Wisdom Wednesdays: Actions Always Speak Louder

It would be wiser to decide to buy a lie detecting robot.

Sugar and spice and everything nice is not my recipe as you can see from the underlined hyperlink text. Too many people are being hoodwinked and pwned for me to act like a pseudo Sugar Plum Fairy Godmother when what really is needed is tough love!


Every day I learn something about humanity! I’m only briefly adding this like another blog post for future reference to myself about liars, cheats, and deception. Humans want crime off the streets.

We see the arguments all the time about wanting to feel safe and secure. These are illusions because there is no safety or security in life! Life has zero guarantees, and if you’re looking for it or even expecting it then you’re the biggest fool I ever knew!

Gangs and street criminals don’t lie to your face. The people in positions of power who went to ivy league schools, got their licenses, the actors (hypocrites) and musicians who put on a facade, the people wearing suits or white lab coats, and such that you pay all that fiat money to well they are in fact worse than the gang or street criminal.

Why? Because they are the most deceptive enemy of all hiding behind illusion and Maya to thieve, deceive, con, and gain your trust. I have known more charlatans in my existence than I’ve known honesty! I’ve known more enemies than I’ve known heroes in my life! I’ve always known more of the darkness/shadow in my life than the light!

Most won’t even integrate their darkness or shadow. They’re unwilling, afraid, and incapable of admitting to their own selves what really calls the shots. If you want crime off your streets, if you want safety, if you want security ask yourself who is it that is sitting across from you next time you leave your house and then ask yourself can you trust them.

Furthermore start questioning every thing that you see on the internet because as I’ve said most of it is not a real person, but it is a chat bot or an artificial intelligence psychological warfare scam meant to gain your consent to harm you from someone who is amoral and unethical!

You have children in adult bodies running the world or calling the shots who never grew up nor matured. Most of them with dis-eases that are not even correctly identified! If you’re still not awake and educating yourself lacking any ability to critically think for yourself or propping up the corruption the problem is you.

Go look in the mirror and decide if you’re comfortable with who you are and the life purpose for which you blindly rationalize to yourself as being acceptable because twenty to one that which is rationalizing your behavior as righteous is still another layer of your ego consciousness too afraid to face reality or truth!

Remember I’ve said this! There is a difference between a friend and an acquaintance; lots of people are liars and fakes!

I can’t explain to you what this relates to other than to say that the medical establishment which I also sometimes soap box rant about cryptically is probably one of the biggest farces I’ve seen yet. Hippocratic Oath; give me a break! Ahimsa excuse me, but are any of you actually practicing this or is it just another deception.

It’s as smarmy as a politician so please don’t tell me where to put my faith. Don’t ask me to vote as I am apolitical. I’m 43 and a lot wiser than I was in my youth although I was not as naive as some growing up. I’m watching you and trust me I’m not stupid! 😁🥷🏻

PS: Life’s surprises! It will be a long day or two. Natural gas company came to put a smart meter on our house and claims there is a very small gas leak. We were red tagged and now need to have this remedied to get natural gas turned back on.

Meanwhile water heater, dryer, and stove are now out of commission so tonight will be a cold shower. Channeling my inner cold water warrior because I am spoiled!

Actually my shower head is a waterfall design so my cold shower with no gas for the water heater will be more like this tonight before bed.

Took the day off of my part time cosmetology gig. Help arrives at 8-10 AM CST tomorrow. 🙏🏻

Update: Fingers crossed! The leak is found in our furnace valve connection within the attic. Hoping no permits or city involvement needed. This is expensive! The gas company once cleared should prioritize turning the natural gas back on.

The gas company finally arrived and turned on our natural gas at about 4 PM CST. Thankful to be normal in this house again.

Teach Me Tuesdays: A Dying Practice

“Cremation is my last hope for a smoking body.” – Unknown

Sometimes the paths that we are led to traverse are the least expected. We’ll be walking carefully down some alleyways that some might not wish to journey upon, but then today was an unusual day for me in terms of a lot of what I was discovering.

Much of which society would say is far too politically incorrect, bizarre, or not of this world for them to believe in or understand. There is a lot that I look at and ponder even with our human made constructs of so-called reality because sometimes you realize that you’re left with entirely too much to question in life asking yourself if any of us have been being correctly instructed.

The phrase is usually one where I remark that too many people did not get in line for common sense opting to line up for something entirely different. The underlined hyperlink text is the specter of my realizing that most of what we encounter in life is simply shadows/projections of mental dialogues from movies we have yet to properly analyze or digest.

It’s also where I realize we don’t do well at contextual because too much is occulted from the uninitiated.


It was one of those mornings where you wake up feeling just fine, but for whatever reason your temperament is completely disharmonious leaving you with a lot of angst which you need to work off constructively. I decided before breakfast and coffee which I’ve fallen back into my addictive habit of drinking to water the garden and then put my energy into cleaning my bedroom.

This included my usual cleanse of the wealth altar with witch hazel. Nothing prepared me though for what I would discover in this endeavor! It’s been a lot of late nights battling insomnia with my mind racing. Thank goodness for a good shower in the evening to wash the day’s worries away as well as my usual fall back of ASMR or binaural music to ease my stress.

How do I compress this story for everyone? Let’s begin with the mysterious object I located next to my maternal ancestry documents which sit upon the bamboo alchemy image I colored on my now defunct stereo I no longer use beside its remote and speakers one shelf under my wealth altar in my bedroom. Don’t ask the upper level floors of the house are bamboo as well.

Sitting wedged behind these speakers betwixt two candles I have that are for the Autumnal Equinox as they have leaves falling from trees was a package I could not remember receiving nor purchasing.

It took a small amount of time after finishing my little “chore” before I opened this mystery package and split it between two glass candle holders to place atop my wealth altar with my Buddha Reiki bracelet beads which I’ve not re-strung having purchased a new bracelet in its stead. What is this miraculous item that I’ve been hinting at?

“Why do ghosts ride the elevator? To lift their spirits.” – Unknown
“What are ghosts’ favorite streets? Dead ends.” – Unknown

It’s black sand with a red/white seashell and black pebble from Hawaii of all places. My first gut reaction was that the colors match stages or phases of alchemy as well as this also has a strange resonance to my birthday card. This was followed by my remembering my blog post on Pele and sending text/email to some people about how confused I was as to where this originated from.

Later my parents informed me that this was something that had been brought back or given to me by my step grandmother from her travels to the islands. I still can’t for the life of me remember being gifted this at all. I have a literal blank on this!

It then crashed into my mental landscape with a harsh jolt that I had some memory of hers with me since she passed circa when I was age 26 this entire time yet I’m 43 now. There is so much stuff that I essentially got rid of between now and then to minimize my life.

How could this one little package be precisely where I found it?

You know us Magha types with our ancestral veneration or issues around the Pitru concepts implies that we’re kind of out there, right? Well here we are with this intriguing little piece of Punalu’u black sand beach now sitting atop my wealth altar.

It wouldn’t matter a lot to most if I did not add in that this is a woman who my mother and I acted as primary caregivers of from Thanksgiving till Easter when she was diagnosed with grade IV brain cancer in Las Vegas.

This was a very difficult time/experience in my life and having it return to my consciousness today is a really mixed bittersweet bag which I won’t go into a lot of details of because I don’t wish to rehash how deeply life altering it really was for me. The only thing I’ll say was that after we left hospice I fell asleep on the couch in our loft upstairs to be awoken to the phone jarring me awake.

I knew before my step father relayed the message to me that she had passed as soon as we lifted off in that plane. The last thing she said to me when we had arrived at hospice before she went into a coma was a garbled “I love you” because this disease had destroyed her motor function and other brain functions even robbing her of correctly processing her memories.

I watched a woman I’d grown up with be consumed rather practically eaten alive by something that I will forever hate because it was so fast in the destruction it wreaked over her independence and life. A lot of days trying to feed someone and just be there for them. Even to sit by their bedside playing their favorite music with photo collages you made of family and massaging their temples while they disappear into a void.

It was a holiday season of hell on Earth for me where I was barely eating or drinking, contracted the flu (I’ve not had the flu ever since this then), and shut down my entire emotional body finding myself unable to emote anything.

Even a single tear was impossible. And then remembering the anger at her own blood family for not doing the care giving so they could world travel as a priority instead. No, it was step family that took on this role and stepped up to bat at the ball game.

Imagine that…

I was virtually dissociated and dead inside during this process trying to just be as strong as I could for her not letting or allowing her to see any of my own personal suffering keeping it well hidden behind a stone like visage/mask navigating hospitals, rehab, and her care home with other elderly members suffering Alzheimer’s or worse.

I’ve had this problem before. I remember suffering various moments of depersonalization as a child, but I did not know the name for what I was experiencing. I experienced this again while coping with gabapentin, tramadol, and cipro respectively. At least now I know what these experiences are similar to identifying the panic attacks I suffered around age 29.

Stories I most definitely have of this period in my existence including my return to work where not long after my manager at the time promoted me to a department lead only to have her mother pass away as well and be out of work for two weeks.

It ensued that my first two weeks in a new position I was running their cosmetology department of the store alone full time. Different company, different moment in time, and a different older version of me.

Within one week she called to check on me and a strange interaction took place again with someone telling me they loved me only it took me the longest of pauses to reciprocate because well I’m really not told that very often certainly not from someone I work with. I don’t express this phrase easily because it’s hardly ever said to me by anyone I encounter in my day to day life.

If it is said to someone it means you mean a lot to me because as I have said it’s so uncommon for me to receive it from others making it too valuable for me to say haphazard to another. Sometimes I simply think I don’t know how to express it correctly at this point in life. If you’re not receiving it how do you learn to give it?

Yeah, not something anyone wants to read or hear, but then again this is what happens with the Ice Queen archetype I suppose also. Reality asks that you live in a cold climate which is harsh. While everyone else is complaining about it being too warm some of us feel as if we reside in Antarctica or Siberia some days.

This is probably why someone recently said to me that I’m a very closed book. I let people only see what I want them to see, but I’ve learned a lot about building walls to protect myself from the countless harmful experiences I’ve already survived not wanting to be any form of a victim ever again.

I don’t like to let my guard down. Today in vein with how I did this for my first as well as middle name we’re going to look at the asteroid for my step grandmother’s first name.

As before when I wrote about the Ice Queen we’re going to explore Asteroid Maria (170) in a Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart to assess any layers of energy that are important in determining behavioral patters of one’s second self.

This chart signifies the urge to escape into our spiritual aspect which can’t be explained by our birth wheel. After yesterday I certainly feel like I’ve done a bit of time travel.

“At my funeral, I want a lot of flowers. It’s on my bouquet list.” – Unknown

Maria comes to us via Greek, Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, and Hebrew via the name root of Maryam/Miryam as well as Mariam. We often find this name within the New Testament which means bitterness, beloved, and wished for child. It has been widely used for references to the Virgin Mary as the mother of Jesus Christ or Saint Mary Magdalene who was called an apostle to the apostles.

Hidden within this we find the derivative of Egyptian Myr/Mr correlating to Meritament or Merit-Amun which is beloved of Amun. Yet this name resonates with the numerology of the number 6 connected to nurturing, sympathy, balance, civic responsibilities, and a high priority on family.

Furthermore it relates to our Third Eye chakra connecting one with their higher plane consciousness in the spiritual world. The color represented by this chakra helps one to see beyond their normal sense perceptions realizing that they can rely on their intuition more readily.

The name actually has metaphysical relations to the etymology of magadan which symbolizes exalting or magnifying strength in consciousness where biblically it was related to Naphtali to represent a castle, fortress, greatness, and exaltation.

It is Naphtali that metaphysically corresponds to the brain in the small of the back more commonly called our kidneys directing the elimination of watery elements from our blood. This would fall under the water meridian as well.

Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart for Asteroid Maria

We find this asteroid not too afar from where we were looking yesterday. Still within the 9th House, but roughly placed within Sagittarius at 14° which gives us a unique Sabian symbol!

In Vedic/Sidereal as my chart shows the 9th House turns the Wheel of Fortune. This implies that a reflection of God’s/Goddess’ will can offer favorable events upon a person’s life. It’s a meritocracy system where if your karma was good then luck favors you.

Funny or not that today’s video my mom put before me on Angelogy which albeit kind of irked me in it’s limited fundamentalist take on esoterics caused me to have my moment with the person narrating in that everything he was teaching is based on astrotheology and he was passing the narrative off as if aliens in spaceships such as Klingons would be knocking at my door any day now.

I was making puns all day then about should I learn to speak Klingon shortly. Regardless this asteroid is semisextile Moon, sextile Sun, and trine Neptune. Jupiter generally rules Sagittarius signifying growth, luck, and support of our goals so that we can establish our authority.

Usually physical as well as spiritual health improves while we see an increase in our self confidence with this transit. We shouldn’t expect to be completely free of emotional struggles, but life might reward us with a bit more ease as we go about our day to day affairs.

We may find that we have hidden or not-so apparent sources of support that come to our aid. Neptune and Jupiter as energies generally describe the yearnings of one for something beyond what is here and now via idealism and imagination. It’s a time where we become attuned to other realities and have mystical experiences.

Yeah, I’ve seen certain geopolitcal predictive programming for long enough now to know the routine. The world is a stage is it not?

I’ve also read that in August 2022 this was when there was an entrance into a secret garden referencing an incubation period where esoteric mysteries are taught.

This suggested that the path to Shamballa is in fact through the study of astrology to the dismay of so many who keep saying they don’t trust it or that I’m a bit too out in left field including sometimes how I feel when I’m around friends/family who don’t have the same intelligences I’m working on.

The other path to Shamballa is through the heart of Leo, Regulus, as I’ve written about in conjunction to Magha nakshatra for this zodiac sign is the lion of courage. I guess everyone enjoys missing the memos! But hey others claim the Sphinx is a falsification; it was really a dog not a lion! We’ll chalk that up to Sirius!

“The job of a mortician is to make you feel dead gorgeous.”- Unknown

When communication is imbued with beauty and charm it can captivate. The chart holder knows how to enhance any exchange of information. It senses that the world around them is as replete with signs that are the language creative intelligence uses to communicate with all beings.

We may tap into these signs and dance with them thereby accessing the aliveness and grace of information. The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A terarrium filled with carnivorous plants.”

This degree has an understanding of the unique needs of many different things as well as the types of environments in which they will thrive. It is tuned in to the unique and the unusual knowing that to nurture special talents and abilities they must be fed food that is different from most.

Also manifested here is a great acceptance of differences with respect for the experimental nature of evolution. To cultivate that which is unlike the usual is to bring more variety and interest to life so that we may derive specialized information from sources that are unexpected or even bizarre, but never boring. Work with guardian angel Haamiah and daimon Halphas.

Variety is becoming of a short supply frankly, but I digress! That might signify another form of impending famine or shortages. You’ll then understand why I complain about censorship and algorithms that make the interweb lack quality or taste in my opinion.

Daimon Halphas connects us with the Three of Wands, Mars, Marjoram, and Aries. This daimon creates astral towers which are erected as a protective device guarding one from psychic attacks. Really what this is speaking of is mental fortification of an individual which will allow one’s self to not suffer from negative thoughts or energies projected at them by another.

Halphas is ideal if you wish to be well received and respected while you try to ascertain group dynamics at play around you. I won’t comment on certain holidays approaching that also speak to Aries with their symbolism within the instrument that they choose to blow. Lest we forget what we know about Ares/Mars.

Today we find this degree would be sitting within Sarin in Hercules the Kneeling Man. Little is said ultimately of this particular fixed star beyond the fact that it imbues one with strength of character, tenacity, and fixity of life purpose. Kabbalists associate it with the Hebrew letter Daleth and the tarot trump The Emperor which as always I’ve said I prefer to associate it with The Empress.

Have an inspiring Tuesday! I don’t think I’ll blog for the rest of this week. I would like to take some much needed self care time for myself as selfish as this may sound to some. I’ve got another busy week ahead of me once I return to my part time cosmetology gig. Therefore I want to enjoy the next two days off before I lose them.

Actually a beach day sounds nice, but I’m not near any ocean unless it’s a mental sojourn. Be well! 😊✨

Lunches I’ve attempted recently; a pho dish plated and a potato gnocchi soup variation. Two different ways to use up leftovers.

Manifestation Mondays: The Clock Factory

“What day followed Tuesday in the calendar? WTF!” – Anonymous

Have you ever considered taking a time travel vacation or stay-cation? Then follow me on another random journey into the depths of another bizarre online jaunt via the underlined hyperlink text meant to spice up your adventures.

And yes as usual I’ve left a few sprinkled about in the image descriptions as well.


I was wanting to find a theme today, but what I was actually looking for or rather hoping for did not really lead me anywhere so I’m going to have to work in a substitution method presently.

In the same vein or train of thought as yesterday we’re keeping with the Vedic/Sidereal Age Harmonic chart, but we’re going to investigate Asteroid Stonehenge (9325) which can be adapted in astrology as a means of speculation.

Some consider it a link to Ancient Celtic lifetimes or astronomical time keeping. Before we go any further why not investigate some of the themes surrounding this landmark or site. It might make referencing this in any astrology chart a little more adaptable to those who find my writings to be at times a bit nonsensical.

Some consider the Earth Chakras to be Ley/Dragon Lines in the more New Age schools of thought and we can find some of this within the more modernized methods incorporated into some of the schools of Reiki.

There are a variety of concepts for these as some South American shamans prefer to call this Spirit Lines while Australian Aboriginals may have referenced them as Dream Lines.

Other esotericists might find connections to astrological constellations from these points on Earth. Glastonbury/Shaftesbury being seen as the unofficial 4th or Heart chakra generally includes Stonehenge as well as any surrounding areas like Dorset or Somerset.

These beliefs hold that Stonehenge was constructed along the strongest point of energy where there are links specifically to the Divine Feminine. The question perhaps is was Stonehenge really a Solar calendar?

The problem many conclude is that this is merely confirmation bias. We’ll leave it up to those who are reading and speculating with me to discern their own beliefs, feelings, or hypothetical musings. I’m trying my hardest to not rehash previous irritations or release those monkeys!

There was a great deal of people I used to use as resources not long ago whom the censorship moguls have erased from my being able to locate as I did not bookmark their websites or blogs.

It’s now a bunch of scams, affiliate marketers, influencers paid to persuade meaning I’m not sure they are truthful, deep fakes, and bots that I’ve often found I’m interacting with most days post closing my social media accounts on mass media surveillance states.

I even get hoodwinking crypto cons on my cell phone which I purposefully don’t list through my online business, but have been forced to block repeatedly. The only way I wish to be contacted here is commenting on the blog post or email. The sidebar directs most communication through my business email as a means to fight the harassment!

You do realize how much of your data is harvested don’t you humanity? I mean the interweb was designed for one thing in case we’ve all missed the memo. If you think it has its origins in purely benign intentions you’re a bit naive! I’ve only been discussing this for months now since I opened this little blog/astrology business. It’s peppered throughout my compositions.

Stone Circles:

As with all things I’d take some with a grain of salt simply because resources are scant online again due to algorithms that I’m not going to play with or the fact that the only materials given come from mass media creating their own forms of confirmation bias that muddy the waters.

Some rabbit holes are always just better left unobserved and frankly ignored. Am I always like this. Only most recently when I like to critically think rather than take absolutely everything at face value spoon fed to me by others.

I also believe it vital that we objectively and critically think for ourselves rather than take stock solutions always given to us by others who might have an agenda to push.

I love gleaning ideas from others, but I’m still one who tries to adopt the skeptic mindset to keep questioning in life the narrative I’ve been taught. After all we’re constantly being indoctrinated.

And as I’ve already continually expressed I find the modern interweb versus the one of the late 90s/early 2000s to pivotally suck due to censorship or lack of variety in what I’m wishing to share. The content anymore is so lacking most days I’m frustrated finding it deadening/irksome to utilize all search engines much less the inteweb at large.

I think precession has been a topic of discussion for many including the questioning and division that occurs between Western/Tropical schools of thought compared with those of Vedic/Sidereal especially regarding lunar mansions because as I’ve said openly there is a lot of contention around the nakshatra I was born into as to if Magha can move into Virgo.

There are certain aspects of Kabbalah after all as well as many esoteric theologies that I’ll never agree with for they wholeheartedly denigrate the Divine Feminine in an abject negating worship or madness of confirmation bias of their own towards the Divine Masculine and patriarchal archetypes. There are some serious issues with interpretations the world over for those who dabble.

I’ve been down enough of those rabbit holes to know which philosophies won’t be the ones I’m accepting as any form of truth because I view them rather as perversions and/or faulty instructions of self professed gurus propped up by a misled society. Some theologies don’t speak to me, but they might speak loudly to others.

“Whatever you do, don’t tick off the clock.” – Anonymous

Virgo season unlike Cancer being two vitally different aspects of the Divine Feminine. Cancer, as an archetypal mother, is not the same as the healing energies of Virgo as maiden or virgin consciousness. Instead of rampant Yang energy characterized by power, resistance, assertiveness, and dominance we find that Yin energy harbors creativity, healing, patience, flow, and intuition.

Yang paved the way of our modern society into a world of colonization suppressing virtually anything else. Now we’re being asked to take charge of our health across the fields of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical planes where we access our inner mother.

Virgo and virgin consciousness were not what so many depict because instead this aspect of Divine Femininity was sexuality wielded not for material/physical security rather it was devotional helping others along spiritual paths towards understanding the connections between our physicality and overall health.

The problem with any idea of a “reset” is that the only thing being reset is the heavens. A change due to precession of the equinoxes that happens over a great span of time instead of via the ideas of those who corrupt everything they touch would willingly acknowledge.

For those who don’t quite get the metaphyiscal components still the “heavens” mentioned are speaking towards a state of consciousness whereby soul and body are in harmony with Divine Mind/Manas.

The only “end of the world” which doomsday lovers keep pointing to is the one whereby consciousness lets go of error thoughts. One won’t be eating/drinking from their kama or desire nature as much as they will be desiring righteousness, peace, and joy in higher vibrations beyond the lower ego driven nature.

Most of humanity has a variety of problems when it comes to illustrating such conditions and our relationship towards the higher planes of consciousness. And again we’re going to then butt heads against my level of patience in babysitting those who are not with the program quite yet.

I distinctly remember early on in my writing or composition on this blog stating that I was certainly not perfect so some days I have little tolerance for ignorance at large. “Earth” thereby somewhat references the ideal manifestation, but let’s be honest most thought forms at present are not always inherently evolved in the proper direction.

The “I” has fluctuated for ages/aeons betwixt two planes of consciousness leading to constant weary rounds of incarnation and reincarnation.

Ketu is in fact a karmic control, and I have previously composed blog posts about my studies into gandanta between Cancer and Leo particularly given research into my natal Vedic/Sidereal chart which unlike any Age Harmonic encompasses energies one is beholden to throughout their entire lifetime.

Age Harmonics are evolving as we age therefore they’re not quite as permanent in shaping who we are becoming for they are a bit more transient. I’ve spent a lot of time asking everyone to look back upon my Western/Tropical or Vedic/Sidereal natal wheels as a reference when they look at my speculative astrology for the present.

You will see that there is in fact a lot of energy nestled within the 10th as well as 11th Houses respectively. The reason being that we’re looking at how karmas might also be one of many facets to interpret.

Age Harmonic for Asteroid Stonehenge

As we digress into studying Asteroid Stonehenge we’re met with the realization of it’s station being the 9th House of Sagittarius at 9° semisquare Mars. In numerology nine represents strength and determination where philanthropic or artistic attitudes are required. If this becomes an area of lack one will fail to work constructively bringing forward aspects of personality that are immoral, frivolous, and irresponsible.

The biggest issue here is that one not overextend themselves by scattering their energies into too many different projects taking on more than they can manage. Actions are often guided by a moral compass, but one still has to reign in overconfidence and impulsiveness.

All problems are problems because of who we are and this degree senses this truth deeply though at times may not know what to do about it. Each burden we carry is actually the burden of karma which is our psyche.

This degree can subtly work with the beliefs of other people to help them lighten their consciousness and to see that it is their beliefs which are the ultimate oppressors/tyrants.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A man with green skin. He is dressed in leaves.” This degree is not fully invisible, but blends in with nature. When it is able to do this it experiences a great freedom and expansiveness.

If it can just allow itself to be without the coercion of other’s agendas and the compulsion of what it feels it should do then a marvelous naturalness emerges that is powerful and so very uplifting that it finally causes the burdens to disappear. Work with guardian angel Yehuhiah and daimon Gaap.

Daimon Gaap corresponds with the Seven of Swords, Mercury, Clover, and Aquarius. This daimon assists with accelerating the social behavior of anyone for the skills of writing, music, and divination. There may also be talents gained in astral or dream projection.

Messier 107 in Ophiuchus; here is an additional treat!

A whopping three fixed stars correspond to this degree respectively. This includes Han in the left knee of Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer, Gamma Triangulum Australe of the Southern Triangle, and Antares in the heart of Scorpius the Scorpion.

Han is also referred to as Sabik meaning the Preceding One where the significance of Han is via the old Chinese feudal state. Energies found here tend to make one goodhearted, but at risk of poisoning, slander, and enmity. Kabbalists associated this fixed star with the letter Ayin and the tarot trump The Tower.

The Southern Triangle is typically a reference to the trinity of the three biblical patriarchs known as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. There is a counterpart of the matriarchs found in the Northern Triangle. This references agnatic ancestry through the male lineage of the Y chromosome.

Antares was seen slightly different by the Chinese as it seemed to be aligned with the Azure Dragon marking one of four great divisions in their zodiac. Hindus marked this with Jyestha nakshatra.

At one time around 3700-3500 BC it was the symbol of Isis in the pyramid ceremonials and represented our Autumnal equinox. Hebrew Kabbalists also associate this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Ayin and the tarot trump The Tower.

Work with Azurite to express your intuition and wisdom inviting the Master Teachers into your life through the messages of transformation, upward movement, light, and achievement. The focus is upon deep enjoyment of loving, teaching, and play. The affirmation is I help others and I am kind/caring.

May your Monday be meaningful! Wishing you the best. 🤞💌

Self Examination Saturdays: Murky Waters Run, But Never Walk

“Why is the ocean always on time? She likes to stay current.” – Unknown

It’s time to snorkel our way through another speculative deep dive of mine. Try not to get caught or entangled in any kelp along the way as you navigate the high tides of our underlined hyperlink text for solutions. We don’t want anyone drowning in the unconscious/emotional realms of the water element.

Some artifacts are hidden within image descriptions. If you want to get the “full scoop message” you’ll want to swim around in those uncharted waters!


It dawned upon me today that I’ve recently pondered the generational influences recently although briefly of Uranus and Pluto while neglecting Neptune. This was also prompted when a Neptunian relationships theme turned up in one of my feeds sparking some curiosity.

Today I’m going to dangle my feet into the waters of an Age Harmonic Chart using asteroid Poseidon (4341) for some clues into Neptunian energies. The Age Harmonics begin to move faster as we all age so rectifying the information they return sometimes can be very tricky.

I noticed today that these charts meant to indicate important life events during certain periods can be incorporated with numerology. So why don’t we begin by sharing a little bit about Poseidon then taking a gander at my astrology chart for some interpretations.

Poseidon At A Glance:

My natal Neptune is placed in the Western/Tropical not Vedic/Sidereal 2nd House of Sagittarius which is what you should read for below. It is said that this generational aspect birthed individuals who envisioned an expansive dream of global unity or world connectedness.

We have an interest in spirituality, folklore, and mythology as well as being one’s who are responsible for dropping dogma being driven towards freedom.

But really why would someone look to this deity as an archetype in their astrology configuration anyway? Probably due to the fact that in esoteric themes this was seen as the deity of our connection to spirit, our higher self, and represents our ability to know there is no separation between self and the Universe/Cosmos as a whole.

Therefore while we’re using purely Roman or Greek names we might consider the Hindu pantheon had a name or correspondence as well. Vishnu as one of the three principal deities within Hinduism besides Brahma (Uranus) and Shiva (Pluto) were those who created the Universe/Cosmos from a vast ocean.

A serpent floated upon these waters, Ananta Shesha, while Vishnu slept inside its coils. The lotus flower erupting from Vishnu’s navel carried Brahma inside. Some even correlate Vishnu with a connection to Rahu as well. We know very well my studies into my Magha lunar mansion and Ketu always involve the dynamics between Rahu as well.

The entire purpose of this speculative project is to discover how these energies impact our spiritual practices alongside our subconscious or unconscious beliefs. Meanwhile there are some significant connections between Neptune and the Moon determining one’s relationship to higher consciousness.

“Why do sharks only swim in salt water? Because pepper makes them sneeze.” – Unknown

At 43 one little detail we can disclose when you ponder my chart below is to rectify that Cancer acts as soul nutrition by allowing the true self to be attained via one’s imagination through Neptune. But we can’t forget to recognize that this planet is full of mysteries some of which we should not dabble with such as prisons, madness, loss, confusion, intrigues, spying, lying, and drugs.

If we can find the higher scale of these frequencies we might be bestowed with unconditional love, quantum healing, forgiveness, charity, and nirvana. Those who travel such paths if they do desire the higher aspirations or vibration seek a whole range of superlatives that include peace, happiness, supreme wisdom, and complete solitude or detachment from worldly bondage.

They seek insight into the true self while hoping to end the acquisition of further karma through the cycles of rebirth/reincarnation by having a full union with the Divine.

These states though normally come at the moment of death or immediately after death. It’s often explained that a spiritual or yogic practice is needed to reach exalted states of consciousness.

Now we can of course also compare my Natal Chart as a reference point to our Age Harmonic Chart. I’ve already done this realizing that at 43 my Neptune appears to be in Pisces almost at the Anaretic Degree asking for me to “Master” something within the 12th House.

A poignant realization then for the 12th House is where a life cycle ends and one begins a spiritual journey through the subconscious/unconscious. This form of death might be more symbolic than literal where one develops a better respect for their intuition, dreams, and emotions.

This rules our left eye, feet, and lymphatic system giving me another ah-ha light bulb moment.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Poseidon
Natal Chart for Reference

Like my birth we can see another Castle/Seer formation transpired in the Age Harmonic configuration. But one has to know how to see this or view it.

We can find the asteroid we’re focusing upon Poseidon in my 4th House of Cancer at 23° trine Neptune and Pluto as well as opposition Sun, Mercury, and Mars. It’s additionally conjunct Chiron.

Being that this chart is Vedic/Sidereal it’s important to make notation that the 4th House in this school of thought is related directly to Cancer ruling one’s roots, land, real estate matters, vehicles, and relationship to their mother. This Bhandu Bhava house is associated with one’s domestic happiness.

The 4th House governs our stomach and digestive organs, but also can correlate with coronary problems, lung disorders, and other ailments of the chest in general including for women anything to do with the breasts. In numerology the number 4 is a fated number that for Age Harmonics signifies forever being in opposition to one’s authority figures yet displaying practical skills, organization, strength, courage, and perseverance.

As we noted above the number 12 correlates with ensuring one is not the victim of circumstances where they’re dragged into the affairs of others. It’s symbolic of creative writers when displayed positively.

This should help one draw those to them who can assist us with realizing our dreams or appreciating our own kind of weirdness. This transit generally occurs sometime around age 30 or later. It’s ideal for those of us who are seeking loads of insights into spirituality through imaginal experiences, artistic expression, and creative writing which removes us from the dictates of deadlines and work performed simply for money.

We’re trying to spin the stories we tell ourselves into more magical and interesting forms that influence others psychologically through film, photography, media, and so forth. Our biggest goal is to try ensuring that we give detailed information that is not completely full of deception, illusion, or confusion.

Eventually our aggressive tendencies disappear softening our urge to win making us more sensitive and compassionate. This can last up to two to three years respectively allowing us to refine anything we touch. The wound lies in our ability to remove obstacles by targeting subconscious or unconscious identification with our defenses that block us from sharing our emotions with others.

We begin this placement by working upon confronting internal fears, but the inner tension can be a lot for us to handle. If one does not lose hope through being ensnared with deceptions brought to us via others then we can discover methods of healing which will help others who face similar hardships.

“Who cleans the floor of the ocean? A mer-maid.” – Unknown

Acknowledging help and appreciating it is a way of keeping the flow of assistance coming. Frustration is self proliferating which is the best reason to let go of it. What it produces is just more of itself. The chart holder instinctively know this and is able to adopt an attitude of appreciation that magnetizes them to more appreciation.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A man putting together pieces of broken pottery.” To be grateful for knowledge will proliferate enlightenment. This degree has to do with a collectivity of wisdom as illustrated in the collectivity of the broken pottery pieces. We might see all books, for example, as pieces of knowledge that are too vast to be contained in just one place.

No matter how many books you read it is us who must put together the insights as a means of fashioning a vessel to contain wisdom. To break anything creates new opportunities for rearrangement and hence revitalization. Work with guardian angel Hahahel and daimon Focalor.

Daimon Focalor connects with the Six of Pentacles, Venus, Wild Rose, and Taurus. This daimon is always described as being a sea daimon with the capabilities of drowning one in water, but we need to understand this as the levels of our own consciousness or rather the subconscious/unconscious.

As an example I’ve previously used running water is symbolic of cleansing away any confusion in a chaotic mind which happens when one meditates on peace within!

This degree is stationed along the fixed stars Pollux in the head of the Immortal Twin of Gemini as well as Wezen in the heart of Canis Major the Greater Dog. While Pollux can be associated with the lunar mansion Punarvasu which is ruled by Jupiter it has also been attributed by Kabbalists with the Hebrew letetr Qoph and the tarot trump The Sun.

Pollux imbues one with the energies of truthfulness, generosity, good temperament, and belongs to the business/merchants caste. Wezen derived from Al Wazn meaning the Weight has little disclosed of it beyond the fact that Kabbalists have associated it with the Hebrew letter Tzaddi and the tarot trump The Moon. This is simply the constellation of that which hunts the Hare as in Lepus.

May your Saturday catapult you to higher vibrations! ☺️

Remember when I said that I had squirrels planting peanuts in the garden beds from a neighbor who was obviously feeding them. Well we harvested one plant from the bed which the carrots had previously been grown in.

The above is what we’re working to dry out and roast. There is another peanut plant growing in the same bed as well as one in the wildflowers. More have been planted around our perennials as well.
I also brought in more beans which have been growing a bumper crop despite the heat and water restrictions we’ve been asked to abide by.
Pink wildflowers and the hollyhock as we wind into Autumn/Winter seasons soon being replaced with falling leaves and cold climates.

I did not remove all of the roots from the sweet potatoes when I harvested. Some of them are trying to return because leaves are growing again in the bed.

I may need to go clean the bed out a bit better. I did not expect them to attempt growing anew, but I guess I’m going to learn that my plants are resilient and persistent!
The remaining zinnias that have continued to bloom are forever sharing their beauty with us and feeding pollinators who migrate through the area.

All humor aside, I don’t think they will be surviving on Mars anytime soon. Feel free to prove me wrong…

Wisdom Wednesdays: Fruits of the Harvest

“The flat Earth society is booming. It has members all around the globe.” – Anonymous

The above is a reference to the attempts my mom and I made to listening to a very long winded audio book meant to prove the flat Earther mentality and persuade others  to their cause. It was the most difficult audio book I’ve ever subjected myself to, and I regretted the experience.

Whoever their front man was narrating and publishing the audio book did not do their cause much justice in my opinion. Today we’re going to combine some astrology speculation with the messages from our King of Coins as shown above.

All helpful study materials can be found/utilized by daring to undertake a thought experiment with me today via the underlined hyperlink text.


Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to simply pull a card at random! I decided to inquire what magic was being drawn out for spell work generally inquiring the answer to come forth from the Ancestors. The answer was the King of Coins a rather Earth based energy of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn respectively.

This prompted my curiosity to run a Heliocentric Chart through our recent lunar positions to attempt at balancing  or otherwise harmonizing the energies. Heliocentric speculation is the only chart I’ve found thus far which will interpret the placement for Earth to give us some further insight when we seek it.

The purpose of such a vantage point is sometimes best described as looking for characteristics of two visions/perspectives between the (soul/Sun at the center) and (the personality/Earth at the center). Sometimes what one can learn in these studies is how to differentiate virtues from vices if they’re only seeking a dualistic cosmology of sorts.

Heliocentric tends to define how one would intuit the energies available for a disciple to assert and sow any evolutionary or constructive ideals of the future from the causal/higher planes. The astrological glyph for Earth is often assigned as Terra which is Latin for ground. It rules our 2nd, 6th, and 7th Houses as well as our entire physical body.

The cross is symbolic of our physical realm of existence while the circle encapsulates the totality of Universal/Cosmic energy which is eternal. Most of the traits commonly exhibited would be endurance, practicality, realism, and productivity. It comes then as no massive shock that we would find Earth presently with our energies inhabiting the 11th House of my chart in Aquarius at 6°.

Our enthroned King can signify a person seeking new beginnings, protection, hope, and growth. When this card appears to us upright it wants to let us know that our future is bright therefore we should believe in good opportunities lying ahead. Of equal importance it cautions one to take care of their health for if we don’t there are serious consequences that will befall us.

We need to remember that the choices we make affect others both near and far not just ourselves. Our King of Coins is a person who not only comes up with the plan, but will also be capable of executing it. Other cards that relate to this energy include the Emperor, Hierophant, Temperance, and Tower. It reflects a timing period of roughly August 11th to September 10th which befits our Full Harvest Moon indicating that this can transpire for approximately 1 year or more.

We are being asked to develop a pragmatic, hands on, reliable, and conservative approach to whatever change lies ahead and the capability to adapt when needed. Overall Kings in any deck are symbols of authority as well as the 14th card of any suit which is how we find references to both Temperance and Hierophant as 14 will reduce to five in numerology

If we can successfully assess the reality of any situation presented to us we will generally remain secure. This requires higher levels of consciousness coupled with a mastery over our base level instincts. If you would like to view a variety of interpretations for this card I’m including some below before I re-investigate the astrological aspects mentioned above a little more in depth.

The More You Know:

Lunar Return Chart for Earth

If you’ve neglected to notice I opted for the Sidereal/Vedic function again in this chart, but what is of import is that both Earth and Moon lie upon the exact same degree in the exact same house. Our 11th House governs any sources of income we might receive which are not necessarily retained by our profession. These could be via inheritances or other forms of speculative ventures.

Governing our social sphere and the relationships we share with friends/family it is the 11th House which in Vedic astrology is referred to as the Badhaka or obstruction. Not every desire that strikes our fancy is healthy. In fact many can be destructive! Aquarius rules the 11th House as well as the ankles/calves of our human body.

We can find in my chart that Earth is conjunct Sun and Saturn, quintile Mercury, biquintile Venus, semisquare Mars and Chiron, and lastly semisextyle Jupiter. It’s a placement for those who value freedom at all costs remaining restless until they obtain it. Often attracted to unusual subjects such as astrology, psychology, or psychiatry we’re strong advocates for the individuation process.

As a more inventive, nonconformist, and progressive position Earth on this degree often causes one to give full reign to their daimon/genius with a disregard for traditions or customs that others will adopt dogmatically finding these to be restrictive and limiting influenced entirely by society’s guidelines. This creates the rebellion phase where tensions force one to surprise others catching them off guard.

One might develop a system of their own for expression that communicates via “clipped” and precise fashion that taciturnly emphasizes originality and separateness from others. Value systems will revolve around adventure seeking that which is exciting and sharply defined.

Dull routines become abhorrent therefore this placement will mean one is striving to escape from any pointlessness in their everyday life. Most will find the chart holder to be one who actively breaks the rules through a willful display of acting like they don’t care or give a @#$%&!

The wound of Chiron here on this degree is that if one does not embody their distinct individuality feeling as though they truly exist as a separate entity who is unique and one of a kind they develop an inability to let empathy flow, go about life almost robotic, and dissociate from their personality when asked to conform to the needs of parents, society, or other conventional expectations.

This creates the splinter effect found in psychology where we reject aspects of self feeling marginalized. Wholeness arises when we stop viewing ourselves as outcasts allowing our inner state of alienation/rejection to fall away by integrating what was thrown off into our shadow.

“Aliens are refusing to visit Earth. It’s because it only has one star.” – Anonymous

A caveat this is not a self diagnosis before anyone assumes such. But frankly how many theories are there in the world supposedly meant to assess, help, and fix whereby some will work and others might not even appeal to an audience? Why ask?

Because I was primarily introduced to Jung over much of anyone/anything else. I don’t believe it’s the confirmation bias of a shared birthday on 7/26 because that birthday is shared by many others who are historically famous.

Certain theories work for some and simply put others won’t jive creating a sort of discontinuity with one’s alignment. Here is some further introductions for this degree.

The question here is in what way does life mirror art? This degree desires to make art and life one which means that all endeavors become art. That all human activities cease to be mechanical and take on a freshness and aliveness that is ever renewed through the creative spirit. It is all about inviting the spiritual light into the physical world.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A gardener with just one leg.” The gardener is slowed down on the one hand, but has become at least partially disencumbered from being tied to the Earth so that there is room for Universal/Cosmic forces to enter into the garden.

This degree brings something new and unusual to whatever it works with. It opens up systems that have been formerly closed so that exciting and beautiful energies may come through. And through nurturing the garden and bringing it to perfection the self is once again made whole. Work with guardian angel Caliel and daimon Bathin.

Peculiar resonance here to say the least!

Is that what I’ve been up to this entire time?

Bathin corresponds to the 10 of Pentacles, Venus, Virgo, and Mistletoe. We’re setting our sights upon a daimon who is good with herbs, stones, and is generally seen as the traveler’s safety partner. The only things missing from working with Bathin are prosperity, divination, and job searches.

Needing to take an astral projection journey that is smooth and fast; try using this daimon. This is also true when migrating to a distant country. Potentially all travel is made easier when one works with Bathin.

There is a supercluster and void found in Microscopium, but little information is revealed on these. If you’re interested in learning about voids in space or astronomy try investigating Boötes Void for a synopsis!

Just make sure you’ve acquired the correct space object first as there evidently is some confusion or lost in translation.

While there is not a specific fixed star for this degree what I noticed specifically within my chart is that the Earth as well as the Moon are positioned exactly one full degree from the fixed star Alpha Microscopium in the Microscope. It’s not hard to discern that this constellation was named for the invention of Hans and Zacharias Janssen; the microscope.

The purpose of such an instrument being that it magnifies or makes greater in size that which it focuses upon. There is really little to be deduced beyond this for the constellation. It will be highest in the sky around the months of July.

The energies commonly circle around newly formed ideas with a fragile structure that are harbingers of undeveloped potentials. If you have anything upon this degree in your chart consider working with Larvikite expressing positive quick wit and clever intelligence.

The message is that new beliefs come from becoming bored with what we already have. The focus then becomes the promotion of radical concepts and values which become indispensable in the future. The affirmation is I seek fresh and inspirational thought patterns.

Have an encouraging Wednesday! 🤗💖

Fruit salad for breakfast; blackberry, banana, golden kiwi, and pear. Working on vegan gluten free mac n’ cheese sandwiches for lunches for my work week with a spinach salad and some more fruit. Usually I take some walnuts and pecans with my fruit salad.

Otherwise I try gluten free toast with peanut butter in the mornings with my fruit salads. Last night was a protein shake for desert.

Teach Me Tuesdays: Hades, Don’t Bore Me to Death

“When Pluto got demoted to a dwarf planet Hades just had a good chuckle carrying on his duties as king of the Underworld.” – Unknown

It’s time to deep dive into one’s personal subconscious or unconscious so to speak. We’re going to traverse the Underworld today in a round about way so make sure you come well equipped for some unusual analysis of which I tend to specialize or rather speculate quite often in.

It’s a blissful day when I realize some of the websites I was using for underlined hyperlink text references have remedied their problems which I’d previously been a wee bit frustrated about.

The frustration arises from the simple fact that providing resources to my blog followers/readers is actually a bit rough to track down or come by. The task can in fact become tedious, arduous, and very time consuming.

I suppose if I’d said this before some would find reason to see my rambles as less of a negative or whining thought pattern realizing or perhaps empathizing with my exasperation towards my bad luck at the time!

None the less carry on with what I’ve worked up to write for you today and please enjoy the scavenger hunt provided with the underlined hyperlink text as always! Don’t forget some clues are hidden in the image captions…


It probably seems of little value to others, but there are always pitfalls to the form of writing that I do. Hunting and gathering to share with you being one of those events! We assume trouble only lurks around the corners when we hunt or gather in the real world, but even online there are some pitfalls to contend with as well as prepare for.

For example, today I harvested some of our beans in the garden which was primarily of the purple variety. But with the rain we’ve had recently mosquitoes have been rather hellacious.

I am covered in welts on my arms that itch and are unsightly. As these critters spread dis-ease it’s not unlike avoiding the traps of online interweb searches sending me to places that seek to infect my laptop.

The better guests of my day in the garden were the tiger swallowtail butterfly and hummingbird who used my zinnias as an all you can eat buffet! I don’t see either/or I suppose as others do. It’s definitely not in my perceptions to ascribe only through the lenses of happy versus sad, black versus white, male versus female, and so forth.

When I first began blogging I spoke about how fed up I was with the Hegelian Dialectic and also Divide and Conquer as philosophical adjuncts which we still must abide by. My belief being that it’s time we move onto new less limiting concepts about our life experiences.

How many of us are relatively familiar with the mythos of Demeter and Persephone to remember a little ditty about a rather infamous group of seeds from a pomegranate? And how many after yesterday’s reference to the fixed stars for my astrology study remember my mentioning about Scorpio with the tarot trump Death?

Pomegranate Arabic Part/Lot

We’re adventuring on this scavenger hunt as a team to seek clues! This stems from my looking today at Arabic Parts/Lots to find one entitled Pomegranate which is arrived at by the formula Ascendant plus Jupiter minus Sun. The solution to the equation being my 2nd House somewhere roughly between Mars and Venus degrees when we really hone in on the wheel/chart given of Scorpio at 6°.

Our 2nd House has many interpretations including those which are also often overlooked. Emotions, our ability to earn, our social reputation/standing, and the reflection of our family are all found within this house in terms of how we accumulate or amass wealth/fortune.

This is not your career or profession, but rather it reflects if you learned to correctly save, budget, and manage debts. Whatever falls within the 2nd House takes on the undertones of a personal and psychological value we attach.

From this vantage point I think now would be a rather auspicious time to explore Persephone as an archetype by exploring her mythology before we likewise explore some details in the symbolism of the pomegranate. Would you like to join me on this little trek?

I’m not surprised to find an Alice in Wonderland reference in my search at all. Much of these are videos so I would advise that while it’s interactive you bookmark the videos or blog post for future reference if you lack the time to enjoy them at present.

Persephone as an Archetype:

“I’m like Pluto. All my relationships end up plutonic, and I don’t even have to planet.” – Unknown

A little food for thought could be assessed here after all Pluto is also a reference for Hades. As mentioned yesterday also in the discussion of the fixed stars I focused upon the generational aspects of Uranus for the tarot trump The Star stating I was born in 1979.

You can learn a little more about my generational Pluto as well as recognize that for me personally on the Western/Tropical natal sphere this was my 12th House of Libra.

What we know of the 12th House is that there is a huge connection with the subconscious and unconscious. What we ignore is that it focuses upon solitude, emancipation, sympathy, unhappiness, endings, and divine knowledge.

This is a placement for detachment being very significant for those on any spiritual path often influencing ashrams, meditation centers, and the unseen realms of dreams, secrets, fears, and an inferiority complex.

Ah, the pomegranate and it’s many meanings. In Arabic we know of this food as ar-Rumm through the Quran as a reward awaiting in Paradise due to it’s many uses in cooking and medicine.

Muslims unlike other mythologists or cultures saw the seeds as a sign of a sustainer. We can find mention of the pomegranate in the Quran 55:66-69 referenced as the Compassionate.

We will find more references in the Quran 6:141 as a reminder of sustenance on Earth referenced as Livestock. All these mentions speak to how the core of seeds are compacted in a layer which resembles a honeycomb.

In Urdu pomegranate was known as انار for its pulp like tissue and leathery skin. The taste is often described as sweet and sour while being an acidic food. Pips along with this outer skin are rich with antioxidants as well as antibacterial properties.

This degree asks if one has the resolve to strike it rich by setting out on new courses of discovery or if they have an attitude of already feeling abundant. Sabian symbols use the reference of a gold rush, but we can consider that the term rush references also what grows near or in water utilized for weaving baskets in a cross thatch style.

All 6° symbols are imbued with an element of construction where it is necessary to make something durable and secure the same way we would construct infrastructure such as a bridge. If we work with the correct tools/materials we can engineer successful endeavors.


A dancer with eight arms.

Each and every dimension carries with it a path to follow and a way to become fulfilled within that channel. It is human nature to restrict yourself to one dimension or perhaps two at a time. But nature is no longer enough within the evolving matrix in this planet. Here is the departure point and the mutational edge. The willingness and capacity to develop simultaneously in all eight primary dimensions.

Bearing this seed is the most sacred and high level of tasks. You are being ushered into limitless vistas within. All the new capacities are arising at the same time from every side and all can be creatively combined into an entirely new way of being. But it takes a life force that is disciplined, harnessed, and mastered. Even in the initial stages this calls for absolute dedication.

If you become overly impressed by yourself the juices are cut off and everything freezes. But as you learn to cut through all images whatsoever the fount again supplies boundless vital spark to orchestrate the impossible. Evolutionary breakthroughs arise through the physical organism of those individuals who have prepared accordingly.

Here is the greatest display of inward ability that can be imagined. May the highest Gods/Goddesses speed you along your finest quest for perfect embodiment.

“If the prefix “Pluto” means wealth and the suffix “theist” means belief or worship of a deity then what do you call someone who worships money above all else?” – Unknown

When we attempt to communicate that which is subtle and ineffable we come to the realization that we need to move slowly so that what we are communicating can be assimilated. Our overlighting awareness inspires us to synthesize and assimilate the divergent energy streams in which we live so that we may harmoniously share our existence with others in a mutually nourishing manner

We elevate ourselves and then becoming attuned to that new level of awareness seek the most captivating ways of expressing our insights so as to enhance their wonder. Synthesizing so many energies together we finally learn to do this in an increasingly cool, placid, and clear manner. Work with guardian angels Yelahiah and Mumiah as well as daimons Shax and Andromallus.

Daimon Shax ties to the Nine of Swords, Moon, Purslane, and Gemini. This daimon is a gift giver with a hitch to what is actually on offer. Before one gets excited they should quickly understand that this is not material gains.

You will obtain something that you’ve had your eye on achieving. Someone beneficial enters your life coming to your aid. Shax’s specialties include assisting with attaining one’s higher self as well as being an aid with the skills of skrying, tarot, mirrormancy, rune casting, and hydromancy respectfully.

Daimon Andromallus is in correspondence with the Ten of Cups, Mars, Dragon’s Blood, and Pisces. This daimon protects your home, family, vehicle, and business from a variety of forms of larceny. Many work with Andromallus to learn how to wisely navigate life’s many twists and turns.

This daimon is particularly worked with to right a wrong when one feels inflicted with an injustice. Some believe this daimon operates from some rather strong value systems. Generally this implies that to work with Andromallus you best have your morals/ethics in order first! Some utilize this daimon when the other person with which they may be negotiating can’t be trusted.

We have two powerful fixed stars attached with this degree for further reference. We would be exploring Gacrux and Pálida in Crux the Crucifix at this juncture. This constellation was known differently in the distant past before it became Christianized.

Gacrux was originally a guttaral word suggesting cross purposes and energies in conflict. Really this is a simple reference to Gamma Crux. One can then begin to wonder about gamma brainwaves as well.

Pálida derives from Latin pallidus to reference that which is ashen or pallid. This matches the Portuguese word as well meaning the Pale One. Ultimately this star offers the energies of a person who will persevere against hardships in their life.

Overall the constellation itself represents cardinal virtues identified as justice, prudence, temperance, and fortitude. Greeks particularly reference a hinge where a door swings and is always moved seeing the term καρδία as a symbol of our Heart chakra for it is the heart which governs and moves the whole person the same as a door might represent a turning point in one’s life.

If you have anything lying upon this degree work with Fire Quartz expressing that you hold boundless energy promoting vitality and confidence while gaining attention and manifesting your goals into reality.

The focus of this placement is that through exploration you will gain wealth for yourself endeavoring to help others at the same time through your fortune. The affirmation is I invite prosperity into my prospective future.

May your Tuesday be otherworldly and well healed! 😊💕

Mushroom ravioli with spinach, olive oil, and garlic/onion powder plus a green kiwi/blackberry fruit salad. Also you see pictured a gluten free apple bread which my mom baked and our newest supplement in our collection!

PS: We received our supply of Solomon’s Seal today thankfully. I think it will be helpful with my trying to heal from previous ankle injuries and the after effects of gabapentin, tramadol, and cipro. Perfect timing with the Full Harvest Moon which pointed me in this direction!

Manifestation Mondays: Numb Out the Dark and You Numb Out the Light

“Since the very beginning humanity has been panning for gold and using it as trade. Our ancestors called it the prime ore deal soup.” – Unknown

If you’re willing to stick with this till the end I promise it will be worthwhile even if it does appear a bit redundant in the beginning. I’ve left some various gemstones of sparkly clues peppered throughout my blog post today that are located in the underlined hyperlink text for those brave enough to venture around for some perspectives to consider in their repertoire.

Garden wrap up at the end of my writing, but I’m trying very hard to get people to understand that our self help industry is actually why I left my life coach and certain other organizations behind. I’m all about us reaching our potentials so long as we don’t forget that without darkness you would not see the stars, planets, or anything in our solar system.

In other words if you’re only worshiping the light the truth is you’re missing out on a whole lot in life!

For the record pearls are not made without an irritant getting into the mantle tissue!


I had a very productive day yesterday with my part time cosmetology gig. Normally whoever is scheduled a Saturday works alone being that it’s generally a slower day for clients, but not yesterday. I completed the last of freight as well as began re-tagging the Aquage product line all while having a rather ample amount of customers making some larger than normal purchases.

I closed out the day with almost $4,000 in sales which is double what we normally do on most Saturday’s that I’ve worked since beginning in April 2022. That may sound like peanuts to some, but I’m not selling luxury automobiles rather we’re talking hair dye tubes, bowls, brushes, developer, foil, and other cosmetologist supplies which don’t exactly amount in the price range the same as other retail might.

Even with inflation we’re still talking unless you’re selling appliances like flat irons, trimmers, or hair dryers we’re not exactly breaking into the hundreds of dollars vicinity for individual items. And no to the dismay of some I’m not on commission although some items are supposed to qualify for this kind of practice.

We usually don’t seem to actually receive the product which qualifies for “spiff” money from our warehouse or those in charge of purchasing when it occurs during monthly adverts.

The last one featured they decided not to outfit our stores with the items that qualified for commission sales so I do have my own “attitude” towards being snubbed on this by our authority figures as I’ll refer to them. I sold our one and only new Chi Lava hair dryer though!

We’re looking into two asteroids today respectively; Agathon (31344) and Manas (3349). I’ve chosen a Lunar Opposition chart today, but taken from the Vedic/Sidereal analysis because of the fact that we’ve begun a Full Harvest Moon as well as Pitru Paksha which I touched on previously.

Something else I wanted to confront with anyone who reads my writings is that I’m not one of those toxic happiness culture numb out types nor do I like White Knight Syndrome.

In a nutshell Pitru Paksha is in my eyes a direct tie into being born in Magha nakshatra as I’ve said because it is ruled by Regulus, Ketu, and the Pitrs. The Full Moon within September/October of Bhadrapada ends on the New Moon. Many of these rituals involve rice ball offerings or black sesame seeds to secure blessings.

I had recently begun doing a lot of cooking with rice noodles and black sesame seeds with or upon the dietary changes I am currently making for myself. It is here that we see the dualistic view of malefic versus benefic which shapes many a world view.

“One of the cheapest elements which just costs 5 cents to buy is nickel.” – Unknown

These offerings in whichever form one may practice are believed to reach one’s ancestors directly through the powerful rays of the Sun. There are beliefs this can be performed for those who have departed in unnatural ways by accident or whose dates of death are unknown.

The significance really belonging to giving one’s ancestors salvation and peace from endless suffering that they may gain freedom. Others yet have strong holdings towards this helping them as descendants receiving blessings of a variety of forms. Funny word that suffering is. We often misconstrue so much!

Latin suffero has an etymological reference to supporting or sustaining, but we always immediately identify this word directly with pain rather than understanding it as a form of endurance, stamina, and persistence. What would we do if this was not thought of in terms of athletes training. Muscles strengthen when we properly endure hardship or take on strength training.

A tarot reader who spoke to this from her time in psychotherapy which I received a reading from spoke to this as well when she stated that you don’t rush any process of cocooning or healing because the worst thing to do with someone who is not in the stretch zone is to pressure them before they’re healed.

This will instead move them into the stress zone. That eventually, yes, there is a metamorphosis upon whcih the caterpillar is transmuted into the butterfly taking flight.

Essentially she was stating to me that now is an ideal time for me to likewise become the butterfly by sharing with others my life experiences in the hopes that they might too grow or learn from some of my successes as well as my obvious foibles! Instead she sensed there was a time period where I too had cocooned which I’ll admit was necessary to my own well being.

A great example of this was the patience it took in raising the swallowtails I acquired my first year of gardening. One of the caterpillars stayed in chrysalis with me for a full year before the butterfly emerged and took flight.

All of his/her siblings had already emerged and left their surrogate mother, but this one waited a full year until the date of my maternal grandfather’s birthday who had passed on before he/she decided to embark on the next leg of their life’s path/purpose.

There was nothing more you could do except patiently wait and observe not as a nervous ninny, but as any parent would tend to their young who will soon leave the nest.

I have a lot of people around me I think in life who expect or even desire me to be that which I am not therefore if this is the case you might want to “follow” someone else. I’m not that kind of an influencer in life nor do I plan to be.

If you’re looking for fakery you’ve come to the wrong corner of the interweb. I’m not a click funnel, I’m not doing affiliate marketing, and the only thing I’ve attempted to sell is astrology via my online business.

I don’t review items as I did for cosmetology PR when I owned my spa although I was quite truthful in my reviews when I began that venture. The point is if you don’t like what I write don’t click “like” or “follow” just for the hope of gaining something back from me because while I occasionally do reciprocal it usually is done for that which I find value in not out of shallowness.

In fact I’m going to be honest that I’m tired of explaining all of this redundantly from time to time that I’ve been online creating since the late 90s so I know that the interweb is not the place it once was.

Therefore I’m well aware of scams, deep fakes, data harvesting, the damage of search engines constantly directing one to first page listings with either a virus or malware linked to it, censorship, and automation hence artificial intelligence is fake because you can interact with chat bots pretending to be real.

Like the fashion or tell-a-lie-vision industries the interweb is full of equally as much Photoshop, CGI, green screen, and “glamour” making as ever. So much of it is not real, but rather a mirage!

“This book has anti-gravity qualities – it’s unputdownable.” – Unknown

I even left Twitter at what was the largest of times for me to incur crypto cons, automated feeds putting kiddie porn in with no way to report it to anyone who would correct it because it should have been directed to the authorities or removed, political ops pushing blunt Communism and other ideologies, and more all becoming harassment with only a small handful of legitimate real or even decent people following my business or blog.

Such is the spider’s current web which has been woven by all involved in creating what we now see when we logon to this little cyber/virtual reality. Again as I’ve said it’s not words that define us, but the actions that showcase the character of who we all are.

Anyone can be fraudulent at this point if we don’t do our fair share of critical thinking or research. Twitter was a mess where I would find that it fully automated by data harvesting anything from anyone who followed me creating a list of “interests” it thought I shared with my followers. In a nutshell their system made me feel violated.

This is how I began to see topics I did not wish to be affiliated with showing up in my feed every second, minute, hour, day, week, and so forth. If someone followed you and as I said above had kiddie porn or human trafficking or other inauspiciousness tied to them then Twitter would put it on your list as well.

That’s just the trouble with allowing an algorithm to determine the results in life instead of allowing humans to exercise their agency! But in today’s world most everyone wants to worship at the altar of a binary coded deified system of technocracy. After a lot of headaches I had realized why I was sick of big tech social media choosing to wipe my account and delete it in its entirety within the same action plan.

You could say this began my own cocooning phase because outside of a barely known blog or business website I have decided for a while to not commit to the mass online media platform craze. Something that Facebook would not allow me to do with my spa business whom I still openly have a lot of disdain towards because I still get people inquiring of services or products for a business DBA I closed.

Why they refused to delete my business page likely has to do with their obscene terms of service where they claim anything you upload becomes their property. Food for thought with so many utilizing them for personal objectification! I don’t wish to be owned by big tech mass media.

The reason we are looking at these asteroids today is because they form a tie in with everything I usually put my radar on about humanity within psychology/esoterics. I’m not a dogmatist as I’ve also repeatedly said therefore I try hard to avoid websites that use holidays, astrology, or indulgences to entice clients because again frankly you’re removing agency from people in my estimation.

I see this as deceptive unless someone has not the time to perform anything themselves in their own manner/fashion to develop a spiritual practice. Why do you need to employ another person besides yourself as the intermediary to reach God/Goddess?

Legalisms are not my cup of tea, but I understand why some have created a foundation for rituals although everyone should be comfortable to translate said ceremony into their own. Instead we have an entire world of do’s and don’ts in a dualistic society popping up everywhere for almost everything under the Sun or Universe/Cosmos.

Most of these are assumptive of things that drive me as nuts as when I approached learning Judaism feeling put off by legalist orthodoxy because to me it kills the spirit of everything when you are so rigid or limited thinking. If people assume I’m stuck in the past rather than the present they also have the wrong idea because we learn hopefully by reflecting upon our his or her story rather than repeat it.

Some never learn, however, continuously repeating their mistakes. Still others throw around terminology to label others without much thought because one term rampant is narcissism that everyone in the “New Age” wants to use as a blanket term for that which offends not understanding that it’s not even comical at this point.

The term is always being redefined within medical journals as well which I call hoodwinkery with neural linguistic programming because no one is looking beyond a pre-ordained definition given to them by someone who also may be contextually illiterate.

For one this is beyond excessive love of self or staring into the reflection of one’s self, but borders on sexual desire for one’s own body. Taken from German narzissismus it is often described as autosexuality beyond egocentrism.

For those not getting where I’m going this means that one would actually have to behave as if reflexive towards sexual activity, concern, potency, identity, and orientation only with themself never desiring sexual activity with anyone else.

While there would be many other variations of this term to arise from the minds of our esteemed leadership who also think they know-it-all we should be ensuring that we also correctly recognize the role we play in misidentifying others lest we want to possibly pay the price of slander/libel one day for which there are legal rammifications.

The other day, for example, I utilized the term jerk in defining others I get aggravated with which someone would say is equally offensive, but is really referring to a person who is dull or suffering from ignorance. We all can become imbibed with those characteristics from time to time therefore in my life I have also played the role or archetype of a “jerk” sometimes becoming unlikable or obnoxious.

“I held up my wall clock to the mirror. It was time for reflection.” – Unknown

Now someone somewhere will ask why I share what I do if my beliefs may differ from those I’ve used within my underlined hyperlink text, but the fact of the matter is we’re all learning from one another. That is what diversity is all about.

An ability to agree to disagree or to accept what makes us uniquely different as we find ways to be true to our selves. Nothing in my blog posts has ever been a one stop for it is actually often an evolution of studying as well as getting to know me alongside other/we.

I’m well aware someone will say I discuss this way too much, but here is the rub for me. If you always view anything outside of positivity and happiness culture as a negative you’ve created a shadow or projection of that which you won’t integrate within yourself.

This is a psychological issue I’ve also been larping or harping upon for months. No, I can not control others. When I said my circle of influence was small I was implying that really the only person we control is ourselves.

I also know that my approach can sound like I’m consistently complaining rather than offering constructive feedback for the myriad experiences I’ve learned something from in life. One being when I had my spa business offering mineral makeup with a glitter/adhesive combination aimed at cheer or drill teams. The catch I learned was you can never sell direct to any college or high school nor dance school that was stand alone.

With the idea that we’ve evolved or have made life simpler we learn that our rules have rules for rules. It was always a matter of that you had to know how to put in bids and compete to earn a contract that the organization would assign not you.

I even tried forming a contract with a beauty school in Arlington that I had been partnering with for selling my items. Reason being I was always attending their beauty school industry show every October and selling in a booth rental to recent graduates earning their licenses.

No one wanted to take on the contract or bid when offered no matter what you drew up. Another being that I’ve learned that app stores and others use deceptive marketing to sell their services as well as put up paid for disputable unrealistic reviews to sway public opinion.

It’s not complaining in any shape or form rather it’s to educate someone so they’re not repeating the mistakes I’ve already encountered and grown from. Naivety and ignorance both not really being all they’re cracked up to be when silly claims that they might be bliss are absurd at best! I’ve got people throwing pipe dreams and castles in the sky that are not even grounded in reality at me almost all the time.

Many of them being pyramid schemes with a re-arranged lingo attached to them in the hopes that some poor soul won’t be able to intuit the truth out of the swindle! Yes, you all know who you are. Are you working for yourself or someone else?

If there is a hierarchy in a supposed self made business than it’s not unreasonable to see it as a nuanced pyramid scheme where minions work for those at the top reminding me of some form of thralldom many are not recognizing. If we used this in light of my astrology business we’d see that I’m a sole proprietor so I work for self not for any other hierarchy.

Whatever we dislike in others we have to integrate into ourselves. We have to acknowledge our unrest with why our mirror is feeding us something we’ve either repressed or ignored within our subconscious or unconscious.

Then we need to get to the root of our problem in terms of why we are shunning anger, sadness, grieving processes, melancholy, anxiety, and more as some obsession we are to destroy by dissociation, numbing out, or essentially self medicating with pharmaceuticals, food, shopping, or other means of escapism.

These are all the makings of the common traits of our inherited Piscean identity when one can not cope correctly with trauma, challenges, or adversity. As one commenter in this video puts it which I agree with we judge self or other vehemently when we should not especially regarding pain or suffering.

There is value to be found in the uncomfortableness of not always being “happy!” We learn more by our mistakes sometimes than a cake walk easy trek through life without a single misstep.

A great example is that months ago I touched on this in writing only to recognize many of these phrases or affirmations were one’s even I’d fallen victim of using when actively listening or trying to help out a family member, co-worker, or friend. It required a lot to admit to myself that maybe I was doing more harm than good simply by having what I thought was good intentions!

“Color itself is a degree of darkness.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

So why would someone decide upon asteroids bearing the terminology Agathon and Manas? Let’s look into these two terms briefly before we investigate their placements.

Ἀγάθων further derived from ἀγαθός forming the basis of Agathon as well as Agathos is best etymologically defined as made great, whose deeds are great, brave/noble, moral, and fortunate/useful. Hidden in this kernel of truth by contextually analyzing the word we find a link to Magha for which my nakshatra I was born into relates to Proto Indo European via méǵhs referencing etymologically big and great alongside Proto Celtic magios alluding to noble or chief.

It is within Old Swedish or Norse forms of Proto Germanic that we notice Magha is also the etymology of being able or having the strength to feel well or bad. This one word Agathon can suddenly be found to originate with Persian or Avestan as well as Hittite script as mēkkis etymologically valued as much, many, and numerous.

I’ve covered a lot of this when I studied the meaning of my name. If I wanted to I could trace this word linking it to a variety of other terms many are familiar with, but perhaps unaware of their family tree!

Studying linguistics this way helps me to be better skilled at comprehending the world around me especially as I worked in the the legal field in my youth therefore I’m quite well aware that anyone can twist meanings to suit their own gains often to serve some purpose that benefits them alone.

Which is why I’ve been a huge proponent that others begin doing some deeper research in life than taking anything at “face value.” Manas is going to be a little bit trickier for I’ve chosen to employ this through a far more esoteric lens than perhaps others would.

मनस् being the etymological value of the mind, intellect, perception, and will or desire. The doublet of मन would take this further as heart, emotion, soul, and temperament.

Regardless of any religion some see this as an aetheric double with a relation to the Monad or higher human mind. This then can be seen as understanding how our individual or collective karma depends upon whether manas gravitates downward into kama rupa at the seat of our animal passions or upwards to buddhi a spiritual ego. Strangely though I’m left with that phrase what goes up must come down.

The Lunar Opposition chart hereby is being utilized to look into the dreamlike influence of one’s subconscious or unconscious, intuition, and imagination for clarity of any conflicts that might present themselves with our recent Full Harvest Moon. It’s a better idea in my estimation to become conscious of these factors before they turn into their own acted out/upon realities without my awareness.

Lunar Opposition Chart for Asteroids Agathon and Manas

We can see that we are respectively focused within the 5th and 10th Houses today. 5th House representing our sense of discrimination, rationalization, and analytical skills tends to involve coherence, righteousness, higher education, spiritual learning, and is ruled by Leo with a natural significator of Jupiter relating to good fortune and wisdom.

10th House is a place of highest achievement, recognition, and a position for one’s professional endeavors, but we need to determine if one is ambitious or disinterested. Ruled by Capricorn we also need to discern if this is a characteristic workaholic.

Themes that perhaps others are not aware they should be assessing in their charts or allowing others to teach them. I have never advertised personal consultations, but I imagine they would work better with the astrology reports I am trying to offer making a client feel a little more comfortable with what they’re being given.

I’ve met a lot of people who struggle to comprehend their astrology reports even when their customized rather than cold readings generated by off hand software.

In the 5th House of Sagittarius at 11° we find Agathon while we can look to the 10th House of Aries for the Anaretic 29° of Manas. Anaretic implying that one must “master” the skills of this house/sign before they can precess to the next. Again I believe we may be viewing the Kite which I previously explained.

Asteroid Agathon squares Mercury and Jupiter while trining Venus. Meanwhile Asteroid Manas squares Saturn, sextiles Neptune, trines Pluto, and is sesquiquadrate Mercury. Let’s see if I’m picking up on any useful energies shall we.

Our mental faculties may be receiving a boost, but we need to guard against overlooking the facts or falling into wishful thinking. We may develop an increased curiosity for topics surrounding philosophy, morals/ethics, and foreign cultures/travel.

Yet we might also be grappling with a clash between the higher and lower mind where we need to determine if we’re going to fall prey to the rules of the game. If we’re not careful we can miss the small details while only observing the big picture.

The most important aspect of this phase is to heal one’s self worth and to focus on healing the physical body. Avoid overdoing things, laziness, and don’t misuse your finances at this time. If one is frustrated by setbacks they may need to instead realize that small actions have significant impacts.

One could begin to allow intuition to guide their actions more while avoiding becoming too otherworldly. It’s a good time to take responsibility for self when making positive changes, putting more energy into physical work or exercise, and feeling motivated or fearless in one’s endeavors.

If we think about it a large chunk of what we are often arguing about in life has more to do with opinions than factual based confrontations often due to being impassioned one way or the other. When our reactions slow down we finally get to know ourselves more intimately feeling less chaos about the parts that make us whole.

“What did the tick ask the clock? “Hey, what are you tocking about?”- Unknown

Beauty is a state of mind that is ever present and waiting to be entered. This degree knows instinctively that beauty is within the self and if allowed to shine forth will transform everything it touches. Rather than needing to strive to capture beauty the chart holder knows that beauty is to be found by allowing the self to be captured by it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A string of pearls.” The chart holder naturally realizes that all wisdom is connected and inherently all the same. Everything is permeated with wisdom. The big question, then, is how deeply do you go into it? For wisdom has different levels and takes on different colors in different contexts.

If you do the same thing over and over, such as read the same book, you gain nothing new from it unless you allow yourself to go deeper. Deeper is exactly where you need to keep going so that you move from the surface reflection of the pearls into their center. Work with guardian angel Chavakiah and daimon Marchosias.

Daimon Marchosias connects with the Nine of Cups, Moon, Pisces, and Pennyroyal. If there is an inner as well as outer innate power/strength than this daimon helps one stop feeling discouraged when confronting conflicts. Most would define Marchosias as an identifier for workaholism being that left uncontrolled this energy can make one work a lot of long hours when not kept in check.

For women this daimon often makes one brave when confronting or trying to win a debate.

If you wish to overcome a chronic addiction Marchosias is a very good daimon to employ. You’ll learn to become focused and disciplined towards goals you set for yourself.

The chart holder is fully aware that living is a dirty business and like a flower they would have to delve into the thick of it if they were ever going to bloom. All the things that had disintegrated to make the soil spilled over the edges of the chart holder’s imagination mixing with the rocks that had gnashed their gray teeth against each other to make clay.

The rain gave it all smoothness and flow. It was a pleasure growing into it and up out of it, caught in the middle, which was exactly where the chart holder had planted themself. Work with guardian angel Reiyel and daimon Astaroth.

Daimon Astaroth links us to the the Three of Pentacles, Venus, Vervain, and Capricorn. I’m going to refer everyone to this blog post for Astaroth as I think it was a better description and synopsis.

Sky Tours of Sagittarius and Aries

We have a total of three fixed stars for these degrees including Vertex the spiral galaxy within Andromeda’s thigh, Alrisha the knot of Pisces the Fishes, and Alwaid in Draco the Dragon.

We know the mythology of Andromeda deals with the maiden in distress archetype. What we ignore, however, is the prefix andro and andreia relate to courage. An example of this being the hormone and drug androstendione as a direct precursor to testotsterone.

Ironic then is it not that the word andere in Basque refers to a lady. It is the meda of this name which asks us to be mindful, give heed to, and meditate upon taking appropriate measures while we likewise ignore the name Medusa relating towards a ruler or guardian which some interpret as she who reigns over humanity.

Alrisha comes to us via the Arabic terminology of Ukd al H’aitain no longer used today for the Cord which is 20° south from the head of Aries making the knot within Pisces. These united cords join the two fishes. Some defined this as a flaxen thread/bond.

Kabbalists associated this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Pe/Peh and the tarot trump The Star. I was born in 1979 for those seeking a reference as it will make more sense with the next fixed star reference to Scorpio through the tarot trump Death.

Lastly Alwaid has been sometimes described as the nebulous star in the dragon’s eye. There is not much really given for this fixed star beyond a somber nature, penetrating analytical mind, and travel.

Some considered this to indicate robbery or accidental poisoning. Kabbalists associate this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Mem and the tarot trump Death.

Herein is another rub to consider if you’ve not read older writings about my health, the pharmaceutical industry which I’ve dealt with in terms of terrible prescribed drugs which left me with toxicity, or any other issues I’ve been working to address for self and other.

You probably are not going to be able to get to know or understand me very well if you take the easy route. The reason I said I won’t pretend to be that which I am not is that those kinds of relationships are cliches and falsehoods.

We in fact spend a lot of time trying to remold one another not into that which is true to self, but is rather what others wish to see in us as an attempt to “fit in.” Why? Because the ego wants to belong which is why sometimes I do have to laugh at the “there is no ‘I’ movement” being that it’s also part of a dichotomy that does not necessarily see it’s own faults.

The objective of this movement is to gain unity which is just another form of egotism trying to “fit in.” Most of our misadventures lie in mistakenly believing that we’ve succeeded in something with which we’re still grappling to fully understand.

That being this incessant urge to merge back into whence we came. This is perhaps why so many people state that when you think you’ve crossed the finish line or achieved something great you may very well be deluding yourself into another snare/trap.

Why are we so obsessed with being part of a collective as if we desperately need to look like the Star Trek Borg exactly instead of celebrating our individuality and uniqueness? Because if I was honest the very last thing I want to succeed at is becoming the Borg Hive Mind! I think this is where I’d state one person’s heaven is another’s hell.

Funny is it not that we say self help is to be a better version of ourselves, but this is rooted in judgment based ideology of identitying with perhaps self dislike or self hate in a society that made slogans such as “Be like _______” conditioning one to not be themselves rather to imitate others. No that is not flattery!

Have an agitative and cerebral Monday now that I’ve played perhaps Devil’s Advocate by making your day have some friction! 🧠⁉️😨

As you can see the beans are back in full force. They have successfully fed upon their own compost and returned to bumper crop!
The peanuts the squirrels have planted from a neighbor who feeds them in my carrot, wildflower, and other beds have grown very large. We checked today and my step father pulled out a fully grown peanut off one of the plants.

I will need his help this week to harvest them and then dry them out!
The garden is winding down for the fall/winter. There will still be plenty of cleanup due to our neighbor’s trees dumping leaves, acorns, and other debris into our fenced garden.

Above is basil, marigolds, the non flowering hollyhock, and the bottlebrush.
The zinnias are picking up small amounts of powdery mildew on their leaves/stems from recent rains!

PS: I’ve had to re-publish this blog post after reverting to a draft. I forgot to add the garden images to the end of the blog post. I apologize for the confusion! 🥺🙏

Fun Quote Fridays: The Record Still Stands

“Why don’t vultures check their bags when they fly? They just take carrion.” – Unknown

Birds of a feather are flying together via underlined hyperlink text this Friday. They have their own version of first class!


“The bulb was relieved when his lawyer told him that he’d only been charged with a light sentence.”

  • Anonymous

We’re still holding at the age of 43 and never served on a jury believe it or not. Jury duty was cancelled by 11:30 AM CST through e-mail notification today from the county I was summoned within. And here someone told me my luck had run out. Not yet!

We’re going to have a brief look today at Asteroid Justitia (269) before I crash for the night. Looks like tomorrow is actually another day off for me before I work my Saturday alone at my part time cosmetology gig. But as we go about an astrological journey I wanted to enhance the post just a little because I had a surprise sighting on my way home from work today.

Being that I’ve learned I am the company’s designated floater means that the store I worked at today is within a neighborhood jurisdiction exactly five minutes from my house. Naturally as I drove through this neighborhood which is not the one with which I reside in I got to experience a total of 8 vultures sitting atop a fence. Not your normal kind of sighting where I’m from in Texas.

I decided today to look up some information regarding the number 8 as well as vulture totem animals. Let’s have a quick lesson on this combination to see what we can gain from something otherwise abnormal in my book.


“You’re under arrest for doing your best to rob a bank of its treasure chest.” – Unknown

Now that we’ve established that for the day I wanted everyone to take a good look at the Goddess Justitia before I showcase her location in a Lunar Return Chart in perfect timing with our upcoming Full Harvest Moon which I previously wrote about.

We all know I’ve written before about the precession where many have stated Regulus which rules Magha nakshatra alongside Ketu has moved Leo to Virgo or that my Western/Tropical natal Moon, North Node, and Lilith reside in Virgo. I also did a blog post regarding Spica.

As much as I try to navigate both schools of thought I managed even to miss this one not that long ago in 2022. The theme certainly resonates loud and clear! Then again what of it is what my blog readers or followers might ask.

Well if you’ve been here for a while reading any of my random ramblings annoying or otherwise enlightening about my life you would remember I mentioned I once handled 500+ federal law cases as an administrative link to medical malpractice lawyers for breast implants with silicone poisoning.

Today my mom informed me that I might get a chance to re-experience my past for the FDA has now begun to issue warnings about the scar tissue which can surround breast implants leading to cancer for women.

I guess we were not fighting hard enough as I pooled or rather combed through countless medical records of women sometimes looking for the manufacturer numbers to settle their cases while determining how much money they were being awarded for the damage rendered them.

Or the women whose botched jobs led to gangrene in their breasts causing them to have their nipples permanently removed. These are the stories now that their cases settled which without giving out names I can tell women and men alike of including one woman who died at Christmas before we could settle her case despite the fact that I would be on the phone with these women or their families often being sent photos because when it’s personal you develop a relationship or bond with these clients.

If law offices in Texas were not making it mandatory that I be bilingual when Spanish for me was a nightmare in high school making me not want to pursue it again I would make an effort to go back in since I’m looking for receptionist or administration positions again.

I used to temp downtown even for some large law firms in my 20s often off 6th and Congress where I live. It was a commute that I am not sure I want to take again though in my 40s. A lot has changed in this city!

You just don’t know the many experiences that I’ve had because I don’t take the time to share them with everyone that I meet in life online or even offline because I’ve learned most people actually really don’t care.

My circle of influence has shrunk a lot with age. I’ve realized that written or verbal words from me mean little and it’s my actions that will speak louder to get my points across to the deafness and dumbness of those who have dissociated or numbed out.

Then again I never have understood why women subject themselves to breast implants even after I watched my high school best friend’s mom have hers removed from the silicone poisoning with tubes draining her lymphatic system only to be permanently disabled after.

Nothing is worth that for what I call fake beauty, but I’m that oddball who values natural beauty over fake. Strange as that sounds given that I do wear mineral makeup when I am in public.

At home I’m often though no makeup, hair in a bun atop my head, and in pajamas or exercise wear. I only dress up when the need arises otherwise I’m all for comfort and just being me rather than worry about my ego.

This is why I don’t take selfies either. The blog may appear narcissistic, but really I just like to teach people by example that there is more to learn from astrology than they take for granted. I digress I wanted this to be a short blog post. Let’s go find our asteroid shall we…

Lunar Return Chart for Asteroid Justitia
Natal Chart for Reference

Imagine that I’m seeing yet another Kite in this chart once again! What we see is that Asteroid Justitia is in the 8th House of Capricorn at 8° trine the Sun and square Jupiter. How would this be best defined one might ask.

The obstacles of one’s past must be removed by eliminating the barriers between you and the goals which you have been trying to achieve for a long time. Significant karmic events will be experienced which have a lasting impact on your everyday life.

This is a time where Saturn asks that one acquire knowledge and experience while becoming disciplined during a busier time of serious duties that require commitment.

This transit within any chart can last from 1-3 months to a total of 2 1/2 years all depending upon any retrograde movements of Saturn. Saturn is called the ruler of destiny so we pay the consequence for karmic debts. Anyone who has had a negative or destructive influence on your life is immediately removed from your circle.

A key position in any chart one is asked to start a new diet which builds healthy habits for not just the body, but the overall emotional stability and mental clarity of the chart holder.

Opportunities present themselves for teaching and travel. Persistence is required to see results as shortcuts are not tolerated during this period of life. Health wise the biggest areas of concern will be the teeth, skin, and bones. Focus on self improvement while becoming more patient with thinking outside of the box to find alternatives to reaching your goals.

You’re required to develop new skills while recognizing that many who have been in your life thus far will begin to impede all your endeavors interfering with your plans by wishing to exert control over you or limit your actions.

They will become psychic vampires who draw upon your physical energy and financial resources. This is a chance for you to apply moral, ethical, and legal norms to your ambitions. Your body will be more vulnerable than usual requiring that you be more cautious.

“What do you call a stuck-up criminal going down some stairs? A con descending.” – Unknown

In times of hardship this degree keeps on going. There is a complete acknowledging of and a conforming to limitations. A continual compromising as it moves on through confining or frustrating situations by doing whatever has to be done to maintain a forward flow. A gentle flexible interaction with the world’s densities is its power.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A snake charmer.” The only way you can charm the snake is to get in tune with it. This is not about having power over the snake rather it is about melding to its consciousness and following its dance.

This degree is adept at following the dances of others while tracking with them in such a way that discord and misunderstanding are let go of at least for awhile so that an exchange of energies can occur which always promotes deep understanding. Work with guardian angel Iahhel and daimon Valac.

Daimon Valac corresponds with the Nine of Wands, Mercury, Sesame, and Sagittarius. Treasures are revealed by this daimon to those working with Valac especially with regards to employment. While the mention of serpents exists this is often much more to do with learning kundalini yoga. One of the greatest ways this daimon in particular helps anyone is through their spiritual journey by pointing them in the correct direction.

This year Pitru Paksha will be on September 10, 2022 exactly with the Full Harvest Moon folks! For Leos one will be abundantly blessed and they might see the return of one of their Pitrus whom they loved and still miss. Virgos are asked to say good riddance to all their insecurities and phobias as the Universe/Cosmos knows it all. This year our Pitrus will provide one with strong protection to care for our fears at their root level.

I attempted to explain this to a co-worker today about epigenetics after I shared a a tarot reading with my immediate family through my mother and two friends as Magha is also ruled by the Pitrus and I inherited my maternal/matriarchal ancestry records when my maternal grandfather passed away.

But I don’t think anyone even understood what I was talking about so I’m going to leave everyone with the following in the hopes that they’ll try to understand this. I’ve also tried explaining that my DNA runs the gamut of German, Danish, Ashkenazi Jewish, Ethiopian Jewish, Middle Eastern, and Anglo Saxon.

We immigrated into the USA according to our records around the 1800s I believe with my great grandmother’s maiden name being Lehman(n). I imagine for a few that will ring some bells and for others they simply won’t be capable of connecting any of the dots.

They don’t know how to form the map that I’m working on when a tarot reader can pull out of her reading having never met me that I’m working on karmic healing of the family line because of epigenetic trauma due to things like the Holocaust despite countless naysayers and religious or political or historical know-it-alls and haters.

That probably means my entire middle and high school education on Hitler and Stalin to them or even on the Holodomor is also a bunch of hogwash while we split hairs and create even more racial or spiritual divisions. All of which at 43 frankly I’m fed up with and is one of many reasons I’ve stated I’m apolitical now while opting to no longer vote in a system that in no way represents me.

I literally no longer waste my time or energy on some topics or even people anymore. I just do a cord cutting ritual or return to sender ritual and wish them the best never to look back. I’m actually done with many people anymore sadly.

You have to do you while I do me. Sometimes we’re simply not meant to continue in the same soul family because we’re no longer compatible or the lessons were learned whereby there is no need to keep repeating them.

Even in beauty school I was educated extensively during my aesthetics education about Rwanda. My mother spent time educating me about Cambodia. There is no way I unlike others am ignorant or in denial of genocide!

Why don’t I have time? For the same reason years ago someone questioned me about a Jewish symbol I wore as a necklace who was a customer. I guess they could not even fathom that it is used in the Heart chakra as well.

Meanwhile they antagonized me over my first name trying to ascertain I suppose if I had a brain or they just enjoyed being someone whom I wanted to quickly and politely get out of my cashier line with little discussion. You reach a point in life where you finally decide I’ve had enough with ignorance expecting for humanity to wake up.

This degree sits upon the fixed star Facies which is a nebula within Sagittarius the Archer. Taken via the Latin verb facere meaning to make or do something it actually symbolizes the positive nature of Sagittarius to climb mountains, race cars, enter the ski jump team, and so forth while breaking a few bones along the way. Kabbalists have associated this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Vav/Vau and the tarot trump The Lovers.

My step father is a a Sagittarius in my life who has raised me since age 5. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and an instructive Friday. Sending you best wishes even if I come across as cranky or really butthurt some days. 😌❤️‍🩹

My patience at times still needs a wee bit of work I suppose especially with those I grow tired of babying or pacifying in life. I’ve learned that self love or care means I don’t have to keep taking it anymore.

PS: The tarot reading that was shared was a video tarot reading. It made passing this around a lot easier when the message was received because aspects of the words the tarot reader I chose used mirrored my Full Harvest Moon blog post. When you’re in sync you’re really in sync!

To those who say it’s just psychological warfare frankly I’m sorry, but you are jerks!

This week I also took photos in the garden asking for help identifying a weed growing in my beans. The rains made it huge progressively choking my beans out. This morning when pulling weeds we removed it.

I have identified it now as tomatillo. We did not plant this. How did they arrive in my garden and from where?

Wisdom Wednesdays: Sunny Side Up Anyone?

“Bunny, I’m home.” – Unknown

I seriously contemplated waiting until Saturday evening or Sunday to publish anything on the Full Harvest Moon, but then realized I want to take some time off perhaps those days.

I feel really overworked at present like I could use a temporary hiatus with trying to compose in an effort to keep this little writing project of mine going or generating interest/feedback towards my astrology business.

This autumn we’re doing the bunny hop backwards in time folks via the underlined hyperlink text.


If we were to look back just a short while ago we would see that we were on a rather intriguing lunar phase which shall be followed up on September 10, 2022 by a Full Harvest Moon. If anyone read the paragraph about the Piscean energies permeating via Neptune with the urge to merge evoking a purging process then this follow up should be right on point.

What Watch defines this as a reinforcement of faith which can open up a new environment through the revision of ideas back to Source when one takes a critical survey of life.

But most people do not like to take a critical eye to anything because let’s face it they feel as someone once said about Ketu natives to use a Magha nakshatra label I was given “seen.” Like they can’t pull one over on us because we can see into a person’s soul depths to analyze them.

It’s been a perplexing week for me personally. I finally spoke to upper management with my job only to learn that if I’m feeling taxed by my workload I should inquire to have 10 minute breaks which are not really breaks. In essence I should go sit at the front near the register and clean the area or rather clock out then leave the building by going outside as if I were a smoker which takes no strain off my legs/feet mind you by standing out in Texas heat, rain, or whatever.

I don’t have a smoking habit so this is another one of those to save face I just replied “fine” in response until I secure a new employment. To boot I was informed that my hours won’t be increasing, but might in fact decrease ostensibly. I’m the assigned store floater so I won’t have a permanent location and will be consistently moving between two or more stores with the keys to the locations.

Sure this all sounds great that someone trusts me to run their locations often alone in such a capacity, but frankly all of the above left me irritated as really no one discussed these arrangements in my interview process. Sometimes the little things count as well as does actual open communication to ensure everyone is on the same page.

I’ve had schedules given to me where at one location I’m often actually finding myself for three days out of the week working 9 to 3 PM CST or working two days out of the week scheduled 9 to 5 PM CST while one location cuts my hours sending me home early at 3 PM CST promptly. Essentially when I had open availability human resources made the decision of what they would allow only to after my mom’s health improved keep my hours permanently in this reduced capacity.

If I had wanted to inquire about increasing them the feel I got was even in good health I’d be denied at this juncture. With some of the gossip that buzzes in this company I can see why some have said those who came in made it roughly one to two weeks and left.

As for me I need to secure new employment before I abandon ship which is why I’ve promptly been assessing the listed positions for receptionist and administration in various fields. While I would gladly take full time I’m resolving to the fact that in our current jobs market I might still be resigned to part time because frankly what is on offer is not atypical anymore.

Ironic that everywhere I’ve worked I have always felt as though I deal with the most random if not illogical at times of corporations, authority figures, and hypocritical rules/business cultures. I get the feeling the employer does not even know what they want suffering from indecisiveness.

As usual I have to digress to the fact that this Full Harvest Moon sits within Pisces at 17° which as you can rightfully guess has something for me to re-assess. Pisces being my South Node in Western/Tropical astrology as well as my 5th House it also tends to reside in the 6th House when we look at Vedic/Sidereal astrology.

September 2022 Full Harvest Moon
“Eggs make great storytellers. They tell some cracking stories.” – Unknown

So what of it? Well our 5th House speaks to imagination and what makes us happy in terms of pleasure achieved through any creative endeavor. Do you favor well in games of chance? How do you deal with matters of the heart? What artistic abilities do you bring to the table?

The 5th House as Purva Punyasthana is one’s past life meritorious deeds. If one does not feel complete and content with life their mental well being is on full display by this position.

Ah, but that 6th House makes it all the more tricky. Your daily habits, routines, and responsibilities are crucially impacting your health and well being. Here we find service/employment, obstacles, debts, physical strength, enemies, and determine if we have put on a brave face to fight with our challenges.

So while the purging can occur on a big picture scale for the collective there is an air of personal that comes to the forefront. Do you need to be more careful or judicious as to what you let enter your life? Is it time to firmly say goodbye and good riddance to something or someone that has held you back? Are you waking up to some astoundingly obvious realities?

This degree indicates it is time to concentrate upon what gives your life more meaning. Therefore this purgation is all about who is measuring up to their spiritual and moral values. If you hold a position of leadership or power within any sphere of life ask yourself and consider if others are acting in an appropriate manner to address the needs of the people below them. Or are they operating from an ulterior motive?

When people dislike their duties or the expectations of others it often leads in fact to someone having to leave, retire, resign, or be ejected. The thing about purgation is that etymologically this is defined as exoneration, cleansing, and forcible removal.

To the dismay of a co-worker who believed this employer valued me and would not possibly throw me under the bus I hope they can understand why my intuitive radar has been red flagging me about so much within this company.

You see purge is taken from Middle English purgen as well as Old French purgier and Latin pūrgō all of which means I make pure or I cleanse. Therefore or thereby we need to purify our motives if we want a better representation of moral or spiritual values.

That requires a reexamination of sincerity in any person, corporation, community, or situation. We can not achieve trust, sharing, or enjoyment when we lose sight of an ideal through ego issues not properly addressed. Anyone involved who failed to live up to their responsibilities as either employee or employer, for example, is best considered for the future and one’s peace of mind to be made over.

If you think of my entry yesterday explaining Alice in Borderlands through the costuming of Heart and Diamond card suits then you’d recognize the theme I can intuit. That theme is that on any level collective or personal when corruption, scandal, deception, and coverups occur it threatens a collapse. I mean what do we all call an “ah-ha” moment other than a light bulb turning on in our mind’s eye.

“I don’t think I can ever replace my pet rabbit. There’s no bunny like her.” – Unknown

Well if we actually understood anything about our seasonal astrotheological celebrations we would know that these structures only exist as a means for bringing people together who share a common link. What is that common link one might ask.

It’s a need to feel connected to one another via a celebratory atmosphere. Within staunch traditions that many feel must stringently be upheld we find a boundary which can be colored with our own personal flair contributing to a soulful event.

This brings forth a fresher approach in which freedom is allowed to develop at its own pace during the celebration. To achieve this one has to have a generosity of spirit that evokes togetherness and creativity.

Easter in particular is the theme of sacrifice and rebirth as much as it is actually speaks to individuality and freedom of expression that is not taken through some strictly dogmatic code of behavior! Lets break down Easter into something we have been missing. The East means rebirth, love, trust, and renewal while the ending of “er” speaks to uncertain to falter.

In any rebirth process we all feel uncertain and can falter so the message of this time is that we should trust in our own heart to help us find the way forward. While I’m sure many people don’t quite understand my irritation it’s because I thought my body would be stronger by now post medications and surgery/fracture, but well it’s not.

I thought one day I would make it to the 30 hour weeks to qualify for insurance benefits, but that won’t happen if someone is working against you to dock your hours from all levels of management. I don’t have an exact familiarity with the laws of my state aroundo paid or unpaid break allowances, but I’ll probably research these shortly.

I’ve never been told to clock out for my 10 or 15 minute breaks by any employer until today as most of them within Texas granted them to us paid stipending them out based on the number of hours worked in any given day so rightfully I tend to sense we’re having the dilemma of when a manager docks you from an eight hour to six hour shift to send you home early this removes paid breaks as a benefit/perk.

What I do know is that I’m generally a good reader of people so even if to my face you try to pass off niceties I can tell if you’re stabbing me in the back. It’s not hard to know when lipstick is put upon a pig as they say.

I won’t get into the job market either because I work with one girl who can get away with breaking all the rules while sitting on her cell phone all day ignoring customers as I try to set a proper example in the hopes she will follow it to no avail. It’s not my job to discipline her as I’m in no authority role.

This is nothing new anywhere I’ve worked in the game of favoritism. Am I judging? Perhaps, but technically I actually do prefer to see other people on my team put some effort in rather than be lazy or appearing useless.

Other new hires upper management poignantly informed me were often no call no shows after completing interview or one day on the job which tells me either they hated it, found something else, or the authority figures were correct in that they were abusing the unemployment system.

As I’m sure many are tired of my complaining I’ll leave you with a little more detail on this degree in astrology. I simply wanted to show that when these energies display they can take on any number of tones at a group as well as individual level playing field.

Before I do that though I should mention that I had an unlicensed customer who I could not sell to that was less than thrilled because she mentioned that at least three Sally beauty supply stores she went to were closed with notices about not having enough staff to maintain the store hours to service their customers. So when someone says people do not want to work or are abusing the unemployment system I do think there is grain of truth to this.

This degree has an intuitive sense of how to protect itself and how to filter out influences which might be disturbing or disruptive to it. It is always able to find a space in which to work and has a special gift for clearing the atmosphere so that room is made to do whatever needs to be accomplished. And if it follows its impulses the result will always be magic working through it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A kangaroo and her baby who looks out from the mother’s pouch.” When a baby kangaroo is born it immediately crawls into the pouch which is like a second womb containing a nipple that it immediately affixes itself to. For kangaroos birth is a slow gradual process that happens in states. It is the opposite of a creature like the horse who falls out of the womb and within minutes is standing up.

The image signifies that this degree at its highest experiences the Universe/Cosmos as a Great Mother who eternally offers safety and protection. It may feel isolated and different from others, but with usually no sense of alienation. It knows that we are all children who are being raised and taken care of by a reality that is utterly intent on our reaching enlightenment. Work with guardian angel Harahel and daimon Orias.

Daimon Orias is connected with the Six of Cups, Moon, Scorpio, and Sealwort (Solomon’s Seal). This daimon specializes in teaching one the virtues of the planets/stars. Orias helps one transform their physical self by eating healthy, exercising, and accessing their personal willpower. If you desire to improve your self esteem or secure a position of high esteem it’s advised to work with this daimon.

The Saturn and Helix Nebulae in Aquarius With a Message You Missed

What can we learn of the equinoxes? That they represent a time of equal light as well as equal shadow for the Sun crosses the plane of the equator towards its relevant hemisphere. This allows for equal day and night on Earth. This symbolizes equilibrium for all where we should achieve balance. This allows for one to become more aware of their immediate environment.

Naturally this means our level of understanding and perception changes so it is the most optimal time to speak to our loved ones. Energies of all kinds are at their peak for us to recognize that we’re not stagnant, the struggle is as much within as without, we should prepare for change, take a time out to heal, and planting season has led to a sign of harvest.

Further Analysis:

To have a successful harvest rid the mind of depression, anxiety, and fear. This time encourages a new journey, new beginnings, and new phases of your life. Acknowledge that Mercury will be retrograde which can create disturbances especially by toying with our emotions. Winds of change will begin to swirl so spend time alone by getting away from technological devices, distractions, and other people.

You don’t need to own or possess other people to achieve fulfillment because you have everything to be whole within you. Expect possible chaos surrounding appointments, phones, and for there to be mental confusion alongside potential argumentative natures.

Travel plans may be glitched so it’s wise to hold off for a bit on any major decisions, purchases, and judgments. Focus instead on ideas surrounding love, beauty, and peacefulness.

All relationships shall be tested at this time from business to marriage to friends/family. Check in with your subconscious and unconscious because whatever you planted, mulled over, and so forth is coming to fruition. Wondering when the Full Harvest Moon occurs where I live; 4:59 AM CST.

You see we need to look back and inquire about something right now. How is your current reality the answer to the problems, thoughts, and vibrations you were experiencing during mid March 2022? The answer is one simple mantra known as just keep swimming.

New or exciting adventures and encounters may occur near this time. Trust your intuition while avoiding irrational thinking, overindulgence, and remember to honor your emotions while not getting stuck in them.

Please remember that as you may know my North Node in Western/Tropical astrology is Virgo so the axis is a meeting of heaven and Earth or rather a marriage. Therefore the practical and tangible meets the transcendent. Meditation is fine, but please care for your plants, help your friend in need, and take stock in life.

Ascertain non-negotiable needs, communicate better with others about your commitments needing to be reciprocal, and watch your finances so that you don’t overspend.

This degree sits upon Phi Aquarius within the constellation of Aquarius. This constellation in Latin is a loan translation of Udrokoos meaning the water pourer hence the affirmation of flowing in relation to the water element. We can also say this a time to recognize that Aquarius governs the legs from below the knees to the ankles where I’m having a lot of residual problems health wise.

If you additionally consider the death games in Alice in Borderlands this constellation deals with the astragals who were sheep thrown up in the air then caught in various manners. Within the human body the astragalus is a bone in our ankle. Ruled by Uranus this constellation is all about change.

Happy Full Harvest Moon!

I’ll see you sometime soon and best wishes at this time. 🥮🎑

PS: I’ve corrected several errors in this blog post because I mistyped or had problems with my wifi over the last two days. I’ve been repeatedly disconnected over and over again. The modem signals appear fine, but clearly AT&T is having up/down problems.

Teach Me Tuesdays: Have You Been In Solitaire Confinement

“How do you build a house with playing cards? Start a club, win their hearts, give them tools and spades, and pay them with diamonds.” – Anonymous

You will have to follow the clues I have left behind via underlined hyperlink text today to discern if there are hidden esoteric elements weaved carefully in much of what may be presented to us within our constant absorption of monomyths. We’re all guilty of succumbing to the past time of finding ourselves enthralled with heroic journeys.

I’m not sure if I’ll be assigned as a juror, but if I am I suspect having a bit less free time to write and that there may be a mini hiatus. I can only manage so much in each 24 hour day with my many obligations.


I am trying to ensure the latter part of my week is vacant for what has to be accomplished between jury duty as well as my part time cosmetology gig. So I have tried to fit in some compositions for this week before it gets a bit more chaotic with some unfinished chores I need to cross of on my list. While I’m generally not a Wiki fan I have resorted to utilizing one for some understanding and postulating.

For as much as I stopped binge watching Netflix and/or tell-a-lie-vision this week mom and I became consumed with Alice in Borderland. I get it because for me Alice in Wonderland has always been a favorite so much so that I also fell in love with CLAMP’s Miyuki-chan and American McGee’s Alice.

I am slightly frustrated if not dismayed to acknowledge I probably will be anxiously awaiting a Season 2 of Alice in Borderland. I do enjoy analyzing this story’s psychological twists/turns. Old habits I guess die hard when something catches our mind’s eye.

It is interesting that in tarot divination the suit of Hearts is the suit of Cups with Diamonds as Pentacles. Yet in this series we see something else being depicted (spoilers)!

But this morning I decided I wanted to divine a message with my charms. You can see the results below as well as some post rain garden updates. A little fun when we think of Alice who so desperately wanted to be Queen as well as enter the garden at the beginning of her own journey!

I actually have a Japanese costume (click for an image of the dress) that I have worn only twice themed after the Heart and Diamond card guards. It is packed away for whenever I decide to wear it again alongside another dress of a similar fashion style which is more gothic being navy blue almost black and white.

The dress I own was purchased in my late twenties from overseas for a pretty penny with import fees. It was custom made to my own measurements. Watching this series has made me reconsider if I would enjoy watching Squid Game or not. I am at present still unsure, but it  has been moved into the watch list.

Today the charms I have pulled are the passport, compass, and the solar system. We should take notice that our compass points East! I am not going to decode the entire message because I would like for my blog readers to work on finding answers as well.

“What playing cards are the best dancers? The King and Queen of Clubs.” – Anonymous

If these charms look familiar it is because they have turned up in previous divination blog posts before.

Passport: This document is often issued by a competent civil authority who grants permission to the individual named therein to travel in or out of a country as well as authenticating his/her right to protection while abroad.

We find that early use of the passport often indicated the right to leave one’s country. Therefore receiving a passport or getting it stamped represents approval.

Perhaps you will soon order or request something from an authority figure. Could a discussion with a boss where you are asking for some vacation time or even a pay raise and need approval be on the horizon?

The passport can signify receiving the green light to go ahead with your plans. If you are applying for a passport or visa this symbolizes a sign that you might be working towards an important interview or relocation request which will require you to go through an important process which can completely transform your life in the near future.

You are going to be traveling soon due to a job or other personal purposes. A new passport reflects new beginning chapters in your life. You will embark on completely new adventures with no past baggage or history. Before you lies a time where you will no longer let the past events drag you down from living the life you desire most.

Your passport photograph suggests that you will soon focus on wanderlust. You are signing up and committing to something and should consider doing it the earlier the better. A passport also indicates that you will soon have to prove your experience or knowledge. Be ready to share your abilities with others as this will open up new doors for you.

Passport/Visa and Tickets to?:

Compass: Can you locate your “true north” which symbolizes the moral compass? This your personal GPS guidance/navigation system meant to assist you in traversing over troubled seas and the unfamiliar paths you have taken or will take. As established this compass is pointing East. The below links and PDF may help you out.

Discerning the Compass’ Messages:

Solar System: The pursuit of studying space through astrology/astronomy or any number of other occult pursuits may be represented here. By knowing or learning your natal chart as well as adventuring into speculative arenas such as thought experiments one might begin to know themselves or gain further insights into the world which surrounds them.

Suggestions could include visiting a planetarium, purchasing a telescope, going camping to avoid city lights which obscure the constellations from view, and/or developing further study into esoterics, astrophysics, and so forth.

Are you trying to outrun Death or live in the moment? Or are we on the path of Nun? What propels you forward; fear (FOMO), love, or adrenaline?

Death’s connection with Scorpio would be my Western/Tropical 8th House of what our relationships will bring to us and how we can get the most out of them. Its natural ruling planet Saturn which stands for equality and justice teaches that the 8th House stands for equal opportunity. It places sex, death, and rebirth on the same playing field. Death and rebirth are a part of life.

Failed relationships lead to new ones, career changes, and a new haircut all indicate this aspect of rebirth/regeneration. It is here that we transform our insecurities into strengths. The change that we experience through this house drives us to look deeper into the hidden aspects of our self and explore life.

Shared resources such as inheritance, insurance, taxes, and alimony all fall under the realm of the 8th House. This house addresses financial and physical support as well as emotional and spiritual support. Yet in mundane spheres the 8th House can represent the debts, losses of battles, import/export, and death rate of a country.

However, in Vedic/Sidereal Scorpio would be my 2nd House of speech representing one’s capacity for verbal expression. Here one can receive acclaim in the fields of communication either verbal or written. While one may learn many languages the 2nd House also speaks to immediate family, wealth profile, and the affluence of one’s childhood depicting our virtues/vices.

If we were to observe this in mundane spheres the 2nd House can represent the wealth of a nation by indicating their financial welfare or economic matters.

May your Tuesday be triumphant! 🏆🎯

Well despite thinking the beans were dead and attempting to compost we can safely assess that more purple, green, and yellow beans are on the way. Bumper crop in the making.
The non triple digit weather and rain in Texas has meant the crepe myrtle is flowering a second time as well.
If the garlic chives get any larger I fear they make break the above ground bed. The honey bees are still actively at work!
If anyone can help identify the above weed I’d be grateful to them. It has some seed pods and white/yellow flowers. I’m not sure what this is growing alongside my beans.
Our zinnias have so many blossoms about to open that it’s overwhelming!

PS: I managed to carefully remove the two dresses from my closet where they remain in perfect condition and snag a photo of them. As seen below for the curious at heart as to what I’m describing in the costuming that I acquired in my twenties from importing overseas fashion for what was hundreds of dollars to be custom made is two dresses I’ve worn maybe once or twice only in my lifetime.

Why? I don’t really have anything that I attend anymore for which I would don this attire. Additionally at the cost they were I’m dreadfully trying to ensure they do not get damaged in any way whatsoever. Therefore when I have worn either dress I’m exceptionally OCD for fear of getting anything on them or seeing anything get ripped/torn. I put too much value upon them!

The Alice in Wonderland Hearts and Diamonds card guard was worn with stockings that had the entire suits on my legs including the Spades as well as the Clubs. It was worn for Halloween circa age 29 when I graduated beauty school for Halloween to my place of employment where no one could comprehend who I was meant to even be. Everyone was utterly baffled by what my costuming even signified guessing the theme/character wrong!

Gothic versus Alice in Wonderland Hearts/Diamonds Card Guard