Teach Me Tuesdays: June’s Strawberry Supermoon Brings Cleansing During a Harvest

“The night is a strawberry.” – Louise Penny

While I was sleeping the June Strawberry Supermoon signifying our ripening and in-gathering of harvest occurred at 4:51 AM CST in Sagittarius at 22° with aspects which includes a T-Square between the Sun in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces with a Stellium between Uranus, the North Lunar Node, Venus, and the Ascendant in Taurus while Mercury was at zero point Gemini. Other names for this Moon include the Green Corn Moon, Berries Ripen Moon, Horse Moon, Flower Moon, and Mead Moon as the meadows were mowed.

Yes, I still have the strawberry jewelry box above near my wealth altar in my bedroom. It was made by my best friend in high school during our pottery class we shared.

This will impact everyone a little bit differently for a variety of factors. Myself personally my natal 2nd House is Sagittarius while in the same configuration/chart my 8th House is Gemini, my 5th House is Pisces, and my 7th House is Taurus. The Sabian Symbol of this degree linked to above is about taking our dirty laundry whatever that may be literally or metaphorically, giving it a good thorough wash with detergent and/or fabric softener, and then industrial or line drying it.

For me personally this is a time where wisdom and good judgment can bless one with better earning capabilities and expand our overall ideas/vision regarding finding resources which support our ability to feel secure in life. We have a lucky guardian angel who helps us attain positive publicity, a love for comfort/relaxation, and determines whether or not we will be the spender/saver with our overall wealth acquired past, present, and future.

We display as outspoken, courageous, and we tend to concentrate our energies on that which is according to our own impulse rather than people pleasing. Our intuitive/psychic nature allows us to have a deeper awareness of how others perceive us. This can also be a trigger for our internal insecurities. We believe that we’re often misunderstood or seen as impulsive and unpredictable. We are not like other extroverts in that we actually do enjoy our moments of solitude.

My placements also indicate something I’m more than well aware of. I have an extremely discriminating knowledge of current events from consuming television or alternative news programs/podcasts and being overly interested in public affairs. When Neptune transits into my 5th House, however, I become a million times more spiritual, imaginative, and ironically as you may/may not have noticed we take up an extreme desire to learn about vibration, energy, and all kinds of woo with quantum physics.

I saw a website at one point that explained the problem with creating Happiness Machines which reminded me of Kabbalah’s take on the Wheel of Fortune. You’re not designed to remain in bliss forever despite modern esotericists who claim such practices are healthy.

The color range of zinnias is still a little limited, but I’m still enjoying what has grown in the garden nonetheless.
Sunflower centers on full display. Definitely bee magnets!
A gulf fritillary on a zinnia!

Life is cycles therefore if you were actually transcending duality consciousness you would no longer identify any instance in your life as inherently a form of polarity be that male versus female, black versus white, or positive versus negative. Many of us have not been trained to reach such levels because our self professed or propped up by others yogis, preachers, life coaches, etc. prefer to make money and fame by selling us what I’ll call half truths as they’re not inherently lies or untruths.

Back to placements that have a personal emphasis for me true fulfillment lies in finding a balance between traditions, responsibility, and the exciting/experimental. We’re rebellious against authority. Our life is not just about understanding or knowing self, but there is a deliberate attempt to do the same with others.

The T-Square currently can present us with those who are stubborn, inflexible, and struggle with commitment. It’s going to be a slightly bumpy ride where being ambitious or go-getter meets a bit of strife, but if we employ our endless supply of inner intelligence we’re likely capable of adapting easily to anything we’re presented with at this time. Stelliums in and of themselves present other challenges pushing us towards mastery through repeated trial/error.

You may see blurred boundaries, face rejection from peers, deal with some rather chaotic environments, and need to find quirky or original solutions to what life brings your way at this time. The best way to imagine a stellium is as if you were the mom of multiple children with various archetypes being displayed that you’re trying to get into a cooperative group.

We could call each of these archetypes the Performer, the Activist, the Anxious, the Studious, and the Rescuer. Life is asking you to investigate each one and determine what they mean to you personally.

The Performer wants to be center stage while the Activist desires to champion various social, environmental, and economic/political causes. The Anxious struggles to feel secure knowing what is expected of them yet the Studious yearns to persevere through hard work. Finally the Rescuer is enlivened by opportunities to race in and save the day.

Let’s investigate this degree further; I’m very familiar with this as I’ve crossed it before in my astrology chart years ago during a transit. It’s actually in my eyes a fun degree to explore.

A passionate and insistent self expression can be found here. This degree displays the ability to stir up energies which bring transformation to situations by provoking others to see them in a new way. It helps others to get back in touch with what they’re really feeling and comfortably express themselves. Affirming once again the ground of our being lies in renewing our self assurances that we’re ready to move on.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Blackbirds flying out of a pie.” Live birds were never meant to be eaten. There are dark energies we were never meant to take in. In this degree suddenly and surprisingly they release in a way that is harmless even humorous and delightful.

In the original nursery rhyme there were four and twenty of them. Twenty-four being the number of the soul’s complete journey. This is a fortunate number where one will get to enjoy a good life with love, support, and affection from others.

And so this is not just a partial release of what Eckard Tolle calls the “pain body,” but gradually and eventually a complete release of it. This degree is Kabbalistically ruled by the Moon and Sagittarius is the sign of transcendence hence the subconscious (Moon) eventually transcending its repressed contents. Work with guardian angel Ariel and daimon Bifrons.

Daimon Bifrons correlates to the Two of Cups, Mars, Tobacco, and Cancer. This daimon helps us to better understand geometry, mathematics, astrology, and the properties of herbs as well as stones. Another benefit of working with Bifrons is during post funeral rites to ensure restless souls of the departed may safely transition.

For those born into Magha nakshatra such as myself any instruction or assistance with this particular daimon helps us to remain in touch with our departed ancestral heritage particularly as a means of honoring them.

“Strawberries are considered to be the most bullied fruits because they’re always getting picked on.” – Anonymous

For many we may meet with our pitris also during our dreams as they might have unfinished karma on the physical planes that we’re here to burn/finish for them. And while a great many would say that’s not your obligation some spiritual practices believe this assists the entire family lineage in obtaining the various degrees of liberation we seek to accomplish.

I’ve found what I believe is a two part series on Ketu which rules Magha nakshatra with Regulus that is great for me particularly as my Ketu was in Aquarius with my Rahu in Leo. You see the nakshatra is a lunar mansion which means my Moon is Leo while the Sun was in Cancer under a Sidereal/Vedic natal chart.

After a while I will admit this can become confusing for self as well as others due to the intricacies of how deeply one can study their natal or other astrology charts/workings. My sidebar explains the differences I have in Tropical and Sidereal.

On a more general approach as everyone would need to look upon their natal and transit charts to ascertain the current path their June Strawberry Supermoon asks of them this time is ideal for anything related to family, career aspirations, and believing in yourself.

If you’re struggling with self confidence enlist the support of loved ones whatever tribe that may include as it may not be the one you’re born into. Clean out your closets/drawers, old papers/receipts, and anything else which clutters your life at this time. It’s auspicious now to free up any stagnant or negative energy similar to my blog post on Gandanta recently.

If you’re interested in crystal work this degree is great with Blue Onyx expressing a message of emotional purification and transformation as excesses wash away and virtuousness is enhanced by focusing upon taking a necessary retreat to a quiet location where you may reawaken your spirituality and grow personally. The affirmation is I make time for reflection, stillness, and silence in my life.

The degree falls upon two fixed stars of interest. We would look to Ras Alhague in the head of Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer and Gamma Apus in Apus the Bird Of Paradise. With a name traced to Persian astronomy via Al Rai’ as The Shepherd and the Chinese name How as the Duke we find that the first fixed star we are investigating is associated with Asclepius ruling medicines. Other associations from Kabbalists include the Hebrew letter Ayin and the tarot trump The Tower.

Apus literally translates from it’s connection with the family Apodidae or the Swifts as Without Foot in the constellation of Bird of Paradise. Swifts can reach speeds of 69 miles per hour. Paradise being a word with Persian roots is generally identified with the Garden of Eden. Portuguese traders first encountered these birds on trade roots to the Moluccas which is taken from the Arabic root malik meaning king. In Hebrew the related word is malach meaning angel/messenger.

Swifts have such small legs they were believed to have none at all. These aerial birds drink, bathe, preen, collect food, and sleep/mate while on wing. In China this constellatin was Cho the Curious Sparrow or the Little Wonder Bird.

This time also can be seen as Vat Purnima when married women dedicate to Savitri who tricked Yama the God of Death into giving her dead husband a new lease on life. Devotees worship the Banyan where she sat and prayed.

I hope your June Strawberry Supermoon is a day filled with much catharsis and distillation. I’m finishing up some chores and have been resting due to chronic foot pain. Today is a day of rest, ice, compression, and elevation for my left foot. Which sounds alchemic in it’s own sense, but then I don’t expect everyone to grasp the cryptic reference.

Fun Quote Fridays: Remembering Our Ancestors

Perspectives in Life – Visiting Maternal Grandfather Memorial Day 2019 and February 2021

The underlined hyperlink text is very brief today, but will flesh out my blog post and help you gain some understanding!


I will likely take a two to three week hiatus. Some of this is for me to achieve my own mental headspace again. Other aspects are the needs of goals for my garden and for a trip out of town. We have bought seeds and some mulch with a goal to replace soil also if necessary in a few beds.

When I return then I might have some inspiration to share my vegetable, herb, and pollinator garden also. I need to find the motivation to continue blogging as well as tend to other needs/goals in my life which is coupled with a desire to severely break away from systems I honestly do not want to remain a partaker of. Similar to acknowledging that I am attempting to break away from iPhone app game addictions, and I know I can do this.

I sat on “dumb” phones for as long as I could not wanting to join the technocrat elitist world paradigm. So I believe if I want to change I can. The problem being the comparative concept of a person needing to kick a drug or alcohol abuse type addiction so there would be a withdrawal period you encounter in detox.

What I feel is that mass consciousness only changes when enough individuals embark on a new trajectory. There would be an eventual ripple effect. But this is my logic thinking of the monkey yam washing theory.

We have a lot of people pushing beliefs that issue from cognitive dissonance. An environmentalist approach that desires to increase electromagnetic frequency radiation for example at the expense of nature/life or electric cars when Texas did not have a grid that could withstand winter storm Uri all imply that humanity has some illogical concepts they wish to employ about climactic changes, footprints, and such that in my mind’s eye make me want to call it a specific animal’s dung which is also a card game.

Of course the rules of this game are in opposition to the card game War which when I played last with family I always won. Perplexingly every hand I was left holding all the cards at the end of War. It will mess with your psyche yet educate you when this occurs. One probably learns best by analyzing this dualistic problem I am speaking of and rising out of it. My estimation is that to effect change one has to really “think and get out of the box” which requires the greatest of change that too many would fear because humans are pre-disposed to seek comfort/status quo.

This is why we have had the same systems and leadership in place for so long. And I can not quite grasp fully where my mind is going as of yet nor do I want to freak people out by suggestions that appear too radical for it would disrupt their mental health profoundly I believe. All I know is I don’t want to own the planet or other people.

I do not need to take more than is necessary to comfortably exist as I am more ascetic/minimalist minded which is not poverty consciousness. I have no need for excess or to hoard although I plan ahead for contingent guano hit the fan potentials. And I do not believe digital is the solution to my problems quite the opposite. The Digital Aeon/Age is the reason for my problems. And I surely don’t want us living in tyrannical or oppressive propagandized nightmare realities of vices common to any shadow within our psyche/human condition.

Today I am closing out with some quotes about the remembrance of ancestors and one Arabic Lot.

“Our ancestors, possessed a right, which nature has given to all men, of departing from the country in which chance, not choice has placed them.”

• Thomas Jefferson

“When we know about our ancestors, when we sense them as living and as supporting us, then we feel connected to the genetic life-stream, and we draw strength and nourishment from this.”

• Philip Carr-Gomm

“The ancestor of every action is a thought.”

• Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Seeds carry life from generation to generation without end. Through the seeds speak the voices of the ancestors. Each time we plant a seed, we become ancestors for the generations to come.”

• Kenny Ausubel

“We are connected, like it or not, to the ancestors of our biological families, and their templates.”

• Robert Moss

“Our ancestors are totally essential to our every waking moment, although most of us don’t even have the faintest idea about their lives, their trials, their hardships or challenges.”

• Annie Lennox

“Our ancestors built temples for their gods. We build department stores.”

• David Mitchell

The Arabic Lot Ancestral Heritage is where I am leaving today as I take hiatus and gather my sanity using the formula Ascendant plus Moon minus 8th House which lives for me in 5th House Aquarius 25°.

Being on top of things showcases poise. The chart holder is able to face emotional upset via grit and forbearance. If one remembers to practice kindness as a spiritual path they can demonstrate self control setting an example for others. Humans learn how best to live by teaching others to rise above emotionality completely in order to attain desired spiritual wisdom (Chokmah).

Ancestral Heritage Arabic Lot

This degree was previously looked at in my blog posts when I observed the asteroid Aura in my chart. If you would like to see more research into this I encourage you to go here.


A mustache.

Disciplined, constrained, and consistent. Keeping things within the boundaries set by rational cognition, doing what is strictly appropriate. Objectively, impersonally, dispassionately deciding and choosing and following this up with a way of life. Circumspect, intensely aware of reputation and community standing. You live up to the highest standards impeccably and are self-suppressive routinely. Everything has been decided ahead of time. Obedience to the greater instructions. Subordinated to what shall serve and what shall reach far and wide. Able to tailor and custom-fit your behavior and expression so that the greater good is served absolutely, you manifest pure adherence to the law, with no qualms, no quibbles, no questions.

The concept here is about breaking the circle. Everywhere one looks in life they are seeing through the shadows of our past. This degree is strongly aware of this while looking to disperse those shadows so that everyone might see clearly what is here and how disencumbered are the distortions of memory. The chart holder has a way of making the needed connections to advance the process of understanding what is going on with a gift for seeing where energy needs to be focused to achieve maximum benefit for all.

This is one of the simplest of all symbols representing male maturity. All healthy males eventually come into this maturity physically speaking, but as a symbol what the mustache alludes to is spiritual maturity, that is, an ability to take spiritual initiative in the world and to wield spiritual power.

The worst characteristics of the male are selfishness in terms of their desire for sexual gratification among other vices as well as their obsessive need to dominate with its sub-need to be right. When this degree comes into alignment with its true nature it is careful to reign in selfishness as well as to know when dominating is the best thing and when softness or giving way to others is what’s more needed.

When these challenges are in fact mastered then the most Cosmic aspects of Aquarius are allowed to manifest.

Have a fantastic Friday and weekend! 😊💞