Manifestation Mondays: Photons on Vacation Have No Luggage As They Carry Light

“When proton met electron, she told him, “Dude, why do you have to be so negative?” – Anonymous

The title of this blog post speaks to release and letting go of that which no longer serves. Everyone of us has baggage we acquire from past lives, relationships, traumatic experiences, and so forth. The key is to stop letting it limit our potential which I’m not always successful at, but I keep trying each new day.

The underlined hyperlink text is here to serve you the most important element; surprises!.


We had a New Moon in Virgo on August 27, 2022 which I’m beginning with today just briefly as I missed it with working my part time cosmetology gig which proved to be a rather unusual day for me overall. I’m beginning to understand why exactly I felt unseasonably off in terms of energetic flow having in fact even replaced my old chakra bracelet which broke back in April of this year. My new bracelet now with it’s beautiful crystals utilizes hematite as well.

My previous bracelet was Buddhist mala in nature and served me many years before it broke. I kept the beads, but never re-strung it leaving them in a dish upon my wealth altar in my bedroom.

Our New Moon is on the same degree as the Sun when this transpired where I live at roughly 3:17 AM CST which my What Watch astrology chart placed at a striking location of 4° with a time stamp actually of 3:33 AM CST for it’s full activation. And I’m sure many know about the number significance this portends.

I’m one of those strange one’s who sees the 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, and 5:55 combinations frequently. On registers every now and again I get $6.66, $7.77, and $8.88. This is what happens when your brain syncs into pattern recognition.

My astrology application had a fun description for this degree a little different than what some may be attaching presently which I have a personal synchronicity with that came to my discovery Saturday evening into Sunday morning. What Watch elaborates this as an Irish man dreaming of little people beneath a tree to depict an active imagination revealing the subconscious or unconscious realms of being to us via creative fantasy allowing for contact with our inner energies.

I liked this symbolism being that family recently told me a friend of my step father really enjoyed our garden that I’ve been in charge of every year believing it to be enchanted. We’ve certainly got the cosmos and zinnias as well as we’ve attracted honey/bumble bees, two hummingbirds, and butterflies.

I’ve talked much about inheriting my grandparent’s California king Oak tree bed and how mom as well as myself fall under the Holly (7/26 and 7/29) for Celtic tree astrology, but what about the elves of Yggdrasil. What we’re seeing here is also a push for truths which we never believed could reach the light of day.

For example, I’ve heard from Australians that a news channel on a major television station recently reported roughly only 10% of the reported deaths from the supposed dis-ease that transpired in the last 2-3 years were actually even related to any hyped up so-called virus.

This virus was simply a bad case of the flu they reported finally after we went through that time span of the entire internet and tell-a-lie-vision censoring the fact that before this medical term referenced nothing more than common colds/flu just to sensationalize and prop up the profits of the pharmaceutical or other implicated dodgy industries.

The cost overall of the emotional, social, behavioral, and psychological damage is quite severe. A great lab experiment occurred in everyone seeing how an over zealous moral or ethical code manipulated by what I call mass hysteria creates a huge lesson in a global shadow/projection of unbelievable proportions.

Something that I’ve spent this entire time cryptically speaking about realizing I’d possibly suffer for being too vocal with my own beliefs. Meanwhile my time previously in medical malpractice law educated me on why I’m just not so easily misled by agent provocateurs and psyops run by organizations with an agenda to fulfill.

There were risks I was unwilling to take by vocalizing a lot of what I knew on a personal level with my previous employment background because it would impact my family as much as myself. Such as members of the family being turned away from receiving experimental therapies when companies learn of our medical past or anaphylaxis risks because they don’t want the liabilities.

But the cult of this insanity would not allow for that to come out without it meaning reputation suicide for the masses. I was fighting another way by sending information out in other methods to those I cared about who needed to be alert and awake via a more cunning manner that drew less attention to self.

I stayed out of employment till it blew over and well I skirted the issue where I live by taking a different route that built instead a robust immune system whereby I almost never have gotten sick most of my existence.

The last flu I had was circa age 29 while instead I’ve acquired UTIs, allergic rhinitis, pharyngitis, and IBS or debilitating effects from toxic pharmaceuticals pandered to me as I’ve continuously spoken out about/against.

I’ve endured plenty of people who say I don’t believe you. You don’t have to because your karma/dharma is your own as is mine. You have not walked even one footstep in my shoes therefore you do not have my track record of experiences nor the track records of others who have also suffered at the hands of deceitful practices in fear versus love for power, riches, and other amoral vices rather than righteous virtues.

You weren’t the woman working some 500+ cases in her 20s for silicone poisoning from breast implants seeing the devastation to countless lives including the life of her best friend’s mom in high school who was poisoned in the same manner nor were you handling elderly care neglect as we did when I was administration for the legal office I was employed by.

That means the stories I have to share you have not heard except once when I briefly expounded on this at my blog. It is his or her story that will be the judge of most people’s actions truthfully. And whatever side you choose to stand on perhaps more people should learn to select the correct or proper one rather than the alternative.

It is also your own Akashic Records that will be keeping track of your actions. Some call this the Book of Life and reference various angels who were the scribes of such details while still others taught about the naughty or nice list when we once had Krampus. The way I see it the Universe/Cosmos will handle it.

The extent of fraudulence may finally come to light, but then that would be speaking to another degree right now where Neptune a planet of illusion through Piscean energies of an urge to merge sits on a degree symbolic of a purging of the first estate.

You see our nodes for the Moon as in my references to Rahu and Ketu of the dragon symbolism speaks to the battle between light/dark. The number of that news channel having much to do with the ending of cycles, closure, and vortex mathematics.

“What is the color of the wind? Blew!” – Anonymous

I became introduced to Jung quite a while ago so I’ve only been building upon my studies over the years while recognizing we share the same birthday (7/26). This placement is upon one of insights, illumination, and challenging our ability to ascend in consciousness where we can make our dreams a reality.

To do that we recognize that transmutation must occur with Mercury upon the degree of our Super Galactic Center having to do with merchants, trickery, thievery, communication, and the caduceus as previously written about. What age are many saying we’re closing out?

The Age/Aeon of Pisces is to be left behind for Aquarius after all. The world is a stage as they say whereupon many occulted initiations take place. And believe me when I say I already touched in January on Hygeia and Asclepius.

But you see this degree I’ve already covered when doing a particular asteroid study because it also lies upon the fixed star Sextant. The energies are potent including those of a Stellium, Grand Trine, Kite, T-Square, and Multiple Planet Opposition.

And I’ve already soap box ranted as I began blogging kind of cryptically about how deceived the masses were when choosing the indoctrination of fear porn over love especially that which would have been more heart centered than greed centered by peddling a groupthink brainwashing hypnosis of neural linguistic programming to the less educated.

“What was the cause of the veggie protest? An information leek.” – Anonymous

But let’s face it today I’m not here to just discuss the New Moon because we’re now on a different day of the week which means we should be shifting gears ever so slightly to a topic I’m happy to focus upon. Today we’re going to perform an experiment by looking at a Lunar Opposition Chart while plotting two asteroids with esoteric significance; Gold (4955) and Silver (5325).

Both of these asteroids are classed as orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, but I wanted to explain their significance in alchemy, spirituality, and/or metaphysics. If this New Moon pitted both the Sun and the Moon on the same degree in Virgo there is a correlation here.

Why and how? Gold is a representation of the Sun or Solar energies in many schools of thought while silver is a representation of the Moon or Lunar energies in the same vein. Wholeness instead of the dualistic cosmology we always adopt.

Social success or romantic relationships, stability or adaptability, Divine Masculine projections or Divine Feminine receptiveness, and why must we choose between these two in a Hegelian Dialectic/Divide and Conquer limited belief? Noble metals include gold, silver, copper, and iron in esoterics or inner alchemy.

Copper makes up the other Divine Feminine receptive conduit while iron would be the corresponding Divine Masculine projections as seen through the phrase men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Looked at through another ideology this is like the Yin Yang.

None of this is about gender biases because these speak to the energetic makeup of each of us in our ability to achieve, manifest, and give/receive abundance in the form most meaningful to us. Another aspect of this would be that gold corresponds to spirit while silver corresponds to life.

Copper thereby corresponds to attraction with iron corresponding to action. But why would this even relate to a chakra bracelet? Magha lunar mansion deals much with the Silver Cord which I was born into. Crystals take atoms to arrange into organized crystalline geometric patterns. The atomic geometric pattern is exclusive to each unique mineral.

Silver is reflective giving off more light as it is hit at 99%, but gold only reflects 95% of the light truthfully. Think about that statement for a little while and gain insight into what this means.

Functional medicine as I’ve spoken about with mom and I having been damaged by pharmaceuticals such as gabapentin, tramadol, cipro, and levaquin needs humanity to realize that in the past our crops were high in silver content as was drinking water which is now a noble metal almost completely depleted from our soils/water. The molecules in silver ingested in small amounts are ideal for better health.

Alchemy was a precursor to chemistry established upon the transformation of matter to prolong life. Sunday is the day of the Sun/Gold with Monday the day of the Moon/Silver. Most of society only values these noble metals as currency and investments, but silver is a favored choice for many other uses including conducting heat or electricity.

Nonetheless silver is also ideal for solar panels, stained glass colorants, water filtration, photography, etc. Stars in space at the end of their life cycle can have a weaker low mass supernovae which forms noble metals such as palladium and silver.

Alchemy was about an inner transformation or transmutation of our being metaphysically speaking where our kundalini rises. Ayurveda can sometimes be seen to incorporate water stored and drunk from copper vessels as therapeutic, silver as antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal, and lastly gold to raise consciousness, IQ, and to relax the mind/body.

Copper is an actual micro-nutrient needed for red blood cell synthesis, RNA metabolism, enzyme activity, and our hair skin, and nerve health. It was up until the 20th Century that many utilized silver to accelerate healing while warding off infections. These metals were seen as holders of the highest energies and celestial vibrations connected to Universal/Cosmic or Christ consciousness.

Lunar Opposition for Asteroids Gold and Silver

So what happened? What do you think happened. I don’t have to explain this do I really? Let’s get into the meat of the chart why don’t we.

Asteroid Gold is stationed within my 10th House of Scorpio at 9° conjunct Jupiter and sesquiquadrate Neptune. Asteroid Silver, however, is stationed within my 5th House of Gemini at 14° square Mercury and sextile Chiron.

Translations to follow! 10th House deals with fame, profession, prestige, karma, and authority. The Karma of the 10th House falls upon the triangle of wealth.

This house is used to determine if one runs their own business or works under someone else’s establishment. When well placed one may receive a promotion or recognition. It can signify great leadership abilities throughout one’s life.

5th House deals with intelligence, spiritual tendencies, creativity, children, romance, and speculation. This is further tied into past life deeds and the results of these making it a Dharma house falling upon the triangle of prosperity.

Were the fruits you bore in your past life of good or ill, will abundance come easily to you or be brought through struggle/effort, and what degree of evolution do you sit upon in terms of acting according to morals or devotion to higher aims.

One’s external conditions may signify the beginning of new projects which are far reaching bringing lasting satisfaction. Displays of confidence may be more pronounced when opportunities seized become successful. There may be a rebirth of hope as well as optimism allowing for one to move forward with great vigor.

This often takes shape through education, teaching, and the studying of topics which are beneficial to one’s growth. A broad mind should be centered around helping others not just one’s self. Just remain in check at this time seeing to it that with this placement one does not become lazy, sloppy, or neglectful of details.

One may be highly ambitious and should use their positions of power for the greater good. Often this degree asks that one take on a project whereby they repair/restore something that pulls them out from their own underworld depths.

Additionally one may take on mentally engaging observations of dysfunctional or unaccepted parts of themselves through shadow work which will involve them in concepts of language, communication, and cognition desiring to remove censorship with all it’s triggering limitations upon freedom.

Pluto promises change which usually speaks to the death/resurrection motif. Scorpio in particular is identified with the theme of a phoenix rising from its ashes.

This degree asks that one develop a proper method for reconciling the interior space of the inner life with that of the exterior space of the outer world because in reality the illusion of division is a lie; it never existed.

Inner and outer are not disjointed and the alchemical marriage brings subtle forms in from the void to the security of physical accomplishments within a sturdy set of thoughts where freedom of movement accompanies known desires in a full light of consciousness.

Both of these degrees are even further elaborated upon below. Before we get there though I’m sharing the following PDF with a question about the dentistry Sabian symbol. What of the Hebrew letter Shin as in tooth/teeth in terms of esoteric significance?

“The moon and dollar note have one similarity: both of them have 4 quarters.” – Anonymous

What seems far away is actually very close. If one looks more deeply into what is near there is much to be found and appreciated. The distant galaxies may seem impersonal, but it is to be remembered that they are looking back, and if we could see them clearly we would feel the deluge of smiles raining down on us.

Intimacy and loving connection is something we can have any time and anywhere as long as we allow ourselves to feel its call. The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A hand with six fingers.” Five is the number of the microcosm and six is the number of the macrocosm.

So this hand with six fingers is depersonalized. It becomes not the hand of an individual, but the hand of the Universe. Of course it belongs to an individual, but the Universe works through it and does so wonderfully as long as the individual does not repress the urge to give.

If this person does not believe in themselves they may hesitate in carrying out the will of the Universe. The solution to this potential problem is to not make self-confidence an issue. Even if one is uncertain and unsure the act of giving can still occur. No effort toward being kind is ever wasted. Work with guardian angel Sitael and daimon Vassago.

Daimon Vassago is tied with the Four of Wands (symbolism included), Jupiter, Cedar, and Aries. Often when we wish to increase our conversational abilities, gain social confidence, or quicken our thought processes we would wish to work with this daimon. Vassago is really good for giving one advice when they deal with particularly troublesome people to ensure negotiations work favorably.

Our garden Yin Yang uses two Cedar trees as the dots and we generally live where Cedar is quite abundant albeit more the juniper form.

The chart holder is always aware of what’s going wrong with communication. They know what’s not getting through and can be very persistent in continuing to try to hear others and make themselves understood. Steadily the chart holder seeks out the blockages to communication and tries to understand them.

As they do so their connectedness becomes richer, stronger, and progressively more healing to both themself and others. The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A sorcerer materializes an amethyst cross.” The cross signifies the present moment. One of the cross’ lines symbolizes the past and the other the future. Where they cross being the present now moment. The amethyst signifies clarity of mind.

The sound of drumming brings clarity of mind gradually whereas the clarity of mind happens instantaneously. Either way it happens this symbol can wake others up helping them to see everything in a fresher clearer light by merging with the present moment which is the place of freedom, power, and release. Work with guardian angel Jeliel and daimon Agares.

Daimon Agares connects us with the Three of Wands (symbolism included), Venus, Cinnamon, and Aries. Are you experiencing a series of awful luck where perhaps your reputation may be harmed or would you prefer to clear out a situation where others have been harming you/your loved ones? Then you want to begin a relationship with this daimon.

Ultimately what I read online, however, is that Agares is quite helpful in giving one green fingers/thumbs making them effective at growing green plants, herbs, and trees while seeing to it that one financially profits from their projects. This may not be quite what others were hoping for, but as for me as an organic gardener I’ll take it.

The Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall.

Becoming unfathomable that all there is are Wikis!

We have only one degree which aligns to two fixed stars within Corona Borealis in the Northern Crown; Nusakan and Theta. The constellation itself speaking to Daedulus who built an elaborate labyrinth to house the Minotaur. Seven youths and seven maidens were devoured as tribute chosen by lot. Theseus inserted himself as one of the youths in the lineup.

Theta is in fact a state of consciousness that some may not be tapping into, but I learned to quite a while ago. Somewhere after I abandoned life coaching actually because the program I chose to work with I learned was a scam that ripped me off thousands of dollars. People wonder why I keep saying throughout my writings that I’m not as willing to fall for trust games, cons, or scam likely.

I’m financially and debt free today with so many lessons learned from jerks that I have set some firm boundaries now. Screw with me and you will pay a price whereby I’ll learn to take care of myself without you. I’m a big girl who will figure it out on her own.

Astrological influences of Corona Borealis are that of cultivating gardens, growing flowers, and arranging flowers into garlands. Anthus in Greek is etymologically defined as flower while the suffix inth of labyrinth is etymologically defined with labrys the double axe being a term for one’s inner ear.

Latin Serta etymologically defined as wreaths of flowers speaks also to sorcery or the sorting of one’s destiny/fortune by drawing lots. Ariadne who fell in love with him gave him the famous thread enabling him to escape the maze where he took Ariadne and abandoned her in Naxos marooned on an island.

It was Dionysus (Bacchus or Liber) who came to her bringing with him help and comfort so that she might shine among the eternal stars having taken the crown from her forehead to place in the night sky. I’ve also previously blogged a bit about Dionysus in January 2022.

When Ariadne married Dionysus (Bacchus or Liber) she became his consort which references a crown worn by a Queen upon her coronation. The Welsh knew this as CaerArianrhod or the castle of Arianrhod referencing the term castellated which speaks to turreted like a castle. This was another epithet of Cybele. Roman poets thereby associated Ariadne with Libera.

These all became references to the Statue of Liberty through which we find a symbolic representation of Ariadne marooned on Ellis Island speaking to a goddess of freedom from slavery, oppression, and tyranny. Ironic that Liberia is a country in West Africa founded and settled by freed slaves is it not.

For it is all in association with those in ancient or recent times who are taken by right of conquest and sold into wearing a garland who are sold under a “crown.” That very crown Ariadne wore belonged to Venus. Thus creating parallels between victory and heaven-born Venus for Tellus as in Earth is bound to the sky.

Nusakan comes to us henceforth via An-Nasaqan and Masakin meaning the Pauper’s Bowl. This fixed star gives artistic abilities, a love of flowers, and is associated by Kabbalists with the Hebrew letter Daleth and the tarot trump the Emperor although I generally associate this letter with the Empress.

“How do trees get online? They just log in.” – Anonymous

A great crystal to work with for these degrees is Pink Agate expressing a message of close examination, action, and prompt relief focused upon intellectual abilities through inquisitiveness and accuracy. A skillful probing mind allows for others to appreciate one’s skills, sensibilities, and credentials. The affirmation is I seek a catalyst to repair and restore well being.

May your Monday materialize εὐδαίμων! 😁💗

I’m still dealing with terrible searches online that result in useless results while some moron tells me it is optimized by artificial intelligence which is hilarious to me. That’s why what is returned back is nonsense or implicit websites full of malware/viruses. That is not optimization unless a crime syndicate is in charge of the artificial intelligence hub!

I waste so much time online for my blog posts with limited online resources simply due to shifty search engine results that often are fraught with garbage in garbage out!

If anything I’ve ever done has benefited you feel free to donate or purchase an astrology report. I did hope at some point to consider as my sidebar says to venture into making videos, but my financial priorities first and foremost will be going to an eye doctor and new glasses.

I have not gone in roughly 14 years. My family just honored me with a gift of vision insurance to assist me with this endeavor for which I’m really grateful! Donations also help pay for my WordPress plan which I’m not sure if I want to use the free domain for a year.

Seems pointless when I have my astrology business domain and do not want to pay for two domains just to have a hosted blog without “” in my hyperlink/URL. That is akin to double or triple taxing a constituent frankly.

Apologies for my sometimes less than stellar complaints, but I’m getting fed up with being nickel and dimed by as I said the avaricious or hyper inflationary fiat currency mismanagement systems we employ. Another topic for another day where I speak to the ignorance of such economies.

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I am a licensed aesthetician (#1446048 Expires October 2023 Valedictorian) who has worked previously in medical malpractice and personal injury legal administration, life/health insurance for State Farm, and various retail roles including personal shopper. My passion at this time lies in the field of esoteric studies. I am also a Master Level Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certified healer. I happen to be currently employed within a 9-5 career in cosmetology retail selling to licensed professionals part time.

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