Fun Quote Fridays: Individuality

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” – Unknown

I have not done a post for Fun Quote Fridays in quite some time so I am squeezing one in this week, but normally I have no time between my part time cosmetology job to do so. Please follow the underlined hyperlink text to little hidden treasures I’ve chosen to share with you by clicking on them.


“I believe in individuality, that everybody is special, and it’s up to them to find that quality and let it live.”

  • Grace Jones

“You just have to do your own thing, no matter what anyone says. It’s your life.”

  • Ethan Embry

“Follow your own star!”

  • Dante Alighieri

“Never follow the crowd.”

  • Bernard Baruch

“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.”

  • Carl Jung

“Individuality is freedom lived.”

  • John Dos Passos

“Don’t compare. You paint differently because you are different.”

  • Frank Lynn


Individuality Arabic Part/Lot

Today I’m doing a brief look at the Arabic Part/Lot for Individuality using the formula Ascendant plus Sun minus Uranus which is placed within my 10th House of Cancer at 9° which is not surprising for me. The 10th House is where our professional activity, social status, and authority take center stage.

My Sun sign is placed here in Tropical or Western astrology as a Leo, however, this is a direct match to my Sidereal or Vedic chart which means I’m a visionary who loves a good challenge. This displays our strengths and weaknesses as well as what we desire to achieve in life. This is where we want to leave our mark on the world.

The chart holder finds what is good and useful in unexpected places wanting to help others and to be of service. Their way of doing this is often indirect and subtle. They communicate to others the truth that change is nothing to fear, that it is, in fact beautiful, and that nature offers us a myriad of energies to nurture our soul.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A skeleton playing a flute.” Presumably one is engaged in the process of making flower remedies. There is a set of orchid remedies that are made in just this way. By collecting the dew off the orchids and using that in the remedy.

The skeleton is, on one level, the spirit of the sign Capricorn, which rules the bones of the body. Capricorn’s verb is “I use,” and Capricorn has to do with finding ways to make use of all which is around it. This degree is about finding the most efficient ways of using anything for the purpose of nurturing.

Of course on another level the skeleton is death, but here rather than being a force to fear it offers beautiful music reminding us that death is what allows us to live, grow, and flourish.

Knowing that death is only a part of the cyclic process of dying and being reborn rather than the permanent end of all things we see through the illusion of death. We can then enjoy the beautiful music it makes with life. Work with guardian angel Yeratel and daimon Ronove.

Daimon Ronove connects us to the Ten of Wands, Moon, Cinnamon, and Sagittarius. Call upon this daimon when you need others to assist with helping people to see things in life from your perspective. Ronove is multi-lingual and will teach one the arts, rhetoric, and how to reconcile disputes.

If you’ve been the victim of undesirable outcomes this daimon will help changes manifest in your life especially regarding academia, industry, and other aspects of your life.

A great crystal to work with for this degree is the Snowflake Obsidian with the focus upon the message of having no fear of the unknown which bestows the freedom of new dimensions opening up to you. The affirmation is I am expressive, unforgettable, and delightful.

NGC 2392 in Gemini

This degree sits on the fixed stars Alhena in the left foot of Pollux in Gemini and Mebsuta in the right knee of Castor in Gemini. Alhena is taken from the Arabic Al Maisan meaning the Proudly Marching One. Kabbalists associate it with the Hebrew letter Qoph and the tarot trump The Sun.

Mebsuta is taken from the Arabic Al Mabsutat meaning the Outstretched via its marking the extended paw of the early Arabic Lion. The early Arabic Asad extended over a third of the heavens as a Lion encompassing Arcturus, Spica, Regulus, the heads of Gemini, Corvus, and Canis Minor. Kabbalists associate it also with the Hebrew letter Qoph and the tarot trump The Sun.

May your Friday be inspired! Best wishes! 🤗💕

Self Examination Saturdays: Where Can We See/Make Miracles Happen?

It’s remarkably odd to find out that you are supposedly a grasshopper without wanting to make obnoxiously bad Kung Fu puns at the same time!

All bad jokes and puns aside the underlined hyperlink text that probably annoys everyone when I mention it is here to help you hop along the path towards knowledge/gnosis.


Funny title? Yes, I suppose it is. I wanted to venture back into the realm today of Arabic Parts/Lots to look at the formula given for charting Miracles. The actual formula utilized is Ascendant plus Pluto minus Sun which if we consider these correspondences in and of themselves we may find some clues to this process.

For example, your Ascendant is said to symbolize all potential possibilities while the Sun represents all possible probabilities. The Ascendant as the most important key to material and spiritual potentialities will assist one in understanding their soul level incarnation intentions.

The Sun on the other hand as all eventualities shows the nature with which your personality expresses itself. Your Ascendant is a blueprint of all future spiritual development with the Sun applying deeper understanding to your ego be that the lower/higher ego.

Pluto is a heavy indicator of our individual as well as collective place for transformation, intensity, obsessive patterns, and where we may look into studying concepts such as occultism, psychology, and alchemy. Pluto is said to be that harbinger of turning your world upside down to test your faith and to prepare you for the hard lesson of letting go.

As a partner with the energies of Scorpio when we interact with Pluto we find a ruler of life, death, and rebirth who helps us come out stronger after we face our daimons.

The root etymology of the word miracle originates in Middle English, French, and Latin with a connection to objects of wonder, smiling, and being astonished. Most of us attribute these moments in our lives as events with inexplicable or supernatural origins that bring fortunate outcomes allowing for us to prevail against the odds.

Kabbalists seem to enjoy ascribing the month of Kislev or Sagittarius as the realm beyond where most of us reside and these periods of awe, confusion, or bewilderment are revealed. I think that the companion to this relies upon one of my favorite holidays which is Chanukah. More than that there is basis on the fact that the Jewish believe the month of Kislev is when Noah’s Ark landed safely on dry land having survived the Great Flood.

If we took a more esoteric approach to this we’d understand this is symbolic anytime in our lives when we feel as if the storms upon us will never end, we become uncertain of our future, and we wonder if we will see sunshine again. This then is clearly not defined by only one month on any particular religious or cultural timeline much less any calendar creating a vein of commonality with what I was saying about time being an illusion yesterday.

Humans have created these to essentially make logical or rational sense of the environment with which they are foreigners in. I say foreigners because we’re spiritual beings having a human experience.

Kislev is said to be a month where darkness turns to light as the Sun shines fewer hours each day. Most of society at this time will be found celebrating various holidays with a theme of gratitude be that Thanksgiving or Chanukah.

The darkness of the season is when we allow our struggles to unexpectedly turn into our blessings. When we really think about it more than just Judaism, Christianity, or Islam have festivals of light respectively.

Chanukah being a miracle of oil one should comprehend that it is in fact a metaphyiscal term for anointing our thoughts with love poured out to make everything we encounter holy or in other words perfectly whole. Perfectly whole means head and heart work in communion or that mind, body, and spirit establish a consciousness of love over fear having a more Universal/Cosmic awareness of their internal and external realities.

Like the Mayans the culture of Judaism is known for having a variety of calendars to keep time and then to claim that this makes it sacred, but who defines what making sacred is when it becomes mandated or dogmatic. On top of all of this Kislev is known as the month in their paradigm for the arrival of the rainbow which is just another way to approach our chakra system.

And in this you may discover why I’m not really wanting to pick any one calendar over another much less will I pick one astrology school over another becoming as dogmatic in esotericism as those in exoteric practices.

Those kinds of astrologers and esotericists do exist. And we’ve both gotten into a lot of heated discussion over topics which again is why I’m very solitary in my approaches not wanting to form any sort of “group” online or offline. You’re simply not going to limit me or box me in. If that’s your approach then so be it, but recognize I don’t nor will I walk such a path.

My DNA is in fact Ashkenazi Jewish as I’ve said mixed with other ethnic branches, but I was raised in a family with full freedoms and liberties to study and plot my own life path. I would certainly hope those who follow my writings have recognized I’ve used the Tao, the I Ching, the Quran, and a myriad of other esoteric themes to illustrate my openness to move beyond standard limiting beliefs.

Judaism also operates their calendars upon agriculture, government, civil, and sacred patterns of time keeping not all that different than any other culture who employed similar practices. If you look back this has been going on for aeons including Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, Babylon, and so forth.

Miracles Arabic Part/Lot

Getting beyond this introductionary rambling which hopefully made some form of sense we notice that my Arabic Part/Lot for Miracles is placed into the 4th House of Capricorn at 7° uniquely between Mercury and Jupiter on the wheel. We can then summarize this as a zone of sanctuary where one feels they most belong.

The 4th House is very much tied to my studies on Magha lunar mansion with a co-significator of Cancer being the land of the ancestors associated with the home, family, and nurturing. Now my Western natal chart will display the IC/MC as the Capricorn/Cancer axis.

So a well tied knot; sounds like what I feel is happening in my left foot. I plan tonight to be a trip with a muscle relaxer for this very reason, but I digress! The gandanta always takes place between water and fire elements. Agni and apas are two opposite elements. Fire can heat up the water and water can extinguish fire which makes negotiating this area of anyone’s chart complex, however, this area of any astrology chart is precisely where the maximum spiritual development takes place.

Natal Tropical With IC/MC Capricorn/Cancer

Any planet placed in gandanta lies in a difficult position where it has to face some conflicts. Let’s say Venus is in gandanta this means your relationships/marriage will be an area of insecurity. The Cancer (Ashlesha) and Leo (Magha) gandanta is where soul endings transpire moving towards psychological change. This all sounds incredibly familiar!

The ruling deity of Ashlesha is the Nagas or wise serpents. At this stage there is the shedding of the skin to grow another one. The entire experience transforms the mind and the psyche through extremely painful manners necessary for soul growth into another dimension. Upon the Magha nakshatra stage our soul is finally ready to experience life at a junction point of intellectual change which it has already experienced at the Ashlesha level via connection to our past lives/incarnations.

Gandanta is also where we have a wound which we have covered up with a bandaid, but someone has abruptly ripped it off with absolutely no warning. They do not even know if the wound underneath this bandaid was fully healed before they rip it off of us meaning there may still be raw and fresh flesh underneath. The intensity of the pain is based upon if the wound healed which is a complex knot of all our previous lives/incarnations combined.

In 2022 these occur for Ashlesha and Magha during July 30 through August 2 as well as August 13 through August 17 and finally August 28 through September 3 within Sun, Mercury, and Venus. Why would I be keying into these themes in advance during June of 2022 before they’re set to arrive? I don’t recall having that talent before as an esotericist.

Mercury takes us beyond our thoughts to direct connections with our intuition, wisdom of the soul, and the Universe/Cosmos itself while Jupiter reveals what one does to accomplish their spiritual purpose. The energy of this degree is best explored through the following lens.

The chart holder is good at pointing out the structures of things to other people while clarifying information. They want others to understand the significance of things and to see how the past has produced the results of the present. It is especially adept at bringing forth lost or forgotten information which can enrich present knowledge.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A satyr gazing at his reflection in a pond.” To peer into one’s animal side looking back at you from the depths of the subconscious while befriending it is what this symbol is trying to do. If you try to deny or ignore this energy you will always be drawn back to it as it will be drawn to you.

If you try to civilize it then it will elude you. If you are timid or fearful the vision of this primitive you can be frightening. The more you can own it and love it the stronger you will connect yourself to the joy and power of your Earthly being. The challenge is to accept and not complexify or to make friends with while integrating this wild inner being. Then you will deeply have learned the secret. Work with guardian angel Umabel and daimon Zagan.

Daimon Zagan connects to the Eight of Wands, Sun, Mercury, Frankincense, and Sagittarius. When we choose to work with this daimon we may find that they can take any given situation and flip it around. Your perceptions of reality will be changed by seeing the illusions removed. I’ve read a variety of interpretations for this daimon having already covered Zagan in a previous blog post.

Other attributions include the Magician tarot trump and transubstantiation. While a great many reject the doctrine of transubstantiation I believe they fail to comprehend the etymology represents not just a jaunt into Catholicism through the eucharist. It’s a simple conversion of one substance into another very akin to the inherent methods of many estoeric practices including alchemy.

Can zombies do yoga? Of corpse knot!

If this degree happens to fall on a Mercurial personal planet similar to as I’ve mentioned above the split with Jupiter then one is said to be heavily enamored with discussing the Universe/Cosmos, esoteric topics, and self development. Some consider the perspectives brought into everyday parlance to be refreshing while others will find it to be too otherworldly or difficult to comprehend.

A great crystal to work with is Chrysocolla expressing a message of effervescent energy and escapism imbued with a lightness of being that is best described as freedom focused upon effortlessly coping with one’s troubles in life in an effort to assist others in resolving their problems. The affirmation is I am open and accepting of all possibilities.

Interestingly I touched on precession again yesterday, but when it comes to lunar mansions particularly mine you’ll find a whole lot of traditionalists who believe it can’t possibly progress to Virgo and could never leave Leo. Well…let’s just agree to disagree!

As there is no fixed star for this degree I leave you with a few photos taken from our garden over the past few days which is primarily wildflowers with a few shots of the sweet potatoes and roma tomatoes because we’re still working through much lettuce and green, yellow, and purple beans while the carrots are simply not ready yet for harvest. May you have a truly reflective Saturday! 🪞💖

I on the other hand made lotion for a customer today who likes eucalyptus scent and well it feels like either a Christmas store or a menthol cough drop. My nose and throat are tingling. Should there be proofreading errors or any other confusion with my composition today I’ll likely re-read it tomorrow for corrections. I’m struggling against a loud television movie which is disturbing my concentration and going to head to bed early tonight for my own well being.

Up close and personal with the life of the bees!
Green roma tomatoes on the vine!
Zinnias are slowly beginning to bloom flowers, and I’m glad to see some color again.
I’m waiting to see if these sunflowers will go to seed or not!
Borage with sweet potatoes pushing through the ground/soil makes me wonder if they’ll produce as well as the Yukon gold potatoes.

Fun Quote Fridays: What The Bleep Happened Exactly Between January 2021 to April 2022?

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” – Bansky

Unlike that song I don’t have two tickets to paradise today, but I’ve certainly been unproductive in an effort to rest my more than upset left foot that did not like the last two days as I spoke of yesterday. Please use the underlined hyperlink text in an effort to try helping you follow my train of thought.


I’m not ignorant of the supposed “Great Resignation,” economic bubbles, and other politicized or psychological warfare promoted topics of the impending societal collapses many advocate for because I can’t call it anything else other than advocating for an inversion of reality known as a tarot “Tower” card moment because so many claim they can “build” it back in a superior way. As I previously said you can’t build though if the foundation is cracking as you would place your structure on a cement slab which is not going be safe or secure. The above dates are essentially how long I personally took a hiatus from holding a job outside of this online attempt.

It’s like putting Bondo from 3M on something as a patch and expecting it to stand the long haul. I’m going to preface this with a idiom that says we should be careful what we wish for in life. It’s always that issue I have with the term “grifters” and if I’m being sold a con by modern advocates for certain “changes” because I do question if they actually have a different intention than what they say. Anyone can paint a pretty picture for you to visualize and sell you a “Let’s Make a Deal” Zonk! This is probably going to be my stereotypical blunt and harsh dialogue again.

Then again I’m all for certain types of “energy” except that I’m not an environmentalist zealot who has lost her rationality either. I’ve been noticing this trend and it’s a big problem with the birthday I have as I realize what this entire “all or nothing” mantra really means. It is more like the idiom where people throw the baby out with the bathwater. Rather foolish, but then as I said most are trying to remake the Wheel! Wasn’t there something in there about don’t fix it until it’s broken?! I don’t know maybe I’m missing something or are others missing something?

Wait a minute? Who picked what was behind Door #2?! And furthermore “why?”

Remember what I said previously about artificial intelligence and groupthink. That I have explained that most humans don’t know the wool is pulled over their eyes because they have no time for education nor desire one especially grammar, linguistics, or etymology much less certain other topics they allow to elude them.

That is why we’re all being duped and giving our sovereignty away. Now pay attention so that you can question what is taught or fed to you by neural linguistic programming, hypnosis, frequency, and such at just the level of the smithery of language or the alphabet.

Artificial originates from Middle English through man made to Old French articiel. This becomes Latin artificialis, artifex, and facere. It means false, misleading, and unnatural. Intelligence originates from Middle English and Old French intelligence which is taken from Latin intelligentia meaning capacity of the mind to understand truth, acquire knowledge, and apply it to practice. It also means a political/military department or agency which secretly gathers information even about average citizenry. But it gets even better!

What does everyone want in the transhumanity end game? It is always supposedly intelligent and “smart” because this is a play on your own ignorance of truth. Here is what smart means, and I ask you to think about this next time you buy anything “smart” on the menu offered by Big Brother/Sister. It is a self monitoring analysis and reporting technology.

Smart originates from Middle English smerten and Proto Germanic smertana which means to bite, sting, hurt, and ache. It literally means to feel a pungent pain of mind, a sharp pain or grief, to be punished severely, and to feel the sting of evil. It also means being depraved, wicked, and accursed (shrewd) or literally bitter in a rude and disrespectful way.

Dumb does not really mean what most of us think it does because it originates from Middle English dumb and Proto Germanic dumbaz to mean mute, silent, speechless, and unable to speak. Yet we somehow attribute this to stupidity and the unintellectual. It is always vital to learn both spoken and written comprehension before anyone begins to assume they know whether or not they’ve been taken for a ride by others with questionable motives.

You’re not really doing anything new to me though regardless of your fancy word smithery. Humans have a propensity to simply engineer more and more delusion into the consciousness of collective minds. That’s why “grifter” translates to con man/woman or a confidence game playing again upon the issue of “trust games.” It’s really the indication of manipulation, scams, swindlers, and a system of corruption always being disguised as it’s polar opposite.

Whatever this is though it’s also an environmental collapse. They show places where wifi and radio frequency for the transhumanist agenda compounded by chemical agriculture has led to hand pollination. How this provides supposed “sustainability” is well beyond me to use the term of certain “agendas.” This is why many state we’re actually not addressing the root of our problems which is a biodiversity extinction level event!

Those who say everything is in fact safe make me always remember I live surrounded by bias fostered by lobbyists, the infamous shareholders, and the toxic culture of selfish greed re-labelled as profit. I’m not full anti capitalist. I’m a person advocating some middle of the road common sense! I’m not anti everything, but I certainly expect people to think more before they just act or even react!

Our household has gone through some of the most eye opening changes as we age out of the 3D realizing just how absurd most lifestyles many adopt really and honestly in fact are wanting something remarkably different!

No one really wants to accept truth because the truth is inconvenient. Hide in your houses using those gig jobs making those shareholders rich and continuing a toxic paradigm while not providing solid solutions because crypto which also has a “footprint” to use the “sustainability” lie again only this time in a return to sender spell because I am also agitated by the faulty logic of others. I don’t like it when people sell me smarmy stuff that tickles my too good to be true intuition.

How much energy and resources or “footprint” does the crypto really use again for quantum computing? Please don’t sell me some sort of lobbyist or shareholder driven bias either because that is how misinformation spreads like wildfire. If we’re going to praddle about the state of our multiverse or global citizenry shouldn’t we be more “honest.” Nope; that would be more than we can handle!

Again I’m not going to be an easy one to win over because I see all the glaring holes in the business models of the “plan” meant to keep people, plants, animals, and so forth in the dark or deflected looking the other way while they’re being robbed. Fair has nothing to do with it because the “agenda” is something else entirely! I’m toying with the notion that consciousness is on a one way path towards entropy in a death drive thanatos cult of personality.

I’ve found two Arabic Parts/Lots I’ll publish today which are more in vein with my current part time employment because they struck me as a synchronicity when I stumbled upon them. Being in a retail establishment that provides products solely to those licensed in cosmetology with a primary focus on hair rather than aesthetics (spa/skin and body) you meet several explaining they have been forced to close their practices because they can not fill the chair rentals. People are not wanting to work is what many have expressed.

This was something I was already stating on my blog about influencers and the new mindset of esoterics with people who I instead refer to as slothful or lazy also called a sluggard. There is a balance between being overworked and just being indolent. Mind you that many of these cosmetologists who’ve been in the field for years are sharing my sentiments of these new generations of entitlement mindset who tell us it is wrong to earn a living the way that we do.

So I’ll right now flip this on its head to my readers just to give another perspective. Do you want to be in Pixar’s Wall E with those cosmetologist robots who make you look like a clown? You know which I’m talking about I hope because one of them in the movie was having a malfunction; PR-T. The whole idea to me with Kabbalah even is that we’re put here as world servers, but the transhumanist and automation mindset seems to think that humans are obsolete I suppose. Funny because we have laws which make our technology also obsolete to rake us over the coals for more money. Sorry! As I’ve said I’m tired of being fed garbage because I just don’t like it.

There is an inherent what I call self hate/loathing aspect starting to occur with how consciousness is viewing or observing itself at the human level much less at other levels by which I’m most definitely referring to that which deals with various forms of physics in the observable multiverse.

This type of world view actually does not resonate with me which is why I’ve been hard pressed to go back out into a physical labor field to work where I can serve humanity in person and not behind the digital age so many collectively are manifesting through their Internet of Things/Bodies that I’m still not content with as a future.

Ironically this was someone else pondering our future in 2010 near my birthday. No, I don’t want to eat bugs, mealworms, or some other nasty “grubs” for my protein as if I were in the Lion King franchise with Timon and Pumbaa. And no, I also don’t want slime robots thanks, but I will pass! Yes, that is a pun on my Western Leo Sun also at this lunacy! Not happening regardless how many times you tell me “no worries!” And while my readers may not genuinely know what that strange message means it stems from certain purveyors of hatred against free will or think tanks with which I’ll never get along with.

“I want to vacation so long I forget all my passwords.” – Unknown

We’ve also been discussing the ongoing detriment of the homeless in the area where I work because it’s quite a significant detraction to the entire city of Austin leading to increased crime. This has included them bringing in portable restroom facilities, tent cities, and actually some less than appropriate behavior which has also caused customers or families to move out of the city altogether in abject disgust or fear for their well being including their children, but businesses don’t sometimes stay in these locales either.

I don’t really want to be on some criticizing soap box rant as I’m sure some of my regular readers will see where this is going. Most of the cosmetologists won’t give to the homeless they’ve stated because these homeless have not wanted to change or receive help in a way that we feel would make them more meaningful members of society. Instead it’s an epidemic of abandoning the homeless and the city which is slowly occurring.

Austin if you live here has the tagline “Keep Austin Weird” which has I think for the more conservative of society or the hard working cosmetologist now been losing all of its appeal so even though this area of America is taunted as the place to “move to” those who have been here the longest are finding that they’re looking elsewhere.

This creates other problems I’m sure for those who perhaps can’t find a home elsewhere to move into, but I won’t go down that rabbit hole right now. There is a lot of interesting topics covered when meeting the career cosmetologist even in what they’ve stated about the illusionary world of influencers who can pop up any edited video which paints a delusion for a customer.

The consumer thinks they can get some well known influencer’s possibly unrealistic outcome from a short video when the actual cut or color took several hours or even sessions particularly if this includes blonding or bleaching the hair. The average consumer does not understand hair density, that you should only be lifting virgin hair to ensure even color, and other factors while they don’t want to pay the cosmetologist for their time, product, and expertise some have expressed which is similar to how I feel even with my astrology or esoterics business.

My attempts to break into an online business model allowed me to see how certain influencers or charlatans as I call them also spin a yarn for their “manifested wealth.” What I mean is that you learn just how deceptive some people really are quickly in the world.

As I don’t want to discuss a lot of personal here because my employee manual says to keep social media clean I’ll simply state that I work with two wonderful women so far. I enjoy the people I meet everyday and being a part of helping them make their clients feel good about their physical appearance with what we provide them as we have a lot of hair color, styling products, perms, etc.

Nothing much else to say as my team is around my age and we all have had some similar interests as one has been in drum line (she has played in bands also) when they grew up while another was in drill team, and I was in Color Guard. I’m the only single gal with no children though. We all get along really well at managing the store.

As for me I’m in desperate need of hair stylist education because when you’ve been the entire other side of the industry you’re not as familiar with selling certain items so I may get stumped on questions more often needing help. I really don’t know enough about coloring hair. I also have not had my hair professionally colored in probably over a decade now nor have I been flat ironing it because it was damaged too much from the abuse I put it through previously.

Now we can all laugh because my hair is naturally curly so one of my co-workers as hair stylist said she loves curly hair and always wants to pet people with it. Reminded me of high school when I used to wear chemical hair gel and a friend wanted to play with my hair because it was crunchy. I don’t use those hair products anymore though. Now I use homemade product and leave in conditioner letting my hair air dry which means it shrinks up compared to when I would flat iron it. My image in the sidebar I pinned my hair up so you won’t see it.

Here are some quotes and the Arabic Parts/Lots which today we will look at where Beauty, Merchants, and Merchandise sit briefly for myself. I guess people find liberation in different ways, but whatever is being bred by society not everyone is in agreeance with or even likes it. And those decisions that you’re making they do not just impact you, but they will ripple out affecting a great many others with whom you forget there was an interconnection or even entanglement you have ignored or not realized existed.

I suppose your ego has forgotten to inform you that it’s not all just about you or your family, but it’s about a Cosmic community because instead most of our words and ideologies only focus today at the global level. So the mind of most is still thinking small potatoes at that level and limited to just their impact on Earth rather than a greater whole of influence they are responsible to.

By this I’m taking a direct hit at your space junk because we’ve littered the planet Earth and made it toxic enough that we’ve simply moved onto colonizing and trashing the Cosmos/Universe now. Sorry, but someone has to say this or else no one will will question their intentions and modus operandi walking with blinders on them in tunnel vision.

One planet, one experiment.” – E. O. Wilson

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

  • Vidal Sassoon

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

  • Dale Carnegie

“Luck? I don’t know anything about luck. Luck to me is something else: hard work and realizing what is opportunity and what isn’t.”

  • Lucille Ball

“When the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, it may be that they take better care of it there.”

  • Cecil Selig

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

  • Samuel Goldwyn

“If your new job were a person, he would feel lucky to have you. Congratulations.”

  • Unknown

“A new job is like a blank book and you are the author.”

  • Unknown

Time for some astrology speculation. Here are the formulas for what we’re seeking today. Beauty follows Ascendant plus Venus minus Sun, Merchants follows Ascendant plus Venus minus Mercury, and Merchandise follows Ascendant plus Fortune minus Spiritus. Now we can analyze where these land for myself as an example. Anyone can do this also via Astroseek.

We find Beauty in my 1st House of Libra at 15° on a Jupiter degree, Merchants is also in my 1st House of Libra at 7° on a Mercury degree, and Merchandise is in my 3rd House of Sagittarius at 21° on what I believe is a Saturn degree. This is fascinating and eye opening! There is some overlap in these degrees with previous blog posts around Easter.

Actually this last week has proven to have some interesting studies, but I digress.

If we just generally break this down for analysis we find that I may appear as graceful, mediating, and sociable with a compromising attitude that generally seeks the middle ground by bringing everyone to the table to seek out a solution which works best for all, but that I’ll feel as if I lack harmony in environments that do not have some order established within them.

The 1st House is the outer appearance which generally speaks to their personality, looks, and overall presentation. What needs to be remembered is that the scales of Libra is in continuous states of weighing/measuring the quality of fairness, quality, and justice of all ongoing relationships.

Mercury here would apply a rational approach that can also negatively appear as intellectual narcissism so it’s vital we acknoledge the ideas of our peers. We have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and learning constantly gathering up new information with a desire to critically think for ourselves also suffering from a compulsion to talk non stop.

It’s advised that we avoid caffeine which is too stimulating for our nervous system. Well, I’ll have to work on that as I’m still a bit of a coffee drinker!

Jupiter, however, is said to make one an optimist amidst what otherwise appears as dismal or demoralizing circumstances. We must guard against inflated egos or projecting a larger than life persona because we can appear to be of greater means than we necessarily are. We display ostentatious magnanimity with a honest and moralistic vibration wanting to put otherwise positive energy into the aether. We may come off as superficial.

The 3rd House is overlooked and misrepresented. It was once called the “Goddess” house running the axis of partnership to the 9th House which is the “God” house. It was once inferred to bring about manifestations of the feminine nature which in Catholicism became a vision of the Virgin Mary focused upon devotion of the Divine Feminine archetypes as seen in grottoes and fountains. There is no shortage of synchronicity here; nope none at all! Not when I spent my 20s becoming Catholic even though I have Ashkenazi Jewish in my maternal and biological paternal DNA.

In Greek culture the extension goes further as to illustrate this misrepresentation of the 3rd House because Greece left women out of power in spiritual practice. Therefore this is the house of appreciation, devotion, and reverence to women via modern day feminism which is not of the toxic variety. This overlooked astrology house has become a place of irreverence towards the Divine Feminine putting focus upon the 9th House of the Divine Masculine. The 3rd House becomes the place of unorthodox religion and beliefs on returning to the “place of Goddess.”

The Moon has become maligned as well as misunderstood through associations with darkness, evil, and the nocturnal sect of those in Abrahamic faiths who demonize Lilith. Our 3rd House holds the wiring of our mental habits, early education, and alignment of faith. The Moon Goddess was once a place of joy until we began to misappropriate it.

With Saturn and Sagittarius this house becomes childhood loneliness and isolation where speech is suppressed by fears of inadequacy. Later in life many become grammarians and teachers of language employing a lack of interest in frivolous banter desiring well thought out speeches that focus on truthful honesty. We realize our foolish choices come back to bite us in life therefore we value self reliance.

I’m going to touch on the energies of these placements below and close out today’s blog post. This will run in the same order as listed above.

Beauty Arabic Part/Lot

Looking deeply into life we find those things of great value that help us to bring loving care into all that we do. Realizing the repetitive nature of all cycles we come to see the deeper meaning and purpose of that which we continually repeat. Giving loving and careful attention to all that we do creates in us an attunement to a pure source of deep inner wisdom. Perceiving the ancient imprints that exist in the deepest layers of our unconscious we are able to see more clearly the one sidedness of our thinking and how all thoughts are illusions. Work with guardian angel Hahasiah and daimon Balaam.

Daimon Balaam connects with the Seven of Wands, Sun, Leo, and Frankincense. While this is a touchy daimon to work with for some the specialty of working with Balaam is in tarot, hydromancy, palm reading, and mirror skrying. Balaam is also an essential to partner with for healing spells, shielding, astral travel, solar magic, working with tree spirits, and commitments to employment.

A great crystal to work with for this degree in Libra is Ammolite. The message is to live with the natural rhythms/cycles of life focused throughout with wholistic awareness of places and situations. Affirm that you rejoice in the circle of life.

Merchants Arabic Part/Lot

The chart holder is aware of all the limits around them as well as within. They may be intensely concerned with maintaining their own integrity by holding out all that might try to compel them to be other than what they truly are. On the other hand they can become quite frustrated with the restrictions they find everywhere. This acute awareness of all of life’s edges and boundaries can make them feel impossibly limited or it can also imbue them with the ability to relate in a highly clear and focused manner.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A group of old ladies gossiping excitedly.” The ladies of this symbol are talking about the limits of decency, the limits imposed by social mores, about people pushing and transgressing limits, and about the limited information they have as well as the desire to have more of it. And, of course, these limits cast a shadow over everything.

Relationships are all about interacting within limits. It is a testing of our limits to see where they are and maybe to push them back to make more room for ourselves. It is through encountering, assessing, and working with these limits that we come to know ourselves as well as others more clearly and based on this define a path forward. Work with guardian angel Veuliah and daimon Sabnock.

Daimon Sabnock connects us with the Eight of Swords, Moon, Jasmine, and Gemini. What many may not know is that this daimon helps one overcome depression while acting as a bodyguard/ally. Sabnock forces you to cut off any connections with people whom are unhealthy especially those who impose their will upon you.

Hawk’s Eye is a great crystal to utilize for this degree with a message to employ a cloak of protection ensuring we are safe and secure while focusing on nourishing/protecting our family, friends, objects, plans, and ideals. The affirmation should state that you are astute and observant.

Merchandise Arabic Part/Lot

Knowing there is something we need to do, to realize, and/or to resolve, we are eventually guided to it. When we allow ourselves to relate to the whole of nature the energy we emanate naturally calls to others of like vibration. When we reconnect with becoming rejuvenated we are inspired to express our passion to others. To voice our deepest most primitive feelings releases the darkness within which makes way for the light. Work with guardian angel Sehaliah and daimon Vine.

Daimon Vine connects to the Ten of Swords, Sun, Gemini, and Mallow. If you’re working with Vine it’s usually in reference to protection magic.

As this guardian angel and daimon were previously covered another great crystal to work with for this degree is Blue Spinel. Another message for this degree is to take a new perspective of the matter at hand while focusing on creative solutions to understand how best to see life through the eyes of a child. The affirmation to remember the wisdom of your ancestors while avoiding conveying thoughts from another angle is well advised. Perhaps we should ask how would our ancestors really view us or our lifestyles if they were in fact here to sit down and chit chat. It’s not all negative, but it’s also not entirely all ideal for some.

I’m going to enjoy the rest of my day off today as I don’t have any business to do with my astrology or esoterics at present for clients. I hope everyone has a well spent Friday and weekend! I have some garden photos, but I’m waiting to publish them a little later instead of badgering you with them right now. What’s my beef? That if we spend all our time in cyberspace we never ground in reality or the Root chakra. Again I’m not anti everything in life; I encourage people to not be sold a lemon even if you can make lemonade. 🏡

Teach Me Tuesdays: Answering My Own Nagging Feelings

We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more.” – Carl Jung

This brief entry is simply to satisfy something that was bothering me yesterday which I did not investigate. You know the drill with the underlined hyperlink text. I always share what I’m studying or investigating.


I don’t want to post a really long entry today. As I said I did not plan to post today, but yesterday I saw this Arabic Part/Lot and it was really piquing my interest to chart it so that I could just see what might show up as to if it was confirmation bias. This happens often at an unconscious level where we seek out anything which backs up a personal belief or feeling. In my estimation my exposing this of my own self helps me heal my shadow and where I am falling victim to that which otherwise would not support my views. You either nip certain traits in the bum as they say or you keep walking around in a haze/fog of not objectively being truthful even with yourself.

I’m not completely un-awake nor do I want my blog followers or readers to think that. I am very selective about what I publish or put online often trying to remain cryptic because of reasons others might not fully understand or even agree with. As I stated yesterday this certainly does have much to do with the issue of “trust” which when your foundation cracks can significantly damage the structure built upon that cement which makes it actually unsafe for habitation.

It’s not going to be easy to repair the cracks that have formed for me because while I forgive I don’t walk way with reconcilable differences quite the opposite. We can’t reconcile these differences so its like filing for an annulment or divorce.

So here is a truly quick little blurb, and I’m signing off! This will be the Arabic Part/Lot for Grandparents utilizing the formula Ascendant plus Jupiter minus the 2nd House. I’m fascinated again by the result, but when am I not. We have this in my 11th House of Leo at 9° with Jupiter. This is probably because I ultimately have always loved Jupiter as the greater benefic in astrology feeling a stronger affinity with the planet in how many describe it. It’s funny that the chart shows the degree for Jupiter, however, matched to a Saturn glyph.

Grandparents Arabic Part/Lot

Why is this nagging at me and what is it with my own obsession regarding my Vedic lunar mansion. Some of this began by watching a whiteboard as well as another informational video to help my studies because while I’ve made myself more of an example as well as I did use my ancestors on my business website I’m particular.

I’ve said this before I don’t like taking the information of a client, celebrity, or any other person to publish their astrological details because in my estimation it’s a violation of their privacy, rights, and I may not even have their permission to do so.

What I do here may seem utterly self absorbed, but it’s about respecting another person rather than disrespecting their energy. It’s also about self healing which is important because that ripples out into the consciousness as a gift to others as well. We have just as much duty to heal ourselves as we do to heal another.

The Arabic Part/Lot is matched to a Venus glyph. It goes something like this albeit I’m always taking astrology with a bit of a grain of salt and often also observing it from a very esoteric perspective where I don’t get too wrapped up in making it a legalism. Anything I study or read online is usually something I’m always quizzical and puzzling about as it’s perspective, interpretation, and can often times get a wee bit misconstrued from time to time.

This house happens to be one of friendships, hopes, and aspirations wrapped around community, activism, and societal changes being ruled by both Aquarius and Uranus so it represents our relation to others in a stronger fashion than the 7th House of partnerships. Placing Jupiter here can imply popularity, social prestige, a large circle of friends (I don’t have that by choice), idealism, tolerance, and a team player. Really how many people are friends versus minor acquaintances? Who really has your back?

Jupiter is the abode of those who enjoy progressive or liberal views although I still consider myself middle of the road between conservative and progressive, generosity, optimism, and the nature of one’s outlook, mindset, and future prospects.

Saturn in a complete contrast is associated with the energy of a malefic who brings forth negative news, tough lessons, the need for caution, and limitations of all sorts. I’ve told plenty of people that I hate Saturn even though the energy of this planet and Capricorn in general is meant to make one keep some traditions and be a hard worker amongst other correspondences.

In Leo this signifies a capacity for easily attracting support due to one having self confidence as well as normally radiating positive energy; that is a work in progress. It is known as the placement of those who partake in altruistic causes wishing to bond with all walks/ages.

I might test recently as an extrovert on MBTI, but that took years of effort to confront a lot of anxiety and fear as an adult because initially I tested stringently as an introvert early on when graduating high school. Gaining any form of extroversion came at the cost of a lot of internal struggle.

Venus only further emphasizes the above by adding art, beauty, charisma, and good will towards others supposedly imbibing one with charm. The energy is supposed to make one conciliatory, tactful, and accommodating towards compromise. This is the area of demonstrating one’s skills/abilities, drama, and public speaking which also makes one a good sales person.

The chart holder possesses a great ability to just be themselves and no matter how simple this seems it oddly enough can cause problems. The question is who are you really? What seems so obvious can actually be quite unknowable for what appears as your surface can only reflect the tiniest part of your essence. The truth is that our image is just that; an image. One that everyone including yourself can learn much from for it fosters greater self awareness.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A solid gold egg.” The chart holder and degree hold an acute awareness of exactness which by contrast also invokes an equally acute awareness of what is flawed as well as where inadequacies lie.

Thus one deeply senses what furthers evolution and what thwarts it. Any tendency here to over idealize the self will result in suffering while any tendency to attune more and more finely to the eternal wholeness that has always been within will nourish both the growth of self and others.

Be the witness of your thoughts.” – Buddha

From experiencing seeming failures we come to a deeper and deeper understanding of life with a realization that everything has meaning and purpose. As attachment is let go of we come to see beyond the illusions that desires have created and perceive instead the spiritual ramifications of everything.

When we allow ourselves to completely and truly be ourselves life is ultimately softened and simplified in such a way that we perceive the harmony and accord between all its various parts. Work with guardian angel Nemamiah and daimon Ose.

Daimon Ose corresponds to the Four of Swords, Mercury, Horsetail, and Libra. Specialities of Ose include math, astronomy, geometry, language skills, and handcrafts often to assist one with a source of income. The problem with this daimon is that one needs to establish a particular goal/focus because they can become overwhelmed with too many choices, opportunities, or dreams offered to them.

Stuff of the imagination needs to be grounded into a realistic achievement. The energy given by Ose is one of learning discernment also in the simple truth that some people act with secrecy withholding information from others with/without the intent to do harm. Ensure that those you surround yourself with are not out to mislead or take advantage of you.

As there is no fixed star for this degree I’ve attached the Kozminsky Symbol below:

9° Leo: A lady elegantly dressed and bedecked with many jewels standing before a mirror.

Denotes one fortunate, but somewhat egotistical whose desire it is “to make a good appearance’ and who expends much money for this purpose. But the glories which shine forth from a great soul glitter more than the choicest diamond in the daintiest setting giving a lasting beauty which age cannot change nor time obliterate. There are two sides to this symbol and both reflect for it is a symbol of Reflection.

I begin my first day on my new part time cosmetology job tomorrow so I’m sure there will be lots of training, but I’ve done some of this before as it’s retail/sales albeit slightly different. This is not the stereotypical grocery/drug store as I’ve done before as a Cosmetics Lead/Manager or as an actual aesthetician running my spa business.

I don’t believe it will be too hard to fall back into though. Probably the analogy about riding a bike and not forgetting the skill. Have a marvelous next two days as I’m probably not going to have the time to publish a blog post with beginning my new job as I will be working Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays! Best wishes! 😏

PS: If you’re wondering where these “cracks” are it’s everywhere in everything I was raised with that is lies and deception that was foisted upon me by those who I simply no longer see eye to eye with; probably never will. And it’s been there now for some time in a variety of forms where I’ve realized I was just fed way too much delusion by those who became way too complacent giving their power away. If I was truthful what is being created and manifested collectively is certainly not what I dreamed or envisioned when I was a child or came here. This narrative needs the greatest of re-writes ever!

Manifestation Mondays: Keep Calm and Ascertain the Departed

Great Grandmother and I (Yes, the original image cuts half of her off…)

It feels as though everyone is in a pessimistic rut lately so let’s attempt to alter the frequency. Maybe the provided underlined hyperlink text can point someone to that which is more harmonious.


I’m surrounded by a lot of “doom/fear” in podcasts right now, and as someone who is not burying her head in the sand I also don’t want to be the person who leaves others in a completely negative mental space where they exist in constant anxiety, depression, and other unhealthy ideations. I mean sure that certainly drives home and sells a product. Even astrologers use that tactic to scare people into indulgences or extracurricular services because I covered this months ago when I attempted social media via Twitter meeting someone who I could not reach about how we don’t have to “demonize” everything.

I went through a week or two of ranting about how the social media culture was abhorrently dis-eased with toxic censorship, convoluted mindspaces that create problems I could not assist others with if they did not wish to change, and off the beaten path corners which seemed like an unholy place that I just did not want to associate with thereby putting myself into a sort of “I’m not discoverable mystery realm.”

I’m here, but I don’t get click throughs, and I’m not sure if I care because I’m going back to a 9-5 job literally! It is what it is… An assorted admixture of comfort with discomfort! Being home is just not working for me either. How anyone does work from home or stay at home is beyond me. I need to have some other form of interaction than digital or I’m going to go bonkers to be perfectly frank.

One podcast today dealt with “trust.” Let’s say I have boundaries in life which after being “wronged” enough times I’ve learned there are limits with me when it comes to “trust.” I’m more aware than ever that I am surrounded by sociopaths and psychopaths as I age out of the 3D Earth little by little. My life coaches did not like this about me because I won’t swallow nor eat from their “Candy Land” cavity inducing rose colored glasses lies. I never had that game growing up so perhaps this says something.

I was taught to not accept candy from strangers without someone else or myself inspecting it before I just ingest it. I know that nature versus nurture, dog eat dog, and toxicity have inverted the inner as well as outer realities of many in the multiverse. A “cancer” can eat at it’s source and metastasize leaving a festering wound when we ignore it or refuse to attack it at its source.

The apolitical of me who says arguing left versus right no longer works because like in Kabbalah we’re really fighting against aspects of self through a shadow play with the ego, ID, persona, superego, etc. has not been capable as of yet in determining how to move completely from solitary in some aspects of how she goes through life. I can be a team player, but I also value self reliance and independence. With that comes a level of responsibility to self as well as other. I don’t get it right every time. Remember I said I’m not perfect! I’m also conflicted; I don’t want to become like that which I don’t agree with or feel as if I dislike.

I’m also not wanting to be assaulted by the online agent provacateur psyop where we join some sort of manipulated cult. This “internet” is not anything like the one when I first got online in the 90s where I was meeting “real” people before the rabid foaming at the mouth era of “deep fakes, bots, and other falsehoods.” Actually both my iPhone and laptop I’ve come to wonder about some of what is even in the app stores because it just looks abnormal some of what is found there. The world wide web is now a game of Halloween trick or treat where we may get tricked more often than treated!

Yes, I question the followers and “likes” of my blog posts also. How can I not when I’m realizing not everything is as it appears. I’m allowed to be wary the same way others may be towards me which is why I put a small image of myself on the sidebar of this blog. As much as I hate putting my image on this little part of cyberspace I figure it might make people a little less likely to think I’m a complete wyrd-oh! I don’t know other than that as a child maybe I was a little more able to make friends easier, but I don’t think so ultimately.

I was quite introverted, kept to myself, and selectively chose who I “let into my world.” I expected others to be equally as discerning and a lot less naive. Maybe expectations as they say are just improper to have. No, actually I don’t think I trusted easily growing up. I got picked on enough to learn to question the motives/intents of everyone I came into contact with. You had/have to earn my “trust.” Definitely a paradox with me around. Or maybe the warning should have been good luck as I grew up.

This goes back somewhere to those people who also threw gum in my hair on a bus ride home. No, I did not forget you! Yes, you left an impression on me about “humanity.” No, I did not do that kind of stuff to others. I usually came at them from another angle. Something verbal and psychologically abusive might leap out although I’ve tried to improve upon this with age.

Gum belongs only in a few locations; the mouth, the trash, or in the wrapper! Not on my head or my hair! Misplace it in the wrong location, and I’m going to get very testy with you! Look Leos happen to be very particular about the mane! Screw with it and face our wrath! For that matter I would not go playing with lions unless you want to risk something perhaps you shouldn’t.

This is a matter of principle and morals/ethics where I figure each person has to determine for themselves how far into the “evil” they want to really trek. As they say which wolf do you want to feed or allow yourself to become? Can you walk down the middle or rather go your own way? Something is definitely happening though when you look at groupthink beside the everyday echo chambers. No one is thinking for themselves and we sort of keep chasing our tails some days like cats/dogs. Maybe my hope or wish is that this part time job will help me further my goal to get off the internet if I’m kept busy elsewhere.

I’ve been so torn; do I want my online business or do I want the bleep off the IoT/IoB because I sense something pretty tyrannical about what is afoot. Unlike others I’ve not jumped into wearables, I’m not on social media except a sock puppet account on Facebook for my iPhone app games which I am trying to wean off of, and I don’t online date. I’m still kind of old school and frankly I still value that. And no we won’t be discussing my various views on finances either. This is that tug of war game where I’m deciding if I want to just let go of the rope because I’ll watch the other side drop to the ground due to the physics of gravity and the amount of “oomph” they put into pulling said rope.

I’ve been “scammed” through credit/debit, identity, and other factors making me suspicious. That means I don’t take well to the crypto scammers now nor in the future which usually ensues in me playing mind games back with various groups of people as I don’t like their “game.” I was raised by that logic which says if you mess with me I might mess with you back at least enough to frustrate or dissuade you from wasting your time on me. Burned enough to just not want to keep going through the same tired routines! Bitter no, but I’ve had enough!

So today I’m going to try to leave an ASMR which I don’t watch as often anymore because I finally broke my habit of binge watching for people to simply have some positive unwinding, healing, and to remember our mental health is important at all times so we need to back up for a bit to focus on our breath so that we successfully enter a calmer flow state. With this I’m doing a brief Arabic Part/Lot for our current Monday.

I’ll add a few garden photos as well because the lettuce, beans, and potatoes are bustling with basil starting to also take off. I’ve been impressed by the leaf patterns of the wildflowers at present since I’ve planted a variety of plants which will be songbird, edibles, and pollinator attractors. I’ve also acquired some mushrooms recently; probably not the edible kind. But to me putting some “nature” back in here actually helps us with our Root chakra remaining balanced.

I’m trying to keep my head above the water as the great granddaughter of a cosmetologist who worked as a hair stylist and survived the Great Depression era having worked for larger names like Clairol, Revlon, and such. The matriarchy of my DNA who I’ve repeatedly discussed as she was my inspiration to get my aesthetician’s cosmetology license.

I have haphazardly believed she is still there somewhere in spirit watching over me when my WW II veteran maternal grandfather passed which allowed for me to inherit my maternal ancestral records with her high school yearbook from 3 years before we had a global financial collapse and a World War erupt. Strange that I feel as if we did not learn from our his/her story so we could repeat our pasts.

I know it’s a form of hopium, but we all need something that also keeps us from spiraling into an abyss of darkness from which we never return. That faint nudging belief that I’ve landed this latest part time job I begin on Wednesday in cosmetology thanks to letting her be one of my beacons or inspirations for strength. If I need a female to look to it has been her who also helped raise me till age 5 when she passed on.

It is also because I am 42 remembering sitting in my mom’s lap, leaning over her shoulder, and crying at her funeral. Something formed with us as a bond that I just can’t myself fully put into words. Can a 5 year old or younger understand something better than her 42 year old self? I don’t know other than that I probably appear superstitious to some.

Ancestral Heritage Arabic Part/Lot

I’m going to look at the Arabic Part/Lot of Ancestral Heritage via the formula Ascendant plus Moon minus 8th House. This is an unusual spot. I’ve talked before about Magha nakshatra moving from the anaretic degree in Leo 29° to Virgo 0° which I refer to as zero point energy of Virgo as it also transitions from my 10th to 11th House.

Ancestral Heritage is at Pisces 0° or zero point energy of Pisces in my 6th House which is a Virgo ruled house. It has left the anaretic degree of Aquarius in my 5th House on the Arabic Part/Lot system. Stranger still is that my North Node is Virgo 11th House with a South Node of Pisces 5th House on the Western system previously written about.

I’ve said this I’m not worshiping the stars, I’m not a dogmatist, I see pattern recognition, and I decide if I want to work with it or against it. I’ve been studying this stuff for longer than the attempt at an online business or even trekking into the nonsense eccentric blog I’ve created. But what does this really look like because no one does the symbolism for the zero point degree so I usually have to go with the first degree making it not entirely even accurate.

Well we can begin to state that this would look like a Mercury ruled Earth element Virgo paired with a Neptune ruled water element Pisces in the association of work/job, health, pets, employees, and self improvement. When you have shortcomings how do you deal with them and furthermore if there is a collective or personal crisis such as illness, reversal of fortune, or facing adversity exactly how do you react in the face of them all?

This is what this speaks to because we’re focused on employment, training, those who serve us, and those who depend upon us. Do you endeavor to heal yourself, do you address what you wear everyday and if you needed a haircut, was your fur baby fed, and other daily “chores” make up this placement.

This degree has the awareness of the multifarious forms through which knowledge manifests deeply sensing the eternal realities that hide in passing forms. What is most difficult for the chart holder is to focus on any one thing for in its world energies flow together as formless and inexpressible. The way out of this frustration is to embrace them all and move with the passing shimmerings of each moment.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A field of dandelions.” This degree has a joyful appreciation of the common and ordinary while understanding that all aspects of the human species shared reality have come to be due to having survived and outlived so many other ideas/ways of being that have been cast aside or minimized over time.

In other words there is an instinct for comprehending how the mainstream of society represents the strongest yet most persistent motivations of the race. To try to find and support what is most positive and spiritual in this is the goal of this degree. It is the Piscean sympathy shining forth most directly, spontaneously, and universally like the sunshine of countless stars in a galaxy of dandelions. Work with guardian angel Veuliah and daimon Sabnock.

Daimon Sabnock connects us with the Eight of Swords, Moon, Allspice, and Gemini. When you want to protect your home or astral temple from attacks you want to work with this daimon. As always if you’re working with Sabnock what you will begin to learn is how to take someone else’s nasty little attacks and return them to their sender as a form of defense. Essentually the goal here is that we should be learning/teaching not to be maliciously manipulating or harming others.

“Never rush in haste for anything. Keep calm, stay focused, and the sequence of events will take care of itself.” (The Fried Egg Galaxy) – Unknown

This degree sits on the fixed star of Enif in Pegasus the Flying Horse’s nose. The nature of Enif being that of Mars and Mercury usually combines to make for a high enterprise, ambitious, intuitive, and enthusiastic temperament. We should be careful, however, where we place our judgment which I think this caters back to the issue of “trust.”

As an aesthetician here is a spa ASMR from one of the channels I subscribe to. Have a great and relaxing Monday. I might take tomorrow of as a respite from blogging until Friday just so I can finalize what I need to before beginning my new part time job. I think everyone will be fine during this span of time! Also the next time someone says you can’t produce anything organic because they believe only in chemical agriculture we’re going to have a dispute.

I’ve been doing just fine organic gardening so maybe the problem is a lack of proper education in making the switch! Either out of ignorance, limited beliefs, or fear to change perhaps! All I know is food in the ground is not like a virtual reality game or a Star Trek hologram. It takes time requiring some patience which seems to be in short supply lately. 😊 I really can’t wait for my plants to produce the actual beans or flowers. I’m getting very antsy simply because I want to take photos of something colorful and beyond stems, leaves, and roots.

Tomatoes are under monitoring. Our buckwheat has overtaken them therefore I think we will be thinning shortly. I have not attempted photos because literally the roma tomatoes are dwarfed by a sea of buckwheat! This is what happens when you cover crop and return to planting other items in the bed. Some plants are invasive.

I also had a squirrel stand off recently. They keep bringing peanuts as I’ve said from someone feeding them to my garden to plant them. So as one scurried down the fence I walked over and had to have a face to face discussion with him which sent him back up the fence, turning to face me, twirling a peanut in his hands in front of me, and then leaving. He’ll be back! This is not over!

Connect with Nature – 2 Month Progress Report:

The beans look like they are beginning to consider flowering which is probably a very positive sign for production before we get too hot here in Texas. I’m thinking spring and fall are going to be our best production times. Basil is another exciting one because we use it in various dishes usually macaroni night as my Sicilian step father calls it because certain words now have negative connotations due to improper slang! We literally live in a world where we have to self censor because of those using improper grammar or lingo!
I need a miracle here for carrots, but at least the wildflowers are providing great blanket cover and will hopefully flower shortly. The leave patterns have been fascinating to see, but then I’m probably just being a nerd. I don’t know how much root builder these carrots need or if they’re storing energy for later. I’ve used a lot of fertilizer though in an attempt to bulk my plants up.
I have so many heads of lettuce right now growing that I’m going to be having to ask neighbors to take some to prevent spoilage of perfectly good salads. And nature thinks that mushrooms would look great on those salads as well! Fungus is among us.

Fun Quote Fridays: Efficiency and Dough

“The Shadow-maker shapes forever.” – Lafcadio Hearn

While working for Instacart in Whole Foods during Christmas I found myself one day walking up to the register we used for processing orders with all these rainbow unicorns surrounding me as a Leo (Magha lunar mansion ruled by Regulus; via my many Vedic astrology musings) thinking someone was playing a very “twisted” symbolism joke on me regarding lions/unicorns which also deals with Alice in Wonderland as well as certain other subject matter! These were the days I often worked alone. The veterans all took the day after Christmas off while I worked a full 8 hours alone and was swamped barely able to take breaks or my lunch.

We can laugh now also at the “cashier in training” sign. I’ve been in retail too long to be “in training.” But that is exactly what was left at the register…

If you want to discover something uncharted and bizarre use the underlined hyperlink text.


“You can make the dream come true if you wake up and work.”

  • Unknown

“As soils are depleted, human health, vitality, and intelligence go with them.”

  • Louis Bromfield

“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.”

  • Unknown

“Your health is what you make of it. Everything you do and think either adds to the vitality, energy, and spirit you possess or takes away from it.”

  • Ann Wigmore

“Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.”

  • Unknown

“Only the naive inflationist’s could believe that government could enrich mankind through fiat money.”

  • Ludwig Von Mises

“The best vitamin for making friends, B-1.”

  • Unknown

I previously mentioned I should look at the Arabic Parts/Lots for Energy and Finances so today I’m going to do just that keeping this post pretty short. With all the podcasts and turmoil that is meant to keep us distracted or in fear lately which actually creates a cycle of panic buying on various fronts instead of perhaps critical thinking or better planning I think these topics seem to be a bit at the forefront of some people’s consciousness. I’m not going to turn today’s post into any sort of analysis, judgment, or rant on these topics. I really don’t want to debate anything nor do I have any spare time to do so at present.

The Arabic Part/Lot for Energy follows the formula Ascendant plus Pluto minus Venus while Finances follows the formula Ascendant plus 2nd Ruler. They have no trigger so I’ve used the Lot of Fortune. Therefore we would find Energy for me placed in my 3rd House of Cancer, but it’s literally on the cusp beside the 4th House of Leo at Cancer 28°. Finances on the other hand sits in my 5th House Virgo at 5°.

You’ll remember that I mentioned previously Cancer was my MC while Capricorn was my IC on my natal chart. This marks the two astrotheological gates. Cancer in particular is the birthplace into the life of form where we enter our physical incarnation. Spiritual intuition imbues one with the ability to not only connect with the buddhic plane, but to bring highly refined frequencies through their astral body without any distortions.

Psychics on the other hand can distort that with which they come into contact through their astral bodies via a lack of purification and spiritual development as mediumship tends to mangle the messages received seeing through a glass darkly. This is where Neptune and Mars rule the Solar Plexus chakra anchoring the astral bodies’ lower/higher expression seen as either addictions, paranoia, or deceiver/deceived.

When this occurs the lines between fact and fiction blur and we can’t recognize the truth anymore becoming easily duped. In the Aquarian Age this will display as a manipulative nature which is selfish prostituting self interest to the rigid ideas of gaining more power clothed in the premise of philanthropy as doing good.

If lost in these practices we see things such as what is occurring today with the genetic modification of all species of life on Earth and the doomsday profiteering of climate change. I’m not denying that climate changes, but how this has come about is not just at the hands of the average citizen rather it’s the byproduct also of elected as well as non-elected bureaucrats geoengineering the skies which have deleterious side effects on the entire protective system which shields this planet from the harms of solar radiation. Not that they want to hear this because it’s only us plebs that seem to be damaging the planet.

No one will see this except those who work organically with nature realizing what happens when we hybridize and patent the seeds or perform chemical agriculture as it is with an organic model that we’re more aware of the value of our soils, fertilizers, and so forth. Cronyism leads to dastardly contracts between big corporations with which you are prohibited from selling or offering seed to others and must buy new seeds every year to re-plant that are often RoundUp Ready.

The act of saving seeds to re-sow them in chemical agriculture is patent infringement resulting in higher prices, reduced product options, and an increased need for ever more pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide use. This vicious cycle when practiced is one of poverty consciousness for the average citizen while the corporate socialists, fascists, communists, or whatever name you want to give them get richer. Pretty soon these groups will desire to patent all of life because when it comes to equity and capital it means they want to own everything including you and I. Something I don’t believe in because that is simply modern slavery!

This same toxic culture enters into the realms of NGO as well as our health systems. Strangely Neptune and Cancer are the mystery of the Makara and the dodecahedron (this looks vaguely familiar in my studies). The Western world belongs to this esoteric initiator who is the Great Teacher of the West ruling the ocean whose trident is an astrotheological symbol of the Christian trinity ruling the Piscean Age. In fact the numerology of Neptune as well as Christ have an equal total.

Neptune adds up to 32 while 4 x 8 is described as the Foundation of the Christ energy equaling 32. Within Neptune you find another numerological pattern which equals to the number of petals for the heart lotus. The Age of Pisces inaugurated the mediator of Sirian energy which esoterically comes via the polarity of Cancer/Capricorn. This is because the numerological value of Sirius also equals 32 as Cosmic Manas to produce self consciousness in humanity.

Cancer as the expression of mass mind can fail to properly equip itself for constructive handling or transmutation of these energies. We’re now asked to reflect and develop a group consciousness of global emotional sensitivity developing a new approach to our idealism and world wide problems. The Cancer/Capricorn axis is a conduit for Sirian forces to enter into the Earth’s aura determining the greater laws of nature. This does not mean we need to become draconian, but it can signal an economy which takes a downturn due to the way we’ve chosen to live thus far as a global humanity.

Energy Arabic Part/Lot

We could consider the Arabic Part/Lot of Energy is one which is anaretic meaning I have to “master” the skills of the 3rd House before it would move into the 4th House. Being that this is the house of intellect and communications it often regulates a person’s desires, dreams, and ability to cope with specific adversity in life. Ruled by Gemini this displays how one fights against the odds to display their mental acumen in writing and speech. This can be displayed as passions, hobbies, money obtained by one’s own efforts, and the skills done daily especially with one’s own two hands.

Entering into the deeper reaches of ourselves we contact a level of spontaneous creativity and information which if we are attentive to it will teach us much. Realizing that seemingly set patterns can be changed if we so desire to do so we become strangely aware of the choice between holding to a particular way or allowing the flow of energies to carry us somewhere else.

It is via allowing our inner wisdom to come forth that we find a wide array of various potentials which we may draw on in the act of creation. Through transcending the flow of time and entering into the realm of timelessness we are able to take in the vital essence of nature. Work with guardian angel Ariel and daimon Bifrons. This angel bears a remarkable resemblance to the archangel of the Root chakra.

Daimon Bifrons correlates to the Two of Cups, Mars, Basil, and Cancer. This daimon is an ideal to work with for honoring the ancestors as well as learning to accept the process of death. Bifrons teaches geometry, mathematics, astrology, and other various sciences revealing the overall properties of herbs, stones, etc. I saw an abundance floor wash that might be useful. Money spells with this herb are quite popular and we’ve been growing varieties of basil regularly for the last 5 years in our garden.

Finances Arabic Part/Lot

Moving to the Arabic Part/Lot of Finances we see that the 5th House defines fame, intelligence, creativity, and often our creative pursuits including those of romance/progeny. It will also indicate to us the areas where we discern or guide others usually on the basis of moral preferences. A strong placement in this house would best be described as one who makes the correct choices in life, spreads love/kindness, and seeks emotional fulfillment alongside pleasure.

Sometimes when we look at negativity we think it could take a really long time to clean up. The chart holder has the ability though to zap it away or to kind of shock it so that it collapses on itself. They are immensely good at getting to the point sometimes without even a word being spoken. They commit the right action and a situation can suddenly ignite and transmute. It all depends on what they and others are ready for.

The Chandra symbol for this degree is “A skull on a pole at the entrance to a dark wood.” When there are places we avoid going to we need to ask ourselves what is it that is repelling us from those places. The identity is threatened by anything which might threaten its structure. But it is the death of identity that allows identity to restructure at a higher more expanded level so that we may reflect more of our spiritual light. Work with guardian angel Lauviah and daimon Gusion.

Daimon Gusion ties to the the Three of Cups, Venus, Aloe, and Cancer. Gusion whom showed up in yesterday’s blog post is actually ideal for public relations. This daimon will help with being diplomatic yet you will still retain a tinge of being a blunt speaker who is often honest in their dealings. Generally what occurs is one prefers to play the role of intermediary between the spiritual as well as physical worlds.

I actually was drinking aloe vera juice while I was dehydrated in January during my bout with severe allergies and caring for my mom, but also it’s been useful when I’m put on certain medications that cause dry mouth such as the antibiotic last week to recover from a uterine tract infection.

Neither of these degrees again land on fixed stars so I’m closing today by wishing you a serene Friday and weekend! 😌💖

Wisdom Wednesdays: This is Not the Same as All Those Gardening/Farming Video Games You Play

“Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them.” – Spock

Use the underlined hyperlink text to swim upstream against the currents!


I watched a video today on Sri Lanka and was a bit perplexed by what they were saying with reference to chemical agriculture versus the organic model largely because when we xeriscaped the garden became above ground as RoundUp had been used in the yard for weeds by my step father which I was pretty vehement against ending up in my food. Transitions are neither easy nor cheap. This had expenditures involved that some can not even afford because you’re building from nothing or new. We literally had to order new organic soil/mulch, mushroom compost (we were just beginning to make our own compost), organic coconut coir, and then the organic fertilizers had to be purchased.

The garden actually began in 2017 so we’re now 5 years in, but those first two years no the plants did not produce the same as the soil has to be “built to produce.” Chemical agriculture depletes the soil of what is essential for it to thrive so eventually that model just makes empty food also with little biome or nutrient density is how I’ve understood it. People are going to argue that you need chemical agriculture, and I don’t really want to hash out or debate this. You are going to choose to believe how you want to believe; I’m going to disagree for reasons of my own!

The first year I tried different vegetables because I was told you will have to learn what you can grow. For me bell peppers my first year and broccoli/romanesco were complete failures. My bell peppers were exceedingly small and they did not survive the heat very well in Texas. I was honestly worried about Sun blight. My romanesco began turning purple due to too much Sun exposure. I have not tried them again. Last year zucchini was a complete failure also because I got infested with caterpillars that are known to live in them during the flowering stages. Cucumbers my first year I got an aphid infestation that was horrific.

Beans I will have caterpillars, but the ones I usually acquire don’t really bother me because they only eat the leaves and well I as a human don’t eat or use the leaves so as long as they don’t become so infested that they destroy the overall plant I will let them be. Besides they sometimes just don’t hang around very long. These caterpillars in beans build leaf tents, but rain and watering with them do not mix meaning they often don’t survive I’ve learned such events. I watched several die during heavy rain periods out in Mother Nature if they never dried out or left their leaf tents to get the light of the Sun.

These caterpillars hide in these leaf tents and will stare out at you with what appears to be red glowing eyes. They’re otherwise rather harmless, and I believe it’s at night they emerge to eat some of the leaves. But for me they did not do much damage to my bean plants. This year if they become a bother I think we can cover the structure in Agribon like our lettuce.

Those working in a green house which we can’t afford will have entirely different experiences. Needless to say I left the video thinking here goes a nation giving up completely on organics because they don’t understand the extent of the transition or project. Perhaps they should transition by doing some chemical agriculture and some organic as an ad mixture.

If you need to feed a populace don’t try to convert all at once, but work in stages to get there. This is not Farmville when you grow your own food either. If you lack patience you’re going to be really angry at how long it takes to actually see production sometimes. Farmville teaches instant gratification and well the real world is not really going to operate that way I’m afraid.

Composting is a lesson all it’s own because the first time I began I literally got off my job as a grocery shopper the first year and took our collection out to the compost pile and had a heart attack when I saw these really large maggots or worms in my compost. I thought I was going to be sick, but they later turned into soldier flies which stayed in the compost pile under the Agribon working everything down to this wonderful new soil we were able to spread/use so I became exceptionally grateful for those scary large maggots or worms later that caused me to think I might throw up watching them at first.

That’s the problem with being raised forever in the city and having extreme disconnect with nature. You have zero experience with how anything “really” works. The compost pile was actually an endless source of experiments. When my romanesco was not doing very well I pulled most of it. It started to grow in the compost after I placed it in the pile to my dismay. I thought it would dry up and die, but it was the exact opposite.

Ironically over the years as I’ve said I took up my own study of bugs and critters that would show up in my front/back yard garden including the preying mantis’ who perched often on my zinnias looking for bees much to my dismay. I have seen this in action sadly. I literally watched a preying mantis in my garden catch and eat several bees one day only to then craw down the stem of my zinnia and invert itself blending in with the flower as camouflage to wait for more.

Welcome to the nature versus nurture argument of life and that little problem one will have with regards to peace versus war/martial battle; someone has to eat. I even had baby preying mantis’ in my garden. One decided to hitch a ride on my glasses one day.

An attempt at bell peppers failed the first year, but it got better if you don’t just give up on organic gardening and are able to adapt to adversity. We succeeded at California poppies, buckwheat, and oat grass.
Broccoli became baby broccoli so I harvested what I could adding this to salads. Thyme and other herbs such as apple mint, various basils, lemon balm, borage, etc. were also successful. I’m finally seeing better root systems on my beans, tomatoes, and potatoes this year.

I did not realize until I sat down for breakfast looked out the corner of my eye and wondered what the green thing was looking at me; the baby mantis was returned to the garden. I’ve had assassin bugs also that I try to avoid like a plague which invade the garden. Not many, but a few which I prefer to simply not come into contact with. Let’s not forget bringing in basil to dry when extra large grasshoppers move in to your garden.

I had one hiding in some of the basil I brought into the house which meant I had to run to the front door of the house carefully and put that basil back outside because I was worried the ginormous grasshopper would leap somewhere, and I would be harassed by him/her in my actual house which I also do not welcome. I like my insects to remain outside not inside of the home. No offense just I guess I’m not that hospitable.

I went from non-producing in my garden to over producing. When I was recovering from ankle surgery the cover crops would just keep returning in phases. Buckwheat would go through a die off phase and then if I cut it laying it back in the bed it re-sowed. I still have oat grass growing beside my green, yellow, and purple beans because the roots I could not pull them all they were that well established into the bed.

So I’m leaving this as a companion plant bed. Not only that, but the buckwheat literally wind pollinated so it would spread to adjacent beds sometimes. And then there are the squirrels which keep bringing me peanuts from whatever neighbor keeps feeding these to the furry critters.

I am constantly pulling out peanut plants that begin to grow peanuts in my vegetable garden every year because I did not ask to become a peanut farmer. This means some days if I see a squirrel running down the fence line, and I’m watering I’ve sprayed them with water to deter them from entering the garden as I don’t want them digging up plants or depositing peanuts into my vegetables. One day the water spray literally knocked the squirrel off the fence into my neighbor’s yard. Oops!

Too many variables exist from soil quality to pest versus beneficials to geoengineered weather that can create myriad whoops like droughts/floods therefore you may find yourself struggling to go with the flow. Some years I lost perfectly good plants beginning to produce to too much rain and water rot so family watched me become very angered having to pull up my plants in beds. I get angry at the pests also who usually are met with neem oil or a safe soap with water spray trying to deter them.

Caterpillars I started using tweezers and re-locating them when found on lettuce one year until we got the Agribon ordered to cover the heads. Let me tell you that is the most frustrating of life experiences ever and is to me like listening to someone describe when there are no pollinators so people have to self pollinate their plants. Too time consuming. If you think gardening looks easy you will be in for a rude awakening. It is not an adventure for someone faint of heart.

I really did not understand the person making the video and when I say people argue for chemical agriculture I’m hard pressed about how I’ve mentioned profit motives as well as lobbies influencing 3/4 of what humanity adopts for ideologies in life without any critical thinking. I even realized some make choices from a more administrative roll with little to no real world experience of that which they’re promoting.

So when the narrator mentioned Sri Lanka was only using manure to grow their crops I thought either the person making the video was being facetious/obnoxious or they were implying the farmers in this nation were deserving of a dunce cone shaped cap.

I had that assumption that most farmers even those more versed in chemical agriculture have to know manure is certainly not the only organic means to having a garden. Once again if you’re watching a podcast it is always likely the same as when reading a blog post you’re going to be triggered by something. And anyone who follows my ramblings probably knows I have a short fuse if I feel like I’m being fed rubbish propaganda or just malarkey.

This preying mantis is not just eating a bee atop a zinnia in my garden, but it’s actually staring back at me while I take his/her photo which is actually quite “creepy!” Welcome to nature in all it’s unruly splendor!
We lost our rather large flowering front hedge to winter storm Uri and replaced it with wildflowers this year because there have been some shortages of plants at the nursery which we liked or felt would sustain our climate during the hot summers. Lettuce is finally shaping up like miniature heads.

I did not want to keep using Arabic Parts/Lots for this blog, but I was abjectly drawing blanks besides Ceres, Demeter, and Persephone for what to even put in with regards to astrology today. Persephone at least in my natal chart couched herself in my 9th House Cancer. When we deal with the 9th House we begin to see what philosophies one subscribes to, we find forward abstract thinkers who enjoy publishing/writing, and see a connection with Sagittarius/Jupiter. Cancer happens to be my MC while Capricorn makes up my IC just like the Tropics found on Earth. This placement is usually a person who accumulates knowledge sharing it with others.

Asteroid Persephone Natal Chart

Yet I’ve read from an esoteric astrologer that the Cerest/Demeter connection relates right back to a female aspect of Pater Aether or Jupiter (hierarchical ruler of Virgo which is my 11th House) thereby this energy is not unlike Pan or Eros (Fohat). This kind of energy puts all the focus onto feeding the world’s hungry. For those unaware America’s Cancer Sun astrologically deals precisely with grain crops problems particularly the reliance on genetic modification through pressure from major corporations/lobbies.

I’m that 42 year old female esotericist who extensively studies her own chart knowing that her North Node/South Node axis is Virgo 11th House/Pisces 5th House which is epitomized in the allegory of the northern hemisphere traditions for our four seasons. It is Persephone our goddess of vegetation and daughter of the grain goddess who as the spirit of Mother Earth/Virgo is abducted by Pluto taken underground for 1/3 of every year to become his wife.

Our seed corn lies in the ground for part of the year before it rises from the ground bringing forth a harvest. Anyone remotely familiar with these allegories also knows that it is Pluto as Lord of Death who rapes Persephone or vegetation every season. The Virgo/Pisces axis in our Ceres/Demeter mythology depicts the daughter of Cronus and Rhea or Saturn and the Earth as a disciplined discriminating mind.

To Christianity this is allegory for the seed grain of Virgo being an emblem of the Bread of Christ, Love-Wisdom, expressed through Bethlehem and the first initiation. This actually showed up in a recent study I had with Hebrew Chet, Challah, and Chai.

And while I don’t agree with everything this school of thought says I found it ironic the further tie in given genetic modification/editing we are experimenting with as a global society upon the all new altar of “science” that we would run up across DNA/RNA and mitosis. You see recent “science” reminds me instead of the episode of Gilligan’s Island I grew up with as a child known as The Friendly Physician. Only this is no friendly physician rather it’s a mad scientist; mad as in lunatic!

Let’s just say I don’t like these kinds of experiments and due to my high likelihood for anaphylaxis as I’m chemically sensitized my doctor’s don’t vaccinate me as I had a NDE at age 26. I have not been routinely flu vaccinated nor was I at birth given measles, mumps, and rubella despite my mom stating there was an outbreak because I was tested for “natural immunity.”

I survived fine without that vaccine. This again creates for me a problem with modern “science” in that I am questioning the cognitive dissonance with comparative critical thinking most should be doing. My doctors simply don’t want an uninsured person experiencing another NDE where they have to be rushed at 3 AM CST to the emergency room as previously occurred for me.

One could say I have a very different way in which I manage my health that is certainly not just pharmaceuticals or allopathy which is where I’m also not aligned in any way with transhumanist ideologies. I look at this as the fork in the road where timelines might be diverging.

In 2003 Jupiter entered Virgo staying there for one year during a time when Sirius poured energy through the gateway of the Sun transmitting it via Jupiter through all the zodiac signs paying particular attention to Virgo. Virgo as the hidden gestating Christ or Cosmic consciousness in all human hearts does not appear until instinct transmutes into wisdom.

Jupiter as this hierarchical ruler of Virgo relates to Monadic consciousness while Virgo shares close relationship to the creation of all forms in nature with intimate concern for the Deva/Angelic kingdom especially the elementals or archangels. My 11th House on the Western zodiac holds not just my North Node, but also my Moon, Saturn, and Lilith.

I watched a video recently where someone mentioned that they term how I use astrology as a more divinatory tool. I play around a lot more than most traditionalists with the random asteroids or symbols looking for anomalies and answers often mixing/matching Western with Vedic. Therefore if you look through all of my archives you will find what other esotericists usually don’t like to see perhaps. I’ve done harmonics, ephemeris, draconic, etc. and mapped some hypotheticals before in my spare time simply because I’m too free spirited to live inside boxes or the status quo within esotericism.

Agriculture Arabic Part/Lot

I took a peek at the Arabic Part/Lot for Agriculture, but then questioned if given topics at large if I should not be looking instead at Energy or Finances instead. Maybe another day I’ll peruse those for reference just so I can get a feel for them. Agriculture is located for me 3rd House Sagittarius 10°. This house deals with intelligence whereby one has a practical sensibility that allows them to think as well as communicate being ruled by Mercury and Gemini. We won’t just communicate verbally rather it is often written as well. We won’t find any fixed stars on this degree, but we can still poke around at it for answers.

When we tune in to the tremendous possibilities that surround us we draw to us those forces that can help us to actualize the ones we need most to bring into reality. When we open up to new possibilities of communication we see far more facets to everything we encounter. Making contact with new possibilities we find both energies that come at us for the purpose of holding us back and energies that seek to encourage our progress. Ultimately we find that both of these encourage our progress in the end.

When we tune in to the eternal enchantment of Cosmic beauty we then question the need to always be trying to keep things the same and to always be desperately fighting off the ravages of time. Work with guardian angel Lehahiah and daimon Furfur.

Daimon Furfur connects with the 8 of Cups, Mars, Pisces, and Cypress. I covered this daimon previously, but new information seems to indicate Furfur aids with astral shapeshifting, destruction of one’s ego (ego death), divinity, the study of esotericism, and a focus on introspection/transformation.

With regards to ego death we’re speaking of loss of the carnal ego or one’s aggressive nature/behavior in life. Cypress was used as well as several other trees due to varying traditions for Maypoles, easing losses, healing, past life workings, and protection representing the element Earth.

If we look at the suit of Cups and the Water element we find that our emotions may be difficult to restrain or control in our day to day activities which can cause any one of us to abandon logic in favor of our primal instincts which leads to unfavorable outcomes. If you want a desirable outcome to be realized you will need to work on your Emotional IQ.

What we have to realize though is that we have extremes on many fronts where emotions oscillate between anger, hope, love, hatred, desperation, etc. Relationships can go harmoniously and in alignment with the Divine or they can become strained, misaligned, and suffer disconnect. What you will be forced to do when confronting these matters is examine any and all relationships with others.

Usually what is occurring is that we find ourselves being gnawed at by that which we have built up in life only to find we’ve overextended ourselves being worn thin with no fruit growing from our relationships. Usually unless issues are resolved one makes a break with toxic relationships, heals, and then discovers why they experienced failure. You can’t force a fit where one does not exist so it’s better to apply foresight and planning so you seize something better in the long run.


A star turning many different colors.

Bedazzled by the lights, intoxicated with the display, amazed and stunned by the spectacle. You are your own audience, your own accompanist, your own shadow catcher. Prone to excess in all things in a release of spirits unending. Becoming roles, worlds, and ways of presenting self. Taking karmic episodes of the past and replaying them in another variation. Given over to the senses, body charged, chaotic, and commanding. Taking life through all its shifts and nuances with easy and spectacular capacity you feel somewhat at the mercy of the shadow that comes back to haunt. Effortless grace and subtle burnout. For there is more than this and it will not come unless this does consume itself making way for the unknown as the only place to go when the excitement wears off.

Why did I pick the title above because gardening or farming is not an idle game; you actually have to put some effort into it! If you’re not willing to do so I don’t advise taking it up even if the skill is exceptionally beneficial in my eyes.

Happy Wednesday! I’m off to tend to other affairs… 🤩

Teach Me Tuesdays: Jill and the Beanstalk

Salamanders with the wood pile near the chiminea! This is a house of three fire signs; two female Leos and one male Sagittarius! Probably a bit more like pyromania.

You’re going to have to climb with me using some hyperlink underlined text, and I hope you’re not afraid of heights. Yes, even that one above in the image description! The salamander is dot art.


I slept horrible so I got a very late start to my day; I was entirely too hot. I think it’s time to begin running fans again! And after yesterday I had a lot of pent up angst still, but I woke up realizing my plants had all grown overnight quite a bit since two days ago. So while I’m hearing about price inflation and rumors of food shortages I’m going to say no matter how little I’m making at my astrology and esoterics business I’m very thankful I’ve mastered the art of gardening if everything else in life is leaving me exceptionally apathetic, anxious, and downright depressed right now. Because last time I checked other than learning to can I consider food to be a pretty important commodity and skill still while everyone else is looking at other items and placing value on them.

Unless all humans, insects, and animals are content with processed foods having a bustling organic garden of some sort even at home as a victory garden having family as I’ve said tied to the Great Depression/WW II era as my backbone on top of ancestry that goes back to immigration to the United States in the 1800s or my education of Stalin/Hitler eras I feel if I can provide something healthy to nourish life than I’ve done something good with my lackluster time on Earth as I sometimes just don’t feel it and want off this planet.

You either plan for the rainy day or you keep relying on systems that don’t always prove to be secure because they’re like riding a roller coaster which not everyone enjoys being on daily. Probably in the end will lead to adrenal fatigue; I could be wrong, but… Actually I hate rumors, and I hate people pandering to fear, but then I don’t know what to think because so far I’ve not seen food supply chain problems where I live to the degree perhaps others see where they live. Better safe than sorry later!

What I need now is the beanstalk so I can go get the golden eggs! Alas I’ve not yet made it there… Especially with Easter on the way! I’m still confused on the rumors running around about empty shelves or being paid to not grow anything by certain people’s not to be mentioned here. I completely get letting land fallow because I had to do this during my ankle surgery year and then I cover cropped to build the soil back, but when something feels intuitively “off” or “manipulated” my radar goes off.

Don’t get me wrong we do have some processed snack foods in our house, but we actually keep items in this house so we’re not constantly in the grocery store every week. Probably something out of whack in my psyche! If you’ve worked in a grocery store you don’t want to shop there every day or week on top of your job!

I took great grandmother very serious when told about life during the Great Depression and surviving poverty. Our connection was very strong and more-so with the inheritance having gotten her high school yearbook 3 years before that struck. It imprints on your consciousness to not want to be there again so you’re never one with an entitlement mindset. Yes, I’ve been told by others I work hard in life. I don’t understand the other way of not doing so and view it as slothful or indolent. Sorry I was not raised that way. I understand the need to enjoy life, but I don’t understand not keeping busy either.

I have this weird ascetic way of living where I’ve been largely very different from most people I’ve been forced to live around or work for. I think that matches yesterday’s fixed star about the “fish out of water” standing for being out of my element. I even tell people I feel born in the wrong generation and that I don’t feel I belong in the present or future. I wish I knew time travel because I don’t rightly feel I belong here.

Today I’m going to leave you with the fairy tale that goes with this blog post title, some annoying garden photos that you’ll grow tired of fast perhaps (my plants are like my babies right now so if you want to laugh at me for this you can), and I’m going to work on the Arabic Part/Lot Hope which I considered doing yesterday. I really don’t want to spend my entire day working on a blog post, and I’m sorry for that. I have not got very much to say right now and moping around is not going to be seen as attractive so I’ll keep this simple.

Jack and the Beanstalk (I’m Going W/Jill as I’m a Female):

I’ve been referring to myself for days now this way since I’m growing green, yellow, and purple beans in the garden. Rightfully we planted several seeds and years ago I only planted two seeds which produced enough beans that I was legitimately eating green beans that year every single day trying to keep up with the plants production line. I honestly had to give produce away to neighbors who received food for free! Yes, food for free that I grew because I had surplus!

I will never understand why this skill is not being taught to many people all over the world so they can self sustain beyond just a grocery store especially if they live in a grocery desert. We’re dealing with my arguments about being online and my business going nowhere as well as my dislike of social media or people who openly said they can’t own their shadow while I’ve been working on mine for years. If I’m apathetic what do I call those who literally refuse to do the work essential to their personal growth? Can I call them lazy or a bum or is that too harsh?

Actually that also triggers another issue I have with people. The belief women should not teach or should know their place. It’s best I simply don’t tackle this right now or I’m going to begin to soap box rant at everyone! That’s perfectly fine for those who want to cut off their intuitive perceptions of Truth reflected in their intellect from their soul. Albeit this may be the root of some of the very problems with humanity at large which we still see in societies. What can I say literalists need a bit of a re-education on the feminine as Divine as well as the Mother phase/archetype of God/Goddess or their Holy Spirit. That tricky issue about patriarchy versus matriarchy and the two not being equal still! I probably just hit someone’s nerve saying this. Oops!

Communities could thrive if this practice was adopted. Funny seeing Ceres mentioned below as I’ve charted her in my astrology chart. She is found in two Cradles, a Mystic Rectangle, and one of the Castle/Seer configurations in my Western natal chart quite happy in my 6th House of Aries. The 6th House being ruled by Virgo and thus an Earth sign it asks that one integrate within their work/job, health, pets, and techniques for self improvement that they might best serve others in their day to day tasks/chores. It is also the house of hygiene. This is the house of importance to one’s life journey.

Garden Photos:

No, I won’t be spamming you with these everyday. It’s going to take some more time beyond one month for them to evidently really “produce some beauty beyond GREEN” right now.

I also forgot to mention my step father and I have been looking at a bee hive to put in! Yes, we want to invite some pollinators! But I need to find a part time job so I will be wrapping this blog post up shortly. Actually while composing this I just got the e-mail. The bee hive is on order; thanks to my step father ordering one for us.

Basil sprouts probably need more fertilizer to get them moving as does the lemon balm, and I may be using more root builder on the carrots as they’re very slow at growth right now.
The long stage of producing many, many, many leaves and then vines/stalks before they produce any beans especially if we get too warm.

They produce more beans as the temperatures stay a bit less triple Texas digit. Right now we’re in the high 90s today before dipping back down into the high 70s/low 80s. I spent extra time watering today due to the heat and was myself feeling cooked again under the heat of the Sun with no clouds. If I feel cooked the plants have to feel miserable and be begging for water.

These carrots… Meanwhile I’ve got 15 garlic chives, and I wonder if I should pot some giving them away to neighbors. They do flower; the flowers and the chives are edible both!
One of our Dahlias has returned. We took it for dead so we planted echinacea seeds in the pot. Companion plants? I hope it’s not too crowded.
This last weekend I helped my step father build a structure for the beans to vine around. Now we will need to cut Agribon for the lettuce to help keep pesky caterpillars off my produce or I’m going to have lace for lettuce becoming very angry!
Flowers have to be coming soon, but this stem growth process is killing me. LOL
The potatoes are literally all leaves filling the entire bed now!
Tomatoes still also growing mostly leaves, but I am waiting for the thick vines that I will have to help support. Sluggish lemon balm sprouts and another random snail.
We have a cactus/succulent garden that requires one be careful including around the yucca! The sage is flowering again which usually attracts several bees from honey to bumble.

To find the Arabic Part/Lot for Hope use the formula Ascendant plus Mercury minus Jupiter. We can laugh because like yesterday this is also in my 1st House Libra, but Hope is found at 18°. Both of these thus are meant to represent the conscious self ruling the head, face, and conscious thoughts of one’s mind. Ruled by Aries the 1st House is all action. This is absolutely hilarious!

Hope Arabic Part/Lot

Forces of evolution will inevitably induce a release of any illusions which stand in the way. When these releases come the extent to which we benefit from them depends upon our reactions to them. If we can flow with them and allow their force to loosen clearing whatever in us we are ready to let go of we will receive maximum benefit from their healing potential. This degree acutely senses change and knows how to subtly foster it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman carefully counting the beans in a jar.” Through this simple act of quantification this degree seeks a sign or a portent that manifests the numerological significance from the number of beans. This is one of the simplest and homeliest of all the symbols, but it contains more than what appears on the surface.

For the beans have a limited number, and yet planted and allowed to grow and produce through an indefinite and potentially infinite number of cycles they are unlimited. And so this degree is about perceiving the infinite within the seemingly limited reality around oneself, and this simple act of perception actually fosters the infinite’s healing force.

In both the Omega and Chandra symbols of this degree very little action is taken on the part of the people involved. In the Omega it is a mere witnessing while in the Chandra it is only the act of counting. The minimization of doing here magnifies the potency of being and witnessing which subtly enhances and supports the forces of evolution. Work with guardian angel Nithael and daimon Murmur.

Daimon Murmur is connected with the 10 of Pentacles, Venus, Virgo, and Parsley (we’re not growing this herb; when we did I raised several Swallowtail caterpillars to butterflies releasing them). I’m going to tiptoe around this one, however, as some topics might be dicey for a few out there.

Murmur is a master in philosophy teaching disciples to understand subjects perfectly assisting with divination, insight, and intuition. This daimon helps with shapeshifting, music, sciomancy (Is that why I inherited my ancestral records out of everyone in my maternal family; I don’t recall requesting this?), and the performance of exorcisms while also strengthening the astral body and improving one’s communication with spirits. I believe I read some possible connections to Hekate.


A woman carefully counting the beans in a jar.

Taking outward phenomena literally. The utmost in naivete. You wander into every trap and pitfall with eyes wide open wanting so badly for everything to add up and to make sense. Lacking a strong center of self hood. Impressionable to received ideas and at the mercy of conditionings wanting only to please and to make everybody happy you are held within the circle of consensus agreement. Behaving in such exemplary fashion that it is too good to be true. All is from the outside in. Lessons in outlasting what you take on, and in showing up after being so far gone that nobody knew where to find you.

Someone sent me a Moon rune reading and drew two for me to represent the real and the illusion. I received Fehu as the illusion telling me to stop putting value in my finances and social standing when cattle which I refer to as chattel or the etymological root of capital (of the head, all one’s possessions, and property used in trade/finance) in Norse tribes was a source of strife amongst those hungry for power.

If one is lost in earning and saving more they don’t realize my reading says that they already work hard enough and have sacrificed throughout life enough for those they care about. Pushing too hard we lose true value in life. Laguz was given as the real indicating according to my reading that empathy and intuition connected to my emotions may be impacting my relationships with friends/family.

Deep ties of friendship and family transcend our normal relations and should be worth fighting for. The kidneys and bladder mentioned in association with the rune Laguz definitely hit a chord. I just healed from a uterine tract infection and boy have I been drinking a lot of water while upping my cranberry/D Mannose.

I think this is true also because I officially deleted several apps on my iPhone learning how much information/data they were harvesting. I also deleted Whatsapp because I’m so sick of crypto scammers, websites with viruses/malware, and people trying to hack into my identity or finances. I actually want a dumb phone again.

I literally run these people around in circles for the purpose of angering them as they anger me to no end. I gave the person on Whatsapp a long mind @#$%& since they thought I was someone to mess with. VPN just is not enough nor is IP or phone number blocking. There is zero, zilch, and nada “smart” about the way we adopt such lunatic practices today some of which make me wonder why more don’t wear straight jackets. Sorry! I don’t like parasites such as leeches, ticks, and vampires. I know that others find this to be the unpleasant side of my personality as well as pessimistic. We don’t have to agree!

There is no fixed star on this degree so we won’t mess with that today. Instead I’m going to wrap up by sending off my usual closing. Have an outlandish Tuesday.


Manifestation Mondays: The Garden 2022 and Life Updates

Meals begin with a smile made of olive oil sprayed into a frying pan in a failed attempt to fix my anxiety/depression.

Use the underlined hyperlink text to walk the Earth and fly to your home in the sky.


How long has it been; I lost count of the days and weeks. I wanted to finally re-open the blog, but I’m presently working on a new resumé as well as looking for part time work. I’m unsure to date still of how I want to re-design my blogging schedule having just recovered from a uterine tract infection. I’m also going to show one month out how the new organic garden is shaping up for everyone to see minus the sunburn I acquired recently; even as a Leo natal Sun on the Western zodiac I get crispy when radiated. Really much of the plants are just green sprouts, shoots, and leaves this early in the planting season for us. Too many cold spells had us starting later than I wanted.

I needed some serious time to ascertain what I was doing with this blog or my business which I’m still very unsure, but getting clearer on letting it all go without regret. It generates zero income for me whatsoever therefore I’m heavily still contemplating when in terms of an actual date to simply close up my DBA focusing all my attention elsewhere given what I foresee for the years ahead in my life. I’m heavily coping with my desire to abandon esoterics altogether which means I don’t even know if I want to keep tarot decks because I’m disinterested now.

Keeping this routine up is also far too time consuming for me. I really can’t possibly sit forever at a computer screen. Not only is this overall unhealthy as it’s sedentary, but I deserve better! I simply deserve a lot better than Zoom meetings, blogs, and other false life experiences within a matrix of binary gibberish! I watched a video of the virtual reality Oculus type stuff on someone only to realize I don’t get it. I have glasses. Growing up with a lazy left eye, astigmatism, and thick lenses got me bullied as well as picked on leaving me scarred. People literally want to look like that with those contraptions on their faces. I’m so confused!

And this is not me trying to be hateful to those people; I honestly don’t understand you! Sorry dear technocrats we really don’t see eye to eye and never will!

I gave up ASMR and am really eager to give up all iPhone app games. I’ve removed television from my negative habits list. So the clean out I wanted is working in terms of removing that which I don’t feel serves me. It has to sound strange because I won’t relate to anyone pretty soon is the way that I feel. I literally won’t have much in common with those I’ve had in my life. Even my diet has continued to change. Took a step father/daughter day to the shooting range to practice. Yes, I’m a member of one of “those” kinds of families although I only really aim at paper targets or inanimate objects out there and not real people or animals. I was more distracted by all the butterflies I was seeing. Don’t ask!

Taxes this year for our family due to current events required some financial payments like our medical bills in January that have completely re-shaped our lives and the way it looks this won’t be changing with inflation or other factors being predicted. Therefore if this blog and business are dead weight it is my estimation that eventually it will be offloaded as baggage I’m unwilling to carry for too long. Which is difficult knowing I paid for 3 years of web service with my host whom I’m also a bit now in disagreement with due to my apolitical or non political views so when they pick sides to “stand with” we simply won’t agree.

It is hard to find your business or blog attached to that which you are in moral or ethical conflict with. Let’s be honest I don’t normally patronize businesses if I feel extremely unhappy with certain practices they adopt/employ. The services are stellar, but… Can’t you leave politics out of this?

I’m not pro or “standing with” either side within recent conflicts because as I’ve said I’m apolitical or non political. Both sides in my opinion are illusions and controlled opposition on the fronts of Divide and Conquer as well as Hegelian Dialectic where people are supporting the latest trends by shallow virtue signaling with no forethought or afterthought to the repercussions of their very actions which occur when we all practice groupthink in echo chambers as I stated previously. Radical change in 2022 for me. YES! I did not expect it, but it’s growing on me.

You will find me struggling with three problems now known as apathy, anxiety, and depression. I’m dealing with wanting to get off the digital plantation others are on due to my ever expanding knowledge of what is unfolding which others are ignoring as they peddle an ideology which they rightly know will do harm to most life on Earth. These groups have one goal and one goal only. Profit is their only desired achievement and they go about it with the motto “the ends justify the means.” You could consider this a toxic dis-ease that impacts all ways of life because people profit by more than just the monetary energy they exchange. The dog eat dog model is not my cup of tea!

If you’d like to see previous gardening blog posts you can find them below:

The seed storage is always growing. Cosmos, dahlias, celosia, hollyhock, sunflowers, echinacea, lemon balm, songbird mix, and edibles seen above.

What have we planted in 2022? A variety of wildflowers some edible with basil, lemon balm, echinacea, marigolds, hollyhock, potatoes, roma tomatoes, carrots (orange and rainbow), beans (green, yellow, and purple), and lettuce (varieties). The garlic chives survived the autumn and winter seasons returning this spring. Presently I’m just bulking them up on local organic fertilizers both dry and wet including root builder from Microlife, Rose Glo, and HastaGro. We are adding coffee grounds as well as ground up egg shells for calcium. Due to shortages of bone meal and blood meal it’s about adapting.

Here are the photo collages I’ve created:

Green, Yellow, and Purple Beans (Sprouts/Leaves)
Carrots (Barely Emerging Out of the Mud/Soil)
Potatoes and Roma Tomatoes (No Vines Yet)
Garlic Chive, Lettuce, and a Random Snail
Lots of Basil
Ladybug, Wildflowers, and Lemon Balm (First Ladybug I’ve Seen in 2022)
Marigolds and More Wildflowers

Today I’m going to end with one Arabic Part/Lot although I was torn between two; Hope and Peace. I’m choosing to go with Peace using the formula Ascendant plus Venus minus Sun. I’m opting to go with this because I have a Lourdes amulet with grotto water on my wealth altar which is in the form of a necklace when I paid to have someone take my wish to be read there several years ago asking for peace on Earth and an end to wars. Like the paper origami cranes I had made years ago I’m still waiting for someone to grant this wish and well I’m just not sure anymore.

The amulet is supposed to be worn for protection with reference to my health. The request was made directly after my foot fractures. I really don’t care what religion this was as I’ve stated over and over with repetition I became fully Catholic in my twenties, but have studied several of them so I’m really non-dogmatic. They each have their pluses and minuses respectively! Spiritual concepts reach beyond mere organized religions used to control the 3D. Peace is not going to come when most seem to worship at an altar of war and strife getting rich/drunk on both.

Still waiting…

You will find Peace for me within my 1st House of Libra at 15° which is best summed up as the sign rising on the Eastern horizon at the moment of one’s birth signalling new beginnings centered upon the individual defining that person as who they are and who they will become for it implies this is when they realize their best self and ultimate potential. To become a unique individual one contributes to the world within which they live. This is the sum total of one’s being internally and externally in how they approach life.

Peace Arabic Part/Lot

The chart holder knows how to take the time via carefully personal and artful attempts to bring out the very best in situations whereby they create maximum enjoyment for both self and others. This assists others to feel all of life more vividly fully slowing down to see with far greater clarity what is truly most important to themselves. This is a beautiful skill executed wonderfully.

Giving loving and careful attention to all that we do creates in us an attunement to a pure source of deep inner wisdom. Realizing the repetitive nature of all cycles we come to see the deeper meaning and purpose of that which we continually repeat. Looking deeply into life we find those things of great value that help us to bring loving care into all that we do. Perceiving the ancient imprints that exist in the deepest layers of our unconscious we are able to see more clearly the one-sidedness of our thinking and how all thoughts are illusions. Work with guardian angel Hahasiah and daimon Balam.

You’ve likely seen my recent entries incorporating both guardian angels and daimons. Well you have to understand what these are beyond those of organized religions who fail to grasp metaphysics. So let’s look at this word and it’s origins.

Daimon is a noun and synonym of demon via Greek mythology representing a tutelary deity/spirit which watches over a person or place. For example, on the island of Ko Kho Khao in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand many build spirit houses as shrines for protective spirits of a place. δαίμων (daimon) is a God/Goddess, divine power, deity, and guardian spirit known in Latin as a genius signifying one’s fate, destiny, and fortune.

Spirit houses provide shelter for spirits which may otherwise create problems for people if not appeased. These shrines often include images or carved statues of people and animals. Votive offerings are left at the house to propitiate these spirits. the most common offering are fruits (e.g. banana, orange, grape; some people even offer different fruits at the same time.)

In neighboring Thailand however, it is a long-standing tradition to leave offerings of food and drink at the spirit house. The idea is one which believes that friendly spirits will congregate to enjoy free food and drink where their presence will serve to keep more malign spirits at bay. Offerings are usually given with a focus on the color red. Most point to the significance of the color red as being quite reminiscent of animal or blood sacrifice, but I also believe this has much more to do with the Root chakra. Why you ask; because animals hold metaphyiscal rather than literal value.

Sacrifices are a refining process of mental and bodily energy with reference to the ascension of spirit which brings one to higher states of consciousness. It is a removal of impurities, but many are often trapped with seeing these concepts through a literalized viewpoint which needs some serious correction. Blood in the metaphyiscal is in fact referring to race mind which must be transmuted from destructive ideas such as fear, doubt, and inharmony.

Daimon Balam is connected to the Seven of Wands, Sun, Leo and Oak. This divinatory spirit reveals answers of the past and present as well as that which is to come teaching astral invisibility while helping one to get over their social awkwardness and discomfort. Mental aptitude and cunning will help one be successful, but really one works with Balam for expanded wisdom and higher intellect of the spiritual world. One begins to make meaning of that which otherwise goes unnoticed. This daimon also helps one exercise caution when dealing with adversity especially that of unknown enemies.

As stated previously mom and I are Holly on the Celtic Tree Calendar being born respectively 7/26 and 7/29.

This degree sits at Beta Volans in Volans the flying fish. Volans represents a type of tropical fish which can jump out of the water and glide through the air on wings occasionally landing on the decks of ships being used for food. This fixed star represents most accurately the metaphor of a fish out of water signifying that which is out of their element; a stranger, one in exile, and a foreigner.

These flying fish known as Exocoetidae from exo-koitos means bed, lying down outside, and sleeping under the stars. Volans is the present participle of volare (to fly) and a derivative of volant (having wings). Volo is another derivative meaning “I Wish” which comes from voluntas (free will) and volatus (flight) to signify a spirit flying anywhere it wishes.

I am not sure when I will blog again, but if I continue to you may see a lot more of the garden on/off for a while as I enjoy seeing and showing our progress with what we’ve produced. As stated above I’ll have to work on a schedule if I desire to retain this space or make any progress with my business. As always you can support me and help me regain motivation by purchasing an astrology report or through donation. I don’t expect a reply to this though! And no it’s actually not self pity.

I hoped this would keep me out of a corporate job, but it’s simply not produced any fruit which is also factoring into my decision to get off the digital plantation again as I did when I closed my aesthetics business. If you’re really wondering why I closed my blog it’s because at present there is a lot of censorship. Speaking about virtually anything anymore comes with great risks therefore I’m honestly considering if that risk is even worth being here.

We live in a day as well as an age that is so devolved right now and so propagandized, cancel cultured, and hypocritical one will recognize they may prefer to not associate with any of the present now moment out of a disgust with humanity. And yes some of this comes from a recent trek in analyzing an allegory by Edgar Allan Poe which dealt with masks, masquerades, death/feebleness or old age, the indulgences of the seven deadly sins, and the stages all experience in life.

Essentially this ongoing problem was something that began with my first blog entry and as time has progressed the digital age has only grown worse with this dis-ease in the shortest amount of time I’ve ever seen. Those who do not know how the internet was in the late 90s won’t understand how over the years for us older users of such platforms we’ve seen the world of AI, cyber, and such turn into a “monster” with which we may simply be willing to say a heartfelt “NO” to.

The Grinch has yet to grow a heart big enough for us to accept or even embrace his distorted ideas of Whoville! Besides nature has way more to offer than virtual reality. What I would say for now is to not expect me to blog again for quite some time. I don’t have my heart in it anymore, and I’m having such difficulty wanting to promote my business as it’s dead weight that I’m likely to give up. I can’t tread water anymore when I’m out of steam/energy. I either want this or I don’t. I’m beginning to realize and finally accept that maybe I really don’t because as I’ve said I’m happier not online and either face to face with real people or out in the actual world of nature touching that which is tangible instead of fake.

Have a bountiful Monday and best wishes! 🌜📅

“Silence is a powerful weapon.” – Unknown

PS: Forgot to mention we’re actively waiting on a flour grinder. We want to be able to grind our own flours and make baked goods. There was some thought of selling items at Farmer’s Markets instead of doing this, but I don’t know if we’ll go that route. I was also wondering about all the buckwheat cover crop I grew last year. If we grew it again could we grind it and use it.

Teach Me Tuesdays: How Do We Flip a Negative Narrative to A Solution

“There are never gardening mistakes, only experiments.” – Unknown

If I was not consuming social media as I have been today’s blog post and others would not take place. While many feel I’ve gone down a path of negativity I’m trying to educate myself and others about topics they may otherwise have no time to research or pursue. Please use the underlined hyperlink text for expansion of the topics covered today.


“Negative results are just what I want. They’re just as valuable to me as positive results. I can never find the thing that does the job best until I find the ones that don’t.”

  • Thomas A. Edison

How many podcasts do you listen to that have become politically charged recently? There are a select group of podcasts I listen to in my spare time while I perform other tasks. Some have been pushing a lot of “fear” around supply shortages. I don’t discount this because last year I could not source essentials needed for my garden to fertilize or enhance my soil. Mostly because I’m not gardening strictly vegan therefore I needed organic bone/blood meal which there was none.

I began then researching how to make our own bone and blood meal. Local Texas fertilizers I could source everything else. This year family and I are seeking solutions. Here is some of what we are finding, and I sincerely hope anyone who can or will grow their own food in any form/fashion they so choose will be able to use this knowledge to empower themselves during our present possible dark nights of our souls given the doomsday prophets.

It’s being offered in the hopes that it will encourage or benefit someone during any period of hardship with local supply shortages. The goal here is to show various alternatives towards getting your soil and plants to produce. I’m from a different school of life which while I have tried to pick up a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle I live with two parents not yet ready or desiring to take that plunge.

I also suggest stocking up on seeds if you can or creating your own seed bank. If you’re going to go Organic make sure you learn the brands as some are genetic modified or were bought out by Bayer Monsanto which is not a company/mega corporation I choose to support. I try to avoid that route at all costs with food and herbs especially. Most podcasters have already taken to the worst outcome scenarios possible. If we all adopt those practices or beliefs there will be some pretty negative outcomes.

NPK Fertilizer:

This last week we’ve gotten set up to begin the herb garden first before the vegetable garden or pollinator garden. The problem is we’ve again been slowed by a cold front which has made me antsy as Texas weather is two seasons. Brown and brown as in winter brown or summer scorched brown. Agribon is often deployed over certain crops on hoops to reduce blight/heat exhaustion on plants as well as to prevent pests from taking over. Usually if that occurs I then deploy neem oil or an organic garden soap spray. Here are other alternatives for controlling garden pests without chemicals. My beginning in gardening I literally tracked my biome of beneficials and pests in terms of “critters.” I was reading and studying entomology as well as sending into BAMONA my captured butterfly images for identification.

But I will be honest our pollinators in my locale have been on a steady decline. Part of this is due to last year my neighbor removed a hive they had which began in an old bird nesting box in their crepe myrtles. So I lost a significant portion of honey bees which were vital. I was exceptionally unhappy when this transpired. Another neighbor had a landscaping/yard maintenance crew come out while I was working in my garden with no notification who sprayed pesticides. I was actually covered in these chemicals. It really did not impress me due to the fact that I’m chemically sensitized as well as I did not want the residues on my garden or the foods I was growing. This does not come out of clothes the same as certain fragrances can embed into fabrics.

If one steps back long enough what they’ll recognize is that this was sprayed on me with no protection so the particulate and spray landed on/in the face even. It’s generally not a topic you can easily have certain audiences relate to unless you’ve studied the impacts of certain chemicals which is beyond a MSDS. I actually got educated through documentaries detailing the exposure through migrants who work on genetically modified farms where crops are resistant to specific pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. If you objectively trace the health concerns for yourself or others it might require you to re-think certain practices. Unfortunately these topics tend to lead to the loss of certain friendships because people don’t want to be bothered with the considerations. I’m finding a commonality with humanity which prefers to develop complacency. Monocrops and chemicals erode soil quality making such practices deleterious overall.

I actually went looking at Arabic Lots again today noticing they have one called Mind Captivity using the formula of Ascendant plus 3rd House minus Mercury. I’m going to run this on my way out for myself to locate the place where I struggle with thoughts which enslave or subjugate. I’d encourage others to do the same via Astro Seek. I would say this could be accurate actually. It sits 5th House Aquarius 12° and that would certainly correlate to our technologic advances also being used to keep our mental spaces in a prison cell through psyops and various forms of conditioning.

This is not found solely on the world wide web, but it is utilized in marketing with company advertising/branding particularly the Pavlovian model. Many see no problem with this, but I find it a bit dehumanizing. There is an argument here which can exist within Kabbalah regarding reward and punishment. The effect is a trigger for me in how an instance during my upbringing made me feel abused through disciplinary actions taken.

Mind Captivity Arabic Lot

The most classic example of this is when Aldous Huxley, who I share a birthday with much like Carl Jung (7/26), satirizes hypnopaedia or sleep teaching in Brave New World to instruct children about morality as well as caste/class distinctions. Speakers are placed next to the child to impart information via slogans or messages while they sleep to ingrain a child’s memory.

This promotes societal ideals regarding established roles and behaviors to maintain conformity.

In this “World State” like globalism there are no parents rather children are raised in dormitories. The model is a classic illustration of the damage that occurs through brainwashing. Within these infant nurseries Neo-Pavlovian conditioning is done through “fear” conditioning which was normally utilized on rats relying on both a sound and electric shock that induced “fear” in rats. This same concept is being practiced today through optogenetics! A topic which when put in front of close friends and family seems to shut discussions down or render one told they are toxic. I actually have a copy of this book as well as 1984. These topics while to some seen as uncouth to study are not the only areas of focus in my life. Speculations abound with this surrounding nanotech, wearables, and other technocratic advances.

Bio-ethics or issues of freedom, self determination, sovereignty, and free will?!

Self determination is defined best as government of a political unit by its own people and determination of one’s own fate or course of action without compulsion.

Sovereignty is defined best as government free from external control.

Free will expands this through the power of making free choices unconstrained by external agencies.

I used to attend SXSW or concerts, play visual novels, and all kinds of other extra curricular activities. People change for various reasons and this requires us to part ways with what no longer serves us including jobs or friendships. Sometimes it parts families as well.

We find in Brave New World hypnopaedia slogans encompass:

  • Community, identity, stability which is ironic given that the World State’s occupants are sacrificed in order to achieve a perfectly stable community.
  • When the individual feels, the community reels discourages individualism as this gets in the way of the World State’s ultimate goal of stability.
  • Ending is better than mending is a government slogan to encourage people to throw away old possessions, buy new ones, and promote consumerism to stabilize their economy.

The problem is that if you ignore through cognitive dissonance your reality then future generations pay the price so this is what you leave to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and so forth. The Mechanics of a Brain explores this also where behaviorists use reductive views of humanity to extrapolate successful experiments which show learned responses can be created in our consciousness via mechanical stimulus response affairs. You’ll see this further depicted in a Clockwork Orange or attempts at aversion therapy for curing homosexuality. The Mechanics of a Brain is a difficult read due to animal cruelty.

The experiments are flawed and some believe these same dehumanizing experiments were practiced during the Soviet Union. Pavlov’s own associate repeated these experiments on children. The use of invasive surgery or other coercive medical techniques has far reaching implications involving the physical and psychological well being of the subjects and participants for the remainder of their lives. And I won’t go any further with this because it’s as I said triggering even for me due to disciplinary actions I endured growing up which you can not always get other generations to understand as they see nothing wrong with such forms of social or behavioral engineering the masses. If I’m toxic for getting online to even gain this degree of knowledge the larger exposition is how toxic are the creators of such experiments on animals or humans while considering it acceptable.

The rabbit hole of this goes deeper though yet confronting audiences with it acts as a triggering device. I think this is because humans are bombarded with a lot of mixed messaging while trained to develop a tunnel vision. Our 5th House also heavily encompasses the collective element of humanity at large. Your 5th House is about seeking validation or attention through romance, self expression, hobbies, entertainment (music, movies, games, etc.), and soul connecting bonds. Aquarius is all about an addiction to social media, television, radio, or other technological advances which could branch off into the world of wearables or topics of transhumanism.

The degree falls upon the fixed star of Armus in the heart of Capricornus the Goat. An interesting legend with this star about a war with Giants that sent the Gods into Egypt pursued by Typhon. So we’re really talking about the realms of substance and life in the depths of our bodily consciousness where we exist in darkness. Egypt as a representation of the darkness of ignorance and obscurity speaks to the subjective mind and sense consciousness. This might be better understood if readers looked back to my post on the 10 Plagues of Egypt.

Sense consciousness is more in the vein of Eastern philosophy than Western. Giants being nothing more than the fear that ensues when someone is dissuaded from a goal they have set for themselves. It’s really the moment we make excuses when faced with change. “I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough help, I don’t have the education, and It’s too much for me.” I know plenty of people who use these to lock them into limited beliefs, and I’ve heard myself make similar excuses.

Our perceptions and the awareness of these perceptions fall into different categories of consciousness in material reality which interface with our sensory organs. Habitual tendencies allow for consciousness to appropriate a mental body to shape our perceptions. The mental body attempts to fully mimic functionality of our sensory organs, neuronal paths, and brain activity engendering the end result of a perception akin to a being possessing these. A good example of this would be how our perception of smell involves the olfactory organs, receptors, etc. Yet if there were no habitual tendencies associated to a particular sense consciousness to begin with how could consciousness react to stimuli? This is where we encounter subliminal perceptions.

Being aware of our perceptions without being aware of their nature such as during an ordinary dream state allows us to perceive and react to stimuli without being aware of their illusory nature. It arises as a result of the material physical senses. ASMR, for example, puts a prime focus onto our sense consciousness bringing into question this subjective reality. The perceptions we encounter during ASMR by many who don’t experience “tingles” such as myself illustrates the illusory nature of sense consciousness because we have no habitual tendencies for it. If I consume it the only reason for this is to simply calm an over-active mind so that I can drop into sleep states. I’ve recently stopped consuming ASMR finding that I can now fall asleep calmly without it as a crutch.

ASMR can become anecdotal, but for many it’s a relief for depression, anxiety, and chronic pain which leads to insomnia. It is usually utilized to promote comfort, relaxation, and to invoke a response that releases dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins that help one progress to sleepiness. The goal can be as simple as blending sensory and emotional stimuli with a variety of role play experiences.

If this degree also deals with obsession then it is worth addressing modern societies addiction to positivity culture also. This is not meant as a full affront to positive psychology, but what some find is that happiness is best pursued indirectly while remembering that it has subjective qualities as well as those which are objective. What makes me happy won’t make you happy! If we pursue our happiness indirectly we won’t find our negative emotional states or those of others as offending because we no longer assign them the valuations of failure in life.

What has been found is that anyone who believes they need to maintain high levels of positivity or happiness all the time to live a worthwhile existence, be valued by others, and to like themselves requires acceptance not avoidance of our negative emotional states. I think this is another aspect of shadow integration being failed by consciousness on our score cards.

You can’t go through life with the belief that there will never be pain, loss, or disappointment. Escapism is another coping mechanism of complacency or numbing out. Most people are employing emotion regulation through avoidance or suppression. It’s actually scientifically being found that we need to get “discomfortable” to increase our understanding in life of one another and make better choices.

The fixed star is commonly associated with the Wheel of Fortune by Kabbalists, but others associate this with the goddess Vesta who tended to the fire or flame of renewal. For the renewal flame to work any deposit within the Earth would need to be pried out, smelted, and fashioned into silver or gold. Usually this process occurred when iron and bronze was melted in a hot furnace. Within consciousness we have to recognize that Earth is chaos with it’s duality in nature and ourselves where we begin meditation. It’s a pretty base level as they often say. What I’ve learned is that the asteroid Vesta also is presently in Capricorn at this time. The placement deals with seeking out a crowning achievement in career which is to be enriched/developed.

At present we have Pluto, Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Mercury in Aquarius. That stellium translates to the exchange of ideas publicly with an interest in over dramatizing life and being competitive. Life becomes stressful with little time for play blocking creativity while breeding a lack of rest due to disciplined attitudes. This is very bad if it impacts children, but especially the inner child of any adult.

Obsessive disorders begin to form and society at large becomes resentful, oppressive, and strict with rules, legislature, and so forth. With the Sun ruling the 5th House one is ego centered with a focus on duty, conformity, and compliance. Humanity in this position will lack self awareness or the personal capacity to perform on behalf of his/her generation. It’s also related to the Sacral chakra when we look at this placement for imbalances.

12° Aquarius: A beautiful woman tending a dove with injured wing. On a table a manuscript, a bundle of letters, and an open book.

Denotes one of sympathy and feeling who thinks deeply because he/she feels deeply, and whose ideas, entirely utilitarian, find their ready acceptance will have much to do with the majority. He/she is launching beneficial reforms and will ever be striving to heal the wounds of others. It is a symbol of Reforming.

A chart holder can manifest a weightlessness of attitude which will shield them from almost anything if they develop an innate understanding that their karma could become dangerous if they’re not truly working to clear negativity. Being serious or passionate about life is not good when we turn what is important to us into a burden. If the chart holder attunes to the greater spiritual reality from which consciousness arises one can know the joy of pure being. Working with guardian angel Umabel and daimon Zagan is advised.

Daimon Zagan relates to the Eight of Wands, Sun, Mercury, and Hyssop. This daimon asks that one think as well as comprehend what they wish to say before speaking instructing on evolution and the natural environment. Ultimately Zagan is beneficial for removing addictions or healing negative habits.

Have a thought provoking Tuesday! 💡