Wisdom Wednesdays: Crossing the Road to Take Care of Some Monkey Craft

“What’s a monkey’s favorite game? Hangman.” – Unknown

This misadventure felt a little bit like an odd version of Frogger, Berzerk, or Pitfall, but I’m hoping with my fingers crossed that it will be a-ok. Sorry, these are a few of the many video games that my generation grew up with.

The underlined hyperlink text is here to provide you with some random information that I heard through the ape vine. Pun intended!


I previously mentioned I’d be changing some of my writing habits due to needing a different schedule. We’re going to pick up today where I left off with the zodiac once again by moving ever forward in motion as I’m slowly going to have this particular system completed in about four more studies.

Those born in the years 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, and 2004 or the year of the Saru/Monkey portray themselves as highly sociable yet inquisitive geniuses. They are inventive and original when solving the most difficult problems. Their low boredom threshold though can become problematic if they start believing the grass is always greener on the other side.

Sometimes the Saru/Monkey will take to trickery and manipulation where they pretend to be getting on with everybody fabulously yet their rapport is a ruse for their otherwise egotistical and selfish shadow qualities. Regardless these highly adaptable, enthusiastic about everything, and opportunistic individuals shamelessly acknowledge their views in areas of politics, diplomacy, industry, trade, and finance.

This group carries an audaciousness that cares little about their reputation or the impressions they make on others. Like the Hitsuji/Sheep this sign also falls under Dainichi Nyorai or the Cosmic Buddha which I encourage everyone to get familiar with by reading my previous blog post or perhaps taking a cue from this description that I’ve run across.

Resources becoming hard to come by online due to some less than stellar algorithms which also often send me to websites polluted with malware/viruses flagged by my protection software or VPN. None of which are what I wish to share with my audience.

Quality control when given to artificial intelligence seems to be a bit lacking, but I digress I do not wish to spend my day ranting about the faux pas of a term that implies fakery in it’s allusion to being skillful, common sense, or wise as many would think of when describing intelligence.

I’m supposed to agree to the status quo remember and not appear as a dissenter of our dignified social caste/strata lest I suffer consequences. This is one area where my don’t give a @#$%& attitude is going to be displayed that says “I’m not buying into what to me appears often to be a trust game or a possible con, scam likely, and so forth.”

Sorry not sorry! That might just happen to be my Ice Maiden/Queen “brr” coming out. Stuff has been disappearing online sometimes at an alarming rate into a random void/abyss.

I’m fed up with censorship, incomprehensibility, and watching the internet go to the toilet having been a creator since the late 90s. We’re being reduced mostly to the realm of Wikis which is pathetic in my view. For the record the search algorithm that mistakenly and absurdly thinks I’m looking for statues needs to be abolished so that many of us can actually get some more insightful results.

I actually feel as if I’m in a scene out of the movie Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. “TV rots your brain and go write a paper on the life of the aardvark from an encyclopedia.” You had to be there or see the movie.

“What do you call a monkey that’s in charge of its tree? A Branch Manager!” – Unknown

Really though if honest our search engine algorithms direct most of the topics I looked for today towards websites all full of malware/viruses predominantly. Therefore not only was quality lacking, but the quantity of dis-ease on the interwebs is atrocious.

While trying to humor myself as well as my audience I at least ran up against one other more helpful resource. I was expecting this to be a little more fertile of a project than it has sometimes become.

If the monkey spirit makes an entrance into your life it is usually there to indicate that you have a great sense of humor enjoying playing pranks or jokes with your loved ones. As a totem animal this creature represents natural performers and comedians. You see primates enable us to become social, strong, and loyal to those around us.

Creating healthy bonds comes from being inquisitive about one another as well as all aspects of life. Explore more, ask questions, and enjoy the wonders of the world. If monkey is invited into your consciousness you should learn about playfulness regardless of what you may be presently experiencing. This is a time to bring focus to your professional and personal relationships through a harmonious balance of the two.

Success must be enjoyed in the correct way which will inspire others to reach out for their own achievements. Being erudite helps you tackle any situation effectively. Remember, however, that monkeys can be an omen as well that you take caution with those you let into your heart space because some are too good to be true. You deserve to be with those who genuinely love and support you.

When we keep toxicity out of our life or at a manageable level we make our existence more pleasant. Keep busy, stay out of mischief, and remain motivated towards achieving your ambitions. Call upon the energies of the primates when you are stuck needing to move on, have taken life too seriously, or are in need of entertainment.

In theme with this topic today I’m going to locate Asteroid Hanuman (2211) in a Solar Arc Direction/SAD chart which I’ve not utilized in a wee bit of time. We’re utilizing this to see what key moments might presently be occurring in my life particularly with regards to what this Hindu deity of the Ramayana esoterically symbolizes.

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Hanuman

We can summarize Hanuman as representing one of many aspects of our enlightened consciousness where the ego, devotion, and our higher self allow us to understand ourselves better.

When we have mastered/disciplined our mental landscape our unruly monkey mind also seen in the Hebrew letter Qoph through Kabbalah begins to fully focus upon the presence of our Divine Masculine/Feminine within.

Three states are found during any spiritual exploration which encompass the identity of who we think we are via our egoic nature, our five senses which cause us to be lost in grasping attachment to outcomes, and the higher self which operates as a servant to assist us with healing our belief in separateness.

In Hebrew Qoph can be a picture of a creature resembling a human who is purely animalistic at times with none of their higher capacities operating. When one overcomes these tendencies they realize there is more to life than the purely physical reality they perceive as existence. This is accomplished when we remove the Qliphoth or husks/shells of negativeness in the world.

The cycles of nature, changing seasons, and constant circulation of life are that of evolution, growth, change, suffering, happiness, and help us to realize our spiritual nature. For myself personally I’m glad to see that Hanuman resides within my 7th House of Gemini at 6° square Venus and biquintile Saturn.

We can describe this as the archetype of Hanuman or our monkey totem imbuing energies into a Mercurial nature as Gemini is ruled by Mercury through the astrological house of long term partnership.

“What did the baboon study in law school? The law of the jungle.” – Unknown

These partnerships can involve family, friends, business, or marriage, but it indicates committed or contractual agreements where we learn how best to relate to one another.

When we have Gemini or Mercury in the 7th House we seek to communicate with those who spur on our intellect otherwise we become bored easily. Mercury prompts one to gain answers beyond the physical realms by moving towards the psychological level of understanding.

It is here that one develops skills in speaking, writing, books, learning, and online communication. This planet is neither a masculine nor feminine energy assuming instead the gender of the sign that it resides within. Of note most consider Venus to be a planetary ruler of this astrological house so we may see a more Divine Feminine flair displayed here.

Venus is often seen as the esoteric ruler of Gemini being the predominant concept of love more often romanticized through song and poetry. On a soul level the Venusian mind is a vehicle for the emergence of the perfected human being as an instrument of Divine love. Here knowledge transforms to wisdom by linking the lower and higher mental faculties through the relatedness of Gemini.

Synthesis of polarity allows one to transcend duality consciousness promoting diplomacy and right human relations. What is required of anyone with this placement is the sacrifice of power so that transpersonal qualities may increase. The chart holder will have to navigate minor disagreements without always seeking to avoid conflict.

With this placement the Mercurial energies absorb any critical nature found in the Venusian personality creating an opportunity for communication to become quite fecund and cultivatable.

There may be some fault finding, but overall discussions will be much more positive than not. The chart holder may enjoy proving and teaching what they know by distilling the facts through the mindset of practical thinking.

I’ve seen this position described as a master of arts which often displays as a music teacher, beautician/cosmetician, fashion expert, or a vintage collector. One will take pleasure in thinking about new values, desires, and available resources especially surrounding design concepts, image, and the archetypes.

The Sabian symbol of drilling for oil is a metaphor for when we dig deeper and deeper into ourselves to find a solution to our own foibles. We may discover what in our life no longer works adequately for us.

Parts of ourselves float to the surface and at other times they will disappear. In metaphysics oil is a symbol of anointing where the thoughts of Divine love are poured out to make one healthy and whole.

When we look upon the symbol of Mercury as the caduceus we see the spinal chord, snakes, and the conflicts between Yin and Yang alongside the wings representing the lungs which reach to our pineal gland. Expanding our lungs helps to raise our ribs allowing more air pressure into this organ from outside of our body.

The act of inhaling including belly breathing in spirituality is called deep core drilling to seek the nature of the four elements which alchemists retrieve from out of the Earth. Oil is formed by heat and pressure taken via decayed organic substances.

“If money grew on trees… Girls wouldn’t mind dating monkeys.” ~ Unknown

Most people will look at the above and think anger is a negative emotion. Again we are given myths about what it means to be human crafted by a cultural stigma of toxic positivity. The more one represses to their shadow anything they deem to be wrong the quicker, sooner, and more likely they are to be in fact stunted/blocked towards any goals of growth or transformation.

These concepts have been being covered as I’ve stated throughout my writings for much of the 2022 experience beginning with my focus on my birth Vedic lunar mansion as it relates to precession when I spoke yesterday to Regulus moving from Leo to zero point Virgo. Despite the naysayers and those who disagree they may in fact be ignoring what is blatantly obvious.

When Regulus enters into Virgo from Leo it’s about being humbled. No one enjoys putting themselves second, but this is not martyrdom either. You get to keep your self esteem, may gain recognition, and do have to do the work expected of you without a vengeful mindset hellbent on getting back at others. As expressed below we think that popularity and being viral is a blessing, but do we really consider the aftereffect.

Every year on a day such as today the Sun and Regulus form a conjunction along the cusp of Leo/Virgo. Regulus with Ketu as rulers over Magha nakshatra form a northern Universal/Cosmic gate activating our higher chakras. We connect with our higher self to support our highest passions often in an effort to attract success and abundance.

This speaks to our re-membering that we should honor the natural rhythms of our Earth and sky while turning into our heart knowing for wise counsel when speaking. Logic and reason are after all only so reliable. So when someone wonders why I’m complaining about the effectiveness of the interwebs.

It’s because that is precisely what it now is through these censorship and control algorithms that regardless of what query or engine you utilize all generate the exact same feedback loop while also reverse engineering themselves.

You can search and locate a website only to accidentally close a web browser tab, run the same search again, and as I’ve said the data has vanished into the unknown requiring you to instead find what you just had opened on your laptop, iPhone, or desktop via hunting through your web browser history cache only.

If this is considered progress it flat out stinks like a skunk spraying everywhere. That is certainly not working smarter never mind simpler whoever thought this dynamic up in their brain.

And let’s not get me started on why I get little attention online although I’m actually finding that not going viral is a blessing in disguise the more I talk to those who have and are issuing their regrets to me. Some of whom have aggressively been deleting their social media or online data because frankly they are fed up with being stalked, data mined, hacked, and otherwise bullied.

The money to them is not worth the grief of the tradeoffs. The internet that I knew in it’s earlier days was not the toxic cesspool that I’ve sometimes had to soap box rant about out of realizing that it’s not “new and certainly not improved.”

Smart cities, phones, and their ilk or any interweb of things is kind of a word play that the neural linguistic programming squad wants the ignorant masses to fall for. I said this once, but I’m saying this again.

The etymology of smart comes to us via Middle English smerten from Proto Germanic smertana and Proto Indo European (s)merd all of which are cognates of to hurt, ache, bite, sting, and cause one to feel pungent pain by causing them grief and punishing them severely with evil.

The next time you want to fall for groupthink I’ve avidly spoken from my heart to educate that you should think for yourself by asking questions and getting an education before someone else abuses you through their deceit.

Your world is encoded, but you have to try to decode it seeing beyond the illusions within which everyone is remaining trapped in like sinking in quicksand whose only goal is entrapment and eventual death via destructive means.

As there is virtually no fixed star on this degree I am going to give a very final yet concise standard wrap up for today. The chart holder has many thoughts perceiving simultaneously many ideas yet manages to put them all together easily.

Keep focused on the flow of things and know that all will get to where it needs to go. There is a spiritual rightness at work beneath all things. The simple intent to stay attuned to it is the chart holder’s magic.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A claw foot holding a ball.” Here is the attempt to grasp wholes and to overcome the potentially fragmented quality of Gemini just as what is usually liquid such as water is fixed into a substantial form upon which one can ascend to get an overview of the surrounding territory.

The struggle is not in trying to put things together for they already have a divine structure and purpose, but to resist the distractions of lesser more trivial things. Work with guardian angel Manakel and daimon Cimejes.

Daimon Cimejes connects us with the Four of Pentacles, Moon, Capricorn, and Pine. If you desire to learn grammar, rhetoric, and logic or to find lost or hidden knowledge this is a great daimon to begin working with. Cimejes also benefits those seeking a new form of employment improving their networking capabilities.

When you desire to be directed away from narrow minded people while becoming bold and courageous this is the daimon to invite into your life. One will become successful at writing, communication, and the psychic senses attaining lucidity within dreams.

The pine tree carries its own significance which you can learn more about via the following potentials I’ve located online.

May your Wednesday be unfamiliar and unconventional. Best wishes!


I will see you at the weeks end after my stereotypical work week at my part time cosmetology gig. In the meantime I’ll also be remaining in the kitchen prepping lunches for myself.

PS: The issue with only finding limited resources primarily of statues is that there is a significant lack of knowledge online to be gleaned from simply being directed to stare at these. Particularly when it is all websites selling statues with virtually no other purpose to them appearing in my search queries.

I am irritated that algorithms pretend to know what I am seeking yet their results are founded upon faulty assumptions not based in context that I am seeking wisdom rather than to buy anything.

Written another way this would be me expressing that I can not provide a good blog post on this topic by pictures of statues alone with no explanatory information to my viewers if the interwebs is devoid and defunct of instruction.

Additionally my readership may not want to see links to “buy now” websites when I choose to share with them. It is not a disrespect to the statue itself rather a matter of principle.

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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