Manifestation Mondays: Through Interpretation We Gain Insight

“From this year forward, every birthday is a surprise.” – Unknown

I’ve survived 364 unbirthdays as per the Mad Hatter and March Hare! Here comes day 365! Beware of any bandersnatches as you navigate the underlined hyperlink text.

I happened to love both Alice in Wonderland and Labyrinth growing up. Go figure!


Tomorrow I turn another year older, and I’ve been leading up to this by utilizing Solar Return charts. I managed to rummage through the list of asteroids stopping at Born (13954) wondering what or how one would interpret this in a chart. Could it be of any significance?

I don’t believe anyone has rightly plopped this into any sort of speculative astrology studies so my curiosity became even more enlarged when I saw the degree it was sitting upon. The asteroid itself is the discovery of one Freimut Börngen born in Weimar of all places who is a German astronomer known for discovering some 519 asteroids and studying galaxies.

Solar Return Chart for Asteroid Born

Some ideas for how to interpret this asteroid that might be possible could be the concept of what natural born talents do we incarnate with, what new beginnings lie before us, and what are we birthing into consciousness or the 3D.

Archetypes here could be the tarot trump The Fool who is just setting off on their journey. For me personally we find Asteroid Born has stationed direct in my 1st House of Pisces at 22° with Neptune (opposition) and semisextile Saturn.

The Fool in symbolism is all about the unexpected adventures which lie on the horizon yet require leaps of faith and encourage our growth. It’s not always a literal adventure we’re departing upon because it can signify a spiritual venture.

In careers it can signify new opportunities, in love it can caution against impulsiveness yet not missing out on true love, and in finances it can teach one to exercise caution as they might be taken advantage of.

Generally it is a representation of fertility, pregnancy, and new life when we turn up this tarot trump in any reading. As long as anything is well thought through and researched never be afraid to take a chance. Keywords for this tarot trump include innocence, freedom, originality, and spontaneity.

It’s the Sabian interpretation that made me intrigued for it is given as man bringing down law from Sinai. There is really a more esoteric and metaphysical reality to this placement that I would have to decode for others.

The metaphysical interpretation of Sinai stands as a deep ravine or precipitous cliff where God/Goddess reveals themself giving one their first impulse to lead others out of Egypt and this high place within consciousness is where we come into communion with the Divine often depicted as being given the Ten Commandments.

We could learn much from others within these topics as well as find our own personal gnosis. A few useful examples that I’m willing to share which I’ve ventured to study include the following.

I’m warning you there is a lot to digest, and yesterday I was already ingesting plenty of other studies to feed my rather insatiable appetite in an attempt to get up to speed on what I felt I was lacking in understanding as well as innerstanding.

Nonetheless I’m sharing this so that blog followers might glimpse and further educate themselves on some meatier topics rather than remain left behind themselves.

Esoteric Scriptures:

“Why did the birthday cake go to therapy? Because it was feeling crumby.” – Unknown

Birthday Cake Circa 2020 Post Ankle Ligament Surgery

But ultimately within my chart we’d have to look a little deeper for answers. You see the Solar Return is telling you what will happen, but the house is telling you where it will occur.

So if we glance at the 1st House we’re looking in the mirror and asking ourselves what do we see. Well we see ourselves through the face we have been showing the world for the duration of what will be one year only because all “this” is what is happening in our lives in the present now moment.

Our persona is a temporary overlay of changes experienced, but we know that the notion of “self” has many layers much like an onion. We can display as self conscious, self centered, self important, self controlled, or we can present our best self. Do we open up to the world or set a barrier against it?

This is all about how we feel we need to be right here and right now. We get up front and personal especially with regards to independence, self awareness, assertion, and new approaches to life.

We’re neither gullible nor prone to pursue the glamorous superficial interests of others because our attitude becomes sincere and sober. These placements place direct confrontation in the arenas of real versus ideal, reality versus illusion, science versus spirituality, and realism versus faith.

For example, are we going to become the mystic or fundamentalist or will we politically lean more left into Communism/Socialism or more right towards a different form of groupthink (a very important topic covered in previous blog posts on the damage of propaganda or brainwashing the masses into hypnosis/psychosis) in the pursuit of social justice, civil rights, and collectivism as an offshoot of misaligned unity consciousness.

Maybe we start unmasking the deception in an attempt to stop polluting the collective consciousness with disillusionment. Could we find enough compassion to help those in need?

Success only occurs when we take a careful discursive approach through strategic skill and efficient organization to inspire an attitude of respecting individual rights/liberties and seek out to remove the wasted loss of human potential that has been ongoing. Whatever the approach we take it’s little to do with ego gratification and more to do with generating a beneficial change.

This degree is about getting slowed down against one’s will which can result in a great accumulation of frustration unless the right attitude is focused upon. The chart holder is to become non-reactive and to allow one’s creative impulses to flow with and around all obstructions knowing that whatever appears to be going against one is there to increase one’s ability to be non-attached.

Accept what comes, allow it to leave when it’s time, and know that what will be for one comes effortlessly. The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A blacksmith creating an ornate garden gate.” This degree is about making the best of even the most difficult situations.

And to do so, of course, one has to go out and find all the most difficult people and situations that can be discovered. At best this degree is a hard worker who is doggedly determined to turn around even the most seemingly nonredeemable state of affairs.

The dangers here are getting worn out/burnt out as hard working becomes abuse as well as continual failures creating successive layers of frustration until a mountain of it has built up.

The key here is adopting the right attitude. If the attitude is bitter, egotistical, cynical and self righteous or hard like the blacksmith’s iron then the goal will never be reached. If the attitude is loving and receptive to guidance by higher forces then the iron can be heated, worked, and will yield to fulfilling the blacksmith’s creative vision. Work with guardian angel Mehiel and daimon Flauros.

“I hope your birthday doesn’t blow.” – Unknown

Daimon Flauros corresponds to the Two of Pentacles, Venus, Capricorn, and Rose. It can be said that this daimon is one who will share great wisdom with those who they consider worthy of respect. There is a strong connection here to the fire element and the art of divination. This protective daimon is often utilized for removing troublemakers from one’s life.

Flauros usually ensures that anyone who is creating chaos in one’s life get lost or take a hike. Not one to allow anyone to be tempted or attacked by others this daimon actually loves talking about the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine while balancing one’s physical, mental, and spiritual consciousness.

It is said that Flauros is specifically connected with justice, love, and new beginnings while raising one’s IQ and aiding in the development of a retentive memory. If you’re dealing with anyone who is back lashing due to a fragile ego you may want to work with this daimon. What they really need is a restorative blessing.

In reality this degree showcases for the chart holder how interpretations allow us to enter unknown territory where the surface level mask is removed and the skills we have are honed. It’s unwise to take preconceived thoughts with us into the jungle for we are entering untouched lands usually.

In this jungle, however, we must guard against the constantly swarming insects who leave welts and bites upon us. If we succeed at deterring their venom we might feign off dis-ease. If we are exceptionally lucky we land with the ever famous “get out of jail free” card from Monopoly no longer locked into superficialities with an opportunity to live our lives authentically.

There is no fixed stars upon this degree to really work with at present. With the above in proper perspective this degree can work with White Jade and utilize the affirmation I release negative self doubt and accomplish my dreams.

“Dragons particularly like eating cakes and pastries. Their favorite kind of cake is a lair cake!” – Unknown

My step father has brought home a rather large 3D printed red dragon for me as well as tiramisu for mom and I’s birthdays as hers is on the 29th only three days after mine. If you’re curious about the interview I think it went well, but I won’t have anything official until Friday when they reach out to me with either the yes/no I’m receiving the position. They want someone to start immediately or well I was told yesterday. 🤞

There is some competition in the game therefore I’m going to let it be and try not to fret over matters because it won’t do me any good. I’ll try to think positively while being patient as I’ve not heard back on either position I’ve interviewed for as receptionist in attempts to relieve myself from the toils of retail with my sometimes cranky neuropathy/foot.

I’m not sure that she’s feeling this birthday vibe though; my mom that is. 2022 has been a very rough road to traverse with quite a lot of potholes along the way. And, um, well the Pikachu in the above image I’ve still not taken the time to paint a face upon him. Oops! May you have a larger than life Monday. Happy vibes sent your way. I have a surprise for tomorrow’s blog post to celebrate the next lunar phase.

And today I corrected a typographical error in a much older post. I need a proofreader besides myself.🤗💓

PS: I’ve also corrected a link above. It appears that I made a boo boo! So the dragon reference now correctly directs to the appropriate location.

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Training and Working With Your Dragon

“Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you art crunchy and good with ketchup.” – Unknown

At the end of April we looked at the Rabbit and today we continue on with the mythic Dragon. Use the underlined hyperlink text to ferret out the hidden and well guarded jewels.


Those born in the years 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, and 2000 or the year of the Tatsu/Dragon make up an assemblage of healthy, energetic, stubborn, and excitable individuals who inspire trust in almost anyone through being brave and honest.

People born under this influence possess magical powers of versatility being mystical, intuitive, and artistic on one hand and irritable, stubborn, and impetuous on the other. They may suffer from an unsatisfactory love live which leads to a string of love affairs or multiple marriages. They should protect themselves from excesses opting to remain flexible and accommodating.

Avoid the common quick tempered nature they are known for as well as hypocrisy and they should ultimately land on their feet being successful wherever they go. Dragons are known to be capable of the Midas touch with an inherent knack for attracting financial prosperity or leaving it in their path. During the Chinese New Year street processions honor the Dragon via the Four Benedictions of the East (wealth, virtue, harmony, and long life).

This sign falls under Fugen Bosatsu associated with great conduct instructing that action and conduct are equally as valuable as thought/meditation. Fugen Bosatsu encourages the diligent practice of charity, morals, patience, devotion, and is the protector of all who practice the Dharma often depicted on a white elephant with six tusks which signify overcoming the attachment we carry to our six senses. When shown holding the wish fulfilling jewel or a lotus bud the esoteric representation suggests purity.

Fugen Bosatsu is sometimes seen as a correlation with Ganesha and Indra within the Hindu pantheon and is a central deity of the Flower Garland Sutra.

Fugen Bosatsu:

Also known as Samantabhadra we find that Fugen Bosatsu may be in charge of the role of truth from a neutral perspective. The Japanese believe Samantabhadra will be the final Buddha spreading enlightening wisdom. Of particular interest to women in medieval Japan Fugen Bosatsu during the thirteenth century appeared to a monk as a courtesan thereby revealing that Buddahood was a potential in all beings. Today Samantabhadra is little worshiped.

As a totem or spirit animal dragons ask us to view the world through the eyes of mystery and wonder while developing our fortitude, courage, and strength. We are often asked by their presence to master Earth, air, fire, and water. Symbolizing transformation at the emotional and physical level this can often be as simple as a job/career change or shifting your living space. Whatever the change is be forewarned this can be so drastic as to impact your core existence.

“To change, you must face the dragon of your appetites with another dragon: the life-energy of the soul.” – Rumi (Fire Dragon Maple Tree in Garden)

If you desire to reach your full potential you may be required to play a variety of roles including performing that which many others find intimidating and scary. Please be aware of your limits properly ensuring you do not exhaust your energy reserves in meeting the demands of others around you.

Visualization will become a huge tool for you to begin working with so begin to consider images that resonate well with your life goals for contemplation. Journaling your feelings, images, and creating a bond with your spirit guide including dragons is a great way to undertake the process of forming a solid relationship or bond with this totem or spirit animal.

Call upon the dragon when you desire to reconcile your past experiences with your present, when you need to create rapport with your family members, when you need to exude a great power within you, and when you wish to protect what you have built.

Dragon Magic:

In the spirit of the theme today I’ve pulled up a Draconic Chart to investigate Asteroid Drakonia (620). This minor planet orbits the Sun and was discovered October 26, 1906. The Greek Δράκων Drakon meaning dragon also refers to the Draco constellation. Ancient Greek δράκων traditionally relates to sight with a literal meaning of one who stares. A derivative δράκαινα Drakaina speaks to a dragoness or she-dragon.

Draconic Chart for Asteroid Drakonia

When we use the Draconic Chart to study astrology it’s actually quite useful and is always a standby I’ve referred to during my studies on/off. This is a manner with which to delve deeper into the psyche of an individual because it connects to our soul studying our human life, its formation, and its final rewards.

When we desire to deeply manifest and understand our life’s significance this is of assistance in attaining our higher self. The Draconic Chart finds its beginnings in the North Lunar Node at zero degrees or zero point energy of Aries.

Looking upon my chart we find Asteroiod Drakonia is in my 9th House of Aquarius at 3° semisextile Mercury, sextile Saturn and Chiron, trine Uranus, and square Pluto. The intellect prefers to be stimulated and one is often a quick learner preferring the internet for communication and education.

It is by surfing the world wide web that one picks up pieces of information without becoming easily bored. We adopt new technologies and make changes to daily routines or work methods easily. Opportunities for healing come through self healing which is often unconventional and wholistic.

We succeed in life by being an original rather than imitating that which has already been done therefore we favor unconventional approaches to life. We may have a conservative aspect to our persona, but we also like to experiment. We’re also agitated towards marginalization based upon gender, race, or socio-economic status.

This degree has a rather acute ability to be in tune with what is coming feeling the echoes of future events in the present. The chart holder can know when any course that is being followed needs to be changed. They have much insight into the patterns, routines, and the taken for granted programs that people fall into without being aware of their potentially destructive effects sensing when and how to help others wake up.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A vast ornate Hindu temple depicting hundreds of gods.” Since God is everything it can be said that God is both a singularity and a plurality.

This degree deeply senses that the Cosmos is a friendly place, a place that is here to help us, and that God is always willing to find when needed a new manifestation of him/herself to meet whatever needs may arise. The Universe is playful, generous, and infinitely resourceful. We also have it in ourselves to be these things. Work with guardian angel Hariel and daimon Eligor.

Daimon Eligor is a tie into the Seven of Wands, Venus, Thyme, and Leo. Working with Eligor is helpful if you seek a positive change in your personal life or career. When working with this daimon obstacles can be overcome by becoming self confident, focused, and hard working. This daimon helps you to strategize your life. Often working with Eligor helps you to uncover hidden secrets of the inner self.

“If you ignore the dragon, it will eat you. If you try to confront the dragon it will overpower you. If you ride the dragon, you will take advantage of its might and power.” – Chinese Proverb

This degree sits upon two stars within Capricornus known as Giedi Prima and Secunda. Kabbalists identify these fixed stars with the Hebrew letter Yod and the tarot trump of the Wheel of Fortune (a meditation may be found here). The environment one finds themselves in may be peculiar often indicating there may be problems with domestic affairs which occur.

A great crystal to work with for this degree is the Septarian also known as the Dragonstone focusing on messages of new ideas, beliefs, and ways which focus on radical values which shall be indispensable in the future. The affirmation reads as I seek new and inspirational thought patterns.

Unrelated to this specific degree, however, is the fact that the fixed star Regulus ruling Magha nakshatra which I was born into refers to the basilisk. If you’ve never read the esoteric meaning of Abraxas you might find that insightful as well.

The Greeks referred to this as a serpent or worm while the Romans chose Regulus to imply kingly or royal. This became the tales of Medusa later in mythology as it was seen as having the power to cause death when someone looked into their eyes.

We forget that there is the tale of the Seraphim or fiery serpents which again is giving way to the kundalini depicted as flying around the Throne of God/Goddess. Egyptian pharaohs wore headdresses with serpents in the form of cobras as regal power and this meaning transferred to modern day Mecca.

Kabbalistic gematria equates 620 to the Crown chakra as well. We see this best depicted from images in panels of the second shrine to the King Tutankhamun’s tomb where a spitting cobra depicts the electromagnetic energy ejected via a human’s Third Eye chakra. Edfu Texts repeatedly describe this as “one whose inner eye was opened.”

Symbolism carries the message further especially in our BIble by discussing the vulture which was also worn on Egypt’s Atef headdress. The vulture as an energetic scavenger senses the electric fields of animals even as it buries it’s head inside a carcass.

They naturally thermal soar on columns of heat ascending in the air therefore this represents kundalini transformed via our pineal gland which allows us to soar into Cosmic or Christ consciousness. This has been known as the electromagnetic fields also akin to the Goddess Maat with her wings spread which Christians know as the Ark of the Covenant.

This became the Shen Ring upon which a vulture stood as a symbol of heaven and Earth connected transferred to the 24th Greek letter Omega. Essentially spiritual practices are all co-opted and most Abrahamic faiths online prefer to enact psychological warfare over these esoteric concepts to instill fear in societies because behaving childishly and immaturely is considered humorous or fun to those who have an Emotional IQ I try to avoid.

It’s one of those reason I’ve remained happy my blog and online business are not viral. My time on Twitter taught me that I’d probably be annoyed by most influencers who misuse their knowledge, power, or authority because I was often to the point of wanting to “roast” some of them for being incapable of maturing or doing their shadow work.

I said this repeatedly via my business blog that most people I’ve met openly express they don’t want to do shadow work or self improvement. All of which usually is going to be a “trigger” to someone like me.

Have a superb Sunday everyone! Sending you lots of positivity! ✨