Manifestation Mondays: Through Interpretation We Gain Insight

“From this year forward, every birthday is a surprise.” – Unknown

I’ve survived 364 unbirthdays as per the Mad Hatter and March Hare! Here comes day 365! Beware of any bandersnatches as you navigate the underlined hyperlink text.

I happened to love both Alice in Wonderland and Labyrinth growing up. Go figure!


Tomorrow I turn another year older, and I’ve been leading up to this by utilizing Solar Return charts. I managed to rummage through the list of asteroids stopping at Born (13954) wondering what or how one would interpret this in a chart. Could it be of any significance?

I don’t believe anyone has rightly plopped this into any sort of speculative astrology studies so my curiosity became even more enlarged when I saw the degree it was sitting upon. The asteroid itself is the discovery of one Freimut Börngen born in Weimar of all places who is a German astronomer known for discovering some 519 asteroids and studying galaxies.

Solar Return Chart for Asteroid Born

Some ideas for how to interpret this asteroid that might be possible could be the concept of what natural born talents do we incarnate with, what new beginnings lie before us, and what are we birthing into consciousness or the 3D.

Archetypes here could be the tarot trump The Fool who is just setting off on their journey. For me personally we find Asteroid Born has stationed direct in my 1st House of Pisces at 22° with Neptune (opposition) and semisextile Saturn.

The Fool in symbolism is all about the unexpected adventures which lie on the horizon yet require leaps of faith and encourage our growth. It’s not always a literal adventure we’re departing upon because it can signify a spiritual venture.

In careers it can signify new opportunities, in love it can caution against impulsiveness yet not missing out on true love, and in finances it can teach one to exercise caution as they might be taken advantage of.

Generally it is a representation of fertility, pregnancy, and new life when we turn up this tarot trump in any reading. As long as anything is well thought through and researched never be afraid to take a chance. Keywords for this tarot trump include innocence, freedom, originality, and spontaneity.

It’s the Sabian interpretation that made me intrigued for it is given as man bringing down law from Sinai. There is really a more esoteric and metaphysical reality to this placement that I would have to decode for others.

The metaphysical interpretation of Sinai stands as a deep ravine or precipitous cliff where God/Goddess reveals themself giving one their first impulse to lead others out of Egypt and this high place within consciousness is where we come into communion with the Divine often depicted as being given the Ten Commandments.

We could learn much from others within these topics as well as find our own personal gnosis. A few useful examples that I’m willing to share which I’ve ventured to study include the following.

I’m warning you there is a lot to digest, and yesterday I was already ingesting plenty of other studies to feed my rather insatiable appetite in an attempt to get up to speed on what I felt I was lacking in understanding as well as innerstanding.

Nonetheless I’m sharing this so that blog followers might glimpse and further educate themselves on some meatier topics rather than remain left behind themselves.

Esoteric Scriptures:

“Why did the birthday cake go to therapy? Because it was feeling crumby.” – Unknown

Birthday Cake Circa 2020 Post Ankle Ligament Surgery

But ultimately within my chart we’d have to look a little deeper for answers. You see the Solar Return is telling you what will happen, but the house is telling you where it will occur.

So if we glance at the 1st House we’re looking in the mirror and asking ourselves what do we see. Well we see ourselves through the face we have been showing the world for the duration of what will be one year only because all “this” is what is happening in our lives in the present now moment.

Our persona is a temporary overlay of changes experienced, but we know that the notion of “self” has many layers much like an onion. We can display as self conscious, self centered, self important, self controlled, or we can present our best self. Do we open up to the world or set a barrier against it?

This is all about how we feel we need to be right here and right now. We get up front and personal especially with regards to independence, self awareness, assertion, and new approaches to life.

We’re neither gullible nor prone to pursue the glamorous superficial interests of others because our attitude becomes sincere and sober. These placements place direct confrontation in the arenas of real versus ideal, reality versus illusion, science versus spirituality, and realism versus faith.

For example, are we going to become the mystic or fundamentalist or will we politically lean more left into Communism/Socialism or more right towards a different form of groupthink (a very important topic covered in previous blog posts on the damage of propaganda or brainwashing the masses into hypnosis/psychosis) in the pursuit of social justice, civil rights, and collectivism as an offshoot of misaligned unity consciousness.

Maybe we start unmasking the deception in an attempt to stop polluting the collective consciousness with disillusionment. Could we find enough compassion to help those in need?

Success only occurs when we take a careful discursive approach through strategic skill and efficient organization to inspire an attitude of respecting individual rights/liberties and seek out to remove the wasted loss of human potential that has been ongoing. Whatever the approach we take it’s little to do with ego gratification and more to do with generating a beneficial change.

This degree is about getting slowed down against one’s will which can result in a great accumulation of frustration unless the right attitude is focused upon. The chart holder is to become non-reactive and to allow one’s creative impulses to flow with and around all obstructions knowing that whatever appears to be going against one is there to increase one’s ability to be non-attached.

Accept what comes, allow it to leave when it’s time, and know that what will be for one comes effortlessly. The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A blacksmith creating an ornate garden gate.” This degree is about making the best of even the most difficult situations.

And to do so, of course, one has to go out and find all the most difficult people and situations that can be discovered. At best this degree is a hard worker who is doggedly determined to turn around even the most seemingly nonredeemable state of affairs.

The dangers here are getting worn out/burnt out as hard working becomes abuse as well as continual failures creating successive layers of frustration until a mountain of it has built up.

The key here is adopting the right attitude. If the attitude is bitter, egotistical, cynical and self righteous or hard like the blacksmith’s iron then the goal will never be reached. If the attitude is loving and receptive to guidance by higher forces then the iron can be heated, worked, and will yield to fulfilling the blacksmith’s creative vision. Work with guardian angel Mehiel and daimon Flauros.

“I hope your birthday doesn’t blow.” – Unknown

Daimon Flauros corresponds to the Two of Pentacles, Venus, Capricorn, and Rose. It can be said that this daimon is one who will share great wisdom with those who they consider worthy of respect. There is a strong connection here to the fire element and the art of divination. This protective daimon is often utilized for removing troublemakers from one’s life.

Flauros usually ensures that anyone who is creating chaos in one’s life get lost or take a hike. Not one to allow anyone to be tempted or attacked by others this daimon actually loves talking about the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine while balancing one’s physical, mental, and spiritual consciousness.

It is said that Flauros is specifically connected with justice, love, and new beginnings while raising one’s IQ and aiding in the development of a retentive memory. If you’re dealing with anyone who is back lashing due to a fragile ego you may want to work with this daimon. What they really need is a restorative blessing.

In reality this degree showcases for the chart holder how interpretations allow us to enter unknown territory where the surface level mask is removed and the skills we have are honed. It’s unwise to take preconceived thoughts with us into the jungle for we are entering untouched lands usually.

In this jungle, however, we must guard against the constantly swarming insects who leave welts and bites upon us. If we succeed at deterring their venom we might feign off dis-ease. If we are exceptionally lucky we land with the ever famous “get out of jail free” card from Monopoly no longer locked into superficialities with an opportunity to live our lives authentically.

There is no fixed stars upon this degree to really work with at present. With the above in proper perspective this degree can work with White Jade and utilize the affirmation I release negative self doubt and accomplish my dreams.

“Dragons particularly like eating cakes and pastries. Their favorite kind of cake is a lair cake!” – Unknown

My step father has brought home a rather large 3D printed red dragon for me as well as tiramisu for mom and I’s birthdays as hers is on the 29th only three days after mine. If you’re curious about the interview I think it went well, but I won’t have anything official until Friday when they reach out to me with either the yes/no I’m receiving the position. They want someone to start immediately or well I was told yesterday. 🤞

There is some competition in the game therefore I’m going to let it be and try not to fret over matters because it won’t do me any good. I’ll try to think positively while being patient as I’ve not heard back on either position I’ve interviewed for as receptionist in attempts to relieve myself from the toils of retail with my sometimes cranky neuropathy/foot.

I’m not sure that she’s feeling this birthday vibe though; my mom that is. 2022 has been a very rough road to traverse with quite a lot of potholes along the way. And, um, well the Pikachu in the above image I’ve still not taken the time to paint a face upon him. Oops! May you have a larger than life Monday. Happy vibes sent your way. I have a surprise for tomorrow’s blog post to celebrate the next lunar phase.

And today I corrected a typographical error in a much older post. I need a proofreader besides myself.🤗💓

PS: I’ve also corrected a link above. It appears that I made a boo boo! So the dragon reference now correctly directs to the appropriate location.

Manifestation Mondays: Pisces Asks “What Are You Dreaming Into Being?”

“We dream in colors borrowed from the sea.” – Anonymous

While I’ve used more underlined hyperlink text for expansion on topics I’ve covered today many of them are from an article series of one specific website. You’re free to discern for yourself what you wish to believe or not believe. I know many say they don’t believe at all as I do or that they do not understand much of what I might be pointing them towards.


We’re in Third Quarter moving to Waning Crescent Moon phase presently in Pisces at 11°.  My Moonscope email called this the Dreamcatcher Moon. The energy of this event will be unique to each one of us based upon our astrology charts. For me this is my Natal chart’s 5th House, but if we look at the Draconic chart we see that this would be a 50/50% split in the 10th House shared with Aquarius.

Pisces is my South Lunar Node representing past life karma that I’m more comfortable with in comparison to my present incarnation’s 11th House Virgo mission/purpose. Today if we ran a chart Pisces would have more influence on my 10th rather than 5th House believe it or not thereby being more in alignment with the Draconic energies.

Pisces Moon Chart
Pisces Moon Aspectarian

Translation becomes influences that impact our chances to experience pleasure through childlike, joyful, and relaxing moments when self expression is at its best and when luck in fame and achievement clash with authority representing our social status, authority, and professional activity through the eyes of a visionary who loves a good challenge. It is here that our unconscious begins to manifest psychological traits, recurrent emotional responses, and inner impulses which are beyond our control due to hereditary and childhood experiences.

For me, myself, and I which would be better termed my ego the Moon is semisextile Sun and Chiron, octile Pluto and Venus, and quintile North Node. These aspects make us more aware than most of the adjustments people need to make in life. We’re frequently in the position to adjust our life path as well as behavior to adapt to others, but we find that we’re also more often than not placed into “no win damned if we do and damned if we don’t” situations. We make up a group of collective souls who are forced to choose that which is in conflict with our innermost needs.

Through Chiron we have an advanced wisdom or understanding that wants others to see their world through a new perspective that will resolve their issues and wounds which originate in their childhood due to missing nurturance and love. The wound lies in a lack of security and emotional validation that many have experienced.

We recognize that there are people in our lives who are overwhelming with a need to kill off their negative habits, but who apply manipulative tactics in relationships with us through revenge and vindictiveness often holding grudges. It borders on cruelty, abuse, and feelings of entrapment.

If these emotions were refined we would be dealing with those who are harmonious, cooperative, and gentle in their approaches to relating. Relationships would be nourishing, happier, and peaceful. The best healing modality for our placements is to employ creative imagination through storytelling, art, and music.

There is a fascinating synchronicity in the Omega symbols described as three undines guarding a golden treasure at the bottom of a river. Undines are water elementals, and as I’ve been spending so much time in the study of metaphysical concepts of Kabbalah, mermaids, waves, etc. I’m fascinated by all of this.

As I am still integrating my Black Holes astrology report I purchased online alongside Flower Essences this is a huge confirmation albeit biased that my psyche is trying to integrate. If we break the word itself down we find that Latin unda etymologically is wave while French ondine is mermaid.

According to esotericism the king of the undines is Varuna of whom the Vedas report and who belongs to the Devas. The undines have an etheric body as their uppermost member with a physical body, but below that two more members belonging to the third and second elementary kingdoms. The undines have an intense emotional life and are related to our feelings and emotions.

There is a correlation here that I’m becoming each day more and more aware of in this journey. One which I’m discovering others also recognize, but the circles I’ve traveled in for a large chunk of my life outside of through the world wide web never put me into contact with anyone on the same wavelength as I am. Literally I feel a complete disconnect from a large chunk of people I meet outside of through the digital realms.

It might explain why I likewise struggle sometimes to maintain jobs into my 30s as well as 40s. The systems currently running the “simulation/matrix” as some call it feel very non-resonant to “who I’m becoming” as opposed to “who I was.” Just when I think I’ve found happiness and a match I learn that often times I’ve mistakenly or incorrectly perceived my environment or those who I’ve attracted to myself creating this roller coaster of ups and downs. It’s as if I have not found my tribe in my immediate circle or vicinity and am instead finding it through distant relations by surfing the internet.

Upon penetrating water we find another kind of spiritual being unlike the solid which is similar to the intellectual faculties. The elemental beings which live in the water are more akin to our feelings. We stand with our feelings separate of things. A beautiful tree outside and we are separated from it until we let what it is flow into us.

The liquid of the tree is its sap flowing into every leaf with its sensation. It not only feels the red and the blue from the outside rather it experiences this color inwardly carrying sensations into everything within. The life of feeling is much more intense in these spiritual entities than the very intense weaving of our limited intellect.

Undines complement fish, but also insects by forming their scales or outer armor. They are sensitive to everything. Fish have a relatively closed astral body, but they live very much in the world of aether. Undines are not fully awake and instead they dream. Their greatest delight is when they come to a body of water to preserve their ability to take on the form of a fish.

Their essential nature is perpetual metamorphosis. By dreaming of the stars, the Sun, the light, and the warmth they shape the leaf. Normally undines are completely enclosed in the realm of the leaf. But they can also grow beyond these limits, and in fact they always strive to do so to become mist giants. Undines transform the larynx into an organ of speech. Speech, however, is located in respiration, and this gift is known as clairvoyance having a greater spiritual perception than most.

If you want to continue with this series as I probably will in my spare time a good article series that might be helpful at this time for you is the Human Life – Dreams beginning with Part 1. Trust me much of what I hyperlink to and share in my studies others don’t quite gravitate to that I personally know. Well with the exception of one customer who explained that she too was more airy fairy and into the woo woo happy to learn I was a Leo as she was married to a Leo.

“The deeper the waters are, the more still they run.” – Korean Proverb

This degree places a focus on the issues of temptation and desire. It is continually asking itself why it wants what it wants becoming unsure of its desires. This is the first manifestation of “Leo” energy in Pisces (bare with me as I’m a Western Leo/Vedic Cancer Sun sign). The little ego which is often based on selfishness, and the illusion of limitations must be dissolved so that the greater ego may assert itself as a pure mirror reflecting the love and joy of the spiritual light into our physical realms.

The river is time. The place where the golden treasure lies is the present now moment. The three undines are the self as reflecting all time; past, present, and future. The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A high crumbling wall. It is part of a ruin and covered with ivy.” The wall was probably a part of something lofty and grand maybe even a cathedral. Now it is a support for the ivy. Is this function less noble? Which role that the wall has played and created enhanced the world the most?

Power is stored in the Earth at primal quickening points. Often in these places humanity erects monuments to its own folly. Eventually these merge into the landscape and everything comments upon everything else. Being held between the Earth’s wise presence and humanity’s dim apprehension of what is really involved here. One side of the feeling nature is so intuitive and psychically astute that you are harboring advanced gifts that can serve Earth evolution in staggering ways.

Another side of the feeling nature is contorted with reactions, judgments, and condemnations of the collective trends of humanity and of the weakness of the human flesh. These objections and rejections of the human scene rebound upon the self and poison the psychic faculties.

It is only when you heal and forgive renouncing the minor key irritable voice inside and out that the floodtide of burgeoning awareness of what is arising in this Earth with all its ripples can wipe away the false structures and foster the new birth; the tuned in and blessings focused outlook and inlook.

This degree is all about letting things be and then seeing what becomes of them through detachment to outcomes. It realizes that many human agendas are at play and although they style themselves noble or of great importance they are actually quite narrow and false being mere pretensions of the little ego.

It may be just as beautiful to see things fall apart as to strive to build them up. The outer cathedral when eventually lost to the ravages of time can encourage the exploration of the eternal inner cathedral. This is one of the golden treasures guarded by the undines resting in eternity at the bottom of the river of time. Work with guardian angel Nanael and daimon Caim.

Daimon Caim binds us to the Nine of Pentacles, Sagittarius, Sweetgum, and Mercury. Any work done with Caim improves intuition, understanding the communication of various animals as well as the waters, protection of the astral double, and dream work is enhanced. Hydromancy being a specialty of this daimon one learns to comprehend the noise of the waters and the movement of waves. One is guided to becoming an excellent debater.

It is only slightly ironic that this degree in fact sits upon Lambda Aquarius in the poured forth water of Aquarius the Water Bearer. As stated my Draconic 10th House embodies a 50/50% paradigm of Pisces and Aquarian energies on the Western wheel. In fact in Vedic it is an Aquarian Ketu that I am given in the 5th House of all places.

I’d link to my study on this, but I’ve already hit 11 backlinks at this time so if you wish to locate it simply plop in North Node on the search feature of my blog’s sidebar. It was a Teach Me Tuesday’s probing of utilizing myself as an example of the lessons astrotheology can impart.

I’m not fond of using client’s information as I think that is a violation of their faith/trust in my keeping their personal data safe nor do I wish to use that of celebrities. I’ve said this before; you don’t use someone’s data without permission. The only examples I’ve otherwise made were those of my ancestors who are in my record keeping as an honor/tribute to their memories within our matriarchy.

I don’t find a lot of information on this fixed star except for it’s naming which is taken from the Greek Hydor etymologically defined as water and Ekkhysis εκχυσις as outpouring. Maybe the best way to contemplate this is to look to the Labors of Hercules. Or perhaps you prefer meteor showers! Kabbalists associate this position with the Hebrew letter Nun and the tarot trump Temperance/Art.

Atoms for Peace in Aquarius (click me)

May this current Moon bring you pleasant dreams! 😴🛌🏻

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Pisces as Eastern Fish vs Western Fish

Pisces – February 19 through March 20

I am trying to return to my schedule, but it’s still difficult toggling responsibilities due to the research for content. I’m actually off kilter. I should have done Aquarius this week, but made a mistake. Next week is Aquarius! Take a dive with me via the underlined hyperlink text.


The title speaks to the upward ascension of the heavenly Christ versus the mundane descent of the Antichrist. The aeon old tale of higher and lower natures is written into the Zeitgeist of Pisces representative of creation via the Light of the World acting as a revealing Light of Life itself. Pisces like all zodiac signs is a sign of duality whereby the perfect manifestation of God/Goddess within humanity is demonstrated. The blending of the soul in matter produces a perfected individualized soul with the human being manifesting God/Goddess in a destined expression.

Pisces instructs one to go forth in matter commanding that the soul utilize its instrument during the earlier stages of evolution within the polarity of personality. Through the personality the soul is experienced as separate thus our mind creates an idea of separation known as our ego which sustains the veil of illusion through fear rather than love. Humans create the very illusions which keep them asleep until an important awakening happens in Pisces.

Humanity has to integrate the ocean of human suffering instead of hoping to escape, transcend, or run from it which is their greatest challenge. Most of us are easily deceived by mere superficial appearances and we do not have the spiritual maturity to see reality as it really is. Our spiritual eyes are still closed and we believe what we see/hear continuously living in a fearful and reactive level of consciousness.

When Christ overcame death and became the world savior collective humanity was participating in tests which carry their self will of their collectivized personality up into the region of Divine will with an end result of inspiration via emergence of a world savior.

Pisces is in fact a symbol of death and finality be it physical or psychological. A transformation so vital and basic is initiated by the disciple where after the death of personality and the killing out of desire they go on towards death unto an eternal resurrection if non-attachment and liberation of the soul for service upon a cosmic scale can be manifested.

Pisces is a Water element ruled by Neptune as Lord of the Oceans representing a death by drowning releasing humanity. Three planets are important when we look to the human experience in Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune act as custodians of the exoteric level while Pluto is the custodian of both esoteric soul level and consciousness via the hierarchical level.

Neptune is the influence of Pisces with regards to humanity as a whole and not just the individualized self, but this only takes place towards the final stages of the discipleship. Neptune in Pisces can be described best as one of being swept away by the ocean, going with the flow, and falling deeper into glamour, illusion, and escapism. Neptune’s job at personality level is to dissolve limiting physical and mental conditions which impede the influx of spirit in physical matter in the form of Universal love where we once again remember the oceanic nature of our consciousness. Our Divinity lives within experiences via individual physical incarnation.

Pluto begins in duality in Greek mythology as Hades representing death or the region of death as well as giver of wealth before custodianship over all that lies beneath the surface of the Earth including graves and all of the Earth’s riches are reaped which further includes the fertility of our soil and the wealth of Earth’s gems. At our core a jewel is an inner light which is carried over beyond death. Through Pluto the destroying power of the death of desire, personality, and of all which holds humanity between the pairs of opposites is actualized in order to achieve the final liberation. Pluto never destroys the consciousness aspect rather it is the great revealer stepping in to bring the conditions for the final transformation at soul level in Pisces.

Jupiter in Pisces fuses soul and personality seen as the two fishes magnetically tied to each other. Our soul feels an obligation to serve and uplift its personality. Jupiter in Pisces represents both unconscious and conscious fusion synthesizing the incarnated human soul in the Ocean of Substance. The human soul goes forth into matter with an expectation of satisfaction which comes inevitably when humanity learns to desire nothing for their separated self. Wanting nothing humanity is fit to have everything.

In this way we begin to more closely identify with our inner light as that which continues beyond death. Pluto brings the cycle of life to an end and Neptune ensures we carry with us as much illumination as is possible. The mantra of Pisces is I leave the Father’s home and turning back I save.

The vital role in this awakening process is for humanity to purify their thoughts and intentions to rise up from fear and learn to focus and direct Sacred Heart energy to invite others to fully mature, awaken, and join in the fulfillment of Divine purpose. The fully awakened Sacred Heart acts as pacemaker for awakening humanity. The soul in Pisces becomes a liberated radiant expression of a world savior. The developmental cycle is complete and the soul is now fully mature ready to fulfill Divine purpose.

From within esoteric Judaism and Christianity we see this best in the month Adar. Purim during Adar exemplifies a metamorphosis of the Jews’ apparent bad fortune to good. Adar augments one with joy. Purim marks a high point in joy for an entire year. The Jewish calendar year begins with the joy of the redemption of Passover concluding with the joy of the redemption at Purim for it is joy which breaks through all barriers.

When I was a grocery store cashier one location had a large influx of Jewish clients so during Purim I was routinely given homemade Hamantaschen by repeat female customers who knew I had Ashkenazi Jewish lineage. They had a way of sneaking them in and passing them to me during the checkout process of their orders. Mostly management did not want food or drink at your check stand. Bugs, spills, etc. One grocery store I worked for had year round latkes I often bought to eat. A previous blog post explained this masquerade via participation mystique. Below is a recipe I am including.

Mardi Gras Mask (Previous Wealth Altar Design)

My wealth altar used to be designed differently and harnessed the energy of the Empress as well it had a green and gold Mardi Gras mask which I have since thrown away in the trash a long time ago for particular reasons I won’t disclose here as part of a letting go ritual with it’s modern design. It is not unlike the Celtic astrology I have discussed as the Holly with the California king Oak tree bed I inherited at my maternal grandfather’s passing with Duir. Different cultural concepts with perceived similarities which may be subjective or objective.

It is an argument of understanding how languages evolved. Being that the world wide web is awash in a lot of stigmatization across a variety of cultures with finger pointing you will find I’m particular about trying to get people to stop spreading “ignorance.” Everyone’s walk or journey in life is pretty personal. I’m learning I prefer to be solitary despite my complaints of it feeling rather lonely from time to time (abandonment/orphan archetypal energies) and not within any spiritual group per say. In my views people who form cliques start to suffer with their share of power struggles or even have work they need to do on their own ego inflation still individually (superiority/inferiority complexes left largely unresolved). The proverbial know-it-alls which I don’t consider myself either. I’m constantly re-educating myself. I read somewhere you can’t take anything at blind faith so you should experiment or test everything in life so as to form your own conclusions. I’m also keeping politics out of this because the world wide web is a hot mess. Yes, I’m watching you.

For those questioning the Book of Esther here is a brief metaphysical breakdown.

  • Esther is a dissolving power of spiritual love which acts as an antidote for dictatorial will. Esther with all of her relatives, the Jews (spiritual thoughts), join in a fast denying all selfish desires out of love before utilizing it to soften an imperious will. Love consciousness stands in the inner court of one’s being and it is unselfish love which is fearless because of its forgetfulness of self. When approached with the correct attitude one touches the highest point of understanding of Divine law eradicating the idea of separation.
  • Mordechai is a victorious spiritual power working within each soul for full redemption where humbleness always marks a truly great individual or idea leading to repentance or turning away from error and a resolute turning to Truth. Mars as God of War indicates an overcoming power here.
  • Haman stands for the activity of one’s carnal consciousness known as the Adversary which gives itself up particularly to working against one’s spiritual thoughts and tendencies. The highest spiritual beliefs and aspirations are metaphysically seen as the Jews.

Book of Esther: A Poem


This relates to the Hebrew letter Qoph meaning monkey as a representation of laughter during Adar. This monkey in the face of humanity signifies a masquerade. Before the miracle of Purim God/Goddess hid his/her face from their children. Within the entire story of Purim in the book of Esther we never find God’s/Goddess’ name; not even once. By hiding one’s true identity and pretending to be someone else our innermost essence of our true self becomes revealed. During Purim one reaches the level of unknowable head where the head which has no knowledge or gnosis of itself is not known to others. It is an existential state of total hiddeness of self from self for the purpose of giving birth to one’s ultimate self anew.


The truly infinite essence of God’s/Goddess’ transcendent light entering into a finite context of physical reality is revealed in full to soul. The concept of a World to Come or tikun rectifies worry. The root of “to worry” is a time of Nechemiah where unobservant Jews desecrated the holiness of their Sabbath by selling fish in the market of Jerusalem. These fish turned into excessive worry over earning a livelihood. In the opposite direction the fish symbolizing the joy of Purim converts all of the worry in the heart of humanity into the ultimate joy of redemption with a new birth of self from this unknowable head.

Qoph means eye of a needle with a secondary meaning of monkey which references our physical body with its associated animal nature. The back of the head is where our visual centers are located beside the cerebellum and medula which maintain bodily homeostasis even when we sleep. Sleep allows a transformation of our bodies from animal to spiritual being. Get enough sleep each night and you will no longer lose consciousness when asleep rather you consciously function out of the body at that time.

The sense is laughter where Purim takes be fruitful and multiply turning it into an archetypal personification of laughter in the face of the fear and awe of God/Goddess who shall laugh or metamorphize into an exuberant laughter at the festival of Purim.

The spleen is considered the seat of black humor (Phlegmatic Melancholic over here) and the source of all states of melancholy and despair. Adar and Purim transmute this to happy thoughts; the funniest joke of all!

Figuromo Sand Castle With Dolphin/Seashells Via Mandala Coloring App

Fish are symbols of what may be obscure in your life. Fish spirit and the Water element enhance your level of fertility and femininity enabling you to enjoy prosperity and good luck. In Africa fish may be venerated as a source of health. The fish and other sea creatures held hallowed positions in the rituals of the Divine Mother as connected with inspiration, infinite wisdom, the power of prophecy, and unity in the community.

Fish represent abundance when it comes to reproduction as fish breed at a very high rate so it’s often given as a gift to a newly married couple to represent good luck especially to the bride. Fish asks you to face important decisions, use your psychic powers, tune into your emotions, and create harmony in your life.

The dolphin motif in the sand castle image above was to represent the myth of Amphitrite. You’ll find her as asteroid 29 if you ever choose to chart her. Amphitrite represents where you feel unworthy of the affection of others, where you see yourself vulnerable to others, and where you are shy in expression displaying difficulties in showing the energy of the house/sign she is located. This is your elusive imaginative qualities you struggle to express. Where do you give up your power? This asteroid can show how you like to be pursued in romantic relationships. It also symbolizes seeking relationships yet desiring to keep your power strong and individualized.

To keep this simple the natal placement for myself was 9th House Cancer 4°, transiting 2nd House Sagittarius 7°, and progressing to 9th House Cancer 23°. I won’t be going as in depth with these degrees today.  The natal degree takes us from arguments or being bullied to imbalances where one tries to get one over on the weaker of the species which triggers the chart holder to advocate for the underdog in life. The transiting degree says that problems might arise via the nature of Cupid. I seem to be sensing the annoyances of projection here. After all Cupid/Eros can ignite an all-consuming passion in his archetypal role. This was in fact not always a good thing in Greek mythology. The other gods were aware of the troubles that Cupid’s arrows tend to spark (Daphne and Apollo). The progression speaks to shared knowledge, but cautions against propaganda. How we describe something creates the potential for wider access by the collective. The question of this degree lies in if the chart holder feels required to censor themselves to appease the status quo and be accepted by others.

Happy Sunday! Tomorrow we begin a new week and it’s also a New Moon in Aquarius. 🏝️🐚🏄🏻‍♀️

Teach Me Tuesdays: Your Cities’ Astrology Chart

A butterfly on the wind chime in our garden says “Hello” during autumn migration.

The incorporation date of your city, state, or nation when run through astrology software will produce a natal chart that can be read and interpreted. This can then be used also for transits to help you see potential changes that would be upcoming such as revolutions and Constitutional changes. This is another form of Astro Cartography very much like a previous blog post I did.

This is in fact highly useful also for those considering re-location and travel as it can help you locate where you will be most in harmony or vibrate the highest. I have even seen this recommended alongside a career astrology chart such as the one I provide. What I am insure of is if I should even consider adding the option of Astro Cartography to my services. I have not one clue if anyone would purchase a report from me or if they would like my interpretations. Sometimes it is hard to gauge the audience approval rating!

This website will give you a very good history of where I live which I wish I had located previously when someone online asked to know where I was from as they live across the globe from me, myself, and I.

Cedar Park, TX looks like the following when it was incorporated.

I am really only going to touch on the following placements for right now in the interest of not boring my audience or even subjecting them to information overload.

  • Sun in 10th House Pisces
  • Moon in 6th House Sagittarius
  • Ascendant in 12th House Gemini
  • T-Square consisting of Neptune in 6th House Sagittarius, Sun in 10th House Pisces, and Ascendant in 12th House Gemini

Depending on what I plug into my astrology software the chart is quite active with regards to the addition of Lilith, Ceres, Vesta, and Pallas Athena. It is with these changes that we find a stellium in Sagittarius, 4 T-Squares, and 3 Yods. But this is going to really complicate it for my readership so we will stick only with what is bulleted above.

I sincerely hope I am doing this correctly and it provides some interesting food for others to digest especially as my business is work from home and located here.

Visiting lady bugs to the apple mint in the garden.

Sun in 10th House Pisces:

When the Sun nestles itself in the sign of Pisces one’s identity will be characterized by the Piscean themes of belonging, glamour, and spirituality. This placement is one of the most naturally spiritual signs in the zodiac which gives one a lot of room to experience life from a broad perspective. We find here one who is sensitive, artistic, and compassionate. The Pisces Sun has a tendency for assisting one with entering into the helping professions such as mental health, end of life care, or energy healing.

The symbol is two fish tied together symbolizing the fluidity of identity where one harbors a deeply profound sensitivity and is naturally psychic as they are attuned into the unseen dimensions. Pisces has an affinity with the water element giving off the airs of a personality that carries an otherworldly quality. Here we find one who is often overwhelmed by emotions and searching for an escape via creative means such as poetry, substance abuse, metaphysics, or dance.

Pisces is co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter respectively imbues mind expansion and spiritual pursuits. Neptune represents dreams and a core part of your identity is tied up in the fantasy world.

The 10th House symbolizes life in the public’s eye and the career path. This area of the chart is indicative of the authorities in one’s life such as parents, bosses, and leaders. You will locate here the “how” of your relationship with your parents and the acceptance or rejection of authority in life. This is where we meet or defy expectations for our career, family, and achievements are met. This is also related to notoriety and legacy.

Moon in 6th House Sagittarius:

The Sagittarius Moon will be a bit of a wild child who will be drawn into the exploration of all things. This placement indicates a love of travel both metaphysical and physical. One greatly enjoys discussing various subjects which will lead to an expanded sense of awareness and understanding of others.

The Moon of Sagittarius is associated with the fire element giving one a creative and action oriented disposition. This placement voices their concerns bluntly as one is not afraid to speak their truth and desires that other people know where they stand.

Overall optimistic there is a yearning to achieve the most out of life while maintaining a positive outlook to achieving any goals one sets for themselves. Some days may feel more temperamental or dramatic which one will express freely.

This can be nurtured by learning new things. Intellectual conversations, debates, and protests will be stimulating and yet one here likes to read, travel, and experience as much mind expanding consciousness as humanly possible in one tiny lifetime.

The 6th House represents the areas of life which relate to one’s daily routines and work life. This provides insight into what type of work one will enjoy doing, how strict one will be about schedules, and one’s desire to be of service to others or not. In traditional astrology this placement was also associated with pets.

Ascendant in 12th House Gemini:

Here if one tries to find stability via personality alone they will experience limitation and may not know who they are. One is advised to set and maintain proper boundaries. The 12th House practices of meditation and/or taking a walk in nature with an open heart can gently expand awareness. Any previously defined personality will no longer serve one. Life creates situations whereby one feels like a failure of their ego creates a realization of their limitations.

One aspires to serve others and to use their brain to make everyone happy. This placement indicates true givers in a society, but one needs to be inspired to function in this capacity and is bothered by those who aren’t critically thinking for themselves.

If one sacrifices their intelligence for others they do so with the hope that this will bring them the kind of affection they desperately seek. Intuition is strong and one can perceive their surroundings better than others.

One can easily assimilate new information unconsciously. This placement rarely struggles to show what they’re feeling. They may on occasion keep secrets and hide everything about what they’re thinking in their soul.

The mind is stimulated by Universal concepts as well as one will be a very spiritual creature who is also connected to the material realm. What one wants is to pursue a variety of ideas.

An Ascendant placed here is about karmic debts in the field of communication, how their mind works, and how humanity is developing in the present now moment while gaining an understanding of what life is all about and how evolution takes place.

Certain events can open up one’s extrasensory talents towards acquisition of new information which will be used in the subconscious mind to ensure that new insights manifest. It is advised that one study psychology or choose it as a career. When one understands better the human condition they can be more prosperous.


This T-Square exists between Fixed and Mutable signs. The Fixed sign will have a propensity towards the traits of arrogance, resoluteness, and becoming uncompromising. Too much ambition causes one to work until their goals are reached. This aspect pattern means one will stick like glue to anything they feel acts as a security blanket. When these energies are used correctly one will create something constant and reliable in life.

The Mutable sign may cause one to disperse their energy too frequently and easily. One is influenced by diverse concepts and constantly evolving. This placement enjoys collecting knowledge to pass onto others while balancing multiple skill sets.

Here is a video on the area I live and work in which I found on Youtube. The video appears as if it is not live on my Windows laptop, but if you press the “play” button it will be there to watch.

If this blog post has helped you consider a donation to help me grow or purchasing an astrology report. I really would like to buy a microphone to do podcasts one day besides simply written adventures in communication! Have a great Tuesday everyone.

Teach Me Tuesdays: North Node and South Node

Sanskrit Karman – Act, Action, and Performance

When discussing astrology whether it is tropical or sidereal both take into account a fictional or imaginary planet or node. For me personally I believe a lot of time could be spent here alone in study. On tropical astrology it is widely different than when I look at sidereal actually for myself. While it may seem as if I suffer self absorption in how often I study my own charts it is quite the opposite, and my explanation for my logic may fall on deaf ears. I can not make everyone like me after all. My time spent in studying my own astrology charts as well as those of others is the fact that I believe in the phrase “know thyself” both strengths and weaknesses. It is an actionable goal then to take that knowledge and improve one’s self with it.

I have been itching to do this study/post. It is long, but I believe worth your time.

So if you believe I suffer narcissism I ask you to reconsider your stance and instead question if it is not my desire to better myself that makes me involved in studying my natal charts or the charts of others to help them improve their lot in life. Lately it is very easy to project labels onto others and play finger pointing blame games due to cancel culture. We learn best by example and thus we are picking up negative habits without conscious awareness. Ironic this act shows three fingers point back at the accuser of the wrong. That should warrant caution in who you attack! What I instead see is people slinging snow balls at each other not in an act of play, but in an act of war with severe consequences for those actions and beliefs.

There are are two lunar nodes in tropical astrology acting as an intersection between the ecliptic and the orbit of the Moon. These nodes deal with your spiritual journey of your soul past, present, and future holding the keys to lessons you learned or are yet to learn. This is important within karmic astrology for those who believe in reincarnation as well as those who wish to treat these nodes as their past and future in this present lifetime.

The North Node reveals your soul journey towards growth! Here we find the traits you desire to develop in this incarnation to grow the most. Yet this process is not easy. In the natal chart your North Node indicates the challenges and struggles of the first part of your life which gets easier after the age of 30. The South Node represents your past showing your karmic strengths where you will usually excel as you have a lot of experience already here. You are very comfortable in this placement, but this doesn’t help you grow. Hence why we are told to step out of our comfort zones. You are supposed to focus on your North Node despite the strong pull to fall back on the South Node. The lunar nodes spend in each sign approximately 18 months with an orbital period is 18.6 years. They are directly opposite each other and they are always retrograde.

If I was to look at my mom’s tropical chart and compare it to mine we would find my mom has her North Node in Libra with the South Node in Aries while I have my North Node in Virgo and my South Node in Pisces. I am not going to explore the houses at this time, but perhaps we can explore that at a later time and date. I picked this combination because I was named after my mom and our birthdays are only three days apart. People also have a tendency to confuse us for sisters which is to her benefit as it is a compliment that she still looks younger than her age!

Libra North Node vs Aries South Node:

Libra to Aries Polarity is About Balancing Me and We

Libra Keywords: partnership, marriage, and learning they do not need to do everything alone because others are here and in their life to help them

Aries Keywords: self-sufficiency, independence, and believes they do not need help from others as they are competent in anything they set out to accomplish

My mom’s life mission this incarnation is to learn that her actions and everything said by her affects the people around her while she can be utterly oblivious to the impact this has on another. In fact she may not care how it affects those around her putting her on the wrong trajectory. By becoming entirely aware and completely considerate of her actions and words she will better be able to build the friendships and the partnerships that are necessary to her overall growth in this life.

Partnerships and relationships will not come to her while stagnated in her Aries South Node way of doing things. When she learns to think less about herself and more about the needs of others she begins to attract many people into her life who will help her, bless her, and who make her life so much easier for her to live. This requires her to stop being self-centered and selfish. Which I think she has accomplished.

Virgo North Node vs Pisces South Node:

Virgo  to Pisces Polarity is About Balancing Analytical Mind and The Dreamer

Virgo Keywords: helping those weaker or who do not know how to do things for themselves, teaching, serving others fulfills my life

Pisces Keywords: less structure and routine, less selflessness or sacrifice of one’s wants/needs, and less focus on healing others

This incarnation for me is full of an endless pursuit where I continually serve other people and want to make them happy. With the North Node in Virgo I have somewhat of a selfless quality where I will give a lot of myself to the world around me because I do not find value in myself unless I help others. Structure and routine are vital to me. I need to have structure and routines in my life to stay sane.

Therefore I prefer to plan my life accordingly and may not be spontaneous. For example, if someone calls me up right now to say, “Hey, let’s go have XYZ,” I tend to refuse because the event wasn’t planned ahead of time and I may have something else to attend to. And I do realize this can be really annoying! My apologies again. You will find I apologize a lot also. A habit I picked up somewhere and have not let go of! I have had people point this out to me a lot to make me conscious of the fact.

Now let us look at this through the lens of sidereal astrology. I am born into Magha as mentioned in previous blog posts and this will be of importance for myself with regards to Ketu who I am continuously learning about. It is almost a strange obsession now. And this makes sense for those following my blog who also noticed my mention previously of my studies on Jupiter in my astrology chart. You will see how this shapes my present goals and where I need help.

Wisdom Wednesdays: Making the Unconscious Mind Conscious

The constellations governed by Ketu are Ashwini, Magha, and Moola. Through Vedic astrology we find the North Node is known as Rahu and the South Node is known as Ketu. The South Node or Ketu is often considered to be a point of difficult karma from one’s past life where one has reaped the results of a selfish and egotistical set of deeds in their past. The higher equivalent of Ketu represents a tendency towards moksha or liberation with mastery of secret mysterious knowledge.

Rahu and Ketu are famous for very unexpected outcomes. Both Rahu and Ketu are 180 degrees apart. The professions advised for Ketu include, but are not limited to magician, medical nurse or doctor, and astrologer. Rahu and Ketu indicate our karmic and spiritual influence in the natal chart. I have seen by some allotted the sign Sagittarius as the house of exaltation for Ketu while others believe Ketu to be exalted via Scorpio. Debilitation may be found in Gemini or Taurus. Ketu is considered strongest within Jupiter and known for spirituality.

Any person influenced by Ketu will be gifted with spiritual achievement with strong interests towards religion and secret awareness of supernatural powers or paranormal related subjects. These individuals may have great healing power. Periods allotted generally for a Ketu Mahadasha is seven years. When Ketu is placed favorably in any natal chart it brings a lot of luxury, wisdom, and intuition to that individual. If unfavorable Ketu is prone to causing unnecessary depression, lack of concentration, and unreasonable anxiety.

My mom has her Ketu in Aries with her Rahu in Libra while I have my Ketu in Aquarius and my Rahu in Leo.

Ketu in Aries vs Rahu in Libra:

Looking at the Dragons Head or Tail is Like Flipping a Coin

Aries Keywords: self, ego, physical body, perceptions of self by others, and paternal grandparents

Libra Keywords: romantic relationships, business partnerships, equal exchanges between two people, maternal grandparents, nieces, and nephews

Success comes when my mom accepts situations that keep showing up in her life such as a call to action, competitiveness, assertiveness, and leadership gracefully rather than begrudgingly. This is because she is well versed at following her instincts. As soon as she refrains from trying to avoid these situations she will create situations which are peaceful, co-creative, and harmonious! She excels at being tactful, honest, diplomatic, and a stellar mediator. She must learn that action and leadership are to be taken on when required and that one must risk some people not “liking” them in life.

Ketu in Aquarius vs Rahu in Leo:

Looking at the Dragons Head or Tail is Like Looking at an Ouroboros

Leo Keywords: spiritual beliefs, teaching, publishing, broadcasting, short/long distance travel, father, in-laws, and step-children

Aquarius Keywords: communication, listening, learning, work performed with the hands, siblings, neighbors, and cousins

I am that person who knows how to get ahead in society and may seem to others as a quirky scientist conducting bizarre experiments at large. I am more inclined to be laughed at or see my ideas rejected by others who won’t appreciate them or me until years later. Ketu wants me to brood about the collective and networks, but the Universe has a sense of humor and my life always go awry.

You can find me rejected for my contributions thus pushed towards Rahu in Leo where I must shine alone only as an individual. I toggle emotional and intellectual expression and am forced to step into the limelight whether I like it or not. In this role I am to accept everyone projecting their love and hate combined on me.

Do whatever it is I excel at while I embrace my emotional outbursts as the collective will then project their own stuff onto me positive and negative polarity while I have to somehow learn to not take it personally and realize doing this in fact helps to heal collective wounds as I am great at being the example of not allowing my ego to be fed by the opinions of another as I do not suffer much when I am being criticized. Although I believe I need to work on this. I still feel a bit wounded when I am excessively unappreciated or under valued by others! I imagine that is part of being human.

Jupiter is in my 10th House whether it is tropical or sidereal astrology which helps me advance my career. I can have a bright career and become very successful at what I do. I must guard against arrogance and being overly status oriented. I have a tendency towards leadership roles or my life may play out as a teacher or a hairdresser/cosmetologist for examples.

You will find this placement makes me ambitious and career focused. It is also common to find that I will have high moral standards, but as with anything it is best to maintain detachment. Ketu likes to remove certain benefits to keep one in check as I like to call it through liberating them from their ego. Many see Ketu as a malefic which it is not. Ketu simply is a bit of a strict teacher in life and many dislike this while others such as myself grow to love Ketu for the blessings we have received!

Hopefully I did pretty good at explaining these concepts, however, if you have questions please leave me a comment so I can assist you with answers. As I have stated I believe one could study this topic for quite some time and find a wealth of new perspective as long as they remain open minded to accept new opinions in the realm of astrology instead of closed off or threatened by something different.