Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Structuring Your April

“When the moon is not full, the stars shine more brightly.” – Unkown

We are in a Waxing Crescent Moon so here is a helpful tarot reading to kick this month off. Use the underlined hyperlink text to hop around.


Card 1: Your Source of Energy And Willpower

King of Clubs: Sailor Venus and Libra

This high energy card carries important messages for the goals you’re setting. This King is associated with success and good fortune leading you on a path to your dreams. The King of Clubs reminds us that life is short and doing what makes you happy is the best way to enjoy your time on Earth. Now is not the time to be a bump on a log rather put everything you have into achieving what you want in life by carefully focusing your time and energy.

If you’re seeing this card you’re encouraged to present your ideas without the fear of being rejected or laughed at for not knowing what you’re doing at all times. The King of Clubs is a “yes” to any question you have asked, don’t dwell on the past, move forward, and seize new opportunities coming your way.

Libra is ruled by Venus and at present Venus is in Pisces at 2°. In all life situations this degree senses a greater reality where hidden energies influence the here and now. We find here a strong and persistent knowing that what we are all doing here in the realm of physicality is of extreme importance with a key to spiritual fulfillment. This degree’s highest calling is via taking up the role of a patient learner who listens to the world around themselves and hears the voices of spirit calling to them.

We need to understand that we are all healed by taking an often extreme and periodic break from the rigors of being encased in social frameworks. All humans are at their best when they don’t fall prey to thinking that their primal energies are meant to dominate the self or can’t be resisted. Work with guardian angel Yelahiah and daimon Shax.

Daimon Shax ties to the Nine of Swords, Moon, Purslane, and Gemini. This daimon is a gift giver, but this is not material gains. You will obtain something that you’ve had your eye on as a goal that is not just financial. Rather someone beneficial may enter your life. One of Shax’s specialties is assisting with attaining one’s Higher Self as well as being an aid with the skills of skrying, tarot, mirrormancy, rune casting, hydromancy, and nature magick.

Card 2: Your Talents

King of Hearts: Zoisite

This King of Hearts dispalys honesty, nobility, and truth by teaching you to remain in harmony (all parts of self should be in sync). Right now you should deploy a sense of justice and fairness for self/others. Take a close look at your thoughts and feelings comparing them to the opinions of others.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss new ideas. Instead listen carefully to others taking their opinions into consideration when making decisions regarding career and life choices no matter how small their advice may appear. While the King of Hearts indicates a “yes” know that more responsibility is coming your way.

Zoisite is a form of silicate which is an important ingedient in mineral makeup and healing crystals. It is often used to rebirth one’s soul, foster inner development, increase understanding of one’s self and the world, as well as stimulate regeneration of cells neutralizing over-acidification inside the body. Many use this crystal to overcome the flu or other respiratory diseases. Zoisite appeals to the Heart and Third Eye chakras promoting a connection with your truest self.

Card 3: The Environment

Five of Diamonds: Chibimoon and Cancer/Tuxedo Mask and Leo

When we face the Five of Diamonds in a reading we may be feeling blocked, but we’re being warned to not give up or allow fear to take over. Push through your obstacles, inner doubts, and negativity. The number five represents new beginnings in a much larger game.

If you’re choosing between different paths assess the pros/cons of both to wisely discern which will bring you the greatest happiness in life. The Five of Diamonds asks for you to assess your history which holds answers to your current situation by symbolizing recovery from disaster, restitution, and stability through selflessness with unexpected rewards.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and at present the Moon is in Cancer at 1° while Leo is ruled by the Sun and at present the Sun is in Aries at 17°. Breaking down barriers and clearing away the detritus of the past leaves the consciousness free to experience imaginative possibilities. Experiencing any gushing of feelings we seek to form vessels to give life form.

To be receptive to all the colors of the spiritual light is to find a food that can restore harmony. To fashion vessels which hold what is valuable leaves us with what is left over. This is life’s trash which we seek to collect together so that it is out of our way.

When we release so much that is pent up we come to a point of relaxed meditative silence where all becomes light and the kingdom of the fairies is found. In this meditative silence all voices of the universe become magnified. Work with guardian angels Leuviah and Lauviah as well as the daimons Botis and Gusion.

Daimon Botis ties to the Nine of Pentacles, Mercury, Lily, and Virgo. Work with daimon Botis will bring one new friends protecting your social reputation. Botis helps one develop courage and avoid being hurt by the hatred/envy of others.

Daimon Gusion ties to the the Three of Cups, Venus, Aloe, and Cancer. Gusion will be best suited towards bringing longstanding disagreements with friends/family to an end. This daimon is ideal for character development and improving your self perception.

Card 4: Your Resources

Queen of Clubs: Mercury and Virgo

The Queen of Clubs shows up to teach us the importance of both spiritual and practical abundance representing the duality of our lives via the balance of Yin and Yang. You have the power to create abundance in your life. This card in particular is about the Divine Feminine, but comes with a warning to ensure your motives are pure rather than those which take advantage of others such as is seen in grifters. Don’t misuse your power or you will face difficulties further down the road.

The Queen of Clubs displays in a tarot reading to show how attracted others are to you because you fill up their life in a positive way. She indicates kinship, support, and honesty to help you succeed in becoming a great friend/partner. This card indicates a “yes” to a question you’ve asked yet you should focus on that which is most important in your life at this time rather than spreading yourself too thin. Stay grounded and practical!

Virgo is Mercury ruled and at present Mercury is in Aries at 23°. This degree has a great ability to keep experimenting with a situation until it has found a way to make it work. Remaining always open to the potential of change, knowing that nothing is set in stone, and even if it seems to be, stone, too, can be re-carved. Everything is open to modification and experimentation; knowing this is actually a strength.

Through becoming aware of what is hidden we realize that it is actually always lurking beneath and influencing our lives even when we are not directly aware of it. When we relax and let go of expectations we find that the currents of life carry us into unexpected adventures. Work with guardian angel Melahel and daimon Aim.

Daimon Aim ties to the Four of Cups, Neptune, Lemon, and Cancer. Aim is good for improving your intuition, making you witty, and ensuring that anything your do in life runs smoothly by teaching you to become a more organized individual. When working with this daimon you will be filled with a variety of ideas, inspirations, and perspectives ready to share with others what you’ve discovered by working as a creative muse. This can be applied to a wide range of topics such as writing, party planning, interior decorating, or cooking.

Have a tranquil Thursday! 😚💌

Our mason bee house arrived. Smaller than I thought. Maybe we will need more than one.

PS: I’m still researching fertilizer solutions such as making our own potash!

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: The Magical Girl Trope

This looks like interesting energies! The cards sit atop Pisces from an astrological table covering I have.

I chose to work with Botswana Agate for this reading. Here is what was revealed! You know the drill any underlined text is a hyperlink for further study if you’re interested in getting to know where my mind is presently and connecting with me on that level of understanding! The choice is yours!

In Africa this stone has been used for centuries by the indigenous tribes during spiritual ceremonies prized for its powers of fertility to aid in conception and healthy births. The crystal’s low vibration in terms of intensity makes it perfect for grounding and creating balance.

The Universe’s message here is to live in peace while allowing the cares and concerns of our mundane world to fade away. Holding this crystal during meditation brings about a sense of calm.

Botswana Agate is telling you that you are always in control regardless of how difficult your life’s journey may become or has been. You have the power to restore order and purpose. Answers to problematic issues will come into focus and the Universe offers calm assurance that you can resolve any challenge that stands in your way.

This crystal is intimately connected with the angelic realms more specifically the abode of the archangels. This celestial stone helps one cut the restrictive cords of material obsession so that they might focus more on spiritual welfare. The assurance that minding spiritual matters has an overall impact on our entire health and well being in life.

Aura protection is the hallmark trait of Botswana Agate making it the most suitable stone for astral projection. It is useful in assisting anyone with astral travel or communicating with the spirit realms. As this crystal opens and amplifies the spiritual desires of the heart it will allow greater spiritual understanding as you focus more on things of a Divine nature.

I also pulled a chakra crystal from my black crystal bag at random receiving clear quartz for the Third Eye Chakra for a focus on clarity.

I pulled out my old Sailor Moon playing cards which I have had from high school. They were a birthday gift from my then best friend. I felt like harnessing that old Magical Girl anime trope. Although with age my interest in anime has waned. The last anime I watched was Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Arc and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Ironically I personality test as Homura Akemi. I don’t know about others, but random personality tests I find fun to learn the multi facets of my persona. I do not do them very often, and I am selective of those that I participate in.

Here is why I often find character analysis to be fascinating and utterly enjoyable:


Those are not the only anime I watched either. I ventured into Evangelion, Gundam Wing, Ancient Magus Bride, XXXholic, Chobits, and many more. I also had a massive addiction at one point for Ren’py visual novels. I was a literal junkie for them. Honestly though I had the television in my bedroom removed years ago, and I have been without television all together now for a few months. Which usually raises eye brows, but I honestly do not miss sitting in front of the black box. And it used to be one of my worst habits growing up. Now it does not interest me at all. Sorry Hollywood! I changed a lot after 2020 for sure.

The dynamic in this reading fascinates me after my post on integrating the shadow and working from duality consciousness to wholeness. One would think it is a battle of light against dark immediately yet I believe the message is a bit different at this time. We have been so trained to live in this divide and conquer meme world we can no longer function at unity consciousness for some. The theme is in fact resurrection via transfiguration and transubstantiation. My blog posts really do feel as if the individual and collective energies are building up to achieving something very good!

Core Desire Being Manifested at This Time:

The Ace of Diamonds speaks to the pursuit or acquisition of assets, self worth, and harnesses our creative energies via the Fire element (shown here is Sailor Mars). Here we see a spirit that desires to embody the very flame of creation used to forge materials from base metals while illuminating the diamond body/soul within us. Many view this card as purely the amassment of materialistic wealth ignoring any other valuation or form of abundance that one might seek to bring into the 3D or present reality from on high. Such views are quite limiting! To only view wealth as a financial outcome is an imprisoned logic that can not see the beauty of life enshrouds us in many other forms of wealth.

In a balanced world our Ace of Diamond fully comprehends that “to give is to get” thereby they choose goodwill over the art of Machiavellian manipulation instead negotiating on a more ethical and moral level to achieve what they need.

All Ace of Diamonds have karmic issues involving value and worth. Their individual and collective personalities lead them directly to life situations where money becomes more important than love.

So long as they operate within the negative value of fear opportunities will slip through their hands. Individually and collectively they must overcome their fears to amass their wealth.

Mars should be transiting Scorpio today. Mars when properly integrated will appear to us as bravery, confidence, and courage making us able to stand up and fight for what we believe in. This energy may be harnessed or channeled to climb the corporate ladder or to assert ourselves in any myriad of positive ways to achieve our ambitions and goals. Those in life who achieve any degree of fame or success had the Martian ray well developed.

Mars in Scorpio presents itself to us as a desire to investigate underlying reasons for why our world is the way it is and why people do as they do. Expect a laser like focus, heightened desires, shadow work, increased suspicion towards others, and one who has financial savvy as they usually become one who starts to curb expenses or unnecessary spending.

The Path/Support Assisting You at This Time:

We need to focus on discerning all forms of communication at this time so we do not get misled. Our individual and collective cerebral attributes of Spirit are needed at this moment to discern and disseminate knowledge. We will be attracting ample opportunities to experience the workings of the mind and the processing of information.

10 signifies illumination with an encompassing vibration that resonates superiority and accomplishment. We find ourselves attracted to experiences that broaden our horizons via the accumulation of knowledge which we will use to our full advantage.

We can appear cunning and determined at this time to others. In its most successful state of being the personality is that of a successful communicator who will inspire others. Their greatest gift is that of bringing people together to achieve success in industries that provide a service to others. This Moon Card is known to astrologers as the emotional and intuitive mind.

We see pictured the Dark Moon family in the Sailor Moon anime. Lilith would be what I would look at here. Her transition through Gemini is a call to understand how we correctly or incorrectly use our power. Do you notice that you have misused your own power to suppress or oppress another? This position usually brings us directly into contact with death and loss in life individually and collectively. Your internal wisdom should help you understand an eternal truth which is that death is always part of life.

This is why when recently asked if I was to die tomorrow on social media what I would do I replied I would change nothing. Memento mori is how I choose to recognize life as I know it. Others see this as bad and morbid. I see a global culture that has chosen to live if not virtually thrive on perpetual fear of what they perceive as enemies, monsters, demons, and the unknown which to me personally is worse. They dissociate and have cognitive dissonance from reality ignoring the very cycles inherent in life (birth, preservation, death, and rebirth).

Sufi mysticism says this best! Learn to die before you die. Each moment could be your last. Be present in all of life and live as if you might die in this moment with your heart, actions, and relationships peaceful and pure. Sufism teaches us that God may give us power to kill our ego in the hopes that we make ourselves die before we die. This practice honors life and living with gratitude as well as humility.

The Action You Should Take at This Time:

Our King of Spades brings us wisdom and acceptance of our individual and collective karma. This symbol represents the ultimate in spiritual energy carrying tremendous potential to direct these forces into some constructive expression which will be the greatest challenge of all. This spectacular power can be of such subtle and spiritual nature that it may go unrecognized.

The role which must be manifested is that of leadership. We must not get lost in analysis paralysis. We must heed the call to rise to the challenge of inspired teacher, counselor, healer, or parent. Accept this opportunity spelled out symbolically to apply the essence of mastery or personal discipline and you will find there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

Pictured here we see Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon. The beryl crystal has a variety of different meanings. It is a crystal of love and self enlightenment commonly used as an energizing talisman to stimulate the growth and repair of various illnesses. Beryl also stimulates confidence and self esteem.

This will help you to begin the journey towards a self loving nature therefore if you have ever suffered from low self esteem beryl is a great help. You will benefit tremendously from releasing karmic conflicts. Ancient wounds from the past will be eliminated and the energy of the stars will be brought to the practical plane of Earth. It will be easier for you to accept all events which come your way as the natural part of our Universe teaching that one’s own responsibility is to impart love onto others.

Personally as strange as it sounds during self healing Reiki I spend my time working with my birth guardian angel Nith-haiah. We are supposed to open a dialogue with our unique Holy Guardian Angel. However, here are 15 Archangels to assist you at this time as well. This may not resonate with everyone. Most of the internet does not appear ready to acknowledge actual truth. They receive more by perpetuating fear or disempowering humanity via withholding truth. They are the cliques I choose to consciously now avoid and set boundaries with by saying no. I am not here to play those games as we have no time for childishness anymore, and I grow tired of finding my way around continuous disinformation as I will call it.

The temple in spiritual texts is actually your brain/body. The Cherubim are the cerebrum. The Most Holy Place is the Arachnoid covered by Dura Mater (hard mother). Pia Mater (tender mother) is the inner of your human brain. The Ark (Noah’s) and the Arc of Archangel is a reference to the synapses and nerve impulses. These arcs are electric currents running between your brain receptors.

Have a look below:


In meditation you receive light energy via your pineal gland which will causes arcs of electricity to flow from receptor to receptor. The covenant is an electrical light message which flows to us from above to keep us in harmony with Universal power. As we take ourselves within during our struggles storms crash about on all sides. Take your animal nature positive and negative (two of every kind) with you in meditation and weather the storm.

The diamond body/soul activation is found in many cultures.

  • Christianity refers to it as the resurrection, glorified, or celestial body.
  • Sufism refers to it as the most sacred body (wujud al-aqdas).
  • Taoism refers to it as the diamond body calling those who have attained it the immortals or cloudwalkers.
  • Tibetan Buddhism refers to it as the light body.
  • Mystery schools refer to it as the solar body.
  • Tantrism and yoga refers to it as the vajra, adamantine, and divine body.
  • Vedanta refers to it as the superconductive body.
  • The alchemical tradition refers to it as the the glory of the whole universe or the golden body.

Have a great Thursday everyone and a wonderful full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus! The world is your oyster and you create your reality. If you’re trapped in thinking the many symbols flashed in front of you in life from various forms of media are necessarily good or bad then you have not graduated beyond a certain degree of consciousness. The symbol is neither in my views for if 1 plus negative 1 equals zero as in zero point energy we need to wake up to how much limitation we place on ourselves or others. And this pivots to a direct discussion I tried to have on social media about people still trapped in disinformation conspiracy theories who keep their viewers likewise stunted in the same level of consciousness which at the age of 42 drives me batty. I simply don’t resonate to that at all and it is triggering so my apologies. The Hegelian dialectic is one I outgrew fast. And I’m waiting for other like minded souls to reach the same perspective that what is old might be transformed into something better finally. I think I’ve reached a point of catch up to my level now or be left behind because I don’t want to go backwards. You create your reality and if you have remained trapped in blaming others you still need to grow. Sorry, but I am at tough love right now, and I am weary with others. Blaming means we still have not taken control over our life experiences and owned our share in creating what we experience. It’s a trick of your wounded ego! Let it go!

PS: At around 7:44 PM CST I re-looked at the cards I pulled realizing the 10 of Clubs is Prince Diamond from the Dark Moon in Sailor Moon on top of the Ace of Diamonds showing Sailor Mars. Essentially most would interpret this I think as both light and dark energies merging into wholeness in the diamond body/soul activation. Some may not, but I see it as owning the shadow and integrating it not continuing to repress or shame it via the distortions of one’s ego. Yes it sounds airy fairy, but I can check some of the boxes off especially the allergies and dietary changes I as well as others have been going through. Many of the things I used to enjoy even have fallen away, and I found I enjoy doing things I never used to. I think also the Card Captor Sakura anime used a similar theme. The Darkness and Light cards had to be sealed together. But I’ve been riding this eclipse on a very high vibration right now.