Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Did You Do Your Shadow Work?

“Girls are scary when they’re angry!” – Kero

“The entire time since the Seal on the Cards was broken, I have been inside your heart.”

May the underlined hyperlink text illuminate your online migration today.


Today’s Card Captor Sakura Card has given us what in a traditional deck would be the High Priestess, however, is the Shadow. With a Number 2 expression let’s briefly unpack the memo from the Universe/Cosmos.

There may be deception around you. Almost certainly things are not at all what they appear to be so you should be alert. This may also come from unexpected sources so be advised to be careful of who you trust. Have your wits about you to pick up any signs of where the cause of this might lie.

This could either indicate that someone individually or collectively as a group have the actions or motives which are a little less than honest. It can show where you have been too trusting. The rug could be pulled out from beneath you at any time

The Shadow is a mischievous card that likes to cause trouble. Its first symbolism reflects the individual and collective dark side/self as well as the troublemaker archetype.

Something interesting is that Shadow needs Light to exist, but too much light will weaken it. This holds meaning related to the importance of balance (Yin/Yang, light/dark, and positive/negative).

After being transformed into a Sakura Card the Shadow helped with finding a friend who was lost in the anime/manga. The Shadow is under the power of Light, Sun, and Western magic.

The number two typifies the personality traits of compatibility and adaptive attitudes towards life. Considered to be the most feminine of all numbers its strength and power are often underestimated. Gentle, tactful, and diplomatic as well as forgiving and understanding.

It is the markings of those who love to keep the peace and avoid confrontations, however, they are the ultimate survivors with an uncanny resilience. As most services have gone subscription only or have issues about copyrights if you can view the anime through the following website for free I have chosen to include it.

I say this because for years I could watch free anime on Crunchyroll, Hulu, or Funimation. Today, however, as someone who has been online since the late 90s everything has transformed and free is disappearing. I think within reason sharing culture is also changing through this.

Terminology I would use would make many question me. I call it toxic capitalism somedays, but others call it stock and share holder. It becomes a bit more dog eat dog (Darwinism on crack/cocaine) or is that wag the dog.

Excuse my standard and extreme Ketu personality coming forward due to Magha nakshatra. I have a philosophy that becomes standard skeptic/cynic cause I have seen or rather lived enough is all I will say in our present system before I go on a weird rant of digression. Power and money/wealth unchecked cause corruption just my beliefs.

I’ve been trying so hard to keep politics and propaganda out, but I’ve also been extremely triggered recently by what I call psychological, sociological, and behavioral warfare through the mass hypnotic tell-a-lie-vision I sometimes encounter throughout the indoctrination accords of the Matrix. Those same tell-a-lies exist online as well even in the schools, religion, and books we mass consume.

Most then seem to believe I’m too highly sensitive, but frankly I’m just disgusted by some of the garbage put before me which I refuse to digest or consume. I’d rather starve and die thanks! That’s the beauty I guess of ego death. Sometimes you finally wake up and realize what you no longer want/need because it makes you sick, blocked, or unhealthy.

For those who wish to study the concept of the Shadow and the High Priestess in traditional decks please use the available options I have included.

The Shadow:

The High Priestess:

This archetype can have it’s upright and reversed correspondences if you catch my drift or cryptic hint.

I’m left also remembering my years of consuming Jpop, Jrock, and Kpop with this tarot card including Hurricane Venus. My high school through my twenties was consumed in anime/manga, Asian fashion/culture, and the above music genres outside of the 60s-90s music from the West.

Thank God/Goddess I grew up in a different “sharing” community than some of what exists today online because I once knew something and people online who were less “Me” culture as well as far more high vibe including sending care packages across countries to one another.

I still have eye lashes/makeup from a partner in Ireland who I blogged for as a licensed aesthetician who networked with my spa business doing features for cosmetic public relations and dresses from China I purchased despite import fees. I remember safely attending SXSW Japan Nite being downtown absorbing the music till 1-2 AM CST with no risk where I live unlike today with the crime.

I saw my favorite band from Japan there for free. Free! Unheard of today and they sold out all shows in the USA. I got into Japan Nite for $10 cover charge. I kid you not! It began around 7 PM CST. We were not hyper inflated economically. Women could walk downtown and not risk harm where I live. Not now don’t think of it!

I still have those dresses from China, and yes they still fit! I have nowhere to wear them though.

Life then was very different than the present. The entire world wide web was different. No chat bots, no rogue tweaked AI, no crypto scams, and a lot less insane bologna. A girl can reminisce enjoying her past, but sadly she can’t always live/return there. Dear God/Goddess, I miss the way it was then when I could enjoy life more.

May your Thursday be one of equipoise. 🤗

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Coffee with a Bit of Fruitful Parfait

“When the AC circuits are hit by a DC lightning bolt, it is called a current affair.” – Anonymous

What did we find in our coffee reading today? Well, it looks like a rune with a memo for us to decode. Hopefully the underlined hyperlink text will also be helpful.


Today I pulled the Thurisaz rune which offers a symbolic gateway towards work which is done internally as well as externally in the frontiers between heaven and Earth. When we arrive at this place we should recognize our readiness to contact the numinous Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Thurisaz asks that we practice non-action.

We are to neither approach nor pass through the gateway without first contemplating upon if we are being confronted with a clear reflection of what is hidden within ourselves. Are the actions of self and other coming from right human action? This is a time for deep transformation.

Thurisaz asks that we visualize ourselves standing before the gateway atop a hill with our entire life laid out behind us. Before we can step through this gateway pause and review the past learning, joys, sorrows, and victories. Bless it all, release it all, and reclaim your power. Now you may step through.

If our actions come from hasty impulses we should always stop to check in with ourselves and examine our attitude. You must reconsider the old before you can integrate the new.

If you would like another adaptation of this rune please visit the following website.

“Desserts are the fairytales in the kitchen.” – Anonymous

Thurisaz can be associated with Thor and a myriad of other thunder deities; I don’t personally ascribe Loki to this rune.

Have an outshining Thursday! Short, sweet, and simple today! ✨😊✨

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Wish Fulfillment Meets High Ambition

“She was a wild one; always stomping on eggshells that everyone else tip-toed on.” – Kaitlin Foster

Today’s positive tarot reading offers a bit of guidance through underlined hyperlink text to elaborate upon the meanings and messages being given at this current moment in time/space.


Today we pulled the Nine of Hearts (Cups) with the King of Diamonds (Pentacles). These two cards have some great energy to share with us. Let’s take a brief look at these cards while I share a few additional interpretations to give readers some options on what they wish to receive from the Universe/Cosmos today.

I pulled the first card on the top of the deck after shuffling, cutting, and shuffling the deck as well as the card at the bottom of the deck this time which I don’t routinely do.

The Nine of Hearts (Cups) speaks to living in the present now moment. We are becoming mindful to not miss opportunities which stare us squarely in the face unlocking long term success for positive change in our lives. As a representation of happiness and joy as well as incredibly positive luck following us we are promised favorable outcomes, but not without a customary warning.

Another way to view the Nine of Hearts (Cups) is the genie card. If you knew you could not fail what would you do with your life? This particular card suggests you do just that.

If we’re too focused upon the future we will miss what the Universe/Cosmos is presently putting on offer before us. Keep your eyes on the goal and don’t get distracted whatever it is that you’re seeking to achieve.

We are in the midst of emotional and physical transformations that require us to perceive reality in a new way. You have been given a symbol of deeply unconditional love which comes from a place/time that we would not expect.

This connection offers an awesome basis for relationships to develop and flourish, but you have a narrow window of opportunity to seize upon this. Someone is entering your life who seeks a deeper connection, but they still are unsure of your feelings.

Allow head and heart to work in unison going forward. Allow intuition to also guide your ambitions while guarding against being constrained by anxiety or analysis paralysis. Career wise this is one of the most positive signs for business and financial improvements.

You have a favorable destiny if you keep working cooperatively with the Universe/Cosmos and your spiritual guides to choose the correct higher life path/purpose by letting your inner light make decisions for you. If you’re struggling with confidence learn to forgive your mistakes and embrace your strengths.

This card shows up as you begin spotting blockages and cutting cords or unlocking your true potential. When combined with the King of Diamonds (Pentacles) you receive a representation of financial abundance, physical wealth, and well being. Receiving this card is a signification that you’re on the right track and it encourages your current course of action.

When we desire to manifest greater wealth in our life this card offers us the confidence to move forward. It indicates Divine Providence reassuring that good things are on their way. Material prosperity comes in multiple forms whether that is financial freedom, better health, or an improved overall welfare.

It’s vital to remember both of these cards are not total victory so stay the course and continue working hard. Obstacles and delays can still present themselves so be prepared to adapt.

Don’t ignore other areas of your life by only having professional goals. You may be receiving a new love opportunity from an area you’re not expecting. You might be offered relationships that place you with those who are on the same wavelength and you will be mirroring each other’s energy/vibrations.

Continue your communication and cooperation or diplomacy skills while working towards common goals at this time. This card combination is great in careers for persistence towards goal achievement as long as we don’t rest on our laurels. Just don’t forget to pay attention to other areas of your life.

Keep watching for further patterns or synchronistic events while acting from a place of integrity. At present the Universe/Cosmos is your cheerleader encouraging you to balance your physical and spiritual path progression. Now is a time to expect the unexpected.

The King of Diamonds (Pentacles) is symbolic of like attracts like encouraging us to remain grounded while being enterprising. It has been called the Midas touch card.

Nine of Hearts (Cups) Alternative Meanings:

King of Diamonds (Pentacles) Alternative Meanings:

Have a felicitous Thursday! Much love and blessings! 💗

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Bibliomancy Divines the Marriage of Heaven and Earth

How does NASA organize a party? They planet!

I am actually happy with skipping Wisdom Wednesday’s for this because I’ve combined the two blog posts making publishing in advance actually not leave me feeling in the wrong somehow.

This jaunt was not on my itinerary for today when I chose to use this form of divination, but let the underlined hyperlink text wind you through what the Universe wants to say. Or rather click around with your mouse and exercise pardon with my strange humor/puns.


My pingbacks have to be so obnoxious at this juncture as I link back to previous blog posts u-turn around the same common themes. Should I just disable them? Sorry; rhetoric question! Don’t worry evidently there is a name for all of this with pattern recognition. I might blame this on my multiple intelligences testing.

I have not used bibliomancy in quite some time. In fact I believe the last time was February when I used my Alice in Wonderland/Looking Glass copy for clues as well as the asteroid Lewiscarroll (Lewis Carroll; the author). It was a different time in my life also as I was digging into a lot of podcasts that I no longer have time for between my many hats I now find myself wearing.

Name one person on this planet who is not victimized by groupthink? We all fight against it same as propaganda and “influencers” who want to psychologically warfare with us because ultimately that is what it is; a war for the mind and our individual/collective consciousness.

In middle school I was in a generation that was actually educated to avoid these concepts or to at the very least be capable of recognizing all of the above in an attempt to question or try thinking for ourselves instead of allowing the status quo to control/manipulate us.

This means we will likely be the ones who want to hear all sides of any “truth, his/her story, etc.” before we really make any choice because well we’re not so easily “trusting the plan whatever that plan may be.”

This phrase actually triggers me into a different flavor for lack of a better description which is probably not pleasant for others. I hear it and think I’m being conned immediately. That flavor is the one family sees usually which can consist of some rather unladylike foul language also. People forget I have other personality traits that I have embraced down the years of being stuck on Earth which flare when I’m pushed around enough. I usually try to keep them in check.

I’m the eternal skeptic I think although someone else told me I was sardonic once. Probably why I don’t play very nice with the crypto coin scammers, trolls, chat bots, artificial intelligence (the etymology of these two words explains it all for those who can decipher the memo) and others who try to pull one over on me.

That is why I left Twitter and Facebook as well as I struggle with those who won’t do their shadow work or who are status quo esotericists. It is why I recognize search engines are not really censoring; the world wide web is an entire pay to play sphere.

It’s another realm of control for the “wealthy, powerful, or possibly corrupt/questionable intents” to create a vested hierarchy of acting as your “master.” Solitary and solitude anyone?! The argument yet again of equity is not equality; one has to do with “ownership” of a resource maybe even exploitation!

I’ve been online since the late 90s as a content creator as previously mentioned therefore I’ve seen how unbelievably toxic the digital age can, could, and may become. VPN, advertisement blockers, tracker blockers, etc. Yes I’m one of those weirdos. I don’t even like a lot of the supposed shopping scams with points/rewards because it’s a data tracking system that harvests you.

It’s all about loss of freedom, sovereignty, and the means to controlling another. Anyone setting boundaries in life or are you a victim of parasites, vampires, and leeches energetically? That world is one you need to be educated about navigating and literally taking personal control over rather than giving that power away to others. And I’m not even touching the topics of food, water, housing, energy, or other probabilities where we are planetary exploited.

And before you pick a side I had a customer inform me that she has become a multi-generational family like ours where I live with my parents due to cost of living versus wages. You see those “lockins/lockdowns” and economic factors that are leading to inflation/hyper inflation caused her son’s monthly rent to be boosted an additional on top of what he already struggled to afford $400 a month while landlords or landladies try to recoup any income lost during our “experiment” based on some peculiar hypothesis’.

So when I say it’s a pay to play hierarchy as well as a means to exploit or control I’m speaking of concepts that have existed or been employed for quite some time. Wages may have increased, but when a currency is also devalued and created on questionable intents for equally questionable pursuits one has to start looking for the core of the onion as well as thinking “fair” is one of those subjective/objective philosophies. And before I get into an anti establishment rant we will close this discussion.

I pulled my Quadrivium copy and opened directly to the Sacred Geometry chapter first, closed it, and landed finally on the Circling the Square pages which read as follows:

The circle is the shape traditionally assigned to the heavens, and the square to the Earth. When these two shapes are unified by being made equal in area or perimeter we speak of “squaring the circle” meaning that heaven and Earth, or spirit and matter, are symbolically combined/married. Fivefold man (humanity; no gender bias here) exists between sixfold heaven and fourfold Earth and Leonardo da Vinci’s image also shows how a a man’s (humanity’s) span equals his height, that this measure equals seven of his feet and other important ratios.

As we saw earlier (page 33 of the Quadrivium which I have not looked at recently), the Earth and the Moon square the circle, for if the Moon (diameter 3) is drawn down to the Earth (diameter 11) then a heavenly circle through the Moon (dotted, below center) has radius 7, and so circumference 44, the same as the perimeter of the square around the Earth. This works because pi, which relates the circumference of a circle to its diameter is practically 22/7. In Leonardo’s image the Moon would fit above the man’s (humanity’s) head.

Also shown (below left/right) is a simple construction for a square using ruler/compass. Octagons soon follow.

For me personally I feel a synchronicity to the Hexagram 54 which I’ll include links for below as well as some info on this concept to close out today’s reading. I’d like for my blog followers to ponder these concepts for themselves.

According to official NASA documents they have Aliens on the ISS.
They also have Alien, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection all on DVD.

The Fivefold Human:

I’m hearing that whole Pentacle/Pentagram topic in my brain again with Venus as well as the Castle/Seer in my natal/birth chart. I’ve only seen this configuration in one other astrology study I did for myself. Excuse me while I have a face palm moment as I’ve now been composing for months sharing and intuitively coming upon the same constant conclusions.

Hexagram 54:

Circling the Square:

I legitimately missed the 666 portal also on June 6, 2022 which was a huge one day sale at my other profession. The third six being a combination of adding 2 plus 2 plus 2 or rather 3 multiplied by 2. Which is another one of those numbers that always brings about some bizarre topics.

May your Wednesday and Thursday be rewarding! I’m off to enjoy my day before I return to my part time cosmetology job where I will likely receive a workout doing freight. Oddly today is also World Oceans Day and well I’ve definitely been swimming in the strange. 🤹🏼🔮📦💄

PS: Yes, we have a Yin Yang!

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: An Energized Cavalier Fuels Our Journey

“Sometimes destiny is so cruel because you’ll never know where it will take you.” – Unknown

Is it all just a game? Who knows, but maybe the underlined hyperlink text will help fill in the blanks for you! Ready, set, get mouse clicking! Thursday comes early as I have work tomorrow at my part time cosmetology job…


I used my Tarot of the Witches deck today and received the Knight of Batons/Wands who embodies the active/creative side of the Divine Masculine motivated and moving us with swift action towards our goals. Often displayed in full armor on horseback the Knights of any courtly tarot deck signify the powers of the Hebrew letter Yod as well as the element of fire when we speak to the batons/wands.

Esoterically this particular Knight is referencing the lightning flash associated with Chokmah displaying the qualities of wisdom and raw uncompromising will. We will usually find on this particular card in any tarot deck a black horse with the attributions of Mars ruling Scorpio 20° to Sagittarius 20° best emulating the constellation Hercules as seen bearing a club.

We might see the element of air through wind which carries him forward. When this card is received in the upright it signifies swiftness, a person who is hard to pin down, travel, and philosophy. We should guard against rushing things. There may be a situation ahead where decisive action is called for. Watch your instincts and emotions ensuring that what you follow nurtures your inner true self.

The Knight of Batons/Wands reaches deep into the psyche illuminating darkness through The Sun, but if our goal is not something worthwhile we may be putting our energies into that which is not productive causing harm to our general health and spiritual growth. It is associated with the 51st Hexagram.

Hexagram 51:

I’ve edited this card to place a rainbow above our Knight as well as displayed Egypt for a little more significance, but I am sure a few won’t recognize these particular allegorical symbols without a few clues. It happens to deal with much of what my continued blogging through much of 2021-2022 has spoken about in detail.

We could also investigate this through the game of chess, but I’m sure some may simply be uninterested. Have a victorious and blessed Thursday! 🔥🎯💯

Critter feature! Honey bee in the borage (backyard garden) with mushrooms in the roma tomatoes and another sunflower opening. Lazy lizard at the front door sprawled out and chill! When you’re organic nature decides to move on in and make your garden home!
Keeping bzzzy! 🐝

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Cloudy With a Chance of Vocalization

“A cloudy day or a little sunshine have as great an influence on many constitutions as the most recent blessings or misfortunes.” – Joseph Addison

Light bulb moments within the underlined hyperlink text have helped me better understand why I’m feeling rather angsty as of late with most people I’m interacting with. I’ve been for a month very short tempered!


I was scheduling this for tomorrow on May 26, 2022, however, because today is actually World Tarot Day I’m sharing this on May 25, 2022. It’s a collective as well as somewhat personally valuable message from the Universe/Cosmos.

Every year on May 25 World Tarot Day founded by tarot grandmaster Den Elder in 2003 became a celebration after she grew tired of hearing negative misinformed commentary in the media about divinatory arts. She decided it was time to show the world at large the value of tarot cards. Most people still consider anything such as this as a doorway to “evil.” But why?

Because of incorrect and limiting beliefs through dogmatic religions meant to instill fear of the unknown. Dogmatic religion is a control mechanism and for a very long time has been used incorrectly to indoctrinate the masses of collective consciousness into committing some of the worst atrocities Earth has ever seen.

Not every cult, guru, or leader be they charismatic or other is operating from a proper place many of whom might be manipulating their followers. It’s up to each person to learn how to distinguish in a world of duality while realizing that what they see as negative also serves a positive purpose.

Believe it or not adversity and challenges build a stronger character! Being handed stuff on a silver platter creates the opposite where humans are complacent, take for granted, and don’t value correctly what has come to them so easily.

This is probably one of the most slightly oddball tarot readings I’ve gotten, but also one that immediately gave me an “ah ha” moment. There is a huge metaphysical component to this from the Bible in 1 Kings 8:10-12 regarding the concept of clouds or fog. But I do love the confirmation even as I’ve said if this happens to be biased that it has with the image flanking this blog post on Starseeds also.

I have been sitting for a few days on some introspection realizing I attract all the wrong into my life still. An example being that unlike most of mainstream society I don’t attach the terms friend or best friend to anyone who has not earned that title. I have a lot of acquaintances. It might be due to my desire for self reliability and keeping to my family to the dismay and judgment of many others in life.

I’ve allowed so many people into my life who have said one thing yet done the complete opposite while saying I’m the problem that it’s the exact frustration I have carried in beginning my business with those refusing to do their own shadow work.

Example the etymological definition of friend is kinsman, relative, lover, and to like/love. If you’ve wrongly attached this word to people you know perhaps you should get familiar with linguistics and the true “meaning” of that which you’re flippantly attaching to the undeserving of such a position in your life.

Friend is only meant to be used upon family members, spouses, and lovers whose company one enjoys and towards one whom you feel affection. They provide assistance, back/support you, and are to be granted a special access to the private/protected inner being of who you are.

Acquaintance is wholeheartedly different and more appropriate for many we are in contact with on a daily basis in our everyday lives. It is etymologically defined as to know, but is often superficial for the relationship is defined as experimental. In fact it can be as fly by night as a one night stand between two people.

It has nothing to do with the proper depth of relating that occurs in an actual friendship or the kind of bonds found between family or spouse. Modern society and psychology is indoctrinating blaming, shaming, and gaslighting under a guise of that they don’t. The quickness to call someone a narcissist, codependent, and such is palpable including the recent email I was subscribed to without my knowledge sending me so-called daily motivation.

It does the opposite so I’m now unsubscribed. I’ve put VPN as well as a service that blocks data harvesters on my website. Those who tell me I’m wrong for this should respect my desire to privacy and not being harassed. You don’t see me hounding my customers with continuous harvesting or sharing of their personal data to third parties.

I’m not a bad person for being selective of the companies or people I support because discernment is an important skill of boundary setting. The internet is becoming a lot like why we removed our home phone; robodialers. Well excessive promotion on websites of “sales” is the same form of high pressure sales that is employed with robodialers and the badgering done through long commercial breaks on television or radio.

The time to sell a service should be limited and not be the only focus of what you aim to share. I don’t abuse my blog readers in every post by asking for donations or support through purchasing an astrology report. This is a sporadic plug I’ll publish here and there without becoming a common nuisance. The service is there for those it appeals to which certainly will not be “everyone.”

I’ve had people’s websites actually be verbally/psychologically abusive over a desire to not be harassed and to have our personal data or browsing habits not sold. Do us all a favor and check your tone on your website with advertising. Being rude won’t win you brownie points.

Try a little honey over piss and vinegar because you’re butthurt that we want some respect also and to not be a victim of your possible greed. Everyone has to exchange and put food on the table, keep the lights on, and so forth. Neither is different or better than the other with the exception of those who also commit identity theft or other assaults including phishing scams. Or those with entitlement issues unwilling to put in a hard day’s labor for what is to be earned which I find to be lazy frankly. I was not born yesterday and I’m not naive.

I think what I’m noticing is that most of us don’t recognize the damage we actually are inflicting on one another. I actually wish those who pretend to be my friend would in fact just be honest. You do me zero favors by saying one thing to my face and your actions reflect a weightier acknowledgment that you’re not really a support network for me. In fact I don’t have a support network.

I’ve finally realized that through the majority of my life the only support network I ever had was my mother and step father. I’ve come to recognize myself finally and fully as the orphan archetype and social outcast not out of self pity, but to finally be honest with myself as well as others. Therefore if you think I’m going to hand you the title of friend or best friend you will have to prove to me that you even deserve such a position.

Much of this is bubbling to the surface right now because of my career choices and my personal life for the last two decades that are finally becoming what I call a quarter to midlife crisis rearing its ugly head for me to unravel and take responsibility for while also acknowledging what others won’t. Relationships are the involvement of more than one person.

Blaming, shaming, and gaslighting mean someone else is not taking responsibility for their contribution to the unraveling of intimacy better known as “in to me see.” I should preface by saying I don’t want to be told to try counseling. This I had in high school and it was actually not beneficial to me feeling like a waste of time/money for my parents.

I won’t air anything with my part time cosmetology job online. It’s thoroughly inappropriate and unprofessional. There is just some friction I’m trying to determine some responses to the dynamic which would be appropriate. I get it though. Pearls for example are created when an irritant is trapped within a mollusk or oyster and nacre is secreted in an effort to protect one’s self. The nacre coats the irritant building layers until voila you get a pearl! Some pearls take as many as seven years to be fully created. So no irritant no pearl!

“When the priests withdrew from the Holy Place, the cloud filled the temple of the Lord. And the priests could not perform their service because of the cloud, for the glory of the Lord filled his temple. Then Solomon said, “The Lord has said that he would dwell in a dark cloud; I have indeed built a magnificent temple for you, a place for you to dwell forever.”

Spiritual documents cause lots of problems due to exoteric literal interpretations to the point of generational curses or relational problems that should not actually be allowed to continue. These texts are meant to be read on multiple esoteric levels of which Kabbalists state there are at least around 4-5 levels of interpretation to study. A great example of this is the constant phrase placed online by psychological warfare operatives in various schools of thought who state “women are to be silent.”

Let’s take a look at a few examples of why it’s important to read spiritual texts from a higher consciousness. Secondly “sin” is an archery term and reference to missing one’s goals, lacking focus, and not aiming correctly at the target we mean to hit. Nothing was meant to be legalist or dogmatic.

In fact this is why I can’t stand to be in a church anymore lectured by clergy who teach incorrectly to their parishioners or watching television, documentaries, etc. from those who I find to be still walking in ignorance and professing they know truth. It’s of no offense to those who attend such functions, but to those who are meant to be the leaders of such institutions because they impoverish their flock! This heavily ties into my taroscope as my birth tarot cards were Hierophant/Temperance.

Hearing Englightened Perspectives:

Now let’s get an esoteric and metaphysical foundation for clouds by doing some research. This is the presence of the mind of God/Goddess in spiritual visibility when any one of us drops all of our formal religious exercises to rest in the consciousness of deity or the Divine Masculine/Feminine.

A brightness of innerstanding occurs so great that the priests are incapable of ministering. What transpires is no formal religious or thought exercises. A harmonious relation is to occur in relation to the eternal and unchangeable nature of Universal/Cosmic or Christ consciousness.

In the Bible as with all spiritual texts the term cloud as in the one which enveloped Moses is the Holy Spirit abiding in presence within each of us as the temple which guides us through the wilderness providing us with light at night through a pillar of fire.

Fire is a level of consciousness which is meditative charged with higher light. Water has been an ongoing theme recently in my blog posts, but that is the entry state of meditative consciousness. Fire is directly under quintessence when our life and relationship to the Universe is fundamentally changed.

Today’s tarot reading bestows us with the Sakura Cards from Cardcaptor Sakura with the Cloud and the Voice. We’re going to take a broader look at these for interpretation and to see what message they have at a deeper level. We’ll begin with the Cloud moving to the Voice.

Low battery warning for this Leo! Woke up today energetically exhausted.

The Cloud: The Cloud asks us to have strong judgment by relaxing and opening our inner self. Discernment is a means to making the best decisions in life. We are encouraged to express ourselves by staying close to art and music which will help us become more creative.

Energies are low vibration at this time. Do not do anything over and-above that which is absolutely necessary for now. By trying to force issues at this moment we run the risk of setting ourselves back or making ourselves ill/stressed. Save your energies for the time when you know you can use it to a much better effect. We are asked to ensure that we do not highlight the wrong source for feelings of wrongdoing.

This card is the numerological value of 26/8 embodying a resonance to the Strength tarot card. Two is a number of cooperation, teamwork, and emotional introspection. Six is the number of the homemaker, a first perfect number, and is both stable and harmonious. If we combine this message we find that it indicates a reliable team player/partner whose energy and thoughts revolve primarily around the home or compassionate activities.

Number eight is highly functional involved with achievement, success, and indicates a builder. The number twenty six influences career choices and the interactions of family, friends, and work associates.

This card implies that a person is dealing with conflicting energies between their domestic life and building a successful career. In the I Ching this is the Hexagram of Great Accumulation (Controlled Power) and Grouping (Union).

26/8 matches my birthday on 7/26 in terms of the day of the month within July. It is a quirky day in New Age because of those who ascribe to the following time/space theories.

I can’t remember if I ever blogged about this calendar or my research into it as I’m a White Cosmic Wizard Kin 234, but maybe one day I’ll spill some tea on what I studied with it. I don’t completely align to this philosophy though. I simply explore a lot and am eclectic or open to studying.

The Voice: Communication is key here. You may be feeling you don’t have the right words to use at present or you may be feeling that others behave as if they have more worthwhile things to say. Try and look at why it is you are not being heard. What is it that you need to do to get your point across? It might just be a lack of confidence here, but if others are louder than you it is in fact the quiet voice which often gets the attention for longer. Is there some backstabbing going on; could someone be doing this to you?!

This card asks if you’re being honest and sincere in ensuring justice and fairness for yourself. Your feelings at this moment come in waves that can’t be controlled nor can you distance yourself from them. They serve to help you listen more closely to your own thoughts rather than the opinions of others especially those of authority figures in your life who believe they know what is best for you be that within your group of friends, your family, or your profession.

This card is the numerological value of 24/6 embodying a resonance to the Lovers tarot card. This highly composite number takes the number four as a number of completion, stability, and highly materialistic connotations. It combines the High Priestess with the Emperor in tarot. In the I Ching this is the Hexagram of Returning (Return) and Arguing (Conflict).

Perhaps now is a good time to explain that many cultures have more than one idea or level of love. Funny how humans seem to forget this also!

For some reason today I felt the best preface right now to me was the following song. Humanity is on auto pilot and a large chunk of them in my opinion are not conscious of how robotic they are operating in their day to day encounters. They go through the motions, but they’re ultimately just not really even there. They don’t actively listen or remain present!

A few days ago the image I used was of the human heart. May this be helpful to you at this present moment in time/space.

Where or what is your home? We could look to the Hebrew letter Beth/Beit for clues. A son or daughter builds the house of God/Goddess. It is built in the heavens and reflected here on Earth with living stones. People throw this phrase around a lot not knowing what it even means online.

The stones refer to indwelling Universal/Cosmic consciousness and that which was rejected by the builders is our true selves or innermost character. Most of humanity rejects their true selves and innermost character in an effort to live in the Matrix or virtual reality they want to “belong to.” It’s a byproduct of serving the little rather than the higher self.

Beth/Beit also correlates to the term yoga meaning yoke/union and the breath. The true meaning of yoga is to unite oneself with truth or breath hovering over the waters of creation. This is the realization of self when consciousness crossing the abyss/void, reaches enlightenment, and is liberated. It is represented in the Hebrew letter Beth/Beit. A house full of false selves or little egos is a den of thieves.

Until you perform your shadow work your temple will remain filthy and imprisoned. Believe me there are a lot of little egos all running around and behaving quite fragile about their eventual ego death. Many of whom won’t find their way and won’t cross the abyss/void failing or needing another round in the wheel of potential samsara. No one said the journey would be easy, but many assume it will come without any sacrifice.

Purify your heart and the Divine Masculine/Feminine will inhabit the Heart chakra. Our spiritual purpose often overlooked is to build a wedding garment known as the Chariot, Merkabah, and light body. Get your house straight and you will see the Shekinah as a reflection of God/Goddess.

I’m closing this blog post with an empathy exercise because I need everyone to do so in an effort to learn about taking things for granted and lacking gratitude or being a bit inconsiderate from time to time. A literal lesson in walking in someone else’s shoes. I’ve learned to walk three times including as a baby, post foot fractures, and post ligament surgery.

A conversational question about my current responsibilities and what I should/should not be responsible for. Well this family is what has provided roof over my head, paid my bills when I’ve encountered hardship like job loss, etc. If you don’t pay anything forward I guess you’re the epitomized “taker” with no “giver” becoming the dichotomy of predator versus prey. Thankful this person made me realize this week how much I needed to recognize about listening to others rather than myself.

I want my blog readers to take time out of their day to imagine losing their mobility. Imagine if you will living in a two story house with a half bath in the first level where bathing takes place via a disability chair and kitchen sink. You do not have the use of a weight bearing left or right leg/foot due to an injury and must adapt to life on a knee scooter, crutches, or a wheel chair.

How will you cook/prepare meals, get hydration, receive your Amazon, Fed/Ex, or UPS packages at the door, and how will you get your laundry done when the washer/dryer are on the second level? How will you receive your groceries?

Will you just order out eating the SAD or standard American diet which is unhealthy? A great many of us actually get in the kitchen to cook/bake still believe it or not. We can’t eat processed commercialized foods because they legitimately are unhealthy and have caused us allergies, intolerances, and dis-ease. Get back to me when you’ve answered all these questions and let me know if you’re Superman or Wonder Woman who can be left alone without any assisted living then we can talk like civilized empathic adults rather than selfish immature children.

And on that note male or female without the use of a right/left leg or foot please explain to me how effectively you will use the restroom because it takes a toll to bear all your weight on the non-injured limb and can be difficult to lower to a toilet especially without grab bars. If you’re not careful you could even fall.

I’ve had a very hard time toggling responsibilities and giving up independence to be there for my mom and bear having so much weight put upon my shoulders in 2022 so much so I’ve wanted to move out. I’m now realizing this is also a byproduct of societies’ indoctrinating examples today of thinking only about self and never considering that we are to care for our neighbors.

Do not ask me if I can just leave someone alone who needs assisted living? If you’ve never been injured and you have perfect health say thanks. Prepare for the fact that at any moment you might face a speed bump along your journey and be forced to adapt. Put yourself in the shoes of another for once and realize sometimes a person needs a hand to accomplish their daily goals due to a handicap be it temporary or permanent.

Not everyone can be chopped up a la Orpheus to serve the needs and whims of everyone. Some of us have to say “No” to certain demands placed upon us. Am I angry? Yes, but somedays that is actually nothing new. I’m inherently tired of humanity acting infantile or stupid as I have no patience for either. I was raised by tough love not the coddling kind.

Clouds are sometimes wonderful because they shelter us from the very harsh rays of the Sun when the light is so bright we have to wear shades. They’re also a mixed element of air and water which provide us with rain. In a drought they would be welcomed by many, but everything in moderation because they can also bring severe destruction through harsh winds, flooding, and so forth.

Have a transformational Thursday! 🌩️📅

Dragon Garden Art, Orange Zinnia, and Fire Maple Dragon Tree
Organic cinnamon essential oil lotion was made this week! One batch only! I’ll make more at a later date amidst my busy schedule. No, I’m not selling this yet. I may have a potential customer willing to try some. It’s vegan except for the beeswax we use.
Dayflowers, roma tomatoes are flowering, and our neighbor’s who feed squirrels have planted peanuts in our carrots! Seriously?! I’ve been chasing them out and telling them “No,” but they want me to be a peanut farmer. Squirrels are very annoying.

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Seeing Life’s Journey as an Adventure

“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.” – Hippolyte Taine

It’s time to foray into the wilderness with our underlined hyperlink text. Be sure to click around and see what you can learn about me, you, consciousness, and this tarot reading today! I’m encouraging you to take a primer on physics even if that means coming at it from metaphysics, shamanism, or a spiritual view which requires you to click on the links I’ve provided.


I was really glad to see this card today from my Cats Inspirational Oracle Cards because the number 2 has been following me around a lot lately even through a daily Moon numerology reading sent to me in my email and on clocks I’ve regularly seen 222. Yet I was also very happy because this somewhat plays into my blog post on my Astromap as it is the Siberian who we are looking to today.

I’m a Western Leo with a Virgo Moon and a Vedic Cancer with a Magha (Leo) nakshatra Moon so I’m sort of a crazy cat lady; I mean my business donates to orphaned cheetah cubs whose mother was poached/skinned alive and her carcass left behind.

If we were to look at one of the websites I’ve wandered around we would see that they equate 222 with the Yin and Yang properties, but also Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo. I can say while Vedic astrology has an empty house for Gemini it is in my Western studies where Gemini is my 8th House and we find Mars at least natal with a Virgo/Pisces axis for North/South Lunar Nodes inhabiting my past/present karma.

This website happens to also play very well with the Flower of Life through the 222 resonance of these astrological placements and I can truly also see this again resonating to my blog post for the word I chose for 2022 as this resonates back to the torus!

The Flower of Life in the Garden
The Yin Yang in the Garden (I’ve Previously Used This Photo & The Above One)

We have a Flower of Life on the fence in our garden behind the Yin Yang as well. So I feel a lot of confirmation bias here coming into play as a resonance, and my viewers can take this as they so choose. It also very much resonates to my blog posts on the zero point energy with healing.

I’ve danced around some of this for so long, but I don’t really want to confuse my readership with that which they don’t understand because so many of the people I’ve put esoterics before have expressed they truly can’t grasp the levels at which my mind has entered. It’s really about alignment and our openness to receive at the level with which we are designed to. I’m pretty certain being Reiki Master attuned has made me more open to receive and then to give because we’re meant to share.

If I start swimming too deeply into the uncharted waters as I’ve stated with my mermaid themes of late then most people find me incomprehensible to be around, airy fairy, ungrounded, etc. How do you explain the technical aspects of Reiki and energy work to those who can be easily confounded by it all? You sometimes simply don’t try!

Their journey is their own adventure and destiny. But for me after Master level Reiki attunements this kind of “fluff” gets me all giddy and excited! I really can’t help it; I’m genuinely happy when I can start seeing this stuff!

“Visiting a museum is a matter of going from void to void.” – Robert Smithson

You see the 8th House of Gemini for me means I overcome transitional phases of life very easily. As a house of shared resources, inheritances, taboos, death, taxes, and all the other “mumbo jumbo” we’re really good at soberly anticipating and solving problems especially with the attraction of borrowed funds and debt. We freely connect with people and money to such an extent we do find ourselves most often confronting literal death or metaphorical endings.

This even reminds me of my time as a personal shopper with Instacart who lost their contract to Whole Foods and the transfer bonus they gave for us to move to another grocery retailer as in store personal shoppers. We manage general capital very well!

Our keen interest in anything and everything that is beyond the normal radar of most people’s consciousness means we love to participate in conversations which are incomprehensible to almost everyone else out there. And as I’ve learned about entrainment music which I had a habitual addiction for and have broken with more recently we’re exceptionally talented at auto training hypnosis.

This placement means at birth we were interested in the entire realm of the mysteries that pervade life and death. Mars here is a personal planet and without it we can’t survive. It actually helps us fight back if anyone attacks us. This 8th House is transformation where this water element house shows the unconscious is governed by Scorpio so we cut ties, let go of what doesn’t serve us, and die to our old self.

Mars makes us intense, high level energy, and extremely motivated for finding success as we are very persistent. We’re not afraid of the underworld and we greatly enjoy self discovery, psychology, and astrology.

This tarot card is actually teaching us that the Siberian cat is large and powerful with strong muscles which makes them surprisingly agile. They are independent creatures that love to roam. Their sweet faces and devoted nature is ready to return home after they go on their adventures. Some have stated that these cats lived in Russian monasteries looking like guards sitting atop the high beams.

In the photo on the card we are given this Siberian cat looks deceptively pampered scampering outdoors for a romp through their neighborhood confident in their capabilities not the least bit worried about danger.

Therefore for today’s message everyone is to recognize and honor our tenacity, recognize our need for new experiences, be smart about risk taking without letting our fears keep us from enjoying life to the fullest, and getting out there to enjoy what this Universe/Cosmos has to offer.

Frankly after the beginning years of this decade the message could not come at a better time if you know what I mean! The whole reason I wanted Reiki attunement was distance healing during an otherwise questionable time period! If anyone can heal from a distance with permission then I was eager to provide the service. Below is some information on the numerology of 222, Siberian cats, and a tie in with Reiki through our Hara Lines. Have a metamorphic Thursday!


Surfing The Waves on the Web:

The stems of the sunflowers are very tall and thick; almost as tall as me at 5’7″ in the garden! I’ve seen birds landing and sitting on the leaves, but the flowers have yet to bud. I think the birds checking everyday is the same as me wondering when will they actually “flower!” Or these birds are foraging for bugs as we certainly have those too.
I am going to spend part of my weekend getting the roma tomatoes trained because they’ve now grown enough for me to begin the process of stabilizing them! Eventually they will hopefully produce tomatoes as they get firmly established more. I will probably be forced to harvest more potatoes this weekend because the plants are withering so that has to mean they’re ready!
A few marigolds, more borage opening up, and a jungle of wildflowers. I think we ended up sowing too many seeds this year! Is that even possible? It’s very crowded in there with all these plants living together in a wild kingdom side by side!

Even bean harvesting is an adventure each week fighting with itchy leaves, Texas’ triple digit heat (sweating like I’m in a sauna), and bugs. The number of moths that come out during watering is immense!

No wonder people enjoy grocery stores with air conditioning and canned vegetables or already arranged flowers over growing their own food or fresh picked. It takes courage to brave nature! And apologies because I don’t want to pull my professional camera every morning, but my iPhone camera is beginning to get kind of questionable!

Point being you don’t control nature; if you’ve planted or sewn seeds Mother Earth is going to be as wild as she chooses to be! Control freaks need not apply for the job of tending to her if they can’t grasp this about the Divine Feminine! The human has been desiring control for how long now instead of accepting flow states!

Another note is that this card reminds me of childhood. I grew up with the Choose Your Own Adventure books. They remind me of time exploring visual novels in my 20s as well. I can’t for the life of me remember which books I read though from the Choose Your Own Adventure line being that it was elementary/middle school era. I did, however, find this!

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: The High Priestess Meets the Spider Woman

The High Priestess from The Hermetic Tarot – The Princess of the Silver Star – Gimel (Camel) and Spider Woman Archetype

Let’s take a more nuanced journey today through the healing energies of the High Priestess and the Spider totem via our underlined hyperlink text.


We’re graced today by the High Priestess and the Spider Woman archetype. The High Priestess is ruled by the Moon and via the Hermetic Tarot is known as The Priestess of the Silver Star displayed as adorned in pure Divine Feminine light of the lunar energies seated as the Eternal Virgin. The lunar energies veil the spirit of Truth. At her breast is a lyre, the law of Artemis the Huntress, and the path of Gimel which traverses Kether to Tiferet. Taken another way this is the path of mystical consciousness through transcendental consciousness.

We are encouraged to engage with our intuition and to feel the answer to our questions at this time in a manner which may not provide an easy to digest explanation. Dig deeper, take a step back, and acknowledge what you literally see happening in front of you at this time. What is actually there? What lies beneath? Is the answer obvious or is it subverted creating a heaviness for some or all parties involved at this time.

The High Priestess

The Spider Woman speaks to our need to weave a life, to create mandalas, and to create our universe. When stretched North-South and East-West our work begins by spinning threads which many regard as the symbol of our Matrix system or Maya in an illusory reality within the world of our senses.

The Hopi saw this archetype as an Earth Goddess and Spider Grandmother while the Ojibwe spoke to a help meet of collective humanity who inspired mothers to weave dreamcatchers for their loved ones to filter out negative energies.

The guidance at this time is to recover your creative impulses, defend yourself by setting adequate boundaries, remember it is not your role to solve the affairs of other’s, release any feelings of guilt, and get in touch with your inherent instinctual nature by honoring your bodily sensations.

Most importantly you’re invited to be spontaneous reconciling yourself with your desires and fears while encouraging yourself not to try and meet expectations that aren’t your responsibility. Your job is not to dress up to try and fit in; stop pretending and allow yourself to just be!

Spider Woman

For me I’m learning a lot more about somatic yoga personally as I have chronic pain after my foot injuries/surgery. This is a form of re-connection to the sensate body because I struggled sometimes with “groundedness.” What can help is to notice one’s current physical comfort. You can sit in a chair and notice your overall experience by moving your feet over the floor and connecting with it.

The next step is to feel your back connected with the bottom of the chair which supports you. Take a few moments to get comfortable with the chair supporting you and the floor stabilizing you. We often don’t take the time to actually connect this way with our environments.

Look around to notice something that feels resourceful such as trees outside the window, a piece of art on the wall, or a calming color on the floor or walls around you. This helps you ground by settling your entire nervous system.

Another beneficial practice is to recall a time within the last 24 hours when you felt most like your true self. Explore this event in detail noticing what happens in your body. For example, do you feel less anxious and more calm or serene? Then recall a time within the last 24 hours when you felt most like the person you would like to be.

Explore this event also in detail noticing what happens in your body. For example, do you feel tensed muscles or a change in heart beat, breathing, or body temperature? This helps you ground by returning you to your true north.

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Weaver

I’m briefly looking at asteroid Weaver today for a little more “spidey” insight. I’m doing this through a Solar Arc Direction or SAD chart. You’ll notice this asteroid was in my 9th House and has moved to my 10th House of Leo therefore the stories I wish to tell will encompass a combination of philosophy, spirituality, and greater wisdom through the expansive lens of Jupiter.

You will find me exploring culture, language, and social structures in my free time. This is now moving into the house of vocation where I take cognizant strides towards dealing with that which I adore or care for. 10th House is meant to be not an odd run of the mill job that just pays the bills, but our dream job where we desire accomplishment and advancement.

It is the 6th House which governs the common 9-5 jobs being ruled by Virgo while the 10th House is ruled by Saturn. This placement creates fundamental conditions where we can develop a steady foundation to venture forward upon. It is the placement of becoming an expert in your field while seeking to make a positive impact on others.

Asteroid Weaver is at Leo 10° with Mars sextile Moon, quintile Saturn, and semisquare Chiron. We’re the kind of people who desire balance and harmony in our relationships and have strong wills. Our creative spark makes us enthusiastic about life desiring happiness and success in life.

Our talents lie in sorting, categorizing, and creating order in our lives often having a strong sense of meeting deadlines. We struggle to act spontaneously as we are more responsible and can appear unemotional from time to time. Our sense of self is challenged by our ego structure and we’re often at odds with it.

We feel an unfathomable degree of loneliness. This aspect to Saturn is what is often a metaphoric Sun/Son on the cross image symbolizing a psychological aspect of the Sun Chiron semisquare. We generally cut ourselves off from the material world in order to attain to higher pleasure in the spiritual world.

The chart holder taps into worlds and realities that are beyond the scope of usual human perception. What they gain from this can be used to enrich the knowledge and understanding of people if they are open to their insights. The problem is they may not believe the chart holder because they aren’t perceiving what they’re perceiving.

The way to resolve this dilemma is to express your ideas in a way that is not so forthright through a form that is more acceptable to others. Another option is to use your insights and ideas to further yourself without being concerned about what others believe or won’t take in.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A man putting olive oil all over his body.” This degree is about making the connections between self and the outside world smoother so it can move through the world with greater ease minimizing the negative reactions which might come towards themselves from other people.

They have a strong need to be independent and true to self, but to do so in a non-abrasive way in the hopes that their special gifts will be accepted as much as possible. They have an ability to slip out of situations which are unnecessarily limiting or which don’t allow them to contribute what they uniquely have to offer. Slipping and sliding through the world makes life easier minimizing the need for compromise.

Work with guardian angel Yeialel and daimon Ipos.

Daimon Ipos will refer us to the Five of Cups, Jupiter, Yarrow, and Scorpio. Working with Ipos helps one become more decisive and courageous. If there is negativity attached to your aura it will be removed while you learn how to engage in using your subtle bodies’ natural defenses against psychic or emotional attack. This daimon assists with confidence, eloquence, self development, and helps you make wiser decisions.

Work with Cavansite spreading a message of appreciation towards natural and Divine cycles while focusing on sharing with friends and family the ideals of simplicity, beauty, love, and nature in its purest form. Affirm your beliefs in timelessness each day.

I also should note that I mistakenly forgot to remove my keys from my apron for my part time cosmetology job. Needless to say the Universe/Cosmos key and my key for our other franchise store got a “cleansing/wash” with the dirty laundry.  That was not intentional; I honestly forgot I needed to pull my keys out of my apron first then turn on the machine.

Have a thought provoking Thursday! Sending you good vibes! 👋🏻💓

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Needing Recuperative Time

“True love isn’t about being inseparable; it’s about two people being true to each other even when they are separated.” – Unknown

Please use the underlined hyperlink text for further guidance on today’s topics.


I’ve used the Green Aventurine Heart chakra crystal for this reading. This will assist with strength, confidence, courage, and happiness renewing your optimism for life pushing you to take action towards acquiring what you want in this world. This crystal encourages you to step out of your comfort zone to take on new opportunities that aid your growth. Those nervous butterflies in your stomach will be replaced by eagerness to enjoy life causing a chain reaction of positivity that changes the lives of you and those you love the most.

Raido: Communication, attunement with that which has two sides/elements, and the ultimate union that comes at the end of this journey which you’re taking. Uniting the as above with the so below creates single mindedness.

Your inner worth asks you to “let go and let God/Goddess” as it’s currently not an appropriate time to rely upon your own power. Inquire as to what constitutes right action via prayer or meditation while addressing your Witnessing Self or Teacher Within which cleanses and neutralizes any refusal to allow right action to flow through you.

Patiently wait and continue removing resistances or obstacles in your path which impede upon your self healing, self change, and goal of perfect union of Heaven and Earth which must not be forced, but naturally occurring.

For more information on this rune please visit the following link.

Eihwaz: Transition and slow growth/development may require moral effort, steadfastness, and the cultivation of your own authentic self/nature. Not all possibilities at this time are available to you therefore consider how far you’ve deviated from your authentic and true self.

Right action will help you avert anticipated difficulties. When you can foresee and make clear decisions the Universe will support and empower you. Inconveniences and discomfort is how you grow.

A trying time is a meaningful moment to get your house in order while waiting on Divine timing.

For more information on this rune please visit the following link.

Laguz: Unseen powers are afoot powering your fluidity and flow state. Immerse yourself in the experience of living without having to always evaluate or understand. Awaken your intuitive lunar nature as the solar nature strives for differentiation; the moon encourages union/merging.

Study spiritual matters while attuning to your own rhythms. Alchemists as well as Carl Jung refer to this stage as the Conjunction or Sacred Marriage. Fairy tales will display this as the hero and heroine living “happily ever after.”

Go within while honoring your warrior nature.

For more information on this rune please visit the following link.

I pulled the following letters and formed a few words from them:

A, R, H, G, K, G, O ,X, O, M, U, Z, J, and R

Ark (metaphysically this is your light body where your Christ/Cosmic consciousness resides)



Ogham (Celtic alphabet and tree zodiac)

Okrug (administrative division of Slavic states)


Armor (a protective layer over the body or a vehicle; that which is intended to deflect and diffuse damage)

Mojo (a magic charm, supernatural luck/skill, or personal appeal)


Orzo (barley)

Amok (disruptive behavior)


Hoax (a deliberately intended deception)



Hooka (normally spelled hookah; smoking implement known as a water pipe)


Amour (love, affection, courtship, and flirtation)




Rumor (claims of questionable accuracy, misinformation, and what is spread by word of mouth)


I’m very tired with beginning my new job, but I can let you know that I love it and hope to successfully complete my 90 day probation so that I can remain there permanently. It has caused some pain flares in my previously injured foot due to a lot of standing/walking, but I’ve had these before and am hoping over the next day off or the three days off after my shift on Saturday that it will calm back down thereby normalizing.

Chronic pain for me has been an on again off again love/hate affair after my multiple injuries to my left foot. I’ve been handling the phone orders, freight, and the register for my first two days which includes closing as well as opening. The store is open 9-5 PM CST Monday through Friday and 9-3 PM CST on Saturdays so I put in a full day Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. We’ve been having working lunches also which meant my first day we ate pizza.

No, not that kind; I was thinking of self censoring myself because the world wide web has lingo problems as I’ve said thanks to certain people’s “twisted” jargon, but honestly this is just getting old fast (I should not have to have these kinds of discussions here)! I’ll be sure to share more in my blog post tomorrow with you! There are three of us most days this week, but sometimes there will only be two managing the store together. Some Saturdays we may work alone.

I’m almost certain this also relates to my previous blog posts on my own spiritual journey including my ring that I wear and have backlinked to several times. No astrology today. I’m absolutely exhausted from my part time cosmetology job.

Please have a restful Thursday! 💞


Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Tickle Me Geranium

“Bloom where you are planted.” – Unknown

We’re cultivating a strange garden today with the underlined hyperlink text.


I decided to return to bibliomancy today with my Herbalist’s Bible landing on Geranium which is popular in love potions. With the energies of Venus, Mars, and the Moon, the water element, and ties to Aphrodite this South African native has been utilized for potpourri to invite love, protection, prosperity, and beneficial health. The Venusian vibration invites beauty, compassion, fidelity, friendship, happiness, luck, reconciliation, pleasure, and youthfulness. Often spells are cast under the New Moon phase as this signifies fresh opportunities flowing into one’s life when it would be ideal to ensure the aura and sacred space of one’s home/business is purified.

The geranium is a favorite home garden plant bringing cheerful bright flowers that affirm self confidence and heal any blows to one’s ego especially helpful in mending a broken heart. This hardy guest repels evil spirits maintaining protective boundaries, but has also been used for centuries to treat infections, colds, wounds, and other ailments thanks to its astringent properties. As a beauty must have geranium has been utilized in tonics, toners, skin creams, serums, and moisturizers to open, cleanse, and reduce pore size. Geranium may also be consumed as a tea.

As an essential oil added to any diffuser this little gem will lift your spirits and release your day to day worries. Anecdotal evidence from herbalists and Native Americans shows that the use of geranium for anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial characteristics is beneficial for treating stomach illnesses such as diarrhea, cramps, and gastric ulcers as well as sexually transmitted infections and lice.

Geranium has been used in feminine hygiene to treat vaginal infections and to aid menstruation by regulating the hormones. Other common uses have included typhoid fever, irritable bowel syndrome, detoxification, and toothaches/gum disease.

Geraniums grow in drought withstanding full sunlight, but do like a covered location from time to time to avoid going dormant. They desire soil to be rich and humusy. They will attract moths and butterflies alike as they are an important food source for deer and small woodland rodents as well. While my book did not list any contraindications always consult your doctor or ensure that you’re not allergic before experimentation especially if you will be ingesting tea.

I did not expect to find an actual asteroid named Geranium (1227), but I still located one alongside asteroid Aphrodite (1388). I’ve plopped them conveniently into a Solar Return chart as I’m nearing my birthday in July shortly. What we find is that Geranium sits in my 9th House of Scorpio at 26° retrograde while Aphrodite delivers her magic in my 7th House of Libra at 3°.

Solar Return Chart for Asteroid Geranium and Asteroid Aphrodite

In the 9th House this indicates I will develop a great desire for mental and physical travel while increasing my knowledge of abstract ideas, higher science, spirituality, and languages. There is a stronger pull towards the occult and mystical realms making me a bit more optimistic especially in the areas of astrology, alternative medicine, and esotericism.

The 7th House places the focus on having more balance, peace, and harmony in my life. New partners enter your life be that personal or business relationships. With Taurus in the 2nd House of this chart the ruling energy of the 7th House also as Libra brings with it a strong Venusian embodiment here, but the 9th House is very Jupiterian.

Asteroid Geranium squares Saturn while trining Neptune and semi-squaring Pluto. Aphrodite semi-squares the Sun and the Moon. This might look like a lot of soul searching and questioning one’s status or role played in the world on multiple levels from family life to clients/customers and colleagues. It’s a time to assess your autonomy, boundaries, and to ensure you’re not disrespecting others.

Some will try to exercise more control in your life during this time. Nevertheless this is a time to enjoy the brighter and lighter side of life without losing focus on what matters most. There will be more engagement in self love, overcoming difficulties, and rejecting mediocrity.

26° Scorpio: A pretty little bird standing on the back of a lion singing.

Denotes one of charming fancy, a singer of sweet songs, one of creative energy and personality. He/she is exposed to the craft of those in whom he/she has aroused feelings of envy, but is under powerful protection and has little to fear. Let him/her sow seeds at the Sun rising part of life and be ready to gather the harvest in the setting. It us a symbol of Poesy.

Overcoming the tremendous drag of habits and their intimate connection to limiting beliefs we gradually and inevitably lighten our burden taking every step at the exact moment we are ready to. To go back and continually rethink things can be a profoundly enriching experience that fills us with new energies and gleanings that we feel a need to give to others as a form of nurturing.

Feeling a deep need to nurture others guides us toward an understanding of the mysterious and forever self renewing fountain of life as well as the instantaneous wisdom it offers to those ready to receive it. Work with guardian angel Mihael and daimon Haagenti.

Haagenti corresponds to the Four of Cups, Mercury, Witch Hazel, and Cancer. This daimon assists with alchemical transformation by taking the ordinary or negative and transmuting it into something extraordinary. Interactions with Haagenti extend to the external or physical phenomena of health, finances, business, work, property, and material possessions.

Anything tangible which arises out of one’s environement leads one to become practical, career oriented, and philanthropic when they’re not greedy. Haagenti also aids in the translation of difficult texts into something simpler for easier understanding.

When working with Haagenti you learn how to find balance between the many obligations you have in life. All this daimon asks is that you be fearless in going after what you want.

3° Libra: A young girl striving to escape from the immaterial, but visible cords surround her; the more she struggles the more they increase.

Denotes one who is in danger of being drawn into psychic conditions from which escape is difficult. Such a one should refrain from dabbling in matters he/she does not thoroughly understand. Danger in connection with occult or psychic matters is threatened and much suffering there from. Love affairs may embarrass especially if intertwined with occult practices. The native will be gifted in some branch of art or science, but there is a peculiar force fighting against his/her success and against which a calm placidity is the only protection. It is a symbol of Involving.

Through uniting with the present we come into greater clarity which gives us a new perspective on everything. Eagerness to live and to grow impels us to project our imagination onto the territory that lies before us. Freed from the usual way of looking at things we are able to tap into the realm of pure vibration and explore its possibilities. The products of the imagination either grow into something or serve to fertilize future cycles of growth. Work with guardian angel Rehael and daimon Malphas.

Daimon Malphas connects with the Four of Wands, Mercury, Aries, and Marigold. Working with Malphas is usually best when you need a safe place to create. This daimon is best when you need protection against psychic or other forms of attack be they emotional, psychological, etc.

A very noteworthy aspect of Malphas is that he appears often as a crow thereby this might make sense to my continued research into the Magha lunar mansion I was born into. There is an unusual synchronicity here when one considers my Western zodiac as well as being a Leo Sun rather than just perusing my Vedic chart with rituals for the Pitrs most recently over the last few days. This seems to be a constant theme following me around now.

There is only one fixed star sitting on the degree where Asteroid Aphrodite falls which happens to be Nodus I in the body of Draco the Dragon. As stated previously the Draco constellation represents the dragon guarding the golden apples in the garden of the Hesperides, but some equate this with the serpent Python slain by Apollo. Eastern cultures equate this position with the Higher Minister.

It is worth noting that the word Hesperis represents the multiple nympths of the garden of Hera, but that its actual origination lies in Hesperus derived from Latin via hesperos to signify the evening as a reference to Venus’ evening star phase appearing at night. The location was never determined although as the Sun sets in the west it was quite often assumed to be an island named Erytheia which means red as the color seen during a sunset.

These golden apples happen to result in immortality when consumed unless of course Eris happened to get a hold of one of them (the Judgment of Paris and Trojan War). This particular garden is of modern influence for Christianity as another symbol of the Garden of Eden. The apple being a symbol of temptation.

“Let’s grab a blanket, run away, and watch the stars.” – Unknown (The Great Wall; Hercules Corona Borealis)

Kabbalists assign the Hebrew letter Mem with the 13th Tarot known as Death. What we have to remember about Mem is that it is a Mother letter referencing the womb/tomb where its association with water resembles immersion/baptism when one experiences death and rebirth having been born again clean/renewed. In Hebrew Mem may be written open (womb) and closed (tomb) to symbolize a place with or without life. Written in Hebrew the word “truth” via emet has a middle letter of Mem mediating between life and death.

The actual page number for Geranium is 382. In the Strong’s Concordance this is anarithmétos meaning uncountable and innumerable. In gematria some words that equate to 382 are scorpion, Goddess Maat, and Abode of the Gods.

Seeing Aphrodite is probably a fitting thing for the month of April after all!

April and Aphrodite:

Where are these two asteroids in your Solar Return chart? 🌞✨

Something I once had on my now extinct/defunct Twitter account which my step father also noticed is in alignment. My return to working in cosmetology and its etymological tie ins to other interests I have picked up over the years.

PS: I forgot to let you know I’ll be working Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturdays at my new part time job unless the days change for any reason. I will still be able to then manage some time for blogging and other responsibilities effectively. I’m very blessed right now!