Self Examination Saturdays: Of Dragons and Magnetism

“How can you tell how much a dragon weighs? Well, they come with scales.” – Unknown

Thanks Shoebox! Family and friends seemed to enjoy this birthday card. I kept thinking it had something to do with Rahu, Ketu, and astrology!

Sometimes you start to really wonder who, what, when, where, why, and how can it be possible that so many synchronicities or coincidences keep following you around in life? It’s time to take a deep dive into mythology, spirituality, and occultism that has given chase this last week to its own tail via underlined hyperlink text.

I know it seems utterly annoying, but really I want to share with my frequent as well as new blog readers what I am studying to help them grow in knowledge also. That is why I constantly reference the underlined hyperlink text as an essential part of what I’m showcasing every time I compose or write.

🌘🐉🧲☄️ features some really unbelievable speculative astrology, but in light of our recent Leo New Moon as well as my birthday I decided I would be game and stretch myself into the fictional realms of re-investigating the Great Attractor first discussed in May of 2022.

I’d previously made notation of the Great Attractor, and then today I saw this otherworldly perhaps not even real Infrared Dragon. Both can be found under their additional objects feature of extended charts within the list of fixed stars.

The Infrared Dragon unlike the Great Attractor came to my mind for multiple reasons, but first because this theme was rather recurrent during my birthday from the 3D printed red dragon to the card my step father bequeathed me with as seen above.

The follow up to this anecdotal theory being that if Ketu as well as Regulus rule Magha nakshatra and we previously discussed precession of the equinoxes whereby Regulus transitioned to zero point Virgo then couldn’t we investigate some theology.

After all most spiritual texts deal in astrotheology as well as metaphyics/esoteric lore. Is that dragon, Draco, or nagas?! I began to really question certain themes online, in magazines/newspapers, or via the tell-a-lie vision recently with reference to mainstream media as well as the supposed truth community around dis-ease as of late.

Reason being no one was realizing how the neural linguistic programming of our propaganda machines and/or corporate institutions were preying upon the public. The problem being not enough people can decode to recognize they’re being “pwned” to use some older slang.

I said this before you have two options in life; fear or love! It’s your choice how to operate your 3D experience in terms of if you ascend/descend or evolve rather than go through involution.

These tidbits may be older, but they certainly spoke to this theme of where my mind has been going in circles perhaps with Virgoan analysis paralysis. August 23 after all would be slowly approaching us after the Lionsgate of 8/8/2022.

This one is pretty “touchy” though and even as I’m enclosing it I really want my blog readers to understand not everything that I read or share do I always 100% agree with either. When on the internet sometimes we have to agree to disagree from time to time with certain beliefs that don’t add up for ourselves.

Although I’m fully aware of what atavism is as well I’m hugely or rather largely against human trafficking, sexual slavery, and other forms of debauchery especially that which deals with children or those not yet ready to effectively understand consent who may be taken advantage of and thereby abused.

In the act of rape after all grown adults can’t seem to even comprehend the definition of consensual so how can we always expect a child to fully or functionally not be victimized/traumatized as well. This goes very well with the videos I watched recently on where my Jupiter was in my Vedic chart within Ashlesha nakshatra.

The full hour to hour and a half video I located was quite insightful in explaining the gandanta between Cancer/Leo which makes sense if anyone observes the differences I have in my Western/Tropical or Vedic/Sidereal placements especially for the Sun as well as the Moon or other planetary placements.

You see within the theology of Revelation we find the story of the red dragon as a heavenly sign often times describing the constellation Virgo and the remnant of Israel. It’s the esoteric story of a red dragon who is perfectly poised between the legs of the virgin preparing to birth Christ or Universal/Cosmic consciousness via the birth canal who will have this depiction of the adversary lying in wait to devour the promised child.

Roughly around September of 2017 Jupiter was placed here and some people took liberty at that time to spread rumors of fear porn around the configurations depicted in the as above so below. But why? Because fear and sex sell! It’s all about profit, money, and sometimes even corruption! Karma and dharma again. Some simply don’t care about morals/ethics believing much in life to be meaningless because they enjoy nihilism or hate idealism. Some take great pride in eroding societies or the good of others.

“A determined cat has furtitude.” – Anonymous

These socks were a birthday gift. The tag says “hotsox” which sounds like a pun on hot sauce to me also.

Perhaps I reference hot sauce with “hotsox” because we had lunch at a taco restaurant where a sign also read “Tacocat spelled backwards is tacocat.”

Metaphysically the entire book of Revelation, but especially Revelation 12 is dealing in the Mother archetype through Wisdom or Sophia by allegory with a prototype of what many call the Divine Feminine. To some this astrotheological representation is of the Moon reflecting the light of the Sun which governs the tides on Earth and woman’s menstrual cycles.

There is the added layer of the Virgo constellation which pulls from the Greek or Hellenized Leto pursued by the dragon Python escaping to the island where she births Apollo and Artemis.

What has been missed by several is the Sethian or Ophite take that speaks to a basilisk astral god or Abrasax. Another hint to Regulus as fixed star as well as the studies I’ve extensively done on being born with Magha nakshatra for my lunar placement in the Vedic system.

Deeper proof of this might be seen in Nag Hammadi texts. These parallels deal heavily in the old Demiurge theme, but really go further to Egypt again with the hints to Isis, Osiris, and Horus.

βασιλεύς being the etymological equivalent of chief, master, king, lord, patron, and a mythical snake like dragon/tree dwelling lizard of the genus Basilliscus (basilisk). It is via the Latin etymology of Regulus that we find the connection to βασιλεύς and basilisk. Abraxas is another word play that derives from Coptic and Hebrew through Har Brakha or blessing.

Depicted often with the head of a rooster, hawk, or lion, the body of a human, and the tail of a serpent it is Carl Jung who in 1916 via The Seven Sermons to the Dead denoted that this displays the union of opposites into one being which is best displayed as the union of the Christian God and the Devil. The Yin Yang being a far better representation of this from Monad to Dyad and vice versa.

Before we look upon some astrology for the day we can now comfortably return to a smidgen of information further on the Great Attractor for those who have not been regular followers. This vast black hole larger than the Galactic Center sits nestled in the heart of the Milky way. Located within Sagittarius this anomaly has been described as the source of roughly two billion light years of our Universe/Cosmos.

Astronomers believe it to be both creator as well as destroyer acting as an energy which draws everything nearby towards it yet at the same time sending out multidimensional consciousness in the form of light which is downloaded via proper attunement of the Crown chakra in those that are awakened enough to receive from this hologram of truth. Therefore any planet or point in a chart shows when a soul takes to task the lesson of working with this electromagnetic field during their incarnation.

Lunar Return Chart for the Great Attractor and Infrared Dragon

While today I took great pains to focus upon a Lunar Return chart via Vedic/Sidereal designations I did notice a great many aspects in my Western/Tropical placements ranging from trines, quintiles, oppositions, semisextiles, and sextiles alike. But to get a more present comprehension I wanted to really focus and hone in on what was presently transpiring.

Therefore today what we would be investigating is the Great Attractor stationed within my 3rd House of Scorpio at 19° opposing Venus, sesquiquadrate Mars, and trine Chiron the Wounded Healer. The Infared Dragon, however, is nestled within my 1st House of Libra at 3° trine Mercury and Saturn, opposing Mars, square Pluto, and sesquiquadrate Venus.

Comparatively the 3rd House is transportation, communication, thinking patterns, and education particularly the delivery of messages through reading and writing or even phone calls while the 1st House deals in self awareness, the physical body, new beginnings, and how we initiate in life.

Put another way this is where one is always telling people what should be otherwise obvious and common knowledge which leads the audience to have an “ah-ha” moment of enlightenment. Experiences are transformed by taking ideas from one area and applying them to another.

These placements are summed up as the colossal free spirit encouraging others to enjoy life everyday without regret. If we do not find professions that suit our creative talents and love of enjoyment we may develop an aversion to hard work and responsibility.

We should not overextend ourselves rather we need to approach more of life effortlessly. If we appear mature beyond our years or even demanding/bossy of others it is only because we seek to bring to any environment hope and healing by merging the physical with the metaphysical.

Hidden in these degrees we find the following messages. That which was only a concept moves towards becoming a living reality which awakens us to the community of higher beings in which we dwell. When we allow the energy of sadness to find a way out of our being we ourselves find a way into higher levels of consciousness. Giving into transformation causes the transmutation to become ever more pure and intense.

A deeply renewing effect on our mind gives one the ability to communicate more effectively with others. When we get above the illusions of this world, even to a small extent, we find an inner sanctum within that allows in light, air, and provides us with a place to re-energize ourselves. Work with guardian angel Yezalel and daimon Beleth.

Daimon Beleth is associated with the Five of Wands, Gold, Dill, and Leo. You can read or learn more about this degree by re-visiting my blog post from July 4, 2022 when we celebrated Independence Day.

You will benefit by working with Titanium Quartz to develop innate intelligence backed up with witty communication that bolsters your clairaudience abilities. When one accepts the patterns of thought and action they transfer these insights to others by processing facts, speaking honestly, and adding their own valuable insight. The affirmation is I hear and share messages from the Divine.

The chart holder sees things always in a way that is new and different from the norm. Somehow the usual assumptions and biases that most people take for granted just don’t stick to them. This is a wonderful quality and can manifest as great insight. Do not allow the negative reactions of others to cause doubt in what is possible to be given.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An inaccurate imaginative map of the world.” When there’s something the chart holder doesn’t know they can always make it up and through doing this can access what’s inside by a process of projecting it on the outside world. The challenge here is to not get reality confused with one’s speculations.

As more information becomes available in the map one can always modify it making for a more accurate and detailed picture. There is a great value, though, in speculation before facts are known for it stimulates further exploration which is something this degree very much loves to do. Work with guardian angel Rehael and daimon Decarabia.

Daimon Decarabia represents the Seven of Swords, Moon, Lavender, and Aquarius. This daimon will assist one with dissolving situations that act as blockages in life especially those where others are working to deceive. Decarabia specializes in all things feminine so often times one will learn about precious stones, herbs, and the astral planes.

This fixed star is upon Nodus I in Draco the Dragon. At one point this was known as Al ‘Auhakan or the Two Black Ravens. Kabbalists associate this with the Hebrew letter Mem and the tarot trump Death. Didn’t Odin have two black ravens? I guess this goes with the mead on my birthday as reference to Odin’s Skull that I was also given. We have not finished the mead yet though.

Benefits of Citrine for this degree will express as a necessary rebirth where success, clarity, and energy helps one cope with difficult problems by developing new concepts that harness the energies of The Sun tarot trump. The affirmation is I let the past go to embrace today.

We’ve had honey as well as bumble bees. Secondarily, many paper wasps as well as a cicada killer wasp. Thirdly, we have had several swallowtail variety butterflies and a regularly visiting hummingbird in our zinnias.

Then there are the squirrels, a stray cat (cats are always venturing through the garden stray or otherwise), and several green anoles or other lizards as well as some exceedingly large grasshoppers recently. Above is a honey bee, harvested roma tomatoes, a black feather, and various plants.

Being that I chose to look upon this Lunar Return chart from a Vedic/Sidereal aspect I managed to distill the corresponding nakshatras to both placements. We might best surmise from this that the Great Attractor is within this speculative venture sending messages through the Jyeshtha lunar mansion which can be further elucidated via the following whiteboard video.

It is sometimes seen as the archetype of those who feel born to dominate or tell it like it is which I definitely realize I tend to have a severe streak of bluntness sometimes.

The Infrared Dragon would disclose a different disposition altogether in that it would ask that we dream the new into being, but deeper than that we begin to find here the concept of “Earthing” takes center stage pulling from Hasta or the hand which has located the spark of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within itself as well as all things reflected yet seeks fervently to manifest the intangible where creation might be witnessed by way of our five senses.

Here we can view meditation and programming technique videos to help flesh out some concepts we might find fascinating.

When you hear “Earthing” think of grounding where our skin needs actual contact with the soil, water, and other conductive surfaces that imbue us with a mildly negative charge because in our modern ways of life we are pretty disconnect to the planet building up excess positive charge. When we add the negative charge in proper proportion we neutralize the states returning to harmony/balance.

For me the act of gardening allows for this and while with my myriad foot injuries I don’t generally walk around barefoot because I have to kinesthetic tape my left ankle or wear orthotics with running shoes it is through constant contact with caring for my plants via my two green thumbs that I’m told I proudly have I gain a lot of contact with our planet especially doing this organic.

Some believe this process aids in reducing inflammation, chronic pain, and lowering stress. There can also be seen improved sleep/circadian rhythms, improved adrenal health, and less contact with EMF when we step outside of the confined areas permeated with constant technological advancements.

I hope everyone paid a particular case of attention to the above description for the Libra 3° in that it mentions speculative astrology is done purely for doing things against the grain or as they call it the norm. It is an act of consideration where the limits of common in the box logic/rationale does not always marry perfectly with the imaginative.

As I have previously said in my studies I walk to the beat of my own drum which is why I’ve taken a solo participation path and generally don’t agree on every point completely with the standards of normative cultural approaches. Somewhere I read that Ketu is a liberating classroom that very much prefers to get out of the limitations others continue to impose on consciousness.

Mine looks much more like a melting pot of soup or a tossed salad! It may taste pretty bad to some while others may really find that the chef is just eccentric!

The Infrared Dragon might be relating as I said above to the September 2017 fear porn display courtesy of countless proponents of theories online all due to something NASA of all organizations put on the world wide web. Virality and groupthink sometimes just encourage unhealthy digestion more like grabbing a Pepcid for heartburn on the account of GERD being triggered.

Videos around this time period showed the close proximity of what the Skyview Infrared Telescope located precisely near Virgo, Leo, and most assuredly Regulus which again brings me back to my consistent musings of being born in Magha nakshatra.

Remember I mentioned eccentric chefs and meals that may be unappealing above. I forgot to state that it could also be a ramen or stew when we reach for absolutely anything still edible yet unspoiled which may be utilized as the leftovers found within someone’s refrigerator in an attempt to not create waste.

Jupiter at that moment in time was in Libra almost exactly aligned with what many wanted to say was the Revelation prophecies. The only decent themes one person posited through esoteric understanding was that the prophet or savior being born in today’s societies is being targeted the moment it incarnates which is true because our consciousness is faced with a continual barrage of dogma and legalism or limiting beliefs cradle to grave.

Like myself they took notice of the Virgo Supercluster as well as a few other pivotal locations in the heavens. I covered my lunar nodes prior at the very beginning of my blog entries when I was just setting out in here. However, let’s all get real about something.

Those may stick with us for life being the natal representation, but we must not neglect to look at the present energies of any transits be they daily, monthly, or yearly. Ironically Ketu takes no prisoners in the aim to remove attachments. What Ketu does support is a rebuilding or a starting over, but only after you’ve learned to let go or be dragged through the mud first. Ketu guards moksha, liberation, and is a strict instructor.

Have an introspective Saturday and best wishes! 🧐💕

I did not secure any changes in employment as of yet. I’m not complaining. I’ll just keep looking for opportunities and putting myself out there. Ultimately retail is not going to be something I’m going to wish to continue in long term with the strain it causes me via being on my feet all day for several hours each week. I really hope to secure something full time in administrative/reception at some point. You know goals to strive for.

Things are somewhat calming down in life for a bit even at my part time cosmetology job for now. Sleeping on this entry to return for proofing later has allowed me to gain further insights and clarity to share/expand a bit further what I perhaps really wanted to get on paper so to speak even if that paper was digital in nature. Lord knows I mist-titled my blog entry with “reflection” not “examination” which prompted me to change my URL slug as well.

Never blog on a day where you’re full of brain farts if you’re battling your own perfectionism complex.

“A dragon that is exceptional in juggling can be called talon-ted!” – Unknown

Fun Quote Fridays: A Companion Piece on Spica

“They may not tell you what you want to hear, but they will tell you what you need to know.” – Unknown

“The most important thing I have done is to combine something esoteric with a practical issue that affects many people.”

  • Benoit Mandelbrot

“Many people suffer from the fear of finding oneself alone, and so they don’t find themselves at all.”

  • Unknown

“When you write about esoteric things, it can be way out there.”

  • James Van Praagh

“In mystical traditions, it is one’s own readiness that makes experiences exoteric or esoteric. The secret isn’t that you’re not being told. The secret is that you’re not able to hear.”

  • Ram Dass

“I’m too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener.”

  • Anonymous

“A time comes when it isn’t enough to read about Buddha, we wish to have that happen to ourselves. That’s when we move from the exoteric to the esoteric, from religion to mysticism.”

  • Frederick Lenz

“Psychology claims that when you can’t sleep at night, you are actually awake in someone’s dream.”

  • Anonymous

Sometimes I just put filler and fluff in here. I’m hoping that it will interest someone besides myself, but I could be entirely incorrect on such pursuits. Either way I’ve left the usual underlined hyperlink text to warp drive you to various locales.


I kind of had another one of those what to publish moments so I decided to attach this one to my recent tarot reading and previous blog post I composed about Virgo.

I simply ran an Age Harmonic chart for the fixed star Spica curious as to where the wheat sheaf/branch was presently in an offhand manner of filling the gap. Someone can tell me if it’s confirmation bias or a synchronicity later when they observe the quirks of what has manifested in my life experiences.

Most everyone seems to misinterpret a lot of the esoteric or even astrology’s purpose. In Virgo, for example, which resonates perhaps to the theme of the tarot trump of the Hermit there is a purpose found of integrating with the self. It is here that we seek a new beginning, a break from tradition, and new forms of life that leave behind our sense of helplessness.

All forms are temporary and transitory so we’re often seeking love through manners that may not always be healthy. The ultimate life goal being to learn unconditional love or love without attachment. This is the meaning often associated with spiritual or higher love. Virgo asks that we freely share the qualities we keep hidden from others.

Ultimately this is the only zodiacal sign represented by the Divine Feminine often representing creativity when in the Maiden aspect, nurturing in the Mother aspect, and intelligent yet sometimes pedantic in the Crone aspect. It is also the zodiacal sign known to govern our hands, abdomen/intestines, spleen, and nervous system.

This would definitely match much of my more recent health concerns including neuropathy post foot fracture/surgery. And as stated there is that belief for some of us albeit is not widely accepted that Magha nakshatra ruled by Ketu with Regulus due to precession of the equinoxes has transpired to zero point Virgo.

Hinduism often identified Spica not as a wheat sheaf, but rather as Citra with the symbolism of a bright lamp or even a pearl. Around 300 BC it is believed that Alexandrian Timochares observed Spica with Regulus and 150 years later Hipparchos would be indebted to the discovery whereupon precession of the equinoxes became at least a bit more widely accepted.

There is another lesser association by Kabbalists with Spica specifically through the Hebrew letter Gimel and the tarot trump The Empress.

Age Harmonic Chart for Spica

Spica in my Age Harmonic chart aligns itself in the 5th House of Leo at 11° biquintile Mercury and opposing Neptune. As I enter my 43rd year on Earth we find that this chart explores the areas of rectification. Kabbalists would refer to this as one’s personal tikkun.

For those a bit more familiar with Tohu during creation they would comprehend that this means one must elevate or ascend to a degree of holiness often through proper intention in mystical meditation, during prayer, or while fulfilling a mitzvot.

Essentially if sin is missing one’s mark to use an archery term one would seek to purify any transgression towards a merit. The goal being restoration to a proper cosmic order rather than allowing impurity to remain.

But these could become abstract arguments not worth getting too involved in for most of us. The reason being we would then fall into the online debates of gap, ruin, and reconstruction theories that are like the commentary one has still today with those who espouse flat Earth all over the world wide web that I vehemently avoid like the plague. I just don’t want to even waste energy in those arenas of discourse.

On another hand though we could apply this to our lives. For example, over the expanse of a lifetime on Earth we could experience seasons of blight, drought, and lack on a personal level be that psychologically, emotionally, financially, or spiritually. Other times we might experience moments where we feel exceedingly abundant, blessed, and grateful.

If we were to really grasp this we’d see that tohu describes the states of consciousness known as confusion and argumentativeness especially when we’re gripped with finding anything to be meaningless. With bohu we experience emptiness and the void essentially implying what we feel via our emotional body is destitute as if there is no return on our investments in life.

This is where we get the phrase all is vanity often found in Ecclesiastes. It is to enter a state of believing all effort in life is one of futility. Potentially one enters nihilism.

Spica for me could be best summed up as the following. I enjoy expressing my ideas creatively not simply understanding the mechanics of how I associate details in life or make decisions regarding the path I walk. Rather I avoid ego battles by being upfront and direct to reduce risk of being misunderstood.

The ego I’ve chosen to develop is mastered through spiritual gifts, compassion, idealism, and creative talents in writing, dance, fashion, and music.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do.” – Unknown

When the chart holder tries to control anything they find that they lose the power of being in the moment and true to themselves. They need to give up control and allow whatever needs to to flow to stream out of them. This can be scary to do, and if they pull back in midstream and attempt to reassert control they will find themselves stuck in an endless loop. Trust in the deepest layer of creative urges is the way out of the problem.

The Chandra symbol for this degree is “A boy removing a thorn from his foot.” Something is bothering the chart holder and they’re trying to understand it. This may be something they’re angry about or something they can’t stop thinking about. It’s impeding their forward motion. There’s a need to stop what they’re doing and investigate.

The stopping and focusing on one specific thing of this symbol is the opposite of moving forward with multiple areas of focus. To remove the thorn the chart holder may have to dig deeper. They may be writing all these stories because they are trying to keep themselves so busy that they can avoid the pain of the thorn.

In this degree there is always something the chart holder is very sensitive to and a need to locate as well as understand that sensitivity. Something is wanting to come out of them so allow it to do so. Work with guardian angel Harahel and daimon Orias.

Daimon Orias is connected with the Six of Cups, Moon, Scorpio, and Sealwort (Solomon’s Seal). This daimon is great for transformation of one’s physical self by acting as a personal trainer for one’s will to assist them in getting phyiscally fit/healthy.

If you’re looking for the motivation to eat healthy foods, take up an exercise routine, or upgrade your appearance then working with Orias is a plus. Other special areas where you might be assisted by Orias fall into learning the virtues of the planets and stars through the study of astrology as well as gaining respect in securing positions of high esteem.

This degree should work with Dragon Blood Jasper renewing their enjoyment of nature, relaxation, and carefree play while remembering to make time to enjoy the simple joys found in daily life. The affirmation is at this moment I am free, elated, and contented with myself.

Have a felicitous Friday! Much love and zaniness being sent your way. I tried to proofread, but am again very tired after a long week. Probably why I’ve been sleeping so hard most nights recently. Happens when you’re working more than one job plus other responsibilities. 🤗💖

PS: I had a small panic attack today when I realized I’m this huge freedom advocate especially as a free speech believer, but felt self conscious about my blog in terms of what I write/express. I realized I was feeling a need to self censor just to people please everyone else. Some days I dislike my brain/emotions because I swear I feel like I’m a hot mess. Is this even normal or have I lost my sanity?! Insert foot in mouth.

It’s worse when someone else encourages you to keep writing, and you’re in harsh self critique mode. Don’t ask you don’t want to know.

Fun Quote Fridays: The Heavenly One

“What do you win in a space talent competition? A constellation prize.” – Anonymous

“You suppose that you’re the trouble,
But you’re really the cure.
You suppose that you’re the lock in the door
But you’re really the key that opens it.

It’s too bad you want to be someone else.
You don’t see your own face, your own beauty.
Yet, no one’s face is more beautiful than yours. “

  • Rumi

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale of a strange star crossed girl who is in love with the strange/peculiar. Please enjoy the underlined hyperlink text as it traverses the realms of the Outer Limits and Twilight Zone!


I’m a bit short on time today with working my part time cosmetology job as well as chores so I’m using one quote today instead of my standard seven. Today we are taking a brief look at Asteroid Urania (30) in my Age Harmonic Chart.

The placement of Urania in any astrology chart helps us to discover the way our mind navigates through our unique perspective of existence. This asteroid is named for the Greek muse of astronomy.

What mental spheres might be engaged with in order to come into your own inner sense of knowledge or gnosis? This asteroid shows what practices you will be drawn to such as numerology, astrology, astronomy, music, rhythm, Divine inspiration, and sacred geometry.

This determines whatever is your personal muse that helps you flow in life. Asteroid Urania will display the systems, symbols, and structures which call to you personally directing your intelligence, understanding, and mental organization of what reality is.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Urania

We can find Asteroid Urania in my 3rd House of Gemini at 21° with the Moon and Imum Coeli. The Imum Coeli in Gemini indicates curiosity since one was a child as well as a person who has a difficult time making decisions and lacking confidence. They will doubt everything and be forced to learn to trust their intuition/instincts. Their intelligence and capability comes through appropriately applied time and focus.

The 3rd House is indicative of our flexibility, intelligence, and in depth analytic capabilities regarding communication, career, health, etc. Here we find one’s hobbies, creativity, and their communication style is akin to the fields of technology, television, and news casting.

Opportunities for expression here are conducted via research, writing, teaching, public relations, self promotion, and sales/marketing. This sounds a lot like my astrology/esoterics business and blog.

The only aspect Asteroid Urania makes is sesquiquadrate Neptune and semisextile Saturn. This placement is one where the child felt that others should come before them, but now as they have grown up they realize it’s time to stand up for themselves.

Their imagination is well developed and they will begin pursuing spiritual goals. Unwilling to follow the status quo or accepted views of traditionally conformist society this is a person who desires stimulation through forward looking worldviews.

This placement and the aspects create a quick learner who is open minded with developed psychic abilities who can lucid dream and has a talent for occult subjects such as astrology. They enjoy telling stories that are enlivening and they prefer to learn via the internet where they can share ideas and meet new people. Other areas they enjoy are mathematics and science.

This degree’s energy is best expressed through the following description. The chart holder has an instinct for finding just the right stimuli needed to break out of old restrictive patterns. They sense stuck places both in themselves and others being naturally drawn to affecting them by their words and actions.

This can be wonderfully healing. The problem is that people may resist their input because it can be painful. If this is the case they need to move on to those who are receptive to their energy.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Wine casks retrieved from an ancient shipwreck.” We are dealing with something from the past which has been restricted, tight, and obstructed which when intensively worked upon becomes open so that new energy is allowed in.

That which has been temporarily lost and has been waiting to be used for a long time is found again. Hopefully the time elapsed has helped to bring it to perfection. This degree is about going back and correcting what went wrong while rediscovering what was lost. Work with guardian angel Haziel and daimon Paimon.

“Why did the star keep going to school? So it could get brighter.” – Anonymous

Daimon Paimon is connected with the Six of Pentacles, Mercury, Bindweed, and Gemini. This daimon excels at providing you with knowledge of the arts and sciences or mysteries regarding Earth, the order of angels, and out of body experiences such as astral projection, remote viewing, or aetheric (akasha) projection.

Ketu ruled nakshatras such as Magha which I was born into tend to excel at out of body experiences or even astral projection. Our Shakti gift is to leave the body. We all need to “grow up” spiritually! The time was yesterday!

This degree sits upon the fixed star Capella the mother goat in Auriga the Charioteer. Known as the Little She-goat Capella derives from the diminutive Capra through Greek, Cabrilla through Spain, and Chevre through France. Previously this star was known as Amalthea the nursemaid of Jupiter and the mother of Haedi.

Amalthea accommodated Jupiter/Zues/Jove as her foster child. She was repaid with heaven. Her relation with the broken goat’s horn as the cornucopia references the Horn of Plenty or Lithuanian symbol of a “food bearer.”

The Denderah Zodiac displays this as a mummified cat in an outstretched hand of a male figure crowned with feathers which was important in temple worship of the Egyptian deity Ptah the Opener.

India considered this fixed star sacred to Brahma of the Rig Veda. Peruvians associated Capella with Colca referencing shepherds. Kabbalists associate this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Samech as well as the tarot trump The Devil.

We always get the Devil wrong because most of society is walking ignorant through fundamentalist religion known as the exoteric teachings never desiring to learn the esoteric as I do. Some don’t want to teach it and others frankly are content to remain ignorant.

I never was happy to embrace dogmatic religions or warming pews. Churches can offer great charity to community, but they also breed terrible crimes against humanity such as the Inquisition, Crusades, and Salem Witch Trials. I’ll two hands and two feet pass with that thanks!

I’ve been a cross culture student even reading the Bible/Torah, Tao, Koran, and additional spiritual views across cultures so I can’t do legalism and orthodoxy. It will kill me to follow that path!

A point of contention with me is those who see God/Goddess through fear rather than love and who think their creator advocates murder to proselytize and win someone to their cause. Or that rigid and absurd beliefs or ritualistic practices make them superior in their faith.

Just don’t come near me or I’ll throw a novel of proof from the his or her story of our pasts that will show you how much goes wrong with fundamentalist exoteric religion.

I’m definitely more mystic and usually test as an ecstatic. I prefer to understand it through yoga or yoke especially Bhakti, kundalini, and tantra. To me the Divine is in everything and we should honor this place as well as animals, nature, and fellow humans with such regard. Not that I always get this correct. As a human I still have to work on my Emotional IQ!

Boy if this Hebrew letter does not resonate with me right now as I near my 43rd birthday on July 26th. Have a bewitching and captivating Friday! Lots of love and light! 🥰🌟

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I may pay out of my own pocket for most of this endeavor though since I am working and have a smaller audience presently.

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: An Energized Cavalier Fuels Our Journey

“Sometimes destiny is so cruel because you’ll never know where it will take you.” – Unknown

Is it all just a game? Who knows, but maybe the underlined hyperlink text will help fill in the blanks for you! Ready, set, get mouse clicking! Thursday comes early as I have work tomorrow at my part time cosmetology job…


I used my Tarot of the Witches deck today and received the Knight of Batons/Wands who embodies the active/creative side of the Divine Masculine motivated and moving us with swift action towards our goals. Often displayed in full armor on horseback the Knights of any courtly tarot deck signify the powers of the Hebrew letter Yod as well as the element of fire when we speak to the batons/wands.

Esoterically this particular Knight is referencing the lightning flash associated with Chokmah displaying the qualities of wisdom and raw uncompromising will. We will usually find on this particular card in any tarot deck a black horse with the attributions of Mars ruling Scorpio 20° to Sagittarius 20° best emulating the constellation Hercules as seen bearing a club.

We might see the element of air through wind which carries him forward. When this card is received in the upright it signifies swiftness, a person who is hard to pin down, travel, and philosophy. We should guard against rushing things. There may be a situation ahead where decisive action is called for. Watch your instincts and emotions ensuring that what you follow nurtures your inner true self.

The Knight of Batons/Wands reaches deep into the psyche illuminating darkness through The Sun, but if our goal is not something worthwhile we may be putting our energies into that which is not productive causing harm to our general health and spiritual growth. It is associated with the 51st Hexagram.

Hexagram 51:

I’ve edited this card to place a rainbow above our Knight as well as displayed Egypt for a little more significance, but I am sure a few won’t recognize these particular allegorical symbols without a few clues. It happens to deal with much of what my continued blogging through much of 2021-2022 has spoken about in detail.

We could also investigate this through the game of chess, but I’m sure some may simply be uninterested. Have a victorious and blessed Thursday! 🔥🎯💯

Critter feature! Honey bee in the borage (backyard garden) with mushrooms in the roma tomatoes and another sunflower opening. Lazy lizard at the front door sprawled out and chill! When you’re organic nature decides to move on in and make your garden home!
Keeping bzzzy! 🐝

Wisdom Wednesday’s: The 10 Plagues Explained Esoterically

“Each man knows the plague of his own heart.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

No astrology today; purely esoterics. The underlined hyperlink text is a spiritual jaunt.


Last night I watched an ASMR from Exodus that focused on baby Moses being found. This came after watching an ASMR by the same artist which was a purification ritual in Egypt with also a lice check within the role play. I subscribe to several ASMR artists and tarot readers in my spare time albeit my business has no real audience or support itself. There is a lack of symbiotic relating here, but I imagine my spiritual journey is requiring me to drop my ego also which is not very easy. Thanks Ketu and Magha whom I have been reading about extensively on my pursuit of moksha or nirvana.

In my journey to explore my beliefs I looked years ago to the Pagan Book of Hours really it was pure curiosity (it kills cats/Leos alike) and was awestruck to study the rituals for my birthday each year. I usually received the Solstitium (the Solstices) or an Invocation of the Celtic Ogham Tinne with the Holly matching my Celtic tree astrology sign.

What I wonder is if the photographer ever realized how much pareidolia he created for me when he photographed me with my mom in front of a Christmas tree and fireplace with stockings hung. Details you can not see unless you are present in my bedroom with my wealth altar. What was the photographer thinking or was it unconscious and a Freudian slip?!

It introduced to me to the idea of the Hekatombaion which I was completely ignorant of. I was given that year the Aphrodisia so I had much to catch up on.

For some this was a bathing festival in dedication of Aphrodite Pandemos (Aphrodite of All Peoples) and Peitho (Persuasion), her helper, who were considered powerful Goddesses since archaic periods like the worship of Ishtar. They are Goddesses of war and statecraft as well as love.

In ritual the temple is purified (in ancient times with the blood of a dove which was Aphrodite’s bird) and the altar was anointed. Today pagans might dedicate an unblemished rose to her or anoint their altar with pure rose oil. Apples and apple blossoms or myrtle sprays may be used. Finally a sacred image of Aphrodite may be carried in a procession to a place where it is washed.

I also had Day of the Spindle Tree. What is fascinating is I traced this to being referenced as the Burning Bush of all hilarious things. You can locate this through the Pagan Book of Hours which instructs one to invoke the Green Man of the Spindle Tree.

The Euonymus Alatus (Burning Bush) or The Winged Spindle Tree

Passover reminded me of the year my family allowed me to embrace my Ashkenazi Jewish roots as I ultimately was not raised in any church setting. My best friend in high school came from a Catholic family which influenced my 20s, and I became a full fledged Catholic at 21. I have previously blogged that my spiritual journey has been an odd one as I have tried to understand exactly why I took the path I did growing up. I never routinely attended church due to on/off working in retail. Catholic now always shocks me that I chose that path, but then I was attending church often with my best friend during high school and my first years of college. New definition of peer pressure?! I don’t know; she was my sponsor through RCIA. Long story short as I’ve said I did not know my ancestral roots till my maternal grandfather passed, and I inherited what I did. Family was not really investigating our DNA after all. We were not inherently interested in even investing in the new science around such practices.

When most of your weekends or holidays are spent earning a living you can’t develop a relationship spiritually although as an esotericst I am glad I was not indoctrinated via dogmatism or exoterics. My mother raised me with a view I should learn all faiths and then decide my belief structure. But I recognize I am so eclectic I don’t belong anywhere as I do not like rigid rituals or rules. I do my own thing, and I despise communities with legalism as I can not work in that environment. Solitary yet again.

Today I am going to try to explain the Biblical 10 Plagues which also are a part of Passover esoterically to my audience to the best of my abilities. I am not perfect at this. But for most of the Jewish holidays when I celebrated them at home with family I did a lot of the ritual work and taught it to my parents as a female. This includes waving the lulav/etrog during Sukkot. I also learned to become creative with matzah as I began to get really tired of it fast so I was making pizza or desert with it by covering it in homemade caramel, chocolate, nuts, coconut, etc. Kind of the same as my vegan macaroni and grilled cheese sandwich I make during winter.

The last two to three weeks of blog posts will illustrate or help my blog audience grasp why I chose this topic at present I believe. I advise you to investigate those blog posts for clarification. For the record my mom is doing well at healing from pneumonia. I’m still personal assistant or “woman” of the house with some of the chores, but she has been regaining her energy and starting to slowly participate more in the world of the living compared to the world of poor health. My allergies have greatly improved thankfully as well.

I previously wrote in my Quran studies that Moses is a level of consciousness which is concerned with morality that serves a purpose in disciplining one’s thoughts acting as preparation for spiritual law (life/creative intelligence and wholeness). The plagues of Egypt signify our right and proper ability to recognize the vital center of our organism known as the generative/life center as having a place within the economy of the Divine yet spiritual humanity should never become obsessed/addicted in the mere animal processes of life generation solely through sex. This is what brings the plagues of Egypt known as disease upon humanity. Ironic given 3/4 of exoteric people I meet insist I get married, have babies, and that is fulfilling the be fruitful and multiply.

Excuse me; what?! This is some very absurd logic.

Moses also indicates an evolutionary impulse towards spiritual unfoldment via a learning process whereby practicing the law of cause and effect leads towards spiritual awareness which is our promised land. Moses is not spiritual rather he is more of our cause and effect impulse, obedience, and agency for it which is actually a very important factor.

Egypt represents a realm of substance and life within the depths of our body consciousness which is full of darkness/ignorance and mystery which can be described as our subjective/subconscious mind. This is also known as flesh consciousness, sense consciousness, and materialistic consciousness.

Pharaoh acts as ruler of the Sun or our brain/nerve centers which physiologists name the Solar Plexus chakra as well teaching that the brain of our body directs our circulation, digestion, assimilation, etc. Intellectual students discovered that the Solar Plexus chakra is the organ where a ruling thought acts and this hardened heart will not let God’s/Goddess’ people go. I’ve delved into this within the last week in discussing my recent health crisis alongside my mom’s.

Physically Egypt is a portion of our body below the diaphragm. The various plagues brought upon the Egyptians by the Lord via Moses are symbolic representations of what occurs in this part of our organism when our presiding intelligence opposes any influx of the higher life/mind. Therefore the bloody waters, frogs, lice, flies, murrain, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, and death of the first born may all be found in the various diseases of our bowels, kidneys, and other organs of our body as named by doctors. A very large number of these diseases are the result of mental resistance to spiritual consciousness which is working widely in all of collective humanity.

The first plague is blood. Blood expresses spiritual principles which have been introduced into your race mind via the purified Christ consciousness. This spiritual principle rests on pure ideals; and manifests in mind/body in concrete forms when rightly appropriated. It can be appropriated and used for purification of the mind and the healing of the body.

Frogs teach that we must keep our thoughts proportioned between the manifest and the unmanifest. When we wish to keep our body we must hold it within a proper relationship with the manifest. If our consciousness affirms a spiritual origin our physical development of the body allows for a true relationship with both spiritual and material realms to be maintained. When we concentrate entirely on either the spiritual or the material we fail to maintain proper proportions that we as physically expressed/embodied souls must maintain in order to live harmoniously. To think exclusively on any one subject the manifestation becomes out of proportion and any one of these forms of plague appears.

A soul that is in bondage to Pharaoh is being prepared for freedom or liberty whereby the spiritual consciousness acts in two ways. One of these ways will be a forward movement as illustrated in the Biblical narrative of Exodus personified as Moses which means drawn out. The opposite way is an upward movement personified as Aaron which translates as mountaineer. The importance of these two movements is shown in spiritual consciousness personified as the children of Israel led forward and upward in an ascension by successive steps taken towards God/Goddess.

The spiritual is always superior to the materialistic which consumes the manifestations of the materialistic as shown via the rod serpents. This can annul its own manifestations as well as the manifestations which are materialistic thereby healing the plague of frogs.

Lice indicates symptoms within where unhealthy submission exists which can be productive or destructive. Being a humble student in life’s lessons is a noble character trait teaching that to surrender one’s ego to a higher truth is the foundation for all spiritual growth the exact same as the capacity to confess to an error/wrongdoing. Healthy humility and submission is different from destructive humility which crushes one’s spirit and dulls their zest for life. This type of submission causes one to think of themselves as worthless.. Like lice this level of consciousness is parasitic sucking a person’s blood and depriving them of their vitality or energy.

Horde is a swarm of devouring beasts attacking Egypt symbolic of one’s unhealthy ambition. Ambition is a great gift in life acting as an engine which drives humanity to achieve greatness and make a difference in their world. If we don’t refine this then our ambitions will turn us into devouring beasts which crush and destroy the people we perceive to be standing in the way of the fulfillment of our goals.

Pestilence matches my previous blog post about having archetypal consciousness of Apollo and Athena. Greek mythology shows that Apollo was a God of Light residing in the Sun. He was a healer and purifier, but light and heat are not always beneficial. Apollo was also the sender of pestilence and destruction. Sunlight without water burns up crops and brings forth pestilence.

Boils is in fact an epidemic. It is brutal rejection that becomes the epidemic. The physical embodiment of false compassion is an epidemic which harms people silently. Kabbalists teach that compassion is more powerful and enduring than love. Love can overlook the flaws of a beloved one. Compassion takes into consideration all of our flaws and extends a helping heart and hand regardless.

Boils engender a fire where the soul’s capacity to reject is like a bonfire. Verbal rebuff scorches and demolishes the one who is rejected. Rejection is an act of traveling inward and upward into one’s own world removing one’s self from the people and the events around them. A healthy soul needs to know how to reject the same as it must know when and how to embrace. One may be called upon to refuse a destructive urge, to sever an unhealthy relationship, or to say no to a spoiled child or an unethical business offer. That is healthy, but if our capacity for rejection turns into hate, bitterness, or abject cruelty we become destructive.

Pink Floyd: On The Turning Away

Hail suggests selfish love and when water as a state of consciousness descends from the higher planes to the lower planes it should embody generosity and loving-kindness. Kabbalah suggests our flow of love may be compared to the flow of water which can act as a force for irrigation or nourishment to a human or animal soul via its refreshing vibration.

If in bondage to Egypt one’s inner knowledge or gnosis is only an icy frozen form of love which is self-seeking and self-centered in intent. One’s flow of love becomes cold and frozen exactly like hail which harms their loved ones instead of nurturing them. Excessive self love is that which is ablaze with egotistical passions. The hail which falls in Egypt is born of the nature of coldness displayed towards another coupled with warmth displayed towards one’s self.

Locusts are of a perverted form of rationality and intelligence. Our ability to perform acts of intellectual inquiry or scrutiny represent the most precious gift within the human race. This allows us to explore the universe, improve our lives, and discover a higher moral/ethical calling.

This can likewise serve as a tool to rationalize every evil practiced under the Sun while justifying every destructive lifestyle or habit which Kabbalists call the evil inclination and relate to Satan/the adversary. The locusts that consumed all the existing plants in Egypt leaves in its wake barren soil. A corrupt mind will uproot every existing moral/ethical structure or established sacred foundation in an effort to leave in its wake a desolate society bereft of spiritual values and absolute principles. This is the tragedy of Egyptian intellectualism where one becomes so open minded that their brains figuratively fall out.

Imogen Heap: Plague Songs Glittering Cloud (a song about the Biblical locusts)

Darkness is the ignorance of the sense consciousness and an absence of Truth or light consciousness. One’s undeveloped potential is caused via a lack of love. Our ability to conceive of new original ideas can become inaccessible. A mind keenly realizing its limitations and borders must suspend its intellectual ego to open itself up to a higher mind. When one is arrogant and smug they deprive their mind of any ability to experience illumination constricted forever into a narrow tunnel vision of life.

Death of the first born of every state of consciousness or the personal “I Am” occurs lastly. A flood of light from the universal is let in through our declaration of the one love-wisdom where mortal states of consciousness are slain. There is a great cry in Egypt for there was not a house where there was not one dead.

This is death of one’s identity. Our initial instincts and motives lie beneath the surface of our conscious self within a dimension of our personality that is more difficult to violate as it is hidden/inaccessible. Habitual lifestyles of ongoing addiction and abuse bring about the death of the first born or super consciousness. With this plague the Jewish people are set free and are well on their way to receive the Ten Commandments used to reverse the perverted faculties of a diseased soul allowing one to express harmony and splendor of their individualized Divine essence.

The Tree of Life is better described as follows:

  • Kether is super consciousness.
  • Chokmah is creativity/imagination.
  • Binah is intelligence.
  • Chesed is loving-kindness.
  • Geburah is rejection.
  • Tiferet is compassion.
  • Netzach is aspirations/dreams.
  • Hod is submission/humility.
  • Yesod is empathy/sympathy.
  • Malchut is self assurance.

Anyone interested in some of my studies I found the following series as well:

Folds, Fractals, and Holograms

Post foot fracture as I have discussed while on gabapentin and tramadol I went through a consciousness changing experience. During this period of two months amidst side effects like passing out in the bathroom after a shower, lying on a tile floor unconscious, and waking up later I was only able to process astrology, philosophy, and quantum physics. Anything else put in front of me I experienced words on the pages or screen floating and moving around. Ultimately I have never quite been the same woman, and I somewhat feel as if I lost the person I once was. So I can admit I sometimes hate the change as I have felt unsure if I consented to this via my doctors or the pharmaceutical industries with pain management.

Largely because I learned how to heal in a more wholistic and safer manner which did not require psychotropic like drugs. There is a lot I do not put online or share of my truth. Some of it is too personal and some of it would take too long to explain to you. Instead I confide mostly in my mother of what my experience was the same as my near death anaphylaxis experience at 26 to sodium lauryl sulfates and derivatives or my extreme allergies and Eustachian tube dysfunction in my right ear which left me deaf for months one year. Honestly I do not have a good support group, and I manage a lot independently on my own which allows me to critically think for myself.

Yogi Tea Fortunes (I Collect Strange Things)

Todays positive affirmation is as follows.

1. With confidence and purpose I seek out like-minded successful people.


Heals morale


Symbolizing instinctive fulfillment of emotional, physical, and survival needs. Focuses attention on being an adventurer who enjoys courageous activities while motivating others to accomplish their goals.

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Have a superb Wednesday! Best wishes! 🎋🧧

Self Examination Saturdays: Through the Looking Glass Darkly (Alice’s Book of Nonsense)

Symmetry as self organizing systems extend into animal markings, tree bark, cloud patterns, and many other areas of nature.

A few months ago I had a tarot reading done long before I began my business, and I do take these as a bit of entertainment. I also love them for the insight they bring to viewing the Universe we live in through a new perspective which I previously may not have had. If you don’t follow my blog as it seems to be an ever building story where daily entries further previous blog posts it may make absolutely zero sense to you.

I need you to take another magic carpet ride on the underlined hyperlink text. 🧞‍♂️

The key points from the decks my tarot reader used resonated to me then and they still do now as we enter 2022. What did this reading point out you ask? Channeled messages always come in my eyes to us requiring further decoding so I am always analyzing them like a lunatic! I am only covering the most important parts because I want to share another idea here for my business that may come in the extended future. I woke up today having forgotten that this idea was a concept that long ago began my fervent love for astrology and archetypal studies through Jungian foundations. It entered my consciousness then the same as it does now as I have said before about mythology and the tapes/stories we tell that it is these which are meant for us to unravel their encoded language to unlock our higher self within them. Then as I began this business I learned quickly I have no audience for what I am even setting out to accomplish.

It falls on deaf ears now, and I feel like it will bear no fruit which is really causing me creative blocks I have to acknowledge and release! It is literally like a chakra imbalance and a psychic death spiral for me. I am not a fan of thanatos death drive on any given day although I know it has it’s purpose in existential realities. Again that fish out of water feeling which I won’t elaborate on. What I need is to get unstuck! I sleep on it, wake up with what feels like automatic writing, and like my head is going to explode if I don’t scramble messages together as soon as they come to me! I can’t explain this to anyone who does not feel like two different people in one body. Do actual creative types deal with this like “real artists” and is this why it is foreign to me? I did not normally feel like this before I began deep diving into esoterics. Is it supposed to feel like you’re possessed by something else and spurred onward.

“If a fish is the movement of water embodied, given shape, then cat is a diagram and pattern of subtle air.” – Doris Lessing
  • Sirian Starseed Energy: This is not that difficult for anyone to really comprehend if they understand cultural origins. Sirius is called the Dog Star and was the star of Mercury, Thoth, and Buddha which has been called the Great Instructor of Humankind. The Sun, Sirius, and the source of Logoic mind (manas) like the Pleiades in esoterica is connected to the evolution of consciousness via the Seven Rishis alongside Venus being responsible for the coming in of our Universal mind through the Earth. Here the Lords of Karma are under rulership of the Sirian Lord of Karma. This consciousness in the Solar Logos and Sirian Logos is the human ego within our human personalities. This makes those from this starseed individuation based to use a Jungian term. For those who enjoyed the movie Avatar this might make more sense through an archetypal lens. Cosmic avatars/starseeds represent embodied energies from the cosmic centers which tie into Sirius and one of the seven stars from the Great Bear constellation which is ensouled by our own cosmic center. For more info:

The Star in the East & The Three Kings

For those who really enjoy getting “lost” in esoteric concepts there’s always a journey to places such as The Voice of Silence – Earth/Sirius Connections.

  • Arcturian Starseed Energy: This has more to do with the psychology of Virgo which I covered previously and as 3/4 of my astrology always falls in the 10th/11th Houses of Leo and Virgo it makes sense. The brightest star in the virgin is ourselves. Here is an explosion of consciousness within us that regardless of religious dogma is very important so we cut down the branch of the cosmic Tree of Life and attach it to the vine or light within us. Meditation on our individual as well as collective Divine light within is what Abrahamic scriptures allegorically describe as the vine that countless Christians talk about and reject at an exoteric level. A sanctimonious religious people always will have a great trouble with this as they are always looking outside of themselves and yet their Jesus proclaimed that the Kingdom of God is within. This is very reminiscent of Carl Jung’s quote, and I am paraphrasing this “he who looks within awakens and he who looks outside of himself sleeps/dreams.” Kabbalah would show that this branch is the Christ within which is born out of Virgin consciousness which happens when we leave thought behind to meditate on the light of our spirit. There are ancient origins of Virgo in the Temple of Dendera fond in ancient Egypt 4000 BC. Virgo is presented here as Isis who gave birth to Horus.

Arcturian starseeds are part of the Virgoan third decan in astrology through Bootes. Bootes is a constellation bordered by Virgo to the south which means “ploughman/herdsman” and in Arabic Arcturus means “he cometh.” Jesus said “I am the vine, you are the branch.” You attach yourself to the vine to bear fruit during meditation as God/Goddess flows through you. Muphride is a star in the left thigh of Bootes meaning “he who separates.” He separates the wheat from the tares. In your meditation you separate yourself from your lower nature and raise yourself to the higher self in your third eye. You must also separate yourself in the stillness of meditation from the rest of the world. Nekka is a star in the head of Bootes which means “the pierced” which is described in spiritual texts. Hare Krishna was pierced by an arrow through his heel and attached to the cosmic Tree of Life. On the cross Jesus had the five piercings giving the five wounds symbolizing the five senses. For you your mind must be pierced by the light of God/Goddess through meditation and you must be crucified in the skull of Golgotha so that you fulfill your spiritual destiny or life’s purpose. You are therefore crucified on the cosmic Tree of Life by sacrificing your five senses. In Bootes he holds a sickle in his left hand and in the Bible you have the passage Revelation 14:15. One who comes to harvest the seed planted by God/Goddess in meditation.

  • Venus and Earth Teleportation: Honestly I could only think of this with my astrology chart due to the studies on the Castle/Seer configuration which looks like the Kiss of Venus in sacred geometry as regards my talks of participation mystique in psychoanalysis. I have a 7th House Taurus as Venus ruled and a 12th House Libra also Venus ruled. Some random insight is going to come to me later I know it because my brain always works that way. If I go far enough down the rabbit holes I  will find the strangest of beliefs from virtually every human and self professed guru inhabiting Earth which is also part and parcel with memetics, NLP, etc. largely used to “control” a person/populace which again connects also to vibration/frequency.
  • Taking Back Your Power as a Divine Feminine: The Divine Feminine symbolizes life itself which is associated with creation, nurturance, intuition, and empathy available within each and every one of us. Feminine energy is a creative force bringing everything into existence. In nature you see this creation of life every day. When the Divine Feminine in any woman receives a seed from the Divine Masculine she will nurture it into a physical body for a conscious being. The right side of our brains link to our Divine Feminine energy providing us with empathy, intuition, and a need for continual spiritual growth.

A strong sense of justice, balance, and morality from our Divine Feminine energy encourages us to look beyond what appears to be. Women are more advanced emotionally with a stronger awareness of their thoughts and feelings making them much more vulnerable and open to intimacy. Men, more so than women, need to work on awakening their Divine Feminine energy to tap into their emotions and the joys of intimacy. This energy works at the subconscious level and has no need to become aggressive in order to achieve what it wants to explaining why most women prefer passive resistance through manipulation to avoid heated arguments and confrontations with others. This energy trait is usually successful in resolving conflicts peacefully.

  • Stargazer Oracle Card: At first I thought this was just my love for astrology and astronomy. Then I read the card message: “Set your sights higher.” I am still trying to figure this out! It comes from the Angels and Ancestors deck. I will probably be pondering this for I do not know how long trying to decipher it. The message of the card says: “Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” – Gail Devers

Stargazer acknowledges the wise and intuitive part of one’s self which can become inspired with a vision or calling that can lead them to create something new in the world. They don’t need to be special to be chosen. They get their calling simply because they are here, alive, and present on the planet right now. They have talents, gifts, and experiences unique to them. The Universe uses them as the vehicle for that Universal expression. So when an idea comes as a sudden flash of insight and an idea is banging around in their head or heart which won’t let them go they are being called to express that higher vibration and vision.

  • Phoenix: I am just going to leave this here. If I get into Goetia everyone will think I am weird in case they don’t already think I am weird, but I have certainly studied bits of this and then put it down out of lack of interest in pursuing it any further. And there is a direct tie back into Kabbalah with Yesod, the Moon, the number 9, and creativity.
  • Alchemy: I will also just leave this here. You can see why social media with Twitter pissed me off when I get “pop” astrologers saying they do not want to work on their projections and shadows. My response is so I have a bunch of infants or monkeys on my back throwing their guano all over. Someone has to clean up that mess and your Mother is not going to do it. I suggest you grow the $&@%# up already! Tough love is going to settle into my consciousness.

Compassion does not mean you disrespect others or leave them to do your share of the workload. Take your “I” and recognize it is nowhere in the word “team” and your “me” needs to recognize there is a “we” present here. Again my attitude can get triggered as I was not raised in a family that tolerates laziness and entitlement culture. You want to earn something you best put some effort into it.

  • Akashic Records Guardian Consciousness: Akasha is a Sanskrit term employed in teaching about God/Goddess with mystical insights referred to as “indestructible tablets of astral light” recording both the past and future of human thoughts and actions. Some believe that the Buddha taught that two things are eternal which is akasha and nirvana. Everything has come out of akasha in obedience to a law of motion inherent within it and passes away. No thing ever comes out of nothing and everything is held to a permanency of records in the akasha with a potential capacity of humanity to read these records when they have evolved to the stage of true individual enlightenment

This non-physical vibrational energy record of everything that has ever happened to every soul that has ever existed is located in the immense collective consciousness of the Universe. Therefore, the Akashic Records are an intergalactic source of endless files which consist of every thought, word, and accomplishment of every eternal being throughout all time and space. This “library” holds all the records of each soul’s journey through infinity which many usually don’t remember yet revisit in their dreams, meditation, and hypnosis sessions. Humans are born with amnesia and don’t remember what they’ve done in the past and what they are here to do in this actual lifetime.

Certain humans are born with special spiritual gifts and do remember yet many who actually don’t have these talents have instead misinterpreted the Akashic Records creating confusion in humanity. Akashic Records are usually accessed via hypnotherapy sessions or are available through self-hypnosis meditation where one visualizes the past and future. The caution is that these visions can imprint onto your many incarnations. The purpose of reading the Akashic Records is that it serves as a puzzle solver where you are able to understand repeated patterns of your life to heal your subconscious and unconscious ailments at their root cause.

I mentioned briefly that I was studying palmistry, but I find it can become a bit complex in all honesty so I’ve also put that down for now.

  • My DNA encoding protects knowledge, wisdom, and traditions I was told.

I imagine everyone’s DNA encoding does this only many don’t grasp the esoteric concept of this perhaps. Entanglement?! I would prefer to not get into gematria at this time. It is a discussion for another day if I ever cover it with my business. Unfortunately or fortunately due to perspectives being unique to each of us post foot fractures I got put on a drug cocktail for pain management which inadvertently changed my consciousness. I legitimately could only process quantum physics. If you put any other topic or book in front of me words moved on the pages as if floating and my brain shut down or I slept 13 hour days as it was pyschotropic and thus changing neurotransmission in my nervous system. I have never been the same, and I quit this cocktail cold turkey curing myself of chronic pain wholistically with nutrition and diet. Now I warn everyone of this as it was contraindicated yet doctors put me on the cocktail. I worked in medical malpractice law previously and the cocktail I was put on causes suicidal ideation which is exactly why I quit cold turkey now having a resentment towards pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals who come off as inept to me.

I took my health into my own hands and look at those who don’t as being ignorant in life! That was two months of abject hell on Earth for me as I felt I lost part of myself and could not find her. If you have read my previous blog posts you know about my fractured foot and left ankle ligament surgeries. Also for those with literally no Vulcan mind meld brain anyone like me born into Magha nakshatra is advised to avoid “drugs” as we can’t handle them without risk of a silver chord cut which in metaphysics means we would suffer suicidal ideation or die. This is why I likewise had anaphylaxis with SLS and derivatives at 26 as well as I am concerned over PEG related adjuvants. I usually opt med exempt to a lot. My doctors also have expressed they’d prefer not to take on unnecessary risks probably because when they used to ask me what I did for a profession and got told I work in medical malpractice law they started quickly scribbling in my file. I guess that would be a bit triggering to hear. Now that I don’t work in that field they still really don’t want to risk harming someone usually because I tend to make myself pretty clear about my boundaries.

At 26 this happened way after any window of observation and at 3 AM I was in an ER needing help. Not that modern society would probably care because they ignore people like me who issue these warnings that you could kill someone if you are not acting responsibly. Order followers don’t think for themselves sometimes they do as they’re told like mindless drones. Please do not make me elaborate here on this from knowledge in medical malpractice law also! SLS is in countless beauty and household chemicals. I have totally re-configured my life now and had to re-educate part of my family due to the risk it poses to my existence. Many companies I stopped supporting due to this as I had to change everything I use in my beauty care and home cleaning like laundry detergents, toilet bowl cleaners, etc. Chemical fragrance is also a huge problem for me. I will develop an immediate response to it with inflammation and sensitization which means I only use essential oils now. If you wear chemical fragrance you can harm me, and I ask you to not do this to me.

I am uninsured and what you are wearing is actually toxic to your health as well so I won’t have empathy for you because you should know the wiser with regards to endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, etc. Your free will choice for death should not risk my life. Yes, I am being blunt. If it was you, your niece/nephew, brother/sister, aunt/uncle, husband/wife, son/daughter, etc. how would you feel? Anyone?! Bueller?! It took a person with MCAS to tell me they understand how I feel. Everyone else simply looks at me like a freak of nature and acts soulless with regards to another’s well being. If human’s are not careful the mirror will reflect that back to them also in how I treat them. It is time for them to recognize this as a truth that we seem to be having some communication breakdown akin to a Led Zeppelin song. Hopefully by now someone gets the memo!

Herbal and Essential Oil Knowledge: I assume we mean my garden perhaps. I am not entirely sure what food, flowers, or herbs will be planted in 2022. I usually don’t plant till Spring as we can receive fluke winter fronts. So I will have to sit down and write out a list after I look at my established seed storage again.

Work with Archangel Raphael and Merlin: I guess I can leave these here also.

Archangel Raphael:

Yoga Esoteric

Spiritual Experience

Merlin Archetype:

Know Your Archetype

Was Merlin Even Real

For that matter was anything even real or are we all in a giant simulation. Never mind!

  • Humans merged their consciousness completely and wholly with their technology as well they were DNA hybridized with these starseed races in the past.

There is conscious need to ensure the above his or her story does not repeat again as it will mean the destruction of the human genome/species as a whole and entirety causing humanity to go completely extinct. It will not exist on the face of Earth ever again after it repeats that timeline in the present now moment. If humans choose to continue this path their extinction is assured as they will be replaced and seen as obsolete with no value or worth in that timeline. It is always about free will choice. You create your realities and timelines! Choose wisely!

The last two may be too woo woo airy fairy for some, but that was the channeled message I received in that months old tarot reading. It makes sense to me given what I see happening in science with STEM. I can totally grasp this when we play God/Goddess and consider something junk DNA. If you mess with computer code you can improve it or you can break it giving it malware and viruses. Hacking life is the same as hacking any mobile or desktop device. There could certainly be some very unforeseeable consequences that literally no one gives a $&@%# about except those who act from prudence. Others well it’s all about fiat or crypto currency, and I’m leaving it there. I’m still considering that both are in fact illusions or maya in the energy exchange we keep using to sell or maybe prostitute ourselves into bondage/slavery. But then someone will think I’m an utter pessimist put on Earth to torment my audience. Be glad you were not the teacher in elementary school explaining finance to me. I looked at her straight in the face with my standard look of “what moron cracked this concept up.” I’m still trying to wrap my head around the constructs humans live by willingly or otherwise. She’s very lucky at that age I did not say anything in class verbally and it was simply a look of WTAF. This is also probably why I got picked on by my peers. I really don’t understand some of the things humans are doing even now. I sit, observe, and family usually hears some strange commentary.

It stands to basic reason and rationale that if you alter the human or plant/animal genome enough the species will no longer be what it was originally and will become a mutant or entirely new creation perhaps a chimaera of sorts. Maybe a Star Trek Borg or Data android even. Just taking a few wild guesses. It is something I myself won’t discuss right now other than to say certain boundaries again I do not wish to cross! I have instead Pinhead from the Hellraiser series in my brain explaining to me the inherent risks of a humanity that chose to explore certain regions too far with some less than stellar outcomes for doing so mostly because humanity just got bored of all things. I mean come on…

This is why our house had some funny decor though. On one wall you saw a poster for the movie The Ten Commandments and on the opposite you saw Pinhead from the Hellraiser franchise. I’m hearing more Led Zeppelin again.

Those who refuse to comply with the “plan” are the ones society shuns, ridicules, and rejects. This is due to the fact that these tactics can mold or shape a society. No one likes to feel ostracized and outcast although some don’t give a guano. Humanity wants to belong or we would not see the number of cliques we see today reminiscent to me of my childhood in school. I preferred to be different not a follower. Something about being unique not a copy cat. I also think of robots as lacking something which humans possess and these robots won’t be capable of ever having that uniqueness that makes humanity what they are! It goes without saying most say everything was already hybridized, but I’ll stick to my organic gardening thank you very much. We’re in a world where everyone thinks to achieve better means we have to keep exploring regions unknown. That could look more like this.

I think humanity prefers to go into the uncharted with little regard for the consequences till their choice is irreversible and the damage is done. Exploration outside of our comfort zone is great when we do so while remaining logical with our choices. Taken too far we might in fact wake up one day with regrets or romanticize what we lost like paradise and our relationship to the Divine. One day you won’t be able to ever reclaim that relationship.

I have already set up six astrology reports, but in the vein of creative writing nearly a decade ago I did a personal report for myself using Alice in Wonderland themed asteroids. It was one of the funnest explorations I had ever done at the time. Our entire experience in esoterics speaks about our “mirror” reality and the shadow self as doppelgänger. I found doing this to be extremely cathartic as I have a leather bound book of Lewis Carroll stories, mathematics, etc. I do not want to take up a lot of time and space right now so I leave you with just two asteroids. I studied my natal and transits. I wonder if this kind of astrology chart would appeal to anyone in society at all. I am trying to figure out my niche and how to drive or popularize it to those who can’t get out of their comfort zone the way I can.

Not your normal deck of playing cards!

I will use Sabian symbols for one asteroid right now and Chandra for the other. These do not have to be used, but I love the rich layers they always bring to any astrology reading and I have been toying with if I should use them for any potential clients.

Asteroid Jabberwock’s natal position for me is at 9th House Gemini 27° with a 12th House Libra transit at 11°. We know that the 9th House in esoteric not exoteric deals with one’s path, ancient wisdom teachings, synthesis of all world religions/spiritual practices, cosmic law, higher mind, and the Akashic Records. But “pop” astrology is not acknowledging this at all! 12th House esoteric not exoteric is unredeemed past incarnational karma, inversion of the soul’s force, selfless service to humanity, access to collective repositories of past incarnations, and resurrection in service to the world soul.

Gemini 27° teaches that there is a desire to achieve the impossible. It takes any person a great deal of bravery to be a foreigner or an outcast yet still venture out into society seeking its rewards or enticements. This speaks of there not being much financial resources or conventional accreditation behind the person who wishes to achieve the impossible (I AM possible!). It could be due to the constraints of unhelpful and unwilling friends or family that has held one back from being able to ever strike out on their own. This degree indicates one who is wanting and trying to participate even if they don’t initially command respect or acceptance. It is difficult, but with perseverance it becomes rewarding. This degree seeks a place to truly call home while setting their sights high and going for it.

Libra 11° shows that through gaining wisdom and then passing on that same knowledge to another who is in fact receptive to the teachings creates a “New World.” It can also indicate the channeling of pure instinctual knowledge. Our true inner knowledge (gnosis) is not conventional at all rather it is a modern conceptualization passed on about this “New World.” All those silly conventional certifications of knowledge such as diplomas and degrees are actually of zero importance for it’s what’s being brought through that’s important. Look within, be a guiding light, seek the truth, teach the “New World,” and use your instinctual knowledge (gnosis).

Asteroid Redqueen natal position for me is at 8th House Taurus 24° with a 4th House Pisces transit at 25°. We know that the 8th House in esoteric not exoteric deals with discipleship, rebirth into the consciousness of the soul, transmutation of personal desire into group wishes, and liberation into world service and victory of the soul. 4th House esoteric not exoteric is family and genetic karma, the Mother principal from which we all came, and the ashram of a Master (spiritual home of the disciple).

Taurus 24° appears to be at first glance someone with a handicap. So how exactly has this individual miraculously made it to adulthood (they’re not a child) without eating. The degree speaks of a very deep and primitive form of independence implying this individual is beyond words and is a person of action dealing with tangibles more than concepts. The Kabbalah tells us of a great importance to be found in even very small things so our researcher is in fact highly observant like Sherlock Holmes. They can deduce much from scant information turning what seems like a very little into a great richness.


A man with no mouth.

Nothing to say, everything to do. The self cannot be articulated because it is far too busily pressed out into emergency mobilization twenty-four hours a day. No personal life, no personal world, no personal self. Just fantastic availability to the call, the collective vigil, entered upon willingly and selflessly. The demands and rigors of this position and stance are punishing and extreme. You are so hardpressed, so rabidly attentive that nothing else exists. The assignment is clear, brutally so. Be on the spot at every level, maintain order, keep everything going and stay tuned to everything unusual and strange. Follow it out, keep it in your sights and make absolutely sure that you stay sober, integrity sworn and minutely diligent to hold the center and uphold the law with a steadfastness that is beyond belief, and simply true.

Pisces 25° shows that the shock of anything unexpected wakes us up so that we see our reality in completely new ways. There is nothing to be afraid of here, but the people and animals did not know until normalcy returns. Even though solar eclipses only happen about twice a year this degree lives continually in that state of surprise which the eclipse has produced. They are always tapping in to the strangeness of life as well as the energies which are forever at work beneath the surface beyond the pale that our perceptions have erected.

This ability to tap in to a greater reality allows one to shock others into new awareness which brings in that which was living in their subconscious and unconscious The Moon in alignment with the consciousness of the Sun allows us to gain insight into the hidden aspects of ourselves we otherwise could not know. All of this happens quite spontaneously and surprisingly.


People and animals frightened during an eclipse.

Going deep and going far, yet emotionally afraid and bereft. Impelled by great force of being to carry on with destiny strides forward; you are periodically swamped by onslaughts of everything feared coming true. Being certain and being terrorized. The exquisite gift of pulling yourself through the enactment of personal, collective, and ancestral nightmares. You feel a consecration to what is coming into being on the expanded horizon, and a warrior’s courage in always going back and grappling with the lingering shadows. A mission that cannot be refused. And a sense of purpose that defies its own collapse and rises from the ashes repeatedly.

These characters should be easy for those familiar with Alice in Wonderland to grasp. For others I leave you a couple of videos because it is the only way for me to get your attention perhaps:

I grew up with this movie as a child. I also grew up with Labyrinth and a few others. I an an 80s/90s byproduct still. But I think the message of this scene will get the point across to my audience at least I hope. It is after all perhaps a bit cryptic again about how we view our reality and what we choose to believe.

Jabberwocky Scene (1985)

The Red Queen Hypothesis

Happy 2022, and I hope you have a great Saturday. Hopefully you’ve also been a bit amused along the way! 🐇☕️🎩🍰🃏🪄🫖🐁🍄💐⏱️🐈‍🔮

PS: As usual I proofread this 2x, and I may have errors I still missed. It is late again, and I need another pair of eyes I think.

Also I want to note I have seen the articles and videos about astrology as pseudoscience. We could throw the baby out with the bathwater since as I have stated I do not like “pop” astrology. Repeatedly I have expressed that I use it to spring board off a foundation with shadow work or archetypes as others do having read Carl Jung. I even spoke to a 40 year career psychologist who made his living in the same way. This man had authored many books and was at the forefront of the concepts of the Secret, Law of Attraction, etc. Would we say cognitive behavioral therapy, positive affirmations, or all self help authors are pseudoscience because essentially they too are “fluff?” Hospitals recommend alternatives like acupuncture, dry needling, and Reiki now because they know it also has a calming effect on us which benefits anxiety disorders as well as can help with other ailments of which chronic pain is one of them. I know from my own personal experiences in life. Occupational therapists advised meditation and techniques such as these to help calm the body slowing the nervous system down from sending pain responses in fight or flight mode.

This is why I have even argued that we have hypocrisy rampant in humanity as a two faced caricature of our lives. Most say anything outside of the traditional seven or nine planets has no significance in a chart not even the asteroid Goddesses. Those same people can’t then say “As above so below” while ignoring the newly discovered trans Neptunian objects, asteroid belt, Kuiper belt objects, etc. in the same sentence for it makes the maxim they then profess a lie as well.

The problem lies in boundaries as I have said before. Or likewise lies in identifying so strongly with any part of the astrology chart as to believe it or a tarot reading were fatalistic and that you have no control over your life. None of which is how I use astrology or advise a client to use it. It is a tool used to glimpse at possible subconscious or unconscious drives one may operate from. We all have a shadow and we all “project” therefore we need to become conscious observers of this in our lives to take the projections back in thereby owning our individual/collective shadow. And if you have seen my blog posts I always put a spin on using both tarot and astrology in interpretation even trying to explain consciousness via various spiritual practices. I use astrology to expand my mind not live in a prison cell box.

Here is a video I found which helps explain some of this as well. This video is an hour long, and if you are willing to sit through it might also help one understand what occurs in astrology haters the same as those who hate religion for the atrocities it has caused. Religion only causes problems when it is misunderstood and wrongly taught. This can be said for any subject matter taught. History is a great example of this. Revisionism, for example, makes the course become one of lies as well which could be passed down the generations akin to an Orwellian 1984. Math if taught improper as well could be quite problematic. Science is all about testing a hypothesis and again can deal with confirmation bias to be perfectly honest. So these arguments are kind of a misnomer of philosophical abstractionism between subjective and objective opinions.

Manifestation Mondays: Picking a Word for the Year Ahead (2022/222)

What if There Exists a Lunisolar Halo?

It is soon to be that time again whether everyone is ready or not. Most will be celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah myself included as well as other festivities for no one is ever really left out (Yule, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, etc.). I am busy making room for what is to come in 2022. This was something that was encouraged of me several years ago, and I have not done in a long time. The establishment of a word for the upcoming year that will define you.

Use the underlined hyperlinks because they explain concepts I otherwise can’t squeeze in to elaborate without this becoming a novel. For many it won’t make sense without a little study time/exploration.

When I did this before I was in a process of needing to ground or put roots down so the word I chose was very different. The ironic thing was that this was post foot fracture so I was dealing with a crisis in health, career, and finances. I also was apathetic and the only thing helping me was organic gardening. After I chose my word for that year I requested a channeled poem and received one which turned the well known Green Man into a lesser known Green Woman archetype for where I was energetically.

The Green Woman or Lady of the Forest is a nurturing force of life and the mother of life on Earth. She is sometimes seen in the rise and fall of mountains or in the flowers of every kind which grow and produce seeds. She is represented with a face of leaves and flowers, as a tree, or as a landscape that appears womanly. Make no mistake she is the mother of the entire green world. Her realm is the gardens and orchards of our world. Where the Green Man rules over that which is wild she rules that which is cultivated. She blesses the fields, she is the Goddess of manifestation, and she brings the seeds to life helping them to grow. She is a wonderful spirit to call upon for healing, nurturing, and to put things in their proper order. The Green Woman is the holder of ancient wisdom of our past and the keeper of memories. She watches over the balance of all things green and growing.

What I find actually fun is to look back at old Renee with her self pity, ignorant narcissism which manipulated people cause she knew no better, apathy, and other foibles. Mostly because I was that creature saying “can’t” who legitimately lived in victim consciousness and wanted others to follow her into misery loves company. Then the evolution and change happens for each of us hopefully little by little as it is no overnight process and there tend to be off days, weeks, or months that can throw a monkey wrench into it all. Which is probably why I wrote this silly memo last night also.

I was perusing my Twitter feed and just agitated by days of people taking to the internet to rag on people who promote mindfulness or positivity yet derive obvious joy or pleasure from a hard line focus on everything that in their perspective can, will, and must go wrong with our little world all the while I wanted to scream at them sitting behind a screen that incessant whining does not effect change. You will have to go out there and actively “do something.” It then dawned on me today that my 10th House was probably shrieking from the rooftops with it’s Leo Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter as it wants to shine expansive light not be hidden by someone else’s rain clouds, tornadoes, and Dark Night of their Soul. I also do not know who is a chat bot, troll, or fake account in my Twitter feed since they all do exist. The interweb is nothing like she was when she was bright, shiny, and new where the communities I was in were a better frequency than some are today! And that is not a misuse of New Age rhetoric. I legitimately can compare periods of interweb growth to see the journey it has been taking for better or worse like marriage vows including the in sickness and in health part!

As I dug further into the meaning of the word I chose I discovered it might also relate to several other concepts I was learning about in my journey to wake up/heal. All of which had an impact on where I would continue to move energetically. Because my little brain or the marbles in my head work utterly different from others it seems. This is why I put on my Twitter feed I am not a trendy or hipster astrologer or Reiki gal. I dive deep, and I look for something meaningful when I try to help others. I do not expect my services to resonate with everyone who has considered my astrology charts or my blog. This is alright, and I am not attacking others. Everyone is on their own personalized journey towards ascension, and I respect this as well as know I suffer with impatience waiting for others to catch up. But I digress I do not know if I am a finished project yet either. So I simply have to enjoy the process until I reach the destination. And honestly there is a lot I still do not know or understand completely so I continue to explore.

Wealth being a funny one as seen below in what I was picking up on. It is not just money. Abundance mindsets focus almost extensively on a hoarding and greed mindset I am learning. Let’s face it wealth is everywhere. We do not know how to recognize it though because we are utterly trapped in grasping and poverty mindsets through propaganda or mind control. And as we gobble up or hoard there is less for others. It is basic supply and demand with an Ebenezer Scrooge at the top of the pyramid acting like a miser!

Growing a garden removes the money that always goes to a grocery store and when I ran my aesthetics spa I had worked out a friendship with a hair stylist. I got my hair cut/colored no charge. It was an exchange of services. I gave her facial and skin care services she needed as an even exchange! Everything is literally all about the mindset we adopt! And I honestly do not know how you make others see this and change. That idiom exists where one can lead someone to water and they have to want to drink it or be thirsty. I have spent a large chunk of my life recalling back to elementary in school how this world was presented to me, and I was baffled by why adult humans wanted to exist as they did in such a silly reality they had created for themselves that seemed limiting and perhaps the epitome of a not necessarily healthy human condition. It is probably due to my idealistic nature! It sometimes gets me into a world of trouble.

Synonyms which I found seemed to derive from a chart feature that is interactive at the Free Dictionary which I found helpful as it connected a multitude of dots most etymology or other dictionaries overlook.

Tellurium synonyms: solfa syllable (music such as do, re, mi, fa, sol, etc. as it pertains to solmization scales), sylvanite, Au (gold), wealth, invaluableness, precious metals, element (chemical or to be in your element), and astronomical unit (light year, seconds, minutes, and hours are included).

In relation to the goddess archetype, the chemical element used in semiconductors and electronics as well as solar panels, and it’s references to electric/photo conductivity.

So I am changing it in 2022. One of my astrology studies made mention of me as a little representative of a Cusp of Oscillation. I am not entirely sure of this since theories in astrology change all the time, however, it sent me on a journey of discovery comparing my charts tropical and sidereal (am I a Leo Sun or a Cancer Sun) as well as eyeing my MC/IC being Cancer/Capricorn axis just like the tropics. This was comical when I wound up at Youtube videos for torsion clocks. And I might add you should never look at my Draconic chart. My 10th House is split Pisces/Aquarius. If you have not followed previous blog posts this may be confusing as to what the entire build up is/was with my Abby Normal logic I presently have.

I suppose stranger thought experiments occur all the time; at least I hope so. 7/26/____ seems to be a real odd personal Universe out of the many multiple little Universes to chart and/or navigate from even with transits and progressions. I’m trying to not put all my personal info on the interweb so you only get first name and birth month/day. Data harvesters and less than savory people abound!

2022 I am choosing toroid as my word.

Toroid synonyms: ring, anchor, magnetic core, halo, solid, fairy circle, aura, radiance, ring of light, nimbus, glow, ambience, resound, resonate, vibrate, continuous, reliable, durable, well built, unshakable, pure, unbroken, genuine, complete, level headed, faithful, upright, honest, and sphere.

Those utterly confused still should probably look at the following links to comprehend what I am recognizing for my level of possible awareness regardless how woo woo and airy fairy you think that I or others may be. I tried to allude to this in a previous blog post, and I do not believe anyone has entirely grasped what I am attempting to explain about things I am also finding as I study my astrology charts through multiple schools of esotericism. Likewise I do not think many fully grasp the meaning of their own astrology charts if they come at it from the mindset of a skeptic, superficiality, or utter disbelief.

“Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it isn’t true.”

  • Albert Einstein

What word do you want to define your 2022/222 year? Please leave me a comment and share!