Teach Me Tuesdays: June’s Strawberry Supermoon Brings Cleansing During a Harvest

“The night is a strawberry.” – Louise Penny

While I was sleeping the June Strawberry Supermoon signifying our ripening and in-gathering of harvest occurred at 4:51 AM CST in Sagittarius at 22° with aspects which includes a T-Square between the Sun in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces with a Stellium between Uranus, the North Lunar Node, Venus, and the Ascendant in Taurus while Mercury was at zero point Gemini. Other names for this Moon include the Green Corn Moon, Berries Ripen Moon, Horse Moon, Flower Moon, and Mead Moon as the meadows were mowed.

Yes, I still have the strawberry jewelry box above near my wealth altar in my bedroom. It was made by my best friend in high school during our pottery class we shared.

This will impact everyone a little bit differently for a variety of factors. Myself personally my natal 2nd House is Sagittarius while in the same configuration/chart my 8th House is Gemini, my 5th House is Pisces, and my 7th House is Taurus. The Sabian Symbol of this degree linked to above is about taking our dirty laundry whatever that may be literally or metaphorically, giving it a good thorough wash with detergent and/or fabric softener, and then industrial or line drying it.

For me personally this is a time where wisdom and good judgment can bless one with better earning capabilities and expand our overall ideas/vision regarding finding resources which support our ability to feel secure in life. We have a lucky guardian angel who helps us attain positive publicity, a love for comfort/relaxation, and determines whether or not we will be the spender/saver with our overall wealth acquired past, present, and future.

We display as outspoken, courageous, and we tend to concentrate our energies on that which is according to our own impulse rather than people pleasing. Our intuitive/psychic nature allows us to have a deeper awareness of how others perceive us. This can also be a trigger for our internal insecurities. We believe that we’re often misunderstood or seen as impulsive and unpredictable. We are not like other extroverts in that we actually do enjoy our moments of solitude.

My placements also indicate something I’m more than well aware of. I have an extremely discriminating knowledge of current events from consuming television or alternative news programs/podcasts and being overly interested in public affairs. When Neptune transits into my 5th House, however, I become a million times more spiritual, imaginative, and ironically as you may/may not have noticed we take up an extreme desire to learn about vibration, energy, and all kinds of woo with quantum physics.

I saw a website at one point that explained the problem with creating Happiness Machines which reminded me of Kabbalah’s take on the Wheel of Fortune. You’re not designed to remain in bliss forever despite modern esotericists who claim such practices are healthy.

The color range of zinnias is still a little limited, but I’m still enjoying what has grown in the garden nonetheless.
Sunflower centers on full display. Definitely bee magnets!
A gulf fritillary on a zinnia!

Life is cycles therefore if you were actually transcending duality consciousness you would no longer identify any instance in your life as inherently a form of polarity be that male versus female, black versus white, or positive versus negative. Many of us have not been trained to reach such levels because our self professed or propped up by others yogis, preachers, life coaches, etc. prefer to make money and fame by selling us what I’ll call half truths as they’re not inherently lies or untruths.

Back to placements that have a personal emphasis for me true fulfillment lies in finding a balance between traditions, responsibility, and the exciting/experimental. We’re rebellious against authority. Our life is not just about understanding or knowing self, but there is a deliberate attempt to do the same with others.

The T-Square currently can present us with those who are stubborn, inflexible, and struggle with commitment. It’s going to be a slightly bumpy ride where being ambitious or go-getter meets a bit of strife, but if we employ our endless supply of inner intelligence we’re likely capable of adapting easily to anything we’re presented with at this time. Stelliums in and of themselves present other challenges pushing us towards mastery through repeated trial/error.

You may see blurred boundaries, face rejection from peers, deal with some rather chaotic environments, and need to find quirky or original solutions to what life brings your way at this time. The best way to imagine a stellium is as if you were the mom of multiple children with various archetypes being displayed that you’re trying to get into a cooperative group.

We could call each of these archetypes the Performer, the Activist, the Anxious, the Studious, and the Rescuer. Life is asking you to investigate each one and determine what they mean to you personally.

The Performer wants to be center stage while the Activist desires to champion various social, environmental, and economic/political causes. The Anxious struggles to feel secure knowing what is expected of them yet the Studious yearns to persevere through hard work. Finally the Rescuer is enlivened by opportunities to race in and save the day.

Let’s investigate this degree further; I’m very familiar with this as I’ve crossed it before in my astrology chart years ago during a transit. It’s actually in my eyes a fun degree to explore.

A passionate and insistent self expression can be found here. This degree displays the ability to stir up energies which bring transformation to situations by provoking others to see them in a new way. It helps others to get back in touch with what they’re really feeling and comfortably express themselves. Affirming once again the ground of our being lies in renewing our self assurances that we’re ready to move on.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Blackbirds flying out of a pie.” Live birds were never meant to be eaten. There are dark energies we were never meant to take in. In this degree suddenly and surprisingly they release in a way that is harmless even humorous and delightful.

In the original nursery rhyme there were four and twenty of them. Twenty-four being the number of the soul’s complete journey. This is a fortunate number where one will get to enjoy a good life with love, support, and affection from others.

And so this is not just a partial release of what Eckard Tolle calls the “pain body,” but gradually and eventually a complete release of it. This degree is Kabbalistically ruled by the Moon and Sagittarius is the sign of transcendence hence the subconscious (Moon) eventually transcending its repressed contents. Work with guardian angel Ariel and daimon Bifrons.

Daimon Bifrons correlates to the Two of Cups, Mars, Tobacco, and Cancer. This daimon helps us to better understand geometry, mathematics, astrology, and the properties of herbs as well as stones. Another benefit of working with Bifrons is during post funeral rites to ensure restless souls of the departed may safely transition.

For those born into Magha nakshatra such as myself any instruction or assistance with this particular daimon helps us to remain in touch with our departed ancestral heritage particularly as a means of honoring them.

“Strawberries are considered to be the most bullied fruits because they’re always getting picked on.” – Anonymous

For many we may meet with our pitris also during our dreams as they might have unfinished karma on the physical planes that we’re here to burn/finish for them. And while a great many would say that’s not your obligation some spiritual practices believe this assists the entire family lineage in obtaining the various degrees of liberation we seek to accomplish.

I’ve found what I believe is a two part series on Ketu which rules Magha nakshatra with Regulus that is great for me particularly as my Ketu was in Aquarius with my Rahu in Leo. You see the nakshatra is a lunar mansion which means my Moon is Leo while the Sun was in Cancer under a Sidereal/Vedic natal chart.

After a while I will admit this can become confusing for self as well as others due to the intricacies of how deeply one can study their natal or other astrology charts/workings. My sidebar explains the differences I have in Tropical and Sidereal.

On a more general approach as everyone would need to look upon their natal and transit charts to ascertain the current path their June Strawberry Supermoon asks of them this time is ideal for anything related to family, career aspirations, and believing in yourself.

If you’re struggling with self confidence enlist the support of loved ones whatever tribe that may include as it may not be the one you’re born into. Clean out your closets/drawers, old papers/receipts, and anything else which clutters your life at this time. It’s auspicious now to free up any stagnant or negative energy similar to my blog post on Gandanta recently.

If you’re interested in crystal work this degree is great with Blue Onyx expressing a message of emotional purification and transformation as excesses wash away and virtuousness is enhanced by focusing upon taking a necessary retreat to a quiet location where you may reawaken your spirituality and grow personally. The affirmation is I make time for reflection, stillness, and silence in my life.

The degree falls upon two fixed stars of interest. We would look to Ras Alhague in the head of Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer and Gamma Apus in Apus the Bird Of Paradise. With a name traced to Persian astronomy via Al Rai’ as The Shepherd and the Chinese name How as the Duke we find that the first fixed star we are investigating is associated with Asclepius ruling medicines. Other associations from Kabbalists include the Hebrew letter Ayin and the tarot trump The Tower.

Apus literally translates from it’s connection with the family Apodidae or the Swifts as Without Foot in the constellation of Bird of Paradise. Swifts can reach speeds of 69 miles per hour. Paradise being a word with Persian roots is generally identified with the Garden of Eden. Portuguese traders first encountered these birds on trade roots to the Moluccas which is taken from the Arabic root malik meaning king. In Hebrew the related word is malach meaning angel/messenger.

Swifts have such small legs they were believed to have none at all. These aerial birds drink, bathe, preen, collect food, and sleep/mate while on wing. In China this constellatin was Cho the Curious Sparrow or the Little Wonder Bird.

This time also can be seen as Vat Purnima when married women dedicate to Savitri who tricked Yama the God of Death into giving her dead husband a new lease on life. Devotees worship the Banyan where she sat and prayed.

I hope your June Strawberry Supermoon is a day filled with much catharsis and distillation. I’m finishing up some chores and have been resting due to chronic foot pain. Today is a day of rest, ice, compression, and elevation for my left foot. Which sounds alchemic in it’s own sense, but then I don’t expect everyone to grasp the cryptic reference.

Sign Spotlight Sundays – Is it About Hitting the Target or the Attitude of the Archer Dear Sagittarius?

Sagittarius – November 23 through December 21

Sagittarius in ancient periods of time was represented as a centaur rather than as a human sign which over time became the symbol of the archer upon which the human and horse are separated. The human is the soul and the horse the personality. Our archer begins to feel the call of the soul which allows the human to see that there exists something besides and beyond his/her animal nature. Personal ambition is to be transformed into spiritual aspirations. Today the symbol used to represent Sagittarius is the arrow with a small section of the bow. The horse and rider are no longer observed because they are no longer necessary. Only the arrow remains whereby humanity is now free to follow the arrow that he/she has fired. This is the aspirant who abandons that which binds or restrains thus the personality, materiality, ties, desires, and personal ambitions are no longer necessary.

Three planetary rulers guard Sagittarius to include Jupiter at the level of personality, Earth at the level of soul, and Mars at the level of hierarchy. Jupiter’s expansive nature invites us to expand on all levels, but most importantly to expand our minds. Jupiter’s role is to solely create the conditions which guide us from small mindedness to that of higher mind. Jupiter resonates with the highest truths of one’s spiritual nature. Earth engages us in life as a spiritual path we must walk helping us find existential meaning in the hopes that we do not become nihilists. Through the expansion of our boundaries, our perspectives, and our knowledge of life Earth helps us find a Universal system from which to live by Universal laws and principles. Mars imbues us with a one-pointed focused aspiration focusing the concrete mind to marshal all available knowledge for the achievement of a desired objective. This three-way combination spurs us onward in a quest for knowledge. The expression of thought through word will be direct and to the point where the mind becomes tenacious in its purposeful pursuit of the goal it has undertaken.

Sagittarius as a Fire sign is related to the fire of the spiritual soul, the fire of mind, and the fire which transforms and purifies. The soul as fire is symbolic of our individual potential to synthesize and meld ourselves into the great Cosmic Fire. This soul is a spark of the fire of the mind, the power of consciousness, and the guarantee that humanity as a soul is a thinker, creator, and will fulfill their destiny. In Sagittarius the aspirant has two things to discover within; the power to make progress upon the path and the ability to create in the higher mind via spirituality. The disciple learns to stop identifying with the personality and begins identifying with their spiritual soul. This enables opportunity for the development of one-pointed focus which incorporates knowledge infused steps that work to support the attainment of greater collective goals. The mantra for Sagittarius is I see the goal, I reach the goal, and then I see another.

From within esoteric Judaism and Christianity we see this best in the month of Kislev. The month of Kislev is taken via the Hebrew word kesel which means security or trust. Two states of trust operate within this month. One which is active and the other which is passive and this further correlates to the human body via the right and left kidneys. It symbolizes bringing the innermost mysteries into one’s daily life where they can be integrated into the world. The letter for the month of Kislev is Samech representing support. Our experiences of feeling supported corresponds to the trust and confidence that others as well as the Divine place in us. Samech is shaped like a circle representing the omnipresence of God/Goddess within the Universe. This “great circle” is symbolic of infinite light reflected through infinite love.

In Kabbalah Kislev is not just the bow of the archer, but a rainbow. It depicts the covenant made between Divinity and creation never to destroy the world again as a sign of peace which pervades the end of the previous month of Cheshvan in the sign of Scorpio. This is an image of two bows; the archer’s bow with the rainbow as two half circles when joined together form the shape of the circular letter Samech. The human body in Kabbalah alludes to the kidneys as the seat of victory and acknowledgment whose inner wisdom is active and passive trust. The month of Kislev also corresponds to sleep which the quality fully depends on the tranquility and restfulness which can only be found in trust and security of the Divine and the Universe. The sense of sleep suggests something many ascribe to achieve as the word sense is a cognate of “quickness” to imply anyone who enjoys or who has a well developed sense of sleep has the ability to sleep quickly. Kabbalah refers to the tzadikim as those who require few hours of sleep each day. The sense of sleep in Kislev additionally has been called the month of dreams as one who possesses complete trust in the Universe dreams the future into manifestation positively.

The title of this post is in reference to Kyudo or the Japanese art of archery. As a sport archery is in decline due to the cost of equipment in Japan as well as unlike Western archery Kyudo requires a larger area to practice and see the arrows fly. Kyudo means “way of the bow” and it began as an ancient martial art which was unique with its own philosophy, traditions, and tools. Beginning in the Yayoi period from hunting scenes depicting longbows Kyudo has been used ceremonially and for combat. The Japanese Imperial court practiced Kyudo and it was rooted within Shinto religion incorporating elements of Zen Buddhism. This form of meditation requires no specific religion.

Feudal Japan era saw Kyudo used during battles in the warrior and samurai class who were the only ones allowed to use weapons. These warriors wore armor and shot from horseback. The techniques include drawing the string with the right hand while holding the bow in the left hand, being in the adzuchi (lower position) facing the kamiza (higher position) when shooting, drawing the bow all the way to behind the ear, maintaining posture with a straight back and never lowering one’s head, spacing the feet the same width apart as the yatsuka (draw) which is half one’s body weight at a 60 degree angle forming a “V” shape, keeping the bow at forehead level when drawing and then lowered to mouth level, and putting the feet to the line from where the arrows are shot (the left side of the archer’s body should face the target). The average arrow can shoot anywhere from 150-200 meters which is 490-650 feet dependent on one’s expertise and the weight of the arrow shot.

Kyudo as a spiritual practice and meditation is the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty. To shoot right minded and purely with no deception, hit the middle of the target, and to have the elements of right attitude, movement, and technique united in perfect harmony. Every shot fired is your attempt to get closer to the truth. The ethical goodness of respect, empathy, and pacifism are displayed by showing genuine conduct in all circumstances. If you can not keep your self command and elegance during instances of pressure and conflict you won’t accomplish this step. Beauty is not just aesthetics, but rather should boost one’s life and invigorate their spirit. Western archery solely focuses on hitting the target while Japanese archery is focused on mindfulness and spirit when shooting. Kyudo is a meditative Zen exercise. I chose this topic also to elucidate the differences in the Judaeo Christian concept of sin as “missing the mark” which is an archery term and that of Eastern faiths for there is more to learn if one is open to studying other esoteric principals outside of their ingrained or codified beliefs handed down unquestionably. I think this builds best on what my recent blog posts have been hinting at.

Teach Me Tuesdays: Your Cities’ Astrology Chart

A butterfly on the wind chime in our garden says “Hello” during autumn migration.

The incorporation date of your city, state, or nation when run through astrology software will produce a natal chart that can be read and interpreted. This can then be used also for transits to help you see potential changes that would be upcoming such as revolutions and Constitutional changes. This is another form of Astro Cartography very much like a previous blog post I did.

This is in fact highly useful also for those considering re-location and travel as it can help you locate where you will be most in harmony or vibrate the highest. I have even seen this recommended alongside a career astrology chart such as the one I provide. What I am insure of is if I should even consider adding the option of Astro Cartography to my services. I have not one clue if anyone would purchase a report from me or if they would like my interpretations. Sometimes it is hard to gauge the audience approval rating!

This website will give you a very good history of where I live which I wish I had located previously when someone online asked to know where I was from as they live across the globe from me, myself, and I.

Cedar Park, TX looks like the following when it was incorporated.

I am really only going to touch on the following placements for right now in the interest of not boring my audience or even subjecting them to information overload.

  • Sun in 10th House Pisces
  • Moon in 6th House Sagittarius
  • Ascendant in 12th House Gemini
  • T-Square consisting of Neptune in 6th House Sagittarius, Sun in 10th House Pisces, and Ascendant in 12th House Gemini

Depending on what I plug into my astrology software the chart is quite active with regards to the addition of Lilith, Ceres, Vesta, and Pallas Athena. It is with these changes that we find a stellium in Sagittarius, 4 T-Squares, and 3 Yods. But this is going to really complicate it for my readership so we will stick only with what is bulleted above.

I sincerely hope I am doing this correctly and it provides some interesting food for others to digest especially as my business is work from home and located here.

Visiting lady bugs to the apple mint in the garden.

Sun in 10th House Pisces:

When the Sun nestles itself in the sign of Pisces one’s identity will be characterized by the Piscean themes of belonging, glamour, and spirituality. This placement is one of the most naturally spiritual signs in the zodiac which gives one a lot of room to experience life from a broad perspective. We find here one who is sensitive, artistic, and compassionate. The Pisces Sun has a tendency for assisting one with entering into the helping professions such as mental health, end of life care, or energy healing.

The symbol is two fish tied together symbolizing the fluidity of identity where one harbors a deeply profound sensitivity and is naturally psychic as they are attuned into the unseen dimensions. Pisces has an affinity with the water element giving off the airs of a personality that carries an otherworldly quality. Here we find one who is often overwhelmed by emotions and searching for an escape via creative means such as poetry, substance abuse, metaphysics, or dance.

Pisces is co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter respectively imbues mind expansion and spiritual pursuits. Neptune represents dreams and a core part of your identity is tied up in the fantasy world.

The 10th House symbolizes life in the public’s eye and the career path. This area of the chart is indicative of the authorities in one’s life such as parents, bosses, and leaders. You will locate here the “how” of your relationship with your parents and the acceptance or rejection of authority in life. This is where we meet or defy expectations for our career, family, and achievements are met. This is also related to notoriety and legacy.

Moon in 6th House Sagittarius:

The Sagittarius Moon will be a bit of a wild child who will be drawn into the exploration of all things. This placement indicates a love of travel both metaphysical and physical. One greatly enjoys discussing various subjects which will lead to an expanded sense of awareness and understanding of others.

The Moon of Sagittarius is associated with the fire element giving one a creative and action oriented disposition. This placement voices their concerns bluntly as one is not afraid to speak their truth and desires that other people know where they stand.

Overall optimistic there is a yearning to achieve the most out of life while maintaining a positive outlook to achieving any goals one sets for themselves. Some days may feel more temperamental or dramatic which one will express freely.

This can be nurtured by learning new things. Intellectual conversations, debates, and protests will be stimulating and yet one here likes to read, travel, and experience as much mind expanding consciousness as humanly possible in one tiny lifetime.

The 6th House represents the areas of life which relate to one’s daily routines and work life. This provides insight into what type of work one will enjoy doing, how strict one will be about schedules, and one’s desire to be of service to others or not. In traditional astrology this placement was also associated with pets.

Ascendant in 12th House Gemini:

Here if one tries to find stability via personality alone they will experience limitation and may not know who they are. One is advised to set and maintain proper boundaries. The 12th House practices of meditation and/or taking a walk in nature with an open heart can gently expand awareness. Any previously defined personality will no longer serve one. Life creates situations whereby one feels like a failure of their ego creates a realization of their limitations.

One aspires to serve others and to use their brain to make everyone happy. This placement indicates true givers in a society, but one needs to be inspired to function in this capacity and is bothered by those who aren’t critically thinking for themselves.

If one sacrifices their intelligence for others they do so with the hope that this will bring them the kind of affection they desperately seek. Intuition is strong and one can perceive their surroundings better than others.

One can easily assimilate new information unconsciously. This placement rarely struggles to show what they’re feeling. They may on occasion keep secrets and hide everything about what they’re thinking in their soul.

The mind is stimulated by Universal concepts as well as one will be a very spiritual creature who is also connected to the material realm. What one wants is to pursue a variety of ideas.

An Ascendant placed here is about karmic debts in the field of communication, how their mind works, and how humanity is developing in the present now moment while gaining an understanding of what life is all about and how evolution takes place.

Certain events can open up one’s extrasensory talents towards acquisition of new information which will be used in the subconscious mind to ensure that new insights manifest. It is advised that one study psychology or choose it as a career. When one understands better the human condition they can be more prosperous.


This T-Square exists between Fixed and Mutable signs. The Fixed sign will have a propensity towards the traits of arrogance, resoluteness, and becoming uncompromising. Too much ambition causes one to work until their goals are reached. This aspect pattern means one will stick like glue to anything they feel acts as a security blanket. When these energies are used correctly one will create something constant and reliable in life.

The Mutable sign may cause one to disperse their energy too frequently and easily. One is influenced by diverse concepts and constantly evolving. This placement enjoys collecting knowledge to pass onto others while balancing multiple skill sets.

Here is a video on the area I live and work in which I found on Youtube. The video appears as if it is not live on my Windows laptop, but if you press the “play” button it will be there to watch.

If this blog post has helped you consider a donation to help me grow or purchasing an astrology report. I really would like to buy a microphone to do podcasts one day besides simply written adventures in communication! Have a great Tuesday everyone.