Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Empyrean Impulses

“Sometimes all we need is a fresh start.” – Anonymous

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to digest the meal I’m leaving below for you via underlined hyperlink text. Best wishes!


What to nurture during your cocooning stage?

Your cocoon phase is a period of time within the darkness where changes take place essential to connecting you with your most authentic self. Inner work begins to happen alongside the shedding of people, places, or objects you think are important yet they belong to your previous unauthentic self. They can’t proceed with you along the remainder of this very personal journey.

Algiz offers you protection operating from the archetype of a spiritual warrior at this moment in time. Displaying a sign of defense magic through a splayed hand, swan in flight, or the horns of an elk as well as the branches of a tree. The concept given here is that of protectors and life givers who took to flight by the means of swan feathers providing one with victory.

Further correspondences relate to the elk sedge which grows in marshy regions flourishing in the water element yet capable of wounding anyone who attempts to grasp it. The Goths of previous eras related Algiz to a protective grove dedicated to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine or even Divine twins joined at the head.

Nurturing your relationship to the ancestral as well as the Divine realms will allow you to connect with or communicate with the Universal/Cosmic wells of past, present, and future from which pours forth luck and life force.

This rune reminds one to listen carefully to their guardian angel(s) for guidance. Pay particular accordance to your birth guardian angel who accompanies you throughout the entirety of your incarnation. Mine personally happens to be Nith-haiah.

Algiz has been also correlated with the Icelandic Rune Poem where it can be described as Earth’s increase and humanity’s pleasure. These runes should not be utilized for negative associations with racial ideology as they have direct correlation to phonetics and the alphabet which has come to us from Phoenician, classical Greek, Etruscan, Latin, and Gothic scripts.

What is protecting you during this vulnerable time?

Raido asks that you develop unity consciousness instead of operating via separation consciousness. In the Cosmic tree of Yggdrasil we find Ygg/Odin symbolizing a profound understanding of the meaning of life only obtainable by those who adventure through the nine worlds bravely and courageously.

When we leave the comfort zone of staying at home to be with family/friends for support we also begin to live for others losing our abilities to be independent and discern the right direction or true North of our inner compass.

This rune presents itself to teach you that there are new life paths opening before you. Pause to give thanks for the help of parents or other elders and friends whom have helped you learn the ropes of living better thus far.

Know that your shadow is growing within by everything society does not accept of you which you have chosen to repress. Now you must remember all that you have forgotten embarking on a transition from one evolutionary phase unto another. Have faith that any problems you presently face will be solved soon. Achievement is on the horizon.

When will you know you’re ready to re-emerge?

Uruz assists one with displaying their strength and bravery by asking one to employ the totemic energies of the ox. When we have learned to dominate our ego accepting our weaknesses or limitations by recognizing that Uruz reflects aspects of our subconscious and unconscious. The survival instinct generates fear complexes and is known as the fight or flight response. Are you capable of rest and digest?

This rune asks if you have the will to dominate this blind force rather than allow it to oppress you. We all have natural drives and lower instincts that must be kept in check. Can you calm your ghosts when you face them? An example found in the the story of Mithra depicts the killing of a primordial bull which allowed for the Universe/Cosmos to be ordered rather than remain in chaos.

This rune is here to illustrate that one must be responsible when they operate from a position of power utilizing intelligence, right action, and understanding that you are an effective leader only when you respect the wishes/needs of others rather than subjugate them. If you’ve allowed calmness to become blind fury then you’re not operating from your higher self.

What will release you?

Kenaz tells one that it’s time to share their vision with the world by becoming a soul alchemist. This rune implies that one should have the knowledge of mythology or lore well understood, be deeply connected with Universal/Cosmic consciousness, and work with their rich ancestral cultural heritage to create their artistry.

Dis-ease is caused within the physical human body when one improperly harnesses the kundalini. As a symbol of the torch bearer or light bearer Kenaz speaks to feminine occult knowledge particularly midwifery. Misuse the kundalini and you will get burned!

Concerned with origins, underlying cause and effect, and the health of the human psyche one should be dedicated to truth seeking and knowledge. Once you have deconstructed the illusions, beliefs, and habits they can shape themselves anew. This deep form of alchemy lets us become whatever we will which is hopefully a better version of our true selves.

What brings order to the chaos?

Berkana’s feminine fertility and energy announces new ways of thinking, the start of a business, and the merger of opposites into wholeness. Ascetism is not the path to enlightenment when this rune appears before us. You’re asked to nourish and protect while making peace with self. When one has reconnected to the soul of the world, Mother Earth, and the Divine Feminine they become the bearer of abundance.

The basis of all life is an intelligent principle known as the Anima Mundi who brings forth minerals, plants, animals, and everything else in creation. In our long forgotten past it was women who operated with supremacy cultivating/growing plants, domesticating animals, and birthing the new into our lives.

Work with the Birch tree representing a herbal medicine which benefits the metabolism moving out what is old in our body cleansing us while acting as an anti-diuretic and anti-rheumatic. You’re entering a period full of energy, motivation, and are capable of embarking on new professional, sentimental, and spiritual paths. Reflect and clarify your goals.

Have a stellar Thursday and be well! I’ll see you in a few days once my schedule calms back down. 💗

The progress on our sweet potatoes along with our basil which you may not be able to tell the difference between. Two of the smaller photos the leave patterns are different.
I had turned the entire bed of beans into compost. But guess what life is co-existing with death. The beans are returning so there will be yet more purple, yellow, and green soon no doubt!
Much of today’s photos were a chance to test the new iPhone 13 camera features. I’m still attempting to get used to the manner with which it operates. More tomatoes on the vine with the garlic chives, 15 in total, preparing to flower for the year which usually brings the honey bees every year.
Colorful array of flowers still attracting the bees and hummingbirds. We have a few sunflowers which invite birds as well looking to consume their seeds. I made sure not to harvest all of them leaving seeds for nature as well.
I’m really unsure of when to try harvesting the peanuts the squirrels planted in our carrot and wildflower beds after being fed by neighbors.

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: 2021 – Interruptions Will Interfere With Growth and Partnership(s) as We Enter 2022

“The only thing nicer than a phone that didn’t ring all the time (or indeed at all) was six phones that didn’t ring all the time (or indeed at all).” – Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

We’re closing out 2021 and making way for 2022. Some may already be like myself harnessing energies from 2022, and more than eager to say “Out with the old and in with the new.” I’ve used my Nordic runes and charms for this reading. Two crystals were chosen for the meditation; Yellow Jade from my chakra crystals for the Solar Plexus and Amethyst.

To navigate for answers use the underlined text hyperlinks please so you can gather some bread crumbs or do your own research if you feel so called.

Literally all my charms, letters, and crystals are kept in black bags I draw from while my runes are in a grey bag I draw from. Therefore I can never see what I’m pulling out or cheat. I’m still assessing if like last Thursday this reading is collective or individual probably because I am resonating strongly with it given everything with my personal life and business that I’m appraising.

You’re entering the year of the Tiger with the water element by February 1st so this represents intelligence, wisdom, being flexible yet strong, flowing yet still, and calm yet dangerous. This is spiritual communication, maturity, and deep emotions. This is not an entirely peaceful year. You will see people with spunk who would rather die than relinquish their ideals as well as political realignments with theatrical coups, revolution, prospects of war, and a lot of action/change. Tigers are guardians of infants and children so if you see tiger print garments this protects from evil spirits. Tigers guard against three main things which bring devastation to the home which is fire, thieves, and ghosts. Relationships may be volatile and you should work on being modest as well as diplomatic.

Your Solar Plexus projects your will and drive showing up as the initial spark that propels you to your next level, but may also manifest as a sinking feeling in the gut when you perceive that you’ve made a mistake, told a lie, or given away your sovereignty by refusing to choose or decide something for yourself. Your inner fire and personal power represent whether or not you’re working in alignment with your higher self. You need to ask how well do you really know yourself, how badly do you want what you desire, and can you distinguish between standing in your sovereignty versus giving into your ego’s agenda. If you are feeling little incentivization for accomplishing your goals there is a blockage. If you feel on fire with endless energy you’re balanced. If you’re exhausted or suffering digestion problems you’re overactive. The underdeveloped Solar Plexus indicates feelings of worthlessness while the over blown indicates being obnoxious, rude, and unforgiving. Somewhere between these two will help your relationships achieve balance.

Yellow Jade is a yellow variety of Jade which helps attract prosperity, positivity, joy, wisdom, good luck, and a focus on your goals/dreams. The energy of this crystal is to teach the interconnectedness of all things through self awareness, embracing new ideas and perspectives, increasing self confidence, and helping one achieve self sufficiency. Working with Yellow Jade can enhance digestion, address issues with the bladder or liver, and also help the heart, kidneys, and spleen. Yellow Jade is wonderful for releasing your emotions in a healthy manner, letting go of your thoughts during dream state while processing them during wakefulness, and safekeeping you from those who wish you harm.

The name Amethyst is taken from “Amethystos” to mean not intoxicated and indicates one is sober. In the past soldiers used this crystal to keep them safe while in transit so any form of travel while using Amethyst will strengthen your intuition as well as work through your Third Eye and Crown chakras. Known as the “all healer” you can utilize Amethyst for remedying anxiety or insomnia, overcoming negative habits/addictions, removing negativity, and harnessing your adeptness for decision making. Work with amethyst is ideal for relieving headaches, add-on treatments for those in intensive drug therapy such as cancer patients or those on anti-depressants/psychotropics, and boosting the immune system. Amethyst is really great if you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, need to put your thoughts into action, or desire the skill of recognizing your emotional patterns.

Try the following mantras for the Solar Plexus, Third Eye, and Crown chakras.

  • “I am powerful.”
  • “I am open to and trust the Universe.”
  • “I am connecting to spiritual consciousness.”

We are guided by two charms today which are the garden spade and the crab. Are you experiencing the need to dig/uncover something from a situation in your life while seeking your own self-identity? Do you need to develop understanding regarding a recent event or problem? This garden spade represents wisdom, acceptance, and labor. You’ll find it symbolizes the Earth, fall/winter, and the power of the dark. During World War II members of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment and the 101st American Airborne Division wore a spade as a symbol of good luck albeit looked more like the spade seen on a deck of cards. This symbol helped to identify these regiments within the airborne division with dashes or dots at different positions helping to identify the battalions within the regiments. During the Vietnam War soldiers wearing the spade psychologically used it as a weapon against the Viet Cong soldiers to symbolize death and ill fortune. The purpose was to scare away the soldiers without having to engage in a fight. Hence the Ace of Spades would be seen left on the body of a fallen Viet Cong soldier or littering battle grounds to “scare the enemy.” I’ll simply leave a thank you to my family or ancestors for this information here as my late maternal grandfather served in the WW II Pacific Ocean Theater and my maternal uncle served in Vietnam.

The spade has also been ascribed to reference the leaf off of the cosmic Tree of Life. The garden is a representation of all of creation where beauty, mathematics, architecture, spirituality, poetry, botanic sensibility, and biodiversity exist. As with the one we’ve created at home mentioned in previous blog posts you go here to contemplate, find peace, develop gratitude, and find eternal rest. It embodies the flowering of the human spirit and the discipline to educate the soul until it transforms into a fragrant garden which offers it’s flowers and fruits. The wealth and prosperity is not what many in society seek, but brings instead spiritual wealth associated with seeking perfection in behavior. In the Quran you will find the following more than 120 times: “Whoever obeys God and his Chosen One will be chosen to live in gardens beneath which flow rivers, and where they will live eternally” within the verse taken from An-Nisa 4:13. Chaldean numerology places the garden spade as number 5 while Pythagorean numerology places it as number 4.

The crab is here to assist us in finding the quickest route to our personal goals. If you suffer from non specific paths that have been ill defined during your journey the crab wishes to offer wisdom to get you where you’re going. This requires a sideways approach and to try a different approach than the one you’re on. Some ways are simply not suitable for your purposes, and you also need to keep hidden parts of your personality as you resolve your challenges otherwise your vulnerabilities will be exposed. Feeling weak or vulnerable is not a sign that you’re less of an achiever rather you need to use your shell to protect your weak points. Crabs feel most comfortable in domestic surroundings with their strong connections to home and can be perceived as shy, sensitive, and very friendly. At the present now moment you should take a close look at your safety arrangements setting limits for yourself and those close to you as protecting both of these are of a very high priority. Get in touch with your emotional, mental, and spiritual body focusing on where you need safe guarding. Your problems will require you to look at them from multiple angles. Face the challenges head on while investigating and stop allowing people to treat you unfairly in life. You deserve respect! When crab shows up it means:

  • You feel unloved/unwanted
  • People have taken advantage of your kindness
  • You desire to realize your full potential
  • You are in need of meaningful relationships with others
  • You must distinguish genuine from false friends
  • Put your needs before anyone else’s

This red crab means some area of your life is marred in frustration and anger which you need to do something about. The best solution is to release these emotions instead of holding onto them as they are unwanted baggage in your life and offer you zero benefit.

Our three runes today are Berkana, Hagalaz, and Gebo.

Berkana: It’s vital with this rune that we look to the Birch tree for answers which can be found here as well as some more info can be found at this website. Use your discernment as you may prefer to research this tree further on your own. This Cycle Rune represents a form of fertility which fosters growth symbolically and in actuality. The growth may occur in affairs of the world, family matters, or the relationship of self with the Divine. Berkana is about blossoming and ripening, the flow of beings into their new forms, and a gentle action which is persuasive. Consider your issue with care and awareness dispersing of resistance and then you can accomplish your goal. Clean out anything no longer needed and you’ll be able to make progress.

This rune asks that you dissolve any bonds entangling you which are unhealthy or that have caused imprisonment so that you can achieve inner freedom and external independence.

Hagalaz: This can appear as disruption, but is also a harbinger of elemental powers. Change, freedom, invention, and liberation are all attributes found within Hagalaz. Drawing it indicates a pressing need within the psyche to break free from constricting identification with material reality and to experience the world of archetypal mind. Events are beyond your control and the Great Awakener has asked that you emerge from your deep sleep. Your false sense of security, understanding of yourself, your work, your relationships, and your beliefs will be ripped away from you. Now is the time to call upon your inner strength to find support and guidance when everything you took for granted is challenged. This Cycle Rune is severe and demands that you grow.

Hagalaz is hieroglyphic meaning holy script-wise and is said to be a picture of a procession. In negative aspect this rune signifies death, destruction, and air/wind. It can be seen as the gate which leads to the realms of salvation and appears in the place of the syllable “Ga” as a sacred God/Goddess syllable. The cross of the world with the hub in the middle is the microcosm as macrocosm. It represents the Universe in its largest conceivable expansion and is a symbol of the self image of the human being. The extent of one’s physical and spiritual self is understood as “valuable” and “spiritually important.” Hagal is the Rune of Humanity/Adam (the androgynous first human) representing creation, the world circle, and the wheel of the world. The double Hagalaz rune is a symbol of reincarnation and resurrection.

The spine with the twelve dorsal vertebrae of Adam Kadmon fills out the world with body and spirit. The same spine of the zodiac with it’s twelve parts of the heavens is also represented here. “Take care of the Universe and care for it within yourself and you are ruling the Universe.” Hagalaz is the scaffolding, the spiritual Christ (clock/time), the time of God/Goddess, and eternity (beginning and end). The word Christ is Aristos or Haristos. Greek language has replaced the “H” with the “K, G, I, or Ch” to make “Chri and Kri.” The “Har” is the superlative which in Indian becomes one of Vishnu’s names as Hari which is an incarnation of Krishna. In Hebrew Hari becomes “Heres or Hammah” to mean the Sun. In Arabic “Haris” is the meaning of maintainer and protector. Christ-all or the crystal seal is the same as the Nordic Kala from Kabbalah and relates itself to the eagle and the symbol of the Sun. This relates to the word “Aryan” which is written in runes to mean the Self is between the Sun and the Earth. This runic language gives us the Chi-Rho. Berkana is the Mother Rune.

Hagalaz is thus used to remind us of the Aesir or Norse deities where the God-self or Divine-self is nailed to the X-cross of the world or Universe. The mystical grouping related with this links to the resultant rune for Isis (God-human). Christos is a monogram for Chiron as man-horse or centaur. This is also a monogram of the “wind rose” or Wodan’s wind-horse and rose-cross. Whoever does not and can not sacrifice themselves will never reach the All-Father which is why Wotan says on the World Tree “I consecrated myself to myself.” Male-female unity of the universe as head of the Aesir means the highest initiation. It represents ancient concepts of androgynous sexual instinct of Divine powers and the great mystery of the art of breathing as spiritualization and de-materialization. If the rune had come up reversed it would symbolize destruction, death, annihilation, and black magic. This rune is associated with Libra and the number 7.

Gebo: Drawing this rune is an indication that partnership of some form is at hand. In love, business, and in partnering of every kind one should not collapse themselves into this union. True partnership is achieved only by separate and whole beings who retain their separateness (not co-dependency) even as they unite. There is also an aspect of partnership many don’t consider. This path can lead you into the realization of a greater union with your higher self and union with the Divine. The ultimate gift of Gebo is the realization of the Divine in all things. God/Goddess only enters into equal partnerships!

Gebo has no reverse for it signifies the gift of freedom from which flows all other gifts. Gebo signifies consecrated to God/Goddess and the Earth is the receiver of these gifts as well as a giver. Gebo represents rebirth of the world spirit. This rune signifies the binary of humanity and the Divine. Gebo as a rune can represent the Divine fullness of grace, splendor, and is found in the word “Gamos” for wedding as well as “Genesis” for continuous pro-creation. The rune was said to carry an ancient teaching about humanity who has become rigid from overestimating their intellect which never offers higher knowledge when separated from the Divine. You have trampled all the natural laws under your feet. It asks the Earthly human generation and creative power to bind their forces in a sacred marriage with the Divine to reach cosmic consciousness and see God/Goddess via the unio mystical whereby you become one with the primordial cosmic cause.

Doing this activates the cosmic streams and strengthens the Earth’s current (terrestrial magnetism) whereupon the Sun’s netting and lower half of the body responds to affect the pineal gland and upper parts of the body. This rune is associated with the sign of Virgo and the number 18 which reduces to the number 9. It urges you to protect yourself against fraud and false friends while protecting you against evil and adversity. The rune is associated with justice, but beware of polluting this with self righteous behavior or justice will become injustice. This number also represents people who have little patience for bull&%$#@!

Though the contemporary representation of the Chi-Rho symbol shows the two lines of chi crossing at 90 degrees, its early symbols have them crossed at the angle formed by the intersection of the celestial equator and the solar ecliptic path.