Wisdom Wednesdays: Actions Always Speak Louder

It would be wiser to decide to buy a lie detecting robot.

Sugar and spice and everything nice is not my recipe as you can see from the underlined hyperlink text. Too many people are being hoodwinked and pwned for me to act like a pseudo Sugar Plum Fairy Godmother when what really is needed is tough love!


Every day I learn something about humanity! I’m only briefly adding this like another blog post for future reference to myself about liars, cheats, and deception. Humans want crime off the streets.

We see the arguments all the time about wanting to feel safe and secure. These are illusions because there is no safety or security in life! Life has zero guarantees, and if you’re looking for it or even expecting it then you’re the biggest fool I ever knew!

Gangs and street criminals don’t lie to your face. The people in positions of power who went to ivy league schools, got their licenses, the actors (hypocrites) and musicians who put on a facade, the people wearing suits or white lab coats, and such that you pay all that fiat money to well they are in fact worse than the gang or street criminal.

Why? Because they are the most deceptive enemy of all hiding behind illusion and Maya to thieve, deceive, con, and gain your trust. I have known more charlatans in my existence than I’ve known honesty! I’ve known more enemies than I’ve known heroes in my life! I’ve always known more of the darkness/shadow in my life than the light!

Most won’t even integrate their darkness or shadow. They’re unwilling, afraid, and incapable of admitting to their own selves what really calls the shots. If you want crime off your streets, if you want safety, if you want security ask yourself who is it that is sitting across from you next time you leave your house and then ask yourself can you trust them.

Furthermore start questioning every thing that you see on the internet because as I’ve said most of it is not a real person, but it is a chat bot or an artificial intelligence psychological warfare scam meant to gain your consent to harm you from someone who is amoral and unethical!

You have children in adult bodies running the world or calling the shots who never grew up nor matured. Most of them with dis-eases that are not even correctly identified! If you’re still not awake and educating yourself lacking any ability to critically think for yourself or propping up the corruption the problem is you.

Go look in the mirror and decide if you’re comfortable with who you are and the life purpose for which you blindly rationalize to yourself as being acceptable because twenty to one that which is rationalizing your behavior as righteous is still another layer of your ego consciousness too afraid to face reality or truth!

Remember I’ve said this! There is a difference between a friend and an acquaintance; lots of people are liars and fakes!

I can’t explain to you what this relates to other than to say that the medical establishment which I also sometimes soap box rant about cryptically is probably one of the biggest farces I’ve seen yet. Hippocratic Oath; give me a break! Ahimsa excuse me, but are any of you actually practicing this or is it just another deception.

It’s as smarmy as a politician so please don’t tell me where to put my faith. Don’t ask me to vote as I am apolitical. I’m 43 and a lot wiser than I was in my youth although I was not as naive as some growing up. I’m watching you and trust me I’m not stupid! 😁🥷🏻

PS: Life’s surprises! It will be a long day or two. Natural gas company came to put a smart meter on our house and claims there is a very small gas leak. We were red tagged and now need to have this remedied to get natural gas turned back on.

Meanwhile water heater, dryer, and stove are now out of commission so tonight will be a cold shower. Channeling my inner cold water warrior because I am spoiled!

Actually my shower head is a waterfall design so my cold shower with no gas for the water heater will be more like this tonight before bed.

Took the day off of my part time cosmetology gig. Help arrives at 8-10 AM CST tomorrow. 🙏🏻

Update: Fingers crossed! The leak is found in our furnace valve connection within the attic. Hoping no permits or city involvement needed. This is expensive! The gas company once cleared should prioritize turning the natural gas back on.

The gas company finally arrived and turned on our natural gas at about 4 PM CST. Thankful to be normal in this house again.