Manifestation Mondays: The Haric Level

I am connected to nature.

May today’s underlined hyperlink text be beneficial to my readers and help them further their spirituality.


As a Reiki Master level we spend a lot of time the same as anyone within the cosmetology field gaining continuing education. Today we will be looking at both the Hara Line as well as the connection to Shiva Shakti. Our core power resides beneath our auric field housed within the dantien making up our individual core star connection.

Dantien roughly translates as energy center, elixir field, or the sea of Chi/Qi/Ki where spiritual energy is focused on higher levels of awareness called samadhi. This practice is found in Taoism and has a vital role in traditional Chinese medicine. We actually have a total of three dantiens within the human body making up the lower, middle, and upper with various fields of influence which transmute energy.

These three treasures are located two inches below the navel (jing creates the physical body), at the heart (energy in this area is created via food, air, and our thoughts/feelings), and above the eyebrows (related to spirit/consciousness). To feel the middle or higher dantien you must build the lower dantien through energy exercises which is why many practice meditation focused on the breath.

The aura’s foundation where intentions are birthed, held, and housed is the very source/seed of your life’s purpose and creativity all found inside the Haric Level. It is described as a laser like line which aligns vertically with the physical body not visible to our human eyes approximately 1/3 of an inch wide beginning 3 1/2 feet above the Crown chakra extending down into the core of the Earth.

The higher dantien hereby signifies the separation point when your soul incarnated into the 3D on Earth as a spark of the Divine. We see this in many esoteric schools especially Kabbalah or Gnosticism called the Godhead. The middle dantien as your emotional body is a representation of your passions, longings, and has been called the soul seat. The lower dantien is your willpower tapped into extraordinary energies that help you follow through with your intentions.

As with any chakra you may have a balanced or unbalanced Hara Line. Collectively we can connect our Hara Lines with others to create a group Hara Line when we are energetically healed and correctly aligned with our life’s purpose. What we want to see is a straight, centered, and well rooted person properly in sync with integrity, power, and intent. When we become misaligned we will become argumentative, procrastinate, be overtly competitive with others, and perform our duties poorly.

Dysfunctions can occur through the Godhead when we become cynical, through the soul seat when we are lost in sadness, despair, or grief, and with the lower dantien when we suffer physical signs of chronic pain.

By all common concepts the best way to think of the Hara Line is as your electrical current which acts as the main power line that can become distorted through exhaustion, inability to discover the direction you should take in life, difficulty accessing your inner guidance/intuition, and by feeling powerless.

I am grateful for all my blessings.

A simpler analogy would be to think of a green garden hose which has kinks preventing the water from flowing. Within the human body this does not allow energy to feed your organs, muscles, and so forth effectively leading to dis-ease.

If you would like to learn more I have a PDF I found and am sharing during my studies. When I studied for my Mastery Reiki level we covered a lot of these topics briefly so I’ve been trying to build a stronger foundation.

Personally I really like the PDF in reference to the chapter entitled the Heart and Golden Emperor because I can resonate this to the blog post I previously had on a blueprint through the tarot trumps of the Emperor/Wheel of Fortune in that I could even see that wheel the same as the chakras.

Esoterically we might learn that some believe the Tripuri tribes of East India worshiped Shiva for aeons as Siba or the Master of all Five Elements known as Harappa. Harappa when broken down is Dravidian for Father Shiva. Ancient Mohenjodaro cultures predating Egypt were believed to have been built upon Shiva Shakti worship as the Universal/Cosmic soul comprised of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Dodecatemoria/Dwadasamsa Chart for Asteroid Hara

This will matter most to those who are more influenced by kundalini awakening/meditation. Reiki compliments many other modalities for healing and does work well with astrology. Today we will look at Asteroid Hara (4640) orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter with a Ceres classification.

We want to look at this asteroid in our astrology charts to determine if there are past life indicators of yogic/tantric practices. The best way I want to establish this is via the Dodecatemoria/Dwadasamsa Chart.

As previously stated this chart will look into the Vedic astrology to ascertain any karma encoded into the DNA of any individual beginning with parents/siblings determining one’s approach to life as was passed down throughout their ancestral heritage of approximately seven years. For me personally Asteroid Hara is placed succinctly in my 2nd House of Taurus being Venus ruled at 23°.

Aspects will include trine Mercury, sextile Mars, square Saturn, conjunct Pluto, and opposition Chiron. That’s a lot of aspects to cover and a lot of frequency or vibration to manage if you ask me. Let’s break this down one by one.

Lets begin by understanding that our 2nd House deals with values, possessions, money, and resources. It’s natural planetary ruler is Venus through the natural astrology sign of Taurus making my chart rather well structured. In essence the 2nd House is what makes one feel stable and secure.

Anything in life which helps one feel valuable, fulfilled, safe, and worthy falls in this space. It will be different for everyone. Our feelings in the 2nd House around these topics inlcude knowledge, wealth, spirituality, strengths/weaknesses, and our approach to earning or gaining in life be that skills development or financial freedom.

The Sabian Symbol actually gives a great description for this degree and placement above which I’ve linked to. We inherently find it easier to communicate in written form especially when we desire to market or promote ourselves especially for networking. We’re seeking mutually supportive relationships. It’s ideal for initiating pet projects where we look to gain harmonious non-aggressive partnerships.

Our biggest challenge lies in our demeanor as we come across as overly serious and responsible. We fair better when we learn to practice self love and to be more open expressing our emotions rather than repressing. We also must guard against low self esteem, negative moods, and becoming a victim of betrayal/abuse. Our shadow comes out in how we express beauty as we sometimes believe we have little value and don’t measure up.

I also really enjoy the work below with the salamander symbol! This degree is best described as thus.

I love to share my experiences and wisdom.

In the midst of turbulence the chart holder is able to remain calm. They have a tremendous ability to stick with the most difficult of situations and to see them through. Though energies may be furiously whirling around them they hold to their path in life intent upon their course no matter how arduous it may be to follow.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A salamander glowing red orange.” In the system of Aura Soma the color for Taurus is red orange. The salamander is the elemental being of fire. Here is an intensity of character and an extreme strong mindedness that can evoke all kinds of different reactions in other people.

No matter what the reactions coming at this degree from outside of it there is a strength of character here that challenges others to manifest who they are with more power and directness. The tornado which is the vortex of personality is stabilized by the inner staircase that allows us to both walk down in the act of grounding ourselves and to walk up in the act of transcending all that which is lower.

And so the energy of the tornado is harnessed and used without being weakened or repressed. The salamander is fiercely on fire without being burned up. Work with guardian angel Nanael and daimon Caim.

Daimon Caim binds us to the Nine of Pentacles, Sagittarius, Orchid, and Mercury. If you’re in need of better intellectual powers or increased memory/focus this is a great daimon to work with. Caim is also great for developing one’s self in an effort to better communicate. This daimon also helps to ward off anxiety especially situations where your stomach ties up in knots.

The Kozminksy Symbol of this degree is also quite potent.

23° Taurus: St. Michael slaying the Dragon in a shower of black rain.

Denotes one with strength of purpose and ability to sustain trials. The Dragon is lust, corruption, and the cold moistures of the Earth. St. Michael is the life, solar energy, and conqueror of decay. The black rain is the evil which corruption draws. So when the native realizes the strength of their soul force they become a veritable victor over the monster into whose jaws so many unwarned and unguarded fall. It is a symbol of Victory.

This degree falls within the fixed star Zaurak in Eridanus the River. The name derives from the Arabic Al Na’ir al Zaurak translated as the Bright Star of the Boat. The Chinese referenced Tien Yuen or the Heavenly Park. The energies display as Saturn embodying one with a love of knowledge/science, travel, and change.

When this star aspects other planets within an astrology chart one should endeavor to not take life too seriously or put much weight on what others say. If they overcome a melancholic nature they will do well in life.

A few great deep sky objects can be found in this constellation as seen below. May you have a numinous Monday and please enjoy the following meditation video.


I am connected with the wisdom of the Universe.

Eridanus Constellation:

Teach Me Tuesdays: What is Your 13 Moon Archetype?

“Simple solution to my fear of the dark! I just close my eyes and pretend it’s not there.” – Unknown

If you have an otherwise irrational fear of elevators take steps to avoid them by using our underlined hyperlink text. You’ll still manage to ascend! If it’s a fear of heights, however, we may have bigger problems to address.


Today is a break from astrology. I’ve been hard and heavy hitting at charting a lot over the course of my time as an astrology business with a blog. I wanted to cut myself some slack today, and shift away from this even though I considered looking at some Arabic Parts/Lots. I just ultimately need to allow myself some downtime from those topics right now.

I decided to draw from an online oracle today as well as to try a quiz for this theme. I don’t always trust these tools, but sometimes I’m simply suffering from ennui. The tarot reading generated three cards in total for the energies it believes are a match at present. Those would include the Primal Goddess, Catalyze (Sacred Tool of Lightning), and Passion (Frequency of Orange).

I probably won’t disagree with this as an end result actually from a tarot reading regardless that it’s ultimately a byproduct of digital authorship rather than that of physically handling a tarot deck.

I felt a resonance because I was looking upon the numerology of where I live realizing my address’ number adds to 13 exactly with a street that has a magical correspondence as well. Another oddity is that the street behind me is a synchronicity in my eyes to my lunar mansion Magha through the fixed star Regulus being that it is called Lionheart.

I saw this albeit is from about 10 years ago I found it worth my time to read/digest regardless; that’s the beauty of online time travel with no DeLorean. Or another street nearby named Iris. Is that the eyes or the Goddess respectively?!

The Primal Goddess

This really only struck me because modern esotericism wants to believe that the numerological value of thirteen carries the message of the return of the Divine Feminine, unity, and balance through transcending the material reality and ascending to New Earth vibration codes.

It’s an offshoot of Christ/Cosmic consciousness whereby we acknowledge there are 13 lunar cycles within the solar year honoring the Goddess. I’m one who will allow people to believe as they so choose because as I’ve most often said I’m neither dogmatic nor really twinned or connected to any specific group being that I tend to operate solitary.

We may find more truth in this through the belief of Friday the 13th given that this day was named for Goddesses associated with Venus when many considered it an optimal time for manifestation, honoring creativity, and the celebration of beauty, wisdom, and nourishment of our soul. It was said to symbolize the importance of rest, relaxation, and playfulness.

For women it held resonance to our ovulation cycles when we were not ashamed of our ability to hold space for new life. I’ve met many women who claim to be proudly modern and domesticated who legitimately “hate” their menses which I believe is a byproduct of many distorted beliefs they have adopted that reject parts of their human temple as a form of inner/external body shame, dissociation, or due to associating it with pain.

Reiki and a few other schools might consider this number to be a reference to the energetic harmonic waves of the Earth’s heartbeat that is a piece of our quantum and primoridal DNA cells through the original 8 cells of life that form after fusion of egg/sperm in cell replication. These cells are positioned between your Root and Sacral chakras maintaining your aura.

Catalyze (Sacred Tool of Lightning)

When we connect with these cells we have an opportunity to connect with our Higher Heart chakra, pineal gland, Soul Star chakra, and Earth Star chakra via the Hara Lines I’ve previously discussed/linked to in a blog post.

If we activate these energies we remember how to harness the stellar energies for healing disease aligning with the aether. We shift from egoic states to Divine mind. The goal of such a practice is to step out of old patriarchal or human made systems into innate flow with Mother Earth.

If you noticed that I skipped the Higher Heart chakra this is because I needed to do more research before I could include anything upon it because it’s a direct link to your immune system via the thymus. This is due to the location being between our heart and throat where intent originates connecting the reason of language with the emotions of our heart to clarify our life’s purpose strengthening the higher self to express itself.

The quiz went quite a bit different being that it downloaded as a PDF where I had to check off qualities I resonate with and then total them up determining which ones I found the most matches to. For those curious the result was the Priestess identified as the archetypes of Vesta, Hestia, Morrigan (crows being a Magha nakshatra theme though), and the Blue Medicine Buddha.

Makes one wonder about the High Priestess in the Major arcana. I already knew about the ecstatic aspect being that I’ve previously tested when I was in a phase to the Alchemical and Ecstatic Goddess archetypes via a group online that I’ve since parted ways with entirely.

Passion (Frequency of Orange)

The Primal Goddess is a representation of the Divine Feminine in her natural, instinctual, untamed, and freer aspect with a motto that reads “everything in excess” pushing beyond limitations, interpretations, and boundaries of the mind which form our habitual patterns. She follows her passions without rationalization and mental approval of the inner critic. Her transcendent function is via the use of imagination and intensity to co-create reality.

Her shadow displays as shame, guilt, powerlessness, doubt, and stagnation. When this occurs one should stand in their power and truth asking directly for what they desire rather than misusing their kundalini to manipulate.

The gateway to this vibration is through ecstatic attunement when we access deep meditation, dancing, writing, painting, lovemaking, prayer, singing, and altered states of consciousness. The affirmation for the Primal Goddess is I fuel and I consume with the colors red, orange, yellow, gold, and copper. We find her displayed best through Shakti, Pele, and Lilith (yes, that Lilith).

Me: Doc, I have a crippling fear of big empty spaces.

Therapist: A void?

Me: That’s good advice. Thanks.

Transformation is in progress at this time when we receive this archetype. We are shaking the world upon which we have carefully constructed our ego to awaken beyond our comfort zone. Now is time to take well calculated risks that present in our life as new opportunities for growth.

I hope you have a cathartic Tuesday! I’m going to keep this short today because I’m legitimately running low on energy which means I need to put more emphasis on “me” time for a little while if I want to remain healthy on all fronts. So self care is on my evening agenda! 🔋💤

Manifestation Mondays: Continuing a Train of Thought Via A Different Approach

“I am missing fingers to count all those who promised to stay and are gone today.” – Unknown

More hopping like the grasshopper above using underlined hyperlink text to elaborate on various topics for reference and understanding. So get “hopping!”


If you have not yet seen some of the videos for the last two years of lockdowns in certain countries than you may not recognize why I’ve taken longer breaks from posting here or why sometimes I’ve gotten cryptic waxing as I’ve said into feeling very depressed as well as anxious most days. This only hinders my ability to also keep positive with the jobs market. I’ve been going to company websites seeing that in 2021 through early 2022 no one updates the job aggregators or the job posts on the company pages.

I’m finding requisitions for jobs that are nearly half a year old on both so if the corporation is not actively hiring in many professions you have to wonder exactly what is going on. I tell family I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. You have to ask when many businesses put up “We’re Hiring” if the article on LinkedIn is correct in that many are pooling from internal ranks, data harvesting, or giving you a bit of malarkey. Because some have exposed that we’re being duped at times into a very broken system. Yet we’re told nothing is broken and everything is the way it is supposed to be. Something about this seems to smell a bit rotten to me.

If you’re watching podcasts like I do to stay “awake” in the Matrix then you’re noticing some people are expressing that these food shortages are severe in some nations bordering on starvation which has led to mass suicides in those countries or where household pets are being killed by nations. Most people only watch the standard news programs, but I’m a person who looks for truth from many angles. I don’t like the standard propaganda that many push as I want to be able to critically think for myself. If this were an Orwell novel like 1984 I’d be accused of thought crimes and put in Room 101 which signifies something equally esoteric.

I won’t tackle that discussion here today as this same room number is used in the actual Matrix movie series somewhat having significant allusion to Kabbalah. It’s similar to my blog post touching on Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. We can blame this on the fact that being born July 26th means I share a birthday with some “characters” perhaps. I don’t know.

What I do know is that I had a different education than some growing up especially on topics that I’m under the belief others don’t learn anymore. Our lives seem to be spent in phases of questioning, and I’ve been in this now for at least nearly two decades of literally being quizzical and speculative of what I get fed every day. Do I go with the preordained narrative or do I decide to break away into uncharted waters? What price do you pay for that choice?

I could sit happy in my little world within America ignoring the reality of others, but I choose not to do so which means I sometimes consume topics that others would say is not good for my mental, emotional, or psychological health. If we ignore the darkness rather than shine a light into it we actually become an accomplice to the crimes that continue is my belief.

Unfortunately I also struggle with feeling helpless to change certain things I encounter. Could famine really happen again because I’m always remembering the ever harping I have had through ancestry and my middle/high school education of WW II Hitler/Stalin era including as I said the Holodomor.

The video I saw for the food rations was one that for me was very difficult as was the one displaying the treatment of household pets. Both brought me to tears because I would have given anything to as I call it “stop the madness/insanity.” What I’m instead learning is how powerful the “fear” paradigm is when it’s rammed down the throat and peddled into the mental space of humanity every day for multiple years. We actually have a lot of weapons at our disposal to use to control the masses and herd them to an ordained location perhaps even for re-education.

It was difficult seeing that the only supposed food rations were fresh vegetables not much different than those growing in my own backyard garden. It brings something very close to home as if you’re looking into a mirror where people on the other side of the globe are in dire straights. And I’m sure some will believe this too is propaganda which no one can rule out because we live in a world where influencers are paid to sway public opinion furthering psychological warfare globally.

I’m not naive, but my empathy after my Master level Reiki attunements can be troublesome to balance when my Heart chakra gets tugged on. So setting boundaries routinely is something I try to enforce because if I don’t I’m going to suffer for it.

On Saturday I took a look at Christian themed asteroids in astrology today we’re looking at three asteroids within a Buddhist theme. These asteroids will be placed into a Vedic Age Harmonic chart today. For those who have forgotten the purpose of this chart I’m going to explain it once more.

Essentially the moment of each of our first breaths in this world allows for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to continuously assimilate information leading to continuous growth and development of our psyche for better/worse. The Age Harmonic chart can describe events/situations for the rectification of important moments in the present year of your life.

We’re nearing 1 1/2 months and I’m still waiting for my marigolds to bloom as well as the wildflowers. I hate getting a late start to planting! Although am I really late? April showers bring “May” flowers?

The three Buddhist asteroids I’ve chosen today include Buda (908), Samadhi (12472), and Gautam (28488). Both Buda and Gautam should be obvious for those familiar with Siddhartha Gautama or Shakyamuni as an ascetic leader/teacher who lived in India regarded as the founder of Buddhism. Samadhi is a complex term sometimes found with deep states of meditation where one can merge with the Anima Mundi or Universal soul probably similar in esoteric themes of Cosmic or Christ consciousness.

The problem with some of these terms is in how closely they all flow together. For example, moksha can be said to speak to the release from the cycle of birth/death as a result of karma while samadhi as a state of intense concentration in India may also mean a funerary moment which describes ego death to attain liberation. Nirvana ties into this by being the stand in for a transcendent state wherein one is liberated from karma.

Being born in Magha nakshatra the tree assigned to this Vedic lunar mansion is the Banyan tree. There has been a lot of confusion as to which tree Gautama Buddha in fact sat under and as always we’ll leave this up to the reader’s or experts to discern.

I’m always asking questions and making my own astrology chart the constant example because I don’t want to share the charts of my clients, but I could perhaps make more examples of my ancestors as well. I did this for the “example” astrology charts with my business after all.

Bodhi or Banyan Tree:

Western esotericists can struggle with these concepts as they over arch the chakras/meridians found in traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine as well as Indian yoga. I saw this wonderful infographic during my Reiki training which explained the chakras quite well. I’m going to list this below for you before we move into the astrology chart for myself.

Anyone can chart these as I’m generally not yet offering these services with my business. I use a combination of software, but usually for asteroids I use I like for my blog to push everyone outside of their comfort zones into trying something utterly new with astrotheology and mystical/esoteric concepts.

The Chakras:

  • Root: K’Kun and Earth
  • Sacral: Ken and Mountain
  • Solar Plexus: Kan and Water
  • Heart: Chen and Thunder
  • Third Eye: Li and Fire
  • Crown: Tui and Lake
  • Spiritual Connection: Ch’ien and Heaven
That is a whole lot of “friend” supposedly going on… Meanwhile wealth has a location I’m a bit wary of just saying!

I’m still trying to learn concepts I’m completely unfamiliar with which is why I won’t offer them as part of my business. For example, today I looked back at my yoga blog post only to investigate the Variyan yoga and Taitula karana as pictured above in my chart. Knowing nothing about this it round about brought me directly back to my studies of the Asvini Devas and Kuber. Ketu also indicates Saadhana as an achievement of the 7th House.

I just had literally zero clue that it supposedly is believed to read as a yoga good for all types of auspicious events especially those relating to buying, business, and profit. Let me wrap my head around this for a few minutes. Activities done during the Variyan yoga period will always end in profit. Also doing charity during this particular period is highly meritorious. What?! I’m now 42, and just haphazard seeing this. Every yoga or union found in a chart is a union or special relationship.

The Taitula karana is Earth element showing factors supporting one’s life mission endured over extended periods of time. This can be expressed as a legacy of books, translations, and such that would be based in Vedic or spiritual literature. You’re going to say why does this matter to me.

Well oddly most of my ramblings are done intuitively by gut or energies I feel I’m picking up on every day in my life journey. Taitula karana is Shubha or benefic, a moving karana, ruled by Vishwakarman considered a Vedic deity or form of the architect of the Universe, and the graha is Buddha (some references state Aryaman rules this karana). How my brain works is always perplexing to me. I can’t imagine how this is for those who read my blog. So where  is the individual as well as collective blockage because clearly we have one or several?

We’re again looking at the same configurations as mentioned previously of the Castle/Seer and mystic rectangles. I’ve covered the Castle/Seer as found in my natal chart. If you want to look for this previous entry simply plug “Castle” or “Seer” into the search query. I’ve linked to it so many times already that my pingbacks look rather absurd so I am trying to not backlink again right now. I also referenced it with the dodecahedron in my Friday blog post.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Gautam, Buda, and Samadhi

Both Gautam and Buda will be found in my 1st House of Aries at 1° and 17° with Moon and Venus. Samadhi will be found in my 7th House of Libra at 29° with Mars and Jupiter, but this is an Anaretic degree so once mastered will move to my 8th House. The ironicism of this is that my Western rather than Vedic astrology chart for natal places my Ascendant in Libra with my Descendant in Aries.

Comparing the two would provide me with a lot of postulations I won’t bore you with. I also will possibly consider exploring the fixed stars from these degrees in a later blog post. I’m rambling enough today without adding that. We’re using Kozminsky symbols today for a change of pace.

The energy of my 1st House is expressed as independent, assertive, and is supposed to be of a positive attitude. My problem may lie in becoming too aggressive/competitive. Generally I’m seen as enthusiastic to try anything new, and if I don’t use up my energy I get grumpy because I desire to be physically active.

The other problem with this placement is keeping anger in check. Venus particularly is more about being a social butterfly wanting to improve one’s appearance. The Moon, however, is all about meditation and expressing one’s feelings.

The 7th House energy is that one where a person doesn’t like pigheaded, too aggressive, and unwilling to take the middle ground partnerships. If you don’t charm me forget it! Mars though makes it likely that I’m going to be trying to handle arguments more often.

It is in Jupiter placed here that I’m going to be that person hard pressed for equal rights and by that I’m not talking equity. These two words have entirely different etymologies as I’ve explained over and over again about context in reading as well as writing.

One being that it is about natural law/right, justice, and the value of property or net monetary value (ownership which makes me issue angst against slavery/trafficking) while the other is directly speaking to equal treatment of people irrespective of their social or cultural differences avoiding discrimination.

Now somewhere all of humanity is conflating the two as if they contextually mean the same thing when they don’t at their roots! And I’m one of those sticklers on us having some proper understanding of this before we fudge our world with idiocracy; apologies for being blunt! Don’t make go full Lesley Gore on you!

So let me break this down and we can move on with our day. Here is how these degrees play out for me in the same order as listed above.

1° Aries: A ball of fire bursting across a rainbow.

Denotes one of strength, force, and daring. By nature he/she is aggressive and martial desiring to conquer at all costs. One is restless and impelling, taking many risks, and enduring many hardships. The degree is a dangerous one threatening mind and body. The symbol is a symbol of Action.

The chart holder’s instincts guides this degree to wherever it needs to go following impulses without justifying themselves. One needs to keep disengaging from involvements that slow them down so that they may be free to follow their own unique path.

This degree is about seeking and defining one’s self by determining, expanding, and repairing boundaries. The newborn self has to affirm a place in which to be, to grow, and to discover their inner treasure. Work with guardian angel Vehuiah and daimon Bael.

Daimon Bael connects with the Two of Wands, Sun, Aries, and Frankincense. Working with this daimon involves the solstices and fire festivals. Seeking for wealth should employ creative projects. I did learn today though that this daimon aids with atmospheric conditions, mastering astrology/the zodiac, and entomancy; divination by interpreting insect behavior.

17° Aries: A beautiful woman, richly dressed, reclining on a couch with fruits and golden vessels around her. At her hand on an ornate table of white marble lies an opened book.

Denotes a lotus eater (poignant for our present state of the world at large) and a lover of pleasure who delights in ease and the sweets of life. The fortunes are favored, but the chart holder makes no personal effort to increase them. The mind is romantic, art loving, and the form graceful. It is a symbol of Luxury.

An increasing purity and potency of self expression impels one to yearn towards brighter and lighter frequencies. When we release so much that is pent up we come to a point of relaxed meditative silence. In the meditative silence by the sea all voices of the Universe become magnified. Work with guardian angel Lauviah and daimon Gusion.

We’ve covered this before so here is a recap. Daimon Gusion connects with the the Three of Cups, Venus, Aloe, and Cancer. Gusion is actually ideal for public relations. This daimon will help with being diplomatic yet you will still retain a tinge of being a blunt speaker who is often honest in their dealings. Generally what occurs is one prefers to play the role of intermediary between the spiritual as well as physical worlds.

29° Libra: An eclipse of the Sun.

Denotes one who will have to be guarded in his/her dealings. With financial affairs great caution is necessary for losses may occur of a serious nature involving the chart holder in much responsibility. He/she should never become surety for others and should endeavor to self realize one’s self holding their Earthly possession. Death will make inroads into his/her family circles and amongst near friends. It is a symbol of Fading.

Realizing the tremendous scope and range of our being we seek to understand the deeper meaning of what lies within. A feeling of isolation from both others and the physical world in general creates in us the urge to develop helping relationships with people.

When we look for meaning outside of ourselves we eventually realize that whatever we find is actually a story of our own making. As we reach out to help others we create many possibilities for flowering even though we may have to wait to see their results and even though many of them may never be actualized. Work with guardian angel Damabiah and daimon Andrealphus.

Daimon Andrealphus connects with the Three of Pentacles, Moon, Gemini, and the Lotus. As previously stated on my blog this daimon is wonderful for practical astrology which involves chart casting/interpretation alongside astronomy as well as being a helpful daimon to instruct us in sealing spells/astral portals.

The question here is are the conflicts we keep enetering in life individually as well as collectively benefiting us in reaching improved intelligence. Our decision making suffers when we don’t employ proper judgment of the information given to us. Moreso if the information is dumbing us down!

These degrees could not sum up things any better for how I’ve kind of felt recently with the energies swirling around not just myself, but perhaps others. Narratives and who controls them or better yet exactly “who or what” is their originator. I watched a very good podcast today on this which spoke to the actual decay of the internet in terms of content because the source of origination as in the point within the circle is always the same poisoned well from which we drink. That truthfully we’re staring at a lie because everything that is put in front of us is a lie built to fabricate or hide how impoverished our content really is.

We’re in denial of the fact that what we consume online is as unhealthy as the very processed foods and non organic foods we usually consume in our everyday meals which is oFten given to us on ration cards. The fact is the quality of even searches on most engines now utilizes algorithms that are so “dead” we ingest everyday toxicity in the name or guise of advancement/evolution.

It was named for a philosophical concept whereby false fronted buildings/homes are put up to hide the fact that nothing of value is really there because you’re looking at a facade or in a fake construct to keep you woefully ignorant of truth. I make jokes continuously that denial is like the Nile in Egypt.

I did drop my application at the garden center. I will be returning this upcoming Thursday. I was informed there is a job fair beginning at 10 am with on the spot interviews so while I might not be called back between now and then or emailed regarding receipt of my application/resume I did get the “heads up.” I’m trying to keep my fingers crossed while looking at other options simply because you just never know if you’ll “bag” an interview or not. Sometimes that is a definitive “yes” and sometimes it’s just not a match.

I also have an interview tomorrow which would place me back directly into the world of licensed cosmetology which I’ve not been in for a few years. We will see which one pans out and if either of them comes with any offers. I don’t know what to expect as the last two years for me have been inverted.

The garden has been utterly drenched in oak tree catkins. All of my backyard wildlflowers are covered in them so I will have to likely get the blower with family and work some magic on uncovering them with group collective cleanup. The plants are getting bigger, greener, and leafier. Unfortunately or fortunately what I thought was roma tomatoes is largely more buckwheat that returned in 2022 from my 2021 cover crops. I’m considering removing some to thin this out. I have no problems with companion plants since if this flowers it will attract the bees who would then be in a perfect location for pollinating my tomatoes.

Just I have a lot of buckwheat in surplus in the bed. I also forgot that I planted basil not just in the front, but I had extra seeds planted in the back near some additional marigolds and echinacea. Everything and I mean everything is drowning in my neighbor’s oak tree catkins so I have some massive cleanup although I know it will eventually break down. I’m not wanting them to prevent my plants from receiving any light though. It can’t be healthy to be swallowed by oak tree pollen regardless of the adoration given this tree in some esoteric/mystical circles.

One and a Half Months Onward in 2022:

Slowly these are shaping up into actual heads of lettuce!
The potatoes are tall leafy greens above ground now taking up the entire bed. I wonder what is happening in the soil beneath these monsters!
So I can only tell the buckwheat from the beans by leaf shape and the soon to be white flowers, but they dwarf any potential roma tomatoes so we may need to thin the buckwheat. Thankfully I’ve only seen one or two remaining buckwheat with my green, yellow, and purple beans. If you plant a cover or bumper crop of buckwheat please know that it will keep coming year after year after year evidently! The left is buckwheat and the right is the beans if you’re utterly confused by these two.
2 beds of basil in the front and back yard garden plus the carrots finally look like carrot tops emerging. The wildflowers are covered in as I’ve said oak tree catkins galore.

Have a mystifying Monday everyone! Sending you some good vibes! If you comb through the first week of April you will see more about our 2022 gardening adventures and what we chose to plant. 🤞😉

Wisdom Wednesday’s: Inanna’s Descent is Not Just About Our Chakras

The Kiss of Venus is certainly not just superficial with regards to beauty or love unless you’re practicing at the profane level compared to the higher sacred level.

Most think the archetypes are or can only be understood via possibly one or a select choice few interpretations. By this I mean we read online through one person’s awareness and assume this to be the only way to work with the energy. The Descent of Inanna is somewhat like my mention of the story of Ameterasu. When I have stated that it makes no sense to me for any astrologer to put their client’s or a celebrities’ astrology info out as an example it dawned on me that these myths are written with the mention of a striptease as both mimicking an aspect the same underlying theme. The myth of a descent is a chakra cleanse yes, but it is much more. These allegories act as allusions to ego death in my eyes. Here is this strip tease centered right when Ameterasu enters the cave and no one thinks this has any tie-ins right back to the story again of Inanna. It is just some humorous way to lure her out meanwhile we’re discussing plunging the world or cosmology into darkness yet wanting light to return. I think many are not realizing this perhaps is another story of descent with ego death hidden within it just repackaged through various cultural motifs. Another one of those rambling journeys that you can avoid today if you so choose. I’ll quickly state yes, I’m using hyperlinks again to flesh out my blog post. One day I’ll just stop adding that warning except I wonder if anyone otherwise would recognize it. My Venus is in Cancer on the Western zodiac, but on the chart it looks as if part of my Leo stellium. Not hardly for this Leo gal.

This striptease is a “stripping away” of the ego to reveal one’s higher self or Divinity, but with this we run into some problems if we have not had the consent to reveal that of anyone except ourselves. If you went to a psychiatrist or psychologist we have laws which surround the improper disclosure of a patient’s health info. “Pop” astrology is really superficial, and it dawned on me that this is why I hate it. I also hate the fact that it is simply click bait mixed with “fear porn.” In fact I find it damaging as I was trying to freely work with someone on Twitter who took to heart what I call manipulative astrologers who again think they bring absolution to someone by destroying their self confidence. I won’t disclose the details here as that is simply to me not professional. I need not over elaborate on the personal details of others when I explain that I met some people who were struggling with their own mental health while others took to social media to stir the pot as this must be how they get their enjoyment.

Inanna is a depiction of Venus after all, but which one are many working with. We should be working with both, but certainly we should emphasize the higher octave over the lower octave. Are astrologers aware that there is Aphrodite Pandemos and Aphrodite Urania? I’m not doing this whole don’t buy tech during a Mercury retrograde or don’t get my hair done during a Venus retrograde thing others get bamboozled by. If I lived my life that boxed in I have absolutely no idea what shape my psyche would be in today. There was a phrase I read somewhere online a long time ago about the stars compel only, but why are people taking it to extremes. You do have free will, and it’s not all black nor white.

I myself align more with wanting the higher octave not the lower octave. I understand why we need the lower octave, but in my estimation you want to not be stuck there when you can certainly transmute the energy as well as use it for a far better purpose. I guess this is why myself and others are repelled by one another. Funny thing about the Law of Attraction is that everyone who pushes it is forgetting that a magnet also repels. What happens with concepts in the Kybalion is that the many misconstrue all of the teachings found within it to serve some slightly disjointed needs. Again this is why I am solitary. I can’t mesh with what others have tried to indoctrinate me with as I have my own knowledge (gnosis) which has worked well for me. I am more than well read, and I certainly love to read about other’s experiences yet I do it my way. I read the experiences of others because I find it helps me to witness the perspective of another.

As I said though I don’t like to put all of my relationship with the Divine out for the public to absorb like a sponge. I told one astrologer my view which was rejected on social media is as follows. I have millions of brain surgeons right now who all jumped head first into self help, but maybe we needed a heart surgeon instead yet you’re not allowing one in either out of a fear of thinking you will lose your client base or some sort of other factor which I’m unaware of yet can only guess blindly at. Either way your client clearly is going to see both of these niche doctors. A person having a heart attack would not go to a neurologist after all. One specializes in the brain and nervous system while the other is the circulation system of the body regarding the heart’s blood flow. You have thousands of self help professionals all working on the mental or psycho-spiritual, but exactly what happens to the rest of the human condition such as the emotional body? It’s simply an analogy for what I see this industry behaving as presently within it’s established ranks. They may not see it, they may not care, and they may think I’m full of guano, but maybe I’m not.

I imagine this is that movie or story that no one would buy if there was not friction to move the plot along. Meanwhile as I said on a previous blog post now removed, redacted, and changed the masks being worm have metaphysical implications also. In occultism a mask is used to indicate one’s submission to authority, but I question if anyone has asked who they are bowing down and submitting to in life. Who are you giving your sovereignty and self rule to exactly? And no this is most certainly not just a reference to the pandemic before anyone jumps all over me with their assumptions and getting triggered. Life is participation mystique! We are not just watching political theater folks when we observe the world although this is the brunt of many discussions at present. Are you a mere puppet or pawn on the chessboard?

When you use the traditional astrology interpretations for click bait and “fear porn” you focus your attention on a malefic instead of finding the benefic. This is the same thing as how mental health and life coaching states the story you are telling yourself and therefore your clients can become negative rather than affirmative. I thought I had talked some sense into this Twitter follower instead she continued to follow these charlatans because they lambasted people who were “new” to the community with slander/libel. And thus she chose to stay with these psychic vampires who will continue to demonize how esoteric concepts can be used to empower not dis-empower. The phrase from the Bible is what works best directly from Luke 23:34.

Your seat of the conscious mind is the front brain where the will has established its dominion. Here all things affecting the system are either admitted or rejected. Spiritual truth has to be admitted through this door before it will become part of your consciousness. If the mind is charged with the thought that certain religious dogma is true and all else is error or worthy of extreme condemnation there will be a crossing-out of the Christ consciousness. This is one of the esoteric meanings of the crucifixion.

The robe for which the soldiers cast lots is the truth in its harmonious expression and unchangeable perfection. The superscription written over Jesus as “This is the King of the Jews,” is indicative of the ruling power of the principles enunciated by the great kings of humanity. Greek was the language of literature/culture, Latin of the soldiers/officers of Rome, and Hebrew is the language of the Jews/religion. The word of the Great One should go forth to the whole world and reach people in spirit, body, and mind.

The two malefactors crucified with him represent the past and future. The past is full of regrets as well as accusations, but the future is hopeful and sees good ahead in spite of our great trials. This is commended by the Christ and promises a reward being made to us.

The darkness and rending of the temple is a complete failure in understanding or innerstanding of knowledge (gnosis) that sweeps over the soul in times of great trials and the letting go of the idea of the reality of material consciousness. The closing relinquishment of your soul to God/Goddess is the final giving up of all human ambitions and aims. When this point is reached and only then will the soul enter into glory.

But Christianity is not the only truth. There is not only one way to use astrology or self help. As I said before zealots of the aeon/age of Pisces are ignorant of accepting this and they act from hypocrisy. The mythology is allegory, esoteric, and astrotheology based upon as I said yesterday a culture much older that they keep denigrating as fundamentalists through exoteric Pharisee and Sadducee comprehension. Same occurs in other religions not just Christianity or radical Islam.

This is similar to the now modern adaptation of the Medusa archetype. Neptune is a God of the freshwater and sea similar to Poseidon with the trident. The rape is not meant as a literal and politicizing the myth or wrongly identifying with it may hinder shadow work. The freshwater and sea is in fact symbolic of the unconscious which is why astrologically this is said to be the place of illusions, delusions, and deceptions. “Pop” astrology and psychotherapy need to reconsider what is happening with our use of the archetypes in the tapes or stories we tell one another. Especially when we understand the actual archetype of Athena/Minerva whose temple Medusa was in when the rape of the unconscious occurs. This level of work with the shadow would help in life coaching and psychotherapy towards greater understanding as to why one allows it to manifest into the outer. Why they let their subconscious or unconscious take control of their vehicle removing their choice in waking consciousness is the question not politicizing anything or identifying with it incorrectly via ego projection.

Particularly before their ego grabs hold and they blame or shame as well as reactionary attack someone who is trying to simply interject a different perspective to transform society into a big picture understanding or knowledge (gnosis) all sides should in fact be explored before excluding one or the other. You have to leave your “comfort zone” of traditional astrology and ask questions. You have to critically think and experiment if you want change. Doing the same expecting change as they say is insanity! Technically there are placements with asteroids and fixed stars which allude to these myths that can also help one flesh out the story from Algol to the Pallas, Poseidon, and Medusa asteroids.

There is even an Inanna asteroid, but not by the name Inanna. You’re going to have to utilize Ishtar her Babylonian identity. Luck would have it she was my natal 3rd House (the house of all forms of communication/education styles) in Capricorn which is Saturn ruled. It’s essentially how I work, act, and make the choices which I use to interpret the world around me while trying to get others to understand or innerstand me. Ishtar transits my 4th House (the house of all forms of history/traditions, family, and actualizing the true self) in Aquarius ruled by Uranus which is the domestic front where one gets their mystical, emotional, and mental satisfaction while retreating from the world.

Now this all makes logical sense. Why? Elementary my dear Watson! Aquarius is on the symbolic degree transit describing my life at present. How so? The Sabian Symbol illustrates one’s ability or need to be able to interact with others integrating various levels of experience, life, and people without having to be in any way whatsoever made to feel compromised by what rung or level in the “hierarchy” they’re at in their own life. The vast staircase this degree speaks of shows the ladder that one must climb socially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Ascending this staircase one begins to feel more empowered, more accomplished, and more in the present now moment. However, when anyone shoves them down to the lower rung it causes a feeling of jeopardy and endangerment. Ever hear of an endangered species list; would you enjoy being placed upon it?! The natal Capricorn placement is a direct illustration of limitless capacity for memorializing my experiences by the mark I leave on history via the necessity to protect my handiwork from superficial destructiveness of a life led without purpose.

None of this was acceptable to the Twitter astrology community or many contemporary astrologers for me to express without being silenced for doing so. But really this is no different than those who were complaining about also not getting paid for their commissions. When I wrote and cited legal info on slander/libel, hate crimes, and gang/mob stalking from my experiences working in legal this fell also on deaf ears. Being wronged and talking guano has repercussions was what I was telling the community. At the very least you need to change the names so that perhaps when you need to air the laundry certain matters are not exposed willy-nilly all over social media due to what happens with the viral nature of it. If how we react is what determines how we are perceived we all have to question why we jump online and create drama.

I also mentioned I can’t fathom why someone does not use contractual law for their commissions. It is a poor thought out business owner who does all the work and never thinks they would get stiffed. At the very least think like any contractor and demand a down payment or percentage upfront. Have a binding contract for electronic signature so that a person is firmly taught they can’t stiff you without a consequence of legal consequence. If all else fails this might deter them from screwing you over royally. Ironic that telling these people on social media to use their brain also gets you flack or banned from the group. I am wrong for suggesting you cover your ass! And probably I am wrong for expressing most days now my irritation with people. Yet at 42 it is hard not to be left shaking your head and just like WTF!

I am really trying to mediate my “attitude” today. But literally on Twitter no one wanted to get the memo nor has the IQ I guess to comprehend the memo. I tried and it fell on the ears of the deaf, dumb, and blind which was when I put in my feed that I will let people attend the school of hard knocks and have no empathy for those who don’t listen to an elder or a wiser person who has had certain life experiences that might be worthy to consider. I can only be so compassionate before my tough love persona kicks in and says @&$%# this guano.

What happens with “pop” astrology also is that I think I can now in hindsight see why I have called it co-dependent versus inter-dependent. If a therapist is meant to heal someone surely the client would receive sessions. At what point has there been transference or has it become an addiction that is doing more harm than good?

This very strange image emerges about seeking absolution in the wrong places. Why have you deferred your relationship to the Divine through a third party to the extent of not working directly to form this relationship to your higher self. Do you not trust what is within after a certain point of guidance from another who should be less of a boundary crosser or less involved. You need a third wheel or fourth, fifth, and sixth wheel? Is it support or is it minions one is seeking and with that is the energy exchange of those a necessarily healthy one.

Why don’t I have many friends? Not that many truly cared about me. It is an honest truth. They were very self involved themselves or were very involved with their families. Others were as I have said parasitic and there was never any symbiotic component to the relationship. Parasitic being the energy of user and abuser or used and abused. Clearly symbiosis would be of more value! Does anyone even consider these paradigms in the concept of also chord cutting. If Genetic Matrix is speaking to me as a Manifestor in my natal and a Projector in solar return clearly this is of vital importance. Too many karmic chords or connections where not warranted would be one hell of a drain! I don’t know, but to me social media really allows for energy drain. You’re spread too thin! It’s literally like workaholism and people in Japan have committed suicide over this. You have connections or karmic chords extended literally “everywhere” with many of them running the risk of being unwise. It’s completely non-selective and non-discerning. It’s about numbers, but if those people are not quality does quantity matter that much to you. Also do you ever feel or notice when you’ve prostituted yourself to someone or something including a profession you ignorantly accepted only to regret later?

I remember days past when people did “friend cuts” for their sanity check! Today I swear it looks like humans lost their individual and collective minds.

Halos are also in truth weather/atmospheric phenomenon despite the fact that they also indicate a human who has reached enlightenment.

Returning to the theme of this post wouldn’t it be conceivable to call it a seeming psycho-spiritual rape if someone uses their client’s or a celebrities’ astrology chart as an example then by “stripping away” and exposing them. Sure most discount metaphysics as airy fairy pseudoscience. Yet if we think of my references to Carl Jung using astrology in psychotherapy I can not fathom that he would have ever done what “pop” astrology does today. I think he would find it a breach of client confidentiality and immoral or unethical.

I had people hating the new kid on the block and ostracizing or cancel culturing her as in me on social media out of fear, distrust, or just immaturity. I can not know their motives only guess at their insecurity being exposed through their words and actions they left me to read as well as observe. They like any other elite esotericist or self professed guru complain about boundaries breached ignoring their own manner of consenting to have their info harvested and indexed online via putting their contact info all over the internet, affiliating with various companies who may third party sell it, uploading their selfies, disclosing their check ins through QR codes. etc. I never understood check ins and never will. Say you break up with someone and they were abusive. Why would you want your most intimate details or your location shared then to viral social media? That is completely illogical, but we’re watching people do this literally everyday with no forethought or afterthought.

Astrologers are not looking here, but this could be what happens with social media for any content creator. I have seen, read, and heard many a story of at least women more than men thus far although I know it can happen to men because I think everyone has seen the movie Fatal Attraction where they have a stalker or a person who can’t quite separate boundaries properly. Should not then all content creators be more selective and prudent in their businesses. This is why celebrities also have the battles they do with their fan bases after all. The infantile idealization honeymoon stage that damages relationships with expectations! Ouch!

Like WTAF! So victim consciousness wants to attack someone else for their own walking in ignorance and cognitive dissonance. The enemy is you and your ego won’t let you see it. This is why I do not upload my image to social media, and when I did for my aesthetics spa business with makeup artistry it was literally only my eyes. I have been online since the 1990s, and I have first hand seen the devolution of society through the rise of the Internet of Things. I know what the internet was, and I can compare it to today to see how much more today’s internet is toxic to mental health than back then.

Why? Because I lived through all of it as a first hand experiential process. It is now chat bots, trolls, and as I said to someone look up the etymology of artificial intelligence. When you do I hope it will remove the cognitive dissonance of the oxymoron that this term contextually implies so that you can understand if you are being hoodwinked as I call it by someone who cares not about you, but is caring more about lining their crypto, stock market, or bank account. When you’re devalued over money you might as well be a slave or a prostitute. Or maybe you’re a bounty being hunted. Money is energy. How we use it defines if it is healthy intent or unhealthy intent. And as Twitter was crypto scam central you can see why this also led to me deactivating my account. It was all pump and dumps. People everywhere warning others that they were being scammed by crypto is not my idea of a good social media network. I’ll put it below, and you tell me if the context still reads anything other than perplexing. I’m not going to worship an AI as deified when the context looks like the following:

Artificial (comparative more artificial, superlative most artificial)

  • Man-made; of artifice
  • False, misleading
  • Unnatural

Intelligence (countable and uncountable, plural intelligences)

  • (chiefly uncountable) Capacity of mind, especially to understand principles, truths, facts or meanings, acquire knowledge, and apply it to practice; the ability to comprehend and learn
  • (countable) An entity that has such capacities
  • (chiefly uncountable) Information, usually secret, about the enemy or about hostile activities
  • (countable) A political or military department, agency or unit designed to gather information, usually secret, about the enemy or about hostile activities
  • (dated) Acquaintance; intercourse; familiarity

When life coaches tell me I have a bad perspective I have to ask them one question? Do you think I am naive? I think many believe I am a moronic fool they can “screw” with. This is why as I said I jumped on people who said some rather ignorant rubbish within astrology on Twitter about Saturn, Ketu, and other concepts as everyone is still I swear trapped in Satanic Panic all of which historically actually damaged the lives of people like the Salem Witch Trials. Superstitious bull guano which became a viral mess during history the same as the Inquisition. These were viral trends of torture, death, and manipulation of the individual and collective consciousness of many causing generational PTSD which went viral before the advent of technology the likes of which we have today. And those who participate in it will make their own karma or dig their own graves. It is still wrong and virtue signals don’t make me want to follow you when they appear self righteous. Somewhere we had a saying about when your friend jumps off the cliff you do not have to follow with them, and peer pressure or propaganda is a poor excuse for not exercising your own will to say bloody “No.” The fool doing the pressuring or propagandizing better hope someone is not hurt during the leap off the cliff should they later be held accountable for being the accomplice.

This is why when I use my ancestors or myself as the examples I see it as two things. I am not being a narcissist as my confidence is not that hyper-inflated due to my own self talk at times indicating my inner critic is quite harsh with the perfectionism complex I work to keep in check. People may appear self absorbed when they’re suffering depression or other conditions yet desire to improve their mental health. My ancestors are resting in peace or have long moved to their next incarnation as energy is neither created nor destroyed only transformed. I chose to use them actually to venerate them which is a Magha nakshatra trait. Their info came as an inheritance to me as I previously stated. I am in control of how much I want to share about myself when I am the example. You can see me walk my walk as I talk my talk. I am in a vulnerable place of shadow work which means yes I am going to get the projectile vomit of others, and I may be triggered having to work through that phase.

Within this I wanted to wrap up with two other topics briefly that tie into my blog posts. After I researched my solar return I had a tarot reading done to determine information on any “invitations” and the Sacral chakra energies mentioned with my natal as well as solar return education. I learned that someone is sending me energy through the Sacral chakra on the astral plane because they need my Ketu (Magha ruled nakshatra as well as its position in Aquarius) to act via the Kali archetype for ego dissolution. The reading also mentioned this person(s) sees me as the tarot archetype of the Empress. I am not sure if I do, but that may be my inner critic blocking me. I sure as hell am not feeling like any Empress at present; I feel blocked!

Jupiter’s Giant Seal is a huge hexagram affirming that yes you can use asteroids in astrology even though I got flack for doing so. The Trojans, a group of asteroids, move around Jupiter’s orbit, ahead of it, and behind/opposite of it.

I kept putting this all over Twitter after I got antagonized about my Ketu placements so I will put it here as well for everyone to comprehend a mahadasha. Is this why I studied the ring also on my Jupiter finger so much recently as well?!

I can’t help, but feel even more like yesterday when I joked about the Beetlejuice movie. I feel like someone sending energy in the astral not in the 3D is similar to “drawing a door” and seeking Juno their case worker. Sorry! Wait what?! I do not know yet how I feel about this at all

If the astral is the 5D and correlates to the Solar Plexus chakra which regulates confidence and self esteem this is not what I expected at all. The astral is in spacial proximity to the physical more-so than the aetheric dimension. The astral body is utilized to traverse this dimension and its function allows one the ability to have desires, emotions, imagination, and psychic abilities lending power to thought which is essential for effective action and manifestation.

The astral contains what can be described as containing the counterpart of all within the 3D. It’s the duplicate dimension and belongs to a group in time-space which is visually dominant, utilizes all senses, and is predominantly navigated by sight. There are many planes within this dimension that are subject to intense polarity of negative and positive.

The astral contains a duplicate of everything in the 3D Universe although this is not entirely accurate as some astral counterparts can appear to be a distorted version of the physical constituting super symmetry as a primary construct. Time is generally experienced in the astral as symmetrical with the 3D, however, it is more malleable in the higher dimensions and planes. An individual awakened at the astral level can manipulate their experience of time to certain degrees. Time is an illusion even in the 3D with all events happening simultaneous which can be perceived in its reality more clearly from the astral depending on an individuals knowledge and awareness. For example an individual at this level may experience past life regressions.

Communicating with other beings and traveling through these landscapes or space is seemingly realistic. A full awakened astral body will allow you to experience intense pleasure, intense pain, and intense fear. Whatever you feel in this dimension will create a resonance and manipulate the flavor or texture of the landscapes or scenery accordingly. Feeling negative creates a negative resonance which causes a shift to a negative plane experience. Neutral feelings will resonate neutral planes and positive feelings will resonate positive planes. One will literally see a darker or lighter energy within the plane even though it looks real.

We are not limited to the astral during the dream state although this is the dimension frequently used for dream experiences. It is crucial to learn control concerning vibrational resonance at this level because where the physical plane may provide a time-space barrier between our vibrational frequency, thought, and emotional resonance in relation to the events we create and experience here in the physical at the higher dimensions the time-space barriers are a little thinner where we create almost instantly. The astral is especially sensitive to all feelings and thought-feelings (thoughts masquerading as feelings). In other words the physical (unless one is a master such as with my Reiki certification) provides a certain amount of time between conception and manifestation in the physical dimension whereas the astral provides little allowance in this regard.

When I was working freely on Twitter to change malefic understanding of astrology to the benefic I responded to questions about the Evil eye with a “return to sender” spell. I sleep on a hamsa pillow which reads namaste. The ritual uses lemon and clove. It was intended as advice for others. I had sent my mom the next day to pick me up clove essential oil as I use it with orange essential oil in my lotion. Ironic that I was brought lemon with clove essential oil matching the very ritual I advised to the astrology Twitter community who banned me. I guess when “pop” astrology says they can’t stand shadow work they mean it. They can’t own their guano, can’t handle ego death as essential to health and wellness, and they refuse to grow up!

Meanwhile I want to know who this Capricorn and Scorpio are who are sending me energy in the astral. I do not know right now anyone with those Sun signs. Maybe it is not their Sun signs even. Maybe it is not actual people and just energy! Maybe they or it wishes to remain anonymous! Maybe it’s a fragmented piece of myself I should be reclaiming.

The hamsa pillow on my bed.

Here is the Evil eye “return to sender” ritual if you need it!

The spell is a justice spell which is harmless to you yet promotes karmic retribution politely. This acts as a protective shield. If you can locate a grey candle this helps neutralize the energy and break bad mojo directed at you. The lemon essential oil purifies and absorbs negative energies. Clove aligns with Jupiter the greater benefic and the fire element. Clove is burned or worn for protection against psychic attack. I suggest using the oils as an addition to fragrance free lotions since it will then be with you wherever you go all day doing its magic. You could also use this in a diffuser like a smudge to cleanse a home or business!

Light the grey candle if you have one. Think of every harmful event that you’ve been experiencing. It does not matter whatsoever who is responsible for causing them. Recite the following mantra:

The pain you have caused me is now yours. Justice is here, and I am not alone.

Focus on how you feel. All you have to do is visualize what justice means to you, then open your eyes, blow out the candle if you lit a grey one, and release your intentions to the Universe.

I have been wearing the lemon and clove essential oil ever since it was given to me. It is a funk that I am in. If I don’t make sense of my own baggage and release it then I probably won’t go into or even through 2022 correctly. I certainly won’t understand why I ventured into an esoteric business model if I don’t analyze my own “chatter.” I should add I don’t think it’s bitterness or anger entirely. I legitimately read the Genetic Matrix about how Manifestor and Projectors need to inform or wait to be invited which to me came off as slightly insulting. If taken literal this would mean countless people would never have the will, confidence, or motivation to achieve anything in life while they twiddle their thumbs waiting on someone to grant them clearance. No offense, but the linguistics of that should be better worded as someone will take it literal and will be hurt if it’s not elaborated upon. Part of one’s growth is to take those risks and learn from them. Someone could read all of that and feel so frustrated with being told just “wait and see, but whatever you do don’t try to stand out.” I have an image in my head of all these Manifestors and Projectors still standing at the start line of the race while all the others would be half way to the finish line before they could begin. Illogical! Informing is also not something I feel I can always do. Again it’s like telling me I have to play “Mother May I” which is only compatible for certain life situations.

I also began a discussion on Twitter briefly with a therapist who noted CBT does not work for certain traumas in a round of 6 month sessions. That the industry has a problem with also blaming their patients for their lack of progress. I began to wonder if this was true with life coaching as well. My response is it always takes two to tango. Somewhere in relating if there was a breakdown both parties have to assess the who, what, when, where, how, and why of the situation to find the answer and proactively resolve their disputes.

Denying the right of anyone likewise to “feel” into the situation and honor whatever they need to emote is also causation for trauma through enabling repression. Clearly that does not describe any form of healing. Then there was that day I mentioned someone was triggered by an environmentalist and got also rage for mentioning or pointing it out. The wrath of my leaving some long reply because their argument had no basis in logic whatsoever. They simply took to this stereotypical stance with nothing to even back it up because they did not like what someone said. I probably should have not responded that day. My inner Vulcan was simply not having it though. More to ponder amidst my horrendous analysis paralysis! I am going to go play a video game before I suffer any further. I know it’s said we should not feel the need to write a monologue explaining ourselves to anyone. Meanwhile I can only block or reject so many without trying to help them see through my eyes. Best wishes everyone! I hope you have a great Wednesday! 🥰