Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Wish Fulfillment Meets High Ambition

“She was a wild one; always stomping on eggshells that everyone else tip-toed on.” – Kaitlin Foster

Today’s positive tarot reading offers a bit of guidance through underlined hyperlink text to elaborate upon the meanings and messages being given at this current moment in time/space.


Today we pulled the Nine of Hearts (Cups) with the King of Diamonds (Pentacles). These two cards have some great energy to share with us. Let’s take a brief look at these cards while I share a few additional interpretations to give readers some options on what they wish to receive from the Universe/Cosmos today.

I pulled the first card on the top of the deck after shuffling, cutting, and shuffling the deck as well as the card at the bottom of the deck this time which I don’t routinely do.

The Nine of Hearts (Cups) speaks to living in the present now moment. We are becoming mindful to not miss opportunities which stare us squarely in the face unlocking long term success for positive change in our lives. As a representation of happiness and joy as well as incredibly positive luck following us we are promised favorable outcomes, but not without a customary warning.

Another way to view the Nine of Hearts (Cups) is the genie card. If you knew you could not fail what would you do with your life? This particular card suggests you do just that.

If we’re too focused upon the future we will miss what the Universe/Cosmos is presently putting on offer before us. Keep your eyes on the goal and don’t get distracted whatever it is that you’re seeking to achieve.

We are in the midst of emotional and physical transformations that require us to perceive reality in a new way. You have been given a symbol of deeply unconditional love which comes from a place/time that we would not expect.

This connection offers an awesome basis for relationships to develop and flourish, but you have a narrow window of opportunity to seize upon this. Someone is entering your life who seeks a deeper connection, but they still are unsure of your feelings.

Allow head and heart to work in unison going forward. Allow intuition to also guide your ambitions while guarding against being constrained by anxiety or analysis paralysis. Career wise this is one of the most positive signs for business and financial improvements.

You have a favorable destiny if you keep working cooperatively with the Universe/Cosmos and your spiritual guides to choose the correct higher life path/purpose by letting your inner light make decisions for you. If you’re struggling with confidence learn to forgive your mistakes and embrace your strengths.

This card shows up as you begin spotting blockages and cutting cords or unlocking your true potential. When combined with the King of Diamonds (Pentacles) you receive a representation of financial abundance, physical wealth, and well being. Receiving this card is a signification that you’re on the right track and it encourages your current course of action.

When we desire to manifest greater wealth in our life this card offers us the confidence to move forward. It indicates Divine Providence reassuring that good things are on their way. Material prosperity comes in multiple forms whether that is financial freedom, better health, or an improved overall welfare.

It’s vital to remember both of these cards are not total victory so stay the course and continue working hard. Obstacles and delays can still present themselves so be prepared to adapt.

Don’t ignore other areas of your life by only having professional goals. You may be receiving a new love opportunity from an area you’re not expecting. You might be offered relationships that place you with those who are on the same wavelength and you will be mirroring each other’s energy/vibrations.

Continue your communication and cooperation or diplomacy skills while working towards common goals at this time. This card combination is great in careers for persistence towards goal achievement as long as we don’t rest on our laurels. Just don’t forget to pay attention to other areas of your life.

Keep watching for further patterns or synchronistic events while acting from a place of integrity. At present the Universe/Cosmos is your cheerleader encouraging you to balance your physical and spiritual path progression. Now is a time to expect the unexpected.

The King of Diamonds (Pentacles) is symbolic of like attracts like encouraging us to remain grounded while being enterprising. It has been called the Midas touch card.

Nine of Hearts (Cups) Alternative Meanings:

King of Diamonds (Pentacles) Alternative Meanings:

Have a felicitous Thursday! Much love and blessings! 💗