Teach Me Tuesdays: Hades, Don’t Bore Me to Death

“When Pluto got demoted to a dwarf planet Hades just had a good chuckle carrying on his duties as king of the Underworld.” – Unknown

It’s time to deep dive into one’s personal subconscious or unconscious so to speak. We’re going to traverse the Underworld today in a round about way so make sure you come well equipped for some unusual analysis of which I tend to specialize or rather speculate quite often in.

It’s a blissful day when I realize some of the websites I was using for underlined hyperlink text references have remedied their problems which I’d previously been a wee bit frustrated about.

The frustration arises from the simple fact that providing resources to my blog followers/readers is actually a bit rough to track down or come by. The task can in fact become tedious, arduous, and very time consuming.

I suppose if I’d said this before some would find reason to see my rambles as less of a negative or whining thought pattern realizing or perhaps empathizing with my exasperation towards my bad luck at the time!

None the less carry on with what I’ve worked up to write for you today and please enjoy the scavenger hunt provided with the underlined hyperlink text as always! Don’t forget some clues are hidden in the image captions…


It probably seems of little value to others, but there are always pitfalls to the form of writing that I do. Hunting and gathering to share with you being one of those events! We assume trouble only lurks around the corners when we hunt or gather in the real world, but even online there are some pitfalls to contend with as well as prepare for.

For example, today I harvested some of our beans in the garden which was primarily of the purple variety. But with the rain we’ve had recently mosquitoes have been rather hellacious.

I am covered in welts on my arms that itch and are unsightly. As these critters spread dis-ease it’s not unlike avoiding the traps of online interweb searches sending me to places that seek to infect my laptop.

The better guests of my day in the garden were the tiger swallowtail butterfly and hummingbird who used my zinnias as an all you can eat buffet! I don’t see either/or I suppose as others do. It’s definitely not in my perceptions to ascribe only through the lenses of happy versus sad, black versus white, male versus female, and so forth.

When I first began blogging I spoke about how fed up I was with the Hegelian Dialectic and also Divide and Conquer as philosophical adjuncts which we still must abide by. My belief being that it’s time we move onto new less limiting concepts about our life experiences.

How many of us are relatively familiar with the mythos of Demeter and Persephone to remember a little ditty about a rather infamous group of seeds from a pomegranate? And how many after yesterday’s reference to the fixed stars for my astrology study remember my mentioning about Scorpio with the tarot trump Death?

Pomegranate Arabic Part/Lot

We’re adventuring on this scavenger hunt as a team to seek clues! This stems from my looking today at Arabic Parts/Lots to find one entitled Pomegranate which is arrived at by the formula Ascendant plus Jupiter minus Sun. The solution to the equation being my 2nd House somewhere roughly between Mars and Venus degrees when we really hone in on the wheel/chart given of Scorpio at 6°.

Our 2nd House has many interpretations including those which are also often overlooked. Emotions, our ability to earn, our social reputation/standing, and the reflection of our family are all found within this house in terms of how we accumulate or amass wealth/fortune.

This is not your career or profession, but rather it reflects if you learned to correctly save, budget, and manage debts. Whatever falls within the 2nd House takes on the undertones of a personal and psychological value we attach.

From this vantage point I think now would be a rather auspicious time to explore Persephone as an archetype by exploring her mythology before we likewise explore some details in the symbolism of the pomegranate. Would you like to join me on this little trek?

I’m not surprised to find an Alice in Wonderland reference in my search at all. Much of these are videos so I would advise that while it’s interactive you bookmark the videos or blog post for future reference if you lack the time to enjoy them at present.

Persephone as an Archetype:

“I’m like Pluto. All my relationships end up plutonic, and I don’t even have to planet.” – Unknown

A little food for thought could be assessed here after all Pluto is also a reference for Hades. As mentioned yesterday also in the discussion of the fixed stars I focused upon the generational aspects of Uranus for the tarot trump The Star stating I was born in 1979.

You can learn a little more about my generational Pluto as well as recognize that for me personally on the Western/Tropical natal sphere this was my 12th House of Libra.

What we know of the 12th House is that there is a huge connection with the subconscious and unconscious. What we ignore is that it focuses upon solitude, emancipation, sympathy, unhappiness, endings, and divine knowledge.

This is a placement for detachment being very significant for those on any spiritual path often influencing ashrams, meditation centers, and the unseen realms of dreams, secrets, fears, and an inferiority complex.

Ah, the pomegranate and it’s many meanings. In Arabic we know of this food as ar-Rumm through the Quran as a reward awaiting in Paradise due to it’s many uses in cooking and medicine.

Muslims unlike other mythologists or cultures saw the seeds as a sign of a sustainer. We can find mention of the pomegranate in the Quran 55:66-69 referenced as the Compassionate.

We will find more references in the Quran 6:141 as a reminder of sustenance on Earth referenced as Livestock. All these mentions speak to how the core of seeds are compacted in a layer which resembles a honeycomb.

In Urdu pomegranate was known as انار for its pulp like tissue and leathery skin. The taste is often described as sweet and sour while being an acidic food. Pips along with this outer skin are rich with antioxidants as well as antibacterial properties.

This degree asks if one has the resolve to strike it rich by setting out on new courses of discovery or if they have an attitude of already feeling abundant. Sabian symbols use the reference of a gold rush, but we can consider that the term rush references also what grows near or in water utilized for weaving baskets in a cross thatch style.

All 6° symbols are imbued with an element of construction where it is necessary to make something durable and secure the same way we would construct infrastructure such as a bridge. If we work with the correct tools/materials we can engineer successful endeavors.


A dancer with eight arms.

Each and every dimension carries with it a path to follow and a way to become fulfilled within that channel. It is human nature to restrict yourself to one dimension or perhaps two at a time. But nature is no longer enough within the evolving matrix in this planet. Here is the departure point and the mutational edge. The willingness and capacity to develop simultaneously in all eight primary dimensions.

Bearing this seed is the most sacred and high level of tasks. You are being ushered into limitless vistas within. All the new capacities are arising at the same time from every side and all can be creatively combined into an entirely new way of being. But it takes a life force that is disciplined, harnessed, and mastered. Even in the initial stages this calls for absolute dedication.

If you become overly impressed by yourself the juices are cut off and everything freezes. But as you learn to cut through all images whatsoever the fount again supplies boundless vital spark to orchestrate the impossible. Evolutionary breakthroughs arise through the physical organism of those individuals who have prepared accordingly.

Here is the greatest display of inward ability that can be imagined. May the highest Gods/Goddesses speed you along your finest quest for perfect embodiment.

“If the prefix “Pluto” means wealth and the suffix “theist” means belief or worship of a deity then what do you call someone who worships money above all else?” – Unknown

When we attempt to communicate that which is subtle and ineffable we come to the realization that we need to move slowly so that what we are communicating can be assimilated. Our overlighting awareness inspires us to synthesize and assimilate the divergent energy streams in which we live so that we may harmoniously share our existence with others in a mutually nourishing manner

We elevate ourselves and then becoming attuned to that new level of awareness seek the most captivating ways of expressing our insights so as to enhance their wonder. Synthesizing so many energies together we finally learn to do this in an increasingly cool, placid, and clear manner. Work with guardian angels Yelahiah and Mumiah as well as daimons Shax and Andromallus.

Daimon Shax ties to the Nine of Swords, Moon, Purslane, and Gemini. This daimon is a gift giver with a hitch to what is actually on offer. Before one gets excited they should quickly understand that this is not material gains.

You will obtain something that you’ve had your eye on achieving. Someone beneficial enters your life coming to your aid. Shax’s specialties include assisting with attaining one’s higher self as well as being an aid with the skills of skrying, tarot, mirrormancy, rune casting, and hydromancy respectfully.

Daimon Andromallus is in correspondence with the Ten of Cups, Mars, Dragon’s Blood, and Pisces. This daimon protects your home, family, vehicle, and business from a variety of forms of larceny. Many work with Andromallus to learn how to wisely navigate life’s many twists and turns.

This daimon is particularly worked with to right a wrong when one feels inflicted with an injustice. Some believe this daimon operates from some rather strong value systems. Generally this implies that to work with Andromallus you best have your morals/ethics in order first! Some utilize this daimon when the other person with which they may be negotiating can’t be trusted.

We have two powerful fixed stars attached with this degree for further reference. We would be exploring Gacrux and Pálida in Crux the Crucifix at this juncture. This constellation was known differently in the distant past before it became Christianized.

Gacrux was originally a guttaral word suggesting cross purposes and energies in conflict. Really this is a simple reference to Gamma Crux. One can then begin to wonder about gamma brainwaves as well.

Pálida derives from Latin pallidus to reference that which is ashen or pallid. This matches the Portuguese word as well meaning the Pale One. Ultimately this star offers the energies of a person who will persevere against hardships in their life.

Overall the constellation itself represents cardinal virtues identified as justice, prudence, temperance, and fortitude. Greeks particularly reference a hinge where a door swings and is always moved seeing the term καρδία as a symbol of our Heart chakra for it is the heart which governs and moves the whole person the same as a door might represent a turning point in one’s life.

If you have anything lying upon this degree work with Fire Quartz expressing that you hold boundless energy promoting vitality and confidence while gaining attention and manifesting your goals into reality.

The focus of this placement is that through exploration you will gain wealth for yourself endeavoring to help others at the same time through your fortune. The affirmation is I invite prosperity into my prospective future.

May your Tuesday be otherworldly and well healed! 😊💕

Mushroom ravioli with spinach, olive oil, and garlic/onion powder plus a green kiwi/blackberry fruit salad. Also you see pictured a gluten free apple bread which my mom baked and our newest supplement in our collection!

PS: We received our supply of Solomon’s Seal today thankfully. I think it will be helpful with my trying to heal from previous ankle injuries and the after effects of gabapentin, tramadol, and cipro. Perfect timing with the Full Harvest Moon which pointed me in this direction!