Manifestation Mondays: Shadow Clearing Prompt

Befriending Our Inner Dragon

To begin I thought clearing the energy with a Shadow Clearing Prompt would be good. An out with the old and in with the new start to our day.

For some, shadow work can be a little daunting because you are dealing with dark emotions and thoughts. Sometimes these thoughts and memories can make things worse.

If you have a history of depression or serious deep trauma that you know needs professional help it’s probably not a good idea to do shadow work necessarily all by yourself. It’s totally okay to have help!

Should you find yourself doing shadow work and things seem to be getting worse please get the help you need.

Shadow Clearing Prompt:

What events spark discomfort, anger, or despair inside of you? How and why do you think this is?

For me personally lately it has been propaganda. This comes in many forms, but I do not like being manipulated. We find this all over. Some examples:

  • Political Party Propaganda
  • Fashion Propaganda
  • Religious Propaganda
  • Health Propaganda

And that is a tip of the iceberg. Humans are heavily socially and behaviorally engineered creatures. I enjoy critical thinking, mental sparring, and freedom to choose. I am more than willing to hear opinions, but I love to do my own research and do my own risk based assessment.

I get angered when I lose ability to do this. Propaganda to me produces limited thoughts around various topics. Political propaganda can be used to severely divide and conquer good friends and family in some of the most destructive ways often times it totally becomes so heated we lose people we have cared the most for instead of respecting the beauty of choice.

And I know many claim the very idea of choice is an illusion. And I many times also have been considering this. However, lately I have noticed a strange resurgence of viral media from previous periods in time regarding political propaganda that is the source of extremism and genocidal or totalitarian regimes which indicates some serious concerns we as humans need to discern for truth versus falsehoods. Led down the wrong path some very miserable outcomes could manifest into our reality. So we should guard against that form of darkness.

Fashion propaganda bothers me for it’s body shaming and image consciousness since it can have a polarizing effect. It has slowly become more inclusive with time by not just placing a focus on the waifs yet I will not deny the Photoshop and other special effects can be damaging to the self esteem of some of the everyday men and women. And this is actually I think a marketing device. It propels people into plastic surgery, eating disorders, or depression. This is not me harping on anyone or pretending this is a truth for everyone. Each person has domain and choice over their body. If they want plastic surgery I won’t make the choice for them. This is not about that. It is about fashion realizing how it defines what a society subjectively rather than objectively views as beautiful in life. Perhaps another issue I see here particularly is that this form of propaganda can really teach us to compare ourselves. And many a good life coach has told me we should avoid this. At the very least competition should perhaps be more about challenging ourselves to meet a personal best.

Religious propaganda is also touchy for me. I have never liked being pressured to convert to any faith. In fact, I made it a priority to study esoteric and exoteric teachings with regards to the Bible, Quran, and Tao. The Vedas would be next on my list as I have not put time in there as of yet. I believe we should respect individual right to choose. I also believe we need to respect those who for their own reasons are agnostic or atheist. Any one’s walk in life is a personal journey unique unto them to discover/explore in this Universe.

Health propaganda became huge in 2020-2021 globally. And what surprised me most was that in this the focus was on one issue. Suddenly there was less talk about getting outside in the sun or enjoying time in nature to ground, nutrition as healthy diet is a major component to well being all but vanished including the need for vitamins or supplementation, and finally exercise also got cast aside and anyone by now should know an active lifestyle is beneficial any day over becoming sedentary. I think for a time in certain nations what I personally saw was a lot of fear propaganda as well, and I think globally the last couple of years for many in certain areas of the globe suffered harm physically, psychologically, and emotionally which was draining.

So as I close this Shadow Clearing Prompt I think it is important to remember we watch what we allow to influence us in life especially since we are also continuously dealing with this via viral social media. As I said above one of the greatest things we can also do is unplug for a bit. Take time to self reflect and detox from life’s myriad distractions. Potentially I think for myself what I am saying triggers me is the loss through social or behavioral engineering with the mediums we have today for us to truly be ourselves instead of a cookie cut out of someone else only acceptable to the normative subjective reality of others. Because within this we also strive to people please and a byproduct of this too is our recent obsession of cancel culture. We are spending a lot of time not forgiving our mistakes and flogging ourselves for simply recognizing that to be a human having spiritual experiences we came here to grow and learn which is actually best done by learning from previous errors.

I also really want to acknowledge another shadow trigger for me regarding propaganda. A great many people who push certain types of misleading information do so both willing and unwilling. By this I mean some people legitimately know no better and truly believe in what they share with others. However, some know better and may even be paid to influence or engineer societies towards a certain desired outcome making them akin to a study that is not unbiased. Perhaps now others will see why I insist that more people be allowed to do their own risks based assessments and critically think for themselves not be coerced into any one way of rationality. Feel free to comment below any thoughts you have or would like to share with me regarding your own Shadow Clearing. And if I have triggered you my sincere apologies for I greatly empathize and understand.