Teach Me Tuesdays: Animal Totem Messages

“When the birdwatcher found a nest, he was egg-sighted! The only thing otters drive in rivers is an otter-mobile.” – Unknown

It’s time for furry and feathery vengeance; or something like that. Anyway enjoy the underlined hyperlink text which will provide you with some twisty turvy along your journey.


Thankful for small achievements. I managed to actually get my bedroom cleaned thoroughly today since I had a lot of dust on my wealth altar, computer desk, and such as well as some laundry. Everything feels better at least in that regard since I use the witch hazel in there to dust because my only other cleaning option has peppermint oil which is harder to air out if it becomes too aggressive an odor.

I was feeling great until I encountered the obstacle that led to me putting a little too much weight into my left foot. Now I’m feeling the burn again of aches and pains. It was fun while it lasted because I learned the kitchen entrance way has the perfect set up for standing push ups today. The pain has been on/off again today honestly!

I’ve managed well otherwise, but I had hoped today would mean my pain flares were lessening. Maybe I was a little too hopeful, but can you blame me. In fact this foot has gotten so cranky that to keep it from hurting most nights I’m sleeping on my stomach or back in Tree pose to keep it at a realtive 90° angle to prevent my plantar fasciitis from flaring in an inherited California King oak tree bed; totally normal.

I may very well be a Holly on the Celtic calendar like mom, but… I mean I’ve started sleeping to DNA repair and anti inflammatory frequency entrainment music to see if it will help.

Thankfully my neck has not been upset since my head is often turned left or right. Night splints won’t work. Compression socks or anything too tight causes me neuropathy, muscle spasms (the last was Hell on Earth), and makes my Achilles burn. I wake up wanting to curse obscenities if I do that and forget it during the day. Kinesthetic tape is fine.

Today I thought we could have some fun with investigating animal totems. I’ve been given the following three as those I am presently working with while going through my Reiki attunement process/education in reaching Master level.

I’ve additionally performed a Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha chart similar to yesterday for the fixed star Algorab which is a traditionally Arabic word (Al-ghuraab) which means the Crow within the Corvus Constellation as these hold significance to those born in Magha lunar mansion.

The nature of this fixed star is the energies of Mars and Saturn which can assist one with driving away negative energies and give protection from the malice of others. It has been associated with Black Onyx and the right kidney within the human body. This also reminds me of my blog post on Libra while it’s notable that Corvus actually in the Hebrew Mazzaroth is associated to the Leo Sun sign (my Tropical placement and Vedic lunar mansion).

The Antennae Galaxies in Corvus Constellation

The Chinese see this fixed star as the Chariot or celestial carriage transporting tributes from foreign lands to the Emperor signifying an accumulation of wealth while presiding over travel.

There is a PDF I found explaining this with the Bible, but I’m going to forewarn and forearm my blog readers that I do not really belong to any church. I may have become fully Catholic in my 20s and have the maternal/paternal DNA of an Ashkenazi Jew from Europe particularly Germany and Denmark, but I’m not really a dogmatist or holding some radically rigid belief system because I’ve grown beyond exoteric practices.

I do me and you do you! Esotericism is not what most church pews teach, and I get testy with fundamentalism now.

Blue Jay:

Encourages me to be a little sassy each day! If there’s something I’ve been wanting I am supposed to politely ask for it. If there’s any issues which need confrontation I am not to sweep it under the rug as Blue Jay will drag it back out into the open to be addressed. Because Blue Jays will eat the young of other birds we are told to be direct without operating from a destructive intent.


Otter happens to be one of the most playful feminine energies on Earth swimming over into my space to bring a message of joyful play rather than competitive play. If life has been difficult or I find my challenges overwhelming I have been encouraged to relax rather than panic. Otter is here to remind me that play is just as important as work especially the kind I loved as a child. Hopscotch was suggested for me.

The Crow:

Crow is always on the alert for trouble with their loud caws that warn each other of impending danger. Very little escapes their keen vision and many cultures associate Crow with being the keeper of knowledge. Crow has flapped his way into my life to bring a message of watchfulness. Build your nest high enough to really understand what’s going on around you is the advice I’ve been given.

Dodecatemoria/Dvadashamsha Chart for Algorab

Algorab is in a rather ironic place being that it’s the 1st House of Aries at 14° in this style chart given what they are meant to teach us about ourselves. Opposed to my Sun, trine Neptune, and biquintile Chiron we can see certain traits play out here. The 1st House is for self improvement as well as displays one’s inner/outer image reflecting our personality, character, manners, and temperament.

We don’t make rash decisions rather we slow down to assess all situations. This is especially true in healing or channeling our emotions. To access our inner potential we feel drawn to engage in creative, artistic, spiritual, and charitable activities. We tend to not follow linear time enjoying instead a maverick’s path of healer, astrologer, and self realization.

When life becomes too confining to the chart holder they push against it until they experience a breakthrough. One will not let anything thwart their growth. This molting they do is quite automatic and one will only cause severe suffering to themselves if they resist it. Growth is exhilarating especially when one supports themselves in the process of it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An apple tree with many rotten apples on the ground around it.” The rotten apples and the snake’s dead skin are what has been cast off. The skin is a remnant of the growth and expansion of wisdom which will always be generating new skins as it evolves.

The rotten apples manifest the luxurious abundance of the creative urge as it relentlessly casts its seeds of inspiration into the physical world. Work with guardian angel Mebahel and daimon Leraje.

Daimon Leraje represents the Six of Wands, Moon, Leo, and Plantain. This daimon empowers ritual magic bringing aid to love spells while guiding one in healing/medicine as well as assisting with reconciliation spells. Leraje imparts one with the wisdom to handle conflicts.

Garden updates include larger roma tomatoes which are still green, a few more zinnias and sunflowers, we’re still producing some beans which need to be cut although I’m not sure when I’m getting out there yet although I need to check the carrots, and we have a lot of various bees.

I’m honestly not outside much in the hotter afternoons so I’ve stopped photographing butterflies the way I did about 5-6 years ago. Oh, the front garden crepe myrtles are unhappy and the bark is peeling, however, one of the back one’s is very happy. Lettuce is going to seed!

That’s two bees for the price of one please. Wings and stripes! And I think that might be another baby preying mantis?! It’s difficult to see in the central region, but that little greeny is what I’m “I Spying.”
Solar flowers galore which I got to say someone today mentioned that I have not one, but two green thumbs after seeing the garden.
We still have some beans being produced on the vines, but I’ve not been able to get to cutting them. We gave several away and still have a bag in the refrigerator! It’s like death by green, yellow, and purple beans out here even if this is not the best image capture of the event!
Color, but it seems to often be of the same variety and vivid.
I’m not complaining; promise!
Lettuce heading off to seed…
I really need to check the carrots again to see if they’re ready to harvest, but the peanut planted by the neighborhood squirrel in the same bed and the wildflowers has grown huge. I do wish either A) my neighbor would stop feeding the squirrels or B) they would stop planting in my beds!
Here is some borage!
Let’s not forget the roma tomatoes on the vines.
Or the sweet potatoes!

May you have a provocative and intriguing Tuesday! 💬🌌

PS: Google has responded that they should be removing the “flag” on my business listing. I’m not sure who sent in that I had harmful downloads, links, or was fraudulent, but I do hope the Universe teaches them a nice lesson in karma!

I still believe doing that with no grounds or basis is defamation, slander, or libel of a person’s character and business. As I said before my astrology business is legal, and I’m no criminal. I pass background checks. If you have a question at the very least use the contact form or email on my Terms of Service & FAQ. Going around bad mouthing anyone with no grounds is just childish and improper.

“Hey bud, how’s it growing?” – Unknown

Manifestation Mondays: A New Moon, A Garden, and Sunflowers

“Be outstanding in your field.” – Unknown

Busy bees are using/clicking on the underlined hyperlink text to bring you treats!


We have a New Moon in Gemini on a degree that has occurred several times in my years of studying astrology. It’s a degree that I really don’t want to focus upon at this time because for the concept of today’s blog post I don’t particularly vibe with energy it speaks to whatsoever. I’ve decided to place my focus elsewhere and do something different instead to elevate the day rather than “trigger” anyone through divisive topics.

You see the energies of this New Moon many would be astrologers as well as those who are “trendy/popular” want to play up this degree and placement. Meanwhile it’s aspecting fixed star Aldebaran, Mars, and Jupiter promoting the energies of karmic vengeance/retribution, anger, and rage.

When we compound this with the Saturnine energies present we get negative thinking, nasty words spoken, and we should do everything we can to not project these energies onto those we care about. To channel this New Moon what you want to focus upon is turning over a new leaf, questioning old habits, and inventing new ways to make progress with your goals.

This fixed star corresponds to a group of stars which in classic literature were described as causing backstabbing, muddled thinking, evil dispositions, and violence. Some see this as harnessing the energies of unceasing anger and avenging murder all of which I for one don’t desire to put my energies into. I’d advise other esotericists and would be astrologers or tarot readers to re-think about promoting this New Moon due to it’s current aspects or vibrations.

Try to place your attention on something else today for where our focus is that is actually what we begin to attract into consciousness. It’s best not to play around with such negative prospects when we can transmute them to a more positive outcome.

Just looking at the above is enough explanation to why aspects of my personal life have suddenly been uprooted and become stressful especially at my part time cosmetology job. The last thing I want when I have family drama from time to time is to confront the unnecessary nitpickiness, micromanaging, or even workplace aggression of co-workers or managers.

I don’t even know what happened or why it feels like a repeat of a previous experience I had in this industry a few years ago, but I’m frankly unwilling to re-live the trauma a second time.

Ironically I did an astrology study for my recent part time cosmetology gig and learned quite a lot tonight in terms of the who, what, where, when, and how. Insightful to say the least! I won’t be publishing this, however, I did share my research with a couple of people.

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Sunflower

I’m going to work upon a SAD or Solar Arc Direction chart with a snapshot of asteroid Sunflower (19019) while explaining some of the symbolism or mythology behind this beautiful flower as I’ve just had the ones sown in the garden begin to open. I’ve also got some more photos to share with everyone of our progress at the end of May despite some rather unforgiving Texas heat. Neither I nor the plants are enjoying this scorcher of a season.

I’m going to be a little less in depth today simply to return to a less lengthy post session as it’s also a holiday today. We find asteroid Sunflower placed in my natal 3rd House retrograde Sagittarius while the Solar Arc has moved this to 4th House Aquarius at 4°.

Here we’re moving from intellect, communication, mind, and information perception to where we wish to establish our roots or home, our mental peace, and where we feel most secure. We’ll pass over aspects and do a direct focus on the degree as well as the symbolism of the sunflower today. I’m in love with this Sabian symbol again; perhaps a correlation to yesterday!

The chart holder has the power to trace anything backwards to understand its source. Other people who engage in this process often don’t go far enough, but this degree is intent on origins continually looking under anything found to seek its cause and source of support.

The highest result of this is the complete cleaning out of all negative karmas by clearing them at the root.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Many fireflies at dusk.” The dark may be vast and engulfing, but the light is always there to help us let go of doubt and uncertainty knowing we have the power to overcome any and all challenges.

This degree is about little seemingly insignificant things serving as lights, and more importantly about the way our light calls to the light of others creating mutual enhancement and encouragement thereby helping us all to always remember who we really are. Work with guardian angel Hekamiah and daimon Zepar.

Daimon Zepar correlates with the Eight of Pentacles, Venus, Black Mustard, and Virgo. When we work with Zepar we may experience various forms of fertility including mental and artistic inspiration. This daimon assists with mental alchemy and disolution of one’s little ego. The goal or focus is to remove phobias while breaking down disadvantagous thought patterns from forming. Zepar works in two spheres that of the Earth and the Sun.

Let’s look at the mythology and uses of sunflowers below.

The Helianthus:

This degree sits upon the fixed star Oculus in Capricorn’s eye. It is associated with the Hebrew letter Yod and the tarot trump The Wheel of Fortune. The energy is often displayed as piercing intellect. If I don’t blog on Tuesday this week please know that I’m busy tending to mom’s health as well as other important tasks that take priority, but I’ll see where I am as the week continues with time management.

Have a great New Moon, Memorial Day, and mesmerizing Monday! 🪔🌻

A bee caught within the center of a zinnia as well as several other flowers on display.
A tangled mess of carrot tops!
Heads of lettuce galore!
The roma tomatoes have grown again. I have seen about three flowers, but am still waiting for more.
Basil in the front as well as the back of the garden is doing quite well even with having to transplant some of it. The recent thunderstorms caused some havoc for a few of our plants/wildflowers. Extreme weather is not a good friend, but does indicate the nature of Mother Earth.
Another round of harvested beans; many were left as they were not matured!

PS: More garden photos from when I awoke this Monday! 📷🥔🍅

Sage and more beans on the way due to continued flowering as well as growth.
More sunflowers opening and showcasing their beauty. The birds have already been staking claim before they go to seed by sitting atop the thick stems and large leaves. I believe they’re also eating the bugs in our garden.
Roma tomato flowers are slowly beginning to appear here/there.
Zinnias and marigolds!
Gold rush! More yukon gold potatoes; I’ve harvested and re-planted all the baby potatoes. We’ve also cut up our sprouted sweet potato to plant as seed potatoes.

Everyone digs/searches for gold in their own way LOL! 😹
An otherwise unknown yellow wildflower!

Manifestation Mondays: Spiritual Misunderstandings Which Lead Us All to Chagrin

“Essential advice for the gardener: grow peas of mind, lettuce be thankful, squash selfishness, turnip to help thy neighbor, and always make thyme for loved ones.” – Unknown

This may be my last blog post for a while, and you will understand the “what, where, when, why, and how by the end of this entry. Please use the underlined hyperlink text as a map for hidden treasure!


The more I try to learn about the Abrahamic faiths the more I somewhat feel a growing need to distance myself from some of them due to their radicalization on the basis of improper teachings that are birthed from them. I think this is something that is more common than not to the mutual dissatisfaction of those who are Jewish, Christian, and Islamic. The degree with which I’ve studied the history of their proselytizing which has led to some incredibly violent and horrific atrocities or crimes against humanity is quite off putting.

Any ideology that has become radicalized I simply won’t agree with particularly when it comes with an inability to understand or know (gnosis) that there are differences between the literal interpretations to the esoteric more metaphysical/mystical interpretations.

When I went to high school it was situated on Baghdad Road, and I began to think about the relation of this to the fact that I’ve taken up gardening with a name that directly reflects Persian or Zoroastrian concepts in reference to the location of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for these were located south of Baghdad in what is modern day Iraq.

If we were to look upon the etymology of paradise we would find that Proto-Iranian paridayjah gives us garden. This was meant to represent a garden surrounded by a circular boundary wall. Ironic that it is thus that many have believed this Garden of Eden would be located in the Middle East near Mesopotamia. Some consider these gardens to be purely mythology!

The archetypal reality of this place so many yearn to return to though is not necessarily outside of ourselves. In Hebrew Gan Heden of surpassing greatness is a sphere of activity known as a garden, world, body, and Universe where it was in fact metaphysically meant to represent a pleasant, harmonious, and productive state of consciousness where all possibilities of growth existed. It’s not something to look for “out there” when it is within each of us.

The “garden” so many seek is a symbolic representation of our spiritual body in which we as humans dwell when we bring forth our thoughts derived from Divine ideas in perfect relation to the substance of God/Goddess. The idea of a Paradise Lost is an esoteric exposition of what happens when we have not developed Divine consciousness in realization of God/Goddess therefore our thoughts and ideas do not originate in Divine mind, wisdom, or love.

Our body or temple is meant to be the outward expression of the Garden of Eden. This was in fact given to us by God/Goddess with express instructions to keep and dress it by working in Earthly consciousness to use our co-creative powers to preserve harmony/order in our world.

What happens is that exoteric believers ignore that the entire book they choose to cherish so passionately is an entire allegory. Eden is a region of being where primal ideas are meant for the production of beauty in elemental life with intelligence placed at the disposal of humanity through which we are to evolve our mind and body. Your physical as well as spiritual attributes comprise a mini Garden of Eden. The minute we actually begin to operate in accordance with Divine law rulership as in our sovereignty becomes authority and dominion of the Kingdom of God/Goddess within.

Instead I have literally countless people around me who promote these incredibly unpleasant ideologies that foster nothing except perversion in the outer reality through their improper powers of manifestation advocating for that which has no place in occurring because of the “agendas” it furthers likely as a byproduct of their egoic self or at the juncture of being propagandized to such an extent that they can’t accept truth.

Genesis 2:8 And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.

Here Eden signifies “light” and thus the garden is of light, love, and peace. Earth consciousness is the mind combined with chaos where duality exists and it is only the beginning of a meditative practice. You see this as I’ve said previously represented as the animals going in pairs into an ark. But these stages must progress to water, air, and finally fire before you receive a renewed mind often called quintessence. Adam is a word construct which means atom as the source of all life.

Activate the Third Eye chakra in the right hemisphere of your brain and you will come to the seven days of creation as your chakra system where your Earthly lower mind must reach higher consciousness. It is not until you open the seventh chakra that you will find the place of peace known as Jerusalem which again is not “out there,” but within you. Elohim was a plurality meaning it contained both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principles, but religion with its inherent dogma can’t seem to cope with this fact.

The two month status update of buckwheat dwarfing the roma tomatoes, the garlic chive, our beans sprouting flowers, and the basil finally developing larger healthy leaves.
A forest of potato leaves and stems above ground. I’m still wondering how it looks under the soil. Curiosity as to what I’m growing for tubers/root vegetables.
Yes, we have that many heads of lettuce growing in the above ground bin!
Carrots are finally shaping up to look like actual carrot tops! It feels like this has been a very slow process to me this year.
Wildflowers are still not flowering, but the sage has taken off splendidly. I’m not seeing pollinators as of yet. I’ve attempted to pacify my concerns with the knowledge that most years April is “wet” with rain and an onslaught of flies. We’ll see how well I can keep this up given life has just thrown me a huge monkey wrench and challenge!

It’s also a byproduct of an era when women were not to learn that their female energy rising up the spine as kundalini made them part of their Divine creator. This is still going on presently; you will still see people who wish to continue promoting the patriarchy as superior. We should be seeing ourselves as equals, but I imagine it will continue to take a long time for consciousness to reach this goal.

And this is also often misconstrued further into other lower mental topics which are infesting our 3D with improper ideologies or teachings wreaking havoc on the human condition. Topics too “touchy” for me to discuss with my audience. Eve is simply a split atom with a serpent that represents our physical aspect via a sigmoid shape of the human spinal column.

The minute our consciousness gets confused by duality we lose our sense of self as well as our life’s purpose. The inherent goal presently of the 3D dogma is to keep everyone trapped in this duality or lower consciousness. Another ironicism is that Sin which meant we are missing the mark was also a lunar deity of the Chaldeans. Ur being a place where we dwell in a lower Emotional IQ.

Babylon is also not something “out there” rather it is within every human corresponding to our lower nature of desire and the five senses which hold our souls in captivity. As many do not have their seven chakras spiritualized they are entrapped in wanton consumerism and self indulgence. Higher consciousness is in fact always available and accessible when we become willing to sacrifice the time and commitment to acquire it.

The entire “beast system” is merely people who desire to have more any way you slice it through vices such as lust, greed, gluttony, and so forth because it implies an insatiable nature. This is where we learn that the number of this “beast system” is also a closed Third Eye chakra dominated by the Earth consciousness.

The two hands we possess are tools to survive in a system that engenders the constant need to accumulate material possessions which now rakes us over coals through inflation. So the larger portion of humanity chooses to worship at an altar of materialism lacking proper balance in their existence.

Materialism in and of itself is not wrong rather it becomes perverted when we allow it to override our spiritual evolution. The insatiable aspect is found in humans who mix their lower nature with the higher consciousness forgetting to purify these energies which leads to a cup of indignation or wrath hence we never find contentment or satisfaction making us like a drug addict always yearning for more.

The literal always compounds problems because it foments a slew of improper lifestyles in the 3D. These are seen in the beliefs of there being no harsh weather before Sin, no hard labor to receive food or other life essentials (seems to me this would lead to sloth/laziness), no death on Earth (again we’re speaking in parables therefore that would mean no transformation or transmutation of the lower nature) which hardly seems ideal for a spiritual or consciousness evolution, and a place where God/Goddess spoke to humanity face to face.

I’m still stuck on no death on Earth because I find that not a positive harbinger or outcome and it makes me think of humans wandering in darkness or ignorance for aeons which really doesn’t sound optimal. Then again I’m also coming at this from my understanding of Death as a Major Arcana rather than the literal act of dying. We’re running around fearing death which while this could be literal also quite truthfully is simply a new life opening before us with new opportunities.

The best description I saw was that the dance of death is when all the “masks” fly off and the husk to refer to the a Kabbalist term more related to the Qliphoth has cleansed its core and died acquires what is its true beauty. This, however, occurss for all regardless of sex, age, creed, hierarchy, etc.

Ephemeris for Asteroids Paradise, Bean, Roma, and Potato

Today I’m going to briefly touch on some asteroids I located which match my garden as I’m growing green, yellow, and purple beans, roma tomatoes, and potatoes. I don’t want to get too in depth with this so I will make this very brief. I’ve added the asteroid for Paradise as well.

If you would like to chart these for yourself you can locate them via the following association: Paradise (2791), Bean (13606), Roma (472), and Potato (88705). To keep this as basic as possible I’m using an Ephemeris to simply take stock of where they are located in my astrology chart as of today. This means I’m matching it to my Western natal chart.

We would find Paradise in my 1st House Scorpio at 14° with Uranus, Bean is in my 8th House Gemini at 15° with Mars, Roma is in my 1st House Scorpio at 27° with Uranus, and Potato is in my 3rd House Capricorn at 27°. That is a mouthful! It is widely accepted that the 1st House is our ego, appearance, focus, identity/self, and explains the wide range of perspectives one holds about their world.

Ruling the head and face as well as the conscious mind the 1st House is quite different from the 12th House where our intutive mind lies. It is best said that Aries and Mars rule the 1st House making it the house of a doer where it is all action. Scorpio imbues this with magnetism, mystery, and usually one will have a brooding expression on their face coupled with an intense stare. We generally intimidate everyone.

Come full circle to the 8th House and we get another whammy of Pluto/Scorpio energy due to their rulership of this domain. This relationship house deals more with the axis of money, mental/emotional transformation, and of course death/inheritance.

Thankfully Gemini here allows one to come up with a variety of ways to deal with joint finances, investments, and we look at life through the perspective of diving into our problems through transforming our mental perspectives. We’re just naturally curious! Communication is huge for us as is self knowledge. So when it comes to mental health we let go of any and every thing which is not healthy for us.

Finally the 3rd House is the place where we speak or write while focusing on transportation and local community. This house speaks to early years of education up through college or trade school. Capricorn doesn’t waste time with saying what needs to be said, but we also don’t express our thoughts and opinions unless we have something productive to interject.

Being ruled by Gemini and Mercury you will find this deals with the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and ears. When we feel misunderstood we tend to become disinterested in relationships. We also come across as serious most of the time, distant, and won’t put a lot of faith in others so I imagine this deals with that issue of “trust” again.


Women dressed in black. They are wailing and mourning.

Darkness, heaviness, sobriety, and grimness. Grief for lost worlds. Dramatically cleansing what must be let go. Freeing the spirit. Laboriously and intensively preoccupied with endings and captivated by the past. You are fascinated with the decomposition of things. Living deep in the unconscious and inside collective dramas. Lost to yourself.

Thrown into patterns, syndromes, and worlds that require drastic measures to transform. A feeling of being cursed. A sensibility of doom. A creation of the worst inside. The long established deeply ingrained consciousness of stark limitation. Getting under it and destroying it the long hard way.

Being able to turn any energy into something positively has a deeply enlivening effect on whatever one creates. Strong and deep attachments eventually lead to mourning until they are released. When we soften our consciousness so that we may perceive that everything is alive we are visited by and receive the love of the angels.

When we share our grief with others in a complete way we lighten ourselves so much and create such a connection with the Divine that we are able to rise above the heaviness of the physical world. Work with guardian angel Cahetel and daimon Barbatos.

Daimon Barbatos relates towards the Nine of Swords, Venus, Gemini, and Arnica. This daimon excels at teaching one to understand the voices of animals particularly that of feline creatures, amphibians, and reptiles. Working with this daimon allows one to divine messages from pendulums and tarot cards. Barbatos is also ideal for mindfulness, spirit communication, and musical inspiration.

Work with Copper remembering that messages are to be swiftly articulated transmitting truth and wisdom focused on easy communication/networking while reconnecting people and places. Affirm that you develop and maintain clear bonds.


People gathering salt from the ocean.

There is a universal sourcespring of renewed life-forces and reawakened expanded awareness which is on tap for those who venture there. Most characteristic of this vast realm is its common ground, free access, and broad representation. You are everybody at once converging toward sisterhood and brotherhood. The sudden, drastic, and astounding universal life stream toward the future being there just like that. Serendipity and chance.

Fortune and synchronicity. The hundredth monkey comes to town. The only thing asked is to make way; to cast off the outer covering of separative identity and to open the path letting it flow. However, this is so easy and natural you can pass it right by and miss the chance. It takes an urgent call and a trick of destiny to reveal that as close as can be open doors to the infinite are waiting for those who can drop the disguise and come to the party as they truly are.

Realizing the accumulated meanings of the past we are able to rise above them and gain an expanded overview of how the spiritual realities create and interact with our physical reality. Continuing to flow through time we sense certain forces to which we are attuned calling to us and are able eventually to see and understand those forces in a deeper clearer way.

Or put another way at first we may follow our bliss only uncertainly and darkly, but if we continue faithfully to follow it we connect eventually to universal consciousness by coming into a deep understanding of who we really are. When we allow ourselves to build our own tower of magic from which to view the world we grow into being able to appreciate the mystery of beauty without requiring any explanations in which to keep it caged.

When we come to realize that our physical life is actually a distillation of our emotional body we perceive that all matter is alive and that everything is always surprising when limiting assumptions are let go of. Work with guardian angel Sitael and daimon Vassago.

Daimon Vassago relates towards the Four of Wands, Jupiter, Aries, and Saffron. This daimon helps one improve conversational ability, quickness of thought, and social confidence. Some believe working with Vassago will aid with having prophetic dreams.

Using Snowflake Obsidian impart the message that our imagination takes us on journeys of play and discovery with a focus on breaking the barriers of time and space. Affirm that you are free to roam freely through the past, present, and future where treasures await to be awakened.


Three blue robin eggs.

Holding inside you a complete future vision. Preserving and guarding a limitless awareness of what can be and of what shall be. You feel so pervasively the impact of what you carry inside that each piece of it now becomes supercharged with meaning and archetypal power beyond how it might seem to anybody else. Being in the preliminary stages of something so vast and staggering that even those stages feel momentous beyond conception.

Just about bowled over by future destiny. The personal self of now is cast into shadow, seeming trivial, a throwaway. But so transported by prenatal resolves to go all the way this time that any sacrifice or difficulty is chalked up to necessary stages of rough process. And the inner mind holds its lodestar in view and simply cooks inside till it’s time to boil over.

Letting communication happen naturally and spontaneously we are able to relate to others with whatever level of formality, distance, or intimacy that feels required in the moment. Tuning in to a fine, subtle, and intuitive level of communication we find ourselves able to impart a sense of new life, hope, and transcendence to others.

To relate to others in an atmosphere of openness and joy that leaves behind all fear induces us to spontaneously see the beautiful and eternal purposefulness of the universe. Simple hope and an innocent effortless connection to life becomes a path to the healing of emotions and the creation of miracles. Work with guardian angel Nelchael and daimon Morax.

Daimon Morax relates towards the Four of Swords, Mars, Elder, and Libra. Essentially this is another daimon skilled with the teaching of herbs, stones, and astronomy/astrology. Morax is seen as an ideal to work with if you wish to become a herbalist or to enhance your skills with crystals and gems.

Yellow Topaz enhances this degree spreading the message of one who is in command, stirring valor, and displaying intense fearlessness while focused upon joining forces with others to fight for good causes that achieve the greater good. Affirm that you have a brave heart.


A long mirrored hallway lit with candles.

Purpose gazes right down the middle and sees that the way is clear. The internal adversary lurks under, around, and through things and is supremely doubtful of everything you see and know. This only provokes the purposive one to become higher and mightier, more commanding and domineering, which in turn incites the adversary to more radical sabotage by denying your own worth in a savage fashion. Each side pushes the other over the edge.

You are karmically at a crossroads trying on for size strong selfhood and its inevitable shadow of pervasive doubts and negations. Learning and discovering arduously how to stay with yourself even while going against oneself. And thereby outlasting the adversary and proving that one can do the impossible even when one is one’s own fiercest critic and hardest to impress audience.

When we tune in to those living forces of wisdom within we find we are able to use that energy to effect profound changes in this world and to help others to open up to higher states of consciousness. Working delicately and lovingly with the intricacies of life we find our way forward becomes more and more clear as it is illuminated by our intuition.

The understandings that swim within our subconscious and which are always ready and willing to reveal themselves to our conscious mind are eternal truths that are ever finding a new and unique expression through our own utterly unique being.

When we can clearly see the way forward we then realize that what we need to enhance our journey is to take care of whatever we are going to use as our vehicle of travel and to meet whatever responsibilities it requires of us. Work with guardian angel Haziel and daimon Paimon.

Daimon Paimon relates towards the Ten of Swords, Sun, Bindweed, and Gemini. Most people work with this daimon for astral out of body experiences as well as remote viewing. Paimon increases creativity, resourcefulness, quick wittedness, and teaches one to disregard physical pain. Paimon also assists with alchemy and knowledge about psychology, neurology, and social skills.

Harness the energies of Peacock Ore with the message of energy, lightness, and freedom helping you effortlessly deal with your own troubles while helping resolve the problems of others. Affirm that you are open and accepting of all possibilities.

I hope that you have a soothing Monday. My left foot is slowly feeling better; the muscle relaxer helped. I guess I forgot that an eight hour shift of standing in one spot at a register taxes my injuries I’ve incurred and healed from. This is probably why I was trying to “face” the entire store so I would be walking. It definitely feels better to be moving and on the go than stagnating in one location.

Today is a rain day so I’ve been hiding in the house with my blog post, podcasts, video games, and laundry. Then there is dinner tonight that I’ll be helping with.

On the part time cosmetology employment front my schedule may change to 4 days off with me working Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. HR emailed me with this today asking what I thought. I’m not going to complain with this suggestion. Ironically this may be ideal for me right now as if HR has ESP!

Meanwhile mom is likely repeating my foot injuries, and I’m going to need to take another hiatus from my business blog.

She made a podiatrist visit, needs an MRI, and will likely also have ligament surgery on her left foot. When people talk about Twinkie Day this is not what I wish to see happen is my mother re-living my experience of foot injuries.

There will be zero time for me to focus attention here as I have to put my attention and focus back on family health as my priority alongside my part time cosmetology employment. This is just a head’s up to my regular blog followers! Fingers crossed; I’m sure she will be fine through this.

I just would not wish foot fractures, ligament surgeries, or anything on my worst enemy right now! I’ve lived these, and I don’t want anyone to go through this because it’s ultimately just not a fun experience or adversity to overcome!  If anything at this blog has helped you please support my business if you can or desire to do so! I’ve tried to proofread this entry, but am short on time. If there are any errors my sincere apologies. Sending you much love! 💌

Manifestation Mondays: Keep Calm and Ascertain the Departed

Great Grandmother and I (Yes, the original image cuts half of her off…)

It feels as though everyone is in a pessimistic rut lately so let’s attempt to alter the frequency. Maybe the provided underlined hyperlink text can point someone to that which is more harmonious.


I’m surrounded by a lot of “doom/fear” in podcasts right now, and as someone who is not burying her head in the sand I also don’t want to be the person who leaves others in a completely negative mental space where they exist in constant anxiety, depression, and other unhealthy ideations. I mean sure that certainly drives home and sells a product. Even astrologers use that tactic to scare people into indulgences or extracurricular services because I covered this months ago when I attempted social media via Twitter meeting someone who I could not reach about how we don’t have to “demonize” everything.

I went through a week or two of ranting about how the social media culture was abhorrently dis-eased with toxic censorship, convoluted mindspaces that create problems I could not assist others with if they did not wish to change, and off the beaten path corners which seemed like an unholy place that I just did not want to associate with thereby putting myself into a sort of “I’m not discoverable mystery realm.”

I’m here, but I don’t get click throughs, and I’m not sure if I care because I’m going back to a 9-5 job literally! It is what it is… An assorted admixture of comfort with discomfort! Being home is just not working for me either. How anyone does work from home or stay at home is beyond me. I need to have some other form of interaction than digital or I’m going to go bonkers to be perfectly frank.

One podcast today dealt with “trust.” Let’s say I have boundaries in life which after being “wronged” enough times I’ve learned there are limits with me when it comes to “trust.” I’m more aware than ever that I am surrounded by sociopaths and psychopaths as I age out of the 3D Earth little by little. My life coaches did not like this about me because I won’t swallow nor eat from their “Candy Land” cavity inducing rose colored glasses lies. I never had that game growing up so perhaps this says something.

I was taught to not accept candy from strangers without someone else or myself inspecting it before I just ingest it. I know that nature versus nurture, dog eat dog, and toxicity have inverted the inner as well as outer realities of many in the multiverse. A “cancer” can eat at it’s source and metastasize leaving a festering wound when we ignore it or refuse to attack it at its source.

The apolitical of me who says arguing left versus right no longer works because like in Kabbalah we’re really fighting against aspects of self through a shadow play with the ego, ID, persona, superego, etc. has not been capable as of yet in determining how to move completely from solitary in some aspects of how she goes through life. I can be a team player, but I also value self reliance and independence. With that comes a level of responsibility to self as well as other. I don’t get it right every time. Remember I said I’m not perfect! I’m also conflicted; I don’t want to become like that which I don’t agree with or feel as if I dislike.

I’m also not wanting to be assaulted by the online agent provacateur psyop where we join some sort of manipulated cult. This “internet” is not anything like the one when I first got online in the 90s where I was meeting “real” people before the rabid foaming at the mouth era of “deep fakes, bots, and other falsehoods.” Actually both my iPhone and laptop I’ve come to wonder about some of what is even in the app stores because it just looks abnormal some of what is found there. The world wide web is now a game of Halloween trick or treat where we may get tricked more often than treated!

Yes, I question the followers and “likes” of my blog posts also. How can I not when I’m realizing not everything is as it appears. I’m allowed to be wary the same way others may be towards me which is why I put a small image of myself on the sidebar of this blog. As much as I hate putting my image on this little part of cyberspace I figure it might make people a little less likely to think I’m a complete wyrd-oh! I don’t know other than that as a child maybe I was a little more able to make friends easier, but I don’t think so ultimately.

I was quite introverted, kept to myself, and selectively chose who I “let into my world.” I expected others to be equally as discerning and a lot less naive. Maybe expectations as they say are just improper to have. No, actually I don’t think I trusted easily growing up. I got picked on enough to learn to question the motives/intents of everyone I came into contact with. You had/have to earn my “trust.” Definitely a paradox with me around. Or maybe the warning should have been good luck as I grew up.

This goes back somewhere to those people who also threw gum in my hair on a bus ride home. No, I did not forget you! Yes, you left an impression on me about “humanity.” No, I did not do that kind of stuff to others. I usually came at them from another angle. Something verbal and psychologically abusive might leap out although I’ve tried to improve upon this with age.

Gum belongs only in a few locations; the mouth, the trash, or in the wrapper! Not on my head or my hair! Misplace it in the wrong location, and I’m going to get very testy with you! Look Leos happen to be very particular about the mane! Screw with it and face our wrath! For that matter I would not go playing with lions unless you want to risk something perhaps you shouldn’t.

This is a matter of principle and morals/ethics where I figure each person has to determine for themselves how far into the “evil” they want to really trek. As they say which wolf do you want to feed or allow yourself to become? Can you walk down the middle or rather go your own way? Something is definitely happening though when you look at groupthink beside the everyday echo chambers. No one is thinking for themselves and we sort of keep chasing our tails some days like cats/dogs. Maybe my hope or wish is that this part time job will help me further my goal to get off the internet if I’m kept busy elsewhere.

I’ve been so torn; do I want my online business or do I want the bleep off the IoT/IoB because I sense something pretty tyrannical about what is afoot. Unlike others I’ve not jumped into wearables, I’m not on social media except a sock puppet account on Facebook for my iPhone app games which I am trying to wean off of, and I don’t online date. I’m still kind of old school and frankly I still value that. And no we won’t be discussing my various views on finances either. This is that tug of war game where I’m deciding if I want to just let go of the rope because I’ll watch the other side drop to the ground due to the physics of gravity and the amount of “oomph” they put into pulling said rope.

I’ve been “scammed” through credit/debit, identity, and other factors making me suspicious. That means I don’t take well to the crypto scammers now nor in the future which usually ensues in me playing mind games back with various groups of people as I don’t like their “game.” I was raised by that logic which says if you mess with me I might mess with you back at least enough to frustrate or dissuade you from wasting your time on me. Burned enough to just not want to keep going through the same tired routines! Bitter no, but I’ve had enough!

So today I’m going to try to leave an ASMR which I don’t watch as often anymore because I finally broke my habit of binge watching for people to simply have some positive unwinding, healing, and to remember our mental health is important at all times so we need to back up for a bit to focus on our breath so that we successfully enter a calmer flow state. With this I’m doing a brief Arabic Part/Lot for our current Monday.

I’ll add a few garden photos as well because the lettuce, beans, and potatoes are bustling with basil starting to also take off. I’ve been impressed by the leaf patterns of the wildflowers at present since I’ve planted a variety of plants which will be songbird, edibles, and pollinator attractors. I’ve also acquired some mushrooms recently; probably not the edible kind. But to me putting some “nature” back in here actually helps us with our Root chakra remaining balanced.

I’m trying to keep my head above the water as the great granddaughter of a cosmetologist who worked as a hair stylist and survived the Great Depression era having worked for larger names like Clairol, Revlon, and such. The matriarchy of my DNA who I’ve repeatedly discussed as she was my inspiration to get my aesthetician’s cosmetology license.

I have haphazardly believed she is still there somewhere in spirit watching over me when my WW II veteran maternal grandfather passed which allowed for me to inherit my maternal ancestral records with her high school yearbook from 3 years before we had a global financial collapse and a World War erupt. Strange that I feel as if we did not learn from our his/her story so we could repeat our pasts.

I know it’s a form of hopium, but we all need something that also keeps us from spiraling into an abyss of darkness from which we never return. That faint nudging belief that I’ve landed this latest part time job I begin on Wednesday in cosmetology thanks to letting her be one of my beacons or inspirations for strength. If I need a female to look to it has been her who also helped raise me till age 5 when she passed on.

It is also because I am 42 remembering sitting in my mom’s lap, leaning over her shoulder, and crying at her funeral. Something formed with us as a bond that I just can’t myself fully put into words. Can a 5 year old or younger understand something better than her 42 year old self? I don’t know other than that I probably appear superstitious to some.

Ancestral Heritage Arabic Part/Lot

I’m going to look at the Arabic Part/Lot of Ancestral Heritage via the formula Ascendant plus Moon minus 8th House. This is an unusual spot. I’ve talked before about Magha nakshatra moving from the anaretic degree in Leo 29° to Virgo 0° which I refer to as zero point energy of Virgo as it also transitions from my 10th to 11th House.

Ancestral Heritage is at Pisces 0° or zero point energy of Pisces in my 6th House which is a Virgo ruled house. It has left the anaretic degree of Aquarius in my 5th House on the Arabic Part/Lot system. Stranger still is that my North Node is Virgo 11th House with a South Node of Pisces 5th House on the Western system previously written about.

I’ve said this I’m not worshiping the stars, I’m not a dogmatist, I see pattern recognition, and I decide if I want to work with it or against it. I’ve been studying this stuff for longer than the attempt at an online business or even trekking into the nonsense eccentric blog I’ve created. But what does this really look like because no one does the symbolism for the zero point degree so I usually have to go with the first degree making it not entirely even accurate.

Well we can begin to state that this would look like a Mercury ruled Earth element Virgo paired with a Neptune ruled water element Pisces in the association of work/job, health, pets, employees, and self improvement. When you have shortcomings how do you deal with them and furthermore if there is a collective or personal crisis such as illness, reversal of fortune, or facing adversity exactly how do you react in the face of them all?

This is what this speaks to because we’re focused on employment, training, those who serve us, and those who depend upon us. Do you endeavor to heal yourself, do you address what you wear everyday and if you needed a haircut, was your fur baby fed, and other daily “chores” make up this placement.

This degree has the awareness of the multifarious forms through which knowledge manifests deeply sensing the eternal realities that hide in passing forms. What is most difficult for the chart holder is to focus on any one thing for in its world energies flow together as formless and inexpressible. The way out of this frustration is to embrace them all and move with the passing shimmerings of each moment.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A field of dandelions.” This degree has a joyful appreciation of the common and ordinary while understanding that all aspects of the human species shared reality have come to be due to having survived and outlived so many other ideas/ways of being that have been cast aside or minimized over time.

In other words there is an instinct for comprehending how the mainstream of society represents the strongest yet most persistent motivations of the race. To try to find and support what is most positive and spiritual in this is the goal of this degree. It is the Piscean sympathy shining forth most directly, spontaneously, and universally like the sunshine of countless stars in a galaxy of dandelions. Work with guardian angel Veuliah and daimon Sabnock.

Daimon Sabnock connects us with the Eight of Swords, Moon, Allspice, and Gemini. When you want to protect your home or astral temple from attacks you want to work with this daimon. As always if you’re working with Sabnock what you will begin to learn is how to take someone else’s nasty little attacks and return them to their sender as a form of defense. Essentually the goal here is that we should be learning/teaching not to be maliciously manipulating or harming others.

“Never rush in haste for anything. Keep calm, stay focused, and the sequence of events will take care of itself.” (The Fried Egg Galaxy) – Unknown

This degree sits on the fixed star of Enif in Pegasus the Flying Horse’s nose. The nature of Enif being that of Mars and Mercury usually combines to make for a high enterprise, ambitious, intuitive, and enthusiastic temperament. We should be careful, however, where we place our judgment which I think this caters back to the issue of “trust.”

As an aesthetician here is a spa ASMR from one of the channels I subscribe to. Have a great and relaxing Monday. I might take tomorrow of as a respite from blogging until Friday just so I can finalize what I need to before beginning my new part time job. I think everyone will be fine during this span of time! Also the next time someone says you can’t produce anything organic because they believe only in chemical agriculture we’re going to have a dispute.

I’ve been doing just fine organic gardening so maybe the problem is a lack of proper education in making the switch! Either out of ignorance, limited beliefs, or fear to change perhaps! All I know is food in the ground is not like a virtual reality game or a Star Trek hologram. It takes time requiring some patience which seems to be in short supply lately. 😊 I really can’t wait for my plants to produce the actual beans or flowers. I’m getting very antsy simply because I want to take photos of something colorful and beyond stems, leaves, and roots.

Tomatoes are under monitoring. Our buckwheat has overtaken them therefore I think we will be thinning shortly. I have not attempted photos because literally the roma tomatoes are dwarfed by a sea of buckwheat! This is what happens when you cover crop and return to planting other items in the bed. Some plants are invasive.

I also had a squirrel stand off recently. They keep bringing peanuts as I’ve said from someone feeding them to my garden to plant them. So as one scurried down the fence I walked over and had to have a face to face discussion with him which sent him back up the fence, turning to face me, twirling a peanut in his hands in front of me, and then leaving. He’ll be back! This is not over!

Connect with Nature – 2 Month Progress Report:

The beans look like they are beginning to consider flowering which is probably a very positive sign for production before we get too hot here in Texas. I’m thinking spring and fall are going to be our best production times. Basil is another exciting one because we use it in various dishes usually macaroni night as my Sicilian step father calls it because certain words now have negative connotations due to improper slang! We literally live in a world where we have to self censor because of those using improper grammar or lingo!
I need a miracle here for carrots, but at least the wildflowers are providing great blanket cover and will hopefully flower shortly. The leave patterns have been fascinating to see, but then I’m probably just being a nerd. I don’t know how much root builder these carrots need or if they’re storing energy for later. I’ve used a lot of fertilizer though in an attempt to bulk my plants up.
I have so many heads of lettuce right now growing that I’m going to be having to ask neighbors to take some to prevent spoilage of perfectly good salads. And nature thinks that mushrooms would look great on those salads as well! Fungus is among us.

Teach Me Tuesdays: Jill and the Beanstalk

Salamanders with the wood pile near the chiminea! This is a house of three fire signs; two female Leos and one male Sagittarius! Probably a bit more like pyromania.

You’re going to have to climb with me using some hyperlink underlined text, and I hope you’re not afraid of heights. Yes, even that one above in the image description! The salamander is dot art.


I slept horrible so I got a very late start to my day; I was entirely too hot. I think it’s time to begin running fans again! And after yesterday I had a lot of pent up angst still, but I woke up realizing my plants had all grown overnight quite a bit since two days ago. So while I’m hearing about price inflation and rumors of food shortages I’m going to say no matter how little I’m making at my astrology and esoterics business I’m very thankful I’ve mastered the art of gardening if everything else in life is leaving me exceptionally apathetic, anxious, and downright depressed right now. Because last time I checked other than learning to can I consider food to be a pretty important commodity and skill still while everyone else is looking at other items and placing value on them.

Unless all humans, insects, and animals are content with processed foods having a bustling organic garden of some sort even at home as a victory garden having family as I’ve said tied to the Great Depression/WW II era as my backbone on top of ancestry that goes back to immigration to the United States in the 1800s or my education of Stalin/Hitler eras I feel if I can provide something healthy to nourish life than I’ve done something good with my lackluster time on Earth as I sometimes just don’t feel it and want off this planet.

You either plan for the rainy day or you keep relying on systems that don’t always prove to be secure because they’re like riding a roller coaster which not everyone enjoys being on daily. Probably in the end will lead to adrenal fatigue; I could be wrong, but… Actually I hate rumors, and I hate people pandering to fear, but then I don’t know what to think because so far I’ve not seen food supply chain problems where I live to the degree perhaps others see where they live. Better safe than sorry later!

What I need now is the beanstalk so I can go get the golden eggs! Alas I’ve not yet made it there… Especially with Easter on the way! I’m still confused on the rumors running around about empty shelves or being paid to not grow anything by certain people’s not to be mentioned here. I completely get letting land fallow because I had to do this during my ankle surgery year and then I cover cropped to build the soil back, but when something feels intuitively “off” or “manipulated” my radar goes off.

Don’t get me wrong we do have some processed snack foods in our house, but we actually keep items in this house so we’re not constantly in the grocery store every week. Probably something out of whack in my psyche! If you’ve worked in a grocery store you don’t want to shop there every day or week on top of your job!

I took great grandmother very serious when told about life during the Great Depression and surviving poverty. Our connection was very strong and more-so with the inheritance having gotten her high school yearbook 3 years before that struck. It imprints on your consciousness to not want to be there again so you’re never one with an entitlement mindset. Yes, I’ve been told by others I work hard in life. I don’t understand the other way of not doing so and view it as slothful or indolent. Sorry I was not raised that way. I understand the need to enjoy life, but I don’t understand not keeping busy either.

I have this weird ascetic way of living where I’ve been largely very different from most people I’ve been forced to live around or work for. I think that matches yesterday’s fixed star about the “fish out of water” standing for being out of my element. I even tell people I feel born in the wrong generation and that I don’t feel I belong in the present or future. I wish I knew time travel because I don’t rightly feel I belong here.

Today I’m going to leave you with the fairy tale that goes with this blog post title, some annoying garden photos that you’ll grow tired of fast perhaps (my plants are like my babies right now so if you want to laugh at me for this you can), and I’m going to work on the Arabic Part/Lot Hope which I considered doing yesterday. I really don’t want to spend my entire day working on a blog post, and I’m sorry for that. I have not got very much to say right now and moping around is not going to be seen as attractive so I’ll keep this simple.

Jack and the Beanstalk (I’m Going W/Jill as I’m a Female):

I’ve been referring to myself for days now this way since I’m growing green, yellow, and purple beans in the garden. Rightfully we planted several seeds and years ago I only planted two seeds which produced enough beans that I was legitimately eating green beans that year every single day trying to keep up with the plants production line. I honestly had to give produce away to neighbors who received food for free! Yes, food for free that I grew because I had surplus!

I will never understand why this skill is not being taught to many people all over the world so they can self sustain beyond just a grocery store especially if they live in a grocery desert. We’re dealing with my arguments about being online and my business going nowhere as well as my dislike of social media or people who openly said they can’t own their shadow while I’ve been working on mine for years. If I’m apathetic what do I call those who literally refuse to do the work essential to their personal growth? Can I call them lazy or a bum or is that too harsh?

Actually that also triggers another issue I have with people. The belief women should not teach or should know their place. It’s best I simply don’t tackle this right now or I’m going to begin to soap box rant at everyone! That’s perfectly fine for those who want to cut off their intuitive perceptions of Truth reflected in their intellect from their soul. Albeit this may be the root of some of the very problems with humanity at large which we still see in societies. What can I say literalists need a bit of a re-education on the feminine as Divine as well as the Mother phase/archetype of God/Goddess or their Holy Spirit. That tricky issue about patriarchy versus matriarchy and the two not being equal still! I probably just hit someone’s nerve saying this. Oops!

Communities could thrive if this practice was adopted. Funny seeing Ceres mentioned below as I’ve charted her in my astrology chart. She is found in two Cradles, a Mystic Rectangle, and one of the Castle/Seer configurations in my Western natal chart quite happy in my 6th House of Aries. The 6th House being ruled by Virgo and thus an Earth sign it asks that one integrate within their work/job, health, pets, and techniques for self improvement that they might best serve others in their day to day tasks/chores. It is also the house of hygiene. This is the house of importance to one’s life journey.

Garden Photos:

No, I won’t be spamming you with these everyday. It’s going to take some more time beyond one month for them to evidently really “produce some beauty beyond GREEN” right now.

I also forgot to mention my step father and I have been looking at a bee hive to put in! Yes, we want to invite some pollinators! But I need to find a part time job so I will be wrapping this blog post up shortly. Actually while composing this I just got the e-mail. The bee hive is on order; thanks to my step father ordering one for us.

Basil sprouts probably need more fertilizer to get them moving as does the lemon balm, and I may be using more root builder on the carrots as they’re very slow at growth right now.
The long stage of producing many, many, many leaves and then vines/stalks before they produce any beans especially if we get too warm.

They produce more beans as the temperatures stay a bit less triple Texas digit. Right now we’re in the high 90s today before dipping back down into the high 70s/low 80s. I spent extra time watering today due to the heat and was myself feeling cooked again under the heat of the Sun with no clouds. If I feel cooked the plants have to feel miserable and be begging for water.

These carrots… Meanwhile I’ve got 15 garlic chives, and I wonder if I should pot some giving them away to neighbors. They do flower; the flowers and the chives are edible both!
One of our Dahlias has returned. We took it for dead so we planted echinacea seeds in the pot. Companion plants? I hope it’s not too crowded.
This last weekend I helped my step father build a structure for the beans to vine around. Now we will need to cut Agribon for the lettuce to help keep pesky caterpillars off my produce or I’m going to have lace for lettuce becoming very angry!
Flowers have to be coming soon, but this stem growth process is killing me. LOL
The potatoes are literally all leaves filling the entire bed now!
Tomatoes still also growing mostly leaves, but I am waiting for the thick vines that I will have to help support. Sluggish lemon balm sprouts and another random snail.
We have a cactus/succulent garden that requires one be careful including around the yucca! The sage is flowering again which usually attracts several bees from honey to bumble.

To find the Arabic Part/Lot for Hope use the formula Ascendant plus Mercury minus Jupiter. We can laugh because like yesterday this is also in my 1st House Libra, but Hope is found at 18°. Both of these thus are meant to represent the conscious self ruling the head, face, and conscious thoughts of one’s mind. Ruled by Aries the 1st House is all action. This is absolutely hilarious!

Hope Arabic Part/Lot

Forces of evolution will inevitably induce a release of any illusions which stand in the way. When these releases come the extent to which we benefit from them depends upon our reactions to them. If we can flow with them and allow their force to loosen clearing whatever in us we are ready to let go of we will receive maximum benefit from their healing potential. This degree acutely senses change and knows how to subtly foster it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman carefully counting the beans in a jar.” Through this simple act of quantification this degree seeks a sign or a portent that manifests the numerological significance from the number of beans. This is one of the simplest and homeliest of all the symbols, but it contains more than what appears on the surface.

For the beans have a limited number, and yet planted and allowed to grow and produce through an indefinite and potentially infinite number of cycles they are unlimited. And so this degree is about perceiving the infinite within the seemingly limited reality around oneself, and this simple act of perception actually fosters the infinite’s healing force.

In both the Omega and Chandra symbols of this degree very little action is taken on the part of the people involved. In the Omega it is a mere witnessing while in the Chandra it is only the act of counting. The minimization of doing here magnifies the potency of being and witnessing which subtly enhances and supports the forces of evolution. Work with guardian angel Nithael and daimon Murmur.

Daimon Murmur is connected with the 10 of Pentacles, Venus, Virgo, and Parsley (we’re not growing this herb; when we did I raised several Swallowtail caterpillars to butterflies releasing them). I’m going to tiptoe around this one, however, as some topics might be dicey for a few out there.

Murmur is a master in philosophy teaching disciples to understand subjects perfectly assisting with divination, insight, and intuition. This daimon helps with shapeshifting, music, sciomancy (Is that why I inherited my ancestral records out of everyone in my maternal family; I don’t recall requesting this?), and the performance of exorcisms while also strengthening the astral body and improving one’s communication with spirits. I believe I read some possible connections to Hekate.


A woman carefully counting the beans in a jar.

Taking outward phenomena literally. The utmost in naivete. You wander into every trap and pitfall with eyes wide open wanting so badly for everything to add up and to make sense. Lacking a strong center of self hood. Impressionable to received ideas and at the mercy of conditionings wanting only to please and to make everybody happy you are held within the circle of consensus agreement. Behaving in such exemplary fashion that it is too good to be true. All is from the outside in. Lessons in outlasting what you take on, and in showing up after being so far gone that nobody knew where to find you.

Someone sent me a Moon rune reading and drew two for me to represent the real and the illusion. I received Fehu as the illusion telling me to stop putting value in my finances and social standing when cattle which I refer to as chattel or the etymological root of capital (of the head, all one’s possessions, and property used in trade/finance) in Norse tribes was a source of strife amongst those hungry for power.

If one is lost in earning and saving more they don’t realize my reading says that they already work hard enough and have sacrificed throughout life enough for those they care about. Pushing too hard we lose true value in life. Laguz was given as the real indicating according to my reading that empathy and intuition connected to my emotions may be impacting my relationships with friends/family.

Deep ties of friendship and family transcend our normal relations and should be worth fighting for. The kidneys and bladder mentioned in association with the rune Laguz definitely hit a chord. I just healed from a uterine tract infection and boy have I been drinking a lot of water while upping my cranberry/D Mannose.

I think this is true also because I officially deleted several apps on my iPhone learning how much information/data they were harvesting. I also deleted Whatsapp because I’m so sick of crypto scammers, websites with viruses/malware, and people trying to hack into my identity or finances. I actually want a dumb phone again.

I literally run these people around in circles for the purpose of angering them as they anger me to no end. I gave the person on Whatsapp a long mind @#$%& since they thought I was someone to mess with. VPN just is not enough nor is IP or phone number blocking. There is zero, zilch, and nada “smart” about the way we adopt such lunatic practices today some of which make me wonder why more don’t wear straight jackets. Sorry! I don’t like parasites such as leeches, ticks, and vampires. I know that others find this to be the unpleasant side of my personality as well as pessimistic. We don’t have to agree!

There is no fixed star on this degree so we won’t mess with that today. Instead I’m going to wrap up by sending off my usual closing. Have an outlandish Tuesday.


Manifestation Mondays: The Garden 2022 and Life Updates

Meals begin with a smile made of olive oil sprayed into a frying pan in a failed attempt to fix my anxiety/depression.

Use the underlined hyperlink text to walk the Earth and fly to your home in the sky.


How long has it been; I lost count of the days and weeks. I wanted to finally re-open the blog, but I’m presently working on a new resumé as well as looking for part time work. I’m unsure to date still of how I want to re-design my blogging schedule having just recovered from a uterine tract infection. I’m also going to show one month out how the new organic garden is shaping up for everyone to see minus the sunburn I acquired recently; even as a Leo natal Sun on the Western zodiac I get crispy when radiated. Really much of the plants are just green sprouts, shoots, and leaves this early in the planting season for us. Too many cold spells had us starting later than I wanted.

I needed some serious time to ascertain what I was doing with this blog or my business which I’m still very unsure, but getting clearer on letting it all go without regret. It generates zero income for me whatsoever therefore I’m heavily still contemplating when in terms of an actual date to simply close up my DBA focusing all my attention elsewhere given what I foresee for the years ahead in my life. I’m heavily coping with my desire to abandon esoterics altogether which means I don’t even know if I want to keep tarot decks because I’m disinterested now.

Keeping this routine up is also far too time consuming for me. I really can’t possibly sit forever at a computer screen. Not only is this overall unhealthy as it’s sedentary, but I deserve better! I simply deserve a lot better than Zoom meetings, blogs, and other false life experiences within a matrix of binary gibberish! I watched a video of the virtual reality Oculus type stuff on someone only to realize I don’t get it. I have glasses. Growing up with a lazy left eye, astigmatism, and thick lenses got me bullied as well as picked on leaving me scarred. People literally want to look like that with those contraptions on their faces. I’m so confused!

And this is not me trying to be hateful to those people; I honestly don’t understand you! Sorry dear technocrats we really don’t see eye to eye and never will!

I gave up ASMR and am really eager to give up all iPhone app games. I’ve removed television from my negative habits list. So the clean out I wanted is working in terms of removing that which I don’t feel serves me. It has to sound strange because I won’t relate to anyone pretty soon is the way that I feel. I literally won’t have much in common with those I’ve had in my life. Even my diet has continued to change. Took a step father/daughter day to the shooting range to practice. Yes, I’m a member of one of “those” kinds of families although I only really aim at paper targets or inanimate objects out there and not real people or animals. I was more distracted by all the butterflies I was seeing. Don’t ask!

Taxes this year for our family due to current events required some financial payments like our medical bills in January that have completely re-shaped our lives and the way it looks this won’t be changing with inflation or other factors being predicted. Therefore if this blog and business are dead weight it is my estimation that eventually it will be offloaded as baggage I’m unwilling to carry for too long. Which is difficult knowing I paid for 3 years of web service with my host whom I’m also a bit now in disagreement with due to my apolitical or non political views so when they pick sides to “stand with” we simply won’t agree.

It is hard to find your business or blog attached to that which you are in moral or ethical conflict with. Let’s be honest I don’t normally patronize businesses if I feel extremely unhappy with certain practices they adopt/employ. The services are stellar, but… Can’t you leave politics out of this?

I’m not pro or “standing with” either side within recent conflicts because as I’ve said I’m apolitical or non political. Both sides in my opinion are illusions and controlled opposition on the fronts of Divide and Conquer as well as Hegelian Dialectic where people are supporting the latest trends by shallow virtue signaling with no forethought or afterthought to the repercussions of their very actions which occur when we all practice groupthink in echo chambers as I stated previously. Radical change in 2022 for me. YES! I did not expect it, but it’s growing on me.

You will find me struggling with three problems now known as apathy, anxiety, and depression. I’m dealing with wanting to get off the digital plantation others are on due to my ever expanding knowledge of what is unfolding which others are ignoring as they peddle an ideology which they rightly know will do harm to most life on Earth. These groups have one goal and one goal only. Profit is their only desired achievement and they go about it with the motto “the ends justify the means.” You could consider this a toxic dis-ease that impacts all ways of life because people profit by more than just the monetary energy they exchange. The dog eat dog model is not my cup of tea!

If you’d like to see previous gardening blog posts you can find them below:

The seed storage is always growing. Cosmos, dahlias, celosia, hollyhock, sunflowers, echinacea, lemon balm, songbird mix, and edibles seen above.

What have we planted in 2022? A variety of wildflowers some edible with basil, lemon balm, echinacea, marigolds, hollyhock, potatoes, roma tomatoes, carrots (orange and rainbow), beans (green, yellow, and purple), and lettuce (varieties). The garlic chives survived the autumn and winter seasons returning this spring. Presently I’m just bulking them up on local organic fertilizers both dry and wet including root builder from Microlife, Rose Glo, and HastaGro. We are adding coffee grounds as well as ground up egg shells for calcium. Due to shortages of bone meal and blood meal it’s about adapting.

Here are the photo collages I’ve created:

Green, Yellow, and Purple Beans (Sprouts/Leaves)
Carrots (Barely Emerging Out of the Mud/Soil)
Potatoes and Roma Tomatoes (No Vines Yet)
Garlic Chive, Lettuce, and a Random Snail
Lots of Basil
Ladybug, Wildflowers, and Lemon Balm (First Ladybug I’ve Seen in 2022)
Marigolds and More Wildflowers

Today I’m going to end with one Arabic Part/Lot although I was torn between two; Hope and Peace. I’m choosing to go with Peace using the formula Ascendant plus Venus minus Sun. I’m opting to go with this because I have a Lourdes amulet with grotto water on my wealth altar which is in the form of a necklace when I paid to have someone take my wish to be read there several years ago asking for peace on Earth and an end to wars. Like the paper origami cranes I had made years ago I’m still waiting for someone to grant this wish and well I’m just not sure anymore.

The amulet is supposed to be worn for protection with reference to my health. The request was made directly after my foot fractures. I really don’t care what religion this was as I’ve stated over and over with repetition I became fully Catholic in my twenties, but have studied several of them so I’m really non-dogmatic. They each have their pluses and minuses respectively! Spiritual concepts reach beyond mere organized religions used to control the 3D. Peace is not going to come when most seem to worship at an altar of war and strife getting rich/drunk on both.

Still waiting…

You will find Peace for me within my 1st House of Libra at 15° which is best summed up as the sign rising on the Eastern horizon at the moment of one’s birth signalling new beginnings centered upon the individual defining that person as who they are and who they will become for it implies this is when they realize their best self and ultimate potential. To become a unique individual one contributes to the world within which they live. This is the sum total of one’s being internally and externally in how they approach life.

Peace Arabic Part/Lot

The chart holder knows how to take the time via carefully personal and artful attempts to bring out the very best in situations whereby they create maximum enjoyment for both self and others. This assists others to feel all of life more vividly fully slowing down to see with far greater clarity what is truly most important to themselves. This is a beautiful skill executed wonderfully.

Giving loving and careful attention to all that we do creates in us an attunement to a pure source of deep inner wisdom. Realizing the repetitive nature of all cycles we come to see the deeper meaning and purpose of that which we continually repeat. Looking deeply into life we find those things of great value that help us to bring loving care into all that we do. Perceiving the ancient imprints that exist in the deepest layers of our unconscious we are able to see more clearly the one-sidedness of our thinking and how all thoughts are illusions. Work with guardian angel Hahasiah and daimon Balam.

You’ve likely seen my recent entries incorporating both guardian angels and daimons. Well you have to understand what these are beyond those of organized religions who fail to grasp metaphysics. So let’s look at this word and it’s origins.

Daimon is a noun and synonym of demon via Greek mythology representing a tutelary deity/spirit which watches over a person or place. For example, on the island of Ko Kho Khao in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand many build spirit houses as shrines for protective spirits of a place. δαίμων (daimon) is a God/Goddess, divine power, deity, and guardian spirit known in Latin as a genius signifying one’s fate, destiny, and fortune.

Spirit houses provide shelter for spirits which may otherwise create problems for people if not appeased. These shrines often include images or carved statues of people and animals. Votive offerings are left at the house to propitiate these spirits. the most common offering are fruits (e.g. banana, orange, grape; some people even offer different fruits at the same time.)

In neighboring Thailand however, it is a long-standing tradition to leave offerings of food and drink at the spirit house. The idea is one which believes that friendly spirits will congregate to enjoy free food and drink where their presence will serve to keep more malign spirits at bay. Offerings are usually given with a focus on the color red. Most point to the significance of the color red as being quite reminiscent of animal or blood sacrifice, but I also believe this has much more to do with the Root chakra. Why you ask; because animals hold metaphyiscal rather than literal value.

Sacrifices are a refining process of mental and bodily energy with reference to the ascension of spirit which brings one to higher states of consciousness. It is a removal of impurities, but many are often trapped with seeing these concepts through a literalized viewpoint which needs some serious correction. Blood in the metaphyiscal is in fact referring to race mind which must be transmuted from destructive ideas such as fear, doubt, and inharmony.

Daimon Balam is connected to the Seven of Wands, Sun, Leo and Oak. This divinatory spirit reveals answers of the past and present as well as that which is to come teaching astral invisibility while helping one to get over their social awkwardness and discomfort. Mental aptitude and cunning will help one be successful, but really one works with Balam for expanded wisdom and higher intellect of the spiritual world. One begins to make meaning of that which otherwise goes unnoticed. This daimon also helps one exercise caution when dealing with adversity especially that of unknown enemies.

As stated previously mom and I are Holly on the Celtic Tree Calendar being born respectively 7/26 and 7/29.

This degree sits at Beta Volans in Volans the flying fish. Volans represents a type of tropical fish which can jump out of the water and glide through the air on wings occasionally landing on the decks of ships being used for food. This fixed star represents most accurately the metaphor of a fish out of water signifying that which is out of their element; a stranger, one in exile, and a foreigner.

These flying fish known as Exocoetidae from exo-koitos means bed, lying down outside, and sleeping under the stars. Volans is the present participle of volare (to fly) and a derivative of volant (having wings). Volo is another derivative meaning “I Wish” which comes from voluntas (free will) and volatus (flight) to signify a spirit flying anywhere it wishes.

I am not sure when I will blog again, but if I continue to you may see a lot more of the garden on/off for a while as I enjoy seeing and showing our progress with what we’ve produced. As stated above I’ll have to work on a schedule if I desire to retain this space or make any progress with my business. As always you can support me and help me regain motivation by purchasing an astrology report or through donation. I don’t expect a reply to this though! And no it’s actually not self pity.

I hoped this would keep me out of a corporate job, but it’s simply not produced any fruit which is also factoring into my decision to get off the digital plantation again as I did when I closed my aesthetics business. If you’re really wondering why I closed my blog it’s because at present there is a lot of censorship. Speaking about virtually anything anymore comes with great risks therefore I’m honestly considering if that risk is even worth being here.

We live in a day as well as an age that is so devolved right now and so propagandized, cancel cultured, and hypocritical one will recognize they may prefer to not associate with any of the present now moment out of a disgust with humanity. And yes some of this comes from a recent trek in analyzing an allegory by Edgar Allan Poe which dealt with masks, masquerades, death/feebleness or old age, the indulgences of the seven deadly sins, and the stages all experience in life.

Essentially this ongoing problem was something that began with my first blog entry and as time has progressed the digital age has only grown worse with this dis-ease in the shortest amount of time I’ve ever seen. Those who do not know how the internet was in the late 90s won’t understand how over the years for us older users of such platforms we’ve seen the world of AI, cyber, and such turn into a “monster” with which we may simply be willing to say a heartfelt “NO” to.

The Grinch has yet to grow a heart big enough for us to accept or even embrace his distorted ideas of Whoville! Besides nature has way more to offer than virtual reality. What I would say for now is to not expect me to blog again for quite some time. I don’t have my heart in it anymore, and I’m having such difficulty wanting to promote my business as it’s dead weight that I’m likely to give up. I can’t tread water anymore when I’m out of steam/energy. I either want this or I don’t. I’m beginning to realize and finally accept that maybe I really don’t because as I’ve said I’m happier not online and either face to face with real people or out in the actual world of nature touching that which is tangible instead of fake.

Have a bountiful Monday and best wishes! 🌜📅

“Silence is a powerful weapon.” – Unknown

PS: Forgot to mention we’re actively waiting on a flour grinder. We want to be able to grind our own flours and make baked goods. There was some thought of selling items at Farmer’s Markets instead of doing this, but I don’t know if we’ll go that route. I was also wondering about all the buckwheat cover crop I grew last year. If we grew it again could we grind it and use it.

Teach Me Tuesdays: Growing Herbs for a Magical Garden

We Always Get Mushrooms After a Good Rainstorm!

After my foot fractures I took up not just astrology and tarot while laid up, but post fracture with the home remodel while living with family we xeriscaped the front and back lawn as well as turned the unsafe entry steps into a ramp that was wheel chair and knee scooter accessible. I’m still home with family and normally help pay the grocery bill which for our family can be pricey. Life happens sometimes though and I’m unable to pay/foot the bill. On social media I illustrated that my natal chart and transits show this connection to the asteroid Ceres (the Mother archetype) which one can work with. Ultimately as I consider a Moon astrology report in my business offerings I’ve realized this is also largely due to my 11th House Virgo holding Saturn, Moon, North Node, and Black Moon Lilith which tends to be all about environment, plants, animals, etc. It was a time when as I have said I learned about my own biome, entomology, and composting myself.

The garden was three different forms including herbs, vegetables, and pollinator. Some might call this harnessing my inner garden witch also for manifestation. With ancestry going back to the 1800s as immigrants to America which I also previously posted about and family who survived WW II/Great Depression era I learned recently about “victory gardens” as well as how gardening was once not just a hobby, but a necessity for food, medicine, and spiritual practices regardless of size should you live in an apartment, condo, or home. Many have come up with ways to grow in pots, containers, countertop kits, etc. Spiritually speaking if it’s an outdoor garden it is considered a liminal space of Earth energy as it merges with the sky or heavens. Organic is best as it maintains soil health and provides food as well as shelter for local wildlife such as birds, insects, reptiles, and more.

Our garden is above ground and I usually grow some pretty monstrous items. Lettuce grown in the garden lasts longer than store bought which as someone who worked in grocery stores knows even if it’s local the produce loses time being trucked around or stored for any length in warehouse, back coolers, etc. This process also saves on your grocery bill if you grow your own food. I’m in Texas with hot summers so if I can do it confronting my fears of having no green thumb anyone can.

Herbs are not just for cooking, but also may be used for medicine. In an apartment you can accomplish this with a few pots, dirt, seeds, and a balcony that receives sunlight (don’t forget to add water if rain is not present). In our case we had a covered porch added so we could spend time sitting in the garden to really connect with nature for grounding. When you’ve gotten your garden ready for harvest your herbs can be used for food, teas, spell bags, candle dressings, etc. The magic is when you adopt a ritual practice with the process. For me my Moon phase is New Moon which is an ideal time for new ventures, opportunities, and fresh starts so this is the seeding time when intentions are set. Whatever you’re manifesting must be treated with care so your seedlings will need sunlight, fertilizer and soil amendments, and water as needed. Treat this like a friend or a child you’re raising. The magic comes in the correspondences of what you’re growing. We planted sunflowers one year which helps manifest job opportunities. This also requires action on your part to fill out applications, ensure your resume is up to date, and then go on interviews.

Crystal Looking Rocks Were Found in the Granite and We Added the Others Via Craft Store! Also lucky clover…

Our garden has various little decor we placed around so you will see statuary of deer, lady bug, white rabbit, penguin, mushrooms, snail, salamander, and meditating/angel cats. For children some consider the winged creatures the fairies who help pollinate and attend to your garden as help mates which can include dragonflies, bees, moths, butterflies, etc. Dedicate the space in whichever way you see fit. We have a chiminea which brings in fire energy. Some may choose a fountain or pond, but we chose bird baths for water energy.

Below are some of the herbs we’ve grown over the years.

Thyme, Rosemary, and Sage

Thyme: This herb has medicinal qualities for athlete’s foot, bronchitis, colic, sore throat, and sore muscles. Caution should be exercised with short periods of use as some may find they are allergic and could experience dizziness or headache. It has also been known to slow blood clotting if used too frequently. The magic of thyme is in its correspondences with regards to ruling the water and air elements, the planet Venus, the zodiac sign Cancer, the deities Aphrodite, Ares Athena, and Freya, and the Third Eye as well as Heart chakras.

I was very fond of making thyme tea, but one can make a beauty infusion with this herb or add it to bath water. Burning a sprig of thyme can be used during a courage spell. If you combine thyme with marjoram in a sachet it creates a happiness spell. When placed under a pillow it can protect against unwanted dreams while a floor wash infused with thyme can act as a protection spell for the home or business.

Rosemary: While more useful in cooking and spell making this herb corresponds with the fire and air elements, the Sun, the zodiac sign Leo, the deities Hebe, Aphrodite, and the Virgin Mary, and the Third Eye, Heart, and Solar Plexus chakras. Growing rosemary in a garden attracts the favor of the elves or brownies as well as dispels thieves from your doors and under your windows, bundled rosemary keeps away unwanted negative energies, if dipped in moon water and sprinkled around the home it acts as a blessing, and as a plant kept at your work desk it is said to steer gossip away from you.

Lavender: This herb is all about “calm.” The folk name is elf leaf and this little herb harnesses air and water elements, the planets Mercury and Neptune, the zodiac signs Pisces and Virgo, the Goddess Selene, and the Third Eye chakra. Wearing lavender perfume or essential oil can be used for beauty and love spells, sprinkling the flowers around the floor of a home or business banishes harmful spirits, baked into cookies or used in lemonade creates a happiness or intelligence spell, it makes a great tea when you suffer insomnia as a sleep spell.

Apple Mint, Lavender, and Lemon Balm

Sage: The sage we grew is not of the edible variety. Sage ties one to the air and Earth elements, the planets Jupiter and the Moon, the zodiac sign Gemini, the deities Jupiter, Zeus, and the Virgin Mary, and the Third Eye as well as the Crown and Sacral chakras. Sage can be carried with you in your wallet or purse to call in money for a prosperity spell, a sage leaf placed with a photo or poppet of a person can create a spell to remove the ego, and if tucked behind the ear this herb calls in wisdom.

Apple Mint: This herb comes in many varieties including spearmint and peppermint; we tried chocolate mint which failed. It is a popular fragrance additive as well as can be used for oral care such as making your own tooth powder or for flavoring. This lovely herb connects to the air element, the planets Venus and Mercury, the zodiac signs Taurus and Gemini, the deities Hecate, Pluto, and Hades, and the Crown chakra. Mint as a perfume drives away evil spirits and vain imaginations, drunk as a tea this herb will act as an oratory spell adding power to our words in prayer, speeches, negotiations, and presentations, as a floor wash mint keeps away worries and encourages harmonious energies, and carrying a sprig of mint in your shoe acts as a spell to overcome obstacles.

Lemon Balm: The medicinal use for lemon balm is the same as how citronella is used. The oils of this plant will repel insects such as mosquitoes which no one really enjoys being bitten by. It is also a great flavoring in tea. This spirited herb is all about the water element, the Moon, the zodiac sign Pisces, the deities Diana, Artemis, and Venus, and the Third Eye Chakra. Adding a sprig to bathwater will work as an anti-anxiety spell, carry a sachet or using it in potpourri around the home and business attracts love, and as an addition to tea acts as an emotional healing spell for breakups.

Thai/Italian Basil and Borage

Borage: Originally grown to attract bees it’s medicinal value lies in treating asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and atopic dermatitis. However, caution should be exercised in using this as too much can be toxic for the liver or may interact negatively with blood thinners. Borage corresponds with the air element, the planet Jupiter, the zodiac signs Leo and Aquarius, the deity Bel from Celtic mythology, and the Heart chakra. Borage is best used eaten or a sprig worn for a courage spell to tackle all obstacles in your way.

Thai and Italian Basil: Thai basil is different from Italian basil in that it is a licorice flavor. Both varieties are great for cooking yet serve different dishes for this reason. Basil folk names include Albahaca, St. Joseph’s Wort, and American Dittany. This herb will put you in contact with the fire element, the planet Mars, the zodiac sign Scorpio, the deities Ares, Krishna, and Vishnu, and the Heart and the Solar Plexus chakras. Basil can be used for astral projection, a fresh branch sprinkled with moon water kept around the business acts as a protection spell, when given to a newlywed couple basil can act as a marriage charm ensuring the relationship remains sweet and prosperous, this plant also creates peace spells if you’re experiencing quarrels with friends/family, and when hung from the windshield can provide you with a safe travel spell.

Aloe and Parsley

Aloe: Aloe has the medicinal quality of helping to heal skin ailments, digestive troubles, and burns. This particular gem corresponds to the water element, the Moon, the zodiac sign Cancer, the deities Aphrodite and Venus, and the Root chakra. Any form of ingestion or wearing of aloe will protect you while absorbing negative energies as well as work potent beauty, love, Moon, and prosperity magic.

Parsley: We really did not use this herb. It became a home and food source for several swallowtail caterpillars/butterflies I raised and released. Parsley connects to the air element, the planet Mercury, the zodiac signs Libra, Cancer, Leo and Virgo, the deities Persephone and Aphrodite, and the Throat chakra. Using parsley with sage in bathwater allows you to connect with the departed via a communication spell, smudging will work as an energy cleansing spell in the home or business, and a sachet will create a spell for health, strength, and vitality.

This also something really great to do as a family or especially if you have children. I don’t have any children, but I value the experiences I’ve gained. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Making Thyme Tea (Thyme, Cinnamon Stick, Honey, and Hot Water) is Easy!

PS: Don’t just read use the underlined text hyperlinks for more info!


Manifestation Mondays: What Are You Planting?

The prompt I saw read as follows:

“Imagine that you are planting three seeds that will grow and bloom. What are they?”

So I thought I would share three things which were planted in the garden over the years. Everything is done organic because I am extremely nitpicky and nag about this. Not certified since this is a home garden, but I was giving away lettuce, celery, or other items to neighbors every time I grew too much.

Yukon Gold Potatoes

The Yukon Gold potato was created in the 1960s by Gary Johnston who was a scientist and agricultural icon in Canada. These potatoes were first bred at Ontario Agricultural College in 1966 from a potato which originated in North Dakota, Yukon Gold grows throughout Canada as well as the Midwest and Western regions of the United States and is widely found at grocers or farmers markets.

Born in 1737 Antoine Parmentier became a pharmacist in the French army and subsequently spent three years as a prisoner of war. The prison diet consisted largely of potatoes which the Prussians cultivated while the French viewed them with disdain. Once freed he made the potato his obsession. A copy of Parmentier’s treatise made its way to Jefferson’s library at Monticello making it possible that Thomas Jefferson brought what would become the french fry back with him to serve at a White House dinner.


Delphinium is the symbol of joy, happiness, and goodwill representing positive communication and interactions while utilized as a symbol to ward off evil spirits or negative energy for generations. The Delphinium flower is also the official birth flower for July. Mom and I are July babies.

Their name originates via the Greek word delphin for dolphin as the flower’s spur resembles a dolphin’s back. These flowers also played a role in Greek mythology as the flowers bloomed from the blood of the Greek God Ajax during the Trojan War.

Swallowtail Caterpillars Eating Parsley
Swallowtail Caterpillars Eating Parsley

A butterfly mom left several eggs on my parsley. I wound up raising 5 black swallowtail butterflies from caterpillars and releasing them documenting their birthdays as well particularly the one that spent a year in chrysalis and emerged on my late maternal grandfather’s birthday.

Parsley has a unique history connecting it to death and the underworld in many different cultures in Europe. Some tie parsley to protection, purification, love, and communication with spirits among others. Medicinal benefits are varied and parsley is full of antioxidants helping with skin irritations and aiding digestion. It was believed by the Ancient Greeks that parsley sprung from the blood of a hero and son of death named Archemorus as he was consumed by serpents. This led to the belief that parsley was sacred and it was placed on tables in the home. It was likewise used to decorate tombs or made into wreaths for the victors of funeral games. The Greeks also fed parsley to their horses to give them strength.

Releasing Black Swallowtails
Releasing Black Swallowtails

Here is a few more items we grew:

Green Beans

My neighbor’s daughter taught me this before they moved. Both her and her brother were always looking over the fence from their trampoline with their friends to see what was happening in the garden and wanting to come over. I had so many green beans I had to collect bowls of them every day and eat them!

Garlic Chive

For two years I had this massively large garlic chive that flowered keeping bees and butterflies content. Then winter storm Uri left me convinced it was dead. But later in 2021 I noticed new plants growing and as they grew I began counting in my bed. I have 15 garlic chives now growing.


We had a huge pollinator garden which allowed me to take photos of many different butterflies as well as a few other guests!

Thai Basil

Was often added to pasta dishes actually. We grew Italian Basil this year, but some random Thai Basil actually returned and intermingled with the Italian as companion plants.

Actually lots of intermingling has occurred. Some of my neighbor’s wild violas wind pollinated in the garden. The squirrels have been fed by an unknown neighbor peanuts which they keep planting in my beds, and I get inundated by random peanut plants all over. Buckwheat, pea, and oat grass cover crops seem to enjoy growing together as the seeds wind pollinate.

I have so many garden photos I have plans to use them on Redbubble somehow (I’ve never done this before). Actually the biggest issue is that I had an iMac for over a decade and my iPhone. I’ve been trying to use a Microsoft laptop which I detest their products, but could not afford a new iMac. Long story short Microsoft won’t sync to anything from my iCloud and/or has problems if I try other file share avenues. This means getting to my photos is difficult, and I’m presently spending a lot of time trying to work around this with zip files and other cloud storage. Somehow on my old iMac it had zero hang ups between receiving or converting between the two systems yet Microsoft is exactly the way I remembered it which is why I had previously boycotted them as if they were the literal plague. My first ever computer was Apple and it sold me in a heartbeat in a way Microsoft never could. And I was thankful I had options. Linux I know nothing about, but had wondered as to what it may offer or have as drawbacks. But I digress and apologize for the semi complaint/rant. I do not like feeling as if what should be easy is made difficult over what to me appears utterly illogical with computers and AI since I’ve dealt with absurdities for far too long as I get older.

I never grew anything before. After my foot injuries mentioned in a previous blog post and my interest in environmentalism this was the journey taken. And while I was laid up during surgery the land laid fallow. I have since managed to cover crop and grow some pollinator plants or herbs to help re-establish my soil in my beds which keep on giving. My soil is really fertile, does not require much fertilizing or look out, and grows wild monstrous plants. It grows everything from weeds to anything my neighbor’s grow which wind sows in the soil. Every time I have thought plants were finished and cut them back or tried to compost they miraculously come right back. I even had romanesco one year start growing again in my compost bed completely random after I tossed the leaves and stem in at the end of a harvest.

And I used to think I had zero green thumb and would kill anything if I touched it.

PS: iCloud for Windows problem now resolved after a headache of getting it to download/install so now I can access photos off my iPhone on my laptop. Finally some light at the end of a dark tunnel. Thank you!

Manifestation Mondays: Always Begin with Gratitude

A Secret Garden With a Story All It’s Own

These are the 3 things I have achieved in the past year or so and I am celebrating it!

Ankle Ligament Surgery Recovery Was a Success:

In an attempt to shorten a complex story that dovetails into another achievement here goes nothing. 5 years ago I learned the hard way that my parents 30+ year old house was not designed to safety codes. The front door had unsafe steps leading to and from it. So after a trip to the grocery store on my departure to close and lock my mom’s SUV I slipped and fell.

I was upright one minute and the next thing my brain processed was seeing the front yard coming at my face or head. The instinctual body does what it knows best even if this is wrong. Fight or flight! So my hands go out to brace for the impact so my head does not nose dive into grass. I do not want a concussion. Meanwhile the waist down has slammed into a cement sidewalk and inverted my left foot hair line fracturing not just my heel or calcaneus, but also my first two metatarsals and dislocated my cuboid. Yes, you just got a brief lesson in anatomy!

I prepare to stand up clueless my foot is fractured and realize I can not stand up. I am in horrible pain if I put weight on this foot. So I somehow manage to use my good leg to stand and hop to the front door of the house and open it sitting on a step to inform family of a terrible accident. It took 6 months non weight bearing on crutches and knee scooter to heal this foot, and then physical therapy as well as going through muscle atrophy after the fact which is very painful. I never recommend this life path, but it is survivable! And I am a little woman. I may be average height, but I am otherwise petite.

This was when I was forced to close and shutter my aesthetics business. That was a blow I was so miserable with. During recovery I could not work in the same capacity as a spa owner self employed on my own. It felt like I lost a child. I became a personal grocery shopper after this injury instead and actually loved it. I worked for Instacart first then switched to a Texas area grocery store in the same capacity. It was going great, but my particular store had a design flaw also. First in this tale I need to define we worked different than Instacart. We were responsible for 12 shops at once by department (grocery, frozen, dry/general merchandise, and cold items including meat market, produce, and dairy) on specialized carts. I wish I had a photo of these carts to show you.

This store we had to go through their receiving department which meant we used an incline ramp to enter the store. Imagine you have this cart of cold items with say an order of 16 gallons of milk, produce, and other groceries to bring back down this same steep incline ramp and gravity is going to take over. Now imagine doing this in the rain. It gets slippery and even in the best of shoes you may lose your footing. So one day your foot slips and in the process you hear a snap. And it is that moment of “Oh fudge!” Literally chocolate would have been better than this! Can we say ouch?!

Well an MRI later I learned my left foot which had previous injuries had a 75% tear in the ligament, and I needed surgery ASAP. And to make it worse Covid is beginning and elective surgeries are being shut down. Without this surgery I can not walk! Oh, and I am without insurance. That dovetails to the next accomplishment so we will get there I promise.

I Have a New Appreciation for My Feet

One surgery center closes the day of my surgery due to Covid, and I am referred to a hospital. I could legitimately be filing for bankruptcy at this point. Surgery is a sticker shock of $11,000 plus anesthesiology fees and later physical therapy. But surgery goes well as does physical therapy, and 6 months later times round two in the boxing match against a seemingly cursed fate I am back! I even took a temporary job again as a personal grocery shopper at another store for three months post surgery.

I Am Debt Free and That is A Huge Relief:

Thank goodness for family and friends extended and at home. Without family I would have been homeless or would not have had financial help to cover medical bills. My step father was very wise in that when I was much younger and a wee itty one he bought US Savings Bonds and left them to mature. So I could cash them out and clear extenuating charges to my credit card from surgery and being on a medical LOA with no income.

My mom was there to get me to and from doctor appointments. An absolute must. She was also there to help with other life essentials. I was camped on the first floor of the house since it is a two story. I had a knee scooter to get around, but the house design still had hiccups like a half bath downstairs so no shower or bath tub. You have to get creative at a kitchen sink to bathe and have a chair for anyone with a disability. These challenges make you really appreciate normal life and mobility. They humble the you know what out of you and make you more compassionate than you already were for others who have lived life way less fortunate than you. Oh what I took for granted for so long and was reminded of each time I lost mobility in my left leg and foot!

Friends who texted or emailed to check up on me were always appreciated. The start of this was lockdown already and isolation is murder even for me who is more introverted by nature. I swear I had cabin fever both times I was in injury recovery.

But I would not even be where I am right now without a lot of help for which I am grateful even to the really good doctors, nurses, etc. who were there along the way towards the end of a dark tunnel where light was again shining.

If I was not debt free I would still be grinding away at who knows what for a job trying to get out from under the weight of an avalanche. I am thankful this happened while I was home with family and not living on my own as well as my car was paid off. I can not imagine if this happened any other way around. I would not be beginning my astrology business right now online. That is for sure!

A Garden After All The Struggles:

Family had a vehicle they owned for years that was taken to automobile shows. This Ford Lightning won several awards and was sold at a Mecom auction. They hoped it would have sold for more, but were grateful for what they received. Half of that money converted the lawn to a xeriscape organic garden I now use for growing my own herbs and vegetables. It was also a rather large pollinator garden for a time. Much gratitude to the little insects that keep the world going round known as bees, moths, butterflies, and wasps.

I took an interest in entomology learning about my own little biome during this time. We also have screech owls that nest here now. And those pesky dangerous steps at the front door were converted to a ramp accessible for those on knee scooters or wheel chairs.

So I have a new green thumb I never knew I had. I have grown various types of lettuce, romanesco, baby broccoli, gold potatoes, carrots, zinnias, marigolds, Italian and Thai basil, rosemary, lemon balm, borage, lavender, garlic chives, dahlias, buckwheat, flax, parsley, and green beans. And speaking of parsley I raised and released 6 swallowtail caterpillars to butterflies after their eggs were left on my parsley! I even documented their birthdays as silly as that sounds. The last butterfly was released on my late maternal grandfather’s birthday after wriggling free of it’s chrysalis. I also learned to do my own composting.

Never stop rolling with life’s punches even if it feels like someone or something has decided to alter your course into uncharted waters. And I have made it with no Covid also.