Wisdom Wednesdays: Fruits of the Harvest

“The flat Earth society is booming. It has members all around the globe.” – Anonymous

The above is a reference to the attempts my mom and I made to listening to a very long winded audio book meant to prove the flat Earther mentality and persuade others  to their cause. It was the most difficult audio book I’ve ever subjected myself to, and I regretted the experience.

Whoever their front man was narrating and publishing the audio book did not do their cause much justice in my opinion. Today we’re going to combine some astrology speculation with the messages from our King of Coins as shown above.

All helpful study materials can be found/utilized by daring to undertake a thought experiment with me today via the underlined hyperlink text.


Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to simply pull a card at random! I decided to inquire what magic was being drawn out for spell work generally inquiring the answer to come forth from the Ancestors. The answer was the King of Coins a rather Earth based energy of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn respectively.

This prompted my curiosity to run a Heliocentric Chart through our recent lunar positions to attempt at balancing  or otherwise harmonizing the energies. Heliocentric speculation is the only chart I’ve found thus far which will interpret the placement for Earth to give us some further insight when we seek it.

The purpose of such a vantage point is sometimes best described as looking for characteristics of two visions/perspectives between the (soul/Sun at the center) and (the personality/Earth at the center). Sometimes what one can learn in these studies is how to differentiate virtues from vices if they’re only seeking a dualistic cosmology of sorts.

Heliocentric tends to define how one would intuit the energies available for a disciple to assert and sow any evolutionary or constructive ideals of the future from the causal/higher planes. The astrological glyph for Earth is often assigned as Terra which is Latin for ground. It rules our 2nd, 6th, and 7th Houses as well as our entire physical body.

The cross is symbolic of our physical realm of existence while the circle encapsulates the totality of Universal/Cosmic energy which is eternal. Most of the traits commonly exhibited would be endurance, practicality, realism, and productivity. It comes then as no massive shock that we would find Earth presently with our energies inhabiting the 11th House of my chart in Aquarius at 6°.

Our enthroned King can signify a person seeking new beginnings, protection, hope, and growth. When this card appears to us upright it wants to let us know that our future is bright therefore we should believe in good opportunities lying ahead. Of equal importance it cautions one to take care of their health for if we don’t there are serious consequences that will befall us.

We need to remember that the choices we make affect others both near and far not just ourselves. Our King of Coins is a person who not only comes up with the plan, but will also be capable of executing it. Other cards that relate to this energy include the Emperor, Hierophant, Temperance, and Tower. It reflects a timing period of roughly August 11th to September 10th which befits our Full Harvest Moon indicating that this can transpire for approximately 1 year or more.

We are being asked to develop a pragmatic, hands on, reliable, and conservative approach to whatever change lies ahead and the capability to adapt when needed. Overall Kings in any deck are symbols of authority as well as the 14th card of any suit which is how we find references to both Temperance and Hierophant as 14 will reduce to five in numerology

If we can successfully assess the reality of any situation presented to us we will generally remain secure. This requires higher levels of consciousness coupled with a mastery over our base level instincts. If you would like to view a variety of interpretations for this card I’m including some below before I re-investigate the astrological aspects mentioned above a little more in depth.

The More You Know:

Lunar Return Chart for Earth

If you’ve neglected to notice I opted for the Sidereal/Vedic function again in this chart, but what is of import is that both Earth and Moon lie upon the exact same degree in the exact same house. Our 11th House governs any sources of income we might receive which are not necessarily retained by our profession. These could be via inheritances or other forms of speculative ventures.

Governing our social sphere and the relationships we share with friends/family it is the 11th House which in Vedic astrology is referred to as the Badhaka or obstruction. Not every desire that strikes our fancy is healthy. In fact many can be destructive! Aquarius rules the 11th House as well as the ankles/calves of our human body.

We can find in my chart that Earth is conjunct Sun and Saturn, quintile Mercury, biquintile Venus, semisquare Mars and Chiron, and lastly semisextyle Jupiter. It’s a placement for those who value freedom at all costs remaining restless until they obtain it. Often attracted to unusual subjects such as astrology, psychology, or psychiatry we’re strong advocates for the individuation process.

As a more inventive, nonconformist, and progressive position Earth on this degree often causes one to give full reign to their daimon/genius with a disregard for traditions or customs that others will adopt dogmatically finding these to be restrictive and limiting influenced entirely by society’s guidelines. This creates the rebellion phase where tensions force one to surprise others catching them off guard.

One might develop a system of their own for expression that communicates via “clipped” and precise fashion that taciturnly emphasizes originality and separateness from others. Value systems will revolve around adventure seeking that which is exciting and sharply defined.

Dull routines become abhorrent therefore this placement will mean one is striving to escape from any pointlessness in their everyday life. Most will find the chart holder to be one who actively breaks the rules through a willful display of acting like they don’t care or give a @#$%&!

The wound of Chiron here on this degree is that if one does not embody their distinct individuality feeling as though they truly exist as a separate entity who is unique and one of a kind they develop an inability to let empathy flow, go about life almost robotic, and dissociate from their personality when asked to conform to the needs of parents, society, or other conventional expectations.

This creates the splinter effect found in psychology where we reject aspects of self feeling marginalized. Wholeness arises when we stop viewing ourselves as outcasts allowing our inner state of alienation/rejection to fall away by integrating what was thrown off into our shadow.

“Aliens are refusing to visit Earth. It’s because it only has one star.” – Anonymous

A caveat this is not a self diagnosis before anyone assumes such. But frankly how many theories are there in the world supposedly meant to assess, help, and fix whereby some will work and others might not even appeal to an audience? Why ask?

Because I was primarily introduced to Jung over much of anyone/anything else. I don’t believe it’s the confirmation bias of a shared birthday on 7/26 because that birthday is shared by many others who are historically famous.

Certain theories work for some and simply put others won’t jive creating a sort of discontinuity with one’s alignment. Here is some further introductions for this degree.

The question here is in what way does life mirror art? This degree desires to make art and life one which means that all endeavors become art. That all human activities cease to be mechanical and take on a freshness and aliveness that is ever renewed through the creative spirit. It is all about inviting the spiritual light into the physical world.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A gardener with just one leg.” The gardener is slowed down on the one hand, but has become at least partially disencumbered from being tied to the Earth so that there is room for Universal/Cosmic forces to enter into the garden.

This degree brings something new and unusual to whatever it works with. It opens up systems that have been formerly closed so that exciting and beautiful energies may come through. And through nurturing the garden and bringing it to perfection the self is once again made whole. Work with guardian angel Caliel and daimon Bathin.

Peculiar resonance here to say the least!

Is that what I’ve been up to this entire time?

Bathin corresponds to the 10 of Pentacles, Venus, Virgo, and Mistletoe. We’re setting our sights upon a daimon who is good with herbs, stones, and is generally seen as the traveler’s safety partner. The only things missing from working with Bathin are prosperity, divination, and job searches.

Needing to take an astral projection journey that is smooth and fast; try using this daimon. This is also true when migrating to a distant country. Potentially all travel is made easier when one works with Bathin.

There is a supercluster and void found in Microscopium, but little information is revealed on these. If you’re interested in learning about voids in space or astronomy try investigating Boötes Void for a synopsis!

Just make sure you’ve acquired the correct space object first as there evidently is some confusion or lost in translation.

While there is not a specific fixed star for this degree what I noticed specifically within my chart is that the Earth as well as the Moon are positioned exactly one full degree from the fixed star Alpha Microscopium in the Microscope. It’s not hard to discern that this constellation was named for the invention of Hans and Zacharias Janssen; the microscope.

The purpose of such an instrument being that it magnifies or makes greater in size that which it focuses upon. There is really little to be deduced beyond this for the constellation. It will be highest in the sky around the months of July.

The energies commonly circle around newly formed ideas with a fragile structure that are harbingers of undeveloped potentials. If you have anything upon this degree in your chart consider working with Larvikite expressing positive quick wit and clever intelligence.

The message is that new beliefs come from becoming bored with what we already have. The focus then becomes the promotion of radical concepts and values which become indispensable in the future. The affirmation is I seek fresh and inspirational thought patterns.

Have an encouraging Wednesday! 🤗💖

Fruit salad for breakfast; blackberry, banana, golden kiwi, and pear. Working on vegan gluten free mac n’ cheese sandwiches for lunches for my work week with a spinach salad and some more fruit. Usually I take some walnuts and pecans with my fruit salad.

Otherwise I try gluten free toast with peanut butter in the mornings with my fruit salads. Last night was a protein shake for desert.

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Virgo the Whole Unto Oneself

Virgo – August 23 through September 22

The Sun sign of Virgo is said to represent perfection of creation as well as a point of departure for the return of an incarnated spirit which will be undertaken at a decisive moment in a cyclical transit of life to which one submits via their need to express themself and acquire full conscious self awareness. Virgo is a major key player within the shifting of our consciousness into the New Age/Aeon for here one’s life purpose for which they incarnated into matter begins to be realized and now desires to shift from personality satisfaction towards a more internal yearning to know and understand deeper spiritual realities.

The blended dual light of Virgo is one of wholeness where the two lights are seen as one which is bright and strong while at the same time is one which is faint and dim; a paradox. This light is distinguished via a waxing of one and the waning of the other. Virgo energy is the womb of time where God’s plan is slowly nurtured, matured, and brought into manifestation at an appointed time. Virgo is the epitome of the statement “the Christ within you, the hope of Glory.” At this evolutionary stage of human development indicated by Virgo is the stirring of the objective life within each of us. The life purpose of all Virgo Sun signs is to purify and prepare our physical form so that it is more receptive to light.

As we progress around the Great Wheel of the Zodiac the Virgo frequency stimulates us to feed our Soul through the qualities of introspection followed by service to others in a natural outpouring of one coming under the influence of their own Soul. Virgo marks the end of a cycle of purely personal development which involves engaging our lower self in a process of self transformation. The synthesis of these three aspects of the feminine known as the mental, emotional, and physical expression of hidden ever present divinity refines the personality so that it can receive the energies of the Soul and thus birth the Christ consciousness in the self helping to usher into the physical plane the higher energies necessary for planetary initiation. The Virgo mantra is I am the Mother and the child. I, God, I, matter am.

Assigned as a world server and guide for the entire race of humanity Virgo is the spotless Queen of Heaven and the mother goddess of nature. This sign symbolizes the complete goal of our evolutionary process which is to protect, nourish, and finally reveal the hidden spiritual reality which is to be a golden harvest that gives material abundance to all of the children of this planet.

From within esoteric Judaism and Christianity we see this best in the month of Elul. Elul is said to be the month of repentance, mercy, and forgiveness following the two previous months known as the two great sins of Israel (the sin of the Golden Calf and the sin of the spies). The four letters which spell Elul are an acronym for the initial letters of the phrase in the Song of Songs 6:3 which reads “I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me” as a sign of repentance and consummate desire to return to one’s soul root in God through a Divine expression of mercy and forgiveness. Elul is the month of preparation for the high holy days of Tishrei when Moses ascended to Mount Sinai a third time for a period of forty days from Rosh Chodesh. Elul to Yom Kippur is when he descended with the second tablets of the covenant. These days were the days when God revealed to the Jewish people his great mercy.

The Yod is the first letter of the Tetragrammaton via the ame Havayah or mercy. It is also the final letter of the name Adnut which encapsulates the name Havayah to reveal and express it to the world. The Yod is the beginning of the essence of Divine mercy and the end of the manifestation of Divine mercy. All created form begins with an essential point of energy and life force. The end of this creative process is as well a point of consummation and satisfaction. The word Yod means hand. The verse which reads “Even my hand has founded the Earth, and my right hand has developed the heavens,” shows that “G-d stretched out his right hand to create the heavens and stretched out his left hand to create the Earth.” The right hand is the point of beginning while the left hand is the point of endings. The Earth represents a consummation of Creation. The Yod of Elul is of special and particular note as the left hand is acting as the controller of the month’s sense of action and rectification. This is the final point of creation reaching its ultimate purpose and end where the Yod of Adnut perfectly reflects in created reality the Yod of Havayah or mercy.

Virgo the betulah symbolizes God’s beloved bride, Israel, as well as the bride of the Song of Songs who says to her groom “I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me.” The word betulah appears for the first time in the Torah and this is the only time in description of a specific woman in praise of the matriarch Rebeccah prior to her marriage to Isaac. In Kabbalah the union of Isaac and Rebecca symbolizes a spiritual service of prayer and devotion to God through gematria as Isaac (Yitzchak equals 208) plus Rebecca (Rivka equals 307) which is 515 and equal to tefilah or prayer.

In Kabbalah the mother remains forever on the spiritual plane as a virgin who is in a continual state of teshuvah and tefilah with her ever new union with father never ceasing as two companions that will never part. With the coming of Mashiach such will be the state of the lower groom and his bride. Father and mother correspond to the first two letters of Havayah via the higher union between the groom and bride as well as to the son and daughter via the second two letters of Havayah found within the lower union.

The betulah symbolizes as well virgin Earth and the land of Israel destined to be married to the people of Israel as the prophet declared “As a young man marries a virgin so will your children marry you (the land of Israel)” in Isaiah 62:5. Here we see that the children marry Mother Earth who remains virgin Earth. The Earth represents the rectification of action as described above.

The sense of action is the sense and inner knowledge or gnosis that through devoted deeds of goodness one is always able to rectify any blemished or broken state of the human Soul. This is the sense necessary for working out the spiritual service of Elul through repentance and true teshuvah to God. Here one is never to despair. Instead one is inclined to fix a broken object or save a situation rather than throw it away. This sense is also one of organization and management of complex systems.

There is a mitzvah or commandment of action with regards to the tefilin shel yad that states it is to be performed on the left hand (the right hand puts it on the left hand) or sees to its being performed on the left hand as the left hand touches the heart. This teaches us that all rectified actions derive from the good emotions and intentions of our heart.

Worship of a virgin Earth or Mother Earth dates back before the development of patriarchal societies circa 3,000 BC which coincided with shifting from Lunar to Solar worship in Neolithic Europe. Traces of matriarchal societies reach backwards into Paleolithic periods through numerous Venus figurines discovered in Europe. This system of beliefs had close connections to the afterlife as seen in red ochre funerary rights.

Archaeological evidence now shows that the Earth may have once been viewed and worshiped as a living and breathing female being. Ancient texts and mythologies support these ideas of a primary goddess who was intimately associated to the Earth, fertility, and agriculture epitomized by Cybele a Phrygian Earth mother who represented the fertile Earth and was also a Goddess of caverns, mountains, and all natural phenomena. The Greek Cybil’s would later become the female oracles inspired to divination by the Gods.

In Greek mythology we find Demeter and Persephone telling the story of a mother who discovers that her daughter has been abducted by Hades who dragged Persephone into the underworld with him. Demeter as goddess of the harvest wreaked carnage and revenge upon the Earth by refusing to provide any crops. In the Hindu context the worship of a Mother entity can be traced back to early Vedic culture. The Rigveda calls the divine female power Maimata (R.V. 1.164.33) which is a term that literally means Mother Earth. In Malta which means home of the Mother Goddess a large number of female figurines were found in prehistoric Maltese temples built in the shape of Mother Earth leading to suggestions that this was once home to a matriarchal oracle culture. In Thebes and Delphi you will see this depicted as the Omphalus stones or naval stones symbolizing the great flood by referring to their function as plugs.

Self Examination Saturdays: A Forest Bath Meditation

Forest Bathing Also Known as Shinrin-Yoku

This is an inner journey to reacquaint one’s self with their own wild side and equally this is an outer journey into the wilderness. Connections to nature connect us with ourselves.

In this space we are able to notice our dreams, feelings, fears, and any images or other emotions that arise.

Begin the practice of listening to your heart by simply putting your hand over it and asking, “How are you today, heart?” and wait patiently for the answer. Approach the process in a way that feels true to you.

Take a moment to share a commitment to Earth. For instance, you may say something akin to:

“I commit to the beauty and joy of communing with Earth and coming into harmony with all of Nature. Dear Earth, I offer myself to you for these purposes.”

Many start their journey into the wilderness by going green at home. Eat natural, drink water, and nourish your body. Many people prefer to wear organic clothes like cotton, wool, and hemp for nature meditation. You do not have to go into the meditation with any goal. Just remain open.

Aim for a minimum of 20-30 minutes.

Ideally you should have the sounds of water and birds around you. Meditating in nature really means meditating where we are exposed to sensory information that reminds us of nature (bird’s singing, the feeling of the wind as it hits your face, etc.)

Tune-in to your body. Breathe in the forest!

Practice what is called the “5 Senses Meditation.” Meditating on your senses one at a time is the ideal way of meditating on nature because this attenuates your senses to the natural world around you.

Thich Nhat Hanh says “Walk as though kissing the Earth with your feet.”

Here is one of my favorite videos from Tokyo Explorer to assist with this prompt using binaural sounds (headphones recommended):