Wisdom Wednesdays: A Terrible Case of Mistaken Friend for Acquaintance

“The greatest gift you can give to another was to believe in them.” – Anonymous

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This brief yet concise blog post is here for me to remember that I’ve decided to set firm and clear boundaries in my life. Underlined hyperlink text is here to help me express how tired I am of allowing this to continue as long as it has.


When my business had its Twitter feed I remarked once that for the last two decades of my life I’ve not had friends. I have had superficial relationships commonly referred to as acquaintances. Superficial because they’re shallow with very little depth to them.

The last quality over quantity relationship I had albeit was never perfect because as I became an adult I saw how there were dysfunctions hidden inside of this relationship was when I was spending four years in high school.

From that moment on my life has been a series of very trite as I call them experiences built upon a societal need to play Chutes/Snakes and Ladders. This used to be called social climbing, and I always found it childish or snobbish as well as did not want to ever participate in the ritual. If we think of Kabbalah what we have is a Tree of Life and the Qliphoth/Tree of Death living side by side.

Carl Jung referred to this as the tree whose roots can’t reach heaven if they don’t first reach down to hell. I’m kind of sick of the version of Chutes/Snakes and Ladders that is inverted as well as twisted like a bad trip on LSD with those who play the game incorrectly.

Really the proper way to play the game is to recognize its similarity with Rosh Hashanah. Concentrate on the height or depth of spiritual meaning in your life. Life does not offer a sure thing and certainly it promises nothing except uncertainty. The only way you can walk away from your existence successfully is to finish well.

Therefore the entire purpose of your existence is that you learn from it. It is also meant to be a pivotal educational resource in that when you see another sliding down a chute/snake rather than climbing a ladder you were meant to provide them with genuine support rather than ignore, beat them down, or belittle them further.

This does resonate for me being that I just had my birthday or Solar Return thereby it is truly a new beginning and year for me. Yesterday after I published my blog post something transpired in my evening that has been long coming for months. I finally had an extreme ah-ha light bulb moment of recognition.

One that I’ve been told when I say it this usually triggers most everyone around me, but being triggered is also meant to help you get honest with self/other and rectify your mistakes in life. The old phrase was get your house in order or get right with God/Goddess.

In this game I’ve found that most of these people have been a class of narcissistic or megalomaniac types suffering from a dog eat dog limited belief system towards achieving success. To my dismay my Twitter feed blew up in a small form of virality where people all over the world began commenting that they felt the same way in fact also stating that social media with the advent of the inernet or cell phone technology by and large were partly to blame.

That we were noticing that technology has severed our ability to really relate correctly to one another breeding some very negative, unhealthy, and deconstructive dis-ease. A sort of devolution not evolution of the human species permitting a new Kali Yuga or Dark Age to enter.

Have you ever felt this way? Do you ever notice that supposed friends and family often blow you off with various excuses from I don’t have time for you, I was only joking/joshing, or some other brush off they will give you? Some will even not realize they’ve said one thing while behave counter to their verbalism. Actions always speak a bit louder than our words.

They practice a wishy washy I can’t set boundaries world view where they might even ignore that they basically told you to eff off because they don’t care about you while then trying to pull you in to rescue them when they need help. In my book this is exactly what I said above a strong case of narcissism and megalomania.

If someone said the above to you how would you feel and honestly would you tolerate this behavior or would you start cleaning people out who are not actually benefiting your life path or higher self?

Me personally it’s inspiring me to look also for better employment usually. This also has much to do with me wanting to reach a point where I can avoid certain people, places, and things until I can rightfully gain independence from what does not work because instead it’s like an aseembly line is broken.

I’d also state this is a type of person who believes others are their emotional, verbal, physical, and psychological waste basket for them to dump into. It’s a dance that we’re all performing while not seeing the damage we do to self or other.

I’m not going to put much else in here other than to publish the etymological value showing the difference between friendship and acquaintance while referring everyone to an anime/manga I grew up with which describes how I feel at present.

“Tears are words that need to be written.” – Paulo Coelho

I feel as if I’m Chi in the Chobits series, but especially as if I’m living out the book series A City With No People! If you’re going to be two faced, stab me in my back, treat me as if I were worthless, or any other form of impure co-existence do us all a favor don’t apply for the job as friend or acquaintance in my narrative.

I’m done, and I’ve had enough. I’d rather be single and solitary than with the wrong person in life. If you can’t understand what that means the problem is you for not stepping up your game when you’re choosing to co-exist with me.

You either want to be a friend or you don’t. You either want to form bonds or you don’t. Stop wearing a mask and playing a fake role in my destiny because I can see through your lies and deceit! I don’t think people are very conscious of what they’re saying/doing as they go about life. Those who admit it later sometimes give disingenuous apologies or prefer not to integrate their shadow.

I’ve reached 43 and frankly I really do not want to keep dealing with attracting these kinds of people into my existence anymore. I believe I deserve(d) a lot better, and if I’m seen as wrong for that then maybe people as in humanity as a whole should stop settling in life for less than they’re rightfully worth through low self esteem or limited thinking.

You don’t deserve now, in the past, or in the future to live with dis-ease from those who want to use or abuse you. Anyone out there who teaches you otherwise is also not the type of person you should continue associating with.

A City With No People:

Find the full written series at this Wiki while I’m enclosing for you a video I found for as long as it remains free/online.

The etymological definition of friendship is good will while friend is specifically loving another referring to them as if they were a relative or kinsman/kinswoman.

Friendship and friend are directly taken from the Sanksrit प्रिय which in fact is synonymous with dear, favorite, sweetheart, beloved, fond of, and wanted.

Acquaintance is none of the above whatsoever which is why I’ve made it a point today to teach you the differences so that you might grow up and mature a little.

Acquaintance is the etymological definition of one with whom you have basic familiarity taken during occasional intercourse/interaction often of an extremely brief nature. There is no close connection in this form of relationship whatsoever. Most of this type of relating is nothing more than base habitual and sometimes it fosters only contempt between two or more people/persons.

Which one would you prefer to have? A quality friendship or a disenfranchised acquaintanceship? As for me I presently have no friends, but I have millions of acquaintances. I’m content going solo now and like Chi I’m hoping/looking for something more fulfilling.

Have a wizened Wednesday wherever you are! And yes, I’m sorry for often being a bit blunt or harsh with my words, but when you’re made sick of something trending in your journey to wholeness you might pick up a broom and sweep it out.

What brought this on was the blog post about toxic positivity mentioning that when someone keeps telling you to just be happy they’re writing you off, telling you to repress rather than develop a healthy process of integrating your negative emotions, and that they flat out don’t know how to handle shadow work.

Just because someone has a bad day does not mean they should shove it down because eventually that pressure cooker will erupt like a time ticking bomb somewhere taking out them and millions of other innocent victims.

This is called misaligned or misdirected rage, anger, violence, and other vices. Someone is caught in the crossfire of ricocheting bullets and most people never developed an ability to have enough patience to connect these dots left wondering why others around them now fear, dislike, or cut them off.

We used to do this all the time on social media, and I still do it in life. It was once a friends list cleaning. It’s about time only this time it’s a makeover of acquaintances as well! It is time to makeover one’s soul and say no more! ✂️❤️‍🩹

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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