Self Examination Saturdays: The Tarot of Music Through the Muzoracle

“Every 7 years of life, there is a change in astral chakra connections. The alignment of the 114 chakras in the body can give you some control over those changes.” – Amit Ray

I believe this blog post builds upon Friday particularly my link to the Outer Limits video, but for those who are not quite as detail oriented as I am they might miss the connection. I’m one of those people who notices what other’s may overlook.

Let’s fashion our own unique tune today with some investigation through the melody of selected underline hyperlink text that should construct a harmonious vibration.


I let a friend cast a reading for me recently using this deck which they had purchased because I found it to be intriguing. The question I asked of the tarot was “What is the purpose of my current glow up?”

The results I received were the Woodwinds (Element of Air) via the Minor Sixth, Brass (Element of Fire), and Compositionals. The Musician’s Dice gave us A# with Third Eye Rising (Transcending Thought) and the Solfege Dice gave us Ti with Revelation (True/Hidden Nature Revealed).

But why does this matter you ask; check out this insightful PDF I located.

I’ve decided to look back at Xen Qabbalah first regarding the Platonic solids because truth be told this continues to point me back to how many times when I study astrology or look at my Vedic birth placement within Magha Nakshatra now crossing into Virgo from Leo we find connections or maybe a little confirmation bias.

Through the zero degree mark I keep thinking every time anything lands there in a chart it eludes to zero point energy. The energy is not static so we have to keep adapting.

Well it’s also because when I fractured my foot as I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts I got put on two medications that shifted my consciousness full throttle into studying quantum physics. I was on a different wavelength! And I have never quite been entirely the same since. Some days I do miss the “old Renee.”

Woodwinds is the Platonic Octahedron represented by the colors sky blue and white. Blowing air over an edge or across a vibrating reed through a mouthpiece allows us to turn inward, address our thoughts, and find understanding. This suit deals with the communication of our thoughts to others.

Minor Sixth: Curiosity, hunger, and desire in the realm of thought/ideas shaped by a need to know and searching for information. The Minor Sixth as 5:8 is the inverse of the Major Third as 4:5 where a dyad is stretched and lonesome. It sounds a little sweet and a little sad aligned with our emotions. It is a passionate longing or echo of our heart’s true desire that we seek.

Brass is the Platonic Tetrahedron represented by the colors red, yellow, and black. Air vibrates within the player’s lips creating tension and harmonics. Through a horn’s tube, for example, manipulated by valves we arrive at a pitch that may be played slow and low, mellow and velvety, or big and hot. This suit involves that which is being done; the verb.

Accompanist: The aide, support, and helper in the realm of moving, creating, and doing shaped by one who assists others through their actions and creative input. An accompanist plays behind whatever or whomever is being featured be that a soloist, dance troupe, and so forth. Their job is to provide, improvise, structure, and support the main performers.

This is actually a difficult task for it requires great attentiveness and a willingness to be invisible. We are part of a support network which requires selflessness by putting the needs of others or the task at hand in front of ourselves. Consciously employing this role demands initiative while unconsciously it is a subservient role.

True service is not that of the martyr or victim rather when found in the Brass we find the archetype of the aide for this is an action oriented suit.

The Compositional received is a directive or instructive suit. This tells one how fast/slow to proceed. This is our musical GPS that we must also listen to.

Fermata: Wait/hold till further notice. When placed over a musical note the fermata indicates a pause suspending the music until the conductor resumes it. This directive card instructs the querant to rest until insight is gleaned on the situation or it might indicate an interruption such as waiting for Divine timing to intercede.

A# allows observation of thought in varius parts of the head where conscience, intuition, and deep knowing are expressed as clear visualization. With the help of the heart we will begin to make the correct choices to follow hunches and sustain our psychic abilities. We develop a powerful imagination. This dice has an affinity with the Woodwinds, the colors indigo/purple, and the pineal gland, eyes, and ears. This ascending energy rises from the Third Eye chakra to the Crown chakra.

Ti allows Divine will from Source to burst forth as a descending revelation or to ascend as a transition of death and rebirth into the next level. Here myriad worlds are born through the ray of creation where Cosmic being is firstborn and we see a child’s face. Pregnant with choice one is on the jumping off point.

You’ll have to excuse me as I’m just a little under a brain fart today. I’m publishing after a full six hour day at my part time cosmetology job from 9 AM CST till 3 PM CST where I was rather non stop all day in sales. So we’re going to round this out by plugging the Asteroid Schumann (4003) into a Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart. This should look reasonably familiar to some.

You’ve heard of the Schumann Resonances I’m sure which is why I chose this asteroid particularly today to hone my attention in on. Asteroid Schumann orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. Ultimately this was named for the German composer Robert Schumann as pianist and influential music critic. He and his wife Clara maintained a close relationship with Johannes Brahms.

“All I see the planets doing is dancing around to the best nep-tunes.” – Unknown

Schumann Resonances:

Thanks Gabapentin, Tramadol, and Cipro for flipping a switch that I was never entirely prepared for. Lessons no human should be forced to study the difficult way. You’ll have to wind your way through some previous entries to make sense of why I work so hard to use my experiences as the example for my astrology business with the charts of my ancestors instead of using celebrities without their aforementioned permission.

This is why my life coach who I never stuck with for “reasons” pushed me to use the Muse meditation app and headband to measure my brainwaves. It’s been an ongoing process of study for me in change including my long pull away from television and certain other consumption. I even have been recently sleeping to entrainment music that is designed to help heal DNA, osteoarthritis, etc. due to my chronic pain in terms of neuropathy post foot fractures and ligament surgery.

Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart for Asteroid Schumann

It appears that we can locate Asteroid Schumann in my 4th House of Cancer at 28° retrograde which is nearly an Anaretic Degree asking that we master this before it moves to the 5th House. Aspects include squaring the Moon, opposing Venus, quincux Saturn, semisextile Uranus, and sextile Pluto.

We’re in the house of individual history/roots, the ancestors, and our origins. We seek a glimpse into our inner feelings which can become projected upon our external relationships hoping to gain clarity that allows self reflection through journaling, meditation, and therapeutic modalities.

There are energies that wish to come forth from the chart holder and communications that the chart holder needs to allow emergence of. Their challenge is to not let their biases and rationalizations stop the process keeping their ego out of the way of what is happening.

If they hesitate or stop to try to figure out what is going on they slow or blur the process which wants to be clear and needs them to be its means of manifestation. Our assumptions about life as well as ourselves have been shaped by early childhood experiences of inconsistency and uncertainty leaving us uncertain of our capabilities as adults.

The free spirited and childish side of us enjoys breaking away from the usual routines found in life in favor of expanding our subjective reality. You find that we are strong believers that energy follows thought where visualizing our intentions makes it a real manifestation directed towards achieving our life’s purpose.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A tremendous cave on the bank of a river.” Here is a great capacity to realize what is happening, what is going on in the world, and to see what is underneath it all. This degree makes a lot of connections between various energies for it intuitively comprehends their interweavings.

Almost (or at times absolutely) without thinking ideas, imaginings, and realizations dawn on this degree coming forth sometimes fully formed and obvious while at other times cryptic, mysterious, or uncertain.

But in any way one looks at it creative, inspirational, and needing to be harnessed and used. There’s a need here to nurture the highest and to attempt to bring it into realization no matter how difficult the task or how often one has to once again right one’s course. Work with guardian angel Ariel and daimon Bifrons.

“The programmer had a really hard time understanding the music at the party. He didn’t understand the algo-rhythm.” – Unknown

Daimon Bifrons corresponds with the Two of Cups, Mars, Cancer, and Basil. Here is a great daimon for learning geometry, astrology, and all about herbs/stones. Most people will find this a bit spooky, but as someone who inherited my maternal ancestral records I deeply resonate. Bifrons invokes and lights the candles upon the graves of our departed making this an excellent partner in ancestral work.

I just found the most astounding connection to my lunar mansion with Magha nakshatra again. Regulus as the basilisk and basil which I grow also in my garden year after year. Traveling the red thread of our familial blood line is easier when this daimon guides you backwards and forwards to heal the timelines.

Mind you I do know and recognize this link will be very triggering for some, but I ask you to try to take it with a vein of understanding my experiences with pharmaceutical industries and working in medical malpractice law when younger also.

My life is shaped by “experiences” you’ve not entirely been told all about so before you judge me try to imagine there is more to my life story than I’ve put into a blog as it gets very personal what I’ve endured or seen others endure. Also recognize I have strong empath and HSP proclivities.

There is no fixed star upon this degree which allows for us to close this chapter quite quickly today. Working with this degree is best done with Picture Jasper through the message of diplomacy and unity focused upon compassion as well as tolerance for others. The affirmation is I am outspoken and accepting of embracing change.

Have a resonant and melodic Saturday! 📻🔌

The basil we have growing in our front garden has begun to flower recently.

PS: If there are typographical errors please ignore them. I’m running on “E” for empty almost in energy. I’m going to go decompress now. 😴

Self Examination Saturdays: The Final Frontier via Starchik and Enterprise

“I thought about putting an observatory in my house, but the cost was astronomical.” – Anonymous

Well while I am short on Tribbles tonight and thankfully I’ve not encountered the Borg at present we will be charting for some fun Asteroids Starchik and Enterprise tonight. Hopefully you will get the theme I’m going for.

Please enjoy the underlined hyperlink text which will transport you through the wormholes of cyberspace.


I’ve used the Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha chart again today to flesh out this blog post. Something I’ve learned recently with this chart is that the duads deal with the Ages/Aeons as well which run 2000 to 2160 years long.

This then can be compiled with the decans. For example, the Age/Aeon of Pisces began with a Pisces duad (running 166-180 years long) while in a Pisces decan (running 666-720 years long) ending with an Aries duad and Cancer decan.

This could add some very interesting thought experiments to utilizing these astrological charts.

Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart for Asteroid Starchik and Enterprise

Asteroid Starchik lies within the main asteroid belt discovered in 1984 near Christmas (December 23rd) while Asteroid Enterprise orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter, but it does have an interesting size being that it is kilometers cubed or 3 x 3 x 3.

We can see for my chart that Asteroid Starchik (32770) is placed within the 11th House of Aquarius at 22° semisextile Mars and square Pluto as well as Chiron. Asteroid Enterprise (9777) is within the 9th House of Sagittarius at 4° quincux Venus.

The 11th House is focused upon the intellectual ties and powers of community where it is important to help those who are less fortunate then us. This house is also about humanitarianism and social improvement. In keeping with that theme our 9th House is where we search for meaning by exploring our world grasping everything that is available to us.

You can see that we’ve already covered the degree for Asteroid Enterprise, but on an entirely different level or previous blog post. So I’m going to spice that degree up with a little bit of a different spin today rather than make it exceptionally boring for you to see it again so soon!

Let’s begin looking into Asteroid Starchik’s energies shall we. We can’t stand repeated delays or frustrations so we suffer with anger when faced with obstacles. The last time we saw some of these energies was between 1931 and 1934 when there was a phase of rapid metamorphosis between Germany and Italy.

Nationalistic tendencies and elitist attitudes were elevated into social direction while being manipulated by dictatorial groupings making attempts to seize power and benefit the state through new political concepts.

This historical period displayed ruthless violence and force to create global economic instability which caused radical as well as revolutionary political agitators or agent provocateurs to gain power by feeding upon exploited energies or vibrations that desired a new society to be birthed into existence on the 3D.

The underlying motives/intentions of these groups were of a mixed majority that led to both fascist as well as Nazi ideologies that spread throughout our individual as well as collective consciousness emotionally manipulating the mass public akin to a full global magic ritual.

These ideologies were allowed to gain traction due to the apathy and passivity of those too insecure or unable to have any influence even if they disagreed with the dominating groups in power.

The unconscious and subconscious of individual as well as collective humanity overrode the intellectual idealist mind leading to sadistic dismissal of those deemed as inferior races where freedom was ignored by the might of one’s oppressor in the name of social change.

I’m sadly reminded as I’ve said of middle and high school focus upon the histories of the Stalin/Hitler regimes as well as the Holodomor. Also a song from Japan that espoused and celebrated what would become known as a future hoped for 4th Reich that I heard while exploring their language, culture, and artistic talents.

As I’ve stated family has Ashkenazi Jewish as well as an assortment of Anglo Saxon roots with a touch of Ethiopian Jewish and Middle Eastern DNA having come here in the 1800s to the United States from Germany/Denmark for my biological maternal and paternal family.

I also inherited my great grandmother’s high school yearbook who survived the Great Depression when my WW II naval veteran maternal grandfather passed; she graduated 3 years before the economy went bust in that era.

You can deny what happened because I’m no naive person with the world wide web, but then I guess that makes all those people that came to my school to speak liars and scoundrels although I’m not sure what they hoped to gain. How do we know what is truth in our ever revisionist his or her story?

After all who is in charge of writing, preserving, and passing it on. You’re the one who has to decide what to believe. That includes believing in the denial of certain things I won’t mention here because I expect you to know what I am eluding to. If you don’t my apologies.

A Brief History Lesson:

The power of this degree is its understanding of how limitations can be changed gradually. To effect this change requires an understanding of the nature of those limitations and an intuitive sense of how to approach them, where their weaknesses are, and how to dialog with any system.

Here is the master negotiator who respects the integrity of whatever they are working with as well as who can achieve far reaching results by acknowledging what is and and then working with it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman making lace.” Here we find patience as well as the ability to concentrate and to perceive the overall patterns of whatever we are dealing with. This degree is adept at carrying out delicate procedures and of keeping all the strands of its motives and needs straight.

It is one who brings people and situations together in an attempt to produce something harmonious and beautiful; a degree of great refinement. Work with guardian angel Lehahiah and daimon Furfur.

Daimon Furfur is tied to the Eight of Cups, Mars, Tobacco, and Pisces. This daimon initiates one into the depths of understanding our conscious mind through the workings of our unconscious and subconscious by employing self introspection into our lives.

The tobacco spoken of is nicotiana, and I’m not going to advocate as to if one should be growing it in their garden (simply sharing what I’ve located).

Furfur is an ideal daimon to work with for forging relationships especially those where one can espouse superlative knowledge. You can look to new revelations of hidden knowledge in areas of interest.

This particular degree sits upon the fixed star Beta Grus in Grus the Crane. Cranes being known for elaborate courtship performances spend much time preening their feathers or on the other hand camouflaging themselves by painting their bodies with mud.

The Latin word grus and the English word crane are taken from Middle English and German via krone, however, the Greek and Indo European base gere is defined as uttering a hoarse cry.

A crane can also describe a machine which raises weights, and it is here that we get the word mechane originating in geranos as crane or krade as branch. Mechane derives from the Indo European root magh connected to magus and the Magha lunar nakshatra I was born into through my natal Vedic astrology.

Magh is defined as to be able or to have power. We see this in the words mechanic, magic, and might. Persians ascribed this title to those who were members of their priestly caste.

When we look towards Asteroid Enterprise we find impetus for one to bring clarity to their interactions with others while correctly evaluating what they really want in life. This forms a better usage of one’s energy and vibration.

If we’ve been the victim of doing too much for others then it’s likely we’ll be taken advantage of in the long run developing resentful feelings of being used/abused. We should deploy our sense of humor to entertain our enemies in life without becoming offensive.

“I’m so disappointed. I keep pressing the space bar on my keyboard, but I’m still on Earth.” – Anonymous

Sagittarius: Two arrows crossed and surrounded by zones of glistening white light.

Denotes one who has a tendency to pull in opposite directions. The struggle between the desires and willpower shall be constant and an act of hostility could be followed by deep remorse. It is a fight between the world of matter (materialism) and the world of spirit. There may be peculiar changes in life which are most unexpected that are likely to occur. It is a symbol of Wavering.

Still interested in learning about Kyudo try the following video as well. This degree works best with Grape Agate expressing a message of moving ever forward with distinctive style and determination while focusing upon being caring, trustworthy, and individualistic as one supports the best in others. The affirmation is I am an extraordinary individual.

I’ve seen this particular degree described also as the energies of one speaking morning and evening for several hours each day telling what they know to their audience while imagining questions coming from non-existent students answering them only for new questions to emerge leading off into other topics as well as other realms of knowledge.

The chart holder knows not the bounds or limits of their knowing or gnosis for as they speak they continue to learn more. The knowledge rises to the surface like water from a bottomless spring.

Centuries later the room where this has transpired has become a place that exists where students come to sit, bookless, and with their eyes closed capable of absorbing the reverberations which still could be felt faintly echoing from the walls which awakened in them other hidden springs.

I hope everyone has an imaginative Saturday. 🤩💗

Self Examination Saturdays: Where Does Your Compassion and Conscience Lie?

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” – Anonymous

Answers to questions lie within the underlined hyperlink text jigsaw puzzle I’ve left for my blog readers in the hopes they can piece the message together, and maybe also help me make sense of my insane blog posts. Yes, that requires a few mouse clicks on those doorways into various portals and a little bit of reading or detective work.


I wanted to compose this entry yesterday, but due to an extremely rough week I am doing this retroactive on Sunday because I needed to take a self care day. I’ve been having some significant problems with my entire left leg and foot post surgery with trying to manage my life between daily tasks/chores, gardening, and working a part time cosmetology job. I’m actually not sure I can keep up the garden in this heat this year on this foot/leg.

I tried pawning the chores on my step father, but I legitimately feel that I’ve been taking on way too much for my body to withstand. When muscle relaxers no longer work to alleviate the osteoarthritis or muscle tightness I know something is amiss.

From being told by podiatry that I essentially was born with clubfoot albeit not a severely deforming kind to the fractures in my heel and first two metatarsals, ankle ligament surgery, and the osteoarthritis within my ankle joints I’m not sure what my future for health is beyond coping with wishing my body were not making me feel eighty or ninety when I’m half that age over the last two years.

A person could get lost in my blog posts over the months and might think I’m always complaining or whining when these flares hit, but if I never explain how can anyone understand something you don’t physically see on the outside as I legitimately hide the pain if I’m not verbalizing to you that I’m in it. i won’t be crying or wincing in front of you usually and if I do moan in agony it’s only at home in front of family.

When I was a cashier post foot fracture on medical notice to have a chair at my register by physical therapy a customer called me lazy to my face for using my chair to relieve my chronic pain as I weaned back into weight bearing full time. And I had a thought enter my brain which was not verbalized that read “I hope when you step outside a bus hits you so you can feel what I feel inside of my body every day.”

And I realized how horrible I felt for that thought entering my mind simply because I was healthy before and now I’m forever changed by life’s experiences. I did not have to vocalize the thought to know something was very incorrect with that response! Nonetheless after all I’d been through being called lazy triggered me.

For two weeks in a row I’ve tried muscle relaxers to almost no avail as I wake up with spasms and tightness in my leg/ankle and osteoarthritis. Virtually every step and standing is met with some terrible pain and cement shoes is the term applied to this feeling.

Twenty to one I’ll be paying to see the podiatrist soon again. I’ve reverted to all my physical therapy exercises again including writing my alphabet upper/lowercase with my foot and rolling my foot on an iced water bottle or icing the swelling down from inflammation.

I just don’t want to deal with the uninsured medical bills right now. It always grates upon my nerves when I have to consider the costs. Then my fear kicks in too. Did I re-injure my ligament? Could I have blown out the surgery? Is anything torn again?

Combing through the asteroids on I found two I wanted to use in my Vedic Age Harmonic chart today. I’m going to begin by discussing etymology of these two words before I give examples and lead into the astrology symbolism.

I’m glad that WordPress allows for me to play with time magic also as I can publish this blog post as if I’d managed it on Saturday since it was certainly in my mind despite the fact that I was exhausted physically, emotionally, and spiritually to be honest.

I truly felt like I could barely make it all week. In fact today ensued with me opening the front door to the house and screaming outside I was so stressed and irritated rather than break dishes the way I felt I might be heading. It helped a little just to do that for about five to ten seconds after dealing with a front load laundry washer that I frankly despise. I did not want to break mom’s dishes, but I was ready to punch a wall or something.

Compassion is taken from Middle English, Old French, and Ecclesiastical Latin compassio, compati, and compassus meaning sympathy, to suffer together with, and etymologically means deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with a wish to relieve it. Some do define it as pity.

Conscience on the other hand is taken from Middle English, Old French, and Latin conscientia, consciens, and conscire meaning knowledge within oneself, to be conscious of wrong, and etymologically means the moral sense of right/wrong through self awareness that affects one’s behavior/attitude.

I chose the following example because Amma matches my Magha lunar mansion through reading from Barbara Pijan’s website although I’ve spent countless blog posts learning about my nakshatra in terms of Ketu rulership with it’s chasing liberation, samadhi, and moksha as well as the fixed star Regulus and the arguments about precession of the equinoxes through Leo to Virgo.

The desperate need to even understand myself and my chart as an esotericist or Reiki Master level. I think though it makes sense given everything this article has pointed to or this one. We’re all trying to step into whatever position we’re supposed to embody. Some are struggling to know what this should even look like such as myself.

But in exploring this from an even wider than lens beyond the Judaeo Christian or Buddhist spheres I’ve studied I did also run across another set of online articles that gave me pause. Alright so are perspectives taken subjective or objective when we approach each of these respectively?

Believe me I know when guilt sets in because I’ve been learning or rather becoming more mindful of certain choices I’ve made in my past and how they are shaping my present and will challenge my future.

As stated before the Age Harmonic chart is ideal for me in determining by my age what exactly I’m now dealing with in life. Particularly given that from 40 to 45 it directs one to the auspicious/inauspicious habits we hold within our emotional/psychological nature. Four times ten reflects our 4th House which is the home life where our private yet vulnerable self lives holding the keys to our inner child.

You’re going to see here one’s need to belong, what helps them feel at home, their value system, and their subconscious patterns. To heal the inner child you need to approach healing through unlearning behaviors that no longer serve you.

“It is a lack of love for ourselves that inhibits our compassion toward others. If we make friends with ourselves, then there is no obstacle to opening our hearts and minds to others.” – Anonymous

Tropical this was an Aquarian placement or rather the Western zodiac so I was marching to the beat of my own drum contradicting family with a detachment to my parents placing emphasis on my intellectual development and desiring independence.

If we look though at my Sidereal or Vedic we find this was a Capricorn placement so I dealt with strong family tradition against a backdrop of disciplinarian parenting where troubles emerged as I subconsciously longed for independence, warmth, and love feeling I was not receiving these.

Does that ever resonate like someone hit me over the head! This is the problem with the logic of saying what happened at an early age is great if you don’t remember it. No, it’s really not. You still remember it because it’s buried in the subconscious or unconscious waiting to be healed and released. It’s all retained in there beneath the surface and you’re not paying attention long enough to realize it.

The Age Harmonic chart aims to fine tune the moral and ethical nature through an indication of which of the three Hindu deities and their wives we are working from (creator, preserver, or destroyer). I think Judaeo Christianity has worked long and hard to remove the Divine Feminine from one’s consciousness as has some other faiths. I say this because the Capricorn 4th House also speaks towards a patriarchal society one may be growing up in.

As I study my chart though I’m learning a lot more about myself which helps my growth while making myself an example to others displaying the benefits of such practices through these services.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Compassion and Conscience

So here we are looking at my chart seeing that Asteroid Compassion (8990) is in the 9th House of Sagittarius at 4° sesquiquadrate Venus and Mars. Asteroid Conscience is in the 5th House of Leo at 24° with no aspects whatsoever.

Your 9th House is encouraging you to think big and bold by taking advantage of international communication, higher education, and exploring your higher mind through philosophy, religion, and publishing. It’s also asking you to consider legal or academic matters within a traditionally Jupiter ruled house through Sagittarius.

This placement begins to look at where in life they or others are committing acts of excessive indulgence. It’s where individually as well as collectively trends emerge showing humanity is a spendthrift lacking self control. They need to develop an attitude of fairness, ethics, and harmony. This is also the placement for those who overextend themselves. It’s important that we don’t burn ourselves out by being overactive or hyperactive.

The 5th House holds a symbolic representation being ruled by the Sun and Leo of the patriarchy as a symbol of royalty. It’s a King’s horoscope zone in traditional parlance. Kings must find heirs to their throne therefore much time and training is put into children and teenagers ensuring one is fit to take over. It shows the area in our life where we rule which can be self expression, creativity, and our ability to educate, enlighten, or inspire others.

I’ve learned to walk three times; birth, post foot fractures, and post ankle ligament surgery. I’m tired of re-learning this! The other degree symbol reminds me of the Vedic astrologer who asked me how my fashion changed during Covid.

I remarked when I’m home I’m in pajamas or a random shirt paired with sports leggings and my hair in a bun as well as no makeup. When I’m in public I’m a lot more presentable rather than dressed down for comfort. If I’m home I frankly don’t care what others “think” of me.

It’s when I have to put on a show (Leo Sun sign in the Tropical zodiac with Cancer Sun sign in the Sidereal zodiac) that I may be a bit more concerned with “appearances” or “societal norms.” Summed up in public you don’t get to always see the real me because I’m conditioned that something is not appropriate in allowing that level of intimacy and/or afraid of being judged by it. I don’t think you’ll like what you see.

“The universe has shaken you to awaken you.” – Anonymous

The Omega symbol describes these degrees as the following and here again is some interpretation to the meaning of daimon. It’s worth the read if you want to connect it with what I just explained above.

This degree has knowledge that must come out even if it isn’t acknowledged or accepted by others. There is an ability here to be impervious to the negative reactions and/or disinterest of others. As long as this degree focuses on what it needs to do and lets go of any apprehensions concerning the ramifications of its actions it can live true to itself.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A young prince undressed to bathe in a pool.” The young man puts himself in a vulnerable position by taking away all the barriers between himself and nature. He then enters the water or the sacred womb of the mother to be refreshed, cleansed, and purified.

This degree is about seeking direct experience by divesting oneself of preconceptions, social conditionings, and by also letting go of assertiveness and agendas so as to have a full experience of what’s right there in front of one.

It’s not easy to give oneself completely over to the feminine. It requires a lot of macho courage and gutsiness. Work with guardian angel Seheiah and daimon Berith. Shockingly I’ve previously covered this degree through another lens altogether when I was coping with also podcasts that dealt with our current socio-political climes.

Daimon Berith corresponds with the Two of Pentacles, Venus, Capricorn, and Sandalwood. This daimon was of particular importance to alchemists in the transmutation of base metals to gold. This daimon helps those who help themselves.

If we hop over now as that was the degree for Asteroid Compassion we see a different message within Asteroid Conscience. The most difficult of situations can elicit from the chart holder a surprising resourcefulness. They have a tremendous ability to mutate.

If they give in to this it can be very exhilarating and ultimately fulfilling. If they struggle against it and rigidly try to hold on to what is no longer needed suffering will inevitably be the result.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Sunrise over Stonehenge.” Overcome by water one becomes what will thrive in water just as the denizens of England reacting to the cycles of time build Stonehenge which is in harmony with those cycles. The chart holder projects an aura of importance that is quiet and certain with a deep self assurance that comes from being in tune with the whole of life.

They are what they are in a simple way though many, varied, and complex are the roads you may travel. They are attuned to what endures and as they become increasingly at one with this they contact their true self at deeper and deeper levels. Work with guardian angel Mumiah and daimon Andromallus.

Daimon Andromallus is tied with the Ten of Cups, Mars, Dragon’s Blood, and Pisces. This daimon protects your home, family, vehicle, and business from theft. Many work with Andromallus to learn how to operate through life safely.

Usually Andromallus is worked with to right a wrong that was inflicted against one such as being robbed of something in one’s life. Some believe this daimon operates from some rather strong value systems. I’ve literally read that to work with Andromallus you best have your morals/ethics in check!

This degree actually also sits upon the fixed star Subra in the right knee of Leo the Lion. This fixed star takes it’s name from Subira meaning patience. Patience from Middle English, Old French, and Latin patientia, patiens, and patior means to suffer, endure, and wait. Kabbalists associate this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Kaph and the tarot trump Strength.

The Hebrew letter Kaph deals with a specific path on the Tree of Life in Kabbalah where we again see Jupiter here with some powerful symbolism. When I began my part time cosmetology job my Reiki chakra bracelet broke. I managed to collect all the pieces and place it upon my wealth altar, but I’ve not restrung the beads nor looked for a replacement.

I probably should as I wore it also on my left dominant arm with my ring. It had been worn daily for years and the fishing wire finally gave out. May your weeekend be nourishing! I’m trying my best to take it easy on my days off, but I know I still have to move and exercise while in this pain flare. 🍲🥄


Self Examination Saturdays: Where Can We See/Make Miracles Happen?

It’s remarkably odd to find out that you are supposedly a grasshopper without wanting to make obnoxiously bad Kung Fu puns at the same time!

All bad jokes and puns aside the underlined hyperlink text that probably annoys everyone when I mention it is here to help you hop along the path towards knowledge/gnosis.


Funny title? Yes, I suppose it is. I wanted to venture back into the realm today of Arabic Parts/Lots to look at the formula given for charting Miracles. The actual formula utilized is Ascendant plus Pluto minus Sun which if we consider these correspondences in and of themselves we may find some clues to this process.

For example, your Ascendant is said to symbolize all potential possibilities while the Sun represents all possible probabilities. The Ascendant as the most important key to material and spiritual potentialities will assist one in understanding their soul level incarnation intentions.

The Sun on the other hand as all eventualities shows the nature with which your personality expresses itself. Your Ascendant is a blueprint of all future spiritual development with the Sun applying deeper understanding to your ego be that the lower/higher ego.

Pluto is a heavy indicator of our individual as well as collective place for transformation, intensity, obsessive patterns, and where we may look into studying concepts such as occultism, psychology, and alchemy. Pluto is said to be that harbinger of turning your world upside down to test your faith and to prepare you for the hard lesson of letting go.

As a partner with the energies of Scorpio when we interact with Pluto we find a ruler of life, death, and rebirth who helps us come out stronger after we face our daimons.

The root etymology of the word miracle originates in Middle English, French, and Latin with a connection to objects of wonder, smiling, and being astonished. Most of us attribute these moments in our lives as events with inexplicable or supernatural origins that bring fortunate outcomes allowing for us to prevail against the odds.

Kabbalists seem to enjoy ascribing the month of Kislev or Sagittarius as the realm beyond where most of us reside and these periods of awe, confusion, or bewilderment are revealed. I think that the companion to this relies upon one of my favorite holidays which is Chanukah. More than that there is basis on the fact that the Jewish believe the month of Kislev is when Noah’s Ark landed safely on dry land having survived the Great Flood.

If we took a more esoteric approach to this we’d understand this is symbolic anytime in our lives when we feel as if the storms upon us will never end, we become uncertain of our future, and we wonder if we will see sunshine again. This then is clearly not defined by only one month on any particular religious or cultural timeline much less any calendar creating a vein of commonality with what I was saying about time being an illusion yesterday.

Humans have created these to essentially make logical or rational sense of the environment with which they are foreigners in. I say foreigners because we’re spiritual beings having a human experience.

Kislev is said to be a month where darkness turns to light as the Sun shines fewer hours each day. Most of society at this time will be found celebrating various holidays with a theme of gratitude be that Thanksgiving or Chanukah.

The darkness of the season is when we allow our struggles to unexpectedly turn into our blessings. When we really think about it more than just Judaism, Christianity, or Islam have festivals of light respectively.

Chanukah being a miracle of oil one should comprehend that it is in fact a metaphyiscal term for anointing our thoughts with love poured out to make everything we encounter holy or in other words perfectly whole. Perfectly whole means head and heart work in communion or that mind, body, and spirit establish a consciousness of love over fear having a more Universal/Cosmic awareness of their internal and external realities.

Like the Mayans the culture of Judaism is known for having a variety of calendars to keep time and then to claim that this makes it sacred, but who defines what making sacred is when it becomes mandated or dogmatic. On top of all of this Kislev is known as the month in their paradigm for the arrival of the rainbow which is just another way to approach our chakra system.

And in this you may discover why I’m not really wanting to pick any one calendar over another much less will I pick one astrology school over another becoming as dogmatic in esotericism as those in exoteric practices.

Those kinds of astrologers and esotericists do exist. And we’ve both gotten into a lot of heated discussion over topics which again is why I’m very solitary in my approaches not wanting to form any sort of “group” online or offline. You’re simply not going to limit me or box me in. If that’s your approach then so be it, but recognize I don’t nor will I walk such a path.

My DNA is in fact Ashkenazi Jewish as I’ve said mixed with other ethnic branches, but I was raised in a family with full freedoms and liberties to study and plot my own life path. I would certainly hope those who follow my writings have recognized I’ve used the Tao, the I Ching, the Quran, and a myriad of other esoteric themes to illustrate my openness to move beyond standard limiting beliefs.

Judaism also operates their calendars upon agriculture, government, civil, and sacred patterns of time keeping not all that different than any other culture who employed similar practices. If you look back this has been going on for aeons including Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, Babylon, and so forth.

Miracles Arabic Part/Lot

Getting beyond this introductionary rambling which hopefully made some form of sense we notice that my Arabic Part/Lot for Miracles is placed into the 4th House of Capricorn at 7° uniquely between Mercury and Jupiter on the wheel. We can then summarize this as a zone of sanctuary where one feels they most belong.

The 4th House is very much tied to my studies on Magha lunar mansion with a co-significator of Cancer being the land of the ancestors associated with the home, family, and nurturing. Now my Western natal chart will display the IC/MC as the Capricorn/Cancer axis.

So a well tied knot; sounds like what I feel is happening in my left foot. I plan tonight to be a trip with a muscle relaxer for this very reason, but I digress! The gandanta always takes place between water and fire elements. Agni and apas are two opposite elements. Fire can heat up the water and water can extinguish fire which makes negotiating this area of anyone’s chart complex, however, this area of any astrology chart is precisely where the maximum spiritual development takes place.

Natal Tropical With IC/MC Capricorn/Cancer

Any planet placed in gandanta lies in a difficult position where it has to face some conflicts. Let’s say Venus is in gandanta this means your relationships/marriage will be an area of insecurity. The Cancer (Ashlesha) and Leo (Magha) gandanta is where soul endings transpire moving towards psychological change. This all sounds incredibly familiar!

The ruling deity of Ashlesha is the Nagas or wise serpents. At this stage there is the shedding of the skin to grow another one. The entire experience transforms the mind and the psyche through extremely painful manners necessary for soul growth into another dimension. Upon the Magha nakshatra stage our soul is finally ready to experience life at a junction point of intellectual change which it has already experienced at the Ashlesha level via connection to our past lives/incarnations.

Gandanta is also where we have a wound which we have covered up with a bandaid, but someone has abruptly ripped it off with absolutely no warning. They do not even know if the wound underneath this bandaid was fully healed before they rip it off of us meaning there may still be raw and fresh flesh underneath. The intensity of the pain is based upon if the wound healed which is a complex knot of all our previous lives/incarnations combined.

In 2022 these occur for Ashlesha and Magha during July 30 through August 2 as well as August 13 through August 17 and finally August 28 through September 3 within Sun, Mercury, and Venus. Why would I be keying into these themes in advance during June of 2022 before they’re set to arrive? I don’t recall having that talent before as an esotericist.

Mercury takes us beyond our thoughts to direct connections with our intuition, wisdom of the soul, and the Universe/Cosmos itself while Jupiter reveals what one does to accomplish their spiritual purpose. The energy of this degree is best explored through the following lens.

The chart holder is good at pointing out the structures of things to other people while clarifying information. They want others to understand the significance of things and to see how the past has produced the results of the present. It is especially adept at bringing forth lost or forgotten information which can enrich present knowledge.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A satyr gazing at his reflection in a pond.” To peer into one’s animal side looking back at you from the depths of the subconscious while befriending it is what this symbol is trying to do. If you try to deny or ignore this energy you will always be drawn back to it as it will be drawn to you.

If you try to civilize it then it will elude you. If you are timid or fearful the vision of this primitive you can be frightening. The more you can own it and love it the stronger you will connect yourself to the joy and power of your Earthly being. The challenge is to accept and not complexify or to make friends with while integrating this wild inner being. Then you will deeply have learned the secret. Work with guardian angel Umabel and daimon Zagan.

Daimon Zagan connects to the Eight of Wands, Sun, Mercury, Frankincense, and Sagittarius. When we choose to work with this daimon we may find that they can take any given situation and flip it around. Your perceptions of reality will be changed by seeing the illusions removed. I’ve read a variety of interpretations for this daimon having already covered Zagan in a previous blog post.

Other attributions include the Magician tarot trump and transubstantiation. While a great many reject the doctrine of transubstantiation I believe they fail to comprehend the etymology represents not just a jaunt into Catholicism through the eucharist. It’s a simple conversion of one substance into another very akin to the inherent methods of many estoeric practices including alchemy.

Can zombies do yoga? Of corpse knot!

If this degree happens to fall on a Mercurial personal planet similar to as I’ve mentioned above the split with Jupiter then one is said to be heavily enamored with discussing the Universe/Cosmos, esoteric topics, and self development. Some consider the perspectives brought into everyday parlance to be refreshing while others will find it to be too otherworldly or difficult to comprehend.

A great crystal to work with is Chrysocolla expressing a message of effervescent energy and escapism imbued with a lightness of being that is best described as freedom focused upon effortlessly coping with one’s troubles in life in an effort to assist others in resolving their problems. The affirmation is I am open and accepting of all possibilities.

Interestingly I touched on precession again yesterday, but when it comes to lunar mansions particularly mine you’ll find a whole lot of traditionalists who believe it can’t possibly progress to Virgo and could never leave Leo. Well…let’s just agree to disagree!

As there is no fixed star for this degree I leave you with a few photos taken from our garden over the past few days which is primarily wildflowers with a few shots of the sweet potatoes and roma tomatoes because we’re still working through much lettuce and green, yellow, and purple beans while the carrots are simply not ready yet for harvest. May you have a truly reflective Saturday! 🪞💖

I on the other hand made lotion for a customer today who likes eucalyptus scent and well it feels like either a Christmas store or a menthol cough drop. My nose and throat are tingling. Should there be proofreading errors or any other confusion with my composition today I’ll likely re-read it tomorrow for corrections. I’m struggling against a loud television movie which is disturbing my concentration and going to head to bed early tonight for my own well being.

Up close and personal with the life of the bees!
Green roma tomatoes on the vine!
Zinnias are slowly beginning to bloom flowers, and I’m glad to see some color again.
I’m waiting to see if these sunflowers will go to seed or not!
Borage with sweet potatoes pushing through the ground/soil makes me wonder if they’ll produce as well as the Yukon gold potatoes.

Self Examination Saturdays: June’s Affiliation With Asteroid Juno

What does the Sun drink out of? The Sun listens to the orca-stra.

Today we explore the month of June via the lens of astrotheology! It’s time to compare Tropic to Sidereal with a few inquisitive clicks of the mouse through the use of underlined hyperlink text.


The soul mate and wife archetype can be captured by investigating Asteroid Juno (3) in your astrology chart. Juno orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter every 1,590 days or 4.35 years. This Roman Goddess is identical with the Greek Goddess Hera in that she was wife/sister of Zeus or Jupiter.

Traditionally astrologers would place Juno as the marriage asteroid, representative of the month of June (wedding season), and the ruler of ceremonies pertaining to childbirth, compromise, and loyalty.

Her unique placement in your chart will depict where you enter a Divine union desiring to be seen, validated, and nurtured. She can be taken through a modern approach to symbolize a transcendence of Venusian/Martian qualities bringing forth some of the Plutonic characteristics.

It is here that we might find some shadow work that helps to evaluate the relationship patterns we seek to gain higher awareness of with regards to our life purpose. Through this we will experience different dimensions of healing. While it often corresponds to a marriage occasionally this can also display as business partnerships.

Get to Know Juno Better:

I personally wanted to take this time to use the Vedic Age Harmonic to get a more reliable focus on the present than the standard approach many take. If I can find the energy and flow that is happening this year I think it will give me a better understanding of what my soul is attracting towards myself.

Ironic that we find Asteroid Juno in my 7th House of Partnerships in Libra at 25° with aspects that include sextile Sun and Mercury as well as quintile Venus. Being with people makes me happy yet I still take pleasure in being my own sovereign person. Not fond of uncouth behavior or aggression in others I tend to avoid conflict which might be holding back my development.

Classic aesthetics appeals to me the most. Superficial differences are not important to me making it easier to befriend those from various socio-economic backgrounds.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Juno

Juno in the 7th House speaks to a deep need for commitment. We grow a lot via business and romantic partnerships. Juno is right at home in Libra knowing the importance of compromise and harmony.

We seek partners who are graceful and charming, drawn to the arts, and desire equality. Here Juno beautifies the environment making it pleasing which is not limited to just dressing up rather it can be seen in decorating the home.

Libra is ruled by Venus so projection might occur if one has not mastered the art of detachment. In a karmic sense there may be a soul mate who projects onto us so we become consciously aware of our behavior.

If we struggle to commit then it displays as being given free time yet not knowing what to do with it or even having multiple ideas we wish to manifest yet being unable to choose one to focus upon.

This degree enlarges awareness making way for new ideas to be introduced into a milieu in a smooth way so that people experience a minimum of discomfort that might otherwise accrue from the process of change.

In all relationships new points of connection can appear which can enrich interaction immeasurably. Everyone’s power to communicate is stretched and expanded which increasingly opens up more possibilities to be explored.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “In the midst of a forest a great circular open area.” This is a place to hide, to commune secretly with others, and to be protected as this happens. This degree has the power of touching everyone it meets in an intimate and ineffable way that is often subliminal and unsuspected.

The words appearing are new ones which we need to communicate new ideas enhancing the depth of our interaction with others. The chart holder is all about finding a space in which to connect and has an ability to do this swiftly and instinctively by just being there where others are in intimate rapport offering escape and relief from the world’s narrow focus.

It is through going to this place of deep communion and then returning that we are rejuvenated able to deal with our own world through greater clarity and perspective. Work with guardian angel Umabel and daimon Zagan. This guardian angel is absolutely humorous given my online business!

Daimon Zagan connects to the Eight of Wands, Sun, Mercury, Sage, and Sagittarius. Zagan is great for healing your chakras as well as shielding/warding, apotheosis (this should look familiar), banishing, exorcism, and protection. This daimon enjoys showing you the humor in everyday life situations to assist you with conquering your fears.

Zagan corresponds to Daath and the Abyss. The name has reference in gematria to wandering/wanderer as well as treasurer (coin creation) and the Hebrew letter Samech/Samekh.

The Abyss:

Do fish go on vacation? No, because they’re always in school.

A great crystal to work with for this degree is White Jade with a message to open your senses to inspiring messages from your spiritual guides focusing upon your deepened self esteem and self awareness through personal growth which has led to metaphysical, logical, and psychological answers. The affirmation is I experience profound and gentle transformation.

As there is no fixed star to study with this degree I’m including the Kozminsky Symbol.

25° Libra: A woman naked standing on a crescent Moon with the stars glittering behind her in a sky of blue.

Denotes an attractive person who is in danger of being held in the chains of sense and at the will of others. Their nature is impulsive, artistic, restless, and pleasure loving. The desires are strong and may run riot with their reason. There is a leaning to the artificial, theater, and dance via a very sensuous love of Earth life. It is a symbol of Vacillation.

Just once I’d like to not have such strange astrological musings/connections! 😲

Life Purpose by Vedic Astrology
Regulus at Zero Point Virgo In My Solar Return Chart of 2022

Have a star filled Saturday! I’m off to rest; I’m absolutely exhausted after the last three days at my part time cosmetology job. For some reason I feel absolutely drained and my brain is fried. 🌙🏰😴

Self Examination Saturdays: Plotting Fixed Stars from Constellations in a Natal or Draconic Chart

“A person’s energy and the aura they give off never lies. Trust in that.” – Anonymous

Where to begin? The underlined hyperlink text fleshes out an otherwise fully elaborate research project I’ve done for today. When I receive a tarot reading from others I usually integrate them this way. It’s probably not a common form for most. If you wish to learn a little more about my level of perspective in life go on an adventure by clicking on the provided details I’ve left behind in my wake.


There was a tarot reading last night that expressed a few interesting points which I woke up this morning wanting to investigate a bit further. The cards given began as the Ace of Swords, Ace of Wands, and Magician.

When the colors came through as red and blue I was reminded of the three Kabbalistic pillars on the Tree of Life referred to as Mercy, Severity, and Balance. As these were clarified the Akashic Records began to emerge in the reading as well via Oracle Cards speaking to breath, delight (enjoying what one does), guidance, unity, the Universe/Cosmos, and the energies of one’s Divine Feminine or matriarchy which the tarot reader said spoke to the womb space of mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. The crystal mentioned was Smoky Quartz.

The tarot reader was right on the money when she spoke to what she saw in this reading, but I don’t know if she understood the Yods when she began to explain what she was intuitively keying into about impregnation and creative impulses. It’s literally as if she had read my blog, but in fact she had not before she gave the reading! It was one of the strangest and spookiest reads I’ve ever had by someone. I felt so “seen.”

Upon the Kabbalistic pillars we find the following information:

Left hand side (my dominant side; southpaw) is associated with right brain functions representing the Divine Masculine comprised of Chokmah, Chesed, and Netzach. Chokmah is Yang, the highest sphere of the Divine Masculine, and the lower spheres of Chesed/Netzach are Divine Feminine or Yin. This is known as Yang at the center of Yin as shown in the famous Taoist symbol of Yin Yang.

In the Four Worlds of Kabbalah red can speak to Binah and Geburah through boundaries, sorrow, power, the illusions of death/invincibility, and Saturn/Mars. Blue, however, speaks to Chesed and Chokmah through unconditioned/conditioned creativity, the Vision of God/Goddess face to face, love, the zodiac/Jupiter, and the illusions of independence and righteousness.

This all makes logical sense actually to my life at present. These topics would require blog readers to be active students in esoterics and studying Kabbalah as I’ve been doing in my spare time for which there are many interpretations, personal experiences, and various levels of knowledge or gnosis.

One of which reminds me of my experience with a NDE at age 26 and some of my further health struggles into my 30s and 40s grappling with existential reality which I’ve previously blogged about from allergies to fluorquinolones being prescribed or even contraindicated pain medications or coping with chronic pain. Two rounds of Cipro and a ligament tear 5 months later will always seem suspicious to me now after a chronic UTI which I still battle, but now take entirely different antibiotics and probiotics for with dietary changes.

This dovetails into some issues I’m questioning with mom who was given the same black box warning antibiotics in an IV during her pneumonia treatment. I had multiple blog posts in January 2022 about all of this research and earlier entries on my foot fractures and subsequent surgery. I don’t believe many people read or listen to pharmaceutical commercials, black box warnings, and other factors as readily as they should to make truly “informed” decisions. They give their power away in a large number of forms. And we reap as we sow!

People then think I’m weird because I appear a rather radical health or food advocate to them, but you’ve not lived my life and you have to understand I’ve seen stories of others being harmed or worked in a profession where I experienced something I can’t share from a legal vantage that shaped my consciousness or understanding. I share that info with those open enough to receive because too many won’t hear the message for they don’t desire to wake up to truth.

As the tarot reader said red or blue pill! The choice is yours! I did not know about these class antibiotics until my teledoc warned me I could not be prescribed them again over the phone rather cryptic like prompting me to get online and research the same way I researched gabapentin, tramadol, and the entire nervous system in the human body with chronic pain to learn how to heal myself. It required me to realize that I was deficient and unhealthy due to lifestyle particularly my diet, stress, and other factors.

If I’d been there instead of other family authorizing her care I never would have allowed them to give these to her because her post side effects are worrisome including our waiting for an MRI on her foot to see if she too has any torn foot ligaments in her left foot. This trauma is for me as if I’m reliving a difficult life experience when I had surgery and an awakening.

To say I’m not always coping well is an understatement. Others have said it’s not my responsibility. No partially it is not, but sometimes we struggle with wanting to help others against our best interests. We mean well, but that is not always enough/appropriate. Ideally the responsibility is ours individually to learn and take care of ourselves becoming more self sufficient.

Again sovereignty is not what most people are taught to embrace for they have taken up codependency. Or they’ve been coddled long enough it’s like we put them on a bicycle with training wheels and they’re fearful to take those training wheels off.

It’s too personal, and I guess I did not fully heal on some levels myself because my experiences now with medical professionals compounded by years in medical malpractice law will never be as trusting or the same as they were before I became more self aware. And I won’t burden blog readers with getting too personal about all of these life lessons or problems I’m having with family or responsibilities I question are really mine to tend to or if they belong to others trying to “adult” sometimes unsuccessfully.

Right hand side is associated with left brain functions representing the Divine Feminine comprised of Binah, Geburah, and Hod. Binah is the Great Sea and Yin, the highest sphere of the Divine Feminine, and the lower spheres of Geburah/Hod are Divine Masculine or Yang. This is known as Yin at the center of Yang.

The middle or central pillar is associated with balance, wholism, and integration representing the unity of male/female composed of Kether, Tiferet, Yesod, and Malkuth/Malchut.

“If you’re afraid to defend your convictions because you might get your ass kicked for it, you’re not really fit to advocate for them.” – James Carlos Blake

Much of the reading resonated with me in that there was mention of healing, Reiki, ASMR, music, and herbalism coupled with knowledge of the North Lunar Node and the starseeds from Andromeda and Sirius. A greater puzzle piece to unravel was the mention of manifesting a galactic DNA and partnerships that are not necessarily based on time/space. These are all areas I’ve been covering in my blog post including the mention of clairaudience with regards to the water element through my recent mermaid blog posts.

This morning I decided after tending to my various chores as well as the garden to plot the Andromedan fixed stars and Sirius into my Natal and Draconic charts for further understanding. I’ve known that the later degrees of any constellation are often referred to as the markers of starseeds, but have not actively pursued the study of this in esoterics. I’m now feeling a bit more inclined to investigate this perhaps over the next week.

There is no possible way to cover all of the degrees in this comparison so I’m going to pick and choose or rather highlight for my blog post which degrees I feel compelled to hone in on. I will be doing more personal research in my spare time. If others are interested in this and feel compelled you can use’s extended charts and select fixed stars from additional objects through their free services if you don’t have an astrology software that allows for this depth of study.

One of the first stars I wanted to look at is the Draconic chart’s placement of Nembus associated with androgyny which the tarot reader spoke of as an energy she was picking up on. The Draconic chart as previously mentioned shows how others acutely and subconsciously become aware of our soul’s purpose opening life’s doors tracing where we came from (parents, grandparents, and great grandparents) as well as where we are going.

The Draconic chart is ideal for those who wish to best understand their soul or the soul of another. The North Node in the Natal chart is how you execute your life’s mission and purpose. The point in comparing so many various chart systems is that you will gain a unified picture or blueprint to your mind giving you a new lens with which to perceive your higher self, unconscious, karma, and previous incarnations.

The Divine Androgyny:

Draconic Chart for Nembus and Adhil

For me Nembus squares Mercury and Jupiter, quintiles Venus and Neptune, trines Saturn, opposition Uranus, and conjuncts Chiron within my 7th House of Sagittarius at 3°. I chose this degree for a reason as the Sabian symbol implies much through the use of chess.

When my tarot reader spoke to my trying to manifest soul level partnerships, removing my junk DNA from my mundane level to reach a galactic level of consciousness, and such there are cues to the 7th House through the personal needs of relating to spouse, siblings, parents, business partners, etc. with which she spoke to who I wish to share with in this Universe/Cosmos. It is described as a cutting off of branches on the family tree.

More-so many Andromeda constellation fixed stars are in my 7th House in both of my charts which she stated have my back in cleaning out my family tree and reaching galactic alignment; a support system so to speak in the Andromedan starseed galactic tribe.

This is a placement for those who express themselves with no filter. Fields we excel in are education/teaching, marketing, law, and media. We need to be placed where our mind and communication skills will be best utilized. We enjoy imaginative art, clothing, and music.

We take a playful and lighthearted approach to spirituality. One of the phrases specifically for Jupiter trine Saturn is that “we are a function of what the whole Universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing.” Totally matches my last blog post! We are also stand alones not willing to be bound to that which causes inner darkness shining a light on living more freely and attuned to one’s own life patterns.

Once the chart holder had found where the treasure was supposed to be they realized that what the treasure was is something intangible. The chart holder wondering if they carried the treasure with them felt almost certain they did while others were waiting for a sign/omen or some internal shift that might announce its presence.

And yes, eventually over many years all of them decided they had received something from their quest which was some ineffable essence that continued to mutate and to change them which they occasionally felt for a moment within themselves, but which would then elude them again impelling them to seek ever further. Work with guardian angel Yerathel and daimon Ronove.

Daimon Ronove binds us to the Six of Wands, Mars, Violet, and the Moon. Viola is my great grandmother’s name. When we work with Ronove we are imparted intense comprehension and intuitional knowledge relayed via dreams and divination. There is an emphasis on telekinesis (I don’t believe I’ve mastered this as I’m picturing Bewitched), winning arguments, mental stability, and spirit helpers who assist with magical exercises/teachings.

Next on the Draconic chart I want to look at fixed star Adhil in my 7th House of Scorpio at 28° because speculatively this is a starseed degree. Aspects include square Sun and Mercury, semisquare Mars, and trine Saturn. Our energies are redirected towards our solar path of ambition, force, power, and breaking through barriers.

Inner transformation becomes essential, but the problem is many are dominating us forcing us to fight to be heard and demanding we submit to them not valuing cooperation; in essence we deal with a lot of control freaks! And I personally can attest to that as a verifiable truth!

Hmm…fairy kings?!

We deal with a lot more conflict and confrontation than most. Male figures in our lives have posed deep threats to our sense of autonomy in the early years of our lives having psychologically shamed us regarding our impulses which has caused us impotence in our psyche towards survival.

We’ve learned the only way to survive is to cut ourselves off from that which threatens us. This means we are dismissive of that which causes internal conflict and anger for no apparent reason. Our self discipline is a bulldog mentality that no matter how difficult things get we keep at it until the job is done.

This degree turns everything into poetry. Nothing is average or prosaic unless it is made or seen that way. The chart holder has a way of lifting any and all experience to a higher level by finding the beauty in it. This is often done unconsciously, but even if the person is not aware of it the effect is still transporting and revealing of the Cosmic aspect of all phenomena.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A building: the only part of it left is the cornerstone.” Everything passes away eventually even something as seemingly durable as a building. The cornerstone marks the place it was preserving the memory of that structure. Our imagination may rebuild that building and/or we may actually rebuild it in physical reality or build a structure that is different yet in some way like it bearing some of the essence of the the older defunct form.

The heaviness and endurance of the cornerstone seems so different from the chart holder who speaks only in meter and rhyme yet so much poetry grows out of older forms that are not much read anymore. Poetry tends to condense language just as the cornerstone is a condensation of the energy that was the building.

This degree has a gift for essentialization and for what we might call “reconceptualization,” that is, the ability to rethink and rebuild things for the purpose of allowing the soul to take on a new vehicle of expression. Realize, too, that the chart holder is not carefully writing and revising their poetry, but is expressing themselves directly and spontaneously in poetic form which is thinking on one’s feet. Work with guardian angel Yeialel and daimon Ipos.

Daimon Ipos binds us to the Five of Cups, Jupiter, Sandalwood, and Scorpio. When working with Ipos one gains charisma, intelligence, and courage. This daimon is great for getting the funk out especially cleansing breaths and also switching gears in life.

Natal Chart for Almach and Sirius

Now lets take a glance at the Natal chart for some answers and comparisons! I chose Almach, but I’ve also previously investigated this degree if you want to hop on over here for reference as I was looking into Desdemona. Almach is in my 7th House of Taurus at 13°. Almach makes aspects in my chart which include square Mercury and Jupiter, trine Saturn, opposition Uranus, and conjunct Chiron.

Our challenge if we choose to accept it is to put our interests before those of others without feeling guilty for doing so. We are tasked to set boundaries with those who are asking us to overextend ourselves or neglect our own needs to placate their every whim/fancy.

If we are sick, impoverished, and not taking good care of ourselves to care for everyone else then in the end we have nothing to give. Healthy selfishness is essential to self love. Setting boundaries at one time although many don’t respect this today was seen as a way to earn greater respect of your peers and elders.

We assert our identity even when it causes discord as we are tired of feeling oppressed and disadvantaged by current societal norms. Our heart is where we are broken. We’ve buried everything there be it good, bad, or ugly. We can’t ignore that we have unresolved wounds still waiting to be healed. Therefore we can not fake it until we make it.

I’d like to take this time as it is opportune having already extensively covered this degree to speak to the myths of Andromeda as well as a little astronomy woo. In Ancient Mesopotamia the constellation was known to three different asterisms.

These were Apin the Plow lending to the name Mul.Apin, I-Iku the Field was the field worked over by the plow now known as the Great Square of Pegasus reminding me of my Nike sneakers, and Anunitum the patron Goddess of Akkad related to Inanna and Ishtar (Goddess of love, beauty, sex, war, justice, and political power).

Andromeda was also associated with Lu-lim the Stag/Messenger of the Stars. This was a reference to the Sun as rekindling the fire or a chariot pulled by a horse. Lastly Harriru the Rainbow was a possible connection to Andromeda galaxy.

The Greek mythology depicts this as Perseus liberating the chained woman modernized as Saint George and the Dragon.The Byzantine Empire depicted Perseus’ weapon as a magical harp.

This galaxy is nearest the Milky Way and forms the nakshatra Uttara Bhadrapada (more information may be found here) ruled by Shani the God of karma, justice, and retribution. We can also find here the concepts of Andromeda and the Milky Way colliding. I should preface this as we still don’t know if this merger will or will not happen!

Of note in the tarot reading Pluto was a reversed card for the reading in aspect to an upright Moon. If we consider the Moon is ruled by Pisces in tarot perhaps this speaks to those wishing to remain in the Piscean Age incapable of embracing an Aquarian Age or a new aeon.

But this interpretation matches the tarot readers notation of piercing the veil to all the deception and poor intentions of others swimming around me at present. I’m not as naive as I once was. Judgment was an important card in the Chaldean numerology for my business being established.

Lastly let’s look upon fixed star Sirius which is part of a vortex of energy linked to the August 8th Lionsgate Portals. This is when the grids of the Earth and the central Sun align us to the Temple of our Higher Heart channeling the energies of Divine Feminine or Goddess to birth a new age of enlightenment on Earth.

Those not aware don’t realize that this speaks to the DNA codes which change us from 3D to 5D during the ascension where all timelines merge as was spoken of by the tarot reader last night. All divisions are cleared and resolved returning to unity. We have 12 strand codes many are not activating. This was the esoteric sacred marriage of the New Jerusalem between the Christos and Magdalene.

For me I’ve been researching this before I began my astrology business and blog because I was well aware the correlation to my birthday. As the tarot reader expressed for me Sirius is in the 9th House of Cancer at 13°. This is the house of strong convictions, self expansion, and self improvement. It is where we find higher principles, all things metaphysical, and enter a vocation in law, government, or as a healer.

Sirius is square Pluto, trine Neptune, and semisquare Saturn and Chiron. We are natural loners with direct expression. We also exhibit environmental hypersensitivity and a gift for the psychic dimensions. There is a wound here with accepting and expressing our true feelings to others.

The chart holder has the ability to create spontaneously and to allow natural energies to express through themselves in an unimpeded way. They only have trouble if they try to stop this, rearrange, or limit it in some way. The chart holder fulfills their purpose as they attune to their inner guidance and allow it to flow forth without reservation or pre-conception.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Many voices singing different songs at the same time.” There could easily be an oppressive confusion here or a feeling of being overwhelmed and disoriented. This individual degree is sub-ruled by Libra so the question is how are we to relate to all of this?

The answer is to let it happen and to allow our focus to move easily through it rather than anxiously and frantically trying to assimilate all of it. This degree is about giving up control and the wonderful music that can result from doing so. Work with guardian angel Lecabel and daimon Foras.

Daimon Foras binds us to the Eight of Pentacles, Mercury, Centaury, and Virgo. Foras teaches logic, ethics, eloquence, and the knowledge of precious stones/herbs. Other areas of focus when working with this daimon are a healthy outlook, a clear head, and self introspection.

“A purely psychological explanation is ruled out…the discs show signs of intelligent guidance, by quasi-human pilots…the authorities in possession of important information should not hesitate to enlighten the public as soon and as completely as possible.” -Carl Jung

I hope everyone has a spine tingling Saturday. I’m going to be heading up soon for rest, and trying to figure out if I can ever get the Netflix login so I can watch a recommended television series from my part time cosmetology job’s manager as I don’t get access to the remote control right now.

I don’t think it interests the rest of my family either at present so maybe I can stream it off my iPhone or laptop somewhere else in this house so that we’re not fighting over who controls what anytime soon as I’m working to not create anymore strife than already has existed on/off.

Three adults cohabiting together does not always compute well! I’ve been asked and told multiple times by outsiders that I don’t feel heard. I don’t think this is just me. Literally the three of us do not always get along or agree. I’m certain that happens in more families than many want to admit. Honestly I’m still processing some other information on esoterics I’ve received.

My mind is swimming in the depths! All that I know was the tarot reader said I’m not to “sleep” on or I suppose “rest on my laurels” with my pursuits at this time. That’s not easy. I’m struggling to set boundaries at present and not feel pulled in too many directions or I feel like I need to be a bit selfish with my time at present.

Slowly the pieces are coming together all around me, and I’m starting to recognize part of the problem is those who won’t let go will be dragged as the Zen proverb states. Something Ketu ruled Magha nakshatra born should be good at is detachment. Meanwhile I’m often then arguing with those who don’t quite grasp this concept whatsoever and creating friction at home, at work, and everywhere else. I don’t think I deliver the message correctly or some just don’t wish to hear it. 🎧🎼

PS: I finally proofread this a second time. We had a thunderstorm last night. I needed to shut down my laptop for fear of power going out. Humans can have/make errors, and I found a few. 😀

Self Examination Saturdays: Burst Into Bloom This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse May 2022

“The very best relationship has a gardener and a flower. The gardener nurtures and the flower blooms.”– Carole Radziwill (Various Flowers From Our Garden May 2022)

Let’s journey through this weekend’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse with some springtime folly using the underlined hyperlink text which leads to spellbound stories (just click on any one of them to be magically transported to mirth).


On the 15th we will have both a Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. The fascinating fact of this is that for those in the Austin, TX area this eclipse will occur during 11:11 PM CST which is quite a significant number/portal. It is at this time that the Moon will be at maximum eclipse and closest to the center of the Earth’s shadow. I reside in Cedar Park, TX therefore this will be impacting my city as well.

The Full Moon occurs at 11:14 PM CST and is known as the Flower Moon signifying the growth of spring flowers in North America; ours are a wee bit slow. We do have a very nice blanket of cosmos in yellow and orange occurring out front in our garden with a very large patch of wildflowers that are edible and seed varieties for songbirds in the back of our garden. I can tell some will likely be sunflowers, but the others I’m still guessing at.

11:11 Portals:

We also had seed packs that stated they were echinacea, but they are definitely not echinacea. They are zinnias which are growing in the pots. Not the ideal location for where I’d want them per say, but then I expected an entirely different flower altogether. So I guess this is an instance of “surprise.” This Full Moon is very close to perigee making it a Supermoon closest to the Earth with an elliptical orbit.

The total lunar eclipse places the Moon opposite the side of the Earth from the Sun as the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow. This shadow is not completely dark so some of the Sun’s light refracts through the Earth’s atmosphere turning the Moon red hence the term Blood Moon (yes, there is also an equivalent counterpoint to the female cycle). The deeper the shadow the darker and more pronounced the red.

The Lunar Eclipse occurs in Scorpio at 25° which is my 8th House, however, for others this will be a different location (it could be your 1st, 6th, 9th, or any of the other 12 Houses) so it’s a good idea to look at where Scorpio is in your personal chart. The Full Moon occurs in the same location.

The aspects made to the Moon include a T-Square with Saturn, North Lunar Node, and the Sun as well as two Cradles with Midheaven/MC, North Lunar Node, Neptune, Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, and the Sun. It is worth mentioning I’ve previously covered this degree in relation to Asteroid Reiki.

The T-Square between the Moon and North Lunar Node creates an opposition to one’s life purpose with their Heart chakra. An example of this displays as one who has a life purpose of being a stay at home wife/mom, but feels pressured by their cultural group to have a career.

With Saturn we find amplified tensions between motherhood, habits, the subconscious, obligations, restrictions, and fears. The Sun is asking for a compromise to be made at this juncture. There are also conflicts with one’s energy/stamina, sense of self/purpose, and ego.

The Cradle aspect is an intensification of this where there are two potential outlets for creative problem solving or escapism. The polarity between Divine Masculine or Yang and Divine Feminine or Yin are also impacted. If there is no cooperative potential the underlying dilemma will turn into avoidance, sidesteps, and a struggle with maturation.

The reason we call this astrology aspect the Cradle is because in facing life’s challenges we are asked to develop emotionally, but some will be slower than others at this process.

Post Natal Lunar Eclipse Chart for Asteroid Blume

Today we will be investigating Asteroid Blume (18106) German for “flower” in honor of this Full Flower Moon via a Post Natal Lunar Eclipse Chart which compliments a previous blog post featuring a Post Natal Solar Eclipse Chart. The Post Natal Lunar Eclipse Chart indicates where one is more introverted, introspective, and uncomfortable in the limelight.

They will be less likely to self promote and more willing to work within the background. Asteroid Blume is placed within my 11th House of Virgo at 4° semisextile Sun, opposition Moon, and quintile Mars and Uranus. Our 11th House is what we envision and how this vision is distributed to others. It is where we seek friends we can bond with for a common cause to develop cutting edge and progressive ideas.

Asteroid Blume is in fact named for William Blume who worked with the development of Deep Impact and Epoxi comet missions. The energy of this asteroid will display as one who has more ideas than can realistically be implemented due to their logical reasoning skills being at odds with what they’re capable of doing. We’re big supporters of improving educational standards and promoting improved methods/standards of education for young children.

We struggle to reconcile our head with our heart and suffer disruption in our daily routines. There is an ability to make quick witted decisions while remaining assertive under pressure as well as being unashamedly self expressed. There is an extremely conducive environment we live in where we gravitate towards shocking styles of art, music, literature, acting, and politics.

Our outer appearance is how we manifest in the world at our most superficial level. This can either reflect to an extent what is within or it can cloud, mar, and hide it. The chart holder is intent on finding ways to clearly present themselves so that others may see who they really are. This is not easy as it may require a lot of work. At best though when the chart holder shines forth it encourages others to shine forth too.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A small piglet dressed in baby’s clothes.” It is difficult for the chart holder to hide who they are. Ultimately they don’t wish to do so anyway, but may often feel forced to travel incognito because of people being so addicted to what is average and so intent on hiding anything that is strange, original, or unique about themselves.

Humanity will be at their happiest and most fulfilled if they find the courage to throw off conservative appearances and reveal themselves completely to others. This will help them to see that their basic and primal instincts are at their roots healthy and when affirmed may become a vibrant expression of spirituality. Work with guardian angel Aladiah and daimon Buer.

Daimon Buer is related with the 2 of Cups, Mercury, Acacia, and Cancer. When we work with Buer we learn self initiation into herbalism, liberation from negative habits/behaviors, nature magic, and self transformation via positive thoughts. The framework of physics, geology, and natural sciences especially medicinal plants for healing will be encouraged.

The fixed star on this degree is Alpha Sextans in the Sextant of Uranae. The Sextant is a navigational tool which contains a sixty degree arc or sixth part of a circle used for measuring the altitudes of celestial bodies to determine latitude/longitude. The primary use being to measure the angle between a celestial object and the horizon.

Alpha Sextans is on the zero latitude line or zero declination of our celestial equator. Directly above Alpha Sextans is the fixed star Regulus which as I’ve been obsessively studying is the ruling star of Magha nakshatra I was born in on the Vedic astrology system with Ketu.

The word “sextant” derives from Latin and Greek to mean sixteen, sixty, senary, semester, siesta, and sistine as in the Sistine Chapel. This constellation is created with Urania the Muse of Astronomy in mind. As one of the Nine Muses (this calls to one of my astrology charts I feature with my online business) she is depicted pointing to a globe with a staff and deals with astronomical writings which map the stars, galaxies, and other celestial bodies.

The sextant was used by Johannes Hevelius to compile one of the first accurate star maps or is that Moon map. There is also a connection with the six pointed star which in Hinduism represents the lingam penetrating the yoni. This esoteric concept represents active and passive forces in nature as well as the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

The sixth day of creation in the Bible is when God/Goddess created man as male and female in their image and after their likeness. There are correlations in Hinduism with the Sacral chakra. It is speculated that the Creation of Adam depicts an anatomical view of our human brain.

“I pointed out to you the stars (the Moon) and all you saw was the tip of my finger.” – Tanzania Proverb

Have a bemused Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse! The energy of this event is that of Beltane where nature celebrates lush green leaves, lighthearted butterflies, and determined bees. It’s all about fertility, healing, and flourishing. I’ll be working on some chores, getting my car inspected and my tags, and finishing reading the astrology reports I purchased from another online business with aspects to Black Holes and a special Flower Essences report as well as a few other misadventures along the way. 🌟

Self Examination Saturdays: ケルベロス Kero-chan, Guardian of the Clow Cards

“I don’t want to be your ‘master.’ I want to be your friend.” – Sakura Kinomoto

May the underlined hyperlink text lead you on an exciting journey today; be sure to click on them as I’ve made sure to share some anime and astrology videos today as well as some intriguing websites! “If I’m underlined ‘click me’ because I go somewhere…”


As I have a set of Card Captor Sakura Cards (Pink) which I’ve used on occasion for tarot readings at my blog I saw a fun asteroid I wanted to plop today into a Solar Arc Direction or SAD Chart today. This was one of many of my favorite magical girl anime growing up although I did outgrow them especially after Puella Magi Madoka Magica because it came to me at a time of studying shadow work and Carl Jung.

With age I just kind of outgrew the genre. I don’t know, but being Magha nakshatra watching the Puella series was kind of… I don’t have a word to describe it! You have to watch the anime series to understand. If you follow my studies I think you’ll grasp why the magical girl trope stuck with me in my youth. Most especially the puella archetype! It’s hard to explain without one digging through my blog archives and getting to know me. I’ve done a lot of buildup with my astrology/esoteric studies.

See I share a birthday with some very famous people; Carl Jung is one of them, and I fell in love with his work! It is said I believe the creator of the Puella series made it during a period of depression, and oh how I relate! The series put me on such an emotional roller coaster through my empathy and Reiki attunements.

Kero-chan or just Kero is a fictional character in CLAMP’s manga/anime series whose name is similar to the Greek version Kerberos, but may often be rendered Cerberus. Before Clow Reed the creator of the Clow Cards died he appointed Kero as the one who would select a potential candidate to be the next “master” of the cards with his fellow guardian Yue. When Sakura Kinomoto inadvertenly releases the cards it is Kero who chooses her as the candidate teaching her the basiscs of capturing the cards.

The true form of Kero is that of a huge tawny mane-less lion/cougar with enormous angelic white wings and a breastplate with a metal helmet studded in large red precious stone. In his borrowed form Kero resembles a lion cub or stuffed animal plush toy with yellow orange fur, big ears, and small white wings.

The nature of Kero is that of a bossy, demanding, and gluttonous video game lover who eats snacks and sweets while drawing his power from the Sun which generates his own energy. He is responsible for giving Sakura the Sealing Wand and believing that she will be the next “master” of the Clow Cards. This remarkable and intelligent creature is knowledgeable not only on the Clow Cards, but also on all forms of mysticism with a knack for reading magical auras.

For more information on the manga/anime and Kero-chan please visit the following websites:

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Kero

You will find asteroid Kero was originally in my 10th House, but for this chart is now in my 11th House of Virgo at 11° forming a stellium with Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. This form of chart also moves my Midheaven to this location when compared with natal placements.

Natal I also had a stellium which in the creative sign of Leo at my 10th Houses made me selfish at times, but we learn to share the light. Virgo is, however, a sign of work and getting things done through becoming organized, productive, and keeping to a schedule while learning how to take it easy when necessary in the 11th House. Asteroid Kero is in opposition to my Sun.

This energy is a signal for one who is unusual with an interest in technology, metaphysics, and New Age past times. We don’t like to be tied down and we have an expansive intellectual mind. Our goals may not be in balance with our ego. We can see two or more sides to every story, our schedules can be hectic pushing us beyond our limits, and we usually face a lot of challenges in life.

The chart holder has the power to tap into energies in a direct way grasping situations immediately while deeply feeling what is going on around them. One knows that most of it has to do with ties to the past that have created chronic stuck places. The chart holder is able to help others to release these energy knots so that they may move on.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A four year old girl dressed as a nurse.” The four year old girl dressed as a nurse has an immediate healing effect. This degree signifies the magic of tapping directly and spontaneously into the wavelength of healing and merging with our inner wisdom. Work with guardian angel Lauviah and daimon Gusion.

Daimon Gusion works with the Seven of Pentacles (here is another great interpretation of this tarot card), Venus, Eyebright, and Cancer. Gusion aids with discerning whether someone truly loves you or not by granting you the wisdom necessary to see through the illusions of other’s intentions.

This daimon bestows one with honor and dignity as well as positions of authority. Known as the Master of Public Relations this daimon hates disputing situations and plays the role of intermediary.

Work with Black Rutilated Quartz to compel the best outcomes while focusing on paying careful attention to detail which will give you the authority and wisdom to manage specific tasks/situations with ease. Affirm that you have a cherished desire for all to go well today.

This degree sits on two fixed stars known as Alsuhail in the sails of Argo Navis the Great Ship and Zosma in Leo the Lions back on the rump. Suhail means “Smooth Plain.” The fixed star Alsuhail has the energies of Saturn and Jupiter giving prosperity and strength of mind/spirit.

Very little is given for this particular fixed star. Zosma is a Persian word meaning “The Girdle, Enzonement, and Loincloth.” The Iranian continent referred to this fixed star as Wadha, the Wise, in Khorasmi it was referred to as Armagh, the Great, in China this fixed star was known as Shang Seang or the Higher Minister of State, and in Egypt Zosma was symbolized as Pikhorion or the Shoulder.

The Vedic astrology knows this as the nakshatra Purva Phalguni and if you’re curious there is a whiteboard video.

Have a spectacular Saturday! I’m heading off to get some much needed rest after the week I’ve had! 🍱🧋

Self Examination Saturdays: Did You Ever Try A Post Natal Solar Eclipse Chart?

The Tao, Natal Chart, and Tarot Opened to the Chapter on Choices

We’re going on a journey that may seem a little bumpy and peculiar today with our underlined hyperlink text which helps you better understand what I’m elaborating upon.

🌍🚘📷 has extended chart features which I ran a Post Natal Solar Eclipse Chart for again due to our Taurus New Moon as mentioned yesterday. I know I spoke about a hiatus, but it’s hard for me to keep to this when something propels me to compose. I’m trying to balance my time with brief blog entries while focusing on other essentials which I need to address when I’m not at my part time cosmetology job. This includes researching online some of the product lines we offer to clients. I’m not going to be an expert, but it really helps when customers have questions that I’m not sounding utterly bologna as they’ll see through this.

We have been making some slow progress as I’ve learned we may have the help thank goodness on Tuesdays and Thursdays from an at home nurse. At this point anything would be a benefit so that members of the family receive some down time for self or other projects they need to accomplish as well as the person who needs to be cared for feels they get their needs met.

I think when it was my two go arounds I’ve learned personally while not intentional that I did not always feel I received the care during my injuries as I either expected or desired. We won’t touch on the topic of expectations as sometimes when we establish those they can be utterly unrealistic or not grounded in reality in terms of if someone is working a part/full time job, has financial constraints, or a myriad of other events. What if they wake up sick? You just can’t plan for every potential possibility.

Well today I saw the asteroid Truth (249521) and grew unbelievably curious to learn where this was for myself as well as I wanted to locate my Postnatal Solar Eclipse. Why would you even run a Post Natal Solar Eclipse Chart? I’m glad you’ve asked because there is a purpose for the usage of this feature.

During the 14 year span of this revolution or cycle you experience an Arc of Prominence which is a time of recognition in your life. If this were a Post Natal Lunar Eclipse Chart it would signify a 14 year span of revolution or cycles that are you working upon your personal issues to prepare for your Arc of Prominence.

Our current astral sky is a strong influence upon the personality where we get to know ourselves better deep inside discovering our needs. We will begin new chapters in our lives even if we have no idea where these paths or trajectories lead to. These can be some of our most painful experiences as well because ultimately we’re going to leave a little or a lot behind.

It’s that pivotal moment when you actively choose to stop letting life happen to you and you begin to direct your life taking control over the stories you wish to tell. You will make your most difficult and painstaking decisions during any eclipse season especially the solar variety.

As I began to look at my chart today as well as yesterday I was confronted with what I believe are three Yods. The point is the Moon placed in my 2nd House of Virgo, but the energy otherwise is infused via 7th House Aquarius, 8th House Pisces, 9th House Aries, and 10th House Taurus.

You can see all the planets, Chiron as wounded healer, and the True Lunar Node sit in these locations. You’ll also notice asteroid Truth is retrograde in that 2nd House of Virgo at 21° with sextile Venus, quintile Mars, opposition Uranus, and semisquare Jupiter/Neptune.

The point of the configuration is resolving conflict and breaking down barriers to progress. We desire careers which allow creative thinking and analysis. We’re blunt, impersonal, unorthodox, rebellious, and we gain confidence when we communicate online.

Well we all know I’m always studying the Yod as the finger of God/Goddess because it’s such a direct tie into one of my very first blog posts, but it’s also to me personally quite important in understanding Kabbalah. I don’t want to link to that particular blog entry though as I’ve done so far too many times with it’s references to freedom, liberation, and such as well as the ring I wear on my Jupiter palmistry finger explaining it’s rather occult meaning for me personally. A quick search in the sidebar for freedom, liberation, and/or Jupiter will likely pull those rambles up for the curious.

Truth here holds even more significance in this vein of thought given my German, Danish, Anglo Saxon, and Ashkenazi Jewish DNA. And while we’re on that topic I’m sorry if yesterday’s link to the rather antiquated spells was offensive due to it’s unflattering and dated as well as racist language.

When we’re dealing with a “period” piece it’s not uncommon to have to confront the “shadow” aspects of our old customs, beliefs, and backwards cultural stigmatization. It’s a huge chance though to heal from such inappropriate traditions which have been taught or even passed on down our generations when we are given the opportunity to confront them.

The final component is my aimless pressuring to grasp my Magha nakshatra so heavily through the Vedic system as the ruling star Regulus moved to the zero point energy of Virgo so this really is me ascertaining what my “life path” is asking of me in terms of “am I on it, am I doing this correctly, am I failing, what karma am I setting in motion when I want to burn that off thanks to being Ketu ruled (Ketu dasha is seen as a bit brutal if you’re ruled by this little stinker because many people who learn I’m Ketu ruled also do NOT like me) and on and on.”

Let’s face it most hate Ketu and so if anyone shows up with that energy as I do they really reject you in life! I’ve dealt with that quite a lot, but honestly never understood why it occurs. As this says the Ketu person is not always appreciated at first and well they’re not always appreciated even after! I did not expect to become such a powerhouse over these topics even.

Something hit me in my 30s like a ton of bricks, and I went through the most radical of spiritual changes which has just not stopped. And moving Leo to Virgo in a life path is not easy because nothing about Virgo is easy for me.

This is my Western North Lunar Node meaning this is 100% my present karma I chose this incarnation to remedy all my previous Pisces South Node lessons. Which means Virgo as Elul is the golden opportunity before Rosh Hashanah to pay attention to details, get in touch with our soul’s true God/Goddess like nature, and to recognize how we impact others.

Which all leads us to Yom Kippur and this is our annoying moment when we want to “perfect” ourselves. You see Virgo is also all about service and serving others. Leos just aren’t good at this which is also my Western Sun sign. And then I go into my what if I am bad at this fear of failure moment. I think I put a tall order on myself when I chose this incarnation. I’m learning I’m not good at this. I can forgive a lot, but reconciliation I’m finding is not always what I can or want to do.

See the lunar and the Moon well that is where we get our words for matter, mother, and such because it’s often the feminine we’re working with. The solar we find the father, ego, and our masculine that we embody more qualities of.


Post Natal Solar Eclipse Chart for Asteroid Truth

For the curious here is some understanding of why “truth” today stood out to me with reference to Kabbalah which I’ve been studying for several years now besides the Quran and Tao. I’m a nerd for philosophy and occultism or esoterics. Now for those who don’t know about my experiences post foot fracture with chronic pain in terms of what the pharmaceuticals did by re-wiring my nervous system entirely before I got off of them I slept 14 hour days, developed suicidal ideation, and could only read esoterics particularly quantum physics.

Everything else I could not process. Words in books otherwise moved on the pages in front of me, and I lost my ability to focus if it was not those delineated topics.


So why “truth?” That’s not easy for me to explain here, but maybe others can do this better than me, myself, and I. After all I’m also a bumbling student ever seeking to learn. And what I link to is also because I want my readers to have a lot of variety in their knowledge or gnosis. It’s not fair in my views if I’m a rigid dogmatist who keeps you from multiple perspectives or options.

The chart holder sees how one thing affects another and how energy builds up in patterns. This intuitive understanding of the past can greatly help themselves and others to see where we are now and how we got here. It can also provide us with the key to how to undo or reverse that which needs to be redeemed. The chart holder senses all this and uses it though often they may have no idea quite how they do.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is, “Dark river and distant bell.” The dark river makes it difficult to see the currents or the way ahead. To be carried forward without being able to know where we’re going could evoke fear. The bell, though, calls to us. It’s sound brings hope and a sense of destination. This degree is compelled to often “work in the dark,” but if the inner voice is faithfully attended to it will guide the chart holder into realms of increasing light and clarity. Work with guardian angel Yeratel and daimon Ronove.

Daimon Ronove connects us to the Ten of Wands, Moon, Cinnamon, and Sagittarius. Ronove augments our intelligence teaching language, poetry, rhetoric, and we gain the wisdom to control our emotions. This daimon teaches us to work with our subconscious for empowerment.

Messier 95 in the Leo Constellation

This is the fixed star Denebola in the tail of Leo the Lion. The name of this fixed star may have degenerated with our understanding, but 13th Century Persian astronomical writer Al Kazwini cited Al Aktab al Asad as the viscera of the lion or small saddle. Others inappropriately referred to this as Al Kalb in reference to this fixed star wandering from Regulus known as the Heart of the Lion in Leo.

The Chinese knew this as Woo Ti Tso or the Seat of the Five emperors surrounded by twelve other groups named after various officers or nobles of their empire. Persians saw this as Widhu/Widhayu implying the Burning One as well as Avdem to speak of the One in the Tail. India references Denebola as the Star of Goddess Bahu; the creating mother. Still yet Coptic Egypt see Asphulia in Virgo. With Arcturus and Spica on the 3rd of May as it comes to the meridian forming an equilateral triangle to Cor Caroli it is celebrated as the Diamond of Virgo.

When well aspected it brings reform and progress. There is a mixed outlook with this energy as with any in astrology. It can turn happiness to anger, make one self controlled, or bring forth a good harvest. Kabbalists assign this to the Hebrew letter Kaph as well as the Strength tarot card.

This matches also my studies of the Yad for reading a Torah scroll when I began to notice it matches my ringed hand in terms of what I personally was experiencing in my life when I got this ring for my birthday from my step father intuitively choosing my left index finger as this is my dominant hand, Jupiter is Chesed (mercy), and it is how we lead our life plus index fingers tend to be the wedding ring in Judaism!

It sounds very weird, but much of this was symbolic more in terms of a relationship I wanted with my Jewish roots at the time because I had been Catholic in my 20s and was trying to figure my faith or identity out.

So when my step father chose to oblige my interests in this endeavor I’ve worn the ring ever since. I’m still unable to pick a religion though. I’m literally trying to learn as much of all of them without becoming orthodox or legalist opting to choose a mystical path if I can figure out my own way to trek. It sounds weird that a father gives the ring even a step father although; father of the bride?! Who gives her away?! And in mysticism who is the bride?!

That’s about a parable after all! Our family has been going through the worst year. We’re experiencing some days of really toxic emotions. Talking this out, trying to heal, and trying to acknowledge where to set boundaries or face that it may soon be time for me to prepare to move out is all what I’m acknowledging and comprehending.

I’m learning freedom and liberation for even me is so all encompassing of how I want to live my life that I feel very much as if I do not have this accomplished at all for myself; it’s leaving me very angry, bitter, and hurt.

Have a superb Saturday and rest of your weekend! I’m going to force myself to get other tasks accomplished over my days off and not just blog because this becomes addicting. 🤩

PS: I regrettably did not explain what the 2nd House is for where I located Asteroid Truth so I wanted to take the time to summarize this as it may hold some meaning for many who understand Maat or the weighing of the heart ritual. You see if Regulus with it’s connection to Magha nakshatra which I was born into, the ancestors, and Ketu were to be the “heart of the Lion” and we were to understand the feather of “truth” we might find an unusual ritual here which many used to value.

Our 2nd House is ruled by Venus through Taurus another insightful aspect with regards to our New Moon/Eclipse we just experienced. This is the in depth understanding of what one does to make themselves feel stable and secure. It embodies everything which will make one feel valuable, fulfilled, and worthy thereby it is also what one wants to acquire more of.

The 2nd House is one’s self worth, what one holds in the greatest of reverence, and this is our “lucrum” which means wealth as a Latin motto! I legitimately tonight as I added this postscript found a direct tie in to my February 2022 Full Moon blog post with a video I saw tonight which kind of blew my mind that it’s taken me two months to find this. I had to share the links (literally I’m huge about “sharing” this stuff through underlined hyperlink text) I was seeing while I had the opportunity!

The Weighing of the Heart is from the Book of the Dead and may be read via Chapter 30B via Wonderful Things Art! Personally this was probably one of my favorites in school alongside Greek and Roman mythology growing up. I absolutely loved these archetypes as a child when I got to learn of them. I now find that I love it more being that I can attach connections to the human body, my Reiki Master level certification, etc. I am finally able to grow beyond just the literal exoteric to something that feeds me more.

If you wish to work with this degree please use Boji Stones which help emote the message of aiming to succeed while playing an inspiring role for others focused upon letting your enthusiasm help you reach your important life goals as well as motivating others to reach theirs. Affirm that you enjoy playing fair and allow this to show in your character.

Self Examination Saturdays: Akashic Records

”One who has a good night’s rest awakes to a glorious morning. One who stays up late usually sleeps through it.” – Unknown

Please use the underlined hyperlink text to journey to happy hunting and gathering. I have been having a real hard time with online search engines which seem to purge results often or just flat out be cringe lately. Something about censored narratives…


There is an asteroid which you can chart known as Askashi (5881) which orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. You will likewise find the asteroid Records (30718) to make a stellar match in the heavens above for personal analysis. This asteroid orbits the Sun once every 4 years and 7 months. I personally chart these as stated before via who has changed their website recently requiring you to set up a painless free account with them (they never spam your inbox/email or harass you for services).

Akasha is a Sanskrit word which means aether in both elemental and metaphysical correspondences. Hinduism sees this as the basis and essence of all things within the material world created from the astral (air, fire, water, and Earth) with its main characteristic being sound. The Hindus believe this to be space, sky, and the otherwise imperceptible. Jainism refers to Akasha as the conception of our Cosmos while Buddhism believes this to be infinite space. Theosophists often refer to the Askashic Records as the ethereal compendium of all knowledge/history.

It has been stated by some adherents that accessing the Akashic Records is done via perception and preconsciousness. There is a supposition which states that seers can investigate the probable events illustrating what has been all phenomenal experiences encoded therein. There are many spiritual practices who believe that each and every soul, jiva, atma, or entity has a recording of their existence located in the Akashic Records which may be read from if one is properly attuned.

Akasha Tattva means fundamental principle or truth referencing the Hindu God Brahma and accessing this will provide you with a connection directly to the Universe as well as the Divine. This is accomplished via the Throat chakra. There is also an Akash Mudra used to increase the element of space or the Cosmos within the body. To perform this mudra simply press the tips of the middle fingers to the tips of the thumbs on each hand keeping the other fingers held straight.

Furthermore another meditative pose may be employed which works with both the Throat and Crown chakras known as the Askashi Mudra or Looking to the Sky. This meditative pose helps kundalini activate rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul while working with the Ida, Pingala, and Sushmna nadis.

To perform the Akashi Mudra meditative pose sit in a cross legged position with your back straightened and your hands relaxed. Open your mind and gradually lift your head in an upward direction as if looking to the sky above while breathing in at the same time. Stretch your arms bringing your middle fingers to attach with your thumb while leaving the remaining fingers straight. Hold your breath for 15-20 seconds then lower your head while exhaling as you return to a normal position. Ensure your neck and shoulders remain relaxed. This should only be done for 10 minutes maximum.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Akashi and Asteroid Records

I’m using a Vedic Age Harmonic chart for this because I want to assess the current energies which define my life at this time. What we locate is Asteroid Akashi like Regulus whom I’ve spent an extended span of time on due to being born in Magha nakshatra is at zero point Virgo energy because they both sit directly at 0° Virgo.

Akashi is in my 6th House trine Venus and Mars and sesquiquadrate Uranus. Asteroid Records, however, is in my 11th House Aquarius at 24° squaring my Moon, sextile Venus and Neptune, and biquintile Uranus. We’ve seen this degree before for Aquarius as Asteroid Qwerty was sitting on this degree just last Friday.

I’ve since my last entry on Magha nakshatra watched the second whiteboard video; not sure on the predictions.

Further inspection shows that the 6th House places prominent focus upon self improvement, but at a truly gritty level as Virgo rules the 6th House. If you’re wanting to emerge from a chrysalis you will have to do some work with that which is outmoded, worn out, and damaged. This is the sign of fixing and improving what should be thrown out.

If you want to expand creatively you’re going to need to increase your skill and expertise level. This is displayed as creativity with the hands and voice primarily focused upon fashion, beauty products, artwork, and jewelry. The methods one employs may seem a bit alien to self or other though which can make one feel self conscious.

The 11th House refers to self realization, liberty, legislation, and regulation being ruled by Aquarius symbolizing future visions of the collective or group. Here we discover our undertakings for growth as well as actualizing our true self. Here the energy manifests erratic making one appear rebellious, disruptive, and having trouble forming long term emotional bonds due to being more detached by nature (a Magha native trait).

One may develop a love of experimentation with hobbies. Their biggest impulse could be towards beauty and fashion products as well as an interest in dance, music, and art. The need for freedom trumps all forms of self expression often resulting in upheavals with other people. One needs to try to find the humor in what they confront in life in order to relax more.

“For I dipped into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be.” – Unknown

This will go something like this. Letting go of the agendas given to us by the world while allowing ourselves to invent our own way of relating helps us to find a high place within ourselves where we may retreat to do inner work. Finding our spiritual center makes us able to attain the relaxation needed to allow what is inside to flow forth from us. Our inner life at last comes into an outer expression that is strikingly clear for it has given up striving to be anything other than what it is.

Things so intense that they just have to come out eventually find a meaningful rapport with certain other people in the outside world who have experienced similar energies.

Your inner space is what you see above you at night when you look at the stars. Your eyes do not go to them for their light has already come to you. There is work to do by disengaging with the machines called stories. Work with guardian angel Achaiah and daimon Aamon.

Daimon Aamon corresponds with the Eight of Swords, Moon, Cinnamon, and Gemini. This daimon helps with the Summer Solstice, employment, and dream work. Some associate Aamon with the deity Amun.

Lemurian Quartz is ideal for this degree while promoting understanding, lucidity, and wisdom with gentleness focused upon exemplifying dependability, intelligence, analytical insight, and discernment. Affirm that you encompass understanding, determination, and courage.

Once we get limbered up we find we’re ready for more options; some of which may be surprising. Sensing the golden opportunities around us stimulates us to go after them in a spontaneous and instinctual manner. Attaining to someplace we have always yearned to be we now try to figure out what is there for us. The fulfillment of basic needs frees us to turn our attention to higher spiritual realities. Work with guardian angel Menadel and daimon Stolas.

Daimon Stolas corresponds with the Ten of Cups, Jupiter, Celery Seed, and Pisces. Stolas is additionally helpful with chakra healing, meditative journeys, psychic protection, and mental clarity. You will learn about plants, mythology, crystals, astrology, history, and biology usually when working with this daimon.

Work with Merlinite utilizing the message of respectful kindness in the present sets the tone and direction for the future. Focus your encouragement on peace, harmony, and equality of all while affirming that you are confidently staying on track to achieve your highest potential.

All this focus on beauty and fashion! No wonder I landed the part time employment role of cosmetology sales in April 2022. I’m probably not supposed to discuss this, but my District Manager and Store Manager have been exceptionally helpful in assisting me with hair color or hair cut disaster remedies for clients who have entered with questions.

One earlier this week who let her friend entering cosmetology education as a hair dresser who accidentally cut a large chunk of hair attempt an experiment. What was down to the middle of her back had to be cut chin length to remedy a major “whoops.” She seemed to handle it with way more grace than I might have if it had been me.

The second one was today when someone was having their hair done for a 28th wedding anniversary. What should have been ash blonde came out too warm as in golden/brassy. But the other mistake was that they did not just do the roots or virgin hair. This was an all over which causes problems when the previously lightened hair then has problems with lift/deposit.

So when they toned her hair and color corrected her hair came out fried. We had to set her up with some Olaplex products as well as a purple tint shampoo. Fingers crossed she won’t come back from this experience any more angry then she was when she came to us for assistance.

Again being an aesthetician in skin I had to have a crash course today asking my District Manager to better explain to me how the number systems work in dye as well as the developers. In the meantime I’m focusing on a product line I’m familiar with in store right now as I went to a Paul Mitchell school and learning a new one from Sweden called Maria Nila which I chose to familiarize myself with.

Today was a very slow day so I literally spent my day “facing” the entire store between customers while asking questions about Pravana because I saw colors I liked such as Poison Berry with no swatches and was curious what they actually would look like when applied to hair. I really do approve of this color, but I need to find a new hair stylist instead of trying to do this myself as I’ve done in the past. Being around hair color temptation is literal hell on Earth!

Don’t ask! Beauty school I colored my hair every color of the rainbow! I stopped when I went into grocery retail and let it go virgin after being damaged. Now I’m getting that annoying “itch.” I am staring at all these colors everyday going crazy again the same as when I was getting my aesthetics license.

Tonight I’m taking a muscle relaxer as I still have some from my left ankle ligament surgery to calm my pain flare I’ve had all week. These come in waves ever since I injured this foot multiple times. I need a massive system reset, and I don’t go back to work until Wednesday so I’m going to rest up this evening. Have a superb Saturday!