Teach Me Tuesdays: What Does The Royal Throne Wish To Teach

“I must have misplaced my queen after a chess game. I will need to check.” – Anonymous

Get your time travel gear ready because today’s underlined hyperlink text is going to transport you back a few decades for a brief history lesson of sorts. Why do I employ this method?

Well because believe it or not I’m actually trying to not rip off other authors/creators and simply co-create with everyone in the collective/group. Sharing is caring even if we’re all harmonizing.


Our lunar landscape changes on July 28, 2022 and this will feel a bit different for each of us based on our personalized astrology charts as well as where we happen to be located on Spaceship Earth. For me it will occur at 12:54 PM CST, however, Leo in my natal chart happens to be my 10th House within Western/Tropical astrology and 11th House within Vedic/Sidereal astrology.

The degree with which we’re experiencing this vibration originates from within the Magha nakshatra at 5° known for a direct ancestral connection which grants access to mystical powers beyond what adults observe.

I’ve spoken at length before about the ancestral records I received when my maternal grandfather passed as well as the furniture I inherited. I thought today I’d share just a few photos from my great grandmother’s yearbook circa 1921 with a brief collection of history from this moment in time.

You will also find a few photos that my step father shared with us Memorial Day 2022 at his job honoring our service members in their cafeteria paying tribute to my maternal grandfather. I believe the other photo is of my uncle, but I’m not for certain.

Why is this? Well Leo explores creative self expression through childlike wonder. Everyone has their view of the Lion who is King/Queen of the jungle, but they miss the fact that this zodiac sign is deeply enmeshed with spirituality while encamping a total of three lunar mansions ranging from Magha to Purva and Uttara Phalguni respectively. This imagery is quite similar to the symbolism found within the archetypal tarot trump The Fool again.

This looks like the tarot trump The Hermit to me. Maybe that is a stretch for some to envision, but then again I’m weird like that.

In Magha we find this deep inheritance of powerful ancestral lineage where the wisdom given to us comes directly through cultivating ties to our pitris which in fact relates to our DNA. The gift most talked about as being bestowed is the ability to leave the body which some consider to be shamanism, trance like states, and the other key to opening our spiritual centers/chakras is via meditation.

Chakras work like our muscles requiring dedication to honor and cultivate our relationships with the Divine Masculine/Feminine, our ancestors, and ascended masters.

Magha nakshatra speaks to the family tree where anything done to help one identify their lineage is helpful. This Ketu ruled nakshatra sits precisely poised at points of gandanta between water and fire element signs. This bookmark placement asks us to pray to Ganesha to ensure necessary protection is achieved.

Other beneficial remedies many ascribe is pre-dawn sky gazing which is charged with positive vibrations and gardening to achieve solace and peace.

Senior Art Circa 1921
On the left great grandmother’s graduation photo and on the right I believe this to be my uncle who served in Vietnam, but I could be wrong.

It says my great grandmother was a member of Lend a Hand, Red Cross, and Armenian Relief Fund.

Ketu the South Node also known as the part of spirit allows for this transformation to occur. What this truly means is that this present now moment is powerful for any esotericist to deepen their spiritual practice to manifest their dreams. Whatever you yearn or desire to seed that can bring in wealth/prosperity is possible at this time. If you seize the opportunities presented to you.

You need to activate your self validation from now until around July 29, 2022 allowing for your friends, lovers, and family to let you be emotionally seen. We’re getting a boost from expansive Jupiter who acts as a luck giver for the necessary time to introspect because looking outward for emotional validation won’t bring in the proper harvest.

You need to harness your ability to be self reliant, autonomous, and self motivated to put in the work. The caution is to beware of burnout because the last thing you want to do is place excessive pressure upon your shoulders to achieve, win, and succeed at all costs by stepping upon others.

You might over the next few days court an unexpected opportunity. The current coming through at this time is that the family clan is buzzing on overdrive from within the hive mind.

If you’re worried about someone having your back know that the older generations bring your spirit guides closer to you, but it’s not necessary to dredge out nasty family skeletons or ignite bitter family feuds. Reconnect instead with your long lost missed family members.

If you are employed in the occult sciences now is a time to assist clients with cooperating with their departed, appreciating your his/her story, and diving deep into the realms of understanding mythology better especially the archetypal realms.

To get into the groove of this present now moment glance upon your natal chart locating which house is Leo as well as what planets might be there. For me this is commonly Sun, Jupiter, Regulus, and Mercury albeit as I’ve spoken about precession of the equinoxes we know that Regulus transpired to zero point Virgo if we glance from the Western perspectives.

What Watch’s View of the July New Moon 2022
I think that I would have really liked joining the Garden Club, but the other was quite shocking to find within the pages of my great grandmother’s yearbook.

If you can’t read what that lower right club is the name does not reference the KKK, but rather the Ku Ku Klan! You have to read it carefully to not make a mistake in context.
The French and Garden Club Circa 1921
Memorial Day 2022

The 10th House is the social standing, profession, fame/promotion, and achievements one has been born with. Nonetheless when we look at the Vedic we find that Leo is otherwise home to Saturn, Rahu, and Moon hence the Magha nakshatra status.

The 11th House is in fact traditionally associated with the water bearing sign of Aquarius channeling the flow of those with whom we share common interests, governs our hopes/dreams, and explores what wishes or goals we’d like to achieve.

For the personal spin on this little broken record playing or marching to its own drum this is when we set intentions for something we truly want be that a new chapter in our lives, a new job, or a new life direction.

The visualization is set to advancements and revelations especially those where we contact our inner guru in a time essential to closure, guidance, and relaxation. We want to deeply heal anything we have yet to release.

On a more collective/group level what we find is precisely this. Through locating our center in the midst of the intensity and distraction of outer experience we are able to seek and eventually connect with our inner intuitive self who is the source of all wisdom. Recognizing the wonder of our own individual uniqueness we realize that we hold within us an eternal wisdom that transcends time and space.

Our intuition is deep, immediate, not logical, and step by step we finally connect with her only when we open ourselves up to the wondrous potential of a type of multi-tasking that transcends the rational self. When we allow our innocence and wisdom to merge with each other we find that our understanding is healed. Work with guardian angel Nanael and daimon Caim.

Daimon Caim connects us to the Nine of Pentacles (symbolism explained), Sagittarius, Angel’s Trumpet, and Mercury. If you have anxiety then this daimon may be of benefit. Caim is helpful in confronting our fears helping us to realize a great many of them are groundless.

Other talents are assistance with reconciliation of strained relationships, gaining knowledge of Earth and all things found within her, and improving our communication with animals.

The Drama Club, Terquarts, and Near East Relief Circa 1921
Here we are looking upon an era butting against the Great Depression as well as WW II and we have bank adverts in high school yearbooks. Imagine that…
The graduation program was tucked neatly within the pages of the high school yearbook.

I’ve also noted that the astrology examples at my business website utilize the data of my departed ancestors as a way to remember them. Below you will see exactly what 1921 era may have been like directly before the Great Depression; something not too many may get to glimpse the way I have.

The Roaring Twenties:

I am issuing an abrupt trigger warning for information on the 1920s Russian famine. While this is an important part of collective history if you are at all sensitive to certain topics I advise that you don’t look at this website as a means to not be offended by the topic of starvation leading to cannibalism because throughout human history you will find plenty of recorded truth that this can occur.

I have included this due to the fact that this can happen in the present if people are unable to find food to eat and are dying of hunger. There are more enjoyable topics below, but shadow work means owning some of the monstrous sides humans are capable of becoming. Also, there is a quote that goes something like those who forget his or her story as in the past are doomed to repeat it!

This degree will benefit from working with Dumortierite while harnessing the attraction of luck, good health, and success by engaging with ancient, contemporary, and future traditions, customs, and ideals. Focus your time/energy upon your ability to evaluate people and situations through discernment that helps you intuit the best from what is available to you.

The affirmation is I am fully self aware and my status as well as self esteem are high. Do not forget that Asteroid Ceres is hovering nearby with a reminder to focus on nourishment and self care. Uranus is shaking up a lot presently, but collective destiny rises when faced with the unsettling especially if you follow a lion as your spirit guide.

While I’m still waiting on full time employment options and might be interviewing I’m hoping to make a brief post for the Lionsgate portal on August 8, 2022 as well. For us Leos such as myself who have our birthdays anywhere near this lunation including my mom we simply need to allow the Universe/Cosmos to do its thing once we set our intentions.

One of our focal points is to evolve this planet and society in a much higher direction because old establishments and ways of being must fall away. One of the vital meanings we find in the esoteric nature of Uranus is rising kundalini, an open Third Eye chakra, and exceptionally high levels of consciousness.

Poetry, Brail School of Music, Practice at Home Typewriters, East Side Music Shop, and The Girl’s Rifle Squad?
More banking adverts and when all else fails always inquire of the Question Box!

The advert literally reads all profit with no forfeitures or losses of any kind. Boy, does that sound kind of like false advertising!

If you want to express your highest destiny/truth working consciously with these vibrations is precisely what is needed in 2022. Things to expect include financial, agricultural, and environmental revolution, the rattling of long held beliefs, a great push for freedom by the people, increased food supply issues as well as general supply/demand problems, and natural resource fluctuations.

I noticed others who were cluing in at this time to the Beehive Cluster as well as the Evil Eye being cast. It’s always good to know that my Universal/Cosmic radar is on point. All of which resonate right back to someone legitimately hitting the bullseye when they stated this is the time to love thy neighbor as thyself!

Remember Leo is all about your heart as well as your spine. We know I covered my Dreamspell previously, but much like I did before with Genetic Matrix I’m going to see what the Dreamspell signature is for my Solar Return also known as my birthday today.

Because I’m exceptionally curious of what is the present now moment mojo! It appears that for 2022 I might want to be familiar with the Red Self-Existing Moon.

This fourth tone is a reference to Buddhist principles of standing apart from dependencies and the suffering that attachment brings by knowing that when we are self-existing we have personal autonomy emboldening ourselves to make our footprint instead of blindly following others.

This is the moment when a toddler takes their first steps as an aspect of individuation from their mother. Well post foot fracture and ankle ligament surgery I’ve officially learned “to walk” three times so I’ve got this one hands or is that feet down!

Bear with me as I’m struggling with proofreading some days or others WordPress mistakenly publishes on the wrong calendar date. Monday’s post was set to today which I had to correct before publishing today’s entry. Have a shoot for the stars New Moon in Leo! 🦁🌛✨

The local grocery store to not be named has decided to merchandise their water selection in honor of Kabbalah via the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death.

Now how many consumers won’t realize this because they’re not accessing their intuition and innerstanding of what might be a speculative time referencing the Aquarian water bearing age/aeon? 😲

Manifestation Mondays: Keep Calm and Ascertain the Departed

Great Grandmother and I (Yes, the original image cuts half of her off…)

It feels as though everyone is in a pessimistic rut lately so let’s attempt to alter the frequency. Maybe the provided underlined hyperlink text can point someone to that which is more harmonious.


I’m surrounded by a lot of “doom/fear” in podcasts right now, and as someone who is not burying her head in the sand I also don’t want to be the person who leaves others in a completely negative mental space where they exist in constant anxiety, depression, and other unhealthy ideations. I mean sure that certainly drives home and sells a product. Even astrologers use that tactic to scare people into indulgences or extracurricular services because I covered this months ago when I attempted social media via Twitter meeting someone who I could not reach about how we don’t have to “demonize” everything.

I went through a week or two of ranting about how the social media culture was abhorrently dis-eased with toxic censorship, convoluted mindspaces that create problems I could not assist others with if they did not wish to change, and off the beaten path corners which seemed like an unholy place that I just did not want to associate with thereby putting myself into a sort of “I’m not discoverable mystery realm.”

I’m here, but I don’t get click throughs, and I’m not sure if I care because I’m going back to a 9-5 job literally! It is what it is… An assorted admixture of comfort with discomfort! Being home is just not working for me either. How anyone does work from home or stay at home is beyond me. I need to have some other form of interaction than digital or I’m going to go bonkers to be perfectly frank.

One podcast today dealt with “trust.” Let’s say I have boundaries in life which after being “wronged” enough times I’ve learned there are limits with me when it comes to “trust.” I’m more aware than ever that I am surrounded by sociopaths and psychopaths as I age out of the 3D Earth little by little. My life coaches did not like this about me because I won’t swallow nor eat from their “Candy Land” cavity inducing rose colored glasses lies. I never had that game growing up so perhaps this says something.

I was taught to not accept candy from strangers without someone else or myself inspecting it before I just ingest it. I know that nature versus nurture, dog eat dog, and toxicity have inverted the inner as well as outer realities of many in the multiverse. A “cancer” can eat at it’s source and metastasize leaving a festering wound when we ignore it or refuse to attack it at its source.

The apolitical of me who says arguing left versus right no longer works because like in Kabbalah we’re really fighting against aspects of self through a shadow play with the ego, ID, persona, superego, etc. has not been capable as of yet in determining how to move completely from solitary in some aspects of how she goes through life. I can be a team player, but I also value self reliance and independence. With that comes a level of responsibility to self as well as other. I don’t get it right every time. Remember I said I’m not perfect! I’m also conflicted; I don’t want to become like that which I don’t agree with or feel as if I dislike.

I’m also not wanting to be assaulted by the online agent provacateur psyop where we join some sort of manipulated cult. This “internet” is not anything like the one when I first got online in the 90s where I was meeting “real” people before the rabid foaming at the mouth era of “deep fakes, bots, and other falsehoods.” Actually both my iPhone and laptop I’ve come to wonder about some of what is even in the app stores because it just looks abnormal some of what is found there. The world wide web is now a game of Halloween trick or treat where we may get tricked more often than treated!

Yes, I question the followers and “likes” of my blog posts also. How can I not when I’m realizing not everything is as it appears. I’m allowed to be wary the same way others may be towards me which is why I put a small image of myself on the sidebar of this blog. As much as I hate putting my image on this little part of cyberspace I figure it might make people a little less likely to think I’m a complete wyrd-oh! I don’t know other than that as a child maybe I was a little more able to make friends easier, but I don’t think so ultimately.

I was quite introverted, kept to myself, and selectively chose who I “let into my world.” I expected others to be equally as discerning and a lot less naive. Maybe expectations as they say are just improper to have. No, actually I don’t think I trusted easily growing up. I got picked on enough to learn to question the motives/intents of everyone I came into contact with. You had/have to earn my “trust.” Definitely a paradox with me around. Or maybe the warning should have been good luck as I grew up.

This goes back somewhere to those people who also threw gum in my hair on a bus ride home. No, I did not forget you! Yes, you left an impression on me about “humanity.” No, I did not do that kind of stuff to others. I usually came at them from another angle. Something verbal and psychologically abusive might leap out although I’ve tried to improve upon this with age.

Gum belongs only in a few locations; the mouth, the trash, or in the wrapper! Not on my head or my hair! Misplace it in the wrong location, and I’m going to get very testy with you! Look Leos happen to be very particular about the mane! Screw with it and face our wrath! For that matter I would not go playing with lions unless you want to risk something perhaps you shouldn’t.

This is a matter of principle and morals/ethics where I figure each person has to determine for themselves how far into the “evil” they want to really trek. As they say which wolf do you want to feed or allow yourself to become? Can you walk down the middle or rather go your own way? Something is definitely happening though when you look at groupthink beside the everyday echo chambers. No one is thinking for themselves and we sort of keep chasing our tails some days like cats/dogs. Maybe my hope or wish is that this part time job will help me further my goal to get off the internet if I’m kept busy elsewhere.

I’ve been so torn; do I want my online business or do I want the bleep off the IoT/IoB because I sense something pretty tyrannical about what is afoot. Unlike others I’ve not jumped into wearables, I’m not on social media except a sock puppet account on Facebook for my iPhone app games which I am trying to wean off of, and I don’t online date. I’m still kind of old school and frankly I still value that. And no we won’t be discussing my various views on finances either. This is that tug of war game where I’m deciding if I want to just let go of the rope because I’ll watch the other side drop to the ground due to the physics of gravity and the amount of “oomph” they put into pulling said rope.

I’ve been “scammed” through credit/debit, identity, and other factors making me suspicious. That means I don’t take well to the crypto scammers now nor in the future which usually ensues in me playing mind games back with various groups of people as I don’t like their “game.” I was raised by that logic which says if you mess with me I might mess with you back at least enough to frustrate or dissuade you from wasting your time on me. Burned enough to just not want to keep going through the same tired routines! Bitter no, but I’ve had enough!

So today I’m going to try to leave an ASMR which I don’t watch as often anymore because I finally broke my habit of binge watching for people to simply have some positive unwinding, healing, and to remember our mental health is important at all times so we need to back up for a bit to focus on our breath so that we successfully enter a calmer flow state. With this I’m doing a brief Arabic Part/Lot for our current Monday.

I’ll add a few garden photos as well because the lettuce, beans, and potatoes are bustling with basil starting to also take off. I’ve been impressed by the leaf patterns of the wildflowers at present since I’ve planted a variety of plants which will be songbird, edibles, and pollinator attractors. I’ve also acquired some mushrooms recently; probably not the edible kind. But to me putting some “nature” back in here actually helps us with our Root chakra remaining balanced.

I’m trying to keep my head above the water as the great granddaughter of a cosmetologist who worked as a hair stylist and survived the Great Depression era having worked for larger names like Clairol, Revlon, and such. The matriarchy of my DNA who I’ve repeatedly discussed as she was my inspiration to get my aesthetician’s cosmetology license.

I have haphazardly believed she is still there somewhere in spirit watching over me when my WW II veteran maternal grandfather passed which allowed for me to inherit my maternal ancestral records with her high school yearbook from 3 years before we had a global financial collapse and a World War erupt. Strange that I feel as if we did not learn from our his/her story so we could repeat our pasts.

I know it’s a form of hopium, but we all need something that also keeps us from spiraling into an abyss of darkness from which we never return. That faint nudging belief that I’ve landed this latest part time job I begin on Wednesday in cosmetology thanks to letting her be one of my beacons or inspirations for strength. If I need a female to look to it has been her who also helped raise me till age 5 when she passed on.

It is also because I am 42 remembering sitting in my mom’s lap, leaning over her shoulder, and crying at her funeral. Something formed with us as a bond that I just can’t myself fully put into words. Can a 5 year old or younger understand something better than her 42 year old self? I don’t know other than that I probably appear superstitious to some.

Ancestral Heritage Arabic Part/Lot

I’m going to look at the Arabic Part/Lot of Ancestral Heritage via the formula Ascendant plus Moon minus 8th House. This is an unusual spot. I’ve talked before about Magha nakshatra moving from the anaretic degree in Leo 29° to Virgo 0° which I refer to as zero point energy of Virgo as it also transitions from my 10th to 11th House.

Ancestral Heritage is at Pisces 0° or zero point energy of Pisces in my 6th House which is a Virgo ruled house. It has left the anaretic degree of Aquarius in my 5th House on the Arabic Part/Lot system. Stranger still is that my North Node is Virgo 11th House with a South Node of Pisces 5th House on the Western system previously written about.

I’ve said this I’m not worshiping the stars, I’m not a dogmatist, I see pattern recognition, and I decide if I want to work with it or against it. I’ve been studying this stuff for longer than the attempt at an online business or even trekking into the nonsense eccentric blog I’ve created. But what does this really look like because no one does the symbolism for the zero point degree so I usually have to go with the first degree making it not entirely even accurate.

Well we can begin to state that this would look like a Mercury ruled Earth element Virgo paired with a Neptune ruled water element Pisces in the association of work/job, health, pets, employees, and self improvement. When you have shortcomings how do you deal with them and furthermore if there is a collective or personal crisis such as illness, reversal of fortune, or facing adversity exactly how do you react in the face of them all?

This is what this speaks to because we’re focused on employment, training, those who serve us, and those who depend upon us. Do you endeavor to heal yourself, do you address what you wear everyday and if you needed a haircut, was your fur baby fed, and other daily “chores” make up this placement.

This degree has the awareness of the multifarious forms through which knowledge manifests deeply sensing the eternal realities that hide in passing forms. What is most difficult for the chart holder is to focus on any one thing for in its world energies flow together as formless and inexpressible. The way out of this frustration is to embrace them all and move with the passing shimmerings of each moment.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A field of dandelions.” This degree has a joyful appreciation of the common and ordinary while understanding that all aspects of the human species shared reality have come to be due to having survived and outlived so many other ideas/ways of being that have been cast aside or minimized over time.

In other words there is an instinct for comprehending how the mainstream of society represents the strongest yet most persistent motivations of the race. To try to find and support what is most positive and spiritual in this is the goal of this degree. It is the Piscean sympathy shining forth most directly, spontaneously, and universally like the sunshine of countless stars in a galaxy of dandelions. Work with guardian angel Veuliah and daimon Sabnock.

Daimon Sabnock connects us with the Eight of Swords, Moon, Allspice, and Gemini. When you want to protect your home or astral temple from attacks you want to work with this daimon. As always if you’re working with Sabnock what you will begin to learn is how to take someone else’s nasty little attacks and return them to their sender as a form of defense. Essentually the goal here is that we should be learning/teaching not to be maliciously manipulating or harming others.

“Never rush in haste for anything. Keep calm, stay focused, and the sequence of events will take care of itself.” (The Fried Egg Galaxy) – Unknown

This degree sits on the fixed star of Enif in Pegasus the Flying Horse’s nose. The nature of Enif being that of Mars and Mercury usually combines to make for a high enterprise, ambitious, intuitive, and enthusiastic temperament. We should be careful, however, where we place our judgment which I think this caters back to the issue of “trust.”

As an aesthetician here is a spa ASMR from one of the channels I subscribe to. Have a great and relaxing Monday. I might take tomorrow of as a respite from blogging until Friday just so I can finalize what I need to before beginning my new part time job. I think everyone will be fine during this span of time! Also the next time someone says you can’t produce anything organic because they believe only in chemical agriculture we’re going to have a dispute.

I’ve been doing just fine organic gardening so maybe the problem is a lack of proper education in making the switch! Either out of ignorance, limited beliefs, or fear to change perhaps! All I know is food in the ground is not like a virtual reality game or a Star Trek hologram. It takes time requiring some patience which seems to be in short supply lately. 😊 I really can’t wait for my plants to produce the actual beans or flowers. I’m getting very antsy simply because I want to take photos of something colorful and beyond stems, leaves, and roots.

Tomatoes are under monitoring. Our buckwheat has overtaken them therefore I think we will be thinning shortly. I have not attempted photos because literally the roma tomatoes are dwarfed by a sea of buckwheat! This is what happens when you cover crop and return to planting other items in the bed. Some plants are invasive.

I also had a squirrel stand off recently. They keep bringing peanuts as I’ve said from someone feeding them to my garden to plant them. So as one scurried down the fence I walked over and had to have a face to face discussion with him which sent him back up the fence, turning to face me, twirling a peanut in his hands in front of me, and then leaving. He’ll be back! This is not over!

Connect with Nature – 2 Month Progress Report:

The beans look like they are beginning to consider flowering which is probably a very positive sign for production before we get too hot here in Texas. I’m thinking spring and fall are going to be our best production times. Basil is another exciting one because we use it in various dishes usually macaroni night as my Sicilian step father calls it because certain words now have negative connotations due to improper slang! We literally live in a world where we have to self censor because of those using improper grammar or lingo!
I need a miracle here for carrots, but at least the wildflowers are providing great blanket cover and will hopefully flower shortly. The leave patterns have been fascinating to see, but then I’m probably just being a nerd. I don’t know how much root builder these carrots need or if they’re storing energy for later. I’ve used a lot of fertilizer though in an attempt to bulk my plants up.
I have so many heads of lettuce right now growing that I’m going to be having to ask neighbors to take some to prevent spoilage of perfectly good salads. And nature thinks that mushrooms would look great on those salads as well! Fungus is among us.