Teach Me Tuesdays: Bitingly Humorous Hypothesis

“I’ve always been a little bit batty.” – Unknown

This was another one of those days where I completed chores and while waiting to go for my parent’s wedding anniversary dinner I was left stumped as to what I should write about until I once again scrolled through the asteroids having a light bulb turn on in my brain immediately.

A little digging into language confirmed my suspicion was correct, and is why I listen to my gut. Today we will be adding a fun character theme to the advancing plot which made me laugh out loud literally.

Sometimes you find a role that you can sink your teeth into especially after my thoughts on the Hebrew letter Shin yesterday. The underlined hyperlink text is for those desiring to join the fang club!


I’ve been back and forth doing this constant dance around the Vedic nakshatra I was born into while looking at the lunar nodes of my natal chart because unlike other speculative astrology our natal placements are the energies we embody for life. Speculative astrology is something that we are expressing in a fixed time frame be that days, weeks, months, or years.

In the foot work of this elaborate dance I’ve been exploring many things from gandanta to guna/gana and finally the entire process of lunar nodes also known as Rahu or Ketu with an ever prime focus on Ketu as it alongside Regulus make up the rulers of the Magha nakshatra. One thing I had been ignoring though was that this lunar mansion is Rakshasa.

राक्षस is a term within Hinduism that speaks to a daimon that can be malignant or even at war with God/Goddess in Hindu mythology referenced as the daimonical. The Hindu spiritual practices have often even conflated the Rakshasas with vampires eating human flesh/blood. Meanwhile we’re overlooking some of the psychological aspects to the conceptualizations or etymological values of a daimon.

There is a blog post I did a while back that explained that the etymology of δαίμων is derived from the Ancient Greek daiomai meaning to divide with old Persian bagah within Zoroastrianism or Avestan as God/Goddess, dispenser, and patron.

भजति is to distribute, divide, apportion, allot, serve, honor, and practice. The cognate form भग through Devanagari script thus becomes the Sun, good fortune, happiness, prosperity, dignity, love, affection, and beauty.

How can this be at war with itself exactly unless their is a distortion in our understanding or innerstanding perhaps by improper transliteration rather than translation? Furthermore we find that communication breaks down in the Ecclesiastical or Biblical view of δαίμων by defining this as an evil spirit.

Ancient Greek instead had a directly etymological definition of Divine power, deity, God/Goddess, and guardian spirit derived from Latin genius which extended to fate, destiny, and fortune.

Worse yet is that Proto Indo European and even Aramaic with Arabic جِنّ or جَنِين‎ comes to be the etymological definition of jinn, embryo, germ, and genii which is nothing more than an inborn nature or innate character of any person, place, or intellect.

It endows one with a personal tutelary spirit or deity which watches over a person or place as a protective spirit. In Thailand as one example spirit houses are designed as shrines for these very beings.

Offerings would be made such as fruits, rice, coconuts, and desserts. The color red would be often utilized as symbolic of animal sacrifice related to the practice of anchoring red incense sticks in glasses of water promptly tinting the water red.

Sweetness being the taste often ascribed to this temperament for it is usually the makings of one who has a “sweet tooth.” Maybe this is why everyone is craving dessert tonight with dinner.

Anyone with half of an understanding thus far in my journey knows that Magha nakshatra deals with the ancestors or Pitri Loka so one may begin to see further cultural signs here even with the Roman equivalents. But then how do others actually also in psychotherapy relate to the daimonical? This should become a further study along our journey.

“A vampire returned a mirror to my shop the other day. It wasn’t faulty or anything. They just said they couldn’t see themselves using it.” – Unknown

Daimonic Realities:

Astrology once utilized the guardian daimon in revealing one’s multi-faceted life via the entire cosmos. It was at once believed that a soul selected their leader as a daimon who would immediately attend to their task of fulfilling the lives of the soul to the body as it descends. This guardian daimon is a spiritual entity given a mission from the Divine Masculine/Feminine to help that individual fulfill their life’s purpose.

What exactly this life’s purpose is changes based upon the philosopher or theologian who was often consulted. The present day idea of a life’s purpose is framed in such a way that asks an individual essentially what they are here to do focused on some actionable goal that a person should or must accomplish before they die.

This is akin to creating a bucket list so to speak, but classically one’s life purpose had more of a religious connotation with many theologians believing the life’s purpose was to become more whole or more connected to the Divine Masculine/Feminine in life thereby facilitating an easier and more lasting form of salvation for the soul upon death.

However, any astrology chart’s ability to identify this guardian daimon can best be described as a reflection of one of many processes that occur during ensoulment. This is then something more akin to a contractual agreement of a cosmic nature which cements a partnership between a Divine spirit and a human soul. Taken further we might rectify this as the genius hominis which is a synonym of guardian angel.

As part of any individuation process when adapted into therapy, counseling, or psychology we find that this is a powerful ally towards self knowledge and transformation. The entire analytic process being one of initiating a person into developing a personality that creates a perfected human. All of this though requires each of us to develop a personal relationship nurtured by creative exploration of our potential.

The daimon therefore provides a voice to one’s unconscious or subconscious depths, but often only appears to us upon keeping our balance while avoiding geocentricism. If you neglect your true or higher self you often suffer with a lack of imagination thereby ignoring your soul.

Wholeness resides then not as the center of your personal Universe/Cosmos as the ego would like, but rather as stars within the body of the Axis Mundi. This is no easy process because your daimon will take you upon a treacherous serpentine path through your own personal underworld while also connecting you with that of collective humanity.

The archetype of which is indicated by many names and symbols. We will find this within mysticism, poetry, and so forth. This daimon is in fact a portion of your psyche meant to be seen as an objective unconscious or subconscious psychopomp manifested upon the physical and mental levels uniting the pairs of opposites within a dualistic cosmology.

Lunar Return Chart for Asteroid Raksha

With yesterday speaking to our recent New Moon and the Lunar Opposition Chart I thought I’d travel down a similar vein of thought via the Lunar Return Chart because after all we’re speaking to Vedic lunar mansions today. I did, however, not elect the Sidereal function this time so we’re going Western/Tropical today to gain a slightly different insight as well with our hypothesis.

Observing the above chart I became aware of multiple areas of insight to peruse. A Kite formation exists which can often signify a turning point in one’s life. One question asked with this geometric astrology shape is was it fate or an exercise in free will that transpired. The answer is that this pattern in any astrological chart is traditionally associated with one’s fate and/or destiny.

The geometric relationships formed between three distinct yet combined planetary powers are best explained when broken down in bite size chunks. There is a Grand Trine of three planets which will be approximately 120° from each other, a Double Sextile where two planets are separated by 120° with a midpoint forming two separate 60° angles, and an opposition in which two planets are approximately 180° from one another.

These energies focus upon the areas of metamorphosis, managed expansion, polarity, transformation, and total transformation which are all brought about by creative change. Within this there are six phases of development known as emergence, development, expression, incorporation, cooperation, and full maturity.

When this all combines we realize that it encompasses something of a higher order/frequency altogether. Each person who discovers the Kite formation in any of their astrology charts has the opportunity bequeathed upon them to activate their own paradox in order to solve it.

The solution will point to a conflict where one must creatively act through the power of love, harmony, and beauty actively organizing and integrating their unique individual perspective on life.

This is considered a rather extraordinary opportunity for one’s growth, rebirth, and to exercise their non-scripted monologue. Secondary to all of this we find Asteroid Raksha is in my 7th House of Sagittarius on the zero point field or 0° square Sun and Moon, sextile Mercury, opposition Venus, and sesquiquadrate Chiron.

Most don’t even use this degree in defining symbolism so sometimes one is inherently forced to look instead to the 1° for some clues. Let’s explore this differently after I explain this a little more adeptly by using a Kozminsky symbol today.

The 7th House signifies what your path of inner union of personality and soul looks like. One with this placement has seen more of reality including that which is overly harsh or too logical. Chart holders will become quite agitated by social injustice.

When involved with higher education, spirituality, or philosophy one will be able to comprehend many topics while becoming a good teacher with a sincere love of learning and sharing ideas with others.

Information is turned into an advantage for studying languages and learning about foreign cultures. This degree often masks their true self when first meeting others. Eventually the false image comes crashing down.

What occurs is that others realize the chart holder has had a bigger, broader, and more life enriching set of experiences than the people closest to them and this is painful as others can’t relate to the chart holder. The key to healing is going big while the key to wholeness is expanding even when others want you to contract.

Embrace your own culture as well as the culture of others. This is the placement of one guided to help others expand by embracing customs outside of what they’re used to as the loophole who will show everyone how it’s done.

“My friend who’s a vampire was feeling a bit low. I told them to drink B positive.” – Unknown

Spirit houses from Thailand, Alaska, and Native American cultures.

1° Sagittarius: A woman in the dress of a religious order struggling through a dark and storm swept valley; a luminous anchor above her.

Denotes one of fine intellect who is gifted with persuasive eloquence. The native is poetic, reverential, and inspiring. One reaches a certain power and dignity after striving through worries and disharmony. Their will is firmly directed and cannot be broken for above all one has faith in self and knows their own powers. It is a symbol of Triumph.

You will learn more in a valley experience than the mountaintop can ever offer you. Adversity is meant to get your attention leading to self examination which will prompt you to change your behaviors/habits. These are not dead end streets so any disappointments, frustrations, or discouragements are only temporary.

In other words this degree has a variety of insights to bestow upon anyone interested in learning of them. A highly inward degree full of complex thoughts and feelings. An endless array of impulses and reactions.

When driven by neurosis, chaos, and confusion one may begin running in circles, but if one can track with the guidance of their higher self they will be lead to all those places within that needed to be healed. Attunement to spirit finds the way forward.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman manacled in solid gold chains.” If the chart holder is going to be bound to something it is important to be connected to something truly meaningful. This is not just something meaningful to the little ego. This degree feels its connections with the world to be important.

It has a deep need to be bound and tied to something it feels has true meaning. At worst it may confer that sense of importance on things which are negative, dysfunctional, and which retard its spiritual progress.

But if it ties itself to those things which can eventually free it by fostering its growth then it will have truly fulfilled its deepest needs. Work with guardian angel Haheuiah and daimon Andras.

Daimon Andras connects to the Ten of Wands (symbolism included), Moon, Sagittarius, and Violet. This daimon brings everyone to a point where they must confront their issues instantly. Most people are afraid of Andras believing that this daimon sows discord and well this might be simply because in all truth Andras commands respect of your true self; nothing less!

Of note Viola was the name of my great grandmother on the matriarchal side of our family. We planted these flower in the garden our first year of organic gardening to remember her.

Essentially in the above regard this daimon is protective often bringing the opposite of what so many fear. Instead one might be gifted with reconciliation, peace, and discipline. As we continually clear our consciousness so as to allow it to be suffused with light we become more and more aware of all the insights and impulses stored in our being.

When we gently and patiently allow our imagination to carry us wherever it desires we find ourselves becoming more and more clearly aware of all that limits us as well as the meaning and purpose of those limitations. Tracking the flow of our own insights and thoughts can help us to perceive what is most important to us and to find ways of protecting and preserving it.

Limiting ourselves in a meaningful and purposeful manner creates within us an unexpected feeling of lightness, freedom, and hope. Surprisingly there is one fixed star upon this degree which is Zeta Lupus in Lupus the Wolf. ζῆτα is borrowed from the Hebrew letter Zayin or Zain respectively. This might prove most helpful for some who are reading this at present.

“On reflection, vampires aren’t actually that scary.” – Unknown

Lupus has much to do with finding one’s balance in life. When our lower animal nature is slain we can connect with our higher consciousness. Anything wild, instinctual, and scattered by our desire nature can be controlled or tamed so that we might successfully walk our spiritual path.

We have the power to walk our talk on our own journey. No one else makes these choices for us. The mythology found here takes one back to Sumerian and Babylonian tales of Uridimmu meaning Mad Howling Dog where a human headed dog man held a staff with an uskaru or lunar crescent while standing upright with a horned tiara atop his head.

This is one of the eleven spawns of Tiamat. He was often displayed on doorways to ward off evil. Tiamat being a reference to the primordial sea and chaos of creation as a creator goddess through a sacred marriage of different waters which peacefully created the Universe/Cosmos via successive generations became identified with the sea serpent/dragon.

This degree is best served by working with Sodalite expressing the message that one has fought for freedom, rights, and has defended peace by seeking truth, offering forgiveness, and providing stability for self/others while focused upon finding the company of those who share our passion and common interests. The affirmation is I remember lest I forget.

Oh, but what about those pesky little Rakshasas. Well it’s those who have exceptional intuitive powers. It often encompasses those who can achieve big unimaginable goals. Most see them as selfish when in fact they quietly assist selflessly never attacking another physically or verbally unless a situation has gotten out of hand.

This makes up a group of rebellious adventurers who can be be quite cunning and adroit.

Understanding the Rakshasas:

May your Tuesday be uplifting!

Meanwhile I’ll be feeding more dream analysis to my step father such as his recent dream about a bobcat. I’ll also be catching up on chores and making some much needed self care time with a face mask, hanging out in the kitchen cooking, and otherwise disconnecting from the interwebs for a bit. 🤗🔌

Four were purchased in total by me. Mom and I will be enjoying these while spoiling ourselves. We each got ourselves a Bright & Glowing mask, but I’m going to try the Deep Hydration mask.

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