Self Examination Saturdays: Murky Waters Run, But Never Walk

“Why is the ocean always on time? She likes to stay current.” – Unknown

It’s time to snorkel our way through another speculative deep dive of mine. Try not to get caught or entangled in any kelp along the way as you navigate the high tides of our underlined hyperlink text for solutions. We don’t want anyone drowning in the unconscious/emotional realms of the water element.

Some artifacts are hidden within image descriptions. If you want to get the “full scoop message” you’ll want to swim around in those uncharted waters!


It dawned upon me today that I’ve recently pondered the generational influences recently although briefly of Uranus and Pluto while neglecting Neptune. This was also prompted when a Neptunian relationships theme turned up in one of my feeds sparking some curiosity.

Today I’m going to dangle my feet into the waters of an Age Harmonic Chart using asteroid Poseidon (4341) for some clues into Neptunian energies. The Age Harmonics begin to move faster as we all age so rectifying the information they return sometimes can be very tricky.

I noticed today that these charts meant to indicate important life events during certain periods can be incorporated with numerology. So why don’t we begin by sharing a little bit about Poseidon then taking a gander at my astrology chart for some interpretations.

Poseidon At A Glance:

My natal Neptune is placed in the Western/Tropical not Vedic/Sidereal 2nd House of Sagittarius which is what you should read for below. It is said that this generational aspect birthed individuals who envisioned an expansive dream of global unity or world connectedness.

We have an interest in spirituality, folklore, and mythology as well as being one’s who are responsible for dropping dogma being driven towards freedom.

But really why would someone look to this deity as an archetype in their astrology configuration anyway? Probably due to the fact that in esoteric themes this was seen as the deity of our connection to spirit, our higher self, and represents our ability to know there is no separation between self and the Universe/Cosmos as a whole.

Therefore while we’re using purely Roman or Greek names we might consider the Hindu pantheon had a name or correspondence as well. Vishnu as one of the three principal deities within Hinduism besides Brahma (Uranus) and Shiva (Pluto) were those who created the Universe/Cosmos from a vast ocean.

A serpent floated upon these waters, Ananta Shesha, while Vishnu slept inside its coils. The lotus flower erupting from Vishnu’s navel carried Brahma inside. Some even correlate Vishnu with a connection to Rahu as well. We know very well my studies into my Magha lunar mansion and Ketu always involve the dynamics between Rahu as well.

The entire purpose of this speculative project is to discover how these energies impact our spiritual practices alongside our subconscious or unconscious beliefs. Meanwhile there are some significant connections between Neptune and the Moon determining one’s relationship to higher consciousness.

“Why do sharks only swim in salt water? Because pepper makes them sneeze.” – Unknown

At 43 one little detail we can disclose when you ponder my chart below is to rectify that Cancer acts as soul nutrition by allowing the true self to be attained via one’s imagination through Neptune. But we can’t forget to recognize that this planet is full of mysteries some of which we should not dabble with such as prisons, madness, loss, confusion, intrigues, spying, lying, and drugs.

If we can find the higher scale of these frequencies we might be bestowed with unconditional love, quantum healing, forgiveness, charity, and nirvana. Those who travel such paths if they do desire the higher aspirations or vibration seek a whole range of superlatives that include peace, happiness, supreme wisdom, and complete solitude or detachment from worldly bondage.

They seek insight into the true self while hoping to end the acquisition of further karma through the cycles of rebirth/reincarnation by having a full union with the Divine.

These states though normally come at the moment of death or immediately after death. It’s often explained that a spiritual or yogic practice is needed to reach exalted states of consciousness.

Now we can of course also compare my Natal Chart as a reference point to our Age Harmonic Chart. I’ve already done this realizing that at 43 my Neptune appears to be in Pisces almost at the Anaretic Degree asking for me to “Master” something within the 12th House.

A poignant realization then for the 12th House is where a life cycle ends and one begins a spiritual journey through the subconscious/unconscious. This form of death might be more symbolic than literal where one develops a better respect for their intuition, dreams, and emotions.

This rules our left eye, feet, and lymphatic system giving me another ah-ha light bulb moment.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Poseidon
Natal Chart for Reference

Like my birth we can see another Castle/Seer formation transpired in the Age Harmonic configuration. But one has to know how to see this or view it.

We can find the asteroid we’re focusing upon Poseidon in my 4th House of Cancer at 23° trine Neptune and Pluto as well as opposition Sun, Mercury, and Mars. It’s additionally conjunct Chiron.

Being that this chart is Vedic/Sidereal it’s important to make notation that the 4th House in this school of thought is related directly to Cancer ruling one’s roots, land, real estate matters, vehicles, and relationship to their mother. This Bhandu Bhava house is associated with one’s domestic happiness.

The 4th House governs our stomach and digestive organs, but also can correlate with coronary problems, lung disorders, and other ailments of the chest in general including for women anything to do with the breasts. In numerology the number 4 is a fated number that for Age Harmonics signifies forever being in opposition to one’s authority figures yet displaying practical skills, organization, strength, courage, and perseverance.

As we noted above the number 12 correlates with ensuring one is not the victim of circumstances where they’re dragged into the affairs of others. It’s symbolic of creative writers when displayed positively.

This should help one draw those to them who can assist us with realizing our dreams or appreciating our own kind of weirdness. This transit generally occurs sometime around age 30 or later. It’s ideal for those of us who are seeking loads of insights into spirituality through imaginal experiences, artistic expression, and creative writing which removes us from the dictates of deadlines and work performed simply for money.

We’re trying to spin the stories we tell ourselves into more magical and interesting forms that influence others psychologically through film, photography, media, and so forth. Our biggest goal is to try ensuring that we give detailed information that is not completely full of deception, illusion, or confusion.

Eventually our aggressive tendencies disappear softening our urge to win making us more sensitive and compassionate. This can last up to two to three years respectively allowing us to refine anything we touch. The wound lies in our ability to remove obstacles by targeting subconscious or unconscious identification with our defenses that block us from sharing our emotions with others.

We begin this placement by working upon confronting internal fears, but the inner tension can be a lot for us to handle. If one does not lose hope through being ensnared with deceptions brought to us via others then we can discover methods of healing which will help others who face similar hardships.

“Who cleans the floor of the ocean? A mer-maid.” – Unknown

Acknowledging help and appreciating it is a way of keeping the flow of assistance coming. Frustration is self proliferating which is the best reason to let go of it. What it produces is just more of itself. The chart holder instinctively know this and is able to adopt an attitude of appreciation that magnetizes them to more appreciation.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A man putting together pieces of broken pottery.” To be grateful for knowledge will proliferate enlightenment. This degree has to do with a collectivity of wisdom as illustrated in the collectivity of the broken pottery pieces. We might see all books, for example, as pieces of knowledge that are too vast to be contained in just one place.

No matter how many books you read it is us who must put together the insights as a means of fashioning a vessel to contain wisdom. To break anything creates new opportunities for rearrangement and hence revitalization. Work with guardian angel Hahahel and daimon Focalor.

Daimon Focalor connects with the Six of Pentacles, Venus, Wild Rose, and Taurus. This daimon is always described as being a sea daimon with the capabilities of drowning one in water, but we need to understand this as the levels of our own consciousness or rather the subconscious/unconscious.

As an example I’ve previously used running water is symbolic of cleansing away any confusion in a chaotic mind which happens when one meditates on peace within!

This degree is stationed along the fixed stars Pollux in the head of the Immortal Twin of Gemini as well as Wezen in the heart of Canis Major the Greater Dog. While Pollux can be associated with the lunar mansion Punarvasu which is ruled by Jupiter it has also been attributed by Kabbalists with the Hebrew letetr Qoph and the tarot trump The Sun.

Pollux imbues one with the energies of truthfulness, generosity, good temperament, and belongs to the business/merchants caste. Wezen derived from Al Wazn meaning the Weight has little disclosed of it beyond the fact that Kabbalists have associated it with the Hebrew letter Tzaddi and the tarot trump The Moon. This is simply the constellation of that which hunts the Hare as in Lepus.

May your Saturday catapult you to higher vibrations! ☺️

Remember when I said that I had squirrels planting peanuts in the garden beds from a neighbor who was obviously feeding them. Well we harvested one plant from the bed which the carrots had previously been grown in.

The above is what we’re working to dry out and roast. There is another peanut plant growing in the same bed as well as one in the wildflowers. More have been planted around our perennials as well.
I also brought in more beans which have been growing a bumper crop despite the heat and water restrictions we’ve been asked to abide by.
Pink wildflowers and the hollyhock as we wind into Autumn/Winter seasons soon being replaced with falling leaves and cold climates.

I did not remove all of the roots from the sweet potatoes when I harvested. Some of them are trying to return because leaves are growing again in the bed.

I may need to go clean the bed out a bit better. I did not expect them to attempt growing anew, but I guess I’m going to learn that my plants are resilient and persistent!
The remaining zinnias that have continued to bloom are forever sharing their beauty with us and feeding pollinators who migrate through the area.

All humor aside, I don’t think they will be surviving on Mars anytime soon. Feel free to prove me wrong…

Teach Me Tuesdays: The Dubious Pseudoscience

“If you see a heat wave in summer, it is only noble for you to wave back.” – Unknown

No, this is not meant to be taken as some sort of soapbox that I’m sitting/standing upon. I just wanted to touch upon a random area of study today that aligns with my online business. You can wind your way through some underlined hyperlink text for further abstractionism today, but overall I’ve tried to scale back some.


At least that is how astrology is often described. I often state I don’t worship the stars, but I do like to understand my subconscious or unconscious so that it is not in control of my life or running the show. For most people the electional philosophy I subscribe to is too out of the box although that to me is precisely what Ketu is about even in Magha nakshatra.

In my views astrology is all about interpretation the same way tarot is utilized. Therefore everyone can find something of value within it if they choose to or discard it as they wish. An example, being the Arabic Parts/Lots I sometimes throw in here and there. The belief is that historically they were common to Greek philosophy with origins lying further back in the Babylonian civilization.

Often these were computed to identify windows of potentiality or opportunity in a person’s life for auspiciousnes, but there is also some that are more on the hub of what many would not dare to tinker with knowing such as death, suicide, catastrophe, or assassination. Most of us are happier to adventure into marriage and fame when we choose to be investigative.

Now where this gets interesting, however, is that some astrologer’s who are also studying the electional method have matched up perfectly the Arabic Part/Lot of Death to the actual date Bruce Lee passed away. We then have to ask is this once again confirmation bias or is there more to the world of metaphysics than many want to give credit because they prefer to worship at the altar of logic, rationality, and science.

With my online business that has not exactly gone anywhere I believe because I’m fraught with fighting the search engine algorithms of Bing and Google getting nowhere fast I decided to tinker with two different equations for the Arabic Parts/Lots of Astrology. One uses Ascendant plus Uranus minus Mercury and the other is the complete opposite.

What we have to gather is what the formulas are meant to illustrate to the chart holder. For example, Uranus minus Mercury indicates a focus on awakening, individuality, liberty, invention, genius, personal power, vibrant health, and intuition. Uranus is magnetic and erratic desiring to break free from social order to live on its own terms.

This breaker of conformity shakes things up for the good of the world asking you to discover what your ambition is in life.  Mercury is of a different flavor altogether. Mercury minus Uranus indicates quick-wittedness, confidence, the power of expression, the nervous system and fine motor skills such as typing, and shows one’s intellectual capabilities. It is therefore also the archetypal messenger of the Gods/Goddesses.

The first equation gives us a match in the 4th House of Capricorn at 29° right on the Anaretic Degree while the second equation gives a match in the 10th House of Cancer at 18°. So what is this Anaretic Degree? It’s a placement where before you can move to the next house you must Master the skill with which you’re inquiring about.

Take into account that the 4th House is a spiritual node in your chart revealing cultures and customs important to you, revealing your roots/foundation, and acts as a refuge where you will feel secure. Can you feel into how this connects to the current lunar phase? No, maybe it’s just me being weird again.

Astrology Arabic Part/Lot #1
Astrology Arabic Part/Lot #2

In comparison the 5th House is where you are meant to create an influence in the lives of others while allowing them the space to become who they are. This reveals one’s hobbies, creativity, and it is a direct link to your inner child’s happiness.

The 10th House would then indicate both your successes and challenges this incarnation. How does your community see you, what is your “dream job” that showcases your unique innate skills, how do you respond to those further up the chain of command, and what is your role in becoming successful in life?

Now here is where this gets even more interesting for those studying psychology. Archetypes anyone? The etymology of anar often denotes pomegranate in multiple languages. Where do we see this often represented other than the mysteries of Demeter and Persephone as well as the little possibility that Eve did not actually bite into an apple at all.

There are a lot of theories that it was a different fruit and may have been the pomegranate representing both life/death while pointing towards knowledge or gnosis itself. Furthermore we see the pomegranate on the tarot trump The High Priestess albeit not all tarot creators use this motif.

You see an underworld descent is also about one could say the death of our ego and a raising up of our higher self. The 360° round of the zodiac systems are often divided by decans or faces every 10°. These delineations have deeper meanings regarding the Divine Masculine/Feminine, benefic/malefic, and so forth.

The Anaretic degree when landed upon in any chart is there to inform you that you’re meant to become a Master of something the same as my Reiki certification. It also delineates that the only one who can guarantee if you are a Master or not is yourself.

When we leave the Anaretic Degree we land upon zero point energy as I’ve also taken the liberty to explain in previous blog posts. So how do both of these energies come into play when observed through the Omega system of symbology.

The Reiki water in the eat-in dining room was recently re-colored with plant based food coloring. Minor changes.

It’s a turquoise, dark red, blue, and dark purple now as opposed to the previous bright red, green, orange, and blue.

The chart holder enters the world with the goal being to get their needs met directly. The concept of this is simple while the actual playing out of it can be highly complex. The chart holder is gifted with a relentless ingenuity and resourcefulness allowing them to maintain a coolness, calmness, and ease even in the midst of the world’s most difficult challenges.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An architect carefully surveying old ruins.” The chart holder can recreate the past in their mind allowing them to clearly see it for what it is. Not just the historical past, but every souls own past and past lives. The chart holder desires to know exactly what happened and why as this is the road by which we come to the present.

In an ideal world an endless number of details add up musically to a beautiful harmonious symphony. This degree is trying to embrace wholeness through studying fragments.

It is a challenge that can be accomplished as long as the chart holder avoids becoming lost in a sea of minuscule bits of evidence. When this degree’s creative research works it magically builds out of the dust realms of imagination and wonder.

At its core this degree seeks something deeply cooling, soothing, simple, and refreshing that it can and will eventually find amidst the shards of antiquity. This something sought is the eternal love that has always been there. Work with guardian angel Leuviah and daimon Botis.

Daimon Botis ties to the Nine of Pentacles, Mercury, Orange, and Virgo. Botis actually has a great understanding of reconciling relationships. The humor will become funnier when you read the below as this daimon works with the water element.

You’ll also want to partner with Botis for divinatory practice reveling in the depths of one’s intelligence or mind. This tarot card is well ideal given my present temperament!

The chart holder has a strong need to express themselves and to create something that others will enjoy and be uplifted by. They have a great willingness to work with other people for the common good not minding taking on difficult or arduous projects. They also have the ability to turn what is ugly or negative into something beautiful even though the transformation may be tremendously challenging.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A black child playing with a tiger.” Innocence toying with power can on the one hand be dangerous, but if it is innocuous enough then innocence can protect it. Gnomes work with something that is very resistive such as metal whereas the child interacts with something very volatile.

In both cases a challenge is taken up, the challenge of creating something wonderful, and the challenge of meeting power head on. Love is what will ultimately tame the tiger while patience and attentiveness will ultimately create the beautiful metalwork. Work with guardian angel Menadel and daimon Stolas.

Daimon Stolas is tied to the Ten of Cups, Jupiter, Cedar, and Pisces. If you’re working with Stolas you have chosen to work with a “teacher” daimon. This daimon of the sciences will help you figure out how the natural world works.

This is great if you’re interested in courses on astronomy, herbalism, biology, and also etymology. When not afraid of gaining knowledge or integration of the shadow you will also enjoy teaming up with Stolas. Is that why we live in Cedar Park?! I’m being facetious.

A full cup does indeed overflow. Yesterday as soon as I hit “publish” I wanted to drink my water beside me. I picked up my cup, took one sip, sat with it in my hand, and it just suddenly dumped cold water in my lap and all over the formal dining room table. It went on the iPhone and almost on my laptop. I was like what the… So I had to wrap up and change clothes because a cold wet lap is just…

I don’t even know what or how that cup decided to dump while I was holding it, but I’m glad it was only water! I assume the handle and my hand were in disagreement of angle upon which to remain against good old fashioned gravity; up versus down!

While I may have covered one of these degrees before I’m certainly expanding my understanding as I don’t think I took the time to explore the fixed stars associated with these degrees. We have three to cover today so let’s get cracking!

We want to know about Alpha Indus in the Indian, Anser in Vulpecula the Fox, and Wasat in Pollux. Indus will be touchy for some as it was created between 1505 and 1597 to represent an indigenous Native American with arrows in both hands yet no bow. This stems from the Portuguese exploration of the 16th Century with Columbus. The confusion here lies in the fact that the etymology of Indus refers to the coutnry of India.

The Indus originates in Tibet flowing through Pakistan unto the Arabian Sea. Ancient Greeks called this river Indos to reference the Hindus and the blue color of indigo. Another variation of language is via Latin Indu and Greek endos implying within, domain, and also connected with industry. We find discrepencies in how to represent this constellation or fixed star. Could it be even a more liberal etymology derived from en dios or in God?

If so it implies a people within God/Goddess meant instead to reference spirituality. You see indigenous cultures also did not erect temples, perform religious ritualism, and such because those who have intimate relationships with nature use intuition and innervision knowing that the kingdom of God/Goddess is within. Another possible link is through epithets such as Jupiter or Sol Indiges whereby the Indiges refers to also the Greek Ainos for an enigma.

Vulpecula derives from the Latin vulpes and the Greek alopex strangely enough relating to our word today for alopecia as it was once termed fox mange. More discrepancies exist with Proto-Indo European where puk as tail led to the Indian pucchah or Polish puch for wooly hair. Scotland and Northern England brought us the color fuchsia through our journey into etymology. Still curious why not look at a fox totem.

Wasat or rather Al Wasat as the Middle was in China to be known as Ta Tsun the Great Wine Jar. North of this fixed star you will see the meteor shower of the Geminids. Kabbalists associate this with the Hebrew letter Qoph (occipital lobe/bone) and the tarot trump the Sun.

Now if I can just keep the cicadas from thinking my head is a trampoline. Today they thought it was a great object to jump on and then leap off of for added propulsion. The first time they did this I elicited a loud scream. I find them just icky looking so having them around is not my cup of tea personally.

Summer in Texas! In the back garden I get chased around instead by a ginormous cicada killer wasp so I’m always running or spraying it with the water hose. And I seem to have large grasshoppers taking up habitat in my beans possibly. Seen a few in the mornings now repetitively.

I did say I wanted to do this organic, but boy is nature getting rambunctious in my garden. I think the bean is actually dying/dead. The heat is just too much for several plants who are literally hanging on now by their last breaths regardless my attempts at watering.

I couldn’t get the grasshopper off the Agribon to uncover my lettuce so I partially uncovered it. I tried vigorously shaking the Agribon and the grasshopper would not let go. Sweet potato, tomatoes, and the peanuts my neighborhood squirrels plant after a neighbor feeds them are still alive.

So are the zinnias, but the sunflowers are pretty much exhausted as are other plants/crops. I’m waiting on decisions for a fall/autumn bumper crop I could plant or try. Otherwise I’ve done all I can with triple digit drought! Now it’s just kind of allow everything perhaps to compost.

Have a beautiful Tuesday! 🕶️🧃🐚