Teach Me Tuesdays: Stranger Things Can Happen And Probably Do

“Know your own limits! Surpassing them might not always be good, so be gentle with yourself!” — Unknown

If we look above my What Watch astrology app also shows us that within Cancer we have not just a New Moon, but the Sun, Asteroid Ceres, and Black Moon Lilith. That is some rather strong energy to be working with at present.

We’re asked by these energies what did you lack while growing up and what are the consequences of this upon your ability to provide self love. Black Moon Lilith in Cancer says there was not enough security in the domestic life and that children suffered anxiety, trauma, and poisonous family members who ignored the needs of their child for nurturance.

Mothers provided their young with power struggles, unavailability, and dysfunction junction. The creative was denied and children now want to move out at younger and younger ages. We’re not allowed nor have the time to heal the trauma.

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer is the sign of a transgenerational family where the women have suffered unnecessarily! And I can whole heartedly state I resonate with this 💯%!

The Lilith archetype was one of rebellion, vengeance, and daimonic creativity. How does that compare to the archetype of Ceres? And how do we embody these Divine Feminine energies?

Let’s hold a mirror up to these vibrations and see if we can see past the illusions gleaning some answers through the underlined hyperlink text. Trust me it will help you understand this New Moon better if you click on the underlines for further study!


Isn’t it odd that during my blog post on Sunday I located the information I did including Yudono-san when we have a New Moon in Cancer. I mean seriously even my name is eluding to this through it’s references to rebirth and waterfalls. Another Carl Jung synchronicity?! Or is that confirmation bias.

On my left foot though I don’t think I’d be doing the hiking because well my body can’t take it anymore. In fact I have a podiatrist appointment tomorrow at 2:15 PM CST right after I chauffeur mom to her 2 PM CST appointment with the same foot specialist. It’s literally a two for one family special.

I have come to realize the spasm I had was not just the problem of compression socks I had been informed to wear, but may be a calcium and magnesium deficiency. Which I was already supplementing for amino acid deficiency with my neuropathy.

I guess even eating healthy food and drinking plenty of water is still not enough with my body. So back to my daily regimen of two magnesium a day and getting my calcium intake back up.

Seriously like the Magha nakshatra says about the palanquin/throne someone would have to carry me over there because my left foot would just die after the injuries already sustained in it and the ongoing osteoarthritis that I struggle with.

Which brings me briefly to the topic of fear and death. I have someone who assists right now who seems to be a bit germophobic. This insanity to me began near or before the Rona. Death is not possible if we know anything from quantum physics and energy.

Fear on the other hand is psychosomatic dis-ease which causes paralysis hence why we saw everyone afraid to leave their houses which become prisons and coffins of your own making. You have two paths in life; fear and love.

Fear of death means you will never live because you’re scared to eat, drink, have sex, fly in an airplane, ride in a car, breathe, and so forth. You are dis-empowered due to the power your shadow has over you because fear comes from ignorance and darkness!

It has nothing to do with stepping beyond limitations. We’ve existed with germs as fungus, bacteria, mold, viruses, and such since the beginning of consciousness or creation.

And with no exposure you would have no immune system to fight so please everyone go somewhere and take a chill pill because I can’t live my existence like this or with you when you channel low vibration thriving on fear pornography 24/7/365 x infinity.

Or I will begin donning a Plague Doctor costume when I have to meet with you straight from the constellation Corvus as Crow/Raven. Death is just a transformation of energy; stop living in fear and choose love!

Now that we’re done with that digression our New Moon will occur where I live at 9:52 PM CST on June 29, 2022 in Cancer at 19°. If we all took a peek at our charts we’d locate which house is Cancer; mine it is the natal 9th House which is normally how I address these Moon phases, but I could certainly employ any number of other charts.

Age Harmonics would put this instead within my 4th House at age 42 soon to be 43 this July 26th.

“I asked the librarian for a book about Pavlov’s dogs and Schrödinger’s cat. She said it rang a bell, but she didn’t know if it was there or not.” – Unknown
“When things get tough, remember: whether you know them or not, there’s at least one person out there who you’ve impacted with your life.” — Unknown

A funny degree because yesterday I set up my Animal Crossing Pocket Camp as a wedding venue of sorts with all the decor I had so I’ve even got a dog marrying a cat in the game. I had not even begun considering the New Moon when I designed my camp and camper yesterday while resting my foot having completed all our laundry, dinner, and other chores.

The 9th House in comparison to the 4th House looks like a deep plunge into the meaning of life through higher realities beyond our logical mind where our past karmic actions performed in all our past births have led to our destiny/fortune.

If your 9th House is favorable in your chart you receive fertile land for yourself, but if it was afflicted your land becomes barren. The 9th House also speaks to dharma, worship, publicity, publishing, spiritual beliefs, temple pilgrimmages, meditation, and charity.

The 4th House is where we seek happiness internally through finding our way towards enlightenment/liberation. This deals particularly with heart, emotions, our concepts of mother, agriculture, our nourishment at home, and sleep.

It is directly tied to the Divine Feminine as well as the subconscious mind while making up the moksha trikona or spiritual triangle between 4th, 8th, and 12th Houses.

The spiritual aspirant does not go towards materialism rather they yearn for the doorway to liberation where they can free themselves from all materialistic attachments. The highest being the human body. They wish to let go of attachment to people, surroundings, and worldly pleasure to remove the cycle of birth/death.

Plug “liberty” into the search function of this blog and you will see how this shapes my beliefs so strongly. I eat, sleep, breathe, and drink this for I can not exist without such a concept as freedom!

4th House is a hidden house that expresses the inner core of your being and the roots/origin of your created personality impacting your decision making abilities of the future.

Your human quest is happiness and this is where you locate it. For some of us the house, car, clothes, and all other worldly pursuits mean nothing if we can not see the Divine within and express our gratitude, empathy, and compassion for the opportunity to seek and receive moksha.

This degree wherever it lies within your chart will read as follows. Please note that this likely is expressed also through the marriage of heaven and Earth.

“What bird movie won an Oscar? Lord of the Wings.” – Unknown

The chart holder is trying to find keys to understanding themselves through new ways of communicating. They need to approach this in a gradual way while keeping at their efforts. They can easily become frustrated and the antidote to this is patience coupled with perseverance.

The world always seems unusual to them for they take nothing for granted. This is a beautifully open minded way of being so long as they can avoid becoming overly insecure.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An opossum comes out into the moonlight.” The Chinese characters are a whole world of pictures to be explored and understood little by little. The opossum, too, is engaged in exploring. This is an Aries degree with the sign Aries ruling all things exploration.

The degree is highly subjective and interior. It wishes to be left to its own impulses and doings without having to answer or justify itself. It seeks meaning in everything desiring to understand how that meaning all fits together, but not from any logical/rational viewpoint.

This is a degree of feeling via the life of the imagination. It’s way of understanding anything is highly personal. Work with guardian angel Aniel and daimon Phenex. I’ve previously covered both of these more than once so I’m diverting you to the following blog post for more information on the guardian angel as well as daimon for effective insight.

Of note this Wednesday our Moon will make a T-Square with Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. These are the combined energies of water, fire, and Earth. An ongoing battle happens in the subconscious where each energy is fighting to dominate the other.

You will find two in opposition with one acting as arbitrator. Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn operate in Cardinal Mode being ambitious desiring to begin new adventures, working on them instantly, and never stopping until success is attained. Your goal is to learn to use your energy efficiently.

Now let’s look deeper into this pattern. Aries is a “Me” first temperament with Cancer as the home/family and Capricorn is the embodiment of our economy and government at large.

This implies that the pressures cascading throughout our collective societies are now falling onto our homes/families while Saturn insists on following and defining the rules and Uranus waits to come thundering down in a bolt of lightening with inspiration to fuel Pluto’s clapping hands over a need for transformation.

Written another way home/family is under assault from society and government while the “Me” generation awaits a driving force that will give them direction and these are all in fact generational planets with an impetus for great resurrection and change.

Jupiter has fueled this fire by asserting that Cancer and our 4th House maintain our families and value systems correcting what has been done to and by our generations at large on the 3D playing field. Bullying and bigotry must step aside!

NGC 2359 in Canis Major

The degree falls upon two fixed stars which include Delta Monoceros in Monoceros the Unicorn and Muliphein in the neck of Canis Major the Greater Dog. Monoceros is the unicorn which was once an apothecary symbol as it was to represent the horn as a panacea for all illness.

The closest representations believed to be these mythical creatures are the rhinoceros and narwhal. Most likely an Asian rhinocerosunicornis to be exact or maybe even the elasmotherium.

Derivatives of monos from Greek include monad, monastery, and monk for their references to alone or single. Other references may include Amalthea the she-goat nourishing baby Jupiter through the horn of plenty or cornucopia. British slang depicts the word rhino with money and the origin is the expression “paying through the nose.”

The rhinoceros is a solitary creature both male/female establishing their own territory where they were in the past displayed as pious symbols of those who renounce the world loving to dwell alone removed from their kind.

It is here that we find concepts even of monasticism and the Pythagorean Monad as a term for God as the totality of all beings referencing the source as one without division which brings forth the belief in monotheism.

Unfortunately I’m unable to find much information on the other fixed star at present. Historically it was known as Wezen or Hadar through its Arabic form. Wezen came to us via Al Wazn meaning weight. Kabbalists associated this with the Hebrew letter Tzaddi and the tarot trump The Moon.

You’ll figure it out whenever you’re meant to. As I’ve said I’ve been covering this for months now throughout 2021-2022 often finding myself back where I’ve started multiple times literally traveling in circles. The New Moon suggests we lie low, recharge our batteries, improve our mental health, and take in a well deserved Cosmic reboot.

Dust off your vision board and assess what you most want in your future. Your life is not just about your materialism, consumerism, and go go go. What you need most is emotional security, time for your ancestors/family, and stability beneath your feet to reach the stars.

Poor foundations and ignoring your intuition don’t allow for you to stand. Gain self moderation, grounding, and stop letting others make you feel caged. Have a fantastic and unreal New Moon! Best wishes! 🙏🏻🌠

PS: Correction made to a link that was incorrect for the guardian angel! Sorry! Human error…

Teach Me Tuesdays: June’s Strawberry Supermoon Brings Cleansing During a Harvest

“The night is a strawberry.” – Louise Penny

While I was sleeping the June Strawberry Supermoon signifying our ripening and in-gathering of harvest occurred at 4:51 AM CST in Sagittarius at 22° with aspects which includes a T-Square between the Sun in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces with a Stellium between Uranus, the North Lunar Node, Venus, and the Ascendant in Taurus while Mercury was at zero point Gemini. Other names for this Moon include the Green Corn Moon, Berries Ripen Moon, Horse Moon, Flower Moon, and Mead Moon as the meadows were mowed.

Yes, I still have the strawberry jewelry box above near my wealth altar in my bedroom. It was made by my best friend in high school during our pottery class we shared.

This will impact everyone a little bit differently for a variety of factors. Myself personally my natal 2nd House is Sagittarius while in the same configuration/chart my 8th House is Gemini, my 5th House is Pisces, and my 7th House is Taurus. The Sabian Symbol of this degree linked to above is about taking our dirty laundry whatever that may be literally or metaphorically, giving it a good thorough wash with detergent and/or fabric softener, and then industrial or line drying it.

For me personally this is a time where wisdom and good judgment can bless one with better earning capabilities and expand our overall ideas/vision regarding finding resources which support our ability to feel secure in life. We have a lucky guardian angel who helps us attain positive publicity, a love for comfort/relaxation, and determines whether or not we will be the spender/saver with our overall wealth acquired past, present, and future.

We display as outspoken, courageous, and we tend to concentrate our energies on that which is according to our own impulse rather than people pleasing. Our intuitive/psychic nature allows us to have a deeper awareness of how others perceive us. This can also be a trigger for our internal insecurities. We believe that we’re often misunderstood or seen as impulsive and unpredictable. We are not like other extroverts in that we actually do enjoy our moments of solitude.

My placements also indicate something I’m more than well aware of. I have an extremely discriminating knowledge of current events from consuming television or alternative news programs/podcasts and being overly interested in public affairs. When Neptune transits into my 5th House, however, I become a million times more spiritual, imaginative, and ironically as you may/may not have noticed we take up an extreme desire to learn about vibration, energy, and all kinds of woo with quantum physics.

I saw a website at one point that explained the problem with creating Happiness Machines which reminded me of Kabbalah’s take on the Wheel of Fortune. You’re not designed to remain in bliss forever despite modern esotericists who claim such practices are healthy.

The color range of zinnias is still a little limited, but I’m still enjoying what has grown in the garden nonetheless.
Sunflower centers on full display. Definitely bee magnets!
A gulf fritillary on a zinnia!

Life is cycles therefore if you were actually transcending duality consciousness you would no longer identify any instance in your life as inherently a form of polarity be that male versus female, black versus white, or positive versus negative. Many of us have not been trained to reach such levels because our self professed or propped up by others yogis, preachers, life coaches, etc. prefer to make money and fame by selling us what I’ll call half truths as they’re not inherently lies or untruths.

Back to placements that have a personal emphasis for me true fulfillment lies in finding a balance between traditions, responsibility, and the exciting/experimental. We’re rebellious against authority. Our life is not just about understanding or knowing self, but there is a deliberate attempt to do the same with others.

The T-Square currently can present us with those who are stubborn, inflexible, and struggle with commitment. It’s going to be a slightly bumpy ride where being ambitious or go-getter meets a bit of strife, but if we employ our endless supply of inner intelligence we’re likely capable of adapting easily to anything we’re presented with at this time. Stelliums in and of themselves present other challenges pushing us towards mastery through repeated trial/error.

You may see blurred boundaries, face rejection from peers, deal with some rather chaotic environments, and need to find quirky or original solutions to what life brings your way at this time. The best way to imagine a stellium is as if you were the mom of multiple children with various archetypes being displayed that you’re trying to get into a cooperative group.

We could call each of these archetypes the Performer, the Activist, the Anxious, the Studious, and the Rescuer. Life is asking you to investigate each one and determine what they mean to you personally.

The Performer wants to be center stage while the Activist desires to champion various social, environmental, and economic/political causes. The Anxious struggles to feel secure knowing what is expected of them yet the Studious yearns to persevere through hard work. Finally the Rescuer is enlivened by opportunities to race in and save the day.

Let’s investigate this degree further; I’m very familiar with this as I’ve crossed it before in my astrology chart years ago during a transit. It’s actually in my eyes a fun degree to explore.

A passionate and insistent self expression can be found here. This degree displays the ability to stir up energies which bring transformation to situations by provoking others to see them in a new way. It helps others to get back in touch with what they’re really feeling and comfortably express themselves. Affirming once again the ground of our being lies in renewing our self assurances that we’re ready to move on.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Blackbirds flying out of a pie.” Live birds were never meant to be eaten. There are dark energies we were never meant to take in. In this degree suddenly and surprisingly they release in a way that is harmless even humorous and delightful.

In the original nursery rhyme there were four and twenty of them. Twenty-four being the number of the soul’s complete journey. This is a fortunate number where one will get to enjoy a good life with love, support, and affection from others.

And so this is not just a partial release of what Eckard Tolle calls the “pain body,” but gradually and eventually a complete release of it. This degree is Kabbalistically ruled by the Moon and Sagittarius is the sign of transcendence hence the subconscious (Moon) eventually transcending its repressed contents. Work with guardian angel Ariel and daimon Bifrons.

Daimon Bifrons correlates to the Two of Cups, Mars, Tobacco, and Cancer. This daimon helps us to better understand geometry, mathematics, astrology, and the properties of herbs as well as stones. Another benefit of working with Bifrons is during post funeral rites to ensure restless souls of the departed may safely transition.

For those born into Magha nakshatra such as myself any instruction or assistance with this particular daimon helps us to remain in touch with our departed ancestral heritage particularly as a means of honoring them.

“Strawberries are considered to be the most bullied fruits because they’re always getting picked on.” – Anonymous

For many we may meet with our pitris also during our dreams as they might have unfinished karma on the physical planes that we’re here to burn/finish for them. And while a great many would say that’s not your obligation some spiritual practices believe this assists the entire family lineage in obtaining the various degrees of liberation we seek to accomplish.

I’ve found what I believe is a two part series on Ketu which rules Magha nakshatra with Regulus that is great for me particularly as my Ketu was in Aquarius with my Rahu in Leo. You see the nakshatra is a lunar mansion which means my Moon is Leo while the Sun was in Cancer under a Sidereal/Vedic natal chart.

After a while I will admit this can become confusing for self as well as others due to the intricacies of how deeply one can study their natal or other astrology charts/workings. My sidebar explains the differences I have in Tropical and Sidereal.

On a more general approach as everyone would need to look upon their natal and transit charts to ascertain the current path their June Strawberry Supermoon asks of them this time is ideal for anything related to family, career aspirations, and believing in yourself.

If you’re struggling with self confidence enlist the support of loved ones whatever tribe that may include as it may not be the one you’re born into. Clean out your closets/drawers, old papers/receipts, and anything else which clutters your life at this time. It’s auspicious now to free up any stagnant or negative energy similar to my blog post on Gandanta recently.

If you’re interested in crystal work this degree is great with Blue Onyx expressing a message of emotional purification and transformation as excesses wash away and virtuousness is enhanced by focusing upon taking a necessary retreat to a quiet location where you may reawaken your spirituality and grow personally. The affirmation is I make time for reflection, stillness, and silence in my life.

The degree falls upon two fixed stars of interest. We would look to Ras Alhague in the head of Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer and Gamma Apus in Apus the Bird Of Paradise. With a name traced to Persian astronomy via Al Rai’ as The Shepherd and the Chinese name How as the Duke we find that the first fixed star we are investigating is associated with Asclepius ruling medicines. Other associations from Kabbalists include the Hebrew letter Ayin and the tarot trump The Tower.

Apus literally translates from it’s connection with the family Apodidae or the Swifts as Without Foot in the constellation of Bird of Paradise. Swifts can reach speeds of 69 miles per hour. Paradise being a word with Persian roots is generally identified with the Garden of Eden. Portuguese traders first encountered these birds on trade roots to the Moluccas which is taken from the Arabic root malik meaning king. In Hebrew the related word is malach meaning angel/messenger.

Swifts have such small legs they were believed to have none at all. These aerial birds drink, bathe, preen, collect food, and sleep/mate while on wing. In China this constellatin was Cho the Curious Sparrow or the Little Wonder Bird.

This time also can be seen as Vat Purnima when married women dedicate to Savitri who tricked Yama the God of Death into giving her dead husband a new lease on life. Devotees worship the Banyan where she sat and prayed.

I hope your June Strawberry Supermoon is a day filled with much catharsis and distillation. I’m finishing up some chores and have been resting due to chronic foot pain. Today is a day of rest, ice, compression, and elevation for my left foot. Which sounds alchemic in it’s own sense, but then I don’t expect everyone to grasp the cryptic reference.

Manifestation Mondays: A New Moon, A Garden, and Sunflowers

“Be outstanding in your field.” – Unknown

Busy bees are using/clicking on the underlined hyperlink text to bring you treats!


We have a New Moon in Gemini on a degree that has occurred several times in my years of studying astrology. It’s a degree that I really don’t want to focus upon at this time because for the concept of today’s blog post I don’t particularly vibe with energy it speaks to whatsoever. I’ve decided to place my focus elsewhere and do something different instead to elevate the day rather than “trigger” anyone through divisive topics.

You see the energies of this New Moon many would be astrologers as well as those who are “trendy/popular” want to play up this degree and placement. Meanwhile it’s aspecting fixed star Aldebaran, Mars, and Jupiter promoting the energies of karmic vengeance/retribution, anger, and rage.

When we compound this with the Saturnine energies present we get negative thinking, nasty words spoken, and we should do everything we can to not project these energies onto those we care about. To channel this New Moon what you want to focus upon is turning over a new leaf, questioning old habits, and inventing new ways to make progress with your goals.

This fixed star corresponds to a group of stars which in classic literature were described as causing backstabbing, muddled thinking, evil dispositions, and violence. Some see this as harnessing the energies of unceasing anger and avenging murder all of which I for one don’t desire to put my energies into. I’d advise other esotericists and would be astrologers or tarot readers to re-think about promoting this New Moon due to it’s current aspects or vibrations.

Try to place your attention on something else today for where our focus is that is actually what we begin to attract into consciousness. It’s best not to play around with such negative prospects when we can transmute them to a more positive outcome.

Just looking at the above is enough explanation to why aspects of my personal life have suddenly been uprooted and become stressful especially at my part time cosmetology job. The last thing I want when I have family drama from time to time is to confront the unnecessary nitpickiness, micromanaging, or even workplace aggression of co-workers or managers.

I don’t even know what happened or why it feels like a repeat of a previous experience I had in this industry a few years ago, but I’m frankly unwilling to re-live the trauma a second time.

Ironically I did an astrology study for my recent part time cosmetology gig and learned quite a lot tonight in terms of the who, what, where, when, and how. Insightful to say the least! I won’t be publishing this, however, I did share my research with a couple of people.

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Sunflower

I’m going to work upon a SAD or Solar Arc Direction chart with a snapshot of asteroid Sunflower (19019) while explaining some of the symbolism or mythology behind this beautiful flower as I’ve just had the ones sown in the garden begin to open. I’ve also got some more photos to share with everyone of our progress at the end of May despite some rather unforgiving Texas heat. Neither I nor the plants are enjoying this scorcher of a season.

I’m going to be a little less in depth today simply to return to a less lengthy post session as it’s also a holiday today. We find asteroid Sunflower placed in my natal 3rd House retrograde Sagittarius while the Solar Arc has moved this to 4th House Aquarius at 4°.

Here we’re moving from intellect, communication, mind, and information perception to where we wish to establish our roots or home, our mental peace, and where we feel most secure. We’ll pass over aspects and do a direct focus on the degree as well as the symbolism of the sunflower today. I’m in love with this Sabian symbol again; perhaps a correlation to yesterday!

The chart holder has the power to trace anything backwards to understand its source. Other people who engage in this process often don’t go far enough, but this degree is intent on origins continually looking under anything found to seek its cause and source of support.

The highest result of this is the complete cleaning out of all negative karmas by clearing them at the root.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Many fireflies at dusk.” The dark may be vast and engulfing, but the light is always there to help us let go of doubt and uncertainty knowing we have the power to overcome any and all challenges.

This degree is about little seemingly insignificant things serving as lights, and more importantly about the way our light calls to the light of others creating mutual enhancement and encouragement thereby helping us all to always remember who we really are. Work with guardian angel Hekamiah and daimon Zepar.

Daimon Zepar correlates with the Eight of Pentacles, Venus, Black Mustard, and Virgo. When we work with Zepar we may experience various forms of fertility including mental and artistic inspiration. This daimon assists with mental alchemy and disolution of one’s little ego. The goal or focus is to remove phobias while breaking down disadvantagous thought patterns from forming. Zepar works in two spheres that of the Earth and the Sun.

Let’s look at the mythology and uses of sunflowers below.

The Helianthus:

This degree sits upon the fixed star Oculus in Capricorn’s eye. It is associated with the Hebrew letter Yod and the tarot trump The Wheel of Fortune. The energy is often displayed as piercing intellect. If I don’t blog on Tuesday this week please know that I’m busy tending to mom’s health as well as other important tasks that take priority, but I’ll see where I am as the week continues with time management.

Have a great New Moon, Memorial Day, and mesmerizing Monday! 🪔🌻

A bee caught within the center of a zinnia as well as several other flowers on display.
A tangled mess of carrot tops!
Heads of lettuce galore!
The roma tomatoes have grown again. I have seen about three flowers, but am still waiting for more.
Basil in the front as well as the back of the garden is doing quite well even with having to transplant some of it. The recent thunderstorms caused some havoc for a few of our plants/wildflowers. Extreme weather is not a good friend, but does indicate the nature of Mother Earth.
Another round of harvested beans; many were left as they were not matured!

PS: More garden photos from when I awoke this Monday! 📷🥔🍅

Sage and more beans on the way due to continued flowering as well as growth.
More sunflowers opening and showcasing their beauty. The birds have already been staking claim before they go to seed by sitting atop the thick stems and large leaves. I believe they’re also eating the bugs in our garden.
Roma tomato flowers are slowly beginning to appear here/there.
Zinnias and marigolds!
Gold rush! More yukon gold potatoes; I’ve harvested and re-planted all the baby potatoes. We’ve also cut up our sprouted sweet potato to plant as seed potatoes.

Everyone digs/searches for gold in their own way LOL! 😹
An otherwise unknown yellow wildflower!

Sign Spotlight Sundays: We Interrupt This Broadcast To Look At Mother’s Day via Archetypes, A Garden, & Astrology

“Being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. Being brave means you are scared, really scared, badly scared, and you do the right thing anyway.” – Neil Gaiman, Coraline

Here we go again for another journey into the world of randomness and zany because it seems to be what I do best! That includes the annoying mention of underlined hyperlink text actually leads to “more elaboration” of the general story I’m trying to narrate today!


Because today is a seemingly “different” Sunday I’m interrupting my blog posts on the Asian zodiac signs to instead update you on the garden as well as to look at an astrology position with a focus on the Mother as an entire archetype.

We need to go about this by understanding what forms the “Mother” may show herself as because she embodies light, darkness, and something in-between. Therefore I would like for you to compare the Great Mother with the Dark Mother to round this out. You see the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine live in all of us, and we’re very much likely to also project the energies outwardly rather than owning them inwardly.

I also was given Coraline by my mother as a DVD thereby seeing the Neil Gaiman conceptualization of this motif. And I’ve definitely glimpsed both of these in my own life which I’m still struggling with because I don’t really know that I want to embody the archetype in the way that some other women have as it is not appealing to me in any shape or form.

I do believe you’ll see how I’ve also enmeshed with concepts that combine/merge the white and black mixing them into a sort of gray space. Some of which looks vaguely familiar!

Ah, but if we look at the Duir/Daleth and “door” concept even with the oak tree bed I inherited one has to wonder about this “other” mother that we may meet lurking in our individual or collective consciousness. This just reminds me of a webiste I saw years ago that told the Kabbalah and Tao of Pooh which fascinated me as I was nicknamed “Pooh Bear” growing up which then became Pookie (a variation of Pooky). Did anyone else see this episode?!

I have a purple 3D printed version of the name “Pookie” which sits in my bedroom on my Ikea wall mounted book case my step father made for me. I guess someone has to embody all of this “stuff.” I have been trying to figure out “why!” I’ll admit I loved Coraline when I first watched it! I’ve not watched it in a long time though.

The Divine Feminine has many aspects that reach far beyond a personal mother, grandmother, step mother, and mother-in-law. I notice most women and men have limited her embodiment by also ignoring her as nurse, governess, or remote ancestress. This is a category of the Goddess most often only shown today in many Abrahamic faiths as the Mother of God, Virgo the Virgin, or Sophia.

Demonized are many other constructs by these faiths such as Demeter, Kore, Cybele/Attis, and so forth. The archetype in it’s entirety can arouse devotion, feelings of awe, or a figurative sense goal of longing for redemption as told via the concepts of the Garden of Eden/Paradise and the Kingdom of God/Heavenly Jerusalem.

These all overlook the correspondences in complexity which include the unity of heaven with Earth, the woods, the sea or any still waters, matter, the underworld, the Moon, fertility, fruitfulness, the ploughed field, and the cornucopia. Many of these are also meant to symbolize various vessels such as rocks, caves, trees, deep wells, the rose, lily, and lotus, or a magical circle/mandala.

We find this archetype in ovens, cooking vessels, and the more literal view of the womb, uterus, and yoni. She has been given to us as the sacred cow and hare/rabbit. It is here that we encounter maternal solicitude, sympathetic magic, spiritual exaltation transcending reason, helpful impulses, and all that is cherishing/sustaining to foster growth.

When we see her as the witch, dragon, serpent, or through the lens of Lilith we encounter the Devouring Mother. This comes to us as the correspondences of death, nightmares, and the grave or sarcophagus. From this vantage one confronts anything secret, hidden, the abyss, seduction, poisons, and that which feels terrifying or inescapable such as fate/destiny.

In India we have a far better and more workable way to cope with her through the paradox of Kali where prakrti known as matter is assigned three gunas through sattva, rajas, and tamas.

Their culture takes philosophical myth to display Prakrti dancing before Purusha in order to remind him of discriminating knowledge which does not belong to the Mother archetype rather it belongs to the anima which in men appears at first mingled within the Mother as an image. The way to wholeness and healing is to stop denying the archetype within and to dissolve the projections which we cast outside of self.

I see projection in my own life, but I see it directed upon me, and I’ve learned that those who do so are unconscious and completely choosing to remain unaware of their disowned selves. Many of them don’t wish for wholeness because they explained to me they don’t want to work on achieving it. In my opinion this is quite harmful to self/other and shows an immaturity in humanity at large.

From my vantage as I tried to explain to some earlier today I began working through Kabbalah, tarot, and astrology before I achieved Reiki Master level. This included the wealth altar transitioning from the Empress’ energy to the Star’s energy as well as it’s many other symbolic correspondences.

You’ll see that I have preferred not to marry or bear children rather I’ve often tested more as an ecstatic and feel better as embodying this from the realms of gardening or through the creation of self employment even when I held my aesthetic’s business.

With this I’ve spent an ample amount of time also working to grasp my Magha lunar mansion as it transitioned Regulus Leo to Virgo albeit many may not agree with such unorthodox or liberal theories. I did, however, recently color the Lovers tarot card from a deck I own which was also placed upon the wealth altar.

The truth is there is no wrong or right way to embody the archetypes per say, but I think it vital we actually work to own our “mess” because I’m not sure how best to describe it rather than displacing our feelings or misinterpretations on another person, animal, or object.

I’ll admit though most of humanity may be more comfortable with disowning because their ego has these inborn defense mechanisms which may be difficult to accept. I know I don’t have anything perfected nor am I trying to. I’m here to grow and learn!

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Jerusalem

I’m going to split this up today given that I don’t want this to be a Chrstianized or Judaic or even Islamic focused entry only as there is an actual asteroid Jerusalem (63163) which I’ve charted in the Solar Arc Direction or SAD chart at my natal 7th House with Chiron having moved two full houses away to the 9th House of Cancer at 3°.

We can also investigate the Arabic Part/Lot for Mother using the formula Ascendant plus Moon minus Venus. For me this placement is found within just barely the Jupiter degree of my 3rd House of Sagittarius at 0°; that zero point energy shows up so often for me.

These charts are the hardest for me to correctly read the houses on for some reason. This is something that would be fun for anyone to do for themselves via Astro.com’s extended charts or through Astroseek.

Mother Arabic Part/Lot

Let’s make a small note that asteroid Jerusalem is quintile the Sun, sextile Venus, and biquintile Pluto. At the 7th House this represented one to one relationships which can include marriage, but is really any personal or business partnership that involves some form of a commitment on the part of both parties involved. 9th House though seeks to disclose our life philosophies, our journeys away from home, and can impact our communication such as via writing/publishing.

Through the lens of the Moon often equated with maiden, mother, and crone we find that I am comfortable in foreign places knowing how to adapt to various cultures. I happen to prefer my creative approaches to life to be the kind where I see beauty and wonder in that which others overlook or take for granted. My self expression while stylish may aim more at being unique.

We enjoy the perspective of a storyteller immersing ourselves in reading about the life stories of others. We blend interests and aesthetics by letting the outer world influence. One of our favorite past times can be the enjoyment of movies, books, poems, and other works aimed at treating issues of death, jealousy, or the psychological depths and the complexities of what it means to be human.

As the chart holder I have a strong connection to the past where I either delve into it or let it go. When I allow its unresolved energies to haunt me I will be continually weighed down. Rather I need to continually look at the past in a new way that goes beyond my preconceptions of it. Doing this I will learn much and be able to help others through sharing what I have learned.

The Chandra symbol for this degree is “A set of surgical instruments.” The message here is “cut it out.” What needs to be cut out are the burdens, baggage, and attachments that one has grown beyond. Accessing memories requires that they be either embraced or let go of.

This degree is about becoming more aware of what we don’t need, overcoming whatever we are ready to let go of, and finding an effective way to do this that overcomes the problem once and for all. Work with guardian angel Nelchael and daimon Marax.

Daimon Marax is connected with the Four of Swords, Mars, Elder, and Libra. You will know when you’re working with Marax as this will help you succeed at learning astronomy, astrology, and herbalism. I’ve occasionally seen connections to the goddess Maat.

The fixed star of this degree is Propus in the right foot of Castor in Gemini. This fixed star embodies companionship due to the mythology surrounding the Gemini constellation. Greek and Babylonian mythology indicates an epic where a princess promises her beloved eternal love and companionship under a watchful and approving gaze. The energy of this fixed star is generally of Mercury and Venus offering a courteous, affable, orderly, and artistic demeanor.

Confusion is found in this fixed star as to if it is Castor’s foot or the twin’s shoulders coming together to represent two heads being better than one. It can be implied that associative thinking is found through the energy of Propus which is vital to becoming a good astrologer who reads a horoscope well. Some combine this with the Saturnine energy of fixed star Wasat to breakdown the negative qualities of our unconscious fears. This is the placement of those who are modernists.

We are two months into the garden adventure. We have beans! They’re small right now, but we’re making progress in the vegetable kingdom!
This includes the purple beans which are a very beautiful shade. What I’m learning is that I won’t be having an Easter egg hunt. This is going to be a green, yellow, and purple bean hunt as they’re buried in ginormous leaves!
We have the first nasturtiums growing in our wildflowers. A very bright orange color which may not be as vibrant via the photos as seen in person.
Yes, I know more beans, but I’m so happy to be succeeding at growing food!
Lettuce galore! Lots of salads or lettuce wraps.
The first cosmos flower of the season. I can see there will be many more. Also a very small marigold. Our marigolds are not happy with the heat this year. I believe I will be losing some of them this year sadly.
Basil, carrot tops, and a blanket of cosmos flowers soon to erupt. We lost our three level tier garden bed out front. Some of the basil was put in a yellow plastic basket and also in a pot as an emergency transplant.
Roma tomatoes! They’re “trying,” but I need to fertilize them again.
Greenery of the wildflowers which have taken on a life of their own. Also the potatoes which have still not flowered so I’m patiently waiting till harvest.

Backtracking to the Arabic Part/Lot of Mother we learn that our 3rd House helps us to learn and communicate especially during early education, but goes further into showing how we relate to our siblings as well as what kind of environment we’re naturally attracted to.

This is the placement for those individuals who require mental stimulation, love conversation with others, and who take in facts easily. While open to new ideas and capable of understanding different modes of thought we are flighty more akin to a social butterfly flitting around.

As the chart holder I have a genius for connecting everything while weaving the various parts of life together into a whole that is unlimited because life knows no end. The impulse to forward movement is relentless, and I always desire to go further sometimes without even being sure of what the goal is.

This may wear out those who yearn for a stopping place and frustrate those who seek closure, but the discoveries made by the restlessness found here can be priceless.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Clouds overhead seen in a reflecting pool.” Creating a feeling of great depth reflects a great height and all of the clouds are filled with passing nebulousness. This is an extremely imaginative degree which allows anything possible to be envisioned. It is the antidote to our neat little ways of being that are cut and dry.

Confusing it well may be, but to see confusion as negative is a value judgement of the rational mind. We might call this degree “the glories of confusion,” and find that out of confusing truths the most fantastic shapes and sizes are continually being born. Or again we might say that the path of confusion is just as valid a way as any other to reach higher consciousness. Work with guardian angel Yeratel and daimon Ronove.

Daimon Ronove is connected with the Six of Wands, Mars, Cinnamon, and the Moon. If you’ve been working with this daimon expect to learn to control your emotions wile studying languages, divination, dream interpretation, and intuitional knowledge.

The fixed star of this degree happens to be Zeta Lupus in Lupus the Wolf. I’ve written a bit about Lupus before, and I encourage everyone to venture to that blog post as it was quite thorough. If you would like to see something a bit more in a Biblical vein this may be helpful.

I hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day. Next week I leave the current store I’ve been training at to work at a different store which is closer to my house. There are five stores total in our specific franchise for the cosmetology company I am working part time for.

So I have two keys now; the one my manager gave me and a gold one for the store I begin working at this week. Maybe I’m going to be being bounced around between the two of them! I successfully survived my first Saturday alone though! Oh, and a key to my bedroom because we updated the doorknobs to have locks. Three keys in one week!

I do believe though that the key my manager gave me has a direct tie in to something with this zero point energy! It’s all coming full circle for me given my “word” for 2022 seemed to correlate with this theme. 🌌👩‍🚀

Self Examination Saturdays: Spring in Your Step

“But even when the moon looks like it’s waning―it’s actually never changing shape. Don’t ever forget that.” – Ai Yazawa

Yesterday in my attempts to try to bring some “funky” to my blog post due to a lack of knowing what to really publish I began to speak to the fact that this weekend for some is a celebration of both Passover and/or Easter. If you’d like to visit that entry you will find some helpful links on these two holidays tucked away and neatly hidden like dyed eggs in there.

Journey this holiday with the underlined hyperlink text…


Today is a Full Moon leading up to Easter so I’m going to take a look at the Full Moon which occurred today where I live at 11:55 AM CST and the asteroid Ostara (343) in a Lunar Return chart which anyone can map to discover where this archetypal force might be impacting their life this year. As spoken of yesterday Ostara will reflect some of my ancestry or DNA heritage given that she is a representation of the European/Germanic Paschal month who was not very popular with certain sects of Christianity.

We’ll talk more about her after we look at the Full Moon which is a Pink Moon and has been named the Sprouting Grass, Egg, and Fish Moon which seemingly reminds me of a variety of things from when I grew up. Grass in Easter baskets and fish on Fridays, but those are all customs some may not participate in or that others will recognize speedily as to understanding some of the religious undertones and choices I have experienced growing up now leaving behind some of the more common dogma for a different approach to spiritual practices.

One of the first things I took notice of was the two numbers set aside for the time this Full Moon occurred where I live being 11 and 55. Our first number, for example, speaks to the tarot which differs based on what school or practice you employ as it could signify Justice or Lust/Strength in the Thoth decks. These two archetypal energies deal with various topics. Justice asks that we balance the contrasts in life which are meant to be compliments to one another. We need to employ an objective rather than subjective view often in life.

Lust/Strength speaks to our passions and mastering our lower nature. With this in mind we’re not supposed to suppress/ignore our desire nature rather we’re meant to correctly harness our vitality, will, and energy. Both of these cards harness the Venusian energies on different zodiac signs (Libra versus Leo). Yes, the Arcana are confusing as is all schools of esotericism because everyone wants to re-invent the wheel. Go figure!

The 1 carries the messages of leadership, creativity, and business ventures while the 5 embodies the energies of freedom, adventure, and positive changes. If we added 1155 this would equal 12 and reduce further to 3. This would then resonate with expansion, spontaneity, and our inner wisdom. This number is asking that we avoid toxic relationships, develop our resilience, and look at life from a different angle.

I’ve honestly seen more often than not that this number can indicate an incoming Twin Flame relationship for those who follow that concept. This speaks to the 11 as a Master Builder representing emotional freedom combined with emotional fulfillment. You’re asked to lose any baggage you’ve been carrying. The 55 as a Master Builder might ask you to look at what you eat/drink daily. If you have a bad diet with too much sugar, eating out continuously, and so forth your immune system will become vulnerable to illness. Make sure that whatever you consume it’s actually not processed foods and has some truly meaningful nutrition.

Our Full Moon is placed at 25° Libra where it forms a T-Square with Pluto in Capricorn, Pallas Athena in Aries, and the Sun in Aries. It also forms a Yod with the True Lunar Node in Taurus, Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces, and the North Node in Taurus. I can’t speak to everyone else, but I would look at where Libra is in your astrology chart. For me this is my 12th House on the Western zodiac which is ruled by Neptune/Pisces respectively.

The 12th House also signifying endings makes logical sense with the themes of how we let go to become open to that which is new. Therefore Taurus would have been my 7th House, Pisces my 5th House, and Capricorn my Imum Coeli also on the Western zodiac. That Yod might be the placement I would take the most interest in, but that is just my personal preference, and I don’t want to bog down my viewers with that at this moment.

“Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.” – Luther Burbank

The T-Square energy vibrates with emotional catharsis so that we can purge anything we’ve held onto for too long often forcing the hidden subconscious gunk to the forefront of our awareness where can gain proper understanding and release. You’re going to see hidden tensions with family/friends so during this time you may need a safe space as it can become a bit exhausting to cope with.

On the career front if you’re in a role that you’re no longer passionate about this is a signal for you to take the next step in researching what will better motivate you. I’m sure for many right now making career changes is one of the last things they want to be considering, but I know for me personally this was the optimal time to look for employment. I got a blessing handed to me in the last week which I’m looking forward to and have gratitude for.

I’m being ushered back into cosmetology which I’ve been out of for about 4 years now respectively having returned to grocery retail until my foot surgery. I took a risk not expecting to hear anything back on the first job I applied to and it actually turned up a job offer I’m content with. Fingers crossed succeeding through the 90 day probation earns me a permanent place.

The Sun represents the Divine Masculine and is in contrast to the Moon’s Divine Feminine influence so you may see some clashes with you or your partner’s inner child at this time. What you want to observe and avoid are overly controlling or selfish behaviors in relationships. The Sun is our ego while the Moon is our emotions and intuition so we need to consider both at this moment. Pallas Athena represents our inner wisdom which we should be listening to for guidance.

Our Yod is in both Earth and water elements so what we need to realize is this is a time to remain practical, grounded, and to focus on that which maintains stability in our lives. We don’t want our emotions or intuition to come at us the way a raging tsunami arrives. Likewise we need to understand that water can also express that our emotions and intuition are a source of mystery that sustains us providing a sense of peace and calm when we are maintaining harmony.

Water governs circulation, the sweat glands, and our memory. Good advice right now might be to make sure you’re drinking enough water to stay hydrated, to spend some time out in nature, and to take up a practical task with your hands/feet such as cooking, gardening, walking/hiking, or take a trip to the beach.

For me personally the houses impacted by these signs and placements involve the unconscious/subconscious, partnerships, creative pursuits, finances, risk taking, and seeking out pleasure/joy. Libra as the scales is asking that I likely maintain a good work life balance right now with the many hats I’ve been wearing. Below is some information on this degree before we head onto Ostara.

This degree enlarges our awareness making way for new ideas to be introduced into the milieu of our lives in an effortless way so that people experience a minimum of discomfort that might otherwise accrue from the process of change. In all relationships new points of connection can/will appear which can enrich interactions immeasurably. Everyone’s power to communicate is stretched and expanded increasingly opening up more possibilities to be explored.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “In the midst of a forest, a great circular open area.” This is a place to commune secretly with others and nature while remaining protected as this happens. Touching everyone we meet in an intimate and ineffable way is often done at a subliminal and unsuspected level. When we find a space in which to connect we develop the ability to do this swiftly and instinctively offering escape and relief from the world’s narrow focus.

It is through going to this place of deep communion and then returning that we are rejuvenated able to deal with our own world with greater clarity and perspective. Work with guardian angel Umabel and daimon Zagan.

This degree is also helpful with the Unakite Granite crystal and carries the message to open your senses to inspiring messages from your spiritual guides. The focus should be deepened self esteem and self awareness through personal growth leading to metaphysical, logical, and physical answers. Affirm that you experience profound and gentle transformation.

Daimon Zagan connects to the Eight of Wands, Sun, Mercury, Hyssop, and Sagittarius. If you’re working with Zagan you will find it easier to curb your addictions and remove bad habits from your life. You want to work with this daimon for chakra cleansing, shielding/warding, and some work with this daimon when they want a glow up (to transform one’s self in a significantly positive way).

Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer.” – Anita Krizzan

There is no fixed star for this degree in Libra so let’s move right along to Ostara! Ah, Ostara, Eostere, and yes I am well aware of those who compare this to Ishtar’s Descent! We can argue Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine forever, but really this is getting old fast! So I’m going to leave a few links below on Ostara, Eostre, and Ishtar as archetypes and give a little brief intro before I break into her astrology placement in my Lunar Return chart as I invite/encourage others to chart her as well if they’d like to work with this vibration or energy rather than create a bunch of ruckus arguing about exoteric literalisms neglecting to own their shadow which is like politics/propaganda a sore spot for me.

This season is really at it’s core for holidays or “holy” days simply a time to celebrate the Spring Equinox and a new season of equal darkness/light creating a midway point where energies grow stronger. Ostara was a Germanic Goddess like our Roman Aphrodite who shared a correspondence with April via Ōstarmānod centered around rebirth and fertility. This time like Eostermonath is celebrated with painted eggs to bring back childhood magic.

Some cultures simply dye their eggs red. I don’t think my mom would want me dying eggs with onions in her home though as onion is not one of her favorites; no offense. Still others opt to go for some truly intricate designs. Eostremonath calls back to the Anglo Saxon and Brothers Grimm evidence of the existence of these Goddesses in various parts of Europe. Yes, Easter bunnies!

Plastic eggs are also used in place of real eggs and filled with a variety of items. Some might wish to write what they wish to manifest at this time on a slip of paper and place this inside these such as a new job, new love, new home/car, etc.. This is the time for planting seeds, starting a garden, and spring cleaning. Commonly what we see at this time is the promotion of pollination also with daffodils, honeysuckle, tulips, and wildflowers. If you don’t have much space try an indoor herb garden with sage, rosemary, and basil associated to love, healing, and protection.

Ostara, Eostre, and Ishtar:

Lunar Return Chart for Asteroid Ostara

Asteroid Ostara is in my Leo ruled 5th House of Sagittarius at 21° retrograde for my Lunar Return making a trine with the Sun, a square with Jupiter and Neptune, and a sextile with Saturn. This is the vibration of connecting with others socially to discover opportunities for improving one’s finances or material circumstances. It should be an easier than normal time to connect with those aligned with similar values, asserting one’s self confidently, and being careful of becoming too full of one’s self.

If one is trying to get out of stagnation they’re likely required to shake things up a little bit. This is a time when one values the beauty of nature, struggles with projecting their unconscious onto others, and learns about healthy boundaries. During this time there is a change of re-prioritizing goals, gaining major insight into the true self, and evolving on a chosen path.

Within each of us are hidden glories yet to be discovered, remembered, and retrieved. The chart holder senses the presence of these and is able to covertly and subtly tune whoever they encounter into the inherent greatness within themselves. Even if this happens only in the faintest of ways. A new clearer perspective on life is experienced.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Toads singing at night.” There are energies which are calling to all of us and they call all of the time. As we grow more sensitive and more ready to hear them the volume of these calls is turned way up so that our attention becomes increasingly attuned which causes them to seem to magnify.

Even when engulfed by darkness, uncertainty, and alienation the chart holder is out there calling to and sending messages of hope and encouragement if only others let themselves hear it. Work with guardian angel Sehaliah and daimon Vine.

This degree is also helpful with the Mahogany Obsidian crystal and carries the message to study and remember, perform well, and gain recognition for your specialized expertise. The focus should be life skills which teach one to think outside of the box seeing all opportunities available to succeed. Affirm that you remember information with ease and accuracy when called upon.

Daimon Vine connects to the Ten of Swords, Sun, Gemini, and Mallow. Vine specializes in healing, protecting the aura/prana from psychic vampires as well as guarding the Heart chakra to improve physical health, and aids with divination. This daimon is described often metaphorically as building towers which many don’t quite grasp can imply a steady living, home, or helping one achieve lifetime achievements/goals. Of course there comes a time when these may be shaken down or when we may need to not become trapped in them literally as well as metaphorically.

Beans, buckwheat, lettuce, mushrooms peeking through wildflower stems, and potatoes. We’re still waiting for them to produce some flowers and growth beyond roots, stems, and leaves.

There is also no fixed star for the degree Asteroid Ostara sits on therefore I’m closing today wishing you an eggcelent holiday! Still no bees in this garden, but we do have some wasps trying to pollinate a few plants which is better than last year when they built their nest in our fireplace. Be well! 🐤🌱🐑

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Structuring Your April

“When the moon is not full, the stars shine more brightly.” – Unkown

We are in a Waxing Crescent Moon so here is a helpful tarot reading to kick this month off. Use the underlined hyperlink text to hop around.


Card 1: Your Source of Energy And Willpower

King of Clubs: Sailor Venus and Libra

This high energy card carries important messages for the goals you’re setting. This King is associated with success and good fortune leading you on a path to your dreams. The King of Clubs reminds us that life is short and doing what makes you happy is the best way to enjoy your time on Earth. Now is not the time to be a bump on a log rather put everything you have into achieving what you want in life by carefully focusing your time and energy.

If you’re seeing this card you’re encouraged to present your ideas without the fear of being rejected or laughed at for not knowing what you’re doing at all times. The King of Clubs is a “yes” to any question you have asked, don’t dwell on the past, move forward, and seize new opportunities coming your way.

Libra is ruled by Venus and at present Venus is in Pisces at 2°. In all life situations this degree senses a greater reality where hidden energies influence the here and now. We find here a strong and persistent knowing that what we are all doing here in the realm of physicality is of extreme importance with a key to spiritual fulfillment. This degree’s highest calling is via taking up the role of a patient learner who listens to the world around themselves and hears the voices of spirit calling to them.

We need to understand that we are all healed by taking an often extreme and periodic break from the rigors of being encased in social frameworks. All humans are at their best when they don’t fall prey to thinking that their primal energies are meant to dominate the self or can’t be resisted. Work with guardian angel Yelahiah and daimon Shax.

Daimon Shax ties to the Nine of Swords, Moon, Purslane, and Gemini. This daimon is a gift giver, but this is not material gains. You will obtain something that you’ve had your eye on as a goal that is not just financial. Rather someone beneficial may enter your life. One of Shax’s specialties is assisting with attaining one’s Higher Self as well as being an aid with the skills of skrying, tarot, mirrormancy, rune casting, hydromancy, and nature magick.

Card 2: Your Talents

King of Hearts: Zoisite

This King of Hearts dispalys honesty, nobility, and truth by teaching you to remain in harmony (all parts of self should be in sync). Right now you should deploy a sense of justice and fairness for self/others. Take a close look at your thoughts and feelings comparing them to the opinions of others.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss new ideas. Instead listen carefully to others taking their opinions into consideration when making decisions regarding career and life choices no matter how small their advice may appear. While the King of Hearts indicates a “yes” know that more responsibility is coming your way.

Zoisite is a form of silicate which is an important ingedient in mineral makeup and healing crystals. It is often used to rebirth one’s soul, foster inner development, increase understanding of one’s self and the world, as well as stimulate regeneration of cells neutralizing over-acidification inside the body. Many use this crystal to overcome the flu or other respiratory diseases. Zoisite appeals to the Heart and Third Eye chakras promoting a connection with your truest self.

Card 3: The Environment

Five of Diamonds: Chibimoon and Cancer/Tuxedo Mask and Leo

When we face the Five of Diamonds in a reading we may be feeling blocked, but we’re being warned to not give up or allow fear to take over. Push through your obstacles, inner doubts, and negativity. The number five represents new beginnings in a much larger game.

If you’re choosing between different paths assess the pros/cons of both to wisely discern which will bring you the greatest happiness in life. The Five of Diamonds asks for you to assess your history which holds answers to your current situation by symbolizing recovery from disaster, restitution, and stability through selflessness with unexpected rewards.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and at present the Moon is in Cancer at 1° while Leo is ruled by the Sun and at present the Sun is in Aries at 17°. Breaking down barriers and clearing away the detritus of the past leaves the consciousness free to experience imaginative possibilities. Experiencing any gushing of feelings we seek to form vessels to give life form.

To be receptive to all the colors of the spiritual light is to find a food that can restore harmony. To fashion vessels which hold what is valuable leaves us with what is left over. This is life’s trash which we seek to collect together so that it is out of our way.

When we release so much that is pent up we come to a point of relaxed meditative silence where all becomes light and the kingdom of the fairies is found. In this meditative silence all voices of the universe become magnified. Work with guardian angels Leuviah and Lauviah as well as the daimons Botis and Gusion.

Daimon Botis ties to the Nine of Pentacles, Mercury, Lily, and Virgo. Work with daimon Botis will bring one new friends protecting your social reputation. Botis helps one develop courage and avoid being hurt by the hatred/envy of others.

Daimon Gusion ties to the the Three of Cups, Venus, Aloe, and Cancer. Gusion will be best suited towards bringing longstanding disagreements with friends/family to an end. This daimon is ideal for character development and improving your self perception.

Card 4: Your Resources

Queen of Clubs: Mercury and Virgo

The Queen of Clubs shows up to teach us the importance of both spiritual and practical abundance representing the duality of our lives via the balance of Yin and Yang. You have the power to create abundance in your life. This card in particular is about the Divine Feminine, but comes with a warning to ensure your motives are pure rather than those which take advantage of others such as is seen in grifters. Don’t misuse your power or you will face difficulties further down the road.

The Queen of Clubs displays in a tarot reading to show how attracted others are to you because you fill up their life in a positive way. She indicates kinship, support, and honesty to help you succeed in becoming a great friend/partner. This card indicates a “yes” to a question you’ve asked yet you should focus on that which is most important in your life at this time rather than spreading yourself too thin. Stay grounded and practical!

Virgo is Mercury ruled and at present Mercury is in Aries at 23°. This degree has a great ability to keep experimenting with a situation until it has found a way to make it work. Remaining always open to the potential of change, knowing that nothing is set in stone, and even if it seems to be, stone, too, can be re-carved. Everything is open to modification and experimentation; knowing this is actually a strength.

Through becoming aware of what is hidden we realize that it is actually always lurking beneath and influencing our lives even when we are not directly aware of it. When we relax and let go of expectations we find that the currents of life carry us into unexpected adventures. Work with guardian angel Melahel and daimon Aim.

Daimon Aim ties to the Four of Cups, Neptune, Lemon, and Cancer. Aim is good for improving your intuition, making you witty, and ensuring that anything your do in life runs smoothly by teaching you to become a more organized individual. When working with this daimon you will be filled with a variety of ideas, inspirations, and perspectives ready to share with others what you’ve discovered by working as a creative muse. This can be applied to a wide range of topics such as writing, party planning, interior decorating, or cooking.

Have a tranquil Thursday! 😚💌

Our mason bee house arrived. Smaller than I thought. Maybe we will need more than one.

PS: I’m still researching fertilizer solutions such as making our own potash!

Teach Me Tuesdays: Jill and the Beanstalk

Salamanders with the wood pile near the chiminea! This is a house of three fire signs; two female Leos and one male Sagittarius! Probably a bit more like pyromania.

You’re going to have to climb with me using some hyperlink underlined text, and I hope you’re not afraid of heights. Yes, even that one above in the image description! The salamander is dot art.


I slept horrible so I got a very late start to my day; I was entirely too hot. I think it’s time to begin running fans again! And after yesterday I had a lot of pent up angst still, but I woke up realizing my plants had all grown overnight quite a bit since two days ago. So while I’m hearing about price inflation and rumors of food shortages I’m going to say no matter how little I’m making at my astrology and esoterics business I’m very thankful I’ve mastered the art of gardening if everything else in life is leaving me exceptionally apathetic, anxious, and downright depressed right now. Because last time I checked other than learning to can I consider food to be a pretty important commodity and skill still while everyone else is looking at other items and placing value on them.

Unless all humans, insects, and animals are content with processed foods having a bustling organic garden of some sort even at home as a victory garden having family as I’ve said tied to the Great Depression/WW II era as my backbone on top of ancestry that goes back to immigration to the United States in the 1800s or my education of Stalin/Hitler eras I feel if I can provide something healthy to nourish life than I’ve done something good with my lackluster time on Earth as I sometimes just don’t feel it and want off this planet.

You either plan for the rainy day or you keep relying on systems that don’t always prove to be secure because they’re like riding a roller coaster which not everyone enjoys being on daily. Probably in the end will lead to adrenal fatigue; I could be wrong, but… Actually I hate rumors, and I hate people pandering to fear, but then I don’t know what to think because so far I’ve not seen food supply chain problems where I live to the degree perhaps others see where they live. Better safe than sorry later!

What I need now is the beanstalk so I can go get the golden eggs! Alas I’ve not yet made it there… Especially with Easter on the way! I’m still confused on the rumors running around about empty shelves or being paid to not grow anything by certain people’s not to be mentioned here. I completely get letting land fallow because I had to do this during my ankle surgery year and then I cover cropped to build the soil back, but when something feels intuitively “off” or “manipulated” my radar goes off.

Don’t get me wrong we do have some processed snack foods in our house, but we actually keep items in this house so we’re not constantly in the grocery store every week. Probably something out of whack in my psyche! If you’ve worked in a grocery store you don’t want to shop there every day or week on top of your job!

I took great grandmother very serious when told about life during the Great Depression and surviving poverty. Our connection was very strong and more-so with the inheritance having gotten her high school yearbook 3 years before that struck. It imprints on your consciousness to not want to be there again so you’re never one with an entitlement mindset. Yes, I’ve been told by others I work hard in life. I don’t understand the other way of not doing so and view it as slothful or indolent. Sorry I was not raised that way. I understand the need to enjoy life, but I don’t understand not keeping busy either.

I have this weird ascetic way of living where I’ve been largely very different from most people I’ve been forced to live around or work for. I think that matches yesterday’s fixed star about the “fish out of water” standing for being out of my element. I even tell people I feel born in the wrong generation and that I don’t feel I belong in the present or future. I wish I knew time travel because I don’t rightly feel I belong here.

Today I’m going to leave you with the fairy tale that goes with this blog post title, some annoying garden photos that you’ll grow tired of fast perhaps (my plants are like my babies right now so if you want to laugh at me for this you can), and I’m going to work on the Arabic Part/Lot Hope which I considered doing yesterday. I really don’t want to spend my entire day working on a blog post, and I’m sorry for that. I have not got very much to say right now and moping around is not going to be seen as attractive so I’ll keep this simple.

Jack and the Beanstalk (I’m Going W/Jill as I’m a Female):

I’ve been referring to myself for days now this way since I’m growing green, yellow, and purple beans in the garden. Rightfully we planted several seeds and years ago I only planted two seeds which produced enough beans that I was legitimately eating green beans that year every single day trying to keep up with the plants production line. I honestly had to give produce away to neighbors who received food for free! Yes, food for free that I grew because I had surplus!

I will never understand why this skill is not being taught to many people all over the world so they can self sustain beyond just a grocery store especially if they live in a grocery desert. We’re dealing with my arguments about being online and my business going nowhere as well as my dislike of social media or people who openly said they can’t own their shadow while I’ve been working on mine for years. If I’m apathetic what do I call those who literally refuse to do the work essential to their personal growth? Can I call them lazy or a bum or is that too harsh?

Actually that also triggers another issue I have with people. The belief women should not teach or should know their place. It’s best I simply don’t tackle this right now or I’m going to begin to soap box rant at everyone! That’s perfectly fine for those who want to cut off their intuitive perceptions of Truth reflected in their intellect from their soul. Albeit this may be the root of some of the very problems with humanity at large which we still see in societies. What can I say literalists need a bit of a re-education on the feminine as Divine as well as the Mother phase/archetype of God/Goddess or their Holy Spirit. That tricky issue about patriarchy versus matriarchy and the two not being equal still! I probably just hit someone’s nerve saying this. Oops!

Communities could thrive if this practice was adopted. Funny seeing Ceres mentioned below as I’ve charted her in my astrology chart. She is found in two Cradles, a Mystic Rectangle, and one of the Castle/Seer configurations in my Western natal chart quite happy in my 6th House of Aries. The 6th House being ruled by Virgo and thus an Earth sign it asks that one integrate within their work/job, health, pets, and techniques for self improvement that they might best serve others in their day to day tasks/chores. It is also the house of hygiene. This is the house of importance to one’s life journey.

Garden Photos:

No, I won’t be spamming you with these everyday. It’s going to take some more time beyond one month for them to evidently really “produce some beauty beyond GREEN” right now.

I also forgot to mention my step father and I have been looking at a bee hive to put in! Yes, we want to invite some pollinators! But I need to find a part time job so I will be wrapping this blog post up shortly. Actually while composing this I just got the e-mail. The bee hive is on order; thanks to my step father ordering one for us.

Basil sprouts probably need more fertilizer to get them moving as does the lemon balm, and I may be using more root builder on the carrots as they’re very slow at growth right now.
The long stage of producing many, many, many leaves and then vines/stalks before they produce any beans especially if we get too warm.

They produce more beans as the temperatures stay a bit less triple Texas digit. Right now we’re in the high 90s today before dipping back down into the high 70s/low 80s. I spent extra time watering today due to the heat and was myself feeling cooked again under the heat of the Sun with no clouds. If I feel cooked the plants have to feel miserable and be begging for water.

These carrots… Meanwhile I’ve got 15 garlic chives, and I wonder if I should pot some giving them away to neighbors. They do flower; the flowers and the chives are edible both!
One of our Dahlias has returned. We took it for dead so we planted echinacea seeds in the pot. Companion plants? I hope it’s not too crowded.
This last weekend I helped my step father build a structure for the beans to vine around. Now we will need to cut Agribon for the lettuce to help keep pesky caterpillars off my produce or I’m going to have lace for lettuce becoming very angry!
Flowers have to be coming soon, but this stem growth process is killing me. LOL
The potatoes are literally all leaves filling the entire bed now!
Tomatoes still also growing mostly leaves, but I am waiting for the thick vines that I will have to help support. Sluggish lemon balm sprouts and another random snail.
We have a cactus/succulent garden that requires one be careful including around the yucca! The sage is flowering again which usually attracts several bees from honey to bumble.

To find the Arabic Part/Lot for Hope use the formula Ascendant plus Mercury minus Jupiter. We can laugh because like yesterday this is also in my 1st House Libra, but Hope is found at 18°. Both of these thus are meant to represent the conscious self ruling the head, face, and conscious thoughts of one’s mind. Ruled by Aries the 1st House is all action. This is absolutely hilarious!

Hope Arabic Part/Lot

Forces of evolution will inevitably induce a release of any illusions which stand in the way. When these releases come the extent to which we benefit from them depends upon our reactions to them. If we can flow with them and allow their force to loosen clearing whatever in us we are ready to let go of we will receive maximum benefit from their healing potential. This degree acutely senses change and knows how to subtly foster it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman carefully counting the beans in a jar.” Through this simple act of quantification this degree seeks a sign or a portent that manifests the numerological significance from the number of beans. This is one of the simplest and homeliest of all the symbols, but it contains more than what appears on the surface.

For the beans have a limited number, and yet planted and allowed to grow and produce through an indefinite and potentially infinite number of cycles they are unlimited. And so this degree is about perceiving the infinite within the seemingly limited reality around oneself, and this simple act of perception actually fosters the infinite’s healing force.

In both the Omega and Chandra symbols of this degree very little action is taken on the part of the people involved. In the Omega it is a mere witnessing while in the Chandra it is only the act of counting. The minimization of doing here magnifies the potency of being and witnessing which subtly enhances and supports the forces of evolution. Work with guardian angel Nithael and daimon Murmur.

Daimon Murmur is connected with the 10 of Pentacles, Venus, Virgo, and Parsley (we’re not growing this herb; when we did I raised several Swallowtail caterpillars to butterflies releasing them). I’m going to tiptoe around this one, however, as some topics might be dicey for a few out there.

Murmur is a master in philosophy teaching disciples to understand subjects perfectly assisting with divination, insight, and intuition. This daimon helps with shapeshifting, music, sciomancy (Is that why I inherited my ancestral records out of everyone in my maternal family; I don’t recall requesting this?), and the performance of exorcisms while also strengthening the astral body and improving one’s communication with spirits. I believe I read some possible connections to Hekate.


A woman carefully counting the beans in a jar.

Taking outward phenomena literally. The utmost in naivete. You wander into every trap and pitfall with eyes wide open wanting so badly for everything to add up and to make sense. Lacking a strong center of self hood. Impressionable to received ideas and at the mercy of conditionings wanting only to please and to make everybody happy you are held within the circle of consensus agreement. Behaving in such exemplary fashion that it is too good to be true. All is from the outside in. Lessons in outlasting what you take on, and in showing up after being so far gone that nobody knew where to find you.

Someone sent me a Moon rune reading and drew two for me to represent the real and the illusion. I received Fehu as the illusion telling me to stop putting value in my finances and social standing when cattle which I refer to as chattel or the etymological root of capital (of the head, all one’s possessions, and property used in trade/finance) in Norse tribes was a source of strife amongst those hungry for power.

If one is lost in earning and saving more they don’t realize my reading says that they already work hard enough and have sacrificed throughout life enough for those they care about. Pushing too hard we lose true value in life. Laguz was given as the real indicating according to my reading that empathy and intuition connected to my emotions may be impacting my relationships with friends/family.

Deep ties of friendship and family transcend our normal relations and should be worth fighting for. The kidneys and bladder mentioned in association with the rune Laguz definitely hit a chord. I just healed from a uterine tract infection and boy have I been drinking a lot of water while upping my cranberry/D Mannose.

I think this is true also because I officially deleted several apps on my iPhone learning how much information/data they were harvesting. I also deleted Whatsapp because I’m so sick of crypto scammers, websites with viruses/malware, and people trying to hack into my identity or finances. I actually want a dumb phone again.

I literally run these people around in circles for the purpose of angering them as they anger me to no end. I gave the person on Whatsapp a long mind @#$%& since they thought I was someone to mess with. VPN just is not enough nor is IP or phone number blocking. There is zero, zilch, and nada “smart” about the way we adopt such lunatic practices today some of which make me wonder why more don’t wear straight jackets. Sorry! I don’t like parasites such as leeches, ticks, and vampires. I know that others find this to be the unpleasant side of my personality as well as pessimistic. We don’t have to agree!

There is no fixed star on this degree so we won’t mess with that today. Instead I’m going to wrap up by sending off my usual closing. Have an outlandish Tuesday.


Manifestation Mondays: The Garden 2022 and Life Updates

Meals begin with a smile made of olive oil sprayed into a frying pan in a failed attempt to fix my anxiety/depression.

Use the underlined hyperlink text to walk the Earth and fly to your home in the sky.


How long has it been; I lost count of the days and weeks. I wanted to finally re-open the blog, but I’m presently working on a new resumé as well as looking for part time work. I’m unsure to date still of how I want to re-design my blogging schedule having just recovered from a uterine tract infection. I’m also going to show one month out how the new organic garden is shaping up for everyone to see minus the sunburn I acquired recently; even as a Leo natal Sun on the Western zodiac I get crispy when radiated. Really much of the plants are just green sprouts, shoots, and leaves this early in the planting season for us. Too many cold spells had us starting later than I wanted.

I needed some serious time to ascertain what I was doing with this blog or my business which I’m still very unsure, but getting clearer on letting it all go without regret. It generates zero income for me whatsoever therefore I’m heavily still contemplating when in terms of an actual date to simply close up my DBA focusing all my attention elsewhere given what I foresee for the years ahead in my life. I’m heavily coping with my desire to abandon esoterics altogether which means I don’t even know if I want to keep tarot decks because I’m disinterested now.

Keeping this routine up is also far too time consuming for me. I really can’t possibly sit forever at a computer screen. Not only is this overall unhealthy as it’s sedentary, but I deserve better! I simply deserve a lot better than Zoom meetings, blogs, and other false life experiences within a matrix of binary gibberish! I watched a video of the virtual reality Oculus type stuff on someone only to realize I don’t get it. I have glasses. Growing up with a lazy left eye, astigmatism, and thick lenses got me bullied as well as picked on leaving me scarred. People literally want to look like that with those contraptions on their faces. I’m so confused!

And this is not me trying to be hateful to those people; I honestly don’t understand you! Sorry dear technocrats we really don’t see eye to eye and never will!

I gave up ASMR and am really eager to give up all iPhone app games. I’ve removed television from my negative habits list. So the clean out I wanted is working in terms of removing that which I don’t feel serves me. It has to sound strange because I won’t relate to anyone pretty soon is the way that I feel. I literally won’t have much in common with those I’ve had in my life. Even my diet has continued to change. Took a step father/daughter day to the shooting range to practice. Yes, I’m a member of one of “those” kinds of families although I only really aim at paper targets or inanimate objects out there and not real people or animals. I was more distracted by all the butterflies I was seeing. Don’t ask!

Taxes this year for our family due to current events required some financial payments like our medical bills in January that have completely re-shaped our lives and the way it looks this won’t be changing with inflation or other factors being predicted. Therefore if this blog and business are dead weight it is my estimation that eventually it will be offloaded as baggage I’m unwilling to carry for too long. Which is difficult knowing I paid for 3 years of web service with my host whom I’m also a bit now in disagreement with due to my apolitical or non political views so when they pick sides to “stand with” we simply won’t agree.

It is hard to find your business or blog attached to that which you are in moral or ethical conflict with. Let’s be honest I don’t normally patronize businesses if I feel extremely unhappy with certain practices they adopt/employ. The services are stellar, but… Can’t you leave politics out of this?

I’m not pro or “standing with” either side within recent conflicts because as I’ve said I’m apolitical or non political. Both sides in my opinion are illusions and controlled opposition on the fronts of Divide and Conquer as well as Hegelian Dialectic where people are supporting the latest trends by shallow virtue signaling with no forethought or afterthought to the repercussions of their very actions which occur when we all practice groupthink in echo chambers as I stated previously. Radical change in 2022 for me. YES! I did not expect it, but it’s growing on me.

You will find me struggling with three problems now known as apathy, anxiety, and depression. I’m dealing with wanting to get off the digital plantation others are on due to my ever expanding knowledge of what is unfolding which others are ignoring as they peddle an ideology which they rightly know will do harm to most life on Earth. These groups have one goal and one goal only. Profit is their only desired achievement and they go about it with the motto “the ends justify the means.” You could consider this a toxic dis-ease that impacts all ways of life because people profit by more than just the monetary energy they exchange. The dog eat dog model is not my cup of tea!

If you’d like to see previous gardening blog posts you can find them below:

The seed storage is always growing. Cosmos, dahlias, celosia, hollyhock, sunflowers, echinacea, lemon balm, songbird mix, and edibles seen above.

What have we planted in 2022? A variety of wildflowers some edible with basil, lemon balm, echinacea, marigolds, hollyhock, potatoes, roma tomatoes, carrots (orange and rainbow), beans (green, yellow, and purple), and lettuce (varieties). The garlic chives survived the autumn and winter seasons returning this spring. Presently I’m just bulking them up on local organic fertilizers both dry and wet including root builder from Microlife, Rose Glo, and HastaGro. We are adding coffee grounds as well as ground up egg shells for calcium. Due to shortages of bone meal and blood meal it’s about adapting.

Here are the photo collages I’ve created:

Green, Yellow, and Purple Beans (Sprouts/Leaves)
Carrots (Barely Emerging Out of the Mud/Soil)
Potatoes and Roma Tomatoes (No Vines Yet)
Garlic Chive, Lettuce, and a Random Snail
Lots of Basil
Ladybug, Wildflowers, and Lemon Balm (First Ladybug I’ve Seen in 2022)
Marigolds and More Wildflowers

Today I’m going to end with one Arabic Part/Lot although I was torn between two; Hope and Peace. I’m choosing to go with Peace using the formula Ascendant plus Venus minus Sun. I’m opting to go with this because I have a Lourdes amulet with grotto water on my wealth altar which is in the form of a necklace when I paid to have someone take my wish to be read there several years ago asking for peace on Earth and an end to wars. Like the paper origami cranes I had made years ago I’m still waiting for someone to grant this wish and well I’m just not sure anymore.

The amulet is supposed to be worn for protection with reference to my health. The request was made directly after my foot fractures. I really don’t care what religion this was as I’ve stated over and over with repetition I became fully Catholic in my twenties, but have studied several of them so I’m really non-dogmatic. They each have their pluses and minuses respectively! Spiritual concepts reach beyond mere organized religions used to control the 3D. Peace is not going to come when most seem to worship at an altar of war and strife getting rich/drunk on both.

Still waiting…

You will find Peace for me within my 1st House of Libra at 15° which is best summed up as the sign rising on the Eastern horizon at the moment of one’s birth signalling new beginnings centered upon the individual defining that person as who they are and who they will become for it implies this is when they realize their best self and ultimate potential. To become a unique individual one contributes to the world within which they live. This is the sum total of one’s being internally and externally in how they approach life.

Peace Arabic Part/Lot

The chart holder knows how to take the time via carefully personal and artful attempts to bring out the very best in situations whereby they create maximum enjoyment for both self and others. This assists others to feel all of life more vividly fully slowing down to see with far greater clarity what is truly most important to themselves. This is a beautiful skill executed wonderfully.

Giving loving and careful attention to all that we do creates in us an attunement to a pure source of deep inner wisdom. Realizing the repetitive nature of all cycles we come to see the deeper meaning and purpose of that which we continually repeat. Looking deeply into life we find those things of great value that help us to bring loving care into all that we do. Perceiving the ancient imprints that exist in the deepest layers of our unconscious we are able to see more clearly the one-sidedness of our thinking and how all thoughts are illusions. Work with guardian angel Hahasiah and daimon Balam.

You’ve likely seen my recent entries incorporating both guardian angels and daimons. Well you have to understand what these are beyond those of organized religions who fail to grasp metaphysics. So let’s look at this word and it’s origins.

Daimon is a noun and synonym of demon via Greek mythology representing a tutelary deity/spirit which watches over a person or place. For example, on the island of Ko Kho Khao in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand many build spirit houses as shrines for protective spirits of a place. δαίμων (daimon) is a God/Goddess, divine power, deity, and guardian spirit known in Latin as a genius signifying one’s fate, destiny, and fortune.

Spirit houses provide shelter for spirits which may otherwise create problems for people if not appeased. These shrines often include images or carved statues of people and animals. Votive offerings are left at the house to propitiate these spirits. the most common offering are fruits (e.g. banana, orange, grape; some people even offer different fruits at the same time.)

In neighboring Thailand however, it is a long-standing tradition to leave offerings of food and drink at the spirit house. The idea is one which believes that friendly spirits will congregate to enjoy free food and drink where their presence will serve to keep more malign spirits at bay. Offerings are usually given with a focus on the color red. Most point to the significance of the color red as being quite reminiscent of animal or blood sacrifice, but I also believe this has much more to do with the Root chakra. Why you ask; because animals hold metaphyiscal rather than literal value.

Sacrifices are a refining process of mental and bodily energy with reference to the ascension of spirit which brings one to higher states of consciousness. It is a removal of impurities, but many are often trapped with seeing these concepts through a literalized viewpoint which needs some serious correction. Blood in the metaphyiscal is in fact referring to race mind which must be transmuted from destructive ideas such as fear, doubt, and inharmony.

Daimon Balam is connected to the Seven of Wands, Sun, Leo and Oak. This divinatory spirit reveals answers of the past and present as well as that which is to come teaching astral invisibility while helping one to get over their social awkwardness and discomfort. Mental aptitude and cunning will help one be successful, but really one works with Balam for expanded wisdom and higher intellect of the spiritual world. One begins to make meaning of that which otherwise goes unnoticed. This daimon also helps one exercise caution when dealing with adversity especially that of unknown enemies.

As stated previously mom and I are Holly on the Celtic Tree Calendar being born respectively 7/26 and 7/29.

This degree sits at Beta Volans in Volans the flying fish. Volans represents a type of tropical fish which can jump out of the water and glide through the air on wings occasionally landing on the decks of ships being used for food. This fixed star represents most accurately the metaphor of a fish out of water signifying that which is out of their element; a stranger, one in exile, and a foreigner.

These flying fish known as Exocoetidae from exo-koitos means bed, lying down outside, and sleeping under the stars. Volans is the present participle of volare (to fly) and a derivative of volant (having wings). Volo is another derivative meaning “I Wish” which comes from voluntas (free will) and volatus (flight) to signify a spirit flying anywhere it wishes.

I am not sure when I will blog again, but if I continue to you may see a lot more of the garden on/off for a while as I enjoy seeing and showing our progress with what we’ve produced. As stated above I’ll have to work on a schedule if I desire to retain this space or make any progress with my business. As always you can support me and help me regain motivation by purchasing an astrology report or through donation. I don’t expect a reply to this though! And no it’s actually not self pity.

I hoped this would keep me out of a corporate job, but it’s simply not produced any fruit which is also factoring into my decision to get off the digital plantation again as I did when I closed my aesthetics business. If you’re really wondering why I closed my blog it’s because at present there is a lot of censorship. Speaking about virtually anything anymore comes with great risks therefore I’m honestly considering if that risk is even worth being here.

We live in a day as well as an age that is so devolved right now and so propagandized, cancel cultured, and hypocritical one will recognize they may prefer to not associate with any of the present now moment out of a disgust with humanity. And yes some of this comes from a recent trek in analyzing an allegory by Edgar Allan Poe which dealt with masks, masquerades, death/feebleness or old age, the indulgences of the seven deadly sins, and the stages all experience in life.

Essentially this ongoing problem was something that began with my first blog entry and as time has progressed the digital age has only grown worse with this dis-ease in the shortest amount of time I’ve ever seen. Those who do not know how the internet was in the late 90s won’t understand how over the years for us older users of such platforms we’ve seen the world of AI, cyber, and such turn into a “monster” with which we may simply be willing to say a heartfelt “NO” to.

The Grinch has yet to grow a heart big enough for us to accept or even embrace his distorted ideas of Whoville! Besides nature has way more to offer than virtual reality. What I would say for now is to not expect me to blog again for quite some time. I don’t have my heart in it anymore, and I’m having such difficulty wanting to promote my business as it’s dead weight that I’m likely to give up. I can’t tread water anymore when I’m out of steam/energy. I either want this or I don’t. I’m beginning to realize and finally accept that maybe I really don’t because as I’ve said I’m happier not online and either face to face with real people or out in the actual world of nature touching that which is tangible instead of fake.

Have a bountiful Monday and best wishes! 🌜📅

“Silence is a powerful weapon.” – Unknown

PS: Forgot to mention we’re actively waiting on a flour grinder. We want to be able to grind our own flours and make baked goods. There was some thought of selling items at Farmer’s Markets instead of doing this, but I don’t know if we’ll go that route. I was also wondering about all the buckwheat cover crop I grew last year. If we grew it again could we grind it and use it.

Wisdom Wednesday’s: February’s 2022 Full Moon in Leo

“It is a beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the Moon.” – Galileo Galilei

This entry is a bit late as there were errands today as well as mom’s checkup doctor appointment. The doctor was late, and we parked near a karaoke bar due to limited parking nearby. Which meant the alcohol delivery held us up for nearly an hour when they parked their truck behind us. We had to go into the karaoke bar and one of the staff named Adam moved their Red Ford Mustang so we could play musical car shuffle into their parking spot from ours and get out of this parking lot jam as we still needed to grocery shop. It looked like one of the iPhone app game adverts that I get from time to time trying to empty a full parking lot of cars. No, I am not pulling your leg. His name was Adam as that is how he introduced himself to me. The cashier at the grocery store also rang all our produce up incorrectly (organic is not conventional) so it has been a very long day of purely silly.

The underlined hyperlink text will fly you to the Moon.

🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔

Our Full Moon in Leo occurred where I live at 10:56 AM CST at 27° 58’ which I am only being exact as it can thus be rounded up to the 28° symbolism. The first degree of every sign begins at 0° degrees 00 minutes of arc extending to 0° degrees 59 minutes of arc. This is the same analogy as a new born child at birth and the first year of their life. We celebrate the child’s first birthday a year later representing a child who has left their first year entering their second year of life.

Today we will look at the symbolism of both Leo 27° and 28°. For everyone this will be felt in different locations of their chart as mine is my natal 10th House (occupation, advancement, skill/trade, honor, and relationships to authority) in Western astrology and 11th House (patronage, hopes/dreams, wealth, opportunity to serve the collective, and impersonal group relationships) in Vedic astrology.

We have two T-Squares with the Moon, Sun, Asteroid Ceres, True Node of the Moon, and North Node involving Aquarius, Leo, Gemini, and Taurus. Also a Yod is involved between the Moon, Midheaven, Pluto, and Asteroid Pallas Athena with Leo, Capricorn, and Aries.

This T-Square exists between Fixed and Mutable signs. What do you do if/when your heart longs to be loved, but the love you seek is not forthcoming? These fleeting transits are little red flags for us to formally say goodbye to all of the illusions we hold onto especially our expectations. The truth is what you desired they can not deliver on. Collectively we missed something exceptionally crucial in understanding the nature of this relationship. We idealized and romanticized the other forgetting all those practical realities/responsibilities. Remember to love yourself now.

The Yod is calling us to finish our inner work harnessing the energy of the Hermit tarot card. We need to cultivate personal power while reaching out to the world with the knowledge or gnosis we have acquired. Then we plant the seeds which grow into collective wisdom. Seek the best road forward as Pallas Athena and this Yod are asking that you use sustained action to shine a light into the darkness to receive a reality check. It’s high time ancestral wounds be healed. Pallas Athena is about perceived patterns and inter-relatedness. If you’re a skilled juggler you can keep more objects in the air as in visualizing the whole which is then taken apart and re-assembled to recreate your reality.

27° Leo: A bleeding hand holding a thorny orange branch on which the fruit is growing.

Denotes one who will be compelled to gain experience through suffering, losses, and deceit. He/she is sincere/affectionate and willing to sacrifice much to help another. One is aided, patronized, advanced, and from their former sufferings their fame springs. It is a symbol of Approval.

How you choose to interact with the world in every passing moment is more important than concerning oneself with what lasts. This degree is at its best when being spontaneous as it unites and dances with the energy of the present now moment. One’s elusive and mysterious presence can attune others to the glory of life that exists beyond the illusions of mundane life.

How flimsy and insubstantial are the barriers between realms. These other planes of existence only seem difficult to reach because we are afraid to go there or we think of them as remote. In actuality they are here with us all the time. This degree carries a marvelous subtlety that helps to open others up to various realms of reality. Doing this without others being consciously aware of it as well as via a direct manner often creates enriching effects enhancing all of life. Work with guardian angel Sitael and daimon Vassago.

Full Moon in Leo February 2022 Per What Watch

Daimon Vassago ties with the Four of Wands, Jupiter, Aries, and Cedar (there goes that Cedar Fever allergy I have again) as well as Leek. Vassago is very useful for divination assisting with explaining the message in full detail as well as being ideal for improving conversational ability, social skills/confidence, and quickness of thought. I have read this daimon through correlation to Jupiter also ties to Chesed on the Tree of Life.

We could consider our present trajectory in society today by looking at our leadership for it is not Chesed (loving kindness or mercy of God) that they operate from. Chesed as a formless and void darkness of the Supernal Triangle gave rise to manifestation as form/light on the Pillar of Mercy. It is described as a loving mighty king during a time of peace who is magnanimous and benevolent sitting upon his throne. In this Kali Yuga we see a succession of leaders harnessing their ambitions and goals via the four vices of Chesed.

These include tyranny, bigotry, hypocrisy, and gluttony. Chesed operating via Jupiter as wealth, prosperity, and growth should be understood as spiritual and intellect. When we are in a time of war leadership operates via Geburah through violence which utilizes the vices of destruction through fear/anger, severity, and tribulation. Geburah and Chesed not utilized wisely is in fact done via the Qliphoth spheres of these two pillars. For more information on this daimon please look at my previous blog post where I wrote about Vassago.

28° Leo: A stream of oil falling from mid-air upon the troubled waters beneath.

Denotes one who will exercise discrimination in the affairs of daily life; one who will possess tact, understanding, diplomacy, and a peculiar magnetic aura which enables them to bring quarreling units to a peaceful union. It is a symbol of Conciliation

Life is deeply affected by how we look at it. This degree has the ability to approach existence in a way which makes everything more vivid and alive both for themselves and others. One has the power to awaken others to what truly is on a spiritual level becoming a light of hope to others through the intensity of their sincerity.

Performing this activity together reinforces and encourages each other. Value can only be realized after a basic assumption about what is let go of. This degree is about helping others to be here in the world, helping others to exert themselves, to use what they have, and to develop a more harmonious relationship to the material world. As we do this we also derive these same benefits. Work with guardian angel Sitael and daimon Vassago for this degree also.

The astro narrative of these degrees in the Sabian symbols begins by showing that the awakening does not occur all at once, but gradually it dawns upon you. We could envision a very tangled situation looms before us which is complicated by lots of intricate factors/details at which point we suddenly realize relatively speaking that all the extraneous gibberish is exactly that; rubbish. Could the curtain of gloom reveal life giving radiance hidden behind it? Could your disappointments be the best possible news or a blessing in disguise? Could your subliminal mind be manipulated by your leadership or others hoping to gain an underhanded advantage over you?

Could the music you listen to hide back masking that you’re unaware of, could the internet be a deceptive tool to manipulate your ability to think for yourself, or could your television be brainwashing you through propaganda and improper psychological handling? If you have a sense this message could be true then you are probably right; trust your gut! This is called impressionability which means you’re capable of being very easily influenced by others without any capability to maintain your sovereignty and set proper boundaries in life.

Hand Colored 3 of Cups W/Traditional Medicinals Tea Fortune (People Who Love Are Happy)

We’re sitting on three total fixed stars at this moment which includes Alfard in the neck of Hydra the Watersnake, Adhafera in the crest of Leo the Lion’s Mane, and Al Jabhah in Leo the Lion’s Main. Alfard is known as “The Solitary One” giving off an emotionally passionate nature which is threatened by perceived dangers/hazards. This fixed star bestows musical and artistic appreciation with a knowledge of human nature. The energy of Saturn exuded by this fixed star speaks to poisoning of the blood or murder by poisoning. Ptolemy stated this star references misuse of drugs and over indulgence in good living. Poisoning can happen in relationships as well such as within a marriage. The Euphrateans referenced the Hydra as a source of the fountains of the Great Deep. It is the Chinese lunar mansion known for recompense or that which compensates for an injury, harm, or damage inflicted.

The Leonids, a meteor shower, issues from the western point of Adhafera which means “The Funeral Pyre.” Clearwater, Florida baby here! This aligns to Magha nakshatra and the fixed star Regulus which I’ve explored countless times personally as I was born in this lunar mansion via my Vedic chart as well as written of in my blog posts. The symbol of Magha is the “The Mighty” a house of regents known as the Pitris, Forefathers, and spirits of dead ancestors ruled by Ketu. Kabbalists associate this with the tarot card Strength.

The Pitris and Strength:

Al Jabhah is known as “The Forehead” promoting love and benevolence while helping against enemies. One is not to hide or wait to be rescued and should seek healing remedies while tackling tasks with courage and strength. In fact this lunar mansion states those who cover their eyes and mouth are afraid to see/speak whereas a lion will give forth a mighty roar. Am I the only one seeing a correlation between the forehead and the Crown chakra. The forehead is where lower Buddhis or Cosmic consciousness resides.

The Planes?

Have a blessed Wednesday everyone. Much love! 🌇☄️😘

PS: I do recognize some of these links stem from a video game analogy. That is done simply for also the fact that it can be seen in light of analogous to the terms used in Kabbalah with pathworking. Lots of authors come up with metaphorical and/or homilitic examples to flesh out or elaborate examples for an audience. Growing up there was a specific video game I played that was abstract science fiction purely based and originating from Kabbalah which is why I see parallels of these themes elsewhere in life.

Manifestation Mondays: Valentine’s Day 2022

“The thirst people have because they want a Valentine.” – Unknown

Love seems to show itself in a variety of forms. Lets explore this together via the underlined hyperlink text.


It’s a day to consider much even with mythology or archetypes given that this holiday may originate around celebrations such as Lupercalia from Roman festivities honoring the God of Shephereds known as Lupercus with attributions not far from the Greek deity Pan. What was at one time a fertility rite began not unlike Biblical sacrifices with the priesthood where two goats were sacrificed. The difference perhaps being that in Lupercalia some believe the priests made thongs from the skins of the sacrificial goats, Februa, as well as dressed themselves with the skins of the goats to imitate aforementioned deities. The women lined up to be struck from these thongs to ensure fertility and health of their village. As with all astrotheology and ritual worship when a New Aeon or Age begins there is an abolishment of the old only to try to co-modify what was already in practice under a new guise.

It might help to recognize the reflection of Pan as a tie into the Gateway of the Gods via Capricorn in the zodiacal myth which also correlates to Saturn thereby eluding to governments, elitist hierarchies, excessive unbridled control regimes, and destructive chaos. All themes which online over the years are potent topics. There are more recent studies into a lot of these twice told tales or legal fictions that erupt online regarding the origins of many holidays and re-constructed religions/spiritual traditions such as one of the links I offer below. I’ll leave the audience to decide!

After all we have three forms with which Capricorn expresses itself which include stoic, supernatural, and sensual thereby it’s a chimeric zodiac sign. Stoic forms of this sign desire positions where they create regulations, legislation, or can act as a formidable enemy. They represent the archetype of difficult university degrees, trophies, and high level career titles. The sensual form is the traditional Green Man or Cernunnos archetype opting for free love, nature over traditional concrete jungles, and a youthful vibe. You’ll find them often in our modern day sex scandals.

The supernatural Capricorn displays as the chimera from the mythology of the mer-goat during antediluvian tales sometimes described or seen now as modern day contempt for the Annunaki or Enki. It always stems from the liminal states in myths such as what the Hanged Man depicts of hanging from the World Tree. This is reminiscent of a free PDF sent to me by an acquaintance online with regards to the differences in time as well. The supernatural is not on Chronos time, but on Kairos time.

Lupercus, Faunus, and Pan:

Leviticus 16 in the Bible symbolizes this as the Day of At-One-Ment through the sacrifice of consciousness whereby we put away sin or missing our mark. One goat is a sin offering that depicts a process of upliftment and purifying energies which we used to do evil by empowering them with spiritual expression. The Azazel or scapegoat sent into the wilderness tells of error thoughts which have been released into our consciousness as well as our ability to deny the truth that they have control over our words/actions.

The story goes that when St. Valentine, a Christian priest, was interrogated by the Roman Emperor refusing to be converted he was jailed and executed. Supposedly he befriended the jailer’s daughter who was blind and healed her sight. He wrote her a note calling her his beloved and from this we picked up the ritualized practice of exchanging Valentine’s Day cards circa 1800s. Some believe this indicates a time to practice “love thy neighbor” and doctrines of compassion, however, we might ignore some of the more lascivious nature in our ideology if we only look at one side of the equation. Not that I’m brandishing a prudish whip. I’m stating we need to not repress either side of the equation in our goals towards wholeness and understanding.

Today many holidays are simply in my eyes also nothing more at times than commercialization mass manufactured rather far removed from their origins. Americans can spend according to the National Retail Federation at least $23.9 billion on Valentine’s Day alone. Another thought that has readily bothered me is the idea that we should set only one day a year aside to remember the importance of the concepts even associated with this day. If the purpose was to practice agape, empathy, or anything else why would you reserve it for one day a year instead of trying to remain mindful of such virtues year round.

Gift giving should likewise have some thought put behind it. I know I sat in on a great discussion years ago about how often what we give away to others may not have their best at the forefront, and in fact the intent can be to gain something from the very act of our gift giving rendering it not as heartfelt or with a slightly tainted intent. The purpose of this discussion was to be mindful of our words and actions particularly with reference to if it appears manipulative.

Another topic for today from some is to understand this day as a day to put the feminine back into our esoteric practices by bringing back the Goddess. In taking this out of the spiritual practices we remove the correct balance between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine creating a disharmony also in our psyche. In whatever way you choose to celebrate I hope you have a mindful, sincere, and genuine holiday. The reason, for example, that the Bible states in II Chronicles 17:6 “He took away…the Asherim out of Judah” is that metaphysically it represents human love with it’s propensity to have an animalistic nature which some dogmatists and religious scholars counsel against becoming addicted or trapped in.

These groups believed it was idolatrous, heathen, and incredibly improper which ultimately has psychological implications we should address given that the definition of an Asherim also correlates thus to removal of pillars, columns, groves, happiness, prosperity, and the Goddess or symbolic representations of the Divine Feminine altogether through terms such as the Moon, stars, and good fortune. Stringent removal of human love from Divine love creates a fragmentation in our psyche and has implications in creating dis-eases in the many levels of our existence.


“It is not love that makes a relationship complicated; it’s the people in it who do.” – Unknown

Many websites, books, and courses speak of paradigms shifting, where women are taking up roles as healers. It is the Priestess archetype some have been trying to see resurface. Re-constructing or re-educating has also included the practices of drawing down the light of the Moon, listening deeply to your ancestors, and transforming a fragmented history towards empowerment. Kabbalists referencing Shekinah also known as “She Who Dwells Within” acknowledge the presence of God/Goddess manifest on Earth as a passive presence. Women today are more willingly claiming her as a symbol of their unique Divine Feminine power.

Asherah was one example mentioned in the Bible as a consort with her groves preserved as sacred sites. She was despised and her history wiped out whereby remnants of her tale remains via human consciousness’ relationship to nature, trees, and the Cosmic Tree of Life. It could be construed as a modern feminist Passover where modern women tell their stories of a individual or collective Exodus as they relate archetypally to their own journey to freedom.

I’m going to pull today a few select asteroids that represent themes of this holiday plugging them into a new style chart. The Dodecatemoria/Dwadasamsa chart is an aspect of Vedic astrology where the D12 is a reference to the karma encoded into the DNA of any individual beginning with their parents/siblings. It is the foundation of how one approaches their life as was passed down through the ancestral karma of seven generations. You’ll understand this if you follow my blog when I reference my Magha lunar mansion in my studies of Vedic astrology. As I continue to grow in my knowledge of astrology I enjoy expanding awareness.

This chart can help us understand as examples how to break instinctual or fleshly habits seen in our lineage such as alcoholism present in our father or grandfather via looking at the 6th House to break the karma or exploring Rahu/Ketu to grasp the foundation of our ancestral center in comparison to what we are doing in this incarnation as an individual. What are our past life patterns? What difficulties were we born with that could cause us to lack a sense of security and nourishment that we have inherited? What debts do we owe to our ancestors and how do we resolve this?

We will begin with the asteroids of Cupido (763) and Psyche (16) moving then towards Kama (1387) and lastly Alma (390) which means soul in Spanish. Old Portuguese connects Alma to the Latin anima which also figuratively refers to health, life, and breath.

Valentine’s Asteroid Dodecatemoria/Dwadasamsa Chart

Let’s begin! Asteroid Cupido is placed in the 4th House of Cancer 28° with Venus, Midheaven, and the Descending True Node of the Moon. In this style chart the 4th House asks us about our relationship with our mother. It also asks if we came from a secure/stable household in order to develop into a 5th House child that has developed the ability to deal with problems adequately in life and worked towards individuation. Psyche is retrograde in the 5th House Leo 12°. I will laugh here also as my Western chart has me with a 10th House Leo Sun while my Vedic has me as stated a Magha nakshatra. I’m laughing because the 10th House in this style chart is what our father gave us and the status of our family lineage. This is my Imum Coeli with my True Node of the Moon and Mercury.

Cupido asks us to explore our emotions and familial feelings. There are energies that wish to come forth from the chart holder. Communications that one needs to allow to emerge while not allowing their personal biases and rationalizations to stop the message from coming through. Keep the ego out of the way of what is happening. One should not hesitate or try to figure out what is going on so that the means of manifestation is clear.

A great capacity to realize what is happening, what is going on in the world, and to see what is underneath it all is found at this degree. The chart holder makes a lot of connections between various energies intuitively comprehending their interweavings. At times absolutely without thinking ideas, imaginings, and realizations dawn on this degree coming forth sometimes fully formed and obvious while at other times cryptic and mysterious. Any way you look at it creativity needs to be harnassed and used by nurturing the highest and attempting to bring it into realization regardless of how difficult the task or how often one has to once again right one’s course. Work with guardian angel Ariel and daimon Bifrons.

Daimon Bifrons corresponds with the Two of Cups, Mars, Cancer, and Dragon’s Blood. Working with Bifrons helps one to communicate with the dead. This daimon is particularly useful for a funeral ceremony to help usher the dead on their journey. Also invoke Bifrons during rituals to honor ancestors or to learn to accept death. He can assist the dead to leave the physical plane faster and more easily. He helps ancestors find their families rather than roam aimlessly on Earth seeking them.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

Psyche inquires if one grows fatigued with playing a particular role in life needing a way out of it so that they may escape into the freedom of their eternal self. When the chart holder finds new strength and energy they can bring back with them that which enriches themselves and the world. One can be a master of creative escapism used therapeutically.

The chart holder’s consciousness flows out into Universal consciousness merging with the sea of being. If they do not give up their ego with its limitations they will suffer, but if they can let themselves be expansive, generous, and in rapport with creative intelligence they will find bliss. It simply requires faith in the Universe and confidence in one’s ability to link to these workings. Work with guardian angel Mitzrael and daimon Vapula.

Daimon Vapula corresponds with the Seven of Cups, Venus, Scorpio, and Papyrus. Working with this daimon helps one gain competitive advantage greatly improving their career prospects. It has been said that there will be knoweldge gained with regards to profession in handicrafts, technical skills, and the absorption of knowledge. You’ll find Vapula assists with pscyhotherapy especially if one has experienced heartbreak or other psychological trauma to assist in healing the mind.

Asteroid Kama is 8th House Scorpio 18° with Chiron and Alma also at 18°; Chiron is at 20°. The Moon is on the Anaretic of Scorpio at 0° asking us to Master this house/lesson. The 8th House in this style chart asks how do you apply yourself to your karma. What values did you receive from your lineage and how do you cope with hardship? Do you go for the jugular or were you taught to have compassion recognizing what others have endured? This is the position of occult mysticism indicating a rebirth of one of your families’ ancestors.

Asteroids Kama and Alma speak to all of existence and the stirrings of something more expanded which is to come. There is a great sensitivity here especially to the limitations and restrictions of life. The chart holder yearns for something more and its yearnings will persist until it gives in to its impulse to transform.

We connect and in this we need only hands to do it. We don’t need to speak the same language or agree on anything except holding hands. What is at the center of this simple act of connecting is the spiritual light. The relationship of this is that the circle of hands are like a cocoon and the candle within it equates with whatever is awakening for a moment in that cocoon. This is not time for a full awakening, but the awakening is near. The chart holder is here to awaken the spiritual light in others doing so by the simple act of connection. Done over and over these little sparks of awakening accumulate finally resulting in the Great Awakening. Work with guardian angel Hahahiah and daimon Sitri.

Daimon Sitri corresponds with the Four of Cups, Jupiter, Cancer, and Hyacinth. Working with this daimon infuses creative projects with passion as well as helps with love/beauty spells. Most people consider this daimon to be nothing more than a common “lust” daimon. If we considered the tarot card we could see it described as a representation of Divine intoxication, Divine ecstasy, and Divine madness. The woman in the card appears intoxicated with the lion also enflamed.

The seven heads are those of an angel, a saint, a poet, an adulteress, a daring man, a satyr, and a lion-serpent symbolizing different aspects/viewpoints united together as a single perceptive force in one Bacchic experience. This tarot card replaced the traditional Strength showcasing the coming together of sacred/profane, light/dark, and angel/satyr. The lust card represents tantra. The Lust tarot card is about passion, ancient knowledge, wisdom, and the birth of new life erupting from the alchemy of life.

The 4th and 8th Houses should be worked with the knowledge and understanding our ancestors have given us towards moksha. The 5th House asks us to work with Ganesha seeking the creative power of our ancestors to experience new beginnings. Did the parents pass along anything from your ancestry or leave you with no coping devices?

Bindu visphota denotes the world being born out of the Big Bang which generated our Universe. The Big Bang is the orgasm of Kama into star stuff. Bindu vishpota is also known as prana which became space. From this energy was born matter and the amount of space an object takes up for its shape is called akasha. The Universe is imbued with Kama as is matter in all of its diversity. Kama is the origin of existence and has to be accorded its rightful place. While Kama is regarded as an obstacle to moksha it is Kama which opens up Cosmic energy while moksha is its opposite shutting energy in all its diversity up into its primordial cause as natural contraries. Kama can be a means to moksha yet doing this requires extraordinary skill.

Happy Valentines Day! 💘🍫🌹

PS: Images are from Cat Game (iPhone)