Manifestation Mondays: The Clock Factory

“What day followed Tuesday in the calendar? WTF!” – Anonymous

Have you ever considered taking a time travel vacation or stay-cation? Then follow me on another random journey into the depths of another bizarre online jaunt via the underlined hyperlink text meant to spice up your adventures.

And yes as usual I’ve left a few sprinkled about in the image descriptions as well.


I was wanting to find a theme today, but what I was actually looking for or rather hoping for did not really lead me anywhere so I’m going to have to work in a substitution method presently.

In the same vein or train of thought as yesterday we’re keeping with the Vedic/Sidereal Age Harmonic chart, but we’re going to investigate Asteroid Stonehenge (9325) which can be adapted in astrology as a means of speculation.

Some consider it a link to Ancient Celtic lifetimes or astronomical time keeping. Before we go any further why not investigate some of the themes surrounding this landmark or site. It might make referencing this in any astrology chart a little more adaptable to those who find my writings to be at times a bit nonsensical.

Some consider the Earth Chakras to be Ley/Dragon Lines in the more New Age schools of thought and we can find some of this within the more modernized methods incorporated into some of the schools of Reiki.

There are a variety of concepts for these as some South American shamans prefer to call this Spirit Lines while Australian Aboriginals may have referenced them as Dream Lines.

Other esotericists might find connections to astrological constellations from these points on Earth. Glastonbury/Shaftesbury being seen as the unofficial 4th or Heart chakra generally includes Stonehenge as well as any surrounding areas like Dorset or Somerset.

These beliefs hold that Stonehenge was constructed along the strongest point of energy where there are links specifically to the Divine Feminine. The question perhaps is was Stonehenge really a Solar calendar?

The problem many conclude is that this is merely confirmation bias. We’ll leave it up to those who are reading and speculating with me to discern their own beliefs, feelings, or hypothetical musings. I’m trying my hardest to not rehash previous irritations or release those monkeys!

There was a great deal of people I used to use as resources not long ago whom the censorship moguls have erased from my being able to locate as I did not bookmark their websites or blogs.

It’s now a bunch of scams, affiliate marketers, influencers paid to persuade meaning I’m not sure they are truthful, deep fakes, and bots that I’ve often found I’m interacting with most days post closing my social media accounts on mass media surveillance states.

I even get hoodwinking crypto cons on my cell phone which I purposefully don’t list through my online business, but have been forced to block repeatedly. The only way I wish to be contacted here is commenting on the blog post or email. The sidebar directs most communication through my business email as a means to fight the harassment!

You do realize how much of your data is harvested don’t you humanity? I mean the interweb was designed for one thing in case we’ve all missed the memo. If you think it has its origins in purely benign intentions you’re a bit naive! I’ve only been discussing this for months now since I opened this little blog/astrology business. It’s peppered throughout my compositions.

Stone Circles:

As with all things I’d take some with a grain of salt simply because resources are scant online again due to algorithms that I’m not going to play with or the fact that the only materials given come from mass media creating their own forms of confirmation bias that muddy the waters.

Some rabbit holes are always just better left unobserved and frankly ignored. Am I always like this. Only most recently when I like to critically think rather than take absolutely everything at face value spoon fed to me by others.

I also believe it vital that we objectively and critically think for ourselves rather than take stock solutions always given to us by others who might have an agenda to push.

I love gleaning ideas from others, but I’m still one who tries to adopt the skeptic mindset to keep questioning in life the narrative I’ve been taught. After all we’re constantly being indoctrinated.

And as I’ve already continually expressed I find the modern interweb versus the one of the late 90s/early 2000s to pivotally suck due to censorship or lack of variety in what I’m wishing to share. The content anymore is so lacking most days I’m frustrated finding it deadening/irksome to utilize all search engines much less the inteweb at large.

I think precession has been a topic of discussion for many including the questioning and division that occurs between Western/Tropical schools of thought compared with those of Vedic/Sidereal especially regarding lunar mansions because as I’ve said openly there is a lot of contention around the nakshatra I was born into as to if Magha can move into Virgo.

There are certain aspects of Kabbalah after all as well as many esoteric theologies that I’ll never agree with for they wholeheartedly denigrate the Divine Feminine in an abject negating worship or madness of confirmation bias of their own towards the Divine Masculine and patriarchal archetypes. There are some serious issues with interpretations the world over for those who dabble.

I’ve been down enough of those rabbit holes to know which philosophies won’t be the ones I’m accepting as any form of truth because I view them rather as perversions and/or faulty instructions of self professed gurus propped up by a misled society. Some theologies don’t speak to me, but they might speak loudly to others.

“Whatever you do, don’t tick off the clock.” – Anonymous

Virgo season unlike Cancer being two vitally different aspects of the Divine Feminine. Cancer, as an archetypal mother, is not the same as the healing energies of Virgo as maiden or virgin consciousness. Instead of rampant Yang energy characterized by power, resistance, assertiveness, and dominance we find that Yin energy harbors creativity, healing, patience, flow, and intuition.

Yang paved the way of our modern society into a world of colonization suppressing virtually anything else. Now we’re being asked to take charge of our health across the fields of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical planes where we access our inner mother.

Virgo and virgin consciousness were not what so many depict because instead this aspect of Divine Femininity was sexuality wielded not for material/physical security rather it was devotional helping others along spiritual paths towards understanding the connections between our physicality and overall health.

The problem with any idea of a “reset” is that the only thing being reset is the heavens. A change due to precession of the equinoxes that happens over a great span of time instead of via the ideas of those who corrupt everything they touch would willingly acknowledge.

For those who don’t quite get the metaphyiscal components still the “heavens” mentioned are speaking towards a state of consciousness whereby soul and body are in harmony with Divine Mind/Manas.

The only “end of the world” which doomsday lovers keep pointing to is the one whereby consciousness lets go of error thoughts. One won’t be eating/drinking from their kama or desire nature as much as they will be desiring righteousness, peace, and joy in higher vibrations beyond the lower ego driven nature.

Most of humanity has a variety of problems when it comes to illustrating such conditions and our relationship towards the higher planes of consciousness. And again we’re going to then butt heads against my level of patience in babysitting those who are not with the program quite yet.

I distinctly remember early on in my writing or composition on this blog stating that I was certainly not perfect so some days I have little tolerance for ignorance at large. “Earth” thereby somewhat references the ideal manifestation, but let’s be honest most thought forms at present are not always inherently evolved in the proper direction.

The “I” has fluctuated for ages/aeons betwixt two planes of consciousness leading to constant weary rounds of incarnation and reincarnation.

Ketu is in fact a karmic control, and I have previously composed blog posts about my studies into gandanta between Cancer and Leo particularly given research into my natal Vedic/Sidereal chart which unlike any Age Harmonic encompasses energies one is beholden to throughout their entire lifetime.

Age Harmonics are evolving as we age therefore they’re not quite as permanent in shaping who we are becoming for they are a bit more transient. I’ve spent a lot of time asking everyone to look back upon my Western/Tropical or Vedic/Sidereal natal wheels as a reference when they look at my speculative astrology for the present.

You will see that there is in fact a lot of energy nestled within the 10th as well as 11th Houses respectively. The reason being that we’re looking at how karmas might also be one of many facets to interpret.

Age Harmonic for Asteroid Stonehenge

As we digress into studying Asteroid Stonehenge we’re met with the realization of it’s station being the 9th House of Sagittarius at 9° semisquare Mars. In numerology nine represents strength and determination where philanthropic or artistic attitudes are required. If this becomes an area of lack one will fail to work constructively bringing forward aspects of personality that are immoral, frivolous, and irresponsible.

The biggest issue here is that one not overextend themselves by scattering their energies into too many different projects taking on more than they can manage. Actions are often guided by a moral compass, but one still has to reign in overconfidence and impulsiveness.

All problems are problems because of who we are and this degree senses this truth deeply though at times may not know what to do about it. Each burden we carry is actually the burden of karma which is our psyche.

This degree can subtly work with the beliefs of other people to help them lighten their consciousness and to see that it is their beliefs which are the ultimate oppressors/tyrants.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A man with green skin. He is dressed in leaves.” This degree is not fully invisible, but blends in with nature. When it is able to do this it experiences a great freedom and expansiveness.

If it can just allow itself to be without the coercion of other’s agendas and the compulsion of what it feels it should do then a marvelous naturalness emerges that is powerful and so very uplifting that it finally causes the burdens to disappear. Work with guardian angel Yehuhiah and daimon Gaap.

Daimon Gaap corresponds with the Seven of Swords, Mercury, Clover, and Aquarius. This daimon assists with accelerating the social behavior of anyone for the skills of writing, music, and divination. There may also be talents gained in astral or dream projection.

Messier 107 in Ophiuchus; here is an additional treat!

A whopping three fixed stars correspond to this degree respectively. This includes Han in the left knee of Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer, Gamma Triangulum Australe of the Southern Triangle, and Antares in the heart of Scorpius the Scorpion.

Han is also referred to as Sabik meaning the Preceding One where the significance of Han is via the old Chinese feudal state. Energies found here tend to make one goodhearted, but at risk of poisoning, slander, and enmity. Kabbalists associated this fixed star with the letter Ayin and the tarot trump The Tower.

The Southern Triangle is typically a reference to the trinity of the three biblical patriarchs known as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. There is a counterpart of the matriarchs found in the Northern Triangle. This references agnatic ancestry through the male lineage of the Y chromosome.

Antares was seen slightly different by the Chinese as it seemed to be aligned with the Azure Dragon marking one of four great divisions in their zodiac. Hindus marked this with Jyestha nakshatra.

At one time around 3700-3500 BC it was the symbol of Isis in the pyramid ceremonials and represented our Autumnal equinox. Hebrew Kabbalists also associate this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Ayin and the tarot trump The Tower.

Work with Azurite to express your intuition and wisdom inviting the Master Teachers into your life through the messages of transformation, upward movement, light, and achievement. The focus is upon deep enjoyment of loving, teaching, and play. The affirmation is I help others and I am kind/caring.

May your Monday be meaningful! Wishing you the best. 🤞💌