Manifestation Mondays: Challenged By…

“Why did the lion eat the lamp? He wanted a light lunch.” – Unknown

This was not the intended way I expected my post to go for the Lionsgate, however, it appears the Universe/Cosmos had another plan in motion that it wanted my blog readers and myself to discover. Gain some additional wisdom by following the underlined hyperlink text to what I’m excavating today.


I just realized that today was the Lionsgate, and I intended to publish a blog post for this. However, it’s a bit of a combination here because while I’m covering this event I’ve actually included another topic altogether. Pictured above is the Turkish Lionsgate in Hattusa. This was the capital of the Hittites signifying their Near East superpower.

Six gates allowed people to enter the interior of the city. Often the Lionsgate was guarded by those controlling the movement of people to/from the capital being closed at night and sealed until morning.

These two lions were carved into huge blocks of rock with open paws and eyes as a protective function to scare away evil spirits from the city. In the past the eyes were lined with various decorative materials.

If I had to sum up the August 8, 2022 Lionsgate I would state that this is when our DNA is activated bringing us higher consciousness and we begin to cleanse/detox ourselves for better energy reception.

Sirius, as our spiritual Sun, once signified the flooding of Egypt and prosperity. Some believe this correlates to the Sphinx as a representation of the Leo/Virgo axis. Really there are many esoteric theories about the Sphinx. Probably too many to include here.

Hittites does have a correlation etymologically with terror, fear, fire, and a censer which implies burning perfume or incense. If we think of summer and the heat I can definitely see the symbolism of a lion via Leo with terror, fear, and the element of fire as a Solar/Sun representation.

The Dogon tribes as well as the Babylonians paid their respects to this star recognizing that our Sun nourishes our spiritual life bringing us to higher dimensions. This is a time to set intentions for new beginnings.

It’s an ideal time to begin healing our Third Eye and Heart chakras. Your guardian angels and spiritual guides are likely to visit you during these times through dreams and visions.

At this present now moment the focus is on peace, freedom, creativity, truth, and finding our higher life purpose. If you’re wondering how one becomes a vibrational match to the Lionsgate it only takes desire.

Whatever you seek to achieve you simply need to desire and seek it out. This will be a great time to activate your chakras, recharge your mind, body, and spirit, and reveal your highest truth.

As I was saying I’m being challenged by prices in grocery stores for food because last time on my detox diet nothing cost what it does today. I did, however, manage some new grains with trying to go gluten free attempting to add to my already established quinoa/rice varieties.

I brought home some corn grits, millet, pho rice noodles, and turmeric couscous which is not gluten free. The millet is already a keeper which I tried for lunch as soon as I got it home with vegetable broth and seasonings as a side; it did not require much to actually taste good!

Why corn grits? Native Americans offered the first settlers bowls of Rockahominie which was a dish consisting of ground up corn grain cooked to a creamy texture. It is believed this corn mixture kept many of the settlers alive during cold winters.

I don’t cook with couscous all that often so I am hoping that it won’t be too bad for me to eat it on some occasions since I’m not really celiac, but I am trying to reduce my intake of gluten nonetheless. The turmeric was something that made this stand out to me though. Years ago I was making my own golden milk that was lactose free.

I wanted amaranth again because I used it before as breakfast with cinnamon and fruit, but the cost for a small bag was not selling it on me at present. Again seemed like highway robbery! I’m trading in romaine for spinach because romaine is not agreeing with me at all.

Even grown in my garden we no longer get along and it is fighting me. Is there reasonably priced granola somewhere that is not loaded with some form of corn syrup or sugar? The goal here is a variety of grains that I’m trying to branch into that are not standard white flours or gluten loaded.

Instead I’ve been eating way too much of the breakfast bars, pretzel sticks, chips, and other items that while organic or vegetarian/vegan are not really whole food or actually by most accounts I’m learning healthy at all when you break it down. You’re told or taught it’s healthy by the company that desires to sell it to you.

What set this off was tomatoes of all things. It began as reflux and has turned into a full blown food intolerance of the most unbearable kind. I’m now officially avoiding anything tomato as if my life depended upon it the same way I avoid avacado for the very same reason.

I’ll be so incredibly sick after that it’s never worth the risk! I was completely fine with tomatoes when I was younger, but now at 43 they are the death of me. And the symptoms of the intolerance seem to be getting progressively worse now the more I consume the item. I should consider the substitute recommended in the link above, but I might research it a bit more before I make a commitment.

A lot of my meals are definitely already more vegetarian and vegan because the prices for meat or fish is flat absurd to me. $20-30 for fresh reliably sourced quality fish at a counter. At a farmer’s market for grass fed or correctly raised meats it’s equally as steep. Why even go there?!

Sorry, just no! That is half a tank of gas already with the cost of living and you expect me to pay that for one meal. Give me a break! I don’t know about my blog entries on Weimar or the Great Depression era with hyperinflation, but this is guano crazy to put it less offensive and crude!

“Don’t chalk it till you’ve tried it.” – Unknown

Hell, I’m not sure what or how this compares to anything during WW II era and inflation or supply/demand issues with rations. I just remember spending an unusual amount of time in middle and high school on these areas of history with courses I took on economics.

Not sure anyone gets taught these lessons today. Although my complaints also triggered my step father looking online for bulk purchases of grains we could vacuum seal instead which then caused some complaints from mom. I see so many smarmy apps and concepts now for supposedly making purchases cheaper or some other concept.

But then it’s all a conversion to me of more debt based usury or amortization that I’m finding is a form of bait/switch. We’re constantly trading up, but I’m always wondering is the grass greener or am I getting scammed the way my iPhone will ring with the “scam likely” message.

It could be worse I suppose most of my purchases were only around the $5 margin, but that still adds up quite fast as you begin to go along trying to get more for your money which no longer stretches as far as it did.

From the prices for that and what it is doing to my biome I’m going to start converting to this unless I can somewhow manage random turkey, chicken, or pork on some occasions. Tuna is one fish I had been eating still, but really I limit that because well let’s face it we then deal with mercury in our fish.

Beyond that I’ve hung around trout or mackerel mostly. I’ve not even touched on the environmental costs of factory farms and animal husbandry being taught to many today as something we all need to be much more conscious of. Just because you have purchasing power does not equate to the need to act from willful or other forms of ignorance.

Harsh probably, but I also think practices many stick to are habitual and ingrained. Change is not easy, most fear it, and others will kick and scream before they consider it an option available to them. It’s funny to witness because I think it really also stems from an ego getting deflated at the audacity that someone would come at them this way.

I watched this all over social media when diet came into discussion. How defensive some got when confronted with anything of opposition to their way being the only right and proper way. Sort of a if you deviate you’re the Devil.

A lot of seafood I was removing from my diet; I don’t like salmon at all. I never was much of a meat eater to begin with. As a child I was not eating deli meats or anything when I was meal prepping for myself. Meat only comes in when parents are influencing my food choices or we’re together.

But these prices are going to make me learn what I can stretch and just how far. Instead I was primarily buying fresh or frozen vegetables and all fresh fruit. Then there are the nuts that I’m keeping in my diet. Breakfasts are not easy. I’m trying to avoid processed foods because almost all of them have been cooked with my triggers for IBS and chronic UTI.

Breakfast I would really like to know what in the blazes is with all the added corn syrups and sugars. No wonder we have obesity and diabetes on the rise. It’s literally going to make a chef out of me to now start eating not just organic or vegetarian/vegan, but to avoid all the flat out garbage I find companies add to most meals in ready prep that is not fresh, raw, or just whole food out of some ridiculous concept of convenience.

And while my blog readers think I sound insane the problem with all the added corn syrups, sugars, and oils is that these cumulatively add for each meal or snack each day compounded by then weekly, monthly, and yearly ingestion. No one is doing the math on this at all. Cognitive dissonance?!

Do the math and ask yourself exactly how is this moderation or healthy? I have not even touched salt when added to foods and the thyroid, kidneys, or other organs like perhaps our liver which have to process the waste production of what is put into the human body/biome. And I know I’ve heard the forever arguments about how important meat is by thousands upon thousands of advocates.

Or are some of these people in it because these industries still need to make a profit? One less customer cuts into their margins and if more people convert away from the dairy, beef, poultry, seafood, or other carnivore only industries that might mean problems for those who work in those fields.

Ok, yes I get it by seeing the bigger picture. That should not be the defining factor for dietary choices either because it may also become personal.

When I worked for Instacart these industries were always coming up with ways to promote themselves. You better believe the dairy and beef industries started pandering to clients trying to convert anyone under the Sun to their wares. Even though many using the service might have been tossing that advert in the trash who were not meat eaters or had lactose intolerance.

I’m finding most think moderation is already practiced, but when I literally add up the meals which incorporate certain triggers or other variables by the day, week, month, and year I don’t see as much moderation after all especially if someone is not exploring alternatives and has a limited pantry they can afford or believe that they like.

By this I mean those that don’t try new foods or are more taste selective because nitpicky is probably a bit harsh although I do sometimes use this as a description. With IBS and chronic UTI I’m also finding that there is the issues of FODMAP as well as fiber one must begin to actually start watching more carefully.

Speaking of I probably should have looked to see if kiwis were available and forgot. Perhaps next time…

I stood in the grocery store today realizing I honestly wanted to cry because most of everything I’ve eaten was no longer healthy when you really wake up to the reality of what is on offer if you’re trying to avoid cooking in the kitchen for yourself on a tight schedule.

I am reconsidering my vegan protein shakes and smoothies also. We’ll begin here and then I’ll continue tackling my work/life balance and seeking full time employment. I can only drink so much water and herbal tea after all with cutting coffee or caffeine out now cold turkey.

Harder still is the fact that when I go to where I work everyone else is on a fast food eating out diet that I can’t fathom. First of all consider how much money you’re spending to eat out five days a week for every lunch and/or breakfast. Imagine if you could how much money if you were not doing this could go to something else desirable in your life.

And add to this the cost for food delivery services if you use them. Every expense adds up and what everyone should consider is are you spending wisely or just throwing money around impulsively and unwisely. I can feel and tell that my co-workers find my habits or eating as well as diet strange.

I’m always bringing my lunch and only once did I have to bring my breakfast in on the run one day. Now I’m going to be worse to be around because with these changes I won’t want anyone buying me lunches or breakfasts. Because I want to exercise control over what I’m consuming so that I’m not constantly unhealthy. A moot point with some who can’t understand this; health is actually your wealth in more ways than one!

But really if you were not always eating your meals out while at work what could you do with that money when it is saved? Think about what that money could actually have bought you instead if you’d packed a lunch to bring with you to school, work, or as we’ve done when we travel. I can think of many ways I could have otherwise spent that money if I’d done my own meal prep.

My health is coming first while I work part time and navigate this sea of nutrition 101. I honestly don’t want my foods processed I guess now that I’m realizing you have zero control really over what you’re ingesting. You’re literally resting on the fact that this also depends upon if companies are truthful in labeling or transparent. Ultimately how do we know this.

We’re taking someone at their word with sometimes no real proof of the quality we are receiving when we give power away allowing others to be in positions of power/control, Essentially you are relinquishing all responsibility and personal power to another which I’m not sure how that translates for sovereignty or self reliance. I fail to understand why we’re allowing ourselves to be so controlled which were topics I spoke of initially at my first blog post.

Ultimately most of humanity needs to take back rightful power over their lives because cradle to grave as I’ve said we’re at the whims and dictates of corporations, family, religions, and other dictates. And what I find on the home front is that trying to assert boundaries is just not actually easy because as long as you’re under another’s roof you might have to make accommodations to them or it seems to be that there is a lot of friction that begins to sometimes occur.

I don’t even want arguments to be honest. I just need to force my own self to formally commit to sticking with these changes. Others simply lack the means to even get to where I am at because I know most are working more than one job just to live at survival mode for self and family.

No one would like me stating that the excuse is that they have no choice, but honestly some adversity in life comes at us not of our own choosing. We did not really ask for it, but it sure shows up to get our attention. So instead I’m going to begin meal prep in advance making more so that I can either freeze or set it aside within the refrigerator and make meals later from whatever I can do as combinations.

I’m also avoiding all fast food and eating out for now until I determine what most of my food intolerances or allergies really are beyond lactose and gluten because I’m trying to assess inflammation now post foot injuries and with neuropathy. I did not ask for this. I don’t ask the Universe/Cosmos to bequeath me with allergies, intolerances, or other haphazards with my gastrointestinal system. Guano happens!

Of course there was that funny checkout conversation where I’d decided I wanted to add a parsnip to one of my meals. I only needed one given the size, but the cashier was like “What is this?”

In the meantime my next project is redesigning a schedule for writing here. No more seven day schedule as I won’t be keeping that routine up. I need to reduce as I’ve said to about a two to three day routine. I just need to then determine what focus do I want for each day. Maybe I can re-design the topics I rotate around and still manage to fit most of it into some sort of functional method within time constraints. I don’t know yet, but I’ll be coming up with a solution this week.

Necessity and Requirements Arabic Part/Lot

I decided today with my theme over yesterday and today being that of feeling as if something is amiss to run another Arabic Part/Lot. This time we’re looking at Necessity and Requirements through the formula Ascendant plus 3rd House minus Mars. We would be discovering what lies in my 7th House of Aries at 2°.

I actually kind of get where this is going. I’ve been constantly seeing that question do you need to be right or do you want to be happy. The problem I have with this is that my happiness is directly tied with my waking up everyday feeling secure as well as healthy because that is part of a balanced Root chakra. I won’t feel grounded without those needs being met.

It’s also because my mom’s nurse that we hired to help out twice a week indicated that I maybe should have considered becoming a lawyer instead. All this did was remind me of my time in college when a criminal attorney and federal probation officer wanted to recommend me for such work and further education as two instructors I was taking courses from.

Even my psychology instructor was trying to nudge me into that field whereas I was content to be behind the scenes in administrative functions within that field. Ironic is it not that Aries rules the 1st House to do with the as I described yesterday dharma, life’s purpose, and self. Yet within the 7th House we’re in contact with partnerships taken with others be they romantic, business, or creative pursuits.

Yesterday I stated that solitude is vital to me. This confirms such a truth for these two energies are at conflict. Aries within a 7th House would teach self as well as other that without breath in the relationship I would make a terrible partner. We need distance or else it’s just going to become ugly with a lot of confrontation, argumentativeness, and strife.

7th House asks you exactly how much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice for another. Unlike the 1st House dealing with dharma the 7th House is a Kama house of desires. Therefore, if we looked further into the 7th House we would realize this is where family commitments show up which do not align with achieving one’s personal ambitions.

Within the 7th House we also find the diseases of urinary tract, bladder, appendicitis, lower abdomen, prostate, and our sexual anatomy. Can we say bingo!

I actually charted asteroid Kama during Valentines Day of 2022! Another synchronicity perhaps. Hinduism encourages us to fulfill Kama or our desires in harmony with our dharma. This is the secret to the happiness of self as well as other.

Further discovery of this degree turns up the following. The chart holder knows how to access all that is hidden. The question is do they want to go there or are they truly ready to make the needed sacrifices to do this which requires that they let go of their fears.

The chart holder needs to give themselves time and be patient. If they self criticize or attempt to push themselves too hard it will only generate an inner rebellion that will slow them down.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Old stone steps descending into darkness.” Here is an invitation to explore what is dark, deep, and hidden. This degree has a craving to look into what has been lost or buried with a persistent urge to visit those parts of the self which have been lost/denied.

How do I explore this? Will I be safe exploring it? I feel like I don’t know where I’m going, but I know I’ve got to go there. Work with guardian angel Jeliel and daimon Agares.

“A pigment of your imagination.” – Unknown

Daimon Agares connects us with the Three of Wands, Venus, Carnation, and Aries. This daimon specializes in communication with one’s subconscious and unconscious. Often employed in shadow work Agares helps one become skillful in the study of languages/dialects and finances. I’ve read that some also benefit from working with this daimon to learn computer languages such as those utilized with web design.

This then makes sense when I upgraded my WordPress, and was informed I should take advantage of the free domain they offer at present to shorten my URL. The problem is that domain won’t be free after the first year which only incurs more cost to me overall since my astrology business is established upon it’s own domain.

As much as this person expressed that my current URL detracts from search engine indexing while reading about working with Agares I noticed another esotericist stating that both Google and Bing overall suck at indexing. This means my complaints regarding online processes with the internet compared to what it was in the 90s when I began being a content creator might have some validity after all.

Again does anyone look at the etymology for the two words to gain context; artificial intelligence is what I call “fake, false, or pseudo” intelligence. Sorry! I will consider this at a later date because I’m really not sure I want to have multiple domains that I’m having to pay for after my first year online. That seems to me to be utterly counterproductive and just not the correct way to finance my business in terms of expenses.

If you asked me today’s internet operates as a method of censorship and thought control reminiscent of Orwellian logic circa 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. It’s a tightly controlled system now for better or worse. It depends entirely on where you want to install the “controlling” mechanism as to who benefits.

Some of the changes are good, but some are not very positive rather they become limitations and don’t readily allow for experimentation or thinking out of boxes.

Stationed at Deneb Kaitos in Cetus the Whale we find this degree. Arabs knew this fixed star as Al Difdi al Thani or the Second Frog while the Chinese instead chose to name this Too Sze Kung or Superintendent of Earthworks.

Some astrologers believe this fixed star allows one to flex their muscles releasing their strength, willpower, and determination to triumph over troublesome situations. It describes those who are leading with compassion and who take journeys of self discovery into unfamiliar shores.

It’s advised one should work with Kyanite to fire up their optimism and self confidence. Focus upon a message of social acceptance that allows freedom while letting others know that your role in life carries more authority than they acknowledge. The affirmation is when times of stress arrive in our lives we need to draw upon our inner comedian to look at the funny side.

Have an awesome Monday! As always I’m a work in progress as is the business/website if I determine to stick with it. Maybe I should inquire of WordPress why it is that my host does not allow for me to drop the “” in my website.

Probably something again to do with the free versus paid for accounts, but then I’m worried my progress won’t even convert correctly and that I’ll simply lose prior blog posts. Something I’m unwilling to deal with at present.

Otherwise I’m going to be spending a bit of time in the kitchen over the next few days trying to get meals prepped for when I return to my part time comsetology job to make it easier on me as the week wanes down. Be well! For the Lionsgate consider that August 8, 2022 also relates to numerology for messages.

It’s a great time to balance inner Divine Masculine/Feminine as well. Ask yourself what exactly does wealth and prosperity really look like or mean to you? Can you actually define it subjectively as well as objectively?

There is also some significant aspects with gematria and the number 88, but I won’t leave them here. It requires people to be truthfully awake and aware of the Maya, illusion, and lies all around them controlling their subconscious and unconscious at present from which they need to actually re-program. Many are unwitting tools of the “system.” Lionsgate is really about you becoming your authentic self not a puppet. 🐉🌎🦁

PS: I have repeatedly talked about medications I was prescribed including gabapentin, tramadol, and cipro. My mom had levaquin. Today we figured it out! This is all linked to being floxxed as I have been speaking about.

As someone who worked in medical malpractice law administrative function I spend a lot of time being aware of the corruption and ignorance in the allopathic care system. I never thought I would be a living victim with rage against the entire industry or pharmaceuticals, but here I am. And yes I am really pissed off!

I also forgot to mention that I purchased potato gnocchi. Tonight I am working on a soup using this with rainbow carrots, celery, red bell pepper, and spinach as well as seasonings and fresh basil.

I’m beginning with the article on supplements because I began here when gabapentin and tramadol wrecked my life as well as my neuropathy started. It was then that I first knew I had deficiencies. I urge everyone to get educated before you sign your life away to any allopathic practitioner.

I need to work on cubing vegetables a little bit more, but overall the soup tasted good actually. I have enough left over for another meal.

Self Examination Saturdays: Looking Within and Seeking Guidance

“If you are going to a desert, make sure your pack has a thirst-aid kit.” – Anonymous

It’s time for a bit of exploration and hopefully the underlined hyperlink text will help you learn about the solutions I’m discovering today.


I am considering for my own well being reducing my blog posts to only twice or thrice a week. I’ve also been experiencing a lot of burn out recently with my life in general doing the part time 9-5 grind plus everyday responsibilities while finding I am not having much enjoyment in my free time if I manage to find any.

I believe it would be best to take some serious stock in life as to if I’m keeping my astrology business or moving on because I’m not yet seeing any benefit beyond what it did for me personally as growth.

Beyond that I’m finding that I don’t see any benefit to the current lifestyle I have in this decade at present wanting some significant changes at home and by reducing my time online or with any iPhone video games. I have already tried removing and had succeeded in this arena with television.

Ironically this also stems from too much time spent around family and not enough time to really go do things solo which I miss having that quality time for myself as well.

Unlike a large chunk of society I value solitude very highly and if I’m giving all my time to others I become incredibly miserable or just incredibly worn out. My health and stress levels suffer from the lifestyle others I believe have sometimes expected of me in careers, education, and elsewhere.

I keep re-iterating this to family that I’m actually quite different from most people I know in how I want to approach life realizing that at 43 I’m not happy some days nor do I feel correctly fulfilled living the life of someone else who is just not me. Behind my gratitude and positive posts there is someone realizing she’s still missing something she has not identified beyond needing a disconnect from certain constants she deals with right now.

If I described it I’d say I feel constrained by others like I’m imprisoned and lock downs or other restrictions manifested this more-so into my consciousness where I’ve felt oppressed now for quite some time by current ways that everyone else adopts to exist within. I am not happy holed up in a house never getting out.

Again how anyone can do work from home, stay at home parenting, or home schooling is just beyond me. You need a life outside of family and house or to me it is insanity.

Like I’m suffocating and on life support some days. Even trying to make diet changes for me can feel like I’m just battling because I’ve got some authoritative figure structuring this too be that family or friends who think they know better. I’ve expressed this in so many ways that I just feel unbelievably like independence in my life is lost to fit into a family or societal mold.

Enough that most days I want to scream and have shoved this down so long it’s about to explode into rage soon. And if I want to make dietary changes time spent here also needs to go into time I want to get into the kitchen rather than write blog posts for extended hours each day. Composition, research, and proofreading take a lot of effort. The balance between work, life, fun, and other factors is not how I want it at all.

I’m also tired of everyone saying they have good intentions behind the controls I feel placed upon me. I really don’t think the people I’ve expressed this to fully understand how agitated I am inside by what I’m feeling and tired of suppressing or repressing for them to be happy against my own ability to thrive.

It has not helped that the administrative jobs pool for the last two to three weeks has not really shown anything I’m interested in applying for with full time work. The industries posting are not what I want to nor could move into because they would require me to have an education that I don’t have.

Maybe family and others enjoy routines and structure. I feel literally like it’s a giant stifle on exploration or creativity or even freedom. I don’t know, but it feels like living in a rut or as if I’m in the movie Groundhog Day and it’s not exactly motivating me other than to want to scream “I can’t take it no more.”

I’m also health-wise under the weather which amplifies my angst again. None of which is easy because family also wants time to be spent working in the house on certain projects so I need to assess a good schedule for myself. Which is why I will probably reduce my time writing to make the self care time I desire.

Deep Reflection Arabic Part/Lot

I am going to end today’s brief entry with a look at the Arabic Part/Lot for Deep Reflection using the formula Ascendant plus Moon minus Saturn just to inquire as to what it might show or teach at present. This appears to be located in the 1st House of Libra at 13° which is the place where the focus is on our life trajectory, what we reach for in life, and the most important place to unlock our life purpose.

Libra is a Venus ruled sign, but the first house is ruled by Aries particularly in Vedic schools signifying dharma. The first goal of life is dharma and this house rules our head specifically as a body part.

This is a great symbol. As a child family would wonder why I’d disappear into public restrooms and get lost. I was always playing with the soap/water making bubble blowers of my own two hands. I had this perfected to an art so I did not need to buy a bubble blowing kit because my own two hands were the plastic ring/handle tool. I just needed quality liquid soap with good old fashioned water.

I could be occupied as a child this way for quite some time. The 1st House is one way to find some answers to the questions who am I, what do I want, and what is my dharma or life’s purpose.

Something else to discover is what it is that you’re actually passionate about because most of us are not doing what makes us come alive and simply go through the motions existing on auto pilot which I think I’ve seen most of my friends/family do leaving Earth not always the happiest.

We also get clues when we start discovering our unique talents or special gifts. Journaling is a good way to clue into these answers as well particularly once you realize what you’re grateful for. The below is how this degree expresses itself further.

Did you know that bubbles may have a spiritual meaning because I did not? So that is why I enjoyed bubbles as a child. Maybe I should go blow some more! 😂

The chart holder attempts to communicate something very definite though they may not know exactly what it is. Even if they do it may not be capable of being summed up in a few words. If they keep trying to say what’s in their mind they will find over time that what they wish to say will come forth from them with increasing clarity. It’s a manner of enjoying the effort without trying too hard.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Men and women in white towels in a steam bath talking and sweating profusely.” When one has cleared out everything superficial in their life it has the same healing effect as the people clearing their bodies of impurities by sweating and talking profusely to clear their minds.

This degree has a beautiful way of being at once diplomatic, a Libra quality, while yet direct, clear, open, and fresh. It imbues the Libran charm with the freshness and vitality of Aries. We might call this degree “healing through sharing.” Work with guardian angel Vehuel and daimon Crocell.

Daimon Crocell corresponds to the Five of Wands, Venus, Wood Betony, and Leo. Working with this daimon will help soften angry feelings allowing one to warm the cold hearted by teaching that anger is not to be feared, but is a tool that alerts us to the need to make necessary and important changes in our lives. Crocell assists in helping others stand in your shoes understanding your situation better.

Crocell takes any argument and turns it upside down in an effort to teach others how to be less quick to judge who have not been through similar life experiences. This daimon is also helpful for students needing to soak up information like a sponge, an athlete needing to step up their game, or enhancing your ability to perform at peak capacity either physically or mentally.

Sitting upon Algorab in the right wing of Corvus the Raven is where we find this degree. This is connected with the Hasta nakshatra which you may be interested in watching this video or learning more from the following details I am enclosing. Often this fixed star is associated with the merchant and business aspects in life having influence over sales, art/sculpture, learning, and medicine.

“When the adventurer found three different places with water in the desert, he said, “Well, well, well.” – Anonymous

Try spending some time with Strawberry Quartz to become inspired to live a magical life focused upon captivating others with a playful, spontaneous, and creative side. The affirmation is I am living an enchanted life daily.

Have a spectacular Saturday! 💖🤗

I’m really wanting to go back on my detox diet almost permanent. Water and practically no more meat, but there is a struggle in this for support or not upsetting family. Will see what transpires. I feel better today removing meat and coffee/tea again though.

It only speaks for itself when others try to remove that which they find is making them unhappy or sick. You have to experience the changes on all levels because there is no other way for another to ever see the change as beneficial. It’s about making a choice in life, and saying I want to stick this out.

But, then I was reading that the truth is most don’t realize they’re even actually dehydrated. I think most humans are completely used to unhealthy lifestyles. They can’t even recognize it because they’ve been taught incorrectly or they have picked up negative habits for so long they can’t identify that they need to make changes to find health, happiness, and to re-define what wealth is to them.

Many just won’t answer the call or heed the warnings. I think they take it as a personal affront even or find it too bothersome to accommodate. And I get it because maybe yes it actually does throw in a monkey wrench.

For me though I’m learning meat and certain diets like dairy or gluten are capable of proliferating way too much negative as well as extremely harmful bacteria in my gut flora which is causing me digestive distress such as IBS and other issues like recurrent uterine tract infections.

And I’ve had absolutely enough because I can’t stay on antibiotics either every other month. Cipro already did damage and Macrobid also has risks for my pulmonary system that could be devastating. I don’t need more toxicity from pharmaceuticals.

So I do not want to hear someone tell me otherwise when I am receiving messages that my body is in distress which I need to listen to. Believe it or not the gut biome is your immune system! From this symbol what I gather is that the arguments don’t stop till everyone’s egos calm down and people relinquish some control over others. I need someone to understand why I’m at my wits ends.

Wisdom Wednesdays: Herbalist’s Bible – Goldenseal

“A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession.” – Hippocrates

Today we will explore the links between herbs, astrology, tarot, and other esoteric correspondences. Underlining the hyperlink text is some ear to the ground knowledge I’m passing along to those interested and/or curious.


It’s been a very long time since I’ve flipped open in my Herbalist’s Bible. I went today as a mesh of Wisdom Wednesday’s and Tarot of the Day Thursdays operating my magic through bibliomancy landing right on Goldenseal although my first tries were not so satisafactory. First I was looking at instructions on evaporation followed by recipes for nut mixes particularly the spicy kind.

The snack nut mixes fell under a chapter on our circulatory system. I honestly try to avoid much of these more sometimes antagonistic topics for what it’s worth as it simply triggers too many in society who have strange opinions, biases, and pedestals they jump on to shout from.

Rather I’m trying to read between the lines as to why I wound up there on my second go at bibliomancy. Third time was when I finally landed upon an actual herb to write about.

I am guessing I landed there due to the correlation of the Leo birthday and lunar landscape tomorrow being that the chapter explains the importance of fats, fiber, and antioxidants to our heart, arteries, capillaries, etc. and as I noted Leo rules the heart as well as the spine.

Goldenseal as a Jupiter correspondence makes sense because my palmistry and references to my ring are synchronicities I can work with at present. All studies that I’ve previously written and explored extensively, but won’t be linking to today.

I digress though today we’re going to learn about Goldenseal. If you’re interested in previous Herbalist Bible blog posts I’m going to leave them directly below for reference so that you can easily reference them.

Herbalism Exploration:

The immense vines and leaves of the sweet potato plant have finally begun to sprout flowers. I noticed the first flower on my birthday yesterday.
Beautiful purple and white reminds me of Morning Glories. I had no idea that sweet potatoes even flowered so I’ve learned something new.

Sure enough these are in fact part of the Morning Glory family instead of nightshade.
We have only a few sunflowers left in bloom. Most were harvested for seeds or left for the birds to eat from. Some seeds will be saved for re-planting or feeding birds at a later date.

Goldenseal has a correspondence with Jupiter while also being helpful in rootwork rituals. We use this kind of ritual as a way to harness the energies of the fifth planet from the Sun, largest in our solar system, to work against Saturnine influences while also enhancing spirituality.

Jupiter has a direct correlation to the patriarchy through the act of fatherhood as well as the political arenas. The purpose of rootwork or even Root chakra balancing is that it helps to purify the liver and blood/circulatory system.

These plants are meant to provide feelings of warmth and contented relaxation. If we’re on the Tree of Life this would be Chesed connecting one to the Divine Masculine, higher states of consciousness, and encouraging leadership qualities of success based upon beneficence.

Astrologically Jupiter rules Sagittarius as well as Pisces in some schools of thought although I prefer to assign Pisces to Neptune. It is here that we wish to contact a person’s inner sense of justice, ideals, and morality. We explore long distance travel, foreign affairs, higher education, the legal system, and the urge for freedom while focused upon humanitarian/protective roles.

The Asian systems place Jupiter as Guru/Brihaspati or the Great Teacher and the element wood. All of this looks remarkably familiar if you follow my blog regularly even with the xeriscape and Yin Yang in our garden. As I’ve said I tend to lean more Jupiter, but it was in Leo when I was born on my Western/Tropical chart.

Ironic that in Vedic astrology Guru/Brihaspati is in the Ashlesha nakshatra. I should probably go learn about this. After all the index finger in palmistry or Jupiter finger is how one leads life.

I had to spend time re-supporting tomato vines which were beginning to fall over due to how tall they have grown for our romas. I believe they need nitrogen to help them get larger.
We have a secondary peanut plant growing in the wildflowers besides the now two in what was the carrot bed due to the squirrels in the neighborhood bringing peanuts from someone who is feeding them.

These plants have grown very large. The garlic chive is preparing to flower which usually makes honey bees ecstatic and also in the lower right is some basil.

With reference to the lunar landscape of tomorrow we will find Jupiter within Aries at 8° which for myself is my natal 6th House on the Western/Tropical wheel which is largely empty yet my Vedic/Sidereal would posit this to be 7th House with Chiron the Wounded Healer. We could explore this degree in a wee bit further just to have it as a great reference to the current astral energies we are currently aligned to.

Goldenseal which is an American native belonging to the buttercup family is used abundantly in the eastern United States deciduous woodlands. Vivid yellow rhizomes make the inside of this plant have a suitable reason for its given name. The seal relates within the given name to the decorative seals previously used to stamp warm wax onto envelope flaps.

Native Americans widely utilized this plant for gorgeous golden yellow dye introducing it to European settlers for therapeutics. Now protected due to over harvesting goldenseal in the 20th Century and beyond is legally protected becoming a top selling herbal supplement advertised to improve digestion, heal illness, and enhance our immune system.

Woodland goldenseal is well known as a social medicinal within several pharmaceutical companies. Scientists at the University of Chicago recently discovered that this herb works actively against Helicobacter pylori strains one of many germs that can cause diarrhea. This now becomes a need to investigate its use for deadly Giardia and Entamoeba histolytica strains.

Roughly 20% of the world’s populace is chronically infected with Giardia and approximately 50 million are infected with the amoeba E. histolytica making studies of goldenseal and other berberine containing plants vital. Salves and ointments containing goldenseal are also beneficial to skin infections and psoriasis treatments. As an effective mouthwash this plant will also treat canker sores and mouth ulcers.

Commonly one can use this herb by taking a capsule each day or taking a 2 to 4 mL tincture twice or thrice each day. Topical ointments and salves should be used as instructed by directions or doctor’s script. The main precaution for this herb lies in uterine contractions and it will be unadvised to use during pregnancy.

There may be drug interactions so always tell your health practitioner if you’re taking this supplement/herbal remedy to ensure there are no contraindications.

I’m uncertain of the yellow flowers, but the orange one is most certainly a zinnia.
Feels almost like a Skittle’s commercial!

While the following article is not specific to the circulatory system, but is rather to do with Reiki’s benefits to the endocrine system as a a Master certified Reiki practitioner I wanted to include this today as a PDF. I love that Reiki also helps with the nervous system particularly the parasympathetic system given my experiences on Cipro, gabapentin, and tramadol previously written about.

The stories I could tell about these experiences such as is it not weird that as I’ve said five months after two rounds of Cipro I tore my left ligament 75% needing surgery and still have nueropathy. I mean all these little puzzle pieces do form a picture after all despite the risks of any surgery.

The black box warnings that came late on script instructions via the FDA or those fighting for a cause because pharmaceuticals deny the links or pay to hush those telling the FDA to issue dire warnings/educate the masses!

Then the after impact of being on gabapentin and tramadol in terms of what both did to me for two months including losing consciousness more than once and nearly getting hurt passing out as well as leading to the cause of suicidal ideation I experienced/survived.

These topics dovetail back to my mom’s journey with Levaquin and pneumonia circa January 2022. These are all tied in and I encourage others to locate these blog posts through the “search/calendar” function in the sidebar; look for Asclepius. Go read medical journals about these prescriptions or even check out articles on being floxxed including Hormones Matter.

I mean gabapentin is also stripping one of I believe calcium and causes dry mouth as a side effect so shortly after I had two failed molars in my lower left. One was extracted and the other a root canal/crown! Thanks! Ultimately I can not remember or source the material. Some drugs increase calcium in the body which is also not beneficial. Instead what is essential is moderation in all things.

Forewarned and properly armed with knowledge will make you a wiser and better advocate in the allopathic system or medical control grid that seeks to supposedly heal, but in fact can do a lot more harm than good. We have a broken system that manages dis-ease not necessarily healing or curing for I do believe they think no profit is to be made in a wholistic and healthy populace when you can have a lifetime patient who is always sick.

Most prescriptions provided by doctors have been given to me with the doctor fully aware the risks and contraindications. I’ve instead had to become my own advocate and warrior relying back upon what I learned working in medical malpractice law firms. Then paying this forward to others willing to listen and learn from me/other’s hardships fighting against those who wish to silence anyone who speaks.

You see 3/4 of humanity has cognitive dissonance, and when cornered I can catch people including doctors making Freudian slips suddenly not conscious they just admitted to the knowledge of the risks and still prescribing what might be unwise to give out.

I have encouraged everyone to use etymology and get to learn their language context before they become even more ignorant. For example, pharmakeia should be understood better especially the second definition for the unsuspecting and naive. If you want answers start asking some questions! Don’t be unwise. Or maybe the reference in the etymology to poisoning.

I’m closing this out with a look at the energy of Jupiter as notated above astrologically so that my writing is not a soap box rant or depressing. Knowledge and education are power so use them to your benefit.

This degree appreciates the past and the lessons it continues to teach. By accepting what has gone before without regrets one develops an attitude which helps others to take a more positive approach to their lot in life. Freedom from history and wholehearted embracing of the process of change teaches others to love themselves more and to continually let go as they move forward.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A double headed eagle, the heads face in opposite directions.” The eagles signify power. There is the power of youth with naivete as well as the power of old age with wisdom. When attachments are let go of all regrets concerning the passage of time fall away for although something is lost something else is gained.

This is the seed of Libra signifying the mystery of relating to our many selves unfolding over time which is the marriage of past with future. Work with guardian angel Achaiah and daimon Aamon.

Daimon Aamon corresponds with the Eight of Swords, Moon, Cinnamon, and Gemini. Connections to the deity Amun are found here. This fire daimon of the Summer Solstice or Solstitium wants one to be safe and happy while helping one find their soul tribe. Aamon will help you digest any emotional discomfort and let it go.

Essentially if you want to create alliances this daimon is recommended. You may find references here to the Ogdoad. The Lionsgate begins with our current lunation. It in fact does also reference our 12th initiation which in numerology can imply service to a higher calling for those who can hear their inner voice while responding to Earth’s needs.

This year it encourages us to manifest our highest intentions while sharing our naturally born gifts or insights with the world. Mycenaean kings erected representations of lionesses as an emblem and symbol of power to honor the Divine Feminine through Hera.

The Lionsgate is often on 8/8 of any year and can last through mid August. The tie in being our spiritual sun Sirius when the Sun in Leo makes alignment generative of a very high frequency in the 3D. Now is the ideal time for abundance rootwork with time spent outside, utilization of solar herbs, and a revitalization of your goals.

“I changed the computer background to a lizard. Its now a Monitor.” – Anonymous

This fixed star is upon Alpha and Beta Lacerta in the Lizard. The name is in reference to the Lacertidae family of lizards taken from Spanish lagarto or Latin lacertus (masculine) and re-spelled as lacerta (feminine). Lacertus in Latin referenced the upper arm or fascicle of muscular fibers found here.

Very little is otherwise really described of this fixed stars meaning. I’d like to posit the above might relate to our need to balance our internal Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to achieve wholeness, harmony, and balance.

Work with Rainbow Hematite expressing that the combined elements of fire and air as seen in the Magician are essential for new starts, new drive, and forward momentum. Focus on your I Am as being the genesis of receiving blessings for all the hard work that you do. The affirmation is I am determined, driven, and look forward to a new breath of fresh air.

Have a brilliant Wednesday as well as the rest of the week. I will be busy at my part time cosmetology job awaiting news on job interviews for full time employment. If there is any changes to my schedule I will update here in an interest to properly balance my time management. Sending you lots of love! 💞🤗

We have received a new diagnosis for mom from the podiatrist that might include benign growth/tumors of the feet. It just never ends…

Wisdom Wednesdays: Do You Have a Final Destination to Reach/Achieve

“Control your own destiny or someone else will.” – Jack Welch

I kind of feel a bit like strapping on some roller skates the way I did when I was a child for this blog post and letting my Siberian Husky lead the way through all the underlined hyperlink text that helps us navigate through the twists/turns presently although my current left ankle probably would no longer agree with this and rebel against the concept.


Asteroid Destinn (6583) is said to be the destination that awaits you and demands your attention in life so I thought today as I’m short on time I’d just pick it apart as it’s something I can quickly and easily do with my free time before I return to the insanity that has become my everyday life! Most of my chores and obligations are relatively done now so that I can legitimately “relax and unwind.”

Except that my mind is no longer able to do so amidst everything it’s processing in its centralized hard drive. Destinn is a derivative of the obsolete form of destiny through the French language which is also etymologically tied to the word fate.

I’m really enjoying the energy this week of the Solar Arc Direction or SAD chart so I’m finishing my week utilizing the same theme. Asteroid Destinn at birth was in my 10th House, but today it presents a challenge by nesting in my 11th House of Virgo at 17° in what many call a stellium as on this chart it presently is with Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. This form of chart also moves my Midheaven to this location when compared with the natal placements.

Asteroid Destinn is oppposition Sun and Mercury as well as semi square Mars. This presents challenges to the sense of personal identity whereby there are serious obstacles and one is forced to halt for a while contemplating turning back. It indicates a time of strong inner contemplation in the sphere of personal development where one later shares messages with the wider public and attempts to gain wider perspectives.

It’s a time when everything in life hits up against cross purposes. Issues creep in of insecurity and self doubt, loyalties begin to divide, and the chart holder feels as if they are having choices made by others or forced upon them against their will. There life becomes unpleasant when they are forced to suffer and accept sub-optimal levels of satisfaction which creates disharmony.

What is really occurring is disagreement in valuable objectivity where the rigidly defined people surrounding the chart holder don’t want to see a different perspective and defend their opinions too vehemently thereby all involved miss out on constructive cooperation.

If it appears on the outside that everything is okay the honest answer is it really is not!

What is occurring for the chart holder is that they are seeing all the red flags in the relationships they’ve invested into and are realizing now is actually the time during fight or flight when one should “run” as in the flight response is highly activated in the nervous system.

Reason being this becomes toxic relating if others are unwilling to take a mediating stance instead of “forcing” upon another primary reason being they’re harming the chart holder’s health. This is known as one of astrology’s worst aspects by many. Everyone is being way too competitive with the chart holder acting from “my way or the highway” demanding they be listened to as if they were a military drill sargent who knows it all and knows what is best at all times.

This destructive way of treating someone does not allow for any “growth” in life and leads to limiting lifestyles or beliefs creating a caged bird effect on the chart holder who will never learn to spread their wings and take flight.

The hypothalamus being impaired during these events is the chart holder’s Third Eye chakra which involves important bodily processes such as regulating body temperature, metabolism, energy balance, and circadian rhythms. This is directly tied to the endocrine system through the pituitary gland, adrenal glands, thyroid glands, and lastly the ovaries/testes.

For a female such as myself their will be problems with fertility through modulation or regulation of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels as well as the luteinizing hormones and follicle stimulating hormones which the pituitary uses to stimulate the ovaries.

“I’ve taken my destiny into my own hands and I’m in a happy place.” – Charlie Simpson

This dysfunction leads to inflammation, chronic pain/fatigue, oxidative stress, and a reduction of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. The chart holder is asked to improve their health by the following methods when they are finding themselves landlocked into living with toxic surroundings/people:

  • Drink green tea to mitigate negative effects of high fat diets on the hypothalamus and to decrease inflammation as the environment you’re living in will create a cytokine storm.
  • Avoid saturated and trans fats while beefing up on omega 3 fatty acids such as flax seed oil to reverse the damage and reduce the impending cytokine storm which will wreak havoc on your overall well being.
  • Get active and exercise!
  • Just say NO to the entire SAD or Standard American Diet. There should be zero highly refined or processed foods and one should begin eating more vegetarian/vegan while reducing carb intake. The diet most Westerner’s eat cradle to grave creates metabolic dysfunction and insulin resistance.
  • Cultivate a healthy gut biome.
  • Consume antioxidants by supplementing quercetin through herbal teas, red wine, or apples. Any antioxidant rich foods will support as well as protect the brain. You want a colorful plate of mixed fruits, vegetables, and often gluten free grains.
  • Try chromium to assist with insulin activity normalizing your blood sugar response.
  • Practice meditation which will help to balance GABA, serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitter release. Yoga will have a similar effect.
  • Reduce stress levels anywhere that you can and ensure you receive a good night’s sleep.
  • Try acupuncture!

If as I said in yesterday’s blog post our 10th House is our Midheaven directly influencing our life path/future and is ruled by both Capricorn and Saturn then our 11th House is where we help others, our hopes/dreams for our future, where we engage in emotional healing, and where we would normally display generosity. Aquarius and Uranus rule this astrological house therefore it has a humanitarian aspect.

Virgoans here take a broad perspective to life and they don’t want to be surrounded by nitpicking, fault finding, and short sighted people. They become health conscious individuals who are modest, humble, and detail oriented. In fact 11th House Virgo wants a vegetarian/vegan support group and friends who will empower them through cleanses or “pure” diets.

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Destinn

This degree will display something a little like this. The chart holder has much to communicate to other people, but the question is whether or not they are ready to receive their ideas. They see beyond the limits others create and believe in gaining a very broad perspective on existence. People though can be quite attached to limits because boundaries make them feel safe. So the chart holder attempts to be careful about when, where, and how they share what they inherently know so that it does the most good.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An old bald woman talking to her dog.” The woman’s bald head signifies a mind freed of thoughts. She can communicate with the dog from pure instinct and receive back the dog’s messages. In the past when a little girl she had the instinctive nature of the dog which became later overlaid with intellectuality and objectivity which has now faded away returning her to her former state and allowing her to recontact her own animal nature more directly. This is in essence a sort of time travel returning to the past in the future.

This degree is about reconnecting with the ground of one’s being and communing with one’s source. Doing so creates a clearer perception of the way one has developed and the course that’s been taken. It is a way of both assessing and grounding one’s overall evolution. Work with guardian angel Melahel and daimon Aim.

Daimon Aim ties to the Four of Cups, Neptune, Bay Leaf, and Cancer. This daimon is great for dreamwalking/dreamwalkers and working with the transpersonal chakras. Aim divests one of cognitive rigidity empowering one to develop creativity, wit, and to avoid the deception of others. One will gain a wider knowledge or gnosis of biology by working with this daimon.

Work with Amazonite to express and free your spirit through compelling others to open up, bring lightness to their hidden stories, and transform lives in an instant. Affirm that you ask that your life force be strengthened right now!

Have a wonderous Wednesday! I’ll see you all when I have some free time again! 🤹‍♀️

“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside of you.” – Rumi

PS: My manager at my part time cosmetology job got me the coolest key for the store as I have my first Saturday this week working alone. She has given me a “key to the Universe/Cosmos.” I love it! 🥰

Fun Quote Fridays: Life Feels Like A Stressed Fracture

Looking Kind of Rad(ish)?!

This week has been one of my worst to be perfectly honest. I don’t want to even discuss this because it’s very personal. Due to chronic pain I’ve abandoned my Nike Swift shoes for the Pegasus again. The Swift line is atrocious for chronic foot pain compared to the Pegasus line. I also purchased new slippers to provide my feet with comfort as I had a pair too small and very little comfort in the soles.

It was so bad I barely slept last night after working my part time cosmetology job for two days open to close as we had lots of freight. This whole week has been days of chronic foot pain that I take two Excedrin every single day to survive while I KT tape my surgery ankle.

We are struggling to figure out personal affairs with my mom’s health which I can’t publish here. It has bordered on being asked to give up my part time cosmetology job so I’m simply posting a quick entry with the acceptance that leaving for a hiatus as I have no time for my online business or blog until further notice will be best for all involved. We’re too burdened elsewhere and my apologies. We’ve been having a lot of struggles in 2022. I need to put me and my family now first. I barely have time for my personal self care or self love during a family emergency. If my well is dry I can’t water the thirst of others correctly!

Please use the underlined hyperlink text to traverse this race course safely today.


“Stress acts as an accelerator: it will push you either forward or backward, but you choose which direction.”

  • Chelsea Erieau

“Mental health awareness doesn’t mean fighting stress, anxiety, depression, and other everyday mental health issues, rather it means consciously modulating the habits that intensify those issues. Once you are in control of your habits, instead of checking your habits, you would automatically be in a much better shape, both mentally and physically. ”

  • Abhijit Naskar

“Everyone is struggling under stress and fear. Only with right attitude we can avoid regrets.”

  • Kishore Bansal

“Stress is real, and you never know what a person is going through behind the camera.”

  • Soulja Boy

“Self-care is, fundamentally, about bringing balance back to a life that has grown imbalanced from too many commitments or responsibilities.”

  • Robyn L. Gobin

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

  • Sydney J. Harris

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

  • Lou Holtz

We’re going to keep this short again. I’m simply charting two asteroids today to match the color of these new sneakers. We’re looking at the Nike Zoom Pegasus 38 Women’s Barely Volt, Volt, Aurora Green, and Black sneakers that I purchased. I saw a pair of teal and pink online I wanted, but naturally when I got to the store they were not there despite the website saying they would be.

I’m charting asteroids Aurora (94) and Volta (8208). I chose Volta simply because the etymology matches through Faroese and through the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta albeit this word is more defined as a musical or poetical turning of time or change such as with a sonnet or in dance such as couples performed during the Renaissance.

The New Nike Pegasus Shoes I Bought

Lets try the lunar return chart today. Tomorrow is a New Moon in Taurus with a Solar Eclipse. I’m certain this is another factor in the toxic vibe my family is experiencing. Why? Taurus is Venus ruled and is about money, investments, relationships, love, and happiness. It asks us to ground and find that which helps us to feel secure.

If we likewise are not experiencing any pleasure we also won’t feel very empowered. Venus and Jupiter will both be connecting in Pisces which as I’ve said some family opt to dissociate from reality; a truly Piscean trait of escapism and abandoning responsibilities to self/other.

For me personally this was the optimal time to receive what we’ve longed for in terms of a pay raise or new opportunities in our careers. It is our professional network that will help us connect with opportunities we otherwise would not have access to. This occurs at Taurus 10° .

Taurus hates change, but Uranus is also in the same position as it was during the Great Depression and World War II during 1934-1942 which means giant financial change. This began actually in 2018 and exists until 2026. I can vouch for this as at my part time cosmetology job a box of foils for highlights/bleach from Reynolds is now $26 for hair stylists. So if you are getting your hair done and notice your stylist has increased the cost of their services it is due to inflation perhaps even hyperinflation!

Unemployment has been rampant albeit my current job does not seem to want to part ways with me encouraging me to force the issue with my parents that they stop asking me to give up a job/career I love for them when they can easily reach out to get help through their insurance or at home nurse services. Our financial world has behaved recently as if it were a kid’s toy yoyo.

The Universal givers known as the planets remains as steady as the Aurora Borealis and are constant. This energy also speaks to changes in farming or gardening. I’ve recently learned that one package of seeds contained radishes. I wish I knew who to sell them to because our family does not like radishes. We’re learning our current ways of living are no longer profitable nor sustainable especially if we consider improving health of our soil or seas. Humans may be asked or told as the dinosaurs soon.

You will experience changes that leave you different. The Earth will survive as it always does, but your species has a challenge which may include extinction if you don’t get your act together. In my house I have been the one with acute awareness while it can fall on completely deaf ears of the generations who refuse to “wake up.” That is why some call the older generations the dinosaurs also as an idiom.

You’re asked with tomorrow’s energies to flex your green thumb, cleanse/heal the Throat chakra, and begin small with micro-resolutions. Begin with small shifts and build upon them to create the snowball effect.

You should if you can learn to put your hands in pesticide free soil, plant heirloom seeds, water your crop, and nurture it to full harvest. Our potatoes are starting to flower finally and we do see tomato plants finally after cutting away the buckwheat that swallowed them. We are beginning to cut into/harvest lettuce which we have an abundance of. Clearly express your truth from a place of free will.

I was told today to encircle my navel in tea tree to create a barrier that will protect me from negative energy while drinking peppermint tea and rubbing lavender oil upwards on my throat to empower my voice as I’m losing it due to how some family members have bullied me this week.

My mom suggested I instead inform someone that I should not be expected to be Nell in the Haunting. She also sees the problem with our situation and has been having anxiety over someone else’s inability to own up to what ankle surgery entails if the MRI shows we have to go this route for her. I know this experience all too well. I’m still suffering from it. The chronic pain does not go away.

The Taurus of my family was great grandmother!

Lunar Return Chart for Asteroid Aurora and Asteroid Volta

Asteroid Aurora is placed retrograde along my Imum Coeli in the 4th House of Scoprio at 0° on zero point energy again as previously written about. It is biquintile Jupiter and Neptune, sextile Moon, trine Mars, square Pluto, and opposition Mercury. Asteroid Volta is placed in my 10th House of Taurus at 26° square Mars and Saturn, sextile Jupiter and Neptune, trine Pluto. Oh boy!

4th House is all about one’s home environment. This house directly rules our parents. 10th House is all about career and profession. This house directly rules our life path and future.

This makes one a problem solver who wants to create order on an intellectual level as a natural teacher or counselor. We value creative expression through music, art, and life style displaying a rich imagination or sensitivity. We make choices that align to our emotional needs and if we can’t properly express our feelings we lose center. We have to break free of any old patterns and hate losing personal power.

If we can’t communicate objectively we begin to express to a wider public seeking to learn how to understand both sides of our ineffective dialogues. Our emotions will fluctuate strongly from depression to frustration when others can’t handle their responsibilities and they press it upon us to finish/accomplish. We need time to integrate and break down larger visions into smaller manageable steps.

When we get to the source of our emotions we are elevated into a broad and expansive vision of ourselves. A light yet highly focused touch allows us to make our way through all obstructions and to penetrate the densities of all difficulties. When we see the whole of things through rising above them we then need to come back to Earth and respond to the energy that is deep within.

The most difficult and arduous parts of our journey makes us more aware of the signs, symbols, and portents along the way for they are helping messages. Work with guardian angel Veuliah and daimon Sabnock.

Daimon Sabnock connects us with the Eight of Swords, Moon, Allspice, and Gemini. Most work with Sabnock for protection and find this daimon to be particularly effective for the Evil Eye or Return to Sender spells. You will find working with Sabnock also effective in other forms of defense magic.

When we can conceive of what is precious to us and worthy of being embraced we can then perceive more clearly the dross and waste of the world. Sensing more and more clearly the forces of nature amongst which we move our perception grows beyond limiting abstractions and generalities and comes to embrace the utter uniqueness of ourselves and of every passing moment.

Realizing the destructibility of all things we let go of the need to concern ourselves with the durability of whatever we create. Appreciating the quality of uniqueness in everything we transcend the limits of role and allow ourselves to manifest to the world in whatever form we are comfortable with. Work with guardian angel Hahaiah and daimon Sitri.

Daimon Sitri corresponds with the Four of Cups, Jupiter, Cancer, and Rosehips. I’ve previously covered Sitri so I’ll encourage you to go here.

Have a great Friday, and I will be back to regularly blogging eventually! I just need to focus properly until then on family and other obligations for a time until after all the “madness!” Non regular followers I’m very sorry; when family may be up for surgery on their feet life comes to a screeching halt or stop sign! 💞

PS: Here are more inventions by Alessandro Volta! And I saw this! Green lights from the Universe! It matches my new sneakers LOL! I’ve never seen anything so unusual in my life as I have today. I can’t even; these symbols today! 🤪

Teach Me Tuesdays: Herbalist’s Bible – Garlic

“Shallots are for babies; onions are for men; garlic is for heroes.” – Unknown

Do you need some medicinal advice with a dose of added bewitchery? Try the underlined hyperlink text for enchantment. 🧄🧙‍♀️🧹

We just received this Herbalist Bible so today I randomly opened to a page which landed directly on Garlic also known as Allium Sativum. Other names include stinking rose, poor man’s treacle, and stinkweed. It states that while many chefs state that if they only had one kitchen ingredient it would be garlic you will find many herbalists who likewise agree. This is due to the fact that garlic packs the benefits of:

These ingredients make garlic ideal for treating heart disease, cancer, and infection as it boosts immunity, prevents colds, and eliminates toxins from the blood. The only known adverse effect is foul breath and a slight risk for gastrointestinal problems such as heartburn if eaten in higher quantities. You may try reducing the offending breath by chewing parsley, fenugreek, or fennel seeds after your meal. Medicinal uses have included internal/external antiseptic, lowering cholesterol, a type 2 diabetes aid, white blood cell booster, and a help meet for rectal, stomach, prostate, breast, lung, and colon cancer. Garlic has been used in cosmetic preparations to purify, cleanse, and fight blemishes often via masks with tea tree oil and egg whites. However, garlic may irritate skin when applied topically.

My book states that it is unclear as to why the Greek and Roman brides were reported to have carried bouquets of garlic and other herbs in place of magnificent flower arrangements during their wedding ceremonies. Yet Roman soliders ate garlic before battle for strength and bravery according to other sources. The Ancient Egyptians fed garlic to or paid the slaves who built the Great Pyramids in garlic as currency believing it would give them superpowers. Some cite that there are images of Ancient Egyptians depicted offering garlic to the Gods as well as swearing oaths on the cloves. Some also believe there was an Islamic legend that proposed when Satan left the Garden of Eden garlic and onions grew from the footprints he left behind. Italians used garlic to ward off hexes and curses while kitchen witchery utilizes it for protection spells.

Despite fantasy lore the belief that garlic wards off vampires is not entirely true. This mythology is taken from possible historical counts of garlic used to attempt prevention against tuberculosis which is a bacterial infection of the respiratory system; garlic’s antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial qualities helped to kill the bacteria. Garlic can act as an inhibitor of blood clotting so it’s ill advised if you’re using blood thinners/aspirin regularly. It’s also not recommended while breastfeeding.

Garlic may be propagated from cloves while preferring a cold period to trigger growth so many suggest fall as the optimal planting season. It’s best if you plant the cloves pointed side up and don’t separate the cloves from the bulb until directly before you plan to plant as they will dry out. Garlic grows best in loose well drained soil and will appear as newly sprouted grass. When ready for harvest stop watering two weeks prior; often this is around late June/early July. You will know garlic is ready for harvest when the leaves begin to yellow and the bulbs segment into cloves. Lay your bulbs out in well ventilated areas with high temperatures/low humidity for approximately two days. You can braid the tops together and hang them for two weeks to dry out some. How you choose to utilize your garlic is personal preference as you can puree or mince it with olive oil.

For magical use garlic corresponds to the planet Mars, Fire element, Root chakra (links to Parts 1 and 2 are to be found at the bottom of Part 3), and astrological sign of Aries. It is sacred to the goddess Hekate. You may use garlic for banishing by adding a clove or dried powder to your spell directly or as an incense. Likewise braided or dried garlic may be hung in a space to banish harmful energies. If you wipe the blades of a pair of scissors with garlic juice with a drop of olive oil in a glass of water and succeed at cutting through the drop of oil this will break curses/hexes. Another easier option is to write down any negative luck you believe occurred in your life followed by burying the list in a deep hole with a clove of garlic. Unpeeled garlic cloves added to spell jars are used for confidence boosting spells. To work directly with Hekate leave a bulb at the crossroads as an offering preferably in a sachet or mojo bag to boost potency. If you desire to prevent gossip stash a clove of garlic in a common area at work/school where people commonly gather.

For those who need a wee bit of further guidance to working with Hekate at the crossroads look for any 3-way crossroad. Often spells will be cast with candle magic, invocation, and offerings combined. Meditation is also an option. Other ways to work with this Goddess include holding a feast or dinner party for her. This was done in ancient times by her priestesses who made her favorite foods which included lavender, honey, eggs, homemade bread, red wine, meat/fish, fruit, and garlic. The ideal time would be on her sacred days of August 13 or November 30 respectively. You can host the feast indoor or outdoors, but keep the ambience with low lighting such as by candlelight, lantern, or hurricane/oil lamp.

Stick to a color palette of dark colors such as black, maroon, or deeper shades of purple by incorporating them into your decor. Some include if they are lucky enough to source one a skeleton key as a token. Flowers should be dark red/black roses or black hollyhocks also known as “Black Watchman” which are the same as those grown in my garden. Piano and violin music will also help set the mood. Many begin the meal with a toast to Hekate, but the most important aspect is to have a place setting for this Goddess and to serve her first. Each guest present should honor her with poems read aloud or by reading from the mythology that honors her. Dogs are welcome as they also honor this Goddess.

“Black Watchman” Hollyhocks

The study of herbalism as well as the practice of creating a secret sacred garden with specially chosen trees, herbs, vegetables, and flowers is reminiscent of her temple in Colchis. In my garden garlic chives were grown and the flowers were a fancy that the bees often took to pollinating in no time as they did with other herbs or flowering plants. The dark moon (the 13 lunar phases) is often a great time for divination and you may feel her presence within cemeteries as she was also known as the Goddess of Life/Death. It is also advisable to pay your respects by sky viewing and becoming acquainted with Sirius the Dog Star. Allies of Hekate have been believed to include Medea, Circe, Cybele, Artemis, Diana, Persephone, Demeter, and Dionysus.

I took it upon myself to glance at Asteroid Hekate today in my chart. This asteroid lies within the space of the Hygeia family which also includes the asteroid Artemis. You’ll find this indicates liminal spaces such as doorways, stairways, crossroads, and midnight/twilight. Hekate was also said to translate to “Magical Speech.” She is seen as a torch bearer who will cast light on your shadow to awaken you to your daimons so that you take ownership of them. She was often depicted with the black dogs of depression or some depict her with the three headed hell hound Cerberus who guards the gates of Hades. This Queen of the Dead acts as a midwife to the soul. Over time her story was changed to depict her as a cruel and vicious representation of the Divine Feminine. Her placement in your chart can also speak to fortune telling, seership, and self knowledge or gnosis. Her asteroid number is 100 which also matches the Hebrew letter Qoph which again matches my blog post on Pisces/Purim.



Green Anole in Garlic Chives and Flowers

To honor Hekate I chose to look at a natal and lunar return chart. I also checked Sirius at this time, but I won’t be discussing the placements of Sirius at this time in this blog post in the interest of saving time/space for my readers. Perhaps later we can investigate Sirius… At birth Hekate was content within my 9th House Cancer 16°, but she will be making her lunar return at my 6th House Aries 20° which ironically matches the correspondences for garlic. More humor from the Universe. We will try Kozminsky (Isidore Isreal Kozminksy) symbols today as I’ve not used them in quite some time.

Your 9th House includes experiences that you encounter when you search for the meaning of life via ethics, morals, travel, foreign countries, spiritual urges, and the higher mind. Your 6th House includes experiences that relate to your diet, health, physical sickness, service, volunteering, care taking, and daily mundane tasks such as personal hygiene.

16° Cancer: A young man/woman standing on the top of a high mountain, the world stretched out below him/her, grasping a sword which comes from the heavens to his/her hand.

Denotes one who is entrusted with a high mission and who is deeply inspired having a spirituality entirely serene. To him/her issues the mandate “Go forth and teach the people” which has been echoed from the heavens. He/she will be granted power and influence so that the people will hear him/her call. The evidences of this peculiar mission is made manifest in his/her twelfth year and matures between the twenty-fourth and thirty-sixth years. It is the symbol of the Inspired.

This degree speaks towards one who sees the outer as holding no meaning; it is simply something to see beyond. It hallmarks one who is unattached to the usual or supposedly normal way of viewing life. The search for purity of vision remains unclouded and should be focused upon while sharing with others. The mind attempts to allow in light in an effort to ensure that nothing is hidden and no shadows exist. As with meditation all thought passes through and nothing is held which results in clearness, openness, and an ability to recognize the spiritual aspect in everything. This provides room to receive what comes in via tremendous openness as a unique protection strategy. Work with guardian angel Lehahiah and daimon Furfur.

Daimon Furfur will connect you to the 8 of Cups, Mars, Pisces, and Cypress. Furfur is ideal to invoke during Fire scrying. Ask the correct question and you will receive the truth. I have read some work with Furfur for overall health in cases where it is very hot which could lead to dehydration or loss of appetite. Often what is desired is a change in the weather such as when one would have beseeched the Divine for rain.

I used to use Cypress essential oil a few years back. I have never done a blog post on astrology yogas in Vedic. Maybe I will one day to explain my studies for myself I did years ago. I have several yogas according to Kundli which include Kedar, Kahal, Raja, Hamsa, Anafa, Veshi, Grahan, and Kuja. Yes, I know that looks crazy! It’s 🤯! Typically Raja Yoga occurs when two or more than two planets in a Vedic chart are in a relationship with each other. This relationship may be a combination, bidirectional vision, or exchange of zodiac signs/houses. A person with a Raja Yoga enjoys social status and fame. Their recognition and laurels will follow them based upon their efforts with regards to various matters. In my chart there is a relationship between the Sun and the Moon.

20° Aries: A blacksmith hammering a piece of red-hot iron on an anvil.

Denotes a determined worker who is vigorous in the fight against opposition; a transmuter of him/her self and those who contend against him/her. Gifted with so strong a spirit this native can never be mean. Baseness does not find a place in his/her nature. He/she loathes idleness for energy, pain, and experience have taught him/her the power of industry. It is a symbol of Resolution.

This degree chooses to develop an ability of bringing the vibration of celebration to all aspects of everyday life. Here one will communicate to people how they can best renew themselves while blossoming out of their set patterns/routines.

They need to work hard to not become frustrated if their message isn’t heard for truth be told they are on a completely different wavelength from almost all other people. Don’t let this stop you!

Before change can happen there must be a place prepared inside of each individual to ensure that the new may enter. Celebration acknowledges that something important has occurred which should be honored. This degree stands at the crossroads of a time of renewal acknowledging the past opens out into the future. Work with guardian angel Pahaliah and daimon Purson.

Daimon Purson will connect you to the 3 of Swords, Sun, Libra, and Frankincense. Purson is wonderful during scrying or channeling sessions for answering questions with reference to the Divine inelligences or to locate answers regarding scientific experimentation done by self or others as he specializes with the natural sciences. This daimon asks that one develop their intuition and divination powers in an effort to build an area of income generation which may begin slowly and gradually at first. Some have utilized Purson for assistance with becoming self employed and attracting customers to their business. This daimon also aids in eliminating your expenses and beginning to budget your money wisely particularly around things such as household bills like electricity.

The Quran states:

“They know the outer meaning of the life of the lower world, but of the hereafter they are heedless.”

Have a blessed Tuesday! Sending you wishes for good health and happiness! 💗

Teach Me Tuesdays: Asteroid Hygeia and My Family’s Health at Present (Important Notice)

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.” – Herophilus

I believe it’s been almost two weeks now since I published a blog post. I don’t necessarily owe an explanation, but yet I need to put this down online to my readers past, present, and future as well as my customers need to know what is happening so that they can appreciate the gravity of the situation my step father and I as well as my mom are now dealing with. No one has Covid as tests were negative. I had severe allergies and was sick for a full week with a severe sore throat. The local regional clinic refused to treat me so I wound up in Urgent Care with dehydration and am still healing from this. My mom has asthma and was diagnosed with two other illnesses one which is serious and will be requiring family to focus our attention on her.

She has pneumonia so if I manage to publish a blog post it will only be as time allows when she is sleeping and when my step father or myself do not have responsibilities.

In the interim of this which could takes months for her to fully heal I’m now the “woman” of the house doing many things to keep us held together. I have to do grocery shopping, pick up her prescriptions, help cook meals and meal prep, clean house, and run laundry. Essentially I’m personal assistant and with my step father only taking so much time off from his job I’m going to be pretty busy day to day needing to monitor her progress ensuring there are zero complications or we may be back in the Urgent Care or a hospital with her. This situation is that potentially dramatic when you read about pneumonia via Very Well. I’m not having anxiety or anything. I am simply aware of the risks for her to have pneumonia with asthma and another illness I’m not disclosing online for her privacy and respect. I need my readers and customers to please be empathic and compassionate to where I must put my focus right now as I only have one biological mother, and I won’t ever get another.

The underlined hyperlink text will help you discover vital health information that will assist you in comprehending the levity of what I’m teaching you or explaining at this time. 🫁 🏥 👩‍⚕️

Asteroid Hygeia is all about our health and wellness. Roman and Greek mythology instructs us that Hygeia was the daughter of Asclepius as God of Medicine. The symbol of the entwined snake around a staff is evident on all ambulances and embedded onto the World Health Organization logo. Hygeia as one of five sisters represents health and healing. Her specialty was preventive medicine where she teaches you how to care for your physical and mental well being properly to avoid getting sick. Here the phrase “prevention is better than cure” applies. There is documented evidence that the Plague of Athens in 430 BC killed over 80,000 people. Here Hygeia was worshiped for centuries where Gustav Klimpt’s painting entitled “Medicine” is her most popular representation. Astrologically speaking Hygeia represents health consciousness. There is a conflict found with this asteroid regarding Jupiter (idealism) and Saturn (conservatism) where the state of being healthy is relative and varies depending on the person’s most dominant cultural paradigm. Hygeia has a significant bond in science and sensitivity where learning her placement in our natal, transit, and progressed chart aids us to make informed decisions about our overall health and well being.

Asteroid Hygeia Natal and Transit

My natal Hygeia is in my 6th House Aries 1° where Hygeia comes forth in the sign of purification as the 6th House is ruled by Virgo. This does not automatically mean amazing overall health or well being. Virgo imbues this house with routines to promote wellness, but too much focus on habit or regimen is unhealthy. One must not become a hypochondriac or obsessed with beauty, aesthetics, etc. Everything in moderation is necessary. Esoterically this house is the house of world server to all animals and humanity, student and patient, and is where one builds the Antahkarana.

Why More People Should Pay Attention to this Symbol

Ancient Symbol of Healing


My transiting Hygeia is in my 1st House Scorpio 6° where Hygeia allows us to have first hand experiences with what it’s like to be horrifically ill personally or to witness a loved one suffer their largest health crisis of their lifetime in order to foment a very strong impact upon their character as a person.

This teaches us to never take our health for granted creating one of life’s biggest eye openers. It will force the astrology chart owner to go on a mission to achieve and maintain nothing less than optimum states of health and wellness. They learn to eat properly, have a fitness regimen, do meditation exercises, and become a health advocate to everyone they meet now in their life. Esoterically this house is the emergence of soul purpose, one’s aura and head centers/chakras, and an expression of manifested will.

Asteroid Hygeia Natal and Progressed

My progressed Hygeia is in my 6th House on the cusp of Aries 27° repeating the same energies of my natal Hygeia. From here I will show you the Sabian symbolism for these placements quickly and that is our lesson today for this blog post on Teach Me Tuesdays as I need to get off the internet again to perform other tasks.




KEYNOTE: Emergence of new forms and of the potentiality of consciousness.

This is the first of the 360 phases of a universal and multilevel cyclic process which aims at the actualization of a particular set of potentialities. These potentialities, in the Sabian symbols, refer to the development of man’s individualized consciousness — the consciousness of being an individual person with a place and function (a “destiny”) in the planetary organism of the Earth, and in a particular type of human society and culture.

To be individually conscious means to emerge out of the sea of generic and collective consciousness which to the emerged mind appears to be unconsciousness. Such an emergence is the primary event. It is the result of some basic action: a leaving behind, an emerging from a womb or matrix, here symbolized by the sea.

Such an action is not to be considered a powerful positive statement of individual being. In the beginning is the Act; but it is often an imperceptible insecure act. The small tender germ out of the seed does not loudly proclaim its existence. It has to pierce through the crust of the soil still covered with the remains of the past. It is all potentiality and a minimum of actual presence.

In the symbol, therefore, the emergent entity is a woman; symbolically speaking, a form of existence still close to the unconscious depths of generic biological nature, filled with the desire to be rather than self-assertion. The woman is seen embraced by a seal because the seal is a mammal which once had experienced a biological, evolutionary but relatively unconscious emergence, yet which retraced its steps and “returned to the womb” of the sea. The seal, therefore, represents a regressive step. It embraces the woman who has emerged because every emergent process at first is susceptible to failure. This process is indeed surrounded by the memory and the ghosts of past failures during previous cycles. The impulse upward is held back by regressive fear or insecurity; the issue of the conflict depends on the relative strength of the future-ward and the past-ward forces.

The possibility of success and that of failure is implied throughout the entire process of actualization. Every release of potentiality contains this two-fold possibility. It inevitably opens up two paths: one leads to “perfection” in consciousness, the other to “disintegration” – the return to the undifferentiated state (the state of humus, manure, cosmic dust – i.e. to the symbolic “great Waters of space,” to chaos).

This symbol characterizes the first of five stages which are repeated at three levels. This stage represents the initial statement, or theme, of the five-fold series which refers to the first level: IMPULSE TO BE.

This degree asks one to acknowledge setbacks, be aware that they possess the power to make necessary changes in their life, make their mark in the world, and own their potential. It asks that one learn the skills of adjustment in relation to others by balancing their inner Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to rise to higher levels of consciousness. This degree describes the relationship between a mother and child who bonded at birth. As an Aries degree this is what one will be remembered for. In other words what they start today may be what others will remember them for.




KEYNOTE: The passionate search for new values which, at any level, promise a more abundant life.

The greatness of man is that he can always be greater; likewise, at a national level, man’s “greed” can more easily be aroused by whatever promises more wealth, more power, and ever-greater achievements at all levels, spiritual as well as material. Beyond this arousal of greed is the deep-seated desire to play a more important or spectacular role in one’s society or community. Greed is the perverse intensification of the social sense, just as lust is the perverse intensification of the longing for love. Always at this Scorpio level the yearning is for an ever more intense and all-absorbing union with a person or a community — a yearning which motivates a search for more effectual means to achieve as total a feeling experience as is possible.

This is the first stage of the forty-fourth sequence of symbolic phases in the cycle of existence. It dramatizes the capacity in man to tear himself away from the known and the familiar, gambling everything on a vision or dream. A keyword could be AVIDITY.

This degree asks one to develop compassion and hopefulness that through service to the problems of others one might develop helpfulness. Here one is required to strike out in new territory through causes and missions they are asked to pursue that pull them out from their usual environments. We each create our own karma and subconsciously we can punish ourselves for this. We are asked to humble ourselves during an emotionally intense period in our life so that we will grow as when this period is all over we will have new skills that enrich our lives.




KEYNOTE: Revision of attitude and inner revaluation.

The second stage of a five-fold sequence of phases always reveals a contrast to the first, but not necessarily an opposition. This symbol makes it clear that the mind that has become over-stimulated and obsessed by all it appears to be able to accomplish in some new realm of experience may easily fail. The disciple fails in his test or at least it seems to him that he has failed. Actually the “failure” may have been meant by his guru to be a challenge to the emergence of a new capacity; generally speaking, this capacity is what one calls “creative imagination.” The mind must first “imagine” that which he will then be able sooner or later to actually experience. At this stage it may be difficult to distinguish success from failure.

Nothing may fail like success people say. What counts is the development of UNDAUNTED FAITH in the pursuit of one’s ideals.

This degree asks one to develop faith that they can affirm attainable ideals while avoiding disappointment employing devotion and practicing competence through spiritual principles. Whatever needs to be done one must believe that it is possible and create the image in their mind that they will succeed. Visualize the outcome you desire, allow time for it to manifest, and pick yourself up to begin again as you will regain something you believed that you had lost.

The angels for these placements that will be worked with are Vehuiah, Yeratel, Veuliah, and Mumiah.

Be well everyone! I will see you as time allows amidst our present family health emergency. Happy Tuesday! I am going to try to not allow my challenges to defeat me.