Manifestation Mondays: The Haric Level

I am connected to nature.

May today’s underlined hyperlink text be beneficial to my readers and help them further their spirituality.


As a Reiki Master level we spend a lot of time the same as anyone within the cosmetology field gaining continuing education. Today we will be looking at both the Hara Line as well as the connection to Shiva Shakti. Our core power resides beneath our auric field housed within the dantien making up our individual core star connection.

Dantien roughly translates as energy center, elixir field, or the sea of Chi/Qi/Ki where spiritual energy is focused on higher levels of awareness called samadhi. This practice is found in Taoism and has a vital role in traditional Chinese medicine. We actually have a total of three dantiens within the human body making up the lower, middle, and upper with various fields of influence which transmute energy.

These three treasures are located two inches below the navel (jing creates the physical body), at the heart (energy in this area is created via food, air, and our thoughts/feelings), and above the eyebrows (related to spirit/consciousness). To feel the middle or higher dantien you must build the lower dantien through energy exercises which is why many practice meditation focused on the breath.

The aura’s foundation where intentions are birthed, held, and housed is the very source/seed of your life’s purpose and creativity all found inside the Haric Level. It is described as a laser like line which aligns vertically with the physical body not visible to our human eyes approximately 1/3 of an inch wide beginning 3 1/2 feet above the Crown chakra extending down into the core of the Earth.

The higher dantien hereby signifies the separation point when your soul incarnated into the 3D on Earth as a spark of the Divine. We see this in many esoteric schools especially Kabbalah or Gnosticism called the Godhead. The middle dantien as your emotional body is a representation of your passions, longings, and has been called the soul seat. The lower dantien is your willpower tapped into extraordinary energies that help you follow through with your intentions.

As with any chakra you may have a balanced or unbalanced Hara Line. Collectively we can connect our Hara Lines with others to create a group Hara Line when we are energetically healed and correctly aligned with our life’s purpose. What we want to see is a straight, centered, and well rooted person properly in sync with integrity, power, and intent. When we become misaligned we will become argumentative, procrastinate, be overtly competitive with others, and perform our duties poorly.

Dysfunctions can occur through the Godhead when we become cynical, through the soul seat when we are lost in sadness, despair, or grief, and with the lower dantien when we suffer physical signs of chronic pain.

By all common concepts the best way to think of the Hara Line is as your electrical current which acts as the main power line that can become distorted through exhaustion, inability to discover the direction you should take in life, difficulty accessing your inner guidance/intuition, and by feeling powerless.

I am grateful for all my blessings.

A simpler analogy would be to think of a green garden hose which has kinks preventing the water from flowing. Within the human body this does not allow energy to feed your organs, muscles, and so forth effectively leading to dis-ease.

If you would like to learn more I have a PDF I found and am sharing during my studies. When I studied for my Mastery Reiki level we covered a lot of these topics briefly so I’ve been trying to build a stronger foundation.

Personally I really like the PDF in reference to the chapter entitled the Heart and Golden Emperor because I can resonate this to the blog post I previously had on a blueprint through the tarot trumps of the Emperor/Wheel of Fortune in that I could even see that wheel the same as the chakras.

Esoterically we might learn that some believe the Tripuri tribes of East India worshiped Shiva for aeons as Siba or the Master of all Five Elements known as Harappa. Harappa when broken down is Dravidian for Father Shiva. Ancient Mohenjodaro cultures predating Egypt were believed to have been built upon Shiva Shakti worship as the Universal/Cosmic soul comprised of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Dodecatemoria/Dwadasamsa Chart for Asteroid Hara

This will matter most to those who are more influenced by kundalini awakening/meditation. Reiki compliments many other modalities for healing and does work well with astrology. Today we will look at Asteroid Hara (4640) orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter with a Ceres classification.

We want to look at this asteroid in our astrology charts to determine if there are past life indicators of yogic/tantric practices. The best way I want to establish this is via the Dodecatemoria/Dwadasamsa Chart.

As previously stated this chart will look into the Vedic astrology to ascertain any karma encoded into the DNA of any individual beginning with parents/siblings determining one’s approach to life as was passed down throughout their ancestral heritage of approximately seven years. For me personally Asteroid Hara is placed succinctly in my 2nd House of Taurus being Venus ruled at 23°.

Aspects will include trine Mercury, sextile Mars, square Saturn, conjunct Pluto, and opposition Chiron. That’s a lot of aspects to cover and a lot of frequency or vibration to manage if you ask me. Let’s break this down one by one.

Lets begin by understanding that our 2nd House deals with values, possessions, money, and resources. It’s natural planetary ruler is Venus through the natural astrology sign of Taurus making my chart rather well structured. In essence the 2nd House is what makes one feel stable and secure.

Anything in life which helps one feel valuable, fulfilled, safe, and worthy falls in this space. It will be different for everyone. Our feelings in the 2nd House around these topics inlcude knowledge, wealth, spirituality, strengths/weaknesses, and our approach to earning or gaining in life be that skills development or financial freedom.

The Sabian Symbol actually gives a great description for this degree and placement above which I’ve linked to. We inherently find it easier to communicate in written form especially when we desire to market or promote ourselves especially for networking. We’re seeking mutually supportive relationships. It’s ideal for initiating pet projects where we look to gain harmonious non-aggressive partnerships.

Our biggest challenge lies in our demeanor as we come across as overly serious and responsible. We fair better when we learn to practice self love and to be more open expressing our emotions rather than repressing. We also must guard against low self esteem, negative moods, and becoming a victim of betrayal/abuse. Our shadow comes out in how we express beauty as we sometimes believe we have little value and don’t measure up.

I also really enjoy the work below with the salamander symbol! This degree is best described as thus.

I love to share my experiences and wisdom.

In the midst of turbulence the chart holder is able to remain calm. They have a tremendous ability to stick with the most difficult of situations and to see them through. Though energies may be furiously whirling around them they hold to their path in life intent upon their course no matter how arduous it may be to follow.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A salamander glowing red orange.” In the system of Aura Soma the color for Taurus is red orange. The salamander is the elemental being of fire. Here is an intensity of character and an extreme strong mindedness that can evoke all kinds of different reactions in other people.

No matter what the reactions coming at this degree from outside of it there is a strength of character here that challenges others to manifest who they are with more power and directness. The tornado which is the vortex of personality is stabilized by the inner staircase that allows us to both walk down in the act of grounding ourselves and to walk up in the act of transcending all that which is lower.

And so the energy of the tornado is harnessed and used without being weakened or repressed. The salamander is fiercely on fire without being burned up. Work with guardian angel Nanael and daimon Caim.

Daimon Caim binds us to the Nine of Pentacles, Sagittarius, Orchid, and Mercury. If you’re in need of better intellectual powers or increased memory/focus this is a great daimon to work with. Caim is also great for developing one’s self in an effort to better communicate. This daimon also helps to ward off anxiety especially situations where your stomach ties up in knots.

The Kozminksy Symbol of this degree is also quite potent.

23° Taurus: St. Michael slaying the Dragon in a shower of black rain.

Denotes one with strength of purpose and ability to sustain trials. The Dragon is lust, corruption, and the cold moistures of the Earth. St. Michael is the life, solar energy, and conqueror of decay. The black rain is the evil which corruption draws. So when the native realizes the strength of their soul force they become a veritable victor over the monster into whose jaws so many unwarned and unguarded fall. It is a symbol of Victory.

This degree falls within the fixed star Zaurak in Eridanus the River. The name derives from the Arabic Al Na’ir al Zaurak translated as the Bright Star of the Boat. The Chinese referenced Tien Yuen or the Heavenly Park. The energies display as Saturn embodying one with a love of knowledge/science, travel, and change.

When this star aspects other planets within an astrology chart one should endeavor to not take life too seriously or put much weight on what others say. If they overcome a melancholic nature they will do well in life.

A few great deep sky objects can be found in this constellation as seen below. May you have a numinous Monday and please enjoy the following meditation video.


I am connected with the wisdom of the Universe.

Eridanus Constellation:

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Shedding Our Old Unnecessary Snakeskin

What do you get if you cross two snakes with a magic spell? Addercadabra and abradacobra.

I’m still attempting to finish this journey, but am struggling at times to keep up. I left off at the Tatsu/Dragon so today we pick up with the Hebi/Snake. Use the underlined hyperlink text to slither/wriggle out of that which no longer serves you.


Those born in the years 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, and 2001 or the year of the Hebi/Snake make up a variety of deep thinkers who speak very little while possessing tremendous wisdom being fortunate in money matters. Determined in all they do they despise failure.

Here we find those who bide their time in making a deal only striking and making a killing when they deem the moment to be right. They utilize their intelligence to formulate ideas, opinions, and plans for the future. Their receptive nature, physical allurement, and self indulgence can seem ostentatious.

Yet this group carries projects through to their end with an uncommon self discipline. They will offer help, but they can also coil and suffocate the object of attention/affection in life. You may regret asking for their assistance.

They also display a tendency to exaggerate, be stingy/miserly, and they don’t like the colder months preferring to shine when it is warmer climates outside. This sign falls under Fugen Bosatsu much like the Tatsu/Dragon where you will find more information that I’ve researched quite extensively for reference.

The snake is divided into venomous, constrictor, and common types with a rich life force associated with the Earth. In Southeast Asia the flying snake is closely connected to primal instincts and unconscious drives. It is important to recognize this indicates the need to pay very close attention to how you use your energy while guarding against psychic or vampiric attacks.

The snake is associated with kundalini and healing powers representing spiritual liberation. You are stepping into the unknown and may feel scared or desire support. Self awareness is vital at this time, you’re encouraged to live your own life rather than people please, and cue into the vibrations of your surroundings.

If you have unproductive habits try taking on more productive ones by transforming your life. Set your priorities/intentions, develop a clear action plan, and be fearless. If past failures are haunting you, if the road ahead seems foggy, if you need to remain firmly grounded, and if you are desiring change call on the snake totem animal.

Dodecatemoria/Dwadasamsa Chart for Asteroid Jörmungandr

In this vein of thought we’re charting the Asteroid Jörmungandr (471926) from the Norse mythology via a Dodecatemoria/Dwadasamsa Chart. As I’ve not used this chart style for a while let me explain the purpose once more to refresh my blog followers mental landscape.

This chart takes a look into Vedic astrology exploring the karma encoded into the DNA of any individual beginning with their parents/siblings to determine their approach to life as was passed down through their ancestors of at least seven generations.

Jörmungandr in Norse mythology is sometimes called the Midgard Serpent or the Great Beast depicted as a snake/dragon living within the ocean with an enormous body circling the entirety of Midgard. As one of the three children of Loki and Angrboda there are two battles within the Poetic Eddas where Thor is the enemy. One is during Thor’s fishing excursion when his line is severed for fear of bringing about Ragnarok.

This was sometimes an allegory for the continental Germans belief regarding earthquakes. Jörmungandr is poisonous and one can only take nine steps before falling dead from the venom. He symbolizes the ouroboros found in a variety of cultures from Persian, Hindu, Greek, and Mesoamerican sites/artifacts. As someone born into Magha nakshatra as displayed in a great deal of my research and former blog posts you will find me Ketu ruled.

As described in one of the videos I linked to yesterday during my blog post and in conjunction with my studies on the ganas this will deal further with our brainwaves. Magha nakshatra sits with two doses of Rajas and one dose of Tamas which pulls from Vata and Kapha dosha as well as Gamma/Beta waves (27 hz and up or 12-27 hz) and Theta/Delta waves (3-8 hz or 0.2-3 hz).

This matters for sound healing, brainwave entrainment, and Ayurvedic principles. I’ve discussed in blog posts the importance of waves through my siren/mermaid posts bringing in quantum, torus, and other concepts as well.

If you want to enter flow state it’s probably very important to begin recognizing these concepts or at least to gain understanding of where you might personally operate by looking into your own astrology charts. For me personally I spent years sleeping to brainwave entrainment as well as went through Master level Reiki certification.

I’m still heavily into distance Reiki and brainwave entrainment videos for meditation/sleep, but not as active as I was before due to a desire to detox for a bit of time. I found myself developing an addiction to these services from others wanting to pull away and actually perform self healing on a more inner rather than external form.

Two snakes parted. The first one said, “Fangs for the memories.”

If we return back to Jörmungandr we see that it represents our living, breathing, and unending cycles where there is no real end. The ouroboros as Saturn or Kronos/Cronus is where we develop words such as chronology and chronometer. This represents elemental chaos with never ending periods of creation and destruction often depicted as a sideways eight or infinity.

In my chart much like Asteroid Juno we find Asteroid Jörmungandr placed within my 7th House of Partnerships in Libra at 5° with two aspects including square Venus and semisquare Chiron. Ask yourself what are your relationship patterns. For example, are you committed to contractual partnering, can you creatively collaborate in business, and how do you express yourself in romantic/business exchanges.

I’ve actually previously covered this degree (Asteroid Angel) so today we will be doing a modified approach to avoid becoming redundant. We’re using the Chandra and fixed stars to grasp a better understanding of these energies.

Asteroid Jörmungandr is classed a potentially hazardous near Earth asteroid orbiting the Sun every 648 days or 1.77 years. The size is comparable to the Golden Gate Bridge and it is categorized as an Apollo class asteroid. Acceptance and tolerance characterize our relationships where flaws are accepted.

Relationships often display as strong attractions yet both partners learn to respect one another’s space. Our exchanges are described as a love goddess merged with the light.

We may occasionally have a gap between our head and heart, but eventually our psyche learns to be less ego-centric and we often develop a closer bond with our ancestral lineage. As you may know the Greek God/Goddess archetype I embody is often that of Apollo and Athena.

I’m not a huge follower of this author, but nonetheless I found myself staring directly at a paragraph mentioning Magha with the ending of our Yugas. A grain of salt perhaps? 🧂

Nonetheless here is the astrotheological energies of this degree without further ado.


A man raising a crop of marijuana.

Lively, energetic, and spilling out over the edges consciousness/sensibility. Exuberant with the play of existence. Magnetized completely to enjoy, express, and explore the personal, the interpersonal, and the sensuous vibrations. Wanting to find out what is real here, what is truly alive, and what is worth moving further with. Experimental, loose, and carefree.

You are extraordinarily uninhibited. Most gifted in loving, appreciating, and delighting in how each one is and how we all are. The connoisseur of chaos and the master of the casual interspaces for better and for worse.

We should work with Tangerine Quartz with a message that channeled information is received from Divine source focused upon our abilities which lie in teaching, understanding, and experiencing. We seek knowledge to educate. The affirmation is I choose an altruistic path.

This degree sits upon the fixed star Tureis in the keel of Argo Navis the Great Ship. This was the Latin Scutulum which meant Little Shield. It refers to the akrostolion or ornamentel figurehead placed upon the stern of ancient Greek ships to symbolize sea trade. The mythology of this fixed star has more to do with the Golden Fleece. You will find it tied to the Carina constellation.

The Carina Constellation:

The Bullet Cluster has more recent info for those who wish to do some investigative digging. Personally I have a difficult time finding information I wish to share for some of these that seems intriguing enough.

I am using the somatosensory homunculus as much of this was studied in chronic pain due to my foot injuries with regards to neuroscience years ago. Something my mother desperately needs to understand also with reference to her current health condition and the upcoming results of her MRI. We have even looked at shockwave therapy for foot/ankle pain recently.

Have an inventive Sunday! 😅🙃🤗