Self Examination Saturdays: Murky Waters Run, But Never Walk

“Why is the ocean always on time? She likes to stay current.” – Unknown

It’s time to snorkel our way through another speculative deep dive of mine. Try not to get caught or entangled in any kelp along the way as you navigate the high tides of our underlined hyperlink text for solutions. We don’t want anyone drowning in the unconscious/emotional realms of the water element.

Some artifacts are hidden within image descriptions. If you want to get the “full scoop message” you’ll want to swim around in those uncharted waters!


It dawned upon me today that I’ve recently pondered the generational influences recently although briefly of Uranus and Pluto while neglecting Neptune. This was also prompted when a Neptunian relationships theme turned up in one of my feeds sparking some curiosity.

Today I’m going to dangle my feet into the waters of an Age Harmonic Chart using asteroid Poseidon (4341) for some clues into Neptunian energies. The Age Harmonics begin to move faster as we all age so rectifying the information they return sometimes can be very tricky.

I noticed today that these charts meant to indicate important life events during certain periods can be incorporated with numerology. So why don’t we begin by sharing a little bit about Poseidon then taking a gander at my astrology chart for some interpretations.

Poseidon At A Glance:

My natal Neptune is placed in the Western/Tropical not Vedic/Sidereal 2nd House of Sagittarius which is what you should read for below. It is said that this generational aspect birthed individuals who envisioned an expansive dream of global unity or world connectedness.

We have an interest in spirituality, folklore, and mythology as well as being one’s who are responsible for dropping dogma being driven towards freedom.

But really why would someone look to this deity as an archetype in their astrology configuration anyway? Probably due to the fact that in esoteric themes this was seen as the deity of our connection to spirit, our higher self, and represents our ability to know there is no separation between self and the Universe/Cosmos as a whole.

Therefore while we’re using purely Roman or Greek names we might consider the Hindu pantheon had a name or correspondence as well. Vishnu as one of the three principal deities within Hinduism besides Brahma (Uranus) and Shiva (Pluto) were those who created the Universe/Cosmos from a vast ocean.

A serpent floated upon these waters, Ananta Shesha, while Vishnu slept inside its coils. The lotus flower erupting from Vishnu’s navel carried Brahma inside. Some even correlate Vishnu with a connection to Rahu as well. We know very well my studies into my Magha lunar mansion and Ketu always involve the dynamics between Rahu as well.

The entire purpose of this speculative project is to discover how these energies impact our spiritual practices alongside our subconscious or unconscious beliefs. Meanwhile there are some significant connections between Neptune and the Moon determining one’s relationship to higher consciousness.

“Why do sharks only swim in salt water? Because pepper makes them sneeze.” – Unknown

At 43 one little detail we can disclose when you ponder my chart below is to rectify that Cancer acts as soul nutrition by allowing the true self to be attained via one’s imagination through Neptune. But we can’t forget to recognize that this planet is full of mysteries some of which we should not dabble with such as prisons, madness, loss, confusion, intrigues, spying, lying, and drugs.

If we can find the higher scale of these frequencies we might be bestowed with unconditional love, quantum healing, forgiveness, charity, and nirvana. Those who travel such paths if they do desire the higher aspirations or vibration seek a whole range of superlatives that include peace, happiness, supreme wisdom, and complete solitude or detachment from worldly bondage.

They seek insight into the true self while hoping to end the acquisition of further karma through the cycles of rebirth/reincarnation by having a full union with the Divine.

These states though normally come at the moment of death or immediately after death. It’s often explained that a spiritual or yogic practice is needed to reach exalted states of consciousness.

Now we can of course also compare my Natal Chart as a reference point to our Age Harmonic Chart. I’ve already done this realizing that at 43 my Neptune appears to be in Pisces almost at the Anaretic Degree asking for me to “Master” something within the 12th House.

A poignant realization then for the 12th House is where a life cycle ends and one begins a spiritual journey through the subconscious/unconscious. This form of death might be more symbolic than literal where one develops a better respect for their intuition, dreams, and emotions.

This rules our left eye, feet, and lymphatic system giving me another ah-ha light bulb moment.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Poseidon
Natal Chart for Reference

Like my birth we can see another Castle/Seer formation transpired in the Age Harmonic configuration. But one has to know how to see this or view it.

We can find the asteroid we’re focusing upon Poseidon in my 4th House of Cancer at 23° trine Neptune and Pluto as well as opposition Sun, Mercury, and Mars. It’s additionally conjunct Chiron.

Being that this chart is Vedic/Sidereal it’s important to make notation that the 4th House in this school of thought is related directly to Cancer ruling one’s roots, land, real estate matters, vehicles, and relationship to their mother. This Bhandu Bhava house is associated with one’s domestic happiness.

The 4th House governs our stomach and digestive organs, but also can correlate with coronary problems, lung disorders, and other ailments of the chest in general including for women anything to do with the breasts. In numerology the number 4 is a fated number that for Age Harmonics signifies forever being in opposition to one’s authority figures yet displaying practical skills, organization, strength, courage, and perseverance.

As we noted above the number 12 correlates with ensuring one is not the victim of circumstances where they’re dragged into the affairs of others. It’s symbolic of creative writers when displayed positively.

This should help one draw those to them who can assist us with realizing our dreams or appreciating our own kind of weirdness. This transit generally occurs sometime around age 30 or later. It’s ideal for those of us who are seeking loads of insights into spirituality through imaginal experiences, artistic expression, and creative writing which removes us from the dictates of deadlines and work performed simply for money.

We’re trying to spin the stories we tell ourselves into more magical and interesting forms that influence others psychologically through film, photography, media, and so forth. Our biggest goal is to try ensuring that we give detailed information that is not completely full of deception, illusion, or confusion.

Eventually our aggressive tendencies disappear softening our urge to win making us more sensitive and compassionate. This can last up to two to three years respectively allowing us to refine anything we touch. The wound lies in our ability to remove obstacles by targeting subconscious or unconscious identification with our defenses that block us from sharing our emotions with others.

We begin this placement by working upon confronting internal fears, but the inner tension can be a lot for us to handle. If one does not lose hope through being ensnared with deceptions brought to us via others then we can discover methods of healing which will help others who face similar hardships.

“Who cleans the floor of the ocean? A mer-maid.” – Unknown

Acknowledging help and appreciating it is a way of keeping the flow of assistance coming. Frustration is self proliferating which is the best reason to let go of it. What it produces is just more of itself. The chart holder instinctively know this and is able to adopt an attitude of appreciation that magnetizes them to more appreciation.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A man putting together pieces of broken pottery.” To be grateful for knowledge will proliferate enlightenment. This degree has to do with a collectivity of wisdom as illustrated in the collectivity of the broken pottery pieces. We might see all books, for example, as pieces of knowledge that are too vast to be contained in just one place.

No matter how many books you read it is us who must put together the insights as a means of fashioning a vessel to contain wisdom. To break anything creates new opportunities for rearrangement and hence revitalization. Work with guardian angel Hahahel and daimon Focalor.

Daimon Focalor connects with the Six of Pentacles, Venus, Wild Rose, and Taurus. This daimon is always described as being a sea daimon with the capabilities of drowning one in water, but we need to understand this as the levels of our own consciousness or rather the subconscious/unconscious.

As an example I’ve previously used running water is symbolic of cleansing away any confusion in a chaotic mind which happens when one meditates on peace within!

This degree is stationed along the fixed stars Pollux in the head of the Immortal Twin of Gemini as well as Wezen in the heart of Canis Major the Greater Dog. While Pollux can be associated with the lunar mansion Punarvasu which is ruled by Jupiter it has also been attributed by Kabbalists with the Hebrew letetr Qoph and the tarot trump The Sun.

Pollux imbues one with the energies of truthfulness, generosity, good temperament, and belongs to the business/merchants caste. Wezen derived from Al Wazn meaning the Weight has little disclosed of it beyond the fact that Kabbalists have associated it with the Hebrew letter Tzaddi and the tarot trump The Moon. This is simply the constellation of that which hunts the Hare as in Lepus.

May your Saturday catapult you to higher vibrations! ☺️

Remember when I said that I had squirrels planting peanuts in the garden beds from a neighbor who was obviously feeding them. Well we harvested one plant from the bed which the carrots had previously been grown in.

The above is what we’re working to dry out and roast. There is another peanut plant growing in the same bed as well as one in the wildflowers. More have been planted around our perennials as well.
I also brought in more beans which have been growing a bumper crop despite the heat and water restrictions we’ve been asked to abide by.
Pink wildflowers and the hollyhock as we wind into Autumn/Winter seasons soon being replaced with falling leaves and cold climates.

I did not remove all of the roots from the sweet potatoes when I harvested. Some of them are trying to return because leaves are growing again in the bed.

I may need to go clean the bed out a bit better. I did not expect them to attempt growing anew, but I guess I’m going to learn that my plants are resilient and persistent!
The remaining zinnias that have continued to bloom are forever sharing their beauty with us and feeding pollinators who migrate through the area.

All humor aside, I don’t think they will be surviving on Mars anytime soon. Feel free to prove me wrong…

Teach Me Tuesdays: Your Cities’ Astrology Chart

A butterfly on the wind chime in our garden says “Hello” during autumn migration.

The incorporation date of your city, state, or nation when run through astrology software will produce a natal chart that can be read and interpreted. This can then be used also for transits to help you see potential changes that would be upcoming such as revolutions and Constitutional changes. This is another form of Astro Cartography very much like a previous blog post I did.

This is in fact highly useful also for those considering re-location and travel as it can help you locate where you will be most in harmony or vibrate the highest. I have even seen this recommended alongside a career astrology chart such as the one I provide. What I am insure of is if I should even consider adding the option of Astro Cartography to my services. I have not one clue if anyone would purchase a report from me or if they would like my interpretations. Sometimes it is hard to gauge the audience approval rating!

This website will give you a very good history of where I live which I wish I had located previously when someone online asked to know where I was from as they live across the globe from me, myself, and I.

Cedar Park, TX looks like the following when it was incorporated.

I am really only going to touch on the following placements for right now in the interest of not boring my audience or even subjecting them to information overload.

  • Sun in 10th House Pisces
  • Moon in 6th House Sagittarius
  • Ascendant in 12th House Gemini
  • T-Square consisting of Neptune in 6th House Sagittarius, Sun in 10th House Pisces, and Ascendant in 12th House Gemini

Depending on what I plug into my astrology software the chart is quite active with regards to the addition of Lilith, Ceres, Vesta, and Pallas Athena. It is with these changes that we find a stellium in Sagittarius, 4 T-Squares, and 3 Yods. But this is going to really complicate it for my readership so we will stick only with what is bulleted above.

I sincerely hope I am doing this correctly and it provides some interesting food for others to digest especially as my business is work from home and located here.

Visiting lady bugs to the apple mint in the garden.

Sun in 10th House Pisces:

When the Sun nestles itself in the sign of Pisces one’s identity will be characterized by the Piscean themes of belonging, glamour, and spirituality. This placement is one of the most naturally spiritual signs in the zodiac which gives one a lot of room to experience life from a broad perspective. We find here one who is sensitive, artistic, and compassionate. The Pisces Sun has a tendency for assisting one with entering into the helping professions such as mental health, end of life care, or energy healing.

The symbol is two fish tied together symbolizing the fluidity of identity where one harbors a deeply profound sensitivity and is naturally psychic as they are attuned into the unseen dimensions. Pisces has an affinity with the water element giving off the airs of a personality that carries an otherworldly quality. Here we find one who is often overwhelmed by emotions and searching for an escape via creative means such as poetry, substance abuse, metaphysics, or dance.

Pisces is co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter respectively imbues mind expansion and spiritual pursuits. Neptune represents dreams and a core part of your identity is tied up in the fantasy world.

The 10th House symbolizes life in the public’s eye and the career path. This area of the chart is indicative of the authorities in one’s life such as parents, bosses, and leaders. You will locate here the “how” of your relationship with your parents and the acceptance or rejection of authority in life. This is where we meet or defy expectations for our career, family, and achievements are met. This is also related to notoriety and legacy.

Moon in 6th House Sagittarius:

The Sagittarius Moon will be a bit of a wild child who will be drawn into the exploration of all things. This placement indicates a love of travel both metaphysical and physical. One greatly enjoys discussing various subjects which will lead to an expanded sense of awareness and understanding of others.

The Moon of Sagittarius is associated with the fire element giving one a creative and action oriented disposition. This placement voices their concerns bluntly as one is not afraid to speak their truth and desires that other people know where they stand.

Overall optimistic there is a yearning to achieve the most out of life while maintaining a positive outlook to achieving any goals one sets for themselves. Some days may feel more temperamental or dramatic which one will express freely.

This can be nurtured by learning new things. Intellectual conversations, debates, and protests will be stimulating and yet one here likes to read, travel, and experience as much mind expanding consciousness as humanly possible in one tiny lifetime.

The 6th House represents the areas of life which relate to one’s daily routines and work life. This provides insight into what type of work one will enjoy doing, how strict one will be about schedules, and one’s desire to be of service to others or not. In traditional astrology this placement was also associated with pets.

Ascendant in 12th House Gemini:

Here if one tries to find stability via personality alone they will experience limitation and may not know who they are. One is advised to set and maintain proper boundaries. The 12th House practices of meditation and/or taking a walk in nature with an open heart can gently expand awareness. Any previously defined personality will no longer serve one. Life creates situations whereby one feels like a failure of their ego creates a realization of their limitations.

One aspires to serve others and to use their brain to make everyone happy. This placement indicates true givers in a society, but one needs to be inspired to function in this capacity and is bothered by those who aren’t critically thinking for themselves.

If one sacrifices their intelligence for others they do so with the hope that this will bring them the kind of affection they desperately seek. Intuition is strong and one can perceive their surroundings better than others.

One can easily assimilate new information unconsciously. This placement rarely struggles to show what they’re feeling. They may on occasion keep secrets and hide everything about what they’re thinking in their soul.

The mind is stimulated by Universal concepts as well as one will be a very spiritual creature who is also connected to the material realm. What one wants is to pursue a variety of ideas.

An Ascendant placed here is about karmic debts in the field of communication, how their mind works, and how humanity is developing in the present now moment while gaining an understanding of what life is all about and how evolution takes place.

Certain events can open up one’s extrasensory talents towards acquisition of new information which will be used in the subconscious mind to ensure that new insights manifest. It is advised that one study psychology or choose it as a career. When one understands better the human condition they can be more prosperous.


This T-Square exists between Fixed and Mutable signs. The Fixed sign will have a propensity towards the traits of arrogance, resoluteness, and becoming uncompromising. Too much ambition causes one to work until their goals are reached. This aspect pattern means one will stick like glue to anything they feel acts as a security blanket. When these energies are used correctly one will create something constant and reliable in life.

The Mutable sign may cause one to disperse their energy too frequently and easily. One is influenced by diverse concepts and constantly evolving. This placement enjoys collecting knowledge to pass onto others while balancing multiple skill sets.

Here is a video on the area I live and work in which I found on Youtube. The video appears as if it is not live on my Windows laptop, but if you press the “play” button it will be there to watch.

If this blog post has helped you consider a donation to help me grow or purchasing an astrology report. I really would like to buy a microphone to do podcasts one day besides simply written adventures in communication! Have a great Tuesday everyone.

Self Examination Saturdays: The Part of Fortune for Individuality

Never rip your fortune. Although most of the fortunes consist of proverbs it is said that if you rip your fortune it won’t come true.

Individuation consciousness is unconscious assimilation and a very important practice to take up. Astrology can be one of many tools in this journey although many choose to discount this as pseudo scientific.

Carl Jung discusses individuation in “Modern Man in Search of a Soul” through prescribed keys to assimilating the unconscious mind with the conscious mind and achieving the ultimate goal of wholeness.

Dreams deliver to each of us information about the secrets of our unique inner life and reveal to each of us as the dreamer hidden factors of our personality. So long as these are undiscovered they will continuously disturb our waking life and betray us in the form of symptoms. This means that one can’t effectively treat any patient from the side of consciousness alone, but must bring about a change in and through the unconscious. As far as present knowledge we have only one way of doing this which requires the thorough going through of conscious assimilation of our unconscious contents.

It is well known that the Freudian school delivers the unconscious in a thoroughly depreciatory light and looks on primitive man as little better than a wild beast. Its nursery tales about the terrible old man of the tribe and its teachings about the infantile, perverse, and criminal unconscious have led people to make a dangerous monster out of that which they refuse to understand. As if all that is good, reasonable, beautiful, and worth living for had taken up its abode in consciousness! Have the horrors of any World War really not opened anyone’s eyes or is the wool still sharply closed over them? Man’s conscious mind is even more devilish and perverse than the unconscious.

What actually exists can be alchemistically sublimated. The unconscious is not a monster, but a thing of nature that is perfectly neutral as far as moral sense, aesthetic taste, and intellectual judgements go. It is dangerous only when the collective conscious attitude towards it becomes hopelessly false. This danger grows in the measure that we continue to practice the refined art of repressions. As soon as the patient begins to assimilate the contents that were previously unconscious all the danger from the side of the unconscious diminishes. As the process of assimilation goes on it puts an end to the entire process of dissociation of the personality and to the anxiety that attends or inspires the separation of the two realms of the psyche.

Today we are using the Part of Fortune to ascertain where I would best complete the process of Individuality. We find that the answer lies in the 10th House of Cancer at 9°. Anyone can look this up. I use Astro Seek for this usually.

Expanding the awareness of how astrology is not just parlor tricks is always a matter of if one has limited beliefs that block them from opening the mind to alternative views.

There are actually several Arabic Parts which can be configured using formulas. Below is the formula used for today’s blog post:

Lot = ASC + Sun – Uranus
Lot = 203°35’ + 123°06’ – 226°55’
Lot = 99°47’ = 9°47’ + 90°

Lot = Cancer 9°47’ – in the 10th house

I have not used the Omega Symbols yet from John Sandbach in any blog post, however, they are a favorite of mine as I find they resonate well with my Kabbalah studies. I’ve actually also included an Audible audio book also with this recently called Sound and Vibration: Tuning into the Echoes of Creation as well as am looking into the Poetic Edda through Audible. And no I’m not getting anything for any affiliate links at present. Although I probably should consider it.

The manner with which I use these is to look at the two angels listed for the Phase and the degree respectively. My previous blog post explained working with angels or archangels in reference to understanding the mind-body as the temple regarding esoterics and consciousness. To many the woo woo airy fairy of metaphysics can make them not believe astrology or even tarot has any scientific bent at this process. I know because I have been met with many a rebuttal of this seeming like absurdities while others are willing to acknowledge there may be a benefit to adopting these practices as therapeutic. I respect their choices, but I always wonder when they brush me or others off so easily as it makes me curious about their reason(s) for immediate objection.

John Sandbach places Cancer at 9° in Phase 20 Victory Over Addictions with the angel named Pahaliah and the degree with the angel named Yeratel.

Within the 10th House it may appear to be a process of individuation that goes a little something like this. Liz Tran, astrologer and founder of the New York City based corporate wellness coaching studio Reset, states that our 10th House in astrology points to our career and our public reputation. And this is very true!

Cancer placed here can find they have great affinity for fame or notoriety as many may be drawn to the energy given which can heal thereby leaving them desiring that one care for them and solve their woes. We tend to be people pleasers drawn to careers that allow us to care for another, help them achieve stability, and offer them support or encouragement.

We are advised to look towards any profession which allows us to excel at becoming a great gardener, shop owner, childcare worker, teacher, mental health worker, baker/chef, nurse, social worker, hospice aid, psychic, librarian, priest/priestess, or politician.

Furthermore this degree lands on two fixed stars in Gemini the soul sign of twins. This would be Alhena in Pollux and Mebsuta in Castor. Alhena can emphasize our artistic skills particularly with written and spoken word as well as highlight our unique capabilities of negotiating a peaceful solution to disputes among people. Mebsuta amplifies and gifts one with intellectualism to avoid disasters during any moment of perceived crisis.

Below are videos on Carl Jung’s Individuation Process:

PS: Use those underlined text hyperlinks because they are your friend on the journey towards fully understanding! 😜

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Double Vision Gemini

Gemini – May 21 through June 20

Gemini’s energetic frequency inside creation is all about the interplay and basic duality of manifestation within spirit and form. This includes the breath of life. There is a relation between soul and body where our body or form serves our soul. Gemini conditions energy while acting as an intermediary between soul and body. This opens doors so that our persona may experience itself in various environments or life situations.


It is here that one broadens their mind and expands their sense of connection with all life. The purpose of this endeavor is that it produces an awareness of the relationships that connect all people, places, and things together as one. Where we learn that Earth, her creatures, and all sentient beings gather information and awareness that enables a fusion of opposites. Here we access the intelligence of our heart through higher love. Gemini will untie the head and the heart to create the bridge between lower and higher mind. Mercury asks us to connect and commune with our higher selves in order that we might hear our spiritual life purpose. The mantra found here is “I recognize my other self and in that self I grow and glow.”


Gemini holds a uniquely powerful role in spiritual awakenings and evolution on planet Earth. Changes, mutations, and adjustments are necessary for the evolution of consciousness in individual human life and the collective life of humanity. Our duality is the basic factor in a conflict between desire and spiritual will where we develop skills which enable harmonious links between humans. In Gemini humanity achieves its purpose as guardian of the Earth and the elemental kingdoms.


From within esoteric Judaism and Christianity we see this best in the month of Sivan. In this month the Torah or Bible was given on Mt. Sinai which has the attributes of mercy as well as the numbers 3 and 7 respectively. The number 3 is in reference to our intellectual realm while the number 7 refers to the emotive realm. Via the letter Zayin associated with Gemini we see a Hebrew Vav with a crown attached to it as a symbol of the crown which every soul receives upon receiving the Torah or Bible.


Our zodiac sign of the twins is an allusion to the two identical Tablets of the Covenant given to Moses at Mt. Sinai. Here the allegory is that a bride and a groom attain their highest degree of connection and thus will be described as twins. Kabbalah thus states that when God gave the Torah or Bible to humanity it can be described as a wedding between the two participants.


This is why the controversial Song of Songs which is a mystical journey shows God referring to his bride or people as perfect or twins. Esoterically in the Torah or Bible our archetypal twins Jacob and Esau are not identical and are in fact representations of spiritual opposites. Jacob represents our good inclination just as Esau represents our evil inclination often called ego. While their relationship appears as diametrically opposed these twins can and should be rectified as well as united to achieve wholeness. 


Furthermore Sivan and Gemini harness the act of physical walking as a symbolic representation of our ability to progress, move forward, and heal our psyches. Any individual with a sense of walking has a particular desire to move forward and continuously strive for more in life. The controller of this action is the left foot or left side of the human body. The left of our human body is considered to be physical or mundane while our right side is seen as relatively spiritual and heavenly. The Torah or Bible imposes dualistic concepts upon us when it states:


“He (God) stretched out His right hand and created the heavens; He stretched out His left hand and created the Earth.”


Through speech we exercise our  leadership which combined with the act of walking reveals the complete ability of one to lead, but it is in fact speech which leads others while walking leads one’s own individual body place to place and person to person. Speech is relatively more spiritual relating to our right foot while walking is more physical relating to our left foot. Progress as well as one’s oratorical skills blend in the best leaders to bring forth acknowledgment, victory, and confidence for if one is to lead with confidence one must first be a sincere individual in the possession of an earnest approach to life and to one’s duties. One must always be ready to move forward.


The Vedas and Hindu pantheon also have a set of famous twins. The Ashwini Kumaras as twin Gods are born via Sanjna and Surya (the Sun). Sanskrit defines ashwini as horse woman and the word kumara indicates eternal early life. The myth states that during the time of impregnation Sanjna envisioned the shape of a horse and their mythology places this as a lunar constellation hence horse woman. Ashwini Kumara is represented as twins with the head of a horse yet also a human body. These twins are related to the healing arts and eternal youth.


The Rig-Veda states Ashwini Kumara are the Lords of Speed or swift movement, the falcons of light, and the riders of the task force. They also symbolize the momentary moments among night and morning while indicating sunrise (knowledge).