Teach Me Tuesdays: Should I Try Out Forensic Astrology?

“I joined a new therapy group for loneliness. Nobody turned up.” – Unknown

There are days where I’m completely stumped for inspiration. Then there are days that something shows up at random piquing my interest to set off on a journey of exploration. Today was the latter! Dig up some suspicious intimations with the provided underlined hyperlink text.


I’ve really never dabbled in this arena, but I stumbled today upon an article expressing views I could rightly get around when it explained that unlike most in traditional schools of exoteric/esoteric astrology we need to interpret asteroids, dwarf planets, centaurs, etc. in our charts because they are the blind spots we’re ignoring.

Imagine if you will when you learn or teach someone for the first time how to drive a vehicle. You’re about to parallel park or make a lane change or even a three point turn, but you never look in your mirrors. Get back to me on how well you think this will work in preventing a car accident or vehicular damage.

The science of astrology has many avenues we can take for education be that tight orbs, aspect patterns, transits, and so forth. Many are stuck within cliche format astrology which I spent months after rejection in the online communities soap box ranting about here at my blog when I also closed my business Twitter account.

I’ve continued to write/compose, but it propelled me back into part time 9-5 employment and seeking full time employment in abject disgust with cold readings and a desire to almost not want to fight for something I’m passionate about. It was not an “I can’t do it” attitude that I had, but the attitude of others taking such a stance that made me abjectly repulsed by their limiting beliefs.

To merge the physical and astral realms someone suggested we look to the asteroid Seeberg (8130) as a trigger which condenses on Earth in the 3D. There are correlations here to “Earthing” as discussed Saturday, placements of Saturn, Pluto, and Black Moon Lilith, and finally one’s ability to process data so that we properly see the tree in the forest.

This asteroid came into discovery in February of 1976 which I’ve found a theme here again when I mentioned the Phantasm franchise because it was created in 1979 the year I was born. The name of this asteroid originating from one P. Brosche in the former Seeberg Observatory now known as the Gotha Observatory of the town of Gotha. This observatory was visited in 1801 by Goethe.

Being that ancestral family immigrated as I’ve said from Germany/Denmark with a variety of Ashkenazi, Anglo Saxon, Norse, and minor Ethiopian Jewish/Middle Eastern genetics I’m not inherently sure if I’d want to visit the region or not. I previously explored another location such as this in my blog for astrological purposes realizing I’d prefer to never visit the locale now or in a future incarnation. Thanks very much!

I assume family immigrated to the United States for a valid reason. Probably something here to do with that theme of not living in the past and choosing to remain in the present or future timelines after all it seems the website requires the Wayback Machine; trying to not laugh.

Or maybe it is my lack of appeal when it comes to the divine rule/right of kings/queens because I’m not watching Game of Thrones as others do because I don’t like Netflix and chill.

Certainly not after my two medical leave of absences for the foot fractures/ligament surgeries I sustained and being on home lockdown during them non weight bearing where I had life experiences that for me personally forced me to endure circumstances with chronic pain, pharmaceutical and medical systems I was displeased with, and other unpleasant entanglements that caused a form of trauma I’ve been working to heal.

“What runs but never gets out of breath? A river!” – Unknown

I am a different kind of Leo who uses much of this the way as I’ve said working up to Master level Reiki implored that we should first heal ourselves before distance healing or taking clients in our business. I’ve consistently stated I use my ancestors as examples for my business astrology sample reports and myself rather than abuse relationships with clients by disclosing their personal information or prying into the lives of celebrities without their consent.

And doing my own shadow work is a way to properly heal my subconscious/unconscious as well as try to show that this is not always about self absorption, narcissism, or ego contrary to popular methodology. Everything begins with us if we want change in society through the sphere of influence we actually have to exert any sense of control or self rule in our lives.

But as usual I digress this observatory was in fact important as a center for astronomy where the first European meeting of astronomers began in 1798. The asteroid Seeberg thereby given this his or her story honors a 200th Anniversary of this conference.

For regular followers of my blog I chose this asteroid due to it’s proximal association to the mystical or spiritual importance of the truest sense of the word “liberation” where one’s love for life and creation strongly aspected gives one a superhuman depth of mind that is the basis of deeply psycho-metaphyiscal insights which others may not have.

When someone presents as operating from a higher consciousness being sensitive to recreating unfolding spiritual structures through psychological pressure by detecting veiled or occulted mental psycho-energetic vibrations their or other’s environment comes to a subjective as well as objective outlook of a particular time/place.

They begin to transcend the rat race and postmodernism of current societies offering to the world at large angelic encouragement, psychic understanding, esoteric breakthroughs, and clairvoyant talents.

Seeberg in forensic astrology shows where karmic predestination gravitates to the Eros function of one’s psyche rather than that of Thanatos. It has also been associated with magnetization or attraction and space travel observed from a position on Earth.

Persona Chart for Asteroid Seeberg

While I have made personal notation of this asteroid within my natal chart I am choosing for my readers to look upon the Persona chart for answers today. This chart should be one’s best friend because it is a tool which brings into focus the facets of our being through archetypal energies present within not just our psyche, but within our very soul signature.

If what you seek is intimate (in to me see) knowledge of self/other this is the best method for discernment. We would find by looking upon this interpretation that this asteroid is within my 2nd House of Aquarius at 19° harboring some interesting symbolism.

What do we know about the elements of fire and water? As I’ve said about Vedic rather than Western parlance this might be gandanta which can occur in the Leonine Magha nakshatra I’ve referenced.

A knot or difficult ending which we must unravel and reconcile for as the individual with these potent placements they deal with inner struggles and traumatic events in their personal relationships. We know that fire boils water and that water extinguishes a fire.

Here maximum spiritual development occurs. Fire in the South evokes passion, inspiration, intuition, creativity, and protection yet water in the West evokes fertility, wealth, strength, and wisdom. Even the Kozminsky interpretation of this degree has striking correspondences as seen below.

19° Aquarius: Setting Sun shining on a waterfall giving it the appearance of golden water.

Denotes one who has a graceful method of expressing his/her thoughts and who will reach their place when life’s midway has passed. They will accomplish much and his/her words will ring so that many will stop to listen. Their actions harmonize with their beliefs and their soul is serene. It is a symbol of Proclaiming.

“Feeling gourd-geous.” – Unknown

Our 2nd House is all about value and possessions. How do you earn or handle finances and take care of that which is yours? What sense of security do you have in your life? When we look upon a 2nd House Aquarius chart placement we see that one knows the importance of money, enjoys having it, but uses it as a tool to free themselves.

We refuse to sell our souls preferring multiple sources of income/employment going through the ups as well as downs of having abundance and then poverty riding the roller coaster of incarnation.

This makes sense to me as I have just been going through a glow up with my birthday and recent employment. We’ve managed to get the brakes done on my vehicle, upgraded my iPhone 8 Red to an iPhone 13 Alpine Green, and I’m still seeking or making considerations for how I might expand this online business or if I should adventure instead into full time employment putting this on the back burner.

At home the garden has been quite successful this year for the food was abundant allowing for us to share with others as well we’ve been able to care for nature including the fact that I’ve now noticed our zinnias are an attraction for a total of two hummingbirds as well as we’ve had several other pollinators from bees to wasps to butterflies as I’ve previously mentioned.

Some have taken photos of our garden as inspiration wanting to take up the same because many of us realize there has been a lot of speculation surrounding sourcing issues in recent times from a variety of factors be that human or climate engineered famines/weather crisis or just the simple fact that some legitimately could live in grocery deserts.

Succeeding at this organically has been a boost to my confidence because I believed in the past that no “I could not do it.” Now I’ve had family friends ask me for advice and asistance when they set up their own gardens referencing that I as I’ve said have not one, but two green thumbs.

In the Persona chart this asteroid is sesquiquadrate Moon, opposing Mercury and Jupiter, square Uranus, sextile Neptune, and trine Pluto. This placement forces us to look at the Divine Feminine and inner child for healing ensuring that we are responsive, receptive, reflective, and instinctual. Our brain is struck by lightning so we can draw insights quickly communicating the gems we discover with equally fast response times.

While our ideas are often resisted we unjam traffic congestion by bringing newfound opportunities to those who desire change. Our dream life and imagination are experimental opting for reforming and free thinking approaches to science, art, and psychology. Our eccentricities and individuality can make us harsh resisters of anything restraining or oppressing human rights causing us to call out any form of prejudice, injustice, or abuse of power.

So much is always bubbling up within us, but our karma and our structure keeps it down. The fantasies of the past and the future remove us from the present. This degree, though, is good at returning back to the present with a jolt and finding there the energy that is waiting to come forth which then works like flowing water to wear away resistance to the force of evolution.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Loud crushing noises as a glacier moves.” Evolution is the strongest force within the Universe, and when met with resistance can be slowed down, but never stopped. This degree is highly sensitive to forward movement feeling it happen even if only very minutely in the most stuck and entrenched situations.

It is an encourager of movement supporting all that is evolutionary doing this often in the most subtle and hidden of ways. For those in hopeless situations it often unwittingly plays the role of a hidden angel. Work with guardian angel Lecabel and daimon Foras.

“One gardener asks the other, “botany new plants?”” – Unknown

Daimon Foras connects us to the Eight of Pentacles, Mercury, Lemons, and Virgo. Do you have a problem that is difficult to resolve, but you’re struggling with finding clarity? This daimon will help you with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding by teaching you the value of self introspection.

Foras helps us to develop a healthy outlook when upkeeping our physical body by protecting us from emotional disturbances giving us a clearer mind that operates from a place of stability.

There is no fixed star for this degree, however, it is advised to work with Larvikite remembering the vital importance to look inwards and find our own love for ourselves rather than looking for something that is not there outside of ourselves.

Only you can give to yourself because those that lack for themselves are placed within a culture of survival rather than bonding. Focus on how letting go of the past allows for you to make a fresh start for yourself that blesses you with a happiness which is powerful and freeing.

You see when you know who you are, where you come from, and what you want you climb to a new level of personal power that allows you to represent yourself as one who moves beyond old wounds. It is then that you can go enjoy a well deserved break.

You can’t do anything with dead relationships especially if you’re dealing with those who emotionally or psychologically hurt others. Some are morally, spiritually, and ethically bankrupt thus you won’t find a shred of human decency in them.

Leos are magnanimous and Aquarians are humanitarians. The morning of the Leo New Moon was reminiscent of the total eclipse in 2017 where I missed work because I experienced extreme nausea, light headedness, dehydration, and a severe migraine.

When I looked around me all I saw was pastel paint splatters around me of pinks, yellows, and blues feeling as if I could pass out unconscious at any moment. The entire day was as draining for me energetically as was the 2017 eclipse. Both times I remained depleted and feeling utterly run down.

I was so ill on the Leo New Moon that I hope this won’t repeat on the Lionsgate because I sent a group text despite it angering certain team mates at my part time cosmetology job. I could not even write out the message relying upon microphone to not create absurdity through voice recognition.

It once wrote “clean Xbox” for Kleenex box making me wonder about our supposedly ingenious artificial intelligence yet again. Fake intelligence indeed! Context is everything and most of us don’t want the above going out in what may sometimes be important correspondence we wish to send.

Always care for yourself first and foremost. After all you can’t give to others until your own cup is full. Have an investigative Tuesday full of insightful potentials. 🦉💡

Self Examination Saturdays: Which Greek God/Goddess is Representing You Right Now?

Most people pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.” – Soren Kierkegaard

Use the underlined hyperlink text to discover and inquire into an archetype that I did not expect to study today.


This was the question I asked of a specific personal tarot reading because I’d already done personality tests for the Greek Gods/Goddesses and surprisingly this time my result also resonated to my Valentine’s Day blog post in February 2022 as I received Eros whose Roman counterpart is Cupid which I charted the asteroid of during the holiday. My previous matches for the Greek God/Goddess was Apollo and Athena.

Today is a good day to do a little research on Eros and to plot the asteroid briefly into an astrology chart. Me thinks I will try a Vedic Age Harmonic Chart since that will bring the most resonant energy for the present. I have one other blog post where I spoke to the differences between Eros and Thanatos as the drives which propel us through life. Let’s look a little closer into what Eros has to teach us.

Eros like Cupid issues arrows of love which has often also been depicted in Dante’s Paradiso throughout the cantos to symbolize not just love, but perfection be it Platonic or mystical. Some have argued this is another form also of Adonis whereby we find many religions including Protestant faiths had a tendency to reject Eros.

For example, Milton was divorced of the Court of Love code believing it was closely related to the sin of Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is here that a great many religious dogmas began to reject the institution of marriage.

The problem with this is that it also divorces Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine which is why we see problems within religious dogma where we have no balance/harmony between God/Goddess creating a schism in not just ourselves, but in all relationships.

“Every woman is strong, some are just quieter about it.” – Lori King

Now don’t get me wrong there is also the Hindu mythology of Kamadeva who did not survive Shiva’s Third Eye chakra being reduced to ashes. This is best illustrated through the Sacred India Tarot of the Four and Five of Lotuses. I was reading this particular entry and shocked yet again to see Magha mentioned albeit as a month in the Hindu festivals being born in the Magha nakshatra.

The problem with idealization is that the object of affection or the beloved is robbed and depersonalized regardless of gender. The beloved functions as a mere actor fulfilling the desires of the author/poet. They in essence have no agency which reminds me even further of my blog post on the problems with Sleeping Beauty. Idealization is a one way relationship devoid of internal substance.

Will the beloved be elevated to spiritual/ethereal ideal or function as the mirror of the author’s/poet’s projection of narcissistic ideal. Many modern concepts view this as masochism when the beloved has been reduced to servitude as the beloved has no autonomy. Shakespeare illustrated that the beloved engulfed by passion often carried a type of suffering.

This is of no surprise for the etymological definition of the word passion is taken from Latin passio and passus or patior all of which mean suffering, suffered, and I suffer. Proto-Indo-European uses peh for to hurt and Old English feond as devil/enemy while Gothic utilized faian for to blame. We see this in how it is likewise defined as an intensely powerful form of love and extreme hatred (mental disorders or madness).

As this happens to state what exactly are we trying to constellate?! It’s usually seen as an aspect of Pluto believe it or not in some astrology schools. A planet which stood for sexuality, eroticism, death, and seriously explosive crises where everything is reconstructed upon a brand new foundation.

I did find a PDF describing the healing power of this archetype. When I read some of this I simply shoulder shrug though. What else can one do when the answer to the question I asked of the tarot “Which Greek God/Goddess is Representing You Right Now?” turns up the reply of Eros. Not exactly what I personally expected for a reply. I sat there with a kind of blank stare.

Needless to say we will find asteroid Eros (433) in my Vedic Age Harmonic Chart hanging out in my 7th House Libra at 27° retrograde representing attraction through a soul depth level of love. While many mistake it for purely “sexual” this asteroid shows what one yearns for in terms of transcendental, divine, and passionate unions with another.

The best thing to do is to compare your chart to that of a potential partner looking for personal planets or angles in their chart that will touch the degree of your Eros signifying a fated love connection.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Eros

Asteroid Eros is sextile Sun and Mercury, biquintile Moon, and semisextile Pluto. Libra is Venus ruled adding another layer to this. Age Harmonics are a personal chart similar to a harp being played. Pluck a string and see how it resonates/vibrates thereby determining your unique frequency or tone. If partnered you will see how well the two of you make music together.

Generally speaking this is a placement ideal for spending time with loved ones while imbuing one with good social skills for making new friends. Mercury rules communication while Venus rules love and relationships therefore one should strike a balance between friendship and diplomacy.

One will enjoy pleasant environments having a strong aversion to anything coarse/aggressive. There is a drawback to this placement not unlike my Enneagram of 9w1 in that we avoid confrontation therefore we may miss out on challenging experiences which will strengthen our character. If necessary we seek the fighting skills of one who can defend us enlisting their help.

As someone who will be more sensitive than others we seek out laughter, games, and learning experiences that are unconventional. We unfortunately attract a lot of unhealthy people to us who wish to possess us which if not careful relationships can turn sadomasochistic if we don’t also set boundaries learning to simply say “no.”

With Eros in Libra love begins with the mind, but when we’re unappreciated in any relationship we become resentful and move on quickly. In the 7th House we best express ourselves in one to one relationships.

This degree best displays as the message contemplation, harmony, and peaceful surroundings renew my spirit when worked with Black Jade focusing on enjoying travel while encouraging others to broaden their horizons through a change of perspective. The affirmation is I accept that I’m made in the image of the Divine Masculine/Feminine.

Nothing is set in stone here and everything can be changed. The chart holder is refreshingly open and can help others to make changes they may have never thought themselves capable of making. They are difficult though to pin down and can frustrate other people sometimes by their lack of definiteness and certainty. Keeping options open and alive is their forte.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A black leopard beneath a full moon.” This degree has an intense awareness of its own emotional needs being determined to get them fulfilled. This only becomes negative when the needs it is aware of are not the true life sustaining ones, but rather those that fulfill a dysfunctional agenda.

There is a great awareness here of selfishness. Both one’s own as well as the selfishness of others. How much better to be aware of this than to deny or repress those impulses!

If this degree can realize the great spiritual importance of giving to others, and that karmically this is the only way to ultimately gain self fulfillment then the tremendous power of desire it has can be harnessed and used to further the evolution of both self and others. Work with guardian angel Anauel and daimon Andras.

Daimon Andras is associated with the Six of Swords, Moon, Amber, and Sagittarius. Working with Andras is akin to work with any psychopomp where one is taught to properly work with the dying/dead, shapeshifting, overthrowing existing hierarchies, and confrontation with those that choose to “bully” you. If you’re wise remember that silence sometimes is the best weapon. Be very accurate, polite, and observant.

One of the best descriptions of Andras would be to learn about Eris in Greek mythology or to locate her in your astrology chart. I’ve spent ample time learning about her. Think discord and strife. When plotted briefly in my Vedic Age Harmonic Chart separate from Eros you will find Asteroid Eris in my 9th House of Sagittarius.

I won’t be going into the nitty gritty details at this time. This placement is teaching from one’s personal wisdom while being open minded to various opinions. We’re at odds with cultural norms seeking expansion through foreign travel, higher mind, and freedom.

Dogmatic indoctrination and limitations of religion cause us to seek our own personal truths. We’re called digital nomads who take up online instruction, writing/blogging, and public speaking.

The fixed star on this degree is Delta Centaurus in Centaurus the Centaur. The origin of the word centaur is found within the words cento (to goad/prick) and tauros (bull) implying cattle herders. The Greeks used the word kenteo to imply goading, urging, and driving on.

While many confuse centaurs with the half human half horse or Chiron mythologies it actually is defining the occupation of cowboys rounding up herds of cattle while on horseback known as cowpokes. The Hebrew letter associated with this placement is Lamed as a cattle prod/shepherd’s staff.

Have a super out of this world Saturday! 💖