Wisdom Wednesdays: Making the Unconscious Mind Conscious

The condition of being free from control, restrictions, imprisonment, slavery, forced labor, and excessive government control. The condition of being free to act, believe, or express oneself as one chooses. Do we still live by these principals?

The individual and collective unconscious consists of thoughts, feelings, drives, motives, and reactions of which many of us are often unaware. They influence every aspect of our lives including our mental, emotional, interpersonal, sexual, and professional relationships. Our unconscious also contains repressed memories that in daily life remains beneath our level of awareness.

The goal of making the unconscious conscious or bringing into our awareness the parts of our selves that have been repressed and split off is seen by some as very healing and necessary.

I grew up in a time in America before certain “new normals” were being birthed into the consciousness of many. Therefore I have different world views or perspectives than others which sometimes causes friction in relating. Albeit I spend a lot of time actually trying to not create conflict as I am a very conflict avoidant typology if one looked at my Enneagram as a 9 wing 1. The reason nines struggle with external peacemaking is our foremost concern is preservation of our inner peace. External peace is of secondary importance or perhaps more of a means to an end for us. We are peace lovers rather than peacemakers.

Getting to know a 9w1 looks like this:


For example, one job I worked in retail during my 30s I mentioned how I was graduating college when 9/11 occurred. I was literally finishing my last class and walking to my car as the event unfolded and learned of it from the radio of my SUV. I have family in New York on my step father’s side. My co-worker at the time looked at me and exclaimed “I was in fifth grade when that happened.” And I was struck with the limiting belief that I suddenly felt old; really old. Ignoring all the controversy around this event some family was employed as NYPD and NYFD. Those family members were around Ground Zero not the day of nor involved in clean up, but they were there to physically see the aftermath and tell us about it.

At 16 our family took a vacation to Chicago, Canada, and New York. We flew on a plane to Chicago and drove via rental car into Canada as during that time we needed no passport to cross the border and stayed in Niagara Falls before entering New York. The purpose was to see both maternal and step paternal family as my mom’s family is primarily living in Chicago.

It was at this age that I got to visit Ellis Island and climb the Statue of Liberty to the top level of her crown where the windows were open so you could look out and read the inscription in the book she carries in her hand and breathe in the ocean. And the significance this has on you may not truly sink in till you are older and wiser. When in your 40s life is unrecognizable to you. I say this because of the changes I have seen since my youth. Today our National Park Service mandates masks while inside all buildings and on Ellis Island. This would have been torture to me or my family when we went back then. It was July as my birthday is on the 26th so think of being in a metal structure with no air conditioner or air flow climbing several steps in summer heat with a mask on. Imagine this when family has asthma. The steps get smaller and smaller as you go higher. At the uppermost I believe I remember the stairs spiraling and having to climb with my feet sideways the steps were that small.

One change is that my maternal grandfather, a WW II Pacific Ocean Theater veteran, passed away at which time I inherited the entire history of my families matriarchal records. These records include birth, marriage, death, and cemetery plot information. I inherited my great grandmother’s high school yearbook from 3 years before the Great Depression, a California king oak bed, and a photo of a grandfather from a prior generation who served in the Civil War as a Union soldier in his military dress uniform. And within this the importance of history and immigration since my maternal family ventured to this nation circa early 1800s from Germany and Denmark with a mixed bag in terms of even spirituality being also Ashkenazi Jewish and Protestant Lutheran. I went the route of my step father’s Sicilian culture. Don’t ask? I am still sorting this out.

I was raised with full freedom to learn all religions and to choose whatever I want even to be atheist or agnostic. By my 20s I was Catholic which now I question the choice I made. Looking back having learned other spiritual practices I always question the motivation leading to that moment. A good long hard look that says why?

At age 39 my step father wanted to give me a ring for my birthday. And again with no real research or thought I felt drawn to have a ring for my left index finger since I am a South Paw or lefty. I was given a United States quarter minted the year of my birth. And to anyone who does not dig into symbols this obsession of mine to know myself or others seems banal or trivial until someone explains how the unconscious mind is at play.

I bought a book on palmistry since I am in my 40s now and heavily into psychoanalysis or esoterics. To my wondrous amazement I learned very quickly that this also matched my studies of astrology and Kabbalah. This index finger is known as our Jupiter finger. Wearing a ring here unconsciously emphasizes the meaning of this planet and finger. What does that imply? Well at birth my Jupiter was in Leo 10th House. And this finger can be seen as a Yod as well which is an astrology configuration. The Tree of Life places Jupiter with Chesed. Chesed is a benevolent ruler whose name translates as “kindness/mercy.” It is the power of growth and expansion, stability and extension, and willing to provide structure and stability. Kind of nature this also represents charity and generosity.

I even came across this fellow astrologer’s older entry in my studies not long ago.


Natal Wheel Via astro.com for reference.

One wants to boost their self confidence, take on roles of leadership, and improve their sense of personal power. It is the finger that stands apart from the rest indicating a person who likes to be in the spotlight and has to keep their ego a bit in check at the same time literally. On the dominant hand this ring holds a desire or drive to take action and be noticed for one’s achievements. Jupiter is seen in astrology as the following:

• the higher self
• luck
• abundance
• generosity
• spirituality
• philosophy
• universities
• growth
• morality

Jupiter is not so much about religion as it is widely about faith in life and looking on the brighter side. There are times in life when all you can do is to hope that things will work out for the best of yourself and others. Jupiter is the planet of faith in astrology believing that everything will be good not because of desperate hopelessness, but because it knows deep down that things will turn out right in the end. It’s an unshakable faith that life is worth living and adversity is stepping stones towards a more evolved and fulfilled life.

Would you also like to learn more about Jupiter’s esoteric meaning? Below are two links to information I read a few months ago.



This same finger holds an entirely different meaning in Kabbalah as I was researching my Ashkenazi Jewish roots. In Kabbalah we may begin to see this as the wedding ring finger at one point in time. You can read about this in the links I provide below:




I was essentially looking for lost parts of myself because being in Texas I did not see family very often. That sounds absurd I know. My family did not take trips north to Chicago or New York with me until I was 16. Again when I was 29 post graduate as a licensed aesthetician. We took vacations, but we have not traveled outside of the USA except for Canada and we have stayed down south along the border as I was born in Sunshine State Florida (Clearwater to be exact). So you can imagine for me this search has been more than a little unusual in light of political climes recently as well. If one is not becoming aware of their unconscious or even subconscious it is said they go through life not really active in what they are manifesting or even attracting.

Paternal family is actually complicated. My biological father I have no contact with for personal reasons that I disclose to a select few out of not secrecy, but personal safety given how that divorce transpired for my mom and I. I do, however, know the DNA is Anglo Saxon, Nordic, and an extremely small percent Ethiopian and Middle Eastern. It again also has Ashkenazi Jewish within it as well much like the maternal lineage. And really I did not know any of this until I inherited family records and took an interest in really digging for answers or clues.

Now this little Washington quarter ring has three phrases on it that struck me as important to take note of. These phrases are:

• Liberty



• In God We Trust


• E Pluribus Unum


If we were to translate this symbolism a bit further we would find that Kabbalah tends to view the left as the desire to receive not necessarily for self alone. Reiki actually presents another dimension to this. Kuji-kiri or the Nine Symbolic Cuts for example is seen in Japanese martial arts.

  • (臨) Rin – Power
  • (兵) Hyo/Pyo – Energy
  • (闘) Toh – Harmony
  • (者) Sha – Healing
  • (皆) Kai – Intuition
  • (陣) Jin – Awareness
  • (列) Retsu – Dimension
  • (在) Zai – Creation
  • (前) Zen – Absolute

Kuji-in are created via the gesture of both hands. The left hand Taizokai represents a receptive valence while the right hand Kongokai conveys an emitter valence. The Kuji-kiri performed with the right hand emphasizes the cut of ignorance or Maya (illusion and the deceptive sensory world) through the Sword of Wisdom. According to the belief system of Shingon Mikkyo one would create an opening in the daily world that allows oneself to reach various states of consciousness.

The origin of this is seen by scholars as Taoist not Buddhist. This is also largely viewed as a layman’s practice not found in orthodox Buddhist traditions. Rather you’ll find it within Shugendo, ascetic mountain traditions of Japan, and Shinto. There are numerous variations of the nine original Taoist kuji in Japanese Buddhism. In Taoism the number nine is seen in divination as a perfect number for yang/yo or the “bright side” when determining individual hexagram lines of the I-Ching or Book of Changes. Some scholars suggest that the number nine refers to the nine planets which Taoists believe directly influence human destiny or to the seven stars of the Big Dipper plus the two attendant/guardian stars which Taoists believe to be the gateway to heaven and that each star is a Taoist deity.

These nine hand seals refer to mudra, mantra, and meditation. In this way Kuji-in are seen as obvious influences of onmyodo (the way of Yin and Yang) encompassing all cosmic phenomena and eternity between two polar opposites. There is even a mudra known as gejishi-in (gesture of the outer lion) and its immediate counterpart naijishi-in (gesture of the inner lion) clearly representing this Yin/Yang relation. The two lions are commonly seen outside the doors of Buddhist temples where they stand as guardians against evil and baleful influences. The first lion utters the sound “A” to symbolize the Alpha; all reality and phenomena are said to neither absolutely exist nor non-exist. They arise in dependence upon conditions and cease when those conditions cease. The second lion utters the sound “Un” (Hūm) which symbolizes the Omega; the destruction of all evils summarizing the two basic false views of nihilism and externalism showing them to be false. There is neither real nor unreal.

For more information on Kuji-kiri please visit the following links:



Why does this even matter? What does freedom look like to you? What does spirituality look like to you? I am asking because I legitimately wish to hear the perspectives of my audience to enrich my own so I am not walking around with limited beliefs. So the floor opens for you to talk to me as well. That ball is in your court.

Is freedom something such as debt forgiveness or a jubilee that evokes a sense of financial freedom? Is freedom from slavery eradication of usury or debt slavery which perpetuates amortization and poverty consciousness? Is freedom the eradication of human or sex trafficking? Would freedom remove social or behavioral engineering that many are victimized by making their course in life a battle against finding and being their true selves?

Does freedom look like my body my choice and to what extreme is this ideology acceptable for a select few while for others bodily autonomy has no place whatsoever? Or what is bodily autonomy because I believe the issue is so much more than achieving abortion rights since I know and live in this body not someone else. Yes I identify as a woman who is proud to be female and heteronormative. Zero offense to others. I am not here to judge you so please try to not judge me either. We need to respect one another’s differences. Is freedom from slavery the eradication of factory farms and the abuse of animals for a food source when they are also sentient life? Is freedom the ability for all to reach moksha or the final liberation of the soul or consciousness from samsara as a means to ending all suffering involved in being subject to the laws and cycles of reincarnation?

Those questions above are the tip of a larger panoply of issues I see some address presently online that make up not just an American world view, but views of global human citizenry. Please leave me comments on this so I can openly hear from others and expand my awareness and understanding. It is my sincerest belief that these concepts are not just an American Manifest Destiny, but may have been unconscious or subconscious destinies that we collectively sought to accomplish and achieve.

I am wondering if we are getting closer or further away from these ideals or if they are in fact the principals of bygone eras and times that to many others no longer hold any values except to a random few who are becoming self aware through the act of introspection, meditation, and study. And maybe for me it is more pronounced due to my Vedic astrology chart. Being born in Magha lunar mansion or nakshatra as a previous blog entry mentioned we have a tendency to hold to our traditions, ancestors including sometimes veneration, and we take a more detached view of life. But I have been grappling with a question for months. Are we entering another Dark Age, are we evolving or devolving, are we regressing? Who owns us mind, body, and soul? What have we sacrificed for security or out of fear of the unknown? The start of this particular decade has given me a bit of a gut wrenching knee jerk shell shock if I am honest. I would not expect for others to really understand this amidst so many divisive realities I have recently been exposed to that epitomize dualistic or extremist value systems as their foundations.

Only one part of my Vedic astrology chart via vedicastrology.us.com for reference.

I won’t be angry by what you share. I may be a wee bit triggered at times when I confront certain topics, but I am learning everyday how to continuously shed my older more limiting concepts in life and move away from ignorance. De-programming is not an overnight process.

PS: I actually have my own astrology software I use on my laptop, but I was composing this entry on my iPhone. We do travel just not always to see family and we have not made it to Mexico nor across the ocean outside of the USA. Some of that includes financial reasons believe it or not. I tend to travel instead vicariously through what others share with me online. And again I empathize and apologize if this was triggering for my audience. My intent is that we consciously and collectively open up discussions in a respectful way to legitimately grow in understanding ourselves. Please remember everyone carries baggage, and we are all trying to presently work through it sifting what we should retain and what needs to be let go of.

Places my family and I have gone also include:

New Mexico, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, California, North/South Dakota, Georgia, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona

Teach Me Tuesdays: Using TNO to Flesh Out a Story

An Eye in the Sky?

What is a TNO? I am really glad that you asked. A Trans Neptunian Object encompasses bodies that have been found beyond the orbit of Neptune. Their importance in astrological studies are influential on our subconscious drives, our invisible desires, and dealing with themes of illusion. They usually have long orbits around the Sun equal to over 200 years representing entire generations of people rather than those experienced on a solely individual level. Their house placement signals where in a person’s life he or she tends to direct their energy.

I picked three out today to create a story board from and these three TNO are:

Varuna who is seen as one of the most ancient deities of the Vedas and regarded as the personification of an all-embracing sky. In the Vedas Varuna is connected with the element of water or specifically the waters of space (akasha). Later we find Varuna was degraded like Ouranos having been lowered down from heaven to Earth via exoteric anthropomorphism.

Chaos (19521) acting via a concept of all pervasive interacting with all matter as a deity whose personal appearance could not be described sharing his throne with his wife Night. Eventually Gaia (the Earth) and Ouranos descended from them. In these myths Eurynome, the Goddess of all things, arose naked from Chaos and coupled with Ophion (the great serpent) and eventually gave birth to the Universal Egg. Chaos has to do with the originating causes of our Universe. It has the potential to embody all things. Chaos is that which has not taken a shape or form nor has been fertilised by consciousness.

Logos (58534) is not actually a word as we understand words to be. Logos is an initial thought of divinity; the genesis or source of creation. It is the masculine spiritual seed which impregnates the feminine spiritual womb.

So what do all of these creation myths mean?

Creation myths consist of three essences or gunas respectively:

• Nous as the mind of divinity
• Logos as the word or breath of divinity
• Chaos as the primal waters of the great subconscious

So now I am going to tell you a story through astrology. Let’s begin using an ephemeris and we will build upon our previous Teach Me Tuesdays lesson using the degrees only this time we will primarily use Chandra symbols for simplification and ease.



A hamster running in a treadmill.

Keeping up with things can be an all-consuming matter, because everything changes all the time. There are always fresh angles to master. And when you are coming from a very old place, it is not so easy to shake yourself loose and become the next thing asked. To do it you may have to turn yourself into a super-high-powered accomplisher, converting ancient ways to radically different eras. You are personally, privately one way and publicly, impersonally, another way, turning it on to suit the occasion. The karmic performer in overdrive, hustling to catch up. At times compelled to rely on tricks. Frantic to cover all bases, to be everywhere. Pushing yourself to learn how to operate within a contemporary world that is alien, at a loss. Yet also gifted, bringing with you from the heart of nature such jewels and wonders that the world may ask, “Why do you cast your pearls before swine?” But there are moments in the journey when doing whatever is called for becomes its own reward, even if the pace is grinding and the recognition sparse. Something bright abides and sustains you beautifully.

Our cosmos’ impulsiveness alludes to a compelling need to exert itself with little thought towards the future or even the significance of its actions stemming from an unquestioning cooperation with what it’s instinctual drives are wanting it to do. “I am what I am and I do what I do” is the attitude expressed in a healthy and direct way. Even within perceived limitations or restrictions our Universe is unflagging and remains engaged. Where new revelations are brought from darkness to light concerning something that one presumed as passed and finished new discoveries may be illuminated.



A garden planted solely with shade plants.

Offered the unique chance to take any given side of self and world to its absolute limit and beyond. Scouting out ahead in whatever direction suits your fancy. Saturated with all the props and accompanying attitudes and gestures of your chosen tangent. Fabulously alive to your fantasy, your obsession, your specialized style and manifestation. Extravagantly lavish in letting yourself go to decadent or breakthrough places. No conscience, no ethic, no restriction. Exploring to the hilt one side of things. And hoping to wear it out if it is limiting, or to bring it back alive for everybody to get in touch with if it proves to be relevant and enduring and cosmically right on.

Shade plants require a minimum of light and so to the perceptions of some would be philosophers we are looking here into the dark side of life which contrary to popular exoteric beliefs is not in fact bad nor to be feared. Shade plants are more akin to the Moon than to the Sun. This degree tells us of how immersion in the dark aspects of self and reality also leads to exploring the extremes with an end result being a fuller understanding of the light. With this we see the potential of enriching others in unexpected, abnormal, and wonderfully inventive ways.



A cook fixing vegetable soup from a myriad of ingredients.

If variety is spice, here we have the ultimate gourmet dish. Inner necessity dictates that you draw eclectically upon the broadest, most fantastic range of factors and facets you can possibly expose yourself to. By becoming conversant with myriad voices, you find the subtle edge between the universal self and your own evolving center. As you spread yourself thin and keep extending to the far horizon, the synthesis or blend grows richer and finer all the while. It is only by blending what has previously been polarized that you can begin to make your way. To be here for the changes and the mix is everything. To define and limit is nothing. You simply have no taste whatsoever for prepared, predigested worlds. It has to be dazzlingly inventive and spontaneously revelatory to have any currency in the realm where we are all seeking to bust loose and we take what we find, throw it together, and discover that everything is part of the same thing. And this realization fans a pathway beyond the known altogether.

A healer may work with the breath which affects everything while a cook makes a multi-ingredient soup which is one containing the seeming many. So many things play into relating. In any relationship certain ingredients must dominate. If too much salt or pepper for example dominates many people will not like the soup. Yet when the flavors are balanced this soup is wonderfully delicious and many enjoy it.

What this degree does is use many different topics and forms of energy for the sheer purpose of relating to others while at the same time experimenting with trying to find the right mix that is the most flavorful to an audience. Free coming and going energies in this process is in all actuality very much like the act of breathing which takes in and distributes energy allowing the energy passage to where it wants to go and is wonderfully rejuvenating.

Now if we bring this down to a micro instead of macro level we find it best to peruse our individual natal charts to see this in play in our daily lives. Because an astrologer who desires to paint a picture for their prospective client must translate this into a digestible and understandable coaching tool.

Here is a brief example of this process:

Leo is my 10th House which shines light on the area of career and profession. Think in terms of the authority status conveys and as a consequence the role we play in our community. With regards to achievements this house focuses on how we see ourselves and how the community as a whole sees us and our efforts. We are in fact working on manifesting ourselves.

What role will we choose and how will we best fill it? How much do we want to achieve?

Gemini is my 8th House which speaks to transformation or metamorphosis. What is our attitude towards change? What secrets do we keep and why? How we individually as well as collectively manage our interactions is important. Are we the kind of person/people who will be honest, effective, and responsible? Will the riches generated by our relationships benefit the group as a whole? This sign is also the sign of twins.

Libra is my 12th House where the individual and collective unconscious engender our successes while assisting in coping with failures. Do we consciously confront our lives or do we instead subconsciously sweep things under the rug? Do we seek to keep our strengths and weaknesses hidden from public view?

Our subconscious works hard on our behalf attempting to make sense of our existence or life’s purpose. This shadow play is slow, long, and often fraught with fear or pain. It is in this context that we are confronted with our sorrows, sufferings, and the secrets we keep from not just ourselves but from others.

What have we battled with in our lives? Will the answers compel us to be transformed or reborn? This is a house of the non-self which means it is concerned with the impersonal. Sometimes the good in life is not published and sometimes the bad is concealed. Anyone who introspects on their life is likely to think of that which they did not do, which they wished they had done, and that which they did do and wished they hadn’t.

Manifestation Mondays: Always Begin with Gratitude

A Secret Garden With a Story All It’s Own

These are the 3 things I have achieved in the past year or so and I am celebrating it!

Ankle Ligament Surgery Recovery Was a Success:

In an attempt to shorten a complex story that dovetails into another achievement here goes nothing. 5 years ago I learned the hard way that my parents 30+ year old house was not designed to safety codes. The front door had unsafe steps leading to and from it. So after a trip to the grocery store on my departure to close and lock my mom’s SUV I slipped and fell.

I was upright one minute and the next thing my brain processed was seeing the front yard coming at my face or head. The instinctual body does what it knows best even if this is wrong. Fight or flight! So my hands go out to brace for the impact so my head does not nose dive into grass. I do not want a concussion. Meanwhile the waist down has slammed into a cement sidewalk and inverted my left foot hair line fracturing not just my heel or calcaneus, but also my first two metatarsals and dislocated my cuboid. Yes, you just got a brief lesson in anatomy!

I prepare to stand up clueless my foot is fractured and realize I can not stand up. I am in horrible pain if I put weight on this foot. So I somehow manage to use my good leg to stand and hop to the front door of the house and open it sitting on a step to inform family of a terrible accident. It took 6 months non weight bearing on crutches and knee scooter to heal this foot, and then physical therapy as well as going through muscle atrophy after the fact which is very painful. I never recommend this life path, but it is survivable! And I am a little woman. I may be average height, but I am otherwise petite.

This was when I was forced to close and shutter my aesthetics business. That was a blow I was so miserable with. During recovery I could not work in the same capacity as a spa owner self employed on my own. It felt like I lost a child. I became a personal grocery shopper after this injury instead and actually loved it. I worked for Instacart first then switched to a Texas area grocery store in the same capacity. It was going great, but my particular store had a design flaw also. First in this tale I need to define we worked different than Instacart. We were responsible for 12 shops at once by department (grocery, frozen, dry/general merchandise, and cold items including meat market, produce, and dairy) on specialized carts. I wish I had a photo of these carts to show you.

This store we had to go through their receiving department which meant we used an incline ramp to enter the store. Imagine you have this cart of cold items with say an order of 16 gallons of milk, produce, and other groceries to bring back down this same steep incline ramp and gravity is going to take over. Now imagine doing this in the rain. It gets slippery and even in the best of shoes you may lose your footing. So one day your foot slips and in the process you hear a snap. And it is that moment of “Oh fudge!” Literally chocolate would have been better than this! Can we say ouch?!

Well an MRI later I learned my left foot which had previous injuries had a 75% tear in the ligament, and I needed surgery ASAP. And to make it worse Covid is beginning and elective surgeries are being shut down. Without this surgery I can not walk! Oh, and I am without insurance. That dovetails to the next accomplishment so we will get there I promise.

I Have a New Appreciation for My Feet

One surgery center closes the day of my surgery due to Covid, and I am referred to a hospital. I could legitimately be filing for bankruptcy at this point. Surgery is a sticker shock of $11,000 plus anesthesiology fees and later physical therapy. But surgery goes well as does physical therapy, and 6 months later times round two in the boxing match against a seemingly cursed fate I am back! I even took a temporary job again as a personal grocery shopper at another store for three months post surgery.

I Am Debt Free and That is A Huge Relief:

Thank goodness for family and friends extended and at home. Without family I would have been homeless or would not have had financial help to cover medical bills. My step father was very wise in that when I was much younger and a wee itty one he bought US Savings Bonds and left them to mature. So I could cash them out and clear extenuating charges to my credit card from surgery and being on a medical LOA with no income.

My mom was there to get me to and from doctor appointments. An absolute must. She was also there to help with other life essentials. I was camped on the first floor of the house since it is a two story. I had a knee scooter to get around, but the house design still had hiccups like a half bath downstairs so no shower or bath tub. You have to get creative at a kitchen sink to bathe and have a chair for anyone with a disability. These challenges make you really appreciate normal life and mobility. They humble the you know what out of you and make you more compassionate than you already were for others who have lived life way less fortunate than you. Oh what I took for granted for so long and was reminded of each time I lost mobility in my left leg and foot!

Friends who texted or emailed to check up on me were always appreciated. The start of this was lockdown already and isolation is murder even for me who is more introverted by nature. I swear I had cabin fever both times I was in injury recovery.

But I would not even be where I am right now without a lot of help for which I am grateful even to the really good doctors, nurses, etc. who were there along the way towards the end of a dark tunnel where light was again shining.

If I was not debt free I would still be grinding away at who knows what for a job trying to get out from under the weight of an avalanche. I am thankful this happened while I was home with family and not living on my own as well as my car was paid off. I can not imagine if this happened any other way around. I would not be beginning my astrology business right now online. That is for sure!

A Garden After All The Struggles:

Family had a vehicle they owned for years that was taken to automobile shows. This Ford Lightning won several awards and was sold at a Mecom auction. They hoped it would have sold for more, but were grateful for what they received. Half of that money converted the lawn to a xeriscape organic garden I now use for growing my own herbs and vegetables. It was also a rather large pollinator garden for a time. Much gratitude to the little insects that keep the world going round known as bees, moths, butterflies, and wasps.

I took an interest in entomology learning about my own little biome during this time. We also have screech owls that nest here now. And those pesky dangerous steps at the front door were converted to a ramp accessible for those on knee scooters or wheel chairs.

So I have a new green thumb I never knew I had. I have grown various types of lettuce, romanesco, baby broccoli, gold potatoes, carrots, zinnias, marigolds, Italian and Thai basil, rosemary, lemon balm, borage, lavender, garlic chives, dahlias, buckwheat, flax, parsley, and green beans. And speaking of parsley I raised and released 6 swallowtail caterpillars to butterflies after their eggs were left on my parsley! I even documented their birthdays as silly as that sounds. The last butterfly was released on my late maternal grandfather’s birthday after wriggling free of it’s chrysalis. I also learned to do my own composting.

Never stop rolling with life’s punches even if it feels like someone or something has decided to alter your course into uncharted waters. And I have made it with no Covid also.

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Rambunctious Aries

Aries – March 21st through April 19th

Aries represents the beginning of the creative act and we see this best in the Spring Equinox. Aries is an initiation of electric fire and a dynamic nature of God which bestows nourishing heat and a fire that transmutes other energies.

Aries acts as the beginning of manifestation where all souls as unique individual entities emerge. This birthplace of ideas is in actuality a spiritual impulse subjective and objective which has taken shape. We call this the will to incarnate.

Aries as the most ancient initiation is one with which all of humanity has already undergone or will undergo. The soul mantra of Aries is:

“I come forth and from the plane of mind I rule.”

From within esoteric Judaism and Christianity we see this best in the month of Nissan. Kabbalah indicates an emphasis here on the power of speech and our right foot so some see this also as the idiom to put one’s best foot forward first. It is also a time to work on letting go of emotional baggage we have lugged around such as deep unresolved emotional wounds still bubbling up. We should release our anxieties, fears, doubts, anger, frustration, guilt, jealousy, and envy from our pasts.

Another way to look at this is through the Wheel of the Year. Spring/Summer are considered heaven, hot, life, and light while Autumn/Winter is considered hell, cold, death, and darkness. Equinox in fact means equal nights or twilight when light and dark are mingled best seen in symbols such as the Yin Yang.

Aries marks a time when growth and fecundity emerge from the cold and dark days of Autumn/Winter. Greenery has returned, birds are singing or building nests, animals return from hibernation and are mating, and food is abundant.

As a spirit animal the ram also acts as an aspect of Mars or the spirit of warriors. This spirit animal will help you to suppress your weaknesses while you elevate your strengths inspiring you to exude power and energy necessary to provide your community with quality leadership. The ram affects your life in a number of ways. For example, the ram enters your life to encourage you to set high spiritual standards for yourself. Grab life by the horns and move outside of your comfort zone to seek new experiences.

You will find Aries in everyone’s natal chart even if it is not their Sun sign. Mine happens to be in my 6th House and is empty, however, Chiron is presently transiting Aries in retrograde. So my mission should I accept it is working with the Universe to understand any emotional pain we carry then embrace it and release old negative tapes or habits which we utilize to keep this pain alive. Chiron here acts as a significant cleanse of our shadow selves and any negative energy we still harbor. Within the 6th House this can be found within two places usually; work and pets.

One may desire to professionally embark in the fields of: folk crafts, jewelry, medical (physiotherapist, ultrasound, doctor with combined knowledge of official science alongside oriental medicine, energy healing such as Reiki and cleansing the aura, herbalist, psychology, and animal husbandry). Here one gets along well with the service oriented professions and has openness in communication as well as intuitively understands animals making it easy to communicate with them telepathically.

Where is Aries in your natal chart?

Self Examination Saturdays: A Forest Bath Meditation

Forest Bathing Also Known as Shinrin-Yoku

This is an inner journey to reacquaint one’s self with their own wild side and equally this is an outer journey into the wilderness. Connections to nature connect us with ourselves.

In this space we are able to notice our dreams, feelings, fears, and any images or other emotions that arise.

Begin the practice of listening to your heart by simply putting your hand over it and asking, “How are you today, heart?” and wait patiently for the answer. Approach the process in a way that feels true to you.

Take a moment to share a commitment to Earth. For instance, you may say something akin to:

“I commit to the beauty and joy of communing with Earth and coming into harmony with all of Nature. Dear Earth, I offer myself to you for these purposes.”

Many start their journey into the wilderness by going green at home. Eat natural, drink water, and nourish your body. Many people prefer to wear organic clothes like cotton, wool, and hemp for nature meditation. You do not have to go into the meditation with any goal. Just remain open.

Aim for a minimum of 20-30 minutes.

Ideally you should have the sounds of water and birds around you. Meditating in nature really means meditating where we are exposed to sensory information that reminds us of nature (bird’s singing, the feeling of the wind as it hits your face, etc.)

Tune-in to your body. Breathe in the forest!

Practice what is called the “5 Senses Meditation.” Meditating on your senses one at a time is the ideal way of meditating on nature because this attenuates your senses to the natural world around you.

Thich Nhat Hanh says “Walk as though kissing the Earth with your feet.”

Here is one of my favorite videos from Tokyo Explorer to assist with this prompt using binaural sounds (headphones recommended):


Fun Quote Fridays: Something Short Sweet and Simple

Be Inspired Today

I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.

  • Georgia O’Keeffe

It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.

  • Joseph Campbell

I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate.

  • George Burns

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

  • Abraham Lincoln

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

  • Buddha

We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.

  • Mary Dunbar

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: The Empress

The Empress from The Hermetic Tarot – Daughter of the Mighty Ones – Daleth (Door)

The sign of Venus appears above the Empress with the sign of Libra ruled by Venus at the top of the card. The Empress is the Greek figure Aphrodite Urania. The spiraling flames at her side represent her birth from water. The 12 stars overhead represent the zodiac that surrounds her. The Empress has wings and is clothed in the Sun.


The Empress is the center of the Emperor. She has a black eagle at her feet which is the counterpart of the alchemical eagle in the Emperor card. Above the eagle at the Empress’ knees is the inverted crescent moon.


All forms in our universe contain within them spiritual light thus we see here an expression of spiritual light within that has manifested onto the physical plane. The divine feminine principle receives the divine masculine force. She nurtures this force in her womb and delivers it transformed into the universe via universal love.


The Daleth is the door where all souls are to be sent out and then return akin to the processes of birth and death. This door refers to the space between the state of unity and the manifested states below which are commonly found with duality, polarity, and division.


The four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are in perfect balance. Here this card implies a need to recognise that the doorway to spirituality is via universal love. Any spiritual path is not one of the mind whose works are through separation and comparison versus works of our heart. The Empress is a lesson to practice acceptance through transcendence.

Wisdom Wednesdays: Ganas

Bali island, Indonesia – Ancient Statue of Fighting Kumbakarna Rakshasa

Continuing from Teach Me Tuesdays I thought we would look a little more at the Vedic lunar mansions or nakshatras. Did you know they come with three ganas or energies that correlate to the three worlds of heaven (swarga where God resides), Earth (abode of human beings), and hell (Mrityu Loka where demons reside) respectively.


The lunar mansion I was born into, Magha, is of Rakshasa gana. This gana can illustrate the shadow or dark side of humanity. Those who belong to Rakshasa Gana commonly are rigid and stubborn. We may pick fights over minor issues and be difficult to deal with. However, this does not make us all bad. On the flip side we also have exceptional intuitive power. Our personalities are given to consuming vast amounts of food, drink, and we may be a wee bit more interested in sex. Likewise we fall under Tamasic guna.


Manushya Gana have a human nature which means the person will have mixed qualities. Occasionally they will be kind and other times they will be vindictive. There is a hint of creativity and spirituality found in them. Manushya is Rajasic guna.


The personality of Deva Gana is generous, kind, and humble. They will have a good temperament and will follow cultural traditions appreciating the good traits of other people. One will never find these people being envious of anyone else’s success and happiness. Deva guna is Sattva.


Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas are the qualities of this Universe. Sattva is pure intelligence, Rajas is velocity, acceleration, action, and Tamas is rest, inertia, and darkness.


As soon as our Universe was formed energy condensed to matter while taking its million forms. Each form arrived with a native intelligence to guide it’s action, life cycle, and final dissolution


Guna means quality, a positive aspect, or a property that just is. It is neither good nor bad. Sattva is pure intelligence without polarity and symbolized by the color white. Rajas is for fiery transmutation, passion, and attachment thus the color will be red. Tamas for darkness, rest, sleep, inertia, and ignorance (literally being in the dark yet not knowing it) is the color black.


When the tri-guna combines with the tri-dosha a total of sixteen distinct personalities emerge. This helps a physician make a thorough diagnosis of the patient’s bio-psycho-somatic or mind-body-energy state.


The Rajas of action and the Tamas of rest is essential for our world to function correctly. Sattva exists only as is remaining neither positive nor negative like the Divine qualities of truth, love, and God.


Ayurveda likewise can help you understand how this plays a role in diet. Sattvic food is lightly cooked food without any heavy handed use of spices, onions, garlic, or other vegetables that grow underground in the Earth and have dense earthen properties. This is the essence of food which we know as Space and Air element predominant. This means the food creates lightness and a subtle intelligence required for a yogis way of life, fulfills a monk’s daily nutritional requirements, and is ideal for any poet, any Sufi, and any philosopher.


Rajasic food is a more hearty food required for athletes, warriors, administrators, and leaders of the world who are called to be active, who are required to take decisive actions in life, and who work hard with their bodies and minds while living as enjoyers of sensual attachments. 


Such food is heavy with sharp and pungent vegetables, meats, all manners of meaty seafood, and a robust selection of vegetables and lentils. These foods are Pitta raising food and helps increase the bodies’ temperature and detox the liver to counter the effect of excesses in drinking or eating.


Tamasic food is eaten by those who labor in the fields or the construction sites as well as those who till our land or fish for a living. Such food is usually copious portions of grain with fermented broths and beverages, jerky of meats and fish, an excess of spices, and rich stews of organ meats. Most peasant fare would come under this category.


Tamasic food is Kapha producing and bulk producing since hard labor requires the body to regain lost vitality through nutritious or energy dense foods. Tamasic is also attributed to food that is old and has had a longer shelf life as it is devoid of prana and harder to digest. Food influences our subtle channels and the subtle intelligence that guides our thoughts and actions.

Teach Me Tuesdays: Astrology Degrees

Working With the Degrees in an Astrology Chart

If you have ever looked at your natal wheel  for your placements and wondered about the degrees there are a variety of ways to expand an astrology chart through the study of degree placements.

These include:

  • Sabian Symbols
  • Kozminsky Symbols
  • Chandra Symbols
  • Fixed Stars

Sabian Symbols comprise short descriptions which are associated with the 360 degrees of the zodiac in a manner that each degree has its own symbolic meaning. The symbols were developed by the astrologer Marc Edmund Jones. Jones has said that he discovered them in 1925 with the help of clairvoyance. Dane Rudhyar had a primary role in marketing the symbols to a wider public audience.


My natal Sun Sign is at 3 degrees of Leo in the 10th House. The Sabian Symbol is as follows.


KEYNOTE: The will to meet the challenge of age in terms of our modern society’s glorification of youth.

While the original reading of the symbol over fifty years ago spoke of the mature woman having dared to bob her hair, today a similar kind of rebellion against aging and the customs of late middle age would manifest itself in different ways. The meaning of the symbol can be extended to any desire an individual woman would have to claim her right to experiences of youth which may have been denied to her, especially when according to the fashion of the day such experiences are considered highly valuable.

This third stage symbol implies a reorientation of one’s ideal of action in relation to the collective mentality of the social environment; more particularly, a refusal by the individualized consciousness to be bound by biological or social standards. The Keyword: INDEPENDENCE

This degree really points to one called to work on their individual need to people please. It is indicative of an unconscious pattern of caring what others think and doing what society expects. One may go so far as to present well their marriage, home, and life on the outside yet they may be keeping up a facade.

If not made conscious what occurs is that whether one wants to or not he/she is driven and action-oriented to whatever this symbol means for them personally. Even if he/she didn’t want to be life will put them around people who were driven to push them to preserve superficial appearances.

You can locate these symbols via this website:


One of Australia’s most important yet lesser acknowledged occultists, Isidore Israel Kozminsky., held a deep interest in the lore and properties of precious metals and stones. This gave him a good knowledge of astrology, numerology, and similar arcane arts. He wrote numerous books including Zodiacal Symbology and its Planetary Power which concerns esoteric symbolism of each of the 360 degrees of the tropical zodiac. This is preferred by many to the Sabian Symbols.

Kozminsky Symbols consist of simple static images of an allegorical nature. They are non traditional and mostly mediumistic in origin.


My natal Moon Sign is at 1 degree of Virgo in the 11th House. The Kozminsky Symbol is as follows.

1º Virgo: A traveling pilgrim leaning on his staff, which he holds in his left hand, addressing a small band of men & women.

Denotes one whose early life is threatened by the elements and who will be compelled to endure sufferings, hardships, and trials as an atonement for remote past acts. If his destiny is to live, his destiny is to overcome, and he will be a wise instructor and guide to his fellow-men. It is a symbol of Repaying

This degree tells one that their intuition is very strong and often psychic. They may believe that they visit other realms while sleeping. Having a strong interest in how and why things work the way they do one is likely to be drawn to spiritual studies and philosophical topics. Very independent in their own beliefs it is wise to be careful not to brush off the beliefs of others as this would be unfavorable.

One should try to accept other points of view. In addition it is imperative to be open minded to listening to others rather than insisting that you are correct.

You can locate these symbols via this website:


Ellias Lonsdale provided a different take on degree analysis with symbols that are useful in elaborating a personal birth chart via studying the place of a transiting or progressed planet by degree at a given time. This kind of astrology study reveals collective as well as personal timings. 

These zodiac degrees also act as an oracle where a person can open the collection anywhere for a given day or in response to any question they may have. The degrees reveal what is happening now and what is required of each of us. If we use this to also compare charts of friends and famous people who are known for certain qualities we can gradually learn about one another in a more profound way.


My natal Venus Sign is at 24 degrees of Cancer in the 9th House. The Chandra Symbol is as follows.


A single crumbling Corinthian column. 

The inward temple held in tune. Sitting in celestial juices. Beheld by the Gods as a pillar of light. Defiant of time’s cycles. Invested with the life-pulse immortal. As serene and effortless as it is constant and true. Making way for what cannot be foreseen. And giving voice to a sensibility that is entirely pregnant with worlds within worlds held intact, and offered up upon the altar of the world stage.

This degree reminds me of esoteric Christianity. Regardless many faiths share this common precept in some form or another.

We can experience an inner treasure where no experience is more valuable. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,” Jesus declared, “and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33). Via an interior plane of consciousness we gain all that is necessary.

All seek an inner temple and the aura of the sublime can be found in temple ruins which evoke a knowing that the temple within ourselves awaits our return to it. The real and eternal temple that we seek might be ignored and neglected yet will never fall into ruin.

You can locate these symbols via this website:


Fixed Star Regulus is of particular merit within my natal chart.


My natal Regulus is at 29 degrees of Leo in the 10th House. This fixed star is one of countless studies for me because of it’s importance to recent astrological theories on precession. It is also an area of study as my Vedic lunar mansion in Magha connects back to Regulus and Ketu. Some information on Regulus is as follows.

Regulus acts as a benefic fixed star in our charts. Some say this star speaks of being born with a sort of metaphorical blood of royalty in one’s veins. In times past Regulus was seen as the fixed star of royalty as well as the giver of great riches and success. Nicknamed the heart of the lion this star is fierce yet fair, magnanimous, loyal, and deeply respected. 

Anyone with strong aspects in their natal chart to Regulus may be tempted by ego allowing it to get the best of them. A common shadow quality being arrogance. Reaching the heights of glory and allowing this to get to one’s head by ignoring Jupiter’s goodwill or pushing boundaries too far leads to a fall from grace. One can avoid this by being true to their heart and using their passions for the benefit of others instead of feeding the ego.

As previously mentioned Vedic utilizes Regulus via their lunar mansions or nakshatras. Magha is bound to a group of six stars the brightest of which is the star Regulus which literally means power or wealth. This lunar mansion is ruled by the Pitris or ancestors and Daksha who is the leader of the Prajapatis. The Prajapatis are our original ancestors over all mankind. Magha is very strongly influenced by the past deeds, traditions, and beliefs of the ancestors.

For more information on this fixed star look below:




Manifestation Mondays: Shadow Clearing Prompt

Befriending Our Inner Dragon

To begin I thought clearing the energy with a Shadow Clearing Prompt would be good. An out with the old and in with the new start to our day.

For some, shadow work can be a little daunting because you are dealing with dark emotions and thoughts. Sometimes these thoughts and memories can make things worse.

If you have a history of depression or serious deep trauma that you know needs professional help it’s probably not a good idea to do shadow work necessarily all by yourself. It’s totally okay to have help!

Should you find yourself doing shadow work and things seem to be getting worse please get the help you need.

Shadow Clearing Prompt:

What events spark discomfort, anger, or despair inside of you? How and why do you think this is?

For me personally lately it has been propaganda. This comes in many forms, but I do not like being manipulated. We find this all over. Some examples:

  • Political Party Propaganda
  • Fashion Propaganda
  • Religious Propaganda
  • Health Propaganda

And that is a tip of the iceberg. Humans are heavily socially and behaviorally engineered creatures. I enjoy critical thinking, mental sparring, and freedom to choose. I am more than willing to hear opinions, but I love to do my own research and do my own risk based assessment.

I get angered when I lose ability to do this. Propaganda to me produces limited thoughts around various topics. Political propaganda can be used to severely divide and conquer good friends and family in some of the most destructive ways often times it totally becomes so heated we lose people we have cared the most for instead of respecting the beauty of choice.

And I know many claim the very idea of choice is an illusion. And I many times also have been considering this. However, lately I have noticed a strange resurgence of viral media from previous periods in time regarding political propaganda that is the source of extremism and genocidal or totalitarian regimes which indicates some serious concerns we as humans need to discern for truth versus falsehoods. Led down the wrong path some very miserable outcomes could manifest into our reality. So we should guard against that form of darkness.

Fashion propaganda bothers me for it’s body shaming and image consciousness since it can have a polarizing effect. It has slowly become more inclusive with time by not just placing a focus on the waifs yet I will not deny the Photoshop and other special effects can be damaging to the self esteem of some of the everyday men and women. And this is actually I think a marketing device. It propels people into plastic surgery, eating disorders, or depression. This is not me harping on anyone or pretending this is a truth for everyone. Each person has domain and choice over their body. If they want plastic surgery I won’t make the choice for them. This is not about that. It is about fashion realizing how it defines what a society subjectively rather than objectively views as beautiful in life. Perhaps another issue I see here particularly is that this form of propaganda can really teach us to compare ourselves. And many a good life coach has told me we should avoid this. At the very least competition should perhaps be more about challenging ourselves to meet a personal best.

Religious propaganda is also touchy for me. I have never liked being pressured to convert to any faith. In fact, I made it a priority to study esoteric and exoteric teachings with regards to the Bible, Quran, and Tao. The Vedas would be next on my list as I have not put time in there as of yet. I believe we should respect individual right to choose. I also believe we need to respect those who for their own reasons are agnostic or atheist. Any one’s walk in life is a personal journey unique unto them to discover/explore in this Universe.

Health propaganda became huge in 2020-2021 globally. And what surprised me most was that in this the focus was on one issue. Suddenly there was less talk about getting outside in the sun or enjoying time in nature to ground, nutrition as healthy diet is a major component to well being all but vanished including the need for vitamins or supplementation, and finally exercise also got cast aside and anyone by now should know an active lifestyle is beneficial any day over becoming sedentary. I think for a time in certain nations what I personally saw was a lot of fear propaganda as well, and I think globally the last couple of years for many in certain areas of the globe suffered harm physically, psychologically, and emotionally which was draining.

So as I close this Shadow Clearing Prompt I think it is important to remember we watch what we allow to influence us in life especially since we are also continuously dealing with this via viral social media. As I said above one of the greatest things we can also do is unplug for a bit. Take time to self reflect and detox from life’s myriad distractions. Potentially I think for myself what I am saying triggers me is the loss through social or behavioral engineering with the mediums we have today for us to truly be ourselves instead of a cookie cut out of someone else only acceptable to the normative subjective reality of others. Because within this we also strive to people please and a byproduct of this too is our recent obsession of cancel culture. We are spending a lot of time not forgiving our mistakes and flogging ourselves for simply recognizing that to be a human having spiritual experiences we came here to grow and learn which is actually best done by learning from previous errors.

I also really want to acknowledge another shadow trigger for me regarding propaganda. A great many people who push certain types of misleading information do so both willing and unwilling. By this I mean some people legitimately know no better and truly believe in what they share with others. However, some know better and may even be paid to influence or engineer societies towards a certain desired outcome making them akin to a study that is not unbiased. Perhaps now others will see why I insist that more people be allowed to do their own risks based assessments and critically think for themselves not be coerced into any one way of rationality. Feel free to comment below any thoughts you have or would like to share with me regarding your own Shadow Clearing. And if I have triggered you my sincere apologies for I greatly empathize and understand.