Manifestation Mondays: Do You Have a Siren’s Calling?

“She is a mermaid, but approach her with caution, her mind swims at depths most would drown in.” – Unknown

Plunge to new depths today with the underlined hyperlink text that will enhance your collection of thingamabobs.


There is an archetype of the Siren which can be perhaps a bit similar to the Enchantress or Femme Fatale if we consider how this is portrayed in stories we’ve grown up with. Today I wanted to investigate this with the Draconic theme I used in yesterday’s blog post by seeking out related asteroids I could look at through a magnifying glass of my own self study.

What I found was a little different than I expected. I found Asteroid Merman (5456) which I believe will pull in the Divine Masculine energies which I’ve combined with Asteroid Sirene (1009) to embody the Divine Feminine energies, but there is also Asteroid Melusina (373).

I think I will make this a two part series and work on a full blog post devoted solely to Melusine tomorrow on my Teach Me Tuesdays so I can properly cover her with the asteroid. She honestly deserves her own space in my opinion.

Sirene is a Danish derivative taken from the Latin Siren and Greek Σειρήν Seiren which originally meant entangler or binder and was used to describe a rope or cord as well as the action of grabbing, seizing, and enclosing. Greek mythology depicted this archetype as a seductive yet dangerous female who lured passersby in through irresistible singing.

Merman was a derivative of Old and Middle English Meremenin which originally meant mermaid or siren depicted as a legendary creature that is a human male from the waist up and fishlike from the waist down.

Maybe my attraction to the archetype is also because I was born in Clearwater, Florida and as a child you could not get me out of the water. Even now I love my showers and the rainwater shower head when I get in. I used to be a bubble bath junky growing up as well.

Not to mention how much water I drink some days. I’m a 1979 baby! Honestly I kind of want to move back to Florida from Texas, but I might be having a nostalgic past moment.

The Archetypes:

There is in fact a theme here that well some might just not actively recognize while others will. Why the pull towards the Draconic again? It has to do with the fact that through a Draconic Chart analysis we look into the past life which as I’ve said with my lunar nodes we will find more hidden gems as my South Luna Node was Piscean.

That past life karma is revealed also within the Draconic landscape to show what any incarnating soul has brought forth from their previous incarnation to be experienced/resolved in their current incarnation through the North Lunar Node which for me is Virgo.

“Let the sea set you free.” – Unknown

From within this we discover the events, careers, and relationship any individual experiences on their soul path. Which while this is all from the Western rather than Vedic school still holds merit. I’ve spent countless hours examining my Vedic through Magha nakshatra, but sometimes I’m less inclined to investigate the Western.

Draconic positions help us contact and work on our shadow as they indicate where we will have less free will and where our unconscious is being experienced which is always depicted as sources of water be they rivers, oceans, and so forth. The Vedic system displays this dance as Ketu and Rahu. It all builds upon itself similar to the layers of an onion!

Draconic Chart for Asteroid Merman and Sirene

So what we see for me is that Asteroid Merman is within my 1st House of Taurus at 22° with Uranus square Sun and sextile Moon. Asteroid Sirene creates a stellium in the 10th House of Aquarius at 24° with Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter opposition Sun, semisextile Moon, and sesquiquadrate Neptune. That “white dove over troubled waters” symbol is significant!

The degree that Asteroid Sirene is on has previously been covered twice now in blog posts so I encourage everyone to head on over and look at both of those entries. This is really to serve the purpose of not redundantly covering the same information over and over again like a broken record because I’ve rather extensively appealed to the study of this degree now. Now let’s define this in English.

This placement displays an increased need for love and affection. We don’t like to be involved in the drama of others. Challenges are often responded to with a focus on aligning to our essential value systems. We are seeking to improve our relationships by sharing our feelings and speaking from our heart space. Successfully accomplishing this removes the lower frequencies of anger and resentment.

We’ve learned to bury aspects of ourselves which don’t fit in with the world. If our independence or individuality is threatened by a career, relationship, or the societal norms we eventually develop an us against the world mindset. Anything swallowing us whole makes us fight for freedom. This is because we enjoy being a free spirited and childish soul who breaks out of routines.

The last time that Uranus was sesquiquadrate was during 1952-56 influencing humanity. This second phase of post war children offered relative stability and reconstruction. Yet the collective of humanity was torn between post war labor reformist policies of a welfare state and the dreams/fears of a new world that is openly rejecting how inhumane most of us are capable of becoming.

Do you revolt against authority and become anti establishment or do you wish to feel socially secure? Personal freedom is paramount and asserting this right is always a struggle.

The degree itself displays as follows for better understanding. An elixir of flower nectars and mists, of golden rains, dark sleets, and mountain snows, an elixir of waters and light. The waters providing the light with a body where it might open into the fullness of its color. The Throat chakra a ravine down which the light and water rushes into a cave of marvels each color drawn to heal a different ray of darkness. For darkness too has its own dark rainbow.

Communicating gently and with the whole of our being we create within ourselves a healing energy that enlivens us deeply. When we tune in to the unique needs of every situation we become increasingly aware of the direction our actions are taking us.

Becoming saturated with the spiritual light we become increasingly impervious to the forces of destruction. Sensing the direction in which we are headed we search for alternative possibilities which are often not obvious. Work with guardian angel Imamiah and daimon Allocer.

Daimon Allocer is connected with the Eight of Pentacles, Venus, Sage, and Virgo. If you’re working with this daimon you will learn how to utilize the planets in your initiation. Allocer is also helpful in aiding your focus, clear thinking, and establishment of proper boundaries.

I’m laughing because while I was working at one of our sister franchise stores last week the management “saged” the location my first day. One of those Jungian synchronicities!

There is no fixed star, but it’s advised one work with Dioptase crystal. A good message is to remember that our emotions exist in two realms; physical and spiritual. Focus on remembering that when angry, fearful, and suffering from blind ambition we get static on the radio station of our soul. The affirmation should read I moderate myself with inner aim.

I’m wrapping up this with a few ASMR videos that use the siren/mermaid theme for your entertainment. Please pick whichever one strikes your fancy or watch all of them. Have a magical and inspired Monday! 🧜‍♂️🏰

Mermaid ASMR:

Before I go I’d like to share a few more garden updates with everyone which will be brief.

I will be cutting more green, yellow, and purple beans tomorrow as well as checking on the potatoes to see if they’re ready for harvest.
We are still exceptionally abundant in lettuce at present.
New flowers have emerged to share their colors with us and our red zinnias are content out in the front garden.
The roma tomatoes are playing a game of catch up to other veggies in the garden.
The blanket of cosmos flowers is a bright display of yellows and oranges which has attracted a few butterflies, but I’ve not been able to get any selfies of them as they appear shy. And I’m debating on if I should thin my carrots as they’ve also been a bit more of the growth pace of a snail.
I do believe if I’m identifying the leaves and other criteria one of these wildflowers in the backyard garden is borage which I grew years ago to attract bees. In fact I think we have leaf cutter bees in the sage.
The three level tier garden bed out front collpsed after a storm; wood rot! We salvaged and put basil in a pot while the back is still doing very well also.
There is a ladybug in the center of where a sunflower should be growing actually!
The hollyhock was trimmed of atrocious leafminer and our cactus garden is also expressing that the heat is a bit too much!