Teach Me Tuesdays: Bibliomancy with Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales Introduces the Ice Maiden

“How do mountains stay warm in the winter? They wear snowcaps!” – Anonymous

Grab your mittens, snowshoes, winter coat/hat, a scarf, and something warm to drink because today we will be traversing some slightly frigid climates through the regions of a much cooler environment. Unique as snowflakes are some of the underlined hyperlink text here to brreathe new elaborations into today’s fractured fairy tale.


Circa January of 2022 I practiced bibliomancy with this rather large book of fairy tales that turned up the Fir Tree. My blog followers and more regular readers will notice the change in my image editing as well as my writing style since I was beginning to nuance into esoteric studies.

I’m really not the kind of writer that I expect too many to gravitate to because I don’t follow the rules. This is something that my Advanced Composition professor in college during my 20s made note of although he remarked that he quite enjoyed reading my mini novels that I was often turning in because I also broke a lot of grammar rules.

Nonetheless he stated that somehow my quirks or eccentricities always worked! I aced the class despite being rather perplexing and unusual. A lot has changed, will continue to change, and well I’m not entirely sure where some of this is leading other than it usually feels as if it benefits me while I’m hoping one day it will also benefit others.

In a similar twist of fate I opened to the Ice Maiden today which gave me a bit of a giggle because I’ve been called an Ice Queen before which no longer offends me in any shape or form the way others might take offense. I’m fine with integrating the archetype of what this meant for the Divine Feminine.

Yet, I’m taking note here of the stages a woman goes through for there is significant difference in Maiden archetypes versus Queen archetypes. In my eyes I’m content to acknowledge not just the light of my character, but also my darkness. I’m well aware being online that many don’t want to integrate or do shadow work because perhaps to them it is meaningless.

Let’s take a tour of the story first, look into some of the archetypal themes, explore a little of the Hans Christian Andersen world/cosmology influences, and finalize with a journey into the study of Asteroid Frostia (854) which is etymologically defined as to freeze ironically taken from Old Frisian.

I’m allowed to be a little humored by struggling to find an astrology and asteroid theme to use today only to discover a reference to Old Frisian as there is a blog I follow which is trying to preserve and bring this language back from near extinction. Hereby I believe this may be another Jungian synchronicity that is kind of delightful to see in that great minds may just think alike.

Frostia is arriving to us as well through Proto West Germania frostēn etymologically defined as to become frosty as well as Middle Dutch vorsten/vorsen also etymologically defined as to examine, to look into, and to research scientifically.

I am going to change this astrology study up once again by returning to my Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart because I love speculative concepts and the 12th Parts are fascinating. These charts put a focus on our karmic debts, blessings, and otherwise fated connections. The energy is important in determining our behavioral patterns and helps us connect with our secondary self to reclaim wholeness.

In the Ice Maiden which is one of the longest stories available by this author we are introduced to Rudy born in the Swiss Alps. I’m pleased to offer you a link so long as it stays on the interwebs to the full audio book which also covers other stories I’m interested in such as The Psyche. Why; because of Psyche and Eros as it relates to psychology!

“This is a great opportunity, go for it, and freeze the day.” – Anonymous

Rudy comes to us with a dead father alongside a journey that his mother takes to her father’s house while Rudy is a wee baby in her arms. The tale takes a turn for the depressing when Rudy’s mother falls into a deep chasm filled with snow/ice.

Rudy and his mother are buried in this frozen wasteland when eventually some people find them. They proceed to begin digging the two out yet the mother has died leaving only Rudy to survive as an orphan.

Rudy is taken to his grandfather’s house growing up to become strong and a talented climber with excellent hunting skills. Eventually this brings him the notice of the upper class whereupon he sets his eyes on the miller’s daughter who is not happy with this arrangement.

The miller leaves an impossible task to Rudy to climb a dangerous mountain peak retrieving a baby eaglet alive. Peculiar how my logic works, but is anything here similar to the constellation Aquilla in yesterday’s blog post?

When Rudy succeeds the next hurdle in relating is one of class differences between himself and the miller’s daughter. Rudy is seen later telling the miller’s daughter’s cousin to return from atop a tree where he is essentially a peeping tom. To our dismay Rudy is blamed for this entire drama unfolding before our very eyes.

What Rudy has failed to understand is that she, the miller’s daughter, is teasing him by blaming him for this as strange as that might be for us in today’s world to comprehend as well.

In a rage Rudy has left running into a beautiful maiden alone on the mountain who we later come to know as the Ice Maiden. It is she who killed his mother and she is now determined to capture Rudy for her own having already kissed him once as a baby marking her claim.

His anger at the miller’s daughter has led him to kiss the Ice Maiden who nearly allows him to die alone on that same mountain exposed to the elements and completely vulnerable.

After surviving this event our main character crawls back to the miller’s daughter to confess everything, but this character can’t integrate her own projections and shortcomings instead laying them all upon Rudy to own as if it was all his fault that their relationship is in dire straights.

Rudy is asked to beg for her forgiveness so that they might wed. After a terrible nightmare where the miller’s daughter dreams of cheating on Rudy the tale leads to her abandoned, wailing, and howling at the loss of her so-called beloved.

The social commentary while melancholic in this story is one which is quite powerful because it deals with a two fold fear for many which includes death and the struggles of caste or social class within the entanglements of love/marriage tying sex into the moralistic and ethical duality of sin versus virtue or sacred versus profane.

What we must remember is that the author of this particular tale was wounded immensely by the death of his own father who encouraged his learning and bettering of himself beyond their social station of poverty consciousness. Andersen’s mother told him that his very own father was taken by the Ice Maiden so he left us a fairy tale of a lad attempting to reach beyond his social strata yet dying due to a fate he was marked for when only a baby.

Hereby we find a dilemma between predestination as well as free will. At the time Andersen was at the height of a relationship with a ballerina while grappling with unrequited love and his own sexuality. In this time period he was exploring a relationship with the same sex and the social stigma would have likely been one of suicide if he’d gone forward with his perhaps inability to remain a straight man.

Such actions would have meant career and livelihood in the toilet back then even for exploring such forms of love. Through an archetypal lens though we must come from an understanding of the Maiden as the first in a triad embodying purity, independence, strength, and an uncorrupted nature.

She is Virgin and not in the sense that many attach to such terminology for we would be better to look to Virgo to comprehend the fullness of such an archetype. Virgo as my Western/Tropical Moon as well as my North Node holding Saturn and Lilith has much to teach us.

This is also where many speculate Regulus a huge aspect of my Vedic lunar nakshatra through Magha/Ketu is precessed to albeit some disagree with such a notion.

“With great powder comes great responsibility.” – Anonymous

You see you’d have to backtrack a bit to start recognizing the symbolism I’ve been deciphering on a more personal front in an attempt that perhaps my own inner workings towards healing and wholeness might help others. The Maiden is an aspect of the Lunar or Moon phase cycles often tied into our menses.

We can come to know her during otherwise waxing, first quarter, or crescent phases. Now yesterday I know I saw the Six of Wands in my daimon portion of the degree I was astrologically studying.

The Maiden or Virgin archetype is a state of mental gnosis or knowledge when a woman adopts enthusiasm, authenticity, and a practical intelligence that allows her to organize confidently foreseeing what is to come next. She does not have the bitterness or struggles that others develop with age because she is fresh, open to new experiences, and caries a gentle naivety.

If she is fully embodied you meet with a woman who will juggle multiple activities and projects at once due to her bold yet determined autonomy. Holding this energy or vibration is timeless unless you block her out. The Maiden is purely about magnetism.

For when we stand in our own power while creating change in our environment we attract to ourselves all that we need and desire. If you want to channel her you should be assertive, individuate, make conscious decisions, celebrate the success of others, make connections/network, strengthen your Solar Plexus chakra, and always remember self care/love.

Yet don’t confuse the Maiden for the Queen in this construct because these two are not one in the same entirely for they embody different levels of the Divine Feminine. The Queen is sovereign and may be expressed differently for any one of us.

This leader attracts by allowing what she wants to come to her rather than going out looking for it. She is guided by an inner fire/purpose and knows intrinsically that she is connected to a higher power.

Yet she does have an unloving, controlling, cold, lonely, judgmental, and angry shadow. She can be worked with when we know our own thoughts/opinions, identify and build upon our strengths, remove jealousy, stop people pleasing, and communicate directly while taking self responsibility.

But how can we understand the cosmology that influenced Hans Christian Andersen or many others in today’s overly reductionist and rationalized society. Well maybe we should look into someone who is exploring those themes firsthand in their own studies or writings from which I’m collecting some better comprehension myself.

Getting to Know the Author:

Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart for Asteroid Frostia

We find Frostia as a main belt asteroid which orbits the Sun in astronomy yet within my astrology chart we locate this within the 4th House of Cancer at 16°. In light of this particular chart our karmic debt, blessings, and otherwise fated connections revolve around the Mother which makes sense given that Cancer is the Moon or Mother archetype.

The question arising here is did you come from a secure and stable household in order to develop into a 5th House Child. The 5th House being ruled by the Sun and Leo respectively which is my Western/Tropical Sun sign in the 10th House yet my Vedic lunar mansion within the 11th House.

It’s confusing to process various astrology themes so if my toggling these two different philosophies perplexes you I empathize. Eventually it sounds like a foreign language. I expect many to get confused by some of my musings from time to time.

Astrological wise the 4th House is sanctuary for one’s soul known as the home with resources surrounding land, property, money, and inheritance. This foundational placement is where we recharge our batteries, find nurturance or wounding, and can experience either support or abandonment from our entire family.

The 5th House influences creativity, education, risk taking, and our understanding of the world around us. By the time we reach 10th or 11th House it’s where we make a name for ourselves through status, career, and social recognition by venturing into groups, clubs, or by following our dreams.

Frostia holds the aspects of square Sun as well as trine Jupiter and Chiron often described as embodying the following. Sun and Moon are experienced by a child via their mother and father. This will be based upon actual facts/perceptions in our early environment influencing our adult attitudes.

A square such as this aspect creates inner discord, restlessness, and the past domestic environment will hold the chart holder back from leaping into the unknown future. Their family does not support their current goals or ambitions.

Why? One parent is blocked the same way our chakras can become unhealthy, diseased, and blocked. The most challenging feat of this chart holder is one where they move beyond the wants or demands of their dogmatic rigid family who will continue to clash with them.

During the childhood years one was exposed to significant disagreements over finances and pedagogical issues of their upbringing. The Solar as an aspect of animus/father can be inattentive and ignore, hurt, and annoy the Lunar as an aspect of anima/mother.

Serious conflict occurred which the child witnessed due to differing temperaments that may not have resolved or achieved balance. All of these have a psychological, behavioral, and emotional impact on the chart holder.

I tried expressing this to my mother this morning in a discussion as well as my step father, but I truly am feeling as if there is a struggle in them contextually grasping what is at stake here. I knew after yesterday’s blog post that this was the entirety of our recent conflict in the house just by intuition and fleshing out my own healing.

You see the chart holder feels trapped, unsuccessful, and all their red flags have sounded the alarms to create extreme frustration. We feel as if we made huge mistakes along our life path and we are becoming filled with regrets. Internally we’re a volcano about to explode with a strong need for independence and freedom.

The child in any such relationship has a sense of adventure, feelings of openness, tolerance, and generosity towards others, and wishes to expand their horizons. The blocked individual might misinterpret other people’s reaction’s believing that they are pointing against them even when they don’t have such a meaning at all.

This is a serious matter. If we feel oppressed in a relationship even with family it can signal an end is near where we are ready to cut off a relationship. I also spoke to this with my mom this morning that it can create something they’re really not acknowledging is happening internally for me then expressed externally through my anger at what has transpired.

And in terms of extended family I touched upon this before as feeling orphaned, estranged, and otherwise cut off already with no support network around me meaning everything I’m doing is done with the mindset of a solitary and lone wolf who is realizing she struggles with needing others from time to time.

Chiron is a wounded healer archetype that symbolizes a chasm or bridge. Some call it the wound formed in the womb of the mother when an embryo burrowed itself into the walls of the uterus. For the chart holder a primordial image is imprinted into their consciousness.

Contact between the Moon and Chiron is said to be the saddest yet the most inspiring. We are looking for our other half, our true partner, and that which completes us. This is not always about someone or something outside of us, but rather about finding our wholeness within to become a completed true self. It’s an arduous trek to become fully satisfied emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Here we enter the crucible of the Divine becoming reserved towards others developing our instinctive nature, sacrificing our mortal selves for the immortal, and where we develop the skills of the otherworldly through telepathy, precognition, and distance viewing. Lucid dreaming or out of body experiences might become the norm where wisdom concerning ourselves and others pours in from the beyond.

“He made a house out of snow. It was really easy. He igloo-ed it together!” – Anonymous

Our wound is one of feeling awkward, dysfunctional, handicapped, and different as if we were the ugly duckling who seeks to become a swan. To glean further knowledge of this degree you should read what lies next. The outer world carries no meaning for the chart holder for it is just something to be seen beyond.

They are unattached to the usual and supposedly normal way of looking at things. The chart holder is searching for purity of vision to be able to see things as they really are unclouded by anything.

They need to focus on this and share it with others.

It will come in glimpses at first, but more and more steadily as they go. The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A skull carved out of quartz crystal.” In a rags to riches story the rags are without style or dirt while the skull described here also is timeless and clear. The mind attempts to allow in light to such an extent that nothing is hidden and no shadows exist.

Everything passes through, nothing is held, which results in clearness, openness, and the ability to recognize the spiritual aspect in everything. Here is a very great and complete rejection of everything. The result being there is room to receive what comes in with a tremendous openness. A unique protection strategy. Work with guardian angel Lehahiah and daimon Furfur.

Daimon Furfur connects with the 8 of Cups (symbolism included), Mars, Pisces, and Cypress. I recently blogged about elemental and weather magic which is exactly what this daimon can assist with by creating storms. Something that Texas has recently been experiencing is rain. I’m grateful for this so long as it’s not a deluge/flood.

Furfur is also quite helpful when one of us needs emotional healing or has experienced any form of trauma. Let’s say a relationship is in tumult then working with this daimon can try to remedy these less than harmonious or out of alignment experiences.

A great way to enhance outcomes is to visualize friends, family, and co-workers as starting over anew where they will be more receptive when we all treat one another properly.

There is no fixed star for this degree so we will be ending our discussion with this affirmation. Work with Green Calcite with the message that without goal or purpose our seeds are scattered and without nurturing they are trapped within their shell.

The focus is that growing, beginnings, and potentials are green much like the iPhone 13 color I chose which is forest green. Another synchronicity for yesterday the symbol dealt with alchemy and the forest.

Water, light, and soil sustenance is all that is needed in life yet nurturance makes a difference. This is why children end up in bad way because parents must provide them with the basics for spiritual and emotional growth. The affirmation is I am free and liberated to be myself deserving of everything good in life.

When you think of any Ice Maiden/Queen please also consider the rune Isa for its significance in interpretation. If you’re wondering about my garden well as I’ve stated before I’m anal retentive about my plants, soil, fertilizer, and so forth being that annoyance who is staunchly non GMO and strictly organic.

We take the time to not mono crop, crop rotate, and fallow the soil or cover crop because I want to be a wiser steward to this planet and those I feed. Yes, it is often a lot of hard labor. Yes, it can be done despite the detractors who believe otherwise because they have no patience and suffer from instant gratification. Others suffer from having to listen to someone above them as an authority who dictates to them the “rules.”

This includes the manner with which I purchase in a grocery store as well. We can argue these theories till blue in the face. It’s all personal preference and choice. Advocates of modern agriculture often stand behind their own lobbyists for corporations while even big organics corporations have a similar platform.

What happens is that you have to understand as I recently learned in writing to a state representative who I did not vote for and who does not represent me is that you have to follow the money. After my several posts discussing what gabapentin, tramadol, and cipro or levaquin have done to my mother as well as I this not to be named government official wrote to me telling me that the FDA was a protector of safeguarding my/our collective health. I thought to myself hogwash!

As someone who has come at life from the angle of actually being damaged by these prescriptions with a background in medical malpractice law I happen to have another belief in how the world works. That world is driven by profit where it certainly does not look out for the underdog or average citizen. It lines the pockets of those I believe to be amoral or corrupted by power/wealth also deemed greed or perhaps gluttony.

It is a corporate bully instead. A topic which if I went too far down the rabbit hole many would find me to be quite difficult to perhaps follow considering me a bit radical or rebellious against our status quo of legal fictions, criminal activities, and such simply because I know of certain lawsuits with these institutions that were class action and even filed under RICO where they were forced to pay victims for their suffering.

I could name the prescription company, but well I won’t. I’m not one of their fans nor am I the fan of several other pharmaceuticals with an equally abysmal track record! You will believe as you want to believe and some of us more intelligent willing to think for ourselves will probably wonder about your ability to not follow the crowd or be brainwashed by groupthink.

My state representative wishes that I was dumbed down and won’t be receiving a vote from me because they lost my respect when I received their response to my letter the same as when in middle school my letter to the then President of the United States left me disgusted and unapologetic about how deflated I felt in this nation.

Actually let’s be honest I stopped voting a long time ago when I realized no one in those offices do I feel represents me because they represent a vested interest in a club with which I’m not a member it seems as they continue to make abundantly clear. Don’t worry I don’t wish to attempt to gain membership because we’re at an impasse of irreconcilable differences.

You did not meet me even halfway because that first time I wrote and received what I did back from my government I never quite recovered my faith/trust. And no I’m not planning any aggression or otherwise. Before someone reading this assumes I’m an agent provocateur or a political dissident with an axe to grind. I’m just over it and have grown up no longer believing in what I call a grand illusion.

It did not take much to make me realize I was being fed lies as a child that I was unwilling to swallow or digest the way others so eagerly would. But these are the topics of another day where I try to not become a soap box rant on the reasons for why I am as I am. I did not want to bring this up at my blog, but to be honest I needed to express my disdain somewhere even if it upsets another.

Have a gracious and observant Tuesday. Sending you much love including the tough kind/variety because I graduated the school of hard knocks! 💌🤗 As always any errors are the oversight of me being a one woman magic act who does not have a publishing/proofreader besides me, myself, and I. I’m not perfect nor did I claim to be.

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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