Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Empyrean Impulses

“Sometimes all we need is a fresh start.” – Anonymous

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to digest the meal I’m leaving below for you via underlined hyperlink text. Best wishes!


What to nurture during your cocooning stage?

Your cocoon phase is a period of time within the darkness where changes take place essential to connecting you with your most authentic self. Inner work begins to happen alongside the shedding of people, places, or objects you think are important yet they belong to your previous unauthentic self. They can’t proceed with you along the remainder of this very personal journey.

Algiz offers you protection operating from the archetype of a spiritual warrior at this moment in time. Displaying a sign of defense magic through a splayed hand, swan in flight, or the horns of an elk as well as the branches of a tree. The concept given here is that of protectors and life givers who took to flight by the means of swan feathers providing one with victory.

Further correspondences relate to the elk sedge which grows in marshy regions flourishing in the water element yet capable of wounding anyone who attempts to grasp it. The Goths of previous eras related Algiz to a protective grove dedicated to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine or even Divine twins joined at the head.

Nurturing your relationship to the ancestral as well as the Divine realms will allow you to connect with or communicate with the Universal/Cosmic wells of past, present, and future from which pours forth luck and life force.

This rune reminds one to listen carefully to their guardian angel(s) for guidance. Pay particular accordance to your birth guardian angel who accompanies you throughout the entirety of your incarnation. Mine personally happens to be Nith-haiah.

Algiz has been also correlated with the Icelandic Rune Poem where it can be described as Earth’s increase and humanity’s pleasure. These runes should not be utilized for negative associations with racial ideology as they have direct correlation to phonetics and the alphabet which has come to us from Phoenician, classical Greek, Etruscan, Latin, and Gothic scripts.

What is protecting you during this vulnerable time?

Raido asks that you develop unity consciousness instead of operating via separation consciousness. In the Cosmic tree of Yggdrasil we find Ygg/Odin symbolizing a profound understanding of the meaning of life only obtainable by those who adventure through the nine worlds bravely and courageously.

When we leave the comfort zone of staying at home to be with family/friends for support we also begin to live for others losing our abilities to be independent and discern the right direction or true North of our inner compass.

This rune presents itself to teach you that there are new life paths opening before you. Pause to give thanks for the help of parents or other elders and friends whom have helped you learn the ropes of living better thus far.

Know that your shadow is growing within by everything society does not accept of you which you have chosen to repress. Now you must remember all that you have forgotten embarking on a transition from one evolutionary phase unto another. Have faith that any problems you presently face will be solved soon. Achievement is on the horizon.

When will you know you’re ready to re-emerge?

Uruz assists one with displaying their strength and bravery by asking one to employ the totemic energies of the ox. When we have learned to dominate our ego accepting our weaknesses or limitations by recognizing that Uruz reflects aspects of our subconscious and unconscious. The survival instinct generates fear complexes and is known as the fight or flight response. Are you capable of rest and digest?

This rune asks if you have the will to dominate this blind force rather than allow it to oppress you. We all have natural drives and lower instincts that must be kept in check. Can you calm your ghosts when you face them? An example found in the the story of Mithra depicts the killing of a primordial bull which allowed for the Universe/Cosmos to be ordered rather than remain in chaos.

This rune is here to illustrate that one must be responsible when they operate from a position of power utilizing intelligence, right action, and understanding that you are an effective leader only when you respect the wishes/needs of others rather than subjugate them. If you’ve allowed calmness to become blind fury then you’re not operating from your higher self.

What will release you?

Kenaz tells one that it’s time to share their vision with the world by becoming a soul alchemist. This rune implies that one should have the knowledge of mythology or lore well understood, be deeply connected with Universal/Cosmic consciousness, and work with their rich ancestral cultural heritage to create their artistry.

Dis-ease is caused within the physical human body when one improperly harnesses the kundalini. As a symbol of the torch bearer or light bearer Kenaz speaks to feminine occult knowledge particularly midwifery. Misuse the kundalini and you will get burned!

Concerned with origins, underlying cause and effect, and the health of the human psyche one should be dedicated to truth seeking and knowledge. Once you have deconstructed the illusions, beliefs, and habits they can shape themselves anew. This deep form of alchemy lets us become whatever we will which is hopefully a better version of our true selves.

What brings order to the chaos?

Berkana’s feminine fertility and energy announces new ways of thinking, the start of a business, and the merger of opposites into wholeness. Ascetism is not the path to enlightenment when this rune appears before us. You’re asked to nourish and protect while making peace with self. When one has reconnected to the soul of the world, Mother Earth, and the Divine Feminine they become the bearer of abundance.

The basis of all life is an intelligent principle known as the Anima Mundi who brings forth minerals, plants, animals, and everything else in creation. In our long forgotten past it was women who operated with supremacy cultivating/growing plants, domesticating animals, and birthing the new into our lives.

Work with the Birch tree representing a herbal medicine which benefits the metabolism moving out what is old in our body cleansing us while acting as an anti-diuretic and anti-rheumatic. You’re entering a period full of energy, motivation, and are capable of embarking on new professional, sentimental, and spiritual paths. Reflect and clarify your goals.

Have a stellar Thursday and be well! I’ll see you in a few days once my schedule calms back down. 💗

The progress on our sweet potatoes along with our basil which you may not be able to tell the difference between. Two of the smaller photos the leave patterns are different.
I had turned the entire bed of beans into compost. But guess what life is co-existing with death. The beans are returning so there will be yet more purple, yellow, and green soon no doubt!
Much of today’s photos were a chance to test the new iPhone 13 camera features. I’m still attempting to get used to the manner with which it operates. More tomatoes on the vine with the garlic chives, 15 in total, preparing to flower for the year which usually brings the honey bees every year.
Colorful array of flowers still attracting the bees and hummingbirds. We have a few sunflowers which invite birds as well looking to consume their seeds. I made sure not to harvest all of them leaving seeds for nature as well.
I’m really unsure of when to try harvesting the peanuts the squirrels planted in our carrot and wildflower beds after being fed by neighbors.