Manifestation Mondays: Answering Your Calling With Grace

“I lost my mood ring, and I don’t know how to feel about it!” – Anonymous

The treasure hunt asks what archetype are you embodying today? Perhaps the underlined hyperlink text will help you feed off what lies ahead. I said yesterday that some of what I’ve shared/read I don’t always completely agree with.

External knowledge is not exactly the same as that which lies within. Furthermore one has to dig through the opinions or limiting beliefs of self versus other.

“Looking inside is a process of self exploration. It’s the foundation of our true self.”

  • Carl Jung


I noticed that the first PDF I had linked to in my Self Examination Saturdays blog post had a theme of vocation running through it quite a lot referencing our comparative ouroboros of Rahu/Ketu or North/South Lunar Nodes.

Today then I saw that this matched the images of my great grandmother’s high school yearbook from the Leo New Moon. Graduating from a vocational class stuck with me from the program tucked inside and enclosed in the images I shared.

As I began to piece this jigsaw together further it dawned upon me pun intended that I should seek out the Arabic Part/Lot for Vocation and Status for further clues. The title being a compensatory link to the Hero’s Journey where one is asked to asnwer the call which could be any form of a call to action statement as they may come in a variety of forms/functions more than once during a person’s incarnation on Earth.

What I discovered in this investigation is that it’s an ideal match! To locate the Arabic Part/Lot for Vocation and Status we need to employ the following formula for answers which takes the Midheaven adds it to the Moon and then deducts the Sun.

Vocation and Status Arabic Part/Lot

As we look at the above we can see that we’re focusing upon the 9th House of Gemini at 11° which in Sabian parlance is an important glimpse into what consciousness wants me to notice right now. Ruled by Jupiter through Sagittarius we find the 9th House to be located at the pinnacle of the heavens during one’s debut into the Universe/Cosmos.

This abode of philosophy and greater wisdom is expansive governing growth, travel, and the communication of ideas based upon our unique level of comprehension. But then I began to think of the Gemini glyph and I was even more bowled over because it looks like an eleven as well so upon this degree I could not help other than to recognize the signalling of the 11:11 portal as well as the general association with twins.

A placement within Gemini is where new concepts are learned quickly as well as enthusiastically then synthesized and shared through communication with others. Like the before mentioned concepts of Monad to Dyad it is in Gemini that one begins to delve into duality for through these relationships knower and known give rise to a third called knowledge or gnosis.

Gemini is polar opposite to Jupiter ruled Sagittarius being Mercurial. Creation mythology often uses these principals to hide within them the concepts of unity/wholeness as the ideal.

Architecture would depict this as pillars and doorways between realms, but anyone who has regularly followed me knows that this is a gateway to the realms of our pitru or ancestors often mentioned more avidly for those like myself born into Magha nakshatra. We see this featured upon the High Priestess tarot card where human heart and mind connect or conjoin heaven with Earth.

Then again it also reminds me of the Phantasm horror movie franchise which I believe was a display of multiverse ideas and quantum physics. Albeit some prefer to state it is poorly or too speedily written plot holes that make for a series of rubbish sequels. I grew up in my youth a bit of a horror movie buff who has pulled away from many of the more modern Hollywood and other television arenas finding that I enjoy my time spent elsewhere now.

“Why was the caterpillar always on social media? Because it wanted to become a social butterfly.” – Anonymous

Gemini calls forth our shamanistic talents from wherever we have repressed or ignored them often asking one to take upon them the role of psychopomp/trickster. At the crossroads one bridges conscious and unconscious worlds. The Age or Aeon of Gemini around 6500 BC was rife with double headed or twin goddess motifs.

At some point when this all is compiled together from myriad cultural appropriation we sit staring doggedly at the hero twins often expressed as a Yin Yang, vesica piscis, and sacred marriage.

All opposites integrated should have us realizing that this twin soul is within us often healed only when we’ve actually gotten upon the central pillar of the Tree of Life through contact with our higher or true self. Many then describe this as the actual point of alchemy and transcendence.

However, the bigger mistake countless people make is to think that this process has an end. It’s never really resolved rather we simply continue to ascend to ever higher levels of continuous remembrance/awakening.

This twin motif shows up in countless pantheons or cosmological allegories that we’ve been exposed to. If we were to take a space ship and seek out the vibration of this degree it might look a bit like this. The Earth plane is made up of many little parts which can often seem fragmented and chaotic.

The chart holder understands innately, though, how all is eventually absorbed into a grand scheme known as the play of creative intelligence. The chart holder has the ability to look beneath surface ideas and communications into the deeper messages always there beneath every aspect of life.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A stag with golden horns.” Each drop of rain becomes one with all others through merging with the sea. The stag has golden antlers, gold being the metal of the Sun, and so the stag merges its highest center, its Crown chakra, with the Solar power.

This is a degree of tapping into higher levels of awareness as well as the depths of Universal/Cosmic consciousness. The question is what are you going to do with all this richness of awareness that you possess? It is waiting to be used for the light’s purpose of healing and the spreading of love and joy. It’s up to the chart holder to form the vessel of specifics through which to instrument this.

Startled by a vivid perception of ourselves we become aware that underlying our ephemeral separateness and uniqueness we are an eternal part of Universal/Cosmic consciousness. Going so many places and assimilating so many experiences our head becomes heavy with the gold of meaning. Work with guardian angel Hariel and daimon Eligor.

Daimon Eligor is a tie into the Seven of Wands, Venus, Thyme, and Leo. Eligor assists one with the proper manner of dealing with people who choose to be difficult in life. Often this daimon is helpful with success in the realms of business, finance, and winning court cases.

The Seven of Wands indicates where obstacles might be overcome by becoming confident, focused, and hard working to effect positive outcomes in your personal life or career goals.

This degree is sitting upon Tabit in the lion skin trophy of Orion the Hunter. Derived from the Arabic Al Thabit meaning the Endurer this constellation was once known as the Shield made from the bull’s hide of the Hyriean legend. This legend speaks to Hermes and Poseidon being entertained by Hyrieus. These two deities were so grateful for the hospitality that they gave a boon to Hyrieus who requested a son.

A cow’s or bull’s hide was taken, urinated on, and buried where nine months later Orion would emerge from the ground. Persians prefer to reference this as Al Taj meaning the Crown/Tiara. Al Sufi chose the title Manica to reference a sleeve or protective gauntlet. Kabbalists associate this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Aleph and the tarot trump The Magician.

A great analogy for this degree is one where our connection to Earth can fill us with enough energy/light that we can be sent to space as a rocket, but our attachments to other people, places, and things causes us to lose balance. It is as if we are walking upon a tightrope where if we hold hands we in fact will fall. This tightrope is an allegory for the timelines of all incarnations/civilizations we have and will continue to experience.

Detachment is the only way for us to actually ascend. Personal development and spiritual exploration works exactly like this for it requires us to move into alternate realities. Often this process is a solo or lonely one because our behaviors change through each new experience. We begin to see coincidences and synchronicities or messages which appear from the Divine realms through numbers, totem animals, and other symbols that ask us to be guided and altered.

Even though this degree uses the word realism to define it the truth is those who find themselves here often laugh at authoritative types and then go about breaking the rules. It is how we develop character becoming experienced individuals who are seasoned, savvy, and open minded.

Ask yourself what counts as real for this new path is expressive opening onto other realities beyond physical as well as ordinary experience. All of us are more than our physical body thus our conscious capacities can reach far beyond what is generally accepted in the everyday mundane world.

When we stay tuned in for further developments we develop expanded capacity for sunbursts of revelation. Extra dimensional qualities gift us with an array of powers and multi-sensory treasures to grow into and share lavishly.

Try working with Apophyllite to bring peace, pureness of thought, and unobscured mental capacity to life expressing that it is now safe and necessary to break away from old familiar ground moving into unknown territory. The focus should be upon taking the lead in pioneering new vistas of experience in spiritual realizations.

The affirmation is my soul is an airplane before it became encased in flesh which flies through the Cosmos creating its own unique pathway through the stars and planets. May your Monday be wizardly and otherworldly! 🧙‍♀️✨