Teach Me Tuesdays: June’s Strawberry Supermoon Brings Cleansing During a Harvest

“The night is a strawberry.” – Louise Penny

While I was sleeping the June Strawberry Supermoon signifying our ripening and in-gathering of harvest occurred at 4:51 AM CST in Sagittarius at 22° with aspects which includes a T-Square between the Sun in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces with a Stellium between Uranus, the North Lunar Node, Venus, and the Ascendant in Taurus while Mercury was at zero point Gemini. Other names for this Moon include the Green Corn Moon, Berries Ripen Moon, Horse Moon, Flower Moon, and Mead Moon as the meadows were mowed.

Yes, I still have the strawberry jewelry box above near my wealth altar in my bedroom. It was made by my best friend in high school during our pottery class we shared.

This will impact everyone a little bit differently for a variety of factors. Myself personally my natal 2nd House is Sagittarius while in the same configuration/chart my 8th House is Gemini, my 5th House is Pisces, and my 7th House is Taurus. The Sabian Symbol of this degree linked to above is about taking our dirty laundry whatever that may be literally or metaphorically, giving it a good thorough wash with detergent and/or fabric softener, and then industrial or line drying it.

For me personally this is a time where wisdom and good judgment can bless one with better earning capabilities and expand our overall ideas/vision regarding finding resources which support our ability to feel secure in life. We have a lucky guardian angel who helps us attain positive publicity, a love for comfort/relaxation, and determines whether or not we will be the spender/saver with our overall wealth acquired past, present, and future.

We display as outspoken, courageous, and we tend to concentrate our energies on that which is according to our own impulse rather than people pleasing. Our intuitive/psychic nature allows us to have a deeper awareness of how others perceive us. This can also be a trigger for our internal insecurities. We believe that we’re often misunderstood or seen as impulsive and unpredictable. We are not like other extroverts in that we actually do enjoy our moments of solitude.

My placements also indicate something I’m more than well aware of. I have an extremely discriminating knowledge of current events from consuming television or alternative news programs/podcasts and being overly interested in public affairs. When Neptune transits into my 5th House, however, I become a million times more spiritual, imaginative, and ironically as you may/may not have noticed we take up an extreme desire to learn about vibration, energy, and all kinds of woo with quantum physics.

I saw a website at one point that explained the problem with creating Happiness Machines which reminded me of Kabbalah’s take on the Wheel of Fortune. You’re not designed to remain in bliss forever despite modern esotericists who claim such practices are healthy.

The color range of zinnias is still a little limited, but I’m still enjoying what has grown in the garden nonetheless.
Sunflower centers on full display. Definitely bee magnets!
A gulf fritillary on a zinnia!

Life is cycles therefore if you were actually transcending duality consciousness you would no longer identify any instance in your life as inherently a form of polarity be that male versus female, black versus white, or positive versus negative. Many of us have not been trained to reach such levels because our self professed or propped up by others yogis, preachers, life coaches, etc. prefer to make money and fame by selling us what I’ll call half truths as they’re not inherently lies or untruths.

Back to placements that have a personal emphasis for me true fulfillment lies in finding a balance between traditions, responsibility, and the exciting/experimental. We’re rebellious against authority. Our life is not just about understanding or knowing self, but there is a deliberate attempt to do the same with others.

The T-Square currently can present us with those who are stubborn, inflexible, and struggle with commitment. It’s going to be a slightly bumpy ride where being ambitious or go-getter meets a bit of strife, but if we employ our endless supply of inner intelligence we’re likely capable of adapting easily to anything we’re presented with at this time. Stelliums in and of themselves present other challenges pushing us towards mastery through repeated trial/error.

You may see blurred boundaries, face rejection from peers, deal with some rather chaotic environments, and need to find quirky or original solutions to what life brings your way at this time. The best way to imagine a stellium is as if you were the mom of multiple children with various archetypes being displayed that you’re trying to get into a cooperative group.

We could call each of these archetypes the Performer, the Activist, the Anxious, the Studious, and the Rescuer. Life is asking you to investigate each one and determine what they mean to you personally.

The Performer wants to be center stage while the Activist desires to champion various social, environmental, and economic/political causes. The Anxious struggles to feel secure knowing what is expected of them yet the Studious yearns to persevere through hard work. Finally the Rescuer is enlivened by opportunities to race in and save the day.

Let’s investigate this degree further; I’m very familiar with this as I’ve crossed it before in my astrology chart years ago during a transit. It’s actually in my eyes a fun degree to explore.

A passionate and insistent self expression can be found here. This degree displays the ability to stir up energies which bring transformation to situations by provoking others to see them in a new way. It helps others to get back in touch with what they’re really feeling and comfortably express themselves. Affirming once again the ground of our being lies in renewing our self assurances that we’re ready to move on.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Blackbirds flying out of a pie.” Live birds were never meant to be eaten. There are dark energies we were never meant to take in. In this degree suddenly and surprisingly they release in a way that is harmless even humorous and delightful.

In the original nursery rhyme there were four and twenty of them. Twenty-four being the number of the soul’s complete journey. This is a fortunate number where one will get to enjoy a good life with love, support, and affection from others.

And so this is not just a partial release of what Eckard Tolle calls the “pain body,” but gradually and eventually a complete release of it. This degree is Kabbalistically ruled by the Moon and Sagittarius is the sign of transcendence hence the subconscious (Moon) eventually transcending its repressed contents. Work with guardian angel Ariel and daimon Bifrons.

Daimon Bifrons correlates to the Two of Cups, Mars, Tobacco, and Cancer. This daimon helps us to better understand geometry, mathematics, astrology, and the properties of herbs as well as stones. Another benefit of working with Bifrons is during post funeral rites to ensure restless souls of the departed may safely transition.

For those born into Magha nakshatra such as myself any instruction or assistance with this particular daimon helps us to remain in touch with our departed ancestral heritage particularly as a means of honoring them.

“Strawberries are considered to be the most bullied fruits because they’re always getting picked on.” – Anonymous

For many we may meet with our pitris also during our dreams as they might have unfinished karma on the physical planes that we’re here to burn/finish for them. And while a great many would say that’s not your obligation some spiritual practices believe this assists the entire family lineage in obtaining the various degrees of liberation we seek to accomplish.

I’ve found what I believe is a two part series on Ketu which rules Magha nakshatra with Regulus that is great for me particularly as my Ketu was in Aquarius with my Rahu in Leo. You see the nakshatra is a lunar mansion which means my Moon is Leo while the Sun was in Cancer under a Sidereal/Vedic natal chart.

After a while I will admit this can become confusing for self as well as others due to the intricacies of how deeply one can study their natal or other astrology charts/workings. My sidebar explains the differences I have in Tropical and Sidereal.

On a more general approach as everyone would need to look upon their natal and transit charts to ascertain the current path their June Strawberry Supermoon asks of them this time is ideal for anything related to family, career aspirations, and believing in yourself.

If you’re struggling with self confidence enlist the support of loved ones whatever tribe that may include as it may not be the one you’re born into. Clean out your closets/drawers, old papers/receipts, and anything else which clutters your life at this time. It’s auspicious now to free up any stagnant or negative energy similar to my blog post on Gandanta recently.

If you’re interested in crystal work this degree is great with Blue Onyx expressing a message of emotional purification and transformation as excesses wash away and virtuousness is enhanced by focusing upon taking a necessary retreat to a quiet location where you may reawaken your spirituality and grow personally. The affirmation is I make time for reflection, stillness, and silence in my life.

The degree falls upon two fixed stars of interest. We would look to Ras Alhague in the head of Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer and Gamma Apus in Apus the Bird Of Paradise. With a name traced to Persian astronomy via Al Rai’ as The Shepherd and the Chinese name How as the Duke we find that the first fixed star we are investigating is associated with Asclepius ruling medicines. Other associations from Kabbalists include the Hebrew letter Ayin and the tarot trump The Tower.

Apus literally translates from it’s connection with the family Apodidae or the Swifts as Without Foot in the constellation of Bird of Paradise. Swifts can reach speeds of 69 miles per hour. Paradise being a word with Persian roots is generally identified with the Garden of Eden. Portuguese traders first encountered these birds on trade roots to the Moluccas which is taken from the Arabic root malik meaning king. In Hebrew the related word is malach meaning angel/messenger.

Swifts have such small legs they were believed to have none at all. These aerial birds drink, bathe, preen, collect food, and sleep/mate while on wing. In China this constellatin was Cho the Curious Sparrow or the Little Wonder Bird.

This time also can be seen as Vat Purnima when married women dedicate to Savitri who tricked Yama the God of Death into giving her dead husband a new lease on life. Devotees worship the Banyan where she sat and prayed.

I hope your June Strawberry Supermoon is a day filled with much catharsis and distillation. I’m finishing up some chores and have been resting due to chronic foot pain. Today is a day of rest, ice, compression, and elevation for my left foot. Which sounds alchemic in it’s own sense, but then I don’t expect everyone to grasp the cryptic reference.

Manifestation Mondays: Continuing a Train of Thought Via A Different Approach

“I am missing fingers to count all those who promised to stay and are gone today.” – Unknown

More hopping like the grasshopper above using underlined hyperlink text to elaborate on various topics for reference and understanding. So get “hopping!”


If you have not yet seen some of the videos for the last two years of lockdowns in certain countries than you may not recognize why I’ve taken longer breaks from posting here or why sometimes I’ve gotten cryptic waxing as I’ve said into feeling very depressed as well as anxious most days. This only hinders my ability to also keep positive with the jobs market. I’ve been going to company websites seeing that in 2021 through early 2022 no one updates the job aggregators or the job posts on the company pages.

I’m finding requisitions for jobs that are nearly half a year old on both so if the corporation is not actively hiring in many professions you have to wonder exactly what is going on. I tell family I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. You have to ask when many businesses put up “We’re Hiring” if the article on LinkedIn is correct in that many are pooling from internal ranks, data harvesting, or giving you a bit of malarkey. Because some have exposed that we’re being duped at times into a very broken system. Yet we’re told nothing is broken and everything is the way it is supposed to be. Something about this seems to smell a bit rotten to me.

If you’re watching podcasts like I do to stay “awake” in the Matrix then you’re noticing some people are expressing that these food shortages are severe in some nations bordering on starvation which has led to mass suicides in those countries or where household pets are being killed by nations. Most people only watch the standard news programs, but I’m a person who looks for truth from many angles. I don’t like the standard propaganda that many push as I want to be able to critically think for myself. If this were an Orwell novel like 1984 I’d be accused of thought crimes and put in Room 101 which signifies something equally esoteric.

I won’t tackle that discussion here today as this same room number is used in the actual Matrix movie series somewhat having significant allusion to Kabbalah. It’s similar to my blog post touching on Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. We can blame this on the fact that being born July 26th means I share a birthday with some “characters” perhaps. I don’t know.

What I do know is that I had a different education than some growing up especially on topics that I’m under the belief others don’t learn anymore. Our lives seem to be spent in phases of questioning, and I’ve been in this now for at least nearly two decades of literally being quizzical and speculative of what I get fed every day. Do I go with the preordained narrative or do I decide to break away into uncharted waters? What price do you pay for that choice?

I could sit happy in my little world within America ignoring the reality of others, but I choose not to do so which means I sometimes consume topics that others would say is not good for my mental, emotional, or psychological health. If we ignore the darkness rather than shine a light into it we actually become an accomplice to the crimes that continue is my belief.

Unfortunately I also struggle with feeling helpless to change certain things I encounter. Could famine really happen again because I’m always remembering the ever harping I have had through ancestry and my middle/high school education of WW II Hitler/Stalin era including as I said the Holodomor.

The video I saw for the food rations was one that for me was very difficult as was the one displaying the treatment of household pets. Both brought me to tears because I would have given anything to as I call it “stop the madness/insanity.” What I’m instead learning is how powerful the “fear” paradigm is when it’s rammed down the throat and peddled into the mental space of humanity every day for multiple years. We actually have a lot of weapons at our disposal to use to control the masses and herd them to an ordained location perhaps even for re-education.

It was difficult seeing that the only supposed food rations were fresh vegetables not much different than those growing in my own backyard garden. It brings something very close to home as if you’re looking into a mirror where people on the other side of the globe are in dire straights. And I’m sure some will believe this too is propaganda which no one can rule out because we live in a world where influencers are paid to sway public opinion furthering psychological warfare globally.

I’m not naive, but my empathy after my Master level Reiki attunements can be troublesome to balance when my Heart chakra gets tugged on. So setting boundaries routinely is something I try to enforce because if I don’t I’m going to suffer for it.

On Saturday I took a look at Christian themed asteroids in astrology today we’re looking at three asteroids within a Buddhist theme. These asteroids will be placed into a Vedic Age Harmonic chart today. For those who have forgotten the purpose of this chart I’m going to explain it once more.

Essentially the moment of each of our first breaths in this world allows for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to continuously assimilate information leading to continuous growth and development of our psyche for better/worse. The Age Harmonic chart can describe events/situations for the rectification of important moments in the present year of your life.

We’re nearing 1 1/2 months and I’m still waiting for my marigolds to bloom as well as the wildflowers. I hate getting a late start to planting! Although am I really late? April showers bring “May” flowers?

The three Buddhist asteroids I’ve chosen today include Buda (908), Samadhi (12472), and Gautam (28488). Both Buda and Gautam should be obvious for those familiar with Siddhartha Gautama or Shakyamuni as an ascetic leader/teacher who lived in India regarded as the founder of Buddhism. Samadhi is a complex term sometimes found with deep states of meditation where one can merge with the Anima Mundi or Universal soul probably similar in esoteric themes of Cosmic or Christ consciousness.

The problem with some of these terms is in how closely they all flow together. For example, moksha can be said to speak to the release from the cycle of birth/death as a result of karma while samadhi as a state of intense concentration in India may also mean a funerary moment which describes ego death to attain liberation. Nirvana ties into this by being the stand in for a transcendent state wherein one is liberated from karma.

Being born in Magha nakshatra the tree assigned to this Vedic lunar mansion is the Banyan tree. There has been a lot of confusion as to which tree Gautama Buddha in fact sat under and as always we’ll leave this up to the reader’s or experts to discern.

I’m always asking questions and making my own astrology chart the constant example because I don’t want to share the charts of my clients, but I could perhaps make more examples of my ancestors as well. I did this for the “example” astrology charts with my business after all.

Bodhi or Banyan Tree:

Western esotericists can struggle with these concepts as they over arch the chakras/meridians found in traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine as well as Indian yoga. I saw this wonderful infographic during my Reiki training which explained the chakras quite well. I’m going to list this below for you before we move into the astrology chart for myself.

Anyone can chart these as I’m generally not yet offering these services with my business. I use a combination of software, but usually for asteroids I use Astro.com. I like for my blog to push everyone outside of their comfort zones into trying something utterly new with astrotheology and mystical/esoteric concepts.

The Chakras:

  • Root: K’Kun and Earth
  • Sacral: Ken and Mountain
  • Solar Plexus: Kan and Water
  • Heart: Chen and Thunder
  • Third Eye: Li and Fire
  • Crown: Tui and Lake
  • Spiritual Connection: Ch’ien and Heaven
That is a whole lot of “friend” supposedly going on… Meanwhile wealth has a location I’m a bit wary of just saying!

I’m still trying to learn concepts I’m completely unfamiliar with which is why I won’t offer them as part of my business. For example, today I looked back at my yoga blog post only to investigate the Variyan yoga and Taitula karana as pictured above in my chart. Knowing nothing about this it round about brought me directly back to my studies of the Asvini Devas and Kuber. Ketu also indicates Saadhana as an achievement of the 7th House.

I just had literally zero clue that it supposedly is believed to read as a yoga good for all types of auspicious events especially those relating to buying, business, and profit. Let me wrap my head around this for a few minutes. Activities done during the Variyan yoga period will always end in profit. Also doing charity during this particular period is highly meritorious. What?! I’m now 42, and just haphazard seeing this. Every yoga or union found in a chart is a union or special relationship.

The Taitula karana is Earth element showing factors supporting one’s life mission endured over extended periods of time. This can be expressed as a legacy of books, translations, and such that would be based in Vedic or spiritual literature. You’re going to say why does this matter to me.

Well oddly most of my ramblings are done intuitively by gut or energies I feel I’m picking up on every day in my life journey. Taitula karana is Shubha or benefic, a moving karana, ruled by Vishwakarman considered a Vedic deity or form of the architect of the Universe, and the graha is Buddha (some references state Aryaman rules this karana). How my brain works is always perplexing to me. I can’t imagine how this is for those who read my blog. So where  is the individual as well as collective blockage because clearly we have one or several?

We’re again looking at the same configurations as mentioned previously of the Castle/Seer and mystic rectangles. I’ve covered the Castle/Seer as found in my natal chart. If you want to look for this previous entry simply plug “Castle” or “Seer” into the search query. I’ve linked to it so many times already that my pingbacks look rather absurd so I am trying to not backlink again right now. I also referenced it with the dodecahedron in my Friday blog post.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Gautam, Buda, and Samadhi

Both Gautam and Buda will be found in my 1st House of Aries at 1° and 17° with Moon and Venus. Samadhi will be found in my 7th House of Libra at 29° with Mars and Jupiter, but this is an Anaretic degree so once mastered will move to my 8th House. The ironicism of this is that my Western rather than Vedic astrology chart for natal places my Ascendant in Libra with my Descendant in Aries.

Comparing the two would provide me with a lot of postulations I won’t bore you with. I also will possibly consider exploring the fixed stars from these degrees in a later blog post. I’m rambling enough today without adding that. We’re using Kozminsky symbols today for a change of pace.

The energy of my 1st House is expressed as independent, assertive, and is supposed to be of a positive attitude. My problem may lie in becoming too aggressive/competitive. Generally I’m seen as enthusiastic to try anything new, and if I don’t use up my energy I get grumpy because I desire to be physically active.

The other problem with this placement is keeping anger in check. Venus particularly is more about being a social butterfly wanting to improve one’s appearance. The Moon, however, is all about meditation and expressing one’s feelings.

The 7th House energy is that one where a person doesn’t like pigheaded, too aggressive, and unwilling to take the middle ground partnerships. If you don’t charm me forget it! Mars though makes it likely that I’m going to be trying to handle arguments more often.

It is in Jupiter placed here that I’m going to be that person hard pressed for equal rights and by that I’m not talking equity. These two words have entirely different etymologies as I’ve explained over and over again about context in reading as well as writing.

One being that it is about natural law/right, justice, and the value of property or net monetary value (ownership which makes me issue angst against slavery/trafficking) while the other is directly speaking to equal treatment of people irrespective of their social or cultural differences avoiding discrimination.

Now somewhere all of humanity is conflating the two as if they contextually mean the same thing when they don’t at their roots! And I’m one of those sticklers on us having some proper understanding of this before we fudge our world with idiocracy; apologies for being blunt! Don’t make go full Lesley Gore on you!

So let me break this down and we can move on with our day. Here is how these degrees play out for me in the same order as listed above.

1° Aries: A ball of fire bursting across a rainbow.

Denotes one of strength, force, and daring. By nature he/she is aggressive and martial desiring to conquer at all costs. One is restless and impelling, taking many risks, and enduring many hardships. The degree is a dangerous one threatening mind and body. The symbol is a symbol of Action.

The chart holder’s instincts guides this degree to wherever it needs to go following impulses without justifying themselves. One needs to keep disengaging from involvements that slow them down so that they may be free to follow their own unique path.

This degree is about seeking and defining one’s self by determining, expanding, and repairing boundaries. The newborn self has to affirm a place in which to be, to grow, and to discover their inner treasure. Work with guardian angel Vehuiah and daimon Bael.

Daimon Bael connects with the Two of Wands, Sun, Aries, and Frankincense. Working with this daimon involves the solstices and fire festivals. Seeking for wealth should employ creative projects. I did learn today though that this daimon aids with atmospheric conditions, mastering astrology/the zodiac, and entomancy; divination by interpreting insect behavior.

17° Aries: A beautiful woman, richly dressed, reclining on a couch with fruits and golden vessels around her. At her hand on an ornate table of white marble lies an opened book.

Denotes a lotus eater (poignant for our present state of the world at large) and a lover of pleasure who delights in ease and the sweets of life. The fortunes are favored, but the chart holder makes no personal effort to increase them. The mind is romantic, art loving, and the form graceful. It is a symbol of Luxury.

An increasing purity and potency of self expression impels one to yearn towards brighter and lighter frequencies. When we release so much that is pent up we come to a point of relaxed meditative silence. In the meditative silence by the sea all voices of the Universe become magnified. Work with guardian angel Lauviah and daimon Gusion.

We’ve covered this before so here is a recap. Daimon Gusion connects with the the Three of Cups, Venus, Aloe, and Cancer. Gusion is actually ideal for public relations. This daimon will help with being diplomatic yet you will still retain a tinge of being a blunt speaker who is often honest in their dealings. Generally what occurs is one prefers to play the role of intermediary between the spiritual as well as physical worlds.

29° Libra: An eclipse of the Sun.

Denotes one who will have to be guarded in his/her dealings. With financial affairs great caution is necessary for losses may occur of a serious nature involving the chart holder in much responsibility. He/she should never become surety for others and should endeavor to self realize one’s self holding their Earthly possession. Death will make inroads into his/her family circles and amongst near friends. It is a symbol of Fading.

Realizing the tremendous scope and range of our being we seek to understand the deeper meaning of what lies within. A feeling of isolation from both others and the physical world in general creates in us the urge to develop helping relationships with people.

When we look for meaning outside of ourselves we eventually realize that whatever we find is actually a story of our own making. As we reach out to help others we create many possibilities for flowering even though we may have to wait to see their results and even though many of them may never be actualized. Work with guardian angel Damabiah and daimon Andrealphus.

Daimon Andrealphus connects with the Three of Pentacles, Moon, Gemini, and the Lotus. As previously stated on my blog this daimon is wonderful for practical astrology which involves chart casting/interpretation alongside astronomy as well as being a helpful daimon to instruct us in sealing spells/astral portals.

The question here is are the conflicts we keep enetering in life individually as well as collectively benefiting us in reaching improved intelligence. Our decision making suffers when we don’t employ proper judgment of the information given to us. Moreso if the information is dumbing us down!

These degrees could not sum up things any better for how I’ve kind of felt recently with the energies swirling around not just myself, but perhaps others. Narratives and who controls them or better yet exactly “who or what” is their originator. I watched a very good podcast today on this which spoke to the actual decay of the internet in terms of content because the source of origination as in the point within the circle is always the same poisoned well from which we drink. That truthfully we’re staring at a lie because everything that is put in front of us is a lie built to fabricate or hide how impoverished our content really is.

We’re in denial of the fact that what we consume online is as unhealthy as the very processed foods and non organic foods we usually consume in our everyday meals which is oFten given to us on ration cards. The fact is the quality of even searches on most engines now utilizes algorithms that are so “dead” we ingest everyday toxicity in the name or guise of advancement/evolution.

It was named for a philosophical concept whereby false fronted buildings/homes are put up to hide the fact that nothing of value is really there because you’re looking at a facade or in a fake construct to keep you woefully ignorant of truth. I make jokes continuously that denial is like the Nile in Egypt.

I did drop my application at the garden center. I will be returning this upcoming Thursday. I was informed there is a job fair beginning at 10 am with on the spot interviews so while I might not be called back between now and then or emailed regarding receipt of my application/resume I did get the “heads up.” I’m trying to keep my fingers crossed while looking at other options simply because you just never know if you’ll “bag” an interview or not. Sometimes that is a definitive “yes” and sometimes it’s just not a match.

I also have an interview tomorrow which would place me back directly into the world of licensed cosmetology which I’ve not been in for a few years. We will see which one pans out and if either of them comes with any offers. I don’t know what to expect as the last two years for me have been inverted.

The garden has been utterly drenched in oak tree catkins. All of my backyard wildlflowers are covered in them so I will have to likely get the blower with family and work some magic on uncovering them with group collective cleanup. The plants are getting bigger, greener, and leafier. Unfortunately or fortunately what I thought was roma tomatoes is largely more buckwheat that returned in 2022 from my 2021 cover crops. I’m considering removing some to thin this out. I have no problems with companion plants since if this flowers it will attract the bees who would then be in a perfect location for pollinating my tomatoes.

Just I have a lot of buckwheat in surplus in the bed. I also forgot that I planted basil not just in the front, but I had extra seeds planted in the back near some additional marigolds and echinacea. Everything and I mean everything is drowning in my neighbor’s oak tree catkins so I have some massive cleanup although I know it will eventually break down. I’m not wanting them to prevent my plants from receiving any light though. It can’t be healthy to be swallowed by oak tree pollen regardless of the adoration given this tree in some esoteric/mystical circles.

One and a Half Months Onward in 2022:

Slowly these are shaping up into actual heads of lettuce!
The potatoes are tall leafy greens above ground now taking up the entire bed. I wonder what is happening in the soil beneath these monsters!
So I can only tell the buckwheat from the beans by leaf shape and the soon to be white flowers, but they dwarf any potential roma tomatoes so we may need to thin the buckwheat. Thankfully I’ve only seen one or two remaining buckwheat with my green, yellow, and purple beans. If you plant a cover or bumper crop of buckwheat please know that it will keep coming year after year after year evidently! The left is buckwheat and the right is the beans if you’re utterly confused by these two.
2 beds of basil in the front and back yard garden plus the carrots finally look like carrot tops emerging. The wildflowers are covered in as I’ve said oak tree catkins galore.

Have a mystifying Monday everyone! Sending you some good vibes! If you comb through the first week of April you will see more about our 2022 gardening adventures and what we chose to plant. 🤞😉