Teach Me Tuesdays: What Does The Royal Throne Wish To Teach

“I must have misplaced my queen after a chess game. I will need to check.” – Anonymous

Get your time travel gear ready because today’s underlined hyperlink text is going to transport you back a few decades for a brief history lesson of sorts. Why do I employ this method?

Well because believe it or not I’m actually trying to not rip off other authors/creators and simply co-create with everyone in the collective/group. Sharing is caring even if we’re all harmonizing.


Our lunar landscape changes on July 28, 2022 and this will feel a bit different for each of us based on our personalized astrology charts as well as where we happen to be located on Spaceship Earth. For me it will occur at 12:54 PM CST, however, Leo in my natal chart happens to be my 10th House within Western/Tropical astrology and 11th House within Vedic/Sidereal astrology.

The degree with which we’re experiencing this vibration originates from within the Magha nakshatra at 5° known for a direct ancestral connection which grants access to mystical powers beyond what adults observe.

I’ve spoken at length before about the ancestral records I received when my maternal grandfather passed as well as the furniture I inherited. I thought today I’d share just a few photos from my great grandmother’s yearbook circa 1921 with a brief collection of history from this moment in time.

You will also find a few photos that my step father shared with us Memorial Day 2022 at his job honoring our service members in their cafeteria paying tribute to my maternal grandfather. I believe the other photo is of my uncle, but I’m not for certain.

Why is this? Well Leo explores creative self expression through childlike wonder. Everyone has their view of the Lion who is King/Queen of the jungle, but they miss the fact that this zodiac sign is deeply enmeshed with spirituality while encamping a total of three lunar mansions ranging from Magha to Purva and Uttara Phalguni respectively. This imagery is quite similar to the symbolism found within the archetypal tarot trump The Fool again.

This looks like the tarot trump The Hermit to me. Maybe that is a stretch for some to envision, but then again I’m weird like that.

In Magha we find this deep inheritance of powerful ancestral lineage where the wisdom given to us comes directly through cultivating ties to our pitris which in fact relates to our DNA. The gift most talked about as being bestowed is the ability to leave the body which some consider to be shamanism, trance like states, and the other key to opening our spiritual centers/chakras is via meditation.

Chakras work like our muscles requiring dedication to honor and cultivate our relationships with the Divine Masculine/Feminine, our ancestors, and ascended masters.

Magha nakshatra speaks to the family tree where anything done to help one identify their lineage is helpful. This Ketu ruled nakshatra sits precisely poised at points of gandanta between water and fire element signs. This bookmark placement asks us to pray to Ganesha to ensure necessary protection is achieved.

Other beneficial remedies many ascribe is pre-dawn sky gazing which is charged with positive vibrations and gardening to achieve solace and peace.

Senior Art Circa 1921
On the left great grandmother’s graduation photo and on the right I believe this to be my uncle who served in Vietnam, but I could be wrong.

It says my great grandmother was a member of Lend a Hand, Red Cross, and Armenian Relief Fund.

Ketu the South Node also known as the part of spirit allows for this transformation to occur. What this truly means is that this present now moment is powerful for any esotericist to deepen their spiritual practice to manifest their dreams. Whatever you yearn or desire to seed that can bring in wealth/prosperity is possible at this time. If you seize the opportunities presented to you.

You need to activate your self validation from now until around July 29, 2022 allowing for your friends, lovers, and family to let you be emotionally seen. We’re getting a boost from expansive Jupiter who acts as a luck giver for the necessary time to introspect because looking outward for emotional validation won’t bring in the proper harvest.

You need to harness your ability to be self reliant, autonomous, and self motivated to put in the work. The caution is to beware of burnout because the last thing you want to do is place excessive pressure upon your shoulders to achieve, win, and succeed at all costs by stepping upon others.

You might over the next few days court an unexpected opportunity. The current coming through at this time is that the family clan is buzzing on overdrive from within the hive mind.

If you’re worried about someone having your back know that the older generations bring your spirit guides closer to you, but it’s not necessary to dredge out nasty family skeletons or ignite bitter family feuds. Reconnect instead with your long lost missed family members.

If you are employed in the occult sciences now is a time to assist clients with cooperating with their departed, appreciating your his/her story, and diving deep into the realms of understanding mythology better especially the archetypal realms.

To get into the groove of this present now moment glance upon your natal chart locating which house is Leo as well as what planets might be there. For me this is commonly Sun, Jupiter, Regulus, and Mercury albeit as I’ve spoken about precession of the equinoxes we know that Regulus transpired to zero point Virgo if we glance from the Western perspectives.

What Watch’s View of the July New Moon 2022
I think that I would have really liked joining the Garden Club, but the other was quite shocking to find within the pages of my great grandmother’s yearbook.

If you can’t read what that lower right club is the name does not reference the KKK, but rather the Ku Ku Klan! You have to read it carefully to not make a mistake in context.
The French and Garden Club Circa 1921
Memorial Day 2022

The 10th House is the social standing, profession, fame/promotion, and achievements one has been born with. Nonetheless when we look at the Vedic we find that Leo is otherwise home to Saturn, Rahu, and Moon hence the Magha nakshatra status.

The 11th House is in fact traditionally associated with the water bearing sign of Aquarius channeling the flow of those with whom we share common interests, governs our hopes/dreams, and explores what wishes or goals we’d like to achieve.

For the personal spin on this little broken record playing or marching to its own drum this is when we set intentions for something we truly want be that a new chapter in our lives, a new job, or a new life direction.

The visualization is set to advancements and revelations especially those where we contact our inner guru in a time essential to closure, guidance, and relaxation. We want to deeply heal anything we have yet to release.

On a more collective/group level what we find is precisely this. Through locating our center in the midst of the intensity and distraction of outer experience we are able to seek and eventually connect with our inner intuitive self who is the source of all wisdom. Recognizing the wonder of our own individual uniqueness we realize that we hold within us an eternal wisdom that transcends time and space.

Our intuition is deep, immediate, not logical, and step by step we finally connect with her only when we open ourselves up to the wondrous potential of a type of multi-tasking that transcends the rational self. When we allow our innocence and wisdom to merge with each other we find that our understanding is healed. Work with guardian angel Nanael and daimon Caim.

Daimon Caim connects us to the Nine of Pentacles (symbolism explained), Sagittarius, Angel’s Trumpet, and Mercury. If you have anxiety then this daimon may be of benefit. Caim is helpful in confronting our fears helping us to realize a great many of them are groundless.

Other talents are assistance with reconciliation of strained relationships, gaining knowledge of Earth and all things found within her, and improving our communication with animals.

The Drama Club, Terquarts, and Near East Relief Circa 1921
Here we are looking upon an era butting against the Great Depression as well as WW II and we have bank adverts in high school yearbooks. Imagine that…
The graduation program was tucked neatly within the pages of the high school yearbook.

I’ve also noted that the astrology examples at my business website utilize the data of my departed ancestors as a way to remember them. Below you will see exactly what 1921 era may have been like directly before the Great Depression; something not too many may get to glimpse the way I have.

The Roaring Twenties:

I am issuing an abrupt trigger warning for information on the 1920s Russian famine. While this is an important part of collective history if you are at all sensitive to certain topics I advise that you don’t look at this website as a means to not be offended by the topic of starvation leading to cannibalism because throughout human history you will find plenty of recorded truth that this can occur.

I have included this due to the fact that this can happen in the present if people are unable to find food to eat and are dying of hunger. There are more enjoyable topics below, but shadow work means owning some of the monstrous sides humans are capable of becoming. Also, there is a quote that goes something like those who forget his or her story as in the past are doomed to repeat it!

This degree will benefit from working with Dumortierite while harnessing the attraction of luck, good health, and success by engaging with ancient, contemporary, and future traditions, customs, and ideals. Focus your time/energy upon your ability to evaluate people and situations through discernment that helps you intuit the best from what is available to you.

The affirmation is I am fully self aware and my status as well as self esteem are high. Do not forget that Asteroid Ceres is hovering nearby with a reminder to focus on nourishment and self care. Uranus is shaking up a lot presently, but collective destiny rises when faced with the unsettling especially if you follow a lion as your spirit guide.

While I’m still waiting on full time employment options and might be interviewing I’m hoping to make a brief post for the Lionsgate portal on August 8, 2022 as well. For us Leos such as myself who have our birthdays anywhere near this lunation including my mom we simply need to allow the Universe/Cosmos to do its thing once we set our intentions.

One of our focal points is to evolve this planet and society in a much higher direction because old establishments and ways of being must fall away. One of the vital meanings we find in the esoteric nature of Uranus is rising kundalini, an open Third Eye chakra, and exceptionally high levels of consciousness.

Poetry, Brail School of Music, Practice at Home Typewriters, East Side Music Shop, and The Girl’s Rifle Squad?
More banking adverts and when all else fails always inquire of the Question Box!

The advert literally reads all profit with no forfeitures or losses of any kind. Boy, does that sound kind of like false advertising!

If you want to express your highest destiny/truth working consciously with these vibrations is precisely what is needed in 2022. Things to expect include financial, agricultural, and environmental revolution, the rattling of long held beliefs, a great push for freedom by the people, increased food supply issues as well as general supply/demand problems, and natural resource fluctuations.

I noticed others who were cluing in at this time to the Beehive Cluster as well as the Evil Eye being cast. It’s always good to know that my Universal/Cosmic radar is on point. All of which resonate right back to someone legitimately hitting the bullseye when they stated this is the time to love thy neighbor as thyself!

Remember Leo is all about your heart as well as your spine. We know I covered my Dreamspell previously, but much like I did before with Genetic Matrix I’m going to see what the Dreamspell signature is for my Solar Return also known as my birthday today.

Because I’m exceptionally curious of what is the present now moment mojo! It appears that for 2022 I might want to be familiar with the Red Self-Existing Moon.

This fourth tone is a reference to Buddhist principles of standing apart from dependencies and the suffering that attachment brings by knowing that when we are self-existing we have personal autonomy emboldening ourselves to make our footprint instead of blindly following others.

This is the moment when a toddler takes their first steps as an aspect of individuation from their mother. Well post foot fracture and ankle ligament surgery I’ve officially learned “to walk” three times so I’ve got this one hands or is that feet down!

Bear with me as I’m struggling with proofreading some days or others WordPress mistakenly publishes on the wrong calendar date. Monday’s post was set to today which I had to correct before publishing today’s entry. Have a shoot for the stars New Moon in Leo! 🦁🌛✨

The local grocery store to not be named has decided to merchandise their water selection in honor of Kabbalah via the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death.

Now how many consumers won’t realize this because they’re not accessing their intuition and innerstanding of what might be a speculative time referencing the Aquarian water bearing age/aeon? 😲

Teach Me Tuesdays: Overcoming Obstacles (Companion to Manifestation Mondays)

“Let go completely of all worry, anxiety, fear, or need to control. Give it completely up.” – Ganesha

Come along for a chance to jump over some hurdles via our underlined hyperlink text today!


Before I begin there may be a slight discrepancy with yesterday’s blog post because I’ve looked again at the chart and tried to assess how my Libran house falls between both the 12th House, Ascendant, and 1st House. It’s highly possible Libra 26° of Asteroid Spirit is in fact in the 1st House. This would be just slightly significant in that most of us get stuck in rigidly defined personas which begin to shape our consciousness.

While the 12th House can cause a person to not know who they are losing the boundary or focus essential to their stability the 1st House is very much about likewise being too defined by the props of our ego which is a fiction in fact it can often be the “legal fictions” by which many of us operate for it is the mask shaping all accumulated experiences of our past.

You see the “legal fiction” is fortified by everything Ketu dislikes which is work/career, status/hierarchy, and relationships. Both of these astrological houses combined by an Ascendant therefore create a sticky and peculiar illusion we navigate in the 3D.

You see your Ascendant is a signature of dense physical garb describing you; a vehicle if you will which holds an immortal soul. The sign this falls in gives you the key to unlocking that which should be striven for this lifetime. Each incarnation your chances to grow spiritually and perfect yourself are enhanced through this struggle you’ve entered into.

The road of life which you take is defined by the Ascendant as your soul purpose and liberation point. Therefore in Libra we are to become a World Peacemaker through mental constructs fostered by the ruler of enlightenment known as Uranus who nourishes our occult training. This then becomes the link to world cultures, affairs, and social welfare.

Libra has a particular embodiment asked of it which is to fully accept all of its power, potential, and gifts by holding the celestial balance within their hands as a Cosmic judge, artist, lover, and peacemaker of the heavens. The healing charms and powers used for the benefit of self serve others through “we” not “me” consciousness to bring people together, repair lost dreams, and to purify consciousness.

And with that I won’t be explaining the birth, “legal fiction,” and self reliance or natural law concepts here because well that is best left to others as it will involve topics I prefer to not discuss on my astrology website/blog. Anyone who wants to investigate those exceptionally “touchy” topics may do so as they see fit for it will definitely be the butt heads against what is also referred to as the sovereign citizen movement.

Again these are issues of literalisms versus occultism which I don’t wish to get bogged down into or flame warred over with regards to legal or linguistic principals. After all I’m still “in the Matrix” so to speak! Albeit every single time I manage a personality test for that series I test as a Morpheus archetype.

I’ve seen a lot of people who hate the series or who simply don’t want to understand that it’s definitely heavily laced with Kabbalistic tones which for those online who know certain “circles” anyone with any Ashkenazi Jewish descent right now is gonna receive a boat load of “hatred.” And well I have a share of that on maternal as well as biological paternal.

We’re lumped into a group of people that engender so much stigmatism and peculiar beliefs we’re just really more often than not thought of as very much undesirable, unwanted, and so forth even if we’re not tied with certain questionable organizations.

Pesky Personality Tests Which Are Not Always Accurate

As I’ve said I’m quite the solitary or loner who simply chose my own path and seeks answers. I don’t belong to any extra curricular activities or “groups” that many choose to commit psychological warfare with. I’ve been online as a content creator since the late 90s so I’ve seen more than my fair share of rubbish! Or as I’ve said I don’t do “partnering” up well; I have that doesn’t always play well others thing for some reason to work on.

I’ve learned today that Ketu is not a physical planet rather it is a shadow planet of mystery known as Moksha Karaka indicating liberation through enlightenment, bliss, and the prevention of any one of us taking a rebirth via the 12th House of our astrology chart!

When Ketu blesses us we receive healing abilities and psychic powers, but some believe those who receive the negative aspect of Ketu will experience illness, heightened anxiety/fear, and well something about “ghosts” again. Yes, you read that correctly; “ghosts.” I guess now I can see why my Twitter friend, the Vedic astrologer, said we are like those Boos in the Mario franchise because of this peculiar belief.

“If you want to travel on the path of moksha (ultimate liberation), ‘You’ (the Self) do not have to ‘do’ anything. And if you want to wander in the worldly life, ‘You’ have to ‘do’ everything.” – Dada Bhagwan

It is said that offsetting the negative effects of Ketu is best done through the worship of Ganesha to overcome any obstacle created by Ketu which will assist with acquiring immense knowledge, spirituality, and luxury. I’m really not huge into “remedies or indulgences” therefore I don’t want to start digressing into those methods per say. What I do know is that many associate the following correspondences with Ganesha:

  • His elephant head and pot belly signify prosperity.
  • The color vermilion red or orange red is associated with eradicating grief, pain, and suffering (is that why my accent wall where my wealth altar is placed and the new top blanket of my bed are red).
  • Ganesha activates our Third Eye chakra.
  • Career growth is easily accessible, financial difficulties are resolved, and success in business is earned via the worship of Ganesha.

Now if we were to consider the blog post I did expressing links to the Golem folklore of a being created from clay with relation to “truth” then we’d learn how Ganesha is the planetary overlord of Ketu or those ruled by Ketu. The body of Ganesha was created via clay by Goddess Parvati who later infused life into it.

When Ganesha was beheaded becoming like Ketu who is seen as a headless lower half of a severed snake we learn of the elephant head which is to become Ganesha’s new appearance. If we place Ketu within Sagittarius we come into contact with Gaja Roopa known as the face of an elephant God.

Ganesha rides upon a mouse, is a leader of the Ganas, a destroyer of the hurdles placed before us, and the son of Shiva/Parvati. The elephant head signifies the Atma also known as the soul which encompasses the Supreme Reality. It is his human body which represents Maya or illusion. The trunk is in fact representative of the sound of cosmic reality while the head denotes wisdom.

The goad of the right hand helps propel humanity forward on their path, however, the noose held in the left hand captures all difficulties. There is much more to the iconography of Ganesha which anyone can learn.

This Hindu deity serves to destroy vanity, selfishness, and pride. When we incarnate with a ruler such as these two we are carrying perfected abilities with us from previous incarnations. Ketu is a friend in your chart of Mars and Jupiter remaining neutral towards Saturn, Mercury, and Venus while being the enemy of the Sun and Moon. Rahu is our worldly desires in opposition to the planet of spirituality, intense concentration, deep perception, inertia, and a connection to chaos.

Anyone who is strongly associated with Ketu will feel connected to something higher than them having Divine guidance governing their ability to access esoteric knowledge, alchemy, hypnotism, and telepathy.

“So, what do you do for a living? You may be sorry you asked.” – Unknown

Some see the negative side of Ketu as tied to cemeteries, burial grounds, and graveyards. The linkage with Mars can erupt into arguments, misunderstandings, or it can become courage. The seperativeness of this planet makes one introverted, unafraid of getting through life alone, introspective, and indicates our genetic baggage.

A Ketu ruled inidividual takes a strong liking towards astrology for it was Ganesha who was the first in the Hindu pantheon to take on the role of seer/astrologer. This will radiate further into tantrics, tarot readers, pranic/reiki healers, and those capable of accessing the Akashic Records. Our infamous Ketu rules our roots, but this includes depth analysis, examination, contemplation, and research often linked to code language such as what we find behind our mobile phones, laptops, and software applications.

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Ganesa

I’m returning to the Solar Arc Direction or SAD chart today. Here we see that asteroid Ganesa moved from my 9th House to my 10th House of Leo 21°. Making few aspects in my chart this asteroid is only semi sextile Mercury and sextile Saturn. Here we’ve taken higher education, philosophical pursuits, law, and long distance travel towards the arena of career, social status, and life path.

While the 9th House may be seen as college, the philosophies one subscribes to, and communication of these themes through writing it is the 10th House which becomes an indicator of one’s profession. Our 10th House is our Midheaven which directly influences our life path/future. The 10th House is ruled by both Capricorn and Saturn.

When we add Leo to the mix we find that one has to shine in their career being recognized for what they do. They will often be dominating which is why they prefer to work independently being proud of their accomplishments. This is the placement of one who communicates their insights, understands human nature, and is always being sincere.

We will be curious about life while analyzing, organizing, and defining how we interact with others. We enjoy the psychological currents, rational mind, and may appear reserved or secretive. Our greatest enjoyment is building our own secret cosmos to wander around in where we express our creative insights.

Usually this is the placement for those who match mental skills with open/honest communication personal or professional in nature while often taking to writing blogs or posting videos via the world wide web. We enjoy teaching about a wide variety of topics, but generally also have an interest in our ancestors and our collective past.

The chart holder has the capacity to attune to spiritual realities in a constant and patient manner projecting an aura of peace and exaltation into the world even when busy at work or grappling with challenges/conflicts. This calm and lucid atmosphere the chart holder creates is still there helping to imbue the people around them with harmony. The more the chart holder becomes aware of this the more they will be able to allow it to happen and the greater its positive effect will be.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “a holly bush covered with berries. It is in the snow.” The holly is alive and thriving in the death of winter. This degree has the power to bring vitality to bleak and barren landscapes and to affirm life even in the midst of those forces which are against it. A light is shone into the darkness persistently and joyfully helping others to see joy and possibility where none seems to exist. Work with guardian angel Rochel and daimon Decarabia.

Daimon Decarabia represents the Seven of Swords, Moon, Peace Lily, and Aquarius. I’ve previously covered Decarabia if you’re interested in finding information there. Additional information on this daimon indicates that you’ll often see Decarabia appear as a star within a pentacle particularly a flaming pentacle to symbolically stand for the fifth element linked to Cosmic consciousness.

This degree is about being an individual who is confident, flamboyant, and brave with an unrelenting and focused nature who accomplishes the near impossible with notable success. The affirmation is I am inventive, determined, and quirky which works for me.

The crystal assigned to this degree is one I could find scant information on so I’ve skipped it for today. Have an awesome Tuesday, and if I don’t blog the rest of the week it’s because I’m busy tending to my mother’s health or will be back at my part time cosmetology job. 🪔

PS: Am I the only who has noticed that it appears WordPress updated, but there are significant issues now with the way they format when you compose all your blog posts including the resizing of images is completely wonky?! I really don’t like it at all! It’s creating havoc in my life trying to figure the “bugs” out.

Manifestation Mondays: Spirit

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” – Buddha

There is a nice little asteroid you can plop into an astrology software such as via Astro.com known as Spirit (37452). I’ve decided to experiment today with the Solar Arc Directions (SAD) technique utilized for identifying key life events. This takes our natal time, place, and date of birth as the starting position and duplicates all the planetary positions upon an outer circle or wheel. The idea of this prognostication is that it complements transits and progressions.

Today we take a trip to concepts that are from Japan with our underlined hyperlink text which reminds me of high school and my 20s when I loved anything and everything Japanese.


For every year of life the outer wheel is moved forward roughly 1 degree per year. It’s important to acknowledge that with the SAD chart all planets and points are moving equally while kept in the same relative position. The rotation is determined by the Sun’s apparent daily motion as of your day of birth. The inner wheel as the natal horoscope never moves remaining the same as a constant while the SAD wheel moves and corresponds to the unfoldment of your life.

Significant aspects between SAD and natal shows when the important events within your life are scheduled to occur. I’ve seen a very good example of this used for Barack Obama gauging the date that he chose to run for Presidency as well as the date that he won the election showing the markers for these events.

What this prognostication is meant for is to identify the highly significant, dramatic, or major changes that will occur in your lifetime. I chose asteroid Spirit for obvious reasons today. Derived from Middle English and Old French espirit or Latin spiritus it is often signified to mean breath, spirit, to blow or breathe, and can be compared with inspire, respire, and transpire.

It is a displaced derivative of Middle English gast which likewise implies ghost. This came to me in remembering the discussion I had with a Vedic astrologer friend on Twitter who remarked that Ketu ruled people’s such as myself remind them of the Boo’s found in the Mario franchise which made me laugh. I then sent them a video of Ghost House levels because I could not help it; to me it was humorous, but to those who don’t like Ketu they emoted online through a crying emoji.

Yet Ketu is not all bad! In fact I was greatly torn on if I should not look to see if there was an asteroid for Ganesha to propose today for my blog, but I went against this opting for Spirit. Perhaps another day I’ll get to that! As the dominant lefty of my household with my infamous ring this again surprised me to read. The more one tries to learn about self as well as other in the hopes that we will one day “better relate.”

Or well maybe not! Sometimes or quite often I don’t feel as if I’m doing any of this right because wow sometimes I get some “wild” reactions! I’m glad I found someone else obsessed with Ketu because I’m obsessed with learning about my Magha nakshatra and Ketu feeling as if to others it will appear very self absorbed or wrong of me. I literally have to learn my own light and shadow if I want to be a better person though.

When we peer further into the metaphysics of Spirit we find that this is described as a moving force of God/Goddess said to be the creative intelligence. Within each of us this is a discoverable flow of thought which evolves independently of our reasoning process.

It appears when we focus upon the faculty of Truth through conscious and superconscious mind blended into soul and body which renews our mind. As we project this outward we build spiritual consciousness like that of a Buddha, Jesus, etc. This Spirit of Truth watches every detail of our life and when added to concepts from Greek mythology was symbolized by the goddess Hygeia.

“Nature is pleased with simplicity.” – Isaac Newton

Spirit is our I Am or Divine mind receiving impressions from the outer world. If we release our limitations we are perfected. Others perceive the aether, astral, and soul as virtually one emanating from creative law. Supreme Being lies deeper than soul making it difficult for the mind to grasp concepts of the Absolute. Soul touches the inner realm of Spirit to receive inspiration as well as the external world to receive impressions.

We purify the soul when we express Divine consciousness. Our Spirit is the Divine center within each of us which is always in contact with the Absolute teaching that separation is an illusion. That nucleus within must harmonize to express Divine consciousness and carry forth its ideas.

Our ego attached to our sense consciousness builds our Antichristian self via its adverse nature of selfishness and greed whereby we grovel in the mire of materiality. There is another ego which is of a spiritual self known as the true self which becomes an individualized God/Goddess consciousness or I Am identity.

This was not easy for me years ago to acknowledge during life coaching when I also abandoned the practice for reasons I’ve previously discussed. I actually was just beginning my spiritual journey and so I kind of scoffed at the very concepts being placed before me unwilling also to embrace them fully.

My Ketu is a 5th House placement therefore I’ve felt isolated during my educational curriculum, but I love to deep dig into any subject I am interested in. This placement aspects the 9th House and Ascendant implying that we will research more about ourselves as well as religion.

Our relations to marriage or children will be broken in life. Both of which were never interests for me to pursue this incarnation. I neither wanted to marry nor bear a future generation thereby I’ve gotten a lot of flack from my peers because I don’t partner up.

Ketu ruled are in traveling or wandering mode and this is the power given to us to rise to our highest potential. Jupiter works great with Ketu by activating all our chakras. Well placed Ketu activates health, happiness, monetary wealth, spiritual gains, and domestic happiness. If it happens to become weak or debilitated we instead acquire quarrels, litigation, and friendships with “mean” people where our time is wasted unnecessarily by burdens placed upon us.

We are often treated to familial discord as a normal process of life. Likewise Ketu can portend injury, surgical incisions, fatal diseases, unexpected medical expenses, and violence when not well aspected in a chart.

If you’re curious about some of my Vedic studies on myself to learn before I would consider offering them within my online business here are two entries that might help you see what I’ve been learning.

Vedic Self Studies:

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Spirit

My Solar Arc chart shows that Spirit has moved from my 11th House of Virgo to my 12th House of Libra 26°. Spirit is now semi sextile Jupiter and Pluto, opposition Saturn, square Neptune, trine Chiron the Wounded Healer, and sextile Uranus. So how does this all really translate into English. Well my 12th House is actually my Ascendant first, but this house rules that which we keep from others such as secrets, confinement as seen in prisons/hospitals, our past life incarnations, and endings.

When it is Libra ruled by Venus we have a difficult go when it comes to working with others therefore taking on a partner is actually discouraged for us. We do it all as an individual or as one person going it alone. We also can struggle with putting ourselves “out there” more.

This placement indicates what lead to our birth as well as our birth into the 3D itself. The 12th House is our unconscious, metaphysical, and spiritual doorway to the prenatal experience of the womb. The Ascendant in your chart is you physical birth. These two important life markers are the canvas of your life. It is hidden in the recesses of your mind and will create the entire tone of your existence. Anything placed on or near the 12th House and Ascendant reveals all the experiences of your mother during her pregnancy and your birth which directly affected you.

The Libran experience is meant to be a pleasant pregnancy with a calm and relaxed mother who may indulge in excess food and music, but there will be underlying issues regarding money and expenses. If we experience a 12th House Ascendant we realize the previously defined ego failed us. We desire newness expanding to connect to our cosmos through nature, art, and spirit yearning for the oneness we are a part of. We’ll enjoy meditation, nature walks, and finding time to be in balance. Our undoing is being lied to and betrayed by others. We have significant issues with “trust” that makes us unwilling to depend on others for our survival.

This placement means we’re impassioned to express ourselves through writing, art, music, and performance particularly creative form/process desiring a new mutually supportive environment to further develop in our life. We suffer from a strong desire to pull back the layers of our underlying feelings to gain awareness of having direct honest dialogue that pushes social norms/boundaries.

We can’t stand superficialities. We had extreme difficulties with our parents and authority figures that made us overly self critical of our self worth therefore we will almost never feel as if we measure up in life which hampers our sense of inner security and self acceptance. This propels us into self reflection and we often appear stoic yet desire to feel our emotions deeply.

We can’t put our insights into words for others to grasp, but we are hugely receptive to the natural world around us loving to deepen ourselves into spiritual practices. The Chiron aspect is the most important because we are destined to develop healing and teaching gifts especially for the area of psychology. We learn that we give and give and give only to receive rejection in life and as most of our relationships keep demanding more we grow resentful and embittered at how nothing we seem to do is enough to please others.

This causes us to opt to not partner and to focus on self love, self healing, and self help not wanting to give to others what they refuse to appreciate or even value constantly begging us for more until we can take it no longer. We literally hold onto all these old hurts and pain carrying it around constantly aware that we’ve been devalued which makes us less willing to be in relationships.

Meanwhile we’re stifled, frustrated, and angsty if we can’t express our authentic selves and we seek the unconventional. We don’t really like routine, can come off as eccentric, and often are forced into juggling multiple commitments. We generally are interested in fashion and gardening appreciating form/beauty at a higher level than most. If you’re wondering still about the Venus and Chiron aspect I’ve seen it defined as “Bleeding for Love.”

Some describe it as a Japanese art form of kintsugi where we are a broken ceramic with beautiful gold filling that needed repair. This became wabi-sabi later where something imperfect, damaged, and scarred can be made more beautiful for it through mottainai known as regret of waste and mushin as the acceptance of change. As a licensed aesthetician this is so funny to me to see in my blog post!

But also because I’ve often used online aliases which always incorporated “Mu” in them as well as the Solfeggio “Ut” or 396 hz frequency when I compose them with other numbers, special characters, and such as a means of identity. It is a constant for me to self identify as some form of “Mu” and “Ut” now also when I want an uncommon or unused alias. I also had a huge habit of sleeping to entrainment music and was trying recently to slow down on how much I consume for healing overnight. It became a voracious addiction.

A feeling of inevitability and momentum is here. The chart holder possessing this degree has a relaxed vital quality that can enliven and refresh everyone. Others may readily get caught up in their enthusiasm and without trying they can be a leader. When they strive to do anything their natural flow is spontaneous.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A gypsy cart with a campfire nearby.” Home is wherever you make it and this degree has the capacity to be comfortable anywhere. It has a lack of concern with formalities and the complex ways of the world. It is direct in its approach and relaxed. This makes all living simpler and more direct. When things get out of hand it knows how to scale down and cut back while maintaining a joy of living.

This helps to relax others who come in contact with it and to focus more on the here and now rather than worrying about the plans and duties of tomorrow. We are all going where we need to go and the more we acknowledge this the easier the path becomes until it is as easy as water falling off a mountain. Work with guardian angel Mikael and daimon Vepar.

Daimon Vepar is linked with the Seven of Pentacles, Venus, Taurus, and Mandrake. The Homunculus is part of your nervous system anatomy which I’ve studied a lot about due to my chronic pain particularly the peripheral/sympathetic nervous system and the hippocampus. Anything you do with Vepar will often be connected to Venus, fertility, and mental self transformation which usually implies creativity, resourcefulness, and dissolution of the ego. This daimon wants to rid a person of their phobias and disadvantageous patterns of thought.

I’ve seen it described that Vepar works with the planetary spheres of the Sun and Earth. Often what occurs is that a person explores their behaviors and emotions then initiates changes in their life in an attempt to remove toxic relationships. Internally this daimon helps a person heal negative self talk/criticism and depression.

This degree is best when we work with Crackle Quartz imparting the message that we seek balancing and transformational processes focused on determining our life path. The affirmation for this degree is I choose freedom and peace in this current situation.

Have a magical Monday everyone! I have to go tend to getting ready for sleep to be up bright and early in the morning. I’ve been exceedingly busy and sleeping in causes me to feel as if I’m a headless chicken running around or an animal chasing my tail all day unable to catch up. ⏰

Fun Quote Fridays: Liberty/Freedom

Solar Eclipse 2017 Wedding Ring

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”

  • Charlotte Brontë

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”

  • Coco Chanel

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”

  • Mahatma Gandhi

“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.”

  • Abraham Lincoln

“The first duty of a man is to think for himself.”

  • Jose Marti

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”

  • Henry David Thoreau

“I prefer liberty with danger than peace with slavery.”

  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The underlined hyperlink text brings up some questions for us to ponder; which one is sitting on my shoulder giving me advice exactly? 👼 or 😈?!

I decided upon this set of quotes when I began to notice the theme in my astrology chart surrounding “liberty/freedom” as I have been blogging. I see it in guardian angels I have researched, my ring, and when I slept to the audio of the Tibetan Book of the Dead or cited the following link recently in a blog post. Blogging seems to help me unravel my own hang ups or goals I am otherwise not entirely conscious of. Hopefully being an example will help others do the same as they will see some benefit to my astrological or spiritual musings as strange as they may appear.

I further saw this within my Vedic chart thanks to my natal nakshatra within Magha. My Ketu is Aquarian. Pitris represent our Divine ancestors also referred to as solar pranic energies who assist us on our journey from body to body. The purpose of this relationship is intended to remind us about our eternal connection to the continuity of life encouraging us to become more detached.

Pitris teach us about our cosmic spiritual essence which continues to live and travel through the cosmos even after the death of our body from life to life until it reaches final emancipation. Our Divine spark and Divine roots ask that we acknowledge our duties towards the material world which should be fulfilled with devotion and detachment. Our thoughts, actions, and words contribute to shaping the future.

Magha nakshatra inspires us to seek spiritual freedom from material bondages while honoring our roots and remaining responsible to the world that we come from. Moon in Magha desires for us to honor this sacred connection rather than try to be isolated from it which can make our ego too strong.

The ruling planet of Aquarius is also Saturn. Ketu and Saturn are friendly to one another. Saturn acts as significator of detachment from materialism while Ketu is associated with spiritual liberation. Those who are born with Ketu in Aquarius are quite erudite understanding the realities of life.

In honor of this blog post feel free to utilize your astrology software or Astro.com for a free extended chart to plot Goddess Libera in your natal, transit, and progression. Libera is asteroid 771.

For me this Goddess is placed in my natal 11th House Virgo 12°, transits my 8th House Gemini 8°, and progresses to my 12th House Libra 1°. I studied Goetia briefly before I put it down. Today I will add some information on the daimon associated with each degree for those who prefer this route. Mostly I was investigating the daimon for my birth when I learned my birth guardian angel was Nith-haiah. I complain about being solitary and unnoticed. Meanwhile I have Glasya Labolas with the 8 of Wands, Mercury, Sagittarius, and Rosemary. I read somewhere this daimon acts like you have a cloak or cap of invisibility and ensures you are not overly materialistic. So I have a Romulan Bird of Prey?! Exactly when did this happen; scratches her head. 🤯

Glasya Labolas can be invoked to ensure what you’re doing is kept secret making you “invisible.” This daimon will make you wise to what is really going on around you while ensuring your friends and enemies are unsuspecting. This daimon is ideal for execration/binding, but also keeps your projects secret from noisy coworkers or competitors.

The 11th House deals with one’s aspirations, everything that has to do with friends or people in authority, philosophy/religion, idealism, speculation, and understanding of other people. Often the 11th House focuses on organizations which are humanitarian based.

The 8th House rules death, occultism/magic, sexuality, inheritances, and that which we must let go of. This can be considered one of the best mentors to teach us about life and it’s meaning.

The 12th House holds the subconscious/unconscious, secrets, self knowledge/gnosis, and deals with seclusion. Loss, isolation, hospitals, prisons, hidden enemies, fear of death, illness, and self undoing are featured here. These collective realms of life include neighborhoods, organizations, and the world in general.

Natal and Transits Asteroid Libera
Natal and Progression Asteroid Libera


A dog sniffing a dead animal.

Searching for clues, you probe the straight line and the intricate curve, tapping the mind’s powers for intricate operations. Prone to find the pathological, the destructive, and the inverted, the bloodhound sleuth checking everything out everywhere. Curious, fascinated, alive with speculations, hunches, notions. Wanting to track something down, to get resolution. Needing to know, poking about in the dark. You possess remarkable senses and an almost purely telepathic mind, tremendously skilled and adroit. But you can get poisoned by skepticisms and by too heavy an exposure to the dark underbelly of things. Desperate to learn how to also accept and embrace all that is, unconditionally, to let go into rightfulness and goodness in the very thick of things being rotten and pervasively wrong.

This degree shows that one is acutely aware of the forces of entropy/decay. One grasps the reality where everything eventually winds down, loses energy, and falls apart. When you struggle against this inappropriately you actually wear yourself out with futility trying to remedy what needs to be let go of as well as allowed to disintegrate. This degree indicates that the insights one born on this degree has into what is going wrong can be invaluable and used as a basis to effect renewal/rejuvenation. Work with guardian angel Caliel. The associated daimon to work with is Bathin.

Bathin corresponds to the 10 of Pentacles, Venus, Virgo, and Mistletoe. What I have read online invoking Bathin before travel ensures a smoother journey. Kitchen witchery gets you further with Bathin than ceremony/ritual! With regards to travel Bathin is also helpful with astral projection. Kabbalah teaches that the true secrets of our cosmos are only revealed to those willing to enter the various elements of the astral planes of which the allegorical Tree of Life is supposed to symbolize. Buddhism teaches that this can be reached via meditation and self realization.


A chandelier which holds lit candles.

Creative self-hood lights up the world. The brightness lies in the realization of being all things, becoming all things. It is everywhere at once. Nothing is linear, nor consecutive. The spinning upon an axis of power. Joy lies in making the connections, in being a resource, in bringing the situation to what it can be. All is activated, mobilized. Your potential is actualized by being all-inclusive and keeping every side of life in your sights. Lit up from within, having a place to shine.

This degree gives forth light by which collective humanity can see what is around them. This luminous degree assists others in seeing their way forward while giving as much as it can to those in need. Finding within itself what is needed to serve the situation at hand this degree can often be surprised at what can come forth from the depths of self at the right moment when the need arises. Work with guardian angel Habuhiah and the daimon Belial.

Belial corresponds to 6 of Swords, Sun, Aquarius, and Mullein. The little bit I have read online this daimon influences how others view or perceive you. I have read for some this has included the creation of a new website, a better job with better paying clients, and new “spirit” friends; but there is a catch. It comes after your life is shaken up by a healthy dose of chaos. Belial has also been known by some to work with one’s finances particularly ensuring troublemakers pay you back if they owe you money (particularly banks or other institutions). This usually revolves around bank loans, alimony, etc.

This can also occur at the national level by disrupting malicious power structures.

I have likewise read Belial assists in freeing one from tyranny and oppression. If we consider the traditional Devil tarot card your chains of bondage are revealed to you and you are given the power to break them.

The three most practical applications of Belial’s powers are:

  • Free yourself from any form of bondage such as toxic relationships, dead end employment, and drug addiction.
  • Advance your career with recognition as an authority.
  • Defend yourself against political oppression and tyranny.

Interesting… Although now I have Sia stuck in my head also! Thanks Chandra Symbols for mentioning chandeliers.

Art Puzzle (iPhone app)


A group of fat Italian ladies preparing bread.

Archetypal, universal, and diffuse allegiances, activities, and realms of experience. Becoming camouflaged perfectly by adopting a persona that is wondrously engaging and easily connected with. Putting it on a bit heavy, thick grease paint. You exult in getting away with seeming to be the world’s most anonymous person, the disguise can stick to the face. Overt consciousness awash in mass identification, at times you are able to penetrate through and find open possibilities, but you are primarily engrossed in the outer. And alive to the advertised sensations of what it is like to be popular, well-received, and simply welcome wherever you go as part of the mix, and no problem at all.

This degree has the ability to find the easiest most direct ways of relating to the world around it as well as with other people. Here one wants everyone to feel nourished, included, and to have a good time. One mixes so very well with all other types of energies and degrees that they function as a kind of lubricant that makes everything run more smoothly through their ease of connecting with what is inviting. This degree imbues one with a simple and elusive beauty which can mutate into what will best serve the purpose of enhancing interactions with others. Work with guardian angel Aniel and daimon Phenex.

Daimon Phenex corresponds with the 2 of Wands, Moon, Aries, and Roses. Phenex is ideal for work with creative muses. Invoke Phenex during fire baptisms and rebirth rituals including creative path working. He’s described as motivational; some say he lights a fire under your bum to get you moving (out with the old/in with the new)!

Is Phenex at all related to phoenix?!

You tell me! Happy TGIF! 🐦🔥🐦

Ink Spot Passed New Years 2022 Due to Kidney Failure, And I Miss Her as She Arrived a Kitten on My Doorstep Near Halloween. She Was Raised to Old Age With Us!

Today I share with you a Glowing Jungle Sound Bath. Have a great start to your weekend.

Teach Me Tuesdays: North Node and South Node

Sanskrit Karman – Act, Action, and Performance

When discussing astrology whether it is tropical or sidereal both take into account a fictional or imaginary planet or node. For me personally I believe a lot of time could be spent here alone in study. On tropical astrology it is widely different than when I look at sidereal actually for myself. While it may seem as if I suffer self absorption in how often I study my own charts it is quite the opposite, and my explanation for my logic may fall on deaf ears. I can not make everyone like me after all. My time spent in studying my own astrology charts as well as those of others is the fact that I believe in the phrase “know thyself” both strengths and weaknesses. It is an actionable goal then to take that knowledge and improve one’s self with it.

I have been itching to do this study/post. It is long, but I believe worth your time.

So if you believe I suffer narcissism I ask you to reconsider your stance and instead question if it is not my desire to better myself that makes me involved in studying my natal charts or the charts of others to help them improve their lot in life. Lately it is very easy to project labels onto others and play finger pointing blame games due to cancel culture. We learn best by example and thus we are picking up negative habits without conscious awareness. Ironic this act shows three fingers point back at the accuser of the wrong. That should warrant caution in who you attack! What I instead see is people slinging snow balls at each other not in an act of play, but in an act of war with severe consequences for those actions and beliefs.

There are are two lunar nodes in tropical astrology acting as an intersection between the ecliptic and the orbit of the Moon. These nodes deal with your spiritual journey of your soul past, present, and future holding the keys to lessons you learned or are yet to learn. This is important within karmic astrology for those who believe in reincarnation as well as those who wish to treat these nodes as their past and future in this present lifetime.

The North Node reveals your soul journey towards growth! Here we find the traits you desire to develop in this incarnation to grow the most. Yet this process is not easy. In the natal chart your North Node indicates the challenges and struggles of the first part of your life which gets easier after the age of 30. The South Node represents your past showing your karmic strengths where you will usually excel as you have a lot of experience already here. You are very comfortable in this placement, but this doesn’t help you grow. Hence why we are told to step out of our comfort zones. You are supposed to focus on your North Node despite the strong pull to fall back on the South Node. The lunar nodes spend in each sign approximately 18 months with an orbital period is 18.6 years. They are directly opposite each other and they are always retrograde.

If I was to look at my mom’s tropical chart and compare it to mine we would find my mom has her North Node in Libra with the South Node in Aries while I have my North Node in Virgo and my South Node in Pisces. I am not going to explore the houses at this time, but perhaps we can explore that at a later time and date. I picked this combination because I was named after my mom and our birthdays are only three days apart. People also have a tendency to confuse us for sisters which is to her benefit as it is a compliment that she still looks younger than her age!

Libra North Node vs Aries South Node:

Libra to Aries Polarity is About Balancing Me and We

Libra Keywords: partnership, marriage, and learning they do not need to do everything alone because others are here and in their life to help them

Aries Keywords: self-sufficiency, independence, and believes they do not need help from others as they are competent in anything they set out to accomplish

My mom’s life mission this incarnation is to learn that her actions and everything said by her affects the people around her while she can be utterly oblivious to the impact this has on another. In fact she may not care how it affects those around her putting her on the wrong trajectory. By becoming entirely aware and completely considerate of her actions and words she will better be able to build the friendships and the partnerships that are necessary to her overall growth in this life.

Partnerships and relationships will not come to her while stagnated in her Aries South Node way of doing things. When she learns to think less about herself and more about the needs of others she begins to attract many people into her life who will help her, bless her, and who make her life so much easier for her to live. This requires her to stop being self-centered and selfish. Which I think she has accomplished.

Virgo North Node vs Pisces South Node:

Virgo  to Pisces Polarity is About Balancing Analytical Mind and The Dreamer

Virgo Keywords: helping those weaker or who do not know how to do things for themselves, teaching, serving others fulfills my life

Pisces Keywords: less structure and routine, less selflessness or sacrifice of one’s wants/needs, and less focus on healing others

This incarnation for me is full of an endless pursuit where I continually serve other people and want to make them happy. With the North Node in Virgo I have somewhat of a selfless quality where I will give a lot of myself to the world around me because I do not find value in myself unless I help others. Structure and routine are vital to me. I need to have structure and routines in my life to stay sane.

Therefore I prefer to plan my life accordingly and may not be spontaneous. For example, if someone calls me up right now to say, “Hey, let’s go have XYZ,” I tend to refuse because the event wasn’t planned ahead of time and I may have something else to attend to. And I do realize this can be really annoying! My apologies again. You will find I apologize a lot also. A habit I picked up somewhere and have not let go of! I have had people point this out to me a lot to make me conscious of the fact.

Now let us look at this through the lens of sidereal astrology. I am born into Magha as mentioned in previous blog posts and this will be of importance for myself with regards to Ketu who I am continuously learning about. It is almost a strange obsession now. And this makes sense for those following my blog who also noticed my mention previously of my studies on Jupiter in my astrology chart. You will see how this shapes my present goals and where I need help.

Wisdom Wednesdays: Making the Unconscious Mind Conscious

The constellations governed by Ketu are Ashwini, Magha, and Moola. Through Vedic astrology we find the North Node is known as Rahu and the South Node is known as Ketu. The South Node or Ketu is often considered to be a point of difficult karma from one’s past life where one has reaped the results of a selfish and egotistical set of deeds in their past. The higher equivalent of Ketu represents a tendency towards moksha or liberation with mastery of secret mysterious knowledge.

Rahu and Ketu are famous for very unexpected outcomes. Both Rahu and Ketu are 180 degrees apart. The professions advised for Ketu include, but are not limited to magician, medical nurse or doctor, and astrologer. Rahu and Ketu indicate our karmic and spiritual influence in the natal chart. I have seen by some allotted the sign Sagittarius as the house of exaltation for Ketu while others believe Ketu to be exalted via Scorpio. Debilitation may be found in Gemini or Taurus. Ketu is considered strongest within Jupiter and known for spirituality.

Any person influenced by Ketu will be gifted with spiritual achievement with strong interests towards religion and secret awareness of supernatural powers or paranormal related subjects. These individuals may have great healing power. Periods allotted generally for a Ketu Mahadasha is seven years. When Ketu is placed favorably in any natal chart it brings a lot of luxury, wisdom, and intuition to that individual. If unfavorable Ketu is prone to causing unnecessary depression, lack of concentration, and unreasonable anxiety.

My mom has her Ketu in Aries with her Rahu in Libra while I have my Ketu in Aquarius and my Rahu in Leo.

Ketu in Aries vs Rahu in Libra:

Looking at the Dragons Head or Tail is Like Flipping a Coin

Aries Keywords: self, ego, physical body, perceptions of self by others, and paternal grandparents

Libra Keywords: romantic relationships, business partnerships, equal exchanges between two people, maternal grandparents, nieces, and nephews

Success comes when my mom accepts situations that keep showing up in her life such as a call to action, competitiveness, assertiveness, and leadership gracefully rather than begrudgingly. This is because she is well versed at following her instincts. As soon as she refrains from trying to avoid these situations she will create situations which are peaceful, co-creative, and harmonious! She excels at being tactful, honest, diplomatic, and a stellar mediator. She must learn that action and leadership are to be taken on when required and that one must risk some people not “liking” them in life.

Ketu in Aquarius vs Rahu in Leo:

Looking at the Dragons Head or Tail is Like Looking at an Ouroboros

Leo Keywords: spiritual beliefs, teaching, publishing, broadcasting, short/long distance travel, father, in-laws, and step-children

Aquarius Keywords: communication, listening, learning, work performed with the hands, siblings, neighbors, and cousins

I am that person who knows how to get ahead in society and may seem to others as a quirky scientist conducting bizarre experiments at large. I am more inclined to be laughed at or see my ideas rejected by others who won’t appreciate them or me until years later. Ketu wants me to brood about the collective and networks, but the Universe has a sense of humor and my life always go awry.

You can find me rejected for my contributions thus pushed towards Rahu in Leo where I must shine alone only as an individual. I toggle emotional and intellectual expression and am forced to step into the limelight whether I like it or not. In this role I am to accept everyone projecting their love and hate combined on me.

Do whatever it is I excel at while I embrace my emotional outbursts as the collective will then project their own stuff onto me positive and negative polarity while I have to somehow learn to not take it personally and realize doing this in fact helps to heal collective wounds as I am great at being the example of not allowing my ego to be fed by the opinions of another as I do not suffer much when I am being criticized. Although I believe I need to work on this. I still feel a bit wounded when I am excessively unappreciated or under valued by others! I imagine that is part of being human.

Jupiter is in my 10th House whether it is tropical or sidereal astrology which helps me advance my career. I can have a bright career and become very successful at what I do. I must guard against arrogance and being overly status oriented. I have a tendency towards leadership roles or my life may play out as a teacher or a hairdresser/cosmetologist for examples.

You will find this placement makes me ambitious and career focused. It is also common to find that I will have high moral standards, but as with anything it is best to maintain detachment. Ketu likes to remove certain benefits to keep one in check as I like to call it through liberating them from their ego. Many see Ketu as a malefic which it is not. Ketu simply is a bit of a strict teacher in life and many dislike this while others such as myself grow to love Ketu for the blessings we have received!

Hopefully I did pretty good at explaining these concepts, however, if you have questions please leave me a comment so I can assist you with answers. As I have stated I believe one could study this topic for quite some time and find a wealth of new perspective as long as they remain open minded to accept new opinions in the realm of astrology instead of closed off or threatened by something different.