Fun Quote Fridays: Individuality

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” – Unknown

I have not done a post for Fun Quote Fridays in quite some time so I am squeezing one in this week, but normally I have no time between my part time cosmetology job to do so. Please follow the underlined hyperlink text to little hidden treasures I’ve chosen to share with you by clicking on them.


“I believe in individuality, that everybody is special, and it’s up to them to find that quality and let it live.”

  • Grace Jones

“You just have to do your own thing, no matter what anyone says. It’s your life.”

  • Ethan Embry

“Follow your own star!”

  • Dante Alighieri

“Never follow the crowd.”

  • Bernard Baruch

“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.”

  • Carl Jung

“Individuality is freedom lived.”

  • John Dos Passos

“Don’t compare. You paint differently because you are different.”

  • Frank Lynn


Individuality Arabic Part/Lot

Today I’m doing a brief look at the Arabic Part/Lot for Individuality using the formula Ascendant plus Sun minus Uranus which is placed within my 10th House of Cancer at 9° which is not surprising for me. The 10th House is where our professional activity, social status, and authority take center stage.

My Sun sign is placed here in Tropical or Western astrology as a Leo, however, this is a direct match to my Sidereal or Vedic chart which means I’m a visionary who loves a good challenge. This displays our strengths and weaknesses as well as what we desire to achieve in life. This is where we want to leave our mark on the world.

The chart holder finds what is good and useful in unexpected places wanting to help others and to be of service. Their way of doing this is often indirect and subtle. They communicate to others the truth that change is nothing to fear, that it is, in fact beautiful, and that nature offers us a myriad of energies to nurture our soul.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A skeleton playing a flute.” Presumably one is engaged in the process of making flower remedies. There is a set of orchid remedies that are made in just this way. By collecting the dew off the orchids and using that in the remedy.

The skeleton is, on one level, the spirit of the sign Capricorn, which rules the bones of the body. Capricorn’s verb is “I use,” and Capricorn has to do with finding ways to make use of all which is around it. This degree is about finding the most efficient ways of using anything for the purpose of nurturing.

Of course on another level the skeleton is death, but here rather than being a force to fear it offers beautiful music reminding us that death is what allows us to live, grow, and flourish.

Knowing that death is only a part of the cyclic process of dying and being reborn rather than the permanent end of all things we see through the illusion of death. We can then enjoy the beautiful music it makes with life. Work with guardian angel Yeratel and daimon Ronove.

Daimon Ronove connects us to the Ten of Wands, Moon, Cinnamon, and Sagittarius. Call upon this daimon when you need others to assist with helping people to see things in life from your perspective. Ronove is multi-lingual and will teach one the arts, rhetoric, and how to reconcile disputes.

If you’ve been the victim of undesirable outcomes this daimon will help changes manifest in your life especially regarding academia, industry, and other aspects of your life.

A great crystal to work with for this degree is the Snowflake Obsidian with the focus upon the message of having no fear of the unknown which bestows the freedom of new dimensions opening up to you. The affirmation is I am expressive, unforgettable, and delightful.

NGC 2392 in Gemini

This degree sits on the fixed stars Alhena in the left foot of Pollux in Gemini and Mebsuta in the right knee of Castor in Gemini. Alhena is taken from the Arabic Al Maisan meaning the Proudly Marching One. Kabbalists associate it with the Hebrew letter Qoph and the tarot trump The Sun.

Mebsuta is taken from the Arabic Al Mabsutat meaning the Outstretched via its marking the extended paw of the early Arabic Lion. The early Arabic Asad extended over a third of the heavens as a Lion encompassing Arcturus, Spica, Regulus, the heads of Gemini, Corvus, and Canis Minor. Kabbalists associate it also with the Hebrew letter Qoph and the tarot trump The Sun.

May your Friday be inspired! Best wishes! 🤗💕

Self Examination Saturdays: The Part of Fortune for Individuality

Never rip your fortune. Although most of the fortunes consist of proverbs it is said that if you rip your fortune it won’t come true.

Individuation consciousness is unconscious assimilation and a very important practice to take up. Astrology can be one of many tools in this journey although many choose to discount this as pseudo scientific.

Carl Jung discusses individuation in “Modern Man in Search of a Soul” through prescribed keys to assimilating the unconscious mind with the conscious mind and achieving the ultimate goal of wholeness.

Dreams deliver to each of us information about the secrets of our unique inner life and reveal to each of us as the dreamer hidden factors of our personality. So long as these are undiscovered they will continuously disturb our waking life and betray us in the form of symptoms. This means that one can’t effectively treat any patient from the side of consciousness alone, but must bring about a change in and through the unconscious. As far as present knowledge we have only one way of doing this which requires the thorough going through of conscious assimilation of our unconscious contents.

It is well known that the Freudian school delivers the unconscious in a thoroughly depreciatory light and looks on primitive man as little better than a wild beast. Its nursery tales about the terrible old man of the tribe and its teachings about the infantile, perverse, and criminal unconscious have led people to make a dangerous monster out of that which they refuse to understand. As if all that is good, reasonable, beautiful, and worth living for had taken up its abode in consciousness! Have the horrors of any World War really not opened anyone’s eyes or is the wool still sharply closed over them? Man’s conscious mind is even more devilish and perverse than the unconscious.

What actually exists can be alchemistically sublimated. The unconscious is not a monster, but a thing of nature that is perfectly neutral as far as moral sense, aesthetic taste, and intellectual judgements go. It is dangerous only when the collective conscious attitude towards it becomes hopelessly false. This danger grows in the measure that we continue to practice the refined art of repressions. As soon as the patient begins to assimilate the contents that were previously unconscious all the danger from the side of the unconscious diminishes. As the process of assimilation goes on it puts an end to the entire process of dissociation of the personality and to the anxiety that attends or inspires the separation of the two realms of the psyche.

Today we are using the Part of Fortune to ascertain where I would best complete the process of Individuality. We find that the answer lies in the 10th House of Cancer at 9°. Anyone can look this up. I use Astro Seek for this usually.

Expanding the awareness of how astrology is not just parlor tricks is always a matter of if one has limited beliefs that block them from opening the mind to alternative views.

There are actually several Arabic Parts which can be configured using formulas. Below is the formula used for today’s blog post:

Lot = ASC + Sun – Uranus
Lot = 203°35’ + 123°06’ – 226°55’
Lot = 99°47’ = 9°47’ + 90°

Lot = Cancer 9°47’ – in the 10th house

I have not used the Omega Symbols yet from John Sandbach in any blog post, however, they are a favorite of mine as I find they resonate well with my Kabbalah studies. I’ve actually also included an Audible audio book also with this recently called Sound and Vibration: Tuning into the Echoes of Creation as well as am looking into the Poetic Edda through Audible. And no I’m not getting anything for any affiliate links at present. Although I probably should consider it.

The manner with which I use these is to look at the two angels listed for the Phase and the degree respectively. My previous blog post explained working with angels or archangels in reference to understanding the mind-body as the temple regarding esoterics and consciousness. To many the woo woo airy fairy of metaphysics can make them not believe astrology or even tarot has any scientific bent at this process. I know because I have been met with many a rebuttal of this seeming like absurdities while others are willing to acknowledge there may be a benefit to adopting these practices as therapeutic. I respect their choices, but I always wonder when they brush me or others off so easily as it makes me curious about their reason(s) for immediate objection.

John Sandbach places Cancer at 9° in Phase 20 Victory Over Addictions with the angel named Pahaliah and the degree with the angel named Yeratel.

Within the 10th House it may appear to be a process of individuation that goes a little something like this. Liz Tran, astrologer and founder of the New York City based corporate wellness coaching studio Reset, states that our 10th House in astrology points to our career and our public reputation. And this is very true!

Cancer placed here can find they have great affinity for fame or notoriety as many may be drawn to the energy given which can heal thereby leaving them desiring that one care for them and solve their woes. We tend to be people pleasers drawn to careers that allow us to care for another, help them achieve stability, and offer them support or encouragement.

We are advised to look towards any profession which allows us to excel at becoming a great gardener, shop owner, childcare worker, teacher, mental health worker, baker/chef, nurse, social worker, hospice aid, psychic, librarian, priest/priestess, or politician.

Furthermore this degree lands on two fixed stars in Gemini the soul sign of twins. This would be Alhena in Pollux and Mebsuta in Castor. Alhena can emphasize our artistic skills particularly with written and spoken word as well as highlight our unique capabilities of negotiating a peaceful solution to disputes among people. Mebsuta amplifies and gifts one with intellectualism to avoid disasters during any moment of perceived crisis.

Below are videos on Carl Jung’s Individuation Process:

PS: Use those underlined text hyperlinks because they are your friend on the journey towards fully understanding! 😜