Manifestation Mondays: The Clock Factory

“What day followed Tuesday in the calendar? WTF!” – Anonymous

Have you ever considered taking a time travel vacation or stay-cation? Then follow me on another random journey into the depths of another bizarre online jaunt via the underlined hyperlink text meant to spice up your adventures.

And yes as usual I’ve left a few sprinkled about in the image descriptions as well.


I was wanting to find a theme today, but what I was actually looking for or rather hoping for did not really lead me anywhere so I’m going to have to work in a substitution method presently.

In the same vein or train of thought as yesterday we’re keeping with the Vedic/Sidereal Age Harmonic chart, but we’re going to investigate Asteroid Stonehenge (9325) which can be adapted in astrology as a means of speculation.

Some consider it a link to Ancient Celtic lifetimes or astronomical time keeping. Before we go any further why not investigate some of the themes surrounding this landmark or site. It might make referencing this in any astrology chart a little more adaptable to those who find my writings to be at times a bit nonsensical.

Some consider the Earth Chakras to be Ley/Dragon Lines in the more New Age schools of thought and we can find some of this within the more modernized methods incorporated into some of the schools of Reiki.

There are a variety of concepts for these as some South American shamans prefer to call this Spirit Lines while Australian Aboriginals may have referenced them as Dream Lines.

Other esotericists might find connections to astrological constellations from these points on Earth. Glastonbury/Shaftesbury being seen as the unofficial 4th or Heart chakra generally includes Stonehenge as well as any surrounding areas like Dorset or Somerset.

These beliefs hold that Stonehenge was constructed along the strongest point of energy where there are links specifically to the Divine Feminine. The question perhaps is was Stonehenge really a Solar calendar?

The problem many conclude is that this is merely confirmation bias. We’ll leave it up to those who are reading and speculating with me to discern their own beliefs, feelings, or hypothetical musings. I’m trying my hardest to not rehash previous irritations or release those monkeys!

There was a great deal of people I used to use as resources not long ago whom the censorship moguls have erased from my being able to locate as I did not bookmark their websites or blogs.

It’s now a bunch of scams, affiliate marketers, influencers paid to persuade meaning I’m not sure they are truthful, deep fakes, and bots that I’ve often found I’m interacting with most days post closing my social media accounts on mass media surveillance states.

I even get hoodwinking crypto cons on my cell phone which I purposefully don’t list through my online business, but have been forced to block repeatedly. The only way I wish to be contacted here is commenting on the blog post or email. The sidebar directs most communication through my business email as a means to fight the harassment!

You do realize how much of your data is harvested don’t you humanity? I mean the interweb was designed for one thing in case we’ve all missed the memo. If you think it has its origins in purely benign intentions you’re a bit naive! I’ve only been discussing this for months now since I opened this little blog/astrology business. It’s peppered throughout my compositions.

Stone Circles:

As with all things I’d take some with a grain of salt simply because resources are scant online again due to algorithms that I’m not going to play with or the fact that the only materials given come from mass media creating their own forms of confirmation bias that muddy the waters.

Some rabbit holes are always just better left unobserved and frankly ignored. Am I always like this. Only most recently when I like to critically think rather than take absolutely everything at face value spoon fed to me by others.

I also believe it vital that we objectively and critically think for ourselves rather than take stock solutions always given to us by others who might have an agenda to push.

I love gleaning ideas from others, but I’m still one who tries to adopt the skeptic mindset to keep questioning in life the narrative I’ve been taught. After all we’re constantly being indoctrinated.

And as I’ve already continually expressed I find the modern interweb versus the one of the late 90s/early 2000s to pivotally suck due to censorship or lack of variety in what I’m wishing to share. The content anymore is so lacking most days I’m frustrated finding it deadening/irksome to utilize all search engines much less the inteweb at large.

I think precession has been a topic of discussion for many including the questioning and division that occurs between Western/Tropical schools of thought compared with those of Vedic/Sidereal especially regarding lunar mansions because as I’ve said openly there is a lot of contention around the nakshatra I was born into as to if Magha can move into Virgo.

There are certain aspects of Kabbalah after all as well as many esoteric theologies that I’ll never agree with for they wholeheartedly denigrate the Divine Feminine in an abject negating worship or madness of confirmation bias of their own towards the Divine Masculine and patriarchal archetypes. There are some serious issues with interpretations the world over for those who dabble.

I’ve been down enough of those rabbit holes to know which philosophies won’t be the ones I’m accepting as any form of truth because I view them rather as perversions and/or faulty instructions of self professed gurus propped up by a misled society. Some theologies don’t speak to me, but they might speak loudly to others.

“Whatever you do, don’t tick off the clock.” – Anonymous

Virgo season unlike Cancer being two vitally different aspects of the Divine Feminine. Cancer, as an archetypal mother, is not the same as the healing energies of Virgo as maiden or virgin consciousness. Instead of rampant Yang energy characterized by power, resistance, assertiveness, and dominance we find that Yin energy harbors creativity, healing, patience, flow, and intuition.

Yang paved the way of our modern society into a world of colonization suppressing virtually anything else. Now we’re being asked to take charge of our health across the fields of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical planes where we access our inner mother.

Virgo and virgin consciousness were not what so many depict because instead this aspect of Divine Femininity was sexuality wielded not for material/physical security rather it was devotional helping others along spiritual paths towards understanding the connections between our physicality and overall health.

The problem with any idea of a “reset” is that the only thing being reset is the heavens. A change due to precession of the equinoxes that happens over a great span of time instead of via the ideas of those who corrupt everything they touch would willingly acknowledge.

For those who don’t quite get the metaphyiscal components still the “heavens” mentioned are speaking towards a state of consciousness whereby soul and body are in harmony with Divine Mind/Manas.

The only “end of the world” which doomsday lovers keep pointing to is the one whereby consciousness lets go of error thoughts. One won’t be eating/drinking from their kama or desire nature as much as they will be desiring righteousness, peace, and joy in higher vibrations beyond the lower ego driven nature.

Most of humanity has a variety of problems when it comes to illustrating such conditions and our relationship towards the higher planes of consciousness. And again we’re going to then butt heads against my level of patience in babysitting those who are not with the program quite yet.

I distinctly remember early on in my writing or composition on this blog stating that I was certainly not perfect so some days I have little tolerance for ignorance at large. “Earth” thereby somewhat references the ideal manifestation, but let’s be honest most thought forms at present are not always inherently evolved in the proper direction.

The “I” has fluctuated for ages/aeons betwixt two planes of consciousness leading to constant weary rounds of incarnation and reincarnation.

Ketu is in fact a karmic control, and I have previously composed blog posts about my studies into gandanta between Cancer and Leo particularly given research into my natal Vedic/Sidereal chart which unlike any Age Harmonic encompasses energies one is beholden to throughout their entire lifetime.

Age Harmonics are evolving as we age therefore they’re not quite as permanent in shaping who we are becoming for they are a bit more transient. I’ve spent a lot of time asking everyone to look back upon my Western/Tropical or Vedic/Sidereal natal wheels as a reference when they look at my speculative astrology for the present.

You will see that there is in fact a lot of energy nestled within the 10th as well as 11th Houses respectively. The reason being that we’re looking at how karmas might also be one of many facets to interpret.

Age Harmonic for Asteroid Stonehenge

As we digress into studying Asteroid Stonehenge we’re met with the realization of it’s station being the 9th House of Sagittarius at 9° semisquare Mars. In numerology nine represents strength and determination where philanthropic or artistic attitudes are required. If this becomes an area of lack one will fail to work constructively bringing forward aspects of personality that are immoral, frivolous, and irresponsible.

The biggest issue here is that one not overextend themselves by scattering their energies into too many different projects taking on more than they can manage. Actions are often guided by a moral compass, but one still has to reign in overconfidence and impulsiveness.

All problems are problems because of who we are and this degree senses this truth deeply though at times may not know what to do about it. Each burden we carry is actually the burden of karma which is our psyche.

This degree can subtly work with the beliefs of other people to help them lighten their consciousness and to see that it is their beliefs which are the ultimate oppressors/tyrants.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A man with green skin. He is dressed in leaves.” This degree is not fully invisible, but blends in with nature. When it is able to do this it experiences a great freedom and expansiveness.

If it can just allow itself to be without the coercion of other’s agendas and the compulsion of what it feels it should do then a marvelous naturalness emerges that is powerful and so very uplifting that it finally causes the burdens to disappear. Work with guardian angel Yehuhiah and daimon Gaap.

Daimon Gaap corresponds with the Seven of Swords, Mercury, Clover, and Aquarius. This daimon assists with accelerating the social behavior of anyone for the skills of writing, music, and divination. There may also be talents gained in astral or dream projection.

Messier 107 in Ophiuchus; here is an additional treat!

A whopping three fixed stars correspond to this degree respectively. This includes Han in the left knee of Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer, Gamma Triangulum Australe of the Southern Triangle, and Antares in the heart of Scorpius the Scorpion.

Han is also referred to as Sabik meaning the Preceding One where the significance of Han is via the old Chinese feudal state. Energies found here tend to make one goodhearted, but at risk of poisoning, slander, and enmity. Kabbalists associated this fixed star with the letter Ayin and the tarot trump The Tower.

The Southern Triangle is typically a reference to the trinity of the three biblical patriarchs known as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. There is a counterpart of the matriarchs found in the Northern Triangle. This references agnatic ancestry through the male lineage of the Y chromosome.

Antares was seen slightly different by the Chinese as it seemed to be aligned with the Azure Dragon marking one of four great divisions in their zodiac. Hindus marked this with Jyestha nakshatra.

At one time around 3700-3500 BC it was the symbol of Isis in the pyramid ceremonials and represented our Autumnal equinox. Hebrew Kabbalists also associate this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Ayin and the tarot trump The Tower.

Work with Azurite to express your intuition and wisdom inviting the Master Teachers into your life through the messages of transformation, upward movement, light, and achievement. The focus is upon deep enjoyment of loving, teaching, and play. The affirmation is I help others and I am kind/caring.

May your Monday be meaningful! Wishing you the best. 🤞💌

Self Examination Saturdays: Murky Waters Run, But Never Walk

“Why is the ocean always on time? She likes to stay current.” – Unknown

It’s time to snorkel our way through another speculative deep dive of mine. Try not to get caught or entangled in any kelp along the way as you navigate the high tides of our underlined hyperlink text for solutions. We don’t want anyone drowning in the unconscious/emotional realms of the water element.

Some artifacts are hidden within image descriptions. If you want to get the “full scoop message” you’ll want to swim around in those uncharted waters!


It dawned upon me today that I’ve recently pondered the generational influences recently although briefly of Uranus and Pluto while neglecting Neptune. This was also prompted when a Neptunian relationships theme turned up in one of my feeds sparking some curiosity.

Today I’m going to dangle my feet into the waters of an Age Harmonic Chart using asteroid Poseidon (4341) for some clues into Neptunian energies. The Age Harmonics begin to move faster as we all age so rectifying the information they return sometimes can be very tricky.

I noticed today that these charts meant to indicate important life events during certain periods can be incorporated with numerology. So why don’t we begin by sharing a little bit about Poseidon then taking a gander at my astrology chart for some interpretations.

Poseidon At A Glance:

My natal Neptune is placed in the Western/Tropical not Vedic/Sidereal 2nd House of Sagittarius which is what you should read for below. It is said that this generational aspect birthed individuals who envisioned an expansive dream of global unity or world connectedness.

We have an interest in spirituality, folklore, and mythology as well as being one’s who are responsible for dropping dogma being driven towards freedom.

But really why would someone look to this deity as an archetype in their astrology configuration anyway? Probably due to the fact that in esoteric themes this was seen as the deity of our connection to spirit, our higher self, and represents our ability to know there is no separation between self and the Universe/Cosmos as a whole.

Therefore while we’re using purely Roman or Greek names we might consider the Hindu pantheon had a name or correspondence as well. Vishnu as one of the three principal deities within Hinduism besides Brahma (Uranus) and Shiva (Pluto) were those who created the Universe/Cosmos from a vast ocean.

A serpent floated upon these waters, Ananta Shesha, while Vishnu slept inside its coils. The lotus flower erupting from Vishnu’s navel carried Brahma inside. Some even correlate Vishnu with a connection to Rahu as well. We know very well my studies into my Magha lunar mansion and Ketu always involve the dynamics between Rahu as well.

The entire purpose of this speculative project is to discover how these energies impact our spiritual practices alongside our subconscious or unconscious beliefs. Meanwhile there are some significant connections between Neptune and the Moon determining one’s relationship to higher consciousness.

“Why do sharks only swim in salt water? Because pepper makes them sneeze.” – Unknown

At 43 one little detail we can disclose when you ponder my chart below is to rectify that Cancer acts as soul nutrition by allowing the true self to be attained via one’s imagination through Neptune. But we can’t forget to recognize that this planet is full of mysteries some of which we should not dabble with such as prisons, madness, loss, confusion, intrigues, spying, lying, and drugs.

If we can find the higher scale of these frequencies we might be bestowed with unconditional love, quantum healing, forgiveness, charity, and nirvana. Those who travel such paths if they do desire the higher aspirations or vibration seek a whole range of superlatives that include peace, happiness, supreme wisdom, and complete solitude or detachment from worldly bondage.

They seek insight into the true self while hoping to end the acquisition of further karma through the cycles of rebirth/reincarnation by having a full union with the Divine.

These states though normally come at the moment of death or immediately after death. It’s often explained that a spiritual or yogic practice is needed to reach exalted states of consciousness.

Now we can of course also compare my Natal Chart as a reference point to our Age Harmonic Chart. I’ve already done this realizing that at 43 my Neptune appears to be in Pisces almost at the Anaretic Degree asking for me to “Master” something within the 12th House.

A poignant realization then for the 12th House is where a life cycle ends and one begins a spiritual journey through the subconscious/unconscious. This form of death might be more symbolic than literal where one develops a better respect for their intuition, dreams, and emotions.

This rules our left eye, feet, and lymphatic system giving me another ah-ha light bulb moment.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Poseidon
Natal Chart for Reference

Like my birth we can see another Castle/Seer formation transpired in the Age Harmonic configuration. But one has to know how to see this or view it.

We can find the asteroid we’re focusing upon Poseidon in my 4th House of Cancer at 23° trine Neptune and Pluto as well as opposition Sun, Mercury, and Mars. It’s additionally conjunct Chiron.

Being that this chart is Vedic/Sidereal it’s important to make notation that the 4th House in this school of thought is related directly to Cancer ruling one’s roots, land, real estate matters, vehicles, and relationship to their mother. This Bhandu Bhava house is associated with one’s domestic happiness.

The 4th House governs our stomach and digestive organs, but also can correlate with coronary problems, lung disorders, and other ailments of the chest in general including for women anything to do with the breasts. In numerology the number 4 is a fated number that for Age Harmonics signifies forever being in opposition to one’s authority figures yet displaying practical skills, organization, strength, courage, and perseverance.

As we noted above the number 12 correlates with ensuring one is not the victim of circumstances where they’re dragged into the affairs of others. It’s symbolic of creative writers when displayed positively.

This should help one draw those to them who can assist us with realizing our dreams or appreciating our own kind of weirdness. This transit generally occurs sometime around age 30 or later. It’s ideal for those of us who are seeking loads of insights into spirituality through imaginal experiences, artistic expression, and creative writing which removes us from the dictates of deadlines and work performed simply for money.

We’re trying to spin the stories we tell ourselves into more magical and interesting forms that influence others psychologically through film, photography, media, and so forth. Our biggest goal is to try ensuring that we give detailed information that is not completely full of deception, illusion, or confusion.

Eventually our aggressive tendencies disappear softening our urge to win making us more sensitive and compassionate. This can last up to two to three years respectively allowing us to refine anything we touch. The wound lies in our ability to remove obstacles by targeting subconscious or unconscious identification with our defenses that block us from sharing our emotions with others.

We begin this placement by working upon confronting internal fears, but the inner tension can be a lot for us to handle. If one does not lose hope through being ensnared with deceptions brought to us via others then we can discover methods of healing which will help others who face similar hardships.

“Who cleans the floor of the ocean? A mer-maid.” – Unknown

Acknowledging help and appreciating it is a way of keeping the flow of assistance coming. Frustration is self proliferating which is the best reason to let go of it. What it produces is just more of itself. The chart holder instinctively know this and is able to adopt an attitude of appreciation that magnetizes them to more appreciation.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A man putting together pieces of broken pottery.” To be grateful for knowledge will proliferate enlightenment. This degree has to do with a collectivity of wisdom as illustrated in the collectivity of the broken pottery pieces. We might see all books, for example, as pieces of knowledge that are too vast to be contained in just one place.

No matter how many books you read it is us who must put together the insights as a means of fashioning a vessel to contain wisdom. To break anything creates new opportunities for rearrangement and hence revitalization. Work with guardian angel Hahahel and daimon Focalor.

Daimon Focalor connects with the Six of Pentacles, Venus, Wild Rose, and Taurus. This daimon is always described as being a sea daimon with the capabilities of drowning one in water, but we need to understand this as the levels of our own consciousness or rather the subconscious/unconscious.

As an example I’ve previously used running water is symbolic of cleansing away any confusion in a chaotic mind which happens when one meditates on peace within!

This degree is stationed along the fixed stars Pollux in the head of the Immortal Twin of Gemini as well as Wezen in the heart of Canis Major the Greater Dog. While Pollux can be associated with the lunar mansion Punarvasu which is ruled by Jupiter it has also been attributed by Kabbalists with the Hebrew letetr Qoph and the tarot trump The Sun.

Pollux imbues one with the energies of truthfulness, generosity, good temperament, and belongs to the business/merchants caste. Wezen derived from Al Wazn meaning the Weight has little disclosed of it beyond the fact that Kabbalists have associated it with the Hebrew letter Tzaddi and the tarot trump The Moon. This is simply the constellation of that which hunts the Hare as in Lepus.

May your Saturday catapult you to higher vibrations! ☺️

Remember when I said that I had squirrels planting peanuts in the garden beds from a neighbor who was obviously feeding them. Well we harvested one plant from the bed which the carrots had previously been grown in.

The above is what we’re working to dry out and roast. There is another peanut plant growing in the same bed as well as one in the wildflowers. More have been planted around our perennials as well.
I also brought in more beans which have been growing a bumper crop despite the heat and water restrictions we’ve been asked to abide by.
Pink wildflowers and the hollyhock as we wind into Autumn/Winter seasons soon being replaced with falling leaves and cold climates.

I did not remove all of the roots from the sweet potatoes when I harvested. Some of them are trying to return because leaves are growing again in the bed.

I may need to go clean the bed out a bit better. I did not expect them to attempt growing anew, but I guess I’m going to learn that my plants are resilient and persistent!
The remaining zinnias that have continued to bloom are forever sharing their beauty with us and feeding pollinators who migrate through the area.

All humor aside, I don’t think they will be surviving on Mars anytime soon. Feel free to prove me wrong…

Fun Quote Fridays: A Companion Piece on Spica

“They may not tell you what you want to hear, but they will tell you what you need to know.” – Unknown

“The most important thing I have done is to combine something esoteric with a practical issue that affects many people.”

  • Benoit Mandelbrot

“Many people suffer from the fear of finding oneself alone, and so they don’t find themselves at all.”

  • Unknown

“When you write about esoteric things, it can be way out there.”

  • James Van Praagh

“In mystical traditions, it is one’s own readiness that makes experiences exoteric or esoteric. The secret isn’t that you’re not being told. The secret is that you’re not able to hear.”

  • Ram Dass

“I’m too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener.”

  • Anonymous

“A time comes when it isn’t enough to read about Buddha, we wish to have that happen to ourselves. That’s when we move from the exoteric to the esoteric, from religion to mysticism.”

  • Frederick Lenz

“Psychology claims that when you can’t sleep at night, you are actually awake in someone’s dream.”

  • Anonymous

Sometimes I just put filler and fluff in here. I’m hoping that it will interest someone besides myself, but I could be entirely incorrect on such pursuits. Either way I’ve left the usual underlined hyperlink text to warp drive you to various locales.


I kind of had another one of those what to publish moments so I decided to attach this one to my recent tarot reading and previous blog post I composed about Virgo.

I simply ran an Age Harmonic chart for the fixed star Spica curious as to where the wheat sheaf/branch was presently in an offhand manner of filling the gap. Someone can tell me if it’s confirmation bias or a synchronicity later when they observe the quirks of what has manifested in my life experiences.

Most everyone seems to misinterpret a lot of the esoteric or even astrology’s purpose. In Virgo, for example, which resonates perhaps to the theme of the tarot trump of the Hermit there is a purpose found of integrating with the self. It is here that we seek a new beginning, a break from tradition, and new forms of life that leave behind our sense of helplessness.

All forms are temporary and transitory so we’re often seeking love through manners that may not always be healthy. The ultimate life goal being to learn unconditional love or love without attachment. This is the meaning often associated with spiritual or higher love. Virgo asks that we freely share the qualities we keep hidden from others.

Ultimately this is the only zodiacal sign represented by the Divine Feminine often representing creativity when in the Maiden aspect, nurturing in the Mother aspect, and intelligent yet sometimes pedantic in the Crone aspect. It is also the zodiacal sign known to govern our hands, abdomen/intestines, spleen, and nervous system.

This would definitely match much of my more recent health concerns including neuropathy post foot fracture/surgery. And as stated there is that belief for some of us albeit is not widely accepted that Magha nakshatra ruled by Ketu with Regulus due to precession of the equinoxes has transpired to zero point Virgo.

Hinduism often identified Spica not as a wheat sheaf, but rather as Citra with the symbolism of a bright lamp or even a pearl. Around 300 BC it is believed that Alexandrian Timochares observed Spica with Regulus and 150 years later Hipparchos would be indebted to the discovery whereupon precession of the equinoxes became at least a bit more widely accepted.

There is another lesser association by Kabbalists with Spica specifically through the Hebrew letter Gimel and the tarot trump The Empress.

Age Harmonic Chart for Spica

Spica in my Age Harmonic chart aligns itself in the 5th House of Leo at 11° biquintile Mercury and opposing Neptune. As I enter my 43rd year on Earth we find that this chart explores the areas of rectification. Kabbalists would refer to this as one’s personal tikkun.

For those a bit more familiar with Tohu during creation they would comprehend that this means one must elevate or ascend to a degree of holiness often through proper intention in mystical meditation, during prayer, or while fulfilling a mitzvot.

Essentially if sin is missing one’s mark to use an archery term one would seek to purify any transgression towards a merit. The goal being restoration to a proper cosmic order rather than allowing impurity to remain.

But these could become abstract arguments not worth getting too involved in for most of us. The reason being we would then fall into the online debates of gap, ruin, and reconstruction theories that are like the commentary one has still today with those who espouse flat Earth all over the world wide web that I vehemently avoid like the plague. I just don’t want to even waste energy in those arenas of discourse.

On another hand though we could apply this to our lives. For example, over the expanse of a lifetime on Earth we could experience seasons of blight, drought, and lack on a personal level be that psychologically, emotionally, financially, or spiritually. Other times we might experience moments where we feel exceedingly abundant, blessed, and grateful.

If we were to really grasp this we’d see that tohu describes the states of consciousness known as confusion and argumentativeness especially when we’re gripped with finding anything to be meaningless. With bohu we experience emptiness and the void essentially implying what we feel via our emotional body is destitute as if there is no return on our investments in life.

This is where we get the phrase all is vanity often found in Ecclesiastes. It is to enter a state of believing all effort in life is one of futility. Potentially one enters nihilism.

Spica for me could be best summed up as the following. I enjoy expressing my ideas creatively not simply understanding the mechanics of how I associate details in life or make decisions regarding the path I walk. Rather I avoid ego battles by being upfront and direct to reduce risk of being misunderstood.

The ego I’ve chosen to develop is mastered through spiritual gifts, compassion, idealism, and creative talents in writing, dance, fashion, and music.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do.” – Unknown

When the chart holder tries to control anything they find that they lose the power of being in the moment and true to themselves. They need to give up control and allow whatever needs to to flow to stream out of them. This can be scary to do, and if they pull back in midstream and attempt to reassert control they will find themselves stuck in an endless loop. Trust in the deepest layer of creative urges is the way out of the problem.

The Chandra symbol for this degree is “A boy removing a thorn from his foot.” Something is bothering the chart holder and they’re trying to understand it. This may be something they’re angry about or something they can’t stop thinking about. It’s impeding their forward motion. There’s a need to stop what they’re doing and investigate.

The stopping and focusing on one specific thing of this symbol is the opposite of moving forward with multiple areas of focus. To remove the thorn the chart holder may have to dig deeper. They may be writing all these stories because they are trying to keep themselves so busy that they can avoid the pain of the thorn.

In this degree there is always something the chart holder is very sensitive to and a need to locate as well as understand that sensitivity. Something is wanting to come out of them so allow it to do so. Work with guardian angel Harahel and daimon Orias.

Daimon Orias is connected with the Six of Cups, Moon, Scorpio, and Sealwort (Solomon’s Seal). This daimon is great for transformation of one’s physical self by acting as a personal trainer for one’s will to assist them in getting phyiscally fit/healthy.

If you’re looking for the motivation to eat healthy foods, take up an exercise routine, or upgrade your appearance then working with Orias is a plus. Other special areas where you might be assisted by Orias fall into learning the virtues of the planets and stars through the study of astrology as well as gaining respect in securing positions of high esteem.

This degree should work with Dragon Blood Jasper renewing their enjoyment of nature, relaxation, and carefree play while remembering to make time to enjoy the simple joys found in daily life. The affirmation is at this moment I am free, elated, and contented with myself.

Have a felicitous Friday! Much love and zaniness being sent your way. I tried to proofread, but am again very tired after a long week. Probably why I’ve been sleeping so hard most nights recently. Happens when you’re working more than one job plus other responsibilities. 🤗💖

PS: I had a small panic attack today when I realized I’m this huge freedom advocate especially as a free speech believer, but felt self conscious about my blog in terms of what I write/express. I realized I was feeling a need to self censor just to people please everyone else. Some days I dislike my brain/emotions because I swear I feel like I’m a hot mess. Is this even normal or have I lost my sanity?! Insert foot in mouth.

It’s worse when someone else encourages you to keep writing, and you’re in harsh self critique mode. Don’t ask you don’t want to know.

Fun Quote Fridays: The Heavenly One

“What do you win in a space talent competition? A constellation prize.” – Anonymous

“You suppose that you’re the trouble,
But you’re really the cure.
You suppose that you’re the lock in the door
But you’re really the key that opens it.

It’s too bad you want to be someone else.
You don’t see your own face, your own beauty.
Yet, no one’s face is more beautiful than yours. “

  • Rumi

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale of a strange star crossed girl who is in love with the strange/peculiar. Please enjoy the underlined hyperlink text as it traverses the realms of the Outer Limits and Twilight Zone!


I’m a bit short on time today with working my part time cosmetology job as well as chores so I’m using one quote today instead of my standard seven. Today we are taking a brief look at Asteroid Urania (30) in my Age Harmonic Chart.

The placement of Urania in any astrology chart helps us to discover the way our mind navigates through our unique perspective of existence. This asteroid is named for the Greek muse of astronomy.

What mental spheres might be engaged with in order to come into your own inner sense of knowledge or gnosis? This asteroid shows what practices you will be drawn to such as numerology, astrology, astronomy, music, rhythm, Divine inspiration, and sacred geometry.

This determines whatever is your personal muse that helps you flow in life. Asteroid Urania will display the systems, symbols, and structures which call to you personally directing your intelligence, understanding, and mental organization of what reality is.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Urania

We can find Asteroid Urania in my 3rd House of Gemini at 21° with the Moon and Imum Coeli. The Imum Coeli in Gemini indicates curiosity since one was a child as well as a person who has a difficult time making decisions and lacking confidence. They will doubt everything and be forced to learn to trust their intuition/instincts. Their intelligence and capability comes through appropriately applied time and focus.

The 3rd House is indicative of our flexibility, intelligence, and in depth analytic capabilities regarding communication, career, health, etc. Here we find one’s hobbies, creativity, and their communication style is akin to the fields of technology, television, and news casting.

Opportunities for expression here are conducted via research, writing, teaching, public relations, self promotion, and sales/marketing. This sounds a lot like my astrology/esoterics business and blog.

The only aspect Asteroid Urania makes is sesquiquadrate Neptune and semisextile Saturn. This placement is one where the child felt that others should come before them, but now as they have grown up they realize it’s time to stand up for themselves.

Their imagination is well developed and they will begin pursuing spiritual goals. Unwilling to follow the status quo or accepted views of traditionally conformist society this is a person who desires stimulation through forward looking worldviews.

This placement and the aspects create a quick learner who is open minded with developed psychic abilities who can lucid dream and has a talent for occult subjects such as astrology. They enjoy telling stories that are enlivening and they prefer to learn via the internet where they can share ideas and meet new people. Other areas they enjoy are mathematics and science.

This degree’s energy is best expressed through the following description. The chart holder has an instinct for finding just the right stimuli needed to break out of old restrictive patterns. They sense stuck places both in themselves and others being naturally drawn to affecting them by their words and actions.

This can be wonderfully healing. The problem is that people may resist their input because it can be painful. If this is the case they need to move on to those who are receptive to their energy.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Wine casks retrieved from an ancient shipwreck.” We are dealing with something from the past which has been restricted, tight, and obstructed which when intensively worked upon becomes open so that new energy is allowed in.

That which has been temporarily lost and has been waiting to be used for a long time is found again. Hopefully the time elapsed has helped to bring it to perfection. This degree is about going back and correcting what went wrong while rediscovering what was lost. Work with guardian angel Haziel and daimon Paimon.

“Why did the star keep going to school? So it could get brighter.” – Anonymous

Daimon Paimon is connected with the Six of Pentacles, Mercury, Bindweed, and Gemini. This daimon excels at providing you with knowledge of the arts and sciences or mysteries regarding Earth, the order of angels, and out of body experiences such as astral projection, remote viewing, or aetheric (akasha) projection.

Ketu ruled nakshatras such as Magha which I was born into tend to excel at out of body experiences or even astral projection. Our Shakti gift is to leave the body. We all need to “grow up” spiritually! The time was yesterday!

This degree sits upon the fixed star Capella the mother goat in Auriga the Charioteer. Known as the Little She-goat Capella derives from the diminutive Capra through Greek, Cabrilla through Spain, and Chevre through France. Previously this star was known as Amalthea the nursemaid of Jupiter and the mother of Haedi.

Amalthea accommodated Jupiter/Zues/Jove as her foster child. She was repaid with heaven. Her relation with the broken goat’s horn as the cornucopia references the Horn of Plenty or Lithuanian symbol of a “food bearer.”

The Denderah Zodiac displays this as a mummified cat in an outstretched hand of a male figure crowned with feathers which was important in temple worship of the Egyptian deity Ptah the Opener.

India considered this fixed star sacred to Brahma of the Rig Veda. Peruvians associated Capella with Colca referencing shepherds. Kabbalists associate this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Samech as well as the tarot trump The Devil.

We always get the Devil wrong because most of society is walking ignorant through fundamentalist religion known as the exoteric teachings never desiring to learn the esoteric as I do. Some don’t want to teach it and others frankly are content to remain ignorant.

I never was happy to embrace dogmatic religions or warming pews. Churches can offer great charity to community, but they also breed terrible crimes against humanity such as the Inquisition, Crusades, and Salem Witch Trials. I’ll two hands and two feet pass with that thanks!

I’ve been a cross culture student even reading the Bible/Torah, Tao, Koran, and additional spiritual views across cultures so I can’t do legalism and orthodoxy. It will kill me to follow that path!

A point of contention with me is those who see God/Goddess through fear rather than love and who think their creator advocates murder to proselytize and win someone to their cause. Or that rigid and absurd beliefs or ritualistic practices make them superior in their faith.

Just don’t come near me or I’ll throw a novel of proof from the his or her story of our pasts that will show you how much goes wrong with fundamentalist exoteric religion.

I’m definitely more mystic and usually test as an ecstatic. I prefer to understand it through yoga or yoke especially Bhakti, kundalini, and tantra. To me the Divine is in everything and we should honor this place as well as animals, nature, and fellow humans with such regard. Not that I always get this correct. As a human I still have to work on my Emotional IQ!

Boy if this Hebrew letter does not resonate with me right now as I near my 43rd birthday on July 26th. Have a bewitching and captivating Friday! Lots of love and light! 🥰🌟

PS: If you like something and don’t want to support me with any astrology reports you can donate. I’m trying to purchase new tarot decks or a microphone/camera for videos online. I’ve considered distance Reiki or astrology/esoterics courses or even ASMR, but the last one might be more difficult!

I may pay out of my own pocket for most of this endeavor though since I am working and have a smaller audience presently.

Sign Spotlight Sundays: An Animal That Is Usually Given a Bad Reputation

“Shear up, darling. Everything will be alright.” – Unknown

I’m not sure why exactly, but this blog post made me want to bust out with Joan Jett today who I saw in concert a few years ago. It stems from the fact that today we’re continuing the zodiac with the Sheep which on the Asian (Chinese, Japanese, etc.) zodiac I happen to be an Earth Sheep which comes with some snarky puns about how rather ignorant or victimized they generally are.

Nonetheless that ignores what I am under any other zodiac as well. You know the term because it’s all over the internet as a meme; sheeple!


Ewe might find the underlined hyperlink text to be helpful in changing at least some of your own misconceptions.

Those born in the years 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, and 2003 or the year of the Hitsuji/Sheep are in fact usually elegant, highly accomplished in the arts, and passionate about nature/environmentalism. They tend to exhibit deeply spiritual practices or beliefs while paying attention to rules/regulations which have been established by the society with which they’re found in.

More often than not this group is blessed with innate intelligence, artistic talents, and will fare well in business endeavors. They can display extremely combative demeanors when facing conflict. As the highly creative lot you will find this to be made up of your craftspeople who adore exquisite pieces that bring peace and harmony into their lives.

For myself being placed under the Earth element I am more optimistic and self reliant than other Sheep desiring to maintain my independence. Neither a spendthrift nor a miser I don’t deny myself while enjoying a life of work hard/play hard taking responsibilities seriously. If criticized you might find that I will display the traits of being overly defensive.

When we come across sheep as a totem or spirit animal we may find those who display the characteristics of remaining innocent and youthful in character valuing teamwork. A good phrase for their appearance in our life is to keep working diligently and to remain persistent. As a symbol of vigor the sheep wants you to recognize that within you is everything needed to overcome obstacles.

The best solution to anything troubling you is to adapt to your challenges while you work towards commanding respect from others. If you can improve your self esteem and boldly walk the path which others are too scared to tread you will find success. Simply keep your eyes fixed upon the prize with a relentless mindset to ensure that no failure or adversity can discourage you.

Utilize your natural tendency for remaining curious to ensure that you continue learning new things. This is a great way to remain open to the many opportunities that can cross your path during your life’s adventures. Just remember that you should acknowledge the greatness that lies within you. Not all sheep are lead easily to the slaughter house as sacrificial martyrs.

This sign falls under Dainichi Nyorai also referred to as the Cosmic Buddha. Sanskrit idenfies Dainichi as Mahāvairocana Tathaga. Esoteric or Vajrayāna tantric Buddhism widely practiced in Tibet believes that Dainichi the Great Sun is to be worshiped as the supreme primordial solar Buddha as well as the central figure of the Five Wisdom Buddhas.

The term Nyorai means thus come one utilized as an epithet for enlightened Buddhas that occupy the highest rank in the Japanese Buddhist pantheon. Therefore in Japan’s esoteric traditions Dainchi is the most important of all the myriad Buddha.

Dainichi is said to be everywhere and everything same as the air we breathe making all other Buddha and divine beings considered as emanations of Dainichi Nyorai.


Yudono-san is featured below due to it’s connection with being home to Dainichi Nyorai. You will find some wonderful videos enclosed within their elaboration on these topics.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Lamb

I thought today we could quickly look at where Asteroid Lamb (16089) is within my Age Harmonic chart presently just to get a feel for it’s influence in my life right now. This asteroid was discovered in October of 1999 exactly two years after I graduated high school named for William Lamb who mentored a finalist in the 2003 Intel Science Talent Search which was a competition for high school seniors.

We can locate Asteroid Lamb in a popular location of my 9th House of Sagittarius at 28° nearing the Anaretic Degree where we must master this house before we move onto the next. The only aspect is that we find Lamb sesquiquadrate Saturn which embodies the energies of remembering that while Jupiter is our greater benefic we should not become lazy, sloppy, or neglectful of details.

In the 9th House before we can progress to the 10th House we must grow in understanding of ourselves, the world, and diverse cultures through communication, writing, divination, and dream analysis. This will propel us towards success in the 10th House of social status showing how high we can rise in life.

“Where do sheep get their wool cut? At the baa-baa.” – Unknown

This degree knows that anything appearing to be closed, finished, or limited can be reopened up and extended. Our belief in limits reinforces those limits, and if we let go of that belief we find an abundance that is endless. Lack of confidence in self can stand in the way of this process, but if we focus on the good we are attempting to do the confidence magically appears.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A witch’s ritual dagger.” The ritual dagger is a weapon whose purpose is to cut away negative thoughts, or ones that are no longer of use, essentially thoughts which limit one in unnecessary ways. It may also be used to sever oppressive connections and clear the aura.

When such ties are cut we are free to experience the open and limitless quality of the Universe that allows, for instance, one to channel new music. Work with guardian angel Imamiah and daimon Allocer.

Daimon Allocer is connected with the Eight of Pentacles, Venus, Thyme, and Virgo. This daimon will appeal towards those who strongly desire to work with the arts. Allocer is great for when you need to clear your mind and helping one get in contact with their inspirational muse.

Of course this kind of makes for an unintentional pun when you look at the fixed star for this degree which happens to be named acumen given that this describes quickness of perception with the faculty of proper discrimination.

You will find this degree sits within the star cluster above the stinger of Scorpius the Scorpion in Aculeus/Acumen. There is a connection through Hebrew here to Chokmah meaning intelligence, skill, and mental acuity.

It’s worth considering Psalm 111:10 in this regard. However, after yesterday’s blog post my research into this topic led me to a rather unplanned online destination altogether that I did not expect to read from.

NGC 6302 in Scorpius

This journey even brought me to a PDF copy of the Sepher Ha-Bahir which I’ve never read today while composing this entry. How is that even possible? Do you know how difficult it was years ago to find a copy in a Christian store of the Apocrypha just to get my hands on my favorite book; Judith!

I found the only copy available in hard copy after much scouring. It is absolutely hands down one of my favorite stories, and also why I’ve got the Hannukah theme on my wealth altar with the dreidels that spell “a great miracle happened here.”

I’d link to the blog post with the photos, but I got too many pingbacks to that entry already! Plus search engines hate me for my link shares as that is bad online AI etiquette. And I already am likely on the naughty list since I recently fought with Google over my business listing.

Work with Azurite for this degree expressing the unity of mind, body, and spirit which restores health and well being by remaining fresh, energetic, and constructive. The focus at this time should be gentle, kind, and there for the help/support of another. Your affirmation reads I promote harmony, balance, and inner peace in my life.

I hope everyone enjoys their sublime Sunday. I think I may take a self care day tomorrow and refrain from blogging as it’s also my day off from my part time cosmetology job. I feel as if it would actually benefit me to allow myself a well deserved break.

The garden is quite unhappy due to the drought and triple digit weather. I’ve also been in a nearly month long neuropathic pain flare so I’ve been less able to properly care for the plants. We did cut several sunflowers today to allow them to dry out and harvest the seeds.

I did not succeed this year at carrots, but that is alright. We have another harvest of beans and there are at least 21 roma tomatoes on the vines some turning red.

The sweet potatoes look to be doing well, but I will need to get back out there soon to fertilize them again I believe. My pain body has been keeping me very unmotivated and ultimately just barely able to get through each day.

It’s been a terrible struggle the last month to accomplish my daily tasks honestly the way I have radiated with chronic pain and refused to show it to others except family. I believe we may receive some rain over the next day or so. I’d be grateful, but I also expect some of the wildflowers to be damaged again. We have no gutters on the covered porch.

The sweet potatoes are growing what can only be called vines!
Sunflowers looking lively!
Sunflowers ready to be harvested for seeds after the many bees in the garden have finished pollinating them.
I really will have to brush up on growing better carrots I think. Several of them were still quite small and we did not keep them. I also noticed a lot of seeds did not take. This year some of our seeds were not as bountiful or healthy.

Win some lose some. We’ve done quite well in some areas and had more struggles in others. I’m thankful we’ve made it to July though with the Texas heat and virtually no rain for months I believe now.

Be well and many blessings! And yes, I did find my typographical error. 😊💝

Self Examination Saturdays: June’s Affiliation With Asteroid Juno

What does the Sun drink out of? The Sun listens to the orca-stra.

Today we explore the month of June via the lens of astrotheology! It’s time to compare Tropic to Sidereal with a few inquisitive clicks of the mouse through the use of underlined hyperlink text.


The soul mate and wife archetype can be captured by investigating Asteroid Juno (3) in your astrology chart. Juno orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter every 1,590 days or 4.35 years. This Roman Goddess is identical with the Greek Goddess Hera in that she was wife/sister of Zeus or Jupiter.

Traditionally astrologers would place Juno as the marriage asteroid, representative of the month of June (wedding season), and the ruler of ceremonies pertaining to childbirth, compromise, and loyalty.

Her unique placement in your chart will depict where you enter a Divine union desiring to be seen, validated, and nurtured. She can be taken through a modern approach to symbolize a transcendence of Venusian/Martian qualities bringing forth some of the Plutonic characteristics.

It is here that we might find some shadow work that helps to evaluate the relationship patterns we seek to gain higher awareness of with regards to our life purpose. Through this we will experience different dimensions of healing. While it often corresponds to a marriage occasionally this can also display as business partnerships.

Get to Know Juno Better:

I personally wanted to take this time to use the Vedic Age Harmonic to get a more reliable focus on the present than the standard approach many take. If I can find the energy and flow that is happening this year I think it will give me a better understanding of what my soul is attracting towards myself.

Ironic that we find Asteroid Juno in my 7th House of Partnerships in Libra at 25° with aspects that include sextile Sun and Mercury as well as quintile Venus. Being with people makes me happy yet I still take pleasure in being my own sovereign person. Not fond of uncouth behavior or aggression in others I tend to avoid conflict which might be holding back my development.

Classic aesthetics appeals to me the most. Superficial differences are not important to me making it easier to befriend those from various socio-economic backgrounds.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Juno

Juno in the 7th House speaks to a deep need for commitment. We grow a lot via business and romantic partnerships. Juno is right at home in Libra knowing the importance of compromise and harmony.

We seek partners who are graceful and charming, drawn to the arts, and desire equality. Here Juno beautifies the environment making it pleasing which is not limited to just dressing up rather it can be seen in decorating the home.

Libra is ruled by Venus so projection might occur if one has not mastered the art of detachment. In a karmic sense there may be a soul mate who projects onto us so we become consciously aware of our behavior.

If we struggle to commit then it displays as being given free time yet not knowing what to do with it or even having multiple ideas we wish to manifest yet being unable to choose one to focus upon.

This degree enlarges awareness making way for new ideas to be introduced into a milieu in a smooth way so that people experience a minimum of discomfort that might otherwise accrue from the process of change.

In all relationships new points of connection can appear which can enrich interaction immeasurably. Everyone’s power to communicate is stretched and expanded which increasingly opens up more possibilities to be explored.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “In the midst of a forest a great circular open area.” This is a place to hide, to commune secretly with others, and to be protected as this happens. This degree has the power of touching everyone it meets in an intimate and ineffable way that is often subliminal and unsuspected.

The words appearing are new ones which we need to communicate new ideas enhancing the depth of our interaction with others. The chart holder is all about finding a space in which to connect and has an ability to do this swiftly and instinctively by just being there where others are in intimate rapport offering escape and relief from the world’s narrow focus.

It is through going to this place of deep communion and then returning that we are rejuvenated able to deal with our own world through greater clarity and perspective. Work with guardian angel Umabel and daimon Zagan. This guardian angel is absolutely humorous given my online business!

Daimon Zagan connects to the Eight of Wands, Sun, Mercury, Sage, and Sagittarius. Zagan is great for healing your chakras as well as shielding/warding, apotheosis (this should look familiar), banishing, exorcism, and protection. This daimon enjoys showing you the humor in everyday life situations to assist you with conquering your fears.

Zagan corresponds to Daath and the Abyss. The name has reference in gematria to wandering/wanderer as well as treasurer (coin creation) and the Hebrew letter Samech/Samekh.

The Abyss:

Do fish go on vacation? No, because they’re always in school.

A great crystal to work with for this degree is White Jade with a message to open your senses to inspiring messages from your spiritual guides focusing upon your deepened self esteem and self awareness through personal growth which has led to metaphysical, logical, and psychological answers. The affirmation is I experience profound and gentle transformation.

As there is no fixed star to study with this degree I’m including the Kozminsky Symbol.

25° Libra: A woman naked standing on a crescent Moon with the stars glittering behind her in a sky of blue.

Denotes an attractive person who is in danger of being held in the chains of sense and at the will of others. Their nature is impulsive, artistic, restless, and pleasure loving. The desires are strong and may run riot with their reason. There is a leaning to the artificial, theater, and dance via a very sensuous love of Earth life. It is a symbol of Vacillation.

Just once I’d like to not have such strange astrological musings/connections! 😲

Life Purpose by Vedic Astrology
Regulus at Zero Point Virgo In My Solar Return Chart of 2022

Have a star filled Saturday! I’m off to rest; I’m absolutely exhausted after the last three days at my part time cosmetology job. For some reason I feel absolutely drained and my brain is fried. 🌙🏰😴

Self Examination Saturdays: Which Greek God/Goddess is Representing You Right Now?

Most people pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.” – Soren Kierkegaard

Use the underlined hyperlink text to discover and inquire into an archetype that I did not expect to study today.


This was the question I asked of a specific personal tarot reading because I’d already done personality tests for the Greek Gods/Goddesses and surprisingly this time my result also resonated to my Valentine’s Day blog post in February 2022 as I received Eros whose Roman counterpart is Cupid which I charted the asteroid of during the holiday. My previous matches for the Greek God/Goddess was Apollo and Athena.

Today is a good day to do a little research on Eros and to plot the asteroid briefly into an astrology chart. Me thinks I will try a Vedic Age Harmonic Chart since that will bring the most resonant energy for the present. I have one other blog post where I spoke to the differences between Eros and Thanatos as the drives which propel us through life. Let’s look a little closer into what Eros has to teach us.

Eros like Cupid issues arrows of love which has often also been depicted in Dante’s Paradiso throughout the cantos to symbolize not just love, but perfection be it Platonic or mystical. Some have argued this is another form also of Adonis whereby we find many religions including Protestant faiths had a tendency to reject Eros.

For example, Milton was divorced of the Court of Love code believing it was closely related to the sin of Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is here that a great many religious dogmas began to reject the institution of marriage.

The problem with this is that it also divorces Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine which is why we see problems within religious dogma where we have no balance/harmony between God/Goddess creating a schism in not just ourselves, but in all relationships.

“Every woman is strong, some are just quieter about it.” – Lori King

Now don’t get me wrong there is also the Hindu mythology of Kamadeva who did not survive Shiva’s Third Eye chakra being reduced to ashes. This is best illustrated through the Sacred India Tarot of the Four and Five of Lotuses. I was reading this particular entry and shocked yet again to see Magha mentioned albeit as a month in the Hindu festivals being born in the Magha nakshatra.

The problem with idealization is that the object of affection or the beloved is robbed and depersonalized regardless of gender. The beloved functions as a mere actor fulfilling the desires of the author/poet. They in essence have no agency which reminds me even further of my blog post on the problems with Sleeping Beauty. Idealization is a one way relationship devoid of internal substance.

Will the beloved be elevated to spiritual/ethereal ideal or function as the mirror of the author’s/poet’s projection of narcissistic ideal. Many modern concepts view this as masochism when the beloved has been reduced to servitude as the beloved has no autonomy. Shakespeare illustrated that the beloved engulfed by passion often carried a type of suffering.

This is of no surprise for the etymological definition of the word passion is taken from Latin passio and passus or patior all of which mean suffering, suffered, and I suffer. Proto-Indo-European uses peh for to hurt and Old English feond as devil/enemy while Gothic utilized faian for to blame. We see this in how it is likewise defined as an intensely powerful form of love and extreme hatred (mental disorders or madness).

As this happens to state what exactly are we trying to constellate?! It’s usually seen as an aspect of Pluto believe it or not in some astrology schools. A planet which stood for sexuality, eroticism, death, and seriously explosive crises where everything is reconstructed upon a brand new foundation.

I did find a PDF describing the healing power of this archetype. When I read some of this I simply shoulder shrug though. What else can one do when the answer to the question I asked of the tarot “Which Greek God/Goddess is Representing You Right Now?” turns up the reply of Eros. Not exactly what I personally expected for a reply. I sat there with a kind of blank stare.

Needless to say we will find asteroid Eros (433) in my Vedic Age Harmonic Chart hanging out in my 7th House Libra at 27° retrograde representing attraction through a soul depth level of love. While many mistake it for purely “sexual” this asteroid shows what one yearns for in terms of transcendental, divine, and passionate unions with another.

The best thing to do is to compare your chart to that of a potential partner looking for personal planets or angles in their chart that will touch the degree of your Eros signifying a fated love connection.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Eros

Asteroid Eros is sextile Sun and Mercury, biquintile Moon, and semisextile Pluto. Libra is Venus ruled adding another layer to this. Age Harmonics are a personal chart similar to a harp being played. Pluck a string and see how it resonates/vibrates thereby determining your unique frequency or tone. If partnered you will see how well the two of you make music together.

Generally speaking this is a placement ideal for spending time with loved ones while imbuing one with good social skills for making new friends. Mercury rules communication while Venus rules love and relationships therefore one should strike a balance between friendship and diplomacy.

One will enjoy pleasant environments having a strong aversion to anything coarse/aggressive. There is a drawback to this placement not unlike my Enneagram of 9w1 in that we avoid confrontation therefore we may miss out on challenging experiences which will strengthen our character. If necessary we seek the fighting skills of one who can defend us enlisting their help.

As someone who will be more sensitive than others we seek out laughter, games, and learning experiences that are unconventional. We unfortunately attract a lot of unhealthy people to us who wish to possess us which if not careful relationships can turn sadomasochistic if we don’t also set boundaries learning to simply say “no.”

With Eros in Libra love begins with the mind, but when we’re unappreciated in any relationship we become resentful and move on quickly. In the 7th House we best express ourselves in one to one relationships.

This degree best displays as the message contemplation, harmony, and peaceful surroundings renew my spirit when worked with Black Jade focusing on enjoying travel while encouraging others to broaden their horizons through a change of perspective. The affirmation is I accept that I’m made in the image of the Divine Masculine/Feminine.

Nothing is set in stone here and everything can be changed. The chart holder is refreshingly open and can help others to make changes they may have never thought themselves capable of making. They are difficult though to pin down and can frustrate other people sometimes by their lack of definiteness and certainty. Keeping options open and alive is their forte.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A black leopard beneath a full moon.” This degree has an intense awareness of its own emotional needs being determined to get them fulfilled. This only becomes negative when the needs it is aware of are not the true life sustaining ones, but rather those that fulfill a dysfunctional agenda.

There is a great awareness here of selfishness. Both one’s own as well as the selfishness of others. How much better to be aware of this than to deny or repress those impulses!

If this degree can realize the great spiritual importance of giving to others, and that karmically this is the only way to ultimately gain self fulfillment then the tremendous power of desire it has can be harnessed and used to further the evolution of both self and others. Work with guardian angel Anauel and daimon Andras.

Daimon Andras is associated with the Six of Swords, Moon, Amber, and Sagittarius. Working with Andras is akin to work with any psychopomp where one is taught to properly work with the dying/dead, shapeshifting, overthrowing existing hierarchies, and confrontation with those that choose to “bully” you. If you’re wise remember that silence sometimes is the best weapon. Be very accurate, polite, and observant.

One of the best descriptions of Andras would be to learn about Eris in Greek mythology or to locate her in your astrology chart. I’ve spent ample time learning about her. Think discord and strife. When plotted briefly in my Vedic Age Harmonic Chart separate from Eros you will find Asteroid Eris in my 9th House of Sagittarius.

I won’t be going into the nitty gritty details at this time. This placement is teaching from one’s personal wisdom while being open minded to various opinions. We’re at odds with cultural norms seeking expansion through foreign travel, higher mind, and freedom.

Dogmatic indoctrination and limitations of religion cause us to seek our own personal truths. We’re called digital nomads who take up online instruction, writing/blogging, and public speaking.

The fixed star on this degree is Delta Centaurus in Centaurus the Centaur. The origin of the word centaur is found within the words cento (to goad/prick) and tauros (bull) implying cattle herders. The Greeks used the word kenteo to imply goading, urging, and driving on.

While many confuse centaurs with the half human half horse or Chiron mythologies it actually is defining the occupation of cowboys rounding up herds of cattle while on horseback known as cowpokes. The Hebrew letter associated with this placement is Lamed as a cattle prod/shepherd’s staff.

Have a super out of this world Saturday! 💖

Teach Me Tuesdays: Zero Point Energy

“Fertilizer does no good in a heap, but a little spread around works miracles all over.” – Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Well, it’s hope for the best with your fingers crossed on both hands and prepare yourself for the worst just in case. Not the greatest of quotes or ideologies. Where did we as humans come up with this saying exactly?! Collect some interesting discoveries today via the underlined hyperlink text.


I’m keeping this extremely brief as just a continuation of the last two blog posts on zero point energy by charting Asteroid Zero (4321) at present. I’m sitting before I go run shopping errands for the week battling neuropathy in my left foot. I needed a break off my foot, and this is essentially it with an Excedrin because burning pain up your left leg is miserable to feel.

It’s one of those risks of surgery I acquired along my sural nerve. I’m not in Cleveland, but resources for this online are not easy to come by. I do my best to not moan and groan, but during a flare I might be a little more emotional and angsty especially if I’m dealing with a lot on my plate as I will be shortly. I’m human so I try my utmost to not be the whining complainer.

Birth Vedic Chakra Chart via Jagannatha Hora
Today’s (4/26/22) Vedic Chakra Chart via Jagannatha Hora
Magha Lunar Mansion at Birth (Regulus, Pitri/Pitru, and Ketu Ruled)

We’re all born with unique “signatures.” Mine was Magha nakshatra; today there is a different energy in comparison. Ketu who rules Magha is now more aligned with Varuna for suffering/foreign things than it was at birth. Less energy in Indra for power, but more with Isana for blessings of the Gods/Goddesses. Saturn wants to sit near Kubera for money it seems.

I encourage non regular blog followers to read the previous posts I’ve explored on zero point, the torus, Magha nakshatra, and Regulus (this one will cause a serious stir in my blog readers because it deals with topics many won’t like I imagine). I have quite a bit here while I take a potential hiatus to care for mom during an upcoming surgery that I hope will entertain everyone. 2022 has been one crazy year for our family!

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Zero

We will try the Vedic Age Harmonic chart again to see the current energies defining my life at this time. This placement is another ironicism because guess what Asteroid Zero is in my 6th House of Virgo at 8° which is a house ruled by Virgo and Mercury. This is sextile Jupiter, biquintile Uranus, and conjunct Pluto. For me my attention is focused on the details of practical uses of my mind, and I pay close attention to what I eat, drink, and how much I exercise with this placement.

If I am stressed it will manifest psychically sometimes via my gut, but also elsewhere in my body. This house is how we cope with our day to day tasks from work to our overall health and the care/service we give to others.

This placement seeks to learn more about helpful relationships while being mentally stimulated by multiple subjects/interests which facilitate our learning, business, and communication skills. We’re known to encompass the innovative mind of unusual connections especially with astrology, language, and alternative forms of education. We put a huge emphasis on freedom, independence, and all forms of liberation while rebelling against established life patterns.

We may feel victimized by the lingering effects of past generations which span socio-cultural forces of racism, mental illness, war, and poverty consciousness. Difficulties in life are often caused by people being at odds with their environment or having agendas that simply aren’t possible given what they are dealing with. The chart holder can feel and sense this with a knowing of how to remedy the problem by finding better environments for the desires of both themself and others. These are environments in which they can thrive and be fulfilled.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A man thinking up names for colors.” There can be no perfect translation between the language of color and the language of words. But how you label things may result in a kind of poetry that can stimulate the imagination of others.

But at worst if your approach is overly rationalistic rather than poetic you might get so attached to the names for colors and your attempt to be accurate about them that you lose touch with the direct sensation of the colors themselves. Then you will need to drag your beached imagination back into the sea of intuition which is its natural home. Work with guardian angel Mebahel and daimon Leraje.

Daimon Leraje represents the Six of Wands, Moon, Leo, and Rosemary. If you’ve gone through anything traumatic this daimon helps you raise your vibration from depression helping you to let go of the pain physically as well as emotionally. When conflicts arise this is not always unhealthy for pent up aggression actually stands in the way of reaching a resolution.

When we work with Leraje we will be taught effective ways to handle emergencies, natural disasters, and the protection of our astral body especially during lucid dreams. You will learn how to network on the physical 3D as well as on the astral planes.

The Flower Agate is a great crystal to harness the energies of with the message of attuned inner harmony guided by the Divine focused upon effortless support which mentors others promoting an atmosphere of cooperation and respect. Affirm that you are filled with grace and soulful beauty.

This degree sits upon the fixed star Alioth in the root of the tail of Ursa Major the Great Bear. It is believed that Alioth derives from Al Hawar meaning “The White of the Eye” or “The White Poplar Tree” symbolic of being intensely bright. Others perceive Alioth to derive from Al Jaun meaning “The Black Courser.”

In China, however, this was known as Yuh Kang meaning “The Gemmeous Transverse.” There may be a connection to the Nichiren, Shingon, and Tendai found here as well through Myoken Bosatsu who was the deification of the North Star.

In 1838 Sir John Hershel thought of this fixed star as the lucida or brightest of the seven stars within the constellation of Ursa Major the Great Bear. The energy of Alioth is likened to Mars imbuing one with a quiet, prudent, mistrustful, self controlled, and patient nature who when roused will display anger. Kabbalists associate it with the letter Zain and the tarot trump of the Chariot.

I sent family information on the surgery I had which was a Brostom ankle repair which explains what this is as well as that there are new treatments with ultrasound bone marrow injections to heal the tears rather than them drilling holes in your bones, lacing harvested tendons either from elsewhere in your body or a cadaver (I’m pretty sure I have a dead person’s body parts in me because no one mentioned any grafting from my body to me), and the risks of chronic pain post surgery on top of previous foot fractures I incurred.

They tend to not understand sometimes when I explain that I have chronic pain or limitations now in range of motion. I also can’t sit cross legged or sleep on that side without the neuropathy as well as arthritis flaring. Anything rubs the surgery area enough, and I’m gonna be a very grumpy female. This surgery doesn’t return you back to normal entirely!

You’re gonna feel a burn and random numbness when neuropathy sets in with the achey bones from the osteoarthritis! I generally try to not think about dead people in me although I’m grateful I suppose for the help. Sounds rather necromantic to me. Can I borrow some corpse’s tendons to re-lace my ankle ligament? Um…

One thing is for sure this does not make ankle surgery sound too positive to my mother probably. I wish medical procedures came without risk or suffering, but that simply is not how life works for some of us. Even before surgery I had to sign paperwork stating I was aware of every associated health risk post operation. Today has been trying on my nerves; I’ve gotten responses that trigger my anger at family.

Largely due to the fact that I find them to be ignorant as well as insensitive or non-proactive or even worth my vested time because they resolve nothing being the byproduct of Piscean escapism rituals where people can’t cope with life and opt to dissociate.

I’m not sure how anyone would think such behavior would be a solution for my life, but they must not quite understand the importance of mental health as dissociation is not to me a correct coping mechanism to adopt. For me foot or ankle injuries are triggering to me; I re-live my experiences again. I can pretend I’m unaffected sure, but that is not my truth.

I’m literally re-experiencing trauma when I confront this again for family I care about. Funny isn’t it?! We think we’ve healed something, but the baggage seems to resurrect itself when we least expect it for us to investigate further implying that we still need more cleansing and repair.

I know why it is re-trauma. I sat in the MRI getting a long talk about how the science was discovered and shown my images with someone who could not read them, but told me I had too much fluid in my ankle. The results came, but when I saw a 75% and medical jargon I hoped it was going to read 75% intact and got told my ligament was torn that much thus I had only one option called Brostrom ankle repair.

So I freaked because uninsured, out of work for half a year, and a chain of events that sent my life spiraling into the unknown world of an outcome I was never ready to confront. Compression socks to stabilize and control swelling/pain.

Then there is my game of musical socks instead of musical chairs. I can wear them for only so long before they too irritate my foot too much. So you’ll see me put it on my left foot, take it off, and put it on and take it off again. The story of my life with a temperamental body part! I really do miss the old me sometimes; is that normal?!

I hope everyone has a stress free week! I’m back to work tomorrow and trying to rest/relax now that I’ve gotten shopping errands done. This blog post was broken up and finalized after I ran myself through two grocery stores.

Therefore I want someone to understand why it’s also difficult to work the jobs I’ve worked in retail; you’re on your feet all day! Then you come home to “more work.” And it’s hard to some days remember just to breathe! Breathe and release! I hope I retain my sanity through this.

I forgot that I have tape also. So I can begin this again as well as teach mom now. Someone please heal the foot chakras for mom and I. 🦶☸️