Self Examination Saturdays: Of Dragons and Magnetism

“How can you tell how much a dragon weighs? Well, they come with scales.” – Unknown

Thanks Shoebox! Family and friends seemed to enjoy this birthday card. I kept thinking it had something to do with Rahu, Ketu, and astrology!

Sometimes you start to really wonder who, what, when, where, why, and how can it be possible that so many synchronicities or coincidences keep following you around in life? It’s time to take a deep dive into mythology, spirituality, and occultism that has given chase this last week to its own tail via underlined hyperlink text.

I know it seems utterly annoying, but really I want to share with my frequent as well as new blog readers what I am studying to help them grow in knowledge also. That is why I constantly reference the underlined hyperlink text as an essential part of what I’m showcasing every time I compose or write.

🌘🐉🧲☄️ features some really unbelievable speculative astrology, but in light of our recent Leo New Moon as well as my birthday I decided I would be game and stretch myself into the fictional realms of re-investigating the Great Attractor first discussed in May of 2022.

I’d previously made notation of the Great Attractor, and then today I saw this otherworldly perhaps not even real Infrared Dragon. Both can be found under their additional objects feature of extended charts within the list of fixed stars.

The Infrared Dragon unlike the Great Attractor came to my mind for multiple reasons, but first because this theme was rather recurrent during my birthday from the 3D printed red dragon to the card my step father bequeathed me with as seen above.

The follow up to this anecdotal theory being that if Ketu as well as Regulus rule Magha nakshatra and we previously discussed precession of the equinoxes whereby Regulus transitioned to zero point Virgo then couldn’t we investigate some theology.

After all most spiritual texts deal in astrotheology as well as metaphyics/esoteric lore. Is that dragon, Draco, or nagas?! I began to really question certain themes online, in magazines/newspapers, or via the tell-a-lie vision recently with reference to mainstream media as well as the supposed truth community around dis-ease as of late.

Reason being no one was realizing how the neural linguistic programming of our propaganda machines and/or corporate institutions were preying upon the public. The problem being not enough people can decode to recognize they’re being “pwned” to use some older slang.

I said this before you have two options in life; fear or love! It’s your choice how to operate your 3D experience in terms of if you ascend/descend or evolve rather than go through involution.

These tidbits may be older, but they certainly spoke to this theme of where my mind has been going in circles perhaps with Virgoan analysis paralysis. August 23 after all would be slowly approaching us after the Lionsgate of 8/8/2022.

This one is pretty “touchy” though and even as I’m enclosing it I really want my blog readers to understand not everything that I read or share do I always 100% agree with either. When on the internet sometimes we have to agree to disagree from time to time with certain beliefs that don’t add up for ourselves.

Although I’m fully aware of what atavism is as well I’m hugely or rather largely against human trafficking, sexual slavery, and other forms of debauchery especially that which deals with children or those not yet ready to effectively understand consent who may be taken advantage of and thereby abused.

In the act of rape after all grown adults can’t seem to even comprehend the definition of consensual so how can we always expect a child to fully or functionally not be victimized/traumatized as well. This goes very well with the videos I watched recently on where my Jupiter was in my Vedic chart within Ashlesha nakshatra.

The full hour to hour and a half video I located was quite insightful in explaining the gandanta between Cancer/Leo which makes sense if anyone observes the differences I have in my Western/Tropical or Vedic/Sidereal placements especially for the Sun as well as the Moon or other planetary placements.

You see within the theology of Revelation we find the story of the red dragon as a heavenly sign often times describing the constellation Virgo and the remnant of Israel. It’s the esoteric story of a red dragon who is perfectly poised between the legs of the virgin preparing to birth Christ or Universal/Cosmic consciousness via the birth canal who will have this depiction of the adversary lying in wait to devour the promised child.

Roughly around September of 2017 Jupiter was placed here and some people took liberty at that time to spread rumors of fear porn around the configurations depicted in the as above so below. But why? Because fear and sex sell! It’s all about profit, money, and sometimes even corruption! Karma and dharma again. Some simply don’t care about morals/ethics believing much in life to be meaningless because they enjoy nihilism or hate idealism. Some take great pride in eroding societies or the good of others.

“A determined cat has furtitude.” – Anonymous

These socks were a birthday gift. The tag says “hotsox” which sounds like a pun on hot sauce to me also.

Perhaps I reference hot sauce with “hotsox” because we had lunch at a taco restaurant where a sign also read “Tacocat spelled backwards is tacocat.”

Metaphysically the entire book of Revelation, but especially Revelation 12 is dealing in the Mother archetype through Wisdom or Sophia by allegory with a prototype of what many call the Divine Feminine. To some this astrotheological representation is of the Moon reflecting the light of the Sun which governs the tides on Earth and woman’s menstrual cycles.

There is the added layer of the Virgo constellation which pulls from the Greek or Hellenized Leto pursued by the dragon Python escaping to the island where she births Apollo and Artemis.

What has been missed by several is the Sethian or Ophite take that speaks to a basilisk astral god or Abrasax. Another hint to Regulus as fixed star as well as the studies I’ve extensively done on being born with Magha nakshatra for my lunar placement in the Vedic system.

Deeper proof of this might be seen in Nag Hammadi texts. These parallels deal heavily in the old Demiurge theme, but really go further to Egypt again with the hints to Isis, Osiris, and Horus.

βασιλεύς being the etymological equivalent of chief, master, king, lord, patron, and a mythical snake like dragon/tree dwelling lizard of the genus Basilliscus (basilisk). It is via the Latin etymology of Regulus that we find the connection to βασιλεύς and basilisk. Abraxas is another word play that derives from Coptic and Hebrew through Har Brakha or blessing.

Depicted often with the head of a rooster, hawk, or lion, the body of a human, and the tail of a serpent it is Carl Jung who in 1916 via The Seven Sermons to the Dead denoted that this displays the union of opposites into one being which is best displayed as the union of the Christian God and the Devil. The Yin Yang being a far better representation of this from Monad to Dyad and vice versa.

Before we look upon some astrology for the day we can now comfortably return to a smidgen of information further on the Great Attractor for those who have not been regular followers. This vast black hole larger than the Galactic Center sits nestled in the heart of the Milky way. Located within Sagittarius this anomaly has been described as the source of roughly two billion light years of our Universe/Cosmos.

Astronomers believe it to be both creator as well as destroyer acting as an energy which draws everything nearby towards it yet at the same time sending out multidimensional consciousness in the form of light which is downloaded via proper attunement of the Crown chakra in those that are awakened enough to receive from this hologram of truth. Therefore any planet or point in a chart shows when a soul takes to task the lesson of working with this electromagnetic field during their incarnation.

Lunar Return Chart for the Great Attractor and Infrared Dragon

While today I took great pains to focus upon a Lunar Return chart via Vedic/Sidereal designations I did notice a great many aspects in my Western/Tropical placements ranging from trines, quintiles, oppositions, semisextiles, and sextiles alike. But to get a more present comprehension I wanted to really focus and hone in on what was presently transpiring.

Therefore today what we would be investigating is the Great Attractor stationed within my 3rd House of Scorpio at 19° opposing Venus, sesquiquadrate Mars, and trine Chiron the Wounded Healer. The Infared Dragon, however, is nestled within my 1st House of Libra at 3° trine Mercury and Saturn, opposing Mars, square Pluto, and sesquiquadrate Venus.

Comparatively the 3rd House is transportation, communication, thinking patterns, and education particularly the delivery of messages through reading and writing or even phone calls while the 1st House deals in self awareness, the physical body, new beginnings, and how we initiate in life.

Put another way this is where one is always telling people what should be otherwise obvious and common knowledge which leads the audience to have an “ah-ha” moment of enlightenment. Experiences are transformed by taking ideas from one area and applying them to another.

These placements are summed up as the colossal free spirit encouraging others to enjoy life everyday without regret. If we do not find professions that suit our creative talents and love of enjoyment we may develop an aversion to hard work and responsibility.

We should not overextend ourselves rather we need to approach more of life effortlessly. If we appear mature beyond our years or even demanding/bossy of others it is only because we seek to bring to any environment hope and healing by merging the physical with the metaphysical.

Hidden in these degrees we find the following messages. That which was only a concept moves towards becoming a living reality which awakens us to the community of higher beings in which we dwell. When we allow the energy of sadness to find a way out of our being we ourselves find a way into higher levels of consciousness. Giving into transformation causes the transmutation to become ever more pure and intense.

A deeply renewing effect on our mind gives one the ability to communicate more effectively with others. When we get above the illusions of this world, even to a small extent, we find an inner sanctum within that allows in light, air, and provides us with a place to re-energize ourselves. Work with guardian angel Yezalel and daimon Beleth.

Daimon Beleth is associated with the Five of Wands, Gold, Dill, and Leo. You can read or learn more about this degree by re-visiting my blog post from July 4, 2022 when we celebrated Independence Day.

You will benefit by working with Titanium Quartz to develop innate intelligence backed up with witty communication that bolsters your clairaudience abilities. When one accepts the patterns of thought and action they transfer these insights to others by processing facts, speaking honestly, and adding their own valuable insight. The affirmation is I hear and share messages from the Divine.

The chart holder sees things always in a way that is new and different from the norm. Somehow the usual assumptions and biases that most people take for granted just don’t stick to them. This is a wonderful quality and can manifest as great insight. Do not allow the negative reactions of others to cause doubt in what is possible to be given.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An inaccurate imaginative map of the world.” When there’s something the chart holder doesn’t know they can always make it up and through doing this can access what’s inside by a process of projecting it on the outside world. The challenge here is to not get reality confused with one’s speculations.

As more information becomes available in the map one can always modify it making for a more accurate and detailed picture. There is a great value, though, in speculation before facts are known for it stimulates further exploration which is something this degree very much loves to do. Work with guardian angel Rehael and daimon Decarabia.

Daimon Decarabia represents the Seven of Swords, Moon, Lavender, and Aquarius. This daimon will assist one with dissolving situations that act as blockages in life especially those where others are working to deceive. Decarabia specializes in all things feminine so often times one will learn about precious stones, herbs, and the astral planes.

This fixed star is upon Nodus I in Draco the Dragon. At one point this was known as Al ‘Auhakan or the Two Black Ravens. Kabbalists associate this with the Hebrew letter Mem and the tarot trump Death. Didn’t Odin have two black ravens? I guess this goes with the mead on my birthday as reference to Odin’s Skull that I was also given. We have not finished the mead yet though.

Benefits of Citrine for this degree will express as a necessary rebirth where success, clarity, and energy helps one cope with difficult problems by developing new concepts that harness the energies of The Sun tarot trump. The affirmation is I let the past go to embrace today.

We’ve had honey as well as bumble bees. Secondarily, many paper wasps as well as a cicada killer wasp. Thirdly, we have had several swallowtail variety butterflies and a regularly visiting hummingbird in our zinnias.

Then there are the squirrels, a stray cat (cats are always venturing through the garden stray or otherwise), and several green anoles or other lizards as well as some exceedingly large grasshoppers recently. Above is a honey bee, harvested roma tomatoes, a black feather, and various plants.

Being that I chose to look upon this Lunar Return chart from a Vedic/Sidereal aspect I managed to distill the corresponding nakshatras to both placements. We might best surmise from this that the Great Attractor is within this speculative venture sending messages through the Jyeshtha lunar mansion which can be further elucidated via the following whiteboard video.

It is sometimes seen as the archetype of those who feel born to dominate or tell it like it is which I definitely realize I tend to have a severe streak of bluntness sometimes.

The Infrared Dragon would disclose a different disposition altogether in that it would ask that we dream the new into being, but deeper than that we begin to find here the concept of “Earthing” takes center stage pulling from Hasta or the hand which has located the spark of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within itself as well as all things reflected yet seeks fervently to manifest the intangible where creation might be witnessed by way of our five senses.

Here we can view meditation and programming technique videos to help flesh out some concepts we might find fascinating.

When you hear “Earthing” think of grounding where our skin needs actual contact with the soil, water, and other conductive surfaces that imbue us with a mildly negative charge because in our modern ways of life we are pretty disconnect to the planet building up excess positive charge. When we add the negative charge in proper proportion we neutralize the states returning to harmony/balance.

For me the act of gardening allows for this and while with my myriad foot injuries I don’t generally walk around barefoot because I have to kinesthetic tape my left ankle or wear orthotics with running shoes it is through constant contact with caring for my plants via my two green thumbs that I’m told I proudly have I gain a lot of contact with our planet especially doing this organic.

Some believe this process aids in reducing inflammation, chronic pain, and lowering stress. There can also be seen improved sleep/circadian rhythms, improved adrenal health, and less contact with EMF when we step outside of the confined areas permeated with constant technological advancements.

I hope everyone paid a particular case of attention to the above description for the Libra 3° in that it mentions speculative astrology is done purely for doing things against the grain or as they call it the norm. It is an act of consideration where the limits of common in the box logic/rationale does not always marry perfectly with the imaginative.

As I have previously said in my studies I walk to the beat of my own drum which is why I’ve taken a solo participation path and generally don’t agree on every point completely with the standards of normative cultural approaches. Somewhere I read that Ketu is a liberating classroom that very much prefers to get out of the limitations others continue to impose on consciousness.

Mine looks much more like a melting pot of soup or a tossed salad! It may taste pretty bad to some while others may really find that the chef is just eccentric!

The Infrared Dragon might be relating as I said above to the September 2017 fear porn display courtesy of countless proponents of theories online all due to something NASA of all organizations put on the world wide web. Virality and groupthink sometimes just encourage unhealthy digestion more like grabbing a Pepcid for heartburn on the account of GERD being triggered.

Videos around this time period showed the close proximity of what the Skyview Infrared Telescope located precisely near Virgo, Leo, and most assuredly Regulus which again brings me back to my consistent musings of being born in Magha nakshatra.

Remember I mentioned eccentric chefs and meals that may be unappealing above. I forgot to state that it could also be a ramen or stew when we reach for absolutely anything still edible yet unspoiled which may be utilized as the leftovers found within someone’s refrigerator in an attempt to not create waste.

Jupiter at that moment in time was in Libra almost exactly aligned with what many wanted to say was the Revelation prophecies. The only decent themes one person posited through esoteric understanding was that the prophet or savior being born in today’s societies is being targeted the moment it incarnates which is true because our consciousness is faced with a continual barrage of dogma and legalism or limiting beliefs cradle to grave.

Like myself they took notice of the Virgo Supercluster as well as a few other pivotal locations in the heavens. I covered my lunar nodes prior at the very beginning of my blog entries when I was just setting out in here. However, let’s all get real about something.

Those may stick with us for life being the natal representation, but we must not neglect to look at the present energies of any transits be they daily, monthly, or yearly. Ironically Ketu takes no prisoners in the aim to remove attachments. What Ketu does support is a rebuilding or a starting over, but only after you’ve learned to let go or be dragged through the mud first. Ketu guards moksha, liberation, and is a strict instructor.

Have an introspective Saturday and best wishes! 🧐💕

I did not secure any changes in employment as of yet. I’m not complaining. I’ll just keep looking for opportunities and putting myself out there. Ultimately retail is not going to be something I’m going to wish to continue in long term with the strain it causes me via being on my feet all day for several hours each week. I really hope to secure something full time in administrative/reception at some point. You know goals to strive for.

Things are somewhat calming down in life for a bit even at my part time cosmetology job for now. Sleeping on this entry to return for proofing later has allowed me to gain further insights and clarity to share/expand a bit further what I perhaps really wanted to get on paper so to speak even if that paper was digital in nature. Lord knows I mist-titled my blog entry with “reflection” not “examination” which prompted me to change my URL slug as well.

Never blog on a day where you’re full of brain farts if you’re battling your own perfectionism complex.

“A dragon that is exceptional in juggling can be called talon-ted!” – Unknown