Fun Quote Fridays: The Record Still Stands

“Why don’t vultures check their bags when they fly? They just take carrion.” – Unknown

Birds of a feather are flying together via underlined hyperlink text this Friday. They have their own version of first class!


“The bulb was relieved when his lawyer told him that he’d only been charged with a light sentence.”

  • Anonymous

We’re still holding at the age of 43 and never served on a jury believe it or not. Jury duty was cancelled by 11:30 AM CST through e-mail notification today from the county I was summoned within. And here someone told me my luck had run out. Not yet!

We’re going to have a brief look today at Asteroid Justitia (269) before I crash for the night. Looks like tomorrow is actually another day off for me before I work my Saturday alone at my part time cosmetology gig. But as we go about an astrological journey I wanted to enhance the post just a little because I had a surprise sighting on my way home from work today.

Being that I’ve learned I am the company’s designated floater means that the store I worked at today is within a neighborhood jurisdiction exactly five minutes from my house. Naturally as I drove through this neighborhood which is not the one with which I reside in I got to experience a total of 8 vultures sitting atop a fence. Not your normal kind of sighting where I’m from in Texas.

I decided today to look up some information regarding the number 8 as well as vulture totem animals. Let’s have a quick lesson on this combination to see what we can gain from something otherwise abnormal in my book.


“You’re under arrest for doing your best to rob a bank of its treasure chest.” – Unknown

Now that we’ve established that for the day I wanted everyone to take a good look at the Goddess Justitia before I showcase her location in a Lunar Return Chart in perfect timing with our upcoming Full Harvest Moon which I previously wrote about.

We all know I’ve written before about the precession where many have stated Regulus which rules Magha nakshatra alongside Ketu has moved Leo to Virgo or that my Western/Tropical natal Moon, North Node, and Lilith reside in Virgo. I also did a blog post regarding Spica.

As much as I try to navigate both schools of thought I managed even to miss this one not that long ago in 2022. The theme certainly resonates loud and clear! Then again what of it is what my blog readers or followers might ask.

Well if you’ve been here for a while reading any of my random ramblings annoying or otherwise enlightening about my life you would remember I mentioned I once handled 500+ federal law cases as an administrative link to medical malpractice lawyers for breast implants with silicone poisoning.

Today my mom informed me that I might get a chance to re-experience my past for the FDA has now begun to issue warnings about the scar tissue which can surround breast implants leading to cancer for women.

I guess we were not fighting hard enough as I pooled or rather combed through countless medical records of women sometimes looking for the manufacturer numbers to settle their cases while determining how much money they were being awarded for the damage rendered them.

Or the women whose botched jobs led to gangrene in their breasts causing them to have their nipples permanently removed. These are the stories now that their cases settled which without giving out names I can tell women and men alike of including one woman who died at Christmas before we could settle her case despite the fact that I would be on the phone with these women or their families often being sent photos because when it’s personal you develop a relationship or bond with these clients.

If law offices in Texas were not making it mandatory that I be bilingual when Spanish for me was a nightmare in high school making me not want to pursue it again I would make an effort to go back in since I’m looking for receptionist or administration positions again.

I used to temp downtown even for some large law firms in my 20s often off 6th and Congress where I live. It was a commute that I am not sure I want to take again though in my 40s. A lot has changed in this city!

You just don’t know the many experiences that I’ve had because I don’t take the time to share them with everyone that I meet in life online or even offline because I’ve learned most people actually really don’t care.

My circle of influence has shrunk a lot with age. I’ve realized that written or verbal words from me mean little and it’s my actions that will speak louder to get my points across to the deafness and dumbness of those who have dissociated or numbed out.

Then again I never have understood why women subject themselves to breast implants even after I watched my high school best friend’s mom have hers removed from the silicone poisoning with tubes draining her lymphatic system only to be permanently disabled after.

Nothing is worth that for what I call fake beauty, but I’m that oddball who values natural beauty over fake. Strange as that sounds given that I do wear mineral makeup when I am in public.

At home I’m often though no makeup, hair in a bun atop my head, and in pajamas or exercise wear. I only dress up when the need arises otherwise I’m all for comfort and just being me rather than worry about my ego.

This is why I don’t take selfies either. The blog may appear narcissistic, but really I just like to teach people by example that there is more to learn from astrology than they take for granted. I digress I wanted this to be a short blog post. Let’s go find our asteroid shall we…

Lunar Return Chart for Asteroid Justitia
Natal Chart for Reference

Imagine that I’m seeing yet another Kite in this chart once again! What we see is that Asteroid Justitia is in the 8th House of Capricorn at 8° trine the Sun and square Jupiter. How would this be best defined one might ask.

The obstacles of one’s past must be removed by eliminating the barriers between you and the goals which you have been trying to achieve for a long time. Significant karmic events will be experienced which have a lasting impact on your everyday life.

This is a time where Saturn asks that one acquire knowledge and experience while becoming disciplined during a busier time of serious duties that require commitment.

This transit within any chart can last from 1-3 months to a total of 2 1/2 years all depending upon any retrograde movements of Saturn. Saturn is called the ruler of destiny so we pay the consequence for karmic debts. Anyone who has had a negative or destructive influence on your life is immediately removed from your circle.

A key position in any chart one is asked to start a new diet which builds healthy habits for not just the body, but the overall emotional stability and mental clarity of the chart holder.

Opportunities present themselves for teaching and travel. Persistence is required to see results as shortcuts are not tolerated during this period of life. Health wise the biggest areas of concern will be the teeth, skin, and bones. Focus on self improvement while becoming more patient with thinking outside of the box to find alternatives to reaching your goals.

You’re required to develop new skills while recognizing that many who have been in your life thus far will begin to impede all your endeavors interfering with your plans by wishing to exert control over you or limit your actions.

They will become psychic vampires who draw upon your physical energy and financial resources. This is a chance for you to apply moral, ethical, and legal norms to your ambitions. Your body will be more vulnerable than usual requiring that you be more cautious.

“What do you call a stuck-up criminal going down some stairs? A con descending.” – Unknown

In times of hardship this degree keeps on going. There is a complete acknowledging of and a conforming to limitations. A continual compromising as it moves on through confining or frustrating situations by doing whatever has to be done to maintain a forward flow. A gentle flexible interaction with the world’s densities is its power.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A snake charmer.” The only way you can charm the snake is to get in tune with it. This is not about having power over the snake rather it is about melding to its consciousness and following its dance.

This degree is adept at following the dances of others while tracking with them in such a way that discord and misunderstanding are let go of at least for awhile so that an exchange of energies can occur which always promotes deep understanding. Work with guardian angel Iahhel and daimon Valac.

Daimon Valac corresponds with the Nine of Wands, Mercury, Sesame, and Sagittarius. Treasures are revealed by this daimon to those working with Valac especially with regards to employment. While the mention of serpents exists this is often much more to do with learning kundalini yoga. One of the greatest ways this daimon in particular helps anyone is through their spiritual journey by pointing them in the correct direction.

This year Pitru Paksha will be on September 10, 2022 exactly with the Full Harvest Moon folks! For Leos one will be abundantly blessed and they might see the return of one of their Pitrus whom they loved and still miss. Virgos are asked to say good riddance to all their insecurities and phobias as the Universe/Cosmos knows it all. This year our Pitrus will provide one with strong protection to care for our fears at their root level.

I attempted to explain this to a co-worker today about epigenetics after I shared a a tarot reading with my immediate family through my mother and two friends as Magha is also ruled by the Pitrus and I inherited my maternal/matriarchal ancestry records when my maternal grandfather passed away.

But I don’t think anyone even understood what I was talking about so I’m going to leave everyone with the following in the hopes that they’ll try to understand this. I’ve also tried explaining that my DNA runs the gamut of German, Danish, Ashkenazi Jewish, Ethiopian Jewish, Middle Eastern, and Anglo Saxon.

We immigrated into the USA according to our records around the 1800s I believe with my great grandmother’s maiden name being Lehman(n). I imagine for a few that will ring some bells and for others they simply won’t be capable of connecting any of the dots.

They don’t know how to form the map that I’m working on when a tarot reader can pull out of her reading having never met me that I’m working on karmic healing of the family line because of epigenetic trauma due to things like the Holocaust despite countless naysayers and religious or political or historical know-it-alls and haters.

That probably means my entire middle and high school education on Hitler and Stalin to them or even on the Holodomor is also a bunch of hogwash while we split hairs and create even more racial or spiritual divisions. All of which at 43 frankly I’m fed up with and is one of many reasons I’ve stated I’m apolitical now while opting to no longer vote in a system that in no way represents me.

I literally no longer waste my time or energy on some topics or even people anymore. I just do a cord cutting ritual or return to sender ritual and wish them the best never to look back. I’m actually done with many people anymore sadly.

You have to do you while I do me. Sometimes we’re simply not meant to continue in the same soul family because we’re no longer compatible or the lessons were learned whereby there is no need to keep repeating them.

Even in beauty school I was educated extensively during my aesthetics education about Rwanda. My mother spent time educating me about Cambodia. There is no way I unlike others am ignorant or in denial of genocide!

Why don’t I have time? For the same reason years ago someone questioned me about a Jewish symbol I wore as a necklace who was a customer. I guess they could not even fathom that it is used in the Heart chakra as well.

Meanwhile they antagonized me over my first name trying to ascertain I suppose if I had a brain or they just enjoyed being someone whom I wanted to quickly and politely get out of my cashier line with little discussion. You reach a point in life where you finally decide I’ve had enough with ignorance expecting for humanity to wake up.

This degree sits upon the fixed star Facies which is a nebula within Sagittarius the Archer. Taken via the Latin verb facere meaning to make or do something it actually symbolizes the positive nature of Sagittarius to climb mountains, race cars, enter the ski jump team, and so forth while breaking a few bones along the way. Kabbalists have associated this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Vav/Vau and the tarot trump The Lovers.

My step father is a a Sagittarius in my life who has raised me since age 5. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and an instructive Friday. Sending you best wishes even if I come across as cranky or really butthurt some days. 😌❤️‍🩹

My patience at times still needs a wee bit of work I suppose especially with those I grow tired of babying or pacifying in life. I’ve learned that self love or care means I don’t have to keep taking it anymore.

PS: The tarot reading that was shared was a video tarot reading. It made passing this around a lot easier when the message was received because aspects of the words the tarot reader I chose used mirrored my Full Harvest Moon blog post. When you’re in sync you’re really in sync!

To those who say it’s just psychological warfare frankly I’m sorry, but you are jerks!

This week I also took photos in the garden asking for help identifying a weed growing in my beans. The rains made it huge progressively choking my beans out. This morning when pulling weeds we removed it.

I have identified it now as tomatillo. We did not plant this. How did they arrive in my garden and from where?

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Cloudy With a Chance of Vocalization

“A cloudy day or a little sunshine have as great an influence on many constitutions as the most recent blessings or misfortunes.” – Joseph Addison

Light bulb moments within the underlined hyperlink text have helped me better understand why I’m feeling rather angsty as of late with most people I’m interacting with. I’ve been for a month very short tempered!


I was scheduling this for tomorrow on May 26, 2022, however, because today is actually World Tarot Day I’m sharing this on May 25, 2022. It’s a collective as well as somewhat personally valuable message from the Universe/Cosmos.

Every year on May 25 World Tarot Day founded by tarot grandmaster Den Elder in 2003 became a celebration after she grew tired of hearing negative misinformed commentary in the media about divinatory arts. She decided it was time to show the world at large the value of tarot cards. Most people still consider anything such as this as a doorway to “evil.” But why?

Because of incorrect and limiting beliefs through dogmatic religions meant to instill fear of the unknown. Dogmatic religion is a control mechanism and for a very long time has been used incorrectly to indoctrinate the masses of collective consciousness into committing some of the worst atrocities Earth has ever seen.

Not every cult, guru, or leader be they charismatic or other is operating from a proper place many of whom might be manipulating their followers. It’s up to each person to learn how to distinguish in a world of duality while realizing that what they see as negative also serves a positive purpose.

Believe it or not adversity and challenges build a stronger character! Being handed stuff on a silver platter creates the opposite where humans are complacent, take for granted, and don’t value correctly what has come to them so easily.

This is probably one of the most slightly oddball tarot readings I’ve gotten, but also one that immediately gave me an “ah ha” moment. There is a huge metaphysical component to this from the Bible in 1 Kings 8:10-12 regarding the concept of clouds or fog. But I do love the confirmation even as I’ve said if this happens to be biased that it has with the image flanking this blog post on Starseeds also.

I have been sitting for a few days on some introspection realizing I attract all the wrong into my life still. An example being that unlike most of mainstream society I don’t attach the terms friend or best friend to anyone who has not earned that title. I have a lot of acquaintances. It might be due to my desire for self reliability and keeping to my family to the dismay and judgment of many others in life.

I’ve allowed so many people into my life who have said one thing yet done the complete opposite while saying I’m the problem that it’s the exact frustration I have carried in beginning my business with those refusing to do their own shadow work.

Example the etymological definition of friend is kinsman, relative, lover, and to like/love. If you’ve wrongly attached this word to people you know perhaps you should get familiar with linguistics and the true “meaning” of that which you’re flippantly attaching to the undeserving of such a position in your life.

Friend is only meant to be used upon family members, spouses, and lovers whose company one enjoys and towards one whom you feel affection. They provide assistance, back/support you, and are to be granted a special access to the private/protected inner being of who you are.

Acquaintance is wholeheartedly different and more appropriate for many we are in contact with on a daily basis in our everyday lives. It is etymologically defined as to know, but is often superficial for the relationship is defined as experimental. In fact it can be as fly by night as a one night stand between two people.

It has nothing to do with the proper depth of relating that occurs in an actual friendship or the kind of bonds found between family or spouse. Modern society and psychology is indoctrinating blaming, shaming, and gaslighting under a guise of that they don’t. The quickness to call someone a narcissist, codependent, and such is palpable including the recent email I was subscribed to without my knowledge sending me so-called daily motivation.

It does the opposite so I’m now unsubscribed. I’ve put VPN as well as a service that blocks data harvesters on my website. Those who tell me I’m wrong for this should respect my desire to privacy and not being harassed. You don’t see me hounding my customers with continuous harvesting or sharing of their personal data to third parties.

I’m not a bad person for being selective of the companies or people I support because discernment is an important skill of boundary setting. The internet is becoming a lot like why we removed our home phone; robodialers. Well excessive promotion on websites of “sales” is the same form of high pressure sales that is employed with robodialers and the badgering done through long commercial breaks on television or radio.

The time to sell a service should be limited and not be the only focus of what you aim to share. I don’t abuse my blog readers in every post by asking for donations or support through purchasing an astrology report. This is a sporadic plug I’ll publish here and there without becoming a common nuisance. The service is there for those it appeals to which certainly will not be “everyone.”

I’ve had people’s websites actually be verbally/psychologically abusive over a desire to not be harassed and to have our personal data or browsing habits not sold. Do us all a favor and check your tone on your website with advertising. Being rude won’t win you brownie points.

Try a little honey over piss and vinegar because you’re butthurt that we want some respect also and to not be a victim of your possible greed. Everyone has to exchange and put food on the table, keep the lights on, and so forth. Neither is different or better than the other with the exception of those who also commit identity theft or other assaults including phishing scams. Or those with entitlement issues unwilling to put in a hard day’s labor for what is to be earned which I find to be lazy frankly. I was not born yesterday and I’m not naive.

I think what I’m noticing is that most of us don’t recognize the damage we actually are inflicting on one another. I actually wish those who pretend to be my friend would in fact just be honest. You do me zero favors by saying one thing to my face and your actions reflect a weightier acknowledgment that you’re not really a support network for me. In fact I don’t have a support network.

I’ve finally realized that through the majority of my life the only support network I ever had was my mother and step father. I’ve come to recognize myself finally and fully as the orphan archetype and social outcast not out of self pity, but to finally be honest with myself as well as others. Therefore if you think I’m going to hand you the title of friend or best friend you will have to prove to me that you even deserve such a position.

Much of this is bubbling to the surface right now because of my career choices and my personal life for the last two decades that are finally becoming what I call a quarter to midlife crisis rearing its ugly head for me to unravel and take responsibility for while also acknowledging what others won’t. Relationships are the involvement of more than one person.

Blaming, shaming, and gaslighting mean someone else is not taking responsibility for their contribution to the unraveling of intimacy better known as “in to me see.” I should preface by saying I don’t want to be told to try counseling. This I had in high school and it was actually not beneficial to me feeling like a waste of time/money for my parents.

I won’t air anything with my part time cosmetology job online. It’s thoroughly inappropriate and unprofessional. There is just some friction I’m trying to determine some responses to the dynamic which would be appropriate. I get it though. Pearls for example are created when an irritant is trapped within a mollusk or oyster and nacre is secreted in an effort to protect one’s self. The nacre coats the irritant building layers until voila you get a pearl! Some pearls take as many as seven years to be fully created. So no irritant no pearl!

“When the priests withdrew from the Holy Place, the cloud filled the temple of the Lord. And the priests could not perform their service because of the cloud, for the glory of the Lord filled his temple. Then Solomon said, “The Lord has said that he would dwell in a dark cloud; I have indeed built a magnificent temple for you, a place for you to dwell forever.”

Spiritual documents cause lots of problems due to exoteric literal interpretations to the point of generational curses or relational problems that should not actually be allowed to continue. These texts are meant to be read on multiple esoteric levels of which Kabbalists state there are at least around 4-5 levels of interpretation to study. A great example of this is the constant phrase placed online by psychological warfare operatives in various schools of thought who state “women are to be silent.”

Let’s take a look at a few examples of why it’s important to read spiritual texts from a higher consciousness. Secondly “sin” is an archery term and reference to missing one’s goals, lacking focus, and not aiming correctly at the target we mean to hit. Nothing was meant to be legalist or dogmatic.

In fact this is why I can’t stand to be in a church anymore lectured by clergy who teach incorrectly to their parishioners or watching television, documentaries, etc. from those who I find to be still walking in ignorance and professing they know truth. It’s of no offense to those who attend such functions, but to those who are meant to be the leaders of such institutions because they impoverish their flock! This heavily ties into my taroscope as my birth tarot cards were Hierophant/Temperance.

Hearing Englightened Perspectives:

Now let’s get an esoteric and metaphysical foundation for clouds by doing some research. This is the presence of the mind of God/Goddess in spiritual visibility when any one of us drops all of our formal religious exercises to rest in the consciousness of deity or the Divine Masculine/Feminine.

A brightness of innerstanding occurs so great that the priests are incapable of ministering. What transpires is no formal religious or thought exercises. A harmonious relation is to occur in relation to the eternal and unchangeable nature of Universal/Cosmic or Christ consciousness.

In the Bible as with all spiritual texts the term cloud as in the one which enveloped Moses is the Holy Spirit abiding in presence within each of us as the temple which guides us through the wilderness providing us with light at night through a pillar of fire.

Fire is a level of consciousness which is meditative charged with higher light. Water has been an ongoing theme recently in my blog posts, but that is the entry state of meditative consciousness. Fire is directly under quintessence when our life and relationship to the Universe is fundamentally changed.

Today’s tarot reading bestows us with the Sakura Cards from Cardcaptor Sakura with the Cloud and the Voice. We’re going to take a broader look at these for interpretation and to see what message they have at a deeper level. We’ll begin with the Cloud moving to the Voice.

Low battery warning for this Leo! Woke up today energetically exhausted.

The Cloud: The Cloud asks us to have strong judgment by relaxing and opening our inner self. Discernment is a means to making the best decisions in life. We are encouraged to express ourselves by staying close to art and music which will help us become more creative.

Energies are low vibration at this time. Do not do anything over and-above that which is absolutely necessary for now. By trying to force issues at this moment we run the risk of setting ourselves back or making ourselves ill/stressed. Save your energies for the time when you know you can use it to a much better effect. We are asked to ensure that we do not highlight the wrong source for feelings of wrongdoing.

This card is the numerological value of 26/8 embodying a resonance to the Strength tarot card. Two is a number of cooperation, teamwork, and emotional introspection. Six is the number of the homemaker, a first perfect number, and is both stable and harmonious. If we combine this message we find that it indicates a reliable team player/partner whose energy and thoughts revolve primarily around the home or compassionate activities.

Number eight is highly functional involved with achievement, success, and indicates a builder. The number twenty six influences career choices and the interactions of family, friends, and work associates.

This card implies that a person is dealing with conflicting energies between their domestic life and building a successful career. In the I Ching this is the Hexagram of Great Accumulation (Controlled Power) and Grouping (Union).

26/8 matches my birthday on 7/26 in terms of the day of the month within July. It is a quirky day in New Age because of those who ascribe to the following time/space theories.

I can’t remember if I ever blogged about this calendar or my research into it as I’m a White Cosmic Wizard Kin 234, but maybe one day I’ll spill some tea on what I studied with it. I don’t completely align to this philosophy though. I simply explore a lot and am eclectic or open to studying.

The Voice: Communication is key here. You may be feeling you don’t have the right words to use at present or you may be feeling that others behave as if they have more worthwhile things to say. Try and look at why it is you are not being heard. What is it that you need to do to get your point across? It might just be a lack of confidence here, but if others are louder than you it is in fact the quiet voice which often gets the attention for longer. Is there some backstabbing going on; could someone be doing this to you?!

This card asks if you’re being honest and sincere in ensuring justice and fairness for yourself. Your feelings at this moment come in waves that can’t be controlled nor can you distance yourself from them. They serve to help you listen more closely to your own thoughts rather than the opinions of others especially those of authority figures in your life who believe they know what is best for you be that within your group of friends, your family, or your profession.

This card is the numerological value of 24/6 embodying a resonance to the Lovers tarot card. This highly composite number takes the number four as a number of completion, stability, and highly materialistic connotations. It combines the High Priestess with the Emperor in tarot. In the I Ching this is the Hexagram of Returning (Return) and Arguing (Conflict).

Perhaps now is a good time to explain that many cultures have more than one idea or level of love. Funny how humans seem to forget this also!

For some reason today I felt the best preface right now to me was the following song. Humanity is on auto pilot and a large chunk of them in my opinion are not conscious of how robotic they are operating in their day to day encounters. They go through the motions, but they’re ultimately just not really even there. They don’t actively listen or remain present!

A few days ago the image I used was of the human heart. May this be helpful to you at this present moment in time/space.

Where or what is your home? We could look to the Hebrew letter Beth/Beit for clues. A son or daughter builds the house of God/Goddess. It is built in the heavens and reflected here on Earth with living stones. People throw this phrase around a lot not knowing what it even means online.

The stones refer to indwelling Universal/Cosmic consciousness and that which was rejected by the builders is our true selves or innermost character. Most of humanity rejects their true selves and innermost character in an effort to live in the Matrix or virtual reality they want to “belong to.” It’s a byproduct of serving the little rather than the higher self.

Beth/Beit also correlates to the term yoga meaning yoke/union and the breath. The true meaning of yoga is to unite oneself with truth or breath hovering over the waters of creation. This is the realization of self when consciousness crossing the abyss/void, reaches enlightenment, and is liberated. It is represented in the Hebrew letter Beth/Beit. A house full of false selves or little egos is a den of thieves.

Until you perform your shadow work your temple will remain filthy and imprisoned. Believe me there are a lot of little egos all running around and behaving quite fragile about their eventual ego death. Many of whom won’t find their way and won’t cross the abyss/void failing or needing another round in the wheel of potential samsara. No one said the journey would be easy, but many assume it will come without any sacrifice.

Purify your heart and the Divine Masculine/Feminine will inhabit the Heart chakra. Our spiritual purpose often overlooked is to build a wedding garment known as the Chariot, Merkabah, and light body. Get your house straight and you will see the Shekinah as a reflection of God/Goddess.

I’m closing this blog post with an empathy exercise because I need everyone to do so in an effort to learn about taking things for granted and lacking gratitude or being a bit inconsiderate from time to time. A literal lesson in walking in someone else’s shoes. I’ve learned to walk three times including as a baby, post foot fractures, and post ligament surgery.

A conversational question about my current responsibilities and what I should/should not be responsible for. Well this family is what has provided roof over my head, paid my bills when I’ve encountered hardship like job loss, etc. If you don’t pay anything forward I guess you’re the epitomized “taker” with no “giver” becoming the dichotomy of predator versus prey. Thankful this person made me realize this week how much I needed to recognize about listening to others rather than myself.

I want my blog readers to take time out of their day to imagine losing their mobility. Imagine if you will living in a two story house with a half bath in the first level where bathing takes place via a disability chair and kitchen sink. You do not have the use of a weight bearing left or right leg/foot due to an injury and must adapt to life on a knee scooter, crutches, or a wheel chair.

How will you cook/prepare meals, get hydration, receive your Amazon, Fed/Ex, or UPS packages at the door, and how will you get your laundry done when the washer/dryer are on the second level? How will you receive your groceries?

Will you just order out eating the SAD or standard American diet which is unhealthy? A great many of us actually get in the kitchen to cook/bake still believe it or not. We can’t eat processed commercialized foods because they legitimately are unhealthy and have caused us allergies, intolerances, and dis-ease. Get back to me when you’ve answered all these questions and let me know if you’re Superman or Wonder Woman who can be left alone without any assisted living then we can talk like civilized empathic adults rather than selfish immature children.

And on that note male or female without the use of a right/left leg or foot please explain to me how effectively you will use the restroom because it takes a toll to bear all your weight on the non-injured limb and can be difficult to lower to a toilet especially without grab bars. If you’re not careful you could even fall.

I’ve had a very hard time toggling responsibilities and giving up independence to be there for my mom and bear having so much weight put upon my shoulders in 2022 so much so I’ve wanted to move out. I’m now realizing this is also a byproduct of societies’ indoctrinating examples today of thinking only about self and never considering that we are to care for our neighbors.

Do not ask me if I can just leave someone alone who needs assisted living? If you’ve never been injured and you have perfect health say thanks. Prepare for the fact that at any moment you might face a speed bump along your journey and be forced to adapt. Put yourself in the shoes of another for once and realize sometimes a person needs a hand to accomplish their daily goals due to a handicap be it temporary or permanent.

Not everyone can be chopped up a la Orpheus to serve the needs and whims of everyone. Some of us have to say “No” to certain demands placed upon us. Am I angry? Yes, but somedays that is actually nothing new. I’m inherently tired of humanity acting infantile or stupid as I have no patience for either. I was raised by tough love not the coddling kind.

Clouds are sometimes wonderful because they shelter us from the very harsh rays of the Sun when the light is so bright we have to wear shades. They’re also a mixed element of air and water which provide us with rain. In a drought they would be welcomed by many, but everything in moderation because they can also bring severe destruction through harsh winds, flooding, and so forth.

Have a transformational Thursday! 🌩️📅

Dragon Garden Art, Orange Zinnia, and Fire Maple Dragon Tree
Organic cinnamon essential oil lotion was made this week! One batch only! I’ll make more at a later date amidst my busy schedule. No, I’m not selling this yet. I may have a potential customer willing to try some. It’s vegan except for the beeswax we use.
Dayflowers, roma tomatoes are flowering, and our neighbor’s who feed squirrels have planted peanuts in our carrots! Seriously?! I’ve been chasing them out and telling them “No,” but they want me to be a peanut farmer. Squirrels are very annoying.

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Seeing Life’s Journey as an Adventure

“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.” – Hippolyte Taine

It’s time to foray into the wilderness with our underlined hyperlink text. Be sure to click around and see what you can learn about me, you, consciousness, and this tarot reading today! I’m encouraging you to take a primer on physics even if that means coming at it from metaphysics, shamanism, or a spiritual view which requires you to click on the links I’ve provided.


I was really glad to see this card today from my Cats Inspirational Oracle Cards because the number 2 has been following me around a lot lately even through a daily Moon numerology reading sent to me in my email and on clocks I’ve regularly seen 222. Yet I was also very happy because this somewhat plays into my blog post on my Astromap as it is the Siberian who we are looking to today.

I’m a Western Leo with a Virgo Moon and a Vedic Cancer with a Magha (Leo) nakshatra Moon so I’m sort of a crazy cat lady; I mean my business donates to orphaned cheetah cubs whose mother was poached/skinned alive and her carcass left behind.

If we were to look at one of the websites I’ve wandered around we would see that they equate 222 with the Yin and Yang properties, but also Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo. I can say while Vedic astrology has an empty house for Gemini it is in my Western studies where Gemini is my 8th House and we find Mars at least natal with a Virgo/Pisces axis for North/South Lunar Nodes inhabiting my past/present karma.

This website happens to also play very well with the Flower of Life through the 222 resonance of these astrological placements and I can truly also see this again resonating to my blog post for the word I chose for 2022 as this resonates back to the torus!

The Flower of Life in the Garden
The Yin Yang in the Garden (I’ve Previously Used This Photo & The Above One)

We have a Flower of Life on the fence in our garden behind the Yin Yang as well. So I feel a lot of confirmation bias here coming into play as a resonance, and my viewers can take this as they so choose. It also very much resonates to my blog posts on the zero point energy with healing.

I’ve danced around some of this for so long, but I don’t really want to confuse my readership with that which they don’t understand because so many of the people I’ve put esoterics before have expressed they truly can’t grasp the levels at which my mind has entered. It’s really about alignment and our openness to receive at the level with which we are designed to. I’m pretty certain being Reiki Master attuned has made me more open to receive and then to give because we’re meant to share.

If I start swimming too deeply into the uncharted waters as I’ve stated with my mermaid themes of late then most people find me incomprehensible to be around, airy fairy, ungrounded, etc. How do you explain the technical aspects of Reiki and energy work to those who can be easily confounded by it all? You sometimes simply don’t try!

Their journey is their own adventure and destiny. But for me after Master level Reiki attunements this kind of “fluff” gets me all giddy and excited! I really can’t help it; I’m genuinely happy when I can start seeing this stuff!

“Visiting a museum is a matter of going from void to void.” – Robert Smithson

You see the 8th House of Gemini for me means I overcome transitional phases of life very easily. As a house of shared resources, inheritances, taboos, death, taxes, and all the other “mumbo jumbo” we’re really good at soberly anticipating and solving problems especially with the attraction of borrowed funds and debt. We freely connect with people and money to such an extent we do find ourselves most often confronting literal death or metaphorical endings.

This even reminds me of my time as a personal shopper with Instacart who lost their contract to Whole Foods and the transfer bonus they gave for us to move to another grocery retailer as in store personal shoppers. We manage general capital very well!

Our keen interest in anything and everything that is beyond the normal radar of most people’s consciousness means we love to participate in conversations which are incomprehensible to almost everyone else out there. And as I’ve learned about entrainment music which I had a habitual addiction for and have broken with more recently we’re exceptionally talented at auto training hypnosis.

This placement means at birth we were interested in the entire realm of the mysteries that pervade life and death. Mars here is a personal planet and without it we can’t survive. It actually helps us fight back if anyone attacks us. This 8th House is transformation where this water element house shows the unconscious is governed by Scorpio so we cut ties, let go of what doesn’t serve us, and die to our old self.

Mars makes us intense, high level energy, and extremely motivated for finding success as we are very persistent. We’re not afraid of the underworld and we greatly enjoy self discovery, psychology, and astrology.

This tarot card is actually teaching us that the Siberian cat is large and powerful with strong muscles which makes them surprisingly agile. They are independent creatures that love to roam. Their sweet faces and devoted nature is ready to return home after they go on their adventures. Some have stated that these cats lived in Russian monasteries looking like guards sitting atop the high beams.

In the photo on the card we are given this Siberian cat looks deceptively pampered scampering outdoors for a romp through their neighborhood confident in their capabilities not the least bit worried about danger.

Therefore for today’s message everyone is to recognize and honor our tenacity, recognize our need for new experiences, be smart about risk taking without letting our fears keep us from enjoying life to the fullest, and getting out there to enjoy what this Universe/Cosmos has to offer.

Frankly after the beginning years of this decade the message could not come at a better time if you know what I mean! The whole reason I wanted Reiki attunement was distance healing during an otherwise questionable time period! If anyone can heal from a distance with permission then I was eager to provide the service. Below is some information on the numerology of 222, Siberian cats, and a tie in with Reiki through our Hara Lines. Have a metamorphic Thursday!


Surfing The Waves on the Web:

The stems of the sunflowers are very tall and thick; almost as tall as me at 5’7″ in the garden! I’ve seen birds landing and sitting on the leaves, but the flowers have yet to bud. I think the birds checking everyday is the same as me wondering when will they actually “flower!” Or these birds are foraging for bugs as we certainly have those too.
I am going to spend part of my weekend getting the roma tomatoes trained because they’ve now grown enough for me to begin the process of stabilizing them! Eventually they will hopefully produce tomatoes as they get firmly established more. I will probably be forced to harvest more potatoes this weekend because the plants are withering so that has to mean they’re ready!
A few marigolds, more borage opening up, and a jungle of wildflowers. I think we ended up sowing too many seeds this year! Is that even possible? It’s very crowded in there with all these plants living together in a wild kingdom side by side!

Even bean harvesting is an adventure each week fighting with itchy leaves, Texas’ triple digit heat (sweating like I’m in a sauna), and bugs. The number of moths that come out during watering is immense!

No wonder people enjoy grocery stores with air conditioning and canned vegetables or already arranged flowers over growing their own food or fresh picked. It takes courage to brave nature! And apologies because I don’t want to pull my professional camera every morning, but my iPhone camera is beginning to get kind of questionable!

Point being you don’t control nature; if you’ve planted or sewn seeds Mother Earth is going to be as wild as she chooses to be! Control freaks need not apply for the job of tending to her if they can’t grasp this about the Divine Feminine! The human has been desiring control for how long now instead of accepting flow states!

Another note is that this card reminds me of childhood. I grew up with the Choose Your Own Adventure books. They remind me of time exploring visual novels in my 20s as well. I can’t for the life of me remember which books I read though from the Choose Your Own Adventure line being that it was elementary/middle school era. I did, however, find this!

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: A Quick and Roughly Done Chaldean Numeroscope

“Follow it. Dream it. Live it.” – Unknown

A brief entry just to change the topic for the rest of my hiatus. The only underlined hyperlink text today is a few tarot/astrology references I found.


I’ve had this done for my personal name, however, today I decided I’d like to investigate my business which I actually created the name from an anagram generator using my mother’s, grandmother’s, great grandmother’s, and my own names (matriarchy) to form as well as Gematria. This somewhat adds another layer to the esoteric basis for those interested in such perhaps silly world views. Credit for the numeroscope goes to this calculator. I wanted to try this the same as I did with Genetic Matrix on my blog.

The following is presented as name, cons, and vocal energies. The birth date used is when I officiated my DBA with the government.

  • Alchemic Seer – 23/5 – 17/8
  • Alchemic – 25/7 -18/9 – 7
  • Seer – 15/6 – 5 – 10/1

Alchemic Seer was born August 25, 2021 (6 months old – 0 years old). Alchemic Seer is currently in destiny period 1. This destiny period lasts 5 years. 2022 is year 2 out of this 5 year destiny period. The birth date of my business would be Virgo. I had the “bad habit” years ago of using personology also; looking at August 25th which is an Earth sign.

The Higher Self Numeroscope:

Base vibration is 25/7.

Balanced Kewords:

  • What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger
  • Talented and able to get smart
  • Learns quickly
  • Strong intuition/gut feelings
  • Appears wise
  • Good at making right decisions
  • Good at understanding people
  • Good at being at the right spot on the right time
  • Good judgment

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Many tough lessons
  • Endless hardship
  • Tough childhood
  • Many failures to learn from
  • Many disappointments to overcome

This is a number that denotes strength gained through experience and benefits obtained through observation of people/things. It is not deemed necessarily lucky as its success is given through strife and trials in an earlier life. It is favorable when it appears in regards to the future. The compound number of 25/7 has a motto which reads as “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger!” This is the case because the essence of the compound number of 25/7 is that one gradually learns and grows stronger from experience. This is especially true when learning from tough experiences. People who are represented by the compound number of 25/7 have strong creativity with a good gut feeling.

Minor and major destiny number is 20/2.

Balanced Keywords:

  • Knowing which way to go in life
  • Great passion
  • Creativity
  • Psychic abilities
  • Much fun and joy in life
  • Feeling a calling for a greater purpose
  • Wanting and succeeding to change the world into a better place for all of mankind
  • Balanced empathic skills
  • Good at reading people
  • Good at understanding people
  • Loves nature and animals
  • Idealist
  • Universal protection

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Changing passions
  • Too fixated about one passion
  • Mania
  • Mental problems
  • Unbalanced psychic abilities
  • Bipolar
  • Negatively spontaneous

This number is called “the Awakening.” It’s also called “the Judgment.” It’s symbolized by the figure of a winged angel sounding a trumpet and from below a man, a woman, and a child are seen rising from a tomb with their hands clasped in prayer. This number has a peculiar interpretation known as the call of action for some great purpose, cause, or duty. The compound number of 20/2 is the number of creativity, passion, and idealism. It’s a number of the desire to change the world and to make the world a better place for all people. However, the weakness of the compound number of 20/2 is that one often gets fixated about one concept/idea and thus becomes so obsessed with it that one might not be able to think of anything else. It’s furthermore a number of aesthetics and hedonism as well as melancholia if it’s unbalanced.

Lifeview number is 33/6.

Balanced Keywords:

  • Gaining prestige
  • Great strategic thinker
  • Hard working
  • Structured
  • High energy
  • Charismatic speaker
  • Compassionate
  • Career minded
  • Intelligent
  • Intellectual
  • Strong ethics

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Acting superior to others
  • Stubborn
  • Working too hard
  • Narrow minded
  • Many frustrations
  • Problems in the family and close relations
  • Too hard on oneself
  • Too materialistic

The compound number of 33/6 has many similarities with the compound number of 24/6. However, the compound number of 33/6 is more focused on materialism and business. It’s also strongly focused on due diligence withiin business as well as a high level of integrity within business.

The Human Self:

First name (Alchemic) is 25/7; same as above.

Last name (Seer) is 15/6; same as above.

Life theme is 13/4.

Balanced Keywords:

  • Innovative skills
  • Good at thinking outside the box
  • Doing the unexpected
  • Creating change
  • Seeing opportunities everywhere
  • Logical mind
  • Talents in math and physics
  • Rational mind

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Obssessive compulsive
  • Black sheep
  • Nitpicker
  • Opportunist
  • Likes to be in opposition
  • Provocative behavior

This is a number indicating a change of plans, place, and such which is not unfortunate as is generally supposed. In some of the ancient writings it’s said “He who understands the number 13/4 will be given power and dominion.” It’s symbolized by the picture of the Grim Reaper with a scythe reaping down men in a field of newly grown grass where young faces and heads appear cropping up on every side. It’s a number of upheaval and destruction as well as a symbol of power which if it’s wrongly used will wreak destruction upon oneself. It’s a number of warning of the unknown or unexpected if it becomes a compound number in one’s calculations.

In the Chaldean tables the compound number of 13/4 is associated with the Grim Reaper as the symbol of death describing a metaphor for removing something that is there and replacing it with something new. This could, for example, have to do with removing old and outdated traditions/concepts and replacing them with new ideas. The compound number of 13/4 is the number of innovation, science, and everything that can be proven and documented. Innovation is something that changes old habits and traditions. Therefore people who are represented by the compound number of 13/4 are also people who often change their mind to the great frustration of their fellows.

Heart center is 9.

Balanced Keywords:

  • Honor
  • Justice
  • Integrity
  • Frankness
  • Righteousness
  • Seeing the big picture
  • Fairness
  • Speaking one’s mind
  • Standing up for oneself
  • Speaking the truth
  • A deal is a deal
  • Credibility
  • True wisdom
  • Authoritative behavior

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Querulous behavior
  • Always looking for a fight
  • Unnecessarily tough
  • Self righteous
  • Often complaining and ranting
  • Tough life
  • Tough childhood
  • Many fights and struggles

The number 9 is represented by the planet Mars. People who are represented by the number 9 are focused on justice, integrity, and honor. Therefore they are very frank and they speak their mind without a filter. The number 9 is the final number of the Heavenly Triad of 3, 6, and 9. It’s also considered to be a divine number because it’s the highest number there is. The number 9 is considered as the number of literally everything. Therefore the number 9 is the shadow number of the number 0. The number 0 is the number of nothing and the number 9 is the number of everything. According to ancient Chaldean philosophy, everything is nothing, and nothing is everything. Therefore people who are represented by the number 9 are meant to be the enforcers of karma and justice. Nearly all people who are represented by the number 9 have had a tough childhood and are meant to see the big picture of life.

“You will find a way.” – Unknown

Solar plexus center is 3.

Balanced Keywords:

  • Good strategist
  • Never gives up
  • Turns dreams into plans
  • Being structured
  • Perfectionist
  • Strong will
  • Always on the forefront
  • Patient
  • Enjoying the journey to success
  • Making projects expand
  • Good sense of humor
  • Ambitious
  • Determined

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Acting superior
  • Stubborn
  • Lone wolf
  • Arrogant
  • All or nothing attitude
  • Judgmental
  • Cruel
  • Black and white view upon life
  • Lots of hardship
  • Problems in the family
  • Rough childhood
  • Refuses to concede defeat when defeated
  • Negatively pragmatic

The number 3 is represented by the planet Jupiter. The number 3 is the first number of the Heavenly Triad of 3, 6, and 9. It’s the number of expansion, growth, and the “male winner mentality.” It’s a number of theories, knowledge, and advancement. People who are represented by the number 3 have a strong talent at being strategic and keeping an overview of things. Unlike people who are represented by the “feminine winner mentality” (number 1) who like to outsource people the number 3 want to do everything themselves. Therefore they often appear as a “one-man army.” This is the case because people who are represented by the number 3 want to be in control in order to be sure that everything is done well enough.

Spine number is 11/2.


  • Low self esteem
  • Social pleaser
  • Inferior complexes
  • Feels he/she has a lot to prove
  • Neglected in childhood
  • Wants recognition from other people
  • Touchy
  • Afraid to say no
  • Compromises self integrity in order to please others

This is an ominous number to some occultists. It gives warnings of hidden dangers, trials, and treachery from others. It has a symbol of a clenched hand and a lion muzzled representing a person who will have great difficulties to contend against. The symbolism of a lion muzzled means that one has a great deal of inner strength, but it is all drowned out in self doubt, low self esteem, and a racing mind. Therefore the number 11/2 is the number of stress, low energy, and low self esteem. It’s a number of caring too much about other people’s opinions and possible addictions may come with the compound number of 11/2.

Vitality number is 12/3.


  • Anxiety
  • Victimhood
  • Irrational fears
  • Racing Mind
  • Self destructive behaviors
  • Powerlessness
  • Good at theory
  • Interested in self development

12/3 wants to take responsibility, but may be unable to do so properly. The symbolism of this number is suffering and anxiety of the mental kind. It is also indicated as the sacrificial victim archetype which foreshadows one being sacrificed for the plans and intrigues of others. It’s mentioned in the Chaldean tablets that the number 12/3 is the number of victimhood. This happens in the way that one does everything according to the book, other people mess up, and one becomes the victim to other people’s mistakes/incompetence. Therefore if one is represented by the compound number of 12/3 one will often experience victim conciousness and hopelessness. One tries to evolve from it and works a lot with oneself, but keeps falling back into the same mistakes over and over again. Therefore with the compound number of 12/3 one can become paranoid overthinking things. One may be afraid that danger is around every corner. From this comes addictions and self destructive and/or abusive behaviors.

Appearance number is 36/9.

Balanced Keywords:

  • Great humor
  • Kicking doors in
  • Making people listen
  • Authoritative behavior
  • Charm
  • Powerful behavior
  • Gets things done
  • Never gives up
  • Mesmerizing honor
  • International business
  • Solid personality

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Often misunderstood
  • Drama in relations
  • My way or the highway attitude
  • Self righteous
  • Unnecessarily tough
  • Tough childhood

People who are represented by the compound number of 36/9 are very frank and honest. They speak their mind without a filter.

Column number is 23/5.

Balanced Keywords:

  • Fully protected
  • Karmic reward
  • One gets what he or she wants
  • Great financial wealth
  • Good and loyal friends
  • Seducing speaker
  • Invincible
  • Liked by all
  • Gets away with most things
  • Nonchalant

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Doing many bad things because one can get away with it
  • Relying too much on karmic protection
  • Only partially protected
  • Lack of responsibility

This number is called the Royal Star of the Lion. It is a promise of success, help from superiors, and protection from those in high places. In dealing with future events it is a most fortunate number and a promise of success of one’s plans. The compound number of 23/5 is extremely fortunate. It’s a number of karmic protection and karmic reward. This means that one can get away with a lot of things and indicates that things never really got as bad as they could have. If the compound number of 23/5 is perfectly balanced one is always invincible. If not the compound number of 23/5 means that one is hard to defeat. The compound number of 23/5 is also a number of great networking skills and communication/oration.

Life theme is 9; same as above.

Heart center is 5.

Balanced Kewords:

  • Great speaker
  • Communicates greatly both written and orally
  • Gets along with most people
  • Liked by most people
  • Popular
  • Clear and precise expression
  • Lots of energy
  • Many friends
  • Good at making money through communication
  • Good at investing money
  • Great financial wealth

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Flighty minded
  • Deceptive
  • Tells people what they want to hear
  • Dishonest
  • Lack of structure
  • Speaks too much or speaks too little
  • Good at lying
  • Crooked
  • Many financial ups and downs
  • Lack of integrity
  • Wants to be neutral and avoid picking sides
  • Social butterfly

The number 5 is represented by the planet Mercury. People who are represented by the number 5 are natural born speakers. They have great social skills and they are good at getting along with everyone. This is the case because the number 5 is between 1 and 9 which can go all the way to the top (9) and all the way to the bottom (1). Therefore people who are represented by the number 5 often behave as social butterflies. The number 5 stands for motion, vigor, communication, friends, and business. People who are represented by the number 5 are good at making friends and making networks.

Solar plexus center is 9; same as above.

Vitality number: 14/5

Balanced Keywords:

  • Good at investing money
  • Fact based speaker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Gets along with all people
  • Modest
  • Well prepared
  • Innovative
  • Understands things easily

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Many financial ups and downs
  • Financial struggle
  • Much negative focus on economy
  • Talks too much
  • Bad investments
  • Overconfident
  • Humiliating losses

This is a number of movements, a combination of people/things, and danger from natural forces such as tempests, water, air, or fire. This number is fortunate for dealings with money, speculation, and changes in business, but there is always a strong element of risk/danger attached to it. Generally this is owing to the actions and foolhardiness of others. If this number comes out in calculations of future events the person should be warned to act with caution and prudence.

The compound number of 14/5 is a number that is frequently seen among self made billionaires. It creates situations in people’s lives in which they suffer deeply from a bad economy and then eventually the individual will make the decision of getting wealthy so he/she shall never go hungry again. Thereby the compound number of 14/5 supports the individual becoming wealthy, but he/she must work hard and be determined to do so. With the compound number of 14/5 one is a natural born investor/stockbroker. However one must work hard to become good. If one does so great achievements can be made. The compound number of 14/5 is also the number of eloquence and fact based communication.

Column number is 30/3.

Balanced Keywords:

  • Highly intellectual
  • A mind of a true philosopher
  • Sees people, society, and ideas from a higher perspective
  • Great educators
  • Good at theory
  • Great thinkers
  • Profound understanding of the Universe
  • Great teachers
  • Retrospective and conservative mindset

Unbalanced Keywords:

  • Stubborn
  • Afraid of change
  • Anti social behavior
  • Living in the past
  • Dislikes big gatherings of people
  • Feeling and acting mentally superior to others
  • Introvert

This is a number of thoughtful deduction, retrospection, and mental superiority over one’s fellows, but as it seems to belong completely to the mental plane the persons it represents is likely to put all material things on one side. Not because they have to, but because they wish to do so. For this reason it is neither fortunate nor unfortunate for either depends on the mental outlook of the person it represents. It can be all powerful, but it is just as often indifferent according to the will or desire of the person.

People who are represented by the compound number of 30/3 have the mind of a philosopher. They have a profound mindset, and they like to see things from a higher perspective. Therefore they are also interested in history because they like to understand why things are the way they are now, and they want to understand how things became this way. People who are represented by the compound number of 30/3 are in their head, and they prefer a small group of friends rather than a vast army of acquaintances

Spine number is 16/7.


  • Many losses in close relations (often fatalities)
  • Life is a struggle of survival
  • Ignoring that life is tough
  • Ignoring the warning signs of the body
  • Fights too hard on expense of one’s physical and emotional health
  • Stubborn
  • Ruled by fear

This number has a most peculiar occult symbolism. It’s pictured as a tower struck by a lightning from which a man/woman is seen falling with a crown on his/her head. It’s also called the shattered citadel. It gives warning of some strange fatalities awaiting one’s self as well as danger of accidents or the defeat of one’s plans. If it appears as a compound number relating to the future it’s a warning sign that one should be very careful.

The compound number of 16/7 is a number of fatalities in one’s closest relations. People who are represented by the compound number of 16/7 have lost a lot of loved ones in their lives. They will live long enough lives that they will outlive all of their loved ones thereby they will experience even more fatalities in their near relations. People who are represented by the compound number of 16/7 don’t feel themselves much. They are in a constant stage of anesthesia. For example, if they break their hand they ignore their pain and they just keep on doing what they used to do.

I also gave this website a try enjoying the chakras function. Have a truly fun Thursday. ☺️