Teach Me Tuesdays: Have You Been In Solitaire Confinement

“How do you build a house with playing cards? Start a club, win their hearts, give them tools and spades, and pay them with diamonds.” – Anonymous

You will have to follow the clues I have left behind via underlined hyperlink text today to discern if there are hidden esoteric elements weaved carefully in much of what may be presented to us within our constant absorption of monomyths. We’re all guilty of succumbing to the past time of finding ourselves enthralled with heroic journeys.

I’m not sure if I’ll be assigned as a juror, but if I am I suspect having a bit less free time to write and that there may be a mini hiatus. I can only manage so much in each 24 hour day with my many obligations.


I am trying to ensure the latter part of my week is vacant for what has to be accomplished between jury duty as well as my part time cosmetology gig. So I have tried to fit in some compositions for this week before it gets a bit more chaotic with some unfinished chores I need to cross of on my list. While I’m generally not a Wiki fan I have resorted to utilizing one for some understanding and postulating.

For as much as I stopped binge watching Netflix and/or tell-a-lie-vision this week mom and I became consumed with Alice in Borderland. I get it because for me Alice in Wonderland has always been a favorite so much so that I also fell in love with CLAMP’s Miyuki-chan and American McGee’s Alice.

I am slightly frustrated if not dismayed to acknowledge I probably will be anxiously awaiting a Season 2 of Alice in Borderland. I do enjoy analyzing this story’s psychological twists/turns. Old habits I guess die hard when something catches our mind’s eye.

It is interesting that in tarot divination the suit of Hearts is the suit of Cups with Diamonds as Pentacles. Yet in this series we see something else being depicted (spoilers)!

But this morning I decided I wanted to divine a message with my charms. You can see the results below as well as some post rain garden updates. A little fun when we think of Alice who so desperately wanted to be Queen as well as enter the garden at the beginning of her own journey!

I actually have a Japanese costume (click for an image of the dress) that I have worn only twice themed after the Heart and Diamond card guards. It is packed away for whenever I decide to wear it again alongside another dress of a similar fashion style which is more gothic being navy blue almost black and white.

The dress I own was purchased in my late twenties from overseas for a pretty penny with import fees. It was custom made to my own measurements. Watching this series has made me reconsider if I would enjoy watching Squid Game or not. I am at present still unsure, but it  has been moved into the watch list.

Today the charms I have pulled are the passport, compass, and the solar system. We should take notice that our compass points East! I am not going to decode the entire message because I would like for my blog readers to work on finding answers as well.

“What playing cards are the best dancers? The King and Queen of Clubs.” – Anonymous

If these charms look familiar it is because they have turned up in previous divination blog posts before.

Passport: This document is often issued by a competent civil authority who grants permission to the individual named therein to travel in or out of a country as well as authenticating his/her right to protection while abroad.

We find that early use of the passport often indicated the right to leave one’s country. Therefore receiving a passport or getting it stamped represents approval.

Perhaps you will soon order or request something from an authority figure. Could a discussion with a boss where you are asking for some vacation time or even a pay raise and need approval be on the horizon?

The passport can signify receiving the green light to go ahead with your plans. If you are applying for a passport or visa this symbolizes a sign that you might be working towards an important interview or relocation request which will require you to go through an important process which can completely transform your life in the near future.

You are going to be traveling soon due to a job or other personal purposes. A new passport reflects new beginning chapters in your life. You will embark on completely new adventures with no past baggage or history. Before you lies a time where you will no longer let the past events drag you down from living the life you desire most.

Your passport photograph suggests that you will soon focus on wanderlust. You are signing up and committing to something and should consider doing it the earlier the better. A passport also indicates that you will soon have to prove your experience or knowledge. Be ready to share your abilities with others as this will open up new doors for you.

Passport/Visa and Tickets to?:

Compass: Can you locate your “true north” which symbolizes the moral compass? This your personal GPS guidance/navigation system meant to assist you in traversing over troubled seas and the unfamiliar paths you have taken or will take. As established this compass is pointing East. The below links and PDF may help you out.

Discerning the Compass’ Messages:

Solar System: The pursuit of studying space through astrology/astronomy or any number of other occult pursuits may be represented here. By knowing or learning your natal chart as well as adventuring into speculative arenas such as thought experiments one might begin to know themselves or gain further insights into the world which surrounds them.

Suggestions could include visiting a planetarium, purchasing a telescope, going camping to avoid city lights which obscure the constellations from view, and/or developing further study into esoterics, astrophysics, and so forth.

Are you trying to outrun Death or live in the moment? Or are we on the path of Nun? What propels you forward; fear (FOMO), love, or adrenaline?

Death’s connection with Scorpio would be my Western/Tropical 8th House of what our relationships will bring to us and how we can get the most out of them. Its natural ruling planet Saturn which stands for equality and justice teaches that the 8th House stands for equal opportunity. It places sex, death, and rebirth on the same playing field. Death and rebirth are a part of life.

Failed relationships lead to new ones, career changes, and a new haircut all indicate this aspect of rebirth/regeneration. It is here that we transform our insecurities into strengths. The change that we experience through this house drives us to look deeper into the hidden aspects of our self and explore life.

Shared resources such as inheritance, insurance, taxes, and alimony all fall under the realm of the 8th House. This house addresses financial and physical support as well as emotional and spiritual support. Yet in mundane spheres the 8th House can represent the debts, losses of battles, import/export, and death rate of a country.

However, in Vedic/Sidereal Scorpio would be my 2nd House of speech representing one’s capacity for verbal expression. Here one can receive acclaim in the fields of communication either verbal or written. While one may learn many languages the 2nd House also speaks to immediate family, wealth profile, and the affluence of one’s childhood depicting our virtues/vices.

If we were to observe this in mundane spheres the 2nd House can represent the wealth of a nation by indicating their financial welfare or economic matters.

May your Tuesday be triumphant! 🏆🎯

Well despite thinking the beans were dead and attempting to compost we can safely assess that more purple, green, and yellow beans are on the way. Bumper crop in the making.
The non triple digit weather and rain in Texas has meant the crepe myrtle is flowering a second time as well.
If the garlic chives get any larger I fear they make break the above ground bed. The honey bees are still actively at work!
If anyone can help identify the above weed I’d be grateful to them. It has some seed pods and white/yellow flowers. I’m not sure what this is growing alongside my beans.
Our zinnias have so many blossoms about to open that it’s overwhelming!

PS: I managed to carefully remove the two dresses from my closet where they remain in perfect condition and snag a photo of them. As seen below for the curious at heart as to what I’m describing in the costuming that I acquired in my twenties from importing overseas fashion for what was hundreds of dollars to be custom made is two dresses I’ve worn maybe once or twice only in my lifetime.

Why? I don’t really have anything that I attend anymore for which I would don this attire. Additionally at the cost they were I’m dreadfully trying to ensure they do not get damaged in any way whatsoever. Therefore when I have worn either dress I’m exceptionally OCD for fear of getting anything on them or seeing anything get ripped/torn. I put too much value upon them!

The Alice in Wonderland Hearts and Diamonds card guard was worn with stockings that had the entire suits on my legs including the Spades as well as the Clubs. It was worn for Halloween circa age 29 when I graduated beauty school for Halloween to my place of employment where no one could comprehend who I was meant to even be. Everyone was utterly baffled by what my costuming even signified guessing the theme/character wrong!

Gothic versus Alice in Wonderland Hearts/Diamonds Card Guard

Sign Spotlight Sundays: The Sting of the Scorpion

Scorpio – October 23 through November 21

Scorpio represents evolving man while governing the path of discipleship. True spiritual will only begins to manifest upon this path as only in this period will humanity begin to bring forth evidence of a reaction or response to the influence of in-flowing energy via Sirius’ great star of initiation. Three planets act as the guardians of this vital process to evolve humanity from its animalistic being into a soul centered being. Mars and Pluto enact this out through the personality while Mars operates via the soul with Mercury fine tuning the hierarchical level.

Pluto offers humanity somatic awareness through our instinctual sensate body as a great revealer who holds our animal urges up to the light for healing. There is a dual effect between Mars and Pluto which transpires with tests and triumph in Scorpio. After Pluto and Mars finish their work on the personality by transforming passion into spiritual energies via elevated awareness Mars reveals knowledge of the soul bringing us a higher consciousness beyond the five senses. Ignorance lies in misinterpretation of energetic influences as perceived by our five senses through our fearful and confused lower mind. As this process continues we naturally learn to correct any excesses and misapplications of our energy through the power of our mind directing our energy to the highest good. Mercury at its lowest level is about mental reasoning and communication yet at its highest octave imbues us with divine reasoning which can reveal all obstacles.

Scorpio exists for the sole purpose of testing and refining the personality. The initiate undergoes these tests which will enable them to take the second initiation demonstrating that our desire nature has been subdued and conquered. The tests in Scorpio are always the temptations of desire which otherwise keep our attention trapped in the cycles of materialistic existence. We find we must complete nine tests divided into three groups. The first test called appetites symbolizes sex, physical comfort, and money. The second test is called desires and relates to fear, hatred, and ambition. The third and final test is of the lower mind with regards to pride, separateness, and cruelty. Each of Scorpio’s tests transpire on the physical plane and become resolved in the illumination emanating from the higher mind. The mantra for Scorpio is Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant.

From within esoteric Judaism and Christianity we see this best in the month of Cheshvan. Cheshvan is a Kabbalistic reference to the flood which began on the 17th of Cheshvan ending the following 27th of Cheshvan. It is on the 28th which we find Noah brings his sacrifice to God upon which God swears to never again bring a flood upon the Earth which would utterly destroy humankind revealing the rainbow as sign of his covenant. No holy days are celebrated for this is a time of expectation in which the Mashiach will inaugurate the third temple.

The Hebrew letter Nun has been assigned to Cheshvan which means to reign or as a noun the heir to the throne. It holds a special significance to Mashiach through the number 8 which symbolizes eternal revelation of the supernatural realms. When one observes the Nun they will see a pictograph which is bent over representing confinement by the boundaries of nature. Whereby upon the coming of Mashiach this Nun will be straightened to break the boundaries of nature revealing God’s all encompassing infinite light.

Hebrew teaches through the word for scorpion that via it’s meaning “the heel” there is an archetypal reference to the primordial serpent of Eden via Genesis 3:15 “And you (the snake) shall bite him (man/woman) at the heel” which allows hot poison to rise up. Kabbalists believe Mashiach can overcome, kill, and ultimately revive the primordial snake by converting it to a better state of consciousness whereby the heat is a burning love for God and Israel rather than vanities of this world. The gematria for Mashiach equals to the gematria of snake. If one adds the gematria for Mashiach to the value of David or the 14th Hebrew letter Nun it equals the value of the gematria of scorpion. The Hebrew root letters of Cheshvan will spell snake as well. The associated tribe to Scorpio is seen in Menasheh and is derived from forgetting which is a symbolic suggestion that the power of righteousness assists us in forgetting the hardships, trials, and tribulations of this world during the Messianic era. The gematria of the tribe Menasheh equals to the gematria of soul which represents the revealing of a Divine soul.

We find here the sense of smell which is another way to refer to spirit. Smell is the one and only sense which the soul enjoys yet is not of the body as it is the most spiritual of all senses. The sense of smell was the only sense of our five senses never to participate or be blemished in the primordial sin (missing the mark) within the Garden of Eden. This one and only sense saved the Jewish during the times of Mordechai and Esther through myrrh and myrtle as two primary sources of fragrance. The myrrh is an encoded word relating to the third eye chakra which directs energy and symbolizes spiritual power. Myrtle is an encoded word relating to psychic powers of an empowered soul symbolic of an adept mind which directs/creates manifestation through the Shekinah. The sense of smell allows one the awe of God rather than by sight or hearing and can be termed the holy spirit connecting the soul to it’s Divine root. Furthermore Scorpio connects with the intestines derived from the root words minute and grain to imply we have a power to dissect and refine ourselves.

Scorpions as spiritual or totem animal are the picture of the following qualities:

  • Transformation/Death
  • Emotional IQ
  • Stability
  • Determination
  • Mysteries
  • Intuition
  • Occultism
  • Bravery

In Hinduism we find Kali as a representation of destruction and creation rolled into one which like the scorpion teaches us that we all go through small deaths of character. Upon this we adapt to any given situation, change, improve, and progress forward. We see here that the scorpion assists us in letting go of that which no longer serves us be it friends, jobs, or family. If it is holding us back from our highest evolution there will be a cost to pay for advancement. Emotional IQ allows one to go with the flow without giving up control. We know the rules yet bend them to ensure our success. When we understand another we can respond accordingly with a loving manner. Intuition through connection to the Universe and one’s inner world might be seen as a superpower or clairvoyance yet it is merely analytical thinking working alongside emotional intelligence and when perfected works on autopilot through our nervous system. If you’ve collected enough information about a subject matter or person you should have enough confidence to act upon it. Lastly this spiritual or totem animal helps build strength to assist you in standing up for what you truly believe, set boundaries, and fiercely love/protect yourself and others.

One thing to beware of with the scorpion is manipulation. Being overconfident in judgment can lead to a failure to take another’s opinions or needs into consideration. When we understand that the Universe is Divine and perfect we won’t feel any need to change it. It’s also advised that obsessive natures be released. Controlled environments produce nothing of value and it is through free expression that we see growth. When we constantly change and evolve there is no room for obsession and clinginess to any one person or object.