Wisdom Wednesdays: Herbalist’s Bible – Goldenseal

“A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession.” – Hippocrates

Today we will explore the links between herbs, astrology, tarot, and other esoteric correspondences. Underlining the hyperlink text is some ear to the ground knowledge I’m passing along to those interested and/or curious.


It’s been a very long time since I’ve flipped open in my Herbalist’s Bible. I went today as a mesh of Wisdom Wednesday’s and Tarot of the Day Thursdays operating my magic through bibliomancy landing right on Goldenseal although my first tries were not so satisafactory. First I was looking at instructions on evaporation followed by recipes for nut mixes particularly the spicy kind.

The snack nut mixes fell under a chapter on our circulatory system. I honestly try to avoid much of these more sometimes antagonistic topics for what it’s worth as it simply triggers too many in society who have strange opinions, biases, and pedestals they jump on to shout from.

Rather I’m trying to read between the lines as to why I wound up there on my second go at bibliomancy. Third time was when I finally landed upon an actual herb to write about.

I am guessing I landed there due to the correlation of the Leo birthday and lunar landscape tomorrow being that the chapter explains the importance of fats, fiber, and antioxidants to our heart, arteries, capillaries, etc. and as I noted Leo rules the heart as well as the spine.

Goldenseal as a Jupiter correspondence makes sense because my palmistry and references to my ring are synchronicities I can work with at present. All studies that I’ve previously written and explored extensively, but won’t be linking to today.

I digress though today we’re going to learn about Goldenseal. If you’re interested in previous Herbalist Bible blog posts I’m going to leave them directly below for reference so that you can easily reference them.

Herbalism Exploration:

The immense vines and leaves of the sweet potato plant have finally begun to sprout flowers. I noticed the first flower on my birthday yesterday.
Beautiful purple and white reminds me of Morning Glories. I had no idea that sweet potatoes even flowered so I’ve learned something new.

Sure enough these are in fact part of the Morning Glory family instead of nightshade.
We have only a few sunflowers left in bloom. Most were harvested for seeds or left for the birds to eat from. Some seeds will be saved for re-planting or feeding birds at a later date.

Goldenseal has a correspondence with Jupiter while also being helpful in rootwork rituals. We use this kind of ritual as a way to harness the energies of the fifth planet from the Sun, largest in our solar system, to work against Saturnine influences while also enhancing spirituality.

Jupiter has a direct correlation to the patriarchy through the act of fatherhood as well as the political arenas. The purpose of rootwork or even Root chakra balancing is that it helps to purify the liver and blood/circulatory system.

These plants are meant to provide feelings of warmth and contented relaxation. If we’re on the Tree of Life this would be Chesed connecting one to the Divine Masculine, higher states of consciousness, and encouraging leadership qualities of success based upon beneficence.

Astrologically Jupiter rules Sagittarius as well as Pisces in some schools of thought although I prefer to assign Pisces to Neptune. It is here that we wish to contact a person’s inner sense of justice, ideals, and morality. We explore long distance travel, foreign affairs, higher education, the legal system, and the urge for freedom while focused upon humanitarian/protective roles.

The Asian systems place Jupiter as Guru/Brihaspati or the Great Teacher and the element wood. All of this looks remarkably familiar if you follow my blog regularly even with the xeriscape and Yin Yang in our garden. As I’ve said I tend to lean more Jupiter, but it was in Leo when I was born on my Western/Tropical chart.

Ironic that in Vedic astrology Guru/Brihaspati is in the Ashlesha nakshatra. I should probably go learn about this. After all the index finger in palmistry or Jupiter finger is how one leads life.

I had to spend time re-supporting tomato vines which were beginning to fall over due to how tall they have grown for our romas. I believe they need nitrogen to help them get larger.
We have a secondary peanut plant growing in the wildflowers besides the now two in what was the carrot bed due to the squirrels in the neighborhood bringing peanuts from someone who is feeding them.

These plants have grown very large. The garlic chive is preparing to flower which usually makes honey bees ecstatic and also in the lower right is some basil.

With reference to the lunar landscape of tomorrow we will find Jupiter within Aries at 8° which for myself is my natal 6th House on the Western/Tropical wheel which is largely empty yet my Vedic/Sidereal would posit this to be 7th House with Chiron the Wounded Healer. We could explore this degree in a wee bit further just to have it as a great reference to the current astral energies we are currently aligned to.

Goldenseal which is an American native belonging to the buttercup family is used abundantly in the eastern United States deciduous woodlands. Vivid yellow rhizomes make the inside of this plant have a suitable reason for its given name. The seal relates within the given name to the decorative seals previously used to stamp warm wax onto envelope flaps.

Native Americans widely utilized this plant for gorgeous golden yellow dye introducing it to European settlers for therapeutics. Now protected due to over harvesting goldenseal in the 20th Century and beyond is legally protected becoming a top selling herbal supplement advertised to improve digestion, heal illness, and enhance our immune system.

Woodland goldenseal is well known as a social medicinal within several pharmaceutical companies. Scientists at the University of Chicago recently discovered that this herb works actively against Helicobacter pylori strains one of many germs that can cause diarrhea. This now becomes a need to investigate its use for deadly Giardia and Entamoeba histolytica strains.

Roughly 20% of the world’s populace is chronically infected with Giardia and approximately 50 million are infected with the amoeba E. histolytica making studies of goldenseal and other berberine containing plants vital. Salves and ointments containing goldenseal are also beneficial to skin infections and psoriasis treatments. As an effective mouthwash this plant will also treat canker sores and mouth ulcers.

Commonly one can use this herb by taking a capsule each day or taking a 2 to 4 mL tincture twice or thrice each day. Topical ointments and salves should be used as instructed by directions or doctor’s script. The main precaution for this herb lies in uterine contractions and it will be unadvised to use during pregnancy.

There may be drug interactions so always tell your health practitioner if you’re taking this supplement/herbal remedy to ensure there are no contraindications.

I’m uncertain of the yellow flowers, but the orange one is most certainly a zinnia.
Feels almost like a Skittle’s commercial!

While the following article is not specific to the circulatory system, but is rather to do with Reiki’s benefits to the endocrine system as a a Master certified Reiki practitioner I wanted to include this today as a PDF. I love that Reiki also helps with the nervous system particularly the parasympathetic system given my experiences on Cipro, gabapentin, and tramadol previously written about.

The stories I could tell about these experiences such as is it not weird that as I’ve said five months after two rounds of Cipro I tore my left ligament 75% needing surgery and still have nueropathy. I mean all these little puzzle pieces do form a picture after all despite the risks of any surgery.

The black box warnings that came late on script instructions via the FDA or those fighting for a cause because pharmaceuticals deny the links or pay to hush those telling the FDA to issue dire warnings/educate the masses!

Then the after impact of being on gabapentin and tramadol in terms of what both did to me for two months including losing consciousness more than once and nearly getting hurt passing out as well as leading to the cause of suicidal ideation I experienced/survived.

These topics dovetail back to my mom’s journey with Levaquin and pneumonia circa January 2022. These are all tied in and I encourage others to locate these blog posts through the “search/calendar” function in the sidebar; look for Asclepius. Go read medical journals about these prescriptions or even check out articles on being floxxed including Hormones Matter.

I mean gabapentin is also stripping one of I believe calcium and causes dry mouth as a side effect so shortly after I had two failed molars in my lower left. One was extracted and the other a root canal/crown! Thanks! Ultimately I can not remember or source the material. Some drugs increase calcium in the body which is also not beneficial. Instead what is essential is moderation in all things.

Forewarned and properly armed with knowledge will make you a wiser and better advocate in the allopathic system or medical control grid that seeks to supposedly heal, but in fact can do a lot more harm than good. We have a broken system that manages dis-ease not necessarily healing or curing for I do believe they think no profit is to be made in a wholistic and healthy populace when you can have a lifetime patient who is always sick.

Most prescriptions provided by doctors have been given to me with the doctor fully aware the risks and contraindications. I’ve instead had to become my own advocate and warrior relying back upon what I learned working in medical malpractice law firms. Then paying this forward to others willing to listen and learn from me/other’s hardships fighting against those who wish to silence anyone who speaks.

You see 3/4 of humanity has cognitive dissonance, and when cornered I can catch people including doctors making Freudian slips suddenly not conscious they just admitted to the knowledge of the risks and still prescribing what might be unwise to give out.

I have encouraged everyone to use etymology and get to learn their language context before they become even more ignorant. For example, pharmakeia should be understood better especially the second definition for the unsuspecting and naive. If you want answers start asking some questions! Don’t be unwise. Or maybe the reference in the etymology to poisoning.

I’m closing this out with a look at the energy of Jupiter as notated above astrologically so that my writing is not a soap box rant or depressing. Knowledge and education are power so use them to your benefit.

This degree appreciates the past and the lessons it continues to teach. By accepting what has gone before without regrets one develops an attitude which helps others to take a more positive approach to their lot in life. Freedom from history and wholehearted embracing of the process of change teaches others to love themselves more and to continually let go as they move forward.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A double headed eagle, the heads face in opposite directions.” The eagles signify power. There is the power of youth with naivete as well as the power of old age with wisdom. When attachments are let go of all regrets concerning the passage of time fall away for although something is lost something else is gained.

This is the seed of Libra signifying the mystery of relating to our many selves unfolding over time which is the marriage of past with future. Work with guardian angel Achaiah and daimon Aamon.

Daimon Aamon corresponds with the Eight of Swords, Moon, Cinnamon, and Gemini. Connections to the deity Amun are found here. This fire daimon of the Summer Solstice or Solstitium wants one to be safe and happy while helping one find their soul tribe. Aamon will help you digest any emotional discomfort and let it go.

Essentially if you want to create alliances this daimon is recommended. You may find references here to the Ogdoad. The Lionsgate begins with our current lunation. It in fact does also reference our 12th initiation which in numerology can imply service to a higher calling for those who can hear their inner voice while responding to Earth’s needs.

This year it encourages us to manifest our highest intentions while sharing our naturally born gifts or insights with the world. Mycenaean kings erected representations of lionesses as an emblem and symbol of power to honor the Divine Feminine through Hera.

The Lionsgate is often on 8/8 of any year and can last through mid August. The tie in being our spiritual sun Sirius when the Sun in Leo makes alignment generative of a very high frequency in the 3D. Now is the ideal time for abundance rootwork with time spent outside, utilization of solar herbs, and a revitalization of your goals.

“I changed the computer background to a lizard. Its now a Monitor.” – Anonymous

This fixed star is upon Alpha and Beta Lacerta in the Lizard. The name is in reference to the Lacertidae family of lizards taken from Spanish lagarto or Latin lacertus (masculine) and re-spelled as lacerta (feminine). Lacertus in Latin referenced the upper arm or fascicle of muscular fibers found here.

Very little is otherwise really described of this fixed stars meaning. I’d like to posit the above might relate to our need to balance our internal Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to achieve wholeness, harmony, and balance.

Work with Rainbow Hematite expressing that the combined elements of fire and air as seen in the Magician are essential for new starts, new drive, and forward momentum. Focus on your I Am as being the genesis of receiving blessings for all the hard work that you do. The affirmation is I am determined, driven, and look forward to a new breath of fresh air.

Have a brilliant Wednesday as well as the rest of the week. I will be busy at my part time cosmetology job awaiting news on job interviews for full time employment. If there is any changes to my schedule I will update here in an interest to properly balance my time management. Sending you lots of love! 💞🤗

We have received a new diagnosis for mom from the podiatrist that might include benign growth/tumors of the feet. It just never ends…

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Tickle Me Geranium

“Bloom where you are planted.” – Unknown

We’re cultivating a strange garden today with the underlined hyperlink text.


I decided to return to bibliomancy today with my Herbalist’s Bible landing on Geranium which is popular in love potions. With the energies of Venus, Mars, and the Moon, the water element, and ties to Aphrodite this South African native has been utilized for potpourri to invite love, protection, prosperity, and beneficial health. The Venusian vibration invites beauty, compassion, fidelity, friendship, happiness, luck, reconciliation, pleasure, and youthfulness. Often spells are cast under the New Moon phase as this signifies fresh opportunities flowing into one’s life when it would be ideal to ensure the aura and sacred space of one’s home/business is purified.

The geranium is a favorite home garden plant bringing cheerful bright flowers that affirm self confidence and heal any blows to one’s ego especially helpful in mending a broken heart. This hardy guest repels evil spirits maintaining protective boundaries, but has also been used for centuries to treat infections, colds, wounds, and other ailments thanks to its astringent properties. As a beauty must have geranium has been utilized in tonics, toners, skin creams, serums, and moisturizers to open, cleanse, and reduce pore size. Geranium may also be consumed as a tea.

As an essential oil added to any diffuser this little gem will lift your spirits and release your day to day worries. Anecdotal evidence from herbalists and Native Americans shows that the use of geranium for anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial characteristics is beneficial for treating stomach illnesses such as diarrhea, cramps, and gastric ulcers as well as sexually transmitted infections and lice.

Geranium has been used in feminine hygiene to treat vaginal infections and to aid menstruation by regulating the hormones. Other common uses have included typhoid fever, irritable bowel syndrome, detoxification, and toothaches/gum disease.

Geraniums grow in drought withstanding full sunlight, but do like a covered location from time to time to avoid going dormant. They desire soil to be rich and humusy. They will attract moths and butterflies alike as they are an important food source for deer and small woodland rodents as well. While my book did not list any contraindications always consult your doctor or ensure that you’re not allergic before experimentation especially if you will be ingesting tea.

I did not expect to find an actual asteroid named Geranium (1227), but I still located one alongside asteroid Aphrodite (1388). I’ve plopped them conveniently into a Solar Return chart as I’m nearing my birthday in July shortly. What we find is that Geranium sits in my 9th House of Scorpio at 26° retrograde while Aphrodite delivers her magic in my 7th House of Libra at 3°.

Solar Return Chart for Asteroid Geranium and Asteroid Aphrodite

In the 9th House this indicates I will develop a great desire for mental and physical travel while increasing my knowledge of abstract ideas, higher science, spirituality, and languages. There is a stronger pull towards the occult and mystical realms making me a bit more optimistic especially in the areas of astrology, alternative medicine, and esotericism.

The 7th House places the focus on having more balance, peace, and harmony in my life. New partners enter your life be that personal or business relationships. With Taurus in the 2nd House of this chart the ruling energy of the 7th House also as Libra brings with it a strong Venusian embodiment here, but the 9th House is very Jupiterian.

Asteroid Geranium squares Saturn while trining Neptune and semi-squaring Pluto. Aphrodite semi-squares the Sun and the Moon. This might look like a lot of soul searching and questioning one’s status or role played in the world on multiple levels from family life to clients/customers and colleagues. It’s a time to assess your autonomy, boundaries, and to ensure you’re not disrespecting others.

Some will try to exercise more control in your life during this time. Nevertheless this is a time to enjoy the brighter and lighter side of life without losing focus on what matters most. There will be more engagement in self love, overcoming difficulties, and rejecting mediocrity.

26° Scorpio: A pretty little bird standing on the back of a lion singing.

Denotes one of charming fancy, a singer of sweet songs, one of creative energy and personality. He/she is exposed to the craft of those in whom he/she has aroused feelings of envy, but is under powerful protection and has little to fear. Let him/her sow seeds at the Sun rising part of life and be ready to gather the harvest in the setting. It us a symbol of Poesy.

Overcoming the tremendous drag of habits and their intimate connection to limiting beliefs we gradually and inevitably lighten our burden taking every step at the exact moment we are ready to. To go back and continually rethink things can be a profoundly enriching experience that fills us with new energies and gleanings that we feel a need to give to others as a form of nurturing.

Feeling a deep need to nurture others guides us toward an understanding of the mysterious and forever self renewing fountain of life as well as the instantaneous wisdom it offers to those ready to receive it. Work with guardian angel Mihael and daimon Haagenti.

Haagenti corresponds to the Four of Cups, Mercury, Witch Hazel, and Cancer. This daimon assists with alchemical transformation by taking the ordinary or negative and transmuting it into something extraordinary. Interactions with Haagenti extend to the external or physical phenomena of health, finances, business, work, property, and material possessions.

Anything tangible which arises out of one’s environement leads one to become practical, career oriented, and philanthropic when they’re not greedy. Haagenti also aids in the translation of difficult texts into something simpler for easier understanding.

When working with Haagenti you learn how to find balance between the many obligations you have in life. All this daimon asks is that you be fearless in going after what you want.

3° Libra: A young girl striving to escape from the immaterial, but visible cords surround her; the more she struggles the more they increase.

Denotes one who is in danger of being drawn into psychic conditions from which escape is difficult. Such a one should refrain from dabbling in matters he/she does not thoroughly understand. Danger in connection with occult or psychic matters is threatened and much suffering there from. Love affairs may embarrass especially if intertwined with occult practices. The native will be gifted in some branch of art or science, but there is a peculiar force fighting against his/her success and against which a calm placidity is the only protection. It is a symbol of Involving.

Through uniting with the present we come into greater clarity which gives us a new perspective on everything. Eagerness to live and to grow impels us to project our imagination onto the territory that lies before us. Freed from the usual way of looking at things we are able to tap into the realm of pure vibration and explore its possibilities. The products of the imagination either grow into something or serve to fertilize future cycles of growth. Work with guardian angel Rehael and daimon Malphas.

Daimon Malphas connects with the Four of Wands, Mercury, Aries, and Marigold. Working with Malphas is usually best when you need a safe place to create. This daimon is best when you need protection against psychic or other forms of attack be they emotional, psychological, etc.

A very noteworthy aspect of Malphas is that he appears often as a crow thereby this might make sense to my continued research into the Magha lunar mansion I was born into. There is an unusual synchronicity here when one considers my Western zodiac as well as being a Leo Sun rather than just perusing my Vedic chart with rituals for the Pitrs most recently over the last few days. This seems to be a constant theme following me around now.

There is only one fixed star sitting on the degree where Asteroid Aphrodite falls which happens to be Nodus I in the body of Draco the Dragon. As stated previously the Draco constellation represents the dragon guarding the golden apples in the garden of the Hesperides, but some equate this with the serpent Python slain by Apollo. Eastern cultures equate this position with the Higher Minister.

It is worth noting that the word Hesperis represents the multiple nympths of the garden of Hera, but that its actual origination lies in Hesperus derived from Latin via hesperos to signify the evening as a reference to Venus’ evening star phase appearing at night. The location was never determined although as the Sun sets in the west it was quite often assumed to be an island named Erytheia which means red as the color seen during a sunset.

These golden apples happen to result in immortality when consumed unless of course Eris happened to get a hold of one of them (the Judgment of Paris and Trojan War). This particular garden is of modern influence for Christianity as another symbol of the Garden of Eden. The apple being a symbol of temptation.

“Let’s grab a blanket, run away, and watch the stars.” – Unknown (The Great Wall; Hercules Corona Borealis)

Kabbalists assign the Hebrew letter Mem with the 13th Tarot known as Death. What we have to remember about Mem is that it is a Mother letter referencing the womb/tomb where its association with water resembles immersion/baptism when one experiences death and rebirth having been born again clean/renewed. In Hebrew Mem may be written open (womb) and closed (tomb) to symbolize a place with or without life. Written in Hebrew the word “truth” via emet has a middle letter of Mem mediating between life and death.

The actual page number for Geranium is 382. In the Strong’s Concordance this is anarithmétos meaning uncountable and innumerable. In gematria some words that equate to 382 are scorpion, Goddess Maat, and Abode of the Gods.

Seeing Aphrodite is probably a fitting thing for the month of April after all!

April and Aphrodite:

Where are these two asteroids in your Solar Return chart? 🌞✨

Something I once had on my now extinct/defunct Twitter account which my step father also noticed is in alignment. My return to working in cosmetology and its etymological tie ins to other interests I have picked up over the years.

PS: I forgot to let you know I’ll be working Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturdays at my new part time job unless the days change for any reason. I will still be able to then manage some time for blogging and other responsibilities effectively. I’m very blessed right now!

Wisdom Wednesday’s: Herbalist’s Bible – Chaste Tree

Chaste Tree Was Used by Monks Who Took Vows of Celibacy! 🤫

I decided to open my Herbalist’s Bible again today at random to land upon the Chaste Tree which I know nothing about. I get to learn with my audience today.

I also get the feeling that the Herbalist’s Bible today wanted to play a prank on us. The provided underlined hyperlink text is part of the usual treasure hunt.


The Chaste Tree often misidentified as marijuana due to leaf shape and the production of violet flowers which attract and are a favorite of bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds holds a small fruit that contains dark brown seeds also mistaken for peppercorns in appearance/taste. Greek culture believed the seeds to be virtuous calming sexual excitement hence the name.

Therefore the Chaste Tree was widely used in Demeter’s retinue as she was the Goddess of Agriculture, Fertility, and Marriage. Women at this time who maintained their virginity were decked in this tree’s sweet blossoms known to us now as the Roman vestal virgins who would carry the Chaste Tree’s twigs. The Catholic church took the Chaste Tree as a symbol of purity in medieval Europe.

Novices who arrived at the monastery walked along a path lined with fresh Chaste Tree blossoms. Monk’s Pepper gets its name because the Chaste Tree seeds were pulverized and distributed in monastic dining halls to encourage virtue.

Chaste Tree health benefits include:

  • Aiding with premenstrual syndrome or normalizing menstruation cycles
  • Soothing mastalgia
  • Reducing the symptoms of headache, irritability, and anger/mood swings
  • Boosting progesterone and the immune system
  • Preventing female cognitive decline

The British Medical Journal has examined a study of 178 women with PMS in a 3 month period using Chaste Tree regarding moodiness, rage, and headache. Women who took Chaste Tree experienced a 52% reduction in PMS symptoms. Beijing also performed a randomized study with 208 women who took 40 mg of Chaste Tree extract seeing significant improvement of their PMS symptoms. This has shown to be more effective than or comparable to treatments with pharmaceuticals such as Prozac. Chaste Tree may be used for at least three months to boost female fertility by restoring progesterone levels.

Dosage can be administered as twelve teaspoons of dried Chaste Tree fruit steeped in 1 cup of boiling water for 5-7 minutes which is strained each morning. The taste will be spicy. Capsules should contain 250-500 mg of dried Chaste Tree fruit taken once daily. Any tincture should be 2-3 mL every morning. The only precaution is to consult a doctor when taken for infertility. Chaste Tree in clinical research shows it to be well tolerated even during pregnancy.

The Chaste Tree corresponds with both Monday and Tuesday, the Moon, the number 9, and the water element. The energy it offers represents women, the home/hearth, family, gardening, and medicine.

The number 9 may correspond to the path of Teth, the tarot cards associated with this Hebrew letter, and all of its symbolism. We see a discrepancy between schools of thought here. For one has identified Justice while many ascribe Strength. Envy, jealousy, and lust. For the adults in our audience I’m somewhat dancing around the following (probably NSFW) as well as a few other topics that seem to always be within exoteric as well as esoteric branches with a million different doctrines/rules as each person or culture has its interpretation.

Meanwhile I’m left thinking of yesterday’s blog post regarding wrathful deities also that describes this as holding higher esoteric values. My Hanukkah themed wealth altar design just added another layer as I continue to write entries. Totally normal… 😳🤭

Mindfulness begins in small digestible portions which later becomes a continuous process which errantly makes one appear to be more egotistical, as they begin to react differently to external stimuli, relationships, and suffering. Outsiders perceive your actions as carelessness towards them. This incorrect judgment is due to misunderstanding what is occurring. You will no longer cry as often or panic as you learn detachment. One may want to give everyone more yet they will do so in a unique way correcting the Universe by beginning with themselves.

Asteroids Demeter and Vesta Persona Draconic Heliocentric Chart

I am briefly looking at both asteroid Demeter (1108) and Vesta (4) today. I used the same chart configurations as yesterday. Demeter sits in the 6th House Gemini 13° while Vesta sits in the 5th House Taurus 16°.

Compare the 5th to 6th Houses in meaning. 5th House governs self expression, creativity, romance, and fun/play ruled by Leo. 6th House heralds of health and service governing schedules, routines, diet, exercise, and natural living ruled by Virgo.

The degree for Demeter has me laughing out loud. This matches a previous blog post from the Herbalist’s Bible exactly.


Garlic hung at the window for protection.

Stationed in isolate containment to cultivate gifts, virtues, talents, and special offerings. Generously endowed with timing grace to preserve and maintain worlds apart. You are directed from within to divulge nothing and remain in telepathic wavelength beyond words. Inside there, you become conversant with extraordinary spheres, and are held in a purity of protection and veiling. A kind of otherness which rarely is seen for what it is. You extrovert into apparent display and meanwhile keep everything essential for later. A perfect arrangement for very special fosterings and streams. And virtually impenetrable and somewhere else to be unlimited inside the world.

This degree instructs us that every single thing we encounter in life holds many implications, many layers, and many meanings. One is capable of seeing things with depth while looking at the world with fresh eyes. This talent allows one to help people overcome the dreariness and boredom of their lives illustrating that life is a world of strangeness, enchantment, and wonder.

Garlic is a traditional protection against vampires thus this degree is focused upon protecting oneself form any forces that might seek to dissipate or drain one’s energy. To first expose ourselves to the whole of life allows one to be aware of what they wish to connect with and what they wish to be separated from. This degree signifies both processes. Work with angel Vehuiah and daimon Bael.

Daimon Bael corresponds with the Two of Wands, Sun, Aries, and Fern. Working with this daimon involves the solstices and fire festivals. Seeking for wealth should employ creative projects. I have read online that one person utilized Bael for a protection spell which in meditation showed them covered in a grey blanket. Strange! My bed has a grey coverlet (called the Grace collection) under a red blanket. Who writes or comes up with this stuff exactly?! 👽🛸😂 Close Encounters of a Third Kind?!

Prior to Christianity Bael was a deity of rain, dew, and fertile fields. I have found the following information on this as well. Does this match this blog post?!


A young girl and boy explore a perfume counter.

Weaving polarities adroitly with alchemical awareness of what can come from the right combinations. You are fascinated and awestruck by all the various combinations, facets, and ways the life force distributes itself and plays itself out. The rapt admirer of the wisdom and beauty of nature transfixed by what happens around here. Coming at things always from yet another side yet never feeling it is enough. There is more to be done and infinitely more to partake in and enhance. The world is an open book. And it magnetically almost hypnotically draws your attention and interest to what is needed next, to what is emergent, and outstanding as life matches dreams and dreams encompass fantastic variety and vivid spectrum to lose yourself in and discover everything through from one end of the Earth to the other.

This degree puts one deep into their own way of flowing with strong emotions keeping them fresh/vibrant. One won’t offer easy accessibility to others as this blessing prevents people who aren’t willing to work at relating to them by ensuring they will be more likely to leave them alone to go one’s own way.

Those who make an effort to connect to one are usually delighted by their aliveness and the way they refresh them by always moving joyfully on through any and all situations. Energies combine in all sorts of ways to create new blends. The conscious and unconscious self or whole being explores the process of energy blending learning of its own nature by experiencing what it is drawn to. The degree is powerfully imaginative and very alive as well as unwilling to let anything block/limit its exploration of other planes with greater realities. Work with angel Ariel and daimon Bifrons.

Thoughtco: Guardian Angel Ariel

Daimon Bifrons corresponds with the Two of Cups, Mars, Cancer, and Dragon’s Blood. Working with Bifrons helps one to communicate with the dead. This daimon is particularly useful for a funeral ceremony to help usher the dead on their journey. Also invoke Bifrons during rituals to honor ancestors or to learn to accept death. He can assist the dead to leave the physical plane faster and more easily. He helps ancestors find their families rather than roam aimlessly on Earth seeking them.

This matches my most recent posts in the final days of January 2022 and the beginning of February 2022. Other skills this daimon will impart include learning astronomy, astrology, geometry/math, herbs, and precious stones.

Temple of Demeter
Temple of Vesta


Agathodaimon is a beneficent spirit opposed to cacodaimon (an evil spirit).

Have a great Wednesday; the weekend is coming! 📅

Teach Me Tuesdays: Herbalist’s Bible – Garlic

“Shallots are for babies; onions are for men; garlic is for heroes.” – Unknown

Do you need some medicinal advice with a dose of added bewitchery? Try the underlined hyperlink text for enchantment. 🧄🧙‍♀️🧹

We just received this Herbalist Bible so today I randomly opened to a page which landed directly on Garlic also known as Allium Sativum. Other names include stinking rose, poor man’s treacle, and stinkweed. It states that while many chefs state that if they only had one kitchen ingredient it would be garlic you will find many herbalists who likewise agree. This is due to the fact that garlic packs the benefits of:

These ingredients make garlic ideal for treating heart disease, cancer, and infection as it boosts immunity, prevents colds, and eliminates toxins from the blood. The only known adverse effect is foul breath and a slight risk for gastrointestinal problems such as heartburn if eaten in higher quantities. You may try reducing the offending breath by chewing parsley, fenugreek, or fennel seeds after your meal. Medicinal uses have included internal/external antiseptic, lowering cholesterol, a type 2 diabetes aid, white blood cell booster, and a help meet for rectal, stomach, prostate, breast, lung, and colon cancer. Garlic has been used in cosmetic preparations to purify, cleanse, and fight blemishes often via masks with tea tree oil and egg whites. However, garlic may irritate skin when applied topically.

My book states that it is unclear as to why the Greek and Roman brides were reported to have carried bouquets of garlic and other herbs in place of magnificent flower arrangements during their wedding ceremonies. Yet Roman soliders ate garlic before battle for strength and bravery according to other sources. The Ancient Egyptians fed garlic to or paid the slaves who built the Great Pyramids in garlic as currency believing it would give them superpowers. Some cite that there are images of Ancient Egyptians depicted offering garlic to the Gods as well as swearing oaths on the cloves. Some also believe there was an Islamic legend that proposed when Satan left the Garden of Eden garlic and onions grew from the footprints he left behind. Italians used garlic to ward off hexes and curses while kitchen witchery utilizes it for protection spells.

Despite fantasy lore the belief that garlic wards off vampires is not entirely true. This mythology is taken from possible historical counts of garlic used to attempt prevention against tuberculosis which is a bacterial infection of the respiratory system; garlic’s antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial qualities helped to kill the bacteria. Garlic can act as an inhibitor of blood clotting so it’s ill advised if you’re using blood thinners/aspirin regularly. It’s also not recommended while breastfeeding.

Garlic may be propagated from cloves while preferring a cold period to trigger growth so many suggest fall as the optimal planting season. It’s best if you plant the cloves pointed side up and don’t separate the cloves from the bulb until directly before you plan to plant as they will dry out. Garlic grows best in loose well drained soil and will appear as newly sprouted grass. When ready for harvest stop watering two weeks prior; often this is around late June/early July. You will know garlic is ready for harvest when the leaves begin to yellow and the bulbs segment into cloves. Lay your bulbs out in well ventilated areas with high temperatures/low humidity for approximately two days. You can braid the tops together and hang them for two weeks to dry out some. How you choose to utilize your garlic is personal preference as you can puree or mince it with olive oil.

For magical use garlic corresponds to the planet Mars, Fire element, Root chakra (links to Parts 1 and 2 are to be found at the bottom of Part 3), and astrological sign of Aries. It is sacred to the goddess Hekate. You may use garlic for banishing by adding a clove or dried powder to your spell directly or as an incense. Likewise braided or dried garlic may be hung in a space to banish harmful energies. If you wipe the blades of a pair of scissors with garlic juice with a drop of olive oil in a glass of water and succeed at cutting through the drop of oil this will break curses/hexes. Another easier option is to write down any negative luck you believe occurred in your life followed by burying the list in a deep hole with a clove of garlic. Unpeeled garlic cloves added to spell jars are used for confidence boosting spells. To work directly with Hekate leave a bulb at the crossroads as an offering preferably in a sachet or mojo bag to boost potency. If you desire to prevent gossip stash a clove of garlic in a common area at work/school where people commonly gather.

For those who need a wee bit of further guidance to working with Hekate at the crossroads look for any 3-way crossroad. Often spells will be cast with candle magic, invocation, and offerings combined. Meditation is also an option. Other ways to work with this Goddess include holding a feast or dinner party for her. This was done in ancient times by her priestesses who made her favorite foods which included lavender, honey, eggs, homemade bread, red wine, meat/fish, fruit, and garlic. The ideal time would be on her sacred days of August 13 or November 30 respectively. You can host the feast indoor or outdoors, but keep the ambience with low lighting such as by candlelight, lantern, or hurricane/oil lamp.

Stick to a color palette of dark colors such as black, maroon, or deeper shades of purple by incorporating them into your decor. Some include if they are lucky enough to source one a skeleton key as a token. Flowers should be dark red/black roses or black hollyhocks also known as “Black Watchman” which are the same as those grown in my garden. Piano and violin music will also help set the mood. Many begin the meal with a toast to Hekate, but the most important aspect is to have a place setting for this Goddess and to serve her first. Each guest present should honor her with poems read aloud or by reading from the mythology that honors her. Dogs are welcome as they also honor this Goddess.

“Black Watchman” Hollyhocks

The study of herbalism as well as the practice of creating a secret sacred garden with specially chosen trees, herbs, vegetables, and flowers is reminiscent of her temple in Colchis. In my garden garlic chives were grown and the flowers were a fancy that the bees often took to pollinating in no time as they did with other herbs or flowering plants. The dark moon (the 13 lunar phases) is often a great time for divination and you may feel her presence within cemeteries as she was also known as the Goddess of Life/Death. It is also advisable to pay your respects by sky viewing and becoming acquainted with Sirius the Dog Star. Allies of Hekate have been believed to include Medea, Circe, Cybele, Artemis, Diana, Persephone, Demeter, and Dionysus.

I took it upon myself to glance at Asteroid Hekate today in my chart. This asteroid lies within the space of the Hygeia family which also includes the asteroid Artemis. You’ll find this indicates liminal spaces such as doorways, stairways, crossroads, and midnight/twilight. Hekate was also said to translate to “Magical Speech.” She is seen as a torch bearer who will cast light on your shadow to awaken you to your daimons so that you take ownership of them. She was often depicted with the black dogs of depression or some depict her with the three headed hell hound Cerberus who guards the gates of Hades. This Queen of the Dead acts as a midwife to the soul. Over time her story was changed to depict her as a cruel and vicious representation of the Divine Feminine. Her placement in your chart can also speak to fortune telling, seership, and self knowledge or gnosis. Her asteroid number is 100 which also matches the Hebrew letter Qoph which again matches my blog post on Pisces/Purim.



Green Anole in Garlic Chives and Flowers

To honor Hekate I chose to look at a natal and lunar return chart. I also checked Sirius at this time, but I won’t be discussing the placements of Sirius at this time in this blog post in the interest of saving time/space for my readers. Perhaps later we can investigate Sirius… At birth Hekate was content within my 9th House Cancer 16°, but she will be making her lunar return at my 6th House Aries 20° which ironically matches the correspondences for garlic. More humor from the Universe. We will try Kozminsky (Isidore Isreal Kozminksy) symbols today as I’ve not used them in quite some time.

Your 9th House includes experiences that you encounter when you search for the meaning of life via ethics, morals, travel, foreign countries, spiritual urges, and the higher mind. Your 6th House includes experiences that relate to your diet, health, physical sickness, service, volunteering, care taking, and daily mundane tasks such as personal hygiene.

16° Cancer: A young man/woman standing on the top of a high mountain, the world stretched out below him/her, grasping a sword which comes from the heavens to his/her hand.

Denotes one who is entrusted with a high mission and who is deeply inspired having a spirituality entirely serene. To him/her issues the mandate “Go forth and teach the people” which has been echoed from the heavens. He/she will be granted power and influence so that the people will hear him/her call. The evidences of this peculiar mission is made manifest in his/her twelfth year and matures between the twenty-fourth and thirty-sixth years. It is the symbol of the Inspired.

This degree speaks towards one who sees the outer as holding no meaning; it is simply something to see beyond. It hallmarks one who is unattached to the usual or supposedly normal way of viewing life. The search for purity of vision remains unclouded and should be focused upon while sharing with others. The mind attempts to allow in light in an effort to ensure that nothing is hidden and no shadows exist. As with meditation all thought passes through and nothing is held which results in clearness, openness, and an ability to recognize the spiritual aspect in everything. This provides room to receive what comes in via tremendous openness as a unique protection strategy. Work with guardian angel Lehahiah and daimon Furfur.

Daimon Furfur will connect you to the 8 of Cups, Mars, Pisces, and Cypress. Furfur is ideal to invoke during Fire scrying. Ask the correct question and you will receive the truth. I have read some work with Furfur for overall health in cases where it is very hot which could lead to dehydration or loss of appetite. Often what is desired is a change in the weather such as when one would have beseeched the Divine for rain.

I used to use Cypress essential oil a few years back. I have never done a blog post on astrology yogas in Vedic. Maybe I will one day to explain my studies for myself I did years ago. I have several yogas according to Kundli which include Kedar, Kahal, Raja, Hamsa, Anafa, Veshi, Grahan, and Kuja. Yes, I know that looks crazy! It’s 🤯! Typically Raja Yoga occurs when two or more than two planets in a Vedic chart are in a relationship with each other. This relationship may be a combination, bidirectional vision, or exchange of zodiac signs/houses. A person with a Raja Yoga enjoys social status and fame. Their recognition and laurels will follow them based upon their efforts with regards to various matters. In my chart there is a relationship between the Sun and the Moon.

20° Aries: A blacksmith hammering a piece of red-hot iron on an anvil.

Denotes a determined worker who is vigorous in the fight against opposition; a transmuter of him/her self and those who contend against him/her. Gifted with so strong a spirit this native can never be mean. Baseness does not find a place in his/her nature. He/she loathes idleness for energy, pain, and experience have taught him/her the power of industry. It is a symbol of Resolution.

This degree chooses to develop an ability of bringing the vibration of celebration to all aspects of everyday life. Here one will communicate to people how they can best renew themselves while blossoming out of their set patterns/routines.

They need to work hard to not become frustrated if their message isn’t heard for truth be told they are on a completely different wavelength from almost all other people. Don’t let this stop you!

Before change can happen there must be a place prepared inside of each individual to ensure that the new may enter. Celebration acknowledges that something important has occurred which should be honored. This degree stands at the crossroads of a time of renewal acknowledging the past opens out into the future. Work with guardian angel Pahaliah and daimon Purson.

Daimon Purson will connect you to the 3 of Swords, Sun, Libra, and Frankincense. Purson is wonderful during scrying or channeling sessions for answering questions with reference to the Divine inelligences or to locate answers regarding scientific experimentation done by self or others as he specializes with the natural sciences. This daimon asks that one develop their intuition and divination powers in an effort to build an area of income generation which may begin slowly and gradually at first. Some have utilized Purson for assistance with becoming self employed and attracting customers to their business. This daimon also aids in eliminating your expenses and beginning to budget your money wisely particularly around things such as household bills like electricity.

The Quran states:

“They know the outer meaning of the life of the lower world, but of the hereafter they are heedless.”

Have a blessed Tuesday! Sending you wishes for good health and happiness! 💗