, the bigger mistake countless people make is to think that this process has an end. It’s never really resolved rather we simply continue to ascend to ever higher levels of continuous remembrance/awakening.

This twin motif shows up in countless pantheons or cosmological allegories that we’ve been exposed to. If we were to take a space ship and seek out the vibration of this degree it might look a bit like this. The Earth plane is made up of many little parts which can often seem fragmented and chaotic.

The chart holder understands innately, though, how all is eventually absorbed into a grand scheme known as the play of creative intelligence. The chart holder has the ability to look beneath surface ideas and communications into the deeper messages always there beneath every aspect of life.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A stag with golden horns.” Each drop of rain becomes one with all others through merging with the sea. The stag has golden antlers, gold being the metal of the Sun, and so the stag merges its highest center, its Crown chakra, with the Solar power.

This is a degree of tapping into higher levels of awareness as well as the depths of Universal/Cosmic consciousness. The question is what are you going to do with all this richness of awareness that you possess? It is waiting to be used for the light’s purpose of healing and the spreading of love and joy. It’s up to the chart holder to form the vessel of specifics through which to instrument this.

Startled by a vivid perception of ourselves we become aware that underlying our ephemeral separateness and uniqueness we are an eternal part of Universal/Cosmic consciousness. Going so many places and assimilating so many experiences our head becomes heavy with the gold of meaning. Work with guardian angel Hariel and daimon Eligor.

Daimon Eligor is a tie into the Seven of Wands, Venus, Thyme, and Leo. Eligor assists one with the proper manner of dealing with people who choose to be difficult in life. Often this daimon is helpful with success in the realms of business, finance, and winning court cases.

The Seven of Wands indicates where obstacles might be overcome by becoming confident, focused, and hard working to effect positive outcomes in your personal life or career goals.

This degree is sitting upon Tabit in the lion skin trophy of Orion the Hunter. Derived from the Arabic Al Thabit meaning the Endurer this constellation was once known as the Shield made from the bull’s hide of the Hyriean legend. This legend speaks to Hermes and Poseidon being entertained by Hyrieus. These two deities were so grateful for the hospitality that they gave a boon to Hyrieus who requested a son.

A cow’s or bull’s hide was taken, urinated on, and buried where nine months later Orion would emerge from the ground. Persians prefer to reference this as Al Taj meaning the Crown/Tiara. Al Sufi chose the title Manica to reference a sleeve or protective gauntlet. Kabbalists associate this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Aleph and the tarot trump The Magician.

A great analogy for this degree is one where our connection to Earth can fill us with enough energy/light that we can be sent to space as a rocket, but our attachments to other people, places, and things causes us to lose balance. It is as if we are walking upon a tightrope where if we hold hands we in fact will fall. This tightrope is an allegory for the timelines of all incarnations/civilizations we have and will continue to experience.

Detachment is the only way for us to actually ascend. Personal development and spiritual exploration works exactly like this for it requires us to move into alternate realities. Often this process is a solo or lonely one because our behaviors change through each new experience. We begin to see coincidences and synchronicities or messages which appear from the Divine realms through numbers, totem animals, and other symbols that ask us to be guided and altered.

Even though this degree uses the word realism to define it the truth is those who find themselves here often laugh at authoritative types and then go about breaking the rules. It is how we develop character becoming experienced individuals who are seasoned, savvy, and open minded.

Ask yourself what counts as real for this new path is expressive opening onto other realities beyond physical as well as ordinary experience. All of us are more than our physical body thus our conscious capacities can reach far beyond what is generally accepted in the everyday mundane world.

When we stay tuned in for further developments we develop expanded capacity for sunbursts of revelation. Extra dimensional qualities gift us with an array of powers and multi-sensory treasures to grow into and share lavishly.

Try working with Apophyllite to bring peace, pureness of thought, and unobscured mental capacity to life expressing that it is now safe and necessary to break away from old familiar ground moving into unknown territory. The focus should be upon taking the lead in pioneering new vistas of experience in spiritual realizations.

The affirmation is my soul is an airplane before it became encased in flesh which flies through the Cosmos creating its own unique pathway through the stars and planets. May your Monday be wizardly and otherworldly! 🧙‍♀️✨