Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Coffee with a Bit of Fruitful Parfait

“When the AC circuits are hit by a DC lightning bolt, it is called a current affair.” – Anonymous

What did we find in our coffee reading today? Well, it looks like a rune with a memo for us to decode. Hopefully the underlined hyperlink text will also be helpful.


Today I pulled the Thurisaz rune which offers a symbolic gateway towards work which is done internally as well as externally in the frontiers between heaven and Earth. When we arrive at this place we should recognize our readiness to contact the numinous Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Thurisaz asks that we practice non-action.

We are to neither approach nor pass through the gateway without first contemplating upon if we are being confronted with a clear reflection of what is hidden within ourselves. Are the actions of self and other coming from right human action? This is a time for deep transformation.

Thurisaz asks that we visualize ourselves standing before the gateway atop a hill with our entire life laid out behind us. Before we can step through this gateway pause and review the past learning, joys, sorrows, and victories. Bless it all, release it all, and reclaim your power. Now you may step through.

If our actions come from hasty impulses we should always stop to check in with ourselves and examine our attitude. You must reconsider the old before you can integrate the new.

If you would like another adaptation of this rune please visit the following website.

“Desserts are the fairytales in the kitchen.” – Anonymous

Thurisaz can be associated with Thor and a myriad of other thunder deities; I don’t personally ascribe Loki to this rune.

Have an outshining Thursday! Short, sweet, and simple today! ✨😊✨

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Needing Recuperative Time

“True love isn’t about being inseparable; it’s about two people being true to each other even when they are separated.” – Unknown

Please use the underlined hyperlink text for further guidance on today’s topics.


I’ve used the Green Aventurine Heart chakra crystal for this reading. This will assist with strength, confidence, courage, and happiness renewing your optimism for life pushing you to take action towards acquiring what you want in this world. This crystal encourages you to step out of your comfort zone to take on new opportunities that aid your growth. Those nervous butterflies in your stomach will be replaced by eagerness to enjoy life causing a chain reaction of positivity that changes the lives of you and those you love the most.

Raido: Communication, attunement with that which has two sides/elements, and the ultimate union that comes at the end of this journey which you’re taking. Uniting the as above with the so below creates single mindedness.

Your inner worth asks you to “let go and let God/Goddess” as it’s currently not an appropriate time to rely upon your own power. Inquire as to what constitutes right action via prayer or meditation while addressing your Witnessing Self or Teacher Within which cleanses and neutralizes any refusal to allow right action to flow through you.

Patiently wait and continue removing resistances or obstacles in your path which impede upon your self healing, self change, and goal of perfect union of Heaven and Earth which must not be forced, but naturally occurring.

For more information on this rune please visit the following link.

Eihwaz: Transition and slow growth/development may require moral effort, steadfastness, and the cultivation of your own authentic self/nature. Not all possibilities at this time are available to you therefore consider how far you’ve deviated from your authentic and true self.

Right action will help you avert anticipated difficulties. When you can foresee and make clear decisions the Universe will support and empower you. Inconveniences and discomfort is how you grow.

A trying time is a meaningful moment to get your house in order while waiting on Divine timing.

For more information on this rune please visit the following link.

Laguz: Unseen powers are afoot powering your fluidity and flow state. Immerse yourself in the experience of living without having to always evaluate or understand. Awaken your intuitive lunar nature as the solar nature strives for differentiation; the moon encourages union/merging.

Study spiritual matters while attuning to your own rhythms. Alchemists as well as Carl Jung refer to this stage as the Conjunction or Sacred Marriage. Fairy tales will display this as the hero and heroine living “happily ever after.”

Go within while honoring your warrior nature.

For more information on this rune please visit the following link.

I pulled the following letters and formed a few words from them:

A, R, H, G, K, G, O ,X, O, M, U, Z, J, and R

Ark (metaphysically this is your light body where your Christ/Cosmic consciousness resides)



Ogham (Celtic alphabet and tree zodiac)

Okrug (administrative division of Slavic states)


Armor (a protective layer over the body or a vehicle; that which is intended to deflect and diffuse damage)

Mojo (a magic charm, supernatural luck/skill, or personal appeal)


Orzo (barley)

Amok (disruptive behavior)


Hoax (a deliberately intended deception)



Hooka (normally spelled hookah; smoking implement known as a water pipe)


Amour (love, affection, courtship, and flirtation)




Rumor (claims of questionable accuracy, misinformation, and what is spread by word of mouth)


I’m very tired with beginning my new job, but I can let you know that I love it and hope to successfully complete my 90 day probation so that I can remain there permanently. It has caused some pain flares in my previously injured foot due to a lot of standing/walking, but I’ve had these before and am hoping over the next day off or the three days off after my shift on Saturday that it will calm back down thereby normalizing.

Chronic pain for me has been an on again off again love/hate affair after my multiple injuries to my left foot. I’ve been handling the phone orders, freight, and the register for my first two days which includes closing as well as opening. The store is open 9-5 PM CST Monday through Friday and 9-3 PM CST on Saturdays so I put in a full day Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. We’ve been having working lunches also which meant my first day we ate pizza.

No, not that kind; I was thinking of self censoring myself because the world wide web has lingo problems as I’ve said thanks to certain people’s “twisted” jargon, but honestly this is just getting old fast (I should not have to have these kinds of discussions here)! I’ll be sure to share more in my blog post tomorrow with you! There are three of us most days this week, but sometimes there will only be two managing the store together. Some Saturdays we may work alone.

I’m almost certain this also relates to my previous blog posts on my own spiritual journey including my ring that I wear and have backlinked to several times. No astrology today. I’m absolutely exhausted from my part time cosmetology job.

Please have a restful Thursday! 💞


Fun Quote Fridays: Millions of Eyes Watching From Space

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” – Lewis Carrroll

Yes, those are eight tarantulas that hid in a pot on the porch during a rain storm! We had to release them back to nature by dumping the pot out carefully.

The underlined hyperlink text is our normal journey into nonsense! 🥴

…the day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the supreme being as his father in the womb of a virgin will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter.

  • Thomas Jefferson

“Man must rise above the Earth to the top of the atmosphere and beyond for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.”

  • Socrates

“The universe is like a safe to which there is a combination, but the combination is locked up in the safe.”

  • Peter de Vries

“Telescopes are in some ways like time machines.”

  • Martin Rees

“In philosophical inquiry, the human spirit, imitating the movement of the stars, must follow a curve which brings it back to its point of departure. To conclude is to close a circle.”

  • Charles Baudelaire

“As much as we need a prosperous economy, we also need a prosperity of kindness and decency.”

  • Caroline Herschel

“I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses.”

  • Johannes Kepler

Would you believe I had a different entry begun, but completely scrapped it. I had so much I wanted to say, but could not bring myself to do so. I’ve learned something about not just myself, but also how I perceive my audience and humanity at large right now. Some people are like Cypher in the Matrix. They really never want to be “red pilled,” and if they are they will only resent you for doing so. Therefore, I’ve today fallen victim to censoring myself opting to instead try to go back to blog posts that don’t have to “wake anyone” to truths that they might dislike me for sharing because I’m afraid I would be shooting myself in my own foot.

This is not the person I expected to be, but it’s the energy or frequency I’ve been picking up from a lot of people I meet in everyday life over the last two years. As I said recently I can’t stand this for the fact that everyone and every thing feels truly inauthentic so I’m unable to feel at home now just about anywhere that I find myself.

It’s the painstaking reason for why I’ve grappled with depression, anxiety, and literally wanting off Spaceship Earth for I don’t feel this place is home to me at all. Funny isn’t it? My intuition tells me I belong somewhere else and that I feel exceptionally displaced or like a stranger on this planet. But I think or rather I believe this is because if I spoke my inner knowledge or gnosis I’d begin to expose the blatantly obvious truths of adopting Swiss cheese beliefs of certain ideological groupthink full of holes which the brainwashed, hypnotized, or trance formed ignore which is being or has been pushed by certain humans who run the movie we’re watching while inciting hatred enjoying those who squirm over illusionary defective values they adopted.

We’re on a trajectory that was put into motion by humans not taking responsibility for self which is why I’ve eluded towards improving one’s consciousness. If you give all your power to a collectivization system you probably will lose any shred of as my tarot reading said Thursday independence within unity causing a collapse or cascade effect. It’s also this inkling in my logic which states that if a nation’s debt to GDP is severely messed up one could consider someone coming to collect on the amortization usury loans where you get re-possessed or dispossessed.

Now before someone says “decentralized” and waves magical wands/words at me with a miracle solution because I’ll poke holes into that as well just stop so we don’t argue today. My family already knows how my consciousness operates understanding fully why I’ve said “impermanence” is what we need to get comfortable with because nothing lasts forever and change is all there is. Flow state means you don’t get “jailed into” anything whatsoever. I’m that annoying 42 year old woman who says to some people “security” is an illusion which is why I always think of the quote “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Thanks Franklin!

The most comforting truth found in 3D life is exactly what many fear; impermanence. Nothing lasts forever. Not the good nor the bad. Through all my depressive or anxious episodes allowing for anyone to appreciate their happier moments everything is made more valuable by impermanence. Instead of the common answer to how one is doing perhaps a better answer would have always been “ebb/flow.” Life is the cycle of perpetual seasons. Summer babies like myself (7/26) feel this flow the most during both spring and summer months returning with the winter months. Flow, liquid, fluid, and being like water.

Today I’m returning to my lessons on the Nordic Runes, by using them to play around with my astrological placements for a reading which I’ve ultimately never done for myself or anyone else. Before I get to that today is 3/11/2022, and I want to call attention to the number 311. Some assign 311 to ἀναβολή translated as ascent, to move upward, to rise, and to succeed. It indicates we should focus on our greatest dreams not our fears by embracing new friends, new ideas, and new status.

More than this it cautions that something negative could change our life so we should be prepared for adapting during adverse periods of our life. Where I live we dial this number for help as well as information with regards to non-emergency concerns. This could be anything ranging from neighborhood complaints to traffic fines and sewer concerns. I don’t worship any of this in my esoteric studies. I value what I can possibly learn from these systems same as when I have discussed the Four Pillars or Genetic Matrix.

This will get even more interesting if one was to consider Kabbalah. I was reading a discourse on the tree from which Adam ate being wheat. The infant who has not cried out to “Mother/Father” and the taste of grain. This becomes an issue of the Omer (wheat sheaf), Passover, and Shavuot (two loaves of bread at the Feast of Weeks) referencing perhaps Virgo or Elul in my though process, but also Aquarius due to the fruits of trees which are blessed. A field being Malchut (Malkuth) joined with a tree of the field.

Humanity is that tree of the field which a barley offering could represent a beast or the lower animal nature coming under the authority of the Qliphoth or Sitra Achra towards the authority of holiness. Wheat can also be described as the primordial world of Tohu. Wheat is the spiritual service of humanity if civilizations properly rectify their disorder and ruin. Tohu is the three unrectified lower worlds where division exists in all forms especially an argumentative nature through opinion. Whose garden are you in? Yours or that of others? Furthermore who have you caused/allowed to enter your garden.

You have a manure pile of memories. Nothing you can do about that. Now, you can drown in the stink, or turn it into compost and grow a garden. – Rebecca O’Donnell

God/Goddess encounters Tohu or a Universe before creation dividing it into its constituent parts to reshape it into a wiser orderly world entrusting this task to humans. Societal mayhem and disorder characterize intellectual as well as moral impoverishment which leads to childlike foolishness. When rampant senselessness reigns perplexity is ascribed to the Earth. Some state Tohu never communicated the message or philosophy of creation out of nothingness for it was not fully accepted by all sources.

Eventually too much classifying and systematizing leads to a cacophony of disparity. Not only does the Evil Inclination represent the ego, but it could relate to death whereas good rather than a moral or ethical edict alone could relate to continued existence and permanence. Again though if we transitioned this to creation, preservation, and destruction we would find that birth and death are the realities of life from which we can’t escape. Traditionally we’re conditioned to celebrate birth while fearing death. To cope with both polarities religion is adopted. Ironically those who accept impermanence learn to value a life of change.

Who wants to live in a world where everything stays the same forever. A seed for example turned into a tall tree signifies the importance of impermanence. A withered flower teaches one to value how a negative becomes a positive, but only when one investigates the concept of compost/fertilizer. If we never put in hard work the poor would never become rich and the ignorant would never become educated. Without change democracy never overthrows tyranny/oppression and civilizations will be replaced by barbarism. Attachments to possessions remove the natural laws and destroy any possibility to locate the path to freedom.

We’re all victims truthfully of “word magic” which I ever briefly spoke of regarding artificial intelligence and equity in previous blog posts. Two important words you also need to pay special attention to include lawful and legal.

  • Lawful is used to describe something of substance or something that is real.
  • Legal is used to described something of form or something that appears to be real.

Lawful is based upon natural rights and the laws of nature while legal deals with the color of law through rights given by man and the institutions of government. Color of law is a fancy way to describe the appearance of law rendering legal as nothing to do with any real basis in law whatsoever. The little bit I’m still attempting to learn about this indicates that it could nullify all legal contracts and debts. It is something I’ve attempted to put in front of family as well which is more easily accepted by my mother, but very much misunderstood by my step father creating a lot of argumentation. This occurs not just in the literal we should consider any karmic or dharmic debts.

We will look at Sunna’s Chariot representing my Heroic Self/Soul Purpose today as well as Nornir’s Gift representing my Evolutionary Key/Destiny Helper, the Earth Rune representing my Skillful Warrior/Practical Purpose, and Manni’s Chariot representing my Passionate Self/Emotional Purpose. Each of these represent the Sun sign, Moon sign, and Birth Hour respectively. I’m not sure if I’d consider this as an addition to astrology charts I currently provide. If I knew they interested my readership or customers I’d be willing to expand this further.

“The Japanese say, if the flower is to be beautiful, it must be cultivated.” – Lester Cole

Sunna’s Chariot: Uruz

Uruz corresponds to manhood/womanhood, strength, and the wild ox signifying termination as well as new beginnings. When this rune is drawn it indicates that the life lived thus far has outgrown it’s purpose and new energy must be released in a new form. This Cycle of Initiation is focused on new growth, change, and a descent into darkness. This progression is symbolic of five aspects including death, decay, fertilization, gestation, and rebirth.

Events undergone all deal with undergoing death from within the self where loss is disguised as new opportunities. Uruz speaks of an ancient symbol known as the aurochs or wild ox which when domesticated (an immensely difficult task) were capable of transporting heavy loads. Paying attention to one’s unconscious when drawing Uruz provides for better adaptation to missed opportunities, failures, and the weakening of one’s position.

Below are some further helpful descriptions of the rune Uruz and as always this might be akin to previous studies:

The Aurochs:

Nornir’s Gift: Fehu

Fehu corresponds to nourishment, fulfilled ambitions, and shared emotions. This speaks towards taking what is worldly and transmuting it to the Divine which only occurs when one deeply probes into the motives/intent of the profit and gain ideology in society at large. If one draws Fehu they are asked to take a long look into what their desires really are with reference to wealth and possessions essential to their well being, self rule, and growth of their will power. Fehu speaks succinctly to the conservation of what is already gained through vigilance and mindfulness.

It is highly cautioned to not be reckless lest you collapse your successes. Considerable frustrations in life are best addressed when one learns that they could be dispossessed within a range of trivial to severe. This speaks to the actions of falling short in one’s efforts, reaching out and missing the mark, and standing by watching helplessly as what you’ve gained is taken away. If you have not yet asked “what can I learn from this in my life” then you have not adequately assessed your situation.

Below are some further helpful descriptions of the rune Fehu:

The Norns:

A brief PDF of the Fates/Norns

Earth Rune: Wunjo

Wunjo corresponds to joy, light, and a fruit bearing branch. A shift must occur for one to freely receive this rune’s blessings which comes in many forms not limited to material gains, but can encompass the emotional well being of humanity as well as self. Wunjo has been known to speak of an alchemical understanding which transmutes knowledge sufficient to illuminate the human soul. This will only occur when one renounces existing plans, ambitions, and goals. Everything is in fact a test asking humanity as a whole to be present, sincere towards self/others, and trusting in the knowledge that one can’t fail. If you face a time of crisis meditate with Wunjo.

Below are some further helpful descriptions of the rune Wunjo:

Manni’s Chariot: Ansuz

Ansuz was in fact given it’s interpretation in my Thursday blog post.

Below are some further helpful descriptions of the rune Ansuz:

Yew Tree:

Have an instructive and productive Friday! 😉

Tarot the Day Thursdays: Over Reach is A Dis-ease Where Boundaries Are Crossed

“Settle down Beavis. This is only gonna hurt for like a minute or something.” – Butthead

Why is this blog post early? I felt this unsettling urge to simply release and let go. I need to also free up some time tomorrow for other endeavors and scheduled plans. It is the only way I can move forward otherwise I’m going to stagnate. The underlined hyperlink text I think will be a bit more minimal today in showcasing some of the inner work I’ve been trying to do. You may be triggered by this or disagree. My apologies!


I woke up this morning desiring to pen something again. It occurred to me that reaching Master level Reiki while thinking I needed podcasts to heal self or others at a distance for my business is also not correct. I looked at what I wrote and realized there were so many hidden layers to what I was recognizing, but my inner voice had yet to identify it. This onion I’m peeling and coping with which can produce tears has so many levels to address individually as well as collectively that it’s exceptionally bitter! The best of advice given is to unplug from the world because as I tried to explain to someone who suggested I go out and travel this is definitely not the best of solutions.

I’ve been quite redundant about groupthink or propaganda because we’re all victims of this being groomed by the engineering of others that we never think for ourselves or address the core of this onion. I’ve stated humans have lost the rights they were given at birth which are backed by natural laws because our ego is always there, and we’re always having to answer to the culture of a time, place, and so forth. That culture may be found in your job, your family heritage, your nation, or your governmental regulations.

Is there really any separation or freedom is where I return to the most often? I’m never going to have an answer to this question. What I know is I started reading about nanotech, transhumanism, and such to the point that I realized I don’t need that either. Reiki attunes you which makes you an antenna without any of those patented for profit bells or whistles! I won’t need wi-fi to receive the transmissions nor will you! That’s all another illusion someone taught you!

If you don’t recognize this then perhaps there is a problem in your logic. All of a sudden these radio broadcasts start being picked up by the Master of this technique like turning the dial. What if you can’t stand any of the music or the news broadcast between AM/FM? What if even the white noise is in fact suddenly playing out of tune, but you don’t have the tuning fork to correct it? Why do we even allow this into our homes, cars, jobs, and so forth? Are we that uncomfortable with our authentic selves? It’s literally groomed and shoved directly into our hands through our technocratic framework while these same mega corporations direct us towards merging even more with “IT.”

This sounds like a horror movie on steroids complete with clowns. I don’t think I like clowns! I’m 42, and I just realized this. Did you ever think that maybe some boundaries exist for a reason? If I was to be really crass what I might actually say to you is that you’re allowing someone to groom you into an orgy and without consent would that not be a criminal act bordering on abuse. What about the issue of consenting age? Here is where someone is going to tell me what they’ve already told me; I don’t believe you. Could you breakdown for me why what I’m saying seems “unbelievable” please? Normally my response to this is to ask where is the brain bleach so I can sanitize/disinfect my consciousness!

The only way for you to get stillness is to distance yourself from every distraction. Travel won’t do this unless you find a truly isolated location. Why? Let’s tackle the last two years without using explicit trigger words if possible. We grappled with racial discrimination that was a collective global if not largely American historical shadow we shined the light on, then we took this to two years of what some feel was medical tyranny/oppression on another form of collective global racial hate, and no sooner are we seeing perhaps a small “Glimmer of Hope” known as light at the end of that tunnel than we are bombarded with governors or Federal and bureaucratic non elected leadership telling us to ban yet another ethnic group that dredges up the same xenophobia of times in our individual and collective pasts.

Stand with this country while you sanction this other one is to essentially put them into an internment or quarantine camp. We’re repeating patterns failing to see the dis-ease of such ways. What if we stood in the middle and chose to defy these orders without resorting to violence? Why should we choose sides if both sides are the same? Can a person say I don’t comply? It does not seem to be an option even on the table! And non violence; where is that through all of this? Over reach is violence!

I’ve been told this belief is wrong, but is it? Where does learned hate come from? I believe it is taught and that it is not natural to our human condition until it becomes learned/habituated or ingrained. You can’t comfortably find work with this over reach into the boundaries of one’s life and then claim you have freedom because of these laws of attraction as well as vibration which then may create a new frequently heard law of repulsion also known as giving one your resignation speech/letter.

I should not have to deal with finding a job where if it was a liquor store my political leadership has thoroughly over stepped its authority and said get rid of this countries liquor or where a potato named after a certain nation is discriminated against then removed off restaurant menus in times past out of the same faulty ideologies. Where cats are not to be shown in pedigree shows because we are genociding one another via these actions which prove some can’t integrate into the menagerie of their own shadow! Why is this being projected onto others to enact out like marionettes? I’m not your puppet! In the past it was black cats as the witches familiar which some believe led to Halloween ritual abuse of these same black cats under fanaticism or hysteria. This is certainly not really the path we should walk down again. So why are we?! Anyone?!

When Reiki is the healing of people, plants, and animals what happens when you place your hands on a chair, table, or computer. Can you feel the vibration of that person who was just sitting there? Can you feel the vibration of the people still in that vicinity which lingers in the air? If you can do you believe that it is possible that this will make you dis-eased? That the biome of such frequencies can ripple out entangling us all, but if we can find a place of stillness and isolation then maybe we should not tell others how best to heal for they know how to heal.

You isolate long enough which for each person is unique to them to heal and transmute. As one does for self it radiates throughout mass consciousness beginning slowly to heal others, but this requires patience a trait long lost in modern society who has an addiction to the “I need it now” culture which is why we’ve also been advancing to the 5G/6G spectrum with no precautionary principle also known as prudence. Um, what’s the rush? My connection is fine; in fact it’s so good I  think I’m losing my sanity! This is not smart so don’t call it that! And let’s certainly not weaponize this someone is very likely to actually get hurt!

I can’t speak for other nations, but I don’t know how America became as hypocritical as I have found it to be. Actions speak so loud they become deafening, and I’ve been acutely aware of what is “plaguing” humanity, but it’s deeper than what so many have been trying to “cure” at a 3D level in the physicality of their existence. If humans do not get to the common “root” of their dis-ease while working to heal it they are simply repeating the process of repression and suppression. Most are not even finding truly healthy or constructive ways to cure what ails without causing a lot of harm to self and other because they have not removed their blinders to see that they’re holding the line of “peer pressure and ideologies that are not of their authentic selves.”

I can’t even find the correct words anymore to explain how “sick” individual and collective humanity actually is if we stay on this trajectory. The time to change was “yesterday,” and we’re behind. We’ve been groomed by so much cradle to grave that I can see how what the Brave New World shows is not unlike the Pixar movie Wall E when they showed the babies being mind raped into the Buy N Large ideologues. And if this is offensive I’m sorry, but we really need to fix this for both self and other.

When I say it’s a hall of mirrors, when I looked at how unlike others I don’t have race bated hate because I’m not choosing sides and won’t, and how I published that I used to and still do value anime/Japanese music or have studied from the Tao or cross cultures I began to realize I don’t like being told to repeat in my places of work mantras or affirmations that are not my truth. If you want to call that gas lighting maybe you should acknowledge instead that you really don’t know me outside of an online business or blog. Why the stereotypes?! You don’t think for two seconds again that this is a two way street? I’ve been so thankful I’m not a child today because I can’t imagine the damage done to these generations! It legitimately horrifies me what they’re indoctrinated with! They’re our future no less. I can’t even imagine being the parent.

I’m not a white woman who carried hate towards other ethnicities because I value their diversity and what they can teach me. I was not aware or judging ethnicity until it was taught to me by others so that is in fact also a learned/habituated or ingrained trait not inherent to humanity. Now we have to enforce guilt and shame or cancel culture as I’ve said because you need to be punished for your ancestors which is another ideology raised up out of religion/spiritual cults actually that I began to press upon in my blog. Why must we carry around a consciousness of guilt or shame? Should we all self flagellate ourselves too? If you want to free your mind and change something I suggest you get busy peeling your onion humanity and addressing the bitterness so that we can work to sweeten it as well as heal from it! It’s more like horseradish at Passover Seder it’s so bitter! If you don’t know what that is type this into a search engine with reference to Kabbalah.

We’re told to shine light into the darkness, but that is also about the gunas. We are both candle, flame, and mirror! Looking for a job has become so complex now even to get one which would be part time for three days out of my week. This over reach now brings to light how difficult it is to find a company I’m even remotely comfortable with going into partnership with. In the past I never took the time to discern this and to dig that deep into the soil when assessing if I could plant my seeds in that garden or not upon which individual as well as collective dreams could be manifested. If the soil is unhealthy what will I even grow? Will my harvest even be plentiful, and will that harvest if plentiful come up with something more like water rot or could I have aphid infestation? How did we all even get here… When does a person get to say “NO” and receive the respect they deserve for saying it.

Before I enter today’s reading which I used runes for I wanted to tiptoe around what I’ve seen in discourse. Images that trigger something many others have said to me that they are incapable of believing or processing. This might relate back to our levels of consciousness as I explained briefly. We first saw the Gibor rune I mentioned, but now I’ve had to see in propaganda the Teiwaz rune as well. I’m going to briefly discuss these as well with some additional help. Maybe someone else can “pick this apart” besides me.

Gibor should in fact only be used to signify partnership with the Higher Self via the realization of Divinity. This rune should have no reversals as it signifies freedom from which flows all other gifts. Partnerships are never achieved in business, love, or elsewhere without separate and whole beings who have retained their separateness while being united. If correct boundaries are not established you are placed on notice that you will collapse yourself. Teiwaz speaks to spiritual warriors, but that battle is in fact only with self. This requires no attachment to outcomes while remaining mindful all you can really do is stay out of your own way letting the will of heaven flow through you.

There is a requirement to cut through that which is old, dead, and extraneous which won’t happen until you take the time to isolate and look within long enough to delve down into the foundations of existence itself. If you’re waving these around in your propaganda or psyop perhaps you should be acknowledging what these “symbols” wish to express to you! That message is one where everyone needs to look at their boundaries and personal sovereignty at all levels be this within their homes, jobs, relationships, and self rather than hurtle blindly over the cliff.

Teiwaz is also the Tyr rune (as with Kabbalah terminology there are spelling variations), but as I’ve said this depends on how we individually as well as collectively employ symbolism. If we use this to justify hate in place of love we likely have a significant dis-ease to heal from! In what way does war of all things operate from a place of love?!

“What you choose also chooses you.” – Kamand Kojouri

Today we are given three runes to explore which I’ve pulled for guidance, but I’m using a different website as reference to expand beyond my own personal interpretation. First we see Othila/Othala which asks that we retreat and separate our paths. We should discard and shed any or all outmoded relationships by peeling away and radically severing ourselves with that which no longer serves during this Cycle of Initiation. The most appropriate action you can take individually as well as collectively is that of submission and retreat while possessing a firmness of will. You will only gain any benefit or acquisition from giving up some aspect of your behavior which is found in some position you hold within your society be that the work you do or you own beliefs. This is the only way for you to receive that which is your birthright.

This is not the time for anyone to be bound to old authority or conditioning because we should individually as well as collectively consider what will benefit others. Through any negligence or refusal to see clearly pain will be caused to others as well as damage to your own self. Othila/Othala has an affirmation assigned to it that reads as “We do without doing and everything gets done.”

Next we see Ansuz which is a messenger or signal which is warning that we should take care now during all of our meetings, visits, and chance encounters for we’re dealing with the Trickster archetype acting as a mocking shadow of the creator God/Goddess. Those who appear as scoundrels or archenemies may be the bearer of self change indicating the need to integrate the unconscious motives/intents with those which are being actualized into our 3D consciousness. You first need to draw from the well of self to nourish or you can give/offer nothing to others.

The last rune is Eihwaz asking for a transition through slow growth/development which requires moral effort, steadfastness, and the cultivation of your own authentic self/nature not that of others. If you have failed to recognize that not all possibilities at this time are available to you then consider how far you’ve deviated from your authenticity.

Let’s try to detach some this Thursday as well as over the weekend long enough to regain some well deserved clarity! Individually or collectively we need to release the need to control through the abuse of power. Oddly enough I thought humanity at large used to prefer to have less over reach in their lives being more than able to be independent and hands off! I see now why so many want to live what they call “off grid.” I don’t need a boot stomping on my face as the idiom says! If you do we will never agree! If you’re the boot we’re going to have some serious problems; sorry! Why not try a nature preserve or hiking path… Anywhere except here! Or maybe lose the boots and Earth in. Walk softer not stomping around aggressively! Certain “theories” might have to be dispersed with for us to make progress!


PS: Don’t tell me to travel. The ingenious return to sender spell of sanctions hyper inflating the cost impacts not just the gas to use my SUV, but likely will impact airlines at some juncture.


I’m not entirely sure how this is an intelligent form of handling affairs. My Spock sense is always telling me that humans are by and far the most illogical of species! We take a group of people who may already have hardships financially and decide to make it worse with sanctions and hysteria/fanaticism that boomerang back on the average common peoples.

I don’t expect my readers to understand this. I did not inform them that for a few years I worked for a telecom giant in a call center for accounting through a temp agency having to primarily help those already in poverty who would need to have services re-established having lost television, phone, and internet essential for these times even if I want “off grid.” Various ages and races because poverty does not discriminate.

They lived paycheck to paycheck so when someone has made life worse collectively thinking it only impacts their target in geopolitics I actually find them to be using flawed logic. I’m trying to not issue expletives or name call because that would not be useful, but would have felt better as a release.

High energy costs impact far reaching industries and then we deal with fertilizer or other shortages in essentials which in history led to Communist revolutions. It’s a blatant assault on the Root chakra matching the lowest portion of the pyramid for Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. If you’re like me watching banned or censored “truths” to hear all sides you know these geopolitics are engineered all of the last few years. And I watch many who are on the wrong side of history playing their part in the movie. This is not a Jenga game with your buddies after hours; there are consequences for ignorant geopolitical decisions being made. If you’re helping to encourage this grow a brain! Get an Emotional IQ and learn empathy!

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: The Journey to Possessing Wholeness

I am actually a pumpkin spice and pumpkin pie junkie. I can not explain it to you if you do not have that temperament or craving.

I am learning Runes presently and so today I decided to reach into my grey pouch and pull three out for our message from the Universe. Perhaps we can learn together today and someone can help enrich my knowledge. Here is what was received and transmitted!

Norse cosmology is something I am not as well versed in compared to the Judaeo Christian or even my attempts at the Tao which I received as a Christmas gift from my mom many years ago. This year I slowly began the Quran. And the Vedas I am also a bit rudimentary on. But I am hungry to learn if I can find some decent mentors. I picked this up since my ancestry also has Nordic roots as mentioned in previous blog posts.

You will find as family raised me with a blank slate and told me to go study and find my own way I am eclectic. The entire house is this way from mother and step father to daughter. That means we stumble along the way also sometimes. I need to learn pronunciation actually.



A rune of fulfillment, ambition satisfied, love shared, nourishment, and rewards received. This extends from the most worldly to the most sacred and Divine. If As Above So Below holds true we are also here to nourish God.

This rune calls for deep probing into the meaning of profit/gain. Look with care to know whether it is wealth and possessions you require at this time for your well being or rather self rule and the growth of will.

Fehu also asks that we conserve what we have gained already. Vigilance and continual mindfulness especially during times of good fortune ensure we do not collapse in on our successes and/or behave recklessly and impulsively. Enjoy the bounty received and share it for the mark of the well nourished self is their ability and willingness to nourish another!

Some associate this rune to the archetypal Goddess Freya. As I learn about the runes I have also ventured at times to guidance from others for a variation in interpretation. Everything in life is perspective, and I am a bit of a connoisseur of absorbing various interpretations so I retain a very open mind. Rather I go down many rabbit holes and test them or scrutinize them. I like to think others should do the same.







Union or reunion? This rune speaks to communication, attunement with something that has two sides/elements, and the ultimate union that comes at the end of this journey being taken. When what is above has been united with that which is below becomes of one mind.

Inner worth and when one is not intended to rely upon their own power rather they are to inquire as to what constitutes right action. Through prayer or meditation and addressing the Witnessing Self or Teacher Within one is capable of cleaning and neutralizing their refusal to allow right action to flow through them.

When one is not intent on movement they patiently wait and keep on removing resistances or obstacles in their path. The journey itself is towards self healing, self change, and an unobstructed perfect union. The union or reunion of Heaven and Earth must not be forced.

Raido is one of the Cycle runes carrying within it Joy when one is no longer burdened by what was left behind. Instead Heaven and Earth unite within and support one on their way. The mantra advised for healing is “I Will to Will Thy Will.” Some associate this rune to the archetypal God Forseti.







Wholeness is that which our nature requires and we embody an impulse towards self realization. The path we are all to follow need not come forth from ulterior motives, but rather from our core individuality.

This seeking is the path of a spiritual warrior and one is striving to become that which they by nature already are. We become conscious of our essence, bring it into form, and express it in a creative way. This rune is about regeneration down to our cellular level.

Sowelu counsels one to open up rather than retreat inward and allow their light to shine into areas of darkness where secrets have been shut away. We are to address the Sun as:

You are the source of all power,
whose rays illuminate the world,
Illuminate also my heart
So that it too can do Your work.

This is via the Gayatri. We are to practice the art of doing without doing. We do nothing of our own power. Love loves through us. Some associate this rune to the archetypal Goddess Sol.






All life is dependent upon sacrifice and killing. The exception is found within the life of plants who obtain their energy directly from the Sun and are thus spared the burden of killing to survive. In some perspectives we find the plant is the most spiritually perfect on Earth. Since plants serve directly or indirectly as the sustainability for all beings higher up the proverbial food chain one could confer that life itself is founded upon a ceaseless unrepentant slaughter of Earth’s purest sentience.

Animal life is sustained by plants, plant life is sustained by the Sun, and the Sun provides his/her energy to our very solar system only by the ceaseless sacrifice of its vital spirit in the form of what we call hydrogen. The catch is that once depleted the Sun will inevitably expand to engulf the solar system before collapsing into a dwarf star and then dying altogether. Life on Earth as we rightfully know it if willing to acknowledge actual truth is dependent upon a perpetual ongoing and total sacrifice of the Sun itself hereby making the Sun’s traditional regal and religious importance that much more powerful.

The cosmos appeared to the Vedic as a constant ritual sacrifice. In short this is an unusual destiny which compels every living thing to kill, to devour others so as to exist, and struck our very ancestors with awe and wonder. Whether we acknowledge this or not the truth is that we all live with taking part in a cosmic ritual. This is positive only when we do it consciously and with the proper knowledge of forms and utterances. Through the voluntary ritual of sacrifice humanity takes their rightful place in the cosmic symphony as an equal. The main purpose of his/her existence is the very performance of this ritual.

To some there is necessity for things to die in order that others might live; live and let die. This unpalatable feature of human existence is rejected by the other side of the coin that rallies live and let live.

I can’t help, but feel the Beatles, Paul McCartney, and James Bond right now. And ironic since I own the Tarot of the Witches as well which was the deck used in the movie which my step father insisted I have for my birthday about 5 years ago.

Tarot of the Witches:




The thing is Death is also an illusion if we consider that aphorism about energy neither created nor destroyed. Ironic given our Super New Moon is in Scorpio opposite Uranus bringing energies of transformation and change. My 1st House is Scorpio and Uranus is placed there. We integrate what we’ve learned and we move forward. New opportunities await once we are finished going through our metamorphosis. Again if you are not obsessed with symbolism it may not resonate for you. You can fear Death or you can embrace and trust in the process. There is an acronym that explains this False Evidence Appearing Real is after all Maya. Choose love over fear everyone.

PS: It’s uncanny how pivotal this is with my blog post yesterday. I just found this at 10:23 PM CST. You’ll get it if you happen to read that entry and also look at my natal wheel.