Wisdom Wednesdays: A Terrible Case of Mistaken Friend for Acquaintance

“The greatest gift you can give to another was to believe in them.” – Anonymous

Image credit fully goes to YunaB-Rabbit on deviantart.com

This brief yet concise blog post is here for me to remember that I’ve decided to set firm and clear boundaries in my life. Underlined hyperlink text is here to help me express how tired I am of allowing this to continue as long as it has.


When my business had its Twitter feed I remarked once that for the last two decades of my life I’ve not had friends. I have had superficial relationships commonly referred to as acquaintances. Superficial because they’re shallow with very little depth to them.

The last quality over quantity relationship I had albeit was never perfect because as I became an adult I saw how there were dysfunctions hidden inside of this relationship was when I was spending four years in high school.

From that moment on my life has been a series of very trite as I call them experiences built upon a societal need to play Chutes/Snakes and Ladders. This used to be called social climbing, and I always found it childish or snobbish as well as did not want to ever participate in the ritual. If we think of Kabbalah what we have is a Tree of Life and the Qliphoth/Tree of Death living side by side.

Carl Jung referred to this as the tree whose roots can’t reach heaven if they don’t first reach down to hell. I’m kind of sick of the version of Chutes/Snakes and Ladders that is inverted as well as twisted like a bad trip on LSD with those who play the game incorrectly.

Really the proper way to play the game is to recognize its similarity with Rosh Hashanah. Concentrate on the height or depth of spiritual meaning in your life. Life does not offer a sure thing and certainly it promises nothing except uncertainty. The only way you can walk away from your existence successfully is to finish well.

Therefore the entire purpose of your existence is that you learn from it. It is also meant to be a pivotal educational resource in that when you see another sliding down a chute/snake rather than climbing a ladder you were meant to provide them with genuine support rather than ignore, beat them down, or belittle them further.

This does resonate for me being that I just had my birthday or Solar Return thereby it is truly a new beginning and year for me. Yesterday after I published my blog post something transpired in my evening that has been long coming for months. I finally had an extreme ah-ha light bulb moment of recognition.

One that I’ve been told when I say it this usually triggers most everyone around me, but being triggered is also meant to help you get honest with self/other and rectify your mistakes in life. The old phrase was get your house in order or get right with God/Goddess.

In this game I’ve found that most of these people have been a class of narcissistic or megalomaniac types suffering from a dog eat dog limited belief system towards achieving success. To my dismay my Twitter feed blew up in a small form of virality where people all over the world began commenting that they felt the same way in fact also stating that social media with the advent of the inernet or cell phone technology by and large were partly to blame.

That we were noticing that technology has severed our ability to really relate correctly to one another breeding some very negative, unhealthy, and deconstructive dis-ease. A sort of devolution not evolution of the human species permitting a new Kali Yuga or Dark Age to enter.

Have you ever felt this way? Do you ever notice that supposed friends and family often blow you off with various excuses from I don’t have time for you, I was only joking/joshing, or some other brush off they will give you? Some will even not realize they’ve said one thing while behave counter to their verbalism. Actions always speak a bit louder than our words.

They practice a wishy washy I can’t set boundaries world view where they might even ignore that they basically told you to eff off because they don’t care about you while then trying to pull you in to rescue them when they need help. In my book this is exactly what I said above a strong case of narcissism and megalomania.

If someone said the above to you how would you feel and honestly would you tolerate this behavior or would you start cleaning people out who are not actually benefiting your life path or higher self?

Me personally it’s inspiring me to look also for better employment usually. This also has much to do with me wanting to reach a point where I can avoid certain people, places, and things until I can rightfully gain independence from what does not work because instead it’s like an aseembly line is broken.

I’d also state this is a type of person who believes others are their emotional, verbal, physical, and psychological waste basket for them to dump into. It’s a dance that we’re all performing while not seeing the damage we do to self or other.

I’m not going to put much else in here other than to publish the etymological value showing the difference between friendship and acquaintance while referring everyone to an anime/manga I grew up with which describes how I feel at present.

“Tears are words that need to be written.” – Paulo Coelho

I feel as if I’m Chi in the Chobits series, but especially as if I’m living out the book series A City With No People! If you’re going to be two faced, stab me in my back, treat me as if I were worthless, or any other form of impure co-existence do us all a favor don’t apply for the job as friend or acquaintance in my narrative.

I’m done, and I’ve had enough. I’d rather be single and solitary than with the wrong person in life. If you can’t understand what that means the problem is you for not stepping up your game when you’re choosing to co-exist with me.

You either want to be a friend or you don’t. You either want to form bonds or you don’t. Stop wearing a mask and playing a fake role in my destiny because I can see through your lies and deceit! I don’t think people are very conscious of what they’re saying/doing as they go about life. Those who admit it later sometimes give disingenuous apologies or prefer not to integrate their shadow.

I’ve reached 43 and frankly I really do not want to keep dealing with attracting these kinds of people into my existence anymore. I believe I deserve(d) a lot better, and if I’m seen as wrong for that then maybe people as in humanity as a whole should stop settling in life for less than they’re rightfully worth through low self esteem or limited thinking.

You don’t deserve now, in the past, or in the future to live with dis-ease from those who want to use or abuse you. Anyone out there who teaches you otherwise is also not the type of person you should continue associating with.

A City With No People:

Find the full written series at this Wiki while I’m enclosing for you a video I found for as long as it remains free/online.

The etymological definition of friendship is good will while friend is specifically loving another referring to them as if they were a relative or kinsman/kinswoman.

Friendship and friend are directly taken from the Sanksrit प्रिय which in fact is synonymous with dear, favorite, sweetheart, beloved, fond of, and wanted.

Acquaintance is none of the above whatsoever which is why I’ve made it a point today to teach you the differences so that you might grow up and mature a little.

Acquaintance is the etymological definition of one with whom you have basic familiarity taken during occasional intercourse/interaction often of an extremely brief nature. There is no close connection in this form of relationship whatsoever. Most of this type of relating is nothing more than base habitual and sometimes it fosters only contempt between two or more people/persons.

Which one would you prefer to have? A quality friendship or a disenfranchised acquaintanceship? As for me I presently have no friends, but I have millions of acquaintances. I’m content going solo now and like Chi I’m hoping/looking for something more fulfilling.

Have a wizened Wednesday wherever you are! And yes, I’m sorry for often being a bit blunt or harsh with my words, but when you’re made sick of something trending in your journey to wholeness you might pick up a broom and sweep it out.

What brought this on was the blog post about toxic positivity mentioning that when someone keeps telling you to just be happy they’re writing you off, telling you to repress rather than develop a healthy process of integrating your negative emotions, and that they flat out don’t know how to handle shadow work.

Just because someone has a bad day does not mean they should shove it down because eventually that pressure cooker will erupt like a time ticking bomb somewhere taking out them and millions of other innocent victims.

This is called misaligned or misdirected rage, anger, violence, and other vices. Someone is caught in the crossfire of ricocheting bullets and most people never developed an ability to have enough patience to connect these dots left wondering why others around them now fear, dislike, or cut them off.

We used to do this all the time on social media, and I still do it in life. It was once a friends list cleaning. It’s about time only this time it’s a makeover of acquaintances as well! It is time to makeover one’s soul and say no more! ✂️❤️‍🩹

Wisdom Wednesdays: Herbalist’s Bible – Goldenseal

“A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession.” – Hippocrates

Today we will explore the links between herbs, astrology, tarot, and other esoteric correspondences. Underlining the hyperlink text is some ear to the ground knowledge I’m passing along to those interested and/or curious.


It’s been a very long time since I’ve flipped open in my Herbalist’s Bible. I went today as a mesh of Wisdom Wednesday’s and Tarot of the Day Thursdays operating my magic through bibliomancy landing right on Goldenseal although my first tries were not so satisafactory. First I was looking at instructions on evaporation followed by recipes for nut mixes particularly the spicy kind.

The snack nut mixes fell under a chapter on our circulatory system. I honestly try to avoid much of these more sometimes antagonistic topics for what it’s worth as it simply triggers too many in society who have strange opinions, biases, and pedestals they jump on to shout from.

Rather I’m trying to read between the lines as to why I wound up there on my second go at bibliomancy. Third time was when I finally landed upon an actual herb to write about.

I am guessing I landed there due to the correlation of the Leo birthday and lunar landscape tomorrow being that the chapter explains the importance of fats, fiber, and antioxidants to our heart, arteries, capillaries, etc. and as I noted Leo rules the heart as well as the spine.

Goldenseal as a Jupiter correspondence makes sense because my palmistry and references to my ring are synchronicities I can work with at present. All studies that I’ve previously written and explored extensively, but won’t be linking to today.

I digress though today we’re going to learn about Goldenseal. If you’re interested in previous Herbalist Bible blog posts I’m going to leave them directly below for reference so that you can easily reference them.

Herbalism Exploration:

The immense vines and leaves of the sweet potato plant have finally begun to sprout flowers. I noticed the first flower on my birthday yesterday.
Beautiful purple and white reminds me of Morning Glories. I had no idea that sweet potatoes even flowered so I’ve learned something new.

Sure enough these are in fact part of the Morning Glory family instead of nightshade.
We have only a few sunflowers left in bloom. Most were harvested for seeds or left for the birds to eat from. Some seeds will be saved for re-planting or feeding birds at a later date.

Goldenseal has a correspondence with Jupiter while also being helpful in rootwork rituals. We use this kind of ritual as a way to harness the energies of the fifth planet from the Sun, largest in our solar system, to work against Saturnine influences while also enhancing spirituality.

Jupiter has a direct correlation to the patriarchy through the act of fatherhood as well as the political arenas. The purpose of rootwork or even Root chakra balancing is that it helps to purify the liver and blood/circulatory system.

These plants are meant to provide feelings of warmth and contented relaxation. If we’re on the Tree of Life this would be Chesed connecting one to the Divine Masculine, higher states of consciousness, and encouraging leadership qualities of success based upon beneficence.

Astrologically Jupiter rules Sagittarius as well as Pisces in some schools of thought although I prefer to assign Pisces to Neptune. It is here that we wish to contact a person’s inner sense of justice, ideals, and morality. We explore long distance travel, foreign affairs, higher education, the legal system, and the urge for freedom while focused upon humanitarian/protective roles.

The Asian systems place Jupiter as Guru/Brihaspati or the Great Teacher and the element wood. All of this looks remarkably familiar if you follow my blog regularly even with the xeriscape and Yin Yang in our garden. As I’ve said I tend to lean more Jupiter, but it was in Leo when I was born on my Western/Tropical chart.

Ironic that in Vedic astrology Guru/Brihaspati is in the Ashlesha nakshatra. I should probably go learn about this. After all the index finger in palmistry or Jupiter finger is how one leads life.

I had to spend time re-supporting tomato vines which were beginning to fall over due to how tall they have grown for our romas. I believe they need nitrogen to help them get larger.
We have a secondary peanut plant growing in the wildflowers besides the now two in what was the carrot bed due to the squirrels in the neighborhood bringing peanuts from someone who is feeding them.

These plants have grown very large. The garlic chive is preparing to flower which usually makes honey bees ecstatic and also in the lower right is some basil.

With reference to the lunar landscape of tomorrow we will find Jupiter within Aries at 8° which for myself is my natal 6th House on the Western/Tropical wheel which is largely empty yet my Vedic/Sidereal would posit this to be 7th House with Chiron the Wounded Healer. We could explore this degree in a wee bit further just to have it as a great reference to the current astral energies we are currently aligned to.

Goldenseal which is an American native belonging to the buttercup family is used abundantly in the eastern United States deciduous woodlands. Vivid yellow rhizomes make the inside of this plant have a suitable reason for its given name. The seal relates within the given name to the decorative seals previously used to stamp warm wax onto envelope flaps.

Native Americans widely utilized this plant for gorgeous golden yellow dye introducing it to European settlers for therapeutics. Now protected due to over harvesting goldenseal in the 20th Century and beyond is legally protected becoming a top selling herbal supplement advertised to improve digestion, heal illness, and enhance our immune system.

Woodland goldenseal is well known as a social medicinal within several pharmaceutical companies. Scientists at the University of Chicago recently discovered that this herb works actively against Helicobacter pylori strains one of many germs that can cause diarrhea. This now becomes a need to investigate its use for deadly Giardia and Entamoeba histolytica strains.

Roughly 20% of the world’s populace is chronically infected with Giardia and approximately 50 million are infected with the amoeba E. histolytica making studies of goldenseal and other berberine containing plants vital. Salves and ointments containing goldenseal are also beneficial to skin infections and psoriasis treatments. As an effective mouthwash this plant will also treat canker sores and mouth ulcers.

Commonly one can use this herb by taking a capsule each day or taking a 2 to 4 mL tincture twice or thrice each day. Topical ointments and salves should be used as instructed by directions or doctor’s script. The main precaution for this herb lies in uterine contractions and it will be unadvised to use during pregnancy.

There may be drug interactions so always tell your health practitioner if you’re taking this supplement/herbal remedy to ensure there are no contraindications.

I’m uncertain of the yellow flowers, but the orange one is most certainly a zinnia.
Feels almost like a Skittle’s commercial!

While the following article is not specific to the circulatory system, but is rather to do with Reiki’s benefits to the endocrine system as a a Master certified Reiki practitioner I wanted to include this today as a PDF. I love that Reiki also helps with the nervous system particularly the parasympathetic system given my experiences on Cipro, gabapentin, and tramadol previously written about.

The stories I could tell about these experiences such as is it not weird that as I’ve said five months after two rounds of Cipro I tore my left ligament 75% needing surgery and still have nueropathy. I mean all these little puzzle pieces do form a picture after all despite the risks of any surgery.

The black box warnings that came late on script instructions via the FDA or those fighting for a cause because pharmaceuticals deny the links or pay to hush those telling the FDA to issue dire warnings/educate the masses!

Then the after impact of being on gabapentin and tramadol in terms of what both did to me for two months including losing consciousness more than once and nearly getting hurt passing out as well as leading to the cause of suicidal ideation I experienced/survived.

These topics dovetail back to my mom’s journey with Levaquin and pneumonia circa January 2022. These are all tied in and I encourage others to locate these blog posts through the “search/calendar” function in the sidebar; look for Asclepius. Go read medical journals about these prescriptions or even check out articles on being floxxed including Hormones Matter.

I mean gabapentin is also stripping one of I believe calcium and causes dry mouth as a side effect so shortly after I had two failed molars in my lower left. One was extracted and the other a root canal/crown! Thanks! Ultimately I can not remember or source the material. Some drugs increase calcium in the body which is also not beneficial. Instead what is essential is moderation in all things.

Forewarned and properly armed with knowledge will make you a wiser and better advocate in the allopathic system or medical control grid that seeks to supposedly heal, but in fact can do a lot more harm than good. We have a broken system that manages dis-ease not necessarily healing or curing for I do believe they think no profit is to be made in a wholistic and healthy populace when you can have a lifetime patient who is always sick.

Most prescriptions provided by doctors have been given to me with the doctor fully aware the risks and contraindications. I’ve instead had to become my own advocate and warrior relying back upon what I learned working in medical malpractice law firms. Then paying this forward to others willing to listen and learn from me/other’s hardships fighting against those who wish to silence anyone who speaks.

You see 3/4 of humanity has cognitive dissonance, and when cornered I can catch people including doctors making Freudian slips suddenly not conscious they just admitted to the knowledge of the risks and still prescribing what might be unwise to give out.

I have encouraged everyone to use etymology and get to learn their language context before they become even more ignorant. For example, pharmakeia should be understood better especially the second definition for the unsuspecting and naive. If you want answers start asking some questions! Don’t be unwise. Or maybe the reference in the etymology to poisoning.

I’m closing this out with a look at the energy of Jupiter as notated above astrologically so that my writing is not a soap box rant or depressing. Knowledge and education are power so use them to your benefit.

This degree appreciates the past and the lessons it continues to teach. By accepting what has gone before without regrets one develops an attitude which helps others to take a more positive approach to their lot in life. Freedom from history and wholehearted embracing of the process of change teaches others to love themselves more and to continually let go as they move forward.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A double headed eagle, the heads face in opposite directions.” The eagles signify power. There is the power of youth with naivete as well as the power of old age with wisdom. When attachments are let go of all regrets concerning the passage of time fall away for although something is lost something else is gained.

This is the seed of Libra signifying the mystery of relating to our many selves unfolding over time which is the marriage of past with future. Work with guardian angel Achaiah and daimon Aamon.

Daimon Aamon corresponds with the Eight of Swords, Moon, Cinnamon, and Gemini. Connections to the deity Amun are found here. This fire daimon of the Summer Solstice or Solstitium wants one to be safe and happy while helping one find their soul tribe. Aamon will help you digest any emotional discomfort and let it go.

Essentially if you want to create alliances this daimon is recommended. You may find references here to the Ogdoad. The Lionsgate begins with our current lunation. It in fact does also reference our 12th initiation which in numerology can imply service to a higher calling for those who can hear their inner voice while responding to Earth’s needs.

This year it encourages us to manifest our highest intentions while sharing our naturally born gifts or insights with the world. Mycenaean kings erected representations of lionesses as an emblem and symbol of power to honor the Divine Feminine through Hera.

The Lionsgate is often on 8/8 of any year and can last through mid August. The tie in being our spiritual sun Sirius when the Sun in Leo makes alignment generative of a very high frequency in the 3D. Now is the ideal time for abundance rootwork with time spent outside, utilization of solar herbs, and a revitalization of your goals.

“I changed the computer background to a lizard. Its now a Monitor.” – Anonymous

This fixed star is upon Alpha and Beta Lacerta in the Lizard. The name is in reference to the Lacertidae family of lizards taken from Spanish lagarto or Latin lacertus (masculine) and re-spelled as lacerta (feminine). Lacertus in Latin referenced the upper arm or fascicle of muscular fibers found here.

Very little is otherwise really described of this fixed stars meaning. I’d like to posit the above might relate to our need to balance our internal Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to achieve wholeness, harmony, and balance.

Work with Rainbow Hematite expressing that the combined elements of fire and air as seen in the Magician are essential for new starts, new drive, and forward momentum. Focus on your I Am as being the genesis of receiving blessings for all the hard work that you do. The affirmation is I am determined, driven, and look forward to a new breath of fresh air.

Have a brilliant Wednesday as well as the rest of the week. I will be busy at my part time cosmetology job awaiting news on job interviews for full time employment. If there is any changes to my schedule I will update here in an interest to properly balance my time management. Sending you lots of love! 💞🤗

We have received a new diagnosis for mom from the podiatrist that might include benign growth/tumors of the feet. It just never ends…

Wisdom Wednesdays: This Buck’s For You

“I’m looking for the story of an astronaut whose lunar Odyssey was very fruitful?” – Unknown

It’s one of my more curt entries where I’m just not beating around any bushes today. Like the underlined hyperlink text there is no need to beat a bush or around the bush for they are not the one causing the distress signals.

While everyone else walks to the beat of drums engineered by I don’t even know what for guidance I’ll walk to the beat of my own thanks!


I really need to finish this up speedily today so I’m going to briefly spend time on the Supermoon and get to other details. We will all be affected uniquely based upon where Capricorn falls in our charts. Western zodiac for me it was my Imum Coeli and this Full Buck Moon will arrive at 1:37 PM CST.

My calculations put this within Capricorn at 21°. The aspect is a massive Grand Cross involving the Moon with the Midheaven, Mercury, and Sun in Cancer as well as the Ascendant in Libra with Chrion in Aries.

I’ve been working with this energy all week and literally for months now. I believe it’s reaching a climactic tone where I legitimately don’t feel I can find a place I fit. Not online, not at home, and not in my part time cosmetology job. I know why I’m nervous about the 90 day review period. I can just sense intuitively that right now I don’t feel as if I have a home anywhere or am welcomed.

Everyone says one thing, does the complete polar opposite, and then expects me to not feel as if that is pretty much you lie to my face or can’t state truth to me yet our actions will always speak louder than our words! Your body language is being read and believe me it speaks a novel.

If you talk behind my back it gets back to me. No one is actually keeping quiet except me when I’m told to not run around spreading something I should treat as a test of confidence, fidelity, and trust. But thanks for making me feel like the Ten of Swords.

There is a lot more actually underpinning my awareness of bad vibrations that I can’t and won’t publish online because to do so is disrespectful and point blank childish. What I do know is the gossip for one is bad actually albeit I am trying to avoid it while the rest is a disagreement in work ethic/policy or training that I have with others.

All I know is I’m tired of what I call attitude problems when I may have to be somewhere for employment. If you’re full time in a corporate America job it adds up. You spend more time with co-workers than family. You need to love what you’re doing and enjoy the company you keep. Anything else will make you miserable, pessimistic, and blocked in the chakras or overall vibration you hold.

I’m part time only and the environments can be too much in some companies. And stuff does happen, but I don’t have someone I’d adequately go to for help as there is a trust issue about being blackballed when I work anywhere. It’s happened more times than I can count on my two hands.

Actually the red flags are that I sense bipolar attitudes. Nice one minute while shifty or angry the next. People who are easily triggered, too combative, and I feel a bit I don’t know double crossed or used recently. It’s just complex to unpack! But honestly I’m looking even at podcasts, news, etc. and this lunar phase humanity is literally behaving like they belong in straight jackets and padded rooms. I’m going to say it. Go meditate and seriously gain some clarity before you become unhinged.

Our task should we accept it belies understanding that we’re in the midst of a square off where we’re constantly fighting with what is transpiring in our lives at present. We may feel restricted by others to the point that it feels oppressive, we may experience financial strains beyond our control, and we may even have issues within our personal lives that throw up red flags we previously did not take notice of.

Skilled sailors don’t become masters of the sea without traveling on some rough waters. We have a Cardinal Grand Cross therefore we need to initiate action and take the lead. If you’re feeling pulled in too many directions these are all alpha placements asking you to become a high achiever who succeeds in multiple areas of your life. It’s going to feel mighty daunting.

When you desire to embark on something new this is the time to think outside of the box to resolve disagreements and problems while utilizing intuition. If your gut is sending you red flags trust the message.

It means the relationship is incorrect for you, that you need to balance your spending by living within your means not beyond them (don’t live on exorbitant debt you can’t pay back), and set proper boundaries so that you don’t let others treat you like a door mat by walking all over you.

Subconscious awareness is key to helping you take a good impartial look at what needs to be transformed. If you’re having negative relationship dynamics at home or work especially it’s time to nip them in the bum. Most people will at this time be argumentative, short tempered, and aggressive stirring up misunderstandings because they’ve chosen to be opinionated, parochial, and prejudiced.

They are thinking only in black and white or dualistic terms. This either/or demeanor is not cooperative and creates ambivalence, indecision, mixed feelings, and emotional bias. Uranus is present as a means to enable a free view of the entire big picture scenario. If people can’t adopt a progressive attitude and bring new ideas to the table you’re going to get nowhere fast.

This means if you’re rejected also when trying to socialize or make new friends then it’s not actually you, but it is the karma of the other person. The reasons for which are not worth trying to address. Move along there are other fish in the sea as they say.

21° Capricorn: The head of a goat with the solar disc between its horns.

Denotes an extremely sensitive and impressionable nature of romantic and strange fancies. If the Sun is afflicted at birth or if the Moon is changing from old to new the chart holder is liable to obsession or evil company which threatens their honor. The chart holder will have to seek help from more positive minds. But if the orbs be in good aspect and the Moon be elevated, strong, and advancing from new to full advancement will be the chart holder’s destiny. It is a symbol of Perplexity.

The fixed star we find within our focus is Sulaphat in Lyra the harp. Sulaphat is taken via the Arabic As-Sulahfah meaning the tortoise with a direct reference to the origin of this instrument from mythology. Hermes found the empty shell of a tortoise cast upon a shore with dried tendons stretched across it upon which one could pluck to make music.

The remainder of this mythos will compel one to study Orpheus, Apollo, and the Muses if they’re so inclined. Overall much like the mythology speaking to the ability to tame wild beasts this fixed star’s energies are meant to imbue one with a harmonious, developed, and poetic nature who will be fond of music, science, and the arts.

Kabbalist have associated it with the Hebrew letter Dalet(h) and the tarot trump The Emperor albeit I am more likely to ascribe it to the tarot trump The Empress.

A Dalet(h) is a door and the Empress was my previous wealth altar focus with my California King oak bed remembering that in Ogham the theme is Duir or a door. It has since changed and I’ve exposed this in a previous blog post. This door of perception opens up the revelatory insight into God/Goddess or spiritual dimensions. It teaches on about force/energy and the fact that we should be more merciful to one another than we are behaving.

The Lamed in the Dalet(h) is about learning, teaching, and the Kingship/Queenship of God/Goddess. The Tav likewise represents the kingdom of God/Goddess is found within not outside of you. Instead we are allowing our darkness to guide us which is why everything is a tempest storm and ships are rocked upon the seas.

Carnal or lower self is operating under a triggered mind, will, and low Emotional IQ as in grow the @#$%& up excuse my language, but just enough. If you’re not in contact with your higher self I suggest you start trying to open up some dialogue. Narrow thinking such as Divide and Conquer or Hegelian Dialect makes one unteachable, easily deceived, and operating via ill intentions.

I hope for all of you that this lunar phase is easy to navigate. I am in the tempest dealing with a thrashing from a storm I would have preferred quite honestly to have avoided at all costs. Yet life for me is as I’ve said never dull. 🚣‍♀️⛈️

Wisdom Wednesdays: Do You Have a Final Destination to Reach/Achieve

“Control your own destiny or someone else will.” – Jack Welch

I kind of feel a bit like strapping on some roller skates the way I did when I was a child for this blog post and letting my Siberian Husky lead the way through all the underlined hyperlink text that helps us navigate through the twists/turns presently although my current left ankle probably would no longer agree with this and rebel against the concept.


Asteroid Destinn (6583) is said to be the destination that awaits you and demands your attention in life so I thought today as I’m short on time I’d just pick it apart as it’s something I can quickly and easily do with my free time before I return to the insanity that has become my everyday life! Most of my chores and obligations are relatively done now so that I can legitimately “relax and unwind.”

Except that my mind is no longer able to do so amidst everything it’s processing in its centralized hard drive. Destinn is a derivative of the obsolete form of destiny through the French language which is also etymologically tied to the word fate.

I’m really enjoying the energy this week of the Solar Arc Direction or SAD chart so I’m finishing my week utilizing the same theme. Asteroid Destinn at birth was in my 10th House, but today it presents a challenge by nesting in my 11th House of Virgo at 17° in what many call a stellium as on this chart it presently is with Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. This form of chart also moves my Midheaven to this location when compared with the natal placements.

Asteroid Destinn is oppposition Sun and Mercury as well as semi square Mars. This presents challenges to the sense of personal identity whereby there are serious obstacles and one is forced to halt for a while contemplating turning back. It indicates a time of strong inner contemplation in the sphere of personal development where one later shares messages with the wider public and attempts to gain wider perspectives.

It’s a time when everything in life hits up against cross purposes. Issues creep in of insecurity and self doubt, loyalties begin to divide, and the chart holder feels as if they are having choices made by others or forced upon them against their will. There life becomes unpleasant when they are forced to suffer and accept sub-optimal levels of satisfaction which creates disharmony.

What is really occurring is disagreement in valuable objectivity where the rigidly defined people surrounding the chart holder don’t want to see a different perspective and defend their opinions too vehemently thereby all involved miss out on constructive cooperation.

If it appears on the outside that everything is okay the honest answer is it really is not!

What is occurring for the chart holder is that they are seeing all the red flags in the relationships they’ve invested into and are realizing now is actually the time during fight or flight when one should “run” as in the flight response is highly activated in the nervous system.

Reason being this becomes toxic relating if others are unwilling to take a mediating stance instead of “forcing” upon another primary reason being they’re harming the chart holder’s health. This is known as one of astrology’s worst aspects by many. Everyone is being way too competitive with the chart holder acting from “my way or the highway” demanding they be listened to as if they were a military drill sargent who knows it all and knows what is best at all times.

This destructive way of treating someone does not allow for any “growth” in life and leads to limiting lifestyles or beliefs creating a caged bird effect on the chart holder who will never learn to spread their wings and take flight.

The hypothalamus being impaired during these events is the chart holder’s Third Eye chakra which involves important bodily processes such as regulating body temperature, metabolism, energy balance, and circadian rhythms. This is directly tied to the endocrine system through the pituitary gland, adrenal glands, thyroid glands, and lastly the ovaries/testes.

For a female such as myself their will be problems with fertility through modulation or regulation of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels as well as the luteinizing hormones and follicle stimulating hormones which the pituitary uses to stimulate the ovaries.

“I’ve taken my destiny into my own hands and I’m in a happy place.” – Charlie Simpson

This dysfunction leads to inflammation, chronic pain/fatigue, oxidative stress, and a reduction of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. The chart holder is asked to improve their health by the following methods when they are finding themselves landlocked into living with toxic surroundings/people:

  • Drink green tea to mitigate negative effects of high fat diets on the hypothalamus and to decrease inflammation as the environment you’re living in will create a cytokine storm.
  • Avoid saturated and trans fats while beefing up on omega 3 fatty acids such as flax seed oil to reverse the damage and reduce the impending cytokine storm which will wreak havoc on your overall well being.
  • Get active and exercise!
  • Just say NO to the entire SAD or Standard American Diet. There should be zero highly refined or processed foods and one should begin eating more vegetarian/vegan while reducing carb intake. The diet most Westerner’s eat cradle to grave creates metabolic dysfunction and insulin resistance.
  • Cultivate a healthy gut biome.
  • Consume antioxidants by supplementing quercetin through herbal teas, red wine, or apples. Any antioxidant rich foods will support as well as protect the brain. You want a colorful plate of mixed fruits, vegetables, and often gluten free grains.
  • Try chromium to assist with insulin activity normalizing your blood sugar response.
  • Practice meditation which will help to balance GABA, serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitter release. Yoga will have a similar effect.
  • Reduce stress levels anywhere that you can and ensure you receive a good night’s sleep.
  • Try acupuncture!

If as I said in yesterday’s blog post our 10th House is our Midheaven directly influencing our life path/future and is ruled by both Capricorn and Saturn then our 11th House is where we help others, our hopes/dreams for our future, where we engage in emotional healing, and where we would normally display generosity. Aquarius and Uranus rule this astrological house therefore it has a humanitarian aspect.

Virgoans here take a broad perspective to life and they don’t want to be surrounded by nitpicking, fault finding, and short sighted people. They become health conscious individuals who are modest, humble, and detail oriented. In fact 11th House Virgo wants a vegetarian/vegan support group and friends who will empower them through cleanses or “pure” diets.

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Destinn

This degree will display something a little like this. The chart holder has much to communicate to other people, but the question is whether or not they are ready to receive their ideas. They see beyond the limits others create and believe in gaining a very broad perspective on existence. People though can be quite attached to limits because boundaries make them feel safe. So the chart holder attempts to be careful about when, where, and how they share what they inherently know so that it does the most good.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An old bald woman talking to her dog.” The woman’s bald head signifies a mind freed of thoughts. She can communicate with the dog from pure instinct and receive back the dog’s messages. In the past when a little girl she had the instinctive nature of the dog which became later overlaid with intellectuality and objectivity which has now faded away returning her to her former state and allowing her to recontact her own animal nature more directly. This is in essence a sort of time travel returning to the past in the future.

This degree is about reconnecting with the ground of one’s being and communing with one’s source. Doing so creates a clearer perception of the way one has developed and the course that’s been taken. It is a way of both assessing and grounding one’s overall evolution. Work with guardian angel Melahel and daimon Aim.

Daimon Aim ties to the Four of Cups, Neptune, Bay Leaf, and Cancer. This daimon is great for dreamwalking/dreamwalkers and working with the transpersonal chakras. Aim divests one of cognitive rigidity empowering one to develop creativity, wit, and to avoid the deception of others. One will gain a wider knowledge or gnosis of biology by working with this daimon.

Work with Amazonite to express and free your spirit through compelling others to open up, bring lightness to their hidden stories, and transform lives in an instant. Affirm that you ask that your life force be strengthened right now!

Have a wonderous Wednesday! I’ll see you all when I have some free time again! 🤹‍♀️

“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside of you.” – Rumi

PS: My manager at my part time cosmetology job got me the coolest key for the store as I have my first Saturday this week working alone. She has given me a “key to the Universe/Cosmos.” I love it! 🥰

Wisdom Wednesdays: The Tridev of Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati

“A good year is determined by its spring.” – Proverb

I woke up with nervousness today for some reason. Please follow the underlined hyperlink text trail to observe today’s journey.


The triple goddess iconography shows up in a few cultures, but often the Hindu version will depict this imagery standing upon a lotus representing purity and our chakras. Visualized with many arms to represent the goddess’ many functions with the mudra for fearlessness we find this energy can effect many things. Saraswati is the consort of Brahma (creator), Lakshmi is the consort of Vishnu (preserver), and Parvati has Shiva (destruction). If we look upon these goddess archetypes seperately we find the following.

Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, music, and the arts representing fertility and prosperity often seen holding the Tripitaka scriptures dressed in pure white to signify the highest reality through intelligence, consciousness, and power. She can be displayed also seated upon a swan with four arms to show the mind, intellect, alertness, and our ego.

Lakshmi is the goddess of beauty, grace, and charm representing calm, wealth, and generosity associated with the lotus also symbolic of organic life. She is understood as having the vehicle of an owl who sleeps during the day while prowling at night. Parvati is a benign goddess of fertility, asceticism, and the three gunas/ganas. Her qualities tend to be more fairy queen like and supernatural while her vehicle is often a white lioness or bull.

I do not see an asteroid to focus my studies on today for Lakshmi whom I wanted to use in conjunction with my re-entry into cosmetology so I’m going to be placing Parvati into a Dodecatemoria/Dwadasamsa chart again which I’ve not used in several months. To recap this chart takes Vedic astrology and explores the karma encoded into the DNA of any individual beginning with their parents/siblings to determine their approach to life as was passed down through the ancestors of seven generations. This then will match the previous two blog posts from this week as well.

Many when they see anything associated with destruction have a specific perceived perspective of what is implied by this. Parvati displays as determination to also merge with a partner particularly with spirit/soul. It’s ironic that what we seek in nourishment is within us already. We’re looking outside of ourselves most often for that which we desire.

To heal we are asked to re-connect with our “mother energy” which vibrates in a way that can transmute our feelings of doubt, inadequacies, and unworthiness. Prana shakti like the sap of trees, the twinkle of stars, and the lunar cycles contain intelligence. Humanity forgets that they too radiate like the stars.

Parvati represents childhood passions and how we offer our greatest contributions to our community. Often when we are in nature amongst trees, rivers, and animals we help raise the vibration of our planet. In vein with some of what we may be experiencing today which was discussed during my recent interview with shortages (even cosmetology is being effected) we find that Parvati exemplifies living in the forest with nothing to eat and no clothes to protect her body from fierce weather. In this she learns how to master her physical needs.

Likewise it is Parvati who gives birth to Ganesha who removes our obstacles, keeps the threshold, and becomes a deity of good fortune. Essentially it is Parvati who displays that there are no limits to what women can do in pursuit of a goal. There is in fact a connection to the quality of beauty so worshiping Parvati does bring forth good looks, attraction, charm, and a bond linking all of creation as a means for liberation from the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth.

The purpose of worshiping Parvati is that you receive a form of beauty, knowledge, and magnetic appeal which is auspicious to the Moon and Venus. This goddess works by soothing the mind and assisting one in finding a meaningful life often by transforming the temperament to confident and poised.

Dodecatemoria/Dwadasamsa Chart for Asteroid Parvati

Asteroid Parvati (2847) resides in my 2nd House of Taurus at 22° and a conjunction with Pluto. I see trines in this chart, but specifically Parvati makes a trine with Mercury, a semi square with Venus, sextiles with Mars and Jupiter, and an opposition to Chiron. This can display as obstacles and resistance to giving up personal pleasures/habits which leads to passed over opportunities in life. One may feel pulled to claim greater personal power and find it easier to express themselves through writing, speaking, technology, and commerce. This also indicates a need to find an environment that supports what you’re interested in without becoming so opportunistic that you take on more than you are capable of handling.

The 2nd House continues with the Asvini Devas, but also asks do we have that which is the necessary resources to fulfill our needs. Taurus being a very Venusian placement paired with the 2nd House places an inherent focus on wealth, family, speech, and our gifts, talents, and skills. The 2nd House is also the natural significator of Jupiter as the greater benefic. As stated above one of the vehicles of Parvati was occasionally a bull much like Taurus.

Venus as a ruler of both Taurus and Libra is concerned with the arts and fashion as well as personal relationships, but the Taurean energy grounds us in a desire for the finer things in life. The shadow of this placement is that we must learn how to let go accepting life’s various setbacks/losses. Pluto especially causes one to be anxious and fearful of financial difficulty. Translated to modern times we have to confront our addiction to consumerism by properly managing our finances, profits, and idiosyncratic need to possess. In fact this entire placement is summarized as the haves versus the have nots.

“This outward spring and garden are a reflection of the inward garden.” – Rumi

The best way to view this is also to actually look at the Pluto in Taurus generation learning from what occurred. But this is not a generation commonly discussed. Pluto in Taurus saw us with industrialists, homesteaders, and Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. This became sharecropping, wage slavery, and mass migration westward alongside National Banking Acts which brought us the federal reserve and Wall Street. The thing is I was not born in that generation rather I’m a Pluto in Libra 12th House baby who came here with that me versus we polarity.

22° Taurus: Hand holding a torch amidst the darkness.

Denotes a light bearer whose mission is to guide others and to uplift them. No matter how dark the way his/her presence inspires brightness. There is no weakness in this native who knows just what he/she is on this world to do and who does it. It is a symbol of Directorship.

The chart holder allows experiences to affect them deeply helping them to understand, resolve, or overcome challenges. The problem is this process can take time or be confusing. This is someone not willing to take the easy way out and who should never try to.

The Chandra Symbol unlike the Kozminksy symbol for this degree is “A blindfolded woman who sees the future.” This emphasizes inwardness. The ability to both heal and nurture the self by tuning out the outer world so that the direction in which energy is moving can be felt. The lack or weakness of one type of sense perception that is made up for by having another sort of perceptiveness. The chart holder does not see what others see and hence their insights can be of great value because they offer a new direction and perspective on life’s experiences.

Knowing what is needed and listening to the instinct allows for the ability to find a means to meet those needs. When we sense the direction in which we are headed we begin to search for the alternative possibilities which are otherwise not obvious. Work with guardian angel Imamiah and daimon Alocer.

Daimon Alocer is tied with the Eight of Pentacles, Venus, Virgo, and Sage. Another daimon for determining mysteries of the sky Alocer can also be helpful in setting clear boundaries to ensure one is thinking clearly with focus upon that which is important to themselves. Some have worked with Alocer to perform binding spells. What has to be remembered is there are two forms of binding so caution should be used.

We can bind people together or restrict their actions. The thing about binding people together is that later on when or if something does not work out to where the parties are suited to one another you may spend a lot of time detangling your energies before you can escape one another.

Now if it’s a bully, tormentor, or controller we often feel frustrated, powerless, and terrified. This can happen at a place of work, through a relationship partner, or even with a parental figure. Things we often look out for are the co-worker who picks fault constantly making our lives miserable, teenage bullies, exes who can’t move on thus they harass you to get back with them, stalkers spying on you, and someone attempting to put you out of business. Usually binding magic at this time is effective in restricting them while you extricate yourself.

Caution is advised that you don’t go into this angry, desiring revenge, or if you’re overreacting. At the end of the day you can instead work a protection spell, place a mirror in your home/business to return the negative energy to the sender, neutralize the other person by realizing that their antics when angry, screaming, or shouting are often idiotic and try to find some humor in the situation. Just remember to gain clarity because no one works effectively when they’re angry, stressed, depressed, or can’t find calm.

I go in tomorrow at 10 AM CST to fill out paperwork and get my schedule. When I survive my 90 day probation hopefully I’ll be fully settled in and able to still blog or spend some money myself on a microphone for considering esoteric podcasts as a better way to generate some interest into my astrology business. You will find me back in the world of cosmetology working for a professional beauty distributor who sells only to the licensed part time. I’m trying to contend with reaching a 30 hour schedule to receive insurance which I’ve not had in years.

Some places I’ve not been fortunate enough even working 30 hour weeks to have any benefits as a part time staffer. I’m aiming for two store locations close to where I live, but I don’t know which store I’ll be in yet as the job listing originally said North Austin so I’m sure we will figure that out. I might be the only licensed aesthetician because it seems mostly that hair stylists work here. Funny how that worked out… I sense great grandmother watching over me as she was our resident hair stylist, and I chose skin/body care.

I also have nothing negative to report about this opportunity and look forward to my time there. It actually makes me grateful to have landed employment so quickly and almost effortlessly despite my anxiety. Fingers crossed this opportunity will be a very beneficial one for all involved. If you hear little about my part time job it is because I’ve read in the employee manual they’d prefer we not disclose much on social media channels therefore I may not speak much of it after today. Just know that I’m content to be employed and that I greatly look forward to this new beginning. It’s difficult to not express something when you’ve landed a new job. And I wanted my blog followers to know I’ve made it over that hurdle.

The garden is doing alright. We’re still very green right now and yesterday I tried the banana peels for fertilizer which was very easy to do. I’m not yet sure when we will get to cleaning up the mess from the neighbor’s oak tree, but I’ve captured some photos of just how absurd the catkins have been falling and littering themselves virtually everywhere. I gather I will be thinning some plants soon as they don’t always set up well as companions or get a little crowded in some bins. Have a whimsical Wednesday! 💄💅

Ladybugs, Assorted Wildflowers (Some Edible) Growing Roots, Terrible Catkin Explosion, Tremendous Growth of Beans/Potatoes, and Buckwheat Flowers
Dahlia Swallowing the Echinacea, Lettuce, More Terrible Catkin Explosion, Carrots, and Basil

Wisdom Wednesdays: This is Not the Same as All Those Gardening/Farming Video Games You Play

“Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them.” – Spock

Use the underlined hyperlink text to swim upstream against the currents!


I watched a video today on Sri Lanka and was a bit perplexed by what they were saying with reference to chemical agriculture versus the organic model largely because when we xeriscaped the garden became above ground as RoundUp had been used in the yard for weeds by my step father which I was pretty vehement against ending up in my food. Transitions are neither easy nor cheap. This had expenditures involved that some can not even afford because you’re building from nothing or new. We literally had to order new organic soil/mulch, mushroom compost (we were just beginning to make our own compost), organic coconut coir, and then the organic fertilizers had to be purchased.

The garden actually began in 2017 so we’re now 5 years in, but those first two years no the plants did not produce the same as the soil has to be “built to produce.” Chemical agriculture depletes the soil of what is essential for it to thrive so eventually that model just makes empty food also with little biome or nutrient density is how I’ve understood it. People are going to argue that you need chemical agriculture, and I don’t really want to hash out or debate this. You are going to choose to believe how you want to believe; I’m going to disagree for reasons of my own!

The first year I tried different vegetables because I was told you will have to learn what you can grow. For me bell peppers my first year and broccoli/romanesco were complete failures. My bell peppers were exceedingly small and they did not survive the heat very well in Texas. I was honestly worried about Sun blight. My romanesco began turning purple due to too much Sun exposure. I have not tried them again. Last year zucchini was a complete failure also because I got infested with caterpillars that are known to live in them during the flowering stages. Cucumbers my first year I got an aphid infestation that was horrific.

Beans I will have caterpillars, but the ones I usually acquire don’t really bother me because they only eat the leaves and well I as a human don’t eat or use the leaves so as long as they don’t become so infested that they destroy the overall plant I will let them be. Besides they sometimes just don’t hang around very long. These caterpillars in beans build leaf tents, but rain and watering with them do not mix meaning they often don’t survive I’ve learned such events. I watched several die during heavy rain periods out in Mother Nature if they never dried out or left their leaf tents to get the light of the Sun.

These caterpillars hide in these leaf tents and will stare out at you with what appears to be red glowing eyes. They’re otherwise rather harmless, and I believe it’s at night they emerge to eat some of the leaves. But for me they did not do much damage to my bean plants. This year if they become a bother I think we can cover the structure in Agribon like our lettuce.

Those working in a green house which we can’t afford will have entirely different experiences. Needless to say I left the video thinking here goes a nation giving up completely on organics because they don’t understand the extent of the transition or project. Perhaps they should transition by doing some chemical agriculture and some organic as an ad mixture.

If you need to feed a populace don’t try to convert all at once, but work in stages to get there. This is not Farmville when you grow your own food either. If you lack patience you’re going to be really angry at how long it takes to actually see production sometimes. Farmville teaches instant gratification and well the real world is not really going to operate that way I’m afraid.

Composting is a lesson all it’s own because the first time I began I literally got off my job as a grocery shopper the first year and took our collection out to the compost pile and had a heart attack when I saw these really large maggots or worms in my compost. I thought I was going to be sick, but they later turned into soldier flies which stayed in the compost pile under the Agribon working everything down to this wonderful new soil we were able to spread/use so I became exceptionally grateful for those scary large maggots or worms later that caused me to think I might throw up watching them at first.

That’s the problem with being raised forever in the city and having extreme disconnect with nature. You have zero experience with how anything “really” works. The compost pile was actually an endless source of experiments. When my romanesco was not doing very well I pulled most of it. It started to grow in the compost after I placed it in the pile to my dismay. I thought it would dry up and die, but it was the exact opposite.

Ironically over the years as I’ve said I took up my own study of bugs and critters that would show up in my front/back yard garden including the preying mantis’ who perched often on my zinnias looking for bees much to my dismay. I have seen this in action sadly. I literally watched a preying mantis in my garden catch and eat several bees one day only to then craw down the stem of my zinnia and invert itself blending in with the flower as camouflage to wait for more.

Welcome to the nature versus nurture argument of life and that little problem one will have with regards to peace versus war/martial battle; someone has to eat. I even had baby preying mantis’ in my garden. One decided to hitch a ride on my glasses one day.

An attempt at bell peppers failed the first year, but it got better if you don’t just give up on organic gardening and are able to adapt to adversity. We succeeded at California poppies, buckwheat, and oat grass.
Broccoli became baby broccoli so I harvested what I could adding this to salads. Thyme and other herbs such as apple mint, various basils, lemon balm, borage, etc. were also successful. I’m finally seeing better root systems on my beans, tomatoes, and potatoes this year.

I did not realize until I sat down for breakfast looked out the corner of my eye and wondered what the green thing was looking at me; the baby mantis was returned to the garden. I’ve had assassin bugs also that I try to avoid like a plague which invade the garden. Not many, but a few which I prefer to simply not come into contact with. Let’s not forget bringing in basil to dry when extra large grasshoppers move in to your garden.

I had one hiding in some of the basil I brought into the house which meant I had to run to the front door of the house carefully and put that basil back outside because I was worried the ginormous grasshopper would leap somewhere, and I would be harassed by him/her in my actual house which I also do not welcome. I like my insects to remain outside not inside of the home. No offense just I guess I’m not that hospitable.

I went from non-producing in my garden to over producing. When I was recovering from ankle surgery the cover crops would just keep returning in phases. Buckwheat would go through a die off phase and then if I cut it laying it back in the bed it re-sowed. I still have oat grass growing beside my green, yellow, and purple beans because the roots I could not pull them all they were that well established into the bed.

So I’m leaving this as a companion plant bed. Not only that, but the buckwheat literally wind pollinated so it would spread to adjacent beds sometimes. And then there are the squirrels which keep bringing me peanuts from whatever neighbor keeps feeding these to the furry critters.

I am constantly pulling out peanut plants that begin to grow peanuts in my vegetable garden every year because I did not ask to become a peanut farmer. This means some days if I see a squirrel running down the fence line, and I’m watering I’ve sprayed them with water to deter them from entering the garden as I don’t want them digging up plants or depositing peanuts into my vegetables. One day the water spray literally knocked the squirrel off the fence into my neighbor’s yard. Oops!

Too many variables exist from soil quality to pest versus beneficials to geoengineered weather that can create myriad whoops like droughts/floods therefore you may find yourself struggling to go with the flow. Some years I lost perfectly good plants beginning to produce to too much rain and water rot so family watched me become very angered having to pull up my plants in beds. I get angry at the pests also who usually are met with neem oil or a safe soap with water spray trying to deter them.

Caterpillars I started using tweezers and re-locating them when found on lettuce one year until we got the Agribon ordered to cover the heads. Let me tell you that is the most frustrating of life experiences ever and is to me like listening to someone describe when there are no pollinators so people have to self pollinate their plants. Too time consuming. If you think gardening looks easy you will be in for a rude awakening. It is not an adventure for someone faint of heart.

I really did not understand the person making the video and when I say people argue for chemical agriculture I’m hard pressed about how I’ve mentioned profit motives as well as lobbies influencing 3/4 of what humanity adopts for ideologies in life without any critical thinking. I even realized some make choices from a more administrative roll with little to no real world experience of that which they’re promoting.

So when the narrator mentioned Sri Lanka was only using manure to grow their crops I thought either the person making the video was being facetious/obnoxious or they were implying the farmers in this nation were deserving of a dunce cone shaped cap.

I had that assumption that most farmers even those more versed in chemical agriculture have to know manure is certainly not the only organic means to having a garden. Once again if you’re watching a podcast it is always likely the same as when reading a blog post you’re going to be triggered by something. And anyone who follows my ramblings probably knows I have a short fuse if I feel like I’m being fed rubbish propaganda or just malarkey.

This preying mantis is not just eating a bee atop a zinnia in my garden, but it’s actually staring back at me while I take his/her photo which is actually quite “creepy!” Welcome to nature in all it’s unruly splendor!
We lost our rather large flowering front hedge to winter storm Uri and replaced it with wildflowers this year because there have been some shortages of plants at the nursery which we liked or felt would sustain our climate during the hot summers. Lettuce is finally shaping up like miniature heads.

I did not want to keep using Arabic Parts/Lots for this blog, but I was abjectly drawing blanks besides Ceres, Demeter, and Persephone for what to even put in with regards to astrology today. Persephone at least in my natal chart couched herself in my 9th House Cancer. When we deal with the 9th House we begin to see what philosophies one subscribes to, we find forward abstract thinkers who enjoy publishing/writing, and see a connection with Sagittarius/Jupiter. Cancer happens to be my MC while Capricorn makes up my IC just like the Tropics found on Earth. This placement is usually a person who accumulates knowledge sharing it with others.

Asteroid Persephone Natal Chart

Yet I’ve read from an esoteric astrologer that the Cerest/Demeter connection relates right back to a female aspect of Pater Aether or Jupiter (hierarchical ruler of Virgo which is my 11th House) thereby this energy is not unlike Pan or Eros (Fohat). This kind of energy puts all the focus onto feeding the world’s hungry. For those unaware America’s Cancer Sun astrologically deals precisely with grain crops problems particularly the reliance on genetic modification through pressure from major corporations/lobbies.

I’m that 42 year old female esotericist who extensively studies her own chart knowing that her North Node/South Node axis is Virgo 11th House/Pisces 5th House which is epitomized in the allegory of the northern hemisphere traditions for our four seasons. It is Persephone our goddess of vegetation and daughter of the grain goddess who as the spirit of Mother Earth/Virgo is abducted by Pluto taken underground for 1/3 of every year to become his wife.

Our seed corn lies in the ground for part of the year before it rises from the ground bringing forth a harvest. Anyone remotely familiar with these allegories also knows that it is Pluto as Lord of Death who rapes Persephone or vegetation every season. The Virgo/Pisces axis in our Ceres/Demeter mythology depicts the daughter of Cronus and Rhea or Saturn and the Earth as a disciplined discriminating mind.

To Christianity this is allegory for the seed grain of Virgo being an emblem of the Bread of Christ, Love-Wisdom, expressed through Bethlehem and the first initiation. This actually showed up in a recent study I had with Hebrew Chet, Challah, and Chai.

And while I don’t agree with everything this school of thought says I found it ironic the further tie in given genetic modification/editing we are experimenting with as a global society upon the all new altar of “science” that we would run up across DNA/RNA and mitosis. You see recent “science” reminds me instead of the episode of Gilligan’s Island I grew up with as a child known as The Friendly Physician. Only this is no friendly physician rather it’s a mad scientist; mad as in lunatic!

Let’s just say I don’t like these kinds of experiments and due to my high likelihood for anaphylaxis as I’m chemically sensitized my doctor’s don’t vaccinate me as I had a NDE at age 26. I have not been routinely flu vaccinated nor was I at birth given measles, mumps, and rubella despite my mom stating there was an outbreak because I was tested for “natural immunity.”

I survived fine without that vaccine. This again creates for me a problem with modern “science” in that I am questioning the cognitive dissonance with comparative critical thinking most should be doing. My doctors simply don’t want an uninsured person experiencing another NDE where they have to be rushed at 3 AM CST to the emergency room as previously occurred for me.

One could say I have a very different way in which I manage my health that is certainly not just pharmaceuticals or allopathy which is where I’m also not aligned in any way with transhumanist ideologies. I look at this as the fork in the road where timelines might be diverging.

In 2003 Jupiter entered Virgo staying there for one year during a time when Sirius poured energy through the gateway of the Sun transmitting it via Jupiter through all the zodiac signs paying particular attention to Virgo. Virgo as the hidden gestating Christ or Cosmic consciousness in all human hearts does not appear until instinct transmutes into wisdom.

Jupiter as this hierarchical ruler of Virgo relates to Monadic consciousness while Virgo shares close relationship to the creation of all forms in nature with intimate concern for the Deva/Angelic kingdom especially the elementals or archangels. My 11th House on the Western zodiac holds not just my North Node, but also my Moon, Saturn, and Lilith.

I watched a video recently where someone mentioned that they term how I use astrology as a more divinatory tool. I play around a lot more than most traditionalists with the random asteroids or symbols looking for anomalies and answers often mixing/matching Western with Vedic. Therefore if you look through all of my archives you will find what other esotericists usually don’t like to see perhaps. I’ve done harmonics, ephemeris, draconic, etc. and mapped some hypotheticals before in my spare time simply because I’m too free spirited to live inside boxes or the status quo within esotericism.

Agriculture Arabic Part/Lot

I took a peek at the Arabic Part/Lot for Agriculture, but then questioned if given topics at large if I should not be looking instead at Energy or Finances instead. Maybe another day I’ll peruse those for reference just so I can get a feel for them. Agriculture is located for me 3rd House Sagittarius 10°. This house deals with intelligence whereby one has a practical sensibility that allows them to think as well as communicate being ruled by Mercury and Gemini. We won’t just communicate verbally rather it is often written as well. We won’t find any fixed stars on this degree, but we can still poke around at it for answers.

When we tune in to the tremendous possibilities that surround us we draw to us those forces that can help us to actualize the ones we need most to bring into reality. When we open up to new possibilities of communication we see far more facets to everything we encounter. Making contact with new possibilities we find both energies that come at us for the purpose of holding us back and energies that seek to encourage our progress. Ultimately we find that both of these encourage our progress in the end.

When we tune in to the eternal enchantment of Cosmic beauty we then question the need to always be trying to keep things the same and to always be desperately fighting off the ravages of time. Work with guardian angel Lehahiah and daimon Furfur.

Daimon Furfur connects with the 8 of Cups, Mars, Pisces, and Cypress. I covered this daimon previously, but new information seems to indicate Furfur aids with astral shapeshifting, destruction of one’s ego (ego death), divinity, the study of esotericism, and a focus on introspection/transformation.

With regards to ego death we’re speaking of loss of the carnal ego or one’s aggressive nature/behavior in life. Cypress was used as well as several other trees due to varying traditions for Maypoles, easing losses, healing, past life workings, and protection representing the element Earth.

If we look at the suit of Cups and the Water element we find that our emotions may be difficult to restrain or control in our day to day activities which can cause any one of us to abandon logic in favor of our primal instincts which leads to unfavorable outcomes. If you want a desirable outcome to be realized you will need to work on your Emotional IQ.

What we have to realize though is that we have extremes on many fronts where emotions oscillate between anger, hope, love, hatred, desperation, etc. Relationships can go harmoniously and in alignment with the Divine or they can become strained, misaligned, and suffer disconnect. What you will be forced to do when confronting these matters is examine any and all relationships with others.

Usually what is occurring is that we find ourselves being gnawed at by that which we have built up in life only to find we’ve overextended ourselves being worn thin with no fruit growing from our relationships. Usually unless issues are resolved one makes a break with toxic relationships, heals, and then discovers why they experienced failure. You can’t force a fit where one does not exist so it’s better to apply foresight and planning so you seize something better in the long run.


A star turning many different colors.

Bedazzled by the lights, intoxicated with the display, amazed and stunned by the spectacle. You are your own audience, your own accompanist, your own shadow catcher. Prone to excess in all things in a release of spirits unending. Becoming roles, worlds, and ways of presenting self. Taking karmic episodes of the past and replaying them in another variation. Given over to the senses, body charged, chaotic, and commanding. Taking life through all its shifts and nuances with easy and spectacular capacity you feel somewhat at the mercy of the shadow that comes back to haunt. Effortless grace and subtle burnout. For there is more than this and it will not come unless this does consume itself making way for the unknown as the only place to go when the excitement wears off.

Why did I pick the title above because gardening or farming is not an idle game; you actually have to put some effort into it! If you’re not willing to do so I don’t advise taking it up even if the skill is exceptionally beneficial in my eyes.

Happy Wednesday! I’m off to tend to other affairs… 🤩

Wisdom Wednesdays: Understanding the Value/Validation of Negative Emotions

“I’m only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.” – Unknown (Garden)

I’m issuing a trigger warning today because some of this may be difficult for certain audience members to read or learn. Any underlined hyperlink text you find is here to simply expand awareness by pointing you towards asking questions about any limiting beliefs you may still adhere to.


A lot of people online may not realize the life or careers I’ve held or the changes that I’ve experienced as I’ve come across certain educationally enriching experiences/knowledge. To some it may appear that I sound rather snide in my blog posts, morally/ethically self righteous, and bitter. The problem is fitting a personal history into a blog or social media platform within reasonable constraints with those who may shut off to a message being delivered. I worked my first post college job at a regional office for State Farm in Life insurance within a department that digitized files/records then moved into accounting after applications were inputted and went through underwriting.

I returned to college to get my Associates Degree in Office Technology while working in personal injury as well medical malpractice law. The most pivotal experience in my 20s was the 500+ breast implant cases I was handling at Federal level for women who suffered botched surgeries and silicone poisoning against well known mega corporations. We were also working on elderly care/neglect cases, but I was not involved in that side of the firm. I was the silicone poisoning justice woman. This was all at the administrative level only. I was more like an Erin Brockovich.

These cases become personal when you meet your client and have to hear/see their stories especially if you’re also a woman with an acute sense of empathy that can only be “numbed out” for a certain time frame and ignored. You may witness someone who has suffered from plastic surgery that left them with a gangrene infection permanently disfiguring them because they had to have their nipples permanently removed.

Others may have already entered the six foot under part of impermanence which means we are explaining to the son of a mother that we would have to exhume her and an autopsy be performed to remove the implants in order to locate their product information as the lawsuit rewards are based on specific “numbers” that delineate the silicone breast implant manufacturer because we sat for countless hours combing through files in a conference room reading medical records unable to find this information. Still others may actually die from silicone poisoning during the holidays so you receive a phone call that can be very emotionally triggering when you’ve become that close to fighting for the cause of someone else who felt wronged.

My high school best friend’s mother got silicone implants. Doctors and mega corporations told her they were lifetime safe. They ruptured so the two of us watched as she sat in a hospital with tubes in her lymphatic system via the underarms having this drained. She is permanently disabled with an immune deficiency syndrome after being poisoned by silicone. She could never work again! They had been in a car accident and were sued under a personal injury lawsuit, lost everything, and were in extreme poverty. Her father worked in construction as independent contractor. If you find me peculiar because I sound like a Greek “harpy” terrorizing your life about my own chemical sensitization and concerns regarding medical care I only want to raise awareness and actually to inform the public so others are not harmed.

I recognize that mega corporations lobby and that systems are in place which have hierarchies that have vested interests in protecting these organizations profits because at the end of the day the employees of these mega corporations are simply trying to put food on a family table, provide a roof over their heads, and to clothe themselves. I’m not a complete righteously indignant jerk rather I simply believe different than you, and I may be passionate about my own beliefs the same as any mega corporation, NGO, or political affiliation. That said I also know some people are just corrupt! I know I’m told to see the good in even the bad. Not exactly easy to do sometimes; I’m human!

We all know this no book, movie, or personal tale will have an audience without it’s hero and villain archetypes. As I’ve said I’m not perfect sometimes I’m just feeling like a frog in a pot on boil!

After this I worked for a very long time in retail. I was very good at jewelry/watch sales in department stores, but clothing is not my jive. One large sale day I took photos with my cell phone of clothes up to my knees left on the floor by customers as I was disgusted. We could not keep up when you’re on commission sales, and if you don’t meet a quota you actually get your pay docked. This department store not to be named hires you at the highest pay, but when you’re not cut throat about sales goals your pay will be docked every consecutive review period until it’s back to minimum wage in the USA.

They lock you in the store during closing/recovery and threaten you that if you leave you won’t have a job. It’s morally and ethically demeaning to endure this when you need to pay your bills. I may develop a certain cynicism as I realize others don’t have the same empathy that I do because I see that they operate from shady practices. As I speak out co-workers or family may call me the Norma Rae because I’m getting really fed up with the status quo of humanity at large, I may want change, but am not sure how to fix the problems we’re encountering!

Then I worked in oil exploration as an administrative assistant. This did not last very long being that a female higher up had a personal problem with me telling me to my face that I should stick to retail because I was essentially ineffective at my job. I both love and hate at will employment because I can sever ties, but usually it gives the right to employers to be proverbial @#$%&. This woman had clout I was told because she slept her way into the owner’s charms. Nothing new, and I won’t put my judgments here about that. It isn’t even my business.

So I go over to grocery retail as a cashier managing to befriend the cosmetic department staff. I earn my way into a leadership position over time in cosmetics and stay for a while, but this company has no growth for me to enter management. I leave for a little over a year to become a photo lab technician and cosmetics manager at a drugstore. This is another commission based role with the added pressures of people who call out, a store manager who is stealing from the company which I have to report to loss prevention (cosmetics and photo lab processes employee discounts so I had that authority, but the store manager wanted me to give the discount to vendors and ex-employees essentially sweethearting), and we have to be responsible for department resets where you get planograms and have to re-arrange products on the shelves constantly like musical chairs.

I guess my co-workers wanted me to go down being the fall guy for a corrupt store manager; I don’t work that way. Again sorry! I had bailed on a job in college due to another form of business or professional ethics gone wrong that jeopardized me and could  have had “implications.” No job is worth someone asking me to get into “trouble” for them. A lot of people I know are not worth that kind of sacrifice! I’m not your patsy nor your martyr!

You’re hated because you snitched on a certain manager and did not take the fall for the company theft which was ongoing by co-workers yet district management appreciates you. Then you decide I want to blow this because I’m not appreciating this job either right now with this kind of unnecessary drama giving me panic attacks as I sometimes have to simultaneously run two departments when anyone no call no shows or calls in sick.

You decide I’m going to attend beauty school and as stated before that is an interesting journey also. After interviewing and getting nowhere you begin your own aesthetics business while working as a part time grocery store cashier again to help pay for the costs of beginning an entrepreneurship. You even start pawning items you no longer need or want to pay off the loans to begin your little business and afford rental costs. All is going well until you have a medical incident like this one. You learn that you’re chemically sensitized to such an extreme that you along that course had a potential near death anaphylactic episode which was very triggering and life changing. You begin to educate yourself on cosmetic chemistry as well as what is in your dental care, home cleaning care, etc. thus beginning to see patterns unfolding.

I tried an aesthetician role at a newly opened compounding pharmacy also. The owner thought it was cute everyday to psychologically abuse me by also ridiculing my work everyday. That person who sits in an office and tells you to get his pharmacy up and running by bringing him all your design ideas for product placement/visual sales. Everything fails as he continuously hates every idea you bring him so you leave the job so irate you’re crying. The compounding pharmacist he hired comes over and does the product placement/visual sales, and you realize they have a “favoritism” issue.

Before the business goes under you look at the social media to realize they never hired another aesthetician to replace you so you’re utterly confused as to the potential WTAF that was for a very short two weeks of hell on Earth. The Devil Wears Prada?! If I was not replaced why did you even hire me to begin with? Was I that bad or did you have a personal vendetta? I was interviewed with the role of performing actual makeup/facial services not product placement/visual sales, but I bet that was the non disclosed part of a job description that reads “additional duties” leaving out the fact that some people can’t be pleased or enjoy being a male who hires a female they can belittle. I won’t discuss there was a massive racial issue at play also. I’m fine with constructive criticism until I can tell you’re just wanting to be what I call a prick; sorry. The business folded within months. It never went anywhere!

I think some of my readers want me to sugar coat and talk nicely of others, but then you’re having a problem with projection or shadow work. Everyone judges and if you believe that you don’t you’re in denial. Discernment is judgment which is always being utilized in life because if it wasn’t most of society would constantly fail at healthy self love or avoiding unhealthy relating we all fall victim to when we forget that we have a right to say “NO!”

What I’m saying is if I put something in front of you I’m not asking you to believe everything I believe. You’ve not lived my life and I’ve not lived yours. What I am always asking is for open mindedness, critical thinking without bias/prejudice, zero shilling if possible, and for one to reconsider their limiting beliefs as I have had to continuously do. None of this stops at just these industries because grocery retail exposes one to the entire factory farm, genetic modified, and so forth philosophies as well to “pick a side of history” to support. Beyond this all of these careers begin to start to fray at the lines of political discourse that always creates rifts between employee/employer, family, and friends. I’ve said this before I don’t expect to be liked all the time. I’ve learned to not expect much of an audience to even listen to me while trying to not make it personal. I struggle with objectivity some days because actually it is personal; sorry!

In my eyes if humans are not getting angry or experiencing negative emotions it’s my belief then that this is how we continue to not effect change. If you’re in escapism or anesthetized from feeling something then you’re more likely to sit there in that complacency I discussed yesterday. Others of us are willing to feel and work through developing shadow integration while trying to figure out how best to improve our Emotional IQ. We don’t always get this right!

I have not gone into corporate America for a little over a year because the awakening I’ve had has made it difficult to “pretend act” that everything in my life is going fine or that I agree with the practices of certain mega corporations. This still hasn’t touched on the fact that the last two years were stressful on another front. I am not asking for or expecting perfection, but I’m so out of alignment with much I find it really difficult to keep up a guise that creates dissonance or hypocrisy in my psyche. I wind up feeling inauthentic, and as if I’m lying to my customer when I enter the role of that which does not represent me correctly just to earn a paycheck.

How others do it I’m not sure because I believe this is why I wound up consuming ASMR as I said in yesterday’s blog post or having panic attacks since it’s the way your consciousness seeks to communicate with you and suppression of dis-ease is never healthy. No one said evolution or enlightenment was some sort of cake walk! It actually is going to be painful. I may sound as if I’m making excuses when I confront job hunting and act selectively. Again it’s about a person’s beliefs/principals they wish to lead by and what actions they’re comfortable with taking or even what legacy they may leave/be remembered for.

I am nothing like my youth for hobbies or extra curricular activities. My extroversion has become introversion to re-configure where I want to be in my future. I’ve ran a domain that focused on anime and Japanese music, I participated in a website review group that helped publish articles on web design, I was partnered with public relations for brand name cosmetics and published for a beauty blog in Ireland, I attended concerts, played visual novels that reminded me of my youth reading Choose Your Own Adventure novels, got absorbed into fashion fads before abandoning them, and decided I don’t really need to date because I’m comfortable in my own skin at 42.

And people all want to change me which is where all relating has created some impasses. It’s really a funny thing with psychology whether that is positive or not because we have to remember you don’t force others to change. You only change yourself. Mirrors; it’s always the hall of mirrors. You can’t change the path someone is on because we’re all here to take our own paths. So even the best of advice we’re all guilty of rejecting or feeling sometimes a rebuff when it’s offered to us despite the best of intentions. Again we don’t change others we change ourselves!

Why People Prefer to Retreat or Go Within:

As a way to effectively end this blog post and work with an archetype today I’m going to chart asteroid Sekhmet (5381) into an Age Harmonic Chart to honor the negative emotion of rage. Catharsis and healing only really comes through the honoring and acknowledgment of one’s condition so they can after all release it. Sekhmet the Egyptian term for Shakti connects our evolutionary Kundalini or driving force of creation with the awakening of power to create/destroy for better/worse.

Sekhmet is in my 9th House of Sagittarius 2° which is an astrological house concerned with personal expression, but the 9th House is based in philosophical, higher learning, religious, foreign cultures, and major social institutions. Ultimately what happens in the 9th House is an individual gains access to the collective mind so to speak attempting to access a higher level of inspiration to develop their social conscience.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Sekhmet

When we look around what do we see? We are all busy all the time often without the patience or energy to be anything for another. Some of us want to be there, but instead we walk around with these masks plastered to our faces which serve to hide away the parts of ourselves that make us human acting as the cornerstones of our stories, lessons, and scars. Tuck away that which we are ashamed of…

What I’ve noticed is I’ve reached out recently to all the wrong people right now; taking it too personally. I’m tired of the toxic culture of positivity as I touched on yesterday. I’m tired of society that keeps offering me quiet polite platitudes because I sense “their inauthenticity” and brush off. “Sharing is caring” is not an accurate phrase. When we share sometimes it’s simply not welcomed by others. And if that sounds very negative I do not mean it as a negative. It’s speaking to all of us thinking before we hit “send, like, or publish.”

Sagittarius rules the 9th House with Jupiter where we search for meaning grasping everything which is available to us grappling with our worth and soul purpose; this becomes our front and center!

This was a good asteroid to chart because I can relate to the Sabian symbol. It actually has the message of continuous swelling of energy and emotion focused on being cheerful and lively attracting the unusual and eccentric in one’s friends/past times. It embodies the affirmation of seeking adventure and freedom. But ultimately it’s the Chandra symbol that also speaks to me because the neighborhood where I live has a street named Iris. The Greek rainbow goddess who acts as a messenger while simultaneously referencing flower magic.


Many iris blooming in a wide variety of colors.

A vast multiplicity of vantage points, ways of being, and complete identities. Fabulously suggestible and impressionable. Fanning out in all directions and becoming one with everything. Desiring and needing to bring forth each self you have ever been, every fancy you are filled with, you are impetuous, outrageous, and irrepressible. Freedom at all costs. The moment prevails. Ferment and flux. A great difficulty in holding steady, perpetual adolescent rebellion, and the magnificent ability to become absolutely anything. Experience is all. Your deepest need is to embrace your astounding nature and let it be free despite all signs to the contrary.

In the darkest and most difficult of situations a chart holder on this degree can feel those forces which are ever present always ready to guide them. This degree could be named “The Glimmer of Hope” which is something the chart holder can always find. Although their outward demeanor won’t match the inner there is a tremendous underlying confidence which can sneak silently in and inspire other people.

This degree is highly creative with elusive inspiration quickly coming and going. The challenge here is to accept this fragile passing quality and go with it faithfully moving with the energy when it’s there without attempting to capture or contain it in the sense of limitations or regulating its ephemeral nature. The secret is that when we finally and completely accept the truth that all will pass away we realize also that all is continually being reborn. Then we are able to live within as eternal flux. Working with guardian angel Haaiah and daimon Bune is recommended.

Daimon Bune relates to the 9 of Wands, Venus, Sagittarius, and Orange. Bune is an essential when you seek employment, business expansion, and promotions. This daimon generally grants one wisdom, eloquence, and I’ve read many reach out to Bune when they realize their career trajectory has thus far left them rather pessimistic and miserable. Usually there is an inspiration to explore opening one’s own business.

What I need is to figure out how else to generate any support here. I really can’t stand always ending blog posts asking for someone to consider purchasing an astrology report or donating to me. What I probably need to ask for is if someone would help me generate some ideas on what I can “expand into” that an audience might feel more comfortable with. Otherwise I’m simply fumbling around in the dark with no flashlight tripping over objects like furniture. Please don’t leave me here listening to crickets. 🙏🏻

If I was honest these last two years I lost a lot people that I thought were friends some by my own choosing to walk away, some by distance, and others because we’re now too “different” as I got to see who they actually were which allows me to discover my blind spots.

I was, however, informed by my step father that he has been investigating a way to help me possibly achieve my podcasting goals since I’ve not had any substantial financial support otherwise yet from my business. It’s been small potatoes over here. I call this stage treading water so as to not run out of energy and sink.

I hope you have an edifying Wednesday. 🌧️🌈🌤️

Today was far better than yesterday. I am enjoying a banned or censored video on a Senate bill panel in Pennsylvania regarding health freedom which is wonderful to see. At this stage the focus is on children kindergarten and up. I wish these messages would get to audiences with larger more expansive reach! I’m thrilled it is beginning where it is, but I firmly believe medical autonomy/freedom should extend to a larger audience globally!

This Senate bill in Pennsylvania is not being televised or reaching mainstream media, but the expert panel is stellar like others I’ve been trying to tune into. It connects with my previous work in the legal system so I really magnetize to these topics like childhood vaccination. I’m so strange though. Watching this reminds me to a prior blog post with the daimons Focalor and Malphas. I know I’m weird and it seems superstitious, but I see it as simply reading/channeling energy by feeling into the frequency or vibration of people, places, and so forth.

I’ve been silent on much in life because I don’t want to face the censorship over these topics. So as I’ve said you will find me dancing around a lot without having to take certain gambles. For two years now I’ve been choosing all my interactions, relationships, and words extremely carefully going so far as to abandon most social media. Power to those who have more courage and capability to enforce change right now! If you don’t follow what I’m speaking about you may need to backtrack to some blog posts also in January 2022 for reference. Freedom and liberty has taken and is taking too long to arrive! If you can’t understand or believe in a consciousness awakening I can’t really help you. If you can’t believe in negative intent existing alongside positive intent than the problem is you not me.

While the world slept through two years I chose to awaken!

“Man sacrifices his health in order to make money.Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future, that he does not enjoy the present moment. As a result, he does not live in the present or the future, he lives as if he is never going to die, and then he dies having never truly lived.” – Unknown (Common Buckeye Butterfly)

Wisdom Wednesdays: There Has Seriously Got To Be a Better Timeline in Our So-Called Simulated Reality

“If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.” – Pearl Buck

I’m never going to get to an actual hiatus when I feel the world’s energies pull me into the need to say something even if no one else reads it, and I’m sitting here some invisible speck in a huge sea of silence that is deafening. It feels more like someone slapped me upside my face which I’m growing tired of. You know my drill; underlined hyperlink text is here to educate or get us questioning our beliefs that we’ve been holding onto.


Tomorrow is a day trip and this really began last night, but I saved the blog post telling myself “don’t do it.” I woke up this morning and realized like my last post humans are clearly doomed which is probably not a wise choice of words to repeat the history they choose to forget. Others have said go get a real job and ignore political discourse. I’m no ostrich with my head in the sand especially when I know the entire scope of everything I see is some form of propaganda much less that politics is the entire backdrop of all human lives yet many choose to deny this.

Politics is in every company be it civil rights/liberties, environmentalism now under a green or white wash guise of sustainability, and our current supposed health crisis. None of this is new nor is today’s asteroid which came to my radar when thinking about numerology or the patterns continuously coming upon my awareness. For historically politics was what drove collectivization or the need for humans to conquer their perceived enemy which is really their own selves. As the Byrds sing there is a season for everything under the Sun. A time to love, to hate, for peace, and for war. I’m not here to incite anything more than let’s get some common sense if it exists. And no I’m no advocate of the allusion this can imply on other fronts which I am not going to label here. You either know what I am referencing or you don’t.

Everything that you think is other is you. The person next to you is another you, the car you drive is another you, the clothes you wear is another you, and so forth. When we realize all is energy and that everything we do ripples out with a chain of events that karmically as well as via dharma boomerangs back to self we learn that the problem is us; you and me! It begins with us and as all esotericists suggest this is how we learn at-one-ment and unity consciousness which removes the falsehood of separation from our blinded eyes.

As I have said I don’t need a social credit system to teach me this nor do I need remedial history to teach it to me. I’m very unimpressed that I feel as though I’m reliving middle and high school courses at the age of 42. It’s also where I mentioned that while I don’t like the assaults on capitalism it’s inherent profit for profit’s sake only is unfettered greed and nothing else. Lobbyists and humans who have a disjointed concept of give/receive, poverty/abundance, and other dualistic concepts thus we’ve lost the middle narrow path of synthesized wholeness.

If I really went into discussions on current affairs and the exchanges of what we all share I’d have a set of blog posts so long that we’d all be so opinionated about them the “trolling” or infantile aspect of it would become a three ring circus of pure violence I believe which is pretty sad. We literally look like toddlers fighting over building blocks. Unfortunately right now I feel like I’m watching that movie War of the Roses with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner play out. In fact if you’ve never seen it I suggest you watch it.

For me sanctions as well as their far reaching implications that some have put before me reminded me of times past with my stating Uranus is in Taurus as a generational energetic force we must learn/grow from. My education of this era was thorough already, but it will a always be tinged with distortions nonetheless due to each individual perspective or personal experience we come into contact with. We create our enemies or heroes and we also determine what is interconnected, what is not, and what is distraction. It is in fact us that are defining our realities not just individually as Jung says also collectively.

Holodomor/Engineered Socio-Political Constructs:

This will never change as long as we all remain infighting about anything and everything. That is after all why propaganda works as well as does the ideologies we have yet to graduate out of. In my estimation I don’t need social credits because it is blatant Orthodox legalism. It is based upon the age old esoteric argument with works versus faith. And those who pander it do not surprise me because clearly they think some of us are still “children not ready for meat/solid foods, but who still need to be fed formula.”

I neither need nor want social credits and to be babysat by some self appointed “master” treating me as their “servant.” Do you like the ideology of the ball and chain? I never was a fan of BDSM sorry! Flies in the face of beliefs I hold for freedoms/liberties we all were equally I thought given as birth rights. Or have I missed something yet again? I don’t believe whoever designed the Universe wanted to be that type of micromanager. If others do we have a disparity in our beliefs. Same as those in politics who if we legally read their oaths of office begin to see they are in violation of upholding our Constitution or even Bill of Rights due to conflicts of interest. Yes, many of us are waking up and learning about the “trickery” of our present now moment. Peculiar leadership? Not really; with no correct jury, attorney, or competing against the paid off most will feel with no hope.

I’m looking at humans grappling with their superiority/inferiority complexes, psychopathy, sociopathy, and megalomania or is it I have control freaks around me. I don’t know maybe the Star Trek Borg Queen hive mind which is another form of groupthink. Additionally I keep hearing the song Man in a Box and trying to process the 21st Century looks like hell on Earth and “beam me up Scotty” so I’m not present for it. I don’t get it. I truly feel as though certain humans behave illogically pardon my Spock moment. Everyone individually as well as collectively has to let go of control if they ever expect to embody flow.

Some are not even elected and have taken control of the world while seeking to control space also. Again humanity suffers poverty consciousness through collectivization and greed motives/intent while those who have it project it onto another failing to own their own share of the weight upon Atlas’ shoulders. Nope instead like in any job we in-fight over who contributes the best to the team and breed animosity. This is primarily why I’ve been wishing to simply not be present on Spaceship Earth for the estimation of the last decade gripping with my own spiritual awakening and frustration. So rather than soap box I will keep this short if I can. The goal is to make everyone for a time critically think. The next issue I see in projection has been those who tell me do not compare or compete with others. Collectively that mantra is a bit absurd as nations, companies, and such are wide examples of this practice. They employ healthy as well as unhealthy competitiveness with one another. What is a game to one person is not a game to another so perhaps we should clear that up now.

Asteroid 888 is Parysatis which comes to us from Persian language which Parisa means fairy faced or like a fairy. A derivitaive would be Parisatide. Parysatis was the 5th-century BCE illegitimate daughter of Artaxerxes I, Emperor of Persia and Andia of Babylon. She was the half sister of Xerxes II, Sogdianus, and Darius II. She married her half brother Darius and had four sons who were Artaxerxes II, Cyrus the Younger, Ostanes, and Oxathres.


This name is associated with the numerology of 3 which depicts advanced social skills and articulation to indicate those who are delightful to speak to and are often successful orators/writers. They have a colorful imagination and enjoy life to the fullest. The color of sunshine and the color of the third energy center known as the Solar Plexus chakra is that of yellow representing the intellect. In fact the color yellow relates to acquired knowledge resonating with the left or logic side of our brain stimulating our mental faculties, creating mental agility, and aiding our perception. The color psychology of yellow is uplifting, illuminating, hope, happiness, cheerfulness, and fun. Yellow inspires original thought and inquisitiveness. It is the practical thinker not the dreamer. Then again Queens and Empresses. A potential archetypal energy one could indeed say.

The problem with living only in the present is that this becomes how we forget history or we learn revisionism coupled with a cycle where no one plans for their futures. At some point your now will be tomorrow and time is certainly not linear. How do humans learn from the past while avoiding a repetition of similar knee jerk impulsive reactions in their need to “parent” another by disciplining them for a perceived infraction? The best way to flow is to listen to more than one viewpoint. To go out and expose ourselves to a myriad of options and avoid these echo chambers I’ve spoken to. But the internet is also it’s own closed system of echo chambers so why do people want to join an IOT/IOB?! Wouldn’t virtual become it’s own disaster where eventually no one leaves their comfort zone?

The most difficult situation I find we face is discerning truth from fiction because I’m well informed that not everything online much less on television is even properly being shown to any of us. That was also why I explained the problems of the “Mandela Effect.” While someone else self elects what is truth and what is misinformation through fact checking, but then I have to isolate where there is bias and where there is not bias due to the interests of any one particular group. You want me to trust you, but you have a vested interest in leading me astray. Right…

Logically or illogically I was looking at a long structure of numerology between 666 and 888 in esotericism. We could have those discussions for a very long time hairsplitting it. Best if we don’t do this rather we open our minds to the diverse ways we interpret life.

I’m going to plant this asteroid into an Ephemeris once more. Asteroid Parysatis is in Sagittarius 4° which is my 2nd House, and I encourage everyone to think then about where in their chart this would be. The 2nd House in particular is personal values, how one saves/spends currency, all assets including liquid, their occupation, what is consumed as well as accumulated (study habits/knowledge), and in fact deals with that which is maternal.

Natal and Transit Chart for Asteroid Parysatis


A young prince undresses to bathe in a pool.

Seeking your own reflection. Willing to go to any lengths to divest yourself of that which stands between yourself and your world. Seeking a path, a practice, a journey from an insulated way of life to a vitally engaged way of life, but hung up at the point of giving yourself completely over. Stalling for time, reaching for excuses, pulling in escapes and perpetuations of the status quo, you linger on the brink between one world and another. Propelled forward, but equally jerked backward. Destiny shall assert itself in a forward direction at the right time. And before that happens the drama of “will he/she, won’t he/she?” dominates consciousness and energy keeping everything tense, fascinating, and hopeful.

The chart holder has knowledge that must come out even if it isn’t acknowledged or accepted by others. There is an ability here to be impervious to the negative reactions and/or disinterest of others. As long as this degree focuses on what it needs to do and lets go of any apprehensions concerning the ramifications of its actions it can live true to itself.

The young man puts himself in a vulnerable position by taking away all the barriers between himself and nature. He then enters the water, the sacred womb of the mother to be refreshed, cleansed, and purified. This degree is about seeking direct experience by divesting oneself of preconceptions and social conditionings. By also letting go of assertiveness and agendas the chart holder can have a full experience of what’s right there in front of one’s self. It’s not easy to give oneself completely over to the feminine. It requires a lot of macho courage and gutsiness. Work with guardian angel Seheiah and daimon Berith.

Daimon Berith corresponds with the Two of Pentacles, Venus, Capricorn, and Heliotrope (also seen as a crystal). Berith seems to prefer that one come to the correct answer on their own terms meaning any imparted mistruths serve to teach valuable lessons. This seems to be a method of instruction rather than something done underhandedly. This daimon of alchemy teaches you that you should learn to help yourself when you’ve been given true answers to that which concerns past, present, and future.

Have a weird Wednesday! Mine has already been thoroughly uncertain. Our fault as humans is that we are ever prone to repeating our mistakes when we should open our eyes to stories of generations past. His/her story has a big impact on us therefore understanding it can benefit us. For humanity to understand how and why our present world is the way it is look to the past for answers. I’m now going to unplug myself from the world wide web again hoping I don’t get any more memos from cyberspace. 🌐🤖🎮

PS: I’m now in a seeming mourning phase. I just stepped out into my garden to find my screech owl obliterated who has been with us as we have returning screech owls every year. Feathers everywhere, and I’ve matched the pattern. The problem with having a heart is that you care a lot about random nature too. Walking outside to a dead garden companion is quite upsetting to me. 🦉💔

Wisdom Wednesday’s: Countering the Pervasive Online Groupthink Of Everyone

“When you truly don’t care what anyone thinks of you, you have reached a dangerously awesome level of freedom.”- Anonymous

Less underlined hyperlink text to help you grasp my thought stream today, but we’re here to redress what I’ve been trying to find the correct words for.


If my blog has appeared strange for a few days this week I have a purpose and a point. Believe it or not this all dovetails into a respect for mindfulness and care for everyone’s mental space. I imagine it may seem like a lot of anger or ranting at first due to coming from a personal perspective. It originates in concern not just for self, but for others as well. This is my esoterics business, but I am extremely careful to ask my audience to never take everything as I say as gospel. Rather if you like what you see to support me with a donation or astrology report and to always be your own person who critically thinks and becomes responsible for both self/other. What is here will likely cause me to have more enemies than friends, but the goal is to get everyone to see the foolishness of their adopted beliefs. Adopted because we are not creating originality! We are just recycling what is possibly broken and limiting our potentials.

Before you get frustrated or flame I have had discussions about these topics with family and it elicits even them to get annoyed. My step father often responds that it is actually best to just not open any form of dialogue with me some days. I can see the good and the flaws in everything, but some days I fixate on the flaws hoping if pointed out it will one day elicit some well deserved highly essential change!

If you follow the post there is a good lesson here!

When I discuss these topics I am well aware it probably sounds quite Debbie Downer and exceptionally critical, and I apologize for this. In my case I feel assaulted by a system that has been created and launched online that creates a war in not just my brain, but very likely in the minds of others.

I do not know if my blog is serving much purpose for anyone. I have been really over the last week unmotivated to stay on the internet because I have gone through several years of not using social media of any form when I closed my aesthetics business. What I returned to is so different from how I used to meet “real live” people who were not political posturing or pushing monetary finance at me. I actually just want out. There once was a division in life and a degree of respect in the audience I gained that kept sociological, behavioral, and psychological engineering out of these topics.

We no longer see this, and by this I mean when I entered communities online it stuck to the topic at hand without widely diverging to ulterior motivations. Beauty was beauty, skincare was skincare, anime/manga was anime/manga, and music was music. Now these algorithms pretend to “know me” as if they have been part of my family since birth. I spent a lot of time on Twitter in settings shutting off topics of interest the AI algorithms self elected to put into my feed.

None of which had any relevance to my business or what interested me. I realized it was time to understand how the internet was distorting reality and would begin to mold/shape the minds of humanity not for the better. Even search engines are so distorted that I can punch in a search string and receive the most useless non-relevant of results now which I believe is censorship.

If this is called optimization I am going to direct my readers back to reading comprehension whereby you need to again look at what artificial intelligence actually means before you erect your Golden Calf that you are worshipping which indicates your consciousness is in a state of darkness known as ignorance still not light or Wisdom (Chokmah).

If your intellect is the center of consciousness and you pour into it improper teachings you are left with many Golden Calves or material structures that are ignorant. Humans believe the only way to do good is through monetary exchange to carry out plans. There are a lot of other ways to benefit the world as we know it which cause a lot less problems for individual and collective needs.


  • A crafty but underhand deception
  • A trick played out as an ingenious, but artful ruse
  • A strategic maneuver that used some clever means to avoid detection/capture
  • A tactical move to gain advantage
  • Something made with technical skill and contrivance


  • Man made; of artifice (see above)
  • False; misleading
  • Unnatural


  • Capacity of mind, especially to understand principles, truths, facts or meanings, acquire knowledge, and apply it to practice; the ability to comprehend and learn
  • An entity that has such capacities
  • Information, usually secret, about the enemy or about hostile activities
  • A political or military department, agency or unit designed to gather information, usually secret, about the enemy or about hostile activities
  • Acquaintance; intercourse; familiarity

I have used the image above a lot recently when I feel as if I am never going to join a “group” of peer pressure and ideology ill aligned with my beliefs. It reminds me of a shirt I had growing up with a tabby cat covered in rainbow stripes which read “In a world of copy cats be yourself.” The reason being is that this is what is the most detached, emancipated, and powerful way for anyone to exist! To get there you also have to shut down the fear response because the largest propaganda peddled by humanity has been based upon triggering fight or flight response, poverty consciousness, and incites various forms of hate.

In fact I am learning or realizing that those who have pretended to be “friends” are not because they aligned or even affiliate with companies or social structures online that still prey upon fear responses by perpetuating a cult of dystopian “end of the world” apocalyptic methodology. My ancestors lived through harsher realities than anything we have right now during wars, economic downturns such as the Great Depression, famines, shortages, persecution, immigration, and lower life expectancy due to non-modern advances in science or education was not easily acquired by them. Our perceptions of harsh sometimes today are made worse by those who instill fear in us and destroy our ability to develop the confidence or problem solving solutions to get out from under the gloom!

This means humanity has to recognize they are stronger than they believe and more resilient. It also means petty differences orchestrated/manufactured by guano doctrines used to Divide and Conquer or to fall lockstep with a Hegelian Dialectic must be risen above of so that humanity united under love and for the betterment of the larger picture of healing the planet actually see the light of day. Instead humanity has allowed consciousness to be that of factory farm animals. Look around and you are being herded into a slaughter house. Your life is eat, sleep, work, get medicinals from the pharmaceutical industries which in fact do nothing except suppress and manage dis-ease not cure it, and then repeat till you hit the crematorium or are six feet under. Seriously WTAF?

This is not about currency either. You are trading one plot of grass that you perceive to be brown for another you perceive is green. It is simply a swap out that is a band aid solution, but which ultimately is an exchange under the very same system. An exercise in insanity. We are propping back onto a system that pretends to be a safe alternative of not centralized yet created by the same people who created a fiat bartering exchange. I do not know the solution, but yes my relationship to finance is different. I got here as a child who was explained monetary exchange in third grade and thought humans were quite dumb practicing rituals which were outmoded and backwards.

What I believe I have learned is that Wall Street was built by slaves and originally perpetuated slavery. Our entire his or her story was so badly distorted we have a disenfranchised memory which runs our unconscious and subconscious that our memories can be false due to manipulation. Instead we have been sold a huge lie. To gain control over humanity groups are actively trying to “trance” form or hypnotize further implanting these new supposedly improved false memories or ideologies. I went down this path; it did not work!

They remove free will and have grown very corrupt through how they systematically cradle to grave brainwash everyone. It can be said also that many value based systems are social constructs again pitting the subjective against the objective. Examples include law, economics, language, concepts, culture/traditions, literature, music, art/entertainment, architecture, fashion, communication, technology, human behavior, and norms such as shaking hands.

Keep Calm and Meow On!

Currency is a thoroughly manipulated system no matter which one is adopted that the weights and measures of have always been rendered to the public via distortion of truth through a hierarchical system that creates class, gender, and racial warfare. Therefore any system built upon those same foundations will always implode in a matter of time due to the inherent dis-ease already inherent in the overarching model with which it sits upon. It does not matter the material changed when the valuation of such exchange is improperly managed by a select few who have ill intentions and operate from collectivization or greed which shows they are in a mindset of lack. Frankly I’ve been really considering if the world is a globalized kleptocracy.

What we have is a group of people who are aptly and knowingly fostering “panic buying/hoarding” culture which replaces abundance with poverty consciousness. That means the problems we’re working to resolve are in fact of our own human creation and have little to do with the outcome of natural laws or the effects of a benevolent universe. So as I always say please stop, take stock, and own your shadow! Fix your own baggage and then you can address me if you want me to do business or partner with you at this time. Otherwise you will not win me to your cause.

The same apples to services and time/skill valuation. If it comes from inflated egotism it will always be a subjective not objective distortion of truth. Which can be seen in interviewing and negotiating wages or benefits. The largest form of monetary exchange to me is always rooted in a form of debt slavery and prostitution. Where others see it as a means of adequate exchange of skills towards the ability to support self/family that depends on who you work for or what negotiation you worked out. I had this discussion on Twitter with a practitioner of reconstructed Voodoo and we were able to avoid racial division as we discussed it. One of a select few decent encounters I had while on Twitter before binning my account.

Ironically the people offering alternative financial systems are within the same organizations that brought us the fiat usury model which leaves me skeptical; that’s not going to change. It is impossible for me personally to blindly trust a group of people or a system which has always had a sketchy origination point that has largely caused a lot of harm or suffering. Thus I am back to the phrase lipstick on a pig. I can not trust someone who has routinely stabbed me in my back because to do so regardless of if I have forgiven them means I never learned my lesson. It allows me to continue being victimized over and over again.

And honestly this is not out of selfishness, but I have no children, I’m not married, and I have no grandchildren. The proverbial “buck” stops with me so I don’t need to create generational wealth in the sense that I’ve spent the entirety of my life estranged from my maternal family line most of my life not knowing many of them. We’ve seen each other when I was 16 and again at the age of 29. My step paternal family I’m not very close to, and I’ve seen them the same amount of times in life. My biological paternal all ties were cut at divorce. That will sound absurd to many who come from close knit families, but I am living a lifestyle so different from others that my lifestyle does not comply with your choices or habits.

Catering cookie cutter algorirthms or marketing to the oddball won’t actually get them to necessarily adopt all of your practices. They’ve been born to an existence and consciousness which is entirely unique unto them. I have no siblings, and again this is not out of selfishness. I don’t have need for whatever others are suffering from which is a belief in lack although thousands of emails come to me telling me that I have poverty consciousness because they are all algorithms and run by as I’ve said a system of fakery/fraud evidently or willful ignorance.

The biggest mistake made by many was to sell me on trying to say I thought like billionaires or millionaires for trying to entrepreneur. Actually no I don’t. I’m trying to supplement some income or provide for myself comfortably. I have zero desire to become that income bracket, and if you’re under false pretenses about me or are making such assumptions I would highly suggest you stop stereotyping everyone you meet with absurd first impressions. These same falsehoods are used in marketing dating towards the public.

The psyops employed by those who look for lead generation are not custom tailored and have honestly been a complete put off when I’m approached as they seem like the tactics of boiler room high pressure desperation to me. This actually happened with a vacuum sales company where I live who went door to door. We almost called the police on them as they refused to leave and we felt held hostage by them in our house demanding we purchase from them. Now we no longer allow any solicitations at our home and removed also the landline due to harassment. Even television as I’ve stated to many has been removed from our lives. It’s called becoming the change you want to see in others.

And yes I realize I am going to be hated for expressing this. But the example is a woman who continues returning to her husband to be domestically abused thinking he will change. Eventually she risks coming out of this relationship so damaged she could even die or jeopardize the well being of her children. These are called generational curses folks! And my infancy dealt with this which my mom was smart and strong enough to get us both out of a domestic abuse situation giving us a new lease on life.

The biggest psyop is faulty environmentalism I have recently encountered. A system of “goals” that reduces strain on our environment yet when I have worked in companies I have seen it is all smoke and mirrors or lies. They are legitimately bold face not reducing waste, not energy efficient so please do not speak to me about faulty footprint ideologies, and they bank on people being so incapable of seeing through the deception. Making money work for you is only as good as how the system upon which your foundation was built is. If it was sand it won’t last against much when wind or rain comes against it. I worked for a company that prided itself on these goals and when push came to shove what I saw was a whole lot of phooey.

If you are targeting me with an algorithm or business that I can not get around you are practicing an exercise in futility. You will not win me to your cause so do not waste your energy with it. It will save us all a lot of headaches and unhappiness. Because usually I will unsubscribe to you, unfollow you, or place you in spam/junk. It will occur slowly over time as I gauge your intent or modus operandi.

Groupthink is actually a phenomena of psychology where people work to reach a consensus within themselves setting aside personal beliefs to adopt an opinion not facts of another. It was coined in 1972 by Irving Janis.

Those who are in opposition to the decisions or overriding opinion of the whole usually choose to remain silent preferring to keep the peace rather than rock the boat. This can be extremely problematic regardless if well intentioned people are prone to making irrational decisions in the face of overwhelming pressure from the collective.

To recognize groupthink look for the following:

  • Illusionary or gas lit forms of unanimity which leads you to believe that everyone is in agreement. It is difficult to speak out if it appears that everyone else in the group is on the same page.
  • Unquestioned beliefs lead humanity at large to ignore possible moral or ethical problems never considering the consequences of their individual and collective actions.
  • Rationalizing and hair splitting leads to those who will not reconsider their beliefs and causes them to ignore the blatantly obvious red flags.
  • Stereotyping and generalizing leads the in-group to demonize out-group members who oppose or challenge their ideas causing members of the group to ignore vital ideas or information encouraging the adoption of limited beliefs.
  • Self censorship causes people who might have doubts to hide their misgivings. Rather than sharing what they know to be truth people remain quiet under false pretenses that the group must know best.
  • Mind guards act as self appointed thought crime censors to scrub the problematic information from existence. Rather than sharing essential information they keep quiet or actively prevent the sharing.
  • Delusions of invulnerability leads the group to be overly optimistic engaging in risk taking which appears like Russian roulette. If and when no one speaks out or voices an alternative opinion it causes people to believe that the group must be correct.
  • Direct pressure to conform is applied on anyone who pose questions or dissenting views so that those who question the group are often seen as disloyal or traitorous. This leads to Saturnine humiliation, shunning/shaming, and cancel culture. In the past we placed people in the stocks or held witch burning and inquisitions as well as public hangings or drownings.
“Stop letting other people define you. Be yourself and be proud of it.” – Anonymous

What causes this is below:

  • Group identity happens in situations where members are very similar to one another who perceive of themselves as superior to others. Their superiority/inferiority complexes create disdain toward people outside of the group.
  • Groupthink is pervasive in places when a powerful and charismatic leader commands all the attention.
  • Low knowledge and poor education allows for feelings that other members of the group are more qualified to lead. This then brings up issues of low self esteem/self confidence and a lack of self love.
  • Extreme stress or duress leads to moral and ethical decay increasing the occurrence of groupthink.

Janis believed that groupthink is most common in conditions where there is high degrees of cohesiveness, situational factors contributed to deferring to the group such as external threats or difficult decisions to be made, and when structural issues such as isolation and a lack of impartial leadership has been deployed.

The high costs of this always ends with suppression of individual opinions and creative thought which is the cause of inefficient problem solving, seeking consensus above all else where humanity can not adequately assess the correct risks and benefits of their decisions, blindness to potentially negative outcomes leads to a failure of preparation to deal with negative outcomes, and obedience to authority without question creates resistance to change or new information/ideas.

To prevent the trappings of groupthink employ the following suggestions.

  • Leaders of any group should avoid stating their opinions or preferences when assigning tasks allowing for people to have necessary time to come up with their own ideas first.
  • Always allows one individual the position of devil’s advocate.
  • Always discuss and advocate for impartial opinions.
  • Encourage critical thinking without discouraging dissent to prevailing opinions.
  • Always hold second chance meetings with members for opportunities to express remaining doubts.
  • Reward the creativity of new ideas/thoughts brought to your group.
  • Diversity allows better decision making and reduces groupthink.

I thought today I would investigate another fun Arabic Lot. I am grabbing Genius using the formula Ascendant plus Sun minus Neptune. I also saw Originality with the formula Ascendant plus Uranus minus Mercury. I have to be careful with these. I noticed today that I had a few house placements incorrect in my last blog posts which I’ve edited. But at least I correct this and admit to human error! I had similar occurrences when my astrology software accidentally input an incorrect time zone once, and I had to reset preferences.

It’s probably better that I make mistakes though; it helps me work upon my perfectionism complex by acknowledging that it’s alright to even goof up now and then. Evidently Genius for me is found in the 9th House of Gemini 8° with Originality found in the 4th House Capricorn 29°. Originality is on an Anaretic Degree asking that one “Master” this house and sign to progress to the next one.

Genius depicts one’s purpose, direction, and advanced education/training, but this house focuses on oracular decrees, astrology/astronomy, divination, and philosophy/religion opening up new horizons. Originality is where one may show off their speculative abilities and usually is seen as a house of good fortune where spiritual will expresses as the actualization of one’s Higher Self through family origin/culture, home environment, inheritances, and parents.

Genius Arabic Lot

8° Gemini: A winged horse in mid-air with the Sun above its head.

Denotes an ambitious person of proud, aspiring nature, who seeks to rise, and who desires honor and reputation. The native has a good grip of human nature, its virtues, and its weaknesses. and they may find a position in some branch of the public service or in the service of their country. It is a symbol of Elevation.

The chart holder’s very being assists people to be more flexible, to transcend the nightmares and traumas of the past, and to be able to more fully receive from life while giving back to it. There is a talent for being able to captivate the attention of others, and through their perception of what is being done inspirations are triggered in them that can lead them out of their current life hangups.

This is a luminous placement used to help others to see their way forward giving as much as it can to those in need. It finds within itself what is needed to serve the situation at hand. Work with guardian angel Habuhiah and daimon Belial.

As previously noted Belial corresponds to 6 of Swords, Sun, Aquarius, and Mullein. The little bit I have read online this daimon influences how others view or perceive you. I have read for some this has included the creation of a new website, a better job with better paying clients, and new “spirit” friends; but there is a catch. It comes after your life is shaken up by a healthy dose of chaos.

Belial has also been known by some to work with one’s finances particularly ensuring troublemakers pay you back if they owe you money (particularly banks or other institutions). This usually revolves around bank loans, alimony, etc. This can also occur at the national level by disrupting malicious power structures.

I have likewise read Belial assists in freeing one from tyranny and oppression. If we consider the traditional Devil tarot card your chains of bondage are revealed to you and you are given the power to break them.

The three most practical applications of Belial’s powers are:

  • Free yourself from any form of bondage such as toxic relationships, dead end employment, and drug addiction.
  • Advance your career with recognition as an authority.
  • Defend yourself against political oppression and tyranny.
Originality Arabic Lot

29° Capricorn: A dismantled fortress in ruins; nearby an old man sitting on the ground, his back resting against a rock, with a sacred book beside him. His face expresses great sadness.

Denotes one of conservative and contemplative mind, aspiring, purposeful, and retentive, who mends the broken chains which link the past to the present, and who sees in the coming dawn a reflection of the remote past. He/she gains honor and esteem, but is not free from sadness. His/her ideals will be injured by events expected perhaps in all except intensity. It is a symbol of Comparison.

To go out into the world while simply and directly getting ones needs met is the genius of this degree. The concept of this is simple yet the actual playing out of it can be highly complex for this degree is gifted with a relentless ingenuity and resourcefulness able to maintain a coolness, calmness, and ease even in the midst of the world’s most difficult challenges. Reconstructing the past, if not in actuality at least in the mind, allows it to be clearly seen for what it is. Not just to the historical past in general, but to every souls own individual past; all of one’s past lives. Knowing exactly what happened and why brings one to the present.

In an ideal world an endless number of details add up musically to a beautiful harmonious symphony. This degree embraces wholeness through studying fragments. It is a challenge that can be accomplished so long as one avoids becoming lost in a sea of minute details. When this degree’s creative research works it magically builds out of the dust realms of imagination and wonder.

At its core this degree seeks something deeply cooling, soothing, simple, and refreshing which it can and will eventually find amidst the remains of antiquity. This something sought is eternal love that has always been there. Work with guardian angel Lauviah and daimon Gusion.

Gusion corresponds to 3 of Cups, Venus, Cancer, and Aloe. A daimon who passes on character development concepts and ideals while improving one’s self perception. Gusion teaches you to recognize your true self by looking within. If there are feuding parties in the external this daimon helps new friendships to form. Reconciliation helps with public relations instead of constantly living with situations of dispute/strife.

On a positive note medical bills were appealed and the cost for my mom’s pneumonia was drastically reduced. It is now a reasonable cost which will no longer create anxiety for our family. This takes a lot of pressure off of all of us and is a huge blessing for which we are exceedingly grateful! I love when this kind of outcome shows up in life.

Have an enjoyable Wednesday! ❤️‍🩹

Wisdom Wednesday’s: February’s 2022 Full Moon in Leo

“It is a beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the Moon.” – Galileo Galilei

This entry is a bit late as there were errands today as well as mom’s checkup doctor appointment. The doctor was late, and we parked near a karaoke bar due to limited parking nearby. Which meant the alcohol delivery held us up for nearly an hour when they parked their truck behind us. We had to go into the karaoke bar and one of the staff named Adam moved their Red Ford Mustang so we could play musical car shuffle into their parking spot from ours and get out of this parking lot jam as we still needed to grocery shop. It looked like one of the iPhone app game adverts that I get from time to time trying to empty a full parking lot of cars. No, I am not pulling your leg. His name was Adam as that is how he introduced himself to me. The cashier at the grocery store also rang all our produce up incorrectly (organic is not conventional) so it has been a very long day of purely silly.

The underlined hyperlink text will fly you to the Moon.

🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔

Our Full Moon in Leo occurred where I live at 10:56 AM CST at 27° 58’ which I am only being exact as it can thus be rounded up to the 28° symbolism. The first degree of every sign begins at 0° degrees 00 minutes of arc extending to 0° degrees 59 minutes of arc. This is the same analogy as a new born child at birth and the first year of their life. We celebrate the child’s first birthday a year later representing a child who has left their first year entering their second year of life.

Today we will look at the symbolism of both Leo 27° and 28°. For everyone this will be felt in different locations of their chart as mine is my natal 10th House (occupation, advancement, skill/trade, honor, and relationships to authority) in Western astrology and 11th House (patronage, hopes/dreams, wealth, opportunity to serve the collective, and impersonal group relationships) in Vedic astrology.

We have two T-Squares with the Moon, Sun, Asteroid Ceres, True Node of the Moon, and North Node involving Aquarius, Leo, Gemini, and Taurus. Also a Yod is involved between the Moon, Midheaven, Pluto, and Asteroid Pallas Athena with Leo, Capricorn, and Aries.

This T-Square exists between Fixed and Mutable signs. What do you do if/when your heart longs to be loved, but the love you seek is not forthcoming? These fleeting transits are little red flags for us to formally say goodbye to all of the illusions we hold onto especially our expectations. The truth is what you desired they can not deliver on. Collectively we missed something exceptionally crucial in understanding the nature of this relationship. We idealized and romanticized the other forgetting all those practical realities/responsibilities. Remember to love yourself now.

The Yod is calling us to finish our inner work harnessing the energy of the Hermit tarot card. We need to cultivate personal power while reaching out to the world with the knowledge or gnosis we have acquired. Then we plant the seeds which grow into collective wisdom. Seek the best road forward as Pallas Athena and this Yod are asking that you use sustained action to shine a light into the darkness to receive a reality check. It’s high time ancestral wounds be healed. Pallas Athena is about perceived patterns and inter-relatedness. If you’re a skilled juggler you can keep more objects in the air as in visualizing the whole which is then taken apart and re-assembled to recreate your reality.

27° Leo: A bleeding hand holding a thorny orange branch on which the fruit is growing.

Denotes one who will be compelled to gain experience through suffering, losses, and deceit. He/she is sincere/affectionate and willing to sacrifice much to help another. One is aided, patronized, advanced, and from their former sufferings their fame springs. It is a symbol of Approval.

How you choose to interact with the world in every passing moment is more important than concerning oneself with what lasts. This degree is at its best when being spontaneous as it unites and dances with the energy of the present now moment. One’s elusive and mysterious presence can attune others to the glory of life that exists beyond the illusions of mundane life.

How flimsy and insubstantial are the barriers between realms. These other planes of existence only seem difficult to reach because we are afraid to go there or we think of them as remote. In actuality they are here with us all the time. This degree carries a marvelous subtlety that helps to open others up to various realms of reality. Doing this without others being consciously aware of it as well as via a direct manner often creates enriching effects enhancing all of life. Work with guardian angel Sitael and daimon Vassago.

Full Moon in Leo February 2022 Per What Watch

Daimon Vassago ties with the Four of Wands, Jupiter, Aries, and Cedar (there goes that Cedar Fever allergy I have again) as well as Leek. Vassago is very useful for divination assisting with explaining the message in full detail as well as being ideal for improving conversational ability, social skills/confidence, and quickness of thought. I have read this daimon through correlation to Jupiter also ties to Chesed on the Tree of Life.

We could consider our present trajectory in society today by looking at our leadership for it is not Chesed (loving kindness or mercy of God) that they operate from. Chesed as a formless and void darkness of the Supernal Triangle gave rise to manifestation as form/light on the Pillar of Mercy. It is described as a loving mighty king during a time of peace who is magnanimous and benevolent sitting upon his throne. In this Kali Yuga we see a succession of leaders harnessing their ambitions and goals via the four vices of Chesed.

These include tyranny, bigotry, hypocrisy, and gluttony. Chesed operating via Jupiter as wealth, prosperity, and growth should be understood as spiritual and intellect. When we are in a time of war leadership operates via Geburah through violence which utilizes the vices of destruction through fear/anger, severity, and tribulation. Geburah and Chesed not utilized wisely is in fact done via the Qliphoth spheres of these two pillars. For more information on this daimon please look at my previous blog post where I wrote about Vassago.

28° Leo: A stream of oil falling from mid-air upon the troubled waters beneath.

Denotes one who will exercise discrimination in the affairs of daily life; one who will possess tact, understanding, diplomacy, and a peculiar magnetic aura which enables them to bring quarreling units to a peaceful union. It is a symbol of Conciliation

Life is deeply affected by how we look at it. This degree has the ability to approach existence in a way which makes everything more vivid and alive both for themselves and others. One has the power to awaken others to what truly is on a spiritual level becoming a light of hope to others through the intensity of their sincerity.

Performing this activity together reinforces and encourages each other. Value can only be realized after a basic assumption about what is let go of. This degree is about helping others to be here in the world, helping others to exert themselves, to use what they have, and to develop a more harmonious relationship to the material world. As we do this we also derive these same benefits. Work with guardian angel Sitael and daimon Vassago for this degree also.

The astro narrative of these degrees in the Sabian symbols begins by showing that the awakening does not occur all at once, but gradually it dawns upon you. We could envision a very tangled situation looms before us which is complicated by lots of intricate factors/details at which point we suddenly realize relatively speaking that all the extraneous gibberish is exactly that; rubbish. Could the curtain of gloom reveal life giving radiance hidden behind it? Could your disappointments be the best possible news or a blessing in disguise? Could your subliminal mind be manipulated by your leadership or others hoping to gain an underhanded advantage over you?

Could the music you listen to hide back masking that you’re unaware of, could the internet be a deceptive tool to manipulate your ability to think for yourself, or could your television be brainwashing you through propaganda and improper psychological handling? If you have a sense this message could be true then you are probably right; trust your gut! This is called impressionability which means you’re capable of being very easily influenced by others without any capability to maintain your sovereignty and set proper boundaries in life.

Hand Colored 3 of Cups W/Traditional Medicinals Tea Fortune (People Who Love Are Happy)

We’re sitting on three total fixed stars at this moment which includes Alfard in the neck of Hydra the Watersnake, Adhafera in the crest of Leo the Lion’s Mane, and Al Jabhah in Leo the Lion’s Main. Alfard is known as “The Solitary One” giving off an emotionally passionate nature which is threatened by perceived dangers/hazards. This fixed star bestows musical and artistic appreciation with a knowledge of human nature. The energy of Saturn exuded by this fixed star speaks to poisoning of the blood or murder by poisoning. Ptolemy stated this star references misuse of drugs and over indulgence in good living. Poisoning can happen in relationships as well such as within a marriage. The Euphrateans referenced the Hydra as a source of the fountains of the Great Deep. It is the Chinese lunar mansion known for recompense or that which compensates for an injury, harm, or damage inflicted.

The Leonids, a meteor shower, issues from the western point of Adhafera which means “The Funeral Pyre.” Clearwater, Florida baby here! This aligns to Magha nakshatra and the fixed star Regulus which I’ve explored countless times personally as I was born in this lunar mansion via my Vedic chart as well as written of in my blog posts. The symbol of Magha is the “The Mighty” a house of regents known as the Pitris, Forefathers, and spirits of dead ancestors ruled by Ketu. Kabbalists associate this with the tarot card Strength.

The Pitris and Strength:

Al Jabhah is known as “The Forehead” promoting love and benevolence while helping against enemies. One is not to hide or wait to be rescued and should seek healing remedies while tackling tasks with courage and strength. In fact this lunar mansion states those who cover their eyes and mouth are afraid to see/speak whereas a lion will give forth a mighty roar. Am I the only one seeing a correlation between the forehead and the Crown chakra. The forehead is where lower Buddhis or Cosmic consciousness resides.

The Planes?

Have a blessed Wednesday everyone. Much love! 🌇☄️😘

PS: I do recognize some of these links stem from a video game analogy. That is done simply for also the fact that it can be seen in light of analogous to the terms used in Kabbalah with pathworking. Lots of authors come up with metaphorical and/or homilitic examples to flesh out or elaborate examples for an audience. Growing up there was a specific video game I played that was abstract science fiction purely based and originating from Kabbalah which is why I see parallels of these themes elsewhere in life.