Wisdom Wednesdays: Sunny Side Up Anyone?

“Bunny, I’m home.” – Unknown

I seriously contemplated waiting until Saturday evening or Sunday to publish anything on the Full Harvest Moon, but then realized I want to take some time off perhaps those days.

I feel really overworked at present like I could use a temporary hiatus with trying to compose in an effort to keep this little writing project of mine going or generating interest/feedback towards my astrology business.

This autumn we’re doing the bunny hop backwards in time folks via the underlined hyperlink text.


If we were to look back just a short while ago we would see that we were on a rather intriguing lunar phase which shall be followed up on September 10, 2022 by a Full Harvest Moon. If anyone read the paragraph about the Piscean energies permeating via Neptune with the urge to merge evoking a purging process then this follow up should be right on point.

What Watch defines this as a reinforcement of faith which can open up a new environment through the revision of ideas back to Source when one takes a critical survey of life.

But most people do not like to take a critical eye to anything because let’s face it they feel as someone once said about Ketu natives to use a Magha nakshatra label I was given “seen.” Like they can’t pull one over on us because we can see into a person’s soul depths to analyze them.

It’s been a perplexing week for me personally. I finally spoke to upper management with my job only to learn that if I’m feeling taxed by my workload I should inquire to have 10 minute breaks which are not really breaks. In essence I should go sit at the front near the register and clean the area or rather clock out then leave the building by going outside as if I were a smoker which takes no strain off my legs/feet mind you by standing out in Texas heat, rain, or whatever.

I don’t have a smoking habit so this is another one of those to save face I just replied “fine” in response until I secure a new employment. To boot I was informed that my hours won’t be increasing, but might in fact decrease ostensibly. I’m the assigned store floater so I won’t have a permanent location and will be consistently moving between two or more stores with the keys to the locations.

Sure this all sounds great that someone trusts me to run their locations often alone in such a capacity, but frankly all of the above left me irritated as really no one discussed these arrangements in my interview process. Sometimes the little things count as well as does actual open communication to ensure everyone is on the same page.

I’ve had schedules given to me where at one location I’m often actually finding myself for three days out of the week working 9 to 3 PM CST or working two days out of the week scheduled 9 to 5 PM CST while one location cuts my hours sending me home early at 3 PM CST promptly. Essentially when I had open availability human resources made the decision of what they would allow only to after my mom’s health improved keep my hours permanently in this reduced capacity.

If I had wanted to inquire about increasing them the feel I got was even in good health I’d be denied at this juncture. With some of the gossip that buzzes in this company I can see why some have said those who came in made it roughly one to two weeks and left.

As for me I need to secure new employment before I abandon ship which is why I’ve promptly been assessing the listed positions for receptionist and administration in various fields. While I would gladly take full time I’m resolving to the fact that in our current jobs market I might still be resigned to part time because frankly what is on offer is not atypical anymore.

Ironic that everywhere I’ve worked I have always felt as though I deal with the most random if not illogical at times of corporations, authority figures, and hypocritical rules/business cultures. I get the feeling the employer does not even know what they want suffering from indecisiveness.

As usual I have to digress to the fact that this Full Harvest Moon sits within Pisces at 17° which as you can rightfully guess has something for me to re-assess. Pisces being my South Node in Western/Tropical astrology as well as my 5th House it also tends to reside in the 6th House when we look at Vedic/Sidereal astrology.

September 2022 Full Harvest Moon
“Eggs make great storytellers. They tell some cracking stories.” – Unknown

So what of it? Well our 5th House speaks to imagination and what makes us happy in terms of pleasure achieved through any creative endeavor. Do you favor well in games of chance? How do you deal with matters of the heart? What artistic abilities do you bring to the table?

The 5th House as Purva Punyasthana is one’s past life meritorious deeds. If one does not feel complete and content with life their mental well being is on full display by this position.

Ah, but that 6th House makes it all the more tricky. Your daily habits, routines, and responsibilities are crucially impacting your health and well being. Here we find service/employment, obstacles, debts, physical strength, enemies, and determine if we have put on a brave face to fight with our challenges.

So while the purging can occur on a big picture scale for the collective there is an air of personal that comes to the forefront. Do you need to be more careful or judicious as to what you let enter your life? Is it time to firmly say goodbye and good riddance to something or someone that has held you back? Are you waking up to some astoundingly obvious realities?

This degree indicates it is time to concentrate upon what gives your life more meaning. Therefore this purgation is all about who is measuring up to their spiritual and moral values. If you hold a position of leadership or power within any sphere of life ask yourself and consider if others are acting in an appropriate manner to address the needs of the people below them. Or are they operating from an ulterior motive?

When people dislike their duties or the expectations of others it often leads in fact to someone having to leave, retire, resign, or be ejected. The thing about purgation is that etymologically this is defined as exoneration, cleansing, and forcible removal.

To the dismay of a co-worker who believed this employer valued me and would not possibly throw me under the bus I hope they can understand why my intuitive radar has been red flagging me about so much within this company.

You see purge is taken from Middle English purgen as well as Old French purgier and Latin pūrgō all of which means I make pure or I cleanse. Therefore or thereby we need to purify our motives if we want a better representation of moral or spiritual values.

That requires a reexamination of sincerity in any person, corporation, community, or situation. We can not achieve trust, sharing, or enjoyment when we lose sight of an ideal through ego issues not properly addressed. Anyone involved who failed to live up to their responsibilities as either employee or employer, for example, is best considered for the future and one’s peace of mind to be made over.

If you think of my entry yesterday explaining Alice in Borderlands through the costuming of Heart and Diamond card suits then you’d recognize the theme I can intuit. That theme is that on any level collective or personal when corruption, scandal, deception, and coverups occur it threatens a collapse. I mean what do we all call an “ah-ha” moment other than a light bulb turning on in our mind’s eye.

“I don’t think I can ever replace my pet rabbit. There’s no bunny like her.” – Unknown

Well if we actually understood anything about our seasonal astrotheological celebrations we would know that these structures only exist as a means for bringing people together who share a common link. What is that common link one might ask.

It’s a need to feel connected to one another via a celebratory atmosphere. Within staunch traditions that many feel must stringently be upheld we find a boundary which can be colored with our own personal flair contributing to a soulful event.

This brings forth a fresher approach in which freedom is allowed to develop at its own pace during the celebration. To achieve this one has to have a generosity of spirit that evokes togetherness and creativity.

Easter in particular is the theme of sacrifice and rebirth as much as it is actually speaks to individuality and freedom of expression that is not taken through some strictly dogmatic code of behavior! Lets break down Easter into something we have been missing. The East means rebirth, love, trust, and renewal while the ending of “er” speaks to uncertain to falter.

In any rebirth process we all feel uncertain and can falter so the message of this time is that we should trust in our own heart to help us find the way forward. While I’m sure many people don’t quite understand my irritation it’s because I thought my body would be stronger by now post medications and surgery/fracture, but well it’s not.

I thought one day I would make it to the 30 hour weeks to qualify for insurance benefits, but that won’t happen if someone is working against you to dock your hours from all levels of management. I don’t have an exact familiarity with the laws of my state aroundo paid or unpaid break allowances, but I’ll probably research these shortly.

I’ve never been told to clock out for my 10 or 15 minute breaks by any employer until today as most of them within Texas granted them to us paid stipending them out based on the number of hours worked in any given day so rightfully I tend to sense we’re having the dilemma of when a manager docks you from an eight hour to six hour shift to send you home early this removes paid breaks as a benefit/perk.

What I do know is that I’m generally a good reader of people so even if to my face you try to pass off niceties I can tell if you’re stabbing me in the back. It’s not hard to know when lipstick is put upon a pig as they say.

I won’t get into the job market either because I work with one girl who can get away with breaking all the rules while sitting on her cell phone all day ignoring customers as I try to set a proper example in the hopes she will follow it to no avail. It’s not my job to discipline her as I’m in no authority role.

This is nothing new anywhere I’ve worked in the game of favoritism. Am I judging? Perhaps, but technically I actually do prefer to see other people on my team put some effort in rather than be lazy or appearing useless.

Other new hires upper management poignantly informed me were often no call no shows after completing interview or one day on the job which tells me either they hated it, found something else, or the authority figures were correct in that they were abusing the unemployment system.

As I’m sure many are tired of my complaining I’ll leave you with a little more detail on this degree in astrology. I simply wanted to show that when these energies display they can take on any number of tones at a group as well as individual level playing field.

Before I do that though I should mention that I had an unlicensed customer who I could not sell to that was less than thrilled because she mentioned that at least three Sally beauty supply stores she went to were closed with notices about not having enough staff to maintain the store hours to service their customers. So when someone says people do not want to work or are abusing the unemployment system I do think there is grain of truth to this.

This degree has an intuitive sense of how to protect itself and how to filter out influences which might be disturbing or disruptive to it. It is always able to find a space in which to work and has a special gift for clearing the atmosphere so that room is made to do whatever needs to be accomplished. And if it follows its impulses the result will always be magic working through it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A kangaroo and her baby who looks out from the mother’s pouch.” When a baby kangaroo is born it immediately crawls into the pouch which is like a second womb containing a nipple that it immediately affixes itself to. For kangaroos birth is a slow gradual process that happens in states. It is the opposite of a creature like the horse who falls out of the womb and within minutes is standing up.

The image signifies that this degree at its highest experiences the Universe/Cosmos as a Great Mother who eternally offers safety and protection. It may feel isolated and different from others, but with usually no sense of alienation. It knows that we are all children who are being raised and taken care of by a reality that is utterly intent on our reaching enlightenment. Work with guardian angel Harahel and daimon Orias.

Daimon Orias is connected with the Six of Cups, Moon, Scorpio, and Sealwort (Solomon’s Seal). This daimon specializes in teaching one the virtues of the planets/stars. Orias helps one transform their physical self by eating healthy, exercising, and accessing their personal willpower. If you desire to improve your self esteem or secure a position of high esteem it’s advised to work with this daimon.

The Saturn and Helix Nebulae in Aquarius With a Message You Missed

What can we learn of the equinoxes? That they represent a time of equal light as well as equal shadow for the Sun crosses the plane of the equator towards its relevant hemisphere. This allows for equal day and night on Earth. This symbolizes equilibrium for all where we should achieve balance. This allows for one to become more aware of their immediate environment.

Naturally this means our level of understanding and perception changes so it is the most optimal time to speak to our loved ones. Energies of all kinds are at their peak for us to recognize that we’re not stagnant, the struggle is as much within as without, we should prepare for change, take a time out to heal, and planting season has led to a sign of harvest.

Further Analysis:

To have a successful harvest rid the mind of depression, anxiety, and fear. This time encourages a new journey, new beginnings, and new phases of your life. Acknowledge that Mercury will be retrograde which can create disturbances especially by toying with our emotions. Winds of change will begin to swirl so spend time alone by getting away from technological devices, distractions, and other people.

You don’t need to own or possess other people to achieve fulfillment because you have everything to be whole within you. Expect possible chaos surrounding appointments, phones, and for there to be mental confusion alongside potential argumentative natures.

Travel plans may be glitched so it’s wise to hold off for a bit on any major decisions, purchases, and judgments. Focus instead on ideas surrounding love, beauty, and peacefulness.

All relationships shall be tested at this time from business to marriage to friends/family. Check in with your subconscious and unconscious because whatever you planted, mulled over, and so forth is coming to fruition. Wondering when the Full Harvest Moon occurs where I live; 4:59 AM CST.

You see we need to look back and inquire about something right now. How is your current reality the answer to the problems, thoughts, and vibrations you were experiencing during mid March 2022? The answer is one simple mantra known as just keep swimming.

New or exciting adventures and encounters may occur near this time. Trust your intuition while avoiding irrational thinking, overindulgence, and remember to honor your emotions while not getting stuck in them.

Please remember that as you may know my North Node in Western/Tropical astrology is Virgo so the axis is a meeting of heaven and Earth or rather a marriage. Therefore the practical and tangible meets the transcendent. Meditation is fine, but please care for your plants, help your friend in need, and take stock in life.

Ascertain non-negotiable needs, communicate better with others about your commitments needing to be reciprocal, and watch your finances so that you don’t overspend.

This degree sits upon Phi Aquarius within the constellation of Aquarius. This constellation in Latin is a loan translation of Udrokoos meaning the water pourer hence the affirmation of flowing in relation to the water element. We can also say this a time to recognize that Aquarius governs the legs from below the knees to the ankles where I’m having a lot of residual problems health wise.

If you additionally consider the death games in Alice in Borderlands this constellation deals with the astragals who were sheep thrown up in the air then caught in various manners. Within the human body the astragalus is a bone in our ankle. Ruled by Uranus this constellation is all about change.

Happy Full Harvest Moon!

I’ll see you sometime soon and best wishes at this time. 🥮🎑

PS: I’ve corrected several errors in this blog post because I mistyped or had problems with my wifi over the last two days. I’ve been repeatedly disconnected over and over again. The modem signals appear fine, but clearly AT&T is having up/down problems.

Self Examination Saturdays: Burst Into Bloom This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse May 2022

“The very best relationship has a gardener and a flower. The gardener nurtures and the flower blooms.”– Carole Radziwill (Various Flowers From Our Garden May 2022)

Let’s journey through this weekend’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse with some springtime folly using the underlined hyperlink text which leads to spellbound stories (just click on any one of them to be magically transported to mirth).


On the 15th we will have both a Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. The fascinating fact of this is that for those in the Austin, TX area this eclipse will occur during 11:11 PM CST which is quite a significant number/portal. It is at this time that the Moon will be at maximum eclipse and closest to the center of the Earth’s shadow. I reside in Cedar Park, TX therefore this will be impacting my city as well.

The Full Moon occurs at 11:14 PM CST and is known as the Flower Moon signifying the growth of spring flowers in North America; ours are a wee bit slow. We do have a very nice blanket of cosmos in yellow and orange occurring out front in our garden with a very large patch of wildflowers that are edible and seed varieties for songbirds in the back of our garden. I can tell some will likely be sunflowers, but the others I’m still guessing at.

11:11 Portals:

We also had seed packs that stated they were echinacea, but they are definitely not echinacea. They are zinnias which are growing in the pots. Not the ideal location for where I’d want them per say, but then I expected an entirely different flower altogether. So I guess this is an instance of “surprise.” This Full Moon is very close to perigee making it a Supermoon closest to the Earth with an elliptical orbit.

The total lunar eclipse places the Moon opposite the side of the Earth from the Sun as the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow. This shadow is not completely dark so some of the Sun’s light refracts through the Earth’s atmosphere turning the Moon red hence the term Blood Moon (yes, there is also an equivalent counterpoint to the female cycle). The deeper the shadow the darker and more pronounced the red.

The Lunar Eclipse occurs in Scorpio at 25° which is my 8th House, however, for others this will be a different location (it could be your 1st, 6th, 9th, or any of the other 12 Houses) so it’s a good idea to look at where Scorpio is in your personal chart. The Full Moon occurs in the same location.

The aspects made to the Moon include a T-Square with Saturn, North Lunar Node, and the Sun as well as two Cradles with Midheaven/MC, North Lunar Node, Neptune, Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, and the Sun. It is worth mentioning I’ve previously covered this degree in relation to Asteroid Reiki.

The T-Square between the Moon and North Lunar Node creates an opposition to one’s life purpose with their Heart chakra. An example of this displays as one who has a life purpose of being a stay at home wife/mom, but feels pressured by their cultural group to have a career.

With Saturn we find amplified tensions between motherhood, habits, the subconscious, obligations, restrictions, and fears. The Sun is asking for a compromise to be made at this juncture. There are also conflicts with one’s energy/stamina, sense of self/purpose, and ego.

The Cradle aspect is an intensification of this where there are two potential outlets for creative problem solving or escapism. The polarity between Divine Masculine or Yang and Divine Feminine or Yin are also impacted. If there is no cooperative potential the underlying dilemma will turn into avoidance, sidesteps, and a struggle with maturation.

The reason we call this astrology aspect the Cradle is because in facing life’s challenges we are asked to develop emotionally, but some will be slower than others at this process.

Post Natal Lunar Eclipse Chart for Asteroid Blume

Today we will be investigating Asteroid Blume (18106) German for “flower” in honor of this Full Flower Moon via a Post Natal Lunar Eclipse Chart which compliments a previous blog post featuring a Post Natal Solar Eclipse Chart. The Post Natal Lunar Eclipse Chart indicates where one is more introverted, introspective, and uncomfortable in the limelight.

They will be less likely to self promote and more willing to work within the background. Asteroid Blume is placed within my 11th House of Virgo at 4° semisextile Sun, opposition Moon, and quintile Mars and Uranus. Our 11th House is what we envision and how this vision is distributed to others. It is where we seek friends we can bond with for a common cause to develop cutting edge and progressive ideas.

Asteroid Blume is in fact named for William Blume who worked with the development of Deep Impact and Epoxi comet missions. The energy of this asteroid will display as one who has more ideas than can realistically be implemented due to their logical reasoning skills being at odds with what they’re capable of doing. We’re big supporters of improving educational standards and promoting improved methods/standards of education for young children.

We struggle to reconcile our head with our heart and suffer disruption in our daily routines. There is an ability to make quick witted decisions while remaining assertive under pressure as well as being unashamedly self expressed. There is an extremely conducive environment we live in where we gravitate towards shocking styles of art, music, literature, acting, and politics.

Our outer appearance is how we manifest in the world at our most superficial level. This can either reflect to an extent what is within or it can cloud, mar, and hide it. The chart holder is intent on finding ways to clearly present themselves so that others may see who they really are. This is not easy as it may require a lot of work. At best though when the chart holder shines forth it encourages others to shine forth too.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A small piglet dressed in baby’s clothes.” It is difficult for the chart holder to hide who they are. Ultimately they don’t wish to do so anyway, but may often feel forced to travel incognito because of people being so addicted to what is average and so intent on hiding anything that is strange, original, or unique about themselves.

Humanity will be at their happiest and most fulfilled if they find the courage to throw off conservative appearances and reveal themselves completely to others. This will help them to see that their basic and primal instincts are at their roots healthy and when affirmed may become a vibrant expression of spirituality. Work with guardian angel Aladiah and daimon Buer.

Daimon Buer is related with the 2 of Cups, Mercury, Acacia, and Cancer. When we work with Buer we learn self initiation into herbalism, liberation from negative habits/behaviors, nature magic, and self transformation via positive thoughts. The framework of physics, geology, and natural sciences especially medicinal plants for healing will be encouraged.

The fixed star on this degree is Alpha Sextans in the Sextant of Uranae. The Sextant is a navigational tool which contains a sixty degree arc or sixth part of a circle used for measuring the altitudes of celestial bodies to determine latitude/longitude. The primary use being to measure the angle between a celestial object and the horizon.

Alpha Sextans is on the zero latitude line or zero declination of our celestial equator. Directly above Alpha Sextans is the fixed star Regulus which as I’ve been obsessively studying is the ruling star of Magha nakshatra I was born in on the Vedic astrology system with Ketu.

The word “sextant” derives from Latin and Greek to mean sixteen, sixty, senary, semester, siesta, and sistine as in the Sistine Chapel. This constellation is created with Urania the Muse of Astronomy in mind. As one of the Nine Muses (this calls to one of my astrology charts I feature with my online business) she is depicted pointing to a globe with a staff and deals with astronomical writings which map the stars, galaxies, and other celestial bodies.

The sextant was used by Johannes Hevelius to compile one of the first accurate star maps or is that Moon map. There is also a connection with the six pointed star which in Hinduism represents the lingam penetrating the yoni. This esoteric concept represents active and passive forces in nature as well as the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

The sixth day of creation in the Bible is when God/Goddess created man as male and female in their image and after their likeness. There are correlations in Hinduism with the Sacral chakra. It is speculated that the Creation of Adam depicts an anatomical view of our human brain.

“I pointed out to you the stars (the Moon) and all you saw was the tip of my finger.” – Tanzania Proverb

Have a bemused Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse! The energy of this event is that of Beltane where nature celebrates lush green leaves, lighthearted butterflies, and determined bees. It’s all about fertility, healing, and flourishing. I’ll be working on some chores, getting my car inspected and my tags, and finishing reading the astrology reports I purchased from another online business with aspects to Black Holes and a special Flower Essences report as well as a few other misadventures along the way. 🌟

Self Examination Saturdays: Spring in Your Step

“But even when the moon looks like it’s waning―it’s actually never changing shape. Don’t ever forget that.” – Ai Yazawa

Yesterday in my attempts to try to bring some “funky” to my blog post due to a lack of knowing what to really publish I began to speak to the fact that this weekend for some is a celebration of both Passover and/or Easter. If you’d like to visit that entry you will find some helpful links on these two holidays tucked away and neatly hidden like dyed eggs in there.

Journey this holiday with the underlined hyperlink text…


Today is a Full Moon leading up to Easter so I’m going to take a look at the Full Moon which occurred today where I live at 11:55 AM CST and the asteroid Ostara (343) in a Lunar Return chart which anyone can map to discover where this archetypal force might be impacting their life this year. As spoken of yesterday Ostara will reflect some of my ancestry or DNA heritage given that she is a representation of the European/Germanic Paschal month who was not very popular with certain sects of Christianity.

We’ll talk more about her after we look at the Full Moon which is a Pink Moon and has been named the Sprouting Grass, Egg, and Fish Moon which seemingly reminds me of a variety of things from when I grew up. Grass in Easter baskets and fish on Fridays, but those are all customs some may not participate in or that others will recognize speedily as to understanding some of the religious undertones and choices I have experienced growing up now leaving behind some of the more common dogma for a different approach to spiritual practices.

One of the first things I took notice of was the two numbers set aside for the time this Full Moon occurred where I live being 11 and 55. Our first number, for example, speaks to the tarot which differs based on what school or practice you employ as it could signify Justice or Lust/Strength in the Thoth decks. These two archetypal energies deal with various topics. Justice asks that we balance the contrasts in life which are meant to be compliments to one another. We need to employ an objective rather than subjective view often in life.

Lust/Strength speaks to our passions and mastering our lower nature. With this in mind we’re not supposed to suppress/ignore our desire nature rather we’re meant to correctly harness our vitality, will, and energy. Both of these cards harness the Venusian energies on different zodiac signs (Libra versus Leo). Yes, the Arcana are confusing as is all schools of esotericism because everyone wants to re-invent the wheel. Go figure!

The 1 carries the messages of leadership, creativity, and business ventures while the 5 embodies the energies of freedom, adventure, and positive changes. If we added 1155 this would equal 12 and reduce further to 3. This would then resonate with expansion, spontaneity, and our inner wisdom. This number is asking that we avoid toxic relationships, develop our resilience, and look at life from a different angle.

I’ve honestly seen more often than not that this number can indicate an incoming Twin Flame relationship for those who follow that concept. This speaks to the 11 as a Master Builder representing emotional freedom combined with emotional fulfillment. You’re asked to lose any baggage you’ve been carrying. The 55 as a Master Builder might ask you to look at what you eat/drink daily. If you have a bad diet with too much sugar, eating out continuously, and so forth your immune system will become vulnerable to illness. Make sure that whatever you consume it’s actually not processed foods and has some truly meaningful nutrition.

Our Full Moon is placed at 25° Libra where it forms a T-Square with Pluto in Capricorn, Pallas Athena in Aries, and the Sun in Aries. It also forms a Yod with the True Lunar Node in Taurus, Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces, and the North Node in Taurus. I can’t speak to everyone else, but I would look at where Libra is in your astrology chart. For me this is my 12th House on the Western zodiac which is ruled by Neptune/Pisces respectively.

The 12th House also signifying endings makes logical sense with the themes of how we let go to become open to that which is new. Therefore Taurus would have been my 7th House, Pisces my 5th House, and Capricorn my Imum Coeli also on the Western zodiac. That Yod might be the placement I would take the most interest in, but that is just my personal preference, and I don’t want to bog down my viewers with that at this moment.

“Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.” – Luther Burbank

The T-Square energy vibrates with emotional catharsis so that we can purge anything we’ve held onto for too long often forcing the hidden subconscious gunk to the forefront of our awareness where can gain proper understanding and release. You’re going to see hidden tensions with family/friends so during this time you may need a safe space as it can become a bit exhausting to cope with.

On the career front if you’re in a role that you’re no longer passionate about this is a signal for you to take the next step in researching what will better motivate you. I’m sure for many right now making career changes is one of the last things they want to be considering, but I know for me personally this was the optimal time to look for employment. I got a blessing handed to me in the last week which I’m looking forward to and have gratitude for.

I’m being ushered back into cosmetology which I’ve been out of for about 4 years now respectively having returned to grocery retail until my foot surgery. I took a risk not expecting to hear anything back on the first job I applied to and it actually turned up a job offer I’m content with. Fingers crossed succeeding through the 90 day probation earns me a permanent place.

The Sun represents the Divine Masculine and is in contrast to the Moon’s Divine Feminine influence so you may see some clashes with you or your partner’s inner child at this time. What you want to observe and avoid are overly controlling or selfish behaviors in relationships. The Sun is our ego while the Moon is our emotions and intuition so we need to consider both at this moment. Pallas Athena represents our inner wisdom which we should be listening to for guidance.

Our Yod is in both Earth and water elements so what we need to realize is this is a time to remain practical, grounded, and to focus on that which maintains stability in our lives. We don’t want our emotions or intuition to come at us the way a raging tsunami arrives. Likewise we need to understand that water can also express that our emotions and intuition are a source of mystery that sustains us providing a sense of peace and calm when we are maintaining harmony.

Water governs circulation, the sweat glands, and our memory. Good advice right now might be to make sure you’re drinking enough water to stay hydrated, to spend some time out in nature, and to take up a practical task with your hands/feet such as cooking, gardening, walking/hiking, or take a trip to the beach.

For me personally the houses impacted by these signs and placements involve the unconscious/subconscious, partnerships, creative pursuits, finances, risk taking, and seeking out pleasure/joy. Libra as the scales is asking that I likely maintain a good work life balance right now with the many hats I’ve been wearing. Below is some information on this degree before we head onto Ostara.

This degree enlarges our awareness making way for new ideas to be introduced into the milieu of our lives in an effortless way so that people experience a minimum of discomfort that might otherwise accrue from the process of change. In all relationships new points of connection can/will appear which can enrich interactions immeasurably. Everyone’s power to communicate is stretched and expanded increasingly opening up more possibilities to be explored.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “In the midst of a forest, a great circular open area.” This is a place to commune secretly with others and nature while remaining protected as this happens. Touching everyone we meet in an intimate and ineffable way is often done at a subliminal and unsuspected level. When we find a space in which to connect we develop the ability to do this swiftly and instinctively offering escape and relief from the world’s narrow focus.

It is through going to this place of deep communion and then returning that we are rejuvenated able to deal with our own world with greater clarity and perspective. Work with guardian angel Umabel and daimon Zagan.

This degree is also helpful with the Unakite Granite crystal and carries the message to open your senses to inspiring messages from your spiritual guides. The focus should be deepened self esteem and self awareness through personal growth leading to metaphysical, logical, and physical answers. Affirm that you experience profound and gentle transformation.

Daimon Zagan connects to the Eight of Wands, Sun, Mercury, Hyssop, and Sagittarius. If you’re working with Zagan you will find it easier to curb your addictions and remove bad habits from your life. You want to work with this daimon for chakra cleansing, shielding/warding, and some work with this daimon when they want a glow up (to transform one’s self in a significantly positive way).

Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer.” – Anita Krizzan

There is no fixed star for this degree in Libra so let’s move right along to Ostara! Ah, Ostara, Eostere, and yes I am well aware of those who compare this to Ishtar’s Descent! We can argue Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine forever, but really this is getting old fast! So I’m going to leave a few links below on Ostara, Eostre, and Ishtar as archetypes and give a little brief intro before I break into her astrology placement in my Lunar Return chart as I invite/encourage others to chart her as well if they’d like to work with this vibration or energy rather than create a bunch of ruckus arguing about exoteric literalisms neglecting to own their shadow which is like politics/propaganda a sore spot for me.

This season is really at it’s core for holidays or “holy” days simply a time to celebrate the Spring Equinox and a new season of equal darkness/light creating a midway point where energies grow stronger. Ostara was a Germanic Goddess like our Roman Aphrodite who shared a correspondence with April via Ōstarmānod centered around rebirth and fertility. This time like Eostermonath is celebrated with painted eggs to bring back childhood magic.

Some cultures simply dye their eggs red. I don’t think my mom would want me dying eggs with onions in her home though as onion is not one of her favorites; no offense. Still others opt to go for some truly intricate designs. Eostremonath calls back to the Anglo Saxon and Brothers Grimm evidence of the existence of these Goddesses in various parts of Europe. Yes, Easter bunnies!

Plastic eggs are also used in place of real eggs and filled with a variety of items. Some might wish to write what they wish to manifest at this time on a slip of paper and place this inside these such as a new job, new love, new home/car, etc.. This is the time for planting seeds, starting a garden, and spring cleaning. Commonly what we see at this time is the promotion of pollination also with daffodils, honeysuckle, tulips, and wildflowers. If you don’t have much space try an indoor herb garden with sage, rosemary, and basil associated to love, healing, and protection.

Ostara, Eostre, and Ishtar:

Lunar Return Chart for Asteroid Ostara

Asteroid Ostara is in my Leo ruled 5th House of Sagittarius at 21° retrograde for my Lunar Return making a trine with the Sun, a square with Jupiter and Neptune, and a sextile with Saturn. This is the vibration of connecting with others socially to discover opportunities for improving one’s finances or material circumstances. It should be an easier than normal time to connect with those aligned with similar values, asserting one’s self confidently, and being careful of becoming too full of one’s self.

If one is trying to get out of stagnation they’re likely required to shake things up a little bit. This is a time when one values the beauty of nature, struggles with projecting their unconscious onto others, and learns about healthy boundaries. During this time there is a change of re-prioritizing goals, gaining major insight into the true self, and evolving on a chosen path.

Within each of us are hidden glories yet to be discovered, remembered, and retrieved. The chart holder senses the presence of these and is able to covertly and subtly tune whoever they encounter into the inherent greatness within themselves. Even if this happens only in the faintest of ways. A new clearer perspective on life is experienced.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Toads singing at night.” There are energies which are calling to all of us and they call all of the time. As we grow more sensitive and more ready to hear them the volume of these calls is turned way up so that our attention becomes increasingly attuned which causes them to seem to magnify.

Even when engulfed by darkness, uncertainty, and alienation the chart holder is out there calling to and sending messages of hope and encouragement if only others let themselves hear it. Work with guardian angel Sehaliah and daimon Vine.

This degree is also helpful with the Mahogany Obsidian crystal and carries the message to study and remember, perform well, and gain recognition for your specialized expertise. The focus should be life skills which teach one to think outside of the box seeing all opportunities available to succeed. Affirm that you remember information with ease and accuracy when called upon.

Daimon Vine connects to the Ten of Swords, Sun, Gemini, and Mallow. Vine specializes in healing, protecting the aura/prana from psychic vampires as well as guarding the Heart chakra to improve physical health, and aids with divination. This daimon is described often metaphorically as building towers which many don’t quite grasp can imply a steady living, home, or helping one achieve lifetime achievements/goals. Of course there comes a time when these may be shaken down or when we may need to not become trapped in them literally as well as metaphorically.

Beans, buckwheat, lettuce, mushrooms peeking through wildflower stems, and potatoes. We’re still waiting for them to produce some flowers and growth beyond roots, stems, and leaves.

There is also no fixed star for the degree Asteroid Ostara sits on therefore I’m closing today wishing you an eggcelent holiday! Still no bees in this garden, but we do have some wasps trying to pollinate a few plants which is better than last year when they built their nest in our fireplace. Be well! 🐤🌱🐑

Wisdom Wednesday’s: February’s 2022 Full Moon in Leo

“It is a beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the Moon.” – Galileo Galilei

This entry is a bit late as there were errands today as well as mom’s checkup doctor appointment. The doctor was late, and we parked near a karaoke bar due to limited parking nearby. Which meant the alcohol delivery held us up for nearly an hour when they parked their truck behind us. We had to go into the karaoke bar and one of the staff named Adam moved their Red Ford Mustang so we could play musical car shuffle into their parking spot from ours and get out of this parking lot jam as we still needed to grocery shop. It looked like one of the iPhone app game adverts that I get from time to time trying to empty a full parking lot of cars. No, I am not pulling your leg. His name was Adam as that is how he introduced himself to me. The cashier at the grocery store also rang all our produce up incorrectly (organic is not conventional) so it has been a very long day of purely silly.

The underlined hyperlink text will fly you to the Moon.

🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔

Our Full Moon in Leo occurred where I live at 10:56 AM CST at 27° 58’ which I am only being exact as it can thus be rounded up to the 28° symbolism. The first degree of every sign begins at 0° degrees 00 minutes of arc extending to 0° degrees 59 minutes of arc. This is the same analogy as a new born child at birth and the first year of their life. We celebrate the child’s first birthday a year later representing a child who has left their first year entering their second year of life.

Today we will look at the symbolism of both Leo 27° and 28°. For everyone this will be felt in different locations of their chart as mine is my natal 10th House (occupation, advancement, skill/trade, honor, and relationships to authority) in Western astrology and 11th House (patronage, hopes/dreams, wealth, opportunity to serve the collective, and impersonal group relationships) in Vedic astrology.

We have two T-Squares with the Moon, Sun, Asteroid Ceres, True Node of the Moon, and North Node involving Aquarius, Leo, Gemini, and Taurus. Also a Yod is involved between the Moon, Midheaven, Pluto, and Asteroid Pallas Athena with Leo, Capricorn, and Aries.

This T-Square exists between Fixed and Mutable signs. What do you do if/when your heart longs to be loved, but the love you seek is not forthcoming? These fleeting transits are little red flags for us to formally say goodbye to all of the illusions we hold onto especially our expectations. The truth is what you desired they can not deliver on. Collectively we missed something exceptionally crucial in understanding the nature of this relationship. We idealized and romanticized the other forgetting all those practical realities/responsibilities. Remember to love yourself now.

The Yod is calling us to finish our inner work harnessing the energy of the Hermit tarot card. We need to cultivate personal power while reaching out to the world with the knowledge or gnosis we have acquired. Then we plant the seeds which grow into collective wisdom. Seek the best road forward as Pallas Athena and this Yod are asking that you use sustained action to shine a light into the darkness to receive a reality check. It’s high time ancestral wounds be healed. Pallas Athena is about perceived patterns and inter-relatedness. If you’re a skilled juggler you can keep more objects in the air as in visualizing the whole which is then taken apart and re-assembled to recreate your reality.

27° Leo: A bleeding hand holding a thorny orange branch on which the fruit is growing.

Denotes one who will be compelled to gain experience through suffering, losses, and deceit. He/she is sincere/affectionate and willing to sacrifice much to help another. One is aided, patronized, advanced, and from their former sufferings their fame springs. It is a symbol of Approval.

How you choose to interact with the world in every passing moment is more important than concerning oneself with what lasts. This degree is at its best when being spontaneous as it unites and dances with the energy of the present now moment. One’s elusive and mysterious presence can attune others to the glory of life that exists beyond the illusions of mundane life.

How flimsy and insubstantial are the barriers between realms. These other planes of existence only seem difficult to reach because we are afraid to go there or we think of them as remote. In actuality they are here with us all the time. This degree carries a marvelous subtlety that helps to open others up to various realms of reality. Doing this without others being consciously aware of it as well as via a direct manner often creates enriching effects enhancing all of life. Work with guardian angel Sitael and daimon Vassago.

Full Moon in Leo February 2022 Per What Watch

Daimon Vassago ties with the Four of Wands, Jupiter, Aries, and Cedar (there goes that Cedar Fever allergy I have again) as well as Leek. Vassago is very useful for divination assisting with explaining the message in full detail as well as being ideal for improving conversational ability, social skills/confidence, and quickness of thought. I have read this daimon through correlation to Jupiter also ties to Chesed on the Tree of Life.

We could consider our present trajectory in society today by looking at our leadership for it is not Chesed (loving kindness or mercy of God) that they operate from. Chesed as a formless and void darkness of the Supernal Triangle gave rise to manifestation as form/light on the Pillar of Mercy. It is described as a loving mighty king during a time of peace who is magnanimous and benevolent sitting upon his throne. In this Kali Yuga we see a succession of leaders harnessing their ambitions and goals via the four vices of Chesed.

These include tyranny, bigotry, hypocrisy, and gluttony. Chesed operating via Jupiter as wealth, prosperity, and growth should be understood as spiritual and intellect. When we are in a time of war leadership operates via Geburah through violence which utilizes the vices of destruction through fear/anger, severity, and tribulation. Geburah and Chesed not utilized wisely is in fact done via the Qliphoth spheres of these two pillars. For more information on this daimon please look at my previous blog post where I wrote about Vassago.

28° Leo: A stream of oil falling from mid-air upon the troubled waters beneath.

Denotes one who will exercise discrimination in the affairs of daily life; one who will possess tact, understanding, diplomacy, and a peculiar magnetic aura which enables them to bring quarreling units to a peaceful union. It is a symbol of Conciliation

Life is deeply affected by how we look at it. This degree has the ability to approach existence in a way which makes everything more vivid and alive both for themselves and others. One has the power to awaken others to what truly is on a spiritual level becoming a light of hope to others through the intensity of their sincerity.

Performing this activity together reinforces and encourages each other. Value can only be realized after a basic assumption about what is let go of. This degree is about helping others to be here in the world, helping others to exert themselves, to use what they have, and to develop a more harmonious relationship to the material world. As we do this we also derive these same benefits. Work with guardian angel Sitael and daimon Vassago for this degree also.

The astro narrative of these degrees in the Sabian symbols begins by showing that the awakening does not occur all at once, but gradually it dawns upon you. We could envision a very tangled situation looms before us which is complicated by lots of intricate factors/details at which point we suddenly realize relatively speaking that all the extraneous gibberish is exactly that; rubbish. Could the curtain of gloom reveal life giving radiance hidden behind it? Could your disappointments be the best possible news or a blessing in disguise? Could your subliminal mind be manipulated by your leadership or others hoping to gain an underhanded advantage over you?

Could the music you listen to hide back masking that you’re unaware of, could the internet be a deceptive tool to manipulate your ability to think for yourself, or could your television be brainwashing you through propaganda and improper psychological handling? If you have a sense this message could be true then you are probably right; trust your gut! This is called impressionability which means you’re capable of being very easily influenced by others without any capability to maintain your sovereignty and set proper boundaries in life.

Hand Colored 3 of Cups W/Traditional Medicinals Tea Fortune (People Who Love Are Happy)

We’re sitting on three total fixed stars at this moment which includes Alfard in the neck of Hydra the Watersnake, Adhafera in the crest of Leo the Lion’s Mane, and Al Jabhah in Leo the Lion’s Main. Alfard is known as “The Solitary One” giving off an emotionally passionate nature which is threatened by perceived dangers/hazards. This fixed star bestows musical and artistic appreciation with a knowledge of human nature. The energy of Saturn exuded by this fixed star speaks to poisoning of the blood or murder by poisoning. Ptolemy stated this star references misuse of drugs and over indulgence in good living. Poisoning can happen in relationships as well such as within a marriage. The Euphrateans referenced the Hydra as a source of the fountains of the Great Deep. It is the Chinese lunar mansion known for recompense or that which compensates for an injury, harm, or damage inflicted.

The Leonids, a meteor shower, issues from the western point of Adhafera which means “The Funeral Pyre.” Clearwater, Florida baby here! This aligns to Magha nakshatra and the fixed star Regulus which I’ve explored countless times personally as I was born in this lunar mansion via my Vedic chart as well as written of in my blog posts. The symbol of Magha is the “The Mighty” a house of regents known as the Pitris, Forefathers, and spirits of dead ancestors ruled by Ketu. Kabbalists associate this with the tarot card Strength.

The Pitris and Strength:

Al Jabhah is known as “The Forehead” promoting love and benevolence while helping against enemies. One is not to hide or wait to be rescued and should seek healing remedies while tackling tasks with courage and strength. In fact this lunar mansion states those who cover their eyes and mouth are afraid to see/speak whereas a lion will give forth a mighty roar. Am I the only one seeing a correlation between the forehead and the Crown chakra. The forehead is where lower Buddhis or Cosmic consciousness resides.

The Planes?

Have a blessed Wednesday everyone. Much love! 🌇☄️😘

PS: I do recognize some of these links stem from a video game analogy. That is done simply for also the fact that it can be seen in light of analogous to the terms used in Kabbalah with pathworking. Lots of authors come up with metaphorical and/or homilitic examples to flesh out or elaborate examples for an audience. Growing up there was a specific video game I played that was abstract science fiction purely based and originating from Kabbalah which is why I see parallels of these themes elsewhere in life.

Self Examination Saturdays: Planted Seeds Wish to Put Forth Their Fruit

We are all like the bright Moon, we still have our darker side. – Kahlil Gibran

Have you ever tried to incorporate Moon phase gardening as a practice into various areas of your life. An old agricultural practice which began as popular superstition and folklore is actually backed by science. Gravitational pull influences the moisture in the soil through the Earth’s field which is in fact influenced by both the Sun and the Moon. We see this with high tide during both New and Full Moon. This same principal is what encourages growth which tests have proven when observing seeds planted during New Moon as they receive the most water by the time of a Full Moon.

We can see this displayed in the following manner:

  • New Moon – Lunar gravity pulls water up causing seeds to swell and burst which allows moonlight to create a balance between root and leaf growth. In the first quarter planting above ground bearing annual crops allows them to perform better. Examples of what to plant include lettuce, spinach, celery, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and grains.
  • Second Quarter Moon -The lunar gravity pulls less, however, the moonlight is stronger creating much healthier leaf growth indicating this is a great time to plant especially two days before the Full Moon. Crops which prefer this phase and produce above ground bearing annual crops are beans, melons, peas, peppers, squash, and tomatoes.
  • Full Moon -Third and Fourth Quarter Moon occurs when the light is waning or decreasing and the energies are drawing down. Gravitational pull will be high creating more moisture in the soil which puts enormous energy in the plant’s root system. Now is an ideal time to plant beets, carrots, perennials, bulbs, and also to transplant. You should prune during Scorpio season.
  • Fourth Quarter Moon – In this phase there will be decreased gravitational pull and moonlight marking a resting period. It is now time to cultivate, harvest, transplant, fertilize, and prune.

You can utilize this practice anywhere in your life through the practice of working with the phases of the Moon. New Moon for example is when you want to begin sketching out dreams or goals to accomplish by setting your intentions. Look at where you are in the present now moment and visualize where you wish to be by the next Full Moon. The Full Moon is your release phase so anything which no longer serves is let go of to make room for what you wish to invite in. You can incorporate rituals in a variety of fashion. Last night I watched an ASMR for the Full Moon which I found quite relaxing and subsequently had a very good night’s rest to follow.

It was then that I woke up energized today to make live a Moon based astrology report I was considering offering through my business at Alchemic Seer called The Selenophile Revelation. You can find the rough draft example I began with using myself and the finished example which now utilizes my great grandmother after some minor tweaking.

We are presently in our December 2021 Full Moon phase and where I live it will cross the 26th Degree of Gemini. I believe it will be different for everyone based upon where they live. I charted this for my specific location and the time it will in fact occur as Moonrise. This degree has much to do with removing non-essentials from our life in the pursuit of being better equipped at stepping into involvements with others which will further our collective growth. We begin to evaluate what makes us excited about life and we learn to express values vital towards the creation of principles which will define us in the future.


KEYNOTE: The revelation of archetypal form and essential rhythm of existence.

At this third level of “exteriorization” a contact with archetypes and pure forms of individual selfhood is to be sought – also with the characteristic images (Spengler’s Ur-symbols) of the culture. Externals are left behind. This is a step beyond “pruning”; it is rather a process of removal of all superficialities of existence. Cyclically, nature helps us to reach this state of bare reality. It is not that we experience the Buddhist’s void (sunya), but rather that we reach the essence of our individual being, the form of pure selfhood which is the structuring power underneath all external features – all that belong to the “leaf” realm.

This is the first stage of the five-fold process, now in its eighteenth phase. In a sense we can speak of it as a stage of ascetic repudiation, but it is also one of ESSENTIALIZATION.

Nature freezes to death anything which can’t survive in the Winter season. This is a purification which transforms the old to bring forth that which is new. The same applies to our lives in burning away our dross to reveal what lies underneath. From this act the Earth as well as humanity experiences a rebirth whereupon we will begin to see with new eyes.

This degree also sits at Wazn in Columba the Dove which radiates to us peace. Here we are to have compassion and empathy while life goes through it’s natural flux. There are tarot cards which depict a descending dove as an allegory for spirit’s descent into matter. This same dove is sacred to Aphrodite/Venus representing Universal and unconditional love. If properly grounded this can also show the ascension of our hopes and aspirations.

PS: Treats await you that I found online with more details at the underlined hyperlinks. 🕊️


Happy December Full Moon 2021

Wisdom Wednesday’s: Do People Suffer Selenophobia?

Lunacy is a cyclical mental disease apparently linked to the lunar phases.

People are generally funny in my opinion. There is a lot of superstition and insecurity that crops up. In astrology communities as a newbie business I sense the process is a repeat of high school. I may be treated like the freshman the seniors want to bully. I am still trying to decipher if this is a right of passage or their belief in dog eat dog social Darwinism. You see I come from over a decade of study and trial/error in my personal life before I felt compelled to attempt a business in esoterics. And to the chagrin of traditionalists who I respect I do not do anything “normal” because that is not how I roll. This is why as a child I also got called stupid in the educational system. It took tutoring for my college level Algebra instructor in high school to help me regain confidence when he discovered I am not stupid at all. I process life in another way which happens to be completely different from all others, and I bring that with me everywhere I go. Instead he wanted me to join their Math/Science Academy because he said I was smarter than others, and have a propensity to bring other interpretations into life. But I grew up so beaten down by my peers or other adults that I have had to battle what seems like an insurmountable monster in my head that constantly makes me feel inferior. And it is exhausting to rebuild confidence.

In astrology there is some phobia about nearly every supposed malefic that the human intellect can drudge up. And that is something I always get frustrated with. Nothing is fate not even in tarot. It is never set in stone as everything including the stars in your chart compel only. Yet humans make it fatalistic rather than see the other side of the equation. Due to past life or other factors humans subconsciously and unconsciously carry so much unnecessary baggage.

Selenophobia derived via the Greek word seleno meaning “moon” or lunaphobia derived via the Latin word luna meaning “moon” is a fear of the moon or even darkness on any moonless night. Phobias originate from painful experiences during childhood. The full moon is the most feared phase of the moon because full moons are believed to cause people to commit more criminal acts including murder, breaking into homes, and robbery. Fear of the full moon is known specifically as remaphobia or mestoselenophobia via the Greek word mestos meaning “full.”

This Friday we have a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus. So here is my interpretation of this and hopefully it will be one that is uplifting to remove all the phobia around celestial events the same as those who dread their Saturn Returns. I first want us to look briefly at palmistry where we find the Mount of the Moon. The Mount of the Moon represents our unconscious mind, intuition, and the way we react to our surroundings. Another meaning is travel so it should be examined carefully by looking for horizontal lines running across it as they indicate memorable journeys a person has or will be taking. It is important to look at both hands as your non-dominant hand shows your love to travel with a blockage via lack of money or opportunity. Lastly we should carefully look at the skin pattern for psychic talents. A person may be skilled at communing with their spirit guides.

I am not yet an expert in palmistry. I am learning and hopeful that my understanding will continue to grow.
  • Normal is a mount which is not too prominent indicating someone who has a good imagination and equally strong artistic talents. Intuition works well and one has a creative talent they enjoy using. This is someone compassionate towards others.
  • The overdeveloped mount is very imaginative sometimes to the point of confusing fantasy for reality. They talk themselves into believing whatever they choose.
  • The thin and flat mount is so realistic they live by the philosophy “seeing is believing.” Very little to no imagination these people may disprove anything others tell them.
  • A low mount ends below the Mount of Venus and is commonly found on the Water hand. These are the extremely sensitive group not just emotionally, but also with the atmosphere of their surroundings. On the Air hand this would indicate a person who finds ease in expressing their strong imagination. The Earth hand will put into tangible practice their creative skills. Lastly the Fire hand may allow the imagination to run away with them and they may embroider their facts a little more than others.

My self analysis of my hands would be the low mount on a Fire hand. So I may be more of an embellisher in life. This is due to the fact that Fire hands buzz with energy, can be impulsive, live life as an adventure, and are receptive. We need new outlets for our expression.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – Taurus 2021

Friday’s full moon lunar eclipse according to my astrology software on my laptop has interesting information to share. I love that it uses Sabian Symbols built in. It also shows me how much or little of each sign/modality is represented in a chart. My software indicates this Moon to be on midpoint aspecting Mercury Scorpio 2nd House where we may be less interested in accumulating wealth in the traditional ways as 9-5 jobs with big salaries won’t be of interest, we must first give to others or nothing comes to us, any and all debts need to be paid by us, and we hate criticism. The next aspect I see is with Jupiter in Aquarius 5th House showing that we want to work in teams not alone on our projects/goals, our dreams are expressed in unusual ways with no care as to if others find it out of the ordinary, the “I” image of the I Am orientates to the future, and we become independent or rebel against the status quo.

We then come upon an aspect with Uranus in Taurus 7th House it is best that we realize we should avoid co-dependent relationships, we seek cooperation and stability in all forms of relating to self or other, and while we may have been materialists in our past we now embark on a journey towards a focus on practicality, self awareness, and avoiding feelings of envy. It gets interesting when we add in an aspect to Lilith in Gemini 8th House as it would be dangerous if we leave this portion of individual and collective work undone. We are not allowed to appropriate money or property of another wrongly, women must not abuse their sexuality through emasculation, be careful of attracting perverts or criminals to ourselves, and pay attention to properly using this energy for benefiting others via healing modalities, investigative pursuits, and ensuring the needs of our family or friends are met.

As we look at the aspect with True Node in Sagittarius 2nd House we find we may decide to put our charity or time into science, nature, and education. The more money or time we have to offer we can expand these areas of interest. This placement indicates we need to pay attention to the bigger picture collectively with reference to import/export and our dealings with foreign countries, we need to check in with our perceived self worth, and we should look outside of our comfort zone for pursuing hobbies or careers in travel agent, teacher, public speaker, or translator. Lastly we find an aspect to Quaoar in Capricorn 3rd House which is where we appear quiet and reserved as we rethink upon if we appear too harsh when we express ourselves, we remember that we are part of a brotherhood/sisterhood and should share our knowledge with others, do not rush anything rather patiently work at your own pace and accept what is yours will come at a Divinely appointed time, and we should analyze everything carefully. Capricorn is a sign of practicality, karma, and things which have been damaged by aloofness and coldness. Quaoar is a centaur of transformation and a KBO or Kuiper Belt Object. The name originates via the Tongva tribe of the Los Angeles basin and represents a creation force.

Aspects to our full moon lunar eclipse from Quaoar advise:

  • We remember that after anything perceived as bad we receive a new expansion of consciousness
  • Before this can occur a price must be paid via a painful process which we will experience
  • There will be a break with something from our past to initiate us into the new
  • A death of the old is what brings forth the new which has transcended the illusion of death
  • Quaoar may be connected with creation via dance or aural rhythmic pursuits (singing or playing an instrument as music and visualization will be healing at this time)

This eclipse while a full moon is partial occurring at the 27 degree mark of Taurus. This is the fixed star of Misam as well in the left arm/wrist of Perseus.


KEYNOTE: Peaceful adaptation to collective needs.

In contrast to the impetuosity of the Spanish serenader, we now see the quiet and smiling face of an old Indian woman offering for sale the traditional products of her tribal culture. She too is functioning within the culture which has been sustaining her activity through a long life, bringing to her personal peace and inner contentment. In old age, the power of the collectivity once more reasserts itself, overcoming the perhaps wearying effort man makes to assert his uniqueness and individual character.

At this second stage of the twelfth five-fold sequence the aging mind of the individual peacefully reintegrates itself into the psychic matrix of his group and culture, in serene ADJUSTMENT to the vital needs of the whole of which he sees himself as a fleeting part.

The symbol speaks of a woman who hides her true shaman skills or abilities as a medicine lady. It is her wisdom and choice to remain invisible which is her greatest strength. She chooses to offer real advice in the market place and wise words yet few even seek her out for her oracle readings. She’s had to go backwards in order to go forwards. She was possibly once in high standing and yet could be an outcast from her tribe. They think her old and weak and a hindrance to the younger and stronger members. To prove her worth to her tribe and herself she was forced to confront herself stripping herself down to the bare bones that she might release old ways of thinking to embrace the new. For her to make a living and establish a secure base for herself she must specialize in something which she has a passion for lest she suffer the pains of being unfulfilled. The feeling of self-fulfillment comes through helping and giving to others.

Misam tells the story of Zeus (Jupiter) visiting Danae in the form of a golden shower to impregnate her. Our young man Perseus undertakes a mission to kill Medusa. He is furnished with a sword, cap, the wings of Mercury, and the shield of Minerva. He kills Medusa by cutting off her head and later kills the sea monster Cetus to rescue and marry Andromeda. Kabbalah assigns this to the Hanged Man and Lamed.

In astral magic we learn that we should protect ourselves against the malice of others. The image of the head of Medusa is in fact an extremely powerful protective amulet hence why it has been shown placed in Minerva’s shield. Perseus gave the head of the beheaded Medusa to Minerva and this protective shield was called Egida.

If you wish to learn more about this process please look at the links below:




Medusa per an ephemeris I ran will at this time be sitting in the Scorpio 1st House asking that we take great risks when we try to make our dreams come true, put our plans into practice while using our reserves to chase new opportunities, beware of how our highs and lows prevent us from reaching our Higher Self or finding God within our heart, and allow mind, body, and emotions to assist with attaining higher spiritual levels at this time.

If you like my blog posts please consider donating at the text hyperlink in the sidebar of my blog or purchasing an astrology chart. I want to branch into podcasts or videos to make this easier than always publishing exceedingly long detailed blog entries since many may not have time to sit and read. I think podcasts would be easier for me at this time, but have no microphone whatsoever. All I have is my camera. My business model has plans to eventually publish a few e-books for a small nominal fee, and I am considering Redbubble as another endeavor for my creativity. Thanks for being here because I appreciate having readers and an audience very much! I am making attempts to also get attention to my website/blog, however, this takes effort and patience. You do not grow an organic following overnight unless you go viral by what I call sheer luck.