Manifestation Mondays: A Negative Number Became A Positive Number One Day

“I always count from three two one before answering the phone.” – Unknown

Well I’ve accomplished composing the following blog post alongside a few chores, but overall I have little energy or motivation at present. These are the days where dragging one’s self out of bed is an exercise in issuing computer like commands at one’s self and receiving error codes from the CPU.

Below is what I’ve succeeded at writing for the day to express where my current thought process has landed. Wave hello to the underlined hyperlink text which only wishes to help me out today with elaborating a little further on the topics I’m discussing.


I have come to find that not only do the search engine algorithms irritate me to no end, but that most interweb browsers now have been turning up not just malware/viruses with many web searches rather they have been shutting down anyone who has failed to renew their certificates for security.

If you have an https:// website with an expired certificate which I’ve used as a reference you should update your website as I’m not the only one being directed away at present.

I have tried two different interweb browsers and both have successfully indicated you won’t be going anywhere until someone renews their https:// certificate to a current confirmed date.

Others their hosting provider has a firewall which creates a server read timeout. One of those fun things about online content creation that is now becoming worse with time. Like I’ve said I’m self taught with certain aspects of web design having been online since the late 90s. I’m old school, and there are certain aspects of the modern which I won’t employ. Why?

Because I also know when you’re online security is an oxymoron. It does not even exist and those who think that it does are missing the point of data mining, hackers, and data breaches as well as other forms of online abuse such as slander/libel, gang or mob stalking, and so forth.

You probably missed my earlier blog posts about how Twitter and other social media platforms have become something I don’t wish to add to my business model. WordPress being my only exception to the rule. It’s one I’m also flippant about because of the fact that to get anywhere one should pay to not have adverts or if they pay for a domain already for their business are expected to pay for two domains to remove the “” from their URL Expenses of which make no logical sense.

My business domain host gives me access to a free blog, but I paid to have the adverts removed and have a credit only for one free year of a domain that removes the “” from the URL which means I’m being essentially ripped off by these kinds of gimmicks as I will call them.

When I look around what I see is a dumbed down humanity who can’t seem to understand how easily they are being duped out of their wealth and their ability to say “no” to not being fleeced, poached, and left for dead.

Facebook and I have a terrible track record as they never closed my business page from my spa causing me grief to this day with people contacting me via cell phone still inquiring as to if I’m still open and offering my services. That business DBA was fully closed and is nonoperational. But fighting with Facebook is enough alone to make one want to beat their head into a wall as nothing good can come of it.

There is nothing worse than to still have business inquiries for a company you owned as well as operated that closed its doors to the public because of a social media giant who has the audacity to act like a dingbat towards you. Lesson learned as to why we won’t be partners in anything ever again. Frankly I’m ecstatic to not have the social media accounts with which countless millions of others choose to participate in.

In the late 90s we had none of this. Now we’re going to traverse smart cities/grids as well as a myriad of other forms of what I call technological rape by invading every aspect of one another’s lives without consent for shareholder capital consequences be damned.

I have no other definition for this except to call it as I did above. If someone did not consent exactly how else would you define this? The goal coming across to me as Machiavellian. Yes, I’m more than familiar with dystopianism like the series Black Mirror which tried to perhaps explore like others the shadow of such degrees of going where no human has gone before.

In fact, I work with someone who employs what I’d like to think is a similar technology almost upon their own children which they utilize as a means to eavesdrop on them more like a panopticon so that they can “punish/discipline” them when they don’t follow through with parental requests for daily to do’s. I’m remarkably blessed in that growing up these technological advancements did not exist.

If you’re the above kind of parent why not place yourself into the life of your child and ponder the psychological, behavioral, sociological, or emotional damage it may in fact do. Then report back to me on if this was really successful in making said child a better human with traits better than those of us who were not subjected to such nonsensical forms of parental or authoritative overreach/abuses.

The above issues I’m finding online are all the responsibilities of the web designers which are not anything necessarily afoul. I just find myself more often than not with search engines which are propped up as “Gods/Goddesses” by our technocrats which are in fact imperfect and generally faulty.

The first two pages of results more often than not are leading me to garbage broken links of what is no longer available or as I’ve said scams, malware/viruses, and also click funnels money swindles. Yes, as the saying goes I’m watching you with the elusive get rich quick pipe dreams of what I find to be bologna.

A propped up clown escapade ensues that happens to be what I sometimes find online only to shake my head at it as if I was viewing the rubbish bin. I can’t even laugh at it because it’s not humorous and displays to me the signs of devolution (degeneration, breaking down, and having lost good/desirable qualities).

I formed some of the best friendships with people all over the globe when the interwebs was a mere infant to the extent that we could comfortably rely on one another, exchanged care packages, and had actual face to face meetups.

Today this has morphed into deep fakes, trolling, and other anomalies. If I were to say I’ve seen a lot of change on the world wide interwebs it would probably come off as pretentious or facetious.

Again as I’ve said you need to comprehend language better in a world of neural linguistic programming where artificial intelligence and equity are being used to pull the wool over your eyes to deceive you. Start learning etymology for one so that you can stop being taken advantage of by people who are frankly grifters. I’m not sure opportunists is the correct word which is why I chose grifter.

No amount of flashy legal jargon with most of this nonsense is going to protect enough people from having their leg pulled. I’ve seen it over and over again where people fall for the con from the trust game. And I’m not referencing affiliate marketing per say either. Albeit I’m one who does not like being overly advertised to so yes I do utilize VPN or ad block software.

I think I stated this before that we’re all needing income to afford costs of living, but that when it’s borderline harassment it can appear a bit off putting to someone. Although I’ll admit my favorite was the triggered owner of a website who left nasty messages to those using ad block software resorting to name calling and telling us to more or less play possum as in dead.

These behaviors never incite me to support certain individuals or businesses. Quite the opposite you will lose a customer, patron, or whatever you wish to view me as.

“Twelve’s mother was mad at it because it dozen take anything seriously.” – Unknown

You won’t find me beating my blog readers/followers or customers over the head with forever memes to support me with donations or buying astrology reports. There is no obligation rather it’s something voluntary for one to participate in if anything I’ve done is of value to them.

I do have a routine day job and while yes it would be nice to take an online business all the way I’m certainly not going to “sweat it” because right now I don’t even have the time to put into it if I went viral overnight which would only cause me anxieties I don’t want to deal with.

High pressure sales do not actually earn you validation. In fact I distinctly remember dealing with this in person with what was once a reputable company. Turns out when we declined to purchase from them as they made their presentation within our house they refused to leave our premises unless we signed on the dotted line prompting us to threaten them with calling the police to have them essentially evicted from our property.

It is these instances that teach you in life giving you the adequate knowledge about why as I’ve said the behavior of some online or offline organizations are borderline criminal in their acts of desperation to achieve something they’ve set their hearts upon or been forced into securing under the constructs of toxic industries pervading societies at large.

Why does this even occur? Well the sales representative was equally in a pickle due to a campaign being run to sell these not be mentioned items from this not to be mentioned company to win a trip to a location I no longer recall off the top of my  head.

When he failed to make the sale his overlords as I will term the higher up management were the ones who came in refusing to leave the premises of our house until we agreed to purchase prompting us to believe it may be necessary to invite the police over for a domestic dispute.

Feeling held hostage in your own home by what should have been reputable sales representatives is pretty pathetic. I’d give this a zero star rating if one existed. As the saying goes it is all fun and games until one person gets hurt.

The reason I say this is because just today I was reading about an executive in another well known supposedly reputable company who committed suicide which I’ll consider has many variable underlying reasons, but I’m certain one is the pressure of as the article stated.

Layoffs in an economic bubble/downturn where perhaps this company is no longer doing as well as before. Keep looking the other way though because ultimately we live in a world that likes to use distractions as well as numbing to keep us from exhibiting basic empathy or compassion towards one another.

I’ve grown tired of speaking against toxic positivity culture and the numbing down or repression rather than integration in psychology. I’m not calling all content creators this, but I am stating that if you’re going to haphazard trust what you find online do some well thought out research because I can definitely upfront tell you that there are a lot of smarmy types licking their lips while they wait anxiously for their next full course meal to dine on.

As one person who was a victim turned survivor of online criminality I think most people should start operating a bit more defensively or offensively when necessary. Again I’m not calling everyone out with a blanket term, but I am setting boundaries that I’m just not naive enough to keep falling for the same absurdity with those I encounter online as I may have been before.

This is not even the same interweb as when I had my spa business for seven years because I was meeting legitimately real people with a purpose driven set of objectives back then. Some of whom I formed exquisite solid business collaborations with including the PR of many well known cosmetic brands or newbies entering the field. I can safely say that is not what I am experiencing in the decade post 2020 where everything is hindsight.

I don’t buy into get rich quick schemes or scams. I also don’t like being spurred by multi level marketing pyramids that in my book border on par with a ponzi farce being pandered to the ignorant masses.

I’m not sure how some define חָכְמָה, but for me personally I’ve seen it as skill, wits, and that which has been done wisely. Nonetheless the word “wise” is derived from Middle and Old English through Proto Germanic wisaz etymologically defined as showing good judgment or the benefit of experience. There is a colloquial expression of one who is aware and informed or otherwise knowledgeable.

Others try to utilize it as an honorific, but we can find this within Kabbalah as the uppermost of the Pillar of Mercy. We find beneath this Chesed and Netzach. Corresponding to our right eye as well as the right hemisphere of our brain we may find that it can be associated also with intuitive insights or lightning like flashes across our consciousness.

“The numbers always listen to what 90 has to say since 90 is always right.” – Unknown

Yeah, about two muscle relaxers later I’ve finally staved off the chronic pain and potential spasm(s) that might have been on the verge of occurring. I’m not impressed learning that my part time cosmetic gig is leading to me taking more muscle relaxers than I ever did to reset my system when I have a relapse from a variety of previous injuries or pharmaceuticals that reduced my quality of life despite my many achievements in otherwise living healthier.

We utilize this function most notably when we spontaneously extract insight from the super conscious realms. Therefore we are implying that חָכְמָה is an ability to deeply look at some aspect of reality and abstract concepts from it while uncovering underlying axiomatic truths for intellectual analysis/development.

The Zohar describes it as a primordial point which shines forth from the will of God/Goddess as the starting point of creation. I’ve also seen this as the movement beyond the “I” to the “We” of duality and polarity. It may be collaborative with a need to dance in relationship by interacting, dividing, and expanding, but really the objective goal is to develop kindness, concern, harmony, and balance.

This is not just new beginnings rather this is the urge towards acting upon where we move past indecisiveness towards making a choice. The entire “I” to “We” sometimes seen as the axis of Aries/Libra for myself happens to be normally on my Western natal chart the 6th/12th Houses respectively represented as Ascendant/Descendant.

If the 6th House were reflecting one’s stamina for conquering obstacles in terms of performance at work, relationships with co-workers, and our temperament towards our enemies then it’s only fitting that the 12th House depicts our self sufficiency in letting go of attachments to wealth, inheritances, and relationships which no longer serve us.

Lunar Return Chart for Asteroid Wisdom

Asteroid Wisdom (3402) is placed within my first house of Gemini at 18° as shown in my Lunar Return chart chosen because I wanted to understand the energies of the upcoming lunar phases. I do know that on September 10, 2022 we will have a Full Harvest Moon.

This asteroid is sextile Venus and Chiron, quintile Jupiter, trine Saturn, and semisextile Uranus. If I cover the Full Moon it will be before it occurs this week or a wee bit after as it will conflict with my schedule otherwise. I’m not sure what jury duty after I report on Friday will look like all of which also might alter my schedule for my day job.

What I do know is that if I’m on jury duty the commute will make publishing impossible to fit in. There just won’t be time for me to get online and compose anything in this little dark corner of cyber space.

When we look at the 1st House we’re seeing what governs our self image or how we are portrayed by others in terms of physical appearance, general personality traits, health/immunity, and it can speak to the childhood period of our life. By this it implies the essence and early enjoyment of our life for childhood is considered the very beginning of our existence.

This Tanu Bhanva house is an indicator of our individuality responsible for the way we think defining at times our happiness and interests in terms of how we will evolve from within and without. Astrology looks to the 1st House to determine who we will become when we approach life. The energies often are of Mars with Aries signifying the activities of our present moment.

When one runs up against setbacks they don’t give up rather they make an effort to locate supportive resources. One generally does not need to enforce their will or seize control rather they usually seek to compromise by motivating others to follow their passions and achieve their goals.

They know the past can’t be changed so they would prefer to focus on healing their battle wounds by examining their reactive emotions such as anger. In this they self initiate liberation from stuck ways of being or doing through a metaphorical exploratory surgery to excavate and excise.

If one is meeting the same conflict many times before being able to step into a new form of understanding with any particular energy they should consider creative problem solving. Do not stick to any one cycle of time as it exists. Consider the four seasons of the Earth and tap into this life cycle.

Each leaf on a tree has a cycle which brings them into fruition only to then become the turning of the leaves in fall/winter. This degree offers one an intrinsic connection with the material realms beneath their feet. Our bodies are made of the same materials that exist on Earth connected via one energy source.

The rhythms of the Universe/Cosmos are not so mysterious or unavailable when it is found within every single breath of life that we inhale and exhale. One should not become stuck on one particular form of self expression allowing for change over time.

Resolving frustrating problems is done when we pay attention to detail while being highly aware of the realities which bring greater rewards further down the road. Temper ambition and desire with discipline to achieve what you set out for.

“The first number committed a crime and became a one-ted criminal.” – Unknown

Sounds more akin to the soba soup I created last night with bok choy, broth, seasonings, carrots, celery, onions, broccoli, and chicken. Find a constructive assortment that will work for you and then digest it taking what you need while otherwise discarding the waste products.

This degree tends to put a focus upon provoking others, acting without approval, leading a rebellion, playing outside of societal norms, and fighting for independence. It is usually the type of person who refuses to submit to authority figures while demanding their own personal freedoms.

It is also the type of person who has separatist tendencies somewhere (they harbor the DIY axiom) while acting on their intuition and sometimes appearing aloof resisting attachments and commitments. The chart holder has the power of being unattached to the outcome of their communications.

Of giving them to the world so that whoever wants or needs them may partake of their sustenance. They use ideas and words to nurture others knowing that when the time is right everyone will pick up on the messages they need. The chart holder’s open mindedness stimulates others to be more out of the box so they may let go of their obstructive preconceptions.

The ability to read into rich and subtle subtexts as one communicates makes for a wonderfully engaging and vivid rapport. Generating a super alive magical interaction with others that mutually awakens the imagination of both themselves and others.

The chart holder can’t tell the wind where to go or pre-determine its destination. The messages will get to where they need to go by the workings of karma and destiny. There is great possibility here. A lack of accumulation or an ability to focus beyond accumulation allows a form of freedom in which emptiness and openness occur.

When there is this degree of non-attachment the person, like the wind, is free to change direction at will, to allow definitions and identities to be loose, and for flow to become light filled. Allowing the simple force of spiritual truths to enter into and clarify one’s experiences allows things fall into place.

The chart holder’s innate belief that they will means that they often do. To draw in more and more of these moments of clarity all one has to do is be receptive and tuned in to the moment. Knowing that change is always possible one remains elastic so that messages may flower to the beings that need them.

The intensity and fullness of one’s passions needs the blank pages of a book as a field upon which to express themselves. Work with guardian angel Lelahel and daimon Valefor.

Daimon Valefor connects us with the Seven of Pentacles, Venus, Dandelion, and Taurus. A daimon who aids in self acceptance while assisting one with astral projection, dream walking, and protection against psychic vampirism. Valefor is often worked with to create positive relationships that allow for one to heal ailments via alternative solutions. I wonder if this includes the cliches.

If you’re working with this daimon one of the first lessons you learn is that anyone who considers their goals above the well being of others has become rife with self feeding grandiosity. For the ignorant daimons are not liars, thieves, tricksters, or evil rather they are mirrors of what is hidden within. They represent your own human nature which many hypocritical people won’t admit.

The symbolism of this degree is one that is depicting a person who develops their own language, but lives in fear sometimes of being misunderstood and disrespected. They may find themselves easily flitting about in many industries or cliques within their waking life yet they rarely can tell their truth as their truest selves within these environments. Thus they wear masks for which to speak from.

If you see a new and unfamiliar face consider like radio/satellite waves something is being transferred from one being to another, but you may not be hearing the message correctly. It could be misread or misinterpreted quite easily. If one is awake and alert to the new or unfamiliar identity they might see a new wisdom or perspective on things emerging.

Work with Dragon Blood Jasper while knowing that unknown elements are those which many will never dare to approach out of insecurity and fear. We either close down or ignore when we should open up and become curious. The message relates to the Heart chakra to attract and enhance love of all kinds. The affirmation is I provoke reaction in whichever way determined by being out of character.

Nestled in Auriga the Chairoteer this degree falls within Hoedus I most often identified as kid goats from their mother Amalthea who is identified with nursing the baby Jupiter, Jove, and/or Zeus. Old mythology identities this fixed star with the dreaded storm seasons that would occur in the early October evenings leading to the closing of navigation for mariners.

It’s been raining quite a bit as of late thankfully. I’m enjoying the fact that I have not had to water my garden everyday although I know the quality of rainwater at times can be a wee bit “eww” to say the least. I’m reliving my childhood days in a classroom lecture on acid rain. Lordy I best not start spouting environmentalism topics to my audience lest I face the wrath for doing so.

Astrology says this fixed star may imbue the energies of self confidence, interest in social/educational problems, and a fondness of country life. Kabbalists identified it with the Hebrew letter Samech and the tarot trump The Devil in all his/her guises. We may find that סָמַךְ translates as support, sustain, and uphold.

May your Monday be curative and invigorating. Sending you life affirming vibes! 🤩

I’ll be keeping busy while thinking about how in my childhood I was watching Pinwheel on Nickelodeon and we’re looking at the Pinwheel Cluster in space.