Teach Me Tuesdays: Animal Totem Messages

“When the birdwatcher found a nest, he was egg-sighted! The only thing otters drive in rivers is an otter-mobile.” – Unknown

It’s time for furry and feathery vengeance; or something like that. Anyway enjoy the underlined hyperlink text which will provide you with some twisty turvy along your journey.


Thankful for small achievements. I managed to actually get my bedroom cleaned thoroughly today since I had a lot of dust on my wealth altar, computer desk, and such as well as some laundry. Everything feels better at least in that regard since I use the witch hazel in there to dust because my only other cleaning option has peppermint oil which is harder to air out if it becomes too aggressive an odor.

I was feeling great until I encountered the obstacle that led to me putting a little too much weight into my left foot. Now I’m feeling the burn again of aches and pains. It was fun while it lasted because I learned the kitchen entrance way has the perfect set up for standing push ups today. The pain has been on/off again today honestly!

I’ve managed well otherwise, but I had hoped today would mean my pain flares were lessening. Maybe I was a little too hopeful, but can you blame me. In fact this foot has gotten so cranky that to keep it from hurting most nights I’m sleeping on my stomach or back in Tree pose to keep it at a realtive 90° angle to prevent my plantar fasciitis from flaring in an inherited California King oak tree bed; totally normal.

I may very well be a Holly on the Celtic calendar like mom, but… I mean I’ve started sleeping to DNA repair and anti inflammatory frequency entrainment music to see if it will help.

Thankfully my neck has not been upset since my head is often turned left or right. Night splints won’t work. Compression socks or anything too tight causes me neuropathy, muscle spasms (the last was Hell on Earth), and makes my Achilles burn. I wake up wanting to curse obscenities if I do that and forget it during the day. Kinesthetic tape is fine.

Today I thought we could have some fun with investigating animal totems. I’ve been given the following three as those I am presently working with while going through my Reiki attunement process/education in reaching Master level.

I’ve additionally performed a Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha chart similar to yesterday for the fixed star Algorab which is a traditionally Arabic word (Al-ghuraab) which means the Crow within the Corvus Constellation as these hold significance to those born in Magha lunar mansion.

The nature of this fixed star is the energies of Mars and Saturn which can assist one with driving away negative energies and give protection from the malice of others. It has been associated with Black Onyx and the right kidney within the human body. This also reminds me of my blog post on Libra while it’s notable that Corvus actually in the Hebrew Mazzaroth is associated to the Leo Sun sign (my Tropical placement and Vedic lunar mansion).

The Antennae Galaxies in Corvus Constellation

The Chinese see this fixed star as the Chariot or celestial carriage transporting tributes from foreign lands to the Emperor signifying an accumulation of wealth while presiding over travel.

There is a PDF I found explaining this with the Bible, but I’m going to forewarn and forearm my blog readers that I do not really belong to any church. I may have become fully Catholic in my 20s and have the maternal/paternal DNA of an Ashkenazi Jew from Europe particularly Germany and Denmark, but I’m not really a dogmatist or holding some radically rigid belief system because I’ve grown beyond exoteric practices.

I do me and you do you! Esotericism is not what most church pews teach, and I get testy with fundamentalism now.

Blue Jay:

Encourages me to be a little sassy each day! If there’s something I’ve been wanting I am supposed to politely ask for it. If there’s any issues which need confrontation I am not to sweep it under the rug as Blue Jay will drag it back out into the open to be addressed. Because Blue Jays will eat the young of other birds we are told to be direct without operating from a destructive intent.


Otter happens to be one of the most playful feminine energies on Earth swimming over into my space to bring a message of joyful play rather than competitive play. If life has been difficult or I find my challenges overwhelming I have been encouraged to relax rather than panic. Otter is here to remind me that play is just as important as work especially the kind I loved as a child. Hopscotch was suggested for me.

The Crow:

Crow is always on the alert for trouble with their loud caws that warn each other of impending danger. Very little escapes their keen vision and many cultures associate Crow with being the keeper of knowledge. Crow has flapped his way into my life to bring a message of watchfulness. Build your nest high enough to really understand what’s going on around you is the advice I’ve been given.

Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart for Algorab

Algorab is in a rather ironic place being that it’s the 1st House of Aries at 14° in this style chart given what they are meant to teach us about ourselves. Opposed to my Sun, trine Neptune, and biquintile Chiron we can see certain traits play out here. The 1st House is for self improvement as well as displays one’s inner/outer image reflecting our personality, character, manners, and temperament.

We don’t make rash decisions rather we slow down to assess all situations. This is especially true in healing or channeling our emotions. To access our inner potential we feel drawn to engage in creative, artistic, spiritual, and charitable activities. We tend to not follow linear time enjoying instead a maverick’s path of healer, astrologer, and self realization.

When life becomes too confining to the chart holder they push against it until they experience a breakthrough. One will not let anything thwart their growth. This molting they do is quite automatic and one will only cause severe suffering to themselves if they resist it. Growth is exhilarating especially when one supports themselves in the process of it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An apple tree with many rotten apples on the ground around it.” The rotten apples and the snake’s dead skin are what has been cast off. The skin is a remnant of the growth and expansion of wisdom which will always be generating new skins as it evolves.

The rotten apples manifest the luxurious abundance of the creative urge as it relentlessly casts its seeds of inspiration into the physical world. Work with guardian angel Mebahel and daimon Leraje.

Daimon Leraje represents the Six of Wands, Moon, Leo, and Plantain. This daimon empowers ritual magic bringing aid to love spells while guiding one in healing/medicine as well as assisting with reconciliation spells. Leraje imparts one with the wisdom to handle conflicts.

Garden updates include larger roma tomatoes which are still green, a few more zinnias and sunflowers, we’re still producing some beans which need to be cut although I’m not sure when I’m getting out there yet although I need to check the carrots, and we have a lot of various bees.

I’m honestly not outside much in the hotter afternoons so I’ve stopped photographing butterflies the way I did about 5-6 years ago. Oh, the front garden crepe myrtles are unhappy and the bark is peeling, however, one of the back one’s is very happy. Lettuce is going to seed!

That’s two bees for the price of one please. Wings and stripes! And I think that might be another baby preying mantis?! It’s difficult to see in the central region, but that little greeny is what I’m “I Spying.”
Solar flowers galore which I got to say someone today mentioned that I have not one, but two green thumbs after seeing the garden.
We still have some beans being produced on the vines, but I’ve not been able to get to cutting them. We gave several away and still have a bag in the refrigerator! It’s like death by green, yellow, and purple beans out here even if this is not the best image capture of the event!
Color, but it seems to often be of the same variety and vivid.
I’m not complaining; promise!
Lettuce heading off to seed…
I really need to check the carrots again to see if they’re ready to harvest, but the peanut planted by the neighborhood squirrel in the same bed and the wildflowers has grown huge. I do wish either A) my neighbor would stop feeding the squirrels or B) they would stop planting in my beds!
Here is some borage!
Let’s not forget the roma tomatoes on the vines.
Or the sweet potatoes!

May you have a provocative and intriguing Tuesday! 💬🌌

PS: Google has responded that they should be removing the “flag” on my business listing. I’m not sure who sent in that I had harmful downloads, links, or was fraudulent, but I do hope the Universe teaches them a nice lesson in karma!

I still believe doing that with no grounds or basis is defamation, slander, or libel of a person’s character and business. As I said before my astrology business is legal, and I’m no criminal. I pass background checks. If you have a question at the very least use the contact form or email on my Terms of Service & FAQ. Going around bad mouthing anyone with no grounds is just childish and improper.

“Hey bud, how’s it growing?” – Unknown

Manifestation Mondays: The Royal Stars Debated

“Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove that you can still stand.” – Anonymous

Solving this little Choose Your Own Adventure novel means you will have to make some pathwork choices by utilizing the underlined hyperlink text. That means this is interactive non-fiction that I’m composing although many will class it as fiction I’m sure.

But as a fan of visual novels and the above book series growing up I aim to make my composition unusual as my creative writing college professor noted when I published fanfiction years ago. I’d like for you to see, learn, and grow from the perhaps not always wise choices I’ve made in my adventures.


Remember what I said yesterday about how I’ve learned to walk now three times, and I’m just tired. Well surgery meant I acquired not just the aid of crutches or a knee scooter, but I was walking with a cane. Ironically I’m not sure this is much different than Regulus moving to Virgo (I know I pointed blog readers here months ago), the Yod/Yad, and the Hermit tarot card.

Imagine the street behind your house is Lionheart with Iris nearby also as I previously noted in reference to Mercurial energies (Virgo exalts Mercury). Symbolism seems mildly familiar albeit I’ve put my ring and reiki bracelet on my dominant left not right hand. My left side has become not as strong as my right being that it is where all my injuries/weaknesses lie.

Is it not ironic that some when I went on Twitter said this form of astrology that I perform is too “controversial/radical” for them to accept. Ketu ruled people are usually thinking outside of the box! I left Twitter for reasons which I blogged about early in 2022 because I was rather disgusted with the platform and people on it.

I hardly even use social media, but I’ve created content and designed websites since the late 90s knowing how to code. I’ve seen much change with the technocracy becoming vocal here about how artificial intelligence is something many don’t realize is meant to pull wool over their eyes. Context and word smithery matters as it is neural linguistic programming! A sort of hypnotism, mesmerism, and such that keeps the unaware spellbound in the grasp of predators indoctrinating groupthink.

The tarot cards are all infinitely rich with various symbols, but the Wheel of Fortune as I began to notice after writing yesterday stuck out to me in my studies as to their esoteric value. We see pictured on the card representations of Regulus (Leo), Fomalhaut (Aquarius), Antares (Scorpio), and Aldebaran (Taurus).

They form the Fixed Cross, but the concept of precession of the equinoxes postulates a move to the Mutable Cross. If you’re confused as to why so much of this is of interest to me I think it’s some sort of inherited condition; yes it’s meant to sound peculiar.

Still a bit concerned about this ankle and if the spasm was a sprain/strain. Reading information online confirms I’ve probably overused my muscles/ligaments again. So I’m doing moderate therapy exercises, using my kinesthetic tape, and practicing good old fashioned RICE. I’m also walking slower than normal which is frustrating primarily to me.

I have a pretty good feeling this ankle never healed correctly or this is the degenerative nature of the many conditions wrong with me like the osteoarthritis weakening the joints. Post foot fracture we were concerned I’d need surgery to remove a cyst that grew in my ankle bones filled with fluid, but thankfully that spontaneously went away.

It could have led to another secondary fracture in my heel. I could say it sucks to be me, but I know that’s my negativity coming through loud and clear. Or rather we retain the memories sometimes of that which felt traumatic to us. The pain though is definitely not making me feel optimistic.

These stars have been characterized in different fashions from the Archangels to the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse:

  • Regulus as the heart of the lion or star of kings in Leo was said to be the healing Archangel Raphael and Doctor of Medicine who is presently guarding the Northern Quarter (Cancer, Leo, and Virgo; Summer Solstice).
  • Fomalhaut as the mouth of the Southern Fish in Pisces was said to be the revelatory Archangel Gabriel or the Strength of God who is presently guarding the Southern Quarter (Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces; Winter Solstice).
  • Antares as wisdom keeping or inspiring Archangel Uriel who is presently guarding the Western Quarter (Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius: Autumnal Equinox).
  • Aldebaran as the right eye of Taurus or the following Archangel Michael who is presently guarding the Eastern Quarter (Aries, Taurus, and Gemini; Vernal Equinox).
“If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn’t be a human being. You’d be a game show host.” – Anonymous

Personally I wanted to read the job related Reiki healing articles, but that may or may not even appeal to my audience so I’m trying to not harass them. In days of the past these stars were given a high position/ranking due to their position along the four cardinal points of the Cardinal Cross.

Long before Judaeo Christianity was accepted as a dominant religion their representation was seen as important when aspecting any sensitive points within an astrology chart. They bestowed favorable outcomes on the chart holder.

I’m weird though because I’ve read my great grandmother’s Bible that I inherited cover to cover and because I did so before bed sleeping with it the binding fell off. I did not do the same with my copy of the Tao or the Quran.

Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart for Regulus, Fomalhaut, Aldebaran, and Antares

I thought today would be a good day to explore a little esoteric astrology on these topics and maybe chart them presently, but I might do a Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha chart to locate the karmic DNA of the last seven generations. This chart won’t display the current precessed positions if we’re processing that which interprets what is essentially the twelfth parts.

These Dwads are powerful descriptions of interest that display the character of any person/event. What it serves is to show us where we have karmic debts, blessings, or fated connections. We want to see what talents and natural inclinations are possessed. This is the side of our true colors.

We will find Regulus in the 7th House of Libra at 1° semisextile Moon, square Venus and Uranus, and trine Pluto retrograde. Fomalhaut in the 2nd House of Taurus at 19° biquintile Sun, trine Mercury, semisquare Venus, sextile Jupiter, and opposition Chiron.

Aldebaran in the 8th House Scorpio at 0° conjunct Moon and trine Jupiter and Uranus. Antares in the 2nd House of Taurus at 0° opposition Moon and semisquare Jupiter and Uranus retrograde.

I think it would be best to keep this simpler so we will be simply viewing the Chandra symbols today for clues while I dive in just a little again with pointing everyone to the zero point energies I’ve been researching.

My belief symbolism is all around each of us, but whether we’re paying attention is actually another story similar to my wealth altar, inherited bed, and the grey coverlet I bought then placed on the bed from what was called the Grace collection via the At Home store where I live.

For years I was doing everything intuitive and then later trying to comprehend what was happening in my life without others thinking I might be way too airy fairy woo woo and off my rocker. I mean I’ve been at this for over a decade now avidly studying, researching, and practicing esoterics just not publicly.

Let’s try to grasp the symbols for each fixed star and degree. Regulus is expanding on a previous blog post and as such we will simply refer back to that entry which I know I made reference to yesterday so clearly I’ve fixated on a specific association. Something to consider though is that metaphyiscally bread is a Universal/Cosmic substance which speaks to the omnipresent mind stuff we are capable of molding via the use of our thoughts.

This is why it’s important to be aware of our subconscious or unconscious as well as limiting beliefs or negative chatter as they both can shape our reality/manifestations. We acquire truth when we meditate which is simply continuous contemplative thought used to expand our consciousness and transform our mind, body, and soul/spirit.

The house Regulus sits within is one of partnerships of virtually any kind including business endeavors which is where we seek cooperation, balance, and harmony. Regulus at this degree allows for positive harmony between consciousness and instinctual, emotional, and habitual response patterns to life creating fewer conflicts between our emotions and the application of life purpose.

Lessons are learned with the end goal to not have to repeat them. We may struggle with feeling lonely/unloved, but if we pay attention to our reactions we can better channel them through creative and artistic pursuits.

There are times we present at this degree as the Devil’s advocate, individualistic, and desiring freedom from all social restrictions. Generally this degree excels at yoga, meditation, self discovery, and clairvoyance.

“Next time someone tells you cheerleading is easy, tell them to do your routine and then get back to you.” – Anonymous

Fomalhaut sits within the house of values, self esteem/worth, and what is often described as our overall feelings regarding our possessions or tangible assets. Aesthetic sensitivity leads to clever and ingenious outlets of creativity via breathing new life into dreary situations. We excel at anything which employs the use of our hands and voice.

Release of tension is necessary to more easily relax and go with the flow. Beauty manifests through our home life/appearance. Healing occurs when we correct our relationship to self by working to build better boundaries, learn that we are enough as we are, and ensure partners meet us halfway.


A crown turns into goat horns.

A remarkable instinct for the next lesson. Finding it, learning it, and drawing everything out of it that you can. Specialized in destiny activation and interested in nothing else. Purposively driven to take up karmic lessons all the way. Wildly given over to what is taken on. Working the territory as hard as you can. Making way for something new by wearing out the old. Assigned to tough situations yet knowing it is appropriate.

Super strong and especially tenacious and relentless. In deepest essence sacrificing yourself so that something can happen here that is going to take a lot of doing. And inside it all you are curiously resigned to whatever arises while not very concerned because long range results mean everything here. And a moment’s or a lifetime’s discomfort is a small price to pay when destiny is truly involved.

Oh, Krampus again! Good to know! 😂

Aldebaran is in one of those houses that focuses our interests upon an energetic disposition to change/disruption. This is the black sheep phase of life where we’re trying to remove the cycles we perpetuate of duality between love/hate, loyalty/repulsion, and such.

There is an unexpressed resentment that suffocates us and this will display via psychosomatic illness if we do not get a grip on our repressed anger/sadness by working it out through the Throat chakra. We desire greater justice, social equanimity, and a revolutionary change of human ideals. Chandra Symbols never utilize the zero degree therefore I usually look to the first degree for clues.


A tunnel through a mountain.

When darkness comes you need more darkness if you’re ever going to find the light. As the struggle of Earth existence descends upon you it is you who must find a way to harness the power of that struggle to turn death into rebirth. But it is so pressurized and absolutely relentless a path to walk. Everything you meet reflects the same destiny dilemma.

For you are being pulled through the collective nightmare by an immense evolutionary force and that means feeling everything, experiencing all of it, and letting everything go. Those pulled in to such a radical track develop core perseverance magnificently and learn to be light while super heavy and to stay loose while bearing down in tight passages.

Eventually glorious things happen and you can emerge into a whole other reality knowing how purposeful every step has been, that all of it was necessary and redemptively built a character strength of a mighty fiber, as you knew it would.

Antares also in the same house as Fomalhaut asks us to be ourselves by remaining open mentally and within our heart space. If we appear cold, unfriendly, or distant it is because we suffer a subconscious and unconscious pattern of pushing others away that we have not fully removed from our consciousness.

When we release this blockage new forms of relating will open up to us. We suffer the expectation of others needing to be trustworthy and genuine valuing our experiences that push us to grow. Again we’ll look to the first degree of Taurus for some clues as there is no zero degree in this symbol system.


A red garnet ring. The garnets glow.

A passion for bearing ripe fruits. Feeling transported by an ongoing realization that you are in your own element, doing what you need to do, and subtly fired by an inner purpose that clarifies everything. The glow of your central intent warms you through. This quality of soul is simple and direct. It makes for a primal elemental presence.

One cannot grasp complex matters in this sphere. But you know what you need to know, and you’re on the beam so palpably that nothing much matters except being there. You distinctly charge the atmosphere with a pranic renewal, a source sustenance, and the whole idea is to make way for the universal life force to stream right in and bless with its all forgiving radiance.

May your Monday manifest wholistic rejuvenation. The garden on the other hand well I think it’s going to be spent before the fall. We’ve had too many triple digit days now, and I can’t keep up with the heat to save the plants. I cut an entire crop of basil in the back garden today as well as zinnias were removed due to drought.

I don’t deal well with losing my plants; it literally hurts somewhere to watch them suffer or to have to pull them when they are spent in the heat. I’m sure a co-worker will understand since she has called me a plant mother.

The hollyhock is about the same along with several flowers in the front garden. This year is more like the deadly desert in the movie Return to Oz. A movie I grew up with which yes I’m well aware of the occult symbolism as well as the rather racist mindset of the author some have pointed out as well as it’s populist themes.

There is much culturally that we don’t really want to admit to because we just want to enjoy a book, movie, music, etc., and we are confronted with some topics in life that we have to own because they are a part of our collective consciousness/shadow. 👥🔮

“Have you heard about the new restaurant called Karma? There’s no menu; you get what you deserve.” – Anonymous

Self Examination Saturdays: Where Does Your Compassion and Conscience Lie?

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” – Anonymous

Answers to questions lie within the underlined hyperlink text jigsaw puzzle I’ve left for my blog readers in the hopes they can piece the message together, and maybe also help me make sense of my insane blog posts. Yes, that requires a few mouse clicks on those doorways into various portals and a little bit of reading or detective work.


I wanted to compose this entry yesterday, but due to an extremely rough week I am doing this retroactive on Sunday because I needed to take a self care day. I’ve been having some significant problems with my entire left leg and foot post surgery with trying to manage my life between daily tasks/chores, gardening, and working a part time cosmetology job. I’m actually not sure I can keep up the garden in this heat this year on this foot/leg.

I tried pawning the chores on my step father, but I legitimately feel that I’ve been taking on way too much for my body to withstand. When muscle relaxers no longer work to alleviate the osteoarthritis or muscle tightness I know something is amiss.

From being told by podiatry that I essentially was born with clubfoot albeit not a severely deforming kind to the fractures in my heel and first two metatarsals, ankle ligament surgery, and the osteoarthritis within my ankle joints I’m not sure what my future for health is beyond coping with wishing my body were not making me feel eighty or ninety when I’m half that age over the last two years.

A person could get lost in my blog posts over the months and might think I’m always complaining or whining when these flares hit, but if I never explain how can anyone understand something you don’t physically see on the outside as I legitimately hide the pain if I’m not verbalizing to you that I’m in it. i won’t be crying or wincing in front of you usually and if I do moan in agony it’s only at home in front of family.

When I was a cashier post foot fracture on medical notice to have a chair at my register by physical therapy a customer called me lazy to my face for using my chair to relieve my chronic pain as I weaned back into weight bearing full time. And I had a thought enter my brain which was not verbalized that read “I hope when you step outside a bus hits you so you can feel what I feel inside of my body every day.”

And I realized how horrible I felt for that thought entering my mind simply because I was healthy before and now I’m forever changed by life’s experiences. I did not have to vocalize the thought to know something was very incorrect with that response! Nonetheless after all I’d been through being called lazy triggered me.

For two weeks in a row I’ve tried muscle relaxers to almost no avail as I wake up with spasms and tightness in my leg/ankle and osteoarthritis. Virtually every step and standing is met with some terrible pain and cement shoes is the term applied to this feeling.

Twenty to one I’ll be paying to see the podiatrist soon again. I’ve reverted to all my physical therapy exercises again including writing my alphabet upper/lowercase with my foot and rolling my foot on an iced water bottle or icing the swelling down from inflammation.

I just don’t want to deal with the uninsured medical bills right now. It always grates upon my nerves when I have to consider the costs. Then my fear kicks in too. Did I re-injure my ligament? Could I have blown out the surgery? Is anything torn again?

Combing through the asteroids on Astro.com I found two I wanted to use in my Vedic Age Harmonic chart today. I’m going to begin by discussing etymology of these two words before I give examples and lead into the astrology symbolism.

I’m glad that WordPress allows for me to play with time magic also as I can publish this blog post as if I’d managed it on Saturday since it was certainly in my mind despite the fact that I was exhausted physically, emotionally, and spiritually to be honest.

I truly felt like I could barely make it all week. In fact today ensued with me opening the front door to the house and screaming outside I was so stressed and irritated rather than break dishes the way I felt I might be heading. It helped a little just to do that for about five to ten seconds after dealing with a front load laundry washer that I frankly despise. I did not want to break mom’s dishes, but I was ready to punch a wall or something.

Compassion is taken from Middle English, Old French, and Ecclesiastical Latin compassio, compati, and compassus meaning sympathy, to suffer together with, and etymologically means deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with a wish to relieve it. Some do define it as pity.

Conscience on the other hand is taken from Middle English, Old French, and Latin conscientia, consciens, and conscire meaning knowledge within oneself, to be conscious of wrong, and etymologically means the moral sense of right/wrong through self awareness that affects one’s behavior/attitude.

I chose the following example because Amma matches my Magha lunar mansion through reading from Barbara Pijan’s website although I’ve spent countless blog posts learning about my nakshatra in terms of Ketu rulership with it’s chasing liberation, samadhi, and moksha as well as the fixed star Regulus and the arguments about precession of the equinoxes through Leo to Virgo.

The desperate need to even understand myself and my chart as an esotericist or Reiki Master level. I think though it makes sense given everything this article has pointed to or this one. We’re all trying to step into whatever position we’re supposed to embody. Some are struggling to know what this should even look like such as myself.

But in exploring this from an even wider than lens beyond the Judaeo Christian or Buddhist spheres I’ve studied I did also run across another set of online articles that gave me pause. Alright so are perspectives taken subjective or objective when we approach each of these respectively?

Believe me I know when guilt sets in because I’ve been learning or rather becoming more mindful of certain choices I’ve made in my past and how they are shaping my present and will challenge my future.

As stated before the Age Harmonic chart is ideal for me in determining by my age what exactly I’m now dealing with in life. Particularly given that from 40 to 45 it directs one to the auspicious/inauspicious habits we hold within our emotional/psychological nature. Four times ten reflects our 4th House which is the home life where our private yet vulnerable self lives holding the keys to our inner child.

You’re going to see here one’s need to belong, what helps them feel at home, their value system, and their subconscious patterns. To heal the inner child you need to approach healing through unlearning behaviors that no longer serve you.

“It is a lack of love for ourselves that inhibits our compassion toward others. If we make friends with ourselves, then there is no obstacle to opening our hearts and minds to others.” – Anonymous

Tropical this was an Aquarian placement or rather the Western zodiac so I was marching to the beat of my own drum contradicting family with a detachment to my parents placing emphasis on my intellectual development and desiring independence.

If we look though at my Sidereal or Vedic we find this was a Capricorn placement so I dealt with strong family tradition against a backdrop of disciplinarian parenting where troubles emerged as I subconsciously longed for independence, warmth, and love feeling I was not receiving these.

Does that ever resonate like someone hit me over the head! This is the problem with the logic of saying what happened at an early age is great if you don’t remember it. No, it’s really not. You still remember it because it’s buried in the subconscious or unconscious waiting to be healed and released. It’s all retained in there beneath the surface and you’re not paying attention long enough to realize it.

The Age Harmonic chart aims to fine tune the moral and ethical nature through an indication of which of the three Hindu deities and their wives we are working from (creator, preserver, or destroyer). I think Judaeo Christianity has worked long and hard to remove the Divine Feminine from one’s consciousness as has some other faiths. I say this because the Capricorn 4th House also speaks towards a patriarchal society one may be growing up in.

As I study my chart though I’m learning a lot more about myself which helps my growth while making myself an example to others displaying the benefits of such practices through these services.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Compassion and Conscience

So here we are looking at my chart seeing that Asteroid Compassion (8990) is in the 9th House of Sagittarius at 4° sesquiquadrate Venus and Mars. Asteroid Conscience is in the 5th House of Leo at 24° with no aspects whatsoever.

Your 9th House is encouraging you to think big and bold by taking advantage of international communication, higher education, and exploring your higher mind through philosophy, religion, and publishing. It’s also asking you to consider legal or academic matters within a traditionally Jupiter ruled house through Sagittarius.

This placement begins to look at where in life they or others are committing acts of excessive indulgence. It’s where individually as well as collectively trends emerge showing humanity is a spendthrift lacking self control. They need to develop an attitude of fairness, ethics, and harmony. This is also the placement for those who overextend themselves. It’s important that we don’t burn ourselves out by being overactive or hyperactive.

The 5th House holds a symbolic representation being ruled by the Sun and Leo of the patriarchy as a symbol of royalty. It’s a King’s horoscope zone in traditional parlance. Kings must find heirs to their throne therefore much time and training is put into children and teenagers ensuring one is fit to take over. It shows the area in our life where we rule which can be self expression, creativity, and our ability to educate, enlighten, or inspire others.

I’ve learned to walk three times; birth, post foot fractures, and post ankle ligament surgery. I’m tired of re-learning this! The other degree symbol reminds me of the Vedic astrologer who asked me how my fashion changed during Covid.

I remarked when I’m home I’m in pajamas or a random shirt paired with sports leggings and my hair in a bun as well as no makeup. When I’m in public I’m a lot more presentable rather than dressed down for comfort. If I’m home I frankly don’t care what others “think” of me.

It’s when I have to put on a show (Leo Sun sign in the Tropical zodiac with Cancer Sun sign in the Sidereal zodiac) that I may be a bit more concerned with “appearances” or “societal norms.” Summed up in public you don’t get to always see the real me because I’m conditioned that something is not appropriate in allowing that level of intimacy and/or afraid of being judged by it. I don’t think you’ll like what you see.

“The universe has shaken you to awaken you.” – Anonymous

The Omega symbol describes these degrees as the following and here again is some interpretation to the meaning of daimon. It’s worth the read if you want to connect it with what I just explained above.

This degree has knowledge that must come out even if it isn’t acknowledged or accepted by others. There is an ability here to be impervious to the negative reactions and/or disinterest of others. As long as this degree focuses on what it needs to do and lets go of any apprehensions concerning the ramifications of its actions it can live true to itself.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A young prince undressed to bathe in a pool.” The young man puts himself in a vulnerable position by taking away all the barriers between himself and nature. He then enters the water or the sacred womb of the mother to be refreshed, cleansed, and purified.

This degree is about seeking direct experience by divesting oneself of preconceptions, social conditionings, and by also letting go of assertiveness and agendas so as to have a full experience of what’s right there in front of one.

It’s not easy to give oneself completely over to the feminine. It requires a lot of macho courage and gutsiness. Work with guardian angel Seheiah and daimon Berith. Shockingly I’ve previously covered this degree through another lens altogether when I was coping with also podcasts that dealt with our current socio-political climes.

Daimon Berith corresponds with the Two of Pentacles, Venus, Capricorn, and Sandalwood. This daimon was of particular importance to alchemists in the transmutation of base metals to gold. This daimon helps those who help themselves.

If we hop over now as that was the degree for Asteroid Compassion we see a different message within Asteroid Conscience. The most difficult of situations can elicit from the chart holder a surprising resourcefulness. They have a tremendous ability to mutate.

If they give in to this it can be very exhilarating and ultimately fulfilling. If they struggle against it and rigidly try to hold on to what is no longer needed suffering will inevitably be the result.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Sunrise over Stonehenge.” Overcome by water one becomes what will thrive in water just as the denizens of England reacting to the cycles of time build Stonehenge which is in harmony with those cycles. The chart holder projects an aura of importance that is quiet and certain with a deep self assurance that comes from being in tune with the whole of life.

They are what they are in a simple way though many, varied, and complex are the roads you may travel. They are attuned to what endures and as they become increasingly at one with this they contact their true self at deeper and deeper levels. Work with guardian angel Mumiah and daimon Andromallus.

Daimon Andromallus is tied with the Ten of Cups, Mars, Dragon’s Blood, and Pisces. This daimon protects your home, family, vehicle, and business from theft. Many work with Andromallus to learn how to operate through life safely.

Usually Andromallus is worked with to right a wrong that was inflicted against one such as being robbed of something in one’s life. Some believe this daimon operates from some rather strong value systems. I’ve literally read that to work with Andromallus you best have your morals/ethics in check!

This degree actually also sits upon the fixed star Subra in the right knee of Leo the Lion. This fixed star takes it’s name from Subira meaning patience. Patience from Middle English, Old French, and Latin patientia, patiens, and patior means to suffer, endure, and wait. Kabbalists associate this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Kaph and the tarot trump Strength.

The Hebrew letter Kaph deals with a specific path on the Tree of Life in Kabbalah where we again see Jupiter here with some powerful symbolism. When I began my part time cosmetology job my Reiki chakra bracelet broke. I managed to collect all the pieces and place it upon my wealth altar, but I’ve not restrung the beads nor looked for a replacement.

I probably should as I wore it also on my left dominant arm with my ring. It had been worn daily for years and the fishing wire finally gave out. May your weeekend be nourishing! I’m trying my best to take it easy on my days off, but I know I still have to move and exercise while in this pain flare. 🍲🥄


Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Wish Fulfillment Meets High Ambition

“She was a wild one; always stomping on eggshells that everyone else tip-toed on.” – Kaitlin Foster

Today’s positive tarot reading offers a bit of guidance through underlined hyperlink text to elaborate upon the meanings and messages being given at this current moment in time/space.


Today we pulled the Nine of Hearts (Cups) with the King of Diamonds (Pentacles). These two cards have some great energy to share with us. Let’s take a brief look at these cards while I share a few additional interpretations to give readers some options on what they wish to receive from the Universe/Cosmos today.

I pulled the first card on the top of the deck after shuffling, cutting, and shuffling the deck as well as the card at the bottom of the deck this time which I don’t routinely do.

The Nine of Hearts (Cups) speaks to living in the present now moment. We are becoming mindful to not miss opportunities which stare us squarely in the face unlocking long term success for positive change in our lives. As a representation of happiness and joy as well as incredibly positive luck following us we are promised favorable outcomes, but not without a customary warning.

Another way to view the Nine of Hearts (Cups) is the genie card. If you knew you could not fail what would you do with your life? This particular card suggests you do just that.

If we’re too focused upon the future we will miss what the Universe/Cosmos is presently putting on offer before us. Keep your eyes on the goal and don’t get distracted whatever it is that you’re seeking to achieve.

We are in the midst of emotional and physical transformations that require us to perceive reality in a new way. You have been given a symbol of deeply unconditional love which comes from a place/time that we would not expect.

This connection offers an awesome basis for relationships to develop and flourish, but you have a narrow window of opportunity to seize upon this. Someone is entering your life who seeks a deeper connection, but they still are unsure of your feelings.

Allow head and heart to work in unison going forward. Allow intuition to also guide your ambitions while guarding against being constrained by anxiety or analysis paralysis. Career wise this is one of the most positive signs for business and financial improvements.

You have a favorable destiny if you keep working cooperatively with the Universe/Cosmos and your spiritual guides to choose the correct higher life path/purpose by letting your inner light make decisions for you. If you’re struggling with confidence learn to forgive your mistakes and embrace your strengths.

This card shows up as you begin spotting blockages and cutting cords or unlocking your true potential. When combined with the King of Diamonds (Pentacles) you receive a representation of financial abundance, physical wealth, and well being. Receiving this card is a signification that you’re on the right track and it encourages your current course of action.

When we desire to manifest greater wealth in our life this card offers us the confidence to move forward. It indicates Divine Providence reassuring that good things are on their way. Material prosperity comes in multiple forms whether that is financial freedom, better health, or an improved overall welfare.

It’s vital to remember both of these cards are not total victory so stay the course and continue working hard. Obstacles and delays can still present themselves so be prepared to adapt.

Don’t ignore other areas of your life by only having professional goals. You may be receiving a new love opportunity from an area you’re not expecting. You might be offered relationships that place you with those who are on the same wavelength and you will be mirroring each other’s energy/vibrations.

Continue your communication and cooperation or diplomacy skills while working towards common goals at this time. This card combination is great in careers for persistence towards goal achievement as long as we don’t rest on our laurels. Just don’t forget to pay attention to other areas of your life.

Keep watching for further patterns or synchronistic events while acting from a place of integrity. At present the Universe/Cosmos is your cheerleader encouraging you to balance your physical and spiritual path progression. Now is a time to expect the unexpected.

The King of Diamonds (Pentacles) is symbolic of like attracts like encouraging us to remain grounded while being enterprising. It has been called the Midas touch card.

Nine of Hearts (Cups) Alternative Meanings:

King of Diamonds (Pentacles) Alternative Meanings:

Have a felicitous Thursday! Much love and blessings! 💗

Teach Me Tuesdays: June’s Strawberry Supermoon Brings Cleansing During a Harvest

“The night is a strawberry.” – Louise Penny

While I was sleeping the June Strawberry Supermoon signifying our ripening and in-gathering of harvest occurred at 4:51 AM CST in Sagittarius at 22° with aspects which includes a T-Square between the Sun in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces with a Stellium between Uranus, the North Lunar Node, Venus, and the Ascendant in Taurus while Mercury was at zero point Gemini. Other names for this Moon include the Green Corn Moon, Berries Ripen Moon, Horse Moon, Flower Moon, and Mead Moon as the meadows were mowed.

Yes, I still have the strawberry jewelry box above near my wealth altar in my bedroom. It was made by my best friend in high school during our pottery class we shared.

This will impact everyone a little bit differently for a variety of factors. Myself personally my natal 2nd House is Sagittarius while in the same configuration/chart my 8th House is Gemini, my 5th House is Pisces, and my 7th House is Taurus. The Sabian Symbol of this degree linked to above is about taking our dirty laundry whatever that may be literally or metaphorically, giving it a good thorough wash with detergent and/or fabric softener, and then industrial or line drying it.

For me personally this is a time where wisdom and good judgment can bless one with better earning capabilities and expand our overall ideas/vision regarding finding resources which support our ability to feel secure in life. We have a lucky guardian angel who helps us attain positive publicity, a love for comfort/relaxation, and determines whether or not we will be the spender/saver with our overall wealth acquired past, present, and future.

We display as outspoken, courageous, and we tend to concentrate our energies on that which is according to our own impulse rather than people pleasing. Our intuitive/psychic nature allows us to have a deeper awareness of how others perceive us. This can also be a trigger for our internal insecurities. We believe that we’re often misunderstood or seen as impulsive and unpredictable. We are not like other extroverts in that we actually do enjoy our moments of solitude.

My placements also indicate something I’m more than well aware of. I have an extremely discriminating knowledge of current events from consuming television or alternative news programs/podcasts and being overly interested in public affairs. When Neptune transits into my 5th House, however, I become a million times more spiritual, imaginative, and ironically as you may/may not have noticed we take up an extreme desire to learn about vibration, energy, and all kinds of woo with quantum physics.

I saw a website at one point that explained the problem with creating Happiness Machines which reminded me of Kabbalah’s take on the Wheel of Fortune. You’re not designed to remain in bliss forever despite modern esotericists who claim such practices are healthy.

The color range of zinnias is still a little limited, but I’m still enjoying what has grown in the garden nonetheless.
Sunflower centers on full display. Definitely bee magnets!
A gulf fritillary on a zinnia!

Life is cycles therefore if you were actually transcending duality consciousness you would no longer identify any instance in your life as inherently a form of polarity be that male versus female, black versus white, or positive versus negative. Many of us have not been trained to reach such levels because our self professed or propped up by others yogis, preachers, life coaches, etc. prefer to make money and fame by selling us what I’ll call half truths as they’re not inherently lies or untruths.

Back to placements that have a personal emphasis for me true fulfillment lies in finding a balance between traditions, responsibility, and the exciting/experimental. We’re rebellious against authority. Our life is not just about understanding or knowing self, but there is a deliberate attempt to do the same with others.

The T-Square currently can present us with those who are stubborn, inflexible, and struggle with commitment. It’s going to be a slightly bumpy ride where being ambitious or go-getter meets a bit of strife, but if we employ our endless supply of inner intelligence we’re likely capable of adapting easily to anything we’re presented with at this time. Stelliums in and of themselves present other challenges pushing us towards mastery through repeated trial/error.

You may see blurred boundaries, face rejection from peers, deal with some rather chaotic environments, and need to find quirky or original solutions to what life brings your way at this time. The best way to imagine a stellium is as if you were the mom of multiple children with various archetypes being displayed that you’re trying to get into a cooperative group.

We could call each of these archetypes the Performer, the Activist, the Anxious, the Studious, and the Rescuer. Life is asking you to investigate each one and determine what they mean to you personally.

The Performer wants to be center stage while the Activist desires to champion various social, environmental, and economic/political causes. The Anxious struggles to feel secure knowing what is expected of them yet the Studious yearns to persevere through hard work. Finally the Rescuer is enlivened by opportunities to race in and save the day.

Let’s investigate this degree further; I’m very familiar with this as I’ve crossed it before in my astrology chart years ago during a transit. It’s actually in my eyes a fun degree to explore.

A passionate and insistent self expression can be found here. This degree displays the ability to stir up energies which bring transformation to situations by provoking others to see them in a new way. It helps others to get back in touch with what they’re really feeling and comfortably express themselves. Affirming once again the ground of our being lies in renewing our self assurances that we’re ready to move on.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Blackbirds flying out of a pie.” Live birds were never meant to be eaten. There are dark energies we were never meant to take in. In this degree suddenly and surprisingly they release in a way that is harmless even humorous and delightful.

In the original nursery rhyme there were four and twenty of them. Twenty-four being the number of the soul’s complete journey. This is a fortunate number where one will get to enjoy a good life with love, support, and affection from others.

And so this is not just a partial release of what Eckard Tolle calls the “pain body,” but gradually and eventually a complete release of it. This degree is Kabbalistically ruled by the Moon and Sagittarius is the sign of transcendence hence the subconscious (Moon) eventually transcending its repressed contents. Work with guardian angel Ariel and daimon Bifrons.

Daimon Bifrons correlates to the Two of Cups, Mars, Tobacco, and Cancer. This daimon helps us to better understand geometry, mathematics, astrology, and the properties of herbs as well as stones. Another benefit of working with Bifrons is during post funeral rites to ensure restless souls of the departed may safely transition.

For those born into Magha nakshatra such as myself any instruction or assistance with this particular daimon helps us to remain in touch with our departed ancestral heritage particularly as a means of honoring them.

“Strawberries are considered to be the most bullied fruits because they’re always getting picked on.” – Anonymous

For many we may meet with our pitris also during our dreams as they might have unfinished karma on the physical planes that we’re here to burn/finish for them. And while a great many would say that’s not your obligation some spiritual practices believe this assists the entire family lineage in obtaining the various degrees of liberation we seek to accomplish.

I’ve found what I believe is a two part series on Ketu which rules Magha nakshatra with Regulus that is great for me particularly as my Ketu was in Aquarius with my Rahu in Leo. You see the nakshatra is a lunar mansion which means my Moon is Leo while the Sun was in Cancer under a Sidereal/Vedic natal chart.

After a while I will admit this can become confusing for self as well as others due to the intricacies of how deeply one can study their natal or other astrology charts/workings. My sidebar explains the differences I have in Tropical and Sidereal.

On a more general approach as everyone would need to look upon their natal and transit charts to ascertain the current path their June Strawberry Supermoon asks of them this time is ideal for anything related to family, career aspirations, and believing in yourself.

If you’re struggling with self confidence enlist the support of loved ones whatever tribe that may include as it may not be the one you’re born into. Clean out your closets/drawers, old papers/receipts, and anything else which clutters your life at this time. It’s auspicious now to free up any stagnant or negative energy similar to my blog post on Gandanta recently.

If you’re interested in crystal work this degree is great with Blue Onyx expressing a message of emotional purification and transformation as excesses wash away and virtuousness is enhanced by focusing upon taking a necessary retreat to a quiet location where you may reawaken your spirituality and grow personally. The affirmation is I make time for reflection, stillness, and silence in my life.

The degree falls upon two fixed stars of interest. We would look to Ras Alhague in the head of Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer and Gamma Apus in Apus the Bird Of Paradise. With a name traced to Persian astronomy via Al Rai’ as The Shepherd and the Chinese name How as the Duke we find that the first fixed star we are investigating is associated with Asclepius ruling medicines. Other associations from Kabbalists include the Hebrew letter Ayin and the tarot trump The Tower.

Apus literally translates from it’s connection with the family Apodidae or the Swifts as Without Foot in the constellation of Bird of Paradise. Swifts can reach speeds of 69 miles per hour. Paradise being a word with Persian roots is generally identified with the Garden of Eden. Portuguese traders first encountered these birds on trade roots to the Moluccas which is taken from the Arabic root malik meaning king. In Hebrew the related word is malach meaning angel/messenger.

Swifts have such small legs they were believed to have none at all. These aerial birds drink, bathe, preen, collect food, and sleep/mate while on wing. In China this constellatin was Cho the Curious Sparrow or the Little Wonder Bird.

This time also can be seen as Vat Purnima when married women dedicate to Savitri who tricked Yama the God of Death into giving her dead husband a new lease on life. Devotees worship the Banyan where she sat and prayed.

I hope your June Strawberry Supermoon is a day filled with much catharsis and distillation. I’m finishing up some chores and have been resting due to chronic foot pain. Today is a day of rest, ice, compression, and elevation for my left foot. Which sounds alchemic in it’s own sense, but then I don’t expect everyone to grasp the cryptic reference.

Manifestation Mondays: The Haric Level

I am connected to nature.

May today’s underlined hyperlink text be beneficial to my readers and help them further their spirituality.


As a Reiki Master level we spend a lot of time the same as anyone within the cosmetology field gaining continuing education. Today we will be looking at both the Hara Line as well as the connection to Shiva Shakti. Our core power resides beneath our auric field housed within the dantien making up our individual core star connection.

Dantien roughly translates as energy center, elixir field, or the sea of Chi/Qi/Ki where spiritual energy is focused on higher levels of awareness called samadhi. This practice is found in Taoism and has a vital role in traditional Chinese medicine. We actually have a total of three dantiens within the human body making up the lower, middle, and upper with various fields of influence which transmute energy.

These three treasures are located two inches below the navel (jing creates the physical body), at the heart (energy in this area is created via food, air, and our thoughts/feelings), and above the eyebrows (related to spirit/consciousness). To feel the middle or higher dantien you must build the lower dantien through energy exercises which is why many practice meditation focused on the breath.

The aura’s foundation where intentions are birthed, held, and housed is the very source/seed of your life’s purpose and creativity all found inside the Haric Level. It is described as a laser like line which aligns vertically with the physical body not visible to our human eyes approximately 1/3 of an inch wide beginning 3 1/2 feet above the Crown chakra extending down into the core of the Earth.

The higher dantien hereby signifies the separation point when your soul incarnated into the 3D on Earth as a spark of the Divine. We see this in many esoteric schools especially Kabbalah or Gnosticism called the Godhead. The middle dantien as your emotional body is a representation of your passions, longings, and has been called the soul seat. The lower dantien is your willpower tapped into extraordinary energies that help you follow through with your intentions.

As with any chakra you may have a balanced or unbalanced Hara Line. Collectively we can connect our Hara Lines with others to create a group Hara Line when we are energetically healed and correctly aligned with our life’s purpose. What we want to see is a straight, centered, and well rooted person properly in sync with integrity, power, and intent. When we become misaligned we will become argumentative, procrastinate, be overtly competitive with others, and perform our duties poorly.

Dysfunctions can occur through the Godhead when we become cynical, through the soul seat when we are lost in sadness, despair, or grief, and with the lower dantien when we suffer physical signs of chronic pain.

By all common concepts the best way to think of the Hara Line is as your electrical current which acts as the main power line that can become distorted through exhaustion, inability to discover the direction you should take in life, difficulty accessing your inner guidance/intuition, and by feeling powerless.

I am grateful for all my blessings.

A simpler analogy would be to think of a green garden hose which has kinks preventing the water from flowing. Within the human body this does not allow energy to feed your organs, muscles, and so forth effectively leading to dis-ease.

If you would like to learn more I have a PDF I found and am sharing during my studies. When I studied for my Mastery Reiki level we covered a lot of these topics briefly so I’ve been trying to build a stronger foundation.

Personally I really like the PDF in reference to the chapter entitled the Heart and Golden Emperor because I can resonate this to the blog post I previously had on a blueprint through the tarot trumps of the Emperor/Wheel of Fortune in that I could even see that wheel the same as the chakras.

Esoterically we might learn that some believe the Tripuri tribes of East India worshiped Shiva for aeons as Siba or the Master of all Five Elements known as Harappa. Harappa when broken down is Dravidian for Father Shiva. Ancient Mohenjodaro cultures predating Egypt were believed to have been built upon Shiva Shakti worship as the Universal/Cosmic soul comprised of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Dodecatemoria/Dwadasamsa Chart for Asteroid Hara

This will matter most to those who are more influenced by kundalini awakening/meditation. Reiki compliments many other modalities for healing and does work well with astrology. Today we will look at Asteroid Hara (4640) orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter with a Ceres classification.

We want to look at this asteroid in our astrology charts to determine if there are past life indicators of yogic/tantric practices. The best way I want to establish this is via the Dodecatemoria/Dwadasamsa Chart.

As previously stated this chart will look into the Vedic astrology to ascertain any karma encoded into the DNA of any individual beginning with parents/siblings determining one’s approach to life as was passed down throughout their ancestral heritage of approximately seven years. For me personally Asteroid Hara is placed succinctly in my 2nd House of Taurus being Venus ruled at 23°.

Aspects will include trine Mercury, sextile Mars, square Saturn, conjunct Pluto, and opposition Chiron. That’s a lot of aspects to cover and a lot of frequency or vibration to manage if you ask me. Let’s break this down one by one.

Lets begin by understanding that our 2nd House deals with values, possessions, money, and resources. It’s natural planetary ruler is Venus through the natural astrology sign of Taurus making my chart rather well structured. In essence the 2nd House is what makes one feel stable and secure.

Anything in life which helps one feel valuable, fulfilled, safe, and worthy falls in this space. It will be different for everyone. Our feelings in the 2nd House around these topics inlcude knowledge, wealth, spirituality, strengths/weaknesses, and our approach to earning or gaining in life be that skills development or financial freedom.

The Sabian Symbol actually gives a great description for this degree and placement above which I’ve linked to. We inherently find it easier to communicate in written form especially when we desire to market or promote ourselves especially for networking. We’re seeking mutually supportive relationships. It’s ideal for initiating pet projects where we look to gain harmonious non-aggressive partnerships.

Our biggest challenge lies in our demeanor as we come across as overly serious and responsible. We fair better when we learn to practice self love and to be more open expressing our emotions rather than repressing. We also must guard against low self esteem, negative moods, and becoming a victim of betrayal/abuse. Our shadow comes out in how we express beauty as we sometimes believe we have little value and don’t measure up.

I also really enjoy the work below with the salamander symbol! This degree is best described as thus.

I love to share my experiences and wisdom.

In the midst of turbulence the chart holder is able to remain calm. They have a tremendous ability to stick with the most difficult of situations and to see them through. Though energies may be furiously whirling around them they hold to their path in life intent upon their course no matter how arduous it may be to follow.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A salamander glowing red orange.” In the system of Aura Soma the color for Taurus is red orange. The salamander is the elemental being of fire. Here is an intensity of character and an extreme strong mindedness that can evoke all kinds of different reactions in other people.

No matter what the reactions coming at this degree from outside of it there is a strength of character here that challenges others to manifest who they are with more power and directness. The tornado which is the vortex of personality is stabilized by the inner staircase that allows us to both walk down in the act of grounding ourselves and to walk up in the act of transcending all that which is lower.

And so the energy of the tornado is harnessed and used without being weakened or repressed. The salamander is fiercely on fire without being burned up. Work with guardian angel Nanael and daimon Caim.

Daimon Caim binds us to the Nine of Pentacles, Sagittarius, Orchid, and Mercury. If you’re in need of better intellectual powers or increased memory/focus this is a great daimon to work with. Caim is also great for developing one’s self in an effort to better communicate. This daimon also helps to ward off anxiety especially situations where your stomach ties up in knots.

The Kozminksy Symbol of this degree is also quite potent.

23° Taurus: St. Michael slaying the Dragon in a shower of black rain.

Denotes one with strength of purpose and ability to sustain trials. The Dragon is lust, corruption, and the cold moistures of the Earth. St. Michael is the life, solar energy, and conqueror of decay. The black rain is the evil which corruption draws. So when the native realizes the strength of their soul force they become a veritable victor over the monster into whose jaws so many unwarned and unguarded fall. It is a symbol of Victory.

This degree falls within the fixed star Zaurak in Eridanus the River. The name derives from the Arabic Al Na’ir al Zaurak translated as the Bright Star of the Boat. The Chinese referenced Tien Yuen or the Heavenly Park. The energies display as Saturn embodying one with a love of knowledge/science, travel, and change.

When this star aspects other planets within an astrology chart one should endeavor to not take life too seriously or put much weight on what others say. If they overcome a melancholic nature they will do well in life.

A few great deep sky objects can be found in this constellation as seen below. May you have a numinous Monday and please enjoy the following meditation video.


I am connected with the wisdom of the Universe.

Eridanus Constellation:

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Desiring More Freedom, Power, and Speed in Life

What did the pony say when he had a sore throat? “Do you have any water? I’m a little horse.”

Phew I think I’m finally near the middle section of this series having already completed the Western or more traditional zodiac everyone is familiar with and moving into an Eastern construct. I believe at some point I’ll try to expand this into Vedic. Gallop to greener pastures with the underlined hyperlink text.


Those born in the years 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, and 2002 or the year of the Uma/Horse can be seen as skilled in awarding compliments as well as being quite a talkative lot. They are also talented with finances, adroit thinkers, and can be easily angered/impatient.

These charming yet cheerful characters are hard working, self possessed, and may pursue success selfishly. Despite their air of assurance you will find they might actually lack confidence in themselves. Horse born believe that movement is everything with an unpredictable element to them. You will find them taking center stage and delighting audiences everywhere.

Their lives while full of many ups/downs does not interfere with their determination. To many people this animal symbolizes stamina, progress, feelings of belonging, and an embodiment of the Divine. Asian mythology espouses the horse as an eliminator of evil as well as a representation of immortality. Sometimes cultures even depict them with the power of flight.

In Abrahamic faith they have been given contrasting meanings such as the black horse symbolizing death/destruction. This conflicts with other cultures who believe the black horse to be strong and courageous. The Book of Revelations depicts the Four Horseman as war, endings, famine, and eventual return to chaos.

Western culture then removes the tantric encounter of a horse as the highest form of self actualization. The appearance of wild horses for example could be interpreted as a blossoming/ongoing love affair. Celtic culture has also utilized written as well oral traditions to depict humanity’s ability to control, master, and thrive during difficult life trials.

All in all the horse was said to imply a guide towards self development whereby we learn how to focus on improving ourselves as opposed to a constant worrying focus upon others likely uninterested in changing their own situation. The horse as a mode of transportation will carry its rider far and wide into new unexplored paths.

This sign falls under Seishi Bosatsu otherwise known as the Sitting Buddha. Mahāsthāmaprāpta is the name taken from India as this bodhisattva represents the power of wisdom depicted within a trinity beside Amitābha and Avalokiteśvara in Pure Land Buddhism. The name literally translates as arrival of great strength.

Seishi Bosatsu is one of the enlightened beings who descends to welcome dying souls into Amida’s Pure Land. In Japan the three appear in a popular grouping known as the Amida Sanzon or Amida Triad. For more information you may look below at what I’ve found.

Seishi Bosatsu:

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Epona

Today I’m using this opportunity to utilize the extended chart features on Astro.com to chart Asteroid Epona in a SAD or Solar Arc Direction Chart as she was the Celtic Horse Goddess. In mythology we find a complex culture for the Celts ranging from Halstatt to German Bronze Age which stretched further to Britain as well as the Iberian peninsula.

The story of Epona is unusual as many of their stories were oral not written. The Roman religion also absorbed this Goddess practicing syncretism by conflating the Divine. Her other name was sometimes She of the Great Mare due to the fact that horses were important therefore you may have seen icons of Epona popping up everywhere especially in stables.

What we do not know, however, is if horses became part of ritual sacrifice being eaten or otherwise used in conferring kingship where the Hieros Gamos took place wedding the ruler to the land.

What is known is that there was a strong belief in horses particularly the mare being a representation of the spirit of the land. Epona signifies sovereignty so she was most often displayed flanked by horses. We can see her thus linked to fertility, agriculture, and abundance.

Her archetype fits well with the rebirth stories we often tell as she became associated with Spring when after winter’s death of the previous year/season new fertile life returns.

To plot this asteroid simply plug into the manual entry field of Additional Objects number 3838. We use the SAD or Solar Arc Directional Chart to determine what years are important in our lives. Some of the features you might wish to study in these charts would be anything placed in the 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th, and 12th Houses. Additional houses you could hone in on include 1st and 4th.

Intuitively this then becomes a good choice to chart for we find that Asteroid Epona is currently within my 10th House of Leo at 4°.

There was a move from my natal 9th House position of attitudes or philosophies on different ways of life/cultures, writing/publishing, and our educational potential for growth to the 10th House of realms of innate skills/talents, ambition/career, and general character in terms of our views on authority, proper use of resources, and if we operate via lower/higher ego.

What did the dog say before eating his snack? “Bone a-pet-treat!”

This asteroid has few aspects making an opposition to Venus and a biquintile to Uranus. One may appear sympathetic or emotionally understanding of another’s needs, ideas, or desires while at the same time being successful in creativity/ingenuity. They enjoy jokes, games, and freedom from the dull repetition of life.

The reference to pride as a vice is an attribute all too common in the Leo sphere. I’m not one who is unafraid to admit that this is a problem after all what do we find out in the wilderness/jungle. Especially as this is the house of my Western natal Sun and my Vedic nakshatra.

It’s not then very shocking that I would come up against such a degree to work upon or that studying actual lions/lionesses in their natural habitat would explain the symbolism I may encounter in my life.

It is here that one will play the role of a servant dedicated to the highest and finest vibration that can possibly manifest. Do not expect too much of yourself or push too hard. One can bring light to many people, but if one becomes obsessive or overly intense about what they’re doing it can have the opposite effect.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A gardener collecting cow manure.” The gardener has an end in view which is the proliferation of beauty through the growing of flowers and the proliferation of health through the growing of vegetables. Just as these things feed our body and soul we must feed their physical form.

This degree does the dirty work and seeks our rich nutrition to promote luxurious abundance. Here is nurturing at a deep and grounded level. Work with guardian angel Imamiah and daimon Allocer.

Daimon Allocer is connected with the Eight of Pentacles, Venus, Sandalwood, and Virgo. You will enjoy working with this daimon when you wish to become knowledgeable of the mysteries of the sky or the liberal arts/sciences. Generally speaking Allocer wants you to set clear boundaries, to think clearly, and to focus upon that which is most important to you.

What does Epona have to do with the land? Cancer holds many clusters including the Beehive Cluster. What do we know about bees and agriculture or abundance? Without bees and pollinators will we have the foods we commonly enjoy on an everyday basis?

This degree lands upon the fixed star Al Tarf in the southern hind foot of Cancer the Crab. The name is a literal reference to the end. It references a glance of the lion’s eye as early Arabic astronomy placed Leo the Lion extended beyond its present perimeters. Therefore Arabic astronomy had an enormous lion extending over a third of the heavens.

Kabbalists associate this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Tzaddi and the tarot trump The Moon.

May you have a blissful and peaceful Sunday! I leave you with some meditative flower photos from the garden again. I can happily proclaim that while I harvested yet more green, yellow, and purple beans we have at least 10 roma tomatoes on our vines. This year while the carrots have been slow to mature other vegetables, herbs, and plants have been quite abundant and while we have gratitude for this we recognize it’s been hard to keep up with as well.

I’m trying to keep my garden shares as not the only images, but it is one of my extended passions. I imagine some blog readers grow tired of my repetitive topics or would suggest I set up a separate blog for my garden interests. The problem is I don’t have the time to devote to such an endeavor. 😌🏡

The pollen in the center of the sunflowers are golden yellow stars. Even the zinnias begin this way. The blue flower was a welcomed surprise.
The assortment of green in all it’s various forms from roma tomato to basil to lettuce which some are going to seed already. Basil is also beginning to flower which I’ve seen the bees enjoying.
Carrots, more beans, and the peanuts the nighborhood squirrels plant in the garden. One carrot has shock as I pulled it to check their progress and failed I guess at properly transplanting the poor thing. The beans I thought would slow during summer heat, but every week they continue to produce more. It’s outrageous!
I’m waiting for a little more color variation in the zinnias, but I’m enjoying what we have at present.

Self Examination Saturdays: Where Can We See/Make Miracles Happen?

It’s remarkably odd to find out that you are supposedly a grasshopper without wanting to make obnoxiously bad Kung Fu puns at the same time!

All bad jokes and puns aside the underlined hyperlink text that probably annoys everyone when I mention it is here to help you hop along the path towards knowledge/gnosis.


Funny title? Yes, I suppose it is. I wanted to venture back into the realm today of Arabic Parts/Lots to look at the formula given for charting Miracles. The actual formula utilized is Ascendant plus Pluto minus Sun which if we consider these correspondences in and of themselves we may find some clues to this process.

For example, your Ascendant is said to symbolize all potential possibilities while the Sun represents all possible probabilities. The Ascendant as the most important key to material and spiritual potentialities will assist one in understanding their soul level incarnation intentions.

The Sun on the other hand as all eventualities shows the nature with which your personality expresses itself. Your Ascendant is a blueprint of all future spiritual development with the Sun applying deeper understanding to your ego be that the lower/higher ego.

Pluto is a heavy indicator of our individual as well as collective place for transformation, intensity, obsessive patterns, and where we may look into studying concepts such as occultism, psychology, and alchemy. Pluto is said to be that harbinger of turning your world upside down to test your faith and to prepare you for the hard lesson of letting go.

As a partner with the energies of Scorpio when we interact with Pluto we find a ruler of life, death, and rebirth who helps us come out stronger after we face our daimons.

The root etymology of the word miracle originates in Middle English, French, and Latin with a connection to objects of wonder, smiling, and being astonished. Most of us attribute these moments in our lives as events with inexplicable or supernatural origins that bring fortunate outcomes allowing for us to prevail against the odds.

Kabbalists seem to enjoy ascribing the month of Kislev or Sagittarius as the realm beyond where most of us reside and these periods of awe, confusion, or bewilderment are revealed. I think that the companion to this relies upon one of my favorite holidays which is Chanukah. More than that there is basis on the fact that the Jewish believe the month of Kislev is when Noah’s Ark landed safely on dry land having survived the Great Flood.

If we took a more esoteric approach to this we’d understand this is symbolic anytime in our lives when we feel as if the storms upon us will never end, we become uncertain of our future, and we wonder if we will see sunshine again. This then is clearly not defined by only one month on any particular religious or cultural timeline much less any calendar creating a vein of commonality with what I was saying about time being an illusion yesterday.

Humans have created these to essentially make logical or rational sense of the environment with which they are foreigners in. I say foreigners because we’re spiritual beings having a human experience.

Kislev is said to be a month where darkness turns to light as the Sun shines fewer hours each day. Most of society at this time will be found celebrating various holidays with a theme of gratitude be that Thanksgiving or Chanukah.

The darkness of the season is when we allow our struggles to unexpectedly turn into our blessings. When we really think about it more than just Judaism, Christianity, or Islam have festivals of light respectively.

Chanukah being a miracle of oil one should comprehend that it is in fact a metaphyiscal term for anointing our thoughts with love poured out to make everything we encounter holy or in other words perfectly whole. Perfectly whole means head and heart work in communion or that mind, body, and spirit establish a consciousness of love over fear having a more Universal/Cosmic awareness of their internal and external realities.

Like the Mayans the culture of Judaism is known for having a variety of calendars to keep time and then to claim that this makes it sacred, but who defines what making sacred is when it becomes mandated or dogmatic. On top of all of this Kislev is known as the month in their paradigm for the arrival of the rainbow which is just another way to approach our chakra system.

And in this you may discover why I’m not really wanting to pick any one calendar over another much less will I pick one astrology school over another becoming as dogmatic in esotericism as those in exoteric practices.

Those kinds of astrologers and esotericists do exist. And we’ve both gotten into a lot of heated discussion over topics which again is why I’m very solitary in my approaches not wanting to form any sort of “group” online or offline. You’re simply not going to limit me or box me in. If that’s your approach then so be it, but recognize I don’t nor will I walk such a path.

My DNA is in fact Ashkenazi Jewish as I’ve said mixed with other ethnic branches, but I was raised in a family with full freedoms and liberties to study and plot my own life path. I would certainly hope those who follow my writings have recognized I’ve used the Tao, the I Ching, the Quran, and a myriad of other esoteric themes to illustrate my openness to move beyond standard limiting beliefs.

Judaism also operates their calendars upon agriculture, government, civil, and sacred patterns of time keeping not all that different than any other culture who employed similar practices. If you look back this has been going on for aeons including Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, Babylon, and so forth.

Miracles Arabic Part/Lot

Getting beyond this introductionary rambling which hopefully made some form of sense we notice that my Arabic Part/Lot for Miracles is placed into the 4th House of Capricorn at 7° uniquely between Mercury and Jupiter on the wheel. We can then summarize this as a zone of sanctuary where one feels they most belong.

The 4th House is very much tied to my studies on Magha lunar mansion with a co-significator of Cancer being the land of the ancestors associated with the home, family, and nurturing. Now my Western natal chart will display the IC/MC as the Capricorn/Cancer axis.

So a well tied knot; sounds like what I feel is happening in my left foot. I plan tonight to be a trip with a muscle relaxer for this very reason, but I digress! The gandanta always takes place between water and fire elements. Agni and apas are two opposite elements. Fire can heat up the water and water can extinguish fire which makes negotiating this area of anyone’s chart complex, however, this area of any astrology chart is precisely where the maximum spiritual development takes place.

Natal Tropical With IC/MC Capricorn/Cancer

Any planet placed in gandanta lies in a difficult position where it has to face some conflicts. Let’s say Venus is in gandanta this means your relationships/marriage will be an area of insecurity. The Cancer (Ashlesha) and Leo (Magha) gandanta is where soul endings transpire moving towards psychological change. This all sounds incredibly familiar!

The ruling deity of Ashlesha is the Nagas or wise serpents. At this stage there is the shedding of the skin to grow another one. The entire experience transforms the mind and the psyche through extremely painful manners necessary for soul growth into another dimension. Upon the Magha nakshatra stage our soul is finally ready to experience life at a junction point of intellectual change which it has already experienced at the Ashlesha level via connection to our past lives/incarnations.

Gandanta is also where we have a wound which we have covered up with a bandaid, but someone has abruptly ripped it off with absolutely no warning. They do not even know if the wound underneath this bandaid was fully healed before they rip it off of us meaning there may still be raw and fresh flesh underneath. The intensity of the pain is based upon if the wound healed which is a complex knot of all our previous lives/incarnations combined.

In 2022 these occur for Ashlesha and Magha during July 30 through August 2 as well as August 13 through August 17 and finally August 28 through September 3 within Sun, Mercury, and Venus. Why would I be keying into these themes in advance during June of 2022 before they’re set to arrive? I don’t recall having that talent before as an esotericist.

Mercury takes us beyond our thoughts to direct connections with our intuition, wisdom of the soul, and the Universe/Cosmos itself while Jupiter reveals what one does to accomplish their spiritual purpose. The energy of this degree is best explored through the following lens.

The chart holder is good at pointing out the structures of things to other people while clarifying information. They want others to understand the significance of things and to see how the past has produced the results of the present. It is especially adept at bringing forth lost or forgotten information which can enrich present knowledge.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A satyr gazing at his reflection in a pond.” To peer into one’s animal side looking back at you from the depths of the subconscious while befriending it is what this symbol is trying to do. If you try to deny or ignore this energy you will always be drawn back to it as it will be drawn to you.

If you try to civilize it then it will elude you. If you are timid or fearful the vision of this primitive you can be frightening. The more you can own it and love it the stronger you will connect yourself to the joy and power of your Earthly being. The challenge is to accept and not complexify or to make friends with while integrating this wild inner being. Then you will deeply have learned the secret. Work with guardian angel Umabel and daimon Zagan.

Daimon Zagan connects to the Eight of Wands, Sun, Mercury, Frankincense, and Sagittarius. When we choose to work with this daimon we may find that they can take any given situation and flip it around. Your perceptions of reality will be changed by seeing the illusions removed. I’ve read a variety of interpretations for this daimon having already covered Zagan in a previous blog post.

Other attributions include the Magician tarot trump and transubstantiation. While a great many reject the doctrine of transubstantiation I believe they fail to comprehend the etymology represents not just a jaunt into Catholicism through the eucharist. It’s a simple conversion of one substance into another very akin to the inherent methods of many estoeric practices including alchemy.

Can zombies do yoga? Of corpse knot!

If this degree happens to fall on a Mercurial personal planet similar to as I’ve mentioned above the split with Jupiter then one is said to be heavily enamored with discussing the Universe/Cosmos, esoteric topics, and self development. Some consider the perspectives brought into everyday parlance to be refreshing while others will find it to be too otherworldly or difficult to comprehend.

A great crystal to work with is Chrysocolla expressing a message of effervescent energy and escapism imbued with a lightness of being that is best described as freedom focused upon effortlessly coping with one’s troubles in life in an effort to assist others in resolving their problems. The affirmation is I am open and accepting of all possibilities.

Interestingly I touched on precession again yesterday, but when it comes to lunar mansions particularly mine you’ll find a whole lot of traditionalists who believe it can’t possibly progress to Virgo and could never leave Leo. Well…let’s just agree to disagree!

As there is no fixed star for this degree I leave you with a few photos taken from our garden over the past few days which is primarily wildflowers with a few shots of the sweet potatoes and roma tomatoes because we’re still working through much lettuce and green, yellow, and purple beans while the carrots are simply not ready yet for harvest. May you have a truly reflective Saturday! 🪞💖

I on the other hand made lotion for a customer today who likes eucalyptus scent and well it feels like either a Christmas store or a menthol cough drop. My nose and throat are tingling. Should there be proofreading errors or any other confusion with my composition today I’ll likely re-read it tomorrow for corrections. I’m struggling against a loud television movie which is disturbing my concentration and going to head to bed early tonight for my own well being.

Up close and personal with the life of the bees!
Green roma tomatoes on the vine!
Zinnias are slowly beginning to bloom flowers, and I’m glad to see some color again.
I’m waiting to see if these sunflowers will go to seed or not!
Borage with sweet potatoes pushing through the ground/soil makes me wonder if they’ll produce as well as the Yukon gold potatoes.

Fun Quote Fridays: Time, Calendars, and White Cosmic Wizards

“The calendar is on holiday.” – Unknown

“Where do the keys on a keyboard go to have a good time? The spacebar.”

  • Unknown

“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.”

  • Carl Sandburg

“Nature knows no calendar, the seasons move in a circle.”

  • Flora Thompson

“I got fired from my job as a calendar manufacturer. All I did was take a day off.”

  • Unknown

“Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

  • George Orwell

“Time: a great engraver, or eraser.”

  • Unknown

“Me-time on a busy day is like milk in coffee – even a little changes a lot.”

  • Unknown

The image above was captured today when I prepared my Yogi Tangerine Positive Energy tea. Let’s take a magic carpet ride into an unusual expedition where we question the realities of time, space, and calendars.

“When you become part of the Universe, the Universe becomes part of you.”

Be sure to utilize the underlined hyperlink text (too bad there is not a mouse click pedometer) today because it will greatly improve your understanding of the topics I’m discussing.


Not long ago I mentioned that I’d taken a look at the Lunisolar Galactic Calendar as well as stated I was not sure I’d ever become a true follower of the system. Much of this stems from actual research on the person who is credited with creating this time management system. I’m not entirely sure even the truthful basis of this when many state it is supposedly based upon ancient Mayan time science.

I began to dive into it when I randomly fell upon a website looking up my specific Kin of 234 as White Cosmic Wizard. Then I began to notice the rational behind July 25th and July 26th in this formula as I happen to have my birthday every year on what they call their Galactic New Year. I wanted to briefly use this also as an introduction into an asteroid I’d previously charted for myself known as Astrowizard.

Others refer to this as the 13 Moon Calendar which ironically also ties into a more recent blog post I’ve published. The creator of this particular method of keeping time is based upon his belief in a synchronometer for tracking synchronicities with each Moon. The basis of marking July 26th as the beginning of their Galactic New Year is taken upon a belief that this date is when the brightest star, Sirius, sends the most light/Cosmic energy to Earth accelerating evolution.

It’s important that we all remember in a sense that it could be said that time is in fact all an illusion.

Respectively July 25th is known then as the Day Out of Time where one is transitioning between the Old and New Galactic Year. Other names given for this date happen to be Green Day, Day of Universal Forgiveness, or Day of Purification.

As of 1992 some have stated this day is celebrated as a Planetary Peace Through Culture Day to celebrate artistic expression. Those who follow these practices state that the 25th of July is not assigned to any moon or week within the 13 Moon calendar allowing one to experience timelessness/freedom.

For those who wish to know more I suggest they do their own online research into the creator of this schedule as well as actual history for the Mayan calendar because I question that many are not appropriating cultures for various benefits which might not be completely truthful or honestly based upon historical accounts.

Law of Time is probably a good place to begin unraveling this, but to really learn Mayan time keeping I’d suggest other more accurately trusted references when you can locate them.

One that I used, for example, was Living Maya Time, but if you’re really going to research this I suggest you find some truly reliable information. All I caution is that all of us use some rational discernment.

It is way too easy for many to think re-inventing the wheel will make for a better solution. I’m just cautioning everyone to not jump on the latest fad because with New Age let’s say there is always something “new.” I’ll be honest at first this piqued my curiosity, but the more I researched the possible intents of the creators I became a lot more suspicious.

Now aside from the above you can locate websites that will also define for you a Mayan zodiac sign. Mine would be Etznab. Described as flint or knife it represents self sufficiency. A sign of both self sacrifice and self interest one tends to be practical, mechanically inclined, compromising, very social, witty, and to speak their mind. Because of self interest and self sacrifice there can be conflict in one’s life as there is a tendency to be overprotective and to struggle in close relationships.

Flint and obsidian were used for building materials and tools or weapons during the Mayan lifetime. This makes Etznab symbolic of courage, strength, healing, and grace. A knife divides human consciousness into duality hence Etznab was at one time associated with the number two in ancient Mayan numerology.

The hieroglyph for Etznab is suggestive of duality embodying several polarities. It is said that Etznab embodies the basic polarity of woman/man and on an esoteric level it is symbolic of the human sexual organs.

To lose our innate unity or consciousness of wholeness is to become aware of opposites which is necessary to attain a certain level of moral consciousness. Many spiritual traditions postulate an original unity that is lost when the consciousness of duality emerges from the primordial womb of the unconscious.

While we all seek to re-establish original unity we will never return to the childlike unity of the womb. We have lived in the world of duality, we have sacrificed our state of childhood innocence, and if we achieve unity with the Cosmos once again we shall do so on a different level entirely.

If you’re curious about Asteroid Astrowizard (24626) then you should know it was named for an American astronomer known for education outreach with children who lectured at the Morrison Planetarium in the California Academy of Sciences.

During lectures he was known to dress as a wizard to entice children with his teachings. It is believed that those who have this asteroid tightly conjunct a personal planet will have a deep interest in both astronomy and astrology especially the educating/entertaining of others.

Persona Chart for Asteroid Astrowizard

Using a Persona Chart we can elicit my inner personality which displays Astrowizard in the 12th House of Sagittarius at 0° again we notice that zero point energy theme I’ve been picking up on. Astrowizard is square Sun and Venus which not surprisingly this asteroid orbits the Sun once every 4 years and 7 months.

Expansiveness of this degree means that we should take realistic approaches to our life. We have to learn that failures are never permanent and succes is neither final nor guaranteed. Any tests/challenges related to growth or even luck give us the push necessary to make great progress in our lives.

The 12th House is a place of the hidden, secrets, the subconscious/unconscious, and a place of transformation.

As there is no exact marker for the zero degree I often look upon the 1st degree when comparing Sabian or Omega symbols as well as for Chandra or Kozminsky symbols. This was previously covered when I researched the Arabic Part/Lot for Mother. Today I’m using the Kozminsky symbols.

1° Sagittarius: A woman in the dress of a religious order struggling through a dark and storm swept valley with a luminous anchor above her.

Denotes one of fine intellect who is gifted with persuasive eloquence. The native is poetic, reverential, and inspiring. One reaches a certain power and dignity after striving through worries and inharmonies. Their will is firmly directed and cannot be broken for above all they have faith in themselves and know their own powers. It is a symbol of Triumph.

Tiger’s Eye is a great crystal to work with for a message of fighting to defend peace and freedom focused upon shared interests/points of view. The affirmation is I remember lest I forget.

The book on chronology I ordered has finally arrived in the mail. It’s about time.

As I’ve said everyone is entitled to believe as they so choose, but I encourage you all to begin your own research. Find, distinguish, and follow your own path because it’s not about dogma rather it is all about what best suits you and resonates the most harmoniously with you.

Zero Point Energy:

Not surprisingly I’ve placed the Star upon my wealth altar as shown in a previous blog post.

May your Friday be phenomenal! I’m off for four days and will be trying to accomplish some daily tasks without taxing myself. My surgery foot has returned to a chronic pain flare yet again which I am trying to restore to a state of no/zero pain if possible. These seem to come and go with no real rhyme or reason.

Well other than that this one woke me inconveniently at 2 AM CST Thursday evening into Friday morning with terrible spasms/cramps throughout my surgery foot, and I could not walk or place my foot onto the ground for at least half an hour. It made for a rougher day at my part time cosmetology job, but I toughed it out. Be well everyone!


Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Bibliomancy Divines the Marriage of Heaven and Earth

How does NASA organize a party? They planet!

I am actually happy with skipping Wisdom Wednesday’s for this because I’ve combined the two blog posts making publishing in advance actually not leave me feeling in the wrong somehow.

This jaunt was not on my itinerary for today when I chose to use this form of divination, but let the underlined hyperlink text wind you through what the Universe wants to say. Or rather click around with your mouse and exercise pardon with my strange humor/puns.


My pingbacks have to be so obnoxious at this juncture as I link back to previous blog posts u-turn around the same common themes. Should I just disable them? Sorry; rhetoric question! Don’t worry evidently there is a name for all of this with pattern recognition. I might blame this on my multiple intelligences testing.

I have not used bibliomancy in quite some time. In fact I believe the last time was February when I used my Alice in Wonderland/Looking Glass copy for clues as well as the asteroid Lewiscarroll (Lewis Carroll; the author). It was a different time in my life also as I was digging into a lot of podcasts that I no longer have time for between my many hats I now find myself wearing.

Name one person on this planet who is not victimized by groupthink? We all fight against it same as propaganda and “influencers” who want to psychologically warfare with us because ultimately that is what it is; a war for the mind and our individual/collective consciousness.

In middle school I was in a generation that was actually educated to avoid these concepts or to at the very least be capable of recognizing all of the above in an attempt to question or try thinking for ourselves instead of allowing the status quo to control/manipulate us.

This means we will likely be the ones who want to hear all sides of any “truth, his/her story, etc.” before we really make any choice because well we’re not so easily “trusting the plan whatever that plan may be.”

This phrase actually triggers me into a different flavor for lack of a better description which is probably not pleasant for others. I hear it and think I’m being conned immediately. That flavor is the one family sees usually which can consist of some rather unladylike foul language also. People forget I have other personality traits that I have embraced down the years of being stuck on Earth which flare when I’m pushed around enough. I usually try to keep them in check.

I’m the eternal skeptic I think although someone else told me I was sardonic once. Probably why I don’t play very nice with the crypto coin scammers, trolls, chat bots, artificial intelligence (the etymology of these two words explains it all for those who can decipher the memo) and others who try to pull one over on me.

That is why I left Twitter and Facebook as well as I struggle with those who won’t do their shadow work or who are status quo esotericists. It is why I recognize search engines are not really censoring; the world wide web is an entire pay to play sphere.

It’s another realm of control for the “wealthy, powerful, or possibly corrupt/questionable intents” to create a vested hierarchy of acting as your “master.” Solitary and solitude anyone?! The argument yet again of equity is not equality; one has to do with “ownership” of a resource maybe even exploitation!

I’ve been online since the late 90s as a content creator as previously mentioned therefore I’ve seen how unbelievably toxic the digital age can, could, and may become. VPN, advertisement blockers, tracker blockers, etc. Yes I’m one of those weirdos. I don’t even like a lot of the supposed shopping scams with points/rewards because it’s a data tracking system that harvests you.

It’s all about loss of freedom, sovereignty, and the means to controlling another. Anyone setting boundaries in life or are you a victim of parasites, vampires, and leeches energetically? That world is one you need to be educated about navigating and literally taking personal control over rather than giving that power away to others. And I’m not even touching the topics of food, water, housing, energy, or other probabilities where we are planetary exploited.

And before you pick a side I had a customer inform me that she has become a multi-generational family like ours where I live with my parents due to cost of living versus wages. You see those “lockins/lockdowns” and economic factors that are leading to inflation/hyper inflation caused her son’s monthly rent to be boosted an additional on top of what he already struggled to afford $400 a month while landlords or landladies try to recoup any income lost during our “experiment” based on some peculiar hypothesis’.

So when I say it’s a pay to play hierarchy as well as a means to exploit or control I’m speaking of concepts that have existed or been employed for quite some time. Wages may have increased, but when a currency is also devalued and created on questionable intents for equally questionable pursuits one has to start looking for the core of the onion as well as thinking “fair” is one of those subjective/objective philosophies. And before I get into an anti establishment rant we will close this discussion.

I pulled my Quadrivium copy and opened directly to the Sacred Geometry chapter first, closed it, and landed finally on the Circling the Square pages which read as follows:

The circle is the shape traditionally assigned to the heavens, and the square to the Earth. When these two shapes are unified by being made equal in area or perimeter we speak of “squaring the circle” meaning that heaven and Earth, or spirit and matter, are symbolically combined/married. Fivefold man (humanity; no gender bias here) exists between sixfold heaven and fourfold Earth and Leonardo da Vinci’s image also shows how a a man’s (humanity’s) span equals his height, that this measure equals seven of his feet and other important ratios.

As we saw earlier (page 33 of the Quadrivium which I have not looked at recently), the Earth and the Moon square the circle, for if the Moon (diameter 3) is drawn down to the Earth (diameter 11) then a heavenly circle through the Moon (dotted, below center) has radius 7, and so circumference 44, the same as the perimeter of the square around the Earth. This works because pi, which relates the circumference of a circle to its diameter is practically 22/7. In Leonardo’s image the Moon would fit above the man’s (humanity’s) head.

Also shown (below left/right) is a simple construction for a square using ruler/compass. Octagons soon follow.

For me personally I feel a synchronicity to the Hexagram 54 which I’ll include links for below as well as some info on this concept to close out today’s reading. I’d like for my blog followers to ponder these concepts for themselves.

According to official NASA documents they have Aliens on the ISS.
They also have Alien, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection all on DVD.

The Fivefold Human:

I’m hearing that whole Pentacle/Pentagram topic in my brain again with Venus as well as the Castle/Seer in my natal/birth chart. I’ve only seen this configuration in one other astrology study I did for myself. Excuse me while I have a face palm moment as I’ve now been composing for months sharing and intuitively coming upon the same constant conclusions.

Hexagram 54:

Circling the Square:

I legitimately missed the 666 portal also on June 6, 2022 which was a huge one day sale at my other profession. The third six being a combination of adding 2 plus 2 plus 2 or rather 3 multiplied by 2. Which is another one of those numbers that always brings about some bizarre topics.

May your Wednesday and Thursday be rewarding! I’m off to enjoy my day before I return to my part time cosmetology job where I will likely receive a workout doing freight. Oddly today is also World Oceans Day and well I’ve definitely been swimming in the strange. 🤹🏼🔮📦💄

PS: Yes, we have a Yin Yang!