Teach Me Tuesdays: A Little Light in the Dark

“I started reading a book about mazes. I got lost in it.” – Anonymous

Trust me the months of self exploration in this blog and through my astrology business have been building into the most oddish of adventures I’ve ever taken. If you really want to decode this blog post I’d suggest you enjoy the underlined hyperlink text which annotates what I’m discovering today.


My mom put on a modern rendition of Ophelia the other day. I got this quirky idea because I’d been combing through the list of asteroids to look into Ophelia (171) only to discover I should look also at Gertrud (710) who is the Queen in this Shakespearean tale. I’m honestly not a fan of Shakespeare.

I recall high school and hating my time spent in Beowulf, Shakespeare, and the Canterbury Tales.

I was beyond happy when I got to read anything of my own choosing in that class finally which was much further into the year as a senior opting for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, and Mark Danielewski’s House of Leaves.

I had to play a role in the Canterbury Tales, and I truly did not want to even participate because I only wanted to be on stage in high school with dance. I am not a thespian thanks! Dancer yes; or was! I can only imagine the look on my face to my instructor. House of Leaves was a special one given to me by a friend as a Christmas gift.

She took me in the bookstore, handed me the book to thumb through, observed my reaction, bought it, and gifted me with it saying she had to know if I would like it. The minute I turned the first page I never put it down till I read it cover to cover! And then there was the music of Poe that I fell in love with also.

My family could not understand why I was constantly face shoved into the book like some sort of addict. At work people watched me turning it in circles reading parts of the text during the house exploration as it winds like a spiraling staircase going up/down.

I guess it’s because they don’t quite grasp the effect it has on some people. It’s something that people either love or hate with no in between. I fell into the love it category!

What that says about me I’ll leave to the audience because I know I’ll be judged for it simply due to what I choose to read or rather study. Please remember before you throw names out it takes one to know one!

I distinctly remember my step father’s commentary on observing me with that book! He probably doesn’t remember that conversation though over breakfast.

The thing about the above story is that the friend who gave me House of Leaves. Her name was Tiffany which means Theophanes through Ancient Greek. Two elements comprise the name. Theos (Divine, a deity, a God) and phaino (to appear, bring to light, show, uncover, reveal, and make known).

The name is a direct reference to epiphany and the manifestation of the Divine to a mere mortal. I keep an image from Breakfast at Tiffany’s in my bedroom on the wall near my wealth altar. Delphi saw the Theophania as an annual festival in spring to celebrate the return of Apollo from the winter quarters in Hyperborea.

People still wonder why I get into a tempest of soap box ranting over dogma, fundamentalism, and exoteric practices. If I listed every reason for why I don’t warm a pew anymore the list would be quite long!

You won’t find me worshiping in any church the way I used to because I grew up. I went my own way, and I chose another path. You can love someone who is different from you without agreeing with them.

I don’t agree with many who practice certain “religions” which I find different from spiritual or mystical practices being that some are far too orthodox and legalist. Hair splitting aside as we can all make puns about the practice. A trick that many employ in neural linguistic programming is to word smith their victim to death!

“I opened my journal but didn’t know which page to use. Write or left.” – Anonymous

Even the name Christosophia includes both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine imagery. Sophia as a Greek name for the feminine figure of Divine Wisdom in ancient Judaism became the early Christian view of the Christ as both the word (Logos) and wisdom (Sophia) of God/Goddess. Sophia has always been acknowledged by esoteric Christianity as a key to unlock Christian wisdom needed for our time.

Recognizing the Divine Feminine within a Christian tradition leads to a renewed vision of the sacredness of our natural world and the value of participating in a mystical experience. Develop the heart language to deeply and profoundly “feel” and then you can sense way beyond this material reality.

I’m one of those Audrey Hepburn fans having enjoyed Sabrina and Roman Holiday also. I’ve also spent time picking those apart over the years. I guarantee the feminist movement does not like any of these movies or themes because as I peruse the AI driven search results lately it’s more than readily apparent how culture is changing.

But then I loved the movie Snake Pit for it’s themes too. As much as I hate tell a lie vision and know it’s not always healthy for me sometimes it brings to light a lot of educational material or brain tingling hunches for me to investigate further.

This same name, Tiffany, is connected with the number 9 and our pineal gland. The belief being that the person is humane and selfless showing compassion, tolerance, idealism, and sensitivity.

The pineal gland while about the size of a pea is in the center of the brain in a tiny cave behind and above our pituitary gland which lies a little behind the root of our nose. Located directly behind the eyes attached to the third ventricle we know it as the chakra of the upper dantien.

Our ninth chakra is an interesting chakra in that it is in this chakra that all of one’s Christ abilities lie dormant waiting to be released and used in the outer and inner worlds. A great deal of work and energy is now being sent into physical reality to help humans open up and expand this energy center.

Gold symbolizes wealth used wisely, but it is also the symbol of good health. People who favor the color gold are optimistic. Tibetan Buddhists believe in 5 sacred stones known as the crystal for light, turquoise for infinity of sea and sky, coral for life and form, gold for the golden rays of the sun, and silver for the light of the moon.

Gold is intimately linked with Divinity and those gods associated with the Sun symbolizing wealth and success.

After all of that the reason I am going with the theme of Ophelia and Gertrude is that both represent the sexism and double standards found in the way we view the anima.

For example, Ophelia displays as the light and shadow of the Maiden while Queen Gertrude is the light and shadow of the Mother. Some find that Shakespeare’s use of female hysteria and insanity is full of significance.

Ophelia is displayed through a lens of appearance, gestures, and props. If dressed in white and wild flowers with her hair down with an ending of drowning this was meant to imply the sexual imagery of the anima when discordant.

Innocent blossoming turned into whorish contamination. The Green Woman has given away her flowers/herbs to symbolize the deflowering of herself. Further the dishevelled hair becomes seen through the lens of madness or a victim of rape.

I can’t quite say I agree with this interpretation per say, but I do know as a child I ran around with my hair disheveled simply because it’s naturally curly and was constantly tangled. Combing or brushing it often resulted in me being upset with my hair being pulled, and if you don’t properly detangle it you’re going to actually ruin one’s hair.

Split ends and breakage anyone. I’d rather it be left to dry natural than someone rip it out via comb or brush like some barbarian in the name of grooming and decorum. As someone who happily frolics in her own garden with flowers and herbs or shares their photos online I’d hardly profess I’m guano crazy or even the victim of rape unless it’s mind rape which I’d factor many of us suffer from.

We all consume some rather peculiar things be they through tell a lie vision, computers, video games, books, or common food and drink. Hamlet has a twisted anima he is gripping with by spurring both his mother and Ophelia. It’s a chance to see how men treat their unconscious Divine Feminine by forcing them into the shadow and then refusing to work upon their dis-ease.

The Maiden should embody innocence and growth where the journey of idealistic hope begins. When we shove her into the shadow we make the Divine Feminine powerless and steal her agency. The Mother, however, should embody nurturing, love, and gentle governance yet when shoved into the shadow we find overbearing possessiveness, oppression, and literal or symbolic driving of one’s child away.

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Ophelia and Gertrud

If you plop these two asteroids into your astrology chart you will begin to unfold the picture of how this plays out within your own life whether you are conscious or unconscious of it occurring. However, remaining unconscious of such is actually in my eyes not the most healthy or wholistic way to get along in one’s life. So you will see why I’m such a die hard fan of esotericism and out of the box exploration of these themes.

I’m using the Solar Arc Direction because it highlights shifts in our aspected placements such as when artistic projects receive rewarding recognition or emotional needs must be shifted. You will notice that in my chart Ophelia and Gertrud actually are essentially neighbors more or less.

Natal Ophelia was in my 4th House finishing the final degrees of Capricorn retrograde with Gertrud in Aquarius also retrograde. They’ve now moved towards the 5th House of Pisces where my South Node also resides in Western astrology.

4th House as the roots of identity shows the hidden potentials and family drama influenced by the Divine Feminine via emotions, children, and womanhood yet the 5th House is the inner child influencing pleasure, happiness, and sources of joy.

So we find Ophelia in Pisces at 8° opposing Venus, biquintile Mars, and sesquiquadrate Saturn. Gertrud is in Pisces at 19° opposing Mercury. Asteroids Ophelia and Gertrud are members of the Themis family in astronomy.

These degrees do have something of a peculiarity to them. Patterns here may emerge within the psyche where one needs to integrate Neptunian responsibility of not falling victim to the addictions of drugs or sex. These placements may suggest clairvoyance, but one should never get lost in wishful thinking that leads to deception.

If we learn to accept our own nature and develop self forgiveness we stop comparing self with other looking for illusory ideals of perfection. It is only through this that one finds freedom/liberation and their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 3/4 of humanity is instead trying to live up to self imposed illusions that cause inferiority complexes, guilt trips, and phobias.

Both degrees are best displayed as follows for those interested. The chart holder knows that when we can really see negativity clearly, see into the inner workings of our own illusions, we are on the road to clearing them. They’re willing to have intimate contact with all kinds of discord going into the deepest subtlest layers of the structure of these things moving progressively toward a complete healing of them.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A gypsy peasant woman sings a mournful chant.” To give voice to all the sorrow and suffering of our soul is to begin the process of releasing it. This degree feels there is energy trapped in the self which needs to come out.

It is an energy of a toxic sort which can be alleviated through expressing it. It is because we do not deeply and completely embrace our pain that it stays with us. On the other hand if we embrace it without letting go of it we will continue to retain it. The magic is in the full embrace and the full realization of the nature of our feeling that finally allows us to accept it relaxing out of it.

And as we allow ourselves to empathize with others expressing their pain ours can be released simultaneously with theirs. Knowing that others deeply and intuitively understand what we are feeling is a way of healing unto itself. Work with guardian angel Daniel and daimon Furcas.

Daimon Furcas connects to the Six of Wands, Saturn, Leo, and Cinquefoil. One of those all around daimons who teaches astronomy, logic, ethics, astrology, and cheiromancy. Usually Furcas also teaches about potent herbs/stones and gives one charisma.

I legitimately read online that one should work with this daimon to learn to read natal charts, palms, and to develop clairvoyant skills. With a warning that if you don’t take the lesson seriously Furcas will give you a stern smack down. Needless to say I busted out laughing hysterically at this description.

The chart holder emanates the energy of emotional healing helping others to clear traumas and other heavy frequencies out of their astral body. It tends to do this with little conscious awareness of what it is doing, but the result is helping others to become more in touch with their inner self in a soft gentle manner which brings renewal and reconnection with the light of spirit.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Palm trees laden with dates.” Here is immense sweetness and rich nourishment flourishing in the desert. This degree carries within itself a wondrous abundance that manifests in may different forms such as intuitive insight, understanding, compassion, and the ability to uplift others.

All this degree needs to do is to distribute these gifts, to not repress them, or question their value, but simply to share what the spiritual light has provided. Work with guardian angel Umabel and daimon Zagan.

Daimon Zagan connects to the Eight of Wands, Sun, Sunflower (seeds), and Sagittarius. A great daimon for making a person wise in many various topics. You can read about this guardian angel and Zagan also in a previous blog post.

There is one degree only that falls upon a fixed star as we close this trek out. We’re exploring Skat in Aquarius’s shin bone. Transcribed from Arabic Scheat Edeleu it then became Al Shi’at meaning a Wish. The delta Aquarids around July 14th through August 18th issue near this fixed star. Kabbalists associate it with the Hebrew letter Nun and the tarot trump Temperance.

Have a contemplative and well informed Tuesday everyone! Hopefully it is full of blessings. ˖⁺。˚⋆˙♥️

Manifestation Mondays: What Does This Day Mean To You?

“A firework was using too much screen time. No wonder its mom told them to get off the website.” – Unknown

So is it fate, pre-destination, or free will? Perhaps the below will help us determine our answer. Please be prepared for a bit of a mouse workout with the underlined hyperlink text that helps express some further support in separating wheat from chafe.


Today is the 4th of July and despite the online multiple theories about the significance of this day in any occult/esoteric parlance I wanted to take this time to explore an underlying yet common theme in my life which I’m literally as well as metaphorically always “pointing towards” one way or another.

I’ve chosen to go about this in my ever usual astrological musing manner by plugging the word “freedom” into a thesaurus, and I Spying the equivalent definitions of liberty, self determination, self government, self rule, sovereignty, and autonomy.

Autonomy being the etymological synonym of independent also reminded me of the common theme found within Virgo as I’ve explored my natal 11th House Saturn, North Node, Black Moon Lilith, and Moon within the Tropical or Western system.

Virgo then holds a new significance to me through precession of the equinoxes when I constantly re-evaluate my Vedic natal chart with emphasis on understanding the lunar mansion because these also equate to our current or past karma like a South/North Node. Surprisingly I continue to believe all of this which to many seems as perceived self absorption is in an earnest way to know myself and my external reality.

We don’t quite often in fundamentalism equate Virgo or virgin with it’s more applicable definition of the above themes regarding “she who is whole unto herself,” and by she I’m speaking to the Divine Feminine within all regardless of our hang ups around the confusion of sexual/gender constructs. These higher realities are never profaned the same way we do down in the 3D through our struggles with abstract concepts.

Getting Personal With Virgo:

This has to have been the most uncanny journey from my 30s to my 40s to embody. I don’t some days know what to make of it feeling as if I’m in an alternate reality. Sometimes I don’t even feel myself wondering if this is normal.

I’m going to spend my time today asking everyone to go over to Astro.com where they can explore in any extended chart of their choosing or even an Ephemeris the Asteroid Autonoma (1465), and if you ask why I will give the answer. Asteroid Autonoma speaks to the Divine Feminine etymological concept of autonomy.

Autonoma derives from the Greek αὐτόνομος which is broken down as self custom, law, and ordinance while ultimately speaking to the people and state who are subject to one’s own laws as independent. What this means entirely is that it is a place of exercising one’s own free will!

This becomes something quite potent in I believe Jungian thoughts towards individuation as well. And frankly I can’t emphasize enough how important this might be to investigate today for all of us. I don’t care if you’re not living in America because I firmly believe the principal is one of global understanding common to all on Earth.

It’s very easy to begin a free account with Astro.com as well as to plug into Extended Charts under Additional Objects the number for this asteroid while selecting any chart type thereby generating a result. I’d use my personal What Watch, but I don’t think it processes the asteroid or fixed stars the way I’m capable of through the web service I most often find myself at. But then even my Vedic astrology software has specific functions with certain limitations so you can’t always get it ideal.

I could have looked really deeply into this, but honestly I’m sticking with my Age Harmonics because I really want to grasp this in July 2022 as this is the month I turn 43 on July 26th so I find here my solar return as well which I was exploring months ago through another lens gaining great insights.

What we want to see is the highlights within our physical plane of manifestation compared with our desire/emotional body and mental sphere because we can learn how our intentions change or take shape.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Autonoma

This asteroid orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter in our solar system, but the location in my chart came as little surprise to me. Asteroid Autonoma for me is within my 8th House of Scorpio at 19° square Saturn, opposing Uranus, and semisquare Mercury.

The house that gives information on one’s life span, deep studies into latent abilities, inheritances, joint resources, and transformative healing requires a literal or metaphorical death, loss, or injury first. Two words describe the placement; dramatic and excited.

The 8th House relates to the reproductive system, chronic disease, and our limbs. That also sounds familiar with my self exploration. Saturn as an archetypal wise old man, authority, mentor, and father figure gets to meet with a phoenix that transforms anything and everything it touches. This metamorphosis is an extended dark night of the soul ferreting out underlying truth.

Uranus symbolic of freedom, liberation, and unconscious frustration takes the reins. It’s the pull to embrace change, stop fighting the flow, and to reform your goals. This is a very impulsive yet strong break away where one grows fed up with the standards of society becoming stronger through a desire for liberty and non-conformity.

It is something one is willing to fight for till their last dying breath regardless the cost they pay to win/succeed. What happens with our lives is that we have to assert ourselves through flexibility.

“How will fire make money? Fire works.” – Unknown

There is a tremendous receptivity here to the love coming from higher forces. Even in the midst of darkness this degree carries a subtle light that encourages everything it touches. Even if the person carrying the energy of this degree is mired in negativity there is always an undercurrent of remembrance of the help and guidance that is always reaching out to us.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A rope going up into the sky.” Here is a thread connecting us to something higher. What is it anchored to? It must be something far above us which we cannot see. It takes a lot of trust to climb the rope.

This degree either has a lot of trust and is willing to climb the rope or is constantly aware of it, constantly tempted by it, until it accepts the challenge. The Chandra Symbol asks the question “will we be safe if we ascend?” and the answer is “yes!”

Maybe the angel kisses the chart holder while they sleep because were they conscious their limiting belief system might not allow the kiss to happen due to not accepting the reality of the angel or not accepting that they are deserving of such a kiss.

Even if the chart holder is not consciously aware of this kiss delivered while asleep they take in its pure loving energy. This helps them to find the confidence to climb the rope. Work with guardian angel Yezalel and daimon Beleth.

Associated with the Five of Wands, Gold, Dill, and Leo Daimon Beleth is a useful spirit of love. This daimon is a solar spirit combining the forces of love with death actually assisting one in reaching their loved ones who have departed crossing the veil. Usually this is for emotional fulfillment, but ultimately you can utilize Beleth’s aid for other purposes as well.

Many work with Beleth to control the astral body, activating one’s subtle senses, and breath work. A daimon of alchemy and truths is what you will be encountering.

This degree works best with Golden Sheen Obsidian to deliver the message of harvesting abundance, celebrating accomplishment, and inspiring the intellect and self esteem. Focusing upon passionate intensity we can show others how to lead a fulfilling and happy life. The affirmation is I feel satisfied in achieving my desires.

NGC 6240 in Ophiuchus

This degree sits upon the two fixed stars which include Zubenelschemali in the Northern Scale of Libra and Beta Serpens in Serpens the Serpent. Zubenelschemali is from the Arabic Al Zuban al Shamaliyyah or the Greek Chele Boreios meaning the Northern Claw rather than it’s association with the balancing scales of Libra. Persians reference it as Crob or the Horned while the Egyptian Coptic referenced Pritithi meaning the Two Claws.

Ultimately this became the Northern Scale symbolizing the full price which covers the deficient. This fixed star evokes the mythology of Astraea weighing the deeds of humanity to present them to Jupiter. I find this interesting as someone has combined it too with Human Design. Kabbalists associate this with the Hebrew Letter Heh and the tarot trump Justice.

The snake Serpens held by Ophiuchus the snake handler represents Asclepius to be found on the symbol of medicine and healing. The staff of Asclepius is commonly confused with the staff of Mercury/Hermes for one has a single serpent wrapped around the staff while the other has two signifying commerce and trickery.

The theme of trickery should indicate much to the otherwise unsuspecting and still asleep humanity at large. The more you know…

The Bible liberally interchanges the words dragon and serpent while portraying the constellation Draco as the tempter of Eve within the Garden of Eden. It is an elucidation to kundalini where we often saw its management conducted by physician-priests, witch doctors, and shamans.

Healing was facilitated through intuitive diagnostics to cure illness such as drumming, trance, herbalism, and chanting. Venom being a chemical with the power to heal, poison, and provide expanded consciousness we see it spiritually described as the elixir of life/immortality.

Relationships etymologically include the Greek ophis and omphi which relate to the hub of a wheel through navel implying the umbilical cord. This then speaks to the mother’s womb where a fetus lives. The symbolism represents the Sun’s healing power to support the sick, preserve the body/soul, and to give clear sight.

Regarding the harvest analogy; we’ve been pretty much in a drought in Texas where I live. Below is our summer progress for 2022.

Our roma tomatoes seem small to me personally, but have ripened to a nice shade of red. I’m thinking I will add a bit more fertilizer tomorrow.
Lettuce being a cooler weather item has officially gone to seed and flowered.
Neighborhood squirrels rejoice. All the peanuts you have planted in my carrot bed, wildflower bed, and a pot in the front garden are getting larger with flowers.

I can thank my neighbor whoever they are for feeding them although peanut farmer was never on my list of accomplishments. The squirrels have spoken to my dismay!
The purple, yellow, and green beans are still trying to produce despite the triple digit heat.
Sunflowers are still thriving! Bees are still collecting the pollen as well.
I spent all of today between laundry and harvesting sunflower seeds from spent sunflowers I cut.
More zinnias which attract also the hummingbirds and butterflies.
The garlic chive times 15 which survived winter storm Uri did not flower this year.
Sweet potatoes are ginormous and we have a lot of vines.

Proofreading may be a wee bit sloppy today. I still feel a bit worn out from the last week. While my neuropathy and chronic pain have lessened the last two weeks took a great toll on me mentally, emotionally, and physically. Have a joyful and lucky 4th of July! 🧨🎉

Self Examination Saturdays: The Tarot of Music Through the Muzoracle

“Every 7 years of life, there is a change in astral chakra connections. The alignment of the 114 chakras in the body can give you some control over those changes.” – Amit Ray

I believe this blog post builds upon Friday particularly my link to the Outer Limits video, but for those who are not quite as detail oriented as I am they might miss the connection. I’m one of those people who notices what other’s may overlook.

Let’s fashion our own unique tune today with some investigation through the melody of selected underline hyperlink text that should construct a harmonious vibration.


I let a friend cast a reading for me recently using this deck which they had purchased because I found it to be intriguing. The question I asked of the tarot was “What is the purpose of my current glow up?”

The results I received were the Woodwinds (Element of Air) via the Minor Sixth, Brass (Element of Fire), and Compositionals. The Musician’s Dice gave us A# with Third Eye Rising (Transcending Thought) and the Solfege Dice gave us Ti with Revelation (True/Hidden Nature Revealed).

But why does this matter you ask; check out this insightful PDF I located.

I’ve decided to look back at Xen Qabbalah first regarding the Platonic solids because truth be told this continues to point me back to how many times when I study astrology or look at my Vedic birth placement within Magha Nakshatra now crossing into Virgo from Leo we find connections or maybe a little confirmation bias.

Through the zero degree mark I keep thinking every time anything lands there in a chart it eludes to zero point energy. The energy is not static so we have to keep adapting.

Well it’s also because when I fractured my foot as I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts I got put on two medications that shifted my consciousness full throttle into studying quantum physics. I was on a different wavelength! And I have never quite been entirely the same since. Some days I do miss the “old Renee.”

Woodwinds is the Platonic Octahedron represented by the colors sky blue and white. Blowing air over an edge or across a vibrating reed through a mouthpiece allows us to turn inward, address our thoughts, and find understanding. This suit deals with the communication of our thoughts to others.

Minor Sixth: Curiosity, hunger, and desire in the realm of thought/ideas shaped by a need to know and searching for information. The Minor Sixth as 5:8 is the inverse of the Major Third as 4:5 where a dyad is stretched and lonesome. It sounds a little sweet and a little sad aligned with our emotions. It is a passionate longing or echo of our heart’s true desire that we seek.

Brass is the Platonic Tetrahedron represented by the colors red, yellow, and black. Air vibrates within the player’s lips creating tension and harmonics. Through a horn’s tube, for example, manipulated by valves we arrive at a pitch that may be played slow and low, mellow and velvety, or big and hot. This suit involves that which is being done; the verb.

Accompanist: The aide, support, and helper in the realm of moving, creating, and doing shaped by one who assists others through their actions and creative input. An accompanist plays behind whatever or whomever is being featured be that a soloist, dance troupe, and so forth. Their job is to provide, improvise, structure, and support the main performers.

This is actually a difficult task for it requires great attentiveness and a willingness to be invisible. We are part of a support network which requires selflessness by putting the needs of others or the task at hand in front of ourselves. Consciously employing this role demands initiative while unconsciously it is a subservient role.

True service is not that of the martyr or victim rather when found in the Brass we find the archetype of the aide for this is an action oriented suit.

The Compositional received is a directive or instructive suit. This tells one how fast/slow to proceed. This is our musical GPS that we must also listen to.

Fermata: Wait/hold till further notice. When placed over a musical note the fermata indicates a pause suspending the music until the conductor resumes it. This directive card instructs the querant to rest until insight is gleaned on the situation or it might indicate an interruption such as waiting for Divine timing to intercede.

A# allows observation of thought in varius parts of the head where conscience, intuition, and deep knowing are expressed as clear visualization. With the help of the heart we will begin to make the correct choices to follow hunches and sustain our psychic abilities. We develop a powerful imagination. This dice has an affinity with the Woodwinds, the colors indigo/purple, and the pineal gland, eyes, and ears. This ascending energy rises from the Third Eye chakra to the Crown chakra.

Ti allows Divine will from Source to burst forth as a descending revelation or to ascend as a transition of death and rebirth into the next level. Here myriad worlds are born through the ray of creation where Cosmic being is firstborn and we see a child’s face. Pregnant with choice one is on the jumping off point.

You’ll have to excuse me as I’m just a little under a brain fart today. I’m publishing after a full six hour day at my part time cosmetology job from 9 AM CST till 3 PM CST where I was rather non stop all day in sales. So we’re going to round this out by plugging the Asteroid Schumann (4003) into a Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart. This should look reasonably familiar to some.

You’ve heard of the Schumann Resonances I’m sure which is why I chose this asteroid particularly today to hone my attention in on. Asteroid Schumann orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. Ultimately this was named for the German composer Robert Schumann as pianist and influential music critic. He and his wife Clara maintained a close relationship with Johannes Brahms.

“All I see the planets doing is dancing around to the best nep-tunes.” – Unknown

Schumann Resonances:

Thanks Gabapentin, Tramadol, and Cipro for flipping a switch that I was never entirely prepared for. Lessons no human should be forced to study the difficult way. You’ll have to wind your way through some previous entries to make sense of why I work so hard to use my experiences as the example for my astrology business with the charts of my ancestors instead of using celebrities without their aforementioned permission.

This is why my life coach who I never stuck with for “reasons” pushed me to use the Muse meditation app and headband to measure my brainwaves. It’s been an ongoing process of study for me in change including my long pull away from television and certain other consumption. I even have been recently sleeping to entrainment music that is designed to help heal DNA, osteoarthritis, etc. due to my chronic pain in terms of neuropathy post foot fractures and ligament surgery.

Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart for Asteroid Schumann

It appears that we can locate Asteroid Schumann in my 4th House of Cancer at 28° retrograde which is nearly an Anaretic Degree asking that we master this before it moves to the 5th House. Aspects include squaring the Moon, opposing Venus, quincux Saturn, semisextile Uranus, and sextile Pluto.

We’re in the house of individual history/roots, the ancestors, and our origins. We seek a glimpse into our inner feelings which can become projected upon our external relationships hoping to gain clarity that allows self reflection through journaling, meditation, and therapeutic modalities.

There are energies that wish to come forth from the chart holder and communications that the chart holder needs to allow emergence of. Their challenge is to not let their biases and rationalizations stop the process keeping their ego out of the way of what is happening.

If they hesitate or stop to try to figure out what is going on they slow or blur the process which wants to be clear and needs them to be its means of manifestation. Our assumptions about life as well as ourselves have been shaped by early childhood experiences of inconsistency and uncertainty leaving us uncertain of our capabilities as adults.

The free spirited and childish side of us enjoys breaking away from the usual routines found in life in favor of expanding our subjective reality. You find that we are strong believers that energy follows thought where visualizing our intentions makes it a real manifestation directed towards achieving our life’s purpose.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A tremendous cave on the bank of a river.” Here is a great capacity to realize what is happening, what is going on in the world, and to see what is underneath it all. This degree makes a lot of connections between various energies for it intuitively comprehends their interweavings.

Almost (or at times absolutely) without thinking ideas, imaginings, and realizations dawn on this degree coming forth sometimes fully formed and obvious while at other times cryptic, mysterious, or uncertain.

But in any way one looks at it creative, inspirational, and needing to be harnessed and used. There’s a need here to nurture the highest and to attempt to bring it into realization no matter how difficult the task or how often one has to once again right one’s course. Work with guardian angel Ariel and daimon Bifrons.

“The programmer had a really hard time understanding the music at the party. He didn’t understand the algo-rhythm.” – Unknown

Daimon Bifrons corresponds with the Two of Cups, Mars, Cancer, and Basil. Here is a great daimon for learning geometry, astrology, and all about herbs/stones. Most people will find this a bit spooky, but as someone who inherited my maternal ancestral records I deeply resonate. Bifrons invokes and lights the candles upon the graves of our departed making this an excellent partner in ancestral work.

I just found the most astounding connection to my lunar mansion with Magha nakshatra again. Regulus as the basilisk and basil which I grow also in my garden year after year. Traveling the red thread of our familial blood line is easier when this daimon guides you backwards and forwards to heal the timelines.

Mind you I do know and recognize this link will be very triggering for some, but I ask you to try to take it with a vein of understanding my experiences with pharmaceutical industries and working in medical malpractice law when younger also.

My life is shaped by “experiences” you’ve not entirely been told all about so before you judge me try to imagine there is more to my life story than I’ve put into a blog as it gets very personal what I’ve endured or seen others endure. Also recognize I have strong empath and HSP proclivities.

There is no fixed star upon this degree which allows for us to close this chapter quite quickly today. Working with this degree is best done with Picture Jasper through the message of diplomacy and unity focused upon compassion as well as tolerance for others. The affirmation is I am outspoken and accepting of embracing change.

Have a resonant and melodic Saturday! 📻🔌

The basil we have growing in our front garden has begun to flower recently.

PS: If there are typographical errors please ignore them. I’m running on “E” for empty almost in energy. I’m going to go decompress now. 😴

Fun Quote Fridays: The Heavenly One

“What do you win in a space talent competition? A constellation prize.” – Anonymous

“You suppose that you’re the trouble,
But you’re really the cure.
You suppose that you’re the lock in the door
But you’re really the key that opens it.

It’s too bad you want to be someone else.
You don’t see your own face, your own beauty.
Yet, no one’s face is more beautiful than yours. “

  • Rumi

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale of a strange star crossed girl who is in love with the strange/peculiar. Please enjoy the underlined hyperlink text as it traverses the realms of the Outer Limits and Twilight Zone!


I’m a bit short on time today with working my part time cosmetology job as well as chores so I’m using one quote today instead of my standard seven. Today we are taking a brief look at Asteroid Urania (30) in my Age Harmonic Chart.

The placement of Urania in any astrology chart helps us to discover the way our mind navigates through our unique perspective of existence. This asteroid is named for the Greek muse of astronomy.

What mental spheres might be engaged with in order to come into your own inner sense of knowledge or gnosis? This asteroid shows what practices you will be drawn to such as numerology, astrology, astronomy, music, rhythm, Divine inspiration, and sacred geometry.

This determines whatever is your personal muse that helps you flow in life. Asteroid Urania will display the systems, symbols, and structures which call to you personally directing your intelligence, understanding, and mental organization of what reality is.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Urania

We can find Asteroid Urania in my 3rd House of Gemini at 21° with the Moon and Imum Coeli. The Imum Coeli in Gemini indicates curiosity since one was a child as well as a person who has a difficult time making decisions and lacking confidence. They will doubt everything and be forced to learn to trust their intuition/instincts. Their intelligence and capability comes through appropriately applied time and focus.

The 3rd House is indicative of our flexibility, intelligence, and in depth analytic capabilities regarding communication, career, health, etc. Here we find one’s hobbies, creativity, and their communication style is akin to the fields of technology, television, and news casting.

Opportunities for expression here are conducted via research, writing, teaching, public relations, self promotion, and sales/marketing. This sounds a lot like my astrology/esoterics business and blog.

The only aspect Asteroid Urania makes is sesquiquadrate Neptune and semisextile Saturn. This placement is one where the child felt that others should come before them, but now as they have grown up they realize it’s time to stand up for themselves.

Their imagination is well developed and they will begin pursuing spiritual goals. Unwilling to follow the status quo or accepted views of traditionally conformist society this is a person who desires stimulation through forward looking worldviews.

This placement and the aspects create a quick learner who is open minded with developed psychic abilities who can lucid dream and has a talent for occult subjects such as astrology. They enjoy telling stories that are enlivening and they prefer to learn via the internet where they can share ideas and meet new people. Other areas they enjoy are mathematics and science.

This degree’s energy is best expressed through the following description. The chart holder has an instinct for finding just the right stimuli needed to break out of old restrictive patterns. They sense stuck places both in themselves and others being naturally drawn to affecting them by their words and actions.

This can be wonderfully healing. The problem is that people may resist their input because it can be painful. If this is the case they need to move on to those who are receptive to their energy.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Wine casks retrieved from an ancient shipwreck.” We are dealing with something from the past which has been restricted, tight, and obstructed which when intensively worked upon becomes open so that new energy is allowed in.

That which has been temporarily lost and has been waiting to be used for a long time is found again. Hopefully the time elapsed has helped to bring it to perfection. This degree is about going back and correcting what went wrong while rediscovering what was lost. Work with guardian angel Haziel and daimon Paimon.

“Why did the star keep going to school? So it could get brighter.” – Anonymous

Daimon Paimon is connected with the Six of Pentacles, Mercury, Bindweed, and Gemini. This daimon excels at providing you with knowledge of the arts and sciences or mysteries regarding Earth, the order of angels, and out of body experiences such as astral projection, remote viewing, or aetheric (akasha) projection.

Ketu ruled nakshatras such as Magha which I was born into tend to excel at out of body experiences or even astral projection. Our Shakti gift is to leave the body. We all need to “grow up” spiritually! The time was yesterday!

This degree sits upon the fixed star Capella the mother goat in Auriga the Charioteer. Known as the Little She-goat Capella derives from the diminutive Capra through Greek, Cabrilla through Spain, and Chevre through France. Previously this star was known as Amalthea the nursemaid of Jupiter and the mother of Haedi.

Amalthea accommodated Jupiter/Zues/Jove as her foster child. She was repaid with heaven. Her relation with the broken goat’s horn as the cornucopia references the Horn of Plenty or Lithuanian symbol of a “food bearer.”

The Denderah Zodiac displays this as a mummified cat in an outstretched hand of a male figure crowned with feathers which was important in temple worship of the Egyptian deity Ptah the Opener.

India considered this fixed star sacred to Brahma of the Rig Veda. Peruvians associated Capella with Colca referencing shepherds. Kabbalists associate this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Samech as well as the tarot trump The Devil.

We always get the Devil wrong because most of society is walking ignorant through fundamentalist religion known as the exoteric teachings never desiring to learn the esoteric as I do. Some don’t want to teach it and others frankly are content to remain ignorant.

I never was happy to embrace dogmatic religions or warming pews. Churches can offer great charity to community, but they also breed terrible crimes against humanity such as the Inquisition, Crusades, and Salem Witch Trials. I’ll two hands and two feet pass with that thanks!

I’ve been a cross culture student even reading the Bible/Torah, Tao, Koran, and additional spiritual views across cultures so I can’t do legalism and orthodoxy. It will kill me to follow that path!

A point of contention with me is those who see God/Goddess through fear rather than love and who think their creator advocates murder to proselytize and win someone to their cause. Or that rigid and absurd beliefs or ritualistic practices make them superior in their faith.

Just don’t come near me or I’ll throw a novel of proof from the his or her story of our pasts that will show you how much goes wrong with fundamentalist exoteric religion.

I’m definitely more mystic and usually test as an ecstatic. I prefer to understand it through yoga or yoke especially Bhakti, kundalini, and tantra. To me the Divine is in everything and we should honor this place as well as animals, nature, and fellow humans with such regard. Not that I always get this correct. As a human I still have to work on my Emotional IQ!

Boy if this Hebrew letter does not resonate with me right now as I near my 43rd birthday on July 26th. Have a bewitching and captivating Friday! Lots of love and light! 🥰🌟

PS: If you like something and don’t want to support me with any astrology reports you can donate. I’m trying to purchase new tarot decks or a microphone/camera for videos online. I’ve considered distance Reiki or astrology/esoterics courses or even ASMR, but the last one might be more difficult!

I may pay out of my own pocket for most of this endeavor though since I am working and have a smaller audience presently.

Sign Spotlight Sundays: An Animal That Is Usually Given a Bad Reputation

“Shear up, darling. Everything will be alright.” – Unknown

I’m not sure why exactly, but this blog post made me want to bust out with Joan Jett today who I saw in concert a few years ago. It stems from the fact that today we’re continuing the zodiac with the Sheep which on the Asian (Chinese, Japanese, etc.) zodiac I happen to be an Earth Sheep which comes with some snarky puns about how rather ignorant or victimized they generally are.

Nonetheless that ignores what I am under any other zodiac as well. You know the term because it’s all over the internet as a meme; sheeple!


Ewe might find the underlined hyperlink text to be helpful in changing at least some of your own misconceptions.

Those born in the years 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, and 2003 or the year of the Hitsuji/Sheep are in fact usually elegant, highly accomplished in the arts, and passionate about nature/environmentalism. They tend to exhibit deeply spiritual practices or beliefs while paying attention to rules/regulations which have been established by the society with which they’re found in.

More often than not this group is blessed with innate intelligence, artistic talents, and will fare well in business endeavors. They can display extremely combative demeanors when facing conflict. As the highly creative lot you will find this to be made up of your craftspeople who adore exquisite pieces that bring peace and harmony into their lives.

For myself being placed under the Earth element I am more optimistic and self reliant than other Sheep desiring to maintain my independence. Neither a spendthrift nor a miser I don’t deny myself while enjoying a life of work hard/play hard taking responsibilities seriously. If criticized you might find that I will display the traits of being overly defensive.

When we come across sheep as a totem or spirit animal we may find those who display the characteristics of remaining innocent and youthful in character valuing teamwork. A good phrase for their appearance in our life is to keep working diligently and to remain persistent. As a symbol of vigor the sheep wants you to recognize that within you is everything needed to overcome obstacles.

The best solution to anything troubling you is to adapt to your challenges while you work towards commanding respect from others. If you can improve your self esteem and boldly walk the path which others are too scared to tread you will find success. Simply keep your eyes fixed upon the prize with a relentless mindset to ensure that no failure or adversity can discourage you.

Utilize your natural tendency for remaining curious to ensure that you continue learning new things. This is a great way to remain open to the many opportunities that can cross your path during your life’s adventures. Just remember that you should acknowledge the greatness that lies within you. Not all sheep are lead easily to the slaughter house as sacrificial martyrs.

This sign falls under Dainichi Nyorai also referred to as the Cosmic Buddha. Sanskrit idenfies Dainichi as Mahāvairocana Tathaga. Esoteric or Vajrayāna tantric Buddhism widely practiced in Tibet believes that Dainichi the Great Sun is to be worshiped as the supreme primordial solar Buddha as well as the central figure of the Five Wisdom Buddhas.

The term Nyorai means thus come one utilized as an epithet for enlightened Buddhas that occupy the highest rank in the Japanese Buddhist pantheon. Therefore in Japan’s esoteric traditions Dainchi is the most important of all the myriad Buddha.

Dainichi is said to be everywhere and everything same as the air we breathe making all other Buddha and divine beings considered as emanations of Dainichi Nyorai.


Yudono-san is featured below due to it’s connection with being home to Dainichi Nyorai. You will find some wonderful videos enclosed within their elaboration on these topics.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Lamb

I thought today we could quickly look at where Asteroid Lamb (16089) is within my Age Harmonic chart presently just to get a feel for it’s influence in my life right now. This asteroid was discovered in October of 1999 exactly two years after I graduated high school named for William Lamb who mentored a finalist in the 2003 Intel Science Talent Search which was a competition for high school seniors.

We can locate Asteroid Lamb in a popular location of my 9th House of Sagittarius at 28° nearing the Anaretic Degree where we must master this house before we move onto the next. The only aspect is that we find Lamb sesquiquadrate Saturn which embodies the energies of remembering that while Jupiter is our greater benefic we should not become lazy, sloppy, or neglectful of details.

In the 9th House before we can progress to the 10th House we must grow in understanding of ourselves, the world, and diverse cultures through communication, writing, divination, and dream analysis. This will propel us towards success in the 10th House of social status showing how high we can rise in life.

“Where do sheep get their wool cut? At the baa-baa.” – Unknown

This degree knows that anything appearing to be closed, finished, or limited can be reopened up and extended. Our belief in limits reinforces those limits, and if we let go of that belief we find an abundance that is endless. Lack of confidence in self can stand in the way of this process, but if we focus on the good we are attempting to do the confidence magically appears.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A witch’s ritual dagger.” The ritual dagger is a weapon whose purpose is to cut away negative thoughts, or ones that are no longer of use, essentially thoughts which limit one in unnecessary ways. It may also be used to sever oppressive connections and clear the aura.

When such ties are cut we are free to experience the open and limitless quality of the Universe that allows, for instance, one to channel new music. Work with guardian angel Imamiah and daimon Allocer.

Daimon Allocer is connected with the Eight of Pentacles, Venus, Thyme, and Virgo. This daimon will appeal towards those who strongly desire to work with the arts. Allocer is great for when you need to clear your mind and helping one get in contact with their inspirational muse.

Of course this kind of makes for an unintentional pun when you look at the fixed star for this degree which happens to be named acumen given that this describes quickness of perception with the faculty of proper discrimination.

You will find this degree sits within the star cluster above the stinger of Scorpius the Scorpion in Aculeus/Acumen. There is a connection through Hebrew here to Chokmah meaning intelligence, skill, and mental acuity.

It’s worth considering Psalm 111:10 in this regard. However, after yesterday’s blog post my research into this topic led me to a rather unplanned online destination altogether that I did not expect to read from.

NGC 6302 in Scorpius

This journey even brought me to a PDF copy of the Sepher Ha-Bahir which I’ve never read today while composing this entry. How is that even possible? Do you know how difficult it was years ago to find a copy in a Christian store of the Apocrypha just to get my hands on my favorite book; Judith!

I found the only copy available in hard copy after much scouring. It is absolutely hands down one of my favorite stories, and also why I’ve got the Hannukah theme on my wealth altar with the dreidels that spell “a great miracle happened here.”

I’d link to the blog post with the photos, but I got too many pingbacks to that entry already! Plus search engines hate me for my link shares as that is bad online AI etiquette. And I already am likely on the naughty list since I recently fought with Google over my business listing.

Work with Azurite for this degree expressing the unity of mind, body, and spirit which restores health and well being by remaining fresh, energetic, and constructive. The focus at this time should be gentle, kind, and there for the help/support of another. Your affirmation reads I promote harmony, balance, and inner peace in my life.

I hope everyone enjoys their sublime Sunday. I think I may take a self care day tomorrow and refrain from blogging as it’s also my day off from my part time cosmetology job. I feel as if it would actually benefit me to allow myself a well deserved break.

The garden is quite unhappy due to the drought and triple digit weather. I’ve also been in a nearly month long neuropathic pain flare so I’ve been less able to properly care for the plants. We did cut several sunflowers today to allow them to dry out and harvest the seeds.

I did not succeed this year at carrots, but that is alright. We have another harvest of beans and there are at least 21 roma tomatoes on the vines some turning red.

The sweet potatoes look to be doing well, but I will need to get back out there soon to fertilize them again I believe. My pain body has been keeping me very unmotivated and ultimately just barely able to get through each day.

It’s been a terrible struggle the last month to accomplish my daily tasks honestly the way I have radiated with chronic pain and refused to show it to others except family. I believe we may receive some rain over the next day or so. I’d be grateful, but I also expect some of the wildflowers to be damaged again. We have no gutters on the covered porch.

The sweet potatoes are growing what can only be called vines!
Sunflowers looking lively!
Sunflowers ready to be harvested for seeds after the many bees in the garden have finished pollinating them.
I really will have to brush up on growing better carrots I think. Several of them were still quite small and we did not keep them. I also noticed a lot of seeds did not take. This year some of our seeds were not as bountiful or healthy.

Win some lose some. We’ve done quite well in some areas and had more struggles in others. I’m thankful we’ve made it to July though with the Texas heat and virtually no rain for months I believe now.

Be well and many blessings! And yes, I did find my typographical error. 😊💝

Self Examination Saturdays: The Final Frontier via Starchik and Enterprise

“I thought about putting an observatory in my house, but the cost was astronomical.” – Anonymous

Well while I am short on Tribbles tonight and thankfully I’ve not encountered the Borg at present we will be charting for some fun Asteroids Starchik and Enterprise tonight. Hopefully you will get the theme I’m going for.

Please enjoy the underlined hyperlink text which will transport you through the wormholes of cyberspace.


I’ve used the Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha chart again today to flesh out this blog post. Something I’ve learned recently with this chart is that the duads deal with the Ages/Aeons as well which run 2000 to 2160 years long.

This then can be compiled with the decans. For example, the Age/Aeon of Pisces began with a Pisces duad (running 166-180 years long) while in a Pisces decan (running 666-720 years long) ending with an Aries duad and Cancer decan.

This could add some very interesting thought experiments to utilizing these astrological charts.

Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart for Asteroid Starchik and Enterprise

Asteroid Starchik lies within the main asteroid belt discovered in 1984 near Christmas (December 23rd) while Asteroid Enterprise orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter, but it does have an interesting size being that it is kilometers cubed or 3 x 3 x 3.

We can see for my chart that Asteroid Starchik (32770) is placed within the 11th House of Aquarius at 22° semisextile Mars and square Pluto as well as Chiron. Asteroid Enterprise (9777) is within the 9th House of Sagittarius at 4° quincux Venus.

The 11th House is focused upon the intellectual ties and powers of community where it is important to help those who are less fortunate then us. This house is also about humanitarianism and social improvement. In keeping with that theme our 9th House is where we search for meaning by exploring our world grasping everything that is available to us.

You can see that we’ve already covered the degree for Asteroid Enterprise, but on an entirely different level or previous blog post. So I’m going to spice that degree up with a little bit of a different spin today rather than make it exceptionally boring for you to see it again so soon!

Let’s begin looking into Asteroid Starchik’s energies shall we. We can’t stand repeated delays or frustrations so we suffer with anger when faced with obstacles. The last time we saw some of these energies was between 1931 and 1934 when there was a phase of rapid metamorphosis between Germany and Italy.

Nationalistic tendencies and elitist attitudes were elevated into social direction while being manipulated by dictatorial groupings making attempts to seize power and benefit the state through new political concepts.

This historical period displayed ruthless violence and force to create global economic instability which caused radical as well as revolutionary political agitators or agent provocateurs to gain power by feeding upon exploited energies or vibrations that desired a new society to be birthed into existence on the 3D.

The underlying motives/intentions of these groups were of a mixed majority that led to both fascist as well as Nazi ideologies that spread throughout our individual as well as collective consciousness emotionally manipulating the mass public akin to a full global magic ritual.

These ideologies were allowed to gain traction due to the apathy and passivity of those too insecure or unable to have any influence even if they disagreed with the dominating groups in power.

The unconscious and subconscious of individual as well as collective humanity overrode the intellectual idealist mind leading to sadistic dismissal of those deemed as inferior races where freedom was ignored by the might of one’s oppressor in the name of social change.

I’m sadly reminded as I’ve said of middle and high school focus upon the histories of the Stalin/Hitler regimes as well as the Holodomor. Also a song from Japan that espoused and celebrated what would become known as a future hoped for 4th Reich that I heard while exploring their language, culture, and artistic talents.

As I’ve stated family has Ashkenazi Jewish as well as an assortment of Anglo Saxon roots with a touch of Ethiopian Jewish and Middle Eastern DNA having come here in the 1800s to the United States from Germany/Denmark for my biological maternal and paternal family.

I also inherited my great grandmother’s high school yearbook who survived the Great Depression when my WW II naval veteran maternal grandfather passed; she graduated 3 years before the economy went bust in that era.

You can deny what happened because I’m no naive person with the world wide web, but then I guess that makes all those people that came to my school to speak liars and scoundrels although I’m not sure what they hoped to gain. How do we know what is truth in our ever revisionist his or her story?

After all who is in charge of writing, preserving, and passing it on. You’re the one who has to decide what to believe. That includes believing in the denial of certain things I won’t mention here because I expect you to know what I am eluding to. If you don’t my apologies.

A Brief History Lesson:

The power of this degree is its understanding of how limitations can be changed gradually. To effect this change requires an understanding of the nature of those limitations and an intuitive sense of how to approach them, where their weaknesses are, and how to dialog with any system.

Here is the master negotiator who respects the integrity of whatever they are working with as well as who can achieve far reaching results by acknowledging what is and and then working with it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman making lace.” Here we find patience as well as the ability to concentrate and to perceive the overall patterns of whatever we are dealing with. This degree is adept at carrying out delicate procedures and of keeping all the strands of its motives and needs straight.

It is one who brings people and situations together in an attempt to produce something harmonious and beautiful; a degree of great refinement. Work with guardian angel Lehahiah and daimon Furfur.

Daimon Furfur is tied to the Eight of Cups, Mars, Tobacco, and Pisces. This daimon initiates one into the depths of understanding our conscious mind through the workings of our unconscious and subconscious by employing self introspection into our lives.

The tobacco spoken of is nicotiana, and I’m not going to advocate as to if one should be growing it in their garden (simply sharing what I’ve located).

Furfur is an ideal daimon to work with for forging relationships especially those where one can espouse superlative knowledge. You can look to new revelations of hidden knowledge in areas of interest.

This particular degree sits upon the fixed star Beta Grus in Grus the Crane. Cranes being known for elaborate courtship performances spend much time preening their feathers or on the other hand camouflaging themselves by painting their bodies with mud.

The Latin word grus and the English word crane are taken from Middle English and German via krone, however, the Greek and Indo European base gere is defined as uttering a hoarse cry.

A crane can also describe a machine which raises weights, and it is here that we get the word mechane originating in geranos as crane or krade as branch. Mechane derives from the Indo European root magh connected to magus and the Magha lunar nakshatra I was born into through my natal Vedic astrology.

Magh is defined as to be able or to have power. We see this in the words mechanic, magic, and might. Persians ascribed this title to those who were members of their priestly caste.

When we look towards Asteroid Enterprise we find impetus for one to bring clarity to their interactions with others while correctly evaluating what they really want in life. This forms a better usage of one’s energy and vibration.

If we’ve been the victim of doing too much for others then it’s likely we’ll be taken advantage of in the long run developing resentful feelings of being used/abused. We should deploy our sense of humor to entertain our enemies in life without becoming offensive.

“I’m so disappointed. I keep pressing the space bar on my keyboard, but I’m still on Earth.” – Anonymous

Sagittarius: Two arrows crossed and surrounded by zones of glistening white light.

Denotes one who has a tendency to pull in opposite directions. The struggle between the desires and willpower shall be constant and an act of hostility could be followed by deep remorse. It is a fight between the world of matter (materialism) and the world of spirit. There may be peculiar changes in life which are most unexpected that are likely to occur. It is a symbol of Wavering.

Still interested in learning about Kyudo try the following video as well. This degree works best with Grape Agate expressing a message of moving ever forward with distinctive style and determination while focusing upon being caring, trustworthy, and individualistic as one supports the best in others. The affirmation is I am an extraordinary individual.

I’ve seen this particular degree described also as the energies of one speaking morning and evening for several hours each day telling what they know to their audience while imagining questions coming from non-existent students answering them only for new questions to emerge leading off into other topics as well as other realms of knowledge.

The chart holder knows not the bounds or limits of their knowing or gnosis for as they speak they continue to learn more. The knowledge rises to the surface like water from a bottomless spring.

Centuries later the room where this has transpired has become a place that exists where students come to sit, bookless, and with their eyes closed capable of absorbing the reverberations which still could be felt faintly echoing from the walls which awakened in them other hidden springs.

I hope everyone has an imaginative Saturday. 🤩💗

Self Examination Saturdays: Where Does Your Compassion and Conscience Lie?

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” – Anonymous

Answers to questions lie within the underlined hyperlink text jigsaw puzzle I’ve left for my blog readers in the hopes they can piece the message together, and maybe also help me make sense of my insane blog posts. Yes, that requires a few mouse clicks on those doorways into various portals and a little bit of reading or detective work.


I wanted to compose this entry yesterday, but due to an extremely rough week I am doing this retroactive on Sunday because I needed to take a self care day. I’ve been having some significant problems with my entire left leg and foot post surgery with trying to manage my life between daily tasks/chores, gardening, and working a part time cosmetology job. I’m actually not sure I can keep up the garden in this heat this year on this foot/leg.

I tried pawning the chores on my step father, but I legitimately feel that I’ve been taking on way too much for my body to withstand. When muscle relaxers no longer work to alleviate the osteoarthritis or muscle tightness I know something is amiss.

From being told by podiatry that I essentially was born with clubfoot albeit not a severely deforming kind to the fractures in my heel and first two metatarsals, ankle ligament surgery, and the osteoarthritis within my ankle joints I’m not sure what my future for health is beyond coping with wishing my body were not making me feel eighty or ninety when I’m half that age over the last two years.

A person could get lost in my blog posts over the months and might think I’m always complaining or whining when these flares hit, but if I never explain how can anyone understand something you don’t physically see on the outside as I legitimately hide the pain if I’m not verbalizing to you that I’m in it. i won’t be crying or wincing in front of you usually and if I do moan in agony it’s only at home in front of family.

When I was a cashier post foot fracture on medical notice to have a chair at my register by physical therapy a customer called me lazy to my face for using my chair to relieve my chronic pain as I weaned back into weight bearing full time. And I had a thought enter my brain which was not verbalized that read “I hope when you step outside a bus hits you so you can feel what I feel inside of my body every day.”

And I realized how horrible I felt for that thought entering my mind simply because I was healthy before and now I’m forever changed by life’s experiences. I did not have to vocalize the thought to know something was very incorrect with that response! Nonetheless after all I’d been through being called lazy triggered me.

For two weeks in a row I’ve tried muscle relaxers to almost no avail as I wake up with spasms and tightness in my leg/ankle and osteoarthritis. Virtually every step and standing is met with some terrible pain and cement shoes is the term applied to this feeling.

Twenty to one I’ll be paying to see the podiatrist soon again. I’ve reverted to all my physical therapy exercises again including writing my alphabet upper/lowercase with my foot and rolling my foot on an iced water bottle or icing the swelling down from inflammation.

I just don’t want to deal with the uninsured medical bills right now. It always grates upon my nerves when I have to consider the costs. Then my fear kicks in too. Did I re-injure my ligament? Could I have blown out the surgery? Is anything torn again?

Combing through the asteroids on Astro.com I found two I wanted to use in my Vedic Age Harmonic chart today. I’m going to begin by discussing etymology of these two words before I give examples and lead into the astrology symbolism.

I’m glad that WordPress allows for me to play with time magic also as I can publish this blog post as if I’d managed it on Saturday since it was certainly in my mind despite the fact that I was exhausted physically, emotionally, and spiritually to be honest.

I truly felt like I could barely make it all week. In fact today ensued with me opening the front door to the house and screaming outside I was so stressed and irritated rather than break dishes the way I felt I might be heading. It helped a little just to do that for about five to ten seconds after dealing with a front load laundry washer that I frankly despise. I did not want to break mom’s dishes, but I was ready to punch a wall or something.

Compassion is taken from Middle English, Old French, and Ecclesiastical Latin compassio, compati, and compassus meaning sympathy, to suffer together with, and etymologically means deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with a wish to relieve it. Some do define it as pity.

Conscience on the other hand is taken from Middle English, Old French, and Latin conscientia, consciens, and conscire meaning knowledge within oneself, to be conscious of wrong, and etymologically means the moral sense of right/wrong through self awareness that affects one’s behavior/attitude.

I chose the following example because Amma matches my Magha lunar mansion through reading from Barbara Pijan’s website although I’ve spent countless blog posts learning about my nakshatra in terms of Ketu rulership with it’s chasing liberation, samadhi, and moksha as well as the fixed star Regulus and the arguments about precession of the equinoxes through Leo to Virgo.

The desperate need to even understand myself and my chart as an esotericist or Reiki Master level. I think though it makes sense given everything this article has pointed to or this one. We’re all trying to step into whatever position we’re supposed to embody. Some are struggling to know what this should even look like such as myself.

But in exploring this from an even wider than lens beyond the Judaeo Christian or Buddhist spheres I’ve studied I did also run across another set of online articles that gave me pause. Alright so are perspectives taken subjective or objective when we approach each of these respectively?

Believe me I know when guilt sets in because I’ve been learning or rather becoming more mindful of certain choices I’ve made in my past and how they are shaping my present and will challenge my future.

As stated before the Age Harmonic chart is ideal for me in determining by my age what exactly I’m now dealing with in life. Particularly given that from 40 to 45 it directs one to the auspicious/inauspicious habits we hold within our emotional/psychological nature. Four times ten reflects our 4th House which is the home life where our private yet vulnerable self lives holding the keys to our inner child.

You’re going to see here one’s need to belong, what helps them feel at home, their value system, and their subconscious patterns. To heal the inner child you need to approach healing through unlearning behaviors that no longer serve you.

“It is a lack of love for ourselves that inhibits our compassion toward others. If we make friends with ourselves, then there is no obstacle to opening our hearts and minds to others.” – Anonymous

Tropical this was an Aquarian placement or rather the Western zodiac so I was marching to the beat of my own drum contradicting family with a detachment to my parents placing emphasis on my intellectual development and desiring independence.

If we look though at my Sidereal or Vedic we find this was a Capricorn placement so I dealt with strong family tradition against a backdrop of disciplinarian parenting where troubles emerged as I subconsciously longed for independence, warmth, and love feeling I was not receiving these.

Does that ever resonate like someone hit me over the head! This is the problem with the logic of saying what happened at an early age is great if you don’t remember it. No, it’s really not. You still remember it because it’s buried in the subconscious or unconscious waiting to be healed and released. It’s all retained in there beneath the surface and you’re not paying attention long enough to realize it.

The Age Harmonic chart aims to fine tune the moral and ethical nature through an indication of which of the three Hindu deities and their wives we are working from (creator, preserver, or destroyer). I think Judaeo Christianity has worked long and hard to remove the Divine Feminine from one’s consciousness as has some other faiths. I say this because the Capricorn 4th House also speaks towards a patriarchal society one may be growing up in.

As I study my chart though I’m learning a lot more about myself which helps my growth while making myself an example to others displaying the benefits of such practices through these services.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Compassion and Conscience

So here we are looking at my chart seeing that Asteroid Compassion (8990) is in the 9th House of Sagittarius at 4° sesquiquadrate Venus and Mars. Asteroid Conscience is in the 5th House of Leo at 24° with no aspects whatsoever.

Your 9th House is encouraging you to think big and bold by taking advantage of international communication, higher education, and exploring your higher mind through philosophy, religion, and publishing. It’s also asking you to consider legal or academic matters within a traditionally Jupiter ruled house through Sagittarius.

This placement begins to look at where in life they or others are committing acts of excessive indulgence. It’s where individually as well as collectively trends emerge showing humanity is a spendthrift lacking self control. They need to develop an attitude of fairness, ethics, and harmony. This is also the placement for those who overextend themselves. It’s important that we don’t burn ourselves out by being overactive or hyperactive.

The 5th House holds a symbolic representation being ruled by the Sun and Leo of the patriarchy as a symbol of royalty. It’s a King’s horoscope zone in traditional parlance. Kings must find heirs to their throne therefore much time and training is put into children and teenagers ensuring one is fit to take over. It shows the area in our life where we rule which can be self expression, creativity, and our ability to educate, enlighten, or inspire others.

I’ve learned to walk three times; birth, post foot fractures, and post ankle ligament surgery. I’m tired of re-learning this! The other degree symbol reminds me of the Vedic astrologer who asked me how my fashion changed during Covid.

I remarked when I’m home I’m in pajamas or a random shirt paired with sports leggings and my hair in a bun as well as no makeup. When I’m in public I’m a lot more presentable rather than dressed down for comfort. If I’m home I frankly don’t care what others “think” of me.

It’s when I have to put on a show (Leo Sun sign in the Tropical zodiac with Cancer Sun sign in the Sidereal zodiac) that I may be a bit more concerned with “appearances” or “societal norms.” Summed up in public you don’t get to always see the real me because I’m conditioned that something is not appropriate in allowing that level of intimacy and/or afraid of being judged by it. I don’t think you’ll like what you see.

“The universe has shaken you to awaken you.” – Anonymous

The Omega symbol describes these degrees as the following and here again is some interpretation to the meaning of daimon. It’s worth the read if you want to connect it with what I just explained above.

This degree has knowledge that must come out even if it isn’t acknowledged or accepted by others. There is an ability here to be impervious to the negative reactions and/or disinterest of others. As long as this degree focuses on what it needs to do and lets go of any apprehensions concerning the ramifications of its actions it can live true to itself.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A young prince undressed to bathe in a pool.” The young man puts himself in a vulnerable position by taking away all the barriers between himself and nature. He then enters the water or the sacred womb of the mother to be refreshed, cleansed, and purified.

This degree is about seeking direct experience by divesting oneself of preconceptions, social conditionings, and by also letting go of assertiveness and agendas so as to have a full experience of what’s right there in front of one.

It’s not easy to give oneself completely over to the feminine. It requires a lot of macho courage and gutsiness. Work with guardian angel Seheiah and daimon Berith. Shockingly I’ve previously covered this degree through another lens altogether when I was coping with also podcasts that dealt with our current socio-political climes.

Daimon Berith corresponds with the Two of Pentacles, Venus, Capricorn, and Sandalwood. This daimon was of particular importance to alchemists in the transmutation of base metals to gold. This daimon helps those who help themselves.

If we hop over now as that was the degree for Asteroid Compassion we see a different message within Asteroid Conscience. The most difficult of situations can elicit from the chart holder a surprising resourcefulness. They have a tremendous ability to mutate.

If they give in to this it can be very exhilarating and ultimately fulfilling. If they struggle against it and rigidly try to hold on to what is no longer needed suffering will inevitably be the result.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Sunrise over Stonehenge.” Overcome by water one becomes what will thrive in water just as the denizens of England reacting to the cycles of time build Stonehenge which is in harmony with those cycles. The chart holder projects an aura of importance that is quiet and certain with a deep self assurance that comes from being in tune with the whole of life.

They are what they are in a simple way though many, varied, and complex are the roads you may travel. They are attuned to what endures and as they become increasingly at one with this they contact their true self at deeper and deeper levels. Work with guardian angel Mumiah and daimon Andromallus.

Daimon Andromallus is tied with the Ten of Cups, Mars, Dragon’s Blood, and Pisces. This daimon protects your home, family, vehicle, and business from theft. Many work with Andromallus to learn how to operate through life safely.

Usually Andromallus is worked with to right a wrong that was inflicted against one such as being robbed of something in one’s life. Some believe this daimon operates from some rather strong value systems. I’ve literally read that to work with Andromallus you best have your morals/ethics in check!

This degree actually also sits upon the fixed star Subra in the right knee of Leo the Lion. This fixed star takes it’s name from Subira meaning patience. Patience from Middle English, Old French, and Latin patientia, patiens, and patior means to suffer, endure, and wait. Kabbalists associate this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Kaph and the tarot trump Strength.

The Hebrew letter Kaph deals with a specific path on the Tree of Life in Kabbalah where we again see Jupiter here with some powerful symbolism. When I began my part time cosmetology job my Reiki chakra bracelet broke. I managed to collect all the pieces and place it upon my wealth altar, but I’ve not restrung the beads nor looked for a replacement.

I probably should as I wore it also on my left dominant arm with my ring. It had been worn daily for years and the fishing wire finally gave out. May your weeekend be nourishing! I’m trying my best to take it easy on my days off, but I know I still have to move and exercise while in this pain flare. 🍲🥄


Manifestation Mondays: The Haric Level

I am connected to nature.

May today’s underlined hyperlink text be beneficial to my readers and help them further their spirituality.


As a Reiki Master level we spend a lot of time the same as anyone within the cosmetology field gaining continuing education. Today we will be looking at both the Hara Line as well as the connection to Shiva Shakti. Our core power resides beneath our auric field housed within the dantien making up our individual core star connection.

Dantien roughly translates as energy center, elixir field, or the sea of Chi/Qi/Ki where spiritual energy is focused on higher levels of awareness called samadhi. This practice is found in Taoism and has a vital role in traditional Chinese medicine. We actually have a total of three dantiens within the human body making up the lower, middle, and upper with various fields of influence which transmute energy.

These three treasures are located two inches below the navel (jing creates the physical body), at the heart (energy in this area is created via food, air, and our thoughts/feelings), and above the eyebrows (related to spirit/consciousness). To feel the middle or higher dantien you must build the lower dantien through energy exercises which is why many practice meditation focused on the breath.

The aura’s foundation where intentions are birthed, held, and housed is the very source/seed of your life’s purpose and creativity all found inside the Haric Level. It is described as a laser like line which aligns vertically with the physical body not visible to our human eyes approximately 1/3 of an inch wide beginning 3 1/2 feet above the Crown chakra extending down into the core of the Earth.

The higher dantien hereby signifies the separation point when your soul incarnated into the 3D on Earth as a spark of the Divine. We see this in many esoteric schools especially Kabbalah or Gnosticism called the Godhead. The middle dantien as your emotional body is a representation of your passions, longings, and has been called the soul seat. The lower dantien is your willpower tapped into extraordinary energies that help you follow through with your intentions.

As with any chakra you may have a balanced or unbalanced Hara Line. Collectively we can connect our Hara Lines with others to create a group Hara Line when we are energetically healed and correctly aligned with our life’s purpose. What we want to see is a straight, centered, and well rooted person properly in sync with integrity, power, and intent. When we become misaligned we will become argumentative, procrastinate, be overtly competitive with others, and perform our duties poorly.

Dysfunctions can occur through the Godhead when we become cynical, through the soul seat when we are lost in sadness, despair, or grief, and with the lower dantien when we suffer physical signs of chronic pain.

By all common concepts the best way to think of the Hara Line is as your electrical current which acts as the main power line that can become distorted through exhaustion, inability to discover the direction you should take in life, difficulty accessing your inner guidance/intuition, and by feeling powerless.

I am grateful for all my blessings.

A simpler analogy would be to think of a green garden hose which has kinks preventing the water from flowing. Within the human body this does not allow energy to feed your organs, muscles, and so forth effectively leading to dis-ease.

If you would like to learn more I have a PDF I found and am sharing during my studies. When I studied for my Mastery Reiki level we covered a lot of these topics briefly so I’ve been trying to build a stronger foundation.

Personally I really like the PDF in reference to the chapter entitled the Heart and Golden Emperor because I can resonate this to the blog post I previously had on a blueprint through the tarot trumps of the Emperor/Wheel of Fortune in that I could even see that wheel the same as the chakras.

Esoterically we might learn that some believe the Tripuri tribes of East India worshiped Shiva for aeons as Siba or the Master of all Five Elements known as Harappa. Harappa when broken down is Dravidian for Father Shiva. Ancient Mohenjodaro cultures predating Egypt were believed to have been built upon Shiva Shakti worship as the Universal/Cosmic soul comprised of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Dodecatemoria/Dwadasamsa Chart for Asteroid Hara

This will matter most to those who are more influenced by kundalini awakening/meditation. Reiki compliments many other modalities for healing and does work well with astrology. Today we will look at Asteroid Hara (4640) orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter with a Ceres classification.

We want to look at this asteroid in our astrology charts to determine if there are past life indicators of yogic/tantric practices. The best way I want to establish this is via the Dodecatemoria/Dwadasamsa Chart.

As previously stated this chart will look into the Vedic astrology to ascertain any karma encoded into the DNA of any individual beginning with parents/siblings determining one’s approach to life as was passed down throughout their ancestral heritage of approximately seven years. For me personally Asteroid Hara is placed succinctly in my 2nd House of Taurus being Venus ruled at 23°.

Aspects will include trine Mercury, sextile Mars, square Saturn, conjunct Pluto, and opposition Chiron. That’s a lot of aspects to cover and a lot of frequency or vibration to manage if you ask me. Let’s break this down one by one.

Lets begin by understanding that our 2nd House deals with values, possessions, money, and resources. It’s natural planetary ruler is Venus through the natural astrology sign of Taurus making my chart rather well structured. In essence the 2nd House is what makes one feel stable and secure.

Anything in life which helps one feel valuable, fulfilled, safe, and worthy falls in this space. It will be different for everyone. Our feelings in the 2nd House around these topics inlcude knowledge, wealth, spirituality, strengths/weaknesses, and our approach to earning or gaining in life be that skills development or financial freedom.

The Sabian Symbol actually gives a great description for this degree and placement above which I’ve linked to. We inherently find it easier to communicate in written form especially when we desire to market or promote ourselves especially for networking. We’re seeking mutually supportive relationships. It’s ideal for initiating pet projects where we look to gain harmonious non-aggressive partnerships.

Our biggest challenge lies in our demeanor as we come across as overly serious and responsible. We fair better when we learn to practice self love and to be more open expressing our emotions rather than repressing. We also must guard against low self esteem, negative moods, and becoming a victim of betrayal/abuse. Our shadow comes out in how we express beauty as we sometimes believe we have little value and don’t measure up.

I also really enjoy the work below with the salamander symbol! This degree is best described as thus.

I love to share my experiences and wisdom.

In the midst of turbulence the chart holder is able to remain calm. They have a tremendous ability to stick with the most difficult of situations and to see them through. Though energies may be furiously whirling around them they hold to their path in life intent upon their course no matter how arduous it may be to follow.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A salamander glowing red orange.” In the system of Aura Soma the color for Taurus is red orange. The salamander is the elemental being of fire. Here is an intensity of character and an extreme strong mindedness that can evoke all kinds of different reactions in other people.

No matter what the reactions coming at this degree from outside of it there is a strength of character here that challenges others to manifest who they are with more power and directness. The tornado which is the vortex of personality is stabilized by the inner staircase that allows us to both walk down in the act of grounding ourselves and to walk up in the act of transcending all that which is lower.

And so the energy of the tornado is harnessed and used without being weakened or repressed. The salamander is fiercely on fire without being burned up. Work with guardian angel Nanael and daimon Caim.

Daimon Caim binds us to the Nine of Pentacles, Sagittarius, Orchid, and Mercury. If you’re in need of better intellectual powers or increased memory/focus this is a great daimon to work with. Caim is also great for developing one’s self in an effort to better communicate. This daimon also helps to ward off anxiety especially situations where your stomach ties up in knots.

The Kozminksy Symbol of this degree is also quite potent.

23° Taurus: St. Michael slaying the Dragon in a shower of black rain.

Denotes one with strength of purpose and ability to sustain trials. The Dragon is lust, corruption, and the cold moistures of the Earth. St. Michael is the life, solar energy, and conqueror of decay. The black rain is the evil which corruption draws. So when the native realizes the strength of their soul force they become a veritable victor over the monster into whose jaws so many unwarned and unguarded fall. It is a symbol of Victory.

This degree falls within the fixed star Zaurak in Eridanus the River. The name derives from the Arabic Al Na’ir al Zaurak translated as the Bright Star of the Boat. The Chinese referenced Tien Yuen or the Heavenly Park. The energies display as Saturn embodying one with a love of knowledge/science, travel, and change.

When this star aspects other planets within an astrology chart one should endeavor to not take life too seriously or put much weight on what others say. If they overcome a melancholic nature they will do well in life.

A few great deep sky objects can be found in this constellation as seen below. May you have a numinous Monday and please enjoy the following meditation video.


I am connected with the wisdom of the Universe.

Eridanus Constellation:

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Desiring More Freedom, Power, and Speed in Life

What did the pony say when he had a sore throat? “Do you have any water? I’m a little horse.”

Phew I think I’m finally near the middle section of this series having already completed the Western or more traditional zodiac everyone is familiar with and moving into an Eastern construct. I believe at some point I’ll try to expand this into Vedic. Gallop to greener pastures with the underlined hyperlink text.


Those born in the years 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, and 2002 or the year of the Uma/Horse can be seen as skilled in awarding compliments as well as being quite a talkative lot. They are also talented with finances, adroit thinkers, and can be easily angered/impatient.

These charming yet cheerful characters are hard working, self possessed, and may pursue success selfishly. Despite their air of assurance you will find they might actually lack confidence in themselves. Horse born believe that movement is everything with an unpredictable element to them. You will find them taking center stage and delighting audiences everywhere.

Their lives while full of many ups/downs does not interfere with their determination. To many people this animal symbolizes stamina, progress, feelings of belonging, and an embodiment of the Divine. Asian mythology espouses the horse as an eliminator of evil as well as a representation of immortality. Sometimes cultures even depict them with the power of flight.

In Abrahamic faith they have been given contrasting meanings such as the black horse symbolizing death/destruction. This conflicts with other cultures who believe the black horse to be strong and courageous. The Book of Revelations depicts the Four Horseman as war, endings, famine, and eventual return to chaos.

Western culture then removes the tantric encounter of a horse as the highest form of self actualization. The appearance of wild horses for example could be interpreted as a blossoming/ongoing love affair. Celtic culture has also utilized written as well oral traditions to depict humanity’s ability to control, master, and thrive during difficult life trials.

All in all the horse was said to imply a guide towards self development whereby we learn how to focus on improving ourselves as opposed to a constant worrying focus upon others likely uninterested in changing their own situation. The horse as a mode of transportation will carry its rider far and wide into new unexplored paths.

This sign falls under Seishi Bosatsu otherwise known as the Sitting Buddha. Mahāsthāmaprāpta is the name taken from India as this bodhisattva represents the power of wisdom depicted within a trinity beside Amitābha and Avalokiteśvara in Pure Land Buddhism. The name literally translates as arrival of great strength.

Seishi Bosatsu is one of the enlightened beings who descends to welcome dying souls into Amida’s Pure Land. In Japan the three appear in a popular grouping known as the Amida Sanzon or Amida Triad. For more information you may look below at what I’ve found.

Seishi Bosatsu:

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Epona

Today I’m using this opportunity to utilize the extended chart features on Astro.com to chart Asteroid Epona in a SAD or Solar Arc Direction Chart as she was the Celtic Horse Goddess. In mythology we find a complex culture for the Celts ranging from Halstatt to German Bronze Age which stretched further to Britain as well as the Iberian peninsula.

The story of Epona is unusual as many of their stories were oral not written. The Roman religion also absorbed this Goddess practicing syncretism by conflating the Divine. Her other name was sometimes She of the Great Mare due to the fact that horses were important therefore you may have seen icons of Epona popping up everywhere especially in stables.

What we do not know, however, is if horses became part of ritual sacrifice being eaten or otherwise used in conferring kingship where the Hieros Gamos took place wedding the ruler to the land.

What is known is that there was a strong belief in horses particularly the mare being a representation of the spirit of the land. Epona signifies sovereignty so she was most often displayed flanked by horses. We can see her thus linked to fertility, agriculture, and abundance.

Her archetype fits well with the rebirth stories we often tell as she became associated with Spring when after winter’s death of the previous year/season new fertile life returns.

To plot this asteroid simply plug into the manual entry field of Additional Objects number 3838. We use the SAD or Solar Arc Directional Chart to determine what years are important in our lives. Some of the features you might wish to study in these charts would be anything placed in the 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th, and 12th Houses. Additional houses you could hone in on include 1st and 4th.

Intuitively this then becomes a good choice to chart for we find that Asteroid Epona is currently within my 10th House of Leo at 4°.

There was a move from my natal 9th House position of attitudes or philosophies on different ways of life/cultures, writing/publishing, and our educational potential for growth to the 10th House of realms of innate skills/talents, ambition/career, and general character in terms of our views on authority, proper use of resources, and if we operate via lower/higher ego.

What did the dog say before eating his snack? “Bone a-pet-treat!”

This asteroid has few aspects making an opposition to Venus and a biquintile to Uranus. One may appear sympathetic or emotionally understanding of another’s needs, ideas, or desires while at the same time being successful in creativity/ingenuity. They enjoy jokes, games, and freedom from the dull repetition of life.

The reference to pride as a vice is an attribute all too common in the Leo sphere. I’m not one who is unafraid to admit that this is a problem after all what do we find out in the wilderness/jungle. Especially as this is the house of my Western natal Sun and my Vedic nakshatra.

It’s not then very shocking that I would come up against such a degree to work upon or that studying actual lions/lionesses in their natural habitat would explain the symbolism I may encounter in my life.

It is here that one will play the role of a servant dedicated to the highest and finest vibration that can possibly manifest. Do not expect too much of yourself or push too hard. One can bring light to many people, but if one becomes obsessive or overly intense about what they’re doing it can have the opposite effect.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A gardener collecting cow manure.” The gardener has an end in view which is the proliferation of beauty through the growing of flowers and the proliferation of health through the growing of vegetables. Just as these things feed our body and soul we must feed their physical form.

This degree does the dirty work and seeks our rich nutrition to promote luxurious abundance. Here is nurturing at a deep and grounded level. Work with guardian angel Imamiah and daimon Allocer.

Daimon Allocer is connected with the Eight of Pentacles, Venus, Sandalwood, and Virgo. You will enjoy working with this daimon when you wish to become knowledgeable of the mysteries of the sky or the liberal arts/sciences. Generally speaking Allocer wants you to set clear boundaries, to think clearly, and to focus upon that which is most important to you.

What does Epona have to do with the land? Cancer holds many clusters including the Beehive Cluster. What do we know about bees and agriculture or abundance? Without bees and pollinators will we have the foods we commonly enjoy on an everyday basis?

This degree lands upon the fixed star Al Tarf in the southern hind foot of Cancer the Crab. The name is a literal reference to the end. It references a glance of the lion’s eye as early Arabic astronomy placed Leo the Lion extended beyond its present perimeters. Therefore Arabic astronomy had an enormous lion extending over a third of the heavens.

Kabbalists associate this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Tzaddi and the tarot trump The Moon.

May you have a blissful and peaceful Sunday! I leave you with some meditative flower photos from the garden again. I can happily proclaim that while I harvested yet more green, yellow, and purple beans we have at least 10 roma tomatoes on our vines. This year while the carrots have been slow to mature other vegetables, herbs, and plants have been quite abundant and while we have gratitude for this we recognize it’s been hard to keep up with as well.

I’m trying to keep my garden shares as not the only images, but it is one of my extended passions. I imagine some blog readers grow tired of my repetitive topics or would suggest I set up a separate blog for my garden interests. The problem is I don’t have the time to devote to such an endeavor. 😌🏡

The pollen in the center of the sunflowers are golden yellow stars. Even the zinnias begin this way. The blue flower was a welcomed surprise.
The assortment of green in all it’s various forms from roma tomato to basil to lettuce which some are going to seed already. Basil is also beginning to flower which I’ve seen the bees enjoying.
Carrots, more beans, and the peanuts the nighborhood squirrels plant in the garden. One carrot has shock as I pulled it to check their progress and failed I guess at properly transplanting the poor thing. The beans I thought would slow during summer heat, but every week they continue to produce more. It’s outrageous!
I’m waiting for a little more color variation in the zinnias, but I’m enjoying what we have at present.

Fun Quote Fridays: Time, Calendars, and White Cosmic Wizards

“The calendar is on holiday.” – Unknown

“Where do the keys on a keyboard go to have a good time? The spacebar.”

  • Unknown

“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.”

  • Carl Sandburg

“Nature knows no calendar, the seasons move in a circle.”

  • Flora Thompson

“I got fired from my job as a calendar manufacturer. All I did was take a day off.”

  • Unknown

“Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

  • George Orwell

“Time: a great engraver, or eraser.”

  • Unknown

“Me-time on a busy day is like milk in coffee – even a little changes a lot.”

  • Unknown

The image above was captured today when I prepared my Yogi Tangerine Positive Energy tea. Let’s take a magic carpet ride into an unusual expedition where we question the realities of time, space, and calendars.

“When you become part of the Universe, the Universe becomes part of you.”

Be sure to utilize the underlined hyperlink text (too bad there is not a mouse click pedometer) today because it will greatly improve your understanding of the topics I’m discussing.


Not long ago I mentioned that I’d taken a look at the Lunisolar Galactic Calendar as well as stated I was not sure I’d ever become a true follower of the system. Much of this stems from actual research on the person who is credited with creating this time management system. I’m not entirely sure even the truthful basis of this when many state it is supposedly based upon ancient Mayan time science.

I began to dive into it when I randomly fell upon a website looking up my specific Kin of 234 as White Cosmic Wizard. Then I began to notice the rational behind July 25th and July 26th in this formula as I happen to have my birthday every year on what they call their Galactic New Year. I wanted to briefly use this also as an introduction into an asteroid I’d previously charted for myself known as Astrowizard.

Others refer to this as the 13 Moon Calendar which ironically also ties into a more recent blog post I’ve published. The creator of this particular method of keeping time is based upon his belief in a synchronometer for tracking synchronicities with each Moon. The basis of marking July 26th as the beginning of their Galactic New Year is taken upon a belief that this date is when the brightest star, Sirius, sends the most light/Cosmic energy to Earth accelerating evolution.

It’s important that we all remember in a sense that it could be said that time is in fact all an illusion.

Respectively July 25th is known then as the Day Out of Time where one is transitioning between the Old and New Galactic Year. Other names given for this date happen to be Green Day, Day of Universal Forgiveness, or Day of Purification.

As of 1992 some have stated this day is celebrated as a Planetary Peace Through Culture Day to celebrate artistic expression. Those who follow these practices state that the 25th of July is not assigned to any moon or week within the 13 Moon calendar allowing one to experience timelessness/freedom.

For those who wish to know more I suggest they do their own online research into the creator of this schedule as well as actual history for the Mayan calendar because I question that many are not appropriating cultures for various benefits which might not be completely truthful or honestly based upon historical accounts.

Law of Time is probably a good place to begin unraveling this, but to really learn Mayan time keeping I’d suggest other more accurately trusted references when you can locate them.

One that I used, for example, was Living Maya Time, but if you’re really going to research this I suggest you find some truly reliable information. All I caution is that all of us use some rational discernment.

It is way too easy for many to think re-inventing the wheel will make for a better solution. I’m just cautioning everyone to not jump on the latest fad because with New Age let’s say there is always something “new.” I’ll be honest at first this piqued my curiosity, but the more I researched the possible intents of the creators I became a lot more suspicious.

Now aside from the above you can locate websites that will also define for you a Mayan zodiac sign. Mine would be Etznab. Described as flint or knife it represents self sufficiency. A sign of both self sacrifice and self interest one tends to be practical, mechanically inclined, compromising, very social, witty, and to speak their mind. Because of self interest and self sacrifice there can be conflict in one’s life as there is a tendency to be overprotective and to struggle in close relationships.

Flint and obsidian were used for building materials and tools or weapons during the Mayan lifetime. This makes Etznab symbolic of courage, strength, healing, and grace. A knife divides human consciousness into duality hence Etznab was at one time associated with the number two in ancient Mayan numerology.

The hieroglyph for Etznab is suggestive of duality embodying several polarities. It is said that Etznab embodies the basic polarity of woman/man and on an esoteric level it is symbolic of the human sexual organs.

To lose our innate unity or consciousness of wholeness is to become aware of opposites which is necessary to attain a certain level of moral consciousness. Many spiritual traditions postulate an original unity that is lost when the consciousness of duality emerges from the primordial womb of the unconscious.

While we all seek to re-establish original unity we will never return to the childlike unity of the womb. We have lived in the world of duality, we have sacrificed our state of childhood innocence, and if we achieve unity with the Cosmos once again we shall do so on a different level entirely.

If you’re curious about Asteroid Astrowizard (24626) then you should know it was named for an American astronomer known for education outreach with children who lectured at the Morrison Planetarium in the California Academy of Sciences.

During lectures he was known to dress as a wizard to entice children with his teachings. It is believed that those who have this asteroid tightly conjunct a personal planet will have a deep interest in both astronomy and astrology especially the educating/entertaining of others.

Persona Chart for Asteroid Astrowizard

Using a Persona Chart we can elicit my inner personality which displays Astrowizard in the 12th House of Sagittarius at 0° again we notice that zero point energy theme I’ve been picking up on. Astrowizard is square Sun and Venus which not surprisingly this asteroid orbits the Sun once every 4 years and 7 months.

Expansiveness of this degree means that we should take realistic approaches to our life. We have to learn that failures are never permanent and succes is neither final nor guaranteed. Any tests/challenges related to growth or even luck give us the push necessary to make great progress in our lives.

The 12th House is a place of the hidden, secrets, the subconscious/unconscious, and a place of transformation.

As there is no exact marker for the zero degree I often look upon the 1st degree when comparing Sabian or Omega symbols as well as for Chandra or Kozminsky symbols. This was previously covered when I researched the Arabic Part/Lot for Mother. Today I’m using the Kozminsky symbols.

1° Sagittarius: A woman in the dress of a religious order struggling through a dark and storm swept valley with a luminous anchor above her.

Denotes one of fine intellect who is gifted with persuasive eloquence. The native is poetic, reverential, and inspiring. One reaches a certain power and dignity after striving through worries and inharmonies. Their will is firmly directed and cannot be broken for above all they have faith in themselves and know their own powers. It is a symbol of Triumph.

Tiger’s Eye is a great crystal to work with for a message of fighting to defend peace and freedom focused upon shared interests/points of view. The affirmation is I remember lest I forget.

The book on chronology I ordered has finally arrived in the mail. It’s about time.

As I’ve said everyone is entitled to believe as they so choose, but I encourage you all to begin your own research. Find, distinguish, and follow your own path because it’s not about dogma rather it is all about what best suits you and resonates the most harmoniously with you.

Zero Point Energy:

Not surprisingly I’ve placed the Star upon my wealth altar as shown in a previous blog post.

May your Friday be phenomenal! I’m off for four days and will be trying to accomplish some daily tasks without taxing myself. My surgery foot has returned to a chronic pain flare yet again which I am trying to restore to a state of no/zero pain if possible. These seem to come and go with no real rhyme or reason.

Well other than that this one woke me inconveniently at 2 AM CST Thursday evening into Friday morning with terrible spasms/cramps throughout my surgery foot, and I could not walk or place my foot onto the ground for at least half an hour. It made for a rougher day at my part time cosmetology job, but I toughed it out. Be well everyone!